#547 - These Shorts Cost $69.69

Join Gus Sorola, Miles Luna, Ellie Main, and Becca Frasier as they discuss Apple’s WWDC event, going to space, school, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Miles Luna, Ellie Main, Becca Frasier


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 547. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Hello, everyone. Welcome to their Steve podcast this week. Brought to you by 23 and me fulfill and marvel collect by tops. I'm Gus a miles family and I'm back and I'm Gus. So we got a lot. I feel we have a lot of stuff to talk about today. Things going really well. Otherwise, this will be really shaping along with a lot of us twiddling our thumbs like So Wait, have you been everything okay with you? What are you up, Tio? So Apple had their big, stupid critics are going to start with this today that we have to have it on Monday they used We used to not be talking about the podcast cause he would have it, like the day after the podcast. But they had it today where they announce all the new shit they're working on which whatever but the I'm a little annoyed. A lot of things they said. So now they'll sell you a $5,000 monitor that doesn't come with a stand. Is it intended to be mounted? You can mount it if you buy the $200 adapter for that. If you want Native State, if you want the stand, that's another $1,000. That's level three. You wanna be level three to get the stand and you use it out of the box. No, you had your only carefully up against the box if you have your own stand. What the way, Isa 60,000 fight anyway, because Lincoln Apple, it just works. It's a notion so stupid that we designed this for pros and incredible TV. For that price I write it is six k monitor. All right. How much shit are you going to be like? How many people are gonna be like, I need this word document to be in six. Can you? And you can rotate it. It's like you could really get a fishing with a word document. He's don't say that. They're doing, like, six k camera and stuff now, because my my thinking barely handle for ko. No, that's thiss new computer that they're going to sell. You can do eight kids know, like as good as the human eye can see. Well, I started wondering is like, Who's trying to watch stuff in Ikea? Not everyone even has four K displays. Yeah, I like just gotta fork a display like a year and 1/2 ago. I know it's already outdated. Like you, Khun Stream six different eight k video un compressed eight K videos at the same time on this computer. Like we're fucking doing that on a scale display. I'm upset that the only reason I still have my iPhone and it's such a stupid thing. I don't want to be the guy that makes text threads green. I like they have me by the balls with that. I just don't I don't want to be that guy. Nobody like you'll be text and a group of people was like, No, we should have a chat to this. Ah, Chad, you've done made it. Green is a green dude. My brother in law was that guy you like, ruined our family thread. Oh, yeah. Okay. Let's talk about this so much. My little brother just recently got married and I'm going to talk about it. Talk about it, e I can hopefully there blew my Mama, What will I tell my mom? That I'm on all Texas killed? She has she somehow. Monday, Delinda. She always finds a way. Someone tweeted her by now. My brother recently got married. Ah, his wife. Super awesome. They're all great. I love them both. They're going to be very, very happy together. But my brother made a bold call. It was It was very bold. Everyone that I've sort of surveyed about this incident has been like, Wow! So you like? Like, a few months ago, I decided to start a family text thread like I was really? We already had one going, but I finally officially labeled family chat. And since then, like we start using it a lot more on my dad's like, Here's officially called my mom's like, Look at the dog my brothers like, did you see Dragonball Z and everyone's like No on. And it was really cool. We started talking a lot more on then, like one day one day, remember? Well, so I hear you. You think you were like hanging out and you're in your kitchen and you just go. What? I was like, What's going on? You're hearing it just look on his face of like, Who would dare? And What's that? What Dylan added his wife to the family thread she's in the eyes is part of family, and I would be more than happy to make, like, a big family threat. But I just wasn't prepared. I didn't like I That just feels like it just felt like it was like, a bit of, ah, breach, right? At the very least, it would have been one thing was like, Hey, guys, I want to add Riley to this. We'd be like, Yeah, yeah, it's a It's a blood family through It's a blood family threat. It is an immediate blood family threat. I saw my phone go off and I was so afraid was my mom. I know what you're saying. So what? You're you're right, Gus. I need to make a new story called Blood Thread me. My better than my brother. But it was if you'd asked. Absolutely no problem. Welcome to the family, Riley. We love you. You're great. It was just the fact that he just made a move and was like, I dare anyone now. That way to do it was a bold move shortly before, just like a couple of weeks before the wedding. How before the wedding? That's a little different. Okay? And then at the wedding, Miles is like because you didn't talk to him and his parents about it. They decided to bring it up and then every all three of them, like I know we were a little surprised. But if my sister added her fiance to a family group shot, he just like, No, I'm good. Thanks. No thanks. Now, is that like just a British thing? Or is that too specifically your family thing? Both men feel like you just We wouldn't want no one apart that nonsense. There's no way. It's basically just a sending pictures of our pits back and forth. That's what we got going on. Maybe we'll be like Grandma sure was crazy today. What she d'oh! Well, there's this. No, I think I think I'm on your brother's side. I got to say it's a bold move, but I say he's got to put it out there. He's got to say like this. She is also family. She hasn't entered the inner circle, and he's got to make that move toe. He's establishing his dominant. He is. So you gotta know what I'm hearing is I need a counter attack on start posting stuff that he would really hate for her to find on that thread embarrassing memory to it. That way, the Stargate. It's gonna become a MySpace top eight of like, a chat thread on my fucking phone. That would be a bowl to move the I'm going to add my girlfriend. Most number of people you could have in a thread. Ah, are you? So my family thread I had to search for it because my brother's wife changed the name of it to conversations. I'm uncomfortable. And Theo? Yeah, that's great. Yes, that's a bold move. Uh oh, my fuck. But it's their family is growing. I just didn't get the memo and was caught off guard e. I understand that. Ah, well, I'm gonna go back to Apple. I'm sorry. Sorry. It's fine. It's fine. Let's go back way amongst the many other announcements they made today, you know, they make phones. That's why we're settling your used apple phone. Well, amongst the other, one of the other men in office they made today was that they're they're breaking up iTunes, right? It's like now they're just gonna have apple music. They're goingto have apple podcast and apple TVs. It's like separate APS. ITunes that does everything is gone. Thank God iTunes was a fucking piece of shit soulful. But the thing I don't get it there their podcast app on the phone. Fucking suck. You know that? Another making one for the other computers. Like, I hope that they've learned howto do this. Hey, they probably having us. They're telling you $5,000 monitor with $1,000 stand. What did they fix that pocus out? Fix it. It's so shiny. It's like it's so bad. Other people make successful podcast apse that are better than the built in one like the built in one is so bad that people go, they've got to be a better you pay someone 99 cents for a better one. But it's just I mean, you made me start thinking about, like, the iTunes Music store. Asai started one you'll like. I wonder what the first song I ever bought, but iTunes wass and actually I remembered before I looked it up to verify that my memory was correct, but I remember it was back. It was March 22nd 2 thousand four. It was, I think the the iTunes restore had just launched. Not that long before that and Pepsi was doing to give away where, Like if you bought a Pepsi, you could unscrew the cap, and it was like a code for a free iTunes download. So that was my first iTunes purchase was like from a free Pepsi giveaway I downloaded right there by Chingy. You have to march 22nd 2,000. You had the awful downloading. Any song? Oh, E t phone proto probably. Idiot. Like you might have tio stream it from someone scrambling like cold jackpot. Wow. Oh, yeah. It's real embarrassing for you. Do you Would you know what yours is? Yeah. So we were talking about this earlier today, and so I looked up. What did I first purchase on Apple's wonderful music service? ITunes. And a lot of things came up. Some of my first purchases eyes Kanye West. You got some gold fingers and bowling for system flogging. All this's next P X. How are you? 14. I think so they'll tear that booth the first song they want on iTunes. And I wish I was making this up was photographed by Nickelback. Why, of all the songs ever made, Everything I buy the Mimi ist Fuck you song photograph. I didn't go back. So that's 2,000 for I guess so. Yeah. 1,000 for way didn't make great choices, but that's that's a permanent. That's like That's like, that's on our permanent record with iTunes. That's always warned about a permanent record. Fucking medical backing singers. Damn, dude. Yes, there isn t o don't Oh, my Christ. We'll know it so well. Feeling e. I remember to like having the distinct memory of like being on the school bus and thinking I wonder if l think back to this song one today and think back to my hotel and shut the fuck out of here. You are. Forget you're showing it with the world. Everyone's going to know. Are you looking back on it now? What? Where are ie? So red. Oh, my God. I think that's when we were working at the call centre when you downloaded that song. Actually, this was I remember this this particular moment I was driving to Bernie's house. I had stopped at ah, convenience store in Buta because we were going to go make Red versus Blue that night. So I got in the Pepsi and Buta and I got to burn his house and I redeemed it at one of the computers and in his spare bedroom because we're about to start production that night was like, Yeah, sing G. Good one, guys. Oh, I Wow, I have no idea. I'm embarrassed that I'm sharing my embarrassment in the world. You can do it together. I'll admit your hold. And you want to think that about Teo Bad music. Too bad music 2,000 for Oh, yeah, And I like that. You can look back and see all of that stuff all your history. I think I liked mine up earlier today and it's it's not that bad. Well, maybe it is. I don't know. It's there goes the fear by doves. Thinkit's probably own like Theo CEO something I was like, eh, so deep I'm gonna download that and cried to it my love And I was you an apple. It was in, like two thousand nine, and that was because I was driving I really wanted to hear it. And it wasn't on my iPod, so I had to buy it. You know, while I was driving someone in chat was this? I am Dragon. I guess I realize that you worked at the call center way. We never talked about that. You worked at the call centre as well. Feel like we have a case. It hasn't been beaten into your head. I'm old school, e. I replied. Also in chat. Let him know many memories in that call center. Yes. Long time we go. We're down in South Austin. You work there in the the old original building. Or like in the other one when they moved. I think that other one after we made, like, the mom topless the Windies win. Okay. Yeah, that was step. Yeah, we started. I don't know if I started at the