#542 - How do you teach a Cat to Jump?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss horizontal vs vertical videos, cats, Game of Thrones (in the last 15 minutes), and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-04-30 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


    "crunch time"
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    "light switches"
    "replacing credit cards"
    "blood work"
    "game of thrones"
    "the long night"
    "vertical vs horizontal videos"
    "samsung tv portrait mode"
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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred forty two. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Hey, everyone, welcome to the real Steve podcast this week. Brought to you by experience. Hello? Fresh and drop as always. I'm good. I'm Gavin. I'm by Bram Bernie. I'm Gus. Gus, do you like to be nude? Are you like you looking? You don't strike me as a new guy elected. Then you'd really like you get home. You hit the front door. I'm not allowed to be new to my house. I like to be you, but I can't be nude it wife Rose, She doesn't want to see it. I can't sit on the couch thing, but it is your time in the bathroom. Like your favorite time in the world when you're pulling in What you bought your own couch just for just for you. It's a question of never broke on. You could just be like find out Because you'Ll this realm for just about anything. My calendar for a lot of shorts where many photos have been published. We're all naked under our clothes. Yeah, I know. But now on the podcast if we just bloody the whole thing, just make it a podcast wretch call. You send me Just holding the optimal here on my right is primarily a female thing where they hit the front door and they just explode in the clear I'll tell you, I'll tell you what my thing is I can't speak for all females I've learned. Let me see that man. Remember who it was for pants. You take off your pants? No. Okay, I do. But the first thing that comes off is the broad broad comes off. Yeah, like, just gotta come off right before the brother right sometimes. Know what Do you like the thing where you like Mr me during a T shirt gun, Hook it in the back, take those straps out, and then pull it out the side and you're good. You're good to go. That's the first thing that comes off. And then it's if I'm wearing jeans, those have to come off too. Yeah, Ashley's like, actually hits the door, and it's just like a trail of closed where she's done, she's over it. Well, I'm not an animal I would put it in the hamper. She's an animal. She like, completely make it. Or does she keep on like her? Skivvies? Depends. Depends. What did you walk around the house naked, Jumping through over this conversation? I know, Bill, but she just hates it. She's like Bush. Yeah, she's Bush. She's bushed. That's what you get in trouble. You might get in trouble for that. I might get in trouble for that man. I, uh Yeah, I I would I would love to, but I like sleeping naked, too. But wait, go, go. Keep underwear on. But it's your socks. I No, no, no, No socks. That's weird, right? Yeah. So she doesn't want the pieces of you touching the bed, but she will happily accept those pieces inside her. How happily his inquiry. But I mean, let's let's be clear. Here were my skin is costing. This is well documented. Yeah, but all your skin, not just your like crotch hable area. It's the whole crunch of your hands just to make you wear white gloves. Well, I'm not sitting there with my hands, like on a couch where you not to touch the couch with you. haven't I don't know. It's not like I like the idea that calms down awfully. Touch your own skin. Is that the ferocity of the contact? Your *** makes everything that, like I said, hands I know what you say. I'm not sitting with my hands like this. So it's OK, but you're sleeping with your *** aggressive like you would your *** milk from laptop. Oh, that's a good question. I guess it's the *** with sweaty Oh, man, sweaty guys, I won't apologize for asking that question of the health of one, you know? What your way Did you ask the question? Or do you like being nude? I open a can of worm. Ah, very big one. What does that do you like being nude? Because you ask the question until I prefer to be like, down to, like shorts and a T shirt. That's like optimal for me. I don't like like basketball shorts. I waited like a struggle Urban street dance off maneuver when she said you were all know what people are you unique e talking? It's hockey, but it's a similar kind of duke juju in baskets. Okay, are saying Jew Kerr, Duke Juke jae uk like box. What? What's on your forehead? Oh, there was some, like body paint that they want to live. Me one of my arm, Teo was like purple ***. You know, it was a day in achieving what you get. What's the what's the What's the Saturday morning entire? Like Meg's not up. Um, I will be in soft jammies, jammie bottoms, sanity Sha I think my whole thing is its freedom of the testicles in movement, but in to see him I hate changing states. I hate that. Luckily, Texas is really big sleep. I don't wake up right, But then I got a bed at night. I don't go to bed, but I obviously like being asleep to begin with, we'll maybe your cycles on the wrong day to be no eternal. Or maybe he's twelve. Or just like changing clothes I could find to go get ready. Like if I gotta be somewhere eight, we've gotta leave by seven. Forty five. I'm like, uh, getting ready is the worst. The thing that I can't stand, which no one I've ever been with on a romantic basic understanding. I hate *** hate. Going to buy clothes. I hate it because of the trying on process. I *** hated Barbara. It's like it is literally a nightmare for me getting that little closet box thing. And you're just, like one outfit after another. I get three done, but on its what do you say that I was I would clothes shopping fairly Recently, I bought these pants and I had to go into the dressing room. I was like, Okay, either the size of this size is going to fit. I found the one that fits great about three of them. Yeah, It's like this is a different colors. What if the other one's fit better? No. It was the exact same kind of pat. It was just like one size and in the mix. Larger size. Got you. I got the smaller one. Thank you, Theo. Newscaster car ls something wrong? Oh, yeah. Thank God for that because he discovered he wore the same suit every day for a year. Same suit, same tie, same shirt, too. I think it changed the tide. Didn't detain tie. I think you may have more to say. We're the same skin tight. And we were the same suit every single day for a year. He's a winner, and after a year, he's a hose. You think I was always laughing, and with Australian, you recognize that you would recognize because I always lose this yet, and he's a really funny, But you wear the same outfit every day for a year. And then after you revealed no one called him on it like the entire time nobody gave a ***, he said. But if my co host, if you were the same thing twice over the course of three months, she would have headlines written about her. You know that she was doing this, and it's just so unfortunate. Just go show Nobody cares. Didn't Marshall Rimmer wear the same shirt for, like, three weeks that rooster teeth, just to see who would notice first? I wear the same shirt every day. I literally have, like, eight of these ***. That's not the actual same shirt, if not the actual safer. And it was the same shirt. He wants you to know that. I think so. But it was still the same shirt. It was like some brown T shirt. Marshall was always doing these like experiments that nobody else like living at the office. Yeah, it was living at the office, but we all knew he was living at the office. But then he acted like we didn't know. Yeah, that was really weird. Way I pulled off the greatest heist in rooster tutus. That was one of the very first meetings I attended when I was here. When I moved, it was, ah, US CEO. And then you were like in the meeting. You were like, Yeah, but by the way, don't live in the office. I didn't know you were talking about going the *** home. You know why I was super sensitive about big crunch times? Because production, you know, there's nothing. Let's talk about it. What's again? This came out more combat. Eleven know lots about moral combat, eleven. But one of the things is that the developers that worked on we're talking about the incredible crunch they went through to put the thing out crunches one of these things that constantly fight in every every aspect of the entertainment industry, videogames, television, movie production. You just try to fight it, and it's like everything always goes into crunch and it's terrible. So I've always hated. I remember back in season eight of Red versus Blue when we had the hotel room across the street from the office. Remember that in Monte and I would swap off going to it like it was, like, literally right across the street. And if it was a certain time of day, I would go sleep in it. Other time of day module, go see, But for, like, a week HQ period that we were doing that. And Ah, I always say that. And then when we went to the office where you came to work at, that was the office where when I was building it out, I said, I'm going to a nice thinking to buy a washer and dryer for everybody at the office. And we made a space for it. Put a washer and dryer in the office so that you could do their laundry work if they wanted you. After I did that, I was like, Am I encouraging people to, like, never leave? The author also has a shower in one of the bathrooms. Correct? Yeah, it was Yeah, it's that way. Good to have that. Then we never have a shower. The Congress office, though, remember, does a light switch. Was Theo hated the tile in that shower? Did you really That it was slate tile garbage? Did you pick that tile? I did pick that. Yeah, I remember when that Tyler's getting put down. It's good. Tile was fine. Dark tile? Yeah, fine. What do you What do you want to put in the bathroom? Anything but that. That's the worst tile, I think. Economy offensive. Tacky. Tie the tiles and tribulations of what would you like? A linoleum like sheet? Linoleum. Even linoleum would be better than that home with you. But all wrong with you that Tyler, this is what you're not allowed you to look it up. This is ugly tile. Think this Google lot of complete? He's just sad. Ikan. Dissolve it, just like just tonight. I take it back there is uglier tile. Yeah, right. There's got to be Oh, I think the latest construction. And no offense. If anyone has these in their house, there's a very two thousand, two thousand fifteen ish construction thing they had for tiles and kitchens with those, like the long, skinny tales and have, like, the glass ones in there. I think, like in fifteen years, you're really going to be able to tell when those houses were built just based on the evidence. But I know what you mean. Ah, is that See it? You have been apartment hunting in the last God, like little in years in Austin. You find it if they're like little rectangles, but every now and then one of them's glass and kind of think they're all glass bottoms like colored like look, red or green or something like that or black, you know, it's hot hot one. But yeah, there's always things that date things like that. There was a funny joke that somebody made on Twitter when their time about one of the conversation ones like Babe, Baby boomer, you know millennials. You ruin everything and response was ***, you guys put linoleum over hardwood floor through its like something, a sin of that generation that no one else is ever going to make again, I get by the time we got the linoleum. What What was that? I think What would people do that it doesn't even take a hard wood? Hardwood is probably seen his like basic you know, and literally they're annoying space age. Yeah. So don't something I don't get that they do in a lot of modern house is put that, like, cold, hard tile down on the floor all over the house. I never understood that. It's terrible for the acoustics. It's cold on your feet all the time. What would you prefer them like? Hardwood or carpet? Depending on the carpet. Carpet in bedroom, cupboard in the bedroom is you gotta have it. Yeah, get out of bed. Nice and lush with animals down. Yeah, especially without a must. Even worse that I was *** furlough. Like when you have three cats there, Like, three times. They were, like, all over the wood floor. I wish I had carpet carpet so dirty. I I think I sent there. There it is. That's the ugly tile. Oh, wait. Frame from the eyes that it was all those different colors. Like that way. That's the Congress. Yeah, I would say it looked more like he was Dr than that won it, I think. Look at the bottom left one, But very there's more like the upper right one. Yeah, whatever. That greenish one like that was viruses under a picture dish. But a hundred live a life which in the shower, which I thought was gonna be a huge, huge problem. It wasn't It was bad because it was in the shower. But then it was also Why'd you put in the show? We did. We didn't. We did the contractor games against code. Maybe it was probably that zone won t I would do with a trip to even find, I'm sure absolutely. The donna deify the bulb in the ceiling. But it was also one of those weird setups. And I had this in my house Now in one of my bath shrooms You guys had probably strange this because it's in the downstairs bathroom where the light is behind the door. Open the door. You go behind the door to get to the lab. But usually you shut the door. Yeah, but it's dark, but you'LL get in there at night. There's actually like there's lights on both sides and in that bathroom for me, like this one turns on the ones over the sinks and this one turns over the one over the toilet. That's thing you gotta remember. And learn, though, right? There's there's lights, which is in my house back in Ottawa that I still don't know. I don't remember which flights which goes to which light I had to label every light switch in my house. Every light switch in my house has a label from a label maker saying exactly what it does for the people. I just I just remember you. Really? Yeah. My whole body was like a bank with four. You like Ah, ***. Which one is it? Yeah, that's the problem. Yes. What's