#548 - How Do You Unmelt A Car?

Join Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, and Geoff Ramsey as they discuss haircuts, old apartments, reality television, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-06-11 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, Geoff Ramsey


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you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 548. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Hello, everyone. We're going first teeth podcast this week. Brought to you by ring hymns and hello, fresh. I'm Gus. I'm Chris. I'm Barbara on Gus. Aah! Had something weird happened the other day, Okay, I have a story, too, but I want to hear yours first. My, I had to take my dog to the dog emergency room. There's a dog emergency emergency room. Really? You know? No, I've never had a dog, a normal vet or like a hospital hospital. It's like, Well, yeah, animal hospital. Essentially, there was a little stretchers, little, but I guess like my dog. I don't know how it happened, but he ripped out one of his claws that that that was a lot of blood. That was a fuck ton of blood. And the way you realize that that has happened is you look at your dog and he's fine. You look away and you look back and he's half covered in blood. My eyes looking at you dripping. He was so happy he was making such a good mood. I was like, The fuck is wrong with you? Well, the dog in game night, I recently found out about something. I have some friends that have a great Dane. I've always wanted a great Dane. You guys ever owned the great antimony bythe dead Right now, I never had one. I had a St Bernard I know. Great, great, very big have this thing called Happy Tale where their tails wag like crazy. But they wag so hard that they poppet who and like, if it hits something hard enough, it creates like gushing blood wounds on the like. If you get happy tail, they just like sport blood like a horror movie. And they feel like rap the whole tail up. And it's excruciating internal know. And it's like it's like a crime scene amount of blood anytime they wag their tail, if it hits something and that it's wagging. So it's just like Springtime Rose. Yeah, just like that, because I showed up to the dog emergency room and you know, there's blood everywhere and the nurse very calmly gets like he's got, like, a little your piece and walking, talking very coming. We need a level one triage through you, like people, like start coming out from the back. And I'm like, Look, I think you just pulled his cloud. They, like, take him to the back, and I do whatever to, like investigating. Make sure he's okay. Now. I'm really picturing him on a little dog stretch. I really want the little tiny little thing We have a little like Ivy in his little arms. Yeah, it's It's It's crazy. It's like it's a little dog. It's a lot of kind of making himself, huh? How did you do that? They got caught in something while he was running that's equivalent to losing a finger finger. I okay, you know? Yeah, well, but they don't have fingers like that. Jesus Christ. Earlier today, what is what is the make up of a dog park? Chris in your mind. Okay, They got fingers. All right. Stump with way over a like a stump with Yeah, five daggers. Yeah, that's it. It's just like some taggers. We have a level one triage on the dog stuck in today's earth earlier today. Chris, when I when you sat down, you said, Oh, Jeff, A used you compliment me, which was lovely. Thank you. The beer. Like I feel like it's been a while since I've talked to you. And now I remember why Wild Jesus. Well, you're forced to do it now. For the next hour and 1/2 you review every 25 you might take off. I do. I think the leave this one. You can't. You don't. Don't you see that? Don't. You should know better by now. Barbara. You can never kill Jeff. What he can't do. I mean, you absolutely could do whatever you want, Jeff. You're a man of free will. They're sure wanted him to sit in that chair before we started. The podcast does. He was sitting over here first. Jeff? Yeah. Who does? Care chef did not want to move. I move. And here's why I moved. I like Eric. Thank you. I like Eric. Mike. You hear that? Defeating his voice is like he's had a bad day. You could You could tell you look at Eric and immediately know here. Don't fuck with their today. Today's been a bad day for him. He's that he's defeated by something that hasn't been bad. Pile on. It's just been it's been a long life. I know that. I feel that the good news is it only gets longer. Thanks. It only keeps going Well, yeah. Okay. That makes sense. You checks out? Yeah. You're good. Did you all see that fucking video that came out last week of that woman being rescued by the helicopter? Oh, my God. Just spin is you're always like, Oh, that was a wolf. That was a person Is a 74 year old woman she got, like, la Roche's injured hiking or something like that. Yeah, She fell and, like, broke her nose and entered her leg. And now she has liquid brain. She's still be. He is still dizzy. I write a follow up story about it earlier today, but she hasn't many. Well, she still hasn't been able to resume her balance. The walk. The only way to fix it is to take her back up that undo it. You know what the best part of that video is? If you watch it upside down, it looks like she's rescuing the helicopter. I see that video, but stable. I heard her moving the whole video. It's her and the propellers air sitting still Think of her in the middle like the upset of Simpsons were Homer false and they're picking off and they hit him on every rock. And that's exactly what I thought about what I said. Hey, was spinning at 100 rpm, though. Are should they? How? How fast she's spinning? I have no idea. No, I pull that number out of my ass, but it got pretty fucking fast at first. You're like, Oh, I bet that sucks. That's kind of sad. And then it just, like, get faster and fast going. What is it, like, five minutes or something that I don't know how long it was, but it was definitely a humanity that Major spent, I don't know. The helicopter fucked up is the technical term, I believe when they were picking her up and they did so something wrong and they were unable to stabilize, and it just made her spin. And every movement the helicopter majors, major spending, I think it like tried to lower it. But that made it's been thoroughly they had