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Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, and special guest Markiplier as they discuss medical issues, live-streaming, Game of Thrones (in the final 30 minutes), and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-05-14 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Markiplier


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred forty four. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Theo, wait. Welcome to their seat podcast this week. Brought you by Squarespace Express VPN and door dash, as always. I'm Gus A Mark. I'm Barbara. I'm Bernie. Just be Logan up there. I'm Gus. Every time. They had a million post, dude, not man. Not that we're not. We're not going to do those anywhere. That's not going to Logan. I'm gonna take it. I'm gonna take him away. I'm not paying you guys. Then from what I do in advertisement, if you're gonna put Lowe goes up a special guest with us this week. Barbara. Thank you. I'm so glad to be here because well, what about Marc Marcus? Edward Player, Marquee player. How do you know my middle name? So I don't know if you've been asked this a thousand times, but I I've tried to look it up and I can't find an answer. Doesn't seem like a common questions. We get it all the time, has reached teeth. Where did market player come from? Is that. It's like secrets. Like the most basic bitch of question anybody's ever asked me. Is it really? Yeah. OK, well, what's your name? As like, the answers equally as stupid as the question like, it doesn't mean anything. It's like when I was first starting out YouTube, my brother actually came up with it. It was supposed to be like I was going to play every character in all the videos that I make. So I was going to multiply myself. My name is Mark. Mark, Apply your multiplier. And there it is. There's graphic. See, so that you two panel dirty. I don't know why I need the promo way. Were you on the Internet? In the era of like, everyone had a handle, like everyone had a separate name than their actual name. Yeah, but Internet suit on, and we're like a wonder that maybe s name. Well, I think when Facebook came out yeah, yeah. When like then they want to started voluntarily. Uploading every private detail of their life to the Internet didn't matter. You don't have to have a fake name anymore. I was that we were kind of like the old men of the Internet, but then with the whole world would know what the whole. When the whole smashed thing went down, their site started in, like, ninety nine. They started their website and we were doing stuff, but it wasn't room. We were doing stuff back then, but ninety nine. So they were what, like three years old? Yeah, pretty much. I think of the time. Let me look it up. Get my my stats. Right. But I want to say it was like, really closed. It was well before YouTube. Yeah, you know, and I associate smash with YouTube because they've been, you know, such a big brain on they were number one for really long, but that's that. Can't be right. Yeah, they would have been like what, Maybe ten years old at the time I started a website. I want to say there later in their late twenties, early thirties, there were the same age as I am. That's fucking annoying. By the way, why were you are the age if Wikipedia has your age? Correct. You are the age that I was when I was about to start researching. Oh, seriously. Andi ends the same way. I'm twenty nine. Me too. Really wet ones. When one of you turning the corner here June twenty, you're almost good luck. No way. Yeah. You also have a combined birthday party. We should know. I don't really celebrate birthdays anyway, so it's just going to be like a lime thirty now. So that even the big tree Oh, well, I mean, it's like, Okay if I wanted to be all sorry to cut you off, but my life is more important. If I wanted to be all noble about it, I'd be like my twenties were defined by me on YouTube. So I was I've been thinking a lot about like, Oh, I'm going to be in my thirties. What, in my thirties going to be defined by Let me what I'm going to probably Yeah, that'd be good. Facebook, Theo. That snapped right there. Dead? Yeah. Actually, it came back with those face builders, but I took a picture of it. I didn't post it, but I look exactly like my mom like exactly. And my mom, it's scary, But going into my thirties, I'm all like What am I going to be about? What? What is the meaning of my life. Like, what is it? And then it all comes back to like, who cares? I'm still going to procrastinate and then make the occasional good thing. So I'll probably the same on me. So, you know, just figuring out what? The thirties, everybody. Pretty much exactly staying on Brand. I've heard from Sony people, though, that are older than us. That you're thirty right here, Reasonably complex were right. We're Tonto people who are older, who have been through their thirties and forties se thirties are like the best years of your life, like twenties and thirties. You know who you are, You know, you're about You're kind of like you don't give a fuck is much. You're a little more established, Teo. Just depending on where you are in life. Yeah, I think so. Early twenties, I didn't know who they'll I was my high school years. I had no discernible personality like I hadn't. I don't even really remember my high school years just because it was such a blur of non choice. Like I just drifted through life doing whatever came my way. And that was it. So, like, ever since my mid twenties like that's when I started making decisions about my life. That's when I started making choices about my life. And that's when I discovered who I am. And I'm still like learning. So if in my thirty second still learn who I am, that's a wonderful opportunity. Your band kid, right? Yeah. Yeah. Marching band. Yeah. And we'll be like a smart kid honor student in high school as well as smart enough. You know, I got by was lumped in with the smart kids, so I kind of just cheated off them and night driving towards you. I identify with that so much because I was like, in the smart kid theater crowd thing, you know, identified as being a smart kid. That was like my identity. And when I was proud of so remember, I went to university just because all my friends were going university and I I went tio a major in premed because I figured that was what a smart kid should d'Oh no. No passions for medicine in any way whatsoever. And switch to computer science fast. Good. Grew up as a junior, the quote unquote smart kid in a small town and then I went toe college. I went to like to A good university is like Oh, no, I'm dumb as fuck there are. There are seriously smart people in the world and I am not one of them. That's like when you play Halo with all the kids in your neighborhood in the next box Live came around. You're like, Oh, I know I'm trash very strange for me because I went to a private elementary school And then when I went to a public high school, there was a very big difference in the education. I feel that was received from private school to public school because everyone who I went to school with knew all the answers to every question, aced every test. And then I feel like I got progressively more and more dumb throughout my high school years because I just spent my time around public school. I feel like we live the same life because I went to a private school for element. Is it a private Jewish school? No, it was It was Calvary Christian Academy is a private Christian school and and going from that, like to public school, like for the first few years, I was suddenly the smartest kid there because they taught me more and they expected, like, more out of me. And, like my parents, expect more because they were paying those kids there. Yeah, it's more focused. Yeah, but But that was a thing. Like, I got progressively stupider because, like, the educational system was no longer pushing me to excel. And like, I had this expectation that everyone's like, Oh, you're smart. So you're going to do great for the rest of your life. And like then, as my parents got divorced, I was like, Steadily going down. Everyone's like, All right, well, pull ya the honor, your steak, clerical air like you don't need to be there to make life a little easier. And it was great. I like tea. Good for me. So you go to college. Pre med. What was the path to start? Making videos? Ah, pain in fire and blood and horrors of dialects of what you'd never understand. And I never did either. Now it was like I had a tumor. So, like I had a tumor, I lost my job. I had a bad relationship. Yada, yada, yada, same old story on and s o after that, I was like, I need to get some control over my life. I need to actually feel like I have some substance, you know, like a bitch. I was talking, and so I I just I went out it and I was like, going out there, and I was just like, Hey, what can I do? Like, what can I do? Because I ask myself that I'm like, I don't know what I can do. I've never tried to do anything in my life. I've never tried at school. I've never I've never tried to make art. I've never tried to make anything going through the motions. Exactly. So I started doing all these things that I wanted to make. Like I started trying to do art writing, like making a comic book like my brother does, you know, trying to game programming like learning about that. I wanted to make sketches on them like I don't know how to hold the camera. But, you know, I bought a camera and then I started looking at let's place because my brother used to watch them, and I was like, Okay, this is something I can do. I can talk like people have always said that I had a good voice and I can play games. So I'm like, Sure, Yeah. If this was, like one of those movies worlds in my brain all the wheels started turning everything lined up Exactly. And I was like, Okay, let's give this a shot and yada yada yada here straight. You'd have them start your channel. You know, it's funny. I think I might have met you a couple years before You really, really, really took off. Think, wasn't he Artie X, when you're taking RDX? I did not. Unfortunately, I was only down here for, say, pack south one year. And then I went to south by southwest. Maybe that's why I was like, maybe we could make things like that that you when you were, like, just starting out. And then it was I swear, like, two months later. Five nights and everyone was talking about was like, I think I met Mark. Well, if anybody wants to come down, they can meet us this summer. Take a tx July Sis to seventh will be there. I won't have. Mark's not gonna be easy, but I'll be there And that's all you really want to see? We still have tickets available are T What the hell I'll be near you You'll be near there. Bernie will be somewhere Hopefully existence behind. All right, we have a special code If you we're not gonna promote this anywhere else. Just if you watch or listen to the podcast. These code our tip on fifteen, you get fifteen percent off a weakened batch. That's a great deal. It's a good deal. If you're planning on coming, now is the time to act on it. That's crazy. You have time to make your plan to get a lot. But we got a logo. What kind of sponsors you pay us, then they don't get a logo it way before you burst right here. Look at it. Yeah, but that seems like first party. Really? You're abusing some kind of privilege that we have where we're promoting our own of promoting our one event. Yeah. Look me in the eye camera. Where are you camera saying where are you can look me in the eye. Come torto Fucking Come on, then. All fucking come now You're coming. You are by your badges, bitch. Because it market has always been in good shape because I consider you to be one of the most physically fit. YouTubers, if I may say so. Ah, like we had your tumor, were you in as good a shape Then aside for thiss what bugs me? I hate when people who are in really good shape get some kind of medical crisis. Like, why don't you go on? If you're gonna throw all that work, you should be immune to that. They have the same feeling cause I was like, I exercise. Am I going to get fucked regardless of this exercise, right, Like some some dude, Some animator I should know his name, but he's like guys surfing in his forties, forties, mid forties. He has a heart attack while surfing. It's like the two sound is forty surfing, probably healthy. Dude, this is like when he gets like that, just like some congenital issue or something else going on. That's what I'm saying. You should get too. You get passing all that like if you're working out and you're eating healthy, but you don't know sometimes they say the future. That's