#540 - Chadiest Choadiest Chonkiest Plane

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Blaine Gibson as they discuss the world’s biggest plane, black holes, getting your car towed, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-04-16 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson


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    "flight delays"
    "star wars celebration"
    "rise of skywalker"
    "notre dame"
    "worlds biggest plane"
    "black holes"
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Transcript (in progress):

You're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred forty. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Wait. Welcome to their seat podcast this week. Brought to you by me Undies Express VPN and door dash. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Barbara. I am Blaine. Welcome back. You've got a lot of time in an airport yesterday. Yeah. No, we're not going to start this out with flight, did you, Mr Jones? Oh, no, I didn't. I made sure. Yeah. So I was stuck in Chicago for eight hours. Coming on from Star Wars Celebration Way in Chicago, Right? Yes. I was going to say, Like, you shouldn't connect through Chicago because you'll be delayed, but forty. That's already there. You know that. We're just just every flight out of Chicago away. Everything that I've ever taken through that. But I was also mid what was hidden away Midway, Midway, not o'Hare, but yeah, we go there. And then I came a super early, long story short. I was there for eight for eight hours, but they kept moving our terminals and like, Hey, you guys are over an eight twenty nine. Okay? There are sitting in movie to be nineteen guys. You made a mistake. You're back at a twenty nine, and everyone's like, Ah, and There's, like people throwing fits women and children literally crying. And I was just cracking up was like, This is chaos and I love it. It's a day of my life Wasted. How many hours were you there? Because you've got there at Got there, like, eleven. Thirty because it was one fifteen flight. But I want to be sure that it made past the snow traffic. And then I think we departed finally some forty five. So it just in time for game of thrones to start while you're in the air. Yeah. Yeah, I missed out on some engagements from that, but like, as soon as I got home took a huge. And then I watched you. Teo, I did it. I did it. It's funny. Like I feel like so many people watch game of thrones that, like my social media has, like, blackout window in. It were like nobody was really doing an interaction. You're the type of person who live tweets can't step. I don't checking your feed in game of thrones. Yeah. You know, in the ten minute dragon flying sequence was going on on Twitter, Did you think I haven't spoken to anyone about it, but I'm very aware Weight. Sure. You preface. Spoilers. Well, I mean, I've noticed anything different to what you said, but I'm very aware there's only, like, six episodes this season. Yeah, that was seven. So seven, six, six, six I thought they're supposed be longer too. And you might they get along OK, There's, like, an hour and twenty minutes, I think is a third episode. Okay. But like, five minutes into that secrets, what felt like five minutes, I was like, Oh, my God, we don't have a way of going to start happening. I don't know, watching like everyone marching that long progression and that, like, Oh, cool. We're gonna watch in real time. They're not doing any of that fast travel stuff from last season. Yeah, it was It was going join it. No, he was fine. I just expected maur toe happen, as was so limited. That biscuit, The show me. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. All right. We get the kid with scary part. There's a moment with the kid, Is that I see what you're talking about. It's just like I don't think once for yes, thiss happened with this happens game of storms before, like each new season but also like Westworld is like any show you're getting back into or it's just like and we're catching you back up like That's all it is and it's just like,, I just wantedto Episode three and I feel like a little too slow start Really Scala. Season seven over the weekend just to, like, be ready. And I finished the last episode of Season seven like fifteen months before then you have sort of season eight. You have fresh timed out perfectly. All right, here we go. Well, the new intro school like There's a hill, which I thought was neat. Yeah, and I never considered that because surely has the story or culminates in the same place. You don't need to see all the other locations that the story used to be at. They've always been get it, like removing places when they went off the story. But then I was like, Yeah, it wasn't like nowhere left. Now they make sense of their extended each place on them, but they are now also updated like the the items on the astral. Abe, like it wasn't the same ones as before. Astro Labe. Yeah, the thing Where is on the orb thing? That's what I call my Ah, nice. You're thinking, Yeah, I I think my favorite part, though, about game of thrones in general especially this premiere episode is just brands reaction to being reunited with his loved ones. Just just that's a spoiler on it. Just I mean, he got reunited with Aria last season. Sure. Yeah. Okay. And this's Sansa. You did, and just his reactions That don't give a. Yeah, they did do something. And I want to get into what specifically But like, there was information that was set up. It's like last couple seasons, and it's like whenever someone so finds out about that everything's going go crazy and they reveal all of that stuff in the last episode isn't enough someone and I was like, Oh, wow, like what other? What they have now like left in the chamber toe to reveal. So I guess we'LL find out next episode. But ah, probably my favorite part, though, of the whole episode was the kiss and the dragon staring and chops. No. When John generous, kissed, spoil the kid last season, but you're more than they thought last season while teary and watched. But when they started kissing in the dragon was just staring at him and someone funny episode Human. Yeah, we've got to get it all out of the way Before all the the death and everything else happened this season, I thought for sure they were to come out the gate. Since there's so limited on time, I thought for sure they'd be like they're going to kill up tons of characters right away to show you they're not around anymore. When I first started watching the show, Jorah moment was my favorite character. And then I start like, embarrassing to tell me a bit more. But Joyce is still alive somewhere in for him to survive to the end. Broaden my favorite friend, cabron. Strong, handsome in time. Yeah, I think that thing that they're setting up is going well. Should I think it even happens? It might be a a Mr Actor. You never know what that show we'LL see. It would be the only one who got us nowhere. I did, Yeah. Three women, but they're all talking about it for, like, two seconds. And also do you hurt? That is supposedly the guy they were talking about was insurance character from last season. Really? When they like you had to hear about Eddie the Ginger look. Yeah, You got his face burned off by a drag. Something killed off and shares still OK, but he had no eyelids, So the guy they said I have no eyelids. What? I was like, Wait, how does really appearance? Character is good, Eddie. I guess they already have an edge in the Nightwatch buddies. O okay. Totally different. Yeah, you nerd. So anyways, starts liberation was talking great guys. How was it? It was actually pretty cool. Yeah, for did you watch the rise of Skywalker like teaser? And I'd like another talking with a bunch of people were Yeah, So I was hanging out with a group that I was, like, doing constant with and stuff like that. So I was that their booth and they were right by the celebration Star Wars show stage. So I like they had him up on these big screens and, like, the whole convention just stopped. And it was just like thousands and thousands and thousands of people. We're watching it. And then they just went nuts when they dropped the rise of Skywalker, which I thought was my only weird thing about that trailer, like I thought it was cool overall. But like I don't know what's interpret from that. I don't think it's like from what? From the trailer from the name, the name. I don't know if it's like a literal like it's not going to look because, you know, And then I don't think that it's Ray so that he comes back and it's his rice. He rises from the dead. I'LL stock in a West. We're theorizing that maybe it was the sky like Skywalker is like, There's like Jet I there sit. And then there's this new generation called Skywalker that Ray or somebody creates, and I think that's the rise is kind of to me. You think so? Yeah. I mean, it's not looked at these Rise like Lazarus. Ah, is Laurel released Phoenix? Oh, like dark Phoenix movie, that's not going to get or eleven bread. Very good. Passover is coming up this weekend. Way also announced that Bob Iger announced that they're going to put a hold on Star Wars films after nine for a little while. I heard that they did that. They did that right before the panel. I felt like because that news I remember seeing all that news right before they were coming on for the nine pants. Always gonna work in trilogies. Yeah. Wait. So, like, is that the main Siri's that they're holding out from Or is it just like all stars? They said, like all Star Wars universe after Randall or Ian And nine? Well, yeah, I think. Yeah. So I just said after nine. When his mental organ cardio. He said he doesn't laugh with Disney. Plus think so. It's supposed to come in on November. Apparently, we would happen to our chat. You went away. God it, e. I loved having the chat. Okay, Eric, get it back. Did I just tell you to get rid of it? I decided to get rid of it tonight. Well, why is that, Eric decision? I'm not a fan. Yeah, but I mean, don't Who cares? Do you like it? I I mean, I'm used to it from off topics, and everyone knows it wants that. We only had it, I think two weeks last weekend before. How will we know to stop talking about game of thrones? We can't see the people telling us to shut up. You know I'm watching. I got your way. Don't have our laptops were engaged in conversation, right? Yeah. That's why I'm on this. They won't be in conversation. You don't worry about asking today, Eric. Who wronged you today? I just felt wronged by the chat because the chat doesn't like, you know, they can not like me. That's why I call you bad Eric. I like I like engaging conversation, and I feel like we get it more without the Chet personally. Yeah, Gus, I told him to get rid of it. You're the one asking. I wonder if all of us can have it. One of us stand. None of us are all of us. Like the Three Musketeers. Yeah, I bet you put it back on when buddies back there. I absolutely will put it back when Bernie comes back. Yes, because he wants it. He's the one who asked for it. I'm asking for it now. I didn't find the company. Let me see what I can dio find. It thinks they're okay. Chat, OK? Kahn was brief. S o the Did you also see the man DeLorean teaser? Or was it like a sizzle while you were there? We'll still like. That was the one panel I wasn't gonna be able to go to because I was gonna be flying out of that time. Really? So I was in the airport waiting. Could have gone to, you know, you could