to like. They fixed that by moving forward and down and that was able to straighten her out. But at that point, she was already scrambled legs like you. She was saying or thinking when that was happened. Thank God I'm saved. And then think article I read they didn't interview. They said she was just trying to focus on breathing exercises, just died. It was like all the time in all the blood in her body was going to like her head. Yeah, President, you probably had a headache for quite a while for special Does is probably filled a I've Been a four by Millie Ramsey That way. Suck it Tic tac way. Dio She's off camera. Judging isn't made. It's right next to you. Yeah, that's really an awkward thing to say. Yeah, that's rude, Millie. Fight. I don't get it. It's like it'll take me a while to figure it out every every time. His new social media thing is like, I don't understand how it works. It'll it'll take me a little bit. Can I? I know you. You always operate these podcast with a bullet bulleted agenda and stuff, so I don't know when Ah, if Kanai Segway in Do whatever you want through this is just If there's a lo, I bring one of these. Okay. So Ah, back in my day, when I would do the arty podcast, we talked about Austin restaurants all the time. You texted me earlier that Ah, local hamburger establishments closing down. I had read earlier about it. Do you give a shit time? Burgers? What's hamburgers? It's on. What? Six. Oh, yeah. Do you care at all? No, I mean, no, thank you. I don't remember you being a fan. It was okay. It was its shell idea. There's so many other better burgers in Austin. What place would you be bummed out if it did? Clothes? Which burger? Place Hilbert's. Hilbert's? I would be super sad about. I would be sad if Ah, what's a place on a burn it? Ah, Top knot. Top knot clear. I'm closed. They almost close, but they're still around. What? The one on sixth or seventh huts? No, this? No, it's nine. Yeah, right by the commission. Sinner. The hamburger trailing hamburger? No. Hamburger bar Bar's less restaurant. The one that's like a touch the JW. No, no. You mean huts? No, I mean, whatever way. You know, That's what I was thinking of, you know, right next to the convention center. That's right. By the commission six to the head. Something good. Okay. Victim ity near the casino is not the same as it used to be. Their tears, their manual The one and only time I've been to casino Caminos with you on ly one time. Really? I haven't gone back. I want Teo. I just like I never think about it. It's also a bar. I don't consider it a hamburger restaurant thing I've kept for years. Video like that Like going downtown is a process. And so whenever I want to go downtown to eat, I don't think of going to you know um you know I know it sounds I agree. I don't think you're going there because parking is a pain in the ass around. I didn't used to be used to build is pulled in park outside It's back mind I remember those days but those days are gone, But yeah, I don't know sensory because like you and I love Austin, we both have, you know, bonded over our love of the city. Wayne, I used to joke that we wanted to be the old dudes at the place. We used to get our hair cut. Their bitch in there were bitching about. We're not 35. Came in. So they said that all Tories said That place is going to be gone. They're going to demolish. This whole thing is going away. Um, but And Huts is an Austin institution that's been around for probably 70 years. But it just wasn't good. Yeah, on it's like it's wasted real estate, you know? Like they could put a really cool building there. Some. They're also closing that liquor store right down the street from favorite package story, which was the first liquor store I ever bought liquor out when I turned 21. He's serious. You should go buy some before it closes. And we bought. Actually, you and I went there. We bought that room there. That when our students to be downtown, Yes. And then we walked back. That was yes. We walked back up to the studio on Congress. You little liquor store. Yeah, funny her room. For the first time, I bought alcohol. But you remember one turned 18. I was like, I wouldn't bought born, uh and a lot of ticket. And what else can you do in your 18? Join the army to join the army? When I joined the Army and you voted, I want to register for the draft. So I did do that. I couldn't vote. They don't have to do that. Is that something, kids? Yeah. When you turn 18 do you kids know that? What? You have to register for selective service, like at the post office. Like it's in case they do a draft. But they haven't done a draft since Vietnam. I didn't have to register because I was already in the military at that point, but, yeah, something we show them e I joined last year. Your review from the loophole. None of that register for selective service. I just registered for service. They can't draft you if you draft yourself. Um, yeah. I don't know, though. What do you know that Millie, when you turn 18 you have to go to the post office once She does not look happy about it. Okay. Well, good talk forms really had one of the It's a long life with I'm pretty sure I woke her up. Seven Eric Bar doors, so she's having their calm. Eric barred barred doors What I call him, I'm sure he loves that. I know he does. Everything I do is designed to annoy him. So you for a hair cut place close and you're sad about it. I mean, it's it's that place changed a lot since the time that you're talking about it is that I haven't been there in years. And it's over there at old Fort Friend Congress, you know, catty corner to the BB. What they call it the Twin Oaks Shopping Center. He's a restaurant there. We used to go to general is called House. No, wasn't only house. It was like Tia Rosa. Oh, yeah, something like that. You have loyalty to a barbershop for a haircut place like it's like a place you always go to. I used to, but not anymore. I think whatever's available at this point Yeah, I got my hair cut by my ex wife for 12 years, and now I date Ah, hairstylist. So yeah, i e. I had to venture out into the world of paying for haircuts in a long time. That's pretty sweet. Although if you're a dude I mean, when you get trimmed and yeah, it don't matter that I don't I don't have it. I'm just, like, whatever's closest like I'll doing. Trevor has, like, a gal. He goes to you because he likes the way that she