what my holy could say the same thing about a car accident. Already. You're healthy and you're driving down the road and you get into a car. Recognise you a train race car driver. Which is a better analogy. I shouldn't get in a car accident. You build. Avoid that stuff. It's unavoidable. Car professor car racers dialled a time in a car accident. Embraces. Sorry. Go ahead, Mark. I have nothing to say. I was just pointing for dramatic effect. Here. There. It's like, if okay, your professional car racer, It doesn't stop other idiots on the road. Excuse. That's true. Ch, Ari. How dare you Touch were replaced. It was one day away from retirement. Yeah, but it's like, Okay, I was in decent shape, you know? But like, something's just blindside. You don't get to choose what life throws at you, and it's like that. That kind of like made me realize, you know, like, Okay, right. My choice of being removed from a like I got to do something, you know, I gotta make make the most out of it. Like I'm a big proponent that it's It's not what brings you down. It's like how you respond to What brings you that that makes you who you are. And so like, even if I am amazing and I don't deserve it, absolutely. I'm perfect. And why should that happen to me, But at the same time, like it happened and I can't change it from happening. So I just got to move forward. Like if I were to discover that I had a horrible, debilitating illness tomorrow, like, I would probably be sad at first, But then I just be like, all right, you know, Scott, deal with it, I gotta deal with it. You know, I if it's going to end me, that's that's I've done the best I could and that's all I could hope for. And that's kind of how I live my life. I'm just like I have to work now because I do not know how much time I have. Yeah, I wonder. Did you sign to Snow at this point that basically everyone's health is mostly determined by a roll of genetic dice when they're born and they just don't want to say that like they don't tell you, you know, work out and you writing stuff, but honestly, you're starting writing code. It's like when you do those genetic testing like, you know, I've done twenty three of me in the past. There's some things where it's like you can see the results of this health marker. But before we'LL show it to you, you have to read this paragraph but explains, Yeah, this, you know, you could read this and think on predestined. Different says it's positive our pre justin to get this disease, but it's not always a hundred percent accurate were still not quite at that point so that they have to go through like education pays to tell you how to interpret the results you're getting. Is it still not one hundred percent long? Didn't read your genetically fucked but do your best right is essentially what you could still try. Yeah, Keep keep your chin up, buddy. Yeah, there was one that I was predisposed to you, which was like some I disease that could cause blindness. And again, it was just like, Well, it's not one hundred percent, but you have the genetic trait in there that might cause this, and you just keep now just keep an eye on it. If I can write if wow, too soon got closer. Genetic deficiencies. Not thirty yet? No, actually, we're going to die because we're having kids. I'm forty six, forty six. She's in her mid thirties. And so it's like every genetic test in the book where we're doing, you know, And so we find out, like everything. Essentially, it were carriers, for our present is one of the security on one of us. Not then it's all good. You see. Oh, so far, so good. It's so funny. Every time I talk to Ashley about a little baby, Well, baby boy in there who's kicking today is always like I am like, as long as he's healthy and doesn't have Bernie's head was he's gotta deliver because she's got to deliver it and one with your hood. I haven't been minds. Enormous hot bet Mine's bigger, so I have to order hats from a special place. I have to get the extra extra extra large wherever I go. He really Yeah, Bernie and I had this argument for years before we finally measured and his was actually bigger than mine. What what's this? Circumference? Hominy. And I want to say that I have to wear, like a size eight and two thirds or something. But you have measuring tape with massive Someone uses a measuring tape. Or do we have a hat that we could put on a certain night? You can't blame. Keeps a measuring tape on his desk. And gross gross measure if I put like a normal adjusting cap on all the way to the last peg and then that last pick is like it was like holding on for dear life. I got you here. This what we got? What we working with? If he has a bigger head to me, I've got to leave the podcast. And that's the way this works. You are at exactly twenty four, twenty four, twenty five of some women's wastes. That's the size of my dick. Twenty four riders For what? Twenty for me. Here, twenty four. I'm gonna go for the inside, huh? No one has so much people. That's like Barbara. So you hope to mark. Make sure you help him that way. Like two should know my head. You're on this ice. You're on the centimeter side. See? There's two sides, Bernie. There we go. What? All right there. Let go. Very precise. Don't let go, Theo. Bernie's still conscious. You know he's going to listen. I want to know somebody who's got a bigger head than you want. Yeah, damn it! How is this about barbecue into it? Because my head is enormous. You wrap a fucking court around the earth, it's going toys that some point. See you. It's a number. Oh, my God. Here, there. Twenty four quarter No. Twenty four quarter quarter inch drives. I'm not proud of this. Might really should call me e t when I was a kid. And it's, like, stuck with me because I was also super super Because we're now say, I was super skinny as a kid. So I looked like a lollipop just ahead. And this scrawny little body. And it was short too. I, like, didn't grow, does a junior in high school. I want to see what my head is because I have a big head too here while we wait for that measurement, I'm gonna read this thing right here, Barbara. Okay, but the curse the curse, right? What? No. Let me read one around this episode of receive podcast is brought to you by square space. We were talking about square space for years on just one reason. They're great from Web sites and online stores to marketing tools and analytic score spaces, the on ly one platform to build a beautiful online presence and run your business. We talked repeatedly about the importance of running your own website, having control over it and coarse base makes that so simple to take care of. Or you could do that every score space Template Designs supports all major content types, including pages, galleries, blog's commerce, calendars and more. 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Did of Wow on then. Finally we have at Tom. Sir Mansky. Very nice graphics artist. So this looks like you got a fancy way to have his Twitter account up like move. Thanks for showing us your websites, guys. Thanks a course based sponsoring this absolute receive podcast. How? Because you had Barbara. It was according to Mark twenty two and seventies. That's still significant. So almost. Yeah, that seems really close. Yeah, it does. I told you, I have a big head. It's not wide. It's long. That's a minus. Which a lot of people look at me straight on the go. You're has not that big. And I'm like, just this way my brother used to call me Hot dog head going still. Don't look loving here. Who's having trouble with the tape. Now. I don't think there's some struggling here forever. Like you were right there. I think there's a bigger No, no, no. I'm right under twenty four. Like Justin, twenty three and seven eighths or something. Well, lets you got me beat marks. Not a competition. Yeah, well, second place is just first loser. So I feel bad. The consolations. You're the winner of the loser's thing. Get free. Giant hat. I could get that donut thing putting my forehead, You know, the like, the silicon and that probably boost me up a little. That's the real thing. Yeah, People, I don't know if it's still a thing, but people just put this ring, like in their forehead, and they couldn't they inflate it. Like if they wanted to, like, stretch the skin a little more like they would slowly inflated over tire. They did. I have a question. Why? What? Because then they have a doughnut in there. E was stranded on a desert island. You're hungry, don't it? Well, Morgan, did you originate? Thie goofy hair color for male lets players thing. Because where were you in the early on? In that? I doubt I originated it, but I was early on. There was a wave that happened after me and yet act Did it like there was there was a surge, but I will not lay claim to that. But if I am, then I'm a trendsetter. Wait, let's later we'LL wait here. Get Jeremy Did? Yeah, he did a whole bunch of crazy colors at one point. My favorite was when he did green. And so they would green screen his hair, their key it and live on podcast. They would just change the colors here. Yeah, like no surprise. More streamers. Don't do that. I believe you. Mark. Your what? Your family. One of the two of you? Well, people popularized it, Sabrina. Well, speaking of King things reminds one of the I think one of the best jokes we ever did on the podcast was back when we were still down south at our old studio. We had our podcast set and then off to the side. We had a green screen and its back when Joe the cat was staying a t office, alright, and Joe the cat was asleep on the green screen on some boxes on some green apple boxes in actual cat. Yeah, I gotta get in Turn named. So that way you could have a camera on him and we keep it out. We made it look like he was on the table. So, you know, he wasn't actually a table just keyed in. So the audience thought he was there the whole time that at one point they cut to a single them. When they come back to the wide, they increased his size like five hundred percent. So it was a huge and on the table, massive cat. The audience got extremely confused about what happened to the cat while they weren't looking. There's there's so many tricks and stuff like that that people are sleeping on about live streams, you know, they're like, Have you seen I forget what his name is? Something Dragon on Twitch. He he does like live dancing on twitch. But he's got these crazy assemblies of montages of different effects that he asked for his his dancing. And he's got, like, buttons, all of his arms, like a bunch of a bunch of like trigger effect. Yes, like little keyboards and anything playing on his r s. o show. He pushes a button, and then there's like, fifteen of them on screen. They push another button fire, just like explosion does times it live to the music. Like there's so many things that you can do on Lifestream. And people are just lazy like me. I'm lazy and I don't care about quality, But some people who wear very similar you way can put up logo's from our pants on. Those were such great deals to How would you know? Because you can't even see me. So here goes the ACA. They're in the final hours there, In there, in the final version. Right, Eric? No, man, no, no, I'm done with them. You're done with them all together. Never mind. There are seventy already thinking I have I'm gonna have an old man moment. That's really rare. It isthe happens. I can't get into live streaming. I can't. I've been trying, like as a viewer. Oh, ok, not Is this as a viewer? I'm not sure I like freakin Yeah, tow Livestream got guys here. Think that ship sailed from years ago, but it was like to me when the notes started on video became a thing. The most attractive thing about it was that it was on demand. Like I didn't have to show up at a certain time. I didn't have to dvr something. So I've been surprised by a few things of trends online. Like he sports and that kind of stuff Never surprise. We saw it coming. You know, if you know, everything going digital saw that. But live streaming is definitely something that I have to say. Surprised me because I didn't think people would want to move back to appointment viewing. Yeah, it seemed counterintuitive. I think we even you and I went back and forth when we started live streaming this podcast for a bit. Yeah, on that was that was I think that was right at the beginning when life, too, for taking off is you know, you didn't think that necessarily. Appointment viewing was a thing. And honestly, I didn't really think so either. Was it was just an experiment to kind of see if people would tune in or people were interested in that kind of thing. Looks like a live events are going to come. I