#541 - The iPhone's Belly Button

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, and Jon Risinger as they discuss computer problems, rideshare stories, a weird form of vaping, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-04-23 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred forty one. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Hey, everyone, welcome to receive podcast this week. Brought you by squarespace stamps dot com and the Zebra. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm John and that's it. He's done it again. What did I do? Well, but that's not my fault. Well, whose fault is it, Gus? That's a scattering fault. It's very, very small. So he can soldier to cancel pretty last minute. But that's why it happens. And then Okay, so that's partly my fault. Wei, come around, Come around. So, Bernie, one distributing to be here tonight or not, he canceled, and that's fine. You know, that stuff comes up and I told, Understand why that happens. So this morning at a M, I sent a message. I slacked. We have our internal communications software. I select Drew, and I asked him, Hey, you want to be on the podcast chaplain because right now we're still Arizona Circle. Still, filming is a lot of people are tied up with that, and I was like, I'LL see if drew us a god. He's never been on a podcast before. You know, he's been on a couple of streams that we've done yes, on this part of the Nintendo boys. Like maybe, you know, be good for people, for people to get to know him. My funny funny guy slapped him, didn't hear anything back all day. And they like in another separate conversation and slack I saw, he replied to someone else, It was like the *** white and you reply to me. So I went back and I looked. And apparently he has to slack accounts, one that he normally uses. And one that's that's like deactivated. And I slapped his deactivated account. Ask you if you had to be on the podcast. Why in the name of Christ, can you suck a deactivated account? I don't know. And I did it from my phone. You didn't tell me anything, but I looked at my laptop. It's like, Oh, this accounts deactivated. So? So I didn't I didn't find that out until about fifteen minutes ago, so I select his actual account and I was like, Hey, just so you know, I sent this to you This morning. He's like, Oh, you know, he really wanted to do it, but it was just like it was too last minute and everything. So sorry, Drew. I tried. That's that's just esta. That's how it's my fault. Oh, you your your tablet. Someone found your tablet. Aah! Where you belong to, John. Oh, Roy Singer. I mind I know what I know where I left it. Why can't you take care of you things? Because I don't care about possessions there. Just temporary and I don't really care about um, no, actually, very much care about. I'm a very poor man who cannot, like, stand to lose stuff like that. I had a weird problem. Your tablet reminded me of this. I had a weird problem, my phone recently, where it was like I was having a problem with it that I was just living with. Like it was like one of those weird, inconvenient things that you just kind of deal with, right with technology, all the problems of the laptop, all the problems I've caused by having someone finally told me how to fix my problem. Whenever it happens, they have to like I have to use a command line. Ah, solution to, like, kill and restart the audio subsystem in OS ten. And if you do that, then it fixes not about anyone. Fix it. Makes my heart about rebooting. It just takes, like, two seconds. Hey, Chat, Chat Now. So I was having a weight problem with my phone where any time I went sometimes when I would plug it in at night when I slept, I'd wake up in the morning and it wouldn't be charged. And I couldn't figure out why I like just sometimes it wouldn't happen to give you this accessory is not compatible. Nothing. No message. Nothing. When I realised was that my lightning cable was kind of loose. So it's like, Oh, I when I plug it in, I have to kind of make sure it's like shoved all the way to the lab and that it'll charge. And it was like something I lived with for a couple of weeks and, ah, the other day I was sitting, I don't know. I start thinking about it. I was like, I bet there's something in my charge Port, like I got some persons or a deep bruise like that in the life of gusto. Rollo, you like? I've done all the things that I needed to do. Now I'm free to think about whatever I want, right? Bet there's something stuck up my phone. So I went and I got a toothpick and I started, like, just like scraping it through the inside of the lightning port. There was so much *** lint in my charge Port some pocket fell from whatever. Like from being in my pocket just like mushed up gray black fabric. And I just kept doing it over and over, and it seemed like more lint came out. They could possibly physically fit in there and well, that what was happening was it was keeping the lightning cable from going all the way in. It was like I scooped all that out when I played the lighting people. It was like, Oh, if it's perfect slightly iPhones belly button. But it was like it was It was a problem like I dealt with for months. It was just like, Oh, there's obviously something in there. I'm trying to think of problems that I have that I know I could fix if I just spent like twenty minutes. But there's always projects around your apartment that air, like eighty percent done or ninety percent done that you're like, Well, I could just do the last bit Or I go play a video game right person like that, like I have a few like items that have been framed and sitting there ready to be like So I have a section of my wall, my apartment, where I framed a bunch of like my valuable comics, and I've put them up like in kind of a grid fashion on a wall, and I add as I get ones or as I buy new frames and because I found, like, actual frames, that fit a comic perfectly. And since they're so individual, I have to like and since I'm oh, so they have to be lined up perfectly and have to have the right like there's there's a whole ordeal. And so I have, like, twelve up, and I have, like, another eight that I need to put up, and they've been framed for months now. They just against awards, say they're just they're sitting there, framed in a pile. Just I haven't put him up. Yeah, I'm kind of really obsessed with making sure when I mount something on the wall that it's done correctly. Yeah, I've got a laser level, got a normal like global level, and I've got a, like measure it all out and, like draw lines like very faintly and like get everything lined up perfectly so that it looks right because everything supposed to be lined up is going to be offset if it's offset. Like, what's the offset? What's the distance? I have to I have to do it so many times before finally like, yes, this is how to do it. Esther care at all. It's okay. She is a level. She is probably more particular than I am, but it helps that I'm also particular about because whatever, we have to hang something. I don't get annoyed. I'm not like, Oh my God, you made me do this five times. It's like, No, I want to make sure that we're doing this right. Would she ever hang something? Ah, she just lower do it. She she liked she could stand back, has a better She has a better eye at whether stuff looks right or not. I have to measure and I have to like, you know, get it. You know, get tools and and make sure that it's done right. Course you could just tell like she just eyeball it. I've moved quite a few times that so moved to the US and it's the first thing I do now. Like when I moved to a new place and everything's in boxes before you put your bed together. I mean, movies just plant the bed that Okay, So, like furniture together and in sitting in spots. But as faras unpacking boxes, you put it frames. I put up all the *** that I took down just so it feels like home straightaway. Otherwise I will never get round to it. It takes me like two to three months to fully unpacked because I never, like, take any time off. I'm just like as long as I need, stuff will pull out. And eventually I just like, tip out the end to the end of the boxes. Do you do this thing? This is something that I do really bad where you travel and you come back with with of, you know, your suitcase full of stuff and instead of like unpacking at all. It just gets unpacked bit by bit as you need stuff again like, Oh, I do need those pairs of shoes that I had in that suitcase. So I'll take those out. I was like, Oh, I didn't need that like belt that I packed But it's just all sitting there and just slowly, bit by bit, I immediately do it immediately unpacked and start the walk. You know, I haven't unpacked and repack travel like a lunatic. Just keep a go back. It's like it is packed already. So you're you are Are you packed right now for a trip? I'm packed for a trip, but you don't have a trip go in a couple weeks. But but nothing like that, Like two weeks ago. Gotcha. That's awesome. Not eyes tragic. Why? Why is it why is it tragic? Because I know I'm going to leave again and I don't like travelling much anymore. You know, I was watching some video with you or something like that. And you were, but maybe might have been this podcast that you had, like, two weeks for you didn't I was always open thing. You were talking about you. Uh, you have a talent for, like, two weeks. I'm in trouble since the last ghost on which I think is coming up on three weeks a year. Yeah, which is amazing. I've got good You're going to forget how to fly. Yeah, I'm actually worried I might not hit exact plan this year and I'm by worried I mean it'll be amazing If I don't, we'Ll be glorious. You have a little bit of status But you need that much. Yes, it's a little bit of normal plan. Yeah, just like a normal flight that executive planning It's like super tried I didn't really say no to almost everything He said Thanks for saying yes to the podcast I'll say yes to this very, very close to what you have to get to It's not exactly a flight from your home and I'Ll just recharge over time and then I'll be ready to travel more, you know? Guess what have you been filling your time with with this time off achievement? Yeah, no being in the Ah, yeah, I just finished up my first edit in ages. I'm edited a slimmer video since oh like December Because of what you guys doing it? We did a video with rotten link. Ah, they bring champagne bottles open three and I'm like one of my projects. That's that's, like ninety eight percent done. And I just can't bring myself, like the only thing I have to do now is go in and put in all the room. You sell the sounds just like I hate doing. That is really annoying. Before any of the last year, you would just drop the intro and you don't want to do that. I probably slop that up tomorrow. You know how How happy would you be if someone developed software that would auto detect the moments in your videos and then put in the proper sounds? Yeah, I mean, it wouldn't be hard. I mean, you just look at where all the video ramps up and down and say is that there's a There's a pattern. Yeah, be great, for I could just hire and I just like every other. *** you, you just get an intern was good, like on audio in turn toe at the sound effect. That's actually like a very common task for an intern to do as far as like editing or production stuff like production Instant often like little menial tasks like put in the boot, the beef and the people. Do you wait? I have a question. Those sounds Yeah, do have names for those. Sounds like those audio files have sound. Have names that one's just could slow down you and I just reverse it. It's not too different clips and because the answer is hoping for I couldn't rename it Do what I Want to speed up and then the opposite Slow down. It's still just one anyone for me. It's like that joke that years ago in The Simpsons that they went home was talking about a voice actress. She was, Yeah, I used to do the