when you got fans and stuff trying? It's like one of these is event like get stand, not knowing that about my house. I have to know that, Like after memorize my credit card numbers. I just got a new credit card because my old one I had, like, five hundred dollars charge it some convenience store or some department store that I never go to. And they're like, Did you do this? I'm like, No, I didn't goto that department I never go to in Minnesota while I'm busy making charges in Austin on the same *** day. Seriously, *** it. So So I had to re up my card. And ah, that just meant I had to memorize money party. And I was doing that. Andrew reminded me that was the first time he ever met me on the set. Was he came up to me and he asked, You gonna ask me something and guess what you doing? I said, I'm memorizing my credit card Agos. I even thought you were really smart. A really boring way. So let's test you on it. Yeah, I had a bad run where I think I had to replace my card three times in six months. Yeah, it was like I think for a while, like stolen credit cards. But now I finally have re memorized. I did. I did. But I went on this last trip that I have this weird trend lately where something goes wrong. On the first day like that, when my credit card got shut off, it was when I was gone for ten days. I was on that sailing trip that I took with my son, and it was on day one. It, like dad, will send you new card overnight. I'm like, Yeah, I'm not gonna get it. I mean, literally in the Middle East team to use a credit card in the middle of the ocean way. Don't malign when he stopped polices. Trust me. Gotta buy supplies and skeleton air. Drop it to you in the middle of the sea, That oven dope. If Citibank order down, it would've been worth it. Yeah, it would have been. But on this last trip that I took Ashley and I just took a trip. I was making fun of you for your vacations in here. Have taken to and like, a month. And how's that going? But I'd take it. This is not a joke. I have a little camera that I could see the cats with. See them in their cute cats. Makes ask. You feel good about leaving The cats walked out of the house one hour after I walked in the house. The Internet died, and it's just like, How does that happen? Like off all the time. She and I can't access. Can't see the cats can check any of my stuff. You've got to get one of those plugs I told you about the recent plug. What is that? You you plug your router. Whatever into your cable modem. Whatever used for Internet. Yeah, and the plug. Every now and then, check your Internet. Being something. There's a WiFi connection, and if it fails, it's just power off to your modem and reboots and then powers it back on that way. Most common thing, you have to reboot it. Yeah, yeah, smart. They're kind of expensive, like forty or fifty bucks. But in your situation, when you're gonna be gone, you want to make sure the Internet works. I only wanted to protect you, said forty dollars one time, See? And it resolves like ninety eight percent of my Internet issues in my house, though that's worth over time for so great if you're helping anybody in your family with tech support issues. Yeah, because I just booked player. You play here, let me plug your Internet into this. Yeah, that's not the one I use, but yeah, that's that's a similar one. He said it. What's the name of that thing? Is Anka do or is It just looks like a coup. And Teo, so great to be in the way. When I use is like the size of the iPhone pranks like this, it's just like it's a little bigger than our Diego. That's what you want. Look, we don't need those big *** power bricks anymore. How many times you've been under trying to plug in something into it? Power strip? And it just doesn't fit because no one when they were building the *** plug thought to check that pen just like you ***. Every time I'm cursing those people like you *** made this huge *** plug, you know I wouldn't Did I bought an Amazon. These little like tails I've seen like this long, just like plug plug. So you plug it in and that's *** now I know it's your problem instead of theirs in the first place. Just *** doing it right. Just today I had this power strip that for someone like you, couldn't use the back end of it for some reason But at the front where the little switches to turn on and off. If you plug in one of those big things, it would turn off the switch. You would touch the switch and basically physically rock the switch, so I had no way of getting around it. Get the power strip. But could you so you could move it down so you can just move down to the other end? No, because there's always things that work. So basically, Teo plugs in the record, that was about this law give you any additional help? Blitz. You just had a really great what the reason was like every other slot was filled with something. And I'm like, I don't forget what it was that another big one on it. Think this obsession with having basic information when I move into a house, I have to know what every circuit breaker does. Why? Oh, I finally bought a circuit breaker tester. Oh, really? Yeah, I knew that. I just have, actually, I just go Could click, click, and I just tell her I have her tell me what turns off. Basically, it wasn't labeled when he bought it. Yeah, some wrong. Yeah, the source. Get it. But what do you What do you need to know for me? What I need to know Because I wanna replace ah, light switch. And I got to show the power in that room or on outlet, like a lot of things I did was one around and by my bed and in the kitchen. I replaced all the outlets with outlets with USB ports on them. That was, that was a good choice. I'm not sure they're safe. It's like a love issue with those things, like unless you buy a proper under a lot of already day, Why would you buy an improper one? Because you don't know what's improper. My Amazon search improper outlets, led by one that's like raided by the underwriters laboratory. That's it done. Who? What's it going to do? Well, you're not an adult do. It was just an old man thing. I've never had a cent America either. So I get different plugs thes these little flags or two. How could that were being that, like when I'm not, you know, like this feels that doesn't mean anything to you guys. I've seen it before. I don't know what I mean. You all rated. You have never seen that. That means it's proper. Now I'm going to see that everywhere on only, like Gus told me that that's how you know it's proper. I want outside the other day, and I smelt death just could smell deceased nous. Something was dead out there? Yeah. Rain. Recently, Ana, Was this at your house or here? Yeah, it was a robbery in both places. One of them, One of my bins had flooded and had what looked like a ham floating in it. And I think it was like a record. No, really, that fell in drowned, blow it out, put the live down, have a lid. It wasn't like the ones the city takes. It was like, you know, like a trash like a leaf bin, a leaf. It was empty. It was a slow my prop that we just left. We got to turn that ships. I don't know. I was thinking, you know, And now there's just a dead thing for unit, and I don't know what you tip it over. Well, because I will. A It's like a biohazard. And I can only tip it where the neighbors. I can't move it, but isn't it still smells also up. Yeah, I need to call animal control or something they don't. So we called someone, but they don't think stuff unless it's in the street. So we waited in the streets were thrown solved. I tried t neighborhood kid. Five bucks dump this in the street. Say go kick this can buy. Don't you know? I thought about a thought about is kicking over. But then I felt like it would be sort of like terrorist attack on my neighbor's smells bad. Yeah, death smells bad. You know what you need, Fox urine. You have not have not had a possum back since the spread Fox *** in my backyard. I legitimately don't know what you should dio. There's a number we can call, but it was the weekend, so we way left a voice mail put into the hole. I can't. You can't get anywhere near this thing. Well, you might be able to You maybe got stronger. No, I don't. I think the most morbid video everything could really see into it because my eyes were watering and I was just gagging on everyone. I could always tell when you could picture the smell or taste of something When you're describing it cause your eye brows, knowing this and like this part goes down, it's e rooftop. Could always telling you what I did peek in. They looked like if I could describe it like someone severed leg split open or like a cartoon ham gape, okay And maggots just holes floating around. And I was like, Good process has to go like at least a few days whenever. However, we are getting to, like, ninety three days pretty soon. So you might just get one of those pine things for, like, a car afresh right through that, And I get it. Somebody has a plague in the pine tree for wet pine. Think, let me think this price gangrene reminder. When this absolute receive podcast is brought to you by experience, you know, the better your credit score that easier. It is to get stuff you want unless you have to pay like a car. Your interest rate is based on your credit score. 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Experian Boost can potentially help you establish or increase your access to credit. You can boost your FICO score instantly for free. Boost is only available at experian dot com slash artie. That's e x p e r i n dot com slash artie experian dot com slash artie, too. Check it out. Thank you experience for sponsoring this episode. Other Rusty podcast. What is the highest credit score? Nine hundred. Is it a city? Was it based on your credit card records coming? Wait, how many loans you've paid off? What your debt to income ratio anything above seventy years of the lowest, like three hundred. Three hundred to eight. Fifty? Yeah. Why? What's to one to ten scale, right. I'm sure there's a reason little factors that could adjust it to these. Joyce, do you should always know your credit score and get blood work done? Yep. Just better to know. I'm better to know. I went speaking of blood work. I went to the doctor today and I took your credits. I went to the doctor today, and this is a really It's the year twenty nineteen. This is a real conversation I had to have with my doctor. Sat down and I said So do I need a new measles vaccine? Don't tell me some amusing voices. Meals, meals. It's Dwight doing meals, Doing with all this talk about measles coming back. I need tohave a measles booster or anything. Well, I kind of wondered the same thing, and he was like, What? You were born I said in nineteen seventy eight. He was okay, Here's most likely. No, because you're you means the meals vaccine you got was probably acceptable. Um, probably. Yeah. Hold on. I'm gonna get to that. Was it was probably probably acceptable. The I mean, we really wouldn't probably re immunized unless you're going to go somewhere where, you know, you know, this big outbreak, and it's really not a lot of measles in Austin. And I said, OK, you know, Well, you know, I do travel quite a bit, and I was worried about people in the airport, people on airplanes, you as well, for probably the time you got a measles vaccine, the failure rate was about thirty percent. I said, excuse me. He was Yeah. You know, people your age, about thirty percent of the time, the vaccine doesn't work on them. So they think they have needles immunity because they had a vaccine, but it actually probably do anything for them. I said, Well, can I get a test to see if it's working out? Yeah. Yeah. We'Ll do a blood draw, Tio. You're ifyou're Beatles communities up. So I'm getting a blood drop tomorrow morning to find out like an anti vaccine. This all right? If I needed another reason to make this hole to see if people think Gus is going to need a new measles vaccine thirty percent of its arm get it anyway? I don't know, but I give you already had updated way. Get to paper How much I think he said that you like. It's not a thing. You can get that like Mr Pharmacy or whatever this is. He said There was only one place in Austin that he knew if you could get it and it cost a hundred sixty bucks to get it, not worth it, get measles. Just get me so far. But if your if your vaccine is already effective, that's a hundred sixty bucks hoisted compa price on security. But the blood draws nine dollars to figure out my news or not, I paid nine dollars and if I need it, I'LL go get it. But then you pay one hundred sixty nine dollars. Haven't I'm going *** strangle you? What have you got? Autism at forty that would that would really feel the whole current off. The argument wouldn't they? Wouldn't understand. You reminded me how. What? How did this happen? It's not the pilotless ups measles do. What? No, but I know what you mean, though it's weird to be thinking about that because I was checking out at the grocery store and the person who was checking me out. Wass clearly should not have been at work. They were ill, and they look till they were kind of like Like they directly read, flushed. And they were unhappy with a man like Aman opposed. Leo. What's that? You know? So so And I was just thinking. I thought I'm gonna go home and look up. What? The symptoms for measles are Because she was just very red and in particular doesn't so. But I don't think I have to worry about that. Because for the amazing race, they gave me *** every vaccine on the planet. And then when we went to India, he had to get a few, didn't you? Yeah, but we have to get tetanus again. You have to do that every so often. And also for my green card, I have to get loaded up. Same. Yeah. You get all your vaccines updated. I believe upside. I don't have tuberculosis or syphilis, which is nice tonight because I didn't know that before you got on you. Congrats. You did it. You think you have the entire time? You just didn't know You didn't have that way say, by the way, way to say this during the podcast thiss the podcast because Well, because you were talking about being naked for some reason. And Wei said it during the social there in the promo for this we're not going to talk about ah came from game of thrones We're not gonna talk about in game today. We are going to talk about games runs in the last ten minutes At the very