think what people crave in a lot of content not everybody, but what they crave is authenticity. And you know, the one thing that really drove a lot of people the watching let's plays on YouTube is because or following people, and you took it because they feel real more real than, like, traditional celebrities or something like that. So someone, it comes down to live streams. It's like that next step of connection. Ultimate. Really? Yeah. People watch it because they feel invested in the people, like as a person. They want to see who they really are. And it's so hard to hide yourself on a live show because no one can keep up a facade for eight hours a day every day, like that's who they really are. And with that immediate emotional connection, there's like, instantaneous, like satisfaction of being noticed at that moment. Whereas videos yes, they're great for Polish products. And absolute, you're going to get so much more production quality out of a normal video than you ever would on a live stream with very few exceptions. But with the God of the mountains. Yeah, exactly, but yeah, but it's like that one moment for that one fan to be noticed like reading like Gee, Corey on stream, like me being able to say, Gee, Corey reading. Unlike live TV, though, it's the community interactive aspect of life streams like me. Being able to see that and connect that instantaneously is so special, like not just for them, but for me as well, like being able to know that they're real people right there. Whereas YouTube comment section is horrible now, no one uses it, really, and I don't even look at that much just to complain. Well, it's also, I think people make those kind of statements will be noticed. Yes, it's part of that Midge, according to say, I think your point was terrible things. I can't believe that was the example that I love all the things to put what I think. We also have, Ah, slightly different experiences. We do this. I'm just getting too crowded and read it. Wait, do this podcast like that's That's our way to connect with people they have inside into our life Thie event, Samuel Abre said. Is it bad if I watch life soon? Because I'm excited to things go wrong? That's true. The unexpected Anything can happen with a video you can skip ahead to the end. But if it's alive, it's like, Oh, don't say anything bad feelings saying no bad words like like just like don't pull your past. That's like, Don't do these things like they could happen because it's just life And like, you never know. I like that video. That stream of the guy who let his house on fire like you're playing with matches and Chuck's is like, Well, should I just put it out by putting cardboard boxes on it? Yeah, yeah, I got a bad strategy, but there he was, fanning it. And like every bad decision possible, it's like those moments and sometimes like it doesn't work out, and it's like it's bad. But, you know, some being unexpected, like the comedy out of it, the enjoyment that Khun B had out of it, like that's That's part of the charm. I would also imagine there's a lot of very special feelings involved with it, because these people are choosing to watch you and only you and be entertained by you in this moment and spend their time doing that. Oh yeah, that third guy. This is the dance guy. Yes, Oh, that's all live. Wow. Yeah. So basically, he's just got a green screen you can see, like that's that's what they do live. Yeah, we really got to keep up the energy, right? You're performing at a green screen and it looked the end product. Look super cool, but you've got to maintain that energy in that performance aspect. It's just you. Can you get back the green screen? Just We could see the Green Street because, like they painted over an outlet and everything, and I think literally like everybody ever been in production has made that set up. You can tell like they painted themselves with a Home Depot and got green. Oh, yeah, doesn't look into things, but it works. I had in my apartment in college. I had a wall like that. I love washing that one because the sound that plays when it says quality kinds like content is coming and a like a whole production. Yeah, it's also interesting to me because obviously with twitch, it's gaming lot of gaming content, but typically when you're playing a video game, you're just playing quietly, silently. But for streaming, you have to learn how to like costly, be talking and interaction with a chat and paying attention to the game and not trying to, like, miss anything or any key details. It seems exhausting. It's stuff like it's really tough. Thankfully, I'm an idiot, and I could just start talking and never stopped. But, you know, a lot of people, they burn out real quickly, like doing things like that just because it is grind. And I'm not saying I could do it forever, Like I've built up a high tolerance of being able to scream for a long period of time over the seven years I've been screaming. So you know, I am good at that. But you know, it's it's tough, it's a skill. It's It's like exercise it, it za workout. It's it's rough, and that's why a lot of people that jump into it they're like, Why am I not getting success is like if you built up the proper skills for it, Are you entertaining? Are you actually funny? Like, have you questioned this about yourself? And I'm not saying I'm funny. I'm not funny at all or entertaining, but I've built up a facade. Have you put the time in and the practice looks like any other skill. What got to you? Got to get work done. One of the downsides, Tio, Let's play. Being a popular format that people watch is the people who do it make it look so much easier than one of this. And all the time I got our conventions like Artie X, for when we go to other conventions, people say, like, I'd like to come work with companies like Well, what do you know? What? Your passion? But I don't think I think I'd make a great achievement hunter. And it's like I know it's like it seems like start up a game because they really like games and they're good at games. And like I said about being good again, they have fun with their friends and their banter with in their friend group. But it's always different when you're with a new group of people. Put a mike down, start a game and just go hit records to go and you'LL see instantaneously How difficult to this and you got. It's a skill. Like anything else you have toe, develop it and learn howto like hone your craft. Essentially e I would say to you is like going back to what you were saying about the start of Let's place I always think that the let's play started from the death of Couch Coop, where when we got Xbox Live and we got network gaming, everyone then could play with anybody else in the world, and that was great. But when I was a kid growing up alone, I was really was arcades. But like, you know, your generation, you go to your friend's house and you sit on the couch. Actually, can you get the really shit ese two player controller, you know, Or you'd be with your little Nintendo, you know, Deep Ed, and you would sit there with your friends and you. That's how you make those bonds. And they people just don't have that experience. It's crazy that it wasn't that long ago when when we were first starting rooster teeth. That's kind of how we got started. I used to take my Xbox over to his house because, you know, we're halo on land, you know, it was like all about getting together and, you know, spending hours playing a game in the same room on balance, I think let's play fills that void. It's all because your old friends and like, you know, you're playing the same games essentially, and it's like a little more outsourced. But it definitely feels that connection. Need that. People have something you write. I get scared. See, this weekend. My youngest is fourteen and we have a V our environment. The way Should I get the new index? Did you see? Announced? I think it's sold out already. Wait, I'm a seven. Sleep on that way. Stop was a new valve headset for the vie ve They're replacing now with the three Index. Who's rvr expert the index. Just listen. I want to give someone a chance to flex and talk about PR. They are all right, Gus would tell. Must tell us all about the index that's called under Eyes Wireless. I don't know. Cars that have the knuckles, the valve knuckles. Let's got new controllers. There lay knuckles like you're channeling a ball sack. Right? Knuckles? Yeah. What are you talking about? Your knuckles, you know, know the valve knuckles If anyone googles valve knuckles Yeah, those air, The knuckles go right there. You know the thing. I think that's actually what they're called. I'm not joking, but which part of it the controllers? So the reason it's called it was called the Knuckles. Or maybe that's just a joke, but yeah, So it allows you to have individual finger grip on Most interesting. You can actually, like grip with all your fingers, things with, like, some Kyle's like feel to it. They think nothing. I have a limitless one v R game in my life. So what? We're gonna remembering this setup over to our office and set up in that main area, But to get it out and busted, I'm gonna move like a couch and everything in a coffee table, and I set it up so we usually set up, like for the weekend. Sometimes it's like, Okay, this weekend, we're going to have to be our environment. And I said to Teddy, I go, Do you want to invite your friends over? Because kids he plays all the time with online always chat about stuff like they've gotten into Starcraft two kick, which I love. Yeah, interesting. Yeah, it's weird. They find their way to Starcraft two, but he's like No, because they don't want to come over like that was a weird thing that they would come over. And then I heard him in that room and he's talking and he's like what he was like. Watch this, watch this. And I thought, Oh, here are his brother is in there with him and they're playing a walking sitting there by himself. Look, what you doing? He goes, I'm just playing V R with my friends. I go, they have they are in their network to get no, I'm screen sharing. So he was just basically broadcasting through steam. I guess he was using screen sharing function, and they were just all viewing what he was doing while he played and he would talk to consider playing with them. Yeah, and yet his headset on with the microphone because it's that we have the ones with separate headphones and that has a mic on it. So we just hook that up so he could talk to them while he played. They were totally fine with that. Didn't want to come over one of them lives come over three blocks away. Dude, come over. I don't have any friends growing up. You know how much I would have paid to have an opportunity like that? Yeah, Cos they are. I don't pay for friends now e only trust him. But I just drooled Upstart. Excuse me and the best is very passionate about it. That's all. That's why I'm glad you think that because I thought that was weird, that they maybe we're just the out of touch once you might be old now too. But you're on, you're on our side. They made a prediction, Al, When autonomous driving is going toe across the hump and when it's going to be everyone's going to want Herb The majority of people will feel more confident in a self driving car. Who made this prediction now predicting it will be twenty. Twenty nine twenty nine. Really actually down there way sooner than that I think would be almost forty. Forty dead Terrible. Stop thinking it'LL be. It's really ultimately up to, like regulatory approval in government, right In government moves slow. You know what's going to take for governments to approve autonomous vehicles? Then how are you going to build a framework of laws that go everywhere in the country? We can't fuck it agree on anything in this God damn eyes. Bad week for that too. Yeah, so, I mean, how you gonna get a country? A federal system of laws that govern autonomous driving. It seems like a nightmare to me. Yeah, it does it seem like I don't write really entirely sure at this point what the Supreme Court and federal Law does because people just like you, like California's, like, You know what? Marijuana is legal in our state, which I'm okay with, because I mean that way read. But it's like federally they can't. That's not legal doing like in conservative states like abortion law. We're going to do our own thing. Denver decriminalized hallucinogenic mushrooms. What? Yeah, I heard about their Really, Like we've gone so quickly from weeds. Illegal. Oh, no, it's fine. Listen, talk about ships. That's cool. Too wise. Ressam. Meth in there, too. You know why? I wanted to point. They made a lot of money. Yeah, they