#543 - I've Seen Fast and Furious

Join Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss VR games, Chris’ car accident, Avengers Endgame (in the final 25 minutes), and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-rooster-teeth-podcast-543

Recorded: 2019-05-07 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:49:43 (6583.56 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred forty three. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the broadcast week Brought to you by twenty three and Me Hymns and Robin Hood. I'm Gus. I'm Chris. Ten years. I'm also ten years and I'm still got ten years older. So tenth hundreds of tin anniversary. It's the tenth anniversary explained that. What do you do? You point your head when you say, because it's a tinfoil hat. There's no such thing as tin for what we in the nineteen thirties, which this's Tim Foyle. I went out of my way to find tin foil aluminum foil. Seal it. Does that feel like aluminum foil to you? Doesn't look like it was a classic kind of way. Still have the boxes contains no ten? Could I keep this for Neha Samara video after the after the show? I don't know. Kristen quick. What periodic table of elements was the atomic symbol for ten Uh uh, ten. Now, Pete, you are correct. It is me, is it? It's a weird one, right at the weird ones, right? Ellie? No, that's no, that's That's not E. Yeah. What is it, Gus? Is it a sin? It's a PSE faras, I recall. It's sn a tinfoil hat for best cats for cats. Okay, Who lives here? Place replace after six weeks. Am I gonna put this on their cat for that long way? Have ah, women model cat right here. It's not what I heard about that. Can't get Gus has this like a little stuffed cat. It dumps has been on the podcast before. With you, you can address him by name. This is a lot of weird, weird warnings on it. You know, leave pet unattended with the hat you don't want to do that. Product is for cats only. Don't put Do not put on the dog these air different. That's a cattle Says do not use on Siamese cats ever. Really like Why not? What's up with Siamese cat? Shockers are aligned on a forty five degree angle. My head and it blocks their satellite. You can think clearly right now my head feels warmer. Well, you know, you know, whatever they have like emergencies. They give you like foil, foil, blanket. So Yeah, I had a couple of those I initially went to just buy foil hats for us. And after I bought him on Amazon, there was, like related products foil hat for count. Like Fucking got to get that guy to get something for dumps says it's blocked. Doggy Espy. I just can't tell those next. There's no ingredients like materials. Just big letters can foil hat for testing. Well, hat So they're probably saying is like a category of hat like you got your tin foil hat on if someone accidentally spits on you, but then they don't acknowledge it is that we're to acknowledge it. For you to say, Just spit on me. Yeah, I was like, There's having, you know, And they're like, intentionally speaking using No, no, but Bernie said, Oh, I just spit and you acknowledge that you didn't spit on anyone I would never have known. But Barbara going through this over tea, I think I've spent for, like, a thousand times in the last ten years. I think the problem is, is that all? Acknowledge it just by laughing silently over there. It has. The great thing is, if you're talking to me you'LL spit on me Gavin will see you spit on me I'Ll feel it and you'Ll just keep talking So we're over here laughing is here just continuing on But it'LL heal podcasts Wait Can't continue with that Can I get Can I get you a Very even though it says the audio podcast a decidedly un audio bit. Sure, we're going to bring out after you tell the story. Okay? Hope he still can't talk about I hope it's not about a month and a half ago, six weeks for our international viewers. They redesigned our entrance to the Oh, yeah, But what? Who designed that? Why is it that way? It is the worst. I know why. It's that way. Explain why it's that way is because the gate had such a far distance to close and open, so it would often times while it was closing here. I tend to draw the still talking. I'm gonna wait till he's done drawing. No, no, you've got to hear the problem. I get that. Yeah. Why did they cut it off on the left? You come up to scan the sand and then you have to go to the right? I don't know. Well, they couldn't have cut it off on the other side. This's an audio friendly immediately turns the microphone away again. And I bust out a whiteboard too, Right? So here's the deal. Why you trying it that way? Because it's you go up into the complex like this. So you're drying the gate. It seems easier for Is that one okay? With the orientation of the whiteboard before we begin, our audio listeners were going portrait instead of lasting TV that can effectively show this now. Okay, here's the road out here. This is the road that you come in on. Then our driveway comes in up to the gate. Okay? Our gate is offence. Now it's offense where this is fence, and then this is moving gate. That's what that isthe. That's a symbol from moving game. So I put a little less dnd symbols. We door okay, so that things like this door. So this is the road, and this is two lanes. So your car comes here. The card reader is on the left side over here. This is where you get in before you swipe it. You swipe because we have a very secure facility here. Then this side swiped in five seconds. A sniper sent every listen audio on the left side. That's where the card reader is on the right side. That's the side of the gate that opens. So you pull up here, swipe your card opens, then you gotta pull over the right. But that was enough for them to miss design this thing. Then they've got this entire inside lane here is all striped off like this, right? So you're not supposed to drive us apart. There's an arrow that directs you from the swipe directly over the over the striped area. Like, just just don't don't come here, right? Like the arrow says after you slight go this way to the do not enter and not just a park there and that you're not supposed to park. And then to make it even worse, this is the everything's that slashes. This is the little pad that you have the gland on in order to open the gate going out. So then you gotta go through the stripe here. It's just the worst design, but it's like I don't know. I don't know with these guys soon it's guys. They built this gate and then we did it. What point did they go? Yeah, we're done. This is good enough. You know what I mean? If someone was looking and go, this is completely wrong because it's not intuitive in any way whatsoever. Maybe just one side of the gate broke and they were like, Oh, let's just make it seem like it was purposeful. Which side drop going in or going out? The left side of the gate going in broke. So the only the right side opens Christmas one good. Well, whether we want a long game long, long and it would it would go all the way across. But now they're like Addison breaks too much. Let's just make half of it. A shorter distance to open and close, right? Someone who shot. Who is this? Samuel? Alberto says Bernie's wearing a tinfoil hat and scribbling garbage on a white board is wrong or can't help but think this was a natural progression of things. After ten years, way ended up. This is where we ended up. Next government. Give me some red strings. I'm going to read strings in sometimes instead of red Springs and thumbtacks. We have something a little different. You got something you want to bring up. Now, listen, I'm on point out something else to before Eric brings us out. You guys, This is supposed to be the steak off podcast. In addition to it, Minutes Way Had a pool going to see how long it took you to bitch about not being the steak off course. You get to get money. You want one? Really? I got my eye on, you know, you're in the crosshairs. Just so you know, I should be fair. I bet that you would say it as Gus was in trolling was Hey, throw in one of the That's what I thought, Nicholas, Who wasn't that when we went to the live show downtown, I walked in and they were complaining about me. When I walked in, I just stood behind him, complaining about me not ordering food or something. I forget who was, though. I mean, I didn't forget. They're breaking my brain. Who will, guys? Who was that? I walked in. They go wise. You know, food is like his. Bernie didn't answer. It's slacks. I was like, Oh, it was It was back. There we go. That I think it was Brian. He's not here. They starved to death. All right, Uh, so you complain about the steak for bringing this out before? For that? What the fuck is remember tonight? Oh, my God. That's awesome for me. Wow. What does it say? It's a bail for ten long years and it's a big dick cake. Thanks for ten long with hand holding it sat along Dick the You see the white hand. Oh, yeah. Is that string cheese? Yes. Oh, there it is. I don't know what this is. That's a present. You ever got a president? Who is that from? That's from us. That's from above you. Wow, Who made that can record? What does it make it? Make it a tree for that cake. Oh, yeah, I'd like to call around. And there's a place like that Stripper bakery. My partner says, Rusty, It's a sinuses. Receive podcast. Tenth anniversary Celebrating two decades of podcast. Now for over ten years, almost three. It'LL be three in twenty twenty. No, because here's like we started in two thousand eight. Kurt, that's one decade, then Now we're in the teens. Correct. So that's a second decade. You're over ten years. So we started our third over ten years. The second decade? That's three decades. I just rattled off in twenty twenty. It'LL be three decades, three decades. We're in our third decade. Three decades is still over two decades. That's beautiful. So think of beauty. That's a lot of thinking for because it's like ten years, two decades, it makes no sense. What you gonna do with that sign we'LL put up somewhere. Put it, Put it on the set. Right back over there. Too many. Not enough. We're all in agreement that Chris. It's too many eyes too many. It's a lot of time. At what point did you become too many? Five. Eating five years? No. Five Podcast. Think that's is that when I took over, you did the first few you did. I did like the first six. Okay, stuff like that now, But they were They were also way more intermittent when I did. What you doing them? You mean like audio mixing and stuff? But other than that, everything except the mikes and curl everyone toe. So do it. Can you really? Well, first things Did you do, Richard? Ever. Every which way, you're gonna be the first to eat a dick. I would not be the first in this company. Need eat. It would not be. Is there a vein on that? I want the vein. Give me that now. I can't. I can't partake. Not because it's sick shape. Do you want dark meat and white meat? I want dark meat. But what's that? Weird? What's that? Were dumb. Little thought of a That's a thumb. And those air fingers wagers on the other side. Other strings. Why is there a single cupcake? Oh, thank you. If you want the car three. Do you want head? Shafter balls Head at the dark meat. Most sensitive area. Oh, God, I can't watch this. Yeah, Yeah, boy. Now, worst circumcision ever missed completely. What is it? Chocolate or vanilla? Looks like chocolate. I might take a little bit of liberties with somebody else's social media presence, if I may, because usually be ly p. I leave. We tend to leave people in the company alone with her social media stuff. Gavin did a thing on Twitter that I noticed where he made a circumcision joke, and I still can't remember what the hell it was. Maybe it was something he did in the video, and he got called out like the the guy with an agenda who was very anti circumcision went after Gavin about it, saying, You can't joke about these things And I was like, No, I Khun, Khun joke about whatever you want. It doesn't mean I agree with it. But then he didn't dealt with this problem Where Pro circumcision people saying, Yeah, Gavin's right. Circumcision isn't bad. I think I'm not saying that I'm not pro circumcision. I'm just saying I can make it about things that are counter to my own beliefs. I could tell I could also read through it all to Gavin. It's like, Why did I get involved right after I'm there for you? Like you get no value out of it. You're just argue with people on the Internet, I think, and then your second there because then if you stopped responding there like, oh, I guess you have nothing else to say about this, So I won. The argument is, like, very true. I just don't want to keep engaging, but I will say This is some habits of comedy a lot, and I think we've talked about it affords that comedy is based in dark stuff. It's based on stuff that's conflict base. It's like there's nothing funny. There's no sitcom about a guy who's got a great life and lives in a big house and has lots of money. That's just not funny. You know, a guy who's struggling, you know, like always sunny people who feel her just like dealing with conflict. That's funny. So that's that's darkness is just when comedians get around to your particular neck of the woods of human darkness, Then you get offended, but you're fine. Laughing like I was red versus Blue is an example. We talked about this. This characters are all idiots. They all have these horrible traits, every single one of them. But like caboose is probably arguably the funniest character in the show. You know, at least on both some paper. Ah, he's a fucking idiot. Being an idiot is like it was laughs like that s so funny. Such a dumb ass. Being being a stupid person is like it's cripples your whole life. Believe me, it's a bad. It's a bad thing. And if you were, if you were dumb and knew you were dummy, that would be it would be a hardship in your life. But it's one of those things you can make light of it, and it's funny. Doesn't mean we think people should be stew. Did you know it doesn't doesn't play in the same way. Don't get offended When people get around in your neck of the woods of human suffering. You know that's always the best best podcast material conflict. Oh, he's getting mad or arguing about something. You know, what we're doing isn't good little one of the reasons why I