#546 - Illegal Names for Dogs

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss decimation, Chernobyl, recasting the MCU, frumpy Vader and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 546. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Lingle Everyone welcome to their Steve podcast this week. Brought to you by hello. Fresh and RT X may have heard of both fine product before. Uh, more about them later. I'm gone. I'm gone. I'm Blaine Gabbert. I'm good for you. My mike fell down and blaze side choking. No. Now, was that a bunch of water before we started? What you wearing Such a rush? And I was running in and I thought you guys were right. You guys were just yelling five seconds ago. Don't actually covered in a rush, But really, we're going to do well. I mean, you're late already. So we invited. Quite bother rough you more find way. Now I know I was, like, 20 minutes early, but he left. We're about to go in here and I had to pee, and then I had to get drink water to replenish the P that I just peed. Wait. Or is it still signs? How much water do you really? You don't pee. Reach equilibrium thinking like three of these three. Those and those are like, What a leader he already see. I'm what? What's every two days? Just so when the art Jill comes out, you're doing fine. The podcast is pretty type. I feel like I should say that right off the top. It's Ah, it's a holiday here in the U. S. Is closed. So we're pre taping this podcast. This was giving me grief about my Memorial day knowledge that I said I was honoring men and women who have served this country and for Memorial Day. And he was like, It's only for people who died. I don't agree with that. Veteran's day is for everyone. Still, I think it's important to to pause and onto the people. What is the anniversary? Why do we celebrate Memorial Day Life force in the way of the country? So shut up. What? What is the anniversary? Isn't it? Is it a date that celebrate something in particular is not so. I know Veteran's Day is I'm not sure about Memorial Day limit like Memorial Day. It shows of them believing in labor days to celebrate all the laborers, right? Those who toil. Yes, the common folk. I just know nothing. Give against the day, they just kind of Yeah, it seems like they just kind of pick something. So are you giving me shit about my knowledge of memorial days? Really? But see, I did. I ignored it. I didn't know when I looked it up. You just sit there like a dumb American, Duncan starting it off, didn't you? Tried to grill me and try to corner me and say, What is it? Tell me. Because like you like you knew the answer. Yeah, but you didn't look it up. I'm like, Oh, I asked the question like, I don't know that I'm going. I'm going to better myself by researching and learning something today. When I artfully deflected back to you Tito, you admitted that you didn't know what it wass Please. I've been using a word. Wrong forward. What's funny? We'll decimate. Oh, yeah. I learned that this is a World War Z. I think everyone uses the word decimate wrong, I think. What? What? What does it mean? Fuck I fight to say it's like it's like another type of destruction like ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Decimated. But Well, that birthday cake, you destroy elevated destruction. Like if I decimated a birthday, Something total. Total destruction struck. Coming brilliant. 100% correct. I think I'm wrong about the word down now. Decimate. Oh, decimal is the roots. So that it would be like you only partly destroyed something specifically 1/10. Yeah. Reduce something by 10% like one in 10. So destroyed gravitas behind, you know, decimated. I used it like I've always uses, like, total annihilation. What? It's really like 1/10 annihilation. I'm going to use it now, totally in context. Like when somebody takes a slice of pizza to go, you fucking guessing me slice pizza just means something different now. Yeah, Boston means, like, used to be pretty cool. It's going the other way, but didn't used to be in scary. Awesome is like fire on firing at it. It's just like, Oh, my God, I've never seen anything like this for some. Awesome is like you made some toast from the best. I didn't do nothing anymore. I feel like Americans have destroyed Awesome. Pretty much I don't think the Europeans using that was awesome is now when you go to McDonald's and the shake machine isn't broken like the level of awesomeness that makes me think of that interview with. Was it Robert Smith Room The Cure? Oh, yeah, kind of like the difference between British in America, you six ideas. I've well, by the sounds of it, No things like the equivalent of the youth. Like weird. When when I'm on the phone with tech support and they say, Do you have a number? I can call you back on in case we get disconnected and I give them my number and they say, Awesome. That might be the worst you can say Awesome, ever. Oh, you have a phone number literally the opposite. I like when awesome is used properly. Like if you read an old book and it's like the destruction was awesome. It's like a birthday cake was awesomely decimated. Well, the best is interesting because what if you were only allowed to use that once in your life? When would you use it? Or you to keep track of every time you said something was the best way? Is this better than that? And you never move. You know every time you grow and as you experience things in life, you may find something better that becomes your new the best. Like a slot in your inventory that is occupied. But you can only have one slot. What would be your awesome than what would you describe is awesome in your life? If you say Meg Attorney, I'm gonna punch you. You have to come back to me. Okay? Karen, I just cease. Um What? I would consider awesome footage. Have you seen our planet? No. Hand this show, you're not. Once you're on that really flat. I don't know that I have seen our plan. I think I've seen it. It's like exactly the same as plan A right. That's why I'm wondering if I've seen you. But in the second episode, there's a bunch of slo mo shots of because the isis there's less ice. All these wars is like clambering up mountains. Teo get to rest on where they usually we just sit on ice on. There's too many of them on there. And there's all this footage of the of them, just like shoving each other and falling off the cliff. And you just see Waris is like tumbling through the air like smacking their heads on rocks and like rolling down. This is like a bunch of, like, 500 dead. Waris is that's the food's awful, but the footage is incredible, but it's like the fact that we filmed that. It's unbelievable fact that we caused that little girl is dead. Yes, well, I'm always fascinating, but just by statistics like somebody in the world takes the biggest poop every day and they don't know it. But they have to. Every life they might every single day think anyone's ever done it twice. Who wants to do it once you're probably more inclined, like you're in the urine, that your elite elite athletes, right, like 90 pound grandmother isn't going to like to suddenly step up and go for the title one day. It's probably a certain kind of person that the rock that qualifies for that right who are these dudes is unlike the Learning Channel or something like that. But I always wondered who was like, What have we missed all the amazing stuff we've caught now on camera? Ever since everyone's had these camera phones in their pockets. We've gotten even more amazing stuff. There's so much stuff that we've just missed and that nobody would believe. Like maybe somebody even saw it. But they're like, Yeah, now you wouldn't believe it. Like I saw a needle drop of fish and then another eagle swept down and picked it up or something like that. That nature that moment where the was that the alligator is a fighting only a hippo. And then the lions, that was they tried to eat. Ah, water buffalo. And then the lines show up in the water buffalo comeback thing like I think they called the Battle of the Syrian Getty is also like, How often does that happen? That must happen every week. Yeah, that was what we might not. Two fronts? No, on camera. The subreddit that I like you have, like a guilty pleasure. Subreddit middle probably don't want Teo choosing beggars choosing beggars. Yeah, that one is. It's people who ask for stuff, but then they're very entitled about it. Entitle about like one of my favorites was there was a Facebook posts that a woman I think wanted to ride somewhere at a certain time and they had to have SUV or a pickup to take her because, Well, I've got this, you know, But I don't have a pick apart SUV, but I got four seats. But you see what is for me and she goes not good enough. Needed SUV next and then, like other people, are being very kind to her. And she's going just next next, and somebody goes, Fuck! You think you get the fuck outta here? So, Biggers and tales from the front desk, it's like people who work in hotels. Yeah, just showed that their encounter right, Wait for the next door thing to do. We talk about the people who are next door who were having a baby. They were having their first baby and then they're like, they're late twenties. And so they went on next door, which is like in the US and all the other places. It's this, like it's like a community that regional Facebook, your neighborhood. So you put in your zip code and you get your neighborhood and they kind of just have cornered that market on that. But it was them reaching out to people in the neighborhood saying, Hey, we're about to have a kid. We would really appreciate it if I had a name for it. Like a meal train. Which is a thing, I guess where people make meals for someone who's like going through a medical problem and neighbors. But they usually do that on their own. They don't get it requested to Dio And these these this young father father to be was like, Yeah, I'm just going to be very stressed with the new baby. And so if you guys could just start a meal train, here's some things that we'd liketo you know, if you could provide, like, macaroni cheese. We hate these kinds of foods that bring this, and it's like if you guys could just organize this, that'd be great. Thanks. What was the response time? Well, the response, actually, honestly, on the next door stuff was actually okay because the only people who responded, probably because its regional and you convey your name, you know, clunkers. They were they were positive, like I can do this. And maybe he had a response like e. I don't really like, you know, Buffalo Chicken or something like that. But once it got viral, then of course, everybody fucking piled on and was just like had a lot to say about this dude. So what do your guilty pleasure separate? Probably in keeping with this nature thing of things that are recorded. There's a separate called The Bull Winds, and it's all like running with the bulls bullfighting footage where the bull wins and it is like I can't stand that stuff if you live in a country where they have bullfighting and it's important your culture. Good, Anya. But I think that's just horrible. Javelin always tweets pictures of like a bull. That's horn right up someone's arse off. Dude, there's one photo where Oh, I've seen that one. Yeah, the bull put his porn through the guy bottom of the guy's jaw like a mountain God like Timothy Theo. I just looked up. The bull wins and the top post right now is titled Violent Goering. Many deaths, humans and horses, some of them to get to, like, not safer life stuff like something like that. You see, an S f l maybe stay one, but it's usually a dude who's like standing there in a crowd of people, and he's like king of the world because there's this bullet he's facing off and, like all the fuel, are cheering. And then the bull or a bottle with just clock he's out like a light. He's out like a light. What is the reason that still done is just traditions Keep going from? I mean, this is Christmas, Ari. I watched that. Yeah, There's some of us. Don't don't watch the not food. Just like those visibly look good. Yeah, it's like that. The separated that's now long gone. Ah, not Tio. Watch people die. Oh, yeah. I'm really glad they got rid of that. I'm honestly, you can't really filter who's watching. And who needs that fill of that? I don't know. I don't. You see that? I don't know. I feel like, well, that's painted in a bad light. I feel like people that would work in a line of work in which they see that kind of stuff would be okay to see it like Like like my brother. The brother in law's a firefighter. He sees the fucked up shit all the time. He always has the craziest stories, and I feel like he could review that and be like, Yeah, that sucks, you know? Yeah, yeah, more objective view on it. Is anybody else watching? Turn noble? Oh my God, you're looking good, dude. I kind of want to say that's kind of an offshoot of the Darwin Awards. Like people seem to like those Darwin Awards. It's really somebody dying in a tragic way. But everyone's like, Well, they did something stupid, so they deserve it. That's kind of an extension of that mystery