made a fuck ton of money. It's a huge industry. I thought we would have seen Mohr Widespread adoption of cannabis being legalized across the country. Once everyone saw how much money Colorado on Washington we're pulling in flights. Minute. You didn't. How many states have it legalized? Now look for recreational use. I want to say it's like ten. I want the North Dakota just jumped in there like a will do to someone. We get people to come visit North Dakota somehow. Mark spent much time in the flat. No. When did you get in? Just a week and a half ago. So not like extended periods of time in Texas. I ran a tour through here like Dallas Houston, but, you know, I really have not spent much time there. It might sound weird, but it's actually surprising to me that Texas does not have legal cannabis yet because Texas is well, it seems like a very southern conservative state. It's actually like Fuck, you were doing our own thing. States like it thinks it's still its own country, and it's still very much a Republican leaning state. But Baptist is, I think, the big roots. There's a lot of money to be made right, and really it is typically it's like we're going to do anything like even the barbecue place we go to Salt Lake. It was in a dry County, which was a was a Baptist thing where they couldn't sell Oklahoma County. So the Salt Lake restaurant says, Okay, we can't sell it, So just bring whatever you want. So people like rock up to the barbecue place with, like, a fifth of Jack Daniels. And now that they have a liquor license all these years later, they have to keep that tradition alive. So people are like Little Creek. They still it's still B Y O B. Yeah. Now they also sell their butt. You, khun, definitely bring your own. Bring a bottle of booze. I think they can sell beer and wine. Now, you know that we're distinction. Also, some people no chatter saying like, Oh, mushrooms aren't the same as meth. Barbara, I know I was just making an exaggeration, but it's just like to me, from marijuana to mushrooms is a very big step, because I do, you know, meth. Describe. Well, I'm not a method actor, but I will give it a shot. You the girl gatekeeping named five meth dealers. Barb? Yeah. All right. Uh, Gus, A roll allegedly mushrooms air thing where they're even illegal in Amsterdam now. One of the times we first started traveling women to Amsterdam. They were just about to make it illegal because people keep jumping off bridges into the fucking canals and nine touristed. So they were just like we don't deal with this anymore. So Amsterdam makes something illegal. That's pretty interesting, because they're they're, like doing only after I've changed a lot, though. Yeah, they get sick of all the tourism. You think they got sick Of all the obnoxious people on drugs, I thinkit's climbed down. It's not quite the same as it used to be. A nice airport. Ah, I want to read something here on a Monday when this episode receive Podcast is also brought to you by express vpn minute. You think cyber crime is something that happens to other people? You may think that no one wants your data or that hackers can't grab your passwords or credit card details, but you'd be wrong. 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Now see your genius, Virginia Snow. I was wrong before camera six. Look me in the remarkably hero Go. Mark will be here every week. Sign up for our sponsors. Speaking of VP n's, we're talking about game of thrones. G o t. We're going to talk about game at the end of this podcast, and Mark wants Mark. You have things to say as well. So you stick around for that. Yeah. Yeah, like the last half hour sort About twenty minutes or so. We'LL switch over to give us some specifically Season eight episode. We're not goingto talk to any spoilers until then. So if you've seen it, don't worry, Mama dropping left and right. But we're going to court. We will be talking about quarters at that time. When will give you plenty of warning So you know before it happens. Anybody else see wandering earth on Netflix? It's that Chinese will be huge. Was a big deal in China that Netflix just kind of still dropped the other day. Now I saw they did it, but I haven't seen it. Actually thought it was a serious I don't know. It's a movie is interesting. I watch it over the weekend. I guess it was like a super big blockbuster in China. I think I'd like forty eight million dollars budget and made like seven hundred million dollars in China. It's in war craft and you know, it just came out like with literally no fanfare. Netflix just put it out to interesting premise. It's a scifi film, and it's kind of a standard promise. At the beginning of the sun's dying, everything on earth is going to die. So Earth unites to build rocket engines and attach them all to the earth so they can move Earth to another system that can support life. So it's about yeah, about moving there. The what's it called Wandering Earth about movie Earth Out of the solar system to another system. Moving the planet? Yeah. No, no. Like interstellar, where they're just trying to find a new place. What would you do? That? That's right. The last thing they're built. Engines that attack. That's not enough. Ion drive. You've got overlook some of the some of that. Did you see? I forget. What quarter can it wass tweeted a video or gif of what it would be like if the largest asteroid in our solar system were to hit Earth And, like, basically a recreation of what would happen or depiction. And you know what's funny about that? That wouldn't move the Earth, Riley, that would That would not move us out of our orbit. No, that would not move it, but rockets ten thousand run thousand. That's going to make it all right, waiter. So I should the equator. I didn't even think about that. Of course, that they'LL be fine guy. Just ones at the polls. Just half the population to another planet. Put a big pole house and have them pull us. You're right. I'm sorry. I was going to get everyone on in Australia, have him jump and just, like, keep jumping. And it'LL push the earth because actually, all the way over. Yeah, well, there's a rope on it. You send that spaceship trailing the rope out to another solar system and then just aren't pulling gravity, right? There's no gravity in space. Those This's the video. You know, last week there's a lesson. That's a really big asteroid. I'm not going to say any spoilers, but I will reference this when we talk about game of thrones. So? So we should watch. We should we should absorb as much of this is, we can Yes. I remember the first time I saw this. It was like this really operatic music. This one I can't remember. But it wasn't. It wasn't eyes. It was very much like what I just did. Yeah, that's the rocket. Yeah. Yeah. So let me guess. And this is showing what would happen to like, Although nobody survives that. I don't think so. Well, you know me. So maybe on the no probably I think it would just destroy the entire planet. I don't know how quickly but Yeah, you ever wonder about that? Like what If we're sitting here and an asteroid of that site of that size hits the opposite into the earth? Like how long until way Sit here for, like, thirty seconds like, Oh, I think the world's about to depends on where it hit, right? Right with the shockwave, get through the earth faster than it would get around the Now that's a good question because it would be slower going through, but around it might be longer. Fast the fireball, the shock wave Will the pressure wave alone would kill everyone First compact. All that air Ex Casey did, eh? Analysis of the propagation of data and average speeds versus vibrations travelling through tectonic plates and figured out what was the distance at which from the epicentre of the quake, you would be able to read a tweet about it before you felt it. And it was to me was a fascinating analysis. Maybe it would be faster through the Earth because if if the if the medium is denser is is this go faster? The speed of sound is limited because it's air. But I don't know if if solids move faster on, Is it less of a distant? It's Kate's o year, so it's less of a distance to go through, but in a solid metal core, so I don't think it go straight through. It would probably bounce for if you believe that you believe that About the metal core. Yeah, I do hear what's up. You know what? I'm just fasting by the fact are your middle of like, If this hurdle, Arthur, it is the earth, this earth right here we go on like this deep. And if you feel listen, audio podcast, it's not much. We've gone like that deep into the crust of the earth, into the earth itself. We've made very little progress into the earth. We have no idea. I mean, listen, we have measurements and gravity Franz and things like that and speculation Riva trumps. Do we really want to get a lot of him? Goes way, have nickels, nickels, but it's like what? What happens if we go to miles deep and there's a layer that's like solid gold or a massive gold deposit for What if there's a reptile layer? Hey, lizards. Well, we've got a point. Could be one about that. They're saying that about Mars. There's a solid reptile core. We're all full and that he will emerge. Yes, exactly. Well, they're saying that about Mars, that Mars now has grabbed a Tron. See, remember that I love the ground truck. Who would trust the scientists in that? And yet you're trusting them to tell you what's in the core. Just do. Do the flip on that. That carnival right the other day he kinda looks like a grabber trunk. Yeah, yes, that's like one of those, like running around Thanks. Jumpsuit doesn't back spinning here. Human beings are amazing. If they spend enough time doing anything, they get awesome at it like you see those videos where it's just people doing a repetitive tasks like everything is one guy in India. He's rolling out what looks like. Maybe it's non, but it looks like little tortillas that he's rolling out, and he's throwing them to his friend across the restaurant, whose then dunking them into a friar and dank, dank, dank, dank, dank, dank. And it's just like it's just flawless throw that he makes over his shoulder behind him, and it makes like a curve every time. I love stuff like this lately, he's counting money. You watch him do that. Just like insane. Yeah, and it's just like humans get good at anything. Given enough time, they get, like, any assembly line that you saw videos of people doing the same task like that. Like that guy? Yeah. So cool. Like that guy just spent enough time. I'm assuming he's a worker, not just some guy. I thought I'd try this. Let me undo my Maybe he's like a gymnast or somethin. What? Jim needs trains on something like that on the restraining, you know, they get the ability to back flip first. They didn't do both at the same time on a grab a Tron, because imagine testing it on the gravel. Tron is probably not your best as a man who has done one backflip in his entire life. That's one more than you think. I worked very hard at it, and then I did it, and then I gave up because I did it and then I never did it again. But I didn't know where you should live your life. I know a thing or two about Leo. Fly my expertise to get a lower third resident gymnastic expert? Yes. Has done one backflip. Yes. So it's one hundred kilometers or tweets? Takeover. Seismic waves, hundred kilometres. Was that in fifty miles? Thank you. So not very far now. So Yeah, way Feel the quake after that. But we have a friend, Avery Morrison, who did a whole video. Siri's where he was set out to learn to do a back flip. But I forget how long it took him. Was that Avery every month? Yeah, I don't I think so. Was it He's had a lot of, like, really experimental like, Yeah, he made that book. All my friends are dead. The dinosaur book picture of the little cartoon dinosaur. That's what everyone says. Some of the best vines known to man. Well, the more you do that about three years ago, yeah. Was right about time. But we're gonna crunch time. He was, like, in the progress of like, learning to do one backflip. Is it true Backflips way easier than a front flip? Yes. Okay. Yeah, because front back, flip your legs naturally. There we go. Thank you. You're just in time for my spot when you're doing your legs pulling in words like tightens your rotation so your legs naturally will fall behind you. It's much more simple, and you can see backwards when you're moving forward. You have to naturally pull your entire upper body, which is not as long to toe really get the forward momentum. It's it's much more difficult if I've never done a front flip. I don't think anyone had because now you've got it. No, no, no, please. I don't think it's