have seen it. Yeah, And I had I have a friend that he was working. He works at Lucas, and he was like, Hey, if you need to get any panels just like come with me, it was like,, yeah, cool. Cool. And then I didn't get to go, but someone leaked out all that stuff because they actually cut it off. Cut the stream also is just for the people that run the panel, which I don't know why they would do that. I think anybody of those who went we do that all the time. Well, I know, but if if you're at celebration, though, there is a very finite amount of that group that's going to go to go to your panel. So I think in the very least, you should show it off to the people that are going to the convention. But yeah, they just It was just the people that were in that auditorium. What do you know? Like I get, you know, like, Hey, it's an exclusive for the people that bought tickets to come. But, you know, a lot of people that wanted to get into that and couldn't. So how big was the auditorium? I can't recall what it was like a basketball stadium. Holy. But like in relation to, like the stars Phantom like it's peace. Nothing. But is this the first year that can't be the first or that Star Wars celebration has existed? S so it's I think this is They're going to start going on a college twenty three. They're going to every other year. Um, and I don't I don't think we had one last year. I'm not sure I feel like I've never Maybe it just to know anyone going to it. But I feel I don't think they've ever had in Chicago. Have they normally think of it as being like we had in Chicago. Okay, Was being like a Anaheim. Yeah, and I'm Orlando thinking ahead in London. Let it might have been last year, the year before. I can't recall The people are going to like freaking out on me. That's the shaving about star. I love Star Wars as a one day thing where someone was like, Hey, would you make a palpatine is laugh. And then I was like, Oh, he's probably come back is like a a force ghost or something, cause, like, there's no way they're going to bring back actual Palpatine like he's going to be in, like, some sif Jedi holocron or a City Hall crime thing. And then I was like, So it can't be fourth ghost, and it's like, All right, OK, fine. Yeah. So and then people will still show me for pronouncing You haven wrong? No. Yeah, it's you have and I know, but I call it even. Just always think of Gavin. Yeah, or or I could just pronounce it how I want to pronounce it cause it's the space war with aliens. So stop taking it so seriously. You're the winner. Takes it so seriously. Do wait No, I How you know you're all about it. You're so excited. I know I love it. But I'm also not going to, like, attack an actress because she was a role in a character that I didn't like. Like, that's the kind of side of Star Wars they don't appreciate. What about the beside that mispronounces You haven't? It's fine. I don't know. It's It's weird. Almost ours. I had a good time in a story. That's great. You're there for, like, four days. But when that wouldn't annoy you If I was, like talking to you about Star Wars. And I was like and then Luke Ski Walker just like it is. It was a foot off in his coat. Flipped the way you think. Eyes light sword? Yeah. I mean, he just see lights or donate something. Stay lazy.. Gus is out about hurting me, actually. Actually, lasers, Are there any movies like that that exists for you? That people get the lower wrong or pronunciation? Every movie. Ever think this issue love? Yes. Ah ah, I don't know. I'm sure a more upset when people most pronounced actual words are like really wards in everyday conversation. Tom Pepitone portals. That doesn't happen in order. People used to say Mimi's Oh, yeah, What's was that means Oh, means okay. To be fair, it was just spelled out on the Internet. Does anyone actually know the rial pronunciation of it? It's Ah, it's gift. You sure about that? Are men's, I'm sure. I'm sure. Its means. Mom, may we? Mais meanies. So France is on fire you, Franz. But I found out I had a voice recording session than like it was going great. And then they're like, Hi, Alex, like Notre Dame's gonna it's gonna gonna lose it. It was like, what? Like, yeah, it's just on fire, and I was the first I heard about. It was like it was a really down or note and on a recording session, so, like they couldn't save it, is that the news was still on fire. Was it arson? They not know there's been renovations on going and they think maybe it's related to the construction that's going on. But the spire fell down. Yeah, I heard that once they lost that then I think I heard someone say that there'LL be nothing left of the frame. Wow. It was like I think, what, eight hundred fifty years old? That's tragic. Yeah. Try one be cool again for another eight hundred fifty years. I mean, what do you What do you do in that case? Like you're you're in charge of Notre Dame and you know it. It's burned down. Do you rebuild it toe? Look exactly the same again. All right, you got to write. Do you make it the Notre same, you know, subdued eyes. It just It's like, still happening. Yeah, it's too soon, Blaine. Now you have some tuna is tragic, though. It's like it survived all the wars faq and then just run down and renovate because some contractor yeah, tipped over here, baby, right? We don't We don't know for sure yet, but like they spent what was I think that was, like, a six point five million euro project, Teo to renovate it. What's the insurance like on that? That's what I asked. That's exactly what I was like. Who ensures that? Yeah, And once it burns down, how much do you have to pay out for that? Like, it's more than just rebuilding the thing at least is good record of exactly the shape of it, and they could rebuild it exactly the way I look. But I mean, when you say it's not Theo historic value and I don't know, it's like rebuilding something like building the Globe Theatre burnt down in London and they rebuilt it. They, like, just rebuild it again in a different place. I didn't go to the Globe Theatre when I visited London. Notes. I knew it was the fake SOS like right? I mean, like, it's important. Yeah, because I feel like if it was the one in that space could be so much cooler than what is like now a car park. And the new Globe is like, slightly over. Yeah. Ah, has there been another like Kind of I don't want to call it tragedy at this scale, there's been worse things that happened nine eleven. But like, uh, has there been another loss of a major monument or like something of this historic? That's like, I guess, the polar ice caps and the other the coral reef they got like, actual physical buildings. Yeah, I wonder if there's been another thing that's like comparable to this. Those are all kind of natural occurrences. Tower peas and leant over a little bit. Yeah, that's that's that makes it even cooler, cooler cookie we'LL Look at it go its really leaning? Yeah. I mean, stuff was blown up in the war is won, but no, I mean there there's got to be a lot of the things. I mean, we just wouldn't have record of it, right? Like if something got blown up or fell down two or three hundred years ago, we probably remember it as much. Now that could've been really old. Just one for two or three years. Isn't that long ago? It's just crazy to think that stuff can change play stuff that's been around for centuries, Khun, Change in your lifetime? Yeah. Today felt weird. I was like . So is that it? Is that it? Rebuild that then you know you will never know about that thing. kids anytime soon. Not right now. Surprise. Yeah, it's ah, it's like one of the things you take for granted that you think it'll always be there. It's always been there yet and then I don't know, it's just gone. This is not there anymore. I'm sure people felt that way about the twin towers, but they weren't there nearly as long. How long were they up to? Thirty, forty years? Yeah. You know what I really want to say? Early seventies. It's crazy. How? Not long ago that feels. Two thousand won a long time ago. Yeah, very long time ago. It just does not seem that long ago. I guess it's because I was twelve, Man Elder, twenty three. Okay. So probably it doesn't even seem like that long for you. It does if he was black. It's a weird point in my life. Words like free rooster teeth, right? Like now I look back and I think like rooster teeth is has been going on for so long. It's like that's my entire life. But that's something that existed before we started this. So you're telling me? Yeah. Apparently there's a museum in Brazil that got burnt down. A hundred of those recent people are like Library of Alexandria, but it's like we weren't around for that. Yeah, like I mean, anything built in the western like north or South America wouldn't be as old as Notre Dame. Yeah, that place is bogus. Central American like Mayan ruins. Yeah, would be. The thing you have to compare it to that is that is the crazy part about going to one is like I'm eating lunch place is older than my country. All there is. All right. Library in Brazil held all their historical documents. That's what Nick says it was last month. No, that socks, dude hidden reset button. What would you like? Keep all of that in one place. And they're not sprinkler or something. I don't know. Or did you make sure that it's not going? That's not gonna happen. Freak killer do the same here on what you laughing at me? E put all your valuable stuff. Some thing that Ah, well, all this is going on. Trump tweeted that they should have water tanker flying water tankers, flyover income plotter on Notre Dame to put it out. Get that? Thanks for contra indicating his time. Tio, it's really easy to come up with solutions to problems after the fact. Like a sprinkler. Big sprinkle. It is really a sense of sky sprinkler. Yeah. Did you see anyone on the ready at all? Did you see that? World's biggest plane that did it took a test flight over the weekend. It's no It looks like two planes sharing one giant wing and has six engines. And I think it's Ah, think it was Ah to fuselage is yes, really, It was. Stop it. You still have two cockpits, but one of them doesn't have anyone in it. What? What happened? It was everyone. It was a venture by Paul Allen so that they can tear this whole. They can attack what? The rocket to it So it takes off and then it launches rockets with satellites to make it easier and cheaper to get things into space. It looks like to landing skid things for for war. Like I feel that you could put a big fuselage on top of that and it would just look like a big plan. There's a bigger plane than that. I mean, like, that might be that is the brightest, but like that fuselage that that's not a huge fuselage. Look at the people compared to like, look at the cockpit window. It was like a team tiny in comparison to the rest, but there's like jumbo jets that are way like I feel like I just told you, is the biggest plane I know. Listen with like in terms of like, the width, Yeah, and in the length, probably. But like the other two men you're talking about, it's not. It's not his deepest. I hear it was the length and the width, but it's lacking on the devil you can, you know, that's that's like, That's a Chad plane. But I've seen showed planes that fifth round and birth e like that at all. It's talking about like this. Think that's gonna hold a rocket in the movies like the difference between like some dude's thumb and then other peoples like pinkies and ring fingers, you know, so like, that's just a she plain. I mean, it's