end The podcast we'll do it like we did last week were well, warn you ahead of time. We'LL have a lower third What? Great week fence statement are you not? Yeah, I got another big thing coming up nobody else is gonna care about. There's a big sea of thieves update coming tomorrow on excitement for, like, three people here. Let's put it to a pole actually told what grade she's in order and game, game of thrones If see, if thieves were pretty close thirty percent of happy with the way that if we don't talk about game of thrones, could we talk about the wrong way? Then we just talk about the technicals of the stream. It was yucky looking. It was yucky. Look, I message gabbing about it was game of thrones. Go figure. There's a lot of, ah, dark scenes in game of Thrones is a serious lot of dungeons and whatnot. Crips. I want how does that low a bit rate? It's got a little bit like a radiant I started. This is this has nothing to do with this specific up. So this is a technical *** that I'm gonna *** about here. But I tried last night. I was like, I normally watch it on cable, but I'm gonna try to watch it on a streaming service. So I tried to watch on a streaming service, and it's just like club like, super like it would like paws on a frame. And then we're like speed through all the ones headed buffered up. I was like, I can't watch us. So I switch back to cable and it's like it's just looks terrible tables. Lo rez is well, it's like any eyes that's like when it's dark. It's like ingredient of black. You can see like twelve different shades of gray and really ironic about this. I watched the episode after it came out because I was on a flight, So I had a layover, and then I had to get on a plane. I only had a thirty minute layover story caught up what I could, but it was perfect. I was dreaming on WiFi on Hu Lu watching Game of thrones on You're not playing on my phone on a plane on a plane. That's really and it was. I had no issues. No streaming is reside. No visual issues or anything with the screen is small, but it still has a bunch of pixels on it. Do you know how this works? I feel like blow better. I wouldn't show up is well on a tiny screen. I think it's also, though they can optimize a little bit better because the screens or more standardized has opposed all the different TVs that everybody has. That's just crazy. It didn't didn't matter, though, because this the bit rate of the stream is one thing. But then there's also the choice to make an episode that's extraordinarily dark, which we'LL talk about. Talk about end of the episode you have plenty of warning on are going dark in tone and think there's not a lot of lives. It's what we'LL get to it later. But I do think for Streaming. I think we're in that phase that we were in when digital cameras came out because everyone had film cameras right and they would take photos, their family and the vacations of what not on the photos were probably fine. You know, they might age poorly because the material they're printed on, but they were OK. They were good, really good quality. Then we got digital cameras that were like sub made megapixel already by four eighty maybe. Yeah, PJ cameras and any like them. The early camera phones are those, and everyone has, like a three or four year window where all their pictures were just kind of ***, you know? But now digital cameras are *** great, and they're way better than having a film camera back in the day. In fact, if you gave me the choice of shooting something dslr or like a modern smartphone would like depth of field filters is something I probably would just do the smartphone honestly, and that's where we are. Think streaming. It's like probably like tuning in and watching cable. The infrastructure is there and it's gonna be a better picture or waiting and getting in a blue ray. But just give it like, two or three years and you can get you could get pretty good streaming, especially on the full case. Screams. But I think cause they didn't want their service to go down, they must have deliberately limited it. Tio flight Less than five Mega this So we're talking about picture and video and whatnot. I think we talked about this. Maybe you see, Samsung is rolling out a TV that orients itself in portrait mode. Yeah, for a vertical TV when people film things and write so that you can watch portrait mode video on a TV on a TV for them, what do you do the rest of time when you want to watch? I think it rotates. I've a lot of that rotates like that. Yeah, that's a monitor reading scripts. It doesn't want to do it right. You have to go into the settings and wouldn't run software. But I hate running software in the background. That would not only be useful for YouTube videos like what other video is filmed Fortune and I mean a lot of people just film their own video. Maybe that they won't post online. Wait. You can re watch concerts that you've been to Wait. You guys have seen mother. There it is. Yeah, the Ciro weird. The serif. And so it spins. The one next to it is, you know, in landscape correct orientation on. Then the one on the right is like Sarah. It looks like a white Bordeaux. Skeletal legs be beaten in above it. The one on top of its the frame. Sandy Young Noman used a fund that doesn't have surfs for the Sarah. Did they think it's a sense for foldable phone is getting a lot of flak? They pushed back. The release date was supposed to come out last Friday. Oh, what? They just influencers that, Having problems? Yeah, I was like, test units and promotional units that came out. I believe in truth in advertising. But if I've *** theme song and I sent somebody a free phone and they were online talking about how it's busted and everything I mean, I've been pretty *** ***. Um, yeah, well, the phone's *** broke. I know, I know it's on ice, but I'd still be like *** just give me back the phone, then not gonna push back the release date and everything else. You've got to do that when you're really confident your product. What's that like? Send a bunch of influencers early well till it's time for movies when they won't do reviews for some of the movies, they say we're not going to do any early screenings, and there'LL be no reviews for this movie. It's Wow, that's a great sign looking forward to that one. But what the hell were they talking about for? Oh, when we're talking about the millennial TV, they literally said in the article. I read it was being marketed towards millennials because they think millennials, more vertical TV millennials are too lazy to rotate that TV or wait for it to rotate. It will be cool. If the TV could detect, Mongols can afford how they're going to be expecting the bio fifteen dollars TV. We can't afford avocado toast. Avocado photos tend not houses your budgets getting blown. Yeah, they begin by the TV and put it where? Yeah, in the house. I really like that would knock *** over for a lot of apartments. Yeah, I have the room for your TV to flip all around, Kosh. But what is it? I've noticed this YouTube has support for this. You ever watch a video where it's vertical and so then look on YouTube. Sometimes I'll go to rotate the phone tto watching in vertical. But if I just full screen it, it goes to full circle. Like sometimes it's letterbox with a vertical video. And sometimes YouTube says, I know this is a vertical video, so it full screens in the vertical orientation. You know, I have seen that before. Yeah, it's like I don't know, Like, what is the flag in a video that says this one's vertical? I wonder if you could watch tick talks on this new TV. You can watch TV all day. We're all vertical. You just scroll through. There's nothing. Do you get a TV and you can modify it to be vertical Go like this? Yeah, literally. Could just, like, get. You could probably buy stand atop wall Mark that you could just rotate that thing. But then how do you rotate the picture? Well, you're obviously you're watching in medical stuff, right point, so instead of turning your head your TV. Don't think you would want to watch anything that wasn't format in vertical dimension sideways. You got letterbox Bar's that way went we ate at a restaurant. The Indian restaurant Italian restaurant in London, that had a video that was like, triple pillar box. Yeah, they really mess that up. I wish one of us had taken a picture. I did take a photo of it. It was, like, so messed up. It's the video formats is just a huge pain in the ***. Get it? All right, um, but what we're talking about two talk. What's take? What's Arctic? Talk that we have. We actually, yeah. We have an official ticktock. Now's rooster teeth. We've got the username will get the full Russian thing. Yeah, it's verified. We made some this weekend with the Ruby Girls. None of us knew how to do it, so we did our best. That's it. That's the beginning of the end. Starts snapchat for me. I know now it's fun. There's actually a lot of, like, cool, unique editing tools on it. There are? Yeah, just like all of it spent through a few generations. I mean, Tic tac seems new, but it came out of musically, right? Yeah, I I did watch a couple for a research and just Teo. See, there's anything entertaining there, and it's just like the same three jokes over and over that it was just replicating. Yeah, well, that'LL change, too. Yeah, like in a month, we'll be another three to five year another. It's like the was a called planking challenge or challenge videos. Anything like that shake. We'LL have a TV that rotate. So not just a square TV. And you have sixteen by nine. O nine by sixteen. I think people will freak out if any part of the screen goes unused. Well, it is an old lead. Then you kind of it's like the whole wide screen, like pan and scan VHS thing all over again. Yeah, they're people freak out. The people did not want movies and home video. They didn't want the letter box. They wanted them both at the kill screen. Was it called full stream? Yeah, it was what it was. It was, like, full screen. Why three stuff? Yeah, they they hated the letterbox stuff because it was like they weren't getting the whole picture. So stupid. Yeah, Everybody would go to Suncoast. They would have that *** you remember that they would have an educational stuff that being at the restaurant said, This is what you're getting few by full screen. This is what you get If you're buying Widescreen would show you the widescreen images. Just like cut. I watched avenges the first Avengers movie on spoiler. Okay, Disc twenty twelve. And it was full screen while it was wide screen, but it was sixteen by nine. Well, there's, like, sixteen by we'LL be one that sixteen by eight. That would be too. So it wasn't to tow him. I've been here. It's like a two point three five to one on the way All the other Avengers movies, a letterbox. But this one was not that it might have been a bad transfer where they tried to make it sixteen by nine. Like I know I said what did while I was watching off. Okay. This because the *** thing was starting to okay, so I don't want I don't want this guy. Thought it'd push all your buttons. Everything Gavin hates you. Look at that Really fine. We tried to watch all the Marvel movies. We did, Ashley, that whenever watching all the Marvel movies leading up to end game. So we watch them all in chronological order, which was her thing to do. Chronological of. Okay, so not release. Not in our life, but in like like Captain Marvel women first. There's still I think Captain America was for three of them I haven't seen, which is ah, haven't seen their original Hulk movie Sword. Dark World were Norton one. Yeah, that seems so. You haven't seen that one, Thor, Dark world, or I think, the original Captain America. You're not missing out. Really? You're probably okay. I should watch. The Dark World is the first mention of the Infinity Stones. So this no, rich is it? Three either means that the first avenges Yeah. No, Because that came out after the first Avengers. Because, Doc, God *** it, I just want to get through. It was I thought I was the first mention of it, but we were I get all the way home through my Xbox. They get him on November like yourself service. So they want to Mama P c as well, and ah, boy, it's crazy streaming on. That was like I'LL start it and it's not It's not often, but sometimes Avengers came offers. It just starts in like three twenty p like no one would ever want to watch a video in this format. It's just, like, completely blurry. It's like beyond pixelated and just like it'LL clear up and like you a lot of thirty seconds like it'll clear up and then give, like, *** fact Larry out. They've gotta restart the whole thing and it comes back and it's perfect and pristine. Pornhub put out you know, that the airport hub insights They put out the most popular Avengers characters. They ranked character searches on Eric. Let me guess. Let me guess who would be first. Cata mo No, I must say I miss you. You want to venture a guess? Former The most popular Avengers character on porn home. Let's get some gun. Port head. Well, more personally, I would Is it a woman or a man? I didn't say for themselves for you, because personally, I was a Captain America. The number one popular of Anders character in Port Hope is Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel number two is black widow and number three is Spider Man. Spider Man. Good choice. I mean, he does have those webs. And below that is Hulk and then Captain America hold folk. I guess people are into some. Can't you ***. Well, they're looking for heroes. Sexy thing. All the superheroes air like hot, attractive, buff people. Yeah, And then you have the Hong. He's pretty buff. He's very buff, but he also is green and three times the size of a human. I also what was that? People like some Hulk smash? I think that's the one after now, right war. The one I'm looking at is the more recent one For that explained the lack of captain model. She's not even on there. Yeah, that's recent. She's Johnny come lately, man. Brie Larson. So hot. She's so attractive. I agree with you. I'm just worried we're getting into spoiler territory. People start to freak out. I mean, Captain Marvel came out recently were just treading Justin. I start following her. Yeah, she's gorgeous. She I feel like I used to find her kind of plain looking. And then, as of recently, I don't know if it's her plane. Captain Marvel is