#545 - Steak-Off: The McBlood

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss steaks, sleep apnea, the Game of Thrones finale (in the final 30 minutes), and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-545

Recorded: 2019-05-21 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:43:19 (6199.63 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


    "Steak off"
    "head to head cooking"
    "kosher salt"
    "calorie counting"
    "cpap machine"
    "game of thrones"
    "sleep apnea"
    "ketchup potato chips"
    "arnold schwarzenegger"




Transcript (in progress):

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Everybody, Welcome to this very special edition of the Reese Probably podcast brought to you by me and these stamps dot com and full sail. Thank you. Put that knife down paint for and I'm just having by Alberti. Gus, you're anything? Three guesses e I'm hungry enough to eat Three states. All right, I want to know as soon as possible. If the wind is too much and then Gus and I will go inside while they cook the steaks, I don't care any wind. It's fairly Windy Valley. And I know what happened, but you're thinking about after we finished cooking, we went inside while they eat the stakes out here. And then they came in. Is that what happened? That's what happened. Okay, we're going to reenact. We're trying to look around. If you weren't here for judging No, we went, We went inside so you could talk. Listen, I don't know that steak off night has, like, some kind of Sarah Meyer's. Your card of the ritual should be cooking now. Years ago, change up this year. So time to two time reigning champion. We thought it would be really rude if Gus lost three times in a row. I just don't want to cook anymore. Loses gets interrupt. So Gavin and Barbara are gonna be cooking the steaks. Do you wanna give us a little bit of Ah, look at that. What does that mean? Catch me before I cook it. Oh, my son. Look at that. What is it? No, this blocked out the sun. I can literally shave my entire face with the size of the state. So listen to this. This this this is solid. I get my mike Pierre bite. I don't get your mic that caused. The higher it goes, the better it tastes. And we've got a three point six pounds of the reading it, but I'm reading it top sirloin steak prime boneless. Get out of my arm now I throw. But I would Barbara, What are you working with? S o? Uh, No, I'm Christian on this year's take off, and I was prepared for it. But you guys didn't specify in the rules that I couldn't, um, use a chance. Way did. We said Barbara and Gavin are cooking. Waverly said, Like, that's the only thing we specify. But I've I've elected a champion. Uh, miss material self. Saito's gonna be cooking my steak. Where? Any cooking? Very well. Really. Thank you. Brought in a ringer. I did bring in a ringer. Bullshit. Bullshit. Thinks the spirit of the steak off Mariel. What you working with? I figured out my mic on, uh, we got some revise for you guys before I realize We're suit beating them for about an hour or so. Uh, when did you start? The sooner we put about thirty minutes ago. Okay? Yeah. We'll be ready to make sure. I don't know that. That's what the viewers were wondering. You only will have to cook the outside. Yes, I mean, honest. Truly. You could eat it raw if you want. Way got Cem course. Oh, God. Their seasoning Everywhere. Trying this on that video. And we got, uh, one of you. So why do you sound like you're making way more seriously than the other? I'm not gonna give away who I think. I think that. I think we're both taking it pretty seriously. What temperature? Two of them. Cabin. What? Yeah, that went on there. Oh, this one paper Gavin paper. Same. So gobs that's going really going cavity Got worse T shirt right there, dude. Well, they don't wanna be even now. Put it on. The girls go. I'm gonna go check on my steak paper on it. I just wanna say for the record God, what a preliminary far moral. Whatever this team is called, it's Barbara ll have picked my favorite way of preparing steak and also my favorite cut. I'm normally not a Sufi fan. I think it's cheating, but the rib eye is my favorite thing. It's not grilling grilling. It's not the girl office stakeout. Yeah, who says it has to be? Really? There you go. All right. I see we have a cast iron pan on I like how, particularly being about that rule and at about the rule of having someone else's rule. The rule was Barbara and Gavin Cook. Yeah, but you didn't say we couldn't have a teammate. She's still cooking. I'm doing, I'm cooking. We live in a post game of thrones world now. Yeah, rules go out the window. So exactly So we're going to go over it if you're cooking on what kind of meat you have, Barbara, what's the temperature in the city that you're doing? One twenty nine? Oh, twenty nine. What season is that? You put on that without Suki. We put crew coarse kosher salt because I'm Jewish and, er it's first fresh black pepper and garlic. There you go, clubbing and butter. There's some butter in there. I saw his. Well, that was that was the garlic. Oh, that's the garlic. It s only white had melted. Nice. Yeah. Nice. You know why it's called Coach yourself? I don't know. The salt itself is kosher. I think it's used in kosher Prepper Believes I totally knew that. Yeah. Kosher shelter site. I'm also wearing sunglasses that burning out a year ago. You go. Bernie is the reigning champion. I thought if we had his sunglasses, they would provide us. So she stole my glasses a year ago. Apparently thinks the comparison between how much salt you get if you like. Let's say you would get a cup of regular salt. Couple decide by side. And if you run away the two independently, the kosher salt ways weighed less because it's so grady it takes up so much more volume. So if a recipe ever calls for kosher salt and not regular salt definitely used kosher salt. Otherwise you're over salting Hillary. Whatever it is less my friends. It's like one of the weird things is like I see Gavin has a pepper grinder. Yeah, on the side of the grilled about that same one. Hope pepper directly on it. Grab that planet ready? No. So, uh, peppers, I find like all over the car like I wanted coarse ground pepper to make my steaks at home way. But I got just normal pepper that I remember like the old McCormick comes in a little more grand, and that's just like the finest powder imaginable. I just want pepper. That's just, you know, like get the restaurant when you put Pepper just like little flakes. You know what an acid, But they're not this little what against the grinder. Uh, I have grinders at home. I don't have, like the disposable ones. I had said, uh, like a grinder. So it's just like it's hit or miss. I mean, like, right now I feel like you're cracking the paper front. And with most of them, I don't about this one. Most of what you can sit that's loving a crime. How much? How course you want Your pepper doesn't matter, though, like they also make salt grinders as well. Is it fresher? And here, if you're trying to get up, I mean, think what that seal joke like There's salt that's like two hundred fifty million years old, and it expires next month when you get because they have to put an expiration date on food, but it's all facility. Me. It's like, Yeah, this was around for two hundred fifty million years. But yeah, he didn't really quickly. Well, I think the coarseness of the fresh aspect of the pepper does help, but yeah, you're right with salt under the matters, I think it's just a different applications, you know, like Mariel's doing with steak. And there you are over that bar because you think you want a course there. Sold on the outside to help, like, kind of extract a lot of the own, the juices as you restless man, everything I've ever read. The other thing I'd like from Sue V. There's a great YouTube video out there. One hundred teach you how to do a reverse seer steak where you you know you're watching everyone because in the first two minutes he says it's time to flip the script on making a steak, and he says in the thing, Use more salt than you think. Absolutely, which is absolutely especially about Kermit. It's a little tight, so you're gonna lose that also, you know, when you put salt on what you're leading state rest before you cook it. A lot of it pulls all. Yeah, just like that. Just inevitable. You gotta put way more. It's gonna look almost like you're crusting it. But look, you're ready, Barbara. What if Bryce No, Mother, There are stake. Enough Reads you bright. Get us some free. It's okay. Be looking a bit thin. Good look, last year where we look, we did look like Don't you want the big Do you have, like, a thank you? Uh, what were the things that reading link brought? Let's hold that thought, Tio lot. Closest. Goto shing the close now that's Ah. What's that? What's that was that was more than a peak. There were two things in there I have a question about, besides the stakes. So I still feel like I'm competing with guts even though we're just eating like I have to be a better. Are you competing to judge? Yes. This was the better judge. Everything is a competition. I need a judge for the judges. All right, Let's see what you got here. Bernie's gonna win something. One day, twenty one years, right. Here we go. He won twice last year. Didn't contestant. I always believed in you. No playoffs. Continue to believe in you. It looks like a steak looks good. Which one's Gus is? That's Gus is right. They're right. But I know you. OK, Mine's rare. So it's a little bit rebel on there. Yeah, all that sizzle coursing with. And that's the Dextre Glessner in five twenty. The Hydra Clark has not brought to you by Red Bull. Does anyone do like a Red Bull marinade? Is that a thing? They said? Can I get xanthan gum just on its own? Can you get that, Eric? Can you get us like an industrial, like five pounds of xanthan gum? I just want to see what that's like. I bet it's in everything, but it's a powder. See, here's the thing. I feel like Gavin still gets points because he's actually I'm gonna put in the effort to see how Barbara's is going. Yes, please. You some check mine out. I'm looking who actually was good. Just wait. So in addition to the wind playing hell with the audio and you guys keeping up with comments, are they okay? Okay. Okay. When is actually really hard on grilling terror and smoking? Sterile? Because It is a weeks away. So much heat. Especially when you're cooking something like a steak where you want to get really high temperatures. It is hard to get a grille, especially a propane grill over like three hundred, three hundred fifty degrees. And you want to get it up? In my opinion, a grill you would get, like, five hundred if you can't. If you're doing a CV, I just believe you're grilling. You know, I just don't like you using the grill to finish. You want five hundred using the grill for the entire cook? You don't want it. That high idea, man. Then I want took the middle. I want the middle to be like blue. Yeah, that's where the better, Right? Normally what ill do at home is? I'll crank the heat about six hundred. Put the steaks on, then immediately drop it about three. Fifty Now where they get that initial sear and then slowly cook. But the middle doesn't doesn't burn out. Would you like another beer? Guess I'm okay. Thank you. Go. Bernie, Would you like a drink? Well, I would love one. Barbara. Thank you. Rush in here. I didn't expect this level of, uh, corruption. Well, Chef prepares our meal. I would love Teo. Get you guys a barrage job. Good. Would you like any appetizers from the kitchen? Maybe some some goldfish. Like Like those oatmeal cream pies old. Same time, maybe some lay's potato chili. The finest steakhouses serve little Debbie oatmeal cream pies as I recall. And even cut into quarters. You got it. Excuse me? What's a good appetizer? I showed good appetites. Like you're eating a steak. Yeah, over that. Start with salad. I'm pretty traditional with that. What comes out? Uh, blue. I'm sorry when he wet salad. Gotta have Which sounds like it. Just like a quarter of a head of iceberg lettuce pulled off with. Is that like walnuts in that? Yeah. Our salary foresworn. It's just too much non and classic wedge salad. No cheese dressing. Bacon crumbles on it, sir. Tomato. The average state dinners. Like what? About three thousand calories. If you go Teo dollars. No, three thousand calories. It's got to be well, the steak. So many calories in it already. But I'm sure they put butter all over. And you're not a super healthy individual, Gavin. But do you count calories? Or do you do the kill? Oh, cow. No. You know what? I used to always get the chocolate chip cookie shake in the Alamo Drafthouse. Yeah. Ever since they put on that, it was a thousand fifty calories. I don't get any more, right. It's like half a day of food. There's really good there in liquid form. If you're drinking one hundred thousand calories, it seems like worse than just eating a thousand hours. Yeah, because it goes down so fucking fast. You know, I think this weekend we're, uh we're working on a project. I'm doing the thing we haven't talked about yet. And I'm trying to, like, just shed some weight and I got on the scale Friday. Got him skill Monday. I had somehow came six pounds over the weekend. Six fucking pounds. How is that possible? It's