other one and then moved over to the other one by the Windies. Yeah, I think when I started fairly recently moved, it was still new. It was pretty empty and very knew. I went back for a little while and I worked at the call centre a second time. Like after I quit my my my pre rooster teeth job. I quit it and that was going to go back to Puerto Rico. I went back and worked at the call centre for a little while. I remember. They need to help setting up something technical. They're like, Oh, can you come back just like Oh, yeah, I know how to do that. I've done that 1,000,000 times. E got there like I spent half the day at Google. Like, how do you do this way? When we went out to do all the full sales staff, like I got asked like No, no, maybe this is something else. Recently I got asked to hold a camera like do something with it and I was like, Oh, yeah, I went to school for this. I obviously know howto work this machine, and it was like you'd handed me the most confusing piece of abstract art ever was. I don't know what the fuck to do with this. I don't any of these Nabi's due, and I'm afraid of holding it. Please take it. I hate that feeling because I'm like, Oh my God, on my mom. I think there's this moment where you're like I'm full. No more info. I set my standards. Here they are. Let's have feel about tiptoe. Yeah, like I can I call you Well, it. But it's like if you were like a tic tac wizard, like, five years ago. And this was like, Hey, you want to talk again and you're like, Yeah, you wouldn't remember Why talk, Tio, It's a different happen this point, right? Like that's like saying like, you're a hipster Matic wizard. Now there seven handed you tic tac. It's just like I felt bad because it was like I paid so much money to go to school how to use this device and all devices like it, and I can't anymore. I think I I look up the technique on premier once a week. The same one e I learned the same thing every week because I go to do it again and I'm like with me. I forget how to enable multi committing about once every six months or let any time they want from you. Now owe the button got moved. How do I toggle it so I could seal the preview windows at once? Sometimes I just wait to see if, like muscle memory will cook it. Just like Okay, I'm just gonna, like, trick myself into remember how to do so I'm just like, playing with, like, moving things around in the project. And I'm like, and now I know it's still I don't know how to do it. I recently started watching a TV or a Japanese TV show on Netflix, and I found it because Esther texting me one day. She's like, Hey, have you ever heard of this? This TV show was like, No, I've never heard of that. And she said, It's really difficult to describe, So I'm just gonna wait for you to come home and you can just watch the first episode. I said, Okay, name. It shows hyper hardboiled gourmet report. We want Yeah, on and start watching it. And it's like it's like a food show where you think about like, no reservations, like like Anthony Bourdain kind of show, where someone's going around like you were part of the world and and looking at food. But the premises, like they have, like a bunch of crazy motion graphics at the beginning and one gram access like what do bad asses eat. It was like they go and talk to people that you might be scared off. Yeah, and you might not want to normally talk to and ask them, like, What do you need today? Yeah, the whole thing's like very punk rock, kind of like lo fi behind the curtain like it's not intended to look super well produced or anything like that. Like it seems like it's a guy with a camera who, just like, really doesn't like that and they call in. They have, you know, like with a lot of Japanese shows, will bring in someone to do commentary over the footage. They have little circle for him, but essentially like the premise of the show, like the whole idea behind it is to live is to eat. So every single person living today has to be eating something to continue to live. Who do you not think about, like people that have to, like go and sell their body pay for one meal? What is their life like they got a library in the first episode is in Liberia and the toilers they talked to former child soldiers who used to eat people during the Liberian civil war, and there's like 900 of them that live in a graveyard. They literally sleep in tombs with bones, and it's like looking crack and doing drugs. And the guy with the camera goes in. It's just like, Hey, what you guys eating? What you going to eat? His interpreter to that brings them there is like, Hey, so yeah, this is where all the ex child soldiers live. I am personally not super comfortable going into it, But the guys like, Well, can we go talk to him is like Yeah, OK on a few of the guys come out and they start talking. But then it starts making a scene and then, like dozens of people start coming out of the cemetery. And now it's like the guy's like, I think we should go. I think we should go and all the all the like ex soldiers like No, no, come on in the morning, driving that important. Some people like it's cool there with us and other people like no, fuck these guys Get these guys out of here. I don't want them anywhere near me. Give me, Put that camera down, you fucking idiot! I'll kill you. And then the guys just like Thank you. Thank you. I don't speak much English. This is like a little, like, timid Japanese guy. Oh, my God. What's crazy about it is that like that they go into all these situations and first these people obviously trying like they think they're trying to find out, Like what they do or like, stuff about, like, whatever. Like criminal weird activity. They're involved in a sous soon as he goes, This is a food show. They're like, Oh, yeah, you come in you So you will food like it's crazy like these, that the way the like, the mafia type o first. So they also, like, have a meal with the head of the Taiwanese mafia. And it's just because they're like, this is about food. We just want to see what food you guys you're like, Yeah, sure. Sit down, Andre, Like, don't talk to the light. You don't talk to them. Don't ask him any questions and they immediately it's like, Hey, so have you ever killed anyone? It's crazy like the guides, like they're in there and it's like there there's like a circular table where all the Mafia bosses are there just like eating shark fin soup and shit and then the mob boss, just like, Hey, come sit by me. I'm like, Okay, it's like, Dude, he and it's super slide to the like. Have you ever killed anybody? And he goes, I mean, just knowing the end of it. Horses First thing in the void he first he says, Look me up on the Internet and then they go, Yeah, what was it like? Do you regret doing anything he says? Like I don't regret anything Ideo he says, What do you say that he like? He appreciates respect the most. That was last things like what you appreciate most. And he just looks in that respect Brother Li respect. And then what? E. O okay, Yeah, When I first started watching the first few minutes, I was like, Oh, this is a really cool concept And by the end of the episode, I was like, I'm ungrateful piece of shit. This is amazing and everyone needs to watch. Yeah, and it's like every episode is like that. The second episode he goes toe South Central L. A and like Go Lawrence. The other teams must look like one gang. The Florencia 13. Then, like, goes down a mile and 1/2 down the road and talk to their rival gang. And you know what? You're all waiting for. You all eating and every episode is like that. It's just like absolute insanity. Like people. You would never think that spoiler in the last episode they wait outside of a prison and they're like, We're going to find someone who's just getting out of prison. And we're asking, What's the first thing you're going to eat now that you're out of prison? It's like they just Wade Teo, talk to people like that, like, Pops your point. What's like so interesting is like because they use food as essentially to get a foot in of like, Hey, you want to talk about what it is you eat. And then as soon as that happens, then like every time they have been to find a more interesting story, and by that point they've kind of befriended the person, and the person's like, Oh, yeah, come along with me as I do this thing. But yeah, what's so interesting every time it gets the point, we're OK. And now they're going to eat the meal. Every single person, no matter how poor of a situation they're in or what they're always go. Would you like to try by and like, really stoked? To be like, Yeah, this is my favorite thing to make is what I have today super happy that I can eat today. Police have. So, yeah, it's just man, it's a food. Looks good. I mean, it's like some of it's like, Oh, I've no idea what that would taste like. I've never seen anything like that before, but it looks good. I would try that. Yeah, yeah, it's a wild show and there's only five episodes hyper hardboiled gourmet reports. Yeah, I highly recommend it. That's your noble battle. It's There's a Russian episode of Hyper Hard Boiled or maybe three. I think I think it's the reason Russia we should watch for tonight. It's and they're like 30 to 40 minute long episodes or not like super long. So I don't know if there's Maura. I wish I wish I knew more about the show, which I knew if they're still making it with Willy ever built a watch anymore. The reactions of the guy doing the common trees. Amazing. He's just like, What are you doing, Tio? You're facing the corner grimacing. You're like, Oh, so it's so good. I cannot recommend that. Show enough. Yeah, I'm so behind on so much TV. We're about to cancel our TV service because we're moving and I'm like, Don't hold off. I need to clear out the DVR. I I mean, I'm too far gone. Just getting start bingeing it. Yeah, I can like any time I sit down, I get five minutes and some life happens. Kids wake up for something. Who knows? Yeah, that's the worst. Uh, whenever you have to, like, unplug your DVR remove or something, It's like there's a lot on here I haven't gotten to yet. When you implied that you were you were going to do with it? Well, I guess so, Yeah, I guess if you're switching to, like a new service or whatever, Yeah, we're going live in a temporary space for, like, a year, and so they have their own service that we're using. And that's even worse because it's not like you're keeping your service. You're sending back all your hopes and dreams like I have so many big plans for you. I'm sure there's some way to transfer it. Teo Hard drive or something, something I'm sure that they make That is difficult. Yeah, that's that's That's not easy. For some reason, I'm going to say, um, here we read this thing over here on reminder when this absolute receive podcast is brought to you by 23 and me. Father's Day is just around the corner and 23 and meets health and ancestry. Kit is the perfect gift. For a limited time. You get $50 off of a 23 and ME Health and Ancestry kit through June 17th. Give your dad a gift as unique as he is discovered, how genes can influence wellbeing and lifestyle choices with insights into genetic wait, muscle composition, sleep quality and more even get some cool insights like y mosquitos. Bite him or don't bite him. Motion sickness and even fear of heights. I've used 23 me before. I think it's really cool to look down, and I see not only those traits but even ancestry stuff to see what makes you you your dad can explore where I was when I talked about your dad can export where his DNA is from out of over 1,000 regions worldwide, with the most comprehensive genetic ancestry breakdown on the market. You could even often to connect with people who share his DNA. I found a first cousin of mine on 23 and me. I knew her already here. They're they're just weird to see her on. That was like, Oh, I know Thiss Father's Day Get $50 off 23 and Me Health and Ancestry Kit at 23 and me dot com slash rooster. That's the number 23 and me dot com slash rooster Again, that's 23 and me dot com slash