just a somersault butt in the air. I can't even do it herself, You stupid fool! It's not little. Yeah, that's how I started learning. Yeah, traveling is easiest way because you can do backflips and then you can land on your neck and you probably won't die. So pro, let's wait till spring back. What's crazy to me is like even sports that have been around for centuries, millennia, like gymnastics. Still, even to this day, people will do something and nobody can do it. Somebody breaks the record and then suddenly everyone could do it and and I wonder what that issue mental phenomenon. Never watch those videos like gold medal gymnastic routines from the fifties, just leaping over all vault. It's like they do a jump and you look at it now and it's like I don't even know where to begin trying to figure out how you would approach that right? Like the bars, the parallel bars. It's just insane what they do now. Or even look at the same set of equipment and the same human bodies. Or even like they talk about this in the eye Tanya movie about You know how Tanya Harding was, what the first female skated do a triple axel Axel Axel is, um, and it was still triple. What was a triple triple axel triple? Are you claiming resident figure skating? Yeah, yes, I am. Absolutely. When I did my first front flip on ice doing a front flip on ground, but it was years before it was done again. I think it's still something that's very difficult. I think it's still something that's not a very common trick for female figure skating. How long do you think it would take you to train? Let's get started as resident figure skating expert at best. Marco. Robin. Very on athletic thirty year old woman. Ah, I'm going to have to say negative ten years. So maybe if I started when I was two, honey, I'd get would be there by now. But I think it's getting er Yeah, absolutely. Your assessment is correct. You are. Says our assessment. All this I feel like now I'm too old to start learning any sort of physical ability. I saw rock climbing again, so I don't think I don't think anybody's too late to learn anything. You start again. Did you stop? Yeah, I did it like about three years ago. I was doing super hard and, like, got me in great shape, but it tor my hands up real bad. And I was like, it was back before face idea on. What is this? There you go. All right, I rocks. Have you heard of him? Is I bet? Not anyway. So I climbed them every day. It's a journey of the soul. Love it very much, but rocks it's rocks were doing outdoor. I'm sorry. I know I only do indoor Jim's. I'm scared. Way We got a couple guys that Air Bagan doing here. There's some Austin places that people are. I've been Yeah, Austin Bouldering Project. Yeah, first place I went and I visited crooks. And like, it's just very fun because it's just an individual thing. You can do it on your own, or you can do with friends, and it's just like you and the wall. And it's just like it's an easy puzzle that you could be like easy levels of progress. And it's just like it's very fun and get you in like, good shape because, like all upper body strength. So if you want that upper body strength, you want two shoulders like court, right? Oh, yeah, tons of court. If you use your legs right, like it's all about core and upper body and, like, shoulders and like me getting back into its like, so fun and, like my hands were just starting to get cows again. I don't know if you can zoom in on these bad boys right here. Make eye contact with eye. Now I've created a problem. It's not even showing up there a little finger, this one. Maybe this one. Do I have any? Dillon was better. Okay, Both these hands absurd. Thiss was a pointless exercise to show off my flawless hands. But, you know, it's It's just like build a computer. Yeah, they're so soft. Just put the camera off me. Don't talk, Teo Next. Anything? Marketa softball question coming, eh? What? I just said no. You ready? Is easy One. Oh, no. Okay. All right. No. Everyone's like, you've got to see it and like it, Just like I I know I have to see it, but I have so little time to actually watch stuff that just playing right now. Are you working on planes? When you drove here, you drove? Yeah. Fuck out of here. Took my dogs. That's a tough drive. When you get to Texas, you're halfway there. No, I We drive to Cincinnati every every Christmas. Okay, It's a two thousand two hundred milder. So there's nothing for it. Yeah, we want to do it in a Tesla. We gotta charge. Oh, shit. Yeah, I know. Look me right. Big fans of the cars, they are not road trip cars. It's good with dogs because then you get a to, like, break every two hours or so that you can walk the dogs and get some fresh air. It's really nice to ours for forty minutes. If you're not in a hurry and you're not in a hurry, It's really nice crib in California. Yeah, Los Angeles. Anyway, So the question really nice. Did you know that was the soft local rock climber have you seen for? So I assume the answer has been Yes, I know, but I was shocked by your answer. I'm a shocking guy. Did you happen to see the video of It was like some thirteen year old girl who was like, you know, champion, Rock climber. Go ahead. Okay. Excuse me, Theo. And the only one here who doesn't know Theo, but yeah, bring on the Spall cases tells Lexi is very so you want my referral cut to seven. But it was some thirteen year old girl who is a professional rock climber. And she There's a video of it that I saw on Facebook because I still use Facebook sometimes. And she was rock climbing. This thing that went like this, they curved completely out. And she was, like, basically upside down. Spider Man, it was insane. Does make a lot of sense say that human being does something long enough. They get incredible at it just absolutely credible free soul. Though I don't know if you know, climb outside. Maybe I'Ll have the same reaction I did. I'm just like my knees were weak watching it, you know? And you get, like, that kind of describe us like like my hands feel loose. You know, it's like I wouldn't be all to make a grip on anything. The anxiety of that. Their women We tested the guy who had to hold on to the handle. Did you see that video? No. No guy. First time hang gliding and the instructor forgot to tether him to the hanging. I think so. As soon as they take off, he just starts hanging from the bar. And he's hanging hundreds of feet over the ground for was a four minutes. I thought It's three. No, we just set up a bar and played the video itself. Who could hold on as long as this, too, and just holding no windows or in every tendon in one of his arms, just death grip holding on its own. And then, yeah, that's like the crazy thing about human strength that can throw. Oh, that's so all this, Maybe aimed for a tree. Oh, God. The Bernie had the best analysis of this. I thought when they were done, the instructor still give him the foot Is trite structure. It's not his footage. The instructor. You know who's got the cameras? I'd be like, No, we have the record. Do the shit out of him. Oh, God, Hold on. I know what ends. And it's still a caring guys nervous. I mean, it's like humans have this innate strength that, like they Khun do things, but it will break your body. Yeah, Teo, like we have crazy monkey strength. But just like basically holding on with one hand there. Oh, my God. It's just like, yeah, you can hold on if it's if it's life or death. Yeah, you're going to hold up. Yeah, so long as you do, you will break your arm over over death, I think, is a preferable outcome. It's also like an instinctive thing because kids like when when they fall, like they've got death grips, they've they've got, like, instantaneous grips like kids. When they fall on treads mills, they like, grab on and they will not let go. And they physically cannot let go because their brain is just like Do not let go. You've fought, you've fallen in their knees, will get scraped it stuff like that. But it's just it's just an instinctive thing. The number of Ulysse that have treadmills that end in a wall is just, like do not really have bad that's going tio some point. Seen enough Internet video to know how that go. He shatters his hey gets like some broken. That's too fast. But they also drops a little early early. Probably couldn't hold on any longer. All that early? Yeah, early was about a hundred feet up. Have you ever been skydiving on? You know, I would like to, but yeah, things like this were very terrifying. Oh, he's going while, like, sixty miles an hour. Real fast way hung a bar. We try to see if we could hold on. I bet no one could think people with rock climbers. Oh, yeah. And he made it all the way to the end and then did a couple of chin ups in what was the do? She s move. I've ever seen you guys fell off. I do want a question that said earlier Tonya Harding was not the first person to complete a triple axel competition. That was Midori Ito in nineteen eighty eight. And since nineteen eighty eight, only eight women have done it and in international competition, nine. Hardy was the first to do it twice in a competition. I Tanya, though I think you What you're saying is from the movie I Tanya, they did presented as though she was the first person to ever do it. That's what I thought, too do is us. Competition may be there. When the first she was the first woman to do two triple axel same medication. We claim of the records, even though somebody's already done it. Every invention like that first space. We want a space race. We want the space race. Russia got like thirteen milestones in space before we landed on the moon. But that was the one that counted. Wait one. Yeah, that's it. We're done, really is over. We set this arbitrary finish line. I mean, the moon's a good finish line like that's a real nice finish line. It's the mood. Why don't we just pull ourselves closer. Do it. The last barber interstellar expert. Okay, so we're at about thirty minutes till the end of the podcast. I got one more and I'm going to read. And then shall we dive into giving spoilers real quick? That Marc, what you're playing these days was giving the town play games anymore. Really? You done? I haven't played games for fun and years enough. Ah Spinner. Which resident? No fun expert fun games Reminder was this up So they receive Podcast is also brought to you by door dash. Don't you hate it when you get home? 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Oh, I guess, I guess Let me also change my temperature to seventy two degrees from seven times balmy seventy three on my telephone or we had the pinnacle. Is this it have repeat absolutely now as a civilization? Actually, no. They just said that now we have more co two in the atmosphere than any point in human history. One hundred fourteen Part familiar. But I read a horrible thing today that even if we went tomorrow to zero emissions, which is fucking impossible, we went to zero emissions. Tomorrow. The climate would still continue to like overall temperature, which would raise for the next five hundred years, or probably up to a thousand years. So it's literally this point where it's such a tipping point that we have to do something to reclaim CEO to from the atmosphere. God, it's just like I don't need five hundred years. I know, but there are other people besides you, but I don't care. I just need a couple more ast long as it's good for the next few years. That's fine. Who cares? Let's say you go to a restaurant you see, there's cod on the menu, like fish and ships. Yuck. Okay, well, I don't know something else today, and you know that. So they're running out of that thing. Does that make you want to eat it? Maury? Lorie Moore? Yeah, We're going to run out of it. I'Ll be the generation that killed it. Tuna. Yeah, Yeah. Get to know different if you're having kids. Of course it would. Yeah. And have kids and you Fuck! I did the most responsible thing possible. I've reduced my pollution footprint. Bye. Immeasurable amount. You're welcome. So I'm going to eat all your fucking fish. You're still one person. Yeah, but that's it. The line's over there that I didn't make Another person who's gonna make another person who's gonna make another person? I get I should get preferential treatment. I really eat a fucking bald eagle. I want everyone dangerous being your world. A serial killer is even better than you because he's taking people out. Modern problems require modern solutions. So on that note, it's time for a way to give a shot up. Before we do, I had to give so funny my Reddick comments and I saw where someone wanted to know what had I wear on the podcast And I directed him to the big hat head that I that I buy from But I wanna