like Chernobyl. No, I'll let you guys talk about your noble Now I just want to have that watch. I feel like what they just They're the third episode last night, and I feel like a lot of people I know are not watching it by the time that this episode airs than the before, North of so it will be coming out soon. But yeah, it's Ah, it's fucking great And introduce this character. I don't know. He's gonna come back. That minor guy Oh, yeah, fantastic was great. It's ah, it's It's scary like II When when the Chernobyl accident happened, you know, I was a little kid s o. I'd like I vaguely remember hearing about it on the news, but you don't really understand what they massively under report first. Yeah, they They were finding traces of radio activity just around Europe, and they were like, Oh, by the way, this major thing happened, that's how they discovered it is, I guess, like a nuclear reactor in Sweden started picking up radio activity in the air and, you know, based on wind patterns, everything that if you had to be coming from the Soviet Union, so that's how they tried to really contain the news. At first. Where is it you want? Crane? He was yet is in the Ukraine, and at first it's just like a colossal mismanagement. Watching it happen when it when it goes down, like when? When the accident first happens, you know they bring out their their devices to measure how much radiation is in the air. But the devices they have only go up, you know, whatever the scale they uses, it only goes up to 3.6. And so they're saying, Oh, it's 3.6 on the meter and back and extra. It's fine right there, like Oh, that's just getting a chest X ray. It's not a big deal, and then they're like, well, but the good meter is in the safe. We need to go open the safe and get it, and they get the good meter out. It's like, Oh, it's actually 10,000 go No, it melted the needle on. Now we have to get another burned out. First of all, you have to get another one. I remember when Khaledy modern warfare came out, and I guess those quality for they had that Chernobyl mission where you're like fighting in the ruins or whatever like that. And I got super interested and I haven't read about Chernobyl since, and I really want to go and read about it and see, like, the death toll in all that stuff. But I'm also interested in the way that they're presenting the information on the show that I'm just like I'm staying away from it until afterwards, cause that show is just so fucking good. And I forgot about like, the that crash thing that happens. I want Teo. It's so scary to watch scientists being ignored. You know, I'm just having the people ocracy right there. You're a bureaucratic system, just overriding making decisions, and the scientist be like, Why did you do Why did you decide. This is just like an arbitrary number. You came up with you. So you know what's happening now with global, right? Yeah, allegory here. It was like for some reason when you mention global warming you considered made to making political statements like It's nothing to do with politics, right? It's just so science. I think it's a really good time for this Chernobyl miniseries to be coming out because, like, we're kind of doing the same thing again right now, testing like that's a defense now for things like, If you don't like it, just make it seem like it's a political thing like, you know, people trying to be healthy. Just say, Oh, you know, health is you know, if you're working the sugar industry, be like, Oh, that's a political thing. People trying to eat healthy. They're just trying to make you, like, live a certain way. Yeah, there was that thing that jobs there's no jobs from, was it? Ah, you got kind of people started making fun of her when she said that you know, what is a OSI Allah Andrea or Castor court? Okay, that ah, she wanted an acronym. Is that people do people call her a lot? You have you been? I know I know her, but I didn't I didn't know this AOC thing, you know about full name? Yeah. So that's why she started pushing initiative to have clean water for, you know, for people everywhere. And then, you know, if she gets attacked like, Oh, this is some liberal initiative, and then her response. Just why is this a politicized? Because she's liberal rights, like, don't you? Isn't that just like a basic humor? I start like an elitist thing is like, we should have clean water for our children. Isn't that just at a most basic level? Do you not want clean water for everyone? Yeah. What kind of fucked up and Yeah, it just kind of fucked up. It's bizarre. Did you see that Bill? My video where he's, like, you know, safety guy who's Lonnie does like this whole thing resets the planet on fire. Yeah. Is Bill night casting about how we're really done now? And it was really funny because it is delivery is amazing and just so used to build my being like he's the science guy I watched as a kid you know, the tough part for me about those kinds of things is that everyone gets painted, has been going all the way backto theeighties and then even Al Gore when he did The Inconvenient Truth. It's like they get painted as alarmists. You know, Andi, you know there's You should have a certain degree of skepticism for things that air hard to measure. But then it's like there's this tipping point of which, you know, most people believe in it. But there's these holdouts that really block progress or blocked the ability to remedy or work on something. And then we get the point where we can't sell the problem. Those people just kind of gone. There's like I was wrong. It's like, Yeah, Brexit, Yeah, same thing. Looks like we're going to do all this. It's gonna work. It's not working. Who's accountable by Yeah, you know, it's like any any kind of progress of any kind. There's always people that block it, always think about today when you know people are yelling and screaming about stuff, and I always think back to the photos of the civil rights movement in the the fifties in the US or middle of the century. Yeah, and I always think about the people who are. You know, there's black people sitting at the counter where they're not allowed to sit. And if you call that a right behind him, like screaming Moreno shakes on there, huh? Yeah, that kind of stuff. And it's like it's like, what? What? How how ignorant of, like, the possibilities of history. That person has to be in order to be in that moment, and they're, like, frozen in that moment forever. But you know who they are, you know, I mean, and if you know today, they'd be like, Everything's fine, but it's like, these are the people that block us and hold us back from things can really quite racism to climate change in particular. But goddamn, it's just like you. Sometimes you just gotta like at some point, go OK, the evidence is overwhelming. I just feel so sick of having the whole planet stood by people who are going to be like 70 year old, plus making these decisions that you're gonna be around. Why do why do we listen to people so old about stuff about the future? When one of the arguments to is that you know, we can't affected the Earth, raises the temperature and cools. But even if that's the case, if the Earth goes into a warming period, naturally, that's still going to kill us. So anything that we can do to mitigate that would be a really best interest. And the right I wonder is like if we invest in these industries state going to cost a lot of money and you know people have to pay more for good luck. Well, aren't we creating new jobs and stimulating and building a new type of economy? Long term thinking, right? It's like So we get to a point where the problem is the dude who worked in the coal mine isn't going to work. But, you know, we just need to acknowledge that that's not so too miserable. We're not gonna have the coal industry in the future, right? Well, that's easy to say. When you don't work in the coal mine, which I get, I'm Listen, I'm a big believer in what you're saying. I'm playing devil's Advocate. I just think that the coal industry is already on a huge decline that should already be not something that so. We still we still have it. Now we feel people who work in coal mines, they maybe we shouldn't have future generations aiming to do that. Maybe we should be looking at What can we do for the next generation of people who would be doing that? What can they do instead? Right? One thing I think about my kids because they're going to grow up in a completely different world then I grew up in especially at one on the way that kid will grow up in a really different world is in their lifetime. We could evolve as a society beyond jobs. I mean, we talk about automation and the danger to jobs. Everything is jobs, jobs, jobs, danger, two jobs. It's like it's we can't even imagine a world where we don't have paid vocations might mean. But if the machine there was somebody on Twitter, I wish to save that. Years ago, they said, How bad do we have to have fucked up? If machines are about to take away all the jobs and that's a bad thing? I agree with that. It's like we're just locked into this thing, and so when people like Elon Musk talk about Universal Service Fund, everyone's reaction is, Oh, so we're just going to give everybody a bunch of money like you're you're not going to have a choice. It's either going to be people who own the machines that do all the work, and they have 99% of the money. Or you're gonna have Universal Service Fund, where people just are given money and there's a standard of living that's provided to us by technology. Or do we get to a point eventually, where we transcend the need for money right where things they're just available to you on Some, like what we have like printers and three D printers will get us down that road. But there's just there's a point coming at some point, the future when we're going to evolve beyond Boko together I saw I think they will do things as endeavors. These new jobs, you think like when when people say a lot of these machines going take away all these jobs is like take away current jobs. There's still so we future jobs that don't exist you like That's when the society is going to take a shift to like more art based stuff because, like you're always gonna need our massively shifting to service. Like you look at stuff like door dash and uber and things like that. Those are huge industries. There serves history. Automation is about to get rid of those two. Why wouldn't the robot's people to do those jobs? Is what, exactly? Writing scripts and stuff? Sure, that, being said, though, Gus, we don't have a basis. Gavin's right. There could be new jobs created. We wouldn't be able to fathom what those jobs would be, just like someone who was working agriculture. If you look at 17 hundreds, couldn't imagine a computer scientist even looking back 50 years, Yeah, you know, people who lived on we're working in the workforce at that time wouldn't be ableto picture jobs that are available now, right? I saw when I was in Singapore. Speaking of automation, I saw a robot doing a job, and it was it was really striking to me and it stopped me. I was walking through the casino at Marina Bay Sands, and there was like a cylindrical metal object that was kind of moving around and in on the casino floor like between slot machines and stuff. So I walked up to us. I put the fuck is that thing? There was a robot that was filled with drinks, and I guess like it had a path that would go around the casino. And if you wanted a drink, there's a big red button on it. You hit it and it stopped for a few seconds. He was grabbed the drink. You want off of it, then it would go off again. That's R two D two on jobs. Sail, Barge, Right? What did you do? Did you go like this? And then a light saber went tio. It's like That's already I've already seen. Like that was a job like somebody theoretically would have been later. A waiter or a waitress like coming around cocktail waitress. Giving drinks to people at a casino floor was like, Oh, no, there's a robot doing that now and he doesn't have to take your order and go back. It's already carrying all the drink is carrying way more drinks and a human can carry it won. How big this place is crazy. Ah, what? The robot in the row. But it was probably almost tallest me and maybe two and 1/2 feet in diameter. So it's a pretty walking refrigerators what you're saying? But it wasn't like you open the door. It just I had drinks on the outside in front of a photo. Shows me what you like. Make a drink. Custom drinker? No. All the drinks I think were made probably in the back, put on it and then it was set down, right? I remember. I was in a hotel, I think was yotel in New York or something like a wildly go tell and you put a small hotel. Whoa, That looks like a Star Wars. So those buttons on top of that I was the one I saw had red buttons. So I guess I mean, it's the same thing. I mean, she was in kill mode. That's what it goes to red. It's a kill mode with the ice. Turn red. Well, so we're at the hotel. And then there had this thing where it's like you have, there's a slot. You put your suitcase in the slot robot arm comes