rooster Offer ends June 17th. Thank you 23 me for sponsoring this episode of the risk chief podcast. And when I do that, DNA genetics is wild. Yeah, like that. You know, there's this this new, relatively new gene editing technique called crisper. What have you not heard of Crisper? No crisper is terrified, So basically a very simplified explanation is it's a protein that can travel down DNA, unzip it and then remove or insert markers as needed and then re zip it. That's some BioShock shit. Yeah, on the 2018. Ah, scientist in China said that he had used crisper effectively on a set of twins. Do you know this story? Okay, I didn't realize it was this crisper thing, and he had used crisper to make them immune to HIV. He had, like, deactivated a sequence of their DNA and said, You know, these twins who have now been born are immune to HIV. But what we don't know what I guess was just learned was that pulling up the story here. I read something about it today that we don't know. Of course, we don't fully understand the implications of that. And what people are starting to realize is that people who have that gene is the CCR five Jean. People who have that gene disabled like those girls do like the twins dio they tend to die 20% faster than the average population. And the theory is that cool. Yeah, HIV doesn't affect them, but their immune system is less effective overall and fighting off other disease. Interesting. So it's like you can, like, affect one little thing, but then you don't know all the other switches about. If you know what's so weird about that. That's some fucking video game logic, like whenever you build a character is like You can have this buff, but it's going to come with this like like negative aspect. Teo really be like Jean points. What? What? That's wild. Ah, yeah, This Maybe because people with the CCR five mutation appear to be more susceptible to illness like West Nile virus or influenza. Ah, he, according to the report mutation Sylar. To those he created shortened people's lives by an average of 1.9 years. That's about 20% yeah, earlier, but I can't imagine being with death records. They discovered that people with two nonworking CCR five genes passed away 20% faster than the rest of sample population. If you get two of them, it was bad news. Do you want to get the flu? Have you all seen three identical strangers? Documentary. That's what you're spending like Oh my God s Oh, it's a documentary about a three identical brother's triplets who were separated at birth, each adopted out to three different families and they just happened upon one another when they went off to college like one guy went to a college and everyone's like, Hey, Eddie, welcome back And the guy's like, I'm John who? And so they we'll face them altogether. Race. And then so initially, all that media reporters like identical twin brothers who have found each other. And they're on the front page of some local newspaper on someone called the 3rd 1 It was like, You've got to get this newspaper like your turn on the news or whatever. They only were in upstate New York. And then the one was like in Staten Island. Yeah, they all live like fairly close to one another, but didn't really dense population areas. And so, yeah, when they're like 2021 years old, they all reunited, and it all seemed pretty innocent. But then there's a really big twist where they discover, basically, they're part of a social experiment where they were intentionally adopted out to like, three varying like demographic families like one was really affluent. One was, you know, blue collar, but very loving. And one was like, really poor and loving and wait. Such like the mom, just like a bunch of like science money. No, she didn't know what your adoption agency and the adoption agency was working with a university or research facility. Andi. That's also like So, yeah, there is super unethical. And I believe if I remember right, a lot of the files are still sealed. We'll seal. They'll be unsealed like a year after. Like it's possible for them to be alive. Like basically, it's guaranteeing. These brothers are dead. And there's some university I want T e. I want to be with Harvard. That's like Truman show stuff. They probably all like, so how it got really dark is one of them committed suicide, and it's like, Why was it him? And it's basically like his life. And the life they forced upon him was thie wrong combination and hesitantly killed him. Yeah, but they also you said that there are multiple sets of twins and triplets who to this day still don't know that they have. Yeah, because they can't access the records from that agency, so they don't know it wasn't just Then there was a hole they don't know. I think if I remember right, I thought awhile ago they don't know who started the research, either. Like there's a lot of things that are still unknown in question. And it happened so long ago that there was only like one woman who worked in the building that they could talk to. She's like going through tunnels. Sorry, Theo of one of the doctors who came up with the idea for the for the program. I suspended the bad guy from straight. I'm totally getting, like Hap from the way I have a plan that is crazy. That's, um, super evil villain stuff. Yeah, I did think he just likes swishes his lab coat around like what doing is for the greater good? If he didn't say greater good at least or she or she if they say greater good at one point in their life, it was the fifties. Okay, if that white man one thing, we're doing this for the greater good. He was doing a bad job of being a villain. E Yeah, it's it's It's weird to think that for them, like there was someone else out there who looked who was essentially them, you know. Ah, sibling. That's your identical Yeah, while 100% the same. Well, I mean, I recently found out that there's a Spanish boy band member that I think it's relative. Did you see that? Yeah, this Goliath and chat about it. All right, Eyes, That guy's name. I remember we talked about on always open, but my my my brother and his wife was now part of my Ah, when they went to Costa Rica for their honeymoon, they were They just had some Spanish music video is playing on the TV, and then this dude popped up and they're like, What? The shit then immediately took a picture and send it to me. It's pretty freaky, like it's it makes you extremely like it at all. But I did like when he message you and was like, I see it way. So you're the guy that got me on Twitter and he just wanted to see it. E was a model of but not my brother texted me. He goes, I need you was it was like, I need you to send me a picture of your face looking kind of concern, but in a sexy way on. Then immediately by, of all of it with please don't ask me. Why? Just do it. Just It was like he's like, I need you to look like you're about to give someone bad news. That's what it was, but kind of in a sexy way. You have cancer. Doesn't work. Well, it doesn't mark while I'm trying to scroll back through your twitter to find good luck. Oh, yeah. Jesus Navarro. That's it is it is It's He makes me look good. The number of followers on Twitter more than you Who's more famous? OK, Yannis must family for 92,000 Twitter followers. Yeah. Hey, like he's like a legit pop, sir. Whats is in his eyes. Iss Look at that handsome devil. At first, I didn't see it. And then the more I look at it, yeah, there's a bunch of other pictures that Theo was like, Yeah, the furrow come just side by side comparison. I know you do. Can we do argument Camp? Michael's gone. Michael's not here. So I don't think we could do argument. Get very sorry about Michael. Took that knowledge with him. It's smart. He job security. Yeah, it's my long lost brother. That's a weird social experiment. What if one guy waken fire. Michael. Now look. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't like it. I don't like your chats freaking out. Yeah, there are. Yeah, chats into it. We're having a big degree. I saw Well, a few weeks ago we talked. We don't talk about planes all the time waiting for it. We talked about how I guess Paul Allen had started a company to make the world's biggest plane, and the thought was that they were going to attach rockets to it so that it could launch vehicles into space. Okay, so it's like it does part of the part of the lift. And then satellites could just take off from it. They flew it once, and they say it's product and fly again. Can you measure that? They meet the world's biggest player and I want to play. They would strap a satellite or whatever in the middle and then release it and he would take off into space. I love that. Like the layman's idea for this was like, we got to make the biggest plain in the world. How do we do it? What if we took one plane and attached it? Teo lights for the greater. Good way. We're doing this because I wanted Teo because living really well the name is Paul Allen was a billionaire. That's that's what it boils down to you. Because I was bored. There was, ah, statistic on red at the other day for someone said, If everyone in the world give you $10 you would still not have near this much money is the richest person in the world. Know that riel? What? So that's how much with Jeff Bezos thisis the best space, The space He's worth $146,000,000,000. Everyone in the world gave you a 20. You'd be on Jeff business level. What the fuck would I know? Nothing about Jeff Bezos that said, he's essentially earned $80 a second from the moment he was born ofthe horrible. Have you guys already talked about his like whole? Let's go to space thing right? Have you may be the key note that he gave it was like I fully I am fully aware that the world that I am basically running is going to die because of the stuff that I'm doing. So let's look at space. Let's fuck that seriously It's like he was He was, like, legitimately gave. Ah, keynote speech about colonies on space. I wrote that. Yeah, there he is. He unveiled, like his lander for his mood. His lunar lander. Yeah, and everyone's like What about, like, what are you going to name just like? Well, yeah, I'm going to be up there with my telescope, my poor a scope. And I'm gonna look down on all of you guys and I'm calling Earth Poor Planet now said they want to land that thing on the moon by 2024. Which is a thing that the Earth would be like a luxury destination. Like where you go to college. Fucking what? My parents sent me to Earth a college, So I'm going to Earth. You think Futurama like Mars? You are university happening for riel. What will Earth have like a satellite university on the moon? That's like not as good as the one on earth. Like a like a college, like their remote locations. Like we got a call that you were in that town, Theun. By his own logic, earth will be like a fireball, so yeah, like like where you go, right and America should know what it is. But it was like an actual speech that he gave like This is my I mean, I think that regardless, humans do need to leave Earth just for, like, redundancy. Well, permanently, right. Like we need to have people who can live independently on another world. He's inevitably, when we get dinosaurs on this Earth and read to ecosystem, you star, let's be really Yeah, we're working on it. Yeah, we're going really hard. I hear we're going to the store. Sells 2023 Work business. Oh, there was a the one thing I did like about the Apple presentation earlier, they showed a trailer for a new project that that the guy who made Battlestar Galactica is working on a little more. Ah, it's, I think the name of the Syrians called for all mankind. It's like if the Russians had gone to the moon first instead of the Americans as like that, if the space race hadn't ended, that's like if the Russians got to the moon first and then we just went crazy and we like fucking Mars, right? It's like the race isn't over. That's what there's like a line in the trees like we're going to Saturday. We're going to Mars where you go. Everyone else was like, What if you had just got crazy? Just like we'll find our own space. We'll