like it's fine, it's big, but it's like it's not showed enough of them. They put that have lost river in there. Well, look, there's like decades of research. It's fine. I mean, I feel like I expected you to be a little like a cross between one fuselage to the other. What do you want? A tunnel like a bridge, like what if my wife is like, caught on the other side. I have a wife, but it's like, you know, like she's in the other little cockpit you wrote bridge between them, Our other attached at the middle of the wings. Interesting. But can you climb through the wings? Wait, you know what? You're playing playing and you see another one flying. You think I need to get to that plane? That? Yeah. You know, you're not playing. What if that plane starts going down and then you need to get in? The other one isn't for you. You're the pilot, and you get in the cockpit. You're like, oh, out my keys in the other. Confident like I got to go all the way down and down and get back up into the plane. Oh, I say that I've seen airplane. Yeah, yeah. Just look at the is looking like a big plane. Look out! Big death invested. If it's Tony, people look us. Look, that it's the trunk shorter and thinner. But that car, that truck that's in front of it, looks like the same size as the people in the last photo. You know, like that's a huge plane. Give me a picture in picture. I want to see both planes together. Way Get a scale on the same side of banana. And there someone get the blueprints of this show plane. Which plane is here? The big chalk One that we just saw. The what are the classifications of plain plain is a chunk, . Chad, is that we've gone through so far. That's that's it. So the twin fuse large planes. A chad on the other one that we saw is a shunk Well, outside the cities. The chalk and I saw it. You look, Look, There's a vehicle right where l don't see smaller sees. God, Eric, He's zooming the one on the right. Well, the one on the right has people next to it, And the people look like they're still normal size compared to the to the to the other plane. But then the other one had that truck and a dwarf. That truck. We think the truck was there was a vehicle on the other one, too, wasn't there? Yeah, it was like it was like a tanker. So generally, I don't know. I'm not impressed. That don't impress me much. I can't think So what would be what would be impressive? Okay, it wise as well. It was too few, Salah. Just like that Big one. Or like two, seven, forty seven fuse lodges and they're stuck together. And they got a little bridge between the two. And then what if they just had a little handles that came down from the wing and you could just flocking Bar across? Yeah, just like that? Yeah, that's what I want. I want to big ole Show Chad. That's that's impressive. Look at this. Look at that. It's I've got that's only got two engines, though. That's a small plane. How does that lift? It's what that looks like. It should not work. Impressive. There's other ones that mighty engines that might be a photo shop right now. That's the one that carries the other thing, isn't it? Yeah. Carry the client for the lady. That's cool. It's like your big open back. I feel like that plane would sound really stupid flying like like, really loud. And it does sound like a dolphin or a whale. Just opportunity. Really? Belugas a whale, right? Yeah, that in the Shamu plane they should make a whale noises when they're over. Here s O Bernie. I guess where he's watching. Hi, Bernie. He sent me a link. I guess that the Taliban destroyed giant Buddha statues. Ah, from the second century. Where is he? I don't know where he is. S o. They were picking us in his office. They were carved in the sense don't cliff in the fifth century. So that's like fourteen hundred years old. Wow. So almost double. I mean, this is going to be a point where a bunch of ancient things just start getting destroyed. Like Petra just over here. We call it retirement age. Nice. Nice. Sixty five wasn't there was like a Nazi general that was told you're commanded to destroy, like major things in France when they were occupying what they had to start leaving because the allies were taking back France about monument man, you were. Is that a movie about the guy or something? They're moving about. The soldiers who went to tryto recover. The artifacts are like Clooney and all those guys. I don't know if that was the one, but anyways, he was told that you have to, like, blow up the Eiffel tower, whatever he's like now. And I could do that. Two. Well, I mean, you think you always hear stories about stuff like that. Like Kyoto was supposed to be the target for the atomic bomb that the US dropped on Japan to end World War Two. But like I just like the story is, who knows for sure The story is that the secretary of war at the time had spent his honeymoon in Kyoto and liked it. So that's why they reshuffle. The lesson killed her, Did not get on atomic bomb dropped on it. Wow, that's that's so gotta fix Tennessee when I feel like people The butterfly effect of certain things. It just blows my mind. How something as simple as him going to visit that place made him like I like it Now Don't blow it up. We'LL nuke some other city. Yeah, tons of people who die and force. No, I'm not saying it's not still terrible, but it's just crazy to think that's what did it for him. I mean, if you're right under that new could be the best way to go, you couldn't possibly imagine just instantly just evaporate it would be like to be dead before your nerves could even send any message to your brain. You know, it wouldn't be there anymore. That's like some car crashes, Tio. When I don't have to hit your face against something, Yeah, but I feel like it's in such a speed that your it's again your brain, your body doesn't understand your your Miss. Here's the thing evaporate because your body can progress. What about Desperate? Powerless? I don't know. Death going through a black hole. Oh, you don't have to be like you have to get all the time dilation and then you'd be crushed. What, did you put you in head first? So I like to get rid of your brain where your fine spiegel feet first. That's bad. You headfirst. It's fine. Apparently extremely painful. Is it a black hole? Well, I think there was, like a small one versus Big one. Announced an hour or so ago that celebration twenty twenty will be in Anaheim. Cool going that So you know everything about fully into a black hole? Trevor was explaining it to me because he knows all this stuff from being a rocket scientist. But ask what he thinks about the place. Oh yeah Please do. I bet he thinks he'Ll always look a bit shy Try try Try See if he's still here. Yes. So get him over if you want I'Ll take him Ah, so I have a psychosis that he was explained the black hole thing Yeah, I'll get him to explain it to you But I want you to explain because you'Ll mess it up. I will mess it up. It was something like a very small black hole versus a huge one where it's like is still big, like a small black holes. One of one of them? Yes, of course. One of them would be, like, extremely painful to go through because, like, it would separate. You're Adams. I need those to live. I'm going to stop trying. Todo rarely salable pages like disturbance in the force. That's not like the one Matthew McConaughey went through in interstellar because that didn't separate us out earlier. Hey, wait. Stuff like I feel like black holes were everywhere on Reddit last week, right? Like after that photo was taken on for the first time, we saw him for the first time. I saw black hole cost place like everyone went all in on black holes like black holes were the thing to capitalize on for, like it is cooled for three days. They are exactly how humanity predicted. You have the appearance of the day before the photo was released. I watch this YouTube video of this guy. Ah, who was like a black hole. Photos coming out tomorrow. Yeah, he showed. He's like, this is probably what did it look like? It was actually really close on. Then. It's like this eight minute video about I'm gonna explain to you why the black hole is going to look like this when you see it And talking about, like, the way that it bends light and everything was like it was it was super interesting and super easy to follow and watch. It was like, Okay, I understand. I just gave me that to Leslie the house into a studio. There was that for literally everything that happens with science and the world. Just like a explanation thing. Go, Sparks Note was Sparks part. I'm having a aneurysm. They're good. Okay? Yes, I'm okay. Here, take a hundred dollars. Earlier, I don't know. It's not really You don't look it. Oh, try to buy something with that. I think it even says just for motion picture use only. Oh, yeah, it does. All right. Here. How to understand the image of the black hole I'm going to send to you right now. Go that way. I don't forget. Have you had a reply from Trevor? Is he still here? Yeah, The honest way. Yes. Eric, get that picture. 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I'm a little nervous because it's like it's like going into an exam that you haven't studied for, But it's also been, like, five years. All right, warm up question yet warm up before the black hole. We want to. You could ask him a question you'd give me up to speed. We're going to show you looking may still look at the screen. Okay. We're going to show you the world's biggest plane. Wait the two plain side by side for And then rules. No. Yeah. And I want to know one after the other. I want to know you are baby. Can we show the big one for one to show you? I want to look at me. Look at me. Look at you. Keep looking at me right now to pull up the world's biggest plane. I want your I want your thoughts on my thoughts. He probably seen because I know that you like no bullet. The one picture of the three other one makes it. Look, I'm not going. I glance at my supposed toe. Teo Trevor, don't break eye contact with me. Pull up the picture of the world's biggest playing Eric before. Yes. How would you know, Just do it side by side. Trevor. Tony, look, Am I looking at it? Look at it. Oh, okay. Um, that's a big plane, right? I think we're going. What's what? Your reactions. First off. Well, my first thoughts are What's the purpose here? They're goingto attach rockets to it in the middle part. Yeah, that were their eyes. This a drop plane. So you basically know. Yeah. Yeah. The rocket attacks. Have you seen, like, planes like this, designed mostly by students? Because that was the the gig student? Yeah. Yeah. You would use this. He'd fly up. You drop a rocket from the middle, it would launch often. Go up. Basically. See what need is much like thruster fuel to get off the ground. Just a stationary. All right, but what are your thoughts on it? But I've always been that. It seems like it's going to be very, very heavy because which seems like it. You don't want a heavy plane. That's a waste of injury. Do you think it's like a plain like if it's not heavy and it made it on it's three years apart instead of aluminum or may be you. That's a big plane. Yeah. Do you think you've seen bigger planes? Ah, seen bigger planes? I don't I don't I don't know. Let's see the language wise. Yes. Like plain wingspan, though. Definitely. No. Yeah, Yeah. OK, let's see the other plane. What? This is Blaine's. The blame plane. The Blaine's version of a bigger place. Look at that. That's a big of a plain man. Look in your eyes of it. Yeah, that's a cool