does his particular haircut. But we're just getting things like, trimmed up. I think most guys don't even know howto know what to ask what they want. They're barber to do. Just bring a picture, right? I will say this. I don't get it. Go. Don't go get a haircut at a place right before they're closing because they will not give you Get here. They will rush you through. They will be because I I want to get a haircut. Like a couple weeks ago. You can't tell at this point, but it looks good, actually. Yeah, looks great. She's likes, but well, that's because I've been doing my own trips and yeah, because I went to go get a haircut, and they were like, like, they were, like, 20 minutes from closing. And my haircut takes, like, five minutes. Yeah, but the dude was like, How's that? I'm like, Well, could you cut like the back I had to ask him for every section of my hair to get cut on. And then and then when I finished a tte, this point was just like, I feel like I was asking for every little thing. Or you could tell he was like every hair. Yeah, like you got this side as well. Is this side you should come with, like, a phrenology picture and be like, Can you cut the wisdom section now? Did you do on we he missed on Lee. What? Do you mind if I ask where it was? Great clips. That's your problem. Yeah, well, yeah, I don't care, but it's whatever. Yeah, let's find my hair's, like, basic dude here because they're even two birds Barbershop? Yeah, I've never been. So I've had, like, pretty okay. Give you beer? Yeah, I think so. They get a beard like that, they don't have great thief. The savings on to you, I feel like they should give you their great clips. So you get drunk before you could notice that Theo guy who gave me the haircut might have been, but I went into a bird's one time because I just wanted, like, a trim and for a lot of girls watch and know that if you're trying to grow your hair out and you get a trim, it's like take off the least amount of hair pasta. Well, because I just wanted to make it healthy again. You want to cut the split ends, offer whatever s and s. So I go in and this guy, it's like, not appointment at birds. So you just, like, walk in and that's all they d'oh! And ah, he's like, Okay, how short you wanted. It was like I literally just want, like, the least amount you could cut off. Just wanted trying just to get rid of this planet's He's like, Okay, he likes starts pulling my hair forward, it's dry and it's curly and he starts pulling it forward and he liked starts pulling it like this. And then he's just starts cutting. And I'm like, Do you not what the hair before you could it he goes, Oh, no. I like to cut my clients dry. It's like, OK, he cut off probably three or four inches of my hair Well, and because it was curly and so bounced up. Oh, and I was not very happy. It doesn't sound like a good cook. I mean, this was a great clips. If you're a person with long hair, be it, be it a girl or a guy. Ah, where, like, hair? Probably hair. It's like cutting style matters. You probably shouldn't go anywhere that doesn't require appointments. I realize that after the So I'm curious about something. All this talk of barbershops and haircuts and everything. Chris. Yes? When you go to the barber shop, what do you tell them to do? Ah, like you just sat down in the chair, Barber, you know, putting the cape around you. All right. What What way? Well, I want, like, maybe like a month off a month off, about a month off, and then I'll say, But can you make it, like, extra sure in the back so it doesn't get, like, molicki and then move in and make it not look like I got a haircut. Okay, that's a lot of conflicting information. Why would you want it to not look like you got your okay, there's this thing we're gonna do is get a haircut. It's like almost like two cleaned up where it looks like. Oh, yeah, he got it. Looks bad for, like, a week. You wanted a little dirty around here. 30 A little? Yeah. Like ground a little. A little grown out. Yeah. So how much does your hair grow in a month, Chris? I don't know. I was You say that because I don't want it too much off. So you don't say, like, I just want it kind of like cleaned up and trimmed up or anything like that sometimes. I don't know. I just like mumble until your humble directions from the barber until they start cutting. I'm just, like, just, like, not too much off. So your philosophy on hair cutting is your philosophy on everything in life he's on mumble through it is you're working on while they figure out what he wants. Yeah, pretty much. What do you guys say when you go get your hair cut? Ah, normally, what I say is I want to sister cook all the way around and take about half an inch off sister cut as opposed to a supposed to using razor blades. Really good. Got blade guards. All right, so I'm just coming on chat. Always tell them that you're going to a wedding that weekend so that they put extra care. And there you get is a really good call you Peter. And I forgot that you all come over here. Peter Hayes was saying that he was curious because you didn't bring up like the numbers, like Blade Guard numbers. Do you know what those are? I do. I don't like keep up with that. You don't look like you could really use a guard with Your hair is long and it changes all the time. It's zone. This thing's got to be on. Rather you're checking the sub. Read it all the time. What's the current preferred guard link? That's it's annoying. And it's a lot to keep up. Yeah, I like to keep a baseball. Yeah, each number's 1/4 inch. Okay, well, yeah, I don't do that. I do have a right to actually have a ring mumble. I do have to start mumbling. I don't razor of my own, but brag about it. Not for my Well, it's more of Ah, what's it for? Isn't for let me say anything I'm asking you use a razor Domanski. Yeah, It's got its own guard. I don't like a trimmer. A tremor, OK, a razor on picture. Like a straight razor. Dude like, Yeah, no way. I would not trust myself of that. You can run with us. What do you guys used to trim yourselves? Or do you just fully shave? Like you mean like dick and stuff? Yeah, I use Ah, I use Ah, like a shaver. Like one of those, like you know, thank you for my beard is also using all my favors. Sometimes the same e mail. Just go. It's all off. No, I just like I like. I like it like it seems like. Sorry, sweetie, that seems that seems like about