make a new race, will win that one doubling up. So Russia gets the moon and it's all just about America's petty reaction. Right? Is what would have happened, isn't it? Yeah, I know. No fair. We're going to Mars. I didn't say go yet. Shit. But my fingers were crossed. Damn it! I mean, we've talked about this before, but like when it comes to space milestones, the Russians did everything first. Except for landing on the moon. Way back on all your hard work. Like kid may give the rules. Teo finished. E gotta go home. That's all right. Mom has dinner ready. That's out of the game like the cosmodrome. You know, in in Russia, they have, you know, statues of plaques commemorating all of their first. But they do have a fucking statue of Neil Armstrong. They do concede like he he was on the moon first. Damn. But what was the though I my favorite one? Because Americans get so mad. I'm always like What did you do? You think you really did? Because, Well, that's, um, producing way you get a habit of it is very. Have you got your ended it? And then, for some reason, it's like, actually, to be fair, it's like when people bashed the queen. I'm like, How do you know I would never right? It's the Americans at the same rate. I think it's the same like you. Oh, I feel like it's the same as a flat Earthers. Like I don't I don't want to acknowledge the the possibility. And, yeah, deli, it's turtles all the way down, man. I'm Tio sells all the way to the moon that you guys didn't land. What, like the five things that I feel like you could say about like like you could insult America on that Will always said everybody off. I feel like something was like World War Two landing on the Moon. Trump. You think he's in your country right now? I know I hate it, looked at a picture of drum of the Queen standing next to each other and, like, physically grim, I think it just clicked. Trump off my A guy under the flight path for the airport from presenting. He mowed his lawn into a big penis thing, flying the big baby again. Think balloon with Diamond Trump in a diaper with this, like little tiny hands. Yeah, he's no happier about it. He was looking at you. Made me feel really unwelcome. Last time it was like, good. Maybe that was the point. Yeah, I think, Yes, that sounds about right. So he tried to do. There was AA. I saw this video that vice made where this guy went around and broke dumb British laws in the ones that are like, If you are standing on the border of whales, you can legally shoot a man with a crossbow, like all the really weird obscure ones. Like, if you enter Parliament wearing a full suit of armor, you could be beheaded on the spot. Yeah, there's that thing was, like, still technically illegal to eat, mince pies on Christmas Day, since all of a Cromwell was in charge when he like band Christmas. You said so much shit that I didn't understand right now. But I know who Oliver Cromwell is, but for idiot friend here explain to Oliver Cromwell that what chopped off tells his head No chopped off her child is Oliver Cromwell was. Well, he sort of shut down Parliament with an army and killed the King because the king was being a bit mad. He sounds like a crotchety supporting you in a Christmas Carol. It is weird that there is a statue of all of approval at Parliament. You think that they would be like, a bit miffed? You do it. Also get rid of a lot of Confederate statues too. But hey, what going, Teo, You don't let move them to the White House. They'll give anybody any ideas. Well, then he was sort of like in charge for a while. And he was he was. This's crumbles like I made pie again. He's like, Fuck, I cant do that. That's a long time, Mrs Carmela. I'll learn your name. One e band. He banned mince pies, which is like, you know, this like spiced fruit pies. That we have a Christmas thing is that it looks like he'd get fucking pissed off by pies. Hey was like famous for having a painting done of him and normally all the Kings would, like, make themselves look real pretty in the paintings. He is like, famous line was like Peyton Me, Watson all and so, Yeah, I think I like that attitude and warts and all comes from He was, like, hash tag. No filter before I do not like Tio does not lie to his legacy. Yeah, he back. There it is. Look, gross. Hey, band, these little spiced fruit pies because I didn't actually think he may have, like, banned Christmas because he was like a Quaker. Maybe Quakers do some weird shape instead of thought. That was an American thing. I realize you have to be Oh, baby was just like a history's going from my hand. But I remembered some of the basics of proud of myself. I'm probably Thank you. Oliver Cromwell. Yeah, And then he was dug up after What the fuck? This fucking guy coming back to me now, after he liked long after died, they dug up his body and hung it well because he killed the king. Oh, so when the when the monarchy was restored there, like we're really not a family hanged him after he was dead? Yeah, they drug of his body and hung it too. But as a symbol of like, that body will be a lesson. If you kill a monarch after you die, we're goingto Yeah. Oh, shit. That's his head. Didn't re bury him after they hung him. Anyway, that is Wow. Just really unlike the queen's front room. Oliver. Yeah, I'd lay pies down that that statue. Well, Guy Fawkes, he and Guy Fawkes had pretty grisly and way also V for Vendetta. We No. 100% historical accuracy What the story of Guy Fawkes is. They burned him in a pilot, you know, Hung, drawn and quartered like legit. Thinking of that. It's true. Like e e looking, tapped into, like, a past life. You just say they were all piled on burns. Come back, back back. 2019 Morning. She's working. So I did something dumb. As a parent, I did a bad parenting thing. I let my four year old child watch two episodes of game of thrones. The season? Yeah, like unlearned. Really bad storytelling. Well done. Yeah, Neither of them have sex. They're all just very like graphic violent. But there are limits to what was the finale, and one was the one where she went. Kristen Big The Battle of Winterfell. And so they're critical shows their episodes. I had to watch in the moment, and I could not get rid of her, so she washes. But now she's obsessed with game of thrones and, like, sees them and is like they all have names like Theon was the Boy That Got Stabbed and one of Wonder boilers on. And that's like the worst like Chapter a Harry Potter book have got stuff on that. The brand is the boy with his eyes rolled back when she calls him God, that's like something like a child would say. And like a horror movie when they've seen the ghost like who you're playing with, daughter. That boy with the I stroll back Coolman. Thank you, Delaware. Remember when ah Milly was really young? She used to draw Jeff with ghosts all around him, waiting. Milly would be like, I don't want to go over to that house, and then he's like, wait up because I don't like the man on the ceiling. Like she'd say creepy. Jeff has a tattoo of some of the ghosts on it. he would call it Daddy and the ghosts. Yeah, I agree with the Jesus that just broadcast. What the shit. I remember that being a whole thing. And I remember Millie's childhood room being decorated with a bunch of schools, and I think it was like, did those smarts a little bit on DH. But then Griffin got freaked out by that and told me she removed all the decor and things chilled out after that point. What? What? Oh, she was just getting visited by Mama Koko e o just Mama Koko. Theo Unfortunate wasn't a Pixar version. Was the Blumhouse version a little different? Yes, this man that leaves me out. I don't like like I think I've told you about that. Like, That's my eye. The concept of ghost fucks me up in a real big way, not just because of all the existential questions that come along with that, but like I feel like in scary movies. There's three categories of thing that'll get you, and it's like crazy person monster or a Lee Han on, then ghost on the first you have rules like crazy person can't get your door without acts or like alien can't get you unless, like vents and also afraid of fire. But goes to like it'll only come out on this day and then, like actor, it's like our fuck that rule. I don't know. It's just here now and complain every kill you and just come through walls. It's just there. And don't ever fucking close the medicine cabinet with a mirror on it. Just don't think that ever goes. Fuck me up, man. Like it was a good thing They don't exist. So you're safe. E Steven Hunter. They didn't until Neil Armstrong brought them back from the Moon Way. Never had go through how we owe you. Still go to the moon, and now they come back. We put the whole degenerate, punched a hole through the Earth protective anti Ghost Shield on how the ghost self flow back, getting dangerously dangerously close to the plot of Doom on. Now that using the hollow Godzilla tubes to get around. Oh, fucking let's not talk about Godzilla. It's It's It's a It's a movie. It's film Godzilla share. Is that it? Yeah, I got really excited about it. Like his best. Yeah, you did. Remember when you said like you just, like, clutched my arm and when, like, white knuckles, I'm not legal. The little mouth was like, I think the movie just came out, so I'm not going to get us close. But if you have watched the BA jillion Godzilla movies like I have, there's a lot of really, really great, like Deep Lord Easter eggs in that movie. The unfortunate part is that there's more to the movie, but still, if you will probably have fun, you know you have a fun time. The most has been great. I just don't really care about any of the people s. So when we went, it was me kind of stick to the formula, right? I mean, that's how it should be. I disagreed. Shin Godzilla, like, has arguably more people than there are monster scenes. And, you know, I think it's one of the best modern Godzilla movie I think is great. Gods universes the meetings. Yeah, it's a movie about it, in my opinion, the best, like re imagining you could do with the original. Got that? Yeah, that's what with the Neon Genesis, Evangelion direction and the like. The weird little weren't you start kind of looking like Panama like Godzilla movie. I did see that. Yeah, yeah, but then it becomes the scariest Godzilla I've ever seen. It's awesome. And it's on Amazon if you wanna watch it. But, ah, when we went to see was you, me, Tyler on Amanda. And when we got out of that movie and again, I'm not going to get, like, huge spoilers, But they were like, whole like, what kind of bad guys do you think I could like be in the next movie? Damn mind. And I was like, they were like, What are they going to do? Like they're they're going to make, like, robot versions of the monsters. And I slowly turned Tyler go. There's a thing called Mecca kinky door that you need to learn about and I just got like, I don't know what happened. It was like when you like Ward back to the whatever century and like a new how many bodies that were like, I suddenly was like, Oh, yeah, well, first met, kicking your door is pretty cool. He comes. He's got all these robot heads and every time we just fired just like that, know what the fuck is wrong with you And let me show you 15 YouTube videos like that without a weird Godzilla whole tapped into this like part of you. Part of your soul has been told You want to go home and watch like the old Godzilla movies. Now we're like Godzilla dances. That's great. Quandary watch shouldn't Godzilla now. It's so good, man. Let me go get it. So you were You were out of town. You just came back. You were You were a big bore. You did a big boy thing happen all over the place, man, like right after my brother's wedding, I got to go to Florida for the first time. For the first time. I've never been mad. I know. I've never done like a Disney thing or any of that stuff. It was my first time going toe Florida and I got to go full sail University with Jordan sweepers and Chris cockiness. Here we have Jordan on, I guess before you all went allow, I see how it is. You