in. Who picks it up? Who puts it up on the shelf thing, and then it's just got rows and rows of luggage. And then you get your tag. You leave when you come back, you know, and then you get the tag, brings your luggage back. And remember people just staring at this thing and taking video and pictures of it. It was just, like, really novel thing that in like, five years time people be like, Why? Why did why were they taking pictures of that? Like if I saw in that moment, I realized, like How? Ah, yeah, you know, like conveyor belt food was the same way When it first people want an auto mats is that's exactly what I was thinking of a way that was before our time. Auto mats were like cafeterias, but it was just walls with vaults like, you know, you open a door and you have the thing like, Oh, I want the meat loaf. So go to the meatloaf door and put your coins in and then open that that's where they were fifties thing like if you went and looked like the post office. But and all the peel boxes had clear glass doors and you could put money into them for food. Yeah, I did that. Go away. Yeah, on the other side, isn't it? Isn't it just like a refrigerator, or like, a kitchen way? Actually ate in an automat gas. I think you were there in Amsterdam. We had those croquettes remember that? Hard to remember so eventually. Yeah, and it was an automatic. I got excited because I was like, What the fuck? There's an automat in 2,012. Stimulated old memory. Yeah, I've thought about that since I was in there. And that's I think where we got the croquettes was in these little door before, after we went to that place with the Big Machine that played that really loud song. Can't remember order of events in Amsterdam. I remember there was an frank pancakes, and somewhere in there is some croquettes and stuff like that. So how something need about Amsterdam? No new ideas, like like that, but just kind of It's been around for a while, and it's kind of like old schools that it's almost like a steampunk. Like I remember when I was in Japan. There's this thing where you go up, you enter and your coins you type in what you want. And then it prints out a little ticket thing. And then he handed to the kitchen staff and then just that machine itself was like It looks super old, but it is also like a really revolutionary way of ordering food. I thought that was the first meal I've had in Japan was at a place like that. I was so fucking confused because I walked in and like I sat down at the counter and the one behind, kind of just like pointing behind me. Yeah, but the machine pointing out the machine like turned out like I think it just looks like a vending machine was like, OK, yeah, you just type it all in. Going, going, going. Do you think this would be a good business to start, right? I buy a plane. It's a plain what? The ones that they put out fires with you, like release all the liquid? Sure, but it's filled with sunscreen and you just go over the beaches. Make sure everyone's good, but you have to have a way to make sure the people on the beach paid for it. You can have people mooching off your sunscreen. That's, Ah, public service thing because we have universal healthcare, like reduces skin cancer that in America, not American, made their money, not the current America. I don't think people would like that I would either. But like sprayers like, you know, the pump's sprayers and spray people. Or what if you had, like, a spray tan station right there like that goes, the rents freeze you everywhere, just like sunscreen. Instead, I, uh I remember years ago I had read an article, and I talked about on the podcast about how the Great Barrier Reef was being affected by the amount of sunscreen that people are wearing them in the water. And I had read that. And a lot of our Australian audience got very upset with me for saying that because a great Barrier reef is a national treasure to them. But be they have a huge sunscreen culture and looked up some stuff, and that's always stuck with me like they were just like, no fuck. You like Matt Matt about it. No strains are kind of, you know, a way. So that this saying it was wrong? Yeah, they said, I don't know what I was talking about. I shouldn't say stuff like that, but I didn't. I didn't know what I was talking about, and it's very clearly that came out. Yes, that's definitely what's happening right in. Hawaii, in particular has banned. Now. Certain kinds of sunscreen is an ingredient. Like, Can you still have sunscreen? That doesn't include the damaging stuff? Yes, I think so. I believe so. God, you know what? I really feel like that with all these, like lawsuits I'm reading about with, you know, Bear, which makes round up. Keep reading about these lawsuits of, you know, billions of dollars that are being awarded to individuals because they can show they got cancer from using these products. And it's just like we just don't know sometimes, like the effects something's goingto have long term. It's like, Oh, shit, I think about that every single time I buy a container to drink out of. It's like, Do I get a metal container till I get a plastic container? What the fuck do I go out? I can just drink out of and it hasn't encoded with, like, some kind of like cyanide. Teflon used this this now Jean, because They're like BP free and stuff like that, and they use something else, though. I know it's it's bullshit and we're all going to die from this thing. So I had a friend who was a d ng on one of our shoots and she always brought utensils. Teo the set. You know, she never wanted use plastic and she would drink out of the glass. Mason jar. Yeah, that's a really good idea. So I bought a lid for my Mason jar, and that was like my thing for, like, two weeks was carrying around a glass mason jar. Yeah, go on a date, go up meter, 90 seconds. And it's like, Okay, we're going to the gym. You need to sign this waiver and stuff like that. And as I'm like sitting there talking to her, the fucking Mason jar slips out of my hand like, out of the lead thing into shatters on the gym floor. It's like I'll I'll take the cancer. I'm just gonna just contributed whatever bottle. That's embarrassing. Long term to get the can because I almost died in that moment from embarrassment. It was you on a date it Jim, right? Jim Yeah, it's climbing gym. It's a really good day. It's It's Yeah. I also like to do activity based things for my date. So right, you get to wear it, wake him, sweat thanks up. And you're like, It's like a e o. Hey, you wanna go out this weekend? I gotta move on. Anvil Ah, thing over here on her mind when this absolute risky podcast is brought to you by hello. Fresh fresh halvah recipe right Cooking the same meal day after day. You know, there are a ton of options out there, but where do you start? Hella Fresh is a meal kit delivery service that's shops, plans and deliver step by step recipes and promotion ingredients so you could just cook, eat and enjoy. You get seasonal simple recipes and promotion ingredients delivered right to your door every week. 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Goto hell afresh dot com slash rtp 80 and enter RTP 80 Thank you, Hill afresh for sponsoring this episode of the receive Podcasting bucks. 80 bucks off. Be nice to do it. Um, so we haven't talked about this. This just came out like a couple of weeks ago now, But Disney outlined their timeline for the next three Star Wars films, and the next three avatar film's really bad timing on that. Why do you try to say that I everybody's very divided on the game of thrones season finale. And just like that, a lot the last season and stuff like that. So and that's the bidding, often, whatever the y sort of way. Yeah, guys that are going to be doing. I mean, I think that's that's kind of dumb, you know? Did people not love the 1st 7 seasons are every off everything else. It was produced from the same boat completely, I think ever advocated about it. The argument there is they had source material of source material from which to work for the first three C's. Well, I'm saying seven and eight they didn't like I mean, the theory is that they're going to do in the Old Republic for theirs, their trilogy. So if that's the case, then they still have source material to work out. So they just hate having free time. It's a good question. Is love money? Well, that's the other thing, too, Like they they've made a ton of money. How much money? They're gonna be busy, you know, decades from this. I mean, they're artists. The outrage for game of thrones. Really, From a business standpoint, their outrage meant absolutely nothing. The finale for game of thrones got 19 point 3,000,000 viewers 19 point 3,000,000 that is, in this day and age to have somebody watching television show 19 almost 20,000,000 people watched Sullivan Show is almost impossible. And that's a subscription, right? That's not even just a network like you can't get. I wanted like to know what the numbers in the Big Bang finale were, because that's been the number one show for fucking ever. That kind of went out like he cares about, even know that ended. Hated. Yeah, it's over there On Sundays, we'll do. Yeah, And it was like people who are surprised at what little fanfare this show got. I don't know who watches that show. It's really where That's a weird show because every time we go into a media and 18,000,000 watched Big Bang theory for the finale, right and that's just on CBS. CBS Yeah, which is free. That's a free channel, you know, in even know. Even if you pay for cable, you sell it to pay extra to get HBO and 19 point 3,000,000 watched this serious finale for the Siri's that, as blind pointed out, very divided opinions over the quality of Siri's now, but people still watched it to the tune of 19 point 3,000,000 Very different approaches. Game of Thrones. You can't just like jump in Season four or five to start watching it. The Big Bang Theory standard sitcom. You could watch it jump in and out anytime, I guess. Yeah, I really need this job. That's it. Should I just say that show has a weird place for us? Because every time we go into a meeting in like a television network meeting, we goto Ella. It always comes up like, Oh, you guys air from the interviews you must love big bang theory. No, no. Yeah, It's like saying, if anything that's about like your culture or what you do for a living, like if you're a locksmith and you see somebody pick a lock and move, you're like, Fuck, this thing is like, you're completely wrong. Is that uncanny Valley? You know, I got a guy we used to work for, who was a rodeo cowboy. He couldn't watch westerns because, like they in the 1st 2 minutes, they would pull out a saddle and he goes, That's not the saddle they had back then, you know? And it's like and it ruins it for me. It takes him completely out of it, you know, brought Putin issue resting point. Now, I'm curious. What movies? People that are proficient and whatever that movies about. Enjoy. I feel the interstellar would be a good example, because, like Neil DeGrasse Tyson was just like, Aah! Interstellar. You know, like a morning he hated that movie. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He passed this shit out of it. Oh, I thought he was, like, tweeting about how great it was. Like I remember his, like, stream of consciousness tweets. He's like, and there's like, a fucking is it, like a bunch of really accurate simulations of black holes look like Wasn't like, very sorry. Sorry. I got mixed up. You're right. I was thinking gravity. He bashed your helper back. Gravity's starting. My mistake. Yeah, because the stars were in the wrong place. Oh, yeah, that James Cameron changed it. Yeah, but yeah, I think you're right. That they did a lot of advanced modelling of the black hole to display it, and then it ended up being actually kind of weird when that photo of the black hole came out. You know what you're talking about? A very testing video. He was explaining. That was an awesome video, Great video. And then they then he's like, this is this here, And he's like peeling up the back is that you're actually seeing, like, this way around it and they show the picture of the real black hole and then from interstellar. And it's like, now that you know, absolutely no way that moved in the way that light and the stars around it would move. It's like, Damn, how did they simulate it so accurately? Sure. I mean, I'm sure they had a new idea, You know, the render time must have been insane, you know? Probably get Xena and game on imax. No, I think I'm gonna go back and watch any game again. I'm going to die, Max. When Ugo Ah, like probably next week. The last summer, when time Max was in Stella, when we're down the front, see, that's what I'm waiting to go because Max is the only thing. We only have one IMAX theater in Austin. Rely Max, and it's not assigned seating. So you have to show up like two and 1/2 hours early to get 1/2 going there for that. That's why wait, like 45 weeks. If there's a movie, I want to see my max. I just wait. I think the last time I saw a movie there might have been Avatar and not to make my set