enough, you know, like, go around. But in those things, they're like, I got ball issues right now anyway. But you want to get too close to the skin because those things will Nicky hard and it hurts. And then ah, testicle bleed like a mother. Finally, like a dog. Like a dog. Like a happy happy's. What you call that happy slap happy. Have I made a mistake? When I was younger and I was trying to trim my nether regions and I was using, like, an actual scissors. Yeah, and so when it's long enough, you could do this thing where you pull and twist and then cut. So you get, like, kind of, like a chunk of hair and then twist it. I wasn't paying close enough attention and I, like, kind of nicked. My skin becomes just a little bit And it, luckily was not like on the clip, but like it was cliffs on, I would bleed in there for, like, a day or two. I've done that. The blood did include up E i t. Guess I got a story. I think I was debating whether to tell it here or save it for off topic or save it for down the road here. But I'll just do it here because I'm not going to holding stuff back. And you brought up genitals and genital pain. I discovered a new kind of general pain that I'm surprised it took me 43 years to get to, um and now that I'm there, I will endeavour to never experience it again for as long as I live. But the other night I was cutting jalapenos. Oh, my God. Oh, no, no, no. And I have rubbed my eyes. I have gotten a jalapeno in my inside. Your nose is really bad and I've got it on my mouth. I've gotten hello painted juice everywhere in the mouth. That's all that I have never apparently cut Hala pose and then immediately went in Peed. But I did the other night on it hit me in waves because I panicked so bad that I started to try to clean my genitals, my Penis and my balls as it were. And after I after I survived the first wave of intense burning, I discovered a second wave because I hadn't probably clean my hand. So I just realise advantages. So I was googling like a motherfucker because it was too much to take. Like I had to cut my dick off because I can't take this. I just dip your dick in milk. So the preferred everything I read is that the best thing you can do for a whole Apo inflamed Penis and balls is to dip it in the milk. Oh, really? Yeah. So I had to do this. Well, I try to hide from Milly while I was doing this and that story. I, uh Yeah. I spent 20 minutes Saturday night with my dick and my balls submerged in a glass of milk in my bathroom Going please work. Please work. Please. Please. Worst pain I have maybe ever felt in my entire life. Uh, how think was the glass? What it was It was a big old What was the whole milk or 2% or what it was to Millie. What kind of milk did we buy? Did you put the weight of the Milky Way with cereals have after working lives. But I don't think I was weird about this milk. It's spicy. But also, we'll have more milk before bed even is a joke. A while back, we somebody sent us. Um, somebody sent us. Tow Allah. They sent us some tiger balm, and I just took it. I rubbed it on my balls in a video which hurt like hell, but that's a manageable level of pain. If you ever want to know how bad jalapeno juice on a Penis feels, put some tiger balm or icy hot on your balls and then imagine it 30 times worse that much worse it was so bad because I was frying. It hurts so that Tiger Balm is what Tiger moms like icy hot you like, rub it on a sore muscle or something and like, Oh, my God. You put that on your balls. Yeah, that's nothing compared to help India. It was I was I I literally was thinking like I remember reading one time about some sort of, ah, like a crustacean that if it like in the ocean, that if it attacked, if it cuts you, it hurts so bad you want to cut your arm off because they are painful than that. And I was like a reading like a John Steinbeck books like The Pearl or something and and I was actually thinking like I could see cutting my generals off to get away from this pain because it is like it's a fury that's visited upon you in a sensitive place. Like I've never experienced it like a radiating kind of pain. Like, How would you describe it? Pointed and all encompassing? Like I had a side of my brain had no had no spare band with the think of anything else other than the pain in front of me. It was It was excruciating. Anybody the chats ever done that you put jalapeno juice on your dick, but give it a shot. Don't do it. I not wait. Have. Now I won't tell you which glass. But if you come over to my house one of the classes that had my dick in it for a while, I feel like some people at this company would be able to guess just based on your interest. Does your market Is that, like a special one? Now, now is clear glass. I have no idea which one less glass, half full kind of guy. But why was It was actually kind of think of dumb jokes and stuff. In that instance, I don't like milk. Milk did my body good. It took that pain away. Yeah. So I felt better after. Yeah, No, it's super helped it, like, literally. I've never since I hate milk. I don't like people are like of it's too hot, you know, like a ghost Pepper. Whatever. Drink milk. I never do it because I just can't stand milk like I'd rather go with the pain and the gross taste of disgusting milk but applied to the nether to the genitals. It's were you in my apartment that one time years ago when I lived off of Pleasant Valley when my neighbor's knocked on my door? We work of where you lived off of Pleasant at the metropolis. Oh, the Prospect place. Yeah, over one time I was at my apartment. I don't know if you were there, you might have ended this, but I was sitting in my living room and someone knocked on my door expecting anybody. So I go over and I open it. And like to my neighbors, who I'd never met, they lived, like, kind of down a little bit. And they're like, Hey, ah, my friend's going to eat a bunch of habanero peppers in the courtyard you want you want to come watch? I was like, You know what? I'm not doing it just like soliciting neighbors to come in from before it was, it was exactly what you expect. The dude was just like he ate a whole like a whole bunch of how about heroes and were just like tearing up and crying. And the reason I thought about it. You'd like to one gallon jugs of milk. There's a well, it's like pouring them over his face. Being films are now, this is before Internet. Yes, just doing this