know, it was a really good time. It was cool. So Chris works in our sound department in animation and it's just like a fucking wizard, and he wasn't really? Yeah. Yeah, he does magic. You guys, he does magic. Ask him about it. He'll do it for you. He's got a great photo. His graduation photo. He looks like a wizard. He looks like a party with, um But, you know, it was really cool getting to go to his school with him. We had a like student guide with us. And then, like a bunch of other people from the full sales staff, we simply have to see their facility, which is like, we're Donkey Leslie. Cool. They have, like, a hall dedicated, like in here. All the platinum records that have gone on to be made by people that graduated from here and was like shit, way to flex. Let me full sail. It's pretty cool, but no, it was really awesome. Everything There was really, really nice. I was freaking out, though, because I had to give the keynote speech there, which you did last year and the year before me and I went back when when I was asked to do it, I was like, Okay, well, yeah, you know, I probably do something about like how I know, like failures necessary. And then I watched your video, and that's literally what you did. I curse your name. I mailed it ahead of my time. And then I had to come up with something else. But I was I was really nervous leading up to it because I was like, I don't know, like, I've spoken from people 1,000,000 times before, but this was something like, Oh, I'm going to talk to students at, like, establishment for knowledge and learning and have to be inspirational and shit. They're used to learning stuff when someone talks exactly like I can give him that. But it went over really well. But leading that, I was like, I was so positive something was going to go wrong. I was like Nothing is going to go wrong And this poor guy bless his heart. He was really nice. He gets because alright, guys, give a round of applause for Mike Luna on like and everybody cracked up. It's only a letter off. And then and then he started talking a mile a mile. Money started talking and he goes Nope, sorry. That's a false start. Sorry. Can we do that over time. Miles Luna was okay, Guys, I'm going to start talking, I guess. Wait, no, wait. The Lifestream isn't doing it. So I had to start three. Teo went over great things, like one guy classic. That one guy was Greg Miller, who at the end of the speech said Way to go, Mike. So thanks, Greg. But no one ever really, really. Well, it was a really cool time. Um, and then we got to have, you know, whenever you take someone like back to your hometown, like, there's the things that you're like Oh, you have to have this. Have you guys heard of pub subs? No. Like Publix? Yeah. Public subs. Apparently, this is the thing Like, Publix is a grocery store in Florida. And from the moment we touched down, kookiness was just like we got some pub subs. There's going to be the craziest sandwiches you've ever had. He was like all he talked are like, Dude, we're going back to your college like, is this important? He's like, Oh, yeah, this is great. I'm like, moved, but pub subs, but subs from the grocery stores come. I feel like I should rethink because we're talking about thiss up so they receive. Podcast is also brought to you by full sail for the second year. Like we just said, We're partnering with full sail and we have some fun Collaboration set are coming up. We have Marty A. That the team has been working on that talks about the animation process featuring me, Gus, that are today will premiere at Artie X, and we're excited to have full sail there as well of a booth on the show floor sessions on animation and Mohr interactive sessions all weekend long. Like we said, Jordan Miles Crisp Aquino's attended Full Sails Hall of Fame a week. A couple weeks ago, we just heard about on DH. It sound like it was It was. It was generally a good time. We're talking more about exactly after questions for you. We'll have a special life stream coming up on Thursday, June 11th at 4 p.m. Central time. We'll talk about modeling and running in the animation process. Make sure to tune in on the rest of you to page to check it out. We'll have more life streams that segments coming up in the future, so stay tuned for more information on full sail university visit full sail dot edu slash rooster teeth. That's full sail dot edu slash rooster teeth. Thanks. Full sail response. Ring this up. Senator Steve Podcast. So how much time did you have to fill during your your your your presentation? It was It was an hour long presentation. Oh, my God. Gas. It was a long time. Those great was like, as we were boarding the plane. I was talking, you know, we're filming some B roll, and we're gonna make, like, a special video that's going to come out relatively san. And you know, so Drew Sapling, who was also there who helps sell steamed in live action. Great. Dude, he was like, Hey, could you do me a favor? Just film stuff whenever you can. Just go? Yeah, sure. So I was like, film and Jordan from Chris. All this stuff. And there's one clip. I'm no fiddling with the video or I was like, What? Do Excited about joining us? O d'd? Honestly, like, I'm excited to see your kina like you have a daughter in 90 minutes. Andi, there's like, a pause, but I can't go. I heard it was 60 minutes because that's when I heard the thing before the wind. Hold on. Wait like I mean, it was like pulling up emails and freaking out. That's great. Fucking always. Get perfect. Yeah, he's a schemer that Jordan, but doesn't know what I had. It was it was It was a really, really cool trip. We got to dio. We got to let me have a hole like Green Screen Studio. We got to go to another place where they do like three D printing and make stuff that's like, I don't know, This is the thing with three D printing where it's like we're going to print something that's pretty much already assembled that could not be assembled any other way than us building it already pre assembled. And the way that they do it is they'll build something, and in the gaps, they will fill in the gaps with another material that they'll print that when you put it in water. That material then dissolves. So then now the thing can move and do all this crazy shit, but it would have been physically impossible to make it without three D printing, and I did not know that was a thing. Blew my fucking mind supercool that they also have, like, that building that is a two story building that used to be a one storey building. But they've made it to stories by digging. But I don't remember this part of the added a basement essentially are. They lowered the around the basement, became first floor for the first floor. So they took out the earth around it, right? They kept the building and then Doug first floor under it. Well, I figured that it was it was more cost effective to do it that way versus putting a second floor. I don't understand your building either way, they were digging. You're also paying to dig. They explained that it was better to do it that way. And I was like, Okay, you guys. You guys obviously know what you two all right. Is it a construction university way? Winston e. Chi out There was a spade like I don't know what Teo build on top weight doing it this way. But it was Ah, it was a mall before. If I remember right, the one story mall was like freaking out because it's changed a lot since he's been there, too. And he was like, What the fuck? That used to be a grocery store. And now it's like they're like three D modeling building or some stuff like Is not Samantha grown? Yeah, the places. While it's big, Impressive. My university. We had a really big picture of alphabet spaghetti that drunk people would try and make words with so kind of the same same year, the same facilities. You know, when you think about it, it's almost identical is kind of the same thing. Stranger thes Two universities were actually using a social. Yes, they were. Everyone at my university's felt like they were in a social experiment. Everyone, how many did you go to? You know, every single person at my everyone is like you. What's going on with this? What was so weird about your school? Well, all the guys in lab coats was one that made it. So maybe it was just like when I went to a school with It was like they were like people like nursing and a bunch of like, real subjects. And then I did TV production and we were completely 100 isn't practical Course. So I never had an exam throughout my entire time in university. All really had to do it. Doesn't seem normal. I was like, Is this a tree? No. My paying you money for nothing at all. The only reason that I really ever went to universities because they've tripled the fees after the after the year that I went to university. Why? So my parents like if you're going to go, go now they let everyone know ahead of time like you better get in while the getting's good. I mean, it's still like nothing on American you besty prices. But it was me and they were putting people into death. Yeah, I went from three grand to nine. Grandpa, You stinky? Yeah. Ah, the university I went to recently started there. They became a free university. Rice is free. Yeah, they were see winning and fall 2019. Um, middle income families with typical last That's well received grant aid to cover the full tuition If they earn up to $130,000 per year, that's incredible. It's hazing and then half tuition for families only. Between 100 32 2 $100,000 a year. Wow. It used to be a free university, I think in the sixties or seventies, because it's like the transition. Interestingly, expensive, Every universe looking at colleges that in America. Ah, now, Yeah, yeah. They said about free. It'll be free again. Hopefully for most people, it's awesome, eh? So my dad went to West Point, which is the free university with Yeah, he would then have to repay your four years there with four years, An active duty service. Uh oh, yeah. What's playing institute? Is that what? It's great. It's actually a United States military academy. Okay, Thank you. The Army University. Yeah, it's free. It's very competitive. Just cost you four years. You think What is all of this in it? Only this time it's a very small class Size, right? Yeah, it's super small. I want to say it's like 100. Whoa, Maybe I'm maybe I'm not remember. I think it's a good deal. More than that, I would probably, but 1,000. You have to just be like, really good at Army stuff. To get in now, you have to be very like civic minded and like high performing academically So there's a whole nomination and interview process. You have to jump through a ton of hoops to go get nominated by like, one of your senators comes amid a recommendation. I do that and like knowing my dad, I just don't I can't believe he ever how to shit together enough. Teo. That's just it's incredible. What do you have? Scaring, like wine and dine the senator as like a small child that has some compromising photos of him. You slag outside with a boom box. Es Oh, yeah, West Point. The United States Military Academy, I should say, has 4,294 cadets. So thousands pretty small were divided into companies like alphabetical. And I think those were about 20 kids hang. So they, I don't know, kind of like cohorts or what I remember. I read when I was in high school, I read ah, biography of Douglas MacArthur on. He went to West Point, and I guess, while he was in West Point, his mother rented an apartment across the street from Mayor Hotel. I think is what it was called so she could watch his room and make sure that he was in there studying and doing what he needed to do. That is next level. Helicopter parenting Shit. Oh, my God. It's like parenting espionage for also being like. But you also need to socialize. If you don't get laid this Friday, we're gonna have a stern talking. The book was called American Caesar, and it was It was fascinating. It was It was a really interesting read. If you wantto know Maura, about someone who wanted Teo drop nukes in China 1956. How could you not? Yeah. Dang, It's a