himself sound even older than I usually D'oh! Now you can do that. You can wait until the fifth week because it's not a physical print, so it doesn't degrade right? Like you before you. If you didn't go see a movie in the first few weeks, by the time you want to see it, it might have been spliced because the film broke or just degrade. Yeah, be fucked up like you get multiple copies, but they want him So much. Prints were, ah, lot. That was a big portion of the costs of movies, period. Princeton advertising. Pia used to be the thing, but it was just a licensed to use the print. You are actually physically paying for the print like surely if it runs out, you can make another one. They were massive, let several rials. Mostly, I think it's going to say this. I'll just say I know somebody who ran a movie theatre. And one time they were showing a special movie and they ran the film because it was an old classic film, but they still don't take it. So they put in another theatre, and the way they did it was they started the real in here. And then when it really through, they grabbed it and they walked across the hallway. Tio, I reeled it into the next ejector. Yeah. So the movie was just going through the whole way between right? And then there was It was a little bit ahead in this theater, like probably a minute or two ahead. Then it wasn't the other way. Round it down the hallway. Yeah. Richard makes you have signs that nobody fucking walking. Really? Wallace's runner Dude, also, I don't know if it's still the case, but, man, that was the fucking job When you when I was in high school. If you could get a job as a projectionist, it was like 18 bucks an hour. And that was crazy in the nineties. Like to get 18 bucks an hour and there were people I knew they were projectionist was, like, sweet game close to get to see every movie a little bit, But you gotta watch my friend get it. He's like, you had a look at it every now and then. You're like checking on every movie, and sometimes you run like, eight theaters, you know? And he had, like, going Look, never understood how they change the reels without a gap, they switch over there. Will hold is a overlap. Yeah, go ahead. Oh, and there there's like a mark and one of the corners islands for five clubs. So I don't have fucking It's right. And and that's the cute. They're called cigarette burns. Yeah, and it was two of them. So when you're getting to the end of really you'd see a cigarette burn, it's called Little Circle in the corner top, right? I think on that would go really quickly. You go by and then it would go. Usually they would cut at the end of the scene and they just let the tail run. When they were shooting the scene, they would have they would leave the edit much longer, and so the projections could switch over to the other riel and have some ability toe like, you know, time or yeah, before, if the actors just stopped the scene and then just look to the camera, fight well and get on. It's also like everyone goes nuts about coffee cups and water bottles in game of thrones, just like so much stuff in old movies. It's, like, so bad, like like I don't know this. But there is also a game of thrones that was in the battle of hard home. I think there's a pickup truck in it. No, that's that's That's not in the episode. It's not. No, those that make it wasn't making off really okay, like a little segment. But like, there's stuff all the time in movies that because it was on a 40 foot screen going by and there was no ability to pause and go frame by frame, they just left shit movies all the time. It's like no one's going to see this. I see this shit all the time. Now it's well, not also, I see in some shows in the transition from standard def too high death, where they've gone from a 43 to a 16 by nine Aspect days t shit like, Oh, there's a boil on the corners here like they put foil around the lens and you couldn't see it in a 43 when I was mad it out. But now it's like, Oh, yeah, it's everywhere here, see Stand, you know, right? Yeah. Boom operator. You see that? And like, because I fall asleep watching friends a lot, but you can see where there was like, a standing and they would have been mostly cough by the foot by three. But you can see it now. And this like clearly just someone else. Another person is now instead of Courtney Cox. It's funny. Yeah, we were watching John Wake to last night. Ashley and I and I was very, for some reason, is very conscious of the stunt doubles because shitload of, um, you know, for, like, major throws and things like that and I could see, like, the cuts where it's like they got, like, a steady shot. Kangaroos like fighting three dudes. But then something grabs can't Reeves and throws him, and then it's like all of a sudden, a quick, tight close up and then back to the wide shot. It's like, Yeah, that's not carries its just such high screwing now that you never used to have Like if you go if you go back and watch Dr No, the first Bond movie I feel like this is blatant editing mistakes all over that movie. There's like missing frames where they said it was fine when they've clearly, like done two takes and they didn't even cut to anything else. It's just like a heart jump, and the woman's like and it's like, Do it again. It's like you just gonna leave that movie. But they just did it because you were in the movie theater. Honestly, like going back to the You know, the deterioration of Prince Movies will be like that because they have to like the frame. The frames would get melted, so they just put him together. You were very used to seeing things jump around more and probably more so back in the early days and how we're going to watch you and watch it once in the theater. And that was that was that was that you were gonna watch it again on cable. You're gonna own it. Are home video like If you saw a game of thrones, we all watched episode whatever. And then somebody came to work nights ago. Did you see the Coffee Cup in, Like, what? Coffee Cup? And you know it was in the scene with generis. With John, when they're at the feast, there's a coffee cup there. It's like, No, I didn't see that. When you just want a picture of it, they're like, Oh, that's ridiculous. Nobody fuck it saw it. I did not want to see 19,000,000 saw it, put it on social media and there was like That's ridiculous. It's like it's really not that really doing here. Who's looking at these actors feet in like the final scene of game of thrones like No, who's what? Don't be bored. Well, what I heard was also the water bottle was probably also from behind the scenes production still, that it might not have actually been in the actual episode. I thought if you were pulling frames from the episode, but that was the year they said the same thing with Jamie Lannisters non gold hand. Really, That was also from the GTS. People said he forgot firsthand right that they didn't see Giant on. I'm actually surprised when they put stuff out that's unfinished like that. If you go watch Infinity War and games down, out on DVDs or home video, I should say Infinity war. They put unfinished scenes in and it's like you're let's don't do that like phantoms is like 90% rendered. It looks like he should be in a doomed video game like a deleted scene. Oh, yeah, yeah. I was pretty long tweeted something the other day. This video about how in endgame they didn't know how they wanted the adventure sports. Okay, I think we're past the point. I think they actually marvel. Plus Spiderman Homecoming and Tio from home Trailer released was the day that they said that they weren't sure how they wanted the Avengers. Time travel suits, toe look. So those are not real suits in the movie. Those air all CG eitan crazy fucking that. Actors were like those suits do not physically. Why? Where? Anything that Why don't you just wear that the whole move? I think what they said was the when they filmed it. Now I have to go back and we want it all just went through all the character, what we're wearing, just their normal whatever suits and that they decided they wanted something more cohesive. So they see giant those suits onto them. There is one shot. It's Hawkeye walking after he's just made the first jump and you see his shoes. That's the only shot that I recognized. That that was a fake suit. The rest of them I was like, Get a little practical suits. They're really wearing those. No, it's incredible. But it's so weird to we're seeing this. We're talking about this movie today. 10 years from now you'll watch that and go. How did we ever fall for this? Yeah, And I thought about that watching John went to last night with someone just now. What? Two is coming out in the field, but it's two or three years old. John, with 2.3. Hurry out. Yeah, uh, which is why we're watching As we would like to see it sometime this week, if we can. Ah, most of the gunshots in that are CG and the bullet hits and the blood and all that. And it's like I'm kind of like, Yeah, I can kind of see it now, but in, like, five or six years, I'll be like, What the fuck hadn't we watched this like Dr No, Like, the actor was totally two different position, like the same kind of thing. Yeah, like we felt for that. So it's just you can't watch things in the context in which they came out. I think it was an expendables where they really started messing with, like, fake blood splatter and muzzle flashes and stuff like that. I'm sure there's other movies before that that did it without expending is one of the most egregious. I just love like the old stuff where they had, like, some dude with, like, a pressurized tube, like coming out of the back. Yeah. You ever see Sons of Anarchy? No, I watch a little bit of it. I wish the few seasons that some of the shittiest blood effects we'll never see that in any media. So, so bad. Let the wrong color sometimes like no affected at all by the light of the seen mental. Did you watch the Hulk in Endgame versus the Hulk in the Incredible Hulk at the beginning of the CEO was Iron Man and then the Edward Norton Incredible Hulk, which was the second moving the CEO. Fuckin night and day, dude. Chronologically off when it came out, it came out of belief. Yeah, because then after that, it was Yeah, it did not work off the emcee. I think it was after you and the captain and the angry ones. They're not counted. Is that right, boy that anyone was ever wearing I had aired Bana? Yeah, which I like your cabana that probably stung his career for a few years. But like, I remember wearing, I was wearing a hulk shirt to that movie. And like I and I met, I was at that age where, like, any movie was great because it was just a kid and I had no like taste and was just like, Yes, it's fine on. I remember leaving the theatre and be like, that was dogshit and someone like, rip off my shirt because it's a fucking terrible. What do you say? Because you're a Star Wars fan and like they're So there was all this hate for the prequels, and I'm not a fan of the prequels, but I appreciate that, like kids going into it. They love it. Catcher all those people who grew up watching it. It's like they got to see the Star Wars universe through a kid's eyes, you know? And we were the same way. Honestly, I was so jaded that I've never liked Return of the Jedi because I fucking hated the walks I've never like to me. No offense because you beloved franchise for you. To me. That's eight French eight movie franchise. And there's, like two good movies to Mae, you know, like to like amazing movies. Star Wars, You hope and then Empire Strikes back. Great. But there is something to start wars. And Matt pointed out to me that came up again on Twitter today. Oh, God, was he ruined Darth Vader for me? Is that the? It's because when he first gets up to meet Lydia very first scene when he walks in and they just left it in, you can watch the editing. Thank you could've cut just like four frames and gotten rid of this. But Darth Vader walks up. He's all imposing, and then he just stops and goes from, and he's like, hands on his hips. Lighthouse Andi like justice. Total like hunch like that. It just it kills it for me. I have a press. Didn't understand the character, Atal. They they say that he didn't. He was like doing the, you know, accent in the lines. And there was like, This is awful, like people on set for that move. You were probably just like this dog shit, right? You could easily cut that off The last time I watched absolute for I was just like you because I was just, like, looking for a problem. Holland ruined it for me. I had to pass. It'll also originally, I feel like they fixed it in the years since. But like Darth Vader's eyeholes were red. You could see through them and you could sum. Certainly thought it was cool. It didn't look like you could see a man. And then and it's not in the tai scene. You can print, you can see pretty clearly, but again, this is home video. H D yeah. You would never have been able to see that. You never understood why they didn't touch is the eyes. I'm gonna be him breathing. This is re breather. Yeah, but well, How could he do if he's talking that a time it for when he's not