was like 1999 like smartphones didn't exist like I got to get the neighbor. This was like Saturday. Yeah, I guess that's kind of like if you put a video online like just entertaining a bunch of strangers like let's just get a bunch of strangers in person around them off for a person that was that. We used to do stuff just cause it was funder. Yeah, I remember that in the days of just doing it to be filmed. My that apartment complex was weird because you I don't know if it's this way anymore. I have no idea. I've not lived in that apartment complex for 20 popular, but back then you paid your phone and Internet bill to the apartment complex because they had, like, a deal with a local company where they had run Internet. They'd run like you could plug in like Ethernet cables in your apartment, and it was high speed Internet and we so as a result, like sometimes the phone lines would get crossed. I really this. I could. If I picked up my phone, I would hear dial tone right. But behind the dial tone, I could hear my neighbor on the phone, or sometimes my phone would ring. But it was really my neighbor's phone ringing, and I would pick it up and nobody could hear me. But I could hear my neighbor's conversation and my neighbor was a drug dealer. So, like all the time, and it's like, Hey, you want to know what people are buying? Let's find out if you just pick up the phone. He's not kidding, dude. And it was like because he would do this thing. It was like 1/2 ring your phone like you knew. It makes a noise, but it's not a full. You're like. Was that the phone next? Almost ring? Yeah, kind of like a muffled ring, and you pick it up and it would totally gusta Billy here. Listen, he's making a drug deal right now. Are you out of here? Like super clear? Yeah. It was like you were on the call. Oh, my God. Yeah. He was a to do a lot of high command to Yeah. Okay. You got a lot of blackmail him Free drugs. Yeah, let me do that. Let me blackmail a fucking drug dealer who lives next door to me. Things right on the somebody in the chat said that they worked in a restaurant and some new guy didn't put gloves on and cut jalapeno are habanero peppers and had to go to the emergency room because he black God, that is terrible. Yeah. God, I loved when you lived at that apartment. Place was crazy. It was like it was where all the strippers and drug dealers in town lived. And it was like it was like an orgy of partying at all times outside. And Gus and I didn't go to for the rest of us. Didn't know he had to go through it to get Teo Starcraft eyes. That where you got your hemorrhoid? Yeah, I got my first time right there. They're playing rainbow six. Yeah. You're sitting on the floor in your bedroom playing rainbow six and brood warmer. You always playing Brood war? There was Ah, I had a roommate at the time, Frank. The Indy from here is the d. M. From here isn't half wits. Frank and I live together at the time, and, ah, his room. Whenever it rained, his room became like Indiana Jones, the Temple of Doom. Remember the scene with all of the insects? Yeah. Oh, God. I don't know where those insects all came from, but it's like if it rained a lot, like his room would just start, like insects would start coming out from everywhere. And you have to sleep in the living room because it's like we have to close the door. Me like, All right, the insects. Wait, They're not paying rent. But it's okay. We're going to stay in there. When you finally moved out, Frank stayed there for a while, right? Like you get another roommate and stayed on for a while. Now, I moved over to those shitty apartment that don't exist anymore. They torm down and build condos over over there. Now, off, like sure. Where that was a place where you're partly apartment was wet for their year. Yeah. Yeah, like it was just Well, well, I don't know. He's not, and he would deny it. I'd come over and I'd be like, Is your floor wet? You know, it was the cheapest place. Like I was my first time living alone set out to find, like, the cheapest apartment. Good. Yeah. Well, what do you mean? It was like 40 bucks a month or so. I want to say I was like, 6 50 There's no way you paid that much for that place. It was the scariest apartment complex I've ever spent time in, Just as long as you don't go out at night. It was okay. You always talked about how, like, like with my first wife, you made a pro and con list about whether it was worth my friend because you dislike her so much. I kind of have that with that apartment. Apartment was bad. Model is we never hung out there that we built with our party there twice, and I helped you move in, and that was it. And I think at that point, I was like, I can't have anything happen to you. Uh, I guess you weren't out at night. Everything was wet feet. But there was a little humid, humid God Dio has miles ever told you about the apartment he used to live in before moving I don't think they were doing construction on, like the outside of the building where he was. And apparently they had, like, drilled holes into his apartment from the outside. So he just had, like, open holes all over his wall, and they won't do anything about it. Is the relation Yeah, for your condition. You know what department wasn't Wait a bit. Well, it's true. I had time to dry out, man. Yeah, probably isn't Moist, Gus. His first apartment. He lived that when I met him. Was Justus bad, if not worse? That was the apartment where you went up Hill going from your front door to your kitchen. That one was scary. Like a hike up hill. It was every every year, one building would burn down in that apartment complex that it was like you always hoped every year it wasn't your building that burned down. And I was never mind. When I want to say uphill, Barbara, I don't mean like there's no stairs or anything. His apartment, just like on the piste. It was like it was like there was a little flat. There's, like a room and yeah, well, for something like that, if you put a marble on the floor, it would go down out the front door down the hill and into traffic. There was Was it on the ground floor? Yeah. Yeah. Ever tell you about my burning car? No, I tell you. Okay, well, so my first car into you Look back at me like we've had a conversation in five years. My first car I had I was in West campus from college and I parked on the side of St I think there was, ah on arsonists going around west