different world. Back then I thought about I breathe very briefly. Thought about going to West Point. I thought Prime can. That's the only reason I knew that you needed to senator recommendation. Is that the point? You two you like? Well, then I was like, Yeah, but I'm gonna be in the military. I didn't because I would have graduated from if I had followed on time, I would have graduated from West Point in 2,000. And hey, there's what should happen in two thousand one. Like, I would've think my dad was part of one of the only classes that didn't see active combat. Hey, graduated in 77. So you just missed Vietnam. And then he was, like, out in the reserves by the time Desert Storm really got in the thick of it. Thank you. Graduate. As I want to say, a second lieutenant I want to say is you're You're right when you leave West Point. Could be. I know he was some kind of lieutenant. Yeah, crazy. Also, I would have had to have run. Oh, yeah, you do, like physical. So you have zero autonomy? Yeah, like your whole world is planned out for you handed. I graduated high school with, like, a letterman jacket I give you. And what have you got for reading? A lot of books got a literal way, Tio Particular was that Well, what I got what it was for. Like, I had a little patch for, like, a patch for theater. And I had a little patch that was like, What was it you had to read? Like, a certain amount of books in the library, and then you got it. But I like the way the fucking school system was like, Well, fucking will sell a letterman jacket to anybody because we love money like? Absolutely. You don't even have to get him to do it for two years, right? Like what? Do what? I like to get a letter. Men's Jack you had to do something for No, you just buy it. You could just buy a letterman jacket. But if you did certain activities, then you get, like, a little patches for it. And I got the one for theater and reading a bunch. I lettered it bad for tonight's fucking cool. You guys are real cool. Theo, the theater prefect off of Kingston grammar school. I thought that I was in Harry Potter. I wasn't just a that's a kid. I was head of the CIA ticket. What does that mean? What was your life? Did you rule with an iron fist where you like? But never once did you have for me then it means you just get a badge that says Prefect. Yeah, and then they have to be like hair on beyond time for household planes. Could you make them do Shakespeare on demand now? But I would have been really cool. Give me three Sonic's right now to my friend. Beth was really annoyed that she didn't get prefect because I joined the school, waited and she did. I could weigh, have senior prefects who will purple robes. And they had to, like, make sure your assembly and shit Wait. They just wore purple robes, like feel like ceremonies. Okay, well, like I went to a school where our teachers would wear the robes around just like that was like, really this one hit streak, I would grow old alone time. OK, OK, so but Ah, all that he said to where? They're like full black robes for all the Dahlia symbolism. Yeah. Showing their credentials. Yeah, like with them, whatever. The colors of whatever they have, like stripes and stuff. Yeah, well, wherever they, like, graduated from, they have thank the special gown. It was very Harry pottery. I was a safety patrolman in elementary saying, 100% believe that you get a little orange neon orange sash and a little gold plastic badge had Your job is to walk out to the cars and escort the kindergartners from the car job off point to the school. And at the end of the day, you go where all the students lined up and you escort them to their bus. But I got in trouble for abusing my palace. How did you abuse it? So I found out I was like, Well, when I go And so when your kid at least mean talking, you always want to sit the back of the bus like the back of buses. The cool place to sit. It's awesome. And how you get the most air on speed bumps, Great way will know about the back of the bus smiling about everyone's everyone knows back of us yet. Okay, just making sure even you, in your British friend way, have buses, double deckers even sit on the opposite side way. The buses, the coolest part. So when I would take ah, like when I would guide like the kindergarten class of their bus, I would take my backpack and the backpack of my buddy, and I dropped the kids off with their bus. But then on the way back I'd sneak onto my bus and I put our backpacks in the back of the bus so we'd have dibs on. Then I get off. And then this girl Whitney, I almost had a very mean word. But I'm not going to because we were in elementary school. But this girl, Whitney, who hated me ah, tattled on me. No. And my teacher, Miss Piper, got really upset and I was put on suspension. I haven't turned my back for you, Theo. Theo, you're doing a security inspection of the bus. You want to make sure that it was safe. If only it was pretty essay. So I mean, you know, like, it was a different time back then. I don't know if I would have flown, but yeah, that's how it was. How I got in trouble with your government. Oxide levels are within with level. Tio Tio One's good to go. We're good to go. Just like cutting back. I want a juice box and some orange slices. Stepper with great power comes great responsibility. And you abused it. I beat the fucking shit out of it. Uh, I made a really stupid purchase the other day. Go on. I saw that pornhub was selling some swim trunks they marketed as anti boner swim trunks. No fucking way. I have so many questions. Can I ask them before you show them to me? No, It's too late. Wait, wait, wait, wait. What is the system? That's the question, isn't it? Yes. Have you tested them on the force right now? I have not got a boner way. Everything viable Theories Your Frito. Handle them. They have not. They have not been soiled. Well, Ice Almighty, they will. Then. Is it the cost? Me 69 69 bythe. Um, okay. For 20. I did. Oh, yeah. Did Ah. Okay, My guess would be theirs. That netting. But it's made of the most abrasive material possible. That's my dear Nell. But we wouldn't want that, would you? Yeah, my netting. But it just has a picture. Somehow it has a picture of your own, Grandma. What if your incest guilt porn. Oh, well, then you'll be like, I did not blow that. How did they know? I have envisioning some kind of harness e don't know. It's gotta be like a compression short type. So, situation before I got them, I thought maybe it was like, almost like a chastity belt. Like some kind of plastic or something, right? Like keep you know, beans. I can't figure them out. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I did what I speculate is that on the inside like that, they're very loose on the inside, around the dick part. It's very tight and direct redirects you down. Okay. What? So don't hold me. Just let me die. But was just bone a mama's video, right? It's a bona, but they still say pornhub on them. I know. Honestly, I would buy them just for that. That's great. That's that's just owning a nice smooth owners and play Auntie Bone issues. He's a friend and thinner salt Peter Boner management. Okay, Just like meet a stranger on the beach and I was trying to emulate. Yeah. Okay. Interesting things like these would be a huge with 14 year old boys. I may look like fun house swim trunk, they dio. Except from this one, we'll meet here. One house that also wants released the shirt that was 100% of verity of the port of Look. Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. Carrie was wearing that shirt one time and got a compliment from, like, an old guy on the street. And Cary was like, that old guy definitely doesn't know funhouse. So he does definitely know what it was referencing choice. Choice, Choice. Okay, man, this is like a few. If you're listening to the audio, you gotta look this shit up. This is some like, I don't want to smell. I'm weirdly compelled to smell them while doing it. You're a freak. Did you think? I mean, I'm just I'm not getting anything here. I mean, just say, Oh, wait. Oh, that was everything I thought there would be in structuring or an explanation or something. That just the receipt. I feel like like a little pocket that you would have, like on boxer briefs. Almost like it's, like, reverse it like the little pee pee hole, The little people who dine out. I feel like we've gone off in one direction on this subject. But we've ignored a critical second subject. Which is why the fuck did you buy this, Gus, Why did you go? Yeah, I need this in my life because we're talking about in the pocket for, like, 10 minutes. Yeah. Likely story. I start. Listen, I get the hardest like this boner constantly, and I just need something to contain them. There it is. Thank you. You know I'm taking Andi. I want Teo finally help you bring you peace? I'm tryingto how these work and I'm getting sensitive. What friends like? No, no, no. On the University of Network. Wait block. I don't know. I guess there's no way out of this company. Have anti bonus. Rosen was like, did not match the shit that I've had to look up to write Tucker's dialogue. There's no fucking way. Ah, medium nice except in the crotch askmen dot com It's got nice pocket shit. Do we got to get into the business of making something? I know when I'm gonna tear that pornhub logo often. Put a gust logo. You gotta go for the gusto. Look, it looks suspiciously like the point of looking. Yes, I'll tryem on it. I'll report police. D'oh! We're on the edge of ours like I did everything I could And no Bono could I get I don't like high stakes, though. Tested out a Schlitterbahn water part. You go all or nothing? Well, why? They're like a bunch of children. Yeah, that's if it fails. If that technology fails him, he's going to be arrested Republican. Do you think he's gonna go straight to jail? Have you ever seen Nathan for you? Yes, Yes. Please. Please, please. Have you ever seen anything for you? You're never around. You haven't theirs. So it's like this. This guy that's a comedian. And he The premise of the show is normal. He helps struggling businesses by giving them a terrible suggestion on how they can improve their business. But sometimes he does thes big, spectacular episodes. On one time he did an episode where he wanted to become an escape artist. Hey, he thought he needed to really raise the stakes. And so he decided that the way he was gonna do this was he was gonna get himself restrained and have to get out of it. But I want to really raise the stakes. He wanted to have a robot come. If you didn't get out within a certain time, a robot would come out and take his pants down. But in order to really raise the stakes, he also had a bunch of school children brought in tow. Watch him do his escape on. He had a police officer there. So that's interesting that you failed to get himself out before the robot pull his pants down. He'll be arrested for exposing himself to children. That's a registered sex offender thing. Because if a human did it, then the heat that other human would also be culpable for the development is one of the shows that Comedy Central has ever produced. Like, hands down. No, I can't believe you've never seen a thing for you. Way have so much to watch. Oh, that's great. It's a fucking wonderful show. They were not there over there, but they're not doing any more reasons. But he had a similarly complex stunt in which she tried to smuggle chilly into a ball game. Oh, yeah. You got to figure out how to store piping hot chili on his entire person like that. He was undercutting the chili that they were selling in the stadium when he was walking up and down the stairs. Okay. What aboutthe Oh, shit. Show is amazing. And I'm stuck in good one. Yeah, and again, it's it's like the gourmet report where it's like you start you like, you think you're going in this direction. O, we have a much better story that we're going to follow in this direction. And, um, yeah, I just It just goes off the rails all the time. There's a great one where he's trying to do develop a safe space for