one of their hobbies are different to the room. Yes, that's a great movie. She's issue the mom and room leave that you realize that that was her big breakout hit, wasn't it was just some twenty one jump street. She also was thirteen going on thirty. Scott Pilgrim versus Oh, that's right, she was. I think that's where I first saw her. She's actually pretty hot in that one, too. I think sort of seems like marketing. You need to see something or see a person like, three or four times before it, like registers and like, Then you know their name, you know? You know, it was like that was it was Karl Urban IDed him. And he was, in a shitload of movies to like Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and anything else. It's like I felt like I gotta learn this guy's name. Dredd Heusen isn't dread whose the movie you worked was He was scourged and thought that was the weird thing about going back and wanting all the emcee you movies was all the people that are in the M. C. U like Robert Redford on Glenn Close, Tommy Lee Jones. Tommy Lee Jones Season. You yahoos in Captain America, He was. Oh, yeah, Matt Damon. Matt Damon's Yeah, Phil! Right now, John C. Reilly. You know, finish a little Toro people that he's one of the Nova Corps cops from Gardens Galaxy. Right? He plays right. Keep Blaze Ralph and wreck it. Ralph, too. That's why I know his voice. Man. I finally watched Ralph breaks the Internet the other day. What do you think? Okay, I thought it was great. I loved it. I thought it was great. It made me If may be happy to me. It's like it's everything. The emoji movie got wrong. They got right in record. Ralph, too. I was surprised that more people were talking about it. Yeah, but I mean, I'd like I think I liked the first one more. It was fine. I didn't hate. It was just It was OK. I think they got some. Maybe I'm kind of like gatekeeping snob, a little bit about gaming stuff thing that's that's a videogame culture's kind of baked in. So I was kind of resistant to some of the stuff they did in the first record, Ralph, but I wasn't like that all over the Internet stuff that they did in record Ralph to like the stuff they did for wreck it, Ralph. For video games, it seemed like so specific, like it wasn't. Video games in general is like even made up a video game like this. Sugar Rush Rush. Yeah, Bracing Game. And I kind of knew what they were trying to Based on what, Like three cores. The movie was based on that one game. You know what? I was going more like the Pac Man stuff in There was like a little like you. Burt was a big deal. Kind of liked it better that way, though. You're having like, little nods to these popular franchises, but it's still like its own thing. Well, it's also nice because in the arcade days, like not every arcade had every arcade game you had to know where the arcade you just said Arcade to Different Ways. Arcade in Arcade. You're like, If arcade and Arcade Arcade have you been I wanted our Kishan caller I d Yeah, when I had to go to the gold mine to play street fighter to they didn't have it. Atlantis Castle, Goldman was they had they had Mortal Kombat at Elaine's Castle. Oh, they didn't have in a gold mine. So why the cut deals, man? No, but I love the way Ralph breaks the Internet. Did the Internet stuff and their take on it and how they changed it ever so slightly to be able to make references that everyone would understand but not get copyright strikes, right? It was good, very clever and cute. I would definitely hit that if you have seen everything it never saw The day that I thought I saw it on Plane, I was on a plane. No, no, don't do that. That's like the worst when you watched your movie. Yeah, although I did watch a movie that I really enjoyed on a plane. This one, this one. I have bad timing where I like, start a movie, and it's it's almost every movie that watching a plane, I'm ten months for the end. Then we land and the night and then I have enough time to watch it because they let the movies continue to play while you're rolling across the tarmac hero like at least fifteen twenty minutes. The problem is they're doing all these announcements and they're doing that *** credit card. Add, but every single flight and I'LL do I watch them closely? They make the flight attendants. They go through this sixteen minutes spiel. It feels like that we've all heard a thousand times and then they walk down the aisle with the applications, and I've never, ever seen anybody take an application. It also seems like it's always for this month on Lee. This offer will expire at the end of the month, but then I'm like this month early until, like still nights a month, where it's the exact same deal we're extending the hell the last eighteen months. Yeah, but when they do the announcements, it cuts off the movies. So you obviously is for safety reasons, so that you could also four times is loud, right? It is also four times your washing movie. It's like way just wanted. Come in with that announcement said over me, landing in about twenty minutes in preparation for landing. And there were a bunch of stuff that we're going to bug you to do again in person, because the people with the worst is like when you're watching a movie and you have your earphones on and you fall asleep and it's, you know, relatively quiet. And then you hit turbulence in here. Seatbelts on. Well, yeah, like jars. You'LL wake said because they want everyone to bring their own devices and watched the streaming stuff on what you mean by that thinking all the screens off planes. What smart move? Yeah, totally smart. Move him. I save on weight to save on update on, And they wanted to bring ipads and *** and hook him on the back of the seat. Want a hand? But like you do with the bones, Can they then they didn't con Oh, they can't override what you listen to. Surely that's why I go to super loud on the *** speakers. Yeah, which to me, it would have sounded like an issue, you know? I don't know. Maybe they do. These really push like a something on the screen, Like a message you have to clear off now, but they're getting rid of the screen's not like on your on your portable. The FDA is using their acto watch. Right? Sense wear. Ah, just in Vegas this past weekend for a convention and the plane ride to Vegas. Lindsay was sitting right in front of a row of a bunch of very drunk, middle aged women who are on their way to Vegas and nice. And I had heard that the entire flight. But Lindsay obviously was in a more extreme situation, and the whole time they were trying to get everyone to do the wave. Oh, my God. Oh, they be like we owe back and forth with their arms. And there was apparently one dude sitting all the way at the end of their ill who didn't know them. And they kept being like, Come on, do it too. You didn't do it. And he was just like, *** leave me *** nightmare. How much would you hate that guy? Oh, my way. Just like just a piano thing is the epitome of, like, people who go to vacation in Vegas. But it's a Vegas flight, a bunch of like, Can I talk to your manager haircuts on a lot of alcohol? Was it southwest know is American, That's that's That's awesome. It's terrible. Yeah, but I think I've distilled down now. In this last year, I had to take a trip. Ah, to Rochester. A kind of family emergency. Tried to get a roster like immediately. And I was there for, like, a day or two and then came back and it was all right. That was pretty tense to begin with, having to deal. Everything's fine, by the way, it's Ah, we were working the airport, just trying. Get through. And it was like, All right, I was already tens from the situation, and I was like getting aggravated about like, people moving around. And I finally have distilled down all of my complaints down to one thing, which is people's unawareness of the impact. They have another people. Yeah, that's that's That's my life, dude, twenty percent of your anguish. Is that right? Yeah, it's like this. It's like these people be allowed, not realized the impact they're having on everyone else, even though it should be very clear after the first minute or two. They're just completely unaware. Is the entire two hour flight. Yeah, or people like standing in doorways and stuff, and it's just like the people pushing ovary spoken time are the people who get off on escalator and don't move. Yeah, they stopped, just like going like, Look around. It's like you realize this is like a *** thing of people coming at you, unable to stop. And if you get in the way, it's going to be a top in effect. Conventionally, I always think about that was San Diego comic con. It's just like it's it's packed in there like highways for people, those lanes. And it's just like people are moving and those people moving behind you. And then always the people, just like they'll be walking along in the middle of the hallway, the lane between boost and then they just stop and look at something. And it's like everyone just like accordions and, like, piles up and step to the side, you know, engaged with whatever you're looking at. Yeah, get out of the way. And my thing that happened with me on the plane this last time is like I always go. I'm always the person who goes through this in restaurants where it's like I know what every friend every person at the table has ordered. If we're upto like eighteen twenty people, I know what everyone has ordered because when the waitress comes and there, standing there and they're holding, like who had the taquitos And everyone's like blah, blah, blah, blah. It's a guys. This is like a restaurant. You've been arrested a thousand times who had the *** heat it. So I'm like that person and that person that I like air traffic control, right? Like I don't know why I take on that responsibility, But I also don't know why people *** paid you because you're there. You're enabling it. They know that they don't worry about it. Someone's going to talk now. I think it's just some people just don't have great awareness as others I if I see a waitress coming to the words the table, I stopped talking and I'm just like, yes, let's listen to you. You're clearly were coming to talk to us like two or three plates already going down to Barb. And they were still just like a what? Oh, yeah, I know. I am cheeseburger or someone who just like looking thin. Order this. Oh, yeah, that's mine. How do you not remember what you ordered? Like, two seconds ago? And that's what having the plane blessed with the headphones. What now? everyone deals with is like, Here comes the drink cart, and I'm very conscious of when someone has to do a very repetitive job. Yes, and that's like That's like a special flight for, like, Austin and Dallas. It's like thirty minutes and they go through two hundred people. Cannot Drinks would take me twelve hours to how two hundred drinks. Yeah, so they're coming down and it's like I watch him and it's every row like, Sir Sir, sir, like try to get someone's attention and with headphones, and it's just like it's unbelievable to me that so when they get to my thinking, he got you with every person in my road was like my least favorite thing. Teo. It was on a stick flight. That's annoying, too, but on specifically the Dallas to Austin flight, or vice versa, which is think you're in the air for thirty minutes. There's people who will want to buy snacks and drinks, and so, like it's the whole credit card process and try and like having to go back to get them food. It's like it's a thirty minute flight, right? Can longer dumps. Yeah, people who order like multiple alcoholic beverages. It's like, Do you really need to get wasted in these thirty minutes? You can't wait till you get to the airport or where we're going. I had friendly just back in the days before the Alamo Drafthouse Drafthouse in stuff like that, where because the movie's stealing movies used to be ninety minutes, that was the normal run. Time for a move along. You've got longer Fisher. And so we go to see a movie and back in the days before reserve seats as well, which wasn't actually that long ago. You have to show up like a certain time to get a good seat. And I always had this friend who was like, I guess, like, No, no, I gotta go. We gotta get there early, like, thirty, forty minutes to get in line. The concession stand cause I got to get this and this and this and it's like he wouldn't go unless he could do those things. It's like did it. It's an hour and a half. You can't not eat for an hour and a half. I mean, I'm watching a movie about you thinking about. I mean, I get that some people have like like tradition or routine that they like to do it. But it was. It was an utter deal breaker for him. It's like That's why you go to the movie theaters to eat popcorn like Pavlov's dog. Seeing moving pictures. I will say that is weird to go to a movie and not have a snack or food of some sort, is it? I feel like I rarely have gone to a movie, not ordered something. The Drafthouse has trained you, but it was even before that. I used to work in a movie here, I guess. But like you get your snack or your drank or whatever it is, and you you have something to do while you're doing that. I never got a lot of people hearing me say this, that they're just like, Well, what's there to talk about? Course you have to. You have to eat something in a movie. I just really don't only an hour and half pay, like nine quid for popcorn. You know, I never buy anything, but when I go to the draft us, I feel guilted into eating something, even if you know hunger drives like I feel like I have to get something. Yeah, I think there was a woman at Endgame sitting right next to me who midway through the movie, pulls out of *** one of those long Toblerone bars. Nice. And over the years, all I hear yeah, from the airport to the giant like novelty It was maybe like like joy does That's filled with just a bunch of little Toblerone Tze It's not a giant Told we got a giant Toblerone on this *** podcasts It it's that blows my mind game we had But all I hear todo midway through the movie is thief oil Like she would take a bite Roll down the plastic more take another bite roll down the plus Like, just look take a look. You know what? Speaking of eating, we're doing this so the others go This the meeting time. Medium run time According to Stephen follows dotcom say so. All right. Aunt doesn't get back far enough. The movies used to be really long and then they got sure. And then they got long again. Yeah, they got really short in the late to thousands there, but still, like a hundred minutes. Yeah, ninety minutes hundreds hour and a half. Anyway, Speaking of food, I want to remind everyone that this up so they receive podcast is also brought to you by hello. Fresh. Ever have a recipe rut just cooking the same meal day after day? You know there are a ton of options out there, but but where do you start? Right? Hello. Fresh is a meal kit delivery service that shops plants and deliver step by step recipes and promotion ingredients that you can cook, eat and enjoy. You get seasonal, simple recipes and pre mission ingredients delivered right to your door every week. With Hill afresh, cooking is enjoyable and easy. Enjoy fund menu features with twenty minute meals, one pot wonders and more. All meals come together in thirty minutes. Max. 