campus for because they're all these buildings kept catching fire. And I remember washing for my window all the time. We just like my Merrin back. Hey, another place don't fire Cool when we watch. Cool. Well, not cool. But you know what I mean? Like, we'd be like, All right, let's go while Cool. Yeah, and so I remember this one time I'll look some fire again. It's like, Wow, it's right next door to us. It was like, right over there, and I'm watching it, and I go to my car the next day and I'm like, looking at the remains of the building and then I'm like my car's melted like one side of my car had melted down the entire side of it because it was near the building. Yeah, it was like I was parked next to the burning building. And so all the plastic in my car had melted, and then all the paint had, like, chipped and cracked. And then So I called my insurance and I was like, my car Kat melted. You say your car like I had a stroke on one side of basically and they're like what I was like, Yeah, he's like he's like, How does insurance deal with that? Well, they're like, I guess it's a natural disaster is what the guy on the phone said and he was like, Unsure. I'm like, All right, he's like, Well, come take a look And the guy came out and he was like, Yeah, yes, that's melted. E is like, I mean, your car is not really good. Like, you know, it's on the high value car car car, car car was, was a 1998 4 tourists Okay, Classic corrected that assessment and ah, and he was like our Yeah, yeah, he he was like, Yeah, I think your car's totalled because to fix this would be more than the value of the car. Yeah, well, yeah. You think they'd have to replace, like, half the car? Maybe they heat it up again and remolding E O S O. I was like, Oh, okay. It's like so you'll get, like, you know, like, five grand or something for your car. I'm like, Damn, I'm like, That's not enough to get, like, a new car, right? And so I was like, we was probably enough to get another 1998 maybe nine. But then so then I was like, Cool. Can I keep it like, could I? Any guy likes and he was like, Well, we'll have to subtract the value of the scrap costs, which is like, $1,000 then we'll write you a check for the difference. Like 4,000. You got a melted car and $5,000.4,000 dollars and a melted car. And I loved it. Chris, it was Chris. Wait. What? Do you have photos of this melted car? I might actually Well, okay, so then a couple years later, I Right before I started working here. I got hit by a guy pulling out of a bar. Drunk guy got hit on your melted car. My melted car was on the melted tighter than it was inside. And that told him it again. So I, like, made money off. You told me they pay me the full value. The Corrigan. I thought they didn't do that. I thought once it was like, total that gave you the money. That was so the good thing. You kept that shit. Yeah, I told twice. Wait. So you have never seen anyone so happy about getting their car totaled? 12 said at that point, did you have to stop driving it? Oh, yeah. It was really fucked up. Hasn't melted and crash. It was like Milton. Cruel. It was. It's everything. You don't want a car to me. Yeah. Yeah, it was, but yeah, I was like, Man, this is like, I don't know why more people, Chris, I have a question. Because you went to UT, right? I, uh d Did you like liver on campus? So hopeful for year experience? That whole thing. Where did you live before you went to you too? In Longview Texas. Okay. Yeah. So you've been here ever since. Do you, like, wax nostalgic and go back till, like, West Campus And Goto, like, look at the old place is usedto live or eat it like the little restaurant that used to go to in that kind of thing. I'll kind of whatever I'm driving through there. I kind of I reminisce d and I'm like, Oh, yeah, yeah. There's a cell in tow, man. I remember when it used to be the so and so like players. Or are you, like, go like a whole Also, that's like about it. Yeah. You don't go walking around and I don't know. I mean, no. But if I am in that area than I do reminisce. I wonder about that because I have. I read my eyes when I live downtown. I'd ride my bike over there a lot. It's you like it's a great shot. There's a great bike lane on Rio Grande that goes all the way down. That's really easy to ride down, and everything looks brand new and, like everything that's older than five years, looks like it's been torn down over there. And I wonder if It's like for people that went to U T and like, had that awesome college experience that they go back in. Like What the fuck is this? Yeah, all right. But it was good. I wa was in school. It was in that weird process of where they were tearing down all the houses and the like, smaller yeses in building condos. I saw that transition where went from like, that area became like Super city. Why, like city industrial like not industrial, you know? Yeah. Yeah, I saw it happening. So then whenever I came back in, like, five years like, Oh, yeah, this makes sense. I have something to say about that. But first, I want to get this thing on reminder when this up so they receive. Podcast is brought to you by Ring rings. Mission is to make neighborhood safer. You probably seem they're smart video doorbells and cameras to protect millions of people everywhere. Ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world. So there's a package delivery or surprise visitor. You'll get an alert and be able to see, hear and speak to them all from your phone ring video doorbells can be hardwired or run off of batteries so you can add a ring just about anywhere. THIE Other day, I had someone I expected to show up at my door, and ah, I was like, I'm expecting anyone. I answered it. There was some people trying to tell me something like Not go away, hung up on them. They didn't have to go to the door. It's great. Awesome. Just for you. 