plane. Its toll. It just looks like in a three eighty, but with smaller engines. So they put more of them. But like that's a cool plane looks. It looks dopey. What what Blade was saying is that that plane is bigger. It looks like the big bigger than the biggest plane that's bigger isn't That's an opinion. There are. There are flames to break it to you. There are facts in this thing that the world's biggest plane may have greater with and greater length. But this plane has more depth. Yeah, okay, think, think plain. And that plane probably definitely weighs more. World's biggest. My mother's biggest sized heaviest anyway, Big is just that's That's relative, man. No, big to me is just like Is that How would you kill yourself when you look in the rear? Is that relative? Well, okay, let's leave this as undetermined. Meant for now. Nothing short of brilliant. I think he agrees. Trevor agrees that you're wrong. I'm saying that the other one's definitely bigger. But this year, so they explain. Now they say, the way other one, I think the other one is longer and wider. Right wing span. But this was just fat. Yeah. What's better, Barbara? Long and wide or fat? Um, I'm going to say long and why? There you go. Settled. Alright. No, under the real science stuff I don't want to hear is awesome. Black. I was doing a terrible job of explaining this, but you were talking about black holes. And if you got because I was like, what would it be like to get sucked into a black hole? Kind of like this conversation. And you were explaining to be how there's, like, a bigger version of a black hole in a smaller version of a black hole. Supermassive black hole like a middle of a galaxy black. Yeah. Yeah, Exactly. And the other boy and just a regular, just black black, like the one where I store the other day. So just be, you know, middle and about in the galaxy, somewhere somehow would be really painful, right? Both because you just be torn apart by your Adams. I mean, your Adams would be tourney cars, right? Oh, I say, like you would be deconstructed to your like to your corks. Like to your finest giving your Adam You like your Adam's being pulled off for you. It's the Adam's being pulled apart, right? Why would that? I mean, there. Who knows if you bang right away? Or you could just slowly be slick because what happened? Like if you teleported into a black hole or very close to the center to the singularity, you would die instantly. But if you like, slowly floated into a supermassive black hole, you'd pass the event horizon. You'd never be able to make it out again. And as you floated in, you would. Slowly, there's there's a point where, of course, the point of death, right, but like I don't know where that would be. But as you float in, you just slowly be stressed apart, so you'd still be alive. And there was just one more question. Tuck into a bowl. Same. My question Is that relatable if you went in head burst that when your brain's done with more, talk about booth of the solar system, the difference between men and way around. I think I think you would make a big thing of like where they live. Point a lot of another second lying like, Would you rather blend yourself instantly from your feet first or head first, like it's going to hurt for a split second one way way have, ah, whole Oh my God, like you want to stand under an atomic bomb on your hands or on your feet, like on your feelings of a second, because then you're not tired. I believe it or not, I am not a man of science. Don't know everything there is to know. I know a lot, but not everything with black holes. Is there a theory that things get reconstructed on another end? Or is it just you go in? It was like, I mean, like someone's like right down there is, I'm sure there is a theory that something just spat out the other side. What I always thought, you know, like that would be a compelling way to say, like that is like things get sucked into the singularity and then on the aft and somewhere else. Maybe that's somebody else's big bang. And then there's a universe spewing all that. I just wanna point out I'm winning this pole handily. Heavily headfirst. First. I think a lot of people choose headfirst because unlike you don't you're dead quicker. You have to deal with the pain. That's what I said. They're making fun of me for saying that. I think it's completely relevant. Probably. I want to know. I want to see you go in. It's a ball, although if time slows down for you and you got to look at your own legs, get really slowly deconstructed. I guess that had first would be better. Yeah, that'd be cool, though, because the watch wants your own legs rubber out in front of you like a stretch. Armstrong. That's what I picture or like that scene in Avengers Infinity. Where where what's her name? More Sister Nebula. Nebula is like Stretch stretched out like That's how I think about things like when they encounter Santos on Was it nevermore and like, the alternate reality or nowhere? Whatever. Yeah, And you like alternate needs, like, turns him into a spring and makes Drax and, like, a Q U. Still So it reminds me of someone else for a plane fly. Do you want to know which one is the chunky airplane? Because the material, I think we all know, You know, I think I handled it well. I think I want thie head first or feet. First pole. Maybe we can get a poll for the plane. We will vote on what plane is better Think? Very no, Explains Dad playing a chunk. Plain chocolate is better, eh? So? Well, so I sent a new image for you guys in the control room. I don't know if if you got that if you if you bring it up, it's so you know, everyone's been looking at this photo of the black Hole. Ex Casey did a great thing where they did a size comparison to put into perspective how big that black hole is compared to our universe. It was like in that little middle part is the sun and pollute Oh, and you could see Voyager. Holy. I mean, that's what the voice is out of the solar system, right? That's cool. So it's like just to put in perspective how giant that black hole is. That's this place. OK? Yeah. So it's that's terrifying. And on the pull from it would be it would kill anything from beyond that paycheck. Probably probably. And maybe, maybe slowly. But you go on in difference if you go head first or feet, I guess you wouldn't go in. You just go around a lot until you win it. Like nothing would ever just be, like, straight in, right? Well, would it? I mean, you look like you're going to create a black hole. I mean, can you go straight into the earth? You can go straight on anything and just called. They're straight into the sun. Why not? Well, there's not that you could never accelerate away from the earth fast enough if you flew. Like if you canceled out all the mo mentum you gain from launching off the earth, you just counter Yeah. Get Theo home. Basically freeze yourself relative to the sun than you just fall straight in. But from what I heard at speed there, like, oh, I don't know, but very difficult to actually hit the sun because you'LL get pulled towards it and then miss it and you just enter orbit. But you just you don't be like all right. You were swinging around. Yeah, Yeah, you'd have. Tio was quite common at speed. Things moving? Yeah, E, I think is like tens of thousands of miles per hour. I don't know the opposite direction that it's orbiting. I'm sort of confused. Well, yeah, because the earth is going on the sun, Okay. And then you leave. You have to leave from the side that is going at the perfect dosa momentum. And you have to leave with enough speed to just hang it. Be like, you know, just hole away from you. Yeah, I would be like jumping off the back of a car at the same speed that car's going. Yeah, but they don't just land on the road nice and easy, like that Mythbusters thing where they fired the cannon fifty miles an hour out of college. But it just goes like Luke. So, for clarification for the pole, Chad plane was the duel Feustel Lodge. One theme. Wait was the rough, and we thought it was cool. One showed plain people like Chad playing Chad plane does crossfit showed plane is a bodybuilder that way. You also explain something really cool to me. Where if you were like on a ship and saw someone go into a black hole that it would almost look like they're frozen in time. Well, I mean, assuming that the light left from them. Yeah, and you could still see it. They just Yeah, As soon as they crossed the event horizon, they would be frozen there forever for you. And then when they really like one day, like like their last, their last image as they went into it would be like, what you see frozen? Oh, my God. But what? Maybe, like, like, start to fade, But basically, yeah, they just like it basically be falling instantly into black, like they Because no light is escaping. You wouldn't see any, but we were able to visualize them to you, and they'd be, like, stuck. And then you'd see them, like, kind of you to see their head or their feet, depending on which way they go. It would be weird to be weird visual ization. What if they were holding a rope? You know, another thing about time, Gavin thematic times that Gavin has brought up having like a rope or like some type of thing, connecting things in space. I just like the idea of you and Trevor just like at home, having breakfast. And you're like, Trevor, What's it like going into a little black hole? Well, this'LL compared to a supermassive No, it's just like they're I I'm very, very ignorant when it comes to space and everything like that. And like, he clearly knows a lot about it. And so when that news about the black hole photo came out, it was like, start talking about it. It wasn't just like a random conversation once your planes getting destroyed. Yeah, well, I gave up on this community years ago, so we Oh, wow. God, that's failed, Blaine. You ever you ever followed Ready? Good choice, everyone. By the way, Natalie Plains. Way cooler showed plane, man. What makes it cool, though? What does it do it? What does that one the other one doesn't do? Because Chad planes like it's just so small. Like Joe playing till you completely not so lady off Playing is the largest plane you could pull like a basketball court in a bunch of cars in like a and I Wait, wait. Remove a basketball court in the play by play basketball on this guy, right for night. A supermassive black hole is a chat black hole on the the other one. That was definitely a chose black hole that we got a photo showed plane they would like put a tank in it for a fast and furious movie. And then Chad plane would be like was this may be a Rockette goes to space when they go to space in the fastest rocket is cool the rockets dope. I bet I playing thanking you plane will be in the new Foster Furious movie. Yeah, I think that would be great. Like, there it is that plane rule and no cool. No need to take off on two runways. Eyes. That's a good question. They probably have special extra wide runway. I mean, especially the runway and partially like, taxi way at the same time. We know when they have run away is kind of like to runway side by side that there's, like, a little strip of grass in between them. Well, that works. And some real airports, too, So it must be true. All right, well, I think that's all we had for planes and black holes. You're welcome to stay if you want. I'm good. They have a nice day, homeboy. What's up? Do you have a nice day that it was a day that I hope I enlightened you a little bit? You doing planes? Thank you for helping. Explain what? I couldn't. I don't I don't like the pick. Chad Planet showed plane. I'm sorry. I really respect you. Also, that video of you waving at Matt when he was going to the office was like the cute as ever. You, like, forgot he's there and then you e t a. So I thought that's real. That's a photo shop. But it, I feel like that plane would try and take off on both of its wings were just flying way. Just fall to the ground. It's all this's the biggest clock. Maybe like two black holes that rope. Someone from that team watches this podcast and starts calling it Chad plane. I hope they named the plane Chad, like officially, and they just put Chad's face on it with the thing I'm gonna read. This other thing here undermined every this up so they receive podcast is also brought to you by express vpn a minute. You think that cyber crime is something that happens to other people? You may think that no one wants your data or that hackers can't grab your passwords or credit card details, but you would be wrong. 