probably ate too much. You eat a lot. Yeah. So, John, standing very weigh five pounds, literally. Over the course of the day, I got so mad at myself, I just drank a bunch of water and Pista Bunch. No offense. And then I had dropped on back down, like three or four pounds from that. You say it was like sediment in your bladder. Who the fuck knows? Dude who know normally, if if I weighed myself, I try to always do at the same time of day. I do die doing that. Okay, There you go. You know the answer, John. Get up in the morning. Berries. Yeah, it's just frustrating. Do it. It's like, what's going on? Yeah, she's like it would take me literally, like four five months to change six pounds in weight. Like with effort, Because she's right. You know what, baby? She's trying to add on. Pack on, pounds down. So she's like working her ass off trying to get some milk shakes at the draft. That's a good idea. Figured out together that you were doing what? What? Milkshake wasn't Gather? Yeah, get it? They don't fuck around, though. They make it like a really So your milkshake. And then they just like this. You think a whole candy bar and crunch it in their milkshakes. They're so good. Like one of those waffle cone places just drinking straight out of thiss week. Or the other day, I started talking about getting good sleep. I started sleeping with the C Pap machine. Yeah. Why you putting that out there on social media that you gotta see past? Why not? Good night. Because it's, like, such a weird way because we talked before about me having happening on the podcast. But look, the results there seems like they're good. Yeah, great. I never realized that I wasn't getting good sleep. Really? Yeah. So now I think maybe I should get a seat. It's like I'm getting Maur sleep without having to sleep more. Does that make sense? Right? Mohr rest will sleep without having to sleep longer quality over quantity. Yeah, it's also what is this big honking thing that sits on your faith pushes air? You? Yeah. You pretend like you're an independent today. You're like a Harry Connick Jr you have. Can you have sex with you gentlemen? Some appetizing woman? Oh, look at this. We got some neutral grain bar bullshit from some that almond butter biscuit, a Milano Cocchi and a rice Krispie treat. Enjoy. I can't compete with this shit. No, you can't pregnant. You could easily, completely with the opal cream pie. My friend ordered the thing. I'm sorry, but we were out of the oatmeal cream pie. All be sure to let our pitching manager Devon, uh, just complain about the fact that I gained six pounds of the week. And here's a plate of carbs for you. Carbs and sugar. Anybody. Would anyone like to join in your police? Take? This is this is a community effort. Appetizers. Oh, nice way. Deconstructed for interest? Uh, no, thank you. Meant for me. Some tomato puree. Yeah. Cold and flop me. Hey, you know what I just noticed? What's that? I think in the last two years, we made everything we did way. Did we made? We made love all the sides and everything. Any sides tonight Or is she looking at what? We're looking at it. I think this one to slaved over. Oh, God. Come on. Rap on it. Good. You gotta look catches slave over a counter with the knife. That was trust. I made a mess in the kitchen. That's the I've never had a tweet that has had more people text me or d m e to ask me questions about it. Yeah, because people are people are serious about their sleep. A lot of people don't know someone who used to talk about that. Some other things. I want to talk about it. It's Ah, A lot of people reach out to me and how I got it or how it affects things on the docket for shot. Doctor prescribed it. It makes a huge difference. Humbly Looks good. So it just like you're sleeping? Yeah. This mask, I just go over just your nose, your nose and mouth. So if it turns off the night you die. No, I mean you still not their type, but underwater That just pushes air into you. That's it increased. Can I just turn a fan on a twenty? That my face? It's like it does make a little bit of a seal and just pushes it in Is a dynamic like you can tell when you're breathing changes and it and it gives you more air Something. When I'm inhaling it puts Maurin name until when I'm exhaling. It stops and let's be exhale. And they're How does this manifest itself like that? You have better sleep. You just wake up and you're like, Yeah, yeah, I wake up before my alarm. I don't feel like shit that's you know, that's my other superpower. I can't fall asleep in five minutes anymore. Oh, you really can't cause you have a fucking dark matter. Vic and I were actually sleeping. That's when I realized I was tired. I was tired constantly before. I'm not tired anymore. Really? I, like fall asleep whenever I want to get one of those things. That's great. How did you get one? Don't have apnea. Here's a great idea. Fuck you. Because I gave you. I gave him like, uh, eight months ago, I gave him a bed, Yet you give it to me in winter. What? The bet Now now is what I should be using it Using it. I'm about to put it in I'LL fuck you with this. About to put it in you'LL get the cpap It'Ll suit your closet for months. So there's this thing. I got a ridiculous item but I saw the bed yet actually always super super hot Our cold in bed and boys Super hot Fuck this And I can't sleep outside the sheets and everything. So I found this thing called the bed, yet it's it's under It looks like a medical device it's under the bed. That's a hose that comes out and you have a special comforter, okay? And then blows into the company, flows into the comforter, and then the air comes out the bottom of it. So it's like a little like, you know, like you make a little tent with sheets. When you're a kid with a fan and the sheets, it's like that, but it's the result of two different comforter. So no, it's Ah, there's a seam down the middle of the bed. So I got the dual zone, which was a little bit more, but it was like cost effective, like I was enough to where is, like wasn't like double the cost of it Turns out the dual zone, they just give you two of the fucking thing. So I said, Gavin, here, take this because you're dealing with the same thing with Meg, where she's always cold or hot. I'm cold. Yeah, I'm like, cold to the touch. So you're cold, so use it winner and heat yourself up. It's got No, actually, I'm not actually cold, right? I'm just cold. Feel cold. You see, you can use to go. Why not put the he she s So she gets hard. But it is. I just thought I would be at least that you want before I had a hose coming out of my bed Is that it is a home. And I'm only it is thirty one in, like, two days. Yeah, that's what I'm It's really had a plan. You're living. It literally takes about a minute and a half to set. That's about it. There's a whole blue teo under the bed if you want to, like, keep it where you don't say put at the foot of the bed When I says I hold the comforter and I pull it with me when I turn next year, Woman. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Are you the same way bed words like Ben is this big And your spaces this much. And Trevor, Trevor, Trevor Trevor gets like a sliver hit like a sliver. They are pretty good at sharing, but I still pull. I'm still a company. You should have a secret. Pull out extra bed that you roll on. You need to waiting to pull out all the time. Uh, great. You washed your hands, right? Yes. Thea thing. Now and my bed is This goes back to Joe. The cat is what we love. Now it's the bed. Half the bed is Bush. Then Ashley pushes in that big, and then no, but he gets half the fucking bad guys all sprawled out like that that I agreed to put it on the floor. I agree. And I'm like this in the corner. You paid for that bad, and he starts keeping overturned the bed, Yet she fucked off her scythe. Budget also freed Bush out. Does he not like the noise there? Okay, okay. Well, that's a hot night. We had a really nice moment today where Ashley was. It was on the weekend Ashley was sleeping and she had mush on her belly, basically. And Bush was purring away. And then the purring of the cat the baby was kicking like crazy because it was like their babies at a point where he can hear what you're trying to sleep. Don't cats keeping awake? Probably sell. Probably someone's gonna like, Write to me and tell me how that's horrible from child development. I've never had a Milano melt this melted. That's good. I'm gonna go back, have any ketchup on it. Feel that? It's like a Canadian quickly that Have those tomato ketchup. Potato chips? Yeah, they loved us. What was that we had in Sweden? Well, you know, catch up on potato chips either. You said cooking. I know. I'm saying it's like they like it on potato chips. I understand. Catch cookie. Seems like something. Haven't fucking Canada godless. Tim Hortons. I'm sure a lot of people talk about game of thrones. Where do the same thing we've done the past into the end of the podcast. We're talking about Game of thrones. Bottom line way. Good episode. I'm so excited to see where they go. I'm not watching. The bottom line is, uh, wail really love the episode. That was tremendous ending to a place I got you. We'LL talk about it at the end of the episode. Really? He's just about ready. Really? Everything so hard you gave you another? May I know why my don't worry it. How does odd that that thing get up? Four hundred. Where'd you get the meat you got Mr Gallo? Uh, it was on the table when I arrived. I think they got at the grocery store right next door. So you do Just stay. Karin, You chose the cut. Uh, my, uh, my safety. Pretty sir. Christian Christian. You're the guy that did decide pie Christians behind the camera right here, over over home slice chamber. I think I see some good things going on over there. I see something that's really concerned me, though. No, no, no. This is all this is this is Claire. This is Gavin showing how he's a man of the people like this is he's taking something. When I think of the people, I think of what I'm seeing over there. He's like he sees this is, ah, street steak. I don't have a good word. It's windy. Be careful with that. It's a bit clean, but I saw a video online. It looked like I know where was it looked like he was in Mexico, someone that someone is celebrating their playing a drum. Another person comes up and starts pouring liquid in there, turns out of gasoline while the person is drumming on like a sneer. Trump a lot of vibrations. Then they light it. By that point, it's everyone is like in droplets form in the air it like your life. People on fire. Oh, and they all go running. And it's all due to thistle. Makes you do the cowboy hat. It's like running around like beating people, like trying to put him out. You know, he's like the ones smart guy in the group. There was. Ah, about don't use gasoline. Don't use diesel. If you're going to do something like that, use diesel like like you were gonna light a fire. And you've gotta use some kind of fuel source in order to do it. Diesel doesn't express. Diesel doesn't explode automatically one hundred percent the time it'll explode in. There was that horrible tragedy in Mexico a couple months ago where there was a pipeline that was leaking people stealing gasoline from it. And then it ignited. That was horrible. Yeah, it was terrible. They were stealing gas while smoking when I started watching the video. And then pipeline explodes and is like, I don't know why watching this. Yeah, I don't know what we're just gonna and I definitely want it should not have watched that video. This wasn't a happy looting story that I should have did it. Man, I was awful. Gasoline. The other one go. Just don't lose, actually, terrible stuff. Did you take it? So I'm gonna be a problem going on Looking little governs. This's my iPhone and not hanging by a thread. I am like, it was my last day. And as an apple person soon, though, you know what happened? You know, this is this is what's the reason why I've kept an iPhone this entire time. What? I was saying the ecosystem here on the computer, I mean ecosystem. But what in particular? What part of the past, like the digital purchases, music, movies? No amount of all that. My message for me, All my friends on my message. For some reason, my message on my iPhone has decided, man, you know, you don't have that anymore. Does that mean I don't know? It's just I can't send my messages to anybody, All right? Messaged me earlier today. Uh, did I really say Welcome to last week, asshole. We're going to look at my firm. I thought you said, uh, welcome to last fucking week. Hey, Snakes on. Alright. Oh, Cam in tens. Just the red ball One. Yeah, that's the Red Board wanna make sure that one sort of this part flopped off, so I'm probably not cooking there. The best part about this is is to first for me. Hey, I've never had Gavin make anything for me and B. I've never had food poisoning, so I'm looking for both of these. Devon, can you describe the steak, please? What is right? It's a steak. It's a rib eye. Yeah. No, it's not a robot. It's the meat state that was there earlier. This's so the lettuce and special amazingly special source and bread on top. So she's got about four pounds of meat before you get to the bus. Just so you know, But pay special attention to this part of it. Yeah, That's, uh I hope you're getting it to you. Getting it. I've gotten way. Got a a special part right there. Yeah. You want to be looking for this plot? You getting that? Because that's in That's inside. Uh oh. Uses that E get another napkin. This thing is, uh, delightfully. We're gonna need, like, a roll. This is my first impressions are sexy. Thank you. What? What? What a coincidence that we haven't have individual served brown napkins. What was the likelihood of that? Hey, Erica, You fucking eating fries? Hand full of rice. It is not gamble. Runs eaten on the job. Give you each a fright that I wanted to take away from the right. So you're saying I should go off to the side here? Bun integrity is a thing here. The steak tastes better than I expected for blood and guts coming out. I would put money on you. Get some of that to go around. Go around the other side of this. What? It's really like a journey around. What do you mean? What seasonings did you put on the stake? Um, you got some garlic powder out. Most of it is over there. There was some sort of, Well, that I think that did go on on the the Worcestershire sauce. I opened it, but I didn't use it. Dude, I got to tell you that anything special sauce and be a good topping for a steak. It's better than I expected. It is better than I expected. You know, we always kind of point out the fact that I want to point out the best part of the steak get a camera here through proper raw in the middle. Good. My favorite part of the steak right here is, uh, all of that right there, big man. I don't think that's from the big man. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the blood, Mac. Not, uh Are you ready? It's pink, but not red. No, it's it's cooked. Yeah, it's actually cooked all the way through. I thought for sure, because it was so thick that you were corrupt. I would say I would say he went to a special category of cooking like he went full into scorching. That's a good one, Jordan. One bite. Yeah. Looks like they had a big Mac and a steak at the same time. It's really fucking good. Surprisingly good. What are you excited about? This? Don't get too full. Guys don't pull. We got another state coming way. We've done the best. You talk good. You know, it's honestly good. Make sure you get some, uh, some special stuff right there. Think a little bit, girls. Really? Well, Gavin, it's sort of an internal pairing. We get way. Need one more. I stole one. If we're to go to run like I mean they can use this plate Has something taken back from its thinking big back. That sounds awesome. Well, Bernie's looking at the beer. A little warm out here today. What can I get you Something a cider? Because they have. They pretend like I'm having something healthy. I don't want to get too full on. It was actually really good. I appreciate the amount that you ate. Mary. Look at that. I thought there's going to be a terrible joke. If, actually did you know about it before you? Okay. Not neither of us is gonna ask you for the recipe. Way would never make this at home. Do you have any questions about how this was Maybe. Yeah, I guess it was just like cook and then a shirt. Big Mac. He mis identified the type of state. Do you think he knows? Oh, I smell something delicious over there. There was no bone. That probably should have been a good idea to get a bullet that Donald could open a restaurant where they just take matted down, marry off into the middle. Get in there. You know what this reminds you of? This reminds me of, uh this's something Dan would work. Yeah, but it's like a special happy. They're gonna get full. No, that's not possible. You know what? Let's get the camera to see this, because that was that was, er risk over. Please notice the diced onions, which he's so carefully prepared, and then we have a actually looks like it's cooked really well. A very a bakery. Fresh bun with grill marks on it and shredded lettuce. That didn't really survive the secret sauce. Yeah, trip there didn't even realize I did. Yeah. Um, and then here is that nice patty. There's a bottom button as well. Don't forget, that is now much that's now only move that's properly like just a paste. The stuff that I poured out destroyed the bottom bunk. Listen, I don't know. I don't like to waste me. It was your eyes that it was there I did. To put the boat. Wasn't Chad was your idea to put the bun on the top, but yeah, that's sort of transformed into a sandwich, which I wasn't actually originally intended, But I'm glad it worked out. What a novel concept. Put the bun on top. Who the fuck thought of that. Let's make sure we print credit. The proper person was Erica. Check who did the butt on top, and we get that in the credits. Wait. Get that in the credits. But one building experts, Shad and Eric, who came up with E I don't want you to ever make me insane, which ever I went. I went to McDonald's once, and they put a bunch from top. I got a burger, Donald, I said. Where's the bunny going? Come back Tuesday. You could have abundant. Where's the middle bun? It's over the next three bucks. What's that called? That's called the middle button. No, it's got a name. It's called The stub. The flan. Shove the shoe. It's called something because, you know, the funny thing is the name. I'm naming all the McNuggets eyes, something foot. Clearly. Remember the names of McNuggets? We went over this on the podcast to boot. I want the beak cut into the stake of you would like to watch. Oh, yes. Can I tell you something, Matt? Home. This is his least favorite part of going toe. Like dinner. They bring him a steak and they said, Can you cut into a head. Make sure it's prepared. No, he gets, like, Get away from me, you know? Would you like that? Was like that. But he's like, Would you like to watch? How does he feel about tasting wine? Likes if it's cool, I think you've done your honor. Does that? Okay, bye. I don't like that. That's too late, Tio. You know, she's so work over there. I called the club the club. Thank you. Said the nut, like clothe or after. And the four shapes of shaking up chicken McNuggets are the boot, the bell, the bone in Iowa. And I was Oh, look at that. Wow. Nice. That's really good. So what was your preparation here in the skillet? Uh, in the skillet. So once I got it on Barbara, once we got what she did, what What we did was puts a vegetable oil, canola oil, that's what Wish coil is a little bit. And then, uh, put that steak in there. That was to feed one hundred twenty nine degrees looking. And then I threw in some butter. All right, baby salt. I see some rosemary. It's a little bit butter, garlic. Nice wind. Cli what is used but everybody. Is that enough? Salt bay? That's enough salt you want. But no, no, I'm good. Can you taste it first? Here? They know. But get this. Get out of him like he's up there. He's right there by the owl. That's supposed to turn him from being like, hanging out with Conserve that Teo. So this's the thing in Austin that you've never seen these air. The play of Austin. These little flying rat birds called grackles. They sound like a little explosion. You can't eat at an outdoor restaurant and leave your food alone for a second because his bold motherfucker get out of here. Get out! Did you know? If you want experience grackles for yourself, you come Torto Goto our checks event dot com We still have tickets available. Uh, you can come to downtown Austin and you can see a crackle. You could beat a Greg. Look, I'm gonna feed it a French fry. You could do this. No, it's bad for everybody that's took off. If you want to eat it, they don't eat spuds. Uh, crack elite. Anything Comeback crackle. Let's food. Alright, guys. Oh, look. But this all right. So here, half for you. Sorry, Barbara has for you. I'm just her sushi chef. She I have paying for me. Uh, prime rib. Uh, beef. It's been seasoned with Korea. Prompts farm rib eye. Not prime rib eyes. Rib eye steak. It's been seasoned with fresh correct cover. Some, uh, coarse salt, garlic and some garlic in the water bath in the Soviet and then in the skillet was cooked with some vegetable oil. Fuck ton of butter, some rosemary and a little bit more Expected eventually. Oil to significantly change the flavor of it and does not now it doesn't has a higher smoking point to How would you describe the cook temperature on this medium rare? It's all bull, but I really think might be rare. No more on the right side. Well, Bernie did say the rarer the better, So I agree. I think that's, uh, just place your interests. Quite. Don't. Barbara, congratulations. This is a really great I should I should taste it because Barbara often you should taste. Yes, absolutely. Please. Oh, yeah. I should I should all get in here. Oh, yeah, really good. Believe it or not, it's actually really different from Gavin's. I wasn't sure if that would happen or not, but you wouldn't think steak can be prepared so differently. And yet here we are. You wouldn't think that tastes a radically different than this. Chad, you here for? Yeah, absolutely. Don't you want a big Mac shake? You came up with one idea. Got one on the outside. I'm just gonna throw that out there. Gavin, like, noted that as a revolutionary idea that rule one on one. You can't get senior product. Damn. God, I'm not anything. That's amazing. I'm not something that really takes us over. The top we made was married the rosemary, and then I I always I always topped with some Maldon some sea salt. A little crunch on there. Yeah, that's got the bacon. Like that. Full on, Like small grains. Yeah. Yeah, that half ton of but really, really was with butter and salt money you also used carry gold, right? In my opinion, is the best available. One hundred percent sell. Only one big stick is this one. So I carry gold. No wish so I got enough. What if we're judging here? Wait, Go in for the light they have discussed without us, right tops is the bond. Dude, We covered that already. This is tops right there. Living. Would you like I'm going to go back to back here? Would you like some more? Feeling any privacy to confer? No, I want to share that with anybody else. Please, Guys, How's Carol? Actually has a now, do you have another state? Another clue for the crew that I will be throwing on. I'm pretty sure the Gavin's comes in behind the rice krispie. Treat cats upon it. The right screws recede with dead. Chavan is slightly better than Javitz Diamond. How would you describe the cook on your steak? Temperature? Looks to be a medium. It's cooked a lot since I pulled it off the sun does that? Yeah. It was baked by the sun. Way. So fucking nasty. Way better than E. I bet. Yeah, cooked all the way through, which I'm actually looks like the cow had an iron deficiency. What? Anybody like some more? No, no, I think I think I've made my decision. So you already You already You don't need to discuss. You've got the verdict's already, but we vote individually. You with Barbara discussed. I mean, there's only two of you see a way of doing your third. We might for a tiebreaker. Chad. Eric, That means you have to try this one. What? Jordan Jordan is the only one who tried the Big Macs take, but he left. Where's Jordan? I thought these involvements it tonight. And if he shows up the hospital forced marriage. I'm Ariel Steak. Right over here. You want a fresh piece of pipe kind of way? Getsem gonna get assault looking everything. Thanks. It's important. It's very important. Breeding chance. Stop by. There you go. Good idea. Tried. Hey, Chad. Whose idea was the sesame seeds to put on a body that's still revolutionary? Can't have me here because I've only had a sesame. I've never had the seats looking good, dude. Yeah. Oh, my God. Well, with them, I will say this that it is almost depressing how good McDonald is compared to a normal state. It's just like I just want to leave here and going to Big Mac. Honestly, Dio, that's like that. You don't even have it in there. You don't even have to digest. It's all done. That is an insult to stakes. It is. It is all thanks to whatever. I get three dollars and I go to McDonalds Had the best meal of my life. This is from the same animal. Is that Well, that's, like forty different ones. And this is from one look at that. It's like the same thing. We can't throw this out that we can't let it cook twice. Right? Think twice. Yeah, I'm gonna do something. I'm gonna add Big Mac commercials. Are we doing score? You're gonna go in the studio. New scores. Do you want some Big Mac on Meryl Steak and ruin it? Dude, you just You just blew my mind with that assault. Whose idea was it to put the steak on top of the play? The Big Mac does not pairs well with your St Barbara. Okay, Well, isn't that saying something good about today? It doesn't need the big man. You don't get it, man. I got really, really sweat out your fellow You were cooking sneezed on my shit list Inside. Let's go inside. Go inside. I think you like it. Yes, we'll grab another beer and we're going got to come for final. Just We're going way out on the podcast. Everything. Everyone's favorite podcasts Eating one. Just go away. Go. It's hot out there. Blogger, I'm so sway. Oof! Interest. You guys in a piece? That was unpleasant. Yeah, it's much better in here. Your hair looks awesome. Gaff. It's got meat and sweating it a lot of sun in it too, I think. Alright, if you're in chat, I'm back. I'm starting a chat. Hijacked Coming back. Um, of course I