talking? He's always like talking, and he's going through the same time. Be the machine that's operating at it now because it's a movie. If I had to guess, I mean, if I'm taking a stab in the dark here who won't talk about your space man movie? I bought this jacket at a military surplus store about patches at a convention, and then I I hired Armani suit and reinforce them. You know, knife. Probably. How'd you reinforce me? Likes do you get the needle and thread is Good way, Theo. You did that. Craftsmanship on the crest for the camera and press the one with the red light. Dude, how long you been doing this? Wow. Blame? Listen, I don't do this shit that I've been suppressing way. Real laughter. Game of thrones. I was there just like you, and I didn't know how to use the symbol. So just like pricking myself hard to sew with such big biceps is like you have to be so small. Movement. I did break a needle, but nice. Yes, it is fun. I'm not any possible anything like that. I would pay money, toe watch, blame threat a needle with that thing. I just like things the way I don't associate with Blaine. It all I had to get a had this, like micro. It was a magnifying glass with a light in it because there certainly model painting. Will you have think glasses, too? If I may say we've seen you in the glasses on camera before. Gives your eyesight terrible. You have like, you have those glasses. I say, Like when he wears them, you could see the back way like fourth dimension glasses, but blazed white tank top does make me think about this. Could anybody else play Wolverine or Iron Man in the future? At this point, what do you think? I mean, we're going to have to reach that point. You think that someone's going to do it Multi verse. Someone else is coming to play, you know? Think Hugh Jackman coming in. But I doubt it, and it's got to be. In my opinion, I feel like it's gonna be a no name. The Batman casting is just like further proof, because people actors are going to bring all these pre existing emotions and people are gonna freak out about him. I'm thrilled. I'm I'm going out with Robert Pattinson. Not a no name, but person is not well known. Inactive circles should be considered for the role of Wolverine. Jeremy Dooley? Yeah, Jeremy Dooley is Is he's got the same build and stature of Wolverine from the comics. And I think you got to go more faithful to the comics, you know, because I think Jackman's like 62 And what the fuck with that guy, dude, It is crazy, though. It does show how hard it is to obtain the ideal male form because it took like jackman. 10 years. Thank you. Look at the first Wolverine home, ladies. Yeah, it was a long time to get to that level of like, what's the one where he's in the hotel room and he just hey, looks fucking rigged. Ridiculous. I think he said the dehydrates himself right before he feels totally vascular. Why every God in vain, his body and then assumes they're calling cut. He's just like, oh, they're like, you know, when I you know, like the dude's just on the brink of death because He's just so yeah, no water. Like Syria Water? Like a day or two, right? Oh, yeah. He just, like, Well, when we're shit, Look at the difference. Who? Yeah, he missed this slime. I hate to say it. I'm probably more jacked is an original Wolverine, but I don't think I can ever get. Why do you hate to say it? Because it makes me sound dio blame looking all that water you're drinking, There's your problem. Don't drink that. You'll look like a Wolverine. Sorry. You're easily put that back up again. You are easily Maurin shaped. And then the original Wolverine easily. Yeah, but that's that on the right. That's like, Well, I don't know how. I don't know how I look like the bicep. Vain. Like I have that, But I don't have it going up my fucking shoulder into my neck and a whole bunch of that stuff up. You think with CG Is that like a thing they do? I mean, they did for, like, 300 0 did that? Yeah, I wanted Always assume the worst kind of just him up a little bit in guardians, too. Like there's only the one shot where who spread is shirtless, but he's fucking my instagram if you If you modify structure on the photo, it kind of like beefs up all the edges. What if they do stuff like that? I know about that. Well, what is structured do I've always mistaking that for sharpen. It's kind of similar to shopping, but it's like if you have bad skin, it, like extra brings that out. I don't know. I don't know what it actually does. Like contrasts. Well, like slight differences in tone. I think that makes the difference bigger. Okay, from what I can see, how long you been working out gift? That's one year I'm working this red ball for them. Who do you think he's been to the gym? Less in their life? You, Gus, or you get well, How can you go less than none? You've never been to a gym? Yeah, not really. Ah, well, I went to places that had Jim's, but I would do it Stuff the like, running the treadmill. Er do it stair machine. No, Like play tennis or something. Okay, I think I'm in the same boat, but like never like you ever bench press No, really. The express. You ever bench press like a bar or dumbbells? Uh, what about push up? Yes. You've done pushing back in school. I could write, like your patients. That stuff that doesn't involve equipment. Yeah. Interesting bicep crow. Just because I think toughen export control. I got I got chicken wings. Really? Never. That's interesting. That's fascinating today. Okay, how do you think you achieve this peak? Male body, is it by doing what is called Wait, this. Ah, listen up, Architects. Austin 2019 will be here sooner than you think, but it's not working out. Will you be there? We can pass is available right now. Architects austin dot com We can't wait to see all your beautiful faces July 57th at the Oslo Convention Center for the greatest animation, gaming and comedy of it. The festival. So don't this year. Yeah, it's a lot of really cool things to look forward. Teo, you know, we'll all be there way A lot of stuff. First member, we have a really cool first night going on. First night's always a fun boom. Ah, so make sure you head overto architects event dot com right now. pick up your weekend pass is for you and your friends. You can use promo code R T pod 15 for 15% off weekend badges that Cody's just for listening to this podcast. Eso use it. Come and see us. Come hang out with us and the grace community on the planet. July 57 here in Austin at our techs. Austin you see this podcast on the spot Always open off Topic live. We have guests like Fred Baker and the North from Russia. Replay Jessica Negri filled a Franco Mohr architects event dot com for more info and get your weekend badges. Do not miss it. Go now and see it's the summer. I feel like they used to get a quite natural work out because they still just lift for in vaginal day in a suit. Fuck it. All right. And I sometimes I'd stack like three if coz of been honest, that was pretty heavy. I don't move. Built a garden for actually I just had to move like bag after bag of fucking dirt. It was either that or like, have somebody deliver video a little dirt and then we'll barrel it to where we need it. So I just went to Home Depot. Pride paid a little bit more, but bottom in individual bags, like 20 eight cubic feet of dirt. And that's what you were doing. When? When you last film in your pool. Like we were, like, film and Dan full into a pool in slow mo Buta? No, this is, like, recently that you were, like, moving shit around bags of Yeah, that's mulch. You gotta mulch in Texas. Can't get there with thought. It was funny that we're, like, both working, but in different ways. Yeah, I love them back here, and I was good. Back here is great. Good pool. Yeah. The was going to say in regards RDX doing. I'm doing a one on one. Sit down with Filter Franco, which is gonna be awesome. I'm really, really looking forward to that. So it'll be fun. Conversation guy. I respect the law. One on one, one on one. So that means you won't forget to announce him. I mean, Well, listen, dude way. Don't bring that up every time. I'm sure that will come up during this thing as well. I'm sure it will. It was so fucked up. Vidcon forgot to fill that thing and it was definitely everyone thought it was a bit and I was so mortified that I I couldn't play it off like way. Well, like, sat around the table, ready to play on TV. But then bodies like the rules of D. B. And we're just looking to the light. But nobody said anything way right. We don't run a bit and eventually we would just like e o. People of Theo was put into that. We pull it for you so that one on one part of it really is embarrassing. It'sjust, like, not in the favor. He hadn't been very well thing that I thought was Oh, dude, I normally don't use the word cringe because I associate with myself, like if something embarrassing cause I was fined embarrassment to be the easiest emotion to recall. Like if I got really embarrassed by something and I thought, But the moment I can feel the same in there is your most vivid feeling right and other, most probably because it's like the most invented in your own head. Embarrassment is like not a really emotion like monkeys don't get embarrassed right, But they could be happier. They could be sad. Think they can? Can they be embarrassed? I mean, there was one recital where the chimp like starts like beating his chest and then he, like, falls over, and then he, like, runs away and hides behind his mom. So it is accuser. But, ah, there was something that came up that I was just like a very rarely used the word cringe in regards to anybody else because I hate that I hate like that cringe criticism that people use because it became, like this default for awhile. So like that how the default criticism is rushed. So I keep hearing Rush was too rushed and was like, What the fuck does that mean? That it's It's like it's, you know, it's like Justice General Catchall that people use for when they don't like. He's content. But I had this thing in association with people who are also rushed. The guy that created the petition to remake Game of Thrones Season eight and now 800,000 people have signed up for it, totally relevant because 19 point 5,000,000 people or whatever watched the finale right. But that's the kind of thing that the press reports on like, 0 800,000 people have signed this petition. And then everyone who's associate with show has to read these fucking headlines about this petition that is, um, voted order. Exactly, utterly, utterly meaningless. I wouldn't know the back issues of the campaign. Yes. Remade Game of Thrones Season eight with competent writers Wow! What? What? What? Fuck you. So he posted. There's a subreddit called Free folk, which is like the alternative subreddit for both game of thrones and a song of Ice and Fire and the free folk or the people who gets have hated this show along or much of what, us They'll everywhere There's all different rooms. They hate the show for different reasons. But this guy was on there saying, I'm starting to feel bad. It was This thing is like I can read you the post its compare phrase in here. But he was like I'm starting to feel bad and he couldn't write. It is not saying that he would write better. Well, he was saying that like now, cast members are starting to come out and say that they're very upset about the petition. It's very disrespectful to a group of artists that worked on this thing that people enjoyed for a decade, you know, and horrible. And I feel bad. And it was like it was like, What? Dude, what did you expect? Write what I think is gonna happen Like he's even doing this thing where, like, Look and I can prove it's me that I made. And he's holding little post note with his username and all that stuff, And it's like you're just, you know, trying to call this karma or whatever you wanna call her. Notified on the backs of other people in this criticism. So it's like, Yeah, you're you're you're like them now you're in the public eye and you're going to catch it for this. And then he made this post. It was only like two down to where somebody's saying, No, man, don't worry about it. It goes, This's really completely unaware, Self unaware, this guy wrote, Oh, don't worry, man. Any time you do something, there's gonna be criticism. Just shrug it off like you got this literally, literally out of there. I got to read this guy's post. Hold on. I gotta read Post. I saved it. Let me see if I could post up. I'll just read you directly What you wrote in response to that, and I was just like, Oh, hello. I'd say, When we go, we'll be there in two seconds. How you doing, Gus? I'm good. You're important to me. They are going talk. I got to get something talk while he looks set up. I know if you guys care, you're the man now dog dot com Yeah, Indy, it's gone. Exploit. No, I think what they said they had ah, posting on their website that said they they suffered a catastrophic failure and it's gone. So, like they said, if you want to see it to goto archive dot or ge, do you want to just rebuild it from that? It says we're working on restoring archives. There's this