road runner meat And he goes, Don't you mean meat? Meat? Which was now they just looped it. E State wants That's what got me. So I So you were talking about travelling and a reminder of this yesterday Someone sent me, you know, on Instagram people can you can set it so that people you don't follow like you have to approve their messages. Yeah, and I haven't set up that way, and someone sent me a message. Someone I don't follow, just like some kind of person sent me a message way. Find it And there was, honestly, a little insulting. They sent me a message and you see messages on the Web browser of instrument I took a screenshot about, and that's what I'm looking at. I sent it to Jeff earlier. Someone send a message that said, Have you ever seen the nineteen eighty comedy movie Airplane? Just in case you haven't, I recommend it. It was like I'm a forty one year old man. I watched that movie when I was a little kid. Like, Have you seen the movie Airplane was like such a weird recommendation to get Was that spam? Like Why? I don't know. But it's also like, Why did you go out of your way to send me that? Who? Who just randomly messages people on there like, Have you watched this thirty nine year old movie? You replied in jive you are Surely you must be joking. You say that in reply. Yeah, it was just it was just such a weird message to get I got it last night. It was just like I was just staring at it like I don't You know how to reply to that? That's a really bizarre It was really weird. Oh, I have that set upon instrument as well. I don't never approve anybody's messages or respond to anybody but everyone. So I'll just look to see what people have sent me. Assume I have that on a swell. I don't get messages from strangers. You know his instagram too often, right? I look it along. I don't post a ton. You're right. You're a lurker. Yeah, It's like the opposite of twelve. You look and also don't even like, you know these lot. Not like like the images very much. You know, the time you do, So that's you do that interaction. Little double tap is as far as you go. You could double your Tio. You don't have to image instead of going to click the Goldhawk Road accident. They just announced that Ah, Facebook. Just announce that, I guess. What was it? Several million Instagram accounts may have been compromised. Yeah, like originally like only like ten thousand. They said, like maybe a million. They were storing people's instagram account passwords in plain text and that file may have gotten stolen. Why would they do that? Well, that's a really good question, Gavin. Why would it not be encrypted in some? Why would they have in plain text where anybody could read it and not in an encrypted format? So if you're watching this, you have instagram changing the password. If you haven't already. Yeah, that's awful. What do you do when you accidentally like something? Do unlike it real quick or just leave it? Yeah, unlike it, II like stuff accident constantly. I'm always afraid it would be something embarrassing. It hasn't really been anything embarrassing yet, but I'm always afraid John Mayer had a really funny thing on his story that I felt resonate with me a lot. Which is he was It was a joke. That was a joke based off of a truth in that he was making up this story about how he often when he's screwing the instrument, will see a picture, and he'll want to like it. But he'll notice that it was something that was just posted. And so he knows that if he likes it right now, there's a chance that might come across. Is like, thirsty or like too eager of like just watching someone's like feed. And then they posted You go and and and like, really quick. So he had these post it notes, where he writes down the account profile, the post number when he saw it and then schedules when he should like it. And so then he writes, it put the reminder in his phone at a time of like like like houses image she posted from a few hours ago. But I felt like like it was a joke. But it's honestly, like often if I'm go open Instagram and I see some like that's too. It was like a second ago. I think he wanted, like, delay on instagram feed. That's even Mohr effort because even more like it, well, I think I see it. I don't care if it's just posted. It just so happens I was looking right Then I like it right away. That's one to explain to a cave man. Know what I want to like delay on instinct. Hey guys, I need you to explain me what it's like living without, like anxiety and neurosis that I have, because your ex clear your surviving something that I don't understand, I guess. Oh, man, it's just like, yeah, I don't care if I like something. I'll just like it on the same. Yeah, that happens frequently. Like, I think I probably like your bed head photos since you posted it cause I was just like, I just I just happen to be really refreshing Instagram and I think it popped up. Thanks. I was like, Oh, I like that. So we're going after the way. That was good. We watching a crystal palace disappoint. Oh, but I s I haven't seen ah kind of falling off fun Premier League. But I was talking with Brian. We're over there about a Premier League before the show started. I guess they beat Arsenal this weekend seasons. Go and see. Well, is Crystal Palace a soccer team? Yeah, there's a team called Crystal Palace. Yeah, no one thinks that's absurd. That's that. That's kind of why I like him. It's pretty. Said it sounds like a level on Meyer card. Well, red Skins is about TV. No, it's not that that's a racist one Crystal Palace in races, but it does sound like some sort of RPG level. It sounds like I would race the shell crystal. What other soccer teams have Marquardt level names? Uh, very football. If I'm confusing, you are. Snow got Everton. You know Crystal Palace? Who do Where? Where? Where? They located Crystal Palace. The hell's wrong with you? Thie Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace ins? I don't know. Are there any others that sound like the good Memorial? Carl? I mean, most. Most sports team names are from the current. Primarily I don't even know which seems run anymore. Like we've got a team called Los Angeles Dodgers and that just as silly as well. But it's not like I feel that you could race L A Galaxy. Yeah, but like I think it's because it's two words. It's It's a location with an adjective arsenal of Ravenna in Burnley, Cardiff City. That's the team name from there from Cardiff. But what's there? But isn't there like L a galaxy? That's the Los Angeles is the location. Galaxy is the team. So is that just Cardiff City is the team? Yeah, so you want, like a place name and a thing that my team what are what are they talking hot supper. I can't tell you where the spaces were. Just city looks like their mascot is a swallow of some kind. Maybe. What the card is peoples? Yeah, colleges and whales. Right? Say what you just said again, talking about stuff that's not a word that broke and is like a Tottenham disperse. Taught them a little call. Well, Tottenham One of the words, Yeah, every good. And then half their Todd Hoffman, the offers, the huffs Huddersfield town. That's the team name. Where? The location for this field. What the *** you guys? You have a standard of how you name these football teams. What about this one Arsenal? But do they? It is. That's just you called Arsenal. It's not like Arsenal Football Club. It's our eyes that okay? I mean, it is in London, understand this sport. Understand the sport. So they're the London Arsenals. Well, that's a lot of London teams, but Tottenham's in London as well. London's a big city dude way. So this what was taught him again? Talk him hospital. Loathe the words you're saying his defenses. One word you can say is one word didn't tell me that. Well, Tottenham's onward. Yeah, Tom. And then the other word is one word. Yeah, Hoffs for hot, hot spur, Like on the back of a Have a bruise girl. And I still can't understand. You're a *** rules leg. Okay? You work in rooster TV. You should know that a *** crows leg hopper. What? Why would I need no hot spots? A spur? This is a little *** thing they make. That's the item out of here. You know, in like, that's the manmade version. What is the actual? What's a spur? There's not a manmade spur. Oh, you were talking about like, cowboy spurs. Oh, I didn't realize what's of what's a non man made spur. Like the back of a thing on the back of a bus for the Scotts Spurs? Because it is anything on the back. I didn't know that. Google him a spot on a book. I know what you're describing. Someone in control. I know what you're describing. I just didn't know that the logo for taught him is a bird. The mascots called chirpy. Yeah, that's so cute, but kind of I know what it is. I don't know. Now you know what it is? Sorry, John. Sorry to waste your time. Look there, Spurs. Hey, where's undercard? Tosel Tar Sols, sir. Okay, um it's got a hot spur. Bernie's texting me right now. Is sex with both of us? Actually, he Why is he always in? He's having flight problems. Why does he keep going through that? Oh, did you go through that airport? What's the one Detroit or something? I don't know where he is. Just like you got problems. We'LL leave it there. That's awful. Lots of canceled flights. Yeah, it's a It's a mess. 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You get some afterwards? No, no fan of cold pizza. Copy's good cold. Ah, man, I *** computer problem over the weekend, Isa, come online you can use There's a command like so, you know, I was out of town for a while. So survive weeks. Apparently several days ago, I was like, I need a beat. I need a beat up boot up my computer and let it start downloading all the updates at halfback windows updates all the different games, whatever platforms like. I'm just getting my computer on and downloading updates for a while. So I left it on for several hours. It downloaded all of its updates, installed everything rebooted a few times. Everything's great, cool. So fast. For a couple days this past weekend, I was like, I'm going to finally play the division, too. I want to play division two people been talking so much about it when you play it on on PC. So I went and I bought it on the epic store. You may have been problem number one thinking about this. In retrospect, that may have been the start of my problems. So I bought it on the epic store. Why not on you Play? It was like fifty four, but was like a slightly discounted or something that was like, All right. Lt felt the bite on the epic store. So I go to buy it on the epic store and it's like like I haven't felt my credit cards Save everything purchased. They're in there. Get in there. It's like there was Ah, problem with your transaction. You'LL be refunded in three to five days. What So like? Okay, well, let me delete my credit card from my account. Re add it and I'LL try it again. So delete my credit card Re add it Try to go the purchase purchase There's an air processing your transaction You refund in three to five days But what the ***? My credit card's fine. Fine. I'Ll use a different credit cards. I believe my credit card from my account at a different credit card. Go to the process in purchases. Fine. Great. Cool. So starts downloading. It's like Ah, fifty four gigabyte download. All right. It's gonna take a few minutes. So finishes downloading everything you go through downloading, verifying, installing, cool division to install on my computer with Epic. Ah. So I goto launch. I hit launch and says, Oh, don't have you play on my computer. So it's like you need Thio download and sell. You play in order to play division to fine. You don't need You play what you need. Teo can be blind. You play. That may be, but in steam, I had fine Whatever. It's all you play, you play downloads, installs and then you place like So you want a cell division too? What? No, I already got it. So then I point the you play installer to where I've already just installed division to, and it's like, cool. Downloaded. Then