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What we're talking about because one of them, some of them a stacked like row three and one on top. But that was the big one. That was the big one. This is all just one big piece of junk. We flying around on this podcast win. Like twenty years ago, he found the box was on the back of the city. That's most fake. That smells like a dead raccoon. Not a sponsor. No muffler. That's all over So there's a Barry beat. Every conversation we've had about tell their own. At this point, I have the ***. Get out of my house this morning. Um, like this. But I was thinking, You want to slide that over to Mike? Why? What is Mike with the box again? I have a backyard this first and I want to get a brain or not. Thank you. ***. Let my dogs out into the yard. So the way to get to the backyard is there's a sliding door and there's blinds in front of the sliding door. It's the kind that come down from the top of the glass all the way to the floor like a you know, a vertical blinds. No, bless you. That's why I'm being very particular about this Gavin, you *** show. So I write vertical blinds him hate *** hate. Raise the blinds. They go all the way up. Open sliding door dogs go out. Walk around with him a bit to do their business. Go back in, walk into my backyard, are back, walked back into my house, close the sliding door, lock it, go to let the blinds down. Pull them the blinds to come down And I'm standing like this close to the bicycle There, right in front of me as I'm letting him down. It comes down and right in front of me. I level is a *** giant spider *** ***. Burn your house. If it was, I displayed it. If it was a prank, it could not have been planted more forthem perfectly. I was so startled. I took two steps back. There was an ottoman there shrimp and started spinning around almost *** and knocked myself out by hitting my head on the ground because of this *** spider. It was like three inches, baby. On three inches. It was that No, not like this. Big. Yeah. *** ***. And, uh So, like, I was standing there staring at it like the first time Still groggy its earliest first thing in the morning. Like, is this a prank? Look, it's like I just It was just so right in front of my *** face. Did you start looking for cameras? But I couldn't believe I had to get my my my my shoe. And it's like like I didn't kill it on the blind, just like it's gonna *** get my blind dirty, like knocking off the blind and kill it on the ground. What are the *** odds? It wasn't there when I lifted the Blessed. Where was that Spider? So, have you started looking for a new house yet? So I got a great house on the market. Has a good life. Horizontal blast for it. It's been burned out a little bit. If I had gone to get my chute and come back and it was gone, Yeah, I'm told you killed a god fearing about fighter, the biting We're also waking up and it's on your face. Or in spite of the Spider's Syria's president back. Yeah, I would, I would have just thrown it out. Good. Good friends now was delighted. Spiders of friends might. My cat's me. He's a clever care. He can operate doors and cabinets. He actually knows how to open different types of doors. So, like a handle pull door. Well, better round one. You can't do one of those, but I don't have anything relevant. He can pull down a hand or open a door and you know, some doors. They just have, like, the ball things in this in the top of the frame. So the hand is a fake and you just feel like they're in the Balkan hears it. He knows that those handles a fake. So he liked, leans upon them and goes like, shoves it with you. And so he does that. He also knows that a pool cabinets and now he's taken Teo jumping up on the bed in the morning and he knows that I'll ignore him if he's just walking around. So he started stomping. He, like, stomp some he'LL think he walks up but he tries to, like be is heavy footed as possible on the bed. I think he's a human trapped in the jobs I want to see video your cats I have ever deliberately rocks really hard And it's somebody who just recently started doing Is it on you at all? Yeah, he wants pets. It was morning. The man in monoxide leaking e I want to figure out, like other types of doors that he could He could do this. You make like a like a doorman Looking off. Yeah, something like test. Um maybe you could crack a safe. You gotta build to that Teo you've gotta work on different kinds of he might be able to do a sliding door. Get in. It's just like if it was open a little bit, he could probably slightly heavy, though with all your cats could open doors. Well, I think the other cats know that he can do it. So if one of the cats wants to get somewhere to me or just hey, but get me in this cabinet But it's me who started this thing where he'LL open up a cabinet, get inside it and then just like shove on it from the inside. So the door goes like it's so loud in terrifying video on right At the other day of a cat getting into a dresser drawer and closing itself in there, Yeah, not made, does it? That would be terrifying, cause then you'd be like, What the *** is my cat? Oh, not make does something even worse is that she gets the drawers open. It's really funny the way she does it, too, because she gets like like I have cabinets and this wrecking my jeans and T shirts and then I have drawers. Below that, there's three of them. She wants a climb in the top one, the third one. So she reaches up and she hooks or claws and tough it and then just hangs and then slowly the drawer comes out with her on it. She's like just enough weight, but he was a polar, and he's just hanging it, slowly moving out. Then she gets it open. She gets in there. Then she is in the drawer, then climbs out of the back of the door and down in there so that I come along and I see my drawers open. I shut it on. I'm like, squish and I hear three little nutmeg because they gave a little squish because she was behind the drawer. So smart. Yeah, afraid all these human made devices do not all smart, that *** dead cat Bush. I don't know about that. He might be. He's a big dummy. He's still a kid. He's so stupid, like so a couple months over a jump onto anything? No, that's great. That's like the worst part about having a cat. Yeah, it's ten times worse. This is the cat that's putting itself. That's not what our feet off the her feet would be off. Watch this. This is my favorite part. Gets in the drawer and then proceeds. Tio close itself in there That you not make doesn't do that. Eric. That's hilarious. Can we get a vertical TV? So we want you to think I don't see all these black bars on the list. You have working on it. Okay. Thank you. Think. Eric, I think you just delivered you. I say your clip that I recorded when I was up in Rochester at my aunt's house, I sent you guys. This clip I was I found she had a glasses that is like this glass, like, really bright. I wonder if this is uranium glass. So I brought a black light to test to see if it was uranium glass or not. So you Oh, you thought that the previous time and then you deliberately book black like this? No, we had a black light cause we have *** cats. So we keep a black light to against, like, in case they make a low spot. Finally doing that business. Turns out it was a semen covered cup. Jim just got here. How? Darius, That's exactly what I think of it. I think I don't like life is wrong with you. You're fighting Jews. But most much is he's, I just don't know. He's dumb. He's cute, but he's going to just put this dumb look on his face to like like this. It's in the instant photo like this, like *** eyed look that he has. But that reminds me your eyebrows. Did we ever show the clip of a milk lark? Say shame on the Emilia Emilia say Emilio, like the name Mon Emilia is a M E l I. Emilia, Emilia Emilia. Like Emily and the Latonia name one other Amelia You ever heard of Amelia Earhart? That's that's really a different name, every name that you receive your eyebrows when she does with her eyebrows. Yeah, like it's *** crazy, right? Well, I don't like red carpet interviews, and she's like talking and just like expressing in her eyebrows. Remove Some of it is that I like her eyebrows are stable. Money really means giving throws. It happens all the time. Yes, it's very expressive, but was this a weird about Obama Bush *** Bush? He can't. He can't jump up on anything So a solution is like you on the podcast for the total. And apparently I know it was I've been reading that. Everyone's also excited about the Toblerone conversation being European. *** y'All who cares something talk about you. You got nothing else to remember. You remember in the big *** chocolate bar conversation with fuck's wrong with you Internet *** off anyway, I must give You couldn't jump up like if I said hey, get on top of that cabinet and like, Well, I clearly can't jump up there because I'm Gavin. How did you get up there? That's exactly how Musch gets on everything he like, walks up to. We have these right bar kitchen sink. We have kind of like a little island there where we never using that little bar stools. And they have, like, kind of like cushion leather top cushions on these things. He just walks up, stretches up, grabs them like, and they pick up his books, his claws into the leather and skills like this. Oh, my God. I just pulled off, like needs to do a chin up. He like e Like, just *** job of her looking cat. Have a heavy. Could he be for his own way? Ways like you feel commitment issues in the worst way to do it, you should start flinging him. Just not throwing him up stuff. Yeah, if you could. Chevron lover. There's a great video you teach the cat to jump. There's a great video on Red. And I was like, in the top bunk and his cat jumps up, but it jumps up. It was a perfect arc toward this light goes like it lands, like, just softly. Like those trampolines where the height is perfect for the planet. Like the distillations. Yeah, that outcome. Or when they jump just high enough to hit the edge of the bed with such force that just go some love that. Yeah, that's not It does. That's sad, because tries them skin old. We got her stairs. Get up on the bed. Different. You'LL need that one. Stairs just fall over into the bed. That's it. Greg Miller and Genevieve have stairs for Portillo. Their little dog because he's so small and old. I know. You gotta help me out, man. That your buddy? Cute. That's okay. So this is this is about my black light, trying to figure out if this couple glow or not under the black light. So is testing over the cups in there. Look at you. It's like new CA cola glass busy. So I looked it up. This depression glass or whatever it's called, it's got Ah, it's got uranium in it. That's what it is. And so, but it's a It's a level that's not like bad enoughto here. And you're trying to have uranium in it because they didn't know, or maybe to make it probably make it glow like that were to give it a color, although some purpose, Yeah, you think they made the glass and it closes like it was an accident. What's in the clock? Hands That radiant radio? Yeah, and all those ladies who would paint the clock hands. They paint the glow in the dark. They all died of cancer because they would likely look the brush and, yeah, pretty sad. So just drink out of it all. Probably a pretty safe bet, most one of them. I like falling off a ladder or something, you know, But it wasn't healthy, that's all. We're getting you to watch the Chernobyl miniseries coming out is interesting. What's that about? Well, obvious about it. Like a reenactment of the light foot. It's a prequel. It's just the city of Chernobyl. Like sixty. There's just nothing eventful happened. This is a daily life. Then the daily whether or not they should build a nuclear reactor. And it's unclear what the outcome will be. Oh, the way you found it was like Julie's in the sixties. It's alcohol Chernobyl way. We should build a nuclear plant way Bangor and that's it. Great idea, I think one of you watching me watching her. I watched that. Still haven't found out. The Netflix show. Black Summer, Tha zombie one. Have you seen it? No one ever heard of it. Give me a Netflix Original is now. I just heard nice people talking about this. It was like, This is crazy. This zombie Siri's That's out and I listen. I know zombies. They're completely *** played out. But I grew up like watching John Romero and all his zombie movies. Dawn of the Dead Day of the Dead. And it's just like I'm still into it and I want to see a good zombie could take on it I like it and I'm still like occasionally watching, walking dead. How How is that, dude? They're new. Take on top. So this is a zombie outbreak, and this is like the population of largest isn't like post apocalyptic of people learning to survive Two years after the event, there's like eight going on right now. It's not twenty eight days later, it's like day. It's done day. It's like they're dealing with this thing and the military's out and everything like that. So all this could be *** great. Could be *** tons of zombies in the streets and all that stuff. No, their new take on a zombie movies. There's no zombies in it. It's like literally, it's just a fear of knowing they exist. They're kind. Yeah, it's like the barb. There's like twenty minutes at a time of this thing where there's no dialogue spoken. What's happening then? Like most families like like shooting the eyes running away from their scene, Here's