wanted, ah, to move the podcast close to the end of the workday so that people could come and air their grievances with each other, because I think that's actually very therapeutic. To be able to do that. I like the fact that we were working in a office or a workplace where people go on camera and yell at each other the way I've always wanted to yell at people that I've worked with, and I know they want to yell back at me, and it's like we can do that here. And it's like then you just walk away and be everyone's okay? What? Air your grievances with us? I haven't. I I don't really have any. I think I hear them on a regular basis. Really? Between five and six. Thirty's central time. Probably name my grievances with him more than I could at this point. Maybe I know when they're coming. I mean, we knew to be ready for your steak pitching. Didn't even bitch about it, though. You just mentioned that we were supposed to do if you thought it was a Roose. I did. I thought it was a ruse. I thought you guys were trying pull fast one because I'm a two time state champion, and I thought that you would Eric got together. We were like, conspiring hats. Conspiring called me there. They texted me this weekend that I responded That text Eric? Uh, yeah, yeah. You got back to me on whatever I sent you. Yeah. There you go. You're welcome. Go fuck yourself. So I thought they were conspiring to say the steak off was not gonna happen, and I was gonna show up here with no entry and they're like, Here you go. So that God could finally win by default of the two best words. So I was going to say if people like the podcast, they can come to our checks for we do a live version of the podcast in front of a big audience. So that's happening this summer Job fifty seventh. And we actually just started the thing where it's not gonna be a pro did anywhere else. But if you're a podcast, listeners, podcast viewer, we actually have ah, special code. Your muse for fifteen percent off. Other just got fifty percent off weekend badges. So join fifty seventh. Come down CS on. We're not going to be wearing the hats there. We should tell you what if you come to Austin for architects, once you take pictures with two things that fucking door that's still under construction, care for people sent me photos that door all the time. And also go and go to see our gate and see the stupid fucking setup. And you're not going through the gate and take a picture with the big stage five. People do that all the time, So you stay outside the gate right. The gate can wait. It's a confusing gate too. So that's part of the middle one is extra security. It's like people can't figure out how to get in. You know the way. Actually, just filmed a promo video for RDX today. Oh, I've got a grievance about that. Why? Because you're in it. I am a thie gripped had me playing quote unquote old man. And I thought, Oh, I'll show up and they'LL have wardrobe for me. You're gonna have makeup like a great wig or something. Now, just give. They just had me in my regular clothes with no makeups playing old man was kind of like like, Okay, we're ready for you. Just like, Oh, are you okay? We're just okay, we're doing that. We did change the script to say adult instead of old man, because everyone else is supposed to be playing kids like we had Chris and Blaine and Jessica and Chad playing kids. And then everyone else in the office looks older than them anyway, so I liked that I got injured. Chris did get injured today, like joining one of the most painful injuries I've ever had on the set. Really? Yeah. You think you may be. You got a concussion? No, because that's a very damaging injury. Why don't you Why don't you tell Bernie how you've got the tailing? My You got potato in your eye. Go on, boy. Where were you just doing? Just this. Anything about this. But I'm going to take get wild gas that Chris. I was looking very closely at a Tater tot, and then he got a chunk of it. Anything close? It was It was a It was just a raw on. Just you know what he called what you just called big potato potato. I don't have a first name basis. Know what? Cooper? So I had a potato and I was like, balancing it on my forehead in between takes or, I don't know, might as one does. I think it was during intake and a piece of the potato. I guess a potato like flake fell off like that has, like, dirt and dust. All wasn't potato because it was a big potato, but it was a really big potato potato somehow fell off and hit me in the eye. And I've had everyone gets stuff in there right. This was in my eye for, like, thirty. We'd be, like, shut down the production change shots and everything because I couldn't get this potato out of my way. Well, maybe not gonna lose you for that, too. I was like, I remember I was like, Are you flushing my eye with water? Trying to get this potato flake out of my eye and thinking it's not getting out? You sure you got a tux, but just go anywhere? Like what? If they start to sound like a little leaves, start to sprout out like what he's got in there. It was just an urban legend about the kid who stuck to beat up his nose and started to sprout. I heard that about watermelon water. Watermelons are numbered. That swallow was a Russian due to Allah for tree growing in his lung. Yes, that's true, right? That's fucked. That's scary. Yeah, like breathing pollen. And he had a fir tree that started to grow in his lung was pretty wild. Pretty fucking wild. But the human body is just where would you want to grow? Plants in my yard, final in your body? Somewhere on your you have to create Oppa little garden somewhere. Oh, I would do like the little get gap right here in the shoulders, like in the clavicle, right. If you put some dirt in some water, get, like, a little country like way. Maybe little pecan that size. I mean, this is already called the bush. Yeah, just deflower. Oh, or even better, a lot of innuendos could. Yeah, I would just grow like a little like rose garden in my vagina. Bush. What if you could do that thing? I always want to have one of those lawns, like at a ballpark where they mow it. And then they take a roller and they roll stripes into it. They just if you go opposite direction and it makes that cool like it looks like a striped lawn Once you do that with your pubes like if you could Just like we're all one direction and roll the other, you're probably pretty glide and sick. Grass grows straight and pubes curl. What are people doing out there with pubic hair these days? Chris, you're here is you're single. Anybody like doing die? Like like different stripes and stuff like that? Like frosted tips I've seen that when you go down there like you're kissing theory, welcome to Flavor Town. Theo. Seen a heart's a heart shape. Bush. Really? Yeah. Seems like a lot of effort for the hardest, though home is where they are. So a big thing when I was meeting when I was in college was girls would go to tanning salons. I don't think it's a big thing anymore. But they got a tanning salons, and then they would get they put stickers on and then get the very specific tan like that one little patch of town. Yeah, because the tanning salon was so they would have any tan lines, right? But then they had this one little patch. Where is what would you think was the number one thing? Heart? Probably hard, No, But like late night, early peace, mid nineties late nineties, piecing Playboy Bunny, that was. In fact, we had a friend that we knew that did a lot of business with Playboy as a company. And he told us that, you know, a huge publishing empire, the Playboy publishing. I just want to play because God has taken my nose or something. But I did it could start growing in. You looking? You won't have a fetus in here. They get a little bit. But he told us like mid two thousand likes you. That's the biggest part of their business because everything in declined with publishing. The biggest part of their business was licensing the Playboy Bunny. Still, that that thing That was huge? Yeah, for, like, car stuff and air freshener thing. Probably condoms for the Playboy calm in the Playboy Bunny. Unlike so many like women's hoodies and T shirts and stuff like that, too. Yeah, but most of it looks on license like you always look at it. It's like That's not quite right. Yes, that's a little off. It doesn't look like that. Yeah, we've got is a gift. We got Hobbs. What's a stuffed Hobbes encounter? And I got this thing in my house. I'm like, I know this is unlicensed, but normally it's okay. Thinking like bought at a flea, market something. Craft it up a little, Hobbes, but this is clearly manufactured, bought off a store shelf somewhere, and it's like I just don't know why that I pee in particular. Nobody cares, even though it's so beloved. Nobody cares That's just being ripped off. Yeah, I don't know Pilar. Weird about that. People will like there should get stolen. Whistled. Did you think was in just that one? Especially hard as you can get it legally any other way. You know, write any license so they just want it. And they don't care that they brought that. It's being, you know, unlicensed because you know they're taking. He's not like losing revenue from his licence product. He's just not doing license. Yeah. Ah, and it's so but that's weird to me. It's like when that stuff happens, like I was like, Shut my mouth about the whole pub G Fortnight thing when that was going on because people just didn't seem to care at all. You know, that fortnight was like, you know, yeah, this is a really cool game. Let's just do that instead of our TV game. But it was free and it was in the P S for so I was like, It's fine. I've been looking at player based numbers, watching like Apex legend shoot up and then shoot down, and then a fortnight kind of peaked. It seems like Fortnight's already peaked, and it's kind of starting to Peter down a little bit and pudgy. Never got his biggest fortnight, but it's been very consistent, you know, it's gotten, you know, it's gotten, Ah, big in my house again. Is with the kids really my craft again? We're like circling back around my craft. I think there was an update or something like that. So the nostalgia thing that he will not die this certain games? No, they finally removed, not from anyone back in supporting and again do you DVR stuff for I have in the past, but I don't have any set up at my place. So dude, I got this PR game. I got it for Teddy because they was top rated on PR. Tease any sense of room? We set it up like it in the living room, the one that's on the right. When you go in my house, it's he's in there and he's fucking flailing around like it was like, This is really cool. And like he took off the headset and he was all red and sweaty and everything. I was like, Okay, this is really close. Like beat saber. It's like a really active game. I do not feel bad for letting him play this for, like thirty, forty minutes straight. And Ah, and I was like, Let me check it out. It's immediately game was called blading Sorcery. Holy shit. That game is ridiculous. What makes ridiculous is it just like you're fending off yourself? You basically pick up any weapon. Anybody here play this, want to jump on the sidecar? Anyone here so you could pick up literally any weapon, and it's vey are. So you have your hands and it's your first person perspective or whatever that means in V. R. You know, you're in this thing you could pick up like a source on this and a shield on this hand or a two handed battle acts or, like two daggers or a Bowen air. Or you can turn your hands are like lightning and stuff like that. But it is basically just like you're in an arena and enemies coming, you and you just fucking just, like, stab like Clark, like right in the stomach or whatever, or they come at you with weapon. You can block it or whatever and then hack off their leg like you're not taking this anymore. And I played it for, like, two hours thiss just like an updated version of that other. There was another, like Gladiator game. Gorn Gorn. Yeah, this is way more. That's pretty cartoony. Gorn. This one is not cartoony this morning, so I'm watching footage of it right now. It's also it's so visceral when you're playing it because it's so immersive. That's like I'm just waiting for the news to pick up on this game. Existing call. It's got, like the force and stuff. Yeah. Have you have sorcery stuff, Tio? Let's go blading sorcery So you could turn your hands again, zapping with this hand, then run up in status. But I saw someone stab someone and then, like like with the four using the fourth, grab the dagger back out of them back to their hand. No, that's a mechanic. That a lot of V R games like a my personally, My favorite V, our company is Alchemy Labs. They're so good. So good job simulator. They made the Rick and Morty game as well, I believe, right? Yeah. They put out a sequel to Job simulator called Vacation Simulator, and I've actually been playing that since. Is this the game? This is it. Oh, right. You like? I will, too. Just like, you know. Does your three students look like you got poked in? The eye is in my phone. Oh, there goes a leg. My favorite game of thrones seen. Oh, it's awesome. Pretty fucking ridiculous, is there? This reminds me to ask because I don't know this, but is there a V r game that's exercise based beat? Savor. A lot of people play that for exercise. Have you played sabre? Uh oh, my gosh. Yeah, it's pretty good. I mean, you get you get your heartbeat. Heartbeat gets up there, depending how, Like, there's difficulties like any other beat based, like, DDR type game. It's really fucking fun. So we're thinking about I was talking with Kelly about it. She respond thing about doing, like, a full on like Verne Artie, life. Just clear out that area in the rich teeth office and then set ups in V R stuff there and do it. But, like, do it like fans and like throwing water on people when shit like that. Crazy everyone, right? Yeah. Yeah, but that's fun. vacation. Similar is funny. Then there's, Ah, zero something. It's an F. P s shooter game, and it's the clip that I saw were like The guy reaches over and takes the clip out of his enemies. Gun puts it in his just like that fun stuff you can only really do in V R that you can't do other places. I haven't tried that yet, but we played this and then