why did you lose the whole game again and reinstall zit like what the ***? So then, ah, finishes installing like Okay, cool. After downloading one hundred six gigs, I'm going to play my game now and then Steam opens that launch, and it's like takes forever. It's just like doing something. And I look away for a second and I look back on computers blue screen and restarting Theo. So the computer comes back up like, Well, I didn't see what happened, so I have to launch the game again. It waited and blue screens like Okay, what they're, like, disappears and reboots like what the *** just happened? Like I can't see the error. It's like, All right, I got it. I got to see what This? I get my phone out till I take a picture of their message. It's like I hit launch and in the game launch is like, What the *** on? Then it downloads a four gigabyte patch. Just the once, just once patches itself, the game relaunches. And then I could finally play it. And then you start playing forgot games, actually fun. I had a blast playing the game. I quit the game like I'm gonna take a little break. Like thegame installed twice. I wonderful, like all the installation files are still on my hard drive. It still had all the insulation files. It's like had to go through to eat all the insulation files. And I thought, he's not gonna make my game blue screen again now. Okay, now, I have to relaunch the game and check again. It didn't thegame was fine. Was like, How can I have this many problems? I just wanted to download and play a game that it took. I think it was an hour between from when I decided I want to play Division two until it was like I could finally play. We were trying to play a game cooled. Satisfactory, which was on the epic store. Is the sandbox game? Yeah, you know, automata, bunch of conveyor belts and ***. Yeah, and I put my information in White, put Trevor's information, didn't said the exact same thing. Like it we refunded. Try Jack's card didn't work either. So, like started, I'LL bite on my personal card because I know that works that in work on a tried on someone else's account, tried on Michael's username that didn't work. So in the end, to get me in the game, Jack had to email the developer and asked for a coat. But they only like you get it. Oh my God, I don't understand that that epic thing, it just doesn't ever work for me. This was on the epic stories. Well, I've bought one other game on the epic story. In the past, I bought Metro Exodus, and I did not have any issues with that second. Good. He's pretty good. It's pretty fun. They have, Ah, understand they have. Ah, there's like one gun in there that's a pneumatic gun. So it fires like little steel pellets, and any time you use it like you lose pressure. So every now it's like a B B gun. Every now and then you have to, like, pump it toe like cool. Make sure it has enough pressure that way. Doesn't work damage cause as he has less pressure, does less damage and then, as a result, since pneumatic, it's silent. So if you like sneaking around and want to take someone out without them knowing where you are in school, it's a fun game recommended. I never played any of the other ones. I didn't Okay, I thought I I was so impressed with their the three presentation when they unveiled Matrix a cycle I gotta play that game is Metro axis again that's like about sneaking around, Or is it about being confrontational? You could do it another way. Okay, I liked are like sneaky Beaky. So yeah, I was sneaking. I was staking a lot on my game. I didn't know that was part of my bill yet. Finding it can be very difficult to financials. The times. So it is. You will be incentive, but you can always. If you're using the new Madigan, you can craft the bullets for that *** was the name of the most recent Wolfenstein Generation New blood for blood Someone Colossus. I think it was the closest one wasn't. If you don't know, that was anyways, that one I felt kind of leaned on you sneaking around more than I really wanted to. I really wanted to be a lot more aggressive and confrontational, but I felt he was punishing me way more than usual in, like the the other people who can call more people. Don't be. I think the things that would run alarms and just get that thing. Yeah, I felt like that. Maybe maybe I was just trying to play it too much like doom. Which doom is just run and gun and move around. Never stop moving. Never stopped shooting that kind of thing on. I kind of wanted that as well, which is like, I just want to *** up a bunch of Nazis. But I don't know, like, if if I guess of a game is meant to be sneaking. I'm fine. But that one I like an f p s like that. I didn't like that. That was how much it wanted me to do, like it wanted me to do. Stealth kills a lot more in that kind of thing I like. I like playing games with a stealth aspect and, like, kind of sneaking around if that's part of the game. But this is like a F p s. That is just a giant do with a bunch of guns. Yeah, like there's a lot of stealthy and like this *** since Creed games that I like, like in far cry three. I think that was the one that I really loved being all stealthy and like serving like an enemy encampment and marking every enemy and, like trying to wait till one gets a faraway and like, take them out. Just kind of like, takes many people out as you can before they notice I would love a new splinter cell game. Yeah, but even working on any more it's been a while was that last one was the last one like conviction. God have been years ago. There has to be one of the blacklist. Blacklist was after conviction Splinter. So, like Douglas was the reason I created myself in rember six Vegas that one time your blacklist was the last one. Why was thirteen? Why was that game there? Because the happy was covered in black list and in Vegas, B was throwing in a way that we did that redid that on and let's play Jack. Ominous died that day. Yep, blacklist was in twenty thirteen and conviction with twenty ten. So blacklist was the last one six years ago. So it's it was just not did not do. Oh, I love those games. Plus, I don't know very many other people who speak as highly about as you do. Not really. I like stealth games. Yeah, not that anybody ever I've ever heard in my like trash those games. But it's just one of those franchises I've never personally run into. A lot of gamers who are like what you just said. Winston, the splinter cell game that kind of thing. I mean, maybe you just forgot about it. So I'm reading here. Apparently, at E three and twenty seventeen, the Ubisoft CEO responded to rumors about Splinter Cell, and his quote was, I can't say much about that, but for sure all the classy games are getting taken care of. It's just we have quite a lot on our plate at the moment. All the Classic games are coming up are really coming along. So we're not forgetting split herself. Rainbow. I mean Ramos Sexy *** Tom Clancy. There were six. It seems like when you get kind of like a temple game like that, maybe there's less of Ah, I don't know. I don't know if they're connected at all like C just just such a big old production. Why would they spend too much time working on another split herself? They've got because you can get my Christian transactions in a split so game easily for your way out, right? Yeah, it's so funny that that's part of the business. But I was even I was reading an article about, like, a recap of I think it's been six months now with red Dead um, and as you well and how, like the drop off on Red Dead has been much more than they were they were hoping for. Like I'm sure with Red Dead they were hoping it to be very similar to grant a daughter of like, Well, the more you play, it just felt so. Some are smaller. Yeah, I don't know anybody who, like, still plays. Read that online. No, I mean, we could never really get too far ahead in videos just cause there's not a lot to do. You have to do so much to get anything in this. I guess we just never exploded in a funhouse, managed a few red dead online videos, And they were. They were decent fun. House it is. But you could tell that, like as faras content capabilities, it was much more limited in the, you know, the sand box of a world that granted daughter's turned into I'm telling you, I feel like they really missed out. I thought for sure when Redhead came out that they would have some kind of multiplayer game, like maybe even a Battle Royale mode where you chase a train like the objective in the battle round game is to like, hijacked the train and take it over. It was like your objectives moving the whole time. It's like one hundred players all trying to converge on this objective. That's moving. Yeah, not this circle moving around the track. Maybe. Yeah, like the circles mobile like Tiger, you have to be closer and closer to the train as time goes on. I'm not vying for many other battle royal gaze, but a battle royal, like at the Pace and Guns of Red Dead does sound a little interesting with horses and such. Red had made me such so much more patient for open while gaming because it just took so long to get anywhere that I just started to split walking around in first person and enjoying it. And now I feel like I could play GT again, but less rushed like I play the holiday. It's a five like getting cabs and skipping every journey just cause I wanted Teo. Yeah, play the story. But now I'd probably drive. His Andy ever talked about was everything Teo to do with Geeta is just run. People ever know. His favorite thing to do is to get in a car and follow the laws of traffic. He's a bit of a freak. He's out and he's got a few things. They're making a freak, but that's what it's like a Zen thing for him just to get the car and two drive around but actually abide by. Traffic law has a real car, right? Like you could do that. If you want, you can get in the car and drive and follow the traffic laws, like flipped around the escapism of GT five. The whole of he drives Senate trails like a law abiding citizen in GT, and he murders the *** out of people in real life. Like he says, he'LL do it for hours. It really is like listening to something. Well, he might be or he might just driving. He might be just driving. He really lives time from work, and he's like, Okay, you know, I'm just making guesses at this point, other than I do know that that is one of his things he likes to do. I feel like so Gt five is like the most successful entertainment product of all time, right? Yeah, it's made the most money of anything that anyone has made to entertain, But they weren't. Is that is that is that you come into an assumption? Is that defend? I'm pretty sure appreciate is made like billions and billions of dollars. It sounds totally plausible, I just don't know. But it's still ten AP on expose like that, and they didn't do anything with the Xbox one x five has generated over six billion dollars in revenue. And compare that to light is one title. Yeah, have something and compared it to like the the biggest movie of all time. Biggest box office. Well, I mean, I like the big thing about why they all tell that I'm thinking of Is that the reason why they kept making cars movies was that the first cars move made like a billion dollars in merchandise? But that's six times that would just again one product. Yeah, it's not Well, yeah, I do know that if you can include, if it does be like a different franchise and all of their merch, I seem there just making out on the game, just like in any kind of game purchase. Yeah. So I found this this article talking about how GT five is the most profitable. Ah, thing ever or entertainment product ever. And it's it's ah marketwatch article. And they compare GT five, which, like I said, six billion dollars toe avatar, which grossed two point eight billion dollars. But the ah, the title for this article on their web site is this violent video game has made more money than any a movie ever. Got it? Why you gotta freeze it that way with the island video? Yeah, *** off, Mad