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It's like I think I talked about in the park. Killed sailor Ever sent done that. Not that garage next round houses, just open houses. But I think it's because I'm nosy. Well, yeah, but I like looking at real state. I'm curious to know whether people, like, decorate their houses, their layouts and stuff like that. But you have to lie about your why were there? No, I'm gonna tell you I'm not looking. I totally think of like a story before I go in. Like I don't know. Walter Ugo. Yeah, like, oh, I you know, I work for the hospital in a tree and my husband are, you know, expecting. And you should work on that story a little more itself. You're believable. Way working hospital. Hospital. Yeah. Big one. But a couple weeks ago I went to look at a house that's kind of close to West campus. It's like it's not really in West campus, but it's on the edge of it. And it turns out that well, I was driving there and I guess it's a point of the story and I passed by like this. It looked like a burnt out husk of a building, and I had, like, three Greek letters on it. I guess it used to be like some frat house and, like, Spray painted all over it says like No loitering. It's like, Oh, well, they're obviously going to be tearing this down this part of the West campus impregnable something huge on it. But anyway, like two houses down from it was this open house and it turns out it was, and Richard's old house Whoa, yeah, that it's been a long time because she lived in the Nick Oona for the last a decade or so. She was alive and that he was on the pamphlet, you know, they walk around for a long time. It was a nice out us it wass It was interesting. It was it was pretty nice. It was super dated. Was it historically protected? No. Probably no Know. How big was it you wanted? I don't think so. It was like, but it had some creepy spaces in it. It was like 32 100 square feet. They were like crawl spaces, like you could open like doors and hatches and, like, crawl under the house. Okay. And then there was, like, one room that was, like kinda like a curl space that you have. But it had, like, a washer and dryer in it, like this seems like the scariest laundry room I've ever seen in my life. Like I have to, like, tunnel and think that I would never fucking set foot in there like one of the walls was unfinished. We're just kind of like dirt in, like, the crawlspace laundry room area, like the rest of the house is fine. But that one room was like super creating. What did, uh, what did that house cost? And Richard's old house? Jesu. Just so people know we may not be that she's old Governor of Texas was the governor of Texas. Very popular. We loved her very much. I sat next to on a plane once. She was super rude to me, didn't it? Didn't matter. Don't care. She was bad ass, and she was great on King of the Hill. For the record, I look at really nice houses with no intention of buying shares. Of course, as there was one with a one point $3,000,000. Yeah, but they needed a lot of work. I was one of the day because Ah, I was reading something about Elizabeth Warren and she went to UT Law School. I guess I wonder. Like where? Elizabeth Warren apartment in West campus Life. She must have. Right? How about a little roadside? Wanna live by us back in the day? Because Elizabeth Warren is senator from Massachusetts who is running for president. She's the front runner, right? I didn't even want to know my father. And I don't hurt her. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie and Biden and her like a thief. But I think Biden's got it. You think You think I'm currently Yeah. I think it's I think it's just name recognition right now, but like they're 24 fucking candidate. I think that's what it is. I think it's just people who he is. I think rare. He needs to come back and run for he should state think it's People keep asking Why not? People keep asking. I've been asked several times. I hear around us like the people that we work with, like Oh, you know, you know who is your favorite? No person that's running for president. It doesn't fucking matter. Yeah, like living in Texas. It doesn't matter like these. You have no say in it. Here's like Bill, pick someone by the time like we get to vote on anything, if it gets hard to decide, it's already done. But I don't have that attitude that we did anything around here. It's true, it's yeah, but you can't think that way. Only I stopped What I was saying. The only reason to have a perfect is if you want to donate money to a political campaign. Yeah, and this is the time where you could theoretically make a difference or promote, like, two socially like, yeah, right. But we are vote like at that point for the Democratic candidate, it will be like mostly decided that I I wouldn't I mean, I would honestly right now, if you're if you're gonna vote for the Democratic candidate or you're interested and I would just wait for the debate so they can winnow out all the 24 candidates. Ridiculous. You don't donate money to the wrong person. If that's your thing like that. Thin the herd a little bit before. And so the actual candidates they're going toe that are going to get past their their name recognition bump or whatever. Sisi, who's left six most whenever you want and what he watched last week tonight, not religiously, that last night they had, ah, what segment where they talked about, like Who's going to be the next prime minister of the UK and like what that process is like? And I guess there's like they talked about like nine different candidates. It's like wins the election. I don't know when they selected, I think, to be in a couple of I think Theresa May. Her last day was officially last Friday, but I think she's staying on through the transition until they select. A new prime minister is going to Boris Johnson. He's currently the front runner, but yeah, they they just talk about how weird is that they highlighted like one of the guys who whose whole campaign things seems to be going around on Twitter and making video, saying that so and so place. I'll be here for the next few hours. If you want to come talk, look going around, trying to talk to as many people as possible. Speaking of news are kind of a new show. We haven't. We've new show we owe but a great cigarette. Chris, I did it actually news. That was really good. Thank you, Thank you. Yeah. First, anyone's clap for me in the park for the first time you don't he'll hear it. Not sarcastic. Clapping way. We have a new show premiering on Friday on Roost. Ethan Saturday on YouTube. I'm so excited for the show. Oh my God, it's so funny called Get fact. You got to see the name. Get back, Chris. You don't know what to look for its It's like a like a a comedy new show. It's not like super political or topical. It's more like nonsensical investigating news topics that don't need to be investigated. So like like we have an episode