a scene from Black Summer Viking. Do dramatic interpretation from one of main characters, Chewie. Narrate what you're doing if you want to. For all the listeners, Bernie's doing nothing. Looking to the side now looking again to the side and none of the other side. There's nothing now. He's also looking around now. It looks suspicious and kind of scared. He's already looked at before, but he's looking at it. Son don't *** seems. It's just somebody in a room like they're walking through a high school cafeteria and they're just like that. And there's the Woods is one of many characters. She speaks completely untranslated Korean the entire time, and it doesn't matter. There's kids turn on the *** subtitle. Sometimes that's speaking in Korean. It's just like that. It just done everything to avoid writing a script. But they can't possibly do. You don't you don't learn anything about this character. She's one of the main characters in it. You learn nothing about her. The fact it's on it's on you for not learning Korean. Honestly, it's like performance art, but like not like a normal like entertainment product. When you see a zombie, though, is because so rare is it exciting? You see them? There's just not a lot. There's more that a fost they went too fast on the path which a lot of people do. They went Wow, it really does say that speaking Korean and nobody else in the scene speaks Korean. They're plotting and planning and they're all talking about what they're gonna do. And then she speaks for forty seconds in untranslated Korean and every goes, I don't speak Korean like you might have been too eight of these *** meetings. Don't Don't you understand that nobody understands what you're saying at all. And then occasionally she says stuff good because she's not fluent in English, she will say stuff in English. It's like, Come on, lead with that next time you've established that this group of people in America does not speak creative way learning it is It is like it almost feels to me like somebody my producer bet someone else that, like we could get him to watch. We're going to watch the samba. Let's just do it. Have you start? Have you watched any of us? I think you should leave on Netflix. No doing the sketch comedy Chef comedy. Yeah, I said I saw the thing you posted. It made me laugh. The instagram thing is pretty good. That Z six episodes that are all somewhere between sixteen and eighteen minutes each. It was like super bide size, Just like in. There's a couple of skits out. No sketch stuff is coming back. It's really got really, really well done on bail. But you're talking about making bets with Eric before the show about This is like That's, like the kind of thing where I'm sure it's people who pitched the sketches and were told No before. It's like, No, *** it. Let's just every sketch that we got told no about. Let's make it says I mean, they're not good. Some of them were weird. Some of them are out there. It's really funny, and I really recommend you watching. But some of them were just like, Wow, that was interesting. Take on Netflix, he said. Yeah, I've been watching a *** Creek. Any of you see that? I hear people talk about that regularly. I don't know reading, endorsing that. No, that's the new thing with Siri's. It's like you watch something and you're like two episodes in you, like I don't know if I like like I'm kind of enjoying it, and there's moments that I laugh at, but like I don't know, it's kind of falling a little flat to me in places. I'm not going through the characters in Star with Ozark. I watched the first season. I was like, I don't know if I like deal. Yeah, right. That was a crime. Intriguing. It was like *** went wrong a lot. And I was like, Did did I get anything good from that? So I just feel sad. Well, what I'm confused about and I don't know what people were saying about those are for *** Creek, everyone who have heard talk about, like, what's so *** funny? It's great. You're gonna love it. Bubble block. And then I want I'm watching him like season two Now, you know how long I have to give it. I'm going to keep watching it cause I'm invested now in the storyline. How many seasons is it? You know, I want to say three. So you most of the way there. Yeah. Just ever. Everyone's different. They're like, they're people who like what? Two seasons of game of thrones and stop true. And I don't understand that. I feel like you haven't seen it, or it's amazing. I love how you could you Yeah, I think it's so pretty much really good. That's that's invading my life. The across the board early at least, was some stuff, because I think I'm at that point now with Star Wars to like. Everyone was super upset about the last guy. You know, there isn't, like a lot of vocal reaction to it and even like expectations for force, awakens have any opinions of those movies, period like it's just It was a Star Wars movie, and I watched it. That's all I can really say about it. It's like, That's all the trailers at end game this weekend with the kids. The trailer for Episode nine sat and I was just like, I'm that movie's coming out. I'm going to see it. It was like the most like in the middle of the road neutral reaction that I could have. You must if someone says, Did you like the lost dollars movie? You probably just be like I mean, what your opinion is your opinion is that you thought was okay. I saw it. That's my opinion, you see, is what you asked me if I like the Matrix or feel like ask me if I liked Endgame. I would say was great. And I would talk to you about endgame if you ask me about last yet, I I would say, Yeah, it was Yeah, okay, I saw it. Whatever. My whole thing is what I did. I like it And what I recommended, because those are two different categories. To me, there's a lot of stuff that I like that you don't But I would not recommend that you love. See if thieves would never recommend anybody place. See if the's because everybody *** hates that game. Yeah, it's like that for a lot of like romantic comedies for myself. Like something that I would enjoy because it's dumb and stupid and easy, but that, unlike if I recommended that, I might seem like I don't have good taste. Just got a stage inappropriately. Is Rex Creek does that fall in that category for you? Are you saying that you're not sure if you liked it because you don't want people to see it as an endorsement? No, no, no. I think it's a great show. Onda. A lot of people love it. It's just like it's just like a show that we just kind of put on its twenty minute episodes. And it's after every upset. I'm kind of just like It's not like I don't feel that great watching it. I do feel like the last three series have watched. It's like they just you don't need to make a ten episodes. Yeah, make four make like a super long moving make like a five hour movie. I haven't seen that yet. I'd watch that likes Black Summer. Could have been probably really great, like three hours. And it was, I think, like seven hours or something like that. That's what you get. Two minutes of somebody walking in the hallway looking like quietly like just it. It's *** crazy after your first. Like, Wow, this is really atmospheric. And there's like, this is just the atmosphere. This is all of this is that you got from, like, this is really atmosphere. A tow. Can I reply to that email? I did also watch. We're in the last fifteen minutes Or get close. Talked about leaving Neverland. I watched leaving Neverland, the documentary about Michael. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I watched it. Good. I heard it really changed. A lot of people got it was like get worst thing about what it was so, so difficult to watch, especially part one on when they start to get into, like like, forty five minutes, like they don't mention anything at all. It's just, like all set up around and this's find then it's like they were getting very graphic details. You have to be in the right minds that toe watch it. It affected me for days after I was keep thinking about it. And now I'm at the point where I just like if I shuffle into a Michael Jackson track, I'LL just skip it. Yeah, well, it'sjust so especially difficult washing with Trevor. He has a ten year old brother on DSO. Watching that for him was like super super difficult. He really understands like that age in that mind, son. Well, yeah, and it's just like if you think of your younger brother or relative being in that situation, you kind of just feel awful and disgusted. I mean, you do, regardless of having someone that age and you're saying you haven't I watch another movie that just, like, roped me and that I can't stop thinking about totally different subject subject matter but I watched free solo. I haven't seen that. You know, you're really good. You would *** love it. I think, Gus, it's about the guy who climbs couple time captain in Yosemite on, and he does it without gear, and without it, it's like the whole time is like it's him preparing to do this climb. And I was like, Yeah, this guy's going to die, you know? And he's like, I'm probably gonna die three thousand feet or something. He's such a compelling character, though. The guy that was in this movie is on. I should know his name, but he's just like he's odd. I don't know how to describe it, but someone who's going to climb up a mountain with no gear and everything has to be a little bit off the beautiful person. He's a different person, I should say odd. He's a different person, for sure. But he's trying to do something that is epically impossible to dio cannot imagine how you begin to approach doing something like that. Yeah, I would. I would highly recommend that National Geographic mood Here, let me get this thing on right now. In this office oversees podcast is also brought to you by drop. If you want to hear new details in the sound design of your favorite movies or games, or just rediscovered your favorite music, treat yourself with a pair of high end headphones by drop up. Drop is the home to the biggest audiophile community and makes products by collaborating with them with community and the legendary audio brands. Sennheiser Drop was able to recreate the Sennheiser six fifty's, the longtime flagship headphones off Sennheiser, regarded by audio files the best headphones under two thousand dollars. Now you'd get that same super rich sound in the drop. Sennheiser six x x headphones. Upgrade your listening gear, Treat yourself with a pair of high end headphones and listen to your fair content like our podcast in a whole new way. All new drop users get ten Dollar Perk for their first purchase. Just check out the link below. Get your pair of headphones from drop today. That's D R ow dot ps slash artie six X x. Don't forget the ten dollar perk for your first purchase. Thank you to drop for sponsoring this episode of the receive podcast right there. No. Two thousand. It's Ah, the people of the chat was saying, Think noon. Dark was the name of the user in the chat. Who said this that Gus, you would like free solo because you would like the guy's personality. I agree. You might watch this and say, like, Oh, this is I found someone else like me May be that you go climbing with you like burn holes into stuff where there's no path and go first for foreign. Carved my work, but just give me a few weeks there, like footsteps in the snow but in the stone of a mountain and basically normal stuff. Good. So let's let's pause. Can we come before we talk about giving just one other thing I wanna mention, I wanna remind everyone that our kicks is coming up this July fifty seven here in Austin. Waken badges still available. Troy Baker, Nolan or just recently announced coming. I'm doing field practice coming. I'm doing a one on one talk with Mr Filled. A Franco, that beautiful bastard launch his own line of beauty products. You see that knowing yeah, he's got like like a men's money product. It's a great idea. I think it's really beautiful bastard thing's perfect way. Going to have to fill Phil's gonna be here for a tax will be great. Yeah, I've got, like, a tribe a colonel in war knowing north. Just gonna agree someone but for other stuff. Podcast Festival Animation Festival We have some animation festival news coming out later. This one on Wednesday and Wednesday. Yeah, some new guests going to be announced, so check it out. It's a good time, you know? It's been confirmed yet, but I'm going to say we're gonna have the entire cast. The Avengers is going. Teo on Drake is coming a drink. Uh, well, I know because I'm from Canada. That was a lot. So here in Austin, check it out. Our techs event dot com We'd love to see all you there. Good chance I was going to say that it's the cast of the Avengers movie from the nineties. The spy movie, But oh, yeah, I think, actually, Uma Thurman? Yeah, with every baby in that. So it's like we couldn't get her to come. That's a geisha. Yes. Yes, it was based. Olena. She was one of the Avengers. Don't really When she was young and in the sixties you have surprised waiting to get in the way. We have a hard put. Let it one more. One more. One more housekeeping thing. We were doing this take off next week. Oh, are we Take off next week? Dude, I just signed up to do this food show on Sunday. A UK food shows. I'm gonna be like lawyer for food, but okay. Challenge accepted. So don't forget you two are making fixes here. I'm in England. You're not next Monday. You are you are you? Yeah, Well, looks like way tio calendar invite you. But you never responded. No way. You guys. Jeff, Jeff versus Barbara. You get destroyed. Bring it on. Oh, really? And I have a trick up my sleeve. Wakefield, Mariel! Mariel would be good. Right? Maryland, barring state what you said No. What? No, No, Jeff! Jeff! Okay, okay. Is your trick. Mariel, you pull Maria, she's gonna make a snake. Is that the way the trick works? So we're still doing takeoff, Eric. Okay, we're going to take off. Take off. Tenth anniversary. You're missing all kinds of cool stuff. Next week is the tenth anniversary of weekly episodes of Steve Podcast. Holy ***. I haven't played a lot of SimCity lately. And Simms dos airports now what? Forty gates? It's a lot of gates. Forty eights, like thirty four. Think. Hey, we're big city now, okay? How? Come way Have a train in the airport. How come we have a cart given her is that she also airport doesn't have a cart. Accounts