Attorney. But when it be cool, if they if they let full care fight it or sixty f p. S def. Yeah, Xbox did something. Did anything miss six billion dollars. I mean, they still do a lot of wanting to get with the times, which ever and appreciates but every nice toe Have it matched the quality of all the other games. And playing right now is PC Does P C scale? Yeah. Peace is fine. Okay, So PC looks phenomenal. We just read dead looks so good on Xbox. It was, like so well up to mice for the one ex info. Okay, that I was just like, wife. And they just retro or reckoning older because there is a t r O face to face. Is their timeline for Red that go into PC? No. Now, anything that even confirmed they never said that It's even going to PC. Did they do with the foot that with GT, that kind of the same thing? They didn't confirm it, Like, came out like two years later? I think, Yeah, you came out with, like the one at When the Xbox one and PS four versions. I don't believe that Master Chief Collection is going to be on PC. That's not because, like, I imagine playing Taylor three on PC. That seems so. We'd submit in a way. Funny enough, my first experience of Halo was playing Halo on a PC. You play the PC version because I don't have a next combat evil. Hello one. Yeah, that was my first halo ever. And that came out much later to Yeah, because I don't have an Xbox and don't have any friends. That Xbox is never made friends, but that's a whole other problem. Ah, but I've eventually was able I like I visited my uncle once and they had an Xbox, so I got to play it on like they're like the giant wasn't in that controller Duke. The Duke? Yeah, and finished the game on that visit. Like we played through the whole game on that visit. But, yeah, my first experience was playing it like it was like, even like the first level. Ah, demo. Essentially, it wasn't it. As far as that. The halo on PC trying to remember I don't really have a play on PC. Yeah, that's all was, but yeah, gummy. Which it's a f. P s. And so I loved it. That was on PC, and I played I mean, I know we filmed a bunch of, you know, we had to refill a bunch of red versus blue in the PC version. I don't know a soul. Yeah, I'm just going to whole *** thing is so I don't think I ever I don't think I heard play it because we have to re film stuff we had already done. It's like, Oh, my God, we do. I want vying. L this *** years of work over again. You know it's time to do it again for four k. You know, I wouldn't have to do it this time I do. You know why you're getting all worked up about? I don't have to do that anymore. I mean, Joel did love it. I did some of season to God. It was like re shoeing shot for shot. Like I was making cuts on the exact frame of the old cut on. Like making this *** was like it was almost framed. Perfect remake you had to get pretty close with because the audio didn't change. It was just You had a matching set of what was happening. It was really fun today. As a fan of red vest display, it was fun to be making the exact same episodes. So you Yeah, I really like Tio. Everyone else hated it, but I think we were all there the first time, just gabbing with Theo. I was talking to Jeremy the other day and because I, Jeff and I built almost everything an achievement. See, Jeremy was like, Yeah, I did it as well. I just build it like I watched you if it is and rebuild it myself. And I was like, your list wails like, I would hate to do that. There's no way he's going person ever did that, though. There's most No, I know you re created Human City. Yeah, he was pretty passionate about it. You do it in Xbox. I think that I might have been every single thing she receive. Still big. The big bills were like, That's still that's still completely mental if he did that in x box because even you guys doing an Xbox is the most absurd thing I've ever heard of. Well, Ali builds didn't have creative mode. Yeah, that you guys were, like, exploiting glitches. Yeah, we found out the geo duplicate stuff because, I mean, Tio actually build the achievement hunt a logo on the ground in war. Yeah. I don't know how many sheeps we would've had to have shared for that. Maybe, like, close to a thousand cheap. Yeah, but I mean, even just like even just the tower of pimps in construction is an ordeal because of how much gold yet just to construct it was four blocks of gold like that. Just that is annoying thing to go grind and fine finding right like that. That's a dating app. I haven't gotten on finding. We're trademarking that that's are you can have it your way. You know what? Let me read this here. Reminder. With this up so they receive broadcast is brought to you by stamps dot com. One of the toughest parts making and selling products online is the shipping. No one really has time to go to the post office. You're busy. Who's got time for the traffic parking, lugging your mail and packages. 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You can see for yourself by over seven hundred thousand small businesses. Use stamps dot com. Just go two steps dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in Rooster that stamps dot com Enter Code Rooster thank you stamps dot com for sponsoring this episode of the RIZ Chief podcast. Stem cell Call Espresso. I said one word. Wrong. There's funny that I must speak every now and then. Um, I remembered a story I wanted to tell you. Like I can tell you story. It's good headline, huh? Sorry. Carry on. What did you say? It's a really good life. I have a really good hairline. Wrong. Yeah, I appreciate it, but I've got a lot of friends who are dealing with the with the recession heads of recession of the head that, um how's yours? Just good good hair, Lee, You're You've got a lot of flop. Yeah, you got strong here. Like I was saying, uh, you got you got some cold sex happening, Um, small, the gray I'm worried about already. There is often. Why that make you feel old? Yeah. I mean, I I completely echo. I'd I don't like my gray hairs very much either, but I get a sponsor for that. Was that stuff hashing out here, dawg, this is called Die Here. And I was here talking. Yeah, that's it. Yeah. That stuff, like covering up gray hair called iron like actual products like this is the old dudes. You mean hair dye? Just from that. You're just talking about hair dye. Do you take my just for men That was there. I was just trying out the name of the bright when I was in Korea. There's like you, Khun. There's like all these kiosks everywhere in the street there where you can get your shoes shined and your hair died at the same time. It's like the same product. Sometimes you'd see like dudes, like sitting there with their like suit jacket off with, like, a bib around them. and like their hair covered and die, and there's waiting for it to dry. Do you think it's the same dye for both? They might be. Anyway, I'm sorry. You have a story. Oh, yeah. Sorry. I got distracted by hairline talk. No, I had maybe one of the most like, adventurous and scary moments ever in a lift. Ah, a few weeks ago, when I was in Los Angeles visiting Funhouse. I extended my trip today so that Gavin could burn. I extended my trip an extra day so that I go to Disneyland and I had asked a few people if they wanted to go left. Few people from funhouse like John Smith and James and Lisa, that kind of thing. But everyone had, like, gone to recently and didn't want to spend the money again to go because Disneyland is an expensive it's coming like two parks. Like if you want to go to both parks. And one day it was, I think, one hundred and fifty. Maybe close to two hundred dollars come. No wonder they could afford marble. Yeah, like one one ticket to one park, I believe, is at least like ninety nine dollars. some like that. And so if you add on like if you want the fastpass thing to be able to do on your phone, that's an actual, like, fifteen bucks and that So it adds up, and I think it was like two hundred dollars. But so I was staying in a hotel near Funhouse, in Where's His? Culver City was really right. And so I had to make it Anto Anaheim to get citizen. And so I got a lift to take me there, and I don't know if you're like me at all, but all I ever want from a lift is for them to say hi. When I get in the car, confirm my location and then don't talk to me ever again. And can we just get to my location without interacting very much? That is correct. Yes, that is that. Is that the correct way for people? Tio? Most drivers, I feel do not get that memo. Depending on the day you go, a single park pass is either one hundred for one hundred twenty nine dollars. Yeah, it's a bit much, but so yeah, thats why So it is understandable that they just couldn't make it happen. And so I managed. I I got a pretty good lift driver who's actually pretty quiet for the most of the way, and it was a long drive was at least like thirty plus minutes to get there. And I'm an old man, and so I get up early and I like getting to stuff early. And so I was. I got my *** up super early and was going to get there before the park open, because if you get there before the park opened, you can get in right when it opens and you're first in line. Yeah, and it's usually waiting on your own. At this point, I was I was going to sign by myself, so I was going to. But I was very excited about going by myself because as much like going to stuff like that with the group people, when you go by yourself, you have so much more control over your day and that it was well with my brain. Absolutely eso like, for instance, I could go. I could get any fast, fast. I want it, don't have to have a group consensus. I went on single writer lines on all kinds of stuff. I didn't really like, do anything I didn't want. I didn't wait in long lines at all. All day long is fantastic. So again, old man, that gets up super early without even alarm anymore. I did that. Got up super early. Want to get the part for it? Open managed to do that. And so we pull into the parking structure. Have you been it, Isn't it? And in California ever been once? Yeah. Okay. Do you know the giant parking structure that you have to go to S O? That's where you have to go no matter what. When? If you're actually that's what we thought you had to go no matter what. And so the lift driver pulls in. And ain't you a picture? It's like ten lanes lined up that are feeding into this giant concrete structure. And so we pull in and there's already a line of cars outside pulling out of the parking structure where the tickets, you know, people are inside the parking structure and so we're in the furthest lane to the right, so it's it's us and the curb and then, like nine more lanes of cars and it's filling up and there's cars also the left of us and there's car started to fill up behind us and we're like, Okay, we have to wait in line We'LL start moving forward and we'LL get through into the parking structure and then we'LL end this thing. We don't move for a while, and we're parked there for quite a while again. I'm in a lift and, as like takes a few minutes, and we realized we haven't moved at all. Not even like no one has moved forward. Even one space as though the people are taking you no tickets. So I was like, I started freaking out and I think, What time's the parking structure open? And so I looked it up and the parking structures and open until, like, I think it's like a half an hour before the park. We got there an hour before the park opened, and so we I'm sitting in a lift car and lift car a lift car, and there's a half a knauer until these car start moving and we are. We have cars behind us and to the side of us, and in front of us were stuck there. Can you just get out? Well, that's what I thought I could do. But I'd be literally leaving this guy in just a book a time to go get another ride. You can't do anything. Says things that if I was just in my car, yeah, I would just wait it out in, like, half an hour. Okay, I'll pull up a show to watch on my phone and just kill the time. But, I