I was mortified at my own. I mean, normally I'm like I grew up playing video games seem like home. They're not violent or whatever. This thing is like a serial killer. How do you start like killing killing household pets and then work your way up is just an endless stream of people that you can just pack up basically and listen. It's highly realistic feeling, at least, you know, I mean the motion of it. You get some crazy stuff or something gets in like you're hit box and then every starts flopping around and stuff like that. But for the most part, it's like you have these moments of like, yeah, that's what it's like to stab the dude in the chest with a gigantic sword. Wondered. I know. I don't know how I feel about that. Like literally, you have to pull the sword back out. So you give yourself in a room. If you go down to like, the hilt into their body, you've gotta, like, pull all the way back out, and then you could turn it around and hit somebody ahead with the hilt. You can like, they look like they pinned someone to the wall with a sort there, you can let go of it and flip it around and then go stab, stab, like do reverse your grip on it. It's pretty fucking nuts. This game pretty nuts. So Teddy can play. He's old enough for that is, but I don't know. It's like maybe I'm just being like a typical parent of like, I didn't grow up with that. So we'll certainly I saw fucking super violent movies all the Friday, the thirteenth movies I saw when I was a teenager and it's humans, right? Not even just fake things, but also I wasn't doing it. You know what you mean you don't know? So it's like I have to like figure this out by monitoring him Modern problems, but could also be training him to sort fight against other people who have played the game who want to kill him. He'LL have to eventually rise up and stop Mariel. It's true she's getting dangers to those sorts favorably. Our game. What's that? One time freezes Anytime you move of you, I could tell you my least favorite BR games. Just horror games in general. But I can't play horror games as it is. Arizona's sun shines a zombie game so good just what you're like with no light in the mind. Uh, I can't with good, I can't do it. That's because you're too fucking scared. All right, well, we'LL prepare you for the eventual zombie apply, haven't you? Does this in Tokyo, The Star Trek Bridge game? Good luck and love that, but I can't find anybody who will play with me because it's because not every has a V r set, right, you know, But lets make you you're on the bridge of the Lycan Enterprise class ship. It's like the old school original Siri's like thing, like all the like that you know, the grades you're getting like the self contained systems. I don't need a PC to run him. Yeah. Contained headsets. You'll probably find a lot more people I got to say P S p S v r for the PlayStation is remarkably under marketed. I think it really is good. Like I played skyrim on and that I believe and everything I played on that was usually hell that when even just unboxing it and opening it up. You can tell that Sony has a long history in consumer electronics and consumer products because, like you open it and it's way more user friendly than even like the vibe or the oculus. Like everything's labeled with numbers. You go through the instructions and it refers to the numbers. It's like if you don't know anything, it's just like plug one into two. Plug to into three. That's it. You're done. Also helps that four has very limited ports. We don't have Ah, have Ah chat this week, guys. Okay, I get it up right there. Well, here, let me read this thing on my mind. I want this absolute receive podcast is brought to you by Robin Hood. Robin Hood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks F's Options and Kryptos all commission free, while other brokerages charge up to ten dollars for every trade. Robin Hood doesn't charge any commission fees, so you can trade stocks and keep all your profits. Plus, there's no account minimum deposit needed to get started, so you start investing at any level. The simple, intuitive design of Robin Hood makes investing easy for newcomers and experts alike. You're easy to understand charts and market data and place the trade in just four taps on your smartphone, you know. So if you start collections such as one hundred, most popular was Robin Hood. You can learn how to invest in the market as you build your portfolio, discovered new stocks, track your favorite companies and get custom notifications for price movements. So you never miss the right moment to invest. Robin Hood is giving listeners that were Steve Podcast a free stock like Apple, Ford or Sprint help you build you your portfolio. You can sign up at Artie podcast up robin hood dot com Super refused Great love the apple sauce. Thankyou response. In this episode of received baby steps with investing but cash, it'LL pay off it'LL pay off baby steps, one step at a time, like a drop of water in the bucket is what I feel like a first but didn't like then the water, multiple eyes. What was this statistic that you said it? And I don't know if it holds up anymore, but the old adage was that every seven years your money doubles well. So the example uses a twenty year old put away ten thousand dollars, and I realised making that statement that most twenty year olds don't have ten thousand dollars to put away in investment, Debbie said. The example that I gave was extremely short how it turned out. I think with one point eight million dollars by the time they were sixty five or something is that investing in stocks or bonds or both, Or, I would say, Probably get a financial person if you don't know what you're doing is picking your own stocks you like, I don't know, although there's some stuff I like that did really well, like Netflix and Tesla and like, fuck, how do you tend to vote? You tend, invest emotionally you shouldn't do. I think that's ah like a thing. A lot of people do it like they stick toe cos they're familiar with our industries that they're familiar with. Yeah, but you do like index fund something it's tied to, like, just overall market. The Dow, Yeah, the S and P. And then you could like we could do that or mutual funds, but just dealed outages if you invest in some years, she'LL get crazy returns of, like, ten percent, and sometimes you get okay, returns of five. Sometimes you lose money because that's always the parent. Because when you start to lose money especially started if you put in money in years when you lose and you lose the principle the money you put in you like fuck this, take investing advice from a guy in the tin foil hat e o talk to you about some other products later and I'm not taking the fucking hat off. But I was going to say the example that I used was yes, twenty year olds don't have ten thousand dollars to put away, and I get that. But that also that extreme crazy example assumed you were putting away no other money for the rest of your life. It was just that amount and nothing else. So it's just like it's Ah ah is Joel when you need him like there's waited like as you put in overtime, then you're weighted by price changes like I bought Del or something over the course of ten years. My waited price for changes. Because that stock goes up, I don't have it. All of this amount that makes sense like an average like we should do a financial podcast at some point. I know Merrill's been talking about wanting to do that for a while. She knows a lot about finance. Yeah, yeah, it's one of the things that you had. A de mystify it. I don't know if it's like this in other countries, but I'm always just mortified in the US and how we office Kate the I sound like Mike Tyson doing interviews for silver words. How it's like we make it. We make mathematics more difficult for finances, which is the most important thing in a capitalistic study, like in grade school math, eighty two probability and things like that, which you are useful but geometry. Calculate the volume of cylinder not as useful, say, calculating interest rate. You know amortization, you know, it's it's it does things to really important to know and we just don't ever You know, we don't teach them that school girl. I know the volume of a cylinder. Twelve ounces? Yeah, nailed it. What do you want? Deal. Let me quiz you on that. Do you remember What is the volume of a cylinder? Ho man? Well, it's really It's simple, right? It's the height of this. The cylinder, It's John High volume of the circle, which is pi times diameter. Hard times. Pi r squared. Pirate's court is area, isn't it? Yes, but that's the area of of two point you, right? So keep fires. This circumference o That's right. OK, Pi r squared. You're right. Its probably pi r squared times the height of the cylinder they get right. You tell us, you jerks hire Scott. Yes. Look at me. I could calculate the volume of Sylar literally have not access that information in thirty years. And you're probably on. I remembered it, and I I have not used it between when I learned it. And just now are you telling me as an entrepreneur, you've never had to calculate the volume of a cylinder I have never It's never come up. Not one time has that come up. You are going to close a big deal and they're like, Wait, Mr Burns, before we proceed way have a simple geometry question for you. God, I just can't remember if that's ever come up before. They're really not. I feel like, isn't it some theory that we'll not some theory, but people say that for things you learn in school, especially like math equations and things like that. You're not necessarily learning these things to use throughout your life. But just to teach you howto learn and how to absorb knowledge he's going to school is like figure out what college you want to play you and I think about this all the time. It's like, you know, he's very much in the world of end of high school thinking about extracurriculars, GPS, anything that's going to make him more attractive to the colleges he wants to go to. And all I can think of is especially talk about G. P. A. Is. I graduated from college. I have never, ever shown my diploma to anybody like had to prove that I went to a school, UT and I don't know, you know, I don't know what my GPs. I've literally never been asked outside of college. What, my GPS, right. But I think it's more important getting into college. People look at that when you're going through what I did educate myself in college and I was grated with grad school and things of that nature, and I like it like it only matters to other educational institutions. Yeah, that's the only thing that the GPS matters. Could it matter also, depending upon what field you get into? You know, you're like competitively. Yeah, I'm not a medical field are like a cylinder Coca e. I don't know. Well, there's an engineering. I probably would have to calculate the volume of a cylinder occasionally, but how many perfect cylinders are there? I guess if you're a manufacturer, then then it's really calculus, right? That's that's what you're really gearing upto learn. It's calculus that's actually useful, that only nerds supposedly learned, and that's way. That's a fucking order Mac to two different than geometry. Algebra night. Human and Chet said they had to show their diploma like their actual physical T'pol. Yeah. They had to show the diploma to their job. I needed my real talk. For thirteen years, I faked diploma and I've never told anybody. Yeah. Don't tell. Keep that up. Tell anyone. Yeah. Hello? Prove it. Post your picture. Police is that we're reading stuff in the chat here. I'd show my moment to get a job here. Yeah? Yeah. Was it probably for, like, immigration thing? It was. It was for the workings of Had to prove my education. That makes sense. Yeah. You Ah, Do you fuckers in Canada? Do you take the What do you take? No, you don't think a standardized test at the end of high school? I didn't know that's a TV, like, replaced the test of like, would you take a few test? Would you Do you Seriously? Do you want to do that? We should. Absolutely. That I think you were gonna put a bet on this of, like, who would have the worst one? I want to win some of that seventy one bucks back. What's wrong with you? Got yourself a certain sort of looking at stuff like he scares making a weird noise. Would you really like your crew. I got an I Q test together. You would You would legitimately take it. Absolutely only, yes. If for one of the podcast, it's just us taking the test for an hour and a half. Was just laying there long, right? Isn't that something like do online? No. No, I think you have to have someone administer it. Surely there's an online way. Should also have a baseline of other. We should Can we get other employees topped in? Yeah, I didn't want to have, like, a baseline. Yeah, I won't blame to take it. Okay. Your usual. Line it up, Eric. Okay. Also, putting together chat is one hundred percent proving me wrong. At least in their experience. They're all saying they had to show their diplomas in order to get their jobs. And somebody just said that they had to stay with their college GPA was twelve years after the graduated college. Well, and determine their starting paste. All right, And get your name went by really fast. Kind of prove there. I mean, I guess you get record of a transcript or something. Somebody get mentioned to administrate the test. I like that. We're gonna be? Oh, yeah, An impartial authority. Is there really not an online I Q tests? They're not reliable. I just I just know we want this official Barbara on the record. I guess I'm used to doing all those online quiz is now. Like which those are Nike tests. I know their rigid Barbara bus. Yeah, give me a busty test of, like, which sandwich? Are you based off your favorite office characters? Oh, honestly, how fucking lame is meant only really club. There's a club where you have to give to think you're smart person than prove you're smart person to get into it and then hang out with other smart and you're so smart you haven't figure out that it's lame at any point. How is that possible? Can we get burn your Mensa membership of equality? There's no pretty girls club, right? That's just a regular nightclub. That's it. It's like you could get in. He can, but there's no like