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He makes good videos and he did one about frame rates. Ah, which I thought was, you know, and they're frame rates and video and why we do things the way we do. And I'd never understood why in the U. S. TV was thirty frames a second, but in the UK was twenty five frames a second. And in his video, he explains it, I guess. Like Quinn, TV's first came out. They didn't really have the technology or like to use processors to regulate the frame rate. So what the engineers did at the time was they tied it to the electricity current and electricity in the U. S. Is sixty Hertz. So like Okay, we'll just have that and have a frame every two oscillations. And in the UK, it oscillates at fifty hurts. So I think I'll have that to twenty five, and that's like why we have NTSC and pal. Well, the resolutions are different, but that's why the frame rates are different. And he also talked about why we use twenty nine point nine seven is afraid rate instead of around thirty, which is something I never thought about it like Oh yeah, just it in twenty nine nine seven. It's when they went from black and white to color the color signal and the audio signal started interfering with each other. So to combat that they offset the video signal by point Oh, three frames that we wouldn't bleed over into the audio. It seems like such a quick fix like we've already put this in place. How about that? And then all future technology has to adapt twenty nine, one moment, where they're like, Well, just do that. And it's now. These new standards have to be Bill under that crap decision. He talks about that. We don't need that anymore. Everything's did. You don't even have to worry about any of that. But it's like we still have this hold over stuff that, you know, we work in radio production. I don't know if you knew the twenty nine nine seven thing, but I was aware that yeah, I never knew that's the reason. That's that's why we do twenty nine nine seven and not I mean, that surely has affected twenty four on digital. That's twenty three nine eight, isn't it? Yeah, I think There must be exact thing, right? Stupid. So, Seo, I'm just glad that we still have Palin NTSC frame race, but least the resolutions of the same these days, right? Because of HD that started. But it is a real mess between two English speaking countries. It's only like a four minute video, and I thought it was like, Super, super well done. If you have no idea what frame rates are at all, it's like Jackie starts very basic and then even explain some in depth stuff like that. Just super cool video. Highly recommend. Everyone Watch it. Ah, that's like, what's like the one thing I think Gavin's would be like. Slow motion. But the one thing that you could just explain perfectly to someone and they'd be like, Wow, I do like a whole Ted talk on or something. Yeah, if you have to be Chaplin's Chaplin's, what would yours be? Like? Air crashes? Uh, airplane. There's safety, maybe. Okay, let's make it a positive. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Uh, back off Disney movies doesn't Really I asked a question. I mean, Star Wars don't protein about fitness muscle development. I mean, I'm not an authority on many of those things that I don't know. I don't like that. You know, not I wouldn't say like an authority, but just something, you know, enough up. So you could talk about it. Yeah. Presentation on. Sure. I'm not talk. Maybe, maybe, Like, Like short videos of comedy videos? Well, things like that. You could do good talk on that writing. Or, like, you know, like like communiqu delivery. I like the mother's little Instagram videos. Yeah, you make good content and very short amount of time. Yeah, I feel like no one else that the company really even tries. I mean, I don't think anyone could compare you make such great little like you. Did you ever do them on fine, or was itjust instagram? I did a couple of lines. They were actually like I would watch those. Now that's all deleted. They're all gone. But like I washed in vines, you know, like from years before is like not not bad. They hold up people. Yeah, We used to do those fines with Bernie. Yeah, those were fun. Doesn't need two. One was if I needed one with, like, a rocking chair or something. That was like a scary Oh, yeah, and your apartment is a vine. Yeah, I think I watched that like, Well, is a vying for one should like fifteen to twenty times e. I know you don't want and when I watch it and then I want to watch it over and over again. And that is good content. If I could only do that but, like, for like one hundred twenty minutes. Speaking of your videos and protein, I have to ask. I watched your video that you put out there was yesterday about leaving Chicago on all the protein shakes you drink. You were there for three days. Got in Thursday night, Friday. Saturday left Sunday morning. So four days, three nights you had literally fifteen bottles, Yeah, of protein. Well, sixteen, but I threw one of them. Or was it the banana cream? One feels that way on purpose because you have us think it was six sixteen total. I love the fact that you do this because it's like it's just funny today. But I like to think about what I like to think about the failed attempts. Like what take is that one of those here in most of the time. They're like, first take. But this one was like take fifty. I like I had some friends and I was trying to the night before had some friends and I were in their hotel room to eat White Castle. And I was too busy trying to make the response video. By the time it was done, it was like twenty minutes and passes like they're probably already asleep. Didn't even go. Teo making what they've been working on your on your butt, that means you drink How many a day? I think like various doing the shape. Well, there are only twenty five grams of protein each, and I like to get at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Okay, so, factoring in the rest of my diet, huh? Today? Yeah, per day. Because of one hundred fifty pounds, it's a hundred fifty grand spread. Yeah, but then factor And like, I'm going to have some other meals and stuff like that. So I was like, I was like, I'll do like four ish bottles a day. Okay, But then, like when I like and people high me off because people are like, just go down to CVS and buy a tub was like, That's not funny. Like I bought. I already have, like, eight of these things. Like, let's keep going with the bit. It's going to cost more money, but the cross is going to if you bought a tub, Aren't those, like, forty fifty bucks? Anyway, the tub would have been I mean, like, I was that hotel and the hotel was, like, super expensive. And I was legitimately buying them out of all their protein bottles because I come in there like you again if you like. Yeah, I don't think my croquet Yeah, Another funny. The reels were funny to make. Yeah, uh, think of sixteen bottles total. So much protein. I what? I'm excited for Aiken, Texas. To Eric. But you're sure slack it to Eric. Uh, what I'm excited about is I left all the protein bottles on a like a cabinet or something in the in the room. And like whoever comes in later to clean that place up, they're going to like What the is? Relieve him some tip money. Why didn't he throw it in the trash? Because I'm much film a trash. Can I have a thing against people? Ah, coming into my room in cleaning it when I'm not there? Yeah, I think the keep the do not disturb sign on my door. Yeah, sometimes some spots to take that. And then they walk in on you while you're on the ship. It was Dan. No, somebody that we know. They're here. They are. It's a good story. She had the room next to mine. Knicks might do if I didn't have one. So Oh, I was doing a two with the door on the dark for the value. Face the dark hall on And there's just it's an awful wipe. When you get interrupted. It's because your little clenched up on DH, that's that's froth. The best part of it is that you came downstairs later that day and you're like, walked in on me, taking a. I thought I had my silent door like, Oh, but you did have your son and you knew it was my room. Think center. Just taken some strangers before. Just so you know, I've been a good human being. That's why I like it when it's light. It's like a button on the inside the room. They just take that. That's good. Yeah, those were cool. I also put the deadbolt on my or not the deadbolt with something called the A lock. Oh, I put that on when I'm inside you. That is, that is kind of your fault.. You know, I just just him that I was safe. That's what I left my hotel. A cleanup crew. Teo, focus. This guy's deal that's going to fill that been my favorite bit, though, was like the night before. So I'm like, making this video to send, like Max Koval and chassis like couple friends one from San Francisco. And while I'm like trying to stack these bottles up, I could hear my neighbors next door having sex because we had on those shared door things and I kept dropping all my bottles. So it was just like, right when they're like in the middle of I think they would stop and then go back to it. And then I would keep stacking it. It kept falling over following the GIGN child was playing the blocks. My river something. They're not wrong. Yeah. Anybody here watch Nathan for you. I used a couple of something like an upset or two. Makes me at one point. It's a great show. Everyone's watching you. So I didn't watch. It's over. They don't make it anymore. And one episode he tried to design and sell this device quicker is like on isolation chamber for kids. So you could put a kid in it and they would, like, play games and, like, be entertained. And you could have sex right outside of it, like a year. And you tested it. Why? Like putting a kid in it and then having, like, poor doctors come and have sex in a hotel room while the kid was in the isolation chamber? Risky. Dude, get a lot of risky things. Like that was the response. That episode it worked. Wow. Sums up now, but like, that would have been bad. Like the implications we had that are No, boy, I'm sure than you it worked before they go there. This Oh, my God. Only lock thing comes. There's, like in their roads right there, right there. Dude, they're like they know he's there, too. I don't know how they would have gotten it up I guess porn stars. They could just get suffers. Yeah, actually, I knew a guy earned. I knew of a guy who wanted to be a porn star. So in college he would go to