of right on. Yeah, the accused the cart. You just You never thought about that before, did you? You You go to Dallas. You go anywhere else. Somebody's like, five hundred years. So many turns down along with the people on it. How do you get on that cart? Like, what's special thing? What are you talking about? The way we're talking about steaks. Why does awesome? Why's the Austin airport not have a cart is picking the shows Radio one terminal. What? It's one terminal. It's forty gates. Do you have a bunch of chairs and people in barbecue and *** and listen to the live music? I don't find that strange that we don't have a car. Here's the thing. Who's transferring through the Austin terminal? That I think is the real answer to the question here Who's making a connection? But I hear it every time I'm on a *** plane landing in Austin. Like, if you're making a connection, just go this way or that way. There's like no one's connecting all *** next to Austin. Hell does. So you you're sat down on a flight to walk off the flight and you think I wish I could. Immediately we sat down again. I'm saying, if this was a game in a simulation, I got my airport big enough toe where it needs it should have the cart animation. I don't think we're there yet, But what? I hear you, What about stealing after what if it was chest hangover? Everyone. You move like this like a gondola, but glory just hook onto it and it pulls you. You just rope on and you get dragged through the apple, like in Beetlejuice, the guy whose duty it sex that we shared robotic bulls that, like you, jump on the back of all you have to last together, right? Don't they have some carry on suitcases that have like a little like skateboard looking thing that comes out of it or wheels that? Oh, I think I've seen her once on. Yeah, Yeah, you can look right on him. But then I'm sure they give you *** about the batteries and those things. Probably. Dude, when I was sailing, they were like, They get these old cylinders that go in your life jackets. Listen, I like you say they're great, but it's I don't like arguing that, especially to argue them, like right after the shutdown, when they were all working for no money on DH. It's like they they took these cylinders out like, you can take this on planet. There's kind of two cylinder. You see a two cylinder right for a life jacket that when you fall in the water fights and I'm like, here's they'll print out from your website that says I can have this like, No, I just can't do it. So I lost these two forty dollars cylinders and I was able to get the last one back to talk to a manager, and it was they were like, Oh, yeah, you can have this. They just didn't know him, like I told him they went, but I appreciate them working during the shutdown, I really do. Now all that being said, we're talking game of thrones for a little while. Winterfell has a cart thing. The most recent episode against Ron. We're going to start discussing spoilers C We have that thing down there. Now s So it's time for our going to the end. You right here of this? Broadcasting from here to the end of the podcast gave me. And if you're watching somebody everywhere were discussing two Episode three of Season eight Yes, The long night. Is that what this one's called? I believe so. So Battle Winterfell. It's time for time for game of thrones discussion. So you've been more adequately work. I thought so many more people were going to die. Same. I'm sorry. Can we set the mood? Is that what you want about them? Oh, yeah, because this is Episode three. So let's look at the list of the mood. Oh, okay. If it is kind of exactly what the entire episode was like eyes. Who is that? This is actually better. This is actually better lighting. And most thinks the light this's better lighting than in most of the seats. Agree? It was just like it couldn't tell what the *** was going on. It was fine. It was fine. When you want you on disk. Maybe. I guess. Although I got to say, I'm still going to be going back and watching it. I'm still going to be like an old man during that dragon for fun. Going who now? Which one is the good director? Because I couldn't tell what was what like think the dragon's crashed like, Oh, there's the bad dragon, right? Oh, yeah. But that was a point where I was like, which dragon just hit the other driver? And I was like, the night kids off and there were published in Paris in the nineteen through the spear at dinner. Did here. Yeah. You know what? I did it. I thought it hit her. Oh, I saw it perfectly on my phone, so I was good to go. It was not to be streamed. I bet it looks great, but it's a really nice looking funny part to me. Bruises. They had this dragon, this dead dragon that was spewing. What was it with blue far blow fire that could *** go through a stone wall and burn the old it'LL Go and the universe. But then when Jon Snow was running away from it and it's like shooting through the wall, all he has to do is duck behind a wall and he's good to go. Well, I don't was stronger than the war, Apparently, apparently. Well, the walls made out of ice, right? That's right. But I also went through the castle itself. Yeah, look what the Dragons did toe Haren hole. It was like a bunch of millet stone, and it didn't feel like doing it too well. But that's stamina thing is really not. Not like it's not as powerful as the first. I mean, it was damaged. It was leaking through his neck. This true when the night King killed it? Yeah. God, can I change the lights back? I can't look at this anymore, but this is a whole second. So let's talk about the lights for just one more second before you change back the lighting. And this was ridiculous. I get that. It was supposed to be at night, and I was prepared to deal with it being at night. But when I was already like I can't see ***, the thing with the dothraki was awesome. Although so call the *** Dothraki though it's like, really, this was the buildup. It's like they were in it for all of two *** minutes. You know, it was bad. They did a lot of hard work leading up to this. Like the ballot outside King's landing with the with the wagon train. Yeah, that was that was it you just named it. That was the thing. That was the battle. They were great over in the eastern lands, but they're like, we don't like to get on ships. It's like, as a good idea, don't get on ships in the future fighting and all that winter gear. The user having no shirts on. True. Yeah, well, they have their flaming sort. That point shows up and just two worthless things. She likes the barracks on fire, and then she likes the flame pit. I mean, the good. Yeah, but them time going to some people put them like five minutes. Thing with the trench, though, is that they end up getting over the trench of fire by piling bodies on it. But we've seen earlier in the show that those shriveled up old corpses of farmable penis like they all would have just made a big pile of fire. I don't Why dwarf it like, smoked out the fire on that one? Yeah, well, the I will say that the rules for the whites like the basic grunt troops for the undead They that they change that on the fly like the first shot of them coming in a wave which, by the way, all the main heroes were in the front line of that and that we're all about to find that for that first wave that came when they just poured over the top of I was like, Oh, you're *** now. And I was at that point, I was like, Okay, it's gonna be dark. I'm okay with that. I could deal with this, and it's like I could see the big formation. Still, where the dead were making progress couldn't really see the dead that well. And he was saying that was a choice they made because they wanted to feel like it was in the like. You were in the battle because it's easier than you get away with a lot more right. And but then and then it's like But I was still almost like I was almost okay with that choice and the way we look aesthetically. And then that *** blizzard shows up. And I was like, as soon as I saw more most like, Oh, *** you. Because I knew it was like, how could they make that more difficult when they let the When she lit the trench on fire, my first thought was it was so bad *** she used a spell lit on fire like, Well, that's just gonna make smoke. Now, now we're gonna have smoke. I was happy when she living so like, Oh, that's light. Yeah, it'LL like that portion of the battlefield we'LL see what's going on. Get like three rows of the undead Army is great. It looks so much better after that. Yeah, that the night King has brought the fog and storm before. Like, it wasn't just like they decided to do that that time. Yeah, it was interesting how they did treat the undead like a sea like it was like a wave of people floating over, and it was raining dead. At one point, you kind of did that at heart home when they came over the cliff and like that, and it just kind of poured down like very liquid. Reminded me it was a World War Z where these zombies are kind of like that, like running and piling on top of each other and climbing like that remind me very much of that scene. They would stack up, and it's like in warlords. In the book they do that stacking thing, but they just do it slowly. Like over the time there was discussion World War Z about survivors that were living a stadium in the middle of a downtown. And there's a million zombies like stacked up like Ramping Up, Gone to get to it. It was like That's how they dealt with those. They did that in the game, too. Have you played well or see the game? It's actually fun. Yeah, I don't know why they came in under the radar so much anyway, but you mentioned hard home. I got to say my my general opinion. Zehr I was We asked the question a couple weeks ago. What you think has the potential to be more disappointing. Okay, end game or a game of thrones over like Hema thrones like, unless they change something dramatically. I was overwhelmingly disappointing. I really I liked the episode. My I did have one problem, though, is I felt that the battle we witnessed in the battle with the undead in my mind was the final battle of the show. That way we were told that for a year. So another battle doesn't matter what matter. Matter's dead beyond the wall. Well, they don't matter anyway. Got that undid battle? Yeah. Oh, sir. See, So, yeah, I can't believe it's over. Three ups is in. It's like the whole show is Winter is coming. Winter came dealt with. Yeah, but I feel like a bigger plot line or a bigger important plot line in the show is who's going to end up on the Iron Throne? I feel like that is the ultimate like, How does this show so that the fight would get photos? That's you major conflicts. What? They kept saying that that doesn't matter because we have to deal with the undead. Yeah, but you need closure in north events. So, like, I feel like it would be a weird balance in terms of how the show goes to first, figure out who's going to be the person on the iron throne and then have that. But they could have left the like. There's already a question between, like, the John Doe Nerys sigh like who gets it? Yeah, like there's still other resolution to be had. I feel I feel like I'm looking back on it. I I was surprisingly not psyched that the night king died because it was such a weird moment gas because yeah, in my head, I was like, that'll be the blessed, the final boss. And she killed him. I feel like I'm worried about spoiling, even though right now all right. Killed him on. I was like, Oh, right, actually like, Well, I don't like dude. I *** love how they did it the detail of I mean, she develop this fighting style with dropping her knives or swords or whatever. It was cool. I just felt like it was way too early, but end of an hour and a half. You don't want me, then? Yeah. I mean, she's a mad as she was about us the whole way through the *** which you've got the double like part spear that she pulls apart this *** killing ***. Like what it was looking at her from the stairs was the onion Knight was watching her fight. It's like, Yes, she's still *** bad ***. Yeah, I don't probably the way the cool maneuver. She did kill him. I just Where the *** did she come from? That's something I wanted to. And if you're not picking the show, it's like you have this whole crowd of white walkers surrounding this area. White walkers? Not just the whites, but like the badass one. Yeah. And so, like, how the *** does she she over them sneaks through. Always kind of snuck around like even I think it's season one That's up on Jon Snow in the gods would in that exact same spot, because aware anyone's face what? That's what I thought was gonna happen. I thought you just replaced Bran and she was going *** gank him from the chair. That would have been no ways. That's what she does, right? That's her. You know, Rhonda, and being anonymity, Well, she killed her. If she killed brain, what difference would that have made? Little point observed was don't kill Brian Like wearing the night came not to kill brand. We went through. So six years of that God on a sled. What reason? He sat in a chair under a tree the night king, his nemesis walks up. He literally did nothing. He knew he was gonna live. Know he did something. He did this. You looked at him very slowly. You're a good man. So imagine that afflicts black Summer. That's like brand Sambi adventure. That's exactly think we were just looking at home like my my prediction right there last week we predicted he would die. I said, Juliana moment. I said jorah. And I thought for sure I was going to get that right when he rides off with the dothraki. You see, while this was like, Oh, ***, I was right when he comes back because I like no bad. Yeah. Here, using about I want to go back to the arias. This might be a problem. First aria sneaking dollars had died before the honor. What? Don't don't Dollar said died before Liana More mouth. I got you. Um, no, that's right. Okay. Are you speaking? So people have pointed out in like the analyzing the footage that one of the white walkers his hair goes like like that. Like she's going by in what they call stealth mode. I don't ever recall her like having any kind of stealth running ability like she was a sneaky person earlier in the *** episode, they have this whole scene which doesn't make a bit of *** sense the coming and they're coming in like a wave. And then they had this