like guys not working Great. Barbara, Welcome back, everyone. That was really long. It was like twenty minutes like, yeah, like forty five minutes this time. Or are we just not talk about game of thrones hearing? But I got two more ads to Dio Don't do one now. A bunny comes back. Um, yeah, I do, but I need a nanny to help. Britain helps. Not Here. We're gone. Our crew We're still transitioning Some of it still outside? Oh yeah. So here I'Ll fuck you. Actually before before you judge Bernie wanted I want to talk to Jordan for a second. I think this episode of going away with Birgit crosses across right now right here on the steps of receive podcast is also brought you by full sail. We're partnered with full sail and have some awesome collaborations coming up. Later this week, Jordan Miles and Crisco Aquino's will be attending Full Sails. Hall of Fame week. They'LL be on their seats. Animation panel. Wednesday, May twenty second My house is giving the keynote Thursday, May twenty third and the whole team will be checking out the Hall of Flame ofthe Hall of Fame. I think I think the King of the Hill, because the rope in the Hall of Fame sent someone to Thursday night. We'LL have Anarchy A that the team's been working on that talks about. There we go. It's studied the animation process featuring me, Gus. The Arcade will premiere an R T X, and we decide to have full sail there as well. They have a booth on the show floor, intruder animation sessions and Mohr interactive sessions all weekend long, so don't miss the Lifestream for full sails. Hall of Fame Week Wednesday at four PM Central. You catch under CH YouTube channel and it received dot com. George, you're one of the people is going there this year. Yeah, thanks, Jo said you took everything I was going to say. You're really helping me get the points there For what? You bring in to the table here? Yeah. What are you doing there? But you didn't tell me you didn't have the top button idea. That was all Trad. I didn't eat it. You did eat pretty like a third judge. So stick around in case you don't know what we're debuting. Anarchy A there you created Arte. Chad created the top bun. Yes. So, yeah, we're going out there, I think leaving tomorrow night to go to full sail. And I've never been to Florida before, so I don't know what to expect. So well, crocodiles, alligators. I'm sure I was there for the thing last year for the Hall of Fame stuff Get you got? You got a point. You think you know you're right. What? Do you have any pornos for Miles? I got really nervous. I actually talked with Miles a bit about it when Miles found out he was doing it and I still had my outline for the speech that I gave last year and I sent it to him and had all my notes and everything I said this was the thought process that you copied it. I approached it. Just looking you. I mean, it's like if you've never given a presentation like that before, you just, you know, you have an out where they kill. You have an hour and a half and you're put in front of an audience. Like how do you know my half is hard to fill approach talking about it. How do you approach telling that story? So I thought it would be would be helpful. Uh, just just to see that I have many miles to get a full twenty minutes out of the invention of the top. But, I mean, I would just go straight to that. Miles is really good at talking, so I think he'LL be okay. I think you will be okay. You don't think there's anything to worry about? You guys? Is he nervous? Because I was thinking the exact same thing when you said that I haven't taken his temperature on it yet, But I'm going to definitely like trying to, like, medium ransom, get some anxiety, you know, into him before he does tell him that you hope he doesn't show up wearing only his underwear. Yeah, and like, doesn't forget his likes papers or something. And rockets had to read was that he gets there and they're like, Okay, miles before you give the key note, you have to take a final. Do you? Do you have that thing where you can't read in dreams? Because I hear it, I can Revenge. I can't read in dreams too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear that you can't a lot, but I think that's bullshit. What you read in a dream? Ah, couple books before I write a song about a fire that yeah, all of it just made it all up in my head. Signs like three signs and stuff. Yeah, baby. Outside in the tub. It's like you're Johnny and Obey You want Milwaukee's best isn't good. No, this is terrible. Disneyworld One another. I was thinking about it, but I think we're only there for the Wednesday and Thursday. So it's a good time. I think you'll have fun. We were just in Orlando actually for a convention. And there's a lot of people saying that they were going to come see you guys talk so cool thank God to people I would trust in this company to go for an hour and a half, just like put it in front of Mike and Geller Miles and then Chris Keenan. What? Chris and Chris went to full sails, so he's going to, like, show us around. I saw that on social media posts. Are these hairs you're from graduation? Why? We hired that guy with that hair cut hair for you tricked us. I hope you have hope you have a good time. Jordan meeting. Thanks for stopping by to talk about it. It was a lot of fun last night, and I want you so stick around for steak voting. We're talking about maybe going to Chicago next month for an appearance thing, but Okay, well, I was undermining Run. So for more information on full sail university visit full sail dot edu slash research. That's full sail dot edu slash wish, chief. Thank you. Full sail for sponsoring this episode of the receive podcast. I started big question. I was kind of like it started in the industry. How did I get involved with something like a refugee? And of course, we say make your owner Steve. Good way to learn how to do that would be to go to place like a lot of people who want a full scale who work here. Do you want a second? Probably only two UT and maybe not even anymore. Maybe we have more fulsome people than even UT people. At this point, you never shoot Texas because that's where we are. Because if you can't interns, I guess because our internship program is with you two. So good. Steaks, Steaks. Are you nervous? How does it feel? You're in the hot seat now. I'm This is hard, right? I mean, I'm nervous because for Mariel, because she's a fucking kicked ass and she did all the work. You're nervous for her because she kicked us out because, like, she deserves the wind. Why? And I don't want to fall for her. Yeah, he got it right here. Yeah, there's literally throwing garlic powder into the air. And it was strangely warm killing you. He was using a tenderizer to move the steak around on the grill. Touch of my hands. That showmanship. Yeah, that's what I don't want to touch you with. Six of mines like tenderize. You should after fell on the floor. Did you not know it? But it was, like, so special or under tenderizer on top for the flips because you don't want the party to fly out. Patty, you have that runs all the time when I cook steak. Yeah. You want to go inside the top? Because where else you gonna put it? Right here with the one on the bottom's stupid? What is it about being hot? And then you come indoors and somehow you feel even hotter than when you're outside. You get that? Yeah. I feel like I'm sweating more now than when I was cooking. I feel your core temperatures. Yeah, I need a cold. I think we're getting way after we did it. Go get a beer and get a beer for Gap. Is that okay? Somebody? Yeah, What you want? This would be talking about anything that's cold. I would get him a miller. What? What? What are we doing? Ah Mei, Do juries like got the grill the drink in there? Because what we're doing I mean, this is a poll for the steak. What is the little these polls there? Go take off your bra. If you're watching a live your first member of the one thing life or do you have over steve dot com slash play and you can cast your vote for which one looked better? Gavin or Barbara Steak. I just wanna point out that this do this for Mariel. Do it for Mary. See, this is what you don't make your own state. Now you have all these obligations. You got a team of people you got to think about. Yeah, maybe you scaled your operation up too quickly. I think I did. Yeah. I mean, it's like, Yeah. I mean, you know what? Being a business owner, I'm the owner of the restaurant, and Merrill is the chef that I hired you going Gavin's early start up strategy. Get the stake. Outsource the really tough stuff to a major corporation. Yes, right now. And call it your own. Put your own raining up like your white labor and have your coke has come up with revolutionary ideas. About what? What do you call your stake? What do you call it? The mood. But we'll make it. You should work on that one. How much time did you spend thinking about this, you forget there's too much time to spend thinking about it and working honestly, when I couldn't make the original stake ofthe day, it was a blessing because I hadn't come up with any way to do it stupid, because I could just go there and cook a state. Yeah, just be such like we did pass take such an average state that had Teo think of something on leads for two weeks. So let me ask you question just on the hypothetical, like possibility that you win Yes, next year I'm gonna have to go because Mary Alarm going on picking for the ultimate champion. You're going up against Barbara when Barbara apparently figure that I'm going to go down to, like the local state approaches. Hire the chef there. From today, I'm looking on enough. In this poll, there's new over. There's no rule against it. Oh, my God. You you will be sent to next. To who is this someone in chats like this? Someone chat wrote it was not blood that came out of Gavin. Steak is a denatured protein called myoglobin. Is President cooked beef? You avoid it by allowing time to rest. It's true. We know that. You know, there was a ton of blood. Let's take one on one. Thank you so much. I'm a steak off competitors. I know that. I like how you talk to come in. Pull s okay. What's what's the voting? Looking like? A two to one. But those people didn't taste it. Yeah, way happens, I think winning on presentation right here. I mean, everyone knows what a big might taste like. So you just look at it. And you think so? They did taste e no, no, it is. It is classic entertainment situation where people come in, they do the hard work. And they do like the meat and bones of it. No pun intended. And there's always people coming and add the color flavor face seem like they've got, you know, they're doing the hard job when it really is. Like without the people doing the baseline, you can't do it. So that what Gavin's B is funny without Mariel Barbara. Wait. That's a good point. But I don't know, maybe not going. You gotta have something to play off. Barbara Mariel. Think was classic preparation, Jordan, for your thoughts. I mean, I'm here to be the tiebreaker. Yeah, right. At the expense of our mean tie. Let's just go in the wildest somebody, There's not gonna be a time. My basic takeaway is I definitely get the feeling that Mariel cared a little bit more. Oh, how could you say that? I had to send over two emails, Teo, to get mind. He answered. He answered a Tex. I will say that is more effort than usual. Forget that someone was talking about back there, and it was Cody. Someone back back there was laughing really hard. You're t e, I think. Meryl, when did you go out to buy those steaks? Sunday, Miss you either. You picked the meat out yourself. Mariel's coming here. Here I am, Mike and I did. I did. I went Teo coming up through the speakers. I nto h b yesterday and got the stake for the crew. And then I went to Central Market today and got the state for you guys here that know that you still prime steaks. They're both prime way. Little better because one's a little bit. I only saw the HPV rapper over that They realized that central market wants to be fair. I was going to go to a look. A local butcher shop. That was They didn't have any revise when I went on Sunday, and I didn't realize that they'd be closed today, So Oh, you were gonna have some very expensive E. I didn't know who Barbara's ring awas until I arrived today. And I've seen your work on Instagram and thank you. I knew I was in for us to work on it. I knew it was time and looking. I mean, honestly, you had a team as well, because you had Chad as a consultant had about as much input is I did really Just letting, you know, just multi band back corporation. So, Chad, you're responsible for this mess. She stands all about. Timing is just way, too. Sits there. Kind of looks like he's laying back, and not much. Then when Gavin's going to put the bun in the middle of the steak, he goes, What about on top of it? It's quality over quantity, man. Yeah, you gotta pick your moments. Chad knows that. Oh, I gotta go to the top. No, it's never seen revolutionary meat and then ah bun on top. You can hold it and grab you Approach it. You know, that was the chef's preparation. I went in exactly as expected. I don't think anything shocked me as much and receive history as Gus taking a bite of Gavin steak. I'm blown away that either You tried it, let alone how much us? My eight hat like half of that fucking