parties and have sex in front of the parties as, like a way of practicing. What do you mean? Not on the lawn? Yeah. Or unlike, did the room like a table Or, you know, like, just end the party. Like, who's the house party going? Tol excited kid. People wouldn't be like Think, Max. He kept getting invited to parties. Would be like, I'd be like, Oh, that guy. Know what he's probably like? He was. I think he was like, a good looking dude. I mean, he, like, went on to be a poor Doesn't matter face. It doesn't matter. Dude, if I'm throwing a party, I don't want that person that you think that way all the time. But it was in the kitchen. They knew that that was like a thing, you know? But who's the other person who's having sex with some other person fired Answers both sex Why is this so? I mean, it's weird, but it's, you know, because most people I mean, I'm speaking for myself. When I go to a party. I don't want to see a lot of genitals. I just wanna have just, like a fair amount. Just the motor amount, maybe like an accidental drop, but like a spilled it. Anyways, you know, when I have become very good porn. So he's in. Think he's important now? Yeah. Worked for my cousin. What's his name? Ah. Who's that, like? Really? Ah, Ron. Jeremy said the famous portrait. Yeah, who looks like a troll. Wow, Ron, if you're tuning in, I'm not sorry. He's a bigger Stephen. So I was gonna make something, something bite, joke. But you would make a pole. Would you be cool if a dude showed up to your party and had sex? I just like that of having let one guy shows up. Gonna have sex and has sex. Is it was just one like one person could do that. Did you bring a way? Nobody knew whose for this one. Anyone and he take us like some part of you. Let me say, What if I just had sex right now? Play question for you guys Look kind of weird if there's ever or if there has ever been a moment your life, where you buy there a herd, people having sex or be seen people having sex, let's say like through your window at a hotel, into another window or something. Do you stop and try to watch or listen or do you try to get out of there? I try to leave. Really? Yeah. If someone was, like the, like, the room next to me. Yeah, and I could hear it. I had to make this video, though, so I stayed for that particular one. I guess I like you actually try to listen. I probably trying here. If they will hold, you could tell by listening. I totally try to listen. Now, I'd probably funny for like, thirty seconds, and I'd have to head for when I was checking out. So they heard me doing the bottle thing next door. And then when I was checking out the next day, I saw a couple walking past me, and we all just shared eye contact because they knew I was the guy next to them because they saw me exiting where you're carrying in your bottles. And I knew there I was. I wass Yeah, because they took one to the airport with me. And there's this moment where we all knew who the other was. The largely people are normal. I would put the sixteen percent. It is kind of that's higher than I expected. I mean, it's just weird parties, you know, weird parties. Yeah, sex parties. Yeah. I mean, the sex party. Then I understand it's whether because sex is like the most extreme sexual activity, like penetrate through That's our titles. Valiant To monetize that you do it but like sexual intercourse is like, That's the top. But if you just if you just wait until I say no on that. But if he just stood there, whipped his out and jumped off, it would somehow be way more inappropriate, I think. Yeah, because like, which is like a milder form of second one person instead of two, you know, like it still depends on, like, who's making eye contact with during this act. Oh, so if you just look straight down, I'll be fine it would be better than make direct eye contact you. Well, he off for Fuck's another person staring at you. I think we're good with the pole. I think we can shut it off twenty percent. That's one of five people. They're crazy. That means that several people here right now, he probably would be okay with it. Well, no problem with that party. That Blaine was the one who pretty much established that. As long as they're not touching the food. Thanks. Well, I have a very strong need for good snacks at parties. Just just a foot in the salsa in you. Just like I just needed a break. You just come wait Almost almost So joke's on you. Everyone gather taxes done to his tax day away. You'LL aren't American citizens to file text that really thought rather work? Guess what? I'm an American citizen. I don't know how your side works. I file for an extension. I have to pay that. I feel like normally I get it done really fast this year. I don't know Something happened. I procrastinated. I waited. I only got it done like last week. But you get money back. Is that a personal question? I don't know. I didn't. Okay? Sucks. Normally, I'd do this year. Something was different. Did not. So that was different. Like a different governing body or something. Interesting. Then last year. Wait. No, no. Uh, yeah, I did my taxes. Is your family back? We're all responsible adults. Yeah. It seemed like that was the most besides sex. That was the most adult thing I could think of when I was a kid. It's like, That's what you know, You're an adult when you have sex and when you're paying taxes, I still don't understand how to do it. No freaking cars. That was true. There was. Ah, don't you ever watch? Adam ruins everything, but he had on episode a couple years ago About how the about why doesn't the government just send you a bill and say, This is what we think you owe in taxes? Let us know what's right or what's wrong. Because they already have all of your information, right? Like your employer already sent all the paperwork out, tio them, right? So it's like if they already know everything, why don't you just get a paper. That's like, this is what we think. Your bill is be in these verified, but apparently in the U S. Like all the tax preparation companies have lobbied the government enough where they don't allow that you have to use, You know, most cases you have to use software because the soft manufacturers like turtle Attacks and H and R Block and all those people have set it up this way to where they made it intentionally complicated. So you have to use their software so that they can make money off of it. Adam ruins everything is like a smaller last week tonight, you know, like it kind of like blows the whistle on so things that people are aware of, it's interesting. I like that kind of content. But it also makes me realize what is she planet we live on? Oh, yeah, Like I watched that w w want was like, Ooh, Oh, yeah. Like like last week tonight. But it's always like, Well, everything sucks. Yeah, when it's just the news, though, I feel like that is the news. He said thanks. Yeah, it's true. Agreed? Yeah. So. All right. That was someone in. Ah, Cathy requests that we talk about finance. There you go. What's the What's the threshold for paying tax like the minimum? Yeah. Currently, I don't know. I think you have to report it always, don't you? I would assume so. It's not that I don't I don't know. At what point you actually what's minimum one? Yeah, if you like two thousand dollars a year and they pay anything on it, I think it might be like ten thousand or something. I'm sure the government wants its money. So if you're unemployed, do you have to file a tax return? I don't know. Anyone in the comments employee was unemployed in studio C p A. Uh, okay, in in chat someone, I don't pay taxes because I'm unemployed and they did the emoji with the sun glasses on. But that doesn't mean you didn't have to do it. The return of some sort. This isn't related to actual taxes. But do you guys ever, like, kind of follow that theory of the stupid tax, which is like, if you wasted money on a bad investment, or you, like, lost a twenty dollar bill or some things like, Oh, Yeah, it's my stupid tax paid stupid tax. Oh, I've heard that before. Yeah, term found out where? I think I'm in a net positive right now where I have, like, I've lost money on, like, stupid. Or like Lin somebody, money don't get paid back or whatever, but then you can also get, like, a bonus. You know, you're like, Oh, you're you're good luck tax or your good luck payout or something weird, like you find a dollar on the streets or if you just rub somewhere, Rob somebody. Yeah, that's well, that's another one. That's like, Good. Remember that time I accidentally rob you a little of the just. It's really bad for when you run your op to me on the podcast. Had that happened? So I gave you that back there right now. You lost it. Oh, yeah. Wait, what did you guys gave me twenty bucks for something and I put it in my shirt and then I couldn't find it. Super tak e i e. I don't know what you want. I little appetite that both stupid for that's actually Yeah, stupid tax. But no, I accidentally rob Gavin one time, so I can't remember the details that we were out. We're wearing a little wood rose down south. We're used to getting havinsome sliders and some Bev's. And I don't know what happened, but like your wallet was on the table or something like that, I assume we were having a classic conversation about, like, I have a little thin wall and I've got a fat wallet. Yeah, because I have to keep a bunch of and like to countries in front of you while you're washing. I took your wallet and put it in my purse, and both of us laughed. Ha ha, lol, good one. But then I didn't take it back out, and then Gavin got a taxi home. Couldn't pay for it. Ana didn't have not. Yeah, never my d, which I mean, technically, I'm legally required to have on me all time. Yep. Because I'm foreign isn't in the shuttle of that either. God. And then I think I couldn't get into the office the next day. I think a lot like you were saying it, Jeffs, right? So you couldn't get in either. Yeah, it was. It was really annoying for like, twenty four hours. Yeah, that's a fun memory. There was another flash story, courtesy of Barbara. Where is the other one? Were really embarrassing for, like, ten seconds. Yeah, so follow upon the person in chat who said they were unemployed. They said, I am Canadian and I said that for the joke. One hundred percent. I had to file for tax returns. Ah, well, that's disappointing. Have you ever had somebody whose car was towed at your place and then you feel responsible is that it is that the responsibility rests on you and the total of your drive does the way. I mean, if it's just on the street, it's not your fault, is it? It was in a parking garage that it was that happened. That exact thing happened to me and Trevor. I know I felt horrible. This is when we first started dating. And so I had a reserved parking spot in my apartment garage, and I thought it was like mine to do whatever I want with Yeah, and so I knew he was coming over that day, and so I part just like somewhere else in the garage was like, Here's here's my spot number, you could park there. He parked there and then he stayed over that night. And then in the morning, he, like, left my apartment and he texts me. He is. My car's not here. And I was like, book. And like Cheryl, I called my apartment and I was like, Was there a car towed from my spot? And they're like, Yeah, there was a car parked there that didn't have a stick or anything like that, like like that's his car. And this is also like in January is whether they just tone without checking with you, right? They