mean, I'm in this guy's business. I'm in a guy's business, e I can't just tuck and roll and then just leave. The two of you could just get to pity him. Yeah, but I think you've given about rating, you know, e So I'm freaking out because we are stuck. Even if I If I even if I were to leave, he be stuck, and he starts realizing this. So we're trying to problem solve, to go what to do. And again, I'm someone who's very prone to social anxiety. And I'm very much mom crimson. I don't want Teo, you know, hinder anybody at all. And so I'm just trying to figure out something and so we have an epiphany that we look to the right of us and it's the curb. But there's a little bit of space. Oh, no. And so we started thinking like we're both thinking on the same wavelength and no one's saying it out loud. But he's like, Do you think I could get into that space and back out of this because we got cars behind us and I was like, You might be ableto fit, so I'm not going to tell you to do this, but you might be able to. So he's like, should we try this light? This is really up to you. At this point. I'm really sorry. I mean, if I had any other solutions have solved this, I would. But you do. You so sure enough he pulls over into basically the gutter right before he gets to the curb and start slowly backing up. And there's cars coming in and still filling up. So he's in the hot shoulder of Park. He's in the hard shoulder and there is land. They probably filled in that space like he has to commit to it. Yeah, and so, yeah, once he pulls out, cars move forward and we are now in this thing, So he starts backing up further and further. And I'm torm between looking back and watching what's happening or just keeping my eyes to the ground and waiting for this madness to end and seeing how this figures out. Because again, I'm dying inside this entire time. And so we slowly, slowly backing out as all these cars. Just watching this one car like Mr Bean style back out of this this lane. Sure enough, we get all the way back to where there are no more cars and we're free to go, except for the fact that we're in a one way lane that is ten lei's wait lanes long that we can't just do a U turn and get out of. So we then have to cross like ten lanes, you know, diagonally and go through like these orange cones that he just kind of squeezes through to get to the other one way lane and gets out of it. He somehow *** manages it, gets us turn around and starts leaving the parking area. And he is freaking eyes like. That's the coolest *** thing I've ever done. Man way. We were here, man. And we were doing this together. You and me, John. I was like, Yeah, we totally did it. I'm so glad he's like, Man, that is awesome. I'm gonna tell my friends that friends about that scene I was I didn't like what I gotta wait on. Then we became best friends and he moved in with me. No, he We managed to find out where the lift a drop off is and he let me go. Andi, you will question Why are we going to the parking structure? Because were you goingto park with you going to go with you when you put in the location of Disneyland? That's where it sent him with. Like it's just the his app. His, you know, his lift driver Zap sent him there A sign. Ege. That's what I'm wondering. That's fine enough is there isn't. And actually, you have to go all the way to the other part of the park, which is the downtown Disney section of the shopping area. And there is a taxi and lift drop off at the end of that. Never dropped someone off at Disney before. I guess he hadn't I mean, again. We picked me up in Culver City, so it's probably not too common of a destination for him, but yeah. And so, Yeah, he dropped me off and I got off, and I immediately, like, tipped him, regardless of whether or not you had ditched the guy in the line. You still ditched him in Anaheim? Yeah. I mean, hour and a half away from home. But that's anytime anybody takes that kind of stuff. Like I mean, I've gotten like when we went to San Francisco for a kind of funny prom like the airport and where, like, downtown San Francisco is is an hour drive. And so we had someone pick us up from there. So I mean, even the even when we went to London and did the did London Artie X like to be picked up at Heathrow and then taken to where we were? I mean, when they're picking people up a Heathrow, they expect that it was a random person up in the middle of l. A. And then I saw it was Disneyland. We're not. He said, you know, they just accept. And then they're like, Oh, ***, he was fine. He was He was not upset about that, and he was just picking up people in Anaheim. We're just going around there who's very excited about about the invention that we had, man. I mean, like, the only thing I have that's anywhere near that is one time when I was in Sydney for Arctic Sydney, I was out doing press for the event. I think we were. I was out near Ah, Bondi Beach and I had to take a taxi. Wasn't know that to take an uber from there back to the CBD downtown. Okay, And the uber I got into or maybe was a left, they were like, Oh, man, you're going to the CBD. I never drive to the CBD. I just normally drive out here in the suburbs the night and the guy got really nervous and was really freaked out that he had to drive into the city. Did he drive you into the city eventually? Yes, way. What's eventually we ended up getting on the Harbour bridge three times. Uh, that's so funny. I had I had the same GPS away from him. It'll be like you're not looking at this anymore. I had the same issue. And this is in Sydney. Yeah, I had a guy that where I had I swear. Now you're validating my opinion. I think almost half if not all, of the like the drivers they're driving like Uber's airlift out in Sydney. That's the first time they've ever been in the city because there was multiple times that people were just freaking me out. A dude got on the harbour bridge when he didn't need to and took me across when we'd like. My application was back on that same trip. He also went down the wrong way on a one way street. And, like I saw cars coming at us. I'm not trying to generalize all of Australian like uber drivers, but I kind of am, Yeah, have tio. I definitely requested Ah, I remember now. It was uber I requested a refund for that trip in the app. Yeah, I was like, you're gonna look at the map. I was like, Look what happened there. That's not right at all. I'm over trips where they'Ll just say that I got in and they'll just *** off for like, an hour and a half and I'm paying for the whole No. Really? Yeah. You ever You ever got accepted by an uber driver and then, like on their way to you, they cancel on you. I think that very personal help all the time in New York where they just accept it. Then it takes forever. Then you have to cancel it and they make five bucks or whatever. That's like a blind date pulling up and seeing you and then not doing the day I was so had times where I've been staying at, like, a Doubletree, right by L a X. I just feel like, quickly coming in for work so quickly Want to leave. But I have all the phantoms and ***. I have, like, five cases with me. Yeah, and I called you, but twice in a row, the guy was like, It's too short of a trip. You gotta get the show. And I was like, Don't lug a ll this, like, really expensive Get the same Dude are multiple drivers to different drivers on two different times. But I was like, I don't know why they don't want to do it. I mean, I can tip you continue more. I just don't get a shot with less with less stuff. There's also like a default amount of money you have to pay for an uber. Yeah, I don't see the people is only like a few dollars. Think the pigtail is the once dead, you know, stuck in that ring of X, thinks they just to get out. It's like John *** Disney, but it's, well, annoying. So Emily was just slacking me. I guess I had some mail over there in the in the mail collection spot. What is it? It's addressed. It's two pieces of mail that are both addressed to Dr Gustavo Sirola. DDS. So you call me Dr Strolin now, if you want. That's not even, like, just like Dr put it. That's the doctor saw Rolla. They they stay picks your specific, like practice here. Dr. Sirola, if you're like most Janice in Texas because of Rooster, three way world dentists stay with the other one. Dr C. Rola. I hope your practice is doing great when he's he's a dentist, but he has four hundred employees. What? What could we Where did I get to over him from two different places on the same day? That's pretty cool. You're on a list now, bro. How can you use this to you guys for making smart business decisions? Can you, like, get access to, like, some wholesale dentistry equipment or something? Get some nitrous oxide. Can we just turned one of the conference rooms into adjusted dental practice? Just so actually, our dentist is Well, well, well. Why? Where did that come from? That's good. It's been sixteen years. I've never had that happen. Well, because you read it out of focus. Now get ready for sixteen more years of dentistry. Calls it take to become a dentist. Sixteen years, two weeks. What else? Questions? How am I supposed to know how long it takes to become a dentist like a Gavin? How long's it take to become a pilot? Nine years, Zee, You're just making up. Tio Taylor's taking dental school takes four years to complete a full time status. So those are completed. Bachelor's degree first will be in school for eight years. Ah, well, that pilot I think you become I'm just your Google. Ah s o. They're talking about airline pilot. The time it takes to move onto an airline after you complete professional pilot training program. Most You'LL gain the required fifteen hundred hours. You have to have fifteen hundred hours of flight time. But that's on top of a professional pilot training program, which I don't know how long that is, because that's not here. Fifteen hundred hours, a decent time. So you fly forty hours a week like a full time job, which you're not flying for two hours. We that's thirty seven point five weeks. So, yeah, three quarters of a year. If you fly just nonstop, Party hour's wait like a full time job. It's like I'm glad it takes a lot. You want to make sure that people are are well trained. Yeah, I don't I don't want a shortcut. Pilots. I want real ones. I wonder what is the longest amount of time it takes to get job like what job It is what job requires but some kind of surgeon of some kind, right? What's ah, associate jurors that does that say about Seijiro like his son had been like ten years of eggs? Well, his son had also been his, like his his for like thirty or forty were like, yeah, every watch that recently? A couple months ago. Hold up. Yeah, it's good. You never eat that. You know, I tried this last time, Went to Japan. I really I tried so hard, and I just couldn't make it happen. So is it is you can't get You can't get a reservation like they won't you If you're not in Japan, you can't make a reservation. You have to have someone in Japan make the reservation for you. So you could just, like, hire someone in Japan to make her a special? I tried. Really well, not hired, but I got a friend. I tried to have the concierge at the hotel. I was staying. Make the reservation on my behalf. Didn't what? Did not work? Well, they know that game. They're too smart for you. I wouldn't have been tryingto cook almost exclusively Japanese. It's like about a week and a half. Now. I've just kind of got into my head that I think Japanese have figured out the healthiest cuisine like rice and stuff. Yeah, and lots, lots of vegetables and that kind of thing. And because I just mean Japanese people feel like live forever and are generally the healthiest. And so I'm just trying that out. It's a lot to drink a lot and smoke a lot. Do they what, like like like alcohol? A lot of smoking. There's a lot of smoking and yeah, in Japan. So would you say that healthiest lifestyle? But yeah, they eat pretty healthy. I did not know about the smoking