clubs like, Oh, I'm in this club that says, I'm beautiful. It's like it's like smart people just feel so fucking miserable all the time. They have to have a club that thiss because what they call being a model or like you being smart, you don't have a club. Hey, you. So is there a model's union? There was a There was a man. I don't know, actually, I don't know if it still exists, but good looking dudes are models. Either. It's kind of a more female centric thing. There was a some dating app. That name I don't remember it, but it was like, seven years ago. I remember Brandon showed it to me and he was like, You have to, like, apply and get radiating off your hot enough to get into it. And it was like a live update. What? They were like people be voting on live what? Quite a brennan about eyes. Whenever, wherever he was singles, whenever you like, he wouldn't know I was there whenever and he was like, like a waffle. And like looking good, Chris things like many cities in another picture. And he got in with a Yeah, that's a good way to like vigor. Yeah, pictures. You want to use this room looking looking Good secret. L a tender like I say l a tender, but it's just like a secret. I feel like like famous people. It's not tinder. Yeah, it's It's It's really funny bar because it's either famous dudes or good looking girls. That's like That's like it. It's just like it's funny because I know a good looking girl and a famous dude on that up. Do you actually met each other? Just like the really famous women is like I'm making. I'm good. I don't need your help. I'm solid. Well, I I remember years ago during, like the MySpace era, the hot or not website where people would upload their image and people would vote if they're hot or not. So it's kind of like that dating app. Yeah, forgot about that website is still around. I feel like that website is That's one that's going to stand the test of time. I find someone you meet and chat to people near you. So no gotta sign in. Hot or not, I am male. No, not totally mad out of my class e, I saw what a toll it totally different topic. I saw an invention. I think Chris would really like earlier today someone modified a Roomba. Oh, my God. I saw Teddy so that any time it hits a wall, it screams What? But also they increase the speed on it too. So just going vocalized hits the water goes God dammit! Yes! How they're trying to eat dinner while these things are going around the room. God, it's so fucking funny to me that video, Because I want this like that. It's like halfway through the video that you see the room boats, three people sitting in a dining room table was it wasn't Ashley Madison. That was ninety percent of females robots. I believe that's where they have the hack, right? Yeah. I think that's how they figured out that most of the counts for fake there. Damn vegan friendly Dick says a smashing us big unfriendly Nice. Tonight's your night, e. I saw someone posts on reddit somewhere off vegan lasagna. That was nice. It was not lasagna. It was just a salad. But they've made a attack. Sound made a layered cell. It is like you know what a vegan lasagna is? It was so weird. So I just had a lark. You talk about nostalgia, you know, this is like, ignore it, you know? Kind of like, you know, How are you? No room but cleans your health? How likely would it be to adopt this into your household? A little more personable? You don't feel like there's a Roman Theo. Theo. Theo modified a bunch of things. He's taking his look really owners. He young guy. I don't know. It looks like he's like fifteen. I don't know if he's that young. I think he's probably in his early twenties. Yeah, it seems like those were his roommates. Either way, I'm a big fan of this guy now, so it's a great idea. First video I've seen of his, and it's like I had had Teddy watching. Instead, he's getting He's like a school is on the robotics team and everything got a robotics class, and I'm just trying to get more and more into coding. And I was like, Well, look at this. You know anything? They made him laugh. Was Teddy was fucking bawling? Laughing? Yeah. Do you think he'LL try to do his own version? I hope so. I would love man if I a Roomba going around the house screaming, Absolutely So Santa Barbara's sake nostalgia stuff. Yeah, I just I was in origin because I was going to play Apex legends on the P s Don Apiece C k c B c. Even though I suck at Apex alleges on the PC on. Then when I went in there in origin, I had all these other names that I bought it in a big sale. Or Noto we got codes for Anthem and the codes came with the look from here that you like Ultima And like all these games and there that I could get And then one of the games that I got with that was Simms for So I thought I'll place and for I was hoping you'd say that and a little schemes for And then I noticed When did they make this change? I was going to make stuff, and it says, vegan friendly. Unlike some of the things you got to make, like I'm gonna make a cake. My character is good at cooking, So it's like I was making a cake and said, This cake is vegan friendly, like it has in the chart of stuff you can make. It shows which stuff is vegan from. Oh, my God. Fuck about Simms. Yeah, you could have a vegan Cimabue was present. When did that change coming? You immediately put them in the pool and take away the ladder. Right now, you're going to be a pain in the ass. Let's get rid of this for right now. It's not true simulation, either, because if my character was a vegan, it's all they would be able to talk about. So But they were able to talk about other stuff. So it's not really yeah, cartoon images above their head. That wasn't just speaking. Just mean. You could be with Thio with the international. No simple. Through every talked, he just turns away instantly and leaves. Yeah, they were making fun of vegans, and I know that those of you that Ted, that that's your personal emotional darkness could be offended by that. But there are many Vegans are totally cool. Our friend Nat is like the hardest core vegan I have ever met in my life. Like if she's going to buy something, says he's APS, and she double checks on like multiple APS to see if the company making has partner companies within a holding company of animal products. Wow, she's like, Yeah, not because we don't have a term for them does this week. And she's like a mom like that. Seems like an extreme militants. Yeah, what do you think about, like Guy Moe? Lab grown meat. I know it's not really thing yet, but if it iss like someone grows like Chris, what do you call a big lab grown meat when he o get some flights to that? But like there was, I think there is a hypothetical question that someone posed recently where it was. If you could grow meat in a lab that would taste and feel like everything would be like regular meat. But it's not actual meat. It's grown in a lab. Would you still eat it? I would eat the flesh, were heading that direction. And I think in order you have to. There's no there's no alternative to that. Like I'm trying to eat. Let me just to be like, yeah, environmentally. Okay, Yeah, I was wondering if that was the motivation. Yeah, a lot. A lot more people are leaning towards being vegetarian. Let's meet at least because of environmental resource. Our pesky Terrian with just fish. Yeah, is that it's all official dying sort of like a lab rat like me. I love me. Chris is on the record, but he likes me. You want somewhere to kick film? Easy. Good, good. Really good. Not again. That's at least fifteen pounds. But Anna Mae Ah, but we're trying to keep dying. What about what about the diet? I took a good, long hard look at that beer, and I drink like forceps and then put it back behind my chair so I won't touch it. Now, Dr Gus DDS recommends one hundred species of cake a day to maintain a healthy weight. But Chris would get you off. Oh, I don't know. I was just going to talk about how I can't wait to see some lab grown meat. I think it would be awesome. I agree. Give me the classic podcast. Debate is not lab grown, but just sourced from a completely moral free source. Would you eat human to try it like the person wasn't hurt in any way to get it? It's not diseased, but it's not the paper clone. It's okay that you haven't like there's no like take the moral parts of life. Would you just eat human meat? What if it was my will? Like in You're like my will. I want Pete, my friends, to eat me. They like you. My last request. Still, that's illegal in so many places. No, I'm just saying in the same hypothetical is what I want. I wouldn't know. I wouldn't do it even if I was like I specifically was like, I really want burning. Eat me. I feel Kris, I feel like the people that know you would be in your will And people who know you would never want. He's I know what you have done. I'd be delicious. They know where you've been. You have eating strange things. Did you read that terrifying headline last week where two people on a plane develop bubonic plague? What? And on the plane? Yeah, they had Well, they realize that the other people realized had bubonic plague quality Plane was in flight. How? What? I'll get to that. I'm dumb, but what is Demonic Lake? That's what did the plague. The plague? Yeah. Black tailed black. Almost everyone in Europe. It was It was It was a one third of the population. I think it's higher than that. When the plane landed. They had Teo quarantine it. They have to have people in hazmat suits board the plane to start checking everyone that I would be pains. The two people that died from the plague, they got it because they were in Mongolia and it was a couple husband and wife. The husband hunted and ate a marmot that had bubonic plague like a weasel on. He gave some to his wife and she aided also, and they both got the plate from it. Who can afford a trip internationally and still eat marmots? I mean, it's just like that's such event diagram. It's like only one person exist in those two. Apparently, there's two. She's very docs. She did know what she was eating. How did they realize that they had the bubonic plague on applying? If it didn't get into specifics, unfortunately, but itjust like they'd smell them or looked at them for develop development money. Barb Pun for the situation. The I'm sorry. Out of time, the correct answer was bubonic plane. There were dramatic scenes when a flight from Amanda came to say this, but I think Bogie and called in Mongolia what's meant by workers of white anti contamination suits as it landed in the country's capital white and wakana at race. Eleven passengers from the west of the country were held at the airport, said immediately for hospital checks. Dude, who wouldn't volunteer for that check? You want your pain with people who have thrown aside over. They go to India for the wedding. But, oh, yeah, that was the backwards episode. And then you get a place of Miss Seinfeld man waste. They were still making that show, even if the guy who just made the modern Seinfeld Twitter account was the guy writing it because we would be perfect. And I would love it of storms thing about. Still think about the place, Another plane thing, which can It goes back to something you and I were talking about Ah, couple months ago, which, as I said, you get on a plane, count your fucking seats the rows of seats to the nearest exit counted because if you get in a situation where you can't see in the in the cabin and need to get to an exit, you want know how many rows to go before you get there? Yeah, you can feel the seats either. The bottoms of the seats are the tops of the seeds. You can feel either one and the others have those lights there. But in a fire or something that those lights might you see how blouse focus? Yeah, they might malfunction immediately, So I always do it. I always like when I sit down in my seat. I was like, Where's the exit? As two seats back? As jaded as I am that you know, I don't listen to you know, all the announcements to make. I still count how many exits in front of me and how many rose to the exit behind me. Really? It's still like in either direction. I know which. You know how far I have to go If I ever need Thio, man, you know that there was horrifying footage of that plane that went down? Yeah, but, General, did the person take the footage? He must have lived the footage like I assume so. But I mean, you know, there was a Russian plane. It caught on fire and land in seventy one people are dead. Nothing for twenty one. There were seventy eight people on the plane. Forty one died. OK, maybe that sort of thing that angers me the most about that situation is that people died because there were other people trying to get their belongings down from the overhead bins. Yeah, and believe it. Dude, even the photos you see people getting out of the plane, you see them carrying their bag. I don't think anything infuriates me more than that. Oh, there's the footage. I can't imagine you're a forty one people being at the airport, and you're like, you look out because this is just some broad. Just some guy at the airport in the terminal looking out the window. Yeah. Fucking how fucking healthy. Like you said, there's other footage from people inside the plane, and then they don't know what happened yet, Like, quiet it coming really early. I mean, she's so you know, I was coming down on fire, though. I've hurts. Thank you. Were all those fucking fire trucks that you always see in airports? It doesn't look like they might have landed on a taxiway where they probably went, landed wherever they could literally fuck everyone with a bag. Fuck you. They speculated that I've heard speculation that there was a lightning strike. But Lightnings hit planes all the time and don't light them on Fire. I've been on planes have been struck by lightning. What happens? Nothing. The plane's designed to take lightning strikes. It happens all the time, so I don't know how much I believe that. But I mean, that's that's what people who are on the plane were saying right? Could it could have been far worse. You know, forty one people dying is really, really terrible. I've been on a plane where light. I've been in a window seat on a plane and have had lightened strike the window seat in front of me and it's it doesn't do anything to play with the person on