give a shout out to user on our subreddit which is awesome because normally you guys were successful Ah, it's ah, bag easy on the subreddit Perfectly visualized It was amazing, perfectly visualized the horrible, stupid gate that we have out here and the like, Ridiculous set up for it And I had my white board in my tin foil hat on last week and I was drawing it. And then he wouldn't found a satellite photo of the studio and drew it perfectly monstrous even had a comet That's like This seems wrong and stupid, but this it seems like what he was describing. And he nailed it because it's that stupid and wrong. It's it's pretty stupid, but it makes sense for what they're trying to dio. There's no other way to accomplish it without you only think like that cause you're Canadian. They put the motor on the other side. You can like it comes out from that side. I could make you come out from the other side of that broke the Holgate and built up a new one. Break the delegate build up a new one, but we digress. Came through. Look, there it is. Drawing. Yeah, There it is. Like you. Now, that's exactly what it looks like. All right, let's do it. All right. So if you haven't seen that look, even things we care about spoilers were now going officially. Start talking about spoilers For Season eight Episode five of Game of Thrones You've been warned music red lights flashing like we'LL put alert Tanker going on there. This is not a spoiler. Really. Hype it up here. That was also in that photo. Oh, on ly for paid sponsors. Think only for a graphic boxes. They get a logo and they get sucked off. That's what they get. That's part of the deal. So would you like to sign up? I mean, is there a code twenty? Wow, it's to seven of nine to seven. Code thirty four with rule with rule thirty four thirty four immigrants. I felt like the episode got a ton of hate. Wildly unpopular, super popular. I was fine with it. My big complaint is there wrapping stuff up too fast. They're getting to the end more quickly than they have in the past. I think they've got the end before. Well, more. They're getting to plot points more quickly, have resolving right And I mean, that's That's really my only complaint. I think its overall. It's kind of a week season, But I'm happy with the direction things have gone. The way things have gone so far. It seems right to you. Guys actually remembered after the scene at the end, when Denarius lose their shit and just starts torching King's landing. She remembered back in Season two, when she gets imprisoned by the Warlocks and they take her dragons. Somebody remember that those characters because of the blue teeth of Yeah, yeah, and she remembers that Dinner's had a vision back then of how everything was going to end, and we went back and watched it, and it was the throne room in King's Landing and the ceiling is ripped off and it's snowing. But then you realize it's not snowing, it's ash, that air falling, and she's like walking towards the throne and the right before she gets to it. She and this might become relevant. In the last episode, she hears the call of her dragons being tortured and she leaves the throne and goes to the Dragons instead. I don't remember that part. Yeah, you literally just watch this yesterday. House of the Undying House. Until a guy. Yeah, when they see she's been. That's got the King of Qarth in that one. She locks in a vault this years ago. He's not the king, just they make him. The King is part of the deal for stealing Dragons. I have no idea how they're going to wrap up the entire Siri's in one episode at three minutes after this. It is a movie. It is a movie, Yeah, but there's just I feel like I don't know, like so much has happened. But also there's so many answers yet to be. Do you think you need everything answered? What do you need answered? I guess I'm just confused as to what brand is doing Well, that's gone. I think you think I'm not going back to brand. You will not be back at all. I don't think Aria will be back. You know, I think our guy is definitely coming back. Think that's our last? The way I see things going my prediction for next week's episode is than Earth is already worried about John, now mad with power. She's going to kill John because Starkman always die in the South. Are you? Already doesn't like Tenaris? And then once the nearest kills John, are you going to kill Tenaris? That's your That's your fear. That's my current working theory. There were leaks by the way, before this last episode, and then people read them thinking they were just way off the mark and just speculation. And then people realizing when they were watching the episode that all the leaks were right. I didn't know that you have not read any leaks. Bm ready like being clear. This is just Gus is just my crazy theory. And I think people start have stopped having kids and they should eat the dragon people on Game of Thrones. Two step Yes. Okay. Terrible carbon problem going T o course, but actually the dragon burn the sleet. That's gotta be bad for the environment, right? It's got to be in some way all that wildfire. What? Bette sans f I think that once aria kills denarius, there is no legitimate claim to the Iron Throne. The seven kingdoms fall apart. Sansa becomes Queen of the North, and then every old kingdom is no longer part of the seven like this just breaks up interesting. So there is no ultimate winner. There is no iron throne. Everything's for nothing, huh? I think, as our resident, gymnast, expert and resident game of thrones that no, I thread the Ricks. Here's what I think this last season is is the writer's attempt to reconcile their direction with George R. R. Martin's direction. I believe that this last episode iss what George R. R. Martin wanted and wrote and intended the entire time. The order, however, is wrong. I believe that this like this, this whole idea and a lot of people talked about it when the Night King died. Like a lot of people talked about, like it defeated the purpose of the show. From the beginning, I believe that this idea of people fighting over a throne, this concept of people fighting over a chair of whose ruler is ah, set piece that comes before winter finally arrives. I think that in George R. R. Martin's original vision. It was probably This was like the final breaking point that all the kingdoms were fighting and destroying each other, and they destroyed King's landing. They got to humanity's weakest point ever, which is when Winter would've arrived, not just tow winner felt like all the way. Yeah, it would have come to King's landing all the way down there. It was snowing in King's landing at the end of last season. Exactly. Yeah, yeah, it was snowing there and like that, That kind of just, like, was forgotten when the Night King die. I think that this this set piece of denarius like turning against like falling in this in this trap of being like this enemy needs to be destroyed. I need to destroy this enemy, wiped them out, puts put so much stress on humanity and fractures everybody that it leaves them vulnerable for the night came to actually come. Winterfell falls like all these places fall. And I think like it's it's evident because the whole the whole brand Jaime lannister thing like for those that read the books and spoiler for the books as well brands dead brands that brings look dead like me, it's It's unclear, maybe because Syrian also died in a similar way, where ended on their point of view chapters. Brienne dies. He gets killed by character who's not even in the show, which I wonder, like if if what you're saying is, If it comes together and we're getting George R. R. Martin's ending, what does that character's arc look like in the book? Well, I mean, I do tearing came back from a similar, definitely drowned with the Stone men. Yeah, and I got mad at the books. That part of it, that's not game of thrones. You don't fake people out on deaths. It was similar to in this show when Jaime Lannister was facing the dragon. And then he gets knocked in the water by Bron. And but the less you see of Jaime Lannister from sinking in his armor and it goes away from him, you're like, Well, he's fucking dead next episode. But he's up on the shore. Yeah, it's very much TV writing, and you can see like the TV writing so clearly because, like last season, when they went up north, past the wall and all these unnamed characters They're just dying, left and right. All the main characters were just in this little puddle. Same with like when the Night King was dying. All the main characters are up against a wall like Jaime Lannister, who in the books is not that good with a sword with the lefty like he's not just he's not just fighting for life. He's bitch slapping zombies left and right, like I'm Justus, Good as I was, you know, it's very telling of what TV writing is. And and this this scene last episode is such a massive shift in not only like like style, but tone like this idea that a character that we thought we knew and loved can change because of an emotional state. That's very much of what, like George R. R. Martin's direction was because very much is like with that death of Brie and like with for those who don't know the lady of Winterfell cricketer's name. Later on, Don't heart Lady of Winterfell, Ned's wife. Okay, Yeah, Cat and she she was brought back by Don Dairy and through the magic of the Lord of Light. She killed Bran on an emotional impulse like brand tried to explain and she was like you, You will not. I will not listen to you. You promised you were going to find Bring your promise. We're going to bring Jamie down. Get Sansa back like that was the exchange and you failed. So you are done like a force of engines were Exactly. And it is very much because this this show is very much are the books are very much about, like humanity and who people are and like what? Like they're not logical. Sometimes they're not rational. Sometimes everyone can be like this fucking winner is coming, you guys and nobody hesitant because it's human nature. The threat isn't immediate. Therefore, like it, it's not part of it. And so did Maris. Everyone's like whose star is wrong. It's like anyone can snap anyone and no one not immune to rage. And like this, you and your family is predisposed exactly. And the writers did their best to try to give justification, and I don't think it was done perfectly. But I loved watching it because it raised the stakes so high it was like This is an elevating moment. It's not a d elevating moment it raises problems to the point where, like, why the fuck would you do that? And I love those moments. It was It was definitely like the washing. It like gas being like Oh, no exactly happened. Just shit. Look, those are the moments I think it's got a similar audience. A lot of crossover with people who watched. Lost, for instance, may be a different generation of those people. But the same people who like justice did make theories, and they have wishes for the show. And then when their wishes aren't fulfilled, they get very upset with the show. I feel like that's not denarius. It's like it absolutely is. It's just not what you wanted for her. For me, that character's Jaime Lannister. It's like I really loved Jamie Lana story. He was always my favorite character in the show. He had this incredible arc. He seemed noble about, you know, killing the King and, you know, sullying his honor basically for all of time to try to save the people of King's landing so they wouldn't get burned to death. And then even this last episode, he says something like, I never really cared about the common people wasn't what I care about. And it seems like very against his character and leaving the north and coming back to sir see, it seemed very against his characters like this doesn't seem right for the character. But then you see the ending with him and you get a look at the characters all. He's just a very tragically toxic person, like he's in a toxic relationship with this person, and I can relate to people that are in those. Maybe he was doing his best to try to escape. But what his core he still has that we're inside and even says that when he's facing down the court in Winterfell, he says, I won't apologize for everything I did. I did for my family, and he's talking to people who kill their family, right? But it's like I won't apologize. I really was surprised, though, when he left Brandon, I really thought he was going to go down to King's Landing and kill, sir. See you. Me, the queen. Sillier. Yeah, I love that, Especially with the premonition that they had about her getting killed by her younger brother, and everyone thought I was going to tear Ian in the the gypsy