children, hang out and play it while their parents fuck in the car. If you don't want to have to get a separate room, I've seen that. Well, yeah, yeah, hires before. The thing looked like a rocket that has, like, a TV and, like noise deprivation chamber so you can't hear hired two points. I was just fired more than that way. Everybody wants the Esso Nathan Nathan report. Nate needed you hyper hardboiled gourmet report. Two very different shows. Well, I think they have more in common than we realize. It's about the human condition. About. It is a bingo there, that's what that's what it's all about. I'm gonna read this. I wonder when this absolute receive podcast is also brought to you by tops. I was big news out of the trading card industry as two iconic brands, tops and Marvel, have teamed up to launch the digital trading card at Marvel. Collect by tops, you collect and trade Marvel Universe Digital trading cards trade in certain cards for everyone's and more. The content on this app is expensive. Got Avengers Gardens, The Galaxy X Man Jessica Jones Let's just goes on and on. You track your progress to complete sets quick in a car to find out how to get your hands on one, even if it's sold out. See what users moron trade you for it in the age of we want it Now this digital aspect of collecting it's cool. The time, the manner of the content Spider Man, far from home, is around the corner. I'm sure they're going to be set to celebrate that you can download Marvel Click Buy tops, the digital trading card app where you collect and trade your favorite characters from across the Marvel Universe, both classic and cinematic with fans around the world. The APP is free to play and you cards are released every day and l Oh, no, Del. Oh, now in the APP store or Google Play store. I used to collect trading cards as a kid all the time. I think it's super cool to get it all digitally now I've been actually using this in for a little while. It's kind of fun to collect cards, so my inner nerd. So what do they have? They have They have jackets for that? No, I did not get a letterman jacket anyway. Thanks. Tow Marvel Collect my tops for sponsoring this episode of the WOR Steve podcast. Um, yeah, and they never got that. I read on interesting fact the other day that you know, you sure you've seen that people have trained apes to communicate with humans like by sign language, And you can have, like, very rudimentary conversations with them. And, you know, I think Coco is the most famous example of that, right? Lipstick. But what I learned was apes never ask humans questions. Yeah, they don't understand that. You might have knowledge that they don't have, so they don't know to ask you stuff in orderto learn, but they note a watch to learn. Sometimes some do. And that's interesting. You say that because someone gave an example. They said if you went up to a gorilla and handed a grill a screwdriver, the grilling would wonder. Who is this person? What are they giving me? If you handed in Aranda Tana screwdriver, it would run away with it and figure out how to use it. that's so cool. Headed a chimpanzee, a screwdriver. It would stab you with Theo. Yes, it would. Yeah, it's like the different thought process of the different ways that it all works. It's weird to me to think, and I guess, like the analogy is that young children are the same way, like when you're really, really young. I stop so think, really young kids don't understand that they can ask questions or that someone else might know something that they don't know. That sy question question. That's why really little kids can't lie because they don't understand that you don't know every it's not going through their head. But then eventually they make it turn, and they realized that they could hide stuff in their head, that kind of story that was like one instance of, like, some animal asking question. But maybe I'm just thinking like an episode of future Omar. Symbol Ship used to say Planet of the Apes. I think questions. I like the way that the mind works that were so going backto DNA and genetics like we're so similar to apes and primates. It's like but we can ask questions like something happened to us on DH were allowed or not. We're not allowed. It's like we figured out. Ask questions or and now we ask questions like very really philosophical, so intelligent that you realize you know nothing Or you wonder, How can you have a boner in swim trunks? And there it is there in an article. It's a largely the fabric has a lot to do with it. It's a dark fabric that I guess it's kind of thick and not sexy that won't show lumps. Um, he's just taking into It's an illusion is what? Yes, look, It's on the inside, too. It's like a separate layer. This is just a mystery like show. It's just like a compression layer inside of them. That's like, Don't you do it. Don't even think. Don't even think about it. Think about the embarrassment I think is partly placebo. I can't get a boner. Oh, no, no. I'm wearing secret special Short like drinking Michael Secret stuff in the mon stars. It's just water, kids. I don't get that reference at all. It's okay. You want a child in the nineties. I'm just a lot. I guess it's only space jam, you know, I never saw Spaced made me neither. Yeah, it was technically movie. They're making another one. Are think s o Just like no new ideas anymore. Absolutely none. No, no, no, You can't do that. That's the transit for the new Chucky movie. And was like, Come on. Why we had a Chucky movie. Several of them. Yeah, we did it. We did it, e. There was like, if you look at, we talked about this every now and then the pockets. But if you look at, like, the highest grossing movies of all time worldwide, I think out of the top 10 the only original IPO's avatar give Avatar for being forgettable. People joke about it all time, but at least it was like an original. I pee in. This is It's alright. Cattle Titanic. I'm sorry. Avatar of interest in game Titanic. Which it was original, But yeah, I just came with us to this already. Star Wars. The force awakens of interest. Infinity war. Jurassic World fell in Israel. More furious. Seven Avengers age of Ultron. Black Panther. She's I've seen very few of those. The freaky thing is, when you realize how many of those are owned by Disney now. Yeah, that's like that scares the shit out of him. No. Titanic. Universal Titanic is Ah, Paramount was paramount. Paramount, Paramount, Fox's Disney, right, Marvels, Disdain Avatar, This Disney O which is now Disney. Yeah, everybody was like, Oh, yeah. Now they're gonna have the mutants in the cinematic universe and was like, Yeah, the fucking mouse kingdom gets stronger, You're fools. We have to fight the North together. Last winter's governing. I'm just terrified of Disney. Okay, I'm not. Maybe it's because I've never been to a Disney park before, and I haven't been, like, brainwashed, like the magical kingdom. Look, that freaks me out, man. If I mean, but they do a lot of things very efficiently. Like when I was heading up events and I was like doing architects planning. I would, you know, when we would sit down. We think, like how we're going to do this, how we're gonna move people who are gonna build this thing. I would always think like, how would Disney do this? Like if I was going to a Disney park and I was going to get go to this attraction, what would what would I see along the way or I think about like, Universal Studios. I think about, like this big theme parks like How did they do that? How do they entertain people in line? How do they, you know, draw your eye over here over there and reinforce you to look at certain things. They're very good at that. That's why we're gonna have some life sized Blaine costumes. We're gonna have a burial costume. You can take pictures with them. Announcement right here. It's going to be there. It's not. No, don't do that. What are you doing in our kicks? That will be their talk about Well, you know what we're going to doing. There's all that full sail stuff. There's going to be. We're doing the animation festival again, which I'm super stoked about. That's always a good time, because it's an excuse to get in front of a group of people in my pajamas and eat cereal and watch cartoons. Ah, we're doing another word. Another intern panel. Ah, writing panel, Red versus Blue Ruby camp camp. You're pretty busy. I'm always busy, man. It's a lot. I think I'm thinking doing less than I did last year. though, Um, are you busy doing a lot? Really? I'm actually not going to be. You're gonna be throwing. My sister is getting married at the same time as our TX so could miss that convenient excuse. Did you offer her to get married at? I feel like she would really have gone for that over like an English. That English countryside wedding. I was like, or a convention hole here. Me out. Texas is hot. Yeah, but there's airconditioning at the convention center. The face my sister's guys wrote in an R T X ad for the radio with that exact thing. I used to joke that for for efficiency purposes, the convention center, like always has there ah, air conditioning system set to a certain temperature and have to run it 24 hours a day because if they, like, turn it down and turn it up like it's abusing more like so then, like I would, I would joke when we're doing sales deals in the early days of architects that, like it's written in the contract that we're going to run the air conditioner at 72 degrees or whatever it was like 24 hours a day, Joe. Just keep it cool. Think they're doing that anyway, that wait. I didn't do anything, Tio. It's like it's fucking clever. It's like, just like a talking point, like, Oh, yeah, it's going tol definitely super cool and you're going to be comfortable when you're not outside you better. What do you look forward to it? That the show This year I actually think I'm going to have a pretty chill, Artie X like I'm not on any panels. And I'm just doing when signing on Friday. So I'm going to be able to just Can I hang out and walk around, go to some panels? Yeah, and so it's nice to like last year I had a two month old baby and tried to do stuff, and that was just very, very stressful. So, thiss year like they'll be in day care on Friday, and I could just enjoy myself. Man, you have a pretty chill schedule, too. I'm suspicious of it. Yeah, that's what your your your You know what I'm not doing that is like I'm more of the Becca side of things. Any time. Some comes through now, like black people doing last minute planning. Hey, can you do this like, Yes. Yes, I'll do that. Look, I'm just trying to get getting anything I can. God, I just realized normally I'd try and get a hotel room so I could just be right there. And I haven't done that yet. Shit. Ah, beings. Hey, I know what I'm doing. Immediately after the show. China figure some things out. You think it's your good too? Yeah, as long as they're running the air conditioning it. So did you go to the entire time I let you control the air conditioning in your owner? Who That some control you guys have, like So I'm so excited about this next week. Mile me, Miles, Max and Cristina are going Teo Cancun to celebrate my and Max's birthday. And we have So you have rooms that we could have, like a pool that weaken swim between rooms. It's a balcony poll on DH. I absolutely clear the pool. Yeah, yeah. Connected waken swim between got this like it was like like 75% off for something on hotels dot com was just like I've never done, like, a five star experience and of liking all kind of thing before on DH going with Max E A Really, I'm waiting for like, 10 AM He's just gonna be like the iceberg just roams like a I don't know. I just hope he brings a kimono like, Oh, that I really don't want to, like, put it in his mind. I hope he doesn't organically on that. I just get that wish fulfilled. I feel like he will acquire a sombrero. It's 100% is that you see in the future Are you back in 2019 Mexican back and say, Man, I'm super stoked. Yeah, I've never been to like a vacation Mexico. I've never done like fancy pants resort