whole scene with Aria trying to get to a library and can't get through a library and has to throw a *** book to get past everybody. And people are trying to say like that demonstrates how sneaky she has. Like No, she was *** trapped and she looked completely incompetent. And I do like that you can You can almost see each character's level of confidence in themselves like they're fine, like fighting some of them. But when they are aware of how many there are around him that I can't stop this fight, I'll lose this fight like Sam on the pile of dead bodies. Yeah, just rolling around with a knife. Even the hound is like we gotta run. Did we wake, you seem a bit freaked out by the fire again. In truth, the fact is, this brand didn't die was shocking to me. I felt like I should gently forty five minutes. Presto, Theo. Closure. He had last week. I was just like I thought people were going to be o What's your face? Tear? Ian and Santa were going to die, especially when they had that romantic moment. And then, like, she's holding tigers like, Oh, man, they're going off themselves. Don't do this. What was interesting turn is that in a previous season, torment says he had sex with a bear. Remember that bit? Yeah, on a lot of people Thought like maybe they're talking about one of the moments. Yeah, like he had sex with a moment. Women and a lot of thinking that Leanne is like, tomans kid. And he is called home and Giants. And she killed the giant. So she's like Leanna giant Spain. Technically so it's like if that is the thing they were going for, that was quite interesting. I just want to clarify something chat. I'm not saying she was trapped in the library. Couldn't get to the Nite king anything. They demonstrated that she couldn't get back past White. So how did she get past all of the white walkers? She didn't have a stealth mode, right? She Where was this stealth mode when she needed to get through the library? And it was such a weird scene because the zombies are poring over like an ocean across Winterfell. And then, all of a sudden, she's in a library, playing cat and mouse like it's like that scene made no sense, pacing wise and all. I really did enjoy some shots so that there was that, like, super core artistic shot of the dragon's up in the clouds that are really cool background. And I also really liked the idea that the Night King there's that moment before he resurrects the Moor, where it's just like the Night King on his own, strolling upto Winterfell and get me a real moment of, like ***. It's just walking up to the gates. I thought that was so great, like John's chasing him down. And then he turns. But he went for a look like that. But it's like John is literally on the battlefield by himself, with every other person that's died so far there they all get up. He's literally the on ly enemy now on a battlefield for all these other people. And he just better. Felix. It's away. Such a good job establishing that ability in the hard home episode that you knew what was happening. Like the the money has to put his R and R new because he starts sprinting. He was like killing before. That was a great moment for those two characters because that's their rivals, right? And he's doing that and it's like it's all seen the night King was saying to me, It's like you don't have the water this time like you're you're *** because last time I did this you were in the boat and I couldn't get to you cause I can't cross one. That's what I think. At least they can't cross. Also bad, as bad as death for theon t be killed directly by the night King Let me nothing to anyone. Yeah, he just stabbed him. It is, though I'm sorry. I'm really frustrated by this one of the big things. I think there's a song of ice and fire subreddit, which is different in the game of thrones. Subreddit parties book the book. Yes, and they're they're pretty snotty. But I guess then you'Ll just inviting being so. But somebody point outs like this show has become the fairy tale that it was trying to subvert. Like before it was all about. You know, if you're alone or you're with your enemies or you're out on your debt and even your big hero, you're gonna die. Ned Stark. That was a wolf pack. Alright, He gets, he gets hurt. He's gotta limp the rest of the time that he's a character. You have consequences for your actions and heroes Khun die! And that's that's That's the conceit of this. This is the rules, and it's like those rules are strong. I mean, it could be the heroes are going to die in this episode. Yeah, but they need them if you're on the front lines when the zombie wave pores over you. I mean, I hate to say this because I know people watch it, but on the trailer for next week but the snow, the dire wolf is in the trailer goes, Yeah, go started saying no ghost survived Somehow, even though charged in with George Jorah, Mormont all the data and I survived. He came running back from that to which some dothraki came back to you. But of course, Jorah, Mormont, Barrett, Dunne, Darien adore mormont might be the best tanks of all time. Those guys took so much damage to how many times it buried under he was Jesus through the whole way. And I can read old with holes. I mean, I get that he died, like, seven times already, but they still made it down the hallway and through the door. Yeah, I put away, and he was also behind them was like, Oh, he also ran. Endure more models on the battlefield like I feel like they could If they have a real problem with the dragons, like the Dragons, a super Opie. The Dragons could just burn everything, and they keep gonna have to figure out ways to not use the dragons. Dude, I love the and it's annoying. But I love drug on, though with all the dead. A long time that was *** about. Like I was taught that they were going to eliminate that problem. I thought when he was breathing fire on the night king. I thought Spear was just gonna come straight out of flame into drill. Is anyone else kind of confused? Why they didn't take Take the dragons out first to burn as many of the walk of the whites as possible before, Probably the last thing the dothraki out. The last time they did it, they got killed. They get, they lost the dragon, you know? Yeah, I guess so. But it's weird that the dothraki went out, died some came back, and then when they started attacking, that's when they pulled the dragons out to breathe fire on him. I'm like, why don't they just do that? Before they knew they were out there? I think they were just very scared of losing a dragon. But it was annoying to have, like, John landed down right when they you'LL start piling up in the wars, generous is flying around, can't see the fight and trying to kind of set there, and it's like, just burn them off. The war's also at the same time, the trenches to they're trying to signal the nearest alight. The train. John's on the *** wall with a dragon. Yeah, Turn around, dude. Like the trench? Yeah, I feel like either that was why? Why was he just sat there for that? I don't know. Like, he could have seen everything he was looking for. Brand. I guess it was weird. It's a lot of stuff to keep track of. I was looking all the cuts and all the coverage, and I was like, How did anyone edit this? Can you imagine? Important? All that intothe should be like a huge undertaking. OK, I hope you have some good storyboards. And you knew what you wanted before. Yeah. You hand that off the story? But I would just get a bunch of filled in Black Square for the first thirty minutes. Wei have folder when you're editing just like shots that air ninety percent darkness. God, it was *** nuts. But my other thing to you that I want to say about this is arias a badass character. *** love aria. Her killing the night king means nothing to me whatsoever. To me, it's because you have preferred be either brand have, if some purpose over the course of the last seven years, which I'm still hoping that exists. That makes a lot of theories. I still have complete faith in the Siri's, even though I feel like I was burned by this episode, it was such a build up for elected. I t think there's gotta be something. It's even like I'm even analyzing of, like the white Walkers offense, you know, to come into Westeros How far they made it didn't even justify the change in the opening credits with the tiles, like even that small change. Like, Why'd you waste your time doing that when they just basically march to Winterfell and got beat like overnight, Essentially like Battle the bastards and hard home? We're both much better battles to me. Then were this final buildup huge battle? It did seem epic and hopeless, though, which is what I was going for. Yeah, yeah, I felt sick. I was a chance. I was so nervous wondering how they're going to think when the dogs Iraqi charge out and you see the flames extinct was like everyone's going to die. That first wave was *** crazy, but it's over and they said, like they're all like pour over and then moving just like a liquid or a wave. Someone also predicted the people in the crypt was that you last week said that I have a bunch of people have never talking. They mentioned how off? Because sometimes the Crips are safe after the safest place to be. Lyuba. But all the dead people are down there. It's a *** crypt. So funny. Dead star rise of the dead. I wish they had a headless mood. Ned Stark holding his own head thrones. At this point, I think they just turn the boat could reanimate. I know there's There's a couple that were had, like ribs showing, but no, like Full I was doing was trying to imagine how far the range of his thing was. And I was I was trying to think like wood fiance's ***. Come back to life and start wallowing around in a little box. For what? Was it cut off? Was it in Winterfell? Ah, no, no. It was right for you to dread for Well, all right. But the aria killing Knight King was great night King on Lee fought one person you thought theon That's it. Unless you count throwing a spear at the dragon. But I guess that counts, But he lived through the night. He didn't have a wander, he basic just walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk until he died. That's what the nineteen, Why all the white walkers and years? He made it a point to show all the white walkers had the spears like he did to kill the dragons. And the white walkers were out in a ring. But they never did anything right. Well, they also never through any of this business. Just hand them to the night King and the other one theater person gave him the spear like you've got the arms like a girl I really loathe. Go to the guy would like time's running out, give him the ball. But like like the equivalent aria for me and I know people that go. It's about this moment. Agree it still best moment and arias completely badass character and great her killing The Night King doesn't make sense to me. It's the same as like, say, say, the battle that's left surveys of the character that probably is an evil villain that could die if Sam kills Searcy like OK, But why Sam, of all people, Sam's a great character too. But shouldn't it be Aria or to Nerys or Jaime Lannister or someone like that's got a connection to her? To me, there's no connection between Ari. I think it's going to Jamie that I think you're thinking. And also it wasn't there some sort of prominent or not premonition, but something where they're like she's going to kill my younger brother prophecy. That sort of people the witch gives her Oh yeah, killed by her younger brother, which technically shows Jane into interior. And, yeah, all right for serial killer. But like if Sam killed her, that would be weird. They're right or various because it another there's compares our connection. But if you like everyone has a connection to the Night King because he's destroying all beginning what Ari has the least right. But then you found out that the barrack was just saving her the whole, like he kept getting brought back to life to save her in that moment. Bring yet to bring her to think that his work was done. And this is the thing that bugs me. There's some of this stuff in Avengers to which we'LL talk about what we talked about I taught. But now it's really weird with in the course of the narrative, like in the episode, or like an arc of episodes, or in a movie like Avengers, when they tell you a limiting factor and they don't need to *** tell it to you and then violated, you know, like arias connection with the Night King. You're saying everyone has the connection literally. In the last episode, she's talking to GE injury about how she's never seen a dead person and what are they like? And he's trying to describe them to her, and she's like, So they're just bad. So maybe is it more about saving her brother in that moment? No, I get that. I do get that. But killing her killing the ultimate villain, you know? Well, I think it's just like the ultimate hero like that solo shot Darth Vader in the face. You'd be like, Okay, that was pretty cool. And that was unexpected. But it kind of was like waiting for a showdown to happen between Luke and Darth Vader. And Luke went now E Oh. Did you want to kill the king? I didn't have I didn't have really any expectations. John or Brand makes the most sense. We Yeah, I heard a lot of theories that potentially, that's what I liked was that brand was the night King I didn't like that wasn't bigger in that theory to that. But I was pretty open to whatever I like that they never made him speak on. I like that. He never really had any expression. He was just a Korean e Teo. That's I used the night way, heard a funny thing. We were talking about this at the rooster teeth content office today in the in the office, waiting like a scrum meeting. And somebody said that they heard this in the behind the scenes that the actor I don't know his name, who plays brand. He wears glasses and they just take off his glasses before scenes. And that's why that's why he has that look. They trying to pull everyone into focus so you can see. See? That's sure. How does he do this one too convenient. Oh, you can walk. But I have faith in the cereal. So you wanna burn Good? Yeah. I can't wait any more episodes, but that for us right now, I do have faith. I do have. I liked it. I liked it. A lot of good things for what you think this is down point. Hope you're going to come back here. Get showing off with you guys next week.