wagon over. Yeah, I gotta go back and watch that re want. He prophesies I rewatched the macula frog scene. Actually, I think that's the one. And it didn't mention like that. I don't know. I think that's in the books. Or if I maybe I watched the wrong things. I remember it too. Yeah, just remember where it was talked about, but I don't know if it was in the TV show and then that's the other problem I have is like It's these two very similar stories, but very dissimilar stories. Yeah, trying to like balance thinks you're more like that if you still want to walking dead like the graphic novels are so dramatically different than the books, like the big beats to the same but the entire characters or just different people. Everything with your on. It was just like I was rolling my eyes pretty hard during all that stuff. He was such a late character that he was just so surface level, you know, they couldn't do anything with me. Way overpowered cartoon characters were my wife and I were both worried that whoever that commander of the Golden Company was that he was going to become another character. Yeah, we're so late in the show. Walmart. Jamie. Yeah, let's just let's just stop. Wei don't need. We don't need more characters like you. I think you're as an example of that. He's like he kind of showed up late. And then I was kind of like, introduced in a way that nobody really bought into and then kind of showed up in weird ways when they killed the dragon and then, yeah, and then with, you know, much later, at the battle of King's landing with even more scorpions, they couldn't hit the dragon again. Just a whole scene with all their boats getting burnt. And then all of a sudden, Jamie is in this little area by the water. And of course you're on is just like swimming out of the water right there, just like eyes, even a line that he says, remember the thing he says to get to Jamie like Tio like I fucked your sister. So, yeah, I fucked the queen. He wouldn't he say that she has his baby because that's what he thinks is right. But the audience knows that's not true, so he Instead, he says, it's a very convenient line. But he would have gone for the throat and said She's having my baby, right? Like, you know, or something like that. But, you know, But that that would not to the audience to be like, Oh, that's not true. So it would be is inciting. What bothered me about that is like the scene was pointless. It didn't mean in your own could have died from drowning or fire like him stabbing Jamie had no effect on Jamie's death. Nothing like no effect on the outcome. So it was. It was really was appointed, was seen. It was His brand is a character. There was eight year arc for brain. It's like he literally could have not been in the show, and it wouldn't have made any difference. I think with the scene with your aunt to speak, what you talking about? I think it was just to give on on screen and two, you're on. Yeah, it's like if you didn't have that scene, there's like, Oh, he probably died on the ship. Yeah, thanks. Ate somebody like you're on one of the great person for the dragon to eat like spit amount instantly there, right I can. I can see why the writers wrote that line, like on the men that killed Jaime Lannister is probably they were like so he can die with his delusions, like he thinks the baby says It's perfect. It's just like I saw great beam of that. They used Thor from Ragnarok, or he's like on the man Who Killed You last and that sort of but e o. But I say I there's this thing has gotten a lot of hate this episode and I think that we were I think some of the people that did not like Episode three the big battle at Winterfell We didn't lie like, Okay, you like to get some people on watch. But the effect it had on the story I had problems with Yeah, I did to my big thing was first will not be able to see it. You know, it was one of those people who felt like this is the real story. Why are we doing this now? I I don't feel that anymore. And I was like, I was looking forward to the end of the season. I was hopeful for it. Nothing was. And this is wish for film. I probably on my part is that Are you start feel weird to kill the Night King? I said it was like if Han Solo at the end of return of the Jedi shot Darth Vader in the face to be like okay, that's the outcome I wanted. But Constable's job to do that, like are you would know that being said this episode of Game of Thrones Episode five is when Aria Stark went from being my least favorite character on the show, the one I just didn't care about to be my absolute favorite. She she was amazing in this episode because I look at this episode as a analysis of revenge of the pitfalls are. And if you look at all the main characters who ended up in King's Landing and they're very specific ones that they didn't put in this this episode Brienne State North. For some reason, Torment took off for his own reasons. You know, GE injuries not there either, so that if you look at the characters that air there, they're going to King's landing. They're also motivated by revenge din Eris is like. That's her whole story of coming back and seeking revenge. Even Grey Worm has that moment when they're facing off with the unarmed soldiers and he's the guy who takes his like You could see this in his face like a fuck it. I've had it and he throws his butt and start setting them. They start the massacre of everything and even tear Ian when he's like watching on the Hill. It's like his last desperate moments of I put all these pieces in place, and now I'm realizing the pitfall of trying to like house to my sister. He tries those little things last minute, like letting Jamie loose, but even passes on the opportunity. Teo say various, you know and various dies, So it's like if you look at everyone's motivation, the big one is Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark. They go into the map room there in the castle in King's Landing, and he says he's going to kill the mountain. He says to her, Do you want to end up like me? If you go this way, you're going to die, and if you don't you go live your life here. Otherwise you could be like me. Do you really want to be like me? And she says, Thank you and she leaves and she goes the other direction And that was amazing to me because she's the only character that makes that choice. I think dinner's on the wall with that one with the dragon. The bell is ringing. She's one dude, she has a warrior's gonna want it. All she has to do is sit down like walking and sit down, and she has everything she wanted. I think in that moment she realized that's not what she wanted. She wanted. This is her family name. She wanted revenge and all these fuckers in King's Landing. They destroyed her family. They killed her brothers. And that's also like the lives in the delusion. She was told she was younger, that her family's name is spoken in secret and people drink secret toasts to their health. And she gets there's like That's not true at all. Nobody, nobody likes me, even though this should be mine, and I think he's evil. I think she's lost. I think she's broken and lost. If I if I could change that episode just a little bit. I think what I do is have her still have the expression of anger. But I felt like her target should have been on ly the keep right, because at that point, she's just like Sir c is still alive. She's the object of my hate. Go get Sir C and then for sir she to have more satisfying ending. I would have had her, like trap the keep with a bunch of dragon fire like loaded up barrels So that what happens is she goes to kill, sir. See, it sets off a chain reaction that ends up blowing up a lot of King's landing. Then the suddenly the people hate her because they've she inadvertently, through her rage, killed half the population who were congregated in the red keep. And then suddenly she's now the queen of ashes also. And it was like just it's one of those moments where you like I fucked up, but I was trying to do good like no one could fault me for wanting to kill, sir. See, But it inadvertently like she had one. It would also would have been a way to conveniently get rid of the dragon at the same time in the explosion. It would have been right, and that really bothered me. Was how, all of a sudden during this whole fight that John's men Alderson became these, like rapists, murderers. They can't describe that in the attack on Blackwater Bay. Like when Sir, she's in the red, Keep with Sansa and she's saying, It's just like when the battle's over, their blood is up and they just go on a rampage. Yeah, And she said, Everyone in this room is going to be raped, and that's that and what I have this poison for when they when they come to the door, that was a time when they came to during one of the things I didn't understand. When you right before they start the battle, when they say like if you hear the bell stop, it's like you don't you can't stop once you're in there and you're already fighting like you fight until you're done, there is no like, okay, we want you know everyone. Everyone, stop. I feel like that time battle was so much more visceral. If you say the blood's up like you just keep going until you defeat your enemy like entirely until you run them into the ground. Yeah, and I think that's to go back to the revenge thing. It's like you want Danny to have her revenge. But is it worth all these lives in King's landing to get that revenge? And I think everyone's reaction is absolutely not. She should have focused on the keep and just killed source and gotten her revenge that way. It's not worth all those lives to fulfill her revenge. It was It's not worth it. It's not worth. Yeah, exactly. And what you say when everyone went nuts, it was great Worm who went first? Yeah, and he's Yeah, he's the Warriors and Sully. But it was like he had the only thing he cared about in life taken from them and you could see it and he's just the issues and barbaric and tearing people apart. But I think it's really important for me, at least when I look at it, it's important to realize, too, that we're not separate from that, that we who watched the show, we also have those expectations and I think a big one was, and you voice this was sir. See, we wanted to see her die screaming. We wanted to see her get her throat cut. We want to see your head cut off. Get put on a pike. We wanted to return to see her have as about a death as she has given to everyone else. When the audience didn't get that, they didn't get that. They've got her. Have a nice moment where the person she loves in a tunnel and it collapsed. You think it's a fake out like Jamie? Lana, I oppose the death in the in the lake last I'll be disappointed if it is I'LL be disappointed. I think Artie is going to because we don't get that we didn't you, Barb? You want people? You didn't get that ending that revenge. Ending your revenge on sir see thatyou wanted is a character. But the reason why you didn't get it is because Aria turned around and if argue, argue keeps going with the hound. She ends up on that staircase. She's there. She's there with Sir C and Khyber and who got killed? That was brutal. Yeah, and he's there. And she would have been in the battle with the Mountain. She might have gotten killed by the mountain, but it's like literally, if you watch Sanders revenge against Gregor and he's literally it's like everything comes off. You realize he's literally fighting a dead thing already. It's like this, this whole allegory for revenge and how it's a worthless. He's fighting this dead model if you know and it's worth nothing. And if Aria had been there, she would have killed sir see? And she would not have made it out because she would have gone back the map room like sir, she did and not been able to find her way out and she would've been dead. And it begs the question is our revenge on, sir? See? Is it worth arias life? And I don't think it is. And so she made the decision. She turned her back on revenge. She got away, and I think, honestly, I think that's the last we'LL see of Arya Stark. I think she still has a lot to play. I think that she has a big part, probably the finale. I don't think the writers would let that be the last So Arya Stark, but I could see it. It's very poetic. Like I could definitely see a way that would work. Yeah, she would have been there. She would have been on that staircase. The last person on your list, Someone in chat pointed something out. It was believe was a hunter of Artemus going back to what you said about brand. So the on ly reason brand had to exist was to reveal the truth about John, but verify it. Kazan learned it and brand verified. Did he also