the plane did was this. And then the cap comes on report a circle and we're goingto were they just kind of just hard bank off to the side, like we're goingto wait a little bit. Then we'LL decide to land. Yeah, yeah, that's ah, The other thing, too is in that thing not really pretty in this situation, but in the horribly unlikely sort understands that you are. Nothing in that video was there's a dude walking away. He's got the bag. But then there's also the people who are just kind of circled up. Just fucking run. Just get out of that plane and start hauling ass because that's full of fuel. Yeah, do not just go fuel they deploy. Don't know, but jet fuel doesn't explode. But they did not know that now just burns right. But I would get the fuck out of there. Just periods. Get out, Get out of the way. Let's let Mother going going. I see a lot of people in the chat being like, Oh, fuck that. I'm never getting on a plane or I don't want to come on a plane to come Party x Plain disasters Very rare. It's highly more likely you'LL get hurt in a car crash anymore. You get driving to the airport driving the work or like something every going to the grocery store. Yeah, especially nowadays, air travel is a lot safer than I imagined. It used to be, and they're constantly making improvements. And that's the interesting thing to me that people always asked, like why I'm interested in aviation disasters like the industry is so safe like when something goes wrong. It's the most personal what went wrong. And then what gets learned from that, You know, because industry evolves. It used to actually be really dangerous back, you know, in the fifties sixties and seventies, and there were so many disasters and problems that the industry really learned had to adopt adapt quickly in order to become really safe. And now it's super Safeway toe travel. I never I think I'm going to say I never worry about going down. I still count the number rose to the next case. But, you know, I'm not worried that its life in the yellow with caution, being aware of your surroundings and knowing the safest way to handle everything but not living in fear, because that is no idle of your life. Did I have I told story about my car accident? I don't think so. Um, well, I was in a car accident in December. Oh, yeah, and it was like So I was I was like, going as going driving home at, like, ten or eleven at night. I pull up to a red light and then I'm sitting there. I think there might be someone you don't really remember. Also, I get smacked from behind really hard, like, really hard. And I'm like, Wow, you know, how are you? How are you? Hard ont Ah, Do you want to take a quick demographic aching will take to the crew already in this. But then then and then So I look up. It's really good. And the person the person who hit me I'm like, there they jumped the curb and are speeding off down like North Lamar and they're speeding off that hit and run. And then So I was like, Fuck it, we'LL really? And so I jumped the curb. Really? I jumped the curb and I speed off after them. And I'm like, you know, like, I've seen fasten fears and I'm like, Who are you? Who Who are you? The fast one. Okay, your drive angry or Nicolas Cage and I wanted to get their license plate. And so I pulled out my phone on video, and I'm like, What is it about this dangerous situation and making it work? Okay, well, that wasn't filming it. What? You could be honest. Okay, I was filming. Don't do that. So and so I'm like, but I don't think they realized that I was chasing him because they're zooming off, in fact, zooming off Africa and they pull up behind another red light, and I'm like, I pull up right behind him. She hid him well, so I pull up right behind him. I filmed get their license plate, and then I'm like, I'm just got, like, the adrenaline off, like the chase. So I jump out of my car Well, in the middle of the intersection and I had, like, I run up to the window. I'm still filming in, like that bang on the window like, Hey, you just hit my car. And then this lady looks up at me and she just gives me a thumbs up like, Yeah, I did. And I was like, Fuck! So then the light turns green. I'm like she's about to drive off. So I jump in front of her car. You did I jump over her car and I'm like, you're not going anywhere. Vigilante. Yeah, like a super like Batman. Basic thiss woman could have run you over over. Well, so I just didn't want to jump over a car. And I'm like, you're not going anywhere. I'm calling the cops. And so she's just sitting there and she's yelling at me to get out of the way, saying she has to go pick someone up from, like, no hands. What is the deal with some people? So so then And like, I call nine hundred eleven, but it connects to the Bluetooth in my car. Margo like, Hello? Hello, I'm like, is no. One that I'm like trying to figure out why brains, your brain's not working. So at this point, she's yelling at me, Get in your section the middle of the night in front of someone and I'm going on. And then also, she's telling me to get out the way I'm like, No, I'm not getting out of the way. You're going to say that. So then she's trying to, like navigate. Also, I'm like, figure out what to do with my phone hair smash and I look up, she said. The front of my car back. Teo, back into the front of my car. Sound like you just hit my car again? And she's like, No, I didn't. Yes, you did. So then I'm like I like hang up on my phone, I call nine one one again with somebody Figure out like, what's going on? So I call on, like, nine new ones, like, All right, we're on our way. Yeah, right. And I'm like, All right, cool at this intersection like, Okay, cool. Some of the fun that we want. And at this point, I'm like the adrenaline of like, she's also like, pushing me with her car something She's gonna run me over like she's doing the thing where she looks rolling for you and just like pushing me through. The cops are on their way. Better pull over the car. I'm pulling over. I'm, like, better polish. Do you use that voice? I don't know you that well, you boys for on then. So then I'm also like, I feel like I look crazy because I'm the dude standing in the middle intersection yelling and screaming with Carter, my car doors, like my door's open. I'm like, I looked pretty crazy, So like I should like So I get in my car and then on then, like I'm on the phone nine eleven, I'm like, Yeah, we're pulling over like turned and she's like you will be dispute over the corner. The center site, like turn screens, guns it like they're mine. We're on the move again and think like you're part of the cup and the nine eleven Every enforcement nine one one operators like where are you? I'm like, I don't know. We're checking. I'm chasing it down. What do you do it? I'm like I'm chasing your It's like we don't know where to take. Were like, I'll tell you in a minute. And I'm like tasting your like, you know, face to the race. And then and then and then she, like, turns down like a tiny little intersect Little like road right by gas station. I'm like, you know, streets chase after and then I swear he's like a out of a movie screech. Was that on a mama Pia, that's your card is currently screech moment bythe mean both. But like then a big truck carrying like garbage pulls out right in front of me. And so I couldn't I couldn't pat. At this point, I'm like she got through. You think the perfect getaway, you know, and she got away, and then So I'm like, Well, all right. I called. I called nine one one again. I'm like, All right, I'm I'm here. The garbage truck pulled like for like, everywhere I go, it was like a like a movie. Yeah, And then And so then they come and I give him all this stuff and then I don't hear anything for walks is like around Christmas and stuff. And I'm like, they're going to, you know, my car. I'm like driving this bus. That car. You saw my car? I think you also my car. A funny story about your car actually rents you are very low priority for cop. Yeah, well, but I had all I had video thing is like and and their license plate at all this shit and then so fine that I get a phone call from the cops and they're like, Hey, we think we found the person we want to see if you'd come in and do a lineup. And I'm, like, online of this says that I was, like, super jest about, you know, like I can't wait to do this. I've seen usual suspects, right? E like a coke off course. We always said, and so I like, you know, like, scheduled it like at lunch. Like I'll go during lunch and just, like, do My lineup will be so cool and I go up and then they're like, do my thing and I show up and I'm like, they take me into this like room with no windows and like, Where's the line up? Oh, it's not like we're not. We don't do it like the wind that now that's just in the movies. This's really Yeah. And I was like, We're just going to show you a bunch of pictures and then you point out who it is. I'm like, Yeah, okay, I guess I'll do it. I identified the personnel like you could make it, like, say stuff to, like, Say, this line way. You have to make someone up. Yeah, And then and then So I was like, Yes, her I don't know. Maybe it's it's I think it's an ongoing case because I got a call from a prosecutor recently. When did it happen? This is well happened in December, Okay? But they think they're just prosecuting her now. Yeah, because I got a phone call. Probably. I'm going. Yeah. Anyway, so don't mention that you like this just between us. The old school lineups, though they used to like have the perp, the suspect in there and they would have other peoples, like, kind of padded out like people from the station or just like actors around have been great. Like if you're going to recognize like a local actor, I wouldn't know what it was like. Someone from Rooster teeth like answered a casting call. Wait, I work with that person like that one right there. Number three, Take him in. Think Blaine's only legal responsibility in those situations is to explain how John Rice Singer isn't gay. Isn't better. Blame doesn't court that built it. They're not in a relationship that they're not in a relationship, don't you think? On another front, this absolute receive podcast is also brought to by hymns. You heard us talk about it before super convenient way to get anything you need. The mail at the Post Service don't have to worry about taking time. Tio, go to the doctor's office. Sixty five percent of men start losing their hair by age thirty five. That's two out of every three men on the planet thing is, when you start to notice hair loss, it's too late. It's easier to keep the hair you have rather than to replace the hair that you've already lost on. You can't use a tinfoil hat to cover it. It doesn't work. Hymns is helping guys out with licensed physicians and FDA approved products to help treat hair loss. 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So I wantto say great little bit here on story. Espresso is overrated. Okay. No, no, no. I'm your beer. I want it. I want to tell I want to tell a story about Chris's car. So I think it's the Batmobile. A day on the Batmobile because I'm not a vigilante. Now you like it, So it's not a good visual you like. If Batman had no money and no train, basically it's a Hyundai. Very cool. There's, like, literally no necessary. So, like a day or two after that happened when they bust Wayne with by a killer from E. I saw you in the parking lot by your car and I could see the damage on your car. And I was like, What happened? I pointed to it. You're like, Oh, it was a while. Then you kind of like give me a quick version of the story. I was like they had this crazy and I turned to look to your car and the second I looked at your car like the offender Just, like, popped out, fell off e was, like, communiqu time in your life. I just really I just I just put it back on. So defeated fellow, I drove it for, like, three months with it was like that for a long fucking time from like, until I get it fixed in March. You say you drove to like I drove across. I drove two Mississippi. Mississippi? Yeah, I like I, like, wired it up and taped it up with duct tape. Look really bad. Here's the good news, Chris. That never goes away in life. I was sitting in my office and Barb comes in and she goes, Hey, you're charging. Port is open on your car, and I go, Okay, Thanks. And was like charging. But how did she even know that it's opens this tiny little port in the Mac? How did she knows that? And she and I go my charging port. So this is you, right? Barb, come in, charge apart. Pretty good. Yeah, for your cards. Open now. This wasn't you. Who was it? Another. We're going to find out who you think you are just a while ago, it was Allie. Might even Ellie might Even Ellie. Was it a British barber? This British par for wasn't Canada like, technically part of British comedy. So this other person who wasn't clearly Mar brah was saying, Yeah, you're charging ports opened, I said, What do you mean by charging towards open? I go. How did you even notice that? And they said, This is open. It's in the front. It's the front's open of your cargo. My front of my car is open. And, yeah, your front near the front. The front part recharges every charge it is open I go. What are you talking about? I got that look literally the front of my car, it falling off like it was just like you know, that I have the older body style for Tesla's minds, like five or six years old at this point, and has like that plastic nose cone. I know how it's described on the front that was just off and then down. And it was like hanging by the sensor records over the little sensors. We're just hanging by. That was like, the fuck is that? I just looked up, pushed it back on it. It was totally fine. When are you going for service? Next time I ask to look at it and they go, Yeah, OK, it's OK. But then the other day, like less than two weeks ago, I was with JD. We go to the car wash and we're doing the carwash and the lights as green to go after whole thing. And she goes on like this. What is that? And there's my fuck before my car, like twelve feet in front of the car and then just on the ground, screaming like it was like, What in the world's JD had to hop out in the car wash and, like, run up and grab it and was holding it well, I drove out so that