thing. The single fry was nice. I don't want to take away the flavor. We'LL see how you're feeling. About forty five minutes. Yeah, well, does that how quickly it takes for you? I'm already I feel a little weird. I don't know if it's in my head. We'll see What were you thinking? Yourselves out, right? I might be just like that. So I point out that I only ate me and Merrill steak. So if everyone gets sick except me, we clearly know you never get culprit. I only ate Mariel steak what you signed up for So you are ready to call it? That may be but that was my first stake ever. That had relished That was good. A little bit of relish in it. That's the revolution theater that was the original Tice's Pickle and onion. You gotta relish the moment you're shooting in an hour into the podcast. And you think you've missed the results of the steak off? You actually haven't yet. Wei need to give the results. We have to spend the last half hour talking about game of thrones. All right, Gus, do you want to go first? You go first, I'LL say both vics. Surprisingly excellent. I was expecting one to be way better than the other, and I'm not going to say which good, but both Both were were interesting. I've never experienced anything like the Mok blood before, but compared side by side, I have to give this one to team. Barbara. This right? A man of taste, A man of taste. I want to say that Team Barbara's Steak was on excellent rendition of a classic preparation and rib eye steak. It was tremendous. Gavin's, I thought, was a very unique exploration of what I would call beginner's luck. It was an exploration of how little preparation khun sometimes path Very risky. Did you see him applying those spices? Very risky. I saw him, didn't like the shaking them into the wind and sea. It was like it was like the suggestion of seasoning for more so than actually stuff that landed on the stake came off my shirt great first so that you have to win to be your salt bay. Yeah, the wind was my bay, but I do feel like Gavin Steak without the addition of the Big Mac and chance consulting and coming up the top button tough without Top Bun. I don't know that that steak itself would call them. I feel like the tradition of the steak off is to honor the best steak, and I believe this mess. Take Christine Barbara Wei have a winner start two thousand nineteen. Where? Barb Team. Barbara, you gotta come on. Think about yes, he's a great steak Merrill. Delicious. Would you also voted for Team Barbara Jordan yet? Yeah, dentist like Big Mac, the head chef of Barbara. Everyone. Merrill's cell saying way went to the well, what was the best part of the steak? So I know to me it was first of all, I thought the temperature of it was perfect. It was like the perfect amount of rare nous and then also one thing I said during the like when we're eating, it was a the vegetable oil didn't change the flavor, which I totally would have expected, but also the rosemary, whatever it was he put on, There's like this evening with then later on, that it was a little under four. I normally prefer my temperature body was still actually think the rosemary in the pan with cast iron is absolutely a way to go. I also have to say it was another thing that you can't really quantify is that it was up against a steak and a Big Mac jam. Teo, I feel like I had an advantage. Yes, I think it home have a classic pairing with somebody who's just taking a bunch of shit in a bucket on a serving. That would legitimately be curious to see Bernie versus Merrill next next year. We will. We? We use a lot of the same technique. That's what I am interested to compare. Um, do you want to do that next year? Bernie, against Mariel, we should We should do that, but we should have the preparation in secret so that the judges don't know whose is whose blind twenty like twenty twenty? Yeah, well, that's the way you guys did the first wave. A blind taste test. Since you two have a similar background in preparation, I think that might be the way to do it. Because then it's it's you really have no idea who's issue. That's true. I'LL do it twenty twenty May They're quick. When? When is the next year's take off? What day? Today? Is it gonna rain? I don't know. I thought it was a lie. Twenty. I called dibs. Right now I want Chad is a consultant. Ted, don't give away your best ideas. I want you storm up for the next year. Played on the bottom, maybe Like a toothpick in the top Something I don't know. I can't imagine You just use your best ideas for next year. Got it? Alright. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Barbara. Noble tradition of the stake podcasts Blatter Wasted time. It started a war in our in honor. Wait, wait. What were the other three? We got pancakes. Steak. Well, there's Sunday. Monday, Sunday. When will you ever have done Sunday? Monday. Waited Sundays once. Wins the first day of summer. June twenty first s Jeannie Burns. Sunday Monday, Monday, Monday. That's like a month away. Yeah, no money work. We make sundaes on Monday, but we should together, like we're all chicken into something just to see what happens. Like he has to cook chicken for us one day. No, like a chicken Wednesday. And there's something even other podcasts on you do whatever. So we're going to the taco one too, right? You want a pizza? Taco? Tuesday? Wednesday. Oh, yeah. Pizza was your pizza. One know so that we want to want to make a piece of waiting cakes. And then it wasn't a pizza wanted. That was being a piece of spare was we don't make pizzas Here will be great. That would be great. But we need someone would probably need, like, someone doing Tio Dio You can buy really homes like we've done some experiments internal. Okay, that's what I thought. We've been secretly working on science division. Was theirs working without me. RND department has When was that? They don't need a bun. On top of that. I was I was I will let you know. I think I've cracked the code. I think he did have you Really? You might skewer or two. Just Erich. You favor Run it by Chad. Okay, Just like put it through his lab. That's my second half. You got it. I remember when Eric did crack the code on the pizzas Fear were out drinking and he just like, comes up to me and goes, I think I fucking didn't you think I did? And he started explaining it to me. I don't ruin it for the audience, but it sounded like it's going to work on that next week, right time. One food at a time in chat Phantom. SCV says that they need a fish off with Chris and anybody else. Oh, God, no. Would anyone on this set eat Chris's fish? So I was weird the way I said that. But ideas Fish really just a fish in a pan with I mean roll fish, some kind of pill. It's not like trout. Hey, Matt, Raw way! Get him like we'Ll be a say fish, salmon, tuna you and let's go Love. Murder is expensive. What story was Salmon Seaman's River? It swims in the river and they go upstream and then they get a fight with the way you can eat salmon raw. They are. They fish live in the sea. That fish live in the river. Simon live in both. That seems like they've got to make a decision. They make. They make a transition to go from saltwater to fresh water. We'LL actually go freshwater saltwater. That's how they do that they like. It would be that they slowly do it the acclamation or with a backup team. Let's get you a hotel. Yeah, they're like they're like Dip one Finn in and then the other one. It's weird, though. They live in the ocean in their sea fish, and then they come in the rivers and they can breathe saltwater. What re fed a fish? A Big Mac first, then killed it down. You're on to something. Catch the fish with a big man. If we didn't have a food off Gavin of something that you're the most confident cooking, what would it be? Let's I like this idea. Just a food off, like what is your specialty? Easy stuff. I don't cook a lot. Me, I just cooked tons of pastor. I feel like I'm a really good breakfast chef. I make the best breakfast like you know, if you know it might be good for this. We switch it up like you've got to make Gavin a classic American dish. I'm gonna make some Canadian, got a British thing, and Gus, just from lineage, will have to make like a Mexican dish. I'm happy with its lineage. Yeah, that's what I was doing. Each other's cultures, each other's exactly. I have no culture whatsoever from Iron Appropriation Monday. Don't play with me like it got potluck, and you have to make something from someone else's culture. Yeah, and hide marijuana and one of them. So it's pot luck. I got way do like they do. In the meantime, you'LL joke of some kind. There's like a big fridge, and we have to run to the fragile together and grab the ingredients you have. Listen, we was just replaced this podcast with cooking show at this point. Honestly, way to like one of those shows where we all bring our fridge is in. You can only cook with what's in someone else's French, and you pick one at random. I love Is this just the easiness of Just bring your friend. Generic problem? Yeah, I think you have to figure it out. Three hairs just pop up on. Yeah, definitely. You know what Mariel's been doing that I want to do on the podcast? If you guys were into it, She's been deep frying everything, and we've been deep frying a lot of crazy stuff, you know that? I will say this. I don't want to spoil too much. We have deep fried in and out. Double double. I didn't think it could be better. Is if you like battery and right? Yes. Junior California showing Eric. Absolutely. What you guys want to do that set it up? The sooner it's not science going on in this country company. Yeah, Trevor and Jeremy just did a dehydrator, right? They dehydrate a Big Mac. Is that how you got the idea for the big mike? No, No. Remember, they did a whole off topic with all the presidential Big Macs member. True was not the whole thing. You do the entire menu for McDonald's for off topic. The right got a lot to almost all of it. I think these will backpacks leftover from off topic, probably. We've been sitting here since Friday. They want two hot dogs now. Says why I just use the Big Mac. Because that's your class to go to for American fast food. Yeah. I mean, what Americans like American ship. Was your plan all along to put it in the steak? Okay, I was going to originally I was going to try and hide the entire Big Mac in the steak, but it was It was hard to sneak in like a prime cut of beef is upset that it's being paired with Big Mac. You don't even know this guy. What if it was just saying how Oh God, very unlikely. Very unlikely. Part of part of it, prime part of it. Big Mac use a beef like I don't sort of those things that I probably should know What I don't like. Where does McDonald's get their beef? Is that American beef? Do they visit? Because it seems like that would be a huge contract for some rain. Must be an incredible amount of, I imagine. It's some ranch. They know you have a very lofty a image of what that's probably like. Imagine it's multiple, hundreds and hundreds of yeah, how far McDonald at has a meet our suppliers. Oh, really? Maybe you should ask Chef Mike Pass. Chef Mike. One of their supplier is Lopez. Food's really not beef. There's the beef supplier. Do we have a chat up? So maybe Hey, you get to leave. He's on chat right now. He was really the big Hee hee Should he should give proper credit. He works in the industry for Chad and top un. He should get pushed for Chad to get top bun Chris. There was Ah, Connor. Hes stage underscore Ayana on Twitter posted a picture of top bun, the photo shop of Chad. I was gonna be easy. Yeah, let me just just my phone we have lock on. Yeah, I do pretty good that record speeds that they did that and start talking a little bit because the most stuff I could talk about Teo, I'm here for a while. Last week we talked about maybe, was a week before we're talking about the snapchat filter that changes your gender and that somehow that could be dangerous. Ever since then, on Reddit, I've seen like multiple posts have done really well where it's tender and it's just some guy posting his pictures of himself as a girl. And then all these guys like like him. And he's like, Oh, you fucking idiots or whatever. It's just like they're not the problem. You're the problem. Do. And this is exactly why I worry about you. Give technology really powerful technology. Two fucking idiots. Basically, it's a bad recipe, man. It's a really bad recipe. I just flip side. I have been seeing people dio songs that involved both male and female vocalists. Sorry, they basically turned their face away from the filter when they're doing what? Like, if I was a brilliant evanescent song Wake me up inside of me I just don't understand What's the purpose of doing that? Like, what is our people Just really lonely. And that's what they get into catfishing and stuff like that. You asking why people troll? I guess. Maybe that zoo, but now, with things I think a different level this these air trolls things I've seen so far because they tell him when they match with them there, like it was like, That's clearly the snap chit snapchat girl filter. Yeah, you're like the first guy and seventy guys he's figured it out Hard, hard heart, like, even really talking to seventy dudes pretending to be a girl. Like what? That's fucking weird. Way of spending your time doing that. Why you doing that? As a