should talk because it should be a phone number to cool. Their rule is just like if someone is parked in a reserved spot, that was to be there. They just remove the car. And I was like, It's my spot, like right you could do what you want is in part in it. So if you had a rental of something that your car's in the shop, they would tow that out. There is what exactly that was my argument as well, and so, like, I went with him to the toe site and I paid for it cause I was like, It's absolutely my fault because I told you that you should park there and bubble block. Two hundred bucks. Yeah. No, it was some two hundred, two hundred fifty bucks somewhere around there, But it was, like, again very early on in our dating. So I was like, Oh, my God. Like he's going to be like, you gonna break up with you, are you see? Yeah, he was, like, absolutely peachy about it. The Barbara Tech was like, I I'll pay for you like I'm so sorry. It's not your fault. What happened to me? Twice within two weeks. Oh, I was having somebody over had, like, this, like date night thing is going really well. Spark on the roof. That's the visitor parking. She did. And then, like, you know, we had a date. So, like that Watch movies. Great walking back out. You know, we're just like leaders. Like a movie moment. We're like opening the door, going eyes. One of us has told a joke, and we look and then where's your car? Just like book. So then I had to drive her out like middle of the night. I think it towed to go. Because eso there's two levels of our visitor parking. There's the roof. And then there's the tippy top roof, and the tippy top roof is That's where you have visitors go. Fast forward had another really awkward date night that in the involved did sex shop anyways. And she also I was like, Park on the very top of the roof. You won't get towed. Same sort of thing. You home Open door. Ha. Where is your car? Your date? Some really annoying. There's no there, There. Great. They laughed at me. They laugh at my jokes, and he's a great So then there's these two spots on the tape the top part of the roof that are not designated his visitor parking. And they like God around like a technicality. Oh, my God. sucks. No, we're no better way to ruin a date than have their car got towed. You could make the most of that. You feel like you want to call you a cab or something? No, no. I mean, they know you have taken something chivalrous. I mean, yeah, I was driving out there. Well, you know, offer pays off. Are all alike have him stay over until the morning, but still just socks. So, your car got towed. Just gotta stay till tomorrow That you have a friend that removes the car, baby, it's cold outside. Oh, creepy. Um yeah, Stuff in. So about that section you got conquering eso school day had a ah, we want to Ah, drive in movie theater while we're out there a ton point. I left my car and I know my car key was coming out of commission and I pulled it out and he's been tw and that's interesting. So it's try bending it back. Snap, brick. It was like, Okay, well,, she's not that kind. Okay, have ah spare key on me. So I pulled it out. It was like, All right, I just need to remember that spare key. I need to make sure I don't lock myself in her lock myself in my car, then, like fast food tonight Wouldn't did axe throwing. That was fun. And then we went to in and out, you know, we're wearing this like Cillian and out hats. Ah ha ha. And then, like, there was a whole thing Where one of us was betting during axe throwing. If this person won the bet, then we'd have to go to the sex shop. Whatever. So we go to the sex shop wearing her in and now hats. Whereabouts is like, you know, get back out to the car right in front of sex shop. We're both already embarrassed about a sex shop. And then I was like, Yeah, the keys in my car through there so that we had to call Triple A to come bail us out while under were just like, hanging out for this. The show out hat. It was like forty five minutes. Holdouts were like Gotta go back in sex shops just like walk around sexual for forty five minutes When it's just replace Guy threw a brick through the window. I, you know, it was like tempting us achieve its built strong, so thin the guy show up. He was like, You just don't tell your car's no act. It's unbreakable. I can't get into it. It's like you're kidding me. It's like just just use the you know, it ended up me just having to stick my arm. He cracked the window just enough that I could stick my giant tree trunk arm and enriched on the ignition. Pull it out. Oh, my God. Yeah, That's where the idea of locking my keys inside my car or inside my trunk always terrifies. You have to, like, triple check every time. That was also the nights later we get back to our apartment. What a crazy night car got towed. So that was the same day, was the same night. sucked. Well, you're just like, Oh Mm. Who by that. That's all done. Where's your car? Also another were The podcast Gets on your teeth the whole time. Yeah. Pizza guy stuff, Tio, I e told you I'll be all right. I'Ll leave it in for continuity going through this thing here no matter what this episode received, Podcast is also brought to you by door dash. Don't you hate it when you get home? Kick your shoes off and you realize you have nothing to eat in the house door. Dash connects you to all of your favorite restaurants in your city ordering easy. Just use the door dash app and choose what you want to eat and your dasher will bring it right to you wherever you are. On that on Lee, is that Burger Place You love indoor dash already, but over three hundred ten thousand other amazing restaurants are too doordash connects you with door door delivery and over thirty three hundred cities and in all fifty states across United States and even Canada. Ah, what's the one dish from your favorite restaurant that you could never recreate a home? What if someone brought it to you right to your door in order from your local go twos? 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If your homeowner it's comic property tax, you have to pay in the coming year and the threat and read it. It was It's super depressing because it was like, Yep, now my property tax is officially Mohr than my mortgage. Or that my principal and interest on my house, it's, you know, it's Ah, it's a crazy side effect in that you know, Austin is so popular and people want to move here that it's like the taxes always just continue to go up because there's limited, limited housing supply and city needs to, you know, try to figure out a way to raise money so that they do. They raised the raise, the value, So I decided to look, I bought, you know, I moved back in two thousand four, Artie, right? And I bought a place. And in those five years between twenty fourteen and now I now pay two hundred dollars more a month in property tax, twenty four hundred dollars a year from just overnight. Well, between two thousand fourteen two thousand over five years, it's gone up two hundred dollars a month. Imagine. You know, if you're renting and your rent goes up like two hundred bucks a month, you know, it's it's just non stop. You you could conceivably buy a house to be like I can totally afford this house in a few years. But I can't afford this house anymore that I wonder how many of you have changed relocate, especially the people, cause they like Ted and a bunch of houses and, like, make really expensive ones, which I'm sure then would graze the problem attacks of the ones that just hold out there in the old ones to the point where they just have to move right now before it happens very regularly. And if we're going to move, you have to move somewhere like further away. And some places don't even have property tax doing up. Yeah, okay. No, not not here. Know him? Yeah. Xue Mei. When I think the Texas Legislature was trying to pass a law where they would increase sales tax to try toe stop property tax increases. But if you'll point out within that unfairly effects like renters, right, renter or like people who can't afford to live to who can afford to buy a house like now everything they buys more expensive in order to save money for people who can't afford to buy what determines property tax is it? The plot of land are like the size of the house in square feet or like the value of the house, right. Like they assign a value to your land and to your your house, the improvements that you've done on the land. Yeah, And then that's on. Every year, they'Ll, they'LL increase it and you can file for an extension like if you are. I'm sorry, but you could file for an exemption If you live in a house. You, Khun, say that you live there is your primary residence and then they'LL they can on ly increase it so much they can't increase it as much as they normally would. I'm still waiting to hear back from my apartment how much reverence has gone up. They're still renting now, but it's going to be John. You're not going for it. As do you renew your lease soon? Yeah, I think I'm going to stay there because I like it. But it's good. Yeah, should sucks. I know it's always annoying when they raised it a lot but haven't done anything to improve the living situation with apartment. It's like you're just raising it for the sake of raising it. Fear their property, their homes have gone up, Tio said. It trickles down your typing in the chat while you're in the poke Us. Yeah, I know. I see a way. Yeah, I communicate with the people, See from the rest of podcast, only communicate with me through the chat. I was laughing, going on and delay because they're not gonna ball. Say, who was Tim? Just walked in. It was like suddenly looking at the pizzas. He went through all four boxes, and then he finally settled in the last one. You pulled a piece out and then, like, as if like no like to hide it, put it like, held the pizza like this on its side just, like, walked away with it. Like, Can we get food camp next week? Your motion lights like, if someone goes for the food, it's like That's really the lights. Come on in the camera. American just definitely sent out a message Being like extra pizza. I just Thanks. Ay, ay, ay, ay eet podcast food every week that I'm not on. What? Because a lot of it, like, ends up getting taken home. And I'm hungry because it's true. There's a lot of excess every week. Yeah, so I don't weigh. Don't have a whole department. Who would want that? Thanks. You guys take over all the pizzas at the end of this thing. What kind of question is that? I don't throw it away. Okay? I will also say broadcast gets their lunch provided by the company more than I think. Anybody. So I want to talk about the looks we got today. Lunch, taxes going up. Not anymore. What was lunch today? So I know it's weird. And so so were you once a week. Russoti. Very graciously. Baez looks good in the company. Today is that day. It's Monday. Now, normally you go. You will get an e mail in the morning is like, this is what your your lunch is going to be today. Today's was really weird. Like I'm surely I'm not reading this. Right. So I'm just gonna wait till lunch shows up. I'm gonna go down there and see what there is. There was It was a mashed potato bar. A Nashville? Yeah. You load your cash and then you put stuff on top of it. Yeah, I was like, I had some mash. I was like, This is clearly like the side of something. Where's the country? And I was, like, getting thing. And then and then it looked like a bunch of, like, taco toppings and like, Great. You should, like, come on that And