thing, the man now, dawg, that was like my high school sense of humor. It was like one of the remaining by a team. One of the first, like yeah, means I can think of. It was usually just like an image and a looping right sound. That's like how I like mosaic duel over the screen or a gift found out about like Jean Claude Van Damme. They always did like Austin Jean Claude Gift. The sad to see that it's gone anyway. That's just a quick thing. Yeah. What? Ah, here, I'll read you just like paraphrases poses. Tried explaining. Ah, I'm feeling bad. I'm the author of the petition. Here's proof from a few days ago link to something I have. I've been keeping up with the number of the articles about this petition. The people of our free folk have been great. Most of the comets in the petition have been supportive of me. But lately I have seen more and more articles about the actors or other writers Stephen King, for example, calling out myself and the signers in a very negative light. Oh, it goes on to say, I obviously love the characters and 70 actors. Not about that. I tried explaining to them in the update that I didn't blame the cast or the film crew or the other hands that worked on this show, just the writers, but so he might have updated the title to call it the writer. Specifically, that might have been a date but so few of these people seem to have seen my update. But journalists do what they do best. And cherry pick the most controversial parts, and that's all the thieves. And then this's the part that really joining us. This is like three or four comments down at this point. Guy rope. There's always gonna be people who criticize. Just know that we the free folks important here. It's like completely unaware that like that, that's what you say, he responds. Thank you. I'm 30 years old and this is going to sound super childish, but I wouldn't want these people. We need cast members to refuse my friendship where it offered due to this petition. It's like it's like level of that's, like delusional a little bit right. It's just like, first of all, once you got except if you're going to fall into the criticism path is, it's very easy on social media to anonymously criticize things. But you've got to be very measured about that because once you go down that path, you're kind of you are cutting yourself off from stuff like there's been people who were going to come and be a guest on the show and is like, I can't be on the show because I openly talk negatively about something they worked on for just being assholes sitting there. I want you to be aware of. It doesn't matter who you focus on. If you criticize especially a huge, like, really ostentatious way like this petition is, if you criticize something people worked on for a decade, they're going to fucking despise you. They really are. They really are. And you, like, do this pile on thing, and especially if you're the focus of it. And you're the person who started the pylon. Yeah, they're just They're going to hate you and you got a fucking own it and that's it. And don't feel sad about it. Or that you lost a French. He's not going to go get coffee. Familiar, Clark. Ah, anyway. But what was that, Nickie? Was that just that whole mindset is Vicky. It's a little it's zoom entitlement. It's just a little delusions of Granger, right? It's like that, but I get it on some way because duty made a thing and 750,000 people signed up for almost one point 5,000,000. Is it really? Okay, So it's like one point 5,000,000 people that's fucking not stewed. And if somebody has more current, I don't know anything about this person. What they want missed my watch, begins seasoning remade, do their very clear about what she want them to all go back to work and reissue it. What? They really want to make the point. Has there ever been a time where they've people are like, You know what? Because right, Sonic Sonic, I guess. Like we're only now, just like I'm only allowing that behavior with, um Here's the thing, though, that there was e I know where you're going to go with you. Do you think that the people who were very upset about the original sonic look are not goingto? Thank God they fixed it? I'm going to see the movie to be happy. No, no. And even with them engaging and saying, Hey, you guys have raised a concern, we're going to address this. We're going to know that there's no people like they put that out there to fake us out. We'll like Now. It's like there's this conspiracy that they released footage of a bad design. So that people would get up sort or the people who are now upset that animators and people working on the move we're gonna have to work extra to fix it. Yeah, but they are really, really You wanted them to change it and fix it. It's like we have, but don't make him. Don't make him work over time. Don't make him work harder on this. Like, well, rather the movie be postponed. Don't know there's no solution. God wrote such whiny babies. Luckily, game of thrones got to 19 point whatever 1,000,000 viewers for the finale because that when people go back and look at it, they'll go like we gotta make more of these things, which is great. That's what we want you to worry about. Being so entrenched in Internet geek. Whatever culture is that we turn on things so quickly that's like, eventually people like why we make anything for this audience like White Valve has said, like we weren't make off like three. Why might like we can't make a game everyone like we won't make it exactly, and that's terrible, right? It's terrible. That's come to that because they would get so much backlash no matter what they made. Yeah, look at George Lucas is like, Okay, good Disney or you even make that even the starter stuff like they cancelled all the other a lot of the other solo project. Not that Han Solo, but the standalone projects And maybe, you know, kind of delayed some of these other movies and you're right. Why would they continue making stuff for people Just actively hate it now. But he said, if you look back in time, you're historian and you just looked like comment on things you would assume star or so one of the most hated movie franchise history. And you wonder what it's like to give everybody hated every everyone. Every single one of these fucking movie is your favorite Star Wars moment in a main Star Wars movie. Ah, yeah, yeah, I don't really. I think of anything outside of that. I think the Veda scene and Rogue one is the best moment in Star Wars. It's great. Always scenes for good. It's great. I don't know. There's like, little moments that I really love. Like all the love, all the space battles do you know, think my favorite is in shed I when it's that dolling shot Where Luke Invader fighting and this is like Luke is like getting really pissed off. And they're playing the Emperor's theme and headed like Rhoda. Scope the lightsaber through the greats like the little metal holes It's got unseen. Oh, it's so cool. Yeah, I mean, I like the road one made a scene, but it's only cool because of because you know who that is from the other movies. So it's not like stand alone great. I just think it was just amazing and just think hours after that. He did the frump like catch earlier that morning and you're in the movie doesn't really moody, and he's like, I'm so upset you made me do this. Do we have what I want to be friends with David Press? You know, what time was it when in that scene was that like three m for them, like you asked, What's the time and space have been over this? Like I said, they just had breakfast. Do you think is interesting? What's your favorite Star Wars movie of all time is activated that Vader doll and that's it. It be that and then an episode for when Han and Chewie chase after the storm troopers after they open the blast door and the storm troopers start running away, runs in the room. He sees him all the turns around. And then there's a shot where they're like, open the door, close the blast doors, close the blast doors and you see it's the same shot of Han and Chewie running away. And then the trooper's behind him. And then music is so fucking good. And then they went to the blasters, and they're like, over the last years. So I laugh every time. I love everything in a new hope Where there in the Death Star, where they've gotten off the Falcon And they're all like sneaking around the trash compactor scene when Ben Kenobi goes on the back of that pilot, turn the tractor mean, Yeah, I fucking love that scene. This dopey stormtroopers on there talking about whatever you're saying. I love that stuff. I love it. Also, probably my favorite moment, which is a really weird moment to pick from Star Wars was an Empire Strikes back when Yoda, it was like, starts off super goofy or whatever. When he tells them how difficult the training is going to be in Lucas. I want to learn I'm not afraid and then fucking goes to this shift because you will be. And it was like, even to this day on my way, e I go back and look at it now, and it's clearly a puppet. But as a kid, I was, like, fucking freaked out by that. It was such a tonal shift, and you two got scary in that moment, you know? And he's kind of a scary dude. He's like a little monster, you know, little mustard can use magic laser sword. Was this race Yoda? I I forget. You know, the other ones. Ah, Yadel. She's in someone. I don't think you can see him in the extent universe, but not a lot of yours races there. Isn't there one in the one of the prequels? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's the other judge. It's Yoda with a wig. It's therefore K version of Star Wars out. Can you watch it is Do they have a scanner? And okay, was aged even careful about like what they put out there like, it's hard to get the original cuts now, right? Without the extra the call. Yeah, without still addition too, right? Yeah. I feel like I have the latest special edition, which is the one who has, like, the tattooing cover. I feel like if they're going to do another re release, it would be for K restoration. And I bet you if they can work it out with Fox, they would just d'oh the theatrical release on, like, undo Elif looks is reading a book about it would sell really well. I think the species, from what I'm reading here does not have a name that they kept it shrouded in secrecy. Really, There's two misconceptions I had about Star Wars growing out on trade. Many. The two that I remember was I thought Yoda was just a 900 year old human. I thought that's what happened to humans, you know, because he had the cane. And maybe maybe that's why they're keeping it a mystery. And he had hair coming out of his ears, and I just thought, he's a human. That's what humans look like. They go 900 years old, and the other one, I thought, was that I thought light sabers were the physical manifestation of the force. And that's why only generally amused them. And I was like one of those things, like I just thought that was both those into our fact that it turns out they're physical manifestations. Air Medic Laurean's instead, which is close but not quite the same thing. No, no crystals. It's just you have a red medical O'Ryan are green medical or him or maybe a blue. McLaren uses it on half. I was very confused when Hansel uses the lightsaber on the tauntaun in half. What it was like that can't Honda Jet I. That's why it's like somebody that I had in that scene because it's already like really blue and, like, you know, the wind and stuff like That's like an ice planet. I thought that Han had his own white light saber, and I was like, Wow, Hung Unless ever. So were you young enough to see Empire like where the big twists got protected for You are You can't recall. I feel like When was Tommy Boy released? Well, I know it's stupid, but like that was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Then he's Empire at home. Five. I'm Yama. Sort of real, I think. Since, like, I feel like your memories start 45 And I've always known that Vader was Lukes. Dad Swell alert Because, Tommy boy, this is you in the fan room. It became like the default, like Brussels was. Ghost became the new spoiler for a long time. Yeah, What was so it was? And don't hard. He said he heard. I saw glass. I want glass in a plane. I loved it and I was a big critic of unbreakable. Everyone thought unbreakable, Unbreakable, And I like split glass might be my favorite and that you haven't seen it. Everyone who saw it was like all the You know, all the people who loved Unbreakable to me is very similar in tone toe. Unbreakable are pacing. At least people hated unbreakable at first too. People like unbreakable later. Really? Thanks. So I might be in that camp now. I'm gonna go back and watch. Unbreakable because I enjoyed glass so much, I wanted to touch on something I remembered. So we're talking about Star Wars? Quite a bit there. Did you see that thing about when Galaxy's edge opens? that they're goingto restrict the amount of time people could be in it that people only being there for four hours way. Yeah, man there. I'm so excited to that park. The more I hear about it, the less excited I'm getting. They said they're going