woman who used to be on tinder who's an actual woman not using a filter? I did not talk to seventy guys. I maybe got, like, five responses. We'LL just they they matches you and then they don't respond. They never liked is about either. They didn't like, well, the match to begin with. I don't Yeah, they mash is knowledge, it's cold, but then they wouldn't respond. And so kind of like our first reaction like, Oh, this girl matching She's clearly our but yeah, it's a fake account. People ever know who you were like they matched with you because they recognised. If they did, they wouldn't tell me. Yeah, so I don't know if you're watching and we matched on tinder a couple years ago, so way you'd think that one tender to for like, if somebody did know you, there's something would be that someone else is just using your photo. Oh, that's happened a lot. I would I would assume that, Yeah, it's and it's weirdly flattering because a lot of the profiles that people make using my photos say I'm like, twenty one or twenty two and I go, Oh, thank you. Can I pass it to anyone or joining two year old? But the deep fakes in the face replacement technology, which essentially what that filter is, Yeah. Ah, someone just did a thing with Bill Hater doing oppression of Arnold Schwarzenegger on Conan O'Brien and they replaced his face. It's a little little offset if you're looking for your help, but it's scary how much it looks like some kind of weird like mix of Bill hater and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it makes the impression even more realistic. And it's just it's crazy. Somebody just did it on their PC at home, and Bill Heder was so committed to it, he let some dude kick him in the back. God, do you know about that guy? The fact that you can kick like a seventy one year old dude in the back with the two feet at the same time, he just long drop kick. He moved like three inches. He didn't didn't knock him down. He didn't even know he'd been kicked. According tto, That source of yours is really great about that. He's always been a super levelheaded guy like you might just recently the Australian politician. The kids egged him and the Polish in Turin and just starts wailing on the kid, just arts punching away. I think he was a seventeen year old kid short center a long time ago, I guess when he was running for governor, your egg in a crowd. Andi interview him like right after the egg. He took off his jacket, everything he still egg like on his ear and stuff. And they asked him. They said, You know, you know, people who don't like you, they're really going to extreme measures. And he's like his response was, Yeah, that guy owes me some bacon like, Was this, like, so fun? And then he went on right after that makes a joke, and it makes a statement of, like what? This is a great thing. Imagine being in another country, you know, you come out here and do something like that. Where would where would that be now? We'd be in a jail somewhere, paraphrasing here like talking about it like this. A great country. We have free speech, and some people take it too far. But it's great that people feel like they can express themselves here. Goddamn Murat got the milk shit, and he did not handle it. Well, he was just yelling as body guards. Security totally screwed up. Security failure walks right by the guy with the milk. And you see the guy standing there with the milkshake, Security walked right by him, and he runs up and talk on the hard job. Don't do. I mean, it's like there was no one in the street. It's not like it was crowded. It's not like there were throngs of people in the street. There were maybe three people in front of a security guard and one of them had a milkshake. You gotta be impressed with the spread. Like it was allover him even around the back. Yeah. Good. Good coverage with one milkshake. Yeah. And your emotions, your reaction to that would definitely be depending on how good the hit was. Like I think, I think cause off the shoulder. If you caught it, square between the ice and light, a different reaction. The security guard who misses the who didn't see walked right by the guy with the milkshake. He turns around after frost because covered in well, you two seem like look like But you got, like, a moment. We're like, Oh, that was that was my bad. I'm just Yeah, it was bad. Didn't an ember. They had to stop selling milk shakes for a little while. They they asked, I think I think they asked all McDonalds in the area to stop some milk Shit. Because of that, No. Before that, they thought that there was going to happen. Happened anyway, So working on the chat is saying that throwing an egg is not freedom of speech is just a lame form of assault. I mean, I agree with that. I'm not defending the guy for throwing the egg. What I'm saying is that it's impressive that a politician keeps her cool. What? You yell egg, he sourcing. It would totally be well within the normal reaction expectation if you just turn around and, like, choke the kid. Didn't you know? I mean, he keeps a level head, and it's like it's I think it's I think It speaks volumes of a dude like Schwarzenegger that could do that. His security card, though, who's like twice the size of him now he was facing the wrong way because Schwarzenegger was like facing a crowd of fans, I guess for students and doing autographs and photos and everything he's doing. Step Child was what he was like. A snapshot and the security guard is, I think, very naturally facing in the direction where most of the people are like watching that crowd when the kid runs up behind him and kicks him. But, man, the moment he does that, that big ass security guard just like, goes down on him like a ton of bricks. Yeah, rumor Kid broke his leg kicking. Short singer, too. Yes, I know that you're not a rumor about that. I wasn't going to say one thing. Everything. This's something came up just recently on the Austin Subreddit is some guy took a picture of a dude on a lime scooter and he had two kids online scooter from him, saying that before, and they were like riding along that they really writing together. Guys, look at this bad parenting. I don't want to link. It's to show you it because it was taking a picture. Always got to give. The Austin suffered a lot of credit. The whole comments were, Dude, what the fuck do you care what you want? You taking a photo of a guy with his kids? They're they're fine, you know, I just like that with my dad when I was a kid there on the sidewalk. The guy shouldn't be doing that with his kids are in the wrong, but there's no reason to take a photo and post it to the Austin Subreddit, but there's no way that guy should be doing that. Looks incredibly dangerous, Does it that you don't know how fast he's going fifteen miles an hour go up to fifteen miles an hour. But you could sprint with your kid on your arms, too, just to see a photo of a guy carrying kid. You can't carry both of those kids at that same size and sprint with them at the same time. No, I wouldn't. But what I'm saying is you don't know how fast he's going from a still photo, you know it goes up to fifteen miles to be feather. It's very hard to not go because there is no love control. Kind of like going a little bit or you go in full speed on this or you get coasts. Two. Those things are very dangerous people pushing him with their feet. But I'm saying, though is like, Ugh Ugh! Why? Why some guy like in his car taking a photo of him. Likewise, his job? Yes, the Police Department gaming aspect that like I shouldn't be doing. But that's the whole thing, is the public shaming thing. It seems like they sound like becoming the default because of social media. What happened to just mind your own business? You know what? You could do that on your own land or say something. The guy Now we don't even like it when people don't mind their own business and even saying something, they're just taking a photo of putting it up for everyone else to see so they can all anonymously, let go after this person. And I want to publicly shame from both sides. Like if you have the balls to say something in person in person, I think, yeah, the people don't like confrontation, but you haven't posted on social media. The clever. That's not confrontation. Cowardly, right? They want that. They want the drama and the anxiety. They want people to confirm their original outrage to it without having to actually confronting fucking lame. The closest parallel I can draw with you. It's when you saw the guy with all the kids who jumped out of the SUV. That was you walked up and talk to him. I did your fucking daughter back. That's she bailed out like it was a sinking ship. I think that I was like a fourteen pilot on their show like that. Clip the ground and she just hits eject ships. Awesome. Who? And that was less dangerous. I don't think it's less dangerous. I just thought it was. Quote it. I certainly didn't take a picture and go these a terrible day, you know, or anything like that. It's like mind your own business. In that case, you want to read this thing here. Reminder when this s o they receive podcast is also brought to you by stamps dot com. Back in the day, sending our BB DVDs through the mail was a big job. We still talk about it. To this day, One of the toughest parts of making and selling products online is the shipping. No one really has a time to go to the post office. You're busy. Who's got time for all that traffic parking looking, your mail and packages filling up? Well, the boxes. It's a nightmare. It's a real hassle. So you need stamps dot com steps dot com brings all of the amazing services of the U. S. Postal Service right to your computer stamps dot com is the faster, more convenient way to get posted. 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Stop start conference sponsoring this episode of the wrist Chief podcast. So is the time to talk about game of thrones. Well, I think it is. We got ten minutes left. We have time to talk about game. So if you haven't seen the final episode of Game of Thrones, we're going to talk about spoilers. They're starting right now. You're not going to be serious. We're just going to end the podcast as soon as we're done. You'LL miss and you'LL be fine. Mr Last Warning. We're starting now, so I can't see it. Spoiler, you have It was fine. It was It was fine. It was fine. There was some stuff that I thought was really, really, really brought the dog back with Jon Snow touched, do you think the shot that later, cat they couldn't have shot there That was so quick cg so they could have footage. You can lose a little, screen them and grab the thought. There was one scene earlier where Johnson was walking up the steps to go to dinners where you could see the green on him. Really? Yeah, let's see. The green on Dinara is when the dragon was behind that fucking shot thinks that was a great way out. And the problem is people have turned that into a GIF and posted a bunch. And people who don't want to go That's a little heavy handed, like definitely is when you like, watch it looped again and again and it's a really cool shot. It's also not like the focus of that. Seems just she's walking up and it's a really cool shot. It's not like they're stuck on it forever. It was it was really quick, but look, I don't know where the wings come out. Yeah? Did you see that? Apparently there was a water bowl. Yeah, Theo Theo, Second I thought I thought them from From the home video released already about Delia. It was gone two days later. It was funny. I'm surprised it took them that long. I mean, you two re export. One of those must cost money like they delivered those a long time ago. I see. Yeah, it's not just Rick. Sport is telling us to go in and covered up rodeo it. No, but he's right. But we're going in. Distributing it and go back to those delivered projects is like money. It's a big deal. Unless they just took their exploit video, did it on that and re exported from that which I think it will come out that much like the coffee cup. They shot that Jon Snow and go see after the fact just complains that he didn't put his dog specifically was shot where he goes independent. So they would have like, what, three weeks? No, it would have been Yeah, yeah, I think they could have done that. I don't know what they would have to get back. Who knows if he shaved or confident done in two days? But they're not relying on an actor. You have footage of Johnson from the stuff. I think if you go back to look at those shots not that it matters, who cares? But if you're about to look, a lot of the shots of ghosts and his approach were very similar to the last shot of ghosts that we saw where you're standing from a foreign, he's at the same angle, and everything like that seemed like it seemed to me like reuse footage, but I haven't prepared. It was ghost and I'm never going to. It was ghost missing that year the last time we saw him. Yeah, OK, get lost in the battle. A wonderful battle. He's mono. No, I thought the bit where? So that when when Bram is filling in the book and she shut the book best means of the episode. By the way, I thought I looked over it attorney When I when I when that happened, I was like God, how lame would have been if the front of the book said its song of ice and fire All right. Two minutes later, they slam that on the table, a solemn