problem. I don't smoke, so I'm going to be the better start. Really. If you're really going to embrace this now, Colin, it's all right. It might be no more than people who smoke here, but I just know it's a ton of smoking. It's also just Ah, I hate vegetables. But vegetables are the key to, like any proper dieting as faras, like filling out the majority of your food with it and cooking with Japanese vegetables and that kind of thing in the way they adding the flavors they do. I like that better, and so it tricked me into eating a lot more vegetables. So as of twenty fifteen in the United States, fifteen point one percent of US adults smoke fifteen. That's a lot of US millions in twenty fifteen, the adult smoking rate in Japan was nineteen point three Some more so definitely more. But not we'LL create thirty percent Something that more? Um yeah, it's a lot more men than women in Japan, it's, Ah, twenty nine point seven percent of Japanese men, nine point seven percent of women versus the U. S. Which is sixteen point seven percent Amanda. Thirteen point six percent of women. I think I know anyone who smokes anymore. Several people here Chad Vaping accounts, right? This sleeping camp? Yeah, it's a replacement of Bruce Lee means specific. Do you not know anybody more? Who smokes cigarettes? Yeah, Cigarettes who smoke cigarettes. Someone here has to smoke cigarettes. Someone totally someone I see some naughty. I was looking at a lot of apes is what we have. I mean, even in in our office, I mean, can you vape up your ***? The sex chat way? Save ape one more time is going to show up. Okay, because way safe every time can you draping vaping vaping? Can you suck with your ***? Yeah. Can you know I'm not his title? No, I wasn't already been a hell of a book. You said yeah, really quickly, but I want to note. Gavin, Could you if, like, gun pointed at your head? Could you suck with your ***? Yeah. If I got the right angle, horn or force, I would intake. So you think on all fours. If you aren't you back the right way. Bruce could do it too. We've talked about it. What? I don't think that I know you could like. You could swallow liquids with your *** if you swallow. Why couldn't you breathe? Because liquid is has a has a has a gravity that's helping it through a sealed sphincter. Because grabby think that's like opening your swing too. Though you can open your sphincter, but the act of opening it if it creates like a internal cavity you're filling in there from somewhere. Do you think you're going? You think that there's a vacuum that when you open your sphincter there is a vacuum inside? You know, like a compression chamber with a vacuum. It's just like this. And then I don't think you can. I think counsel for I'm not is not repaid. Approve, Eric, Can you show us that here without showing it to stream? No, I don't want to see you with a video with an ***. That second heir. What you gonna ship? Is this not safer? What? Where? Work, Eric, What were you doing? I'm covering monitors. That's not bad. Not bad. On a scale from Eric is bad on a scale of scale. Of ghosts is bad. Yeah. What? What? No, no, no, no. That's a bad on a scale of one to ten one being I don't trust you either anymore. Children's TV show in ten being Mr Hands, Mr Hands, it's like a three. I'm *** you. *** you! I just I don't need to discard it. Wa s actually that it's four seconds. This isn't a nous. Sure, that's fine. Is it someone inhaling helium? Not helium dealer Tio described video. Just watch it way we're going down to spring it up. We'Ll show you guys Why wouldn't you show? It's what every idol The title is put in a little bit with your weight, right? He did it. He told you so bad, right? That's really good. I need to see the five seconds before that. That's just the exhale. Well, how else would have got up there? But I want to see if you can t vote. Someone blew it in there. Maybe, but that's the thing we're trying. We're not. I'm not. I know how that American escaping penis. I want to see even a Tuscan pole. Wait, loops like twenty times. We've watched this man's butt exhaled. Behave like fifty times. I think you can shut down the stream. There's no there's a bottle is, but you can't show crack. Both use. You just just don't put on issue. This is on our side, I said. I sent it in chat. I sent them the link they want to. They can click it yet another perk of being a first member. What? It's gonna be an extra life thing We're going to try to get. Someone's asked. Oh, they mean it's brave of you to volunteer like that. I don't think I have that rectal control. Well, you got time. Train ten, You thought Yes. Then just do it and do a back. It's like the slowdown sound effect. Just reverse it. Shut up. That's not how body functions work. Gavin cast question. Can you come? Can you get an answering questions from Has requested? It's like toothpaste can't you can't get it back in the tube. Joe, that's interesting. But that's that's saying is that you get far, but I can't pull the fart back in. I'm not saying collect the father some specifically that back in I'm saying I could put air in a toothpaste tube. You're blowing it right? Here's what you do is the instructions or force saw Archer back low and make and do the muscle that snips the poo sphincter. That's the sphincter yet snipped the poo. And I think you're just suck in a little bubble How much you pay me? If I if I managed to vape with my ***, we'LL see how much money or raises for the night if I want money. From now on, we're talking about charity and wait on table. I will pay you one hundred dollars. One hundred? That's it. Come. What do you want? My get out of this. You're getting to study Still the clip. It's gonna look just like that. I got to get someone to let me use their vaping. Wait a little hole in your trousers so that you wouldn't have to show any. I appreciate that. Some modesty. Yeah, one hundred dollars one hundred fifty, one hundred fifty God! All right. Gavin and John make a deal. Artie. Podcast that title with that screen shot mailed, I got work to do. That's like, That's one day. I can't go to Disneyland. Ah, afterwards. That's what you got to say when he hands you in to the dollars. Say, look, turn to chemical. I'm going to Disneyland. Its sponsor, she Disneyland. Oh, no. Get Disneyland paid for just a really cool rectal trick. That's *** top saving a blow a ring. You said, if I can inhale of my ain is can you pull a ring? It's hard to pull a rig with your *** mouth. You need a tongue for that. You need to talk to blow right now you need like you need lip control. So with hemorrhoids, you could blow raising. Yeah, Yeah, I could do that. Yeah. New topic, New topic. Someone has must have fought a ring look. And you don't know because park invisible, visible, but look of vortex. Someone is far too, Rick. Oh, good. I mean, dolphins can make rings with their blow holes, and that's just a I said hole. There's no sphincter on a dolphin or this other just a wide hole? No, there's got to be something cause otherwise water would get in. Well, yeah, there's there's a what does get? No, they they have They have control because it can close, right? Can it close your eyes? It just They're not just filling up with water constantly. Right? But if I go underwater with my mouth open looking up, I don't think what would go down my lung because you have You have their control, or is it just causes air? Because that would flow out with that, right? It's almost like a rh does that? No, you're right. I am right. So they closed the hole? Yeah. Then close their whole. So they have. They have muscle control. This is going to on the top in the whole world that you can see it. It's on the top, but they don't have anything in there other than the sphincter. So they and they make looks more like a vemic rings so you could make it. You can make a ring with Uranus. They look so gross. Of course, like that. Like cropped in images of things a little. It's a little, much kind of dolphin Vape. Oh, one hundred percent. Some fucker's already had told. Ah, Dolphin doesn't auto complete Kenna dolphins heinous. Veiled it from its mouth. Wait, wait. It's doing it from its smell, Its blowing mouth. I thought they did it from their blowhole. What? Why is the dolphin *** air from a pipe? Dude, just what vape in that? Get a dolphin vaping? Why's why did the why? That's the coolest thing I want to film that. So, dolphins someone wrote here taping You won five in a chat room for this little guy's video. I would film the crap out of that. The awesome Like What was that? What kind of dog is that? Like a beluga. Not well as a whale. I don't know. I can't read that anyways. Yeah, that was so cool. Yeah, it's pretty cool when I do that on planet Earth. I mean, I would love to get an alternative commentary track of Planet Earth with you. Well, they did the thing where Snoop Dog was doing What? I want you. I wouldn't be any. I mean, I'm Amber's Got it. You mean this is things I would say? Yeah, because it's still like it would be close enough to you would be like, Oh, yeah, it's this other like it's a British, you know, bloke who's, you know, talking about his animals. But you just describing what's happening. Can we do? Can we do like an alternative? Like a like a rift track of miners? Extra life? Although I'LL do with you while you're blowing staple vape out of my ***, you have kids. Yeah, who cares? I like we'd like Michael as kids, and Michael's done far worse things than I have. He's not done *** stuff There is Michael done *** stuff here yet? I think he said he'd ever done. And that's a list that we need. Who here has done *** stuff? A rooster tea? I mean, you've had Uranus out in a video, but we just didn't show it, really. But I didn't have your like full on starfish own. It wasn't showing, but it wasn't like it was in the room with everyone that it was. It was their blame, just had his *** shown in a short for a thing for Arizona Circle. So we have bust that all the time. Planes but is in Arizona Circle spoiler. It's a featured player because you play. I'm gonna read this reminding when this episode received podcast is also brought to you by the zebra dot com. 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So go today and start saving at the zebra dot com slash rooster that zebra dot com slash rooster It's spelled out th e z e b r a dot com slash rooster the zebra dot com Such rooster I talked about it recently. You know, I went. I tried it out myself. Super fast is typing a little bit of info and you get quotes back instantly. You can see and you just buy it straight through there on De. So thanks to the zebra for sponsoring this episode of Receive Podcast. Um, so I got I got to talk about this. I saw the story the other day and it's been It's been I've been thinking about it a lot. There's a story read in The New York Times about how scientists took brains, him a dead pig and partially brought them back to life. I didn't. I just I only saw the headline was one of those headlines where I saw a bunch. I just refused to read it. It was It was it was really long, and the gist of it is the brain was cellular Lee alive but not functional. Does that mean it had like electric like electrons de firing cells are moving. But there was the head brain activity, right? They could restore Miller on low, and they, like, injected drugs into it. And like the drugs were absorbed in the cells. The cells were all working like they should. But, you know, there was no higher brain function, so can think right? Like, ***, where's my body and face right now are like I thought I died, but like it was, the brain just on its own was in the pig. Still, they don't think they really elaborated on that. I assume it was out. Be dark and silent, actually. Yeah, I think you could talk about it being like a like a first step in trying to figure out like how to reanimate a brain like that Just sounds like how you get it. Zombies that just sounds like the beginning of a zombie