thing. Yeah, I'm so jazz. Usually I'm all about, like an adventuring holiday, like backpacking or something like that. And it's like a pool in a book has been calling my name like my old I'm cool with it. I only went to Cancun once, and I stayed in a similar set up. We're like I walked it. I didn't know that that was a thing. I walked into my room and I walked out onto the patio, except this one wasn't connected. It was like its own pool on the balcony. And I was like, What the fuck? When she told me she was like, Yeah, all inclusive was like, I've never known what that means exactly. Like it means you don't pay for food or drink. And I was like For like, How long? Like looking like a real date? No, you don't pay for any of it. It's like, No, that's that can't possibly be true because I'm going to ruin them. If that's the case, this one has a disco, and I hope it's like, really cheesy. Didn't wear, never read What's his name? You should book A You're looking like to be there to perform. You see Mexican in Costa Rica? I don't remember, and I don't wantto tio take a shot in the dark. I think I have his twitter still. Oh my God, yeah, I'm super excited. It's goingto must. It'll probably like the fanciest place of ever saved, which is hes Mexican, which is a different situation than what happened when I was Oh yeah, so So this has nothing to do with with full sail. It's not their fault. It's someone else's fault at this company. whose name I won't say He's not there. I'm not doubting hoping that he knows, You know I'm not going to talk about Oh, I was so close. Way go. So wait, we're going to stay. So, like Adam Covic And like Greg Miller, they're all staying at this like, really cool hotel. And the person that arranged our travel was like, You know what? This place is just a little bit farther away and a little bit cheaper, A little bit cheaper or a lot of you, Probably a lot cheaper. I was like And you know what? It seems really cool. It's like this old historic ah hotel that that person had stayed there. You guys go to check it out. I'm not that I know of none that I know of interesting. So into this place and to that person's credit, if you were to look online at this place, it would look, I don't know if I should say the name of it. I leave that to you if you think I should not have to type it there and I'll look absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. It looked kind of cool. Ah, again, it's in like a very historic part of Florida. Ah, and it was like is an old ass building. It was a flop house where essentially people working on the railroad would just go. And once they were done working the railroad, they would walk into these rooms and just flop down on the cot. Just go sleep so that there's a lot of history there and we're joking that it was haunted and shit, which, you know I love. I believe that should be it. Ah, so it sounds fancy. Wait, is that That can't be it. That was made from a beautiful water. If it looks like an old haunted house, that's the place. So we got there at one in the morning on we all got of our cars were really tired. Next, this place was a child's toy store. On in the front of it in their front window was an adult sized rabbit suit just standing there. So that was our like greeting. Now Chris Cockiness had gotten there before myself, drew Nadia and Jordan, and he had already met like the staff they're into gone up to his room. Yep. Get, get, Get, get, get, get, get. That's It s o uh, we get out of the car again. One in the morning. I'm here. Hey, you guys must be Jordan. Nadia Drew in miles and we look over and there's this. The rabbit shepherd. No fucking be like, Take me home. Sorry. Thanks, but no thanks. No. So there's this chipper dude standing out there, and he's like, Yeah, I met your friend Christy came in a few hours earlier. I'm waiting for you guys to get in. How was the trip? And we're like, Good. Yes. Well, come on in. We'll go in. And it kind of looks like the lobby looks like what I imagine. Just the house from Clue. The board game would look like if it was all just smushed into one room. That's it. Um, looks like a wolf. So we go in and, like, smooth jazz is playing and it's it becomes immediately parent like this is the on ly guy on staff. It's here this hour, and he's just been devoid of any human contact like Hi. Yeah, he's asked us all these questions. I hear you work for a production company. What's that? Like that school? Very nice dude. but just like a lot because we're really tired and the guy, like, give us our keys and they're like old old This is actually thought what school was like an old ass Braschi. We go up the staircase and then it's just like a simply too long asked. Hallways were all time like, Okay, I'll see you see the mourning. And tonight, tonight, tonight I go to my room and take an immediate survey of what's going on here. There's Ah, bed with this old wooden bed frame that probably looks like it's from, I don't know, the 12th century on. Then there's a computer monitor on on like dresser drawer. That, I guess, was the TV. There was like a wicker chair. It was like, I just look like you cut your basics. Yeah, um, Then there was, like wooden doors out to, like, one long extended balcony that all the rooms shared, and there was, like, tiny, tiny porcelain bathroom. Ah, and there's like you're saying things like a Bible, you know, there was the TV remote and then there was earplugs, which was really weird, but I was like, whatever. I'm really fucking tired. And as we're among packing. My stuff are all talking in our, like, groups lack thread and we're all talking about what To watch out for ghosts. Like, who's gonna spooky? You can hear things through the walls what she could, And at one point not he was like, Oh, I found the answer. My bad. Be careful and get you and Nadia, you're hilarious on. Then I was going to get in my bed and I see this, like, little wormy thing. I was like, Oh, gross, flick that thing away. Ah, Now I see another one, and this one has wings like, Wow, what is this interesting creature fuck you to flick that away on. Then I pulled back the sheets, and there was a bunch of these motherfuckers and a bunch of like, shedded wings all over my bed. You and I was like, How much is a bunch? Uh, I'd say about 10 were the maggots were going get their text. Everyone I'm like, Hey, I have, like, worm creatures in my bed. And then I was like, Wait, Really? Yeah. I'm going to go downstairs to figure this out, So go down the stairs. I'm scared like a spooky painting. Guys like, Hey, what's going on? Did you need some water? Because they had this whole thing. Like, when you go on, you get the WiFi password, like all so you could come down for water at any time. No. Well, yeah. And I was like, No, actually. Good on the H 20 sitch. There's some bugs in my bed. They're not bedbugs, but there are bugs in the bed. And he was like, Oh, that doesn't sound good, does it was like, you know. Oh, do you have another room? He's a call. Yeah, of course. Force. We have one other room across the hall we come up with, like, cool. Great. So it comes up and he picks one up and he goes, Oh, these are termites. Well, that shouldn't be there. Yeah, because now we paid a lot of money last week to get rid of these things. I'm so sorry. There's a lot of wood in this hotel. It's It's like a what day it is. 100% would. And so I'm like, I'm not too angry. It's like he didn't put the bug's there. But I'm also like, fuck this Please give me another room. So we go across the hall well above the room. We check this room, this room seems shell. It's like I'm so sorry, but it's fine at this point. It's going on 2 a.m. And I have to be at a work thing in the morning. Thank you very much. Have a good night. I move all my stuff out of the old room. One of the new room. I'm packing everything. Numbers in the teeth, all that stuff and the whole time. Now I keep thinking like I feel things on me. I get that way about, like, swarming bugs me right now. You know I hate it. Ah, I'm like, finally it's fine. I'm just going toe sleepy, Sleepy town junction. Let's go travel light, Get in the bed and then I feel something on my face and slap it away. Turn a light. One of these fucking termites is calling again and have video of this two. There's, like two or three calling on the pillow and I don't know what to do because there's no other rooms at this point. I take off all the sheets I killed all the bugs I can. Unlike shaking the headboard, trying to see where these things were coming from. I look under the bed. I can't I don't know what's up. And I'm so miserable. I just tell myself, Just pretend you're camping. People have slept in worse conditions than this. You'll be fine. Just go the fuck sleep. It's like 2 30 I finally just deal with it. A close my eyes. I lay my head down and then the loudest fucking train horn in the God damn world blares outside my window. Turns out historic train goes right by the real Ryan Booth railroad workers that used the place in the clubhouse. And suddenly I'm like earplugs. There's earplugs in every single room. And the guy had apparently told Drew Oh, yeah, there's a midnight train that comes through Sorry about Georgia and Jo was like, Oh, well, it's 1 37 Be fine. But it wasn't fine because that shrinking by 2 30 at 4 30 it's 6 38 30 And that next morning we all got out and like crawled from our holes and Drew and I had a conversation that we were like you know this whole trip It only lasted like, two days. It felt like we were there for two weeks. Like there was a both He and I separately had a moment. We talked about breakfast where we wondered if we died on the plane and gone to hell. Because there's this weird that Georgiou like, couldn't find his pants and then was, like, positive they just disappeared and that there was some silly. He was being punished for something and he genuinely thought he'd gone to hell. And I thought I'd gone to hell. It was a weird trip. You guys, the moon goes, took his pants, the moon goes, took Jews pants and we all went to hell. Don't go too. Park Plaza in Florida. There, I said, We'll do it the next day. Two. I want you to say, Did you change rooms The next way we'll remember. There are no more rooms. I have the last one because apparently everybody wants to come to this place. The next morning I was downstairs waiting to, like escape and go get coffee. And the day shift is now there and they're like, Well, I don't understand. Someone's supposed to be in room 32. Why is no one there? And I catch one of those to go? Hey, I was in room 32 until I got moved because there were termites in the bed and the guy goes, Oh, termites. Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry. You know, we just started dealing with that yesterday, and in my mind, I'm like, bull fuck and shit, your cheery homeboy last night. How did you you sprayed for these last three HK motherfucker on the guy had the gall to be like We're so sorry. We're so sorry. Now, we do still have you staying for another two nights, and I just looked almost like not if I can help it. And they kind of just getting the smiles like, Yeah, it was worth a shot trying, if we should ask. Way went to Doubletree, and then I learned Doubletree gives you cooking through the trip was great. Doubletree fucking rules before date. Miles. Look, man, it's not just because they're chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are my favorite. Kind of the first couple of pax is that we went to We would stay at the Doubletree. That was kind of a little further away from Maiden Bauer. But we would stay there because I would get drunk and demand cookies from the front desk in the middle of the way, Like cooking. So we got the jury demanded three e. I want three things. He was like, No, I don't know what I want. Overall, that was a good trip saved by the Doubletree in full sail. Nice. Yeah. All right. It's about time you wrap this up, all right? I think my guests for joining us this week. Thank you for watching on DA with you guys next time. Bye.