eyes, far that, to me, was lame ist of any lame is part of any opposition to talking, is it not? I don't know what I would call them Grandma, and it was so damaged. But like, I don't You're saying that because he's a huge fan. Until what? What's the name of the book in that isn't there? And back again, though, like he names it. Something different is that called The Hobbit. No one gets there and back to think they're in back. But then he called the and the Lord of the Rings by Bilbo about by photo Photo does write the Lord of the Rings. Yeah, Bill. Bill Right there and back again. And I believe that photo rights. The Lord of the Rings. When? When guys say that. When When would he have had time to write? That was that when they return to the shire before he leaves like after they get rid of write sorrow Mon and Grimm Grimm, A one tongue fucking spoiler. Yeah, it's before he goes in the boat and the elf queen looks and I'm kind of weird, but she don't like Yeah. Do you think when went Erion said Ask me again in ten years that in ten years though, make it again. I think if they can make more of these episodes in ten years, they'LL be lucky. Like I'm curiously what'LL happen with subscription rates on HBO tomorrow. But I do think this finale will be the highest rated one. The second last episode that everyone complained about was the highest rated episode of the entire series in terms of viewership. So it doesn't it's not translating to people not watching the show. I hold that for. For about it, it's just like everyone's built up so much in the head. It's very hard for anything to happen. It happened. Did feel so flat. Like all the the last four episodes, it just felt really bizarre. I liked the second to last one, the one we're Garrison, What nuts? That had a really great shot, a part of the best little Siri's innit? When the hound is on the staircase and he's walking up towards the mountain and that the whole back of the towers torn off the dragonflies, every head that looks like concept art might my amazing to cinematography this season has been on point and music. Yeah, I think it was. Episode one was the Winterfell fight during the two Dragons were like this guy, and it was like clouds below them. I thought that was my family, and I think I definitely felt like it's the same composer. So I definitely felt like they took inspiration from the musical cues in West World this season in game of thrones like there was a lot more. I did see that recurring themes playing through, and I'm not saying that they let the music's knew that they'd definitely have had plenty of music before. But I felt like they were definitely longer takes with Mohr just music driving the sense of, you know without, like, not a lot of dialogue. Just raise it, brother. I cannot very dramatic shots like people walking and dramatic music and stuff. I felt like that they did that more this season than ever before, but maybe that's just me noticing it. More makes people are, like, so into the characters. You know everyone has their favorite character's going in, but you expect people to be upset. We said that we actually a couple weeks ago on the podcast said what you think has the potential to be more disappointing Avengers or came thrown to the end. I think our audience was very clear that they were way more stoked about Avengers on Game of Thrones. Yeah, I think I had mentioned that. I thought Game of Thrones had potential to be more disappointing just because there's so many different theories and characters that could be involved in everything, like so many things that I thought what happened didn't at all not even close. Also, how do you keep everyone happy with all those character? Impossible, Right? I was surprised, actually that John killed generis. I was not expecting it was very sudden. I read Ah, some thoughts about that. Someone said that if Jon Snow like it depends how much you But you buy into the Lord of Light bullshit stuff. And like if Lord of all if the Lord of Light brought him back for the Battle of Winterfell, it was the Lord like done with him at that point. Or was he kept alive by the Lord of Light to killed in Paris? Because the first incarnation of his or a high a czar Ah, hi. That's name has to temper his sword by stabbing his wife through the heart with it. So if he's really the reincarnation of his or high, he has to murder the one he loves. The woman he loves by taking a sword and putting it through her heart as well. Someone had put two photos side by side of him with ah eager it and him with generous and in both photos. He's holding the woman in his arms as she's dying. And it said that quote that he says during the show like duty is the murderer of love. Well, I love is the death of duty. Love is the death of David. Duty is the material you're flips it on. Yeah, So I thought that pickle that could have done without two scenes in particular the one scene where they elect brand to be king. Yeah, that was just was, like, weird. It didn't really make any sense, like great warm standing right there tearing his prisoner. And then, I mean, if you're great ones like we conquered your city, we killed your leader. We're going to determine who's king. That's the way these things work. But they insulted Don't normally work like that because they're mercenaries, essentially right, Yeah, I guess they've elected gray, warm toe, lead them and then they determined, like, what is going to be the penalty for everything? We think there was some compromise made for Jon Snow, but just that whole thing of like, we're going to let the Qing and he'LL decide what to do and they don't go for the thing I didn't get was so there's like that Come up with this compromise to Gen. Send Jon Snow to the wall and, you know, they're saying like, Oh, we got to do this. The unsold it would've been really happy would have a war on our hands. They send Jon Snow north and then the insult just I'll get on a boat and leave things like that could have just called Jon Snow back. Aren't there Gone? He could just wait at the dog. Watch them leaving me like all right, What's felt things actually brand orchestrated what John wanted what John would have wanted to do. He left to go with the wildlings, right? In the end, that ending scene I had a hard time getting what was happening. I assumed he was going to become king in the north. All right, King beyond the wall. Right. Three world or whatever. But the Newmans, right? Well, it did seem like he was the Lord commander of the Nightwatch again. He was still wearing black. I like it when he was the head of the night's watch. Like he went out on that balcony and address them all Also, why do they need a night's watch anymore? I know. I said the same thing Undergone. The wildlings are like integrated and friends the walls fucking broken at east Watch. Now, if you pull like a source but of war honor each night you get it, he'll build it back up in the magic. Intertwined in that wall was broken dish. It is your reaction if the final shot of the show after John Lee's with Wildlings is like the White Walkers foot comes into frame. No, no, I like that. That's goingto had some people, like, texted me last night that, like, I was really hoping that the nerve to come back and be like the Ice queen. No, no, I like the likely well grasping, But I respect you less thriving. Texted me that. Yeah, they're still grasping for stuff. I thought the throne melting was cool and you two look really good. Yeah, it's interesting. That's what actually melted metal rock and poured on the floor. It's interesting that the Dragon decided to burn that, and I guess it's kind of like a message of this throne caused all of this death and destruction. Dragon broke the wheel. There's two analysis of that that I've read. One is the drug on saw. Her dad saw John but then made the decision that it wasn't John the killed her. It was her, you know, quest to get this chair and this is the game of thrones is what killed her. So it blasted the throne. The other theory is that the dragon landed saw that she'd been stabbed and goes, That's a pointy thing. There's that killed her. Anything come from maybe all the pilot pointy things that even a velocity sicker on Dragan. I want to go with the pointy theory. Say that Dragons the super smother. No, I think it was. I think it was the point of, like the drag. Also, the dragon is like, honestly, it's the dominant thing in that whole show. It's like Well, it's like I make the Dragon King, for God's sake. I mean, it's like everyone else just obviously pales in comparison. And I'm surprised that the brand thing never paid off in a big away. He could have controlled the dragon at any point, and they never explained what he was doing. It winner Phil, he was ward out the whole time. What do you in Winterfell? They never explained what he was doing. Anywhere, ever, ever. He just became this like also Why would he become king at King's Landing when all of his power derives from were woods which are no longer existed in the south. There are only weird will arise in the north. What's that? You can import days and you cannot import those. They were all set up by the children of the forest who are long dead. So he has no power. He can't be the three eyed Raven in the South. He shouldn't be able to be the three eyed Raven in the South. I'm sure you can because you're shorting. Hold onto. He said he was going to go find Dragone like so that Why do you just do it? That Why did three wheeled off? It could just be like do it just to find a heart tree. Let's go do the eye thing with it. I don't know, man. Is there anybody who heard when they made brand King anybody who went? Thank God, Isaac. Anybody who's cool. What? Who would you want it from that group? Who would you have chosen? Jon Snow? I mean, probably that one. Or know what he like. Even the things they did like this weird, stupid meta fake out with Sam. And he's like, Well, what if instead of we decide, we let the people who are going to be ruled by this person decided I was like, Fuck, you think OK, so you guys air is bad or worse than anyone else. You sat in these chairs before. I think that's the point. Like the wheel was not broken, the wheel has a silly game, and you'd write and still just going to continue. I think that the episode, I think things returned to a sense of normalcy to quickly. In my opinion, I got a great example of that, but yeah, I think it was just Everything is just happening all over again. What is the fucking comment? It was two things that I think the whole episode could deal with. That one, the Council where they elected a king. Fucking weird. And then the other one was when they had the small council Syrians hands counsel. When they all came in, they all sat down. I like all of those characters individually made. That whole thing made no fucking sense. Even the point where Brand comes and goes. You don't have a master of whispers like motherfucker. You can see everything. What, are we going to do it all the way back in time? Right? So why did you master that? People in the past? One of great uphold or left, He'd been the master of whisperers. And why is bronn still there? Okay, wait. What did he come from? This is that he? Well, he has high guard Now. You remember that weird scene where you came in with the crossbow and threatened Gene? That was the water that was the worst flip horn way to make the like, the fan loved character a prick, but then write bad. He went back to the old broad in the beam. It's like if you had taken high garden, fine. But why would you want to be master of coin? It just makes sense. Here's what doesn't make any sense to me about that, which it just goes. They just like they were so anxious to go back to the way things were. They have that whole discussion with brawn as master of coin saying is our debts to you paid? He goes. I would say Yes, they are. And then here's the great cause. We have more debts. We're going to need money from you in order to pay thing. It's like they were just going back to the old relationship of whoever owns High Garden has much money. Bronn has no fucking money. He has nothing, right? And the Tyrell's had money. You haven't handed Lannisters all took. They took it all last season but they got the money but they give land they would not give to the Iron Bank. They was all gone. So there's literally no money in high guard. But they got their money from the land and how rich the land wass. But what are you gonna do so broad? Just oversees all the peasants who are toiling away and picking all their money. So he suddenly has these huge coffers built up that he can fund the rest of the kingdom instantaneously. I think the master of Coin had changed. I think it's supposed to be the kingdom's coffers, not the positions coffers. All I'm saying is that yeah, I think the high guard was the seat of all that all along. But then they just basically pillaged all of high guard last season, and the Dragons came and burned all those fucking wagons. Took all the food, took all the gold. Maybe he found all the melted gold. Maybe then, well, I don't think the Goldbergs I think they paid the iron back because then they get higher The Sun Company because they'd paid, they're in bag back. I made a tweet after ended because I was holding company Jason company going. I just I