movie were like, Why would they do that? That would never happen like no other. It's happening. This is just like the first like graphics card of like, the timeline of things that led to the zombie apocalypse. In the opening credits of the media. I guess they'LL be useful if they could moved, like do brain transplants that way. But it's like you don't have to worry about keeping the brain alive. You just restart it in the new body, and someone is pointing out an important note that I should say, Who's this? Ah, Night human is that there was no coordinated electrical activity, so there was no bits of electrical activity. But the brain was like the electoral activity wasn't coordinated throughout the brittle. Obviously, what you're describing is like super, super, super early early steps of this kind of an experimentation, right? They turn cells back on. But they weren't necessarily working in a court that if they did that to a human brain, it wouldn't be cruel. Man, it's like such I don't know, moral lab what it's doing in your brain to science. Oh, God, and your brain comes back. I feel like at this point twenty nineteen, the brain should be the last thing that you should never donate any more. Well, that's like you end up alive in like, four years. What was the Netflix? Siri's carbon? Ah, took over all the carbon where they had like, because people could just keep being brought back via the technologies in that show. But then certain people had clauses in their death that requires you to legally not able to bring them back. And that seems like that's like the progression of like You donate your brain and people bring your brain back is like you need to have causes that that doesn't happen. Let's just stop me. Stop what if further on from that, you could take two halfs, one of two different brains that makes a primera brain that be messed up. Yeah, I think the one I think about more than one I I'm more interested in is digitizing the brain or like taking it and putting it in computer storage somehow. So you don't have to worry about, like the biological aspect. But put in a winrow. Yeah, you zip your brain. You could have specific brain compression brain compression. Sure, like what? If you don't never compress your brain? That look there's like bath side effects to caressing your bring lossless Breen, right? So when you actually when you get those Kym era animals in nature like the snake or something, and it's like to every thing, there is where it's just like two snakes in one snake. No, not like a Siamese like, too. It's like a the DNA of two different snakes in one snake body. And and usually it's like a a line, like right down the middle. You can clearly see that it's two different things. Never seen this. But I wonder if they have two different brains. Also know whether it's just the physical appearance of Tuesday. It's just gotta be some sort of physical abnormality, like outward. It's not like the one I've seen. This one I've seen is like length ways. It's in half, but yeah, that's really, really like, Yeah, that doesn't seem like that's splitting of the whole brain. Stop. Let's just all stop stops trying to spice things that's very similar to see the head there where it's like a black snake on one side and white snake on the other side. I mean, I'm not sure what causes it, but I don't think it can happen to be natural occurrence. Yeah, I think it's just a mutation. Okay, but well, that I want to see you next. Men With that mutation to two people in one. No, other power. Ah, I mean, there's been characters are like that. There was a character named Penance that was in generation X. And she had her sister imprisoned with her in her brain, went so there's two of them in the same body at same time. I was talking like the left half is one power. There's never like that. I can't go. There probably is. But I can't think of any one person would be like, really creative. Get on that. Let's make let's make our own comic. There we go. We just invented our first superhero. Yeah, I'm sure she is a useless person. And the other And the second one conveyed through the Russell. Yeah. Oh, can you ve from both ends at once? I think the topic of the day we're doing without your penis I saw has no penis in mouth. Dude, what are you, sicko? I went straight there. When someone says, you know, both ends, you think penis and a penis sure went out. I saw something. Don't judge me. I'm gonna take your money. You I saw something earlier today. That kind of blew my mind. Um, someone found and I don't know what it is. It's like a new old toy or like an old a racer. Like you know, you get, you get like figure racers. Sit on top of your pencils here when you're in school. That looks like that. And it's a goombah units and a Roomba, and it's got arms behind its terms. Was that, like sanctioned merchandise? It has a stamp on it that says a Nintendo. So the whole time they've just been shuffling around like this. But when someone pointed out that in like, Mario Party or in like we sports and stuff like Bill play sports and they still don't use their hands, you ever see their hands, either That could marry apartment stuff. You never see the hands right. I feel like that's just an early design choice. That is, if you want to. Yeah, it's like an early design choice that they had years. It's like part of its brow. Okay, they've got those, like early design choice that they phased out. It's kind of fat peek atyou, like we don't have fat picket you anymore. We got the picture we have now. Yeah, it's just weird to see that still that was even an option. Yeah, at one point. That's crazy. Is that what do it? So when I was under a shy guy mask, have you ever shown that? I don't think so. That's a good question. What if it's just a hideous on what it was like this the most beautiful like face you've ever seen? What it is, the black hole picture that they just see a lot of fan art of shy guys. Well, yeah, people are going to answer the question themselves. What is this? But that's like again going back to Pokemon. Isn't Mason a Q Bone without the skull on it? Because it's the school of its mother is what is on a Q bone. But what's the Cuban look like without that? So we're going back before I get to that or dig let's feet. You can actually see shy guy's face let in game. And so, apparently in game cubes, Mario power tennis shy guys mask falls off and in the game you see it from the back you to see? Yeah, but then if you people, Ma did the game and moved the camera. And if you move the camera just like master shoes held me under his helmet. Yeah, that's like a You see that video of That's funny of how the camera work looks like during the movement and fallout for when you are revealed out of the vault and see the upper world for the first time. I like to think so, like because for some reason, like if you watch that video like as the person who's left. So if you watch from like a third person perspective, the head is snapped back and, like totally behind the body and the cameras, like sitting for some reason above it. And so then you come up and it's just like this misshapen model that comes up and it snaps into you and then you take over. And that kind of was like It was like, if you ever just again if you move the camera on games when you were supposed to move the camera, you see, I've seen some great ones from fire walk off like that, too. It's like the main character arm will be all deformed and huge. I love stuff. I watched a cool video about the way that marry oh carte, sixty four was actually just two d sprites but rendered to look like three D like all the Donkey Kong games. Yeah, so you actually only see certain angles of the character. But because it's source so fluid, it looks like they're three weeks there, even though it is just the same as almost the exact same is Super Mario Kart and the superintendent, Physical America. Super Super, Super weird. Think they think it's cool if they look like totally different generations of games? But really, it's the same technology. Yeah, I'm double checking if it's super mario kart because, you know, I like supermarket cart on the Super Nintendo Donkey Kong. They kind of look three d they would like three d d Oh, Oh, oh, You mean like they don't get their own country? Yeah, because they would actually model something in three D and then just take, like, a duty. Picture it. Yeah, so that's like three baby, Did you see the footage that we put up there of the like? The source of footage of more combat characters doing their stuff go like when they film the actual life filming the actors, this bright people? Yeah, they this footage of a Yeah, there's what is there like on this, like grayish backdrop and they're just on a set and they're doing the movements and everything like that is someone that just take that and like, re sprite them. But look a good frame rate. I suppose it depends on how good quality the three hs way, because it was great limited to stick to the technology of the time. Wow. Yeah, that's so That's not even that's not even more combat. Once you've got the mortal combat, well, that's like they're on a blue screen, the one that I saw there, like Unlike Yeah, it's really old. They're just in a room. Yeah, that's a that's a much more advanced And that's like what will combat two or three. But this is like and you see, it's like, Oh, yeah, that's you want to see? Some of the world knew how iconic that would be that they define these characters. That would be a nother game coming out tomorrow. The circle Well, it's peanut stuff is coming out this week. You see that Samsung delayed their galaxy fold. They were supposed to come out on Friday. Oh, That's how sooner was I thought these were like early early product was supposed to be coming on Friday in the U. S ago. They've just screams of breaking. Yeah, it's not like a lot, but I know that people have been trying to pull off the film because there's, like, a protective I saw follow us. If you were going like, I didn't pull the film off, my my screen broke. Yeah, so they showed that testing of, like, the thing opening and closing like thousands of times without because then I'd be like *** for that got stuck in between. Maybe right there was There was I saw a video of a guy who was trying to rebuttal these people, and he was saying like he got one and he filmed himself doing it. A bunch times wasn't brings like, Yeah, yours didn't break. But these people did. And so, with, like, a preview like this, you need to have near per perfection as faras, your launch goes to show off like this odd product especially, was like a two thousand dollar product, right? And so if you're going to send out a bunch of previews of it It's like if, like Movie sent out a bunch of previews of their movies and, like fifty percent of them just blacked out halfway through the movie. I think that's not how that works. You show off the perfect like the exactly You want people to experience your product. It's cool that it's a cool idea, Kleiner. I'm not sure I would. I don't really see the need for us. I'm sure we'll in ten years when they're very common, but it's called a company is so out there and, like we'LL make it and just put it out. You know, I think it's it's like the first generation thing. Yeah, I think it's like it's going to come out. It might suck. It might not be great, but it's like you have to go through that first step in orderto build an illiterate get to the point where, like it's supercool, which iPhone had the antenna issue for, that they had to like whether that the antenna was the frame and if you squeezed it, yeah, they gave out cases. Yeah, the bumper her Yeah, so that you weren't touching the edge, So there's like there's always that that was fours. What you're saying like if it's like that late in product, they're still figuring out major bugs like that. Yes, people point, our endgame comes out this week as well. It doesn't come out this. We didn't talk about