give Aria the dagger that she killed the night King? Rick and I could also argue there's purpose. Was debate the Night King into Winterfell? Yeah. So he served a purpose? Yeah, I would say I bet he had a bigger intended purpose, but yeah, because because there's a whole story line of the magic of, like, the children of the force and like the first men and all that, like Laure. That's just like, Well, I think what happened was cold hand. Look, yeah, I think what happened is game of thrones became so successful that they decided to hold that back. And that will be one of the spin off series. It's like then they'LL have a separate. Siri's thatjust deals with the Children of the Forest and the first man and how all that magic was create without the stakes. Different states. Yeah, there's apparently some quote or some reference about death came on a pale horse. I've never heard about that before, But people in the chatter taco that's in the book. So maybe our guy is going to go kill a whole bunch people. Isn't that a quote from, like the Bible or something talking about? Yeah, that's a cool for like and old like from the I know what y'All stupid Viva is some some quote about, like the Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, like death riding on a pale horse. And that was like, What was I thought it was supposed to be like toe up in My interpretation was it was the opposite of the hounds horse he at that black horse. What stranger and so like since she didn't go the same route that the hound did, she gets the white course that she rides away on that it was just like since she totally went the opposite way of of the Hound. Yeah, that that was just mine, you know, is what What is it? Instead of getting a black horse like the house she rode away on a white horse. Okay, there's always things like pale horses. What? Death typically rides, you know, And it depends on you know what particular religion or mysticism you're studying. But death isn't always the final thing, and end it just means a big transition or a big change. So her writing away, you know, in the representation of death could be just a massive change for her was like even like Antero the death card. When you get it, psycho shit. But it's not just me. Death means massive change. Where is the really cataclysmic, horrible card? Is the tower just like it plays out so perfectly with this game of thrones and forget everything. The tower was destroyed. I got to say it was you know, I get that they have a shorter season, six episodes. But that was their own design. They were offered more episodes and they said, No, you know, but it's just like it is kind of somebody edited the death of Rygel the dragon was killed by you're on in the previous episode. They edited a couple couple changes, two shots and it made it makes way more sense. It didn't have that kind of reaction of Whoa! Shit. Somebody just got hit by a bolt, you know? But it was It did make a little bit more sense. It wasn't like death descending out of the sky. Do you think Brand sent that horse for her offensive question? You were to see Brant again, uh, like besides, like maybe a finale, all of them together. And you've got to see Winterfell at some point because Sansa's story isn't over. Yeah, in which he takes control of the North. When it separates in the Seven Kingdoms and longer exists, it's to get theory. Yeah, Brian will be your hand. It is interesting if you look at the number of episodes sir C was in this season and even this episode where she figured in heavily she really didn't have much. She just was good performance and her staring out the window and then the scene on the stairs. Then the scene would Jamie, you know, But for for her, like the two big villains the night King and Sir C, they didn't really factor in in a huge way into the end of the series. You know, both of them didn't and everyone went nuts about the night king. But it's it's interesting that, like, sir, she's kind of in that same boat. Yeah, I think that's what we all maybe start to realise after Episode three, when the Night King was dispatched so early. Maybe you know the village and it may be the end isn't what we think it is. Maybe it's it's going to be something else. Well, obviously, because I thought I was going to the night when that bells ringing and I was like curiosity and I hit it. Pause like early forty five minutes in this episode battles over us. And then, sure enough, it was That's that shot of Danny, I will say, very exhausting. Watching people get burned and attacked and killed for forty minutes like that was tough to watch for that. More so than the Battle of Winterfell disagree? Absolutely. I mean, people getting burned to death and kids and yeah, Thie. Someone also pointed out in the chat that the little girl who died was holding a white horse figure that was reminiscent of Shirin to me. Ah, status. His daughter. She also had the force. And that's what, Sir Davos finds out. What you know is that she's dead is the same kind of like the burned horse. That's not that's what made me. And there was that little girl in Winterfell who reminded Davos of her as well. There's nothing like a couple of references to her. Yeah, it was tough. It's tough to watch. I love that shot of Danny on the dragon on the wall whore. She just surveying everything and then you could just see if he's okay. This's not going the way I thought I was gonna go. Regardless of how you feel about the writing of the show, the books or anything, the performances this season have been stellar. The music's been stellar. It's really incredible, and it's like you can see post interviews where they can't say anything. But the cast like what'd you think of the ending of you? Happy and well, it looks like like I can't say anything. But you see in her face now you have a contact. Yeah, didn't turn out the way. Hope just like E. T. never. Yeah, and it's But they gave their all in those performances. And even if they didn't necessarily agree with where their character because they spent so much time with that character, even if they don't agree with it, man, they really Emelia Clarke, just like her face licker faces just so expert like, because it was the only real thing that made that switch possible with her. Just like just the fucking menacing rage I saw on her face was just like so some bad about to happen like This ain't good like it's just like I love the acting and the artist people find it. This is why I have a trust time, just like shitting on a show, because it's not one person that makes a show. I think everyone here knows is not one person on that show. It's a huge team, and something like this is just a nen enormous team of people talented beyond, like anything you could possibly imagine working their souls down to make this the best political. And it's like I could never do shit on a show like that because of that, because it goes both ways, you know, if the show had been wildly successful. It's not entirely to their credit that it did great. Likewise, if it doesn't, you know, if you're unhappy with its not entirely their fault. You know, I was talking about this with on our makeup artist how I've loved game of thrones every season I've enjoyed. And if it has unending that I'm not pleased with or that people aren't pleased with, like that's not going to discredit the entire Siri's for me like I still got so much enjoyment it so much. Why do we watch entertainment out of it? Even like Okay with the ending wasn't what I was hoping for. But these still of days past episodes have just been heart pounding episodes like I have been just gripped to my seat like even if it's not satisfying like I've been so grift. Buy it. I've seen people making graphs like showing comparisons of how the critics received the various seasons of breaking bad versus a very season of game of thrones and how Game of thrones it's being less critically less well receive critically here in the final season of Breaking Bad. But I think breaking bad was an anomaly when it comes to storytelling or TV shows, where it got stronger and stronger. And it ended in a way that everyone was like, Yes, I am happy with that ending that almost never home with that much passion. You kind of hope for good enough, right? I mean, but we just saw it. Their endgame, I think, did it. And that was a very long lead up to end game and, you know, a lot of story lines, a lot of things coming together, and I think they pulled it off. But I would never say that, like, the only reason that endgame is good or the Avengers as a whole is good is because of the Russo brothers. I mean, obviously there's a lot of source material. They tremendous casting. Whoever cast the Marvel universe just deserves a huge amount of credit. And whoever cast game of thrones casting a group of kids that grew up to be, you know, good actors and really fit in another. Them cast me so they did fail in that respect. It's you. He's crazy. We want went back and wants this denarius premonition that she has in the warlocks keep We didn't just saw the end of episode our season, too, because I was like the last episode when the Dragons burned him for the first time. They look, they fired, they use fire. First time they burned the Warlock the last year. That is the one with Sam in the North and he hides behind the rock and then the whole day walks by him. And but they're heading towards the wall. That season two was like me. But it's like it's presented like here come the dead. It's imminent. Like next season. They're going to be There is no set of Season seven. They got there. Well, I mean, they start the show the beginning Season one. Episode one is North of the wall encountering the undead. Those fuckers walk so soon and then, you know you don't know him again the entire season. Maybe until I partly through Season two. That was crazy because I did turn on the first episode before this last episode yesterday and I was like It is so drastically different. Like the pacing slower the characters take their time like and I don't know if that's just like a first episode kind of thing where it's just establishing everything. But it was so lovely, like it was so nice and like, even though you could tell the production value was the same nearly the same. But the storytelling was vastly different, and I think more engaging, like people were enraptured by this immediate threat of like, something's fucky over here. What was delivered. I'm stuck in some weird way. Oh, and but yeah, I love all the means to about everything. That the reaction of all the parents today who named their daughter Cally sea and poops on that. My dad said that I went to a school in AA Houston and fifth grade went to a new element stick because it just open. It was named after a guy. I was somebody who had done something I don't remember. It was I want to know the name. But we were the dedication ceremony, and then the guy walked up to the stage. My dad was like, the guy's still live, and I said, Yeah, what's wrong with it? Is that a problem? He goes, don't have her name something after somebody that's still alive. Yeah, and I go, Why just cause will they still have time to mess up? And that's that's all the way said. That's very, very true. He was a politician of some kind, like he was a land commissioner or something like that, I think. And yeah, I was in fifth grade and I was like, I was like, You know what you're talking about. But now I'm like, Yeah, that's a good lesson. He's right. Let things play out. And that's how I feel about this, too. It's like, Yeah, if your favorite character wasn't treated great, let it play out and then see how you felt about the stories. The hole. It's really weird because you don't stop three quarters of the way through a book and go. I don't like this book. You know, this book is terrible, you know? It starts off the rails. You finished the book, and then you make your decision about and you got away to The story's done. Yeah, yeah. Well, let's wrap this up. Okay? Wait. We had a good discussion. Something before and Clegane Bowl Did it live up to the hype? I go back to the revenge thing again. Sand or died for no reason. and annihilating all storytelling elements was at least viscerally satisfying. Yeah, because for me, there I got Vader vibes. You get that from that? Get that there thing. Nobody looked like Varis under the helmet. He did a little bit about your back. You're so good. Wait here with the helmet on. I think I burned. Was like black. Yeah. What's tosses them like a rag. That was crazy. Yeah. Thanks for We want everyone. Thanks for being against Mark. Like on da? No good to me. All right, you guys next time.