to storm troopers like you're going to get a risk. Ban the shows. Like what time you went in. You get four hours and they'll have stormtroopers patrolling, checking wrist bands. And once you're four hours are up, you gotta leave. That's actually kind of cool. If they're going to tow it away, that's totally flipped on that. But I do hate people will hang out to get kicked out by the storm, but the eye will. We're going to take a poll that I was really excited to go, and then they did this thing where they're like, yeah, not the whole park is going to be released. So then I'm just like I'm gonna wait until, like, 22 you go toe so that they have all the rides open. But when is it opening? And I mean, no, I mean, I think it's either open or opening in June or something like that. The l A one is. It's the end of the month. Okay, so that's opening like next week, right? But they have a rider to that are not going to be open. And then then the Disney World one is going to open, and then they're going to open the ride in l. A. And they're going to open the other ride in the Disney World location. Orlando eso They're, like, kind of like space calendar when opens at the end of August. Yeah, and I'm just gonna I'm just gonna, like, wait until all the crowds I downed the whole park is open. Then I'm gonna go and I'm not messing with your star wars. I'm, like, so out of star wars like I didn't even Didn't you think about the fact that the last movie in the movie franchise has been watching My entire life is coming out this year, right? You know, that nine's coming out this year is just like it's, like, so low impact for me now. I'm a marvel guy now, Gregory, In the comics, I was considered myself to be a Star Wars kid. It just I think they just nailed the Marvel stuff so well that I just like that's doesn't wear at a tipping point. We'll see how it goes from here with the Marvel stuff. I'm okay, though. I'm like, you know, the whole endings thing isn't because you talked about it. It's hard to end TV series, and one thing we always do with Red versus Blue that we talked about over the years was we wrote endings like We had stories and you watched the 1st 5 seasons and that hasn't ending. And then that's a bad idea. If you're making a Siri's and it's going to continue, because then people like, Well, I've already seen the ending of this first story, right? It's like You can't really compare it to anything else that equals but are still part of the same Siri's. But we have, like I wrote three different endings. Season five and season 3 5 6 to 8 and then nine ten 10. Well, Miles Rose and five had a lot of ending. What's that exactly? Season five had a lot of index, and then ah ah, Miles wrote the ending of season 13. We're dead 14. Now we're in the new Siri's. I'm to say how long it's going to be, but that'll have a definitive end into, and it gives people a jumping off point. I felt like it also gave people a jumping on point, like if they want to get involved, they could start a new story any over time. People have said that. Where should I start on? RV? Beats example like you have to start the beginning like Don't no, no. It's like a bunch of random jokes and everything started Season six. That's where the story line begins. Everyone has different opinions of that, but it's like I think, and they said this in Avengers. It's like, What is this? A part of the journey is the end of always said, Good stories have an ending. That's part of the thing. You have to know how you write without ending in mind, you know, and I was very influenced, I think by lost in particular, I just felt like they didn't have an ending in mind or they didn't and the audience got ahead of them. George R. R. Martin talked about this recently. The audience gets ahead of you, and your inclination is oh, shit, They figured out my ending. I gotta change it. You really don't. We cannot change it. Just tell your story. You know, they're saying that Spiderman supposed to the end of phase three, I feel like they're gonna treat it like an apple log. And you're going to find out what more happened after the snap, but yeah, I don't know what's gonna happen beyond that. Like what? Couldn't even touch no multiverse. Secret Wars. Yeah, you do that. You know, I still can't believe that Iron Man came out before Avatar This can you? 11 years ago now. Oh, eh? Yeah. Is it because you think that Iron Man's in newer movie? It was like avatar to me. Seems like so longer. Yeah. And I guess because I must kept showing up over time, we're coming Said about new avatars. Three more. Yeah, I'm excited about it. I don't like that. Get why that's become so like me more the that. Like people are shooting on avatar. Like I know that the joke is that they keep pushing release and adding more to the siri's or whatever. But like, I fucking love that that you were excited to see the next one dude, don't don't bet against James Cameron. I said that when the leader was coming out here was always going to be $250,000,000 bomb, like, not define people about him every time. Like I make some way. We learn nothing from Titanic and people working away whenever remote. Right? I was going to huge flop because movie ever on, but he was making aliens. I think all that because the crew hadn't seen the bridge crew hadn't seen Terminator. So they were just shitting on this leg. Whatever American dude coming over, it was like one of the best right from Released Got to Now then this action of me that they were just giving him shit and like refusing tow people just mistaking him constantly for Michael Bay. But he's just really fucking good. He's just like, what if they're like the same guy, But once evil on one's the good version, Which is which I remember watching Four Year Old Virgin And in that movie, Steve Kerr holds up in Iron Man. And I remember not having any idea what that was, right, right. I'm everybody different world we live in that I don't have a lot of I and I read all the comics and everything, and they were making me move like I was like, Oh, my God is doing great and was like, What the fuck is that Iron Man? Yeah, I like way like a nerd. And I feel like he holds up. He's like, This is Iron Man. I feel like they make fun of the fact that no one really knows. Well, the people outside of comics don't know. I mean, did you know from the Marvel universe or did you know Wolverine the Wolverine? Because of the cartoons on Saturday? I feel like I knew everybody because of the cartoons. I had Iron Man and War Machine action figures because they feel like they had, like, crossover with the 90 Spider Man and X Men. I think Spider Man's probably the most well known Marvel going right, Captain America. Hulk Nose got Spider Man, You just gotta be never sixties cartoon. You've never heard of Captain America? I thought of all the X men that were in the cartoon and Spider Man Superman it off. But that's not marble, does it? Who's the Captain? Britain guy was Jack was a union. Jack said They may carry Winston Churchill. Never. Well, then, there's also the Alfa flight. There's guardian. Who's like the Canadian like superhero. Yeah. Yeah, I like that. I like that. Every country has a little cereal. Did you speak to Spider Man? Did you watch the button at the end of the credits for into the spider verse? Yeah, I think I don't remember. I was fucking cracking up. Yeah, the first time I watch that. What was it? That's where are you? The sixties. The 60 Spar tomorrow. That one? Yeah, I did see that she's That's the whole movie is so fucking funny. But then that that button there was just a perfect way to in that movie That's Oscar Isaac's voice and a fucking like ostracize. You could do no wrong except for apocalypse. But he was in so much makeup. You don't recognize him. So he gets a pass from the astrophysics. So fucking cool. Ex McInnis Fucking crime. That's that's It's just for his performance, really more than anything else. And he's not the main character. Not even like he steals the show. He does steal the show, man from General Huck's. He's, uh, no, he's really great. Plus that fucking house. All right, that's Thakur built into the rocks. There's no way that be an architectural nightmare. I've told you the story about how I ruined next market out at South by Southwest, right? For what? For the audience. I was in line and I had been seeing so many movies, and I was a parting so much that I was just like it wasn't in the right head space. And I was about to see Turbo Kid. Just don't fucking movie And someone's like, Hey, we would have you seen so far is like this this and this all May I just saw X mark and last night it is crazy. He's like, Yeah, I saw it was like, Can you believe that at the end that the thing happened? And I just hear like, oh, all around me And I was like, What, what? Fuck him ruined it, going back to deprive. You know, we've talked about this before, but I think it's in keeping with the spoiler conversation. David Prowse gave away the big reveal for Empire like a year and 1/2. It's printed in newspapers he would like just told the convention people is like, Yeah, I got a script. You'll be very excited for this next installment of this of the Siri's It's one revealed My character, Darth Vader is is Luke Skywalker's father, and it's printed is spread further. It just wasn't that world. No accident like yeah, you know, it was You could look it up. I've seen scans of that I met. You amaze them. More stuff doesn't leak. But then again, there were leaks for game of thrones for last, like three or four episodes where there 100% right like people. Even some of the episodes leaked was in season. Six or five years were like the first half of the Siri's was available online for pirates to download. Ashley had finale for game of thrones, spoiled for her by Russia teeth comments. She was going through comments and somebody she was deleting. But you can't not read him when you're when you're deleting them like that and it's just like me. What's wrong? People you know, doing that stuff. There's no point in that at all. Try to avoid all that should, uh, that's a true spoiler The things that out And there are people who go out and, like, try to find people that don't know it. And I'm going to tell him about 70 got waiting for me. 77 someone spoiled and just a random. It was like a fucking video about howto do something to your shoe or something And then, like, it was just like top comment was Hansa level, block color and was like fog. Yeah. Oh, I think that's seven. The movement that you also meant seven. I think I know what's in the box now was I was really curious to see what that story was started way we've been talking about for so much. I'm always my break things get stories like How old was he when I just picture hes now to make a gift in the end of seven. Where Brad Pitt is about Kyla engine quite suddenly. That was confusing. How much longer do we have them confusing when we start about 10 minutes? Okay, eight minutes more or less and less. We're not going to stop talking about games room. Did you see that? We're not. So were the work of classics coming out there really state for it. So it's a world of Warcraft as it existed, like version 1.12 before Christmas. I believe in a little while, Andi, I believe beta testing is already started. So some people already find to get into bait us to play it and blistered. Do you do that? I hate to derail your Sometimes I don't do that. Sometimes it depends on the game. This one, I probably would just cause I've already played it like I know what you're getting into. But things have insider program. The only reason I want to do it is if you pay an hour a week, they give you rewards. And by the time we get to the 10th week yet, like bad ass sales and home anyway. Well, Blizzard had two. Asshole had to make an official post in the forums for Roll or Cup Classic telling. People listed a bunch of things saying these air, not bugs. Stop reporting these it'sjust the way the game was, the way the team worked at the time. That's amazing. It's like the people. I think we talked about this game time last week that people might not remember what they're in for. Good Night. Might not remember how tough that game was. An unforgiving it was when it launched and it's going to be a fucking grind. I'm talking about it with with Adam Ellis like so they don't bring any any new mechanics? No, it is just as it was I existed at that time, the amount for still in there. But you have to be like level 40. Chad's probably excited about that. I'm talking about both channel hard core vanilla while player, like played, give us his whole life for a few years, was playing that game. There were. It's interesting because like there's that And then, like Halo master of collections coming back out there, there's just something about like bringing back those nostalgic. Feels wonderful. Honey, I don't know anything. I don't know anything. Don't have any inside information. I just have a really strong feeling that we're going to see something for Halo Infinite at E three, which is like a week and 1/2 2 weeks, we kind of should. I mean, they