was just thankful for the show having existed like it brought a lot of people together to talk about the show and watch the show together. I agree with that of rule, this great show. Great show. Yes, A lot of people thought that was praise of the final season. But, you know, I mean, is if he on it as everyone else who has been watching it all day. I thought it was fine. We used the final episode was better than the previous one because you said in the discussion a few weeks ago, you said ending TV shows his heart and it is especially really popular long running series. They're different than the one I think about a lot. The finale, I think about a lot when I think about a TV show ending is The Sopranos. When the final episode aired, I thought it was great. I love the way we talked about this extensively. At the time. I think the collective reaction was that it was terrible and awful and everyone hated it. But now here we are. What, ten years on that people look back on and say That was a great and yet is that you don't have perspective in the moment. Sometimes you need to step away from it for a bit, to digest it all and think about how it really came together. And remember what it was to that people were really upset about The Sopranos was they wanted Tony to either get killed, put in jail or get away definitively, right? And it's like it doesn't It doesn't work that way. Yeah, it doesn't work that way. So it was. It was about people's expectations for the character that they were really upset about. And I think that's the thing. I'm game of thrones. Two people have expectations for all these characters, right? And you can't really have expectations for character. I think you can for plot. I think I was guilty of that. In the last episode I was I was kind of frustrated with, sir See, and I talked about it last week on the podcast, but just her death was very unsatisfactory to me. No, I realize looking back is like I had these expectations of these characters and how they were going to end up, and it's just unrealistic. Doesn't feel like it was cool to see that bodies in the rubble that was a little bit of extra soft like last kind of cool. Actually, because you see him, Yeah, get goes back to what we talked about last week was like There's no fake out. It's definitive. They're definitely dead there. The bodies? Yeah, I let all that perfectly sized and placed bricks, See? And I was like, You see the hand and Syrian knows exactly where the head is in relation to. That wouldn't change shape, right? Okay. I thought the same thing that they would be like a bigger piece of rubble mixed in there. Maybe some bricks stuck together. Yeah. Get Teo get final sign off for right. The name. Nothing brand the broken they kept said. And he just didn't read too is like it's kind of a shitty name is absolutely e I love the mean being like guys. What a brand for no dick work. Think about the other brands that are great in Like the story writes like Bran the builder. I think maybe I was, but I think of that writes like it's racing conveys like all these, like grand ideas about things that that they have that they have done and they've accomplished. And that's dead. Friend friended Nets Dad. His brother was Brampton kind that care to drive me fucking insane. Brian did nothing tired. It's just like he's like your friend who goes to Burning man and then comes back and tells you how enlightened they are. And it's like, Well, if you have so much fucking wisdom, won't you just tell me like what you learn in Burning man? Like, you know, you just have to go. Ugo early on became really cocky response for their like, Would you be king? Why do you think I traveled all this way? Like Theo? Last episode They go like, Well, you're the Lord of where you felt that it goes. And he goes, No, I'm not. And they said, You don't want to go. I don't really want anymore. And then, like everything later. If you want to be king before giving them here, Think glasses. Come way. Yeah, they want Teo. What's the kid from the veils? The Erin? What's that? Robin Aaron. Robin Aaron? Yeah. Then there's a whole lot of comment saying he liked glowed up. He's still weird looking to me, though. Well, he was He was of a character that was the like, Joffrey. Hey was meant to be grating and on your nerves in time, time and that that kid nailed it. Dude, should Unless you probably went from like ten to seventeen or something? Yeah, I guess so. When his last season, we saw him. We saw him with some briefly and four, I think because he's sucking on a faked it he must have. Right? Ah, this's time you could suck on it. But whether you get anything out of there, I'm saying no, You say from a labor saving point I'm wondering whether the actor was drinking in the fake Like Like, if you showed up to set Barbara, we're like, Okay, we're filming a scene today. We'LL have this ten year old child actor a suckle at your breast. You would ask for it and that's that way you would be like, Well, I got nothing going on. Hold on. I got no milk. No, it was It was visible when he was it was possible he was clamped on. Damn! Yeah, he had latched it must it must have been a fake one. This guy'LL be child labor laws that prevent foreign. You're just kind of feel here. All right, Look, I'm not a pedophile. We're filming a movie, right? Sounds happen Affiliates Hollywood way. I will savor the characters though. Jon Snow I never really identified with the guy. I thought he was, like Always like one of these reluctant here, So? Well, yeah, the entire time. And he stayed that way the entire time, pretty much even after he learned like he had this big lineage. To me, it was like exactly what I expected. Denarius was surprising, but I thought totally in character. My favorite character was Jaime Lannister, and he did not always get the ending that I wanted to get. But then I realized he was just a toxic person or in a like, in a toxic state of mind. But I didn't realize that when he raped his sister with sir see, One did what? Good. What? No, I'm saying I know I realize that, but I thought I was never feels like Oh, he's got a redemption. You thought he had overcome it? No. And he didn't. And that's okay. And it's like I was disappointed that he didn't. But it's still his character. I think most consistent character through the whole show is Varis. And so to for the good of the realm A ll the time little finger was consistent but in a not a great way. Hey! Yeah, I mean, his character was just had to flop all over the place that it was hard to tell what he was ever up to. But Barriss was always just like I want the best for the Rome who had the biggest mark Biggest are part of the bell tower area would be ru arguable. But maybe I thought for sure that's, like, grand You different, though I did like he was King's guard. That was cool. Yeah. Did they say that or that? You know, they've supplied it with her writing in that book that they ever But he did. So they did previously show the book. I don't know if we've ever seen it before, but we've seen it before. Yeah, Jamie looked at it. I think you may have even talked to bringing about it. Maybe like how he would be remembered in that book in particular, because that's like the And it was weird because they that was the only character I feel like they went back to and gave closure to after the fact. What is gonna happen with the unsullied? They're all gonna sail off and die enough. They were going to die without kids, and that's it. Well, what right? What happened? The dothraki, I think I think that until I just kind of took him along for the ride because he's like, we saw a couple of them on the docks when the insult we were getting on a boat. But it's never like, All right, don't Rocky get on or I'm not gonna worry about the dothraki. Apparently, you can, like, kill them down, like two or three, and then they multiply like rabbits and turn back into a one hundred eighty people. Yeah, I thought about it until they were gone. Was like, Oh, frak, you're just gone. That's what I felt A lot of people are saying theon for biggest arc Our best. Yeah. See, um had a really good rhythm. He with you a lot of same stuff Santa did to coolest death. Probably not visually, but to be killed by the Night King is cool. Yeah, I guess it was kind of like the best death was Sarah slow the goal in crab? Ah, no, I would say Pedra Pasqua, who's no good on over on more amazing one. Yeah. One of the few Americans in the show so true. I mean, you got Ahh aka man, You got a Syrian and you got him. Petrol. Pascal, He's over his American, isn't it? I thought he was Spanish. I see. I would have assumed that he was Spanish. Easy. That's pretty Chilean. Is he busy? Borna, born in Santiago, Chile. Did you see that video on social media of the guy who plays Jaime Lannister answering some questions on Twitter. Smart thinking or talking, Talking of being wanting to be an ant eater? No. See that? Okay. Someone needs to look us up. It's the most awkward, weird video, and I don't understand why his response was the way it wass can explain until you see it with the Danish. Yes, right. Who was? I did not realignment me. Who see he was a translation thing. Maybe. No, it was basically was answering a question on Twitter about being some type of warg, and his answer was that he would want to be an ant eater, but the way it's like it, I can't explain until you see OK, Waiter in the post is I'm getting a really bad job explaining the Michelson and Viggo Mortensen or both, but they also show that Oh, okay. Just listen. How is Thor Mond? How comes your anger on Tollman? Jai's You're on, You're on. That's a neuron is Danish as well. So Jamie and Your Honor both finish what Coleman was like. Icelandic? No, A torment. Understand the character? The character torment the fictional character in the show? He seems to be for most of women, I know, like one of their favorite characters, but he seems to me like a guy they would hate to know in real life, like they really like this relation with Brent. Basically a fucking stalker right now you will not be for you will leave her alone every time she's in the room. He's hitting on her, constantly thinking about people the way everyone I think he was like, verging on being a savage. Well, that's not a result. That's what I see. I see, like people on Twitter going always so great he like he lets his intention to be known. I'm like, Yeah, well, good luck with your fucking stalker enabling asshole. But then when she when she said she was, or when he noticed he wasn't interested or that she was interested in Jamie. He kind of backto right. Like eight months. Yeah, when she ends up with something. He also threatened to kill Che Mi passively when he told the story about, like killing a giant in front of Jamie. Really lighting goats, milk flowing through his bid with Riley. He went all in Theo everyone, didn't you? The link to the genuinely happy to see him, I was gonna say, was happy to see him. Castle Black. I really wass I thought we had not. We're going to see him again. By the way I predicted last week they are. You would not be in this episode that we had seen Norwegian her finale, right? You know that we've seen her final thing riding off on that horse. I was wrong. And I wish that was right, because I don't know what the fuck are. You start getting that last episode. I was worried for a second because when she was in the crowd of unsullied and she was watching John up on the dais with canaries, it made me think of when she watched net start get beheaded. Yes, where she's in the crowd and she sees someone she cares about in the distance. And if something were to happen, she could not get there in time to save them. I would be watching that start get beheaded. She wanted try to run. But, you know, the guy from the night's watch kind of stopped her and held her back. And by the way of all the stuff and then we even talked about this with, like, the Night King problem with Aria, you know, coming literally coming out of nowhere on him. There was a moment this episode where John engineers were talking generous walks away. And then Ari is like, right there. Yeah, that was well done. That I was like, Wow, she just, like, crept up. And, like was right there. All of a sudden, we saw the distance trouble. I almost wish I was the first time she appeared in the episode where she just like pump. And all of a sudden she's there. So the bit in the office where Dwight sees Angela behind him, you know, I don't know, like some chump. Now, what happen to her horse anyway? Now that was gone immediately, wasn't it was like he wrote often it on it. And then she was still in the city, not on it. She's what? Wandering the city? Yeah, that was a weird thing everyone wanted. Do you think they're here? If I If I was a wart, what animal would what I turn into? You can definitely. Here's accent more when he's not thinking it would be. Obviously become a and Peter. Yeah, eyes just reading. He's really funny. He does, and he's really good looking. And, uh, well, it's, uh it's what time are up to something. All right. Game of thrones. Great run. It's Ah, it almost got us popular. Is Artie podcast way held onto our crown, Right? Game of thrones came close, but not quite. Shut out the hot place on hot pies. We have steaks, everybody with you guys next week But