Game of Thrones all episode. We did not talk about game with me just for the best because I seen people hated it last week when we talked about game of thrones, so people were annoyed. But it's it's it's the most popular entertainment thing right now. I will say this. No spoilers for last night's episode. No spoilers. One of my comments the previous episode was because there was that flying sequence and I was like, We just don't have time for this a lot. People between me being like If you didn't have time for that, you must have hated last night's episode, and I just loved it. It was great. It was like, That's the stuff I want. Yeah, I don't need, you know, sweeping sweeping montages for five minutes. I just want, like, cool character stuff because everyone's together. It was super goal. I really do love. I like thiss show's awesome. Obviously, I enjoy the fact that this is one of those rare occurrences that you can clearly tell a good majority of our population is all experiencing this together and all commentating on it together. Like the fact that this is like something that the episode of come out and you could log onto any social media and Emilie start people like commenting on it, creating names and all experiencing it like two and degree. We don't get that as often because there's so many different shows that there. And there's something different outlets like, Maybe when Netflix was first out and we were all watching house of cards that we were all watching those kinds of things. It's like it happened a lot more common, but like Netflix alone, like there, there stuff, they create their making new shows every five seconds and people come to the show. You watch. And so it was like I just haven't gotten to it yet. But game of thrones were watching on the day. I tell you what, we only have like for five minutes after the podcasts, lets talk about game of thrones starting now. Spoilers. Sure, Now, to the end of the podcast he says, Yeah, I guess so. If somebody has the scene and they want a spoiler Thank you for watching. Yeah, we're going to talk about game of thrones wave. But about that, What about crew? You're looking? Yeah, they're Yeah. So that's what you've been warned. We're going. I'm nervous. I had a tweet. I feel like we're doing something else. Was he doing at tweeting? Oi, about how uncomfortable I was with you between Aria and GE injury and I got some people got mad at me. It's like, Oh, understand why Americans are so prudish. Like you're okay with the raping and the incest and all these other things like, No, no, thank you. First, no one was actually ***. You know what? There was no actual incest in the show. It was just weird seeing something like Macy Williams, who started this love, which started the show. She was, like, thirteen or fourteen to now, have the point where she's just roping her characters. Having a sexy with another character was just like I felt a little awkward about that and just felt strange stretch, because I guess I still think of her as being the younger aria Stark. I felt I was fine with the scene because it's like the other characters grown up. Everyone's old enough to be doing that, but I just couldn't not think about how weird it must have been for the guy that plays Kendry. To be doing that with someone who he must have known what she was like. Eleven or twelve. I assume it was only weird for him, but see what season was Gantry? Season one. They were together in season three. Nobody like him. His character, Teo introduction was It was It wasn't it, wasn't it? That star finds him, and that was that's the actor actors and changed. And then they they hung out *** in, like, Serious because we didn't know what he met her in season one. When they start going to the wall. Yeah, because he was she was planning to be a boy, right? And then when he finds out, he's like, Ah, you saw my ***. Yeah, however, so they they found out early, So wait to get a lot of stuff to get through here. We came with they. I think I'm worried about next week. I think they were really good, but this was the pinnacle. I had a happy moment for your character killed them. I had higher episode Was that so much dread? And I was nervous the entire time watching this episode like I felt sick to my stomach the whole time I was like a lot of these characters are going to make it through, like the whole time when great worms like, where do you want to go when we're done with this plans? No, no. Great. We're no, you look good. Eats it. It was like, Oh my God, he's gone. There are some people who we know are going to die at some point, right? Yeah. Who know that Master Under is going to die because she she knows that she has to go back to Winterfell to die. She said that OK, people who have foretold their death. She also said the virus was going to die. So I assume he's going to die a lot of time when it was like This is gonna happen. Happens. Except when she says you sacrifice your daughter and you'LL win this battle. Oh, she misunderstands things sometimes it's just a flame, John You know, I'm just saying she's not always right. And then I feel like they're really super telegraphing the fact that the crypts are not safe. Like the whole cycle at the Christmas crib. They're safe. You'LL be safe in the Crips, the crypt of the safest place. Like that's not gonna be someone brought up like that. The Crips there full of dead people. But can the night king raise those Remember hard home when you walks up to the shore and he just goes like this and he brings up all of the dead people around him, but those air people that his his people killed. So you heard about net coming back to life? That's what I'm asking because because someone brought that up and I'm like, Well, he was given back Tio. He wasn't there, that land by little finger. And it wasn't a fox. And it wasn't maybe all of his parts, just like Bones. I'm not saying that particular, but I'm just saying, like, Okay, you're talking about the Crips not being safe. Is it? Because *** white walkers were goingto rise up in the Crips? Maybe because I think it comes down to like they only raise people that they've killed. I don't know about that. Not that because they we're giving it. What about giving us that? They raise them without the rangers who were taken back into Castle Black. They killed them. They were dead when they came in. Well, who killed them? Where they killed by the They were killed by the white walkers. They do. But who will kill them if they did it? I don't remember that. I think it's the walkers killed them. But they also burned bodies of people who just die when like in battles in that. But I think that's like burial. That's like more your funeral. I liked what the writers to doing, where they just kind of don't know that everyone's in one place. So they're trying to think of all these cool interactions that can happen. Yeah, like the little touches like I like the tiny little point this moment where the moments we're talking to each other. Oh, yeah, it was like there's no need for that, but it's very satisfying. We're like, Oh, that you get to see the moment family. It's a bigger moment, but even just like the connections of of Sam, that Mormons Dad basically raised him. And so then he passes on his father's sword to him as kind of a passed down from his own. It's just like I didn't I've never I would have made that connection of, like, I thought moment would get his dad sort that he dropped off a head on that. Yeah, yeah, John offered it to him. He offered it to him. Yeah, he said, Was that last episode was that this guy was like, No, no, no, it was last season. When they meet at before they go ranging north of the wall, he offers him long call back on D. Yeah, Dora declines it like you thought the conversations that, like even tear Ian and Jamie were having about, like the last time they were there together and like how their lives were and who they were. And that kind of thing is a call back. That's insane. And there's so many in all these people talking. There's so many connections I forgot about or that I never made myself. Yeah, it's like seeing them like they're so there's a reason you had to go through all those years and all those seasons building all those relationships. It's like now it's all like, really paying off and coming together. Do you think Brand took down anyone else aside from hotel like mistaken? Like you think? Although another moment of game of thrones history branded like because brand hoed ord ho door. Yeah, because he was like Daisy chaining Hold Rose Time, time. But what if, what if, like another event in Game of Thrones history was, Was that do you ever like untidy in mind? Well, there's He also kind of alludes to it when Ned Stark is outside the Tower of Joy. How many shots? And then you shot doesn't even kind of, like, looks around. I was just thinking of other moments in the in the show where someone's just been repeating the same thing, and the Mad King was repeating. Burn them or oh, I was wondering if maybe Brand was prancing out and like shouting about the white walkers that it like, somehow got to got to the Mad King, and that's why he was there. The Mad King was messed up for ages, right? He wouldn't have had all that stuff under the Yeah, the wild car. Can I vent something that I think people are like too critical of its brands performance, like a lot of people, like, make fun of and like our critical of his like wooden performance. But I'm like, Are do they? Yeah, I guess I really haven't seen that. There's been a good amount like, I mean, they obviously made means about the most recent one about the two episodes ago, where he just kept showing up like behind stuff. You love those needs. Those were great, but it was even like the whole last season. They made fun of how monotone and wooden his performance wass Nothing. That's totally intentional. But that's what I say entire times like, I mean compared to other performances in other stuff where that's the same problem. Like watchman Dr Manhattan kind of sees everything. Yeah, that on our times in multiple places. And he's just the same. He's just like, I don't really care about the one Interaction with Mr says the same thing. She always compares to Brian to Dr Manhattan. It's a change of perspective changes your your emotionless just like you've seen everything you kind of know everything that can happen, so there's no any that's too much for one brain. It's so funny. That was actually my biggest complaint about This is a stretch, But gardens the oxy, too, was that ego is playing. This celestial being has been around for millions men's years, but he has these very juvenile tendencies and personality traits. I know that never. I still enjoyed the movie, and second time I watched there didn't bother me as much. For the first time I watched it. I was like, This is an eternal creature who is acting like a petty you know, twenty year old, and I don't think those personality traits would come through some like that. So then brand doing this. Someone who's like had access to all member. He is that they even call out in this episode. He is the memory of all things like him. Have that kind of reaction strikes perfectly. All right, well, let's wrap this up. Does it get upset? It was It was really good up, so I don't have a prediction with First death Next episode Loch Dude. First death first, first death Next episode Summer's gonna *** die next episode. Aura. More money. You think he's the first thing? Is the first. He's like, I loved your moment. I've been in character first. Death is not going to be a big death. Like I would say, Like Jamie would not be something they're going to merely kill. Who is it? I don't know. I'm going to your mama, Sam. I know every brutal same with very brutal. Maybe. Ah, Liana moment. Every sad, her dying. It always going to be sad, Ed. All right, well, that's it. Thanks a lot, everybody. We'LL be back to talk about Game of thrones. Manic Monday. Bye.