teased it last year, right? We should see some hoping these anyone even at 83 no I don't want that. I literally I got invited to stuff and I kept sending, like, declines of like, Sorry. I'm not gonna be there this year. The like. It's in my way. Yeah, I know what is going on. Yeah, it is less and less people going to be three, but which I think more developers are moving away from it. So it's becoming less of the press spectacle. Like, Did Sony announce a PlayStation five when I wasn't playing paying attention? No. They talked about hard respects, though. He's not announcing a ride without directly announcing it. It was really weird. Like there's an article about the SSD version of the P S five and they showed load times for right. That's announcing a PS five, right? But no, like, do you think it's about time they just cool it PlayStation and go get it? No. Look, I know you think that still Yes. Keep the fucking numbers on it. Yes, I tried that. So we tried that with our baby to because we were in season 12345 But Okay, we got a new thing Now. We'll call it reconstruction revelation. All that I was like I was It was It just confuses people. Just put the fucking numbers on it. I'm trouble remembering it now. Like titles on a podcast video on YouTube. God, Gasoline. It's hard to find without the numbers. What is it? Just the focused. Well, don't we have the numbers after? Yeah, we had the numbers after week. Good description. Ah, stubborn. Whatever. There was another article. I read that this man in China was arrested for giving dogs illegal names. What, like cast names or something? So Hee was curious. Cuts the reason I looked it up. What's an illegal name? Cat? Hitler. Bush s. So he gave them. He was naming dogs. He had two dogs each obviously with Chinese names. The 1st 1 was Chengguan Gorges officials employed in urban areas to tackle low level crime. CBC like police. Can you name one dog? And the other was Z Guan, which is informal. Community workers, such as traffic assistance. So, basically he named his dogs like police officer in traffic cop and got arrested for that. Was he put in jail? Like what? It was the length of his services. Don't arrested for these crimes. Hey, must spend 10 days an administrative detention center. What does? What does China called Taiwan? Gina, but they don't like. It's not a region delight. I I see what's just tryingto rain j. They don't They don't use whatever Taiwan uses for themselves because Taiwan referred to themselves as the Republic of China. So I think, whatever, like we deal diplomatically, we have the United States just diplomatically. They have to be careful about how they refer to the nation of Taiwan. Right? Well, right. What sign? I was amazing. It's a It's a complicated situation. So I think there's like a Chinese government official just off camera. Sorry. Let me rephrase. That's a That's a fucked up situation going on. We're still going on there About Teo Isn't like the next few years. It's going to be a completely segmented Internet, right? They're going to have their own Internet. Don't Rush is working on that in that way. Well, they need I mean, your dad Did you hear the news about wall way? Oh, yeah. Google revoked their android license. They actually they actually just got it back for 90 days. It's been a night of day reprieve on that. But Google revoked their android license. Their access to Google lapse on. On top of that, U S suppliers are going to stop sending them parts. And then because of the way that the band is worded, other international suppliers are also going to stop. Some other international sports will also stop sending wall way parts. It's like there'll be a phone company who cannot get parts from outside of China and cannot use an operating system from outside of China. Do you really want them to have their own OS? Well, it's not a watch. It's China. I mean, if you revoke a license so like okay, we'll stop using that. I mean, what what do they give a shit? They're going to use it. Yeah, but I mean, they'll use it maybe internally, but I mean, they'll get blocked, right? Or if we're talking about hardware, I mean that they'll have to develop it. Don't to develop some stuffy internally in China, while WAY devices normally don't use the ghouls. The Google ecosystem thing matrices Was this in response to something? What's going in a trade war escalated between China and United States, which is there's some serious stuff going on with you two, where she's a serious the situation. Iran is much more serious. I think that's going to de escalate it. What? Let's be escalated a bit. But yes, he has a desk. OK, the ah, there's been a read an article. There was a shift sudden shift in the programming for television and movies in China. Well, there's now like it's very popular, have anti US media so that you remember I was telling you about that, that Chinese film I watched wandering Earth. Yeah, there are no American characters in that film, But on the space station, the two of the main characters are, ah, Chinese astronaut and his best friend, who's a Russian cosmonaut. It was like the Chinese and the Russians working together in space to try to save Earth. And you, you. I don't think there's no American character. You might see Americans briefly like in a montage like what they're doing in the United States is because, you know, as global cinema grows, you know, if you look over time at, like, what were the evil characters like? Russians were the evil characters like default in movies and then anybody in the Middle East was the deep ball For a while, it was totally fine. Brits were up there for a long time. Yeah, I think the Americans will be, you know, as a Z movies become or global and, you know, the other markets get bigger, bigger. It's a bit like the default might be the U. S. You know, cooperation. We have some of that. You know, Usually anybody who was involved with a company of any kind in a movie is like Peter Evil. We have eliminated the serial quick. This is from Asia Times. I don't know if that's a reputable organization is just the 1st 1 that came up. The Movie Channel of China state broadcaster China Central Television has reportedly pulled from its schedules not only all Hollywood productions but also domestic films with scene shot in the US observers see the move a CCTV falling in line with other state media after Beijing's ties with Washington soured further after the latest impasse in bilateral trade talks and Donald Trump's embargo ordering order targeting who is this hallway while Wei Wei so and then they're airing anti they they have special screenings of Ah, anti U S. Invasion movie like we're fighting off an invasion by the U. S. Into China. So it's their version of Red Dawn. Kind of. Yeah, we're like the, you know, Dawn. No, I think they would keep red. Yeah. Now, the red dawn was us. They already have. It's them defending. You see? They're also the Red Army. No planes. Right. Let's tow work. It's called Red Dawn because the red, the Russians, or the wrap But they're also the reds they're defending. It works both ways. No, you're right. Way would be fully. Don't. It would be blue dot Does this the dumbest argument we've ever had? Both were something. You're all this's one where you're wrong. He's right. I'm totally Could you change the whole premise of the title? You saying he chased a whole prentiss but still works so well that one of the people one of the belligerence is always signified by rib? It's not one of the belligerence. If they get invaded by the Red Army, so s so. Where if we invade were red suddenly, if we invade China. But why does it have to be about their meeting army? We're going to be about the defending army? I don't know. Why does it have? Don't Don't know. What? You're a fucking dick. A all right? Fine. It's a deal. Call it Red Dawn in China as well. Best Italy episode rubbed onto question Mark. No one knows what Red John is That's listening. This baby maybe throw the crimson's worth. Hey, so you watch that Netflix Shield Black Summer? Yeah. No. Yeah. Translated her the Korean lady. Yeah, it was great having Mr They're watching Black Summer. So anytime the career woman talk like, Oh, she said this. She said that was that was here in my description of that half baked show. Yes, Well, it's a lot of empty rooms and a lot of looking around. Explore it. I thought it was fine, but yeah, it was. It was weird that it tricks you a little bit because the first episode in the suburban neighborhood is fucking amazing, and it's, like, really cool and really different. It reminded me almost of the dawn of the dead remake from the early $2,000 James Gunn One. Yeah. James sports like it started in, like, the neighbourhood kind of thing. Yeah, the very beginning. And people running out of their houses and the chaos that's happening. Yeah, man. Yeah, I know. Yeah, exactly. That the beginning for that don't other dead. And then the beginning of 28 weeks later, they are Fuckincrazy openings to movies. That one. Where What's the actor? He's from? Train spotting played Big B and he's in 28 weeks later. Remember Days, Weeks. It's a sequel, right? The opening to 20 weeks later it starts off, kind of like intricate. They're holed up in a house that got better, doesn't it? Completely goes off the rails like a minister sewing, and it's just frantic. And by the time they get to the end of the opening sequence, you're just like breathless. It's you they'll make. A years I've been doing is lying, I think, would be the next 20 months later. Have they not made 20 months? No, that's what you said. It was good. I loved both those movies, the 1st 1 I can't room with. Second, we haven't seen it in so long. First ones like one of my favorite. It's accordingly, which, which one came first? The walking. A graphic novel or 28 8 days later because of the exact same premise for the opening. Robert Carlyle. Robert Carla That's him. That's him. I want to see the guys. Yeah, there's a bond villain. Enough reason was in transporting to human scene. I don't know. I think this informant is Well, how much would you pay an extra dollar a month, your Netflix subscription for it to just no auto play, whatever they want and to have continue watching be the first line? Because I was trying to imagine it as if is it. Every time you walked up to your DVD collection, they had all been modelled around, and one movie you've never seen was just playing on the TV in front of the equipment, and it's like I get it. It's important that they put new shows in front of you because you probably watch the show now that I've seen the first, you know, very loud having seconds play. But I would love it to not do that. I don't have the runs with the Netflix. You either. Everyone else has I Hey, it. Yeah, a lot of people hate it. Hate it. Hate hoo loo Tio 20 days later came out in two thousand two. The first issue of Walking Dead was two thousand three. I think you eye problems right now, but that's publishing too. So did they see it before? They did. So it's amazing how similar the openings are. Guy in the hospital wakes up like a month later and there's a full on Apocalypse. But he was somehow not killed while he was in a coma. Yeah, they like block the door. That's how he was still put the 2 90 alive. They shall. I think they show it in, walking dead. They show like somebody blocking the door and then leaving. I don't know. They show it in 20 days later. No, that way he just wakes up. Your parents were There is he's dick at one point because they make the note like, don't wake up because, oh, fuck and movies. Chilling is 20 days later. It's pretty fucking dope that's seen the church with a You ever see them? And it's like, Well, yeah, but everything about Black Summer is a group of Romero Zombie fan, and it's like individually zombie. Not a big deal like walking dead. It's like yet. It's bad news, but just pay attention. You'll be okay. Eight of them. You got a fucking problem. 20 days later, one of them you got a serious fucking problem. That's black Summer. Literally. There's two zombies that for two fucking episodes trap five people. Yeah. Yeah, I got five people I have not heard of. Is this a show on Netflix Black Summer? It's a recommend. I love zombies. If you love zombies, gave it a shot. It's eight episodes that are all about 30 minutes. I hate this is the worst recommendation ever. It's like it's a much different four hours of my time. It's much different pace. You'll figure it out. Probably the 1st 2 episodes of whether that watch I was one of people that didn't like that superhero academy show. Yeah, you know, everyone is like, You look good. Good number one, the good Rick. And yeah, I was like thinking, Charlie. Yeah, Ticking, ticking, tick entirely white guy with kind of a beard with one, honestly, one of the worst, Like bodysuits ever so distracted. Any time he was on camera, like I can't I can't get through this. He's like this It's like in this ridiculous bodysuit. All right, let's wrap this up. Okay? Thanks for your body to our next time. CS and Architects. You guys, they're cool, Summer. I hope so.