we could clear the way for the people behind us. It was like when I had to, and I just reattach those sensors and then put the cone nose going back on. And it was that doesn't seem like that. Should work capitally or it shouldn't be calibrated. Just like anything, you have a recalibration after that Really fine. My auto drive works even with, like deal. Why, it's like Dr Work goes down the middle of the the line now can say some. You know, Teo test. It was going to be about the auto drive stuff. I rented a Kia when I went to Rochester to go see my aunt. I rented a Ah kee is something I don't know what I was looking up, but it was a new one that had, like, two hundred miles on it from Hertz. That one had lain assist. It was it was the exact same thing is honored. You've also got auto pilot one. Well, Easter's better, but I just want to point five. But what does it do you? Can you turn corners and stuff? It detects red lights now. Oh, no shit. Yeah, I would do that. They're going toe upgrade All Well, I paid for the upgrade to Hardwar three. So they're goingto once hard or three comes It'll do it'll turn corners and everything. I'm not saying it, by the way, like a competitive thing. Like you know, Tesla's You have this and other people don't people. I'm seeing the great thing though. Everyone that this was an entry level. I felt like economy car, Maybe like one level up from an economy car, and it had this feature in it. I was like, This is really fucking cool. This is really making its way into every vehicle, which will be fucking great. Every new vehicle. Tesla had a full self driving day. We're recording this for the answer like investor questions A couple weeks ago, and I was super excited to watch it, and it was the most boring thing in the world. It was a very good It was a very technical discussion about the hardware and about, like how they approach processing and the technology of the users. Like, Here's the design of the CPU. Like, you know, this is the way we run in a while. They it's just super dry ways to make this point. Whenever we talk about a Thomas driving like it's just the adoption, people have to be comfortable with it. There are people to this day who will not make a deposit deposit a cheque at an ATM. Are you one of the people you're turning me on? That I wouldn't do it. You you brought me around on. People are slow on technology. They don't trust it. Barbara. They don't trust. They can make a deposit there. They could make a withdrawal, but they will not put a check into any whatever's on your phone. Well, if you still have the cheque like you deposited check in at TM, you're trusting that it doesn't get lost or shredded or stolen. Yeah, but there's still that Elektronik were also now, like twelve years abroad where we have this conversation, but things that people just slow to adopt stuff and that. But I hear that all the time with the self driving cars. It's like people are like super pro technology, have smartphones in their pockets, pieces at home, Internet savvy. Then you bring up a self driving car. They trust that I would never trust the car just in Vegas. And when you order a lifter uber it's that Are you okay with having? I don't know what they called it, but it was basically a self driving car, but the autonomous autonomous but there would still be a person in that way went to lunch a couple weeks ago, and it was it was you. Me and I think it was in the car as well on DH. It drove itself most of the time. Like I have no idea When When it finally disengaged when we got there. I think you want to You ask because that sounds like Oh, that was the car telling me that it's not driving any more than I have to take over. And I was like, it was driving that whole fucking time on the highway changing lanes, doing all that stuff, going from one highway to another. That's crazy. I can't wait. She hadn't yours. Try it. It's really crazy, because I actually I had a Tessa previously had that blue one. And then I traded traded for this one. I get the blue one in two thousand and thirty. Two thousand. Eleven. Two thousand eleven. I got that car. Ah. And that was when I got out early. Yeah, and this one got two thousand thirteen. I've had this one, sir. What a good guy. Your truck. E j drives it. But you were driving a truck still. Yeah, I came Start working or she's in you, Right? That's it. That's exactly time. I switched it because it was the year that divorce. That's when I got the nice car and ah, the then they announced the auto drive stuff and they told me that my car would not have the skeptical, fully auto drive. But the new hardware would think this is, like, the most important thing to me. So I made the choice to switch up to the next one, and then two years later, they were like, Oh, now those can't go that way. Now, these new ones, you motherfuckers. Yeah, well, the switch technologies that they were using for it. How does the car? No, the speed limits. I got this debate with somebody that it imports the data from Google Maps. So it is GPS. Basically, Yes. That's why I like if you're on fifty first over here East bound between I thirty five in the office, it thinks that the speed limit's thirty, even the speed limits forty. That's nothing. I'm pretty sure mine's optical, so we should test that. Okay, Yeah, cause mine. Just like it always has thirty. And then if you're doing, like, auto drive stuff, it doesn't let you go too much faster in the speed limit's like like I never use it on this stretch because there goes too slow. Did you see that? Elon Musk responded to Jack's tweet. Really? Yeah, I saw it was Jack Street Space X about stand standardizing like his ah, Tesla's car so that whoever key it is it'LL changes like Custom seat for him. You know, it was that little auto assigned driver profile based on on ours is different, cause of the phone write mine. I'Ll do that. What was the features that they added? So if I walk up with my key fob because Ashley is like five foot two or run ontology like three twenty five three five five six had a birthday? Yes, that's exactly what what Jack's describing it were looking. Jax tweet. When I get in after her, I get my knees on my chest. If I forget, if I forget to swap profiles because you have to do it from the centre console, I was thinking of the great either having on the door like a lot of cars have or, you know, we have do it automatically in the update, so it just doesn't automatically. When I walk up, it's like I can watch my seat go back. You can enable easy entry, but he's talking about just having the profile set up automatically. This article says that J. D when he learned to drive, he learn to drive in my car, and we've made a profile for him so he would get in, just hit JD and then put all his stuff in the exact same position that he had before that he got used to it. Very helpful. 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Was like like, there's, like, auto drive on this thing. And so I then set it up, gotten a lane and then went and then I just kind of like did the thing. We kind of have your hands over the steering wheel and the road took a curve and it just went right along with it, and it just made the curve along with it. Wow, Groot, I don't know. Ah, stressful weekend, but I don't remember if it would slow down for cars in front of it. I want to say yes. I think that's a common thing. Like adaptive cruise control. Yeah, yeah, it's like two features. Lane is this post the data crucial basically means auto drive. Well, not quite. It helps, but your car is not quite either, because your car won't do the stuff that is actually auto drive like you can't get in a test Ella punching in a dress and it just goes there. That's auto drive. It won't make a ninety degree turn is that it will on highways, but not on city streets. Right? Like you can get to a red light, Sam says. Take a right here. I'm on fifty first. I want to write in Lamar. There's part of you that my part of the full self driving demo day the other day they did show cars might be digital. Model three is doing that. Point a to point B. Yes, it's capable of doing it. They just don't do it because as soon as one of those cars hit somebody, it's going to be a way to get through. So hasty regulation. Or there's a lack of regulation. There's there's there's regulation that they need to figure out. Yeah, I mean, especially with insurance companies. Insurance companies are going to let that fly like who's liable at that point, right? Who's going to pay for it? But God, God bless. That's being a little bit of time right now. God bless them. They're pushing the envelope on this stuff, and somebody needs to go. It is safe. It is safer because yeah, people are people are surprisingly bad. Well, they're good and bad, like there's a lot of input. You have to take us a human driver. There's a lot of your patients. You would think that we couldn't concentrate on all those things at once. But you practice over time. But the problem is, you get complacent with it on and then you kind of take it for granted. Think about it. Chris would not be a superhero if they had had their car today. Were to stop, Did not hit his car a few weeks ago. You said something like E Leela must commit a better enclosures for radioactive spiders. You said we should go find my trailer. But you said you don't know who I'm gonna watch, Spider Man. Why would I watch the trailer? And I feel like I don't want I don't want to. Next week on Game of Thrones either. I feel like those are the two different arguments to different sides where people who are big fans of stuff either love watching trailers and teases for stuff or absolutely avoid them at all costs. Go back and watch the Thor Ragnarok trailer. It's every fucking major moment like that. It didn't ruin the movie for me in any way. Shape or form. That's true. I mean, I am plot wise or anything, but you know you're going to see it, right? That the Spiderman trial. It came out today, right? Yes. How did I feel? Like I've seen it before. They had they had a teaser before. They did have another trailer for that was like a dream. I do have a quick question about Simon before you move on. I know I can't. Is the No. We can't talk about endgame units. Oh, working close? Why not? Can we do a poll? If we just talk about it or not, it's lost him, and I want you to. The ban is lifted, but I also still respect our audience, and people haven't. We're going. We're going to talk about endgames. So you have seen em? Game in orbit will have a lower third. All right, now get the hell out. You'LL know You know, you've taken two weeks. So what are you talking about? First, right. Okay. Well, I'll save my question for a few weeks ago, you said Bruce Banner, you would drink three day old coffee. Yeah, that you don't care that coffee's coffee. Coffee's got me There's three day old coffee behind you. Where? Oh, no, D A By the way, nobody noticed our game of thrones reference that we did today where we put coffee table. We thought that was really funny. And nobody is called. Oh, there it is. Where's it? Can I microwave it? Because that would micro that. Yeah. You might go for, like, a minute. So where is this? How is it? Three days old. They're committed on Friday. And you put it up there on the set with the lid because that's what you said. Yeah, you're in, like with you don't want to drink it. Forget you. Oh, God. Oh, it's so yeah, it's because it's water. What you say about the cup and fucking disgusting. It's for my growing coffee. It's yes, coffee. It is just like dirty water. Coffee is Chris got a coffee bean flakes in it. I was three days old is a lot. That's a lot. I do a daily to day old Welsh reheated iced coffees. Just dirty coffee. Old coffee, right? No. And then it's just qa cold brew like if you had water in a water bottle. When does that water go bad for you twelve hours later. I assume you like taking your talking hypothetical situation. I'd say, like a water bottle from the gym. You open up a water bottle. You filled it from the tap. Okay, so it's like a reusable water ball. Reasonable. One of you. Do you drink out of it? Put it down? Yes. Feeling that I'm talking about the kind where you like to push the button? Uh, I don't know. A few days. Yeah, right. Yeah. That's what scares you. That coffee. What? Coffee. And it's still not field now. Don't lean on it. Has got a lid on it with a giant hole for you to put your filthy mouth on. I think it's totally fine. That's why we thought she was talking about the game. Yes. Can we do We have a lower third we were talking about in game and this's not spoiler, but I want to want to see this. I want to respond to something. Last week, people were like, Why aren't they talking about in game? I'm not gonna watch because that's exactly why there seems to be different rules for TV shows versus movies or TV. show it's on a certain time and everyone could watch. It's not a limited capacity. You can watch it, so if you don't watch it, it's on you. But endgame, it's a limited capacity only shows certain times, and there's only so many seats available that's three hours long. It's also three hours, long time commitment, and so, and it's also gotta pay to go see it, too. Something get paid at different times, and we're going to movies, not fucking chief any more, that's for sure. So that's why we didn't do it. But it's the same attitude to its, like its exact opposite. If we started saying endgame and started talking about it, we have a shitload of people that would tune out. I don't like the fact that after some things out, we can't fucking talk about it because of spoiler culture. And I'm definitely I got a week. That's all you get for me is a week to weekends. Internet was really good about not spoiling in game, but not game of thrones game because they were like Oh yeah, right, right, because I didn't see in game until the Tuesday after it came out, which you didn't mention on the pocket. They hadn't seen that fucking about last Monday. I did not look a chat at all just to be safe. Because there's a lot of things people could have spoiled. It would. Honestly, my experience here comes here, comes across. So thanks Question for you. We're not talking about endgame. Spoilers. So you're listening on you haven't seen it. Close progress. Now they come back after getting you might go over the lid on afterwards. Morn The Hulk does the snap with the Gaul. It and the people come back. And they had this whole montage of people coming back and all this stuff This is later in the movie. Hey, and Peter Parker's back at school on season. Ed should not be five years older. No. So you corrected something that I thought about the movie to let me let me explain why that could be if Ned got snapped as well. They've both come back to a world where people are five years older and when they see each other in the hallway, it's a relief that both of them are still the same. Oh, I assume Ned was not snapped in Peter Parker was you. You hundred percent get that vibe watching it. But there could be the explanation that Ned was also snapped. We don't know yet. We'll know once we see the movie, I assume they'LL address. Okay, that would make sense. Yeah, Your father that they're going to stay the same age they most of both understand. I thought, Ah, yeah, at man seeing his daughter, every major character after being gone for five years. Like I thought that was a great moment. Was like, You're so big, like the How do you address that? You have to see your child for five years. Especially that age. What was she, twelve when he was, like, nineteen Thomas the tank engine stuff in the first ant man jab. And then in the next one, she was like, What, Like you're a little older eight. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Ah, but overall, I thought it was a great way to wrap everything up. I think we all got problems. We all speculated that there would be time travel involved. No, I didn't at all. Okay. I feel like that was a common theory. A lot. I was actually really surprised. A lot of people time travel story as their big wrap up. I was like, That's fucking risk. It was great to see them revisit moments in old movies. It wass until they got to Dark World. It was like, Oh, yeah, we're going back to guardians of the galaxy. Awesome. We're gonna go back and see me like Big Lebowski Thor to Hook made up for that Oh, dark world. Okay, there's so many great things in the air, like the Rene Russo scene where she knows the horse in the future didn't be great, but I was like, Oh, dark or like like all the other movies are really great. You want The really funny thing about that is that at the end of the movie, Captain America has to go and return all the stones. That time he's got a he's got to go to the red skull and go, Hey, let's go. Wait. We're you come from. He's like, Oh, we use the stones to snap it. Every back from death and Red Skull would have been like, Did I get this? Fuck you by. But then he's gotta go back to Dark World to go up to that point and go like waves. Gotta re injected with three. Yeah, the eighth. Er well, it's crazy if you go back and watch Reality Stone. Um and you know, if I can watch Infinity War during that soul stone scene where good Maura gets thrown off the cliff. Bye, Thantos. If you look paler, look up. If you look at this, the rock that she falls on, you actually see Natasha's blood on the rock where she fell. Same kind of pattern. You see her blood pattern because she's in the past. But there's no defy their past that future, because I think she would have died before it would have started at Natasha's. Blood would have been in there. It's There's blood on the rug. Would know. Wouldn't because they put it back in place. So Santa Faneuil still does the snap. Right? They didn't stop him from doing the first day. The glory get is the path tomorrow. Who's now in the future? You don't, you don't bring her back, right? Okay. Yeah, But then pass. Zamora leaves her timeline and never ends up on Vore Amir with a nose. Right, But hold on. What were they addressed that when they say that everyone is a fucking hat for this, that you can't that it's like back to the future style time travel that your current self can't change the past for your future self, right? I guess you're saying so. Why would the blood from Natasha be there right now? I'm saying I like that. Yeah, that doesn't make sense. Because of blood from Tasha kind of existence on time line. It would exist in thee good, Maura. Infinite would've been, unless that was someone else's blood. But it was somebody else gets where it's where she fell. So I don't know how they explained that. I think you missed opportunity to put Captain America in ah, in ah and game or to me, because he has to go back to all the event. It's like So there's a point which Captain America's fighting Captain America, Great thing. Americans. And then there's another Captain America who's also was just they're putting the stone back, right? So the street Captain America, because it would have been after he took it, he would have had to know what we're doing. No, because where do they get because they lose, they lose the Tesseract, the donkey. Which stone is he getting? A. Which stone is Captain America? The mind stone. That one scene has two stones. That's got the tests back. And it's got his sceptre, which is weird. Receptors blue. But the stone is yellow, right? That's one of the weird inconsistencies with it. Or it's just a representation thing. So wait. But then, okay, Captain America had to come back with the Tesseract there, not the test, because that wasn't the Howard Stark stuff. He came back at least with the mind Stone right here. The Hail Hydra stuff. Yes, that he had that. Yeah, blood. And that's Natalie Portman's bullet. No, no, no. That's a big spoiler, Senator Natasha. That's how black with Carl Jansen. I don't know. I don't know what it means, but then so does she died there. But if he took if oh, they went further back into the past before they'd lost them, I I actually think the Red Skull thing could come into play because there is a theory. When Captain America goes back, Teo, turn in the soul stone to put it back where it was. I think it revised Natasha Peter, Peter H. In Chat says, I can't put it back in the sixties. He put the test around. But I think you're right about the Tesseract. That the mind stone He still had to take back to New York and twenty three. Did you go back? They also didn't they also take the mind Stone with sixteen? Or did they only get that now? The sister acted like they took the six cap. Got it. That's why I was fighting the other cab because he got the sceptre. And then he used the sector on the old cap toe. The original captain tapped him on the chest. Why did they separate in the sixties? Tony Stark leaves goes. He gets the Tesseract. I don't know that. Explain. They were in the elevator. The party that's right, went. That's Listen. I got to say there's another inconsistency See here, Barb kind of explaining to me, but let me see if you can. Is it going the same way? I don't like when they set up very clear rules, and then they immediately violate them themselves for no reason whatsoever. Ah, like I've complained last week in game of thrones. My problem was are are you stark incentive is this super stealthy character who can kill the night king. Sorry for mixing spoil ish. Er fuck. You should watch it. But then a scene earlier, they had her in a library where she couldn't get past, like, grunt level whites who are wandering. And she was not still thinking because after the red woman kind of reminds her of what? She had a concussion. But then the red woman said, You're an assassin. And so that fucking wait. We watched an actual something to say about that. Good. So he was actually silent and stealthy around them. If you remember, she was so quiet that the drops of blood, the white walkers are alert to the drops of blood because the current found blood dropping is louder than she's being. Yeah, I don't think the overall impression from that scene is that she was in control and that she was stealthily getting between everybody very easily. It seemed like she was in panic mode and she was unable to escape from that library. Am I wrong in thinking that Yes, I feel different watching it the second just seems where they would have that scene right before they have her in a super stealthy see likewise bring you back to end game. What's the rules about the time travel? What's the rules will think too much about it, But they have, like they have a mechanic to what they have to go back to the sixties because they could only go one way one time. The thin part. They're limited on Pym particles. Payments snapped, right? So they go back and get a bunch of Pym particles. But in the conversation where they're explaining that, ant man says, Look, we only have enough for a one way trip and to test runs and then goes Shrink Group and they get speak again because one test run, he doesn't. But he shrinks. He shrinks and grows all the time. He might not have been shrinking. You might even like step to a previous time. That's what I got from that. I never said I did not get that. So in that moment, when he said test runs, he just did a test run, right, like he went to another time and then came back. They weren't ready. They weren't observing it. Okay, Intestine. It was like an accident because he seemed pissed about it. But it's either a test run or the Pym particles are what help him grow and shrink and can be used up, which they are. We know that from the anti, not to the extent needed for time travel. It's like a little bit of used the full tank you do. At times, he's a little sprinkling rather than an entire. Yeah, what I got was it was a quick time. Travel, like unplanned was accidental. Yeah, but But he used the whole thing, right? Or it could be along one. He could have been gone two years, right? Yeah. We don't know. Who knows? Came popping back. Well, we're real problem then. Game. I was going to ask What? Your favorite moments? Where first Bruce Banner doesn't wear glasses. The Hulk doesn't wear glasses. Why is smart Hulk wear glasses? He's older now. Five years have passed, but that's not ur glasses. Because you're five years old. You get. Did you get readers? We're really glad that we're reading glasses. He's wearing fucking gigantic Warby parkers or whatever it is it because they wanted you know you're smart, Hulk. You Ah, you know Lisa, Can you still wearing glasses? He's a fucking gamma scientist. Bruce Banner. Nowhere wear glasses. He does not. He's wearing it. I could point out a scene. The illustrations were glasses. Thor gives him glasses. They're Tony's in Ragnarok. Andi puts him on. He says, I think there's a scene in the first Avengers where he's working in the lab on Loki Sector. Yeah, And the glasses. They're hella carrier. I think he's got glasses on that. But Bruce Brander does not wear glasses. Maybe he worked in the whole world on Tigris. Context? Yeah, that's that's the scene I'm talking about. That's the sector C. Maybe you must wear contacts. Yeah, maybe the like. The people who could make contacts all got snapped, and they can't have contacts in that world anymore. They don't make like dinner plates, contact lenses for the book favorite moments. I think he doesn't wear glasses. Look at any other. Probably look at Bruce Banner on Google Image search and see if he comes up in class. When Captain America's Fighting Captain America and says I could do this all day. I know. Yeah, everything in that scene was there were so many wonderful Captain America moments. I think one of my favorites is when he wields the hammer. Oh, yeah, God And the That was like I still get chills even just talking about that scene and also the Hail Hydra. I love the way they handled that love the way they handle that, because there's that comic book where he says that and like to provide context for that in a different way. I think was in an elevator as well. Comic, maybe, I believe so. It was perfect program were, though the fight always got the hammer like his shell gets all fucked up. There was a theory where it was h of Ultron, right where he tries to look and it moves. And then Thor kind of has that moment of, like, panic. And then he, like, gives up. There was a theory. I saw where Captain America realized he actually could move the hammer, but didn't think that was the appropriate time show that he could. I think I read that I read to them maybe, like a humble thing of like, Oh, I don't want to show this guy up. He's not trying to like yeah, yeah, Don't they have a moment in the fight where ah, like they get their weapons? Makes the talks like, not give you the bigger one I get. Why they did it in old trumpet would been better for the moment, a little bit better if vision had not been able to lift it. We know. Yeah, it's kind of the same moment, too, when he's fighting with Ultron and he's vamping with Ultron and then he's like, over. He says, If he goes, I can't. I can't keep this. Keep distracting him this long. Just do something and then vision hits him with the hammer. It's like right at the end of all strong when they're fighting over those Sarko via Reactor. It was a really good one. Visit picked it up that way of demonstrating how strong vision is, But then he's a complete pussy, and or that he's a noble person. He's not a villain because he's made from the minds. Okay, I think it was just to show he's worthy. I think at that point they were still trying to figure out what vision was in the movie right. Like whether or not they could trust him. Yeah. Yeah. Picks it up it to demonstrate in one moment this is a trustworthy character. Nobody else. No other avenger can lift this thing, But this guy's worthy enough. Do it like every feeling. If you could lift Milner, it wouldn't be heavy. It all right? You know, you have some have to it, but it's not like it's not that way. You wouldn't exert its something beyond wait. I love when they use that mechanic too. Like in Ragnarok, when he puts it in the dragon's mouth like playing And does he put it on Lucky's Chest first door? Yeah, the first authority just sets it down like you stay here. Yeah, it's not like crushing him is just to get up because it's on him. I was really hoping Loki would secretly still be alive, like he disguised himself as someone else. You see that? What you think he could be, But I feel like they would have revealed that this movie if it was true. Hey, might be back in a snap. No, no, I don't buy that. He