sour cream was like, I guess there's gonna be a tortilla the end of this. And then there was gravy. And I was like, Okay, I don't know what's on my plate, but a guy who organizes the lunch was coming down the line telling everyone there's been some confusion. It's a mashed potato bar. Yeah, but that's a mashed potatoes on trees. Like not Jesus Christ. I had, like, a tiny little sliver of mash and then just a bunch of toppings. That was the main meal. Very strange. I was willing to give it a shot, but I was sitting there. What e mean Timmy fair. There also was like pieces of chicken that you could put on your plate as well. It was a little spicy chicken butt kicking on mashed potatoes, though I don't know. But that's why I think that you're doing a pot from gravy. It was like I did. It was like a big potato bar, but without the skin is like you're missing the best part. You get the and you get Ah, green onions, sour cream, medicine cheese. You talking for a jacket with hair for for bacteria? You don't call it Jack. I'm so thankful that they provide lunch, but like I basically, I think I may eat one out of every five of the meals that everybody, because it's just like I can't like, was on. Yeah, it's like I it's my Monday morning time to take a nap at three p. M. E. Got to go get like chicken breast or something. Yeah, there's been a couple times on. I love it telling in food. But when we have, like all Italian for lunch and it's like four different types of pasta lasagna. Mamma Mia cannot either like you and like garlic bread. And I'm like carp heaven right here. You know, there was, ah, short that we filmed last week. I was not involved in that. I wasn't in that short. So I was like in my office all day that at one point Mariel came back like, Oh my God, there is so much food left. Go eat it. I want everyone to go by all the food that they had kids, small crew that day. People are out of the office, I guess. Yeah, it's been weird with Arizona Circle filming and then, yeah, thanks, guys. A lot of a lot of people, even out you like talking Blast you like just out of the office that I This is my first day back in the office, and I think two or three weeks everyone everyone spoken to is working on it, said, It's been like the best thing they've done. It's It's a lot of fun being callous, were posted much of pictures and stuff like that and I think we should have something to show for RDX. But like we're all having a blast, it's going to be really crazy and stuff, you know, like I've been out. That's That's awesome, though. Because, like, craft services, my breakfast and lunch, you're paid for. So I just gotta show up to set, and I'm already fed. And they've had, like, pretty healthy meals and stuff like that. So I'm just like cloud nine right now. You guys have all been on to some degree, right? Yeah. Have you had a part? Yeah. Gavin did they cast you? You're always so busy, though. Yeah. Gas. You busy for other things? May. Although I did for some recent that I was thinking about eleven little roosters and just like, I want to watch that first episode again. And I was like, This is a fun shoot. Well, it was just, like good. That pilot was great. Whole bunch of people from her sheet that I don't We don't get to typically being cast with a bunch of you guys. I told you a bit in the episode. Oh, yeah, you did. Wait ten or eleven. Eleven. Eleven. Ten was the first one. Ten? Yeah. Okay. Oh, worked on your you wrote and directed with Josh. Yeah, those five. Because you're so important to that shoot, you wouldn't eat the liquid that was on the floor of the armory. Pickles. Shoot the pickle juice war I wanted Teo. I know we'll talk about this recently. Yeah, but they wouldn't let you stand down. Just pickle juice. Could You're in a homeless person. Probably spacing. That's like I don't think anybody would've done that. It looks like you've been there a long time. You shouldn't have had that. Pillage is good. And electrolytes. I love pickle juice. I'll pickle anything. Yeah, but this pick this just vinegar, isn't it? What is it? Yeah, the vinegar and cucumber. It was good for you. Chased. How is that good hate cucumbers with law. Pickles can come visit so much. But you do hate cucumbers. Wasn't there something that, like you had a fancy restaurant? And there's a dish that had, like, cucumbers, and it happens all the time here. Like fancy people like cucumbers e. They just kind of tastes like garbage, like, just like yeah, I mean, it's just like a water, but in solid form but not iced now that celery, Celery, celery? Yeah, Just like nothing in your mouth. Yeah, There's nothing wrong with cucumber. It's so inoffensive. I don't like zucchini. Really? Yeah. Liza Kenya's finds He's like the one food that I'm not too fond of you. I don't like it because yet rank that mashed potato bar. Yeah. My two cripes mushrooms can go themselves. What the? You know, I, like rule mushrooms like almost like any mushrooms. You're bad group mushroom sauce. Mushroom soup. Delicious past. They have a habit of soggy and robbery when they're cooked like him. Don't trust him. No, Trust him. Trust the most. I, like Esso, were close on time here A little longer to go. I had I had to buy something I never had to buy. This past weekend, I had a problem in my backyard where I have security cameras outside and for the past couple of weeks I've had a problem where I keep seeing this possum in my backyard and posting the other day as well. It's and at first I didn't care. It's whatever. There's a there's a possum. It's fine. But now the possums got babies on. I see it like a produce carrier. And Starcraft it's got, like, all these little possum over it. It's like they're falling off all the time. Like this thing's dropping possible leads everywhere. It's like fumbling. It's possible, like like these little possum chasing it. And I got to do something about it. Sounds reading up. I was like, What can you do about possums? And the first I thought like, Oh, you trap right? You trap him and someone comes to take some cat trap, you trap a possum and like, take it away Then the possums lost and I don't know where it is, Right? Move like it'll die like that it's the wild possum right and what my fear is like i don't care if the possums there but my fear is that one night if i take my dogs out like the possum's going to be there and then you get into a fight so i could take it no this possum is bigger than my daughter's way possible and it's got backup carrying like babies on it yeah i was like what what do you do about possums. Well, what I read was you by Fox Urine. And so what I had to do was I went and I bought Fox here, and I sprayed Faulk here and all over my backyard to try to scare the possible way. Doesn't sound like something you should buy at three. Thirty this morning. That possum with all the baby's on its back walk through my backyard Fox here and doesn't work. Maybe didn't spray enough. That's why I'm gonna go home right now. After work moves when I'm looking, we'LL cover that jar Your engine box that even by Fox, you bite a sporting goods store, go to the academy, appear by But someone is making a living out there like milking. Fox isn't. Oh, your eyes are in a bucket. It's not milk. But you're milking him. Yeah, someone, someone out there collects Fox urine and you can buy in a little one out spray ball for five bucks. Well, other pisces Can you buy? I don't know. All I wanted was a fox. That's all I thought. Did it stink like I try to avoid smelling it. I warn you, I won't smell it tonight. Latex gloves. Well, I used it. Yes, tonight a little. I'LL do a live weight How the fox smells. Could you hashtagged fox? Does possum Keep away folks possible would attract the clocks. We've already found out what the fox says. How we found out what the smells like, Could you Not before he did that. Did you attempt to pee in your heavy peed in your own backyard? I have No. Why not? It's like because Because I have toilets. Yeah, it's a freeing sensation. Paying out your your view, that nature, you know I don't have a backyard. You have you Have you in yield balcony? I in. So because it would be like hitting I in a random guy's backyard one time. Yeah. Is that only party? No, it was It was people's having sex at that party. No, it was someone. Who? I, uh This is Kabul, Like, two years ago, someone I hooked up with and night they lived in, like the mother in law sweetening. Okay. And this person, he owned the house too, But he had, like, ten of his buddies in town and it was the middle of the night. I woke up. There's no bathroom in the mother in law, Sweet. And it was pouring rain and, like, pitch black, I didn't know how to get into the house to go use the bathroom. I didn't want to, like, stumble into the house and, like, accidentally step on it, Dude, whatever s o, I just squatted in his yard and. I'm just imagining, like some guy looking out his window and enlightening crashes and he sees it was definitely not my proudest moment. E was really, really hard, you know, like soaked while you're doing No, it was like drizzling. How did you know? Pistol of your shoes. I didn't have shoes on two percent's enough there. I just I just tried to, like, do my best. Like, lean back. We'LL also squatting. The problem was, there was no twist paper, so I just shook a hot young dude. They probably thought like you. You like quick, Longman was you, like, quite a classy person when you want to be and then wanted me imagining you Just shaking Pierce off of your vagina on a lawn. Ah, lotto. Yeah, I guarantee you that there's probably some ladies in the chat who have had to pee in the woods or somewhere, or in a stall that didn't have toilet paper and had to just do a little shake. You don't just carry someone you for an emergency. No, in your purse. There's no bog roll, just like a little I could really count on my hand the number of times I have. I've needed toilet paper and didn't have any fears. It would have really next issue you wouldn't have made. Made up for the like your whole life's worth of carrying ball growth for that one moment way. Probably get it. And also what nice actually is a toilet. And that's that. You end up kissing some stranger's yard throw. I know the guys inside the house were still awake, and we're watching me pee in the yard. Who knows? Guarantee they were probably and not my not a great moment. Now I've never in my own backyard. You giving other people have and chat BB MacGyver, Sin says. I bet they didn't have any possums in their yard that did it to Campion. Your reality. We'LL let you know if the Fox Chris doesn't work anyway. No, Blaine, I haven't because we've evolved to the point where we have toilets on DH a peon toilets. It's nice being out there like hearing because I'm not a madam. Rass is like, look a vast ace Amar. I can open a window if I want it in my bathroom. It just It just feels good, you know? And you're is we'LL know what? Yeah, but it's just like just a freeing sensation. Why don't you just shut your eyes in your bathroom? Amanda's the toilet. Actually, I got a I hung ah thing and it's zee screen from Star Wars. Whenever they're like going down the trench run of the mill death star and it's the navigate, Pewter says It's like the little counters like Duccio is stay on target and I have that hung above my toilet look standing by and a very on brand for Blaine. Um, all right, well, let's wrap this up. Thank somebody for watching way. We'LL see you guys next week. any less Now, would you