died before this. Never. But they could have brought him back with. No, they said they only brought people back from the snap. They made a point about that, and he did try to bring that back. But she was killed because of the soul Stone that would have been That's different from my theory is that she is the sole stone. Well, there's good more of those things that she was like in this, like they live inside of it or something like their souls are a soul for a soul, that's all. He's so that there are not multiple soul stones, just every soul that has ever been sacrificed for the soul. Stone resides within Seoul Stone, you know, I don't know because it kind of breaks it. If it's multiple ones or if it's in there, then you know, soul for soul. Maybe does hold their souls, but it's like you can't use the soul Stone Teo, unless you lost something, get rid, nor to get rid of this like you couldn't snap back. Use the soul sword to snap somebody back. Who was in this old stuff, right? Because you're using the power of this. Also do it. Although Faneuil's did use that those stones to destroy the Stones. I can't say that That was a shocking moment early in the movie, where it was very shocking. Feindouno's and then they just kill him, which is, you know, I read an article the screenwriters like like they have this whole thing or they're like, Well, he's this all powerful person that's, like, unbeatable, like, How do you make that interesting and like what if they just kill them? And then it's like now they have this new problem where it's like, How do we know he's not not the threat? And, yeah, isn't crazy Tree houses. The two Thantos is seen like remarkably different characters. Like when you see Stan was watching himself die, he's like, Okay, like he's totally cool with It was like, That's destiny. That's how I'm gonna die. Great. But I think it's because he was successful. He knew he accomplished the goal of my destiny, and that's destiny fulfilled. It isn't saying how overpowered Santos is in general. That's why I thought time travel was okay. You already have, Essentially, what is a wish machine? Yeah, you know, and it's like if you have that, then you know somebody but Dan goes this thing of like destroying the son was fucking bad ass. And that's like the fail safe. Nothing you could do. I know you're going to come for it. Did you guys see? Ah, I think I was in the Rishi Subreddit that someone had a video of Jeremy showing up to an off topic panel. It r tx believe wearing Iron Man's Mask and the Infinity gauntlet. Yeah, I saw them. They're just like Jeremy predicted the end game. Really? Like Holy shit. It's you. Yeah, that was so when Iron Man dies, spoiler on too late to say spoiler on. That s So there's that moment. Where going to the palace was talking him. Peter Parker, like, comes up like, shoved her aside to talk to Tony Stark. Hey, I know your wife's here, but pretty sure that's the opposite. Number three nation of him aside. No, no, you're pushing it. She's talking first that he kind of liked comes him, and it has his his moment with Tony Stark. And then where the culture of then comes back in OK for the fight for when he finally does die. Do you think it's okay in the comics of interest ultimate in that Siri's. That suit she's wearing is the suit he makes for black Widow like they have a relationship in that whatever universe. And yeah, she has a suit and they're like Do and they fight to get home. Think Gwyneth Paltrow suit that she's wearing. It's like a black and blue suit. That's ah, you know, in comics. It's weird, cause black and blue kind of like go together. You know you so much, you can't be sure something is bluer. Black is the highlights, your old dark blue like Superman's hair. It's like there was this new highlights in it. Just cause that's that's the way they draw highlights and black stuff in comics. But yeah, I was I was super happy with it. I the whole time travel thing, I thought could have, like, really fallen flat. But I thought they did a great job with it. I thought that Ah, the ending for your Tony at what Gwyneth Paltrow says soon is fucking awesome. Oh, yeah, And caps ending is fucking great. Yeah, I love that kind of stuff. Oh, yeah. They're like the two most like, flushed out I feel like of all the characters. Yeah, there with leader. You know, they were the heads of the Civil War groups, right through two factions. Did you guys cry? Yeah. Yeah, The Gwyneth Paltrow thing chokes me up a little bit because she's like it's the second time I saw it. It really registered with me, because when he's in heat, their cabin or whatever, he's got a great life, and he's super having. I'm like, I mean, I'm in the field Or do you just stay there? Just don't go. Don't go. You didn't really lose their just lost Peter Parker. That's what he did to me to do. And they showed him, eh? You did see the picture. But when he discovers, because I've got a fix with that Mobius strip model for time travel. Hey, goes, I could just put a pin in this. I could not talk about it just yet, but then you'd never be able to rest. And the last thing she says to me, it's okay. You can rescue me. Oh, yeah, about that. Yeah, I think I started crying at the Star Wars trailer, and I didn't stop crying for the next three hours and ten minutes like Star Wars trailer for you. Just like I get emotional over a lot of things. I'm kind of like getting into the Mariel realm these days. But the second leg, anything that has, like, powerful music and like the way it's just edited all together, like the Star Wars trailer to me is just, like, perfect in that sense, like they have such powerful, um, score to it and everything. So I also just like being excited over the movie and knowing I was going to experience something really cool. I was just emotional already going into the theater, and yet then I just didn't stop crying the entire time. But when Ah, Cap and Peggy dance like when you go back in time and you see them dance together, I was like, So that's how you want it for luck. All of the movies, I know your time, I know. And that's what that's what I think got me the most. Get the nuance to that. Bruce and Falcon are sitting there. I understand, like Okay, well knows this works in about five seconds. So see you soon and then Bucky walks up to me says I'm gonna miss you, man, because he knows what he's about to do. You know, it's gonna leave, So must have filled him in on the plan and diving. Catch says everything. Be okay. And there's ah, s o. You know, he hands over the shield to Falcon, I guess, kind of making him the next Captain America. But there is a Falcon and Winter Soldier show coming up that's going to be released on Disney. Plus, Okay, so I wonder if that show is going to be about, you know, like in trying to become Captain America. A lot of speculation about those things, right? Maybe they called it Falcon. And when a soldier, because they couldn't call it Captain American won yourselves right, Because men made now they could just change the name of it. There was a slight they put up years ago of all the movies and included the ah, shit. I can't name is escaping me. Now it's in the eternal Czar, somebody that they cancelled. Oh, yeah, but it was like everything was like like Captain America's was Captain America versus the Serpent Society and things like that. They were just names that they were kind of placeholder names clearly, But I feel I can't fuck is focus just kind of boring to me is kind of boring. Yeah, it's going, I wonder. What's his name? The take man Or it gets kinda boring, too, but hunger by pretty good in this movie like sort of thing, here is the best movie. Although I was shocked that he didn't die and Natasha did, and e I was I was just like, Well, I mean clearly hot guys gone here because wait, he has a family. I saw that movie with Esther, and when we left the movie, she talked about that scene in particular, she said It was like watching they live and watching Rowdy Roddy Piper trying to put the sunglasses on. Keith David. It's like the two of them fighting He like, who's going to die like each of them wants to die. And just like this long drawn out fight, you like what's happened? Yeah, but I was a big deal to her. The death that she owed to claim she was. She talked about it before, like the red, the red in her ledger thing. Remember that talk about it. So Loki, when she tricked him. But it's a real thing with her. I will ask this, though. Why can anyone pick up in Infinity Stone in this movie? That's what Trevor kept out. And he's like, You're not supposed to be ableto touch them bare hand. I mean, the first time we ever I see one in the collectors like an actual stone. The collector opens up the thing in guardians, and his assistant grabs it and literally sluts. And then at the end of that movie, Peter, who's part got make a big deal out of this fucking deal that you can't grab these. But then, like the ancient one goes, here's the time Stone and Bruce is like, Thanks. Wait. Wait a second. Yeah, at least I have just carried it. Won't take much to have, Like, a little thing. They go got it. Okay, because I mean the Tesseract, everyone, anyone seems to be all to pick up the test, right? Nick? Fury can pick it up, but it does seem married. The cat that got the cats of the flirt work. I also thought Captain Marvel was used very well in the movie. She wasn't overbearing for a new character, like somebody who's like I got the feelings, you should be very front and center in Avengers movie and she was put up to the front and the back there. There was a weird moment where you know, they they have the gauntlet, and they're like trying to get it through and to give it to Captain Marvel enough. Forget who it is. I think Peter Parker asked, Like how I'm going to get through and they're like, Don't worry, she's got help and like all the feel uneasy and I was like she just flew through a giant spaceship and I destroyed it. But it was a cool scene, right? Powers, you know, it was really it was really cool. But if anyone doesn't need help, it's Captain that probably the one avenger who needs no help, right? And maybe like vision. But well to consistency, though, in that, even in that scene, where Peter Parker's looking to crater, holding the gauntlet yeah, is whatever he meets somebody. He introduces himself on Peter Parker there. Peter Parker, because like he does it with everybody's like ham. Peter Parker. I'm Dr strange. You know that it's a running bit that he has, where he introduced himself. I like What do you think? It's the strongest? Who's what. The strongest? A marvel Captain Marvel, Who's the strongest? Yeah, I guess so, Captain. There's some special about Captain America, though. Like that's that's unquantifiable with the whole thing with the owner and stuff. He just think he became my favorite adventure in this movie. Yeah, he's such a hokey kind of like, you know, kind of old school, historic square and like, barely moving large groups. So many of the characters are really boring. I feel like like Thor was like very a really boring character who's actually one of the best, because he's like That was a good morning for a while, a few movies coming in a lot of really good communiqu, ragged rock like it was. This, I think, was probably one of the first, the first Avengers movies. Maybe the second one, when he started to really started Flex as a funny character and man. Obviously, in this one, he was over the top. Funny. Well, it's really badass that early in the movie that shocked me was when captain Marvelous talking about. You know what? You didn't have me when they want to go fight than us. And Thor gets up and he hasn't said anything at all the whole time. And he gets up and he walks over to her and he, like, hold his hand out and Stormbreaker comes in. That fucking thing is huge. Dude, I had no idea it was that big, like, even seen crude interact with and everything. But when he's like holding it there, right next to both of my God Damn, that thing's gigantic Massive. Yeah. I still don't quite understand how she couldn't be stronger against than us. Yeah, I don't struggle. Yes, she struggled against him a little bit. And then he did the thing where he punched her and she didn't flinch. That was really cool. But I was like, Why did she get so affected by him? He did have the gauntlet at that point. Did he? Yeah, he was. He was trying to get it because about a snapping. All right? Yeah. She stopped the snap. And then he took the power stone off of the ring and held it in this hand and punched her with it. That was fucking bad ass. And that was That was like, the on ly demonstration in this movie. I felt like that showed how powerful and individual stone is. I think what they got to go on together. And it became this wish machine that the power of the Stones really did make important, Like why they could grab them and stuff like that. But they're individually so incredibly powerful. I almost wish in that, like that running with the football scene where they gotta call in their passing off the Black Panther into Captain Marvel and everything, and they're all tossing around. I almost wish the stones have been split up that point. And then individually, people were using the different stones. But any one of them, you know, the powers shown destroys entire planets They touched to the ground. That was whole Ronan the accuser and guardians there. If he touched it to the ground, it was going to destroy all of Xander, which got destroyed off camera anyway. Wait, There's a footnote. Oh, yeah. They killed two bullets and our three days ago way. It's literally like we started. It Is Dorothy Riley. Okay? Yeah, and is seeing his family and everything. Like that was the whole point of guardians of the galaxy. Yeah. Xander, come back. That's an interesting question. Ask no, cause they weren't there when that happened. It was just the smell of sand are still lot of commission. Christ. Well, it's about time to wrap this up. I feel like there's so much more to talk about four hours. We could probably talk about going to go watch it tonight. Thanks for watching everybody. Thanks for watching for ten years. Have you been here? If not? Where've you been? Uh See you guys next week. Smart Hulk is a poser by fight.