about children and are they replacing us like Are they coming for us? It's just like a deep dive into children. And what are they? So it's like 48 hours or 60 minutes like hard hitting, hard hitting. Yeah, I like it. There's also been some questions about Artie shorts and stuff like that, and people think that this is a replacement for you. It's not like we're just taking a short break, Tio. Do some writing and filming for shorts and stuff like that, and this is going to air during that time. So you're constantly going tohave. Yeah, we're shooting a short on Thursday. We argue a lot of them are still happening. Yeah, a lot of that get fact stuff was so fucking funny. They're like, I would stand your you know, where your film, some of it over here. And I would just stand here in the dark like trying to stifle my laughter. Don't want filming stuff, spoil anything. But there was something that Gus was in for one of the segments where he would have to be outside in a costume on. And it was like the coldest day of the year. If you had, like, these tiny little like gloves on. I was so fucking miserable. Just like I came up to you guys because I was filming something with you guys to Gus, just like I'm so fucking cold. It was literally the cold. It had been, like, 80 degrees the day before. And then it was the coldest day of the year. The next thing that shooting and all sudden we're almost done were, like, five minutes from finishing. And then a group of kids started playing outside at a playground next to weird weight to move like, two blocks away, we have to find out a place to move to. So everyone had to be walking around. Yeah, I was dressed in that stupid ass costume trying to find a place for us to finish before people start getting on us for, like, old Texas. How cool could it be? It's like it's cold for the time of year. It wass, but also for what? You were wearing it. Like it wasn't even real close. It was like a costume. So, like, on that level, yes. You would have been freezing anywhere else. You would've been fine. Yeah, and I would've been fine here if whatever, I would have normally warned to the office if I've been standing outside of been fine, it's just like wearing that costume is super thin. And you're at those gloves were like a fucking joke. Yeah. Yeah. And then I think started raining briefly. Oh, yeah, it was raining too. So I was like cold, wet rain. Wait. You're probably going to bring your clothes Can wait. Night talk show way. Do clips on off topic all the time. Wear clips every episode. You got that clip ready? Really beautiful. Being footage you asked for. Nudes were sending news and every minute news breaks. That's why we kept the receipt. You need a new steam you can here bringing you stories you didn't ask for. And no one else has the experience, the ignorance or the inaccuracy. If no news is good news, then prepare yourself for a great day. Trust is earned, but that's a lot of hard work. Get back. You see the costume? I was in a very briefly way. Put it on Twitter too. If you wantto skim through it slowly. Yeah, there's another problem coming out on Twitter today. I think there I'm also not going to spoil this one. There's an episode that you guys filmed where you had Ah, lot of makeup done, Teo God. Oh, yes, there's a clip of it on that where I didn't know that you guys were filming that day. And then I was in the office and you still had it on. And I think I legitimately had a jump scare reaction when I saw Chris really was like, Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you? I still have those teeth that I sometimes put on without telling people and just like working at my desk and people come up and I smiled. God, it's so unsettling. Think Yeah, it was. It's coming up this weekend, and I think that that actually somebody actually ah made a reference to one time that one on his birthday parties. I was talking to you tomorrow. I don't remember this and it's an interesting segue way because there's something I wanted to do anyway. But I asked you what you do. It received in your life was like Mr C. What do you know? I don't know. And you were like frozen. I mean, I do lots of stuff was like Name one thing. You're like Ah, and I had the But I was so entertained by I have to tell that story. But I wondered like wood because I don't work with the all You'll have the bungalow and that. A whole new thing. What? What like what did you do today, Gus? I was wonder that, like what? From 10. Am there, nine AM Whatever. You came in the Monday Monday's air weird for me because I spent a lot of time trying to read news and organize stuff in order to get ready for the podcast here today. Though the first thing I do is I had a meeting Ah, this morning with someone to take care of some administration stuff out there, Then I look back on it. I think I spent the rest of the That seems like such a fake meeting someone to take care of the ministry way were talking about earlier. Catch it. Then we have the all hands here. Yeah, How is that? So then I had a fine. Then I had another meeting about the podcast on then it's more research and reading there when I'm here. How about you, Chris? We'll put you on the spot. I tries to second to give you time. Thiss morning. I was like prepping that chauffeur like Post. We had our fact way had our editor who had been, like, editing the whole show. He his last day was today, So we had to transition to meal. Who's editing? Finishing it up so is like getting him up speed getting doing, you know? Yeah, Neal's the one who's been doing all the editing on the shorts. Killing it feels good. He's toward for achievement. Yeah, and so I was just kidding. We're going through stuff, getting graphics stuff. Then we did a twitch stream which were streaming on twitch a lot. Now, at every Monday, me and Blaine and John have been streaming from, like, 12 to do. Did that and then it all hands for on DH. Then I was like, Don't Maur post stuff got a It's a couple other projects kind of development that I was like doing edits on that kind of playing with and working on. And then this podcast five. I mean, definitely no such thing as a typical day for any of us. I think it changes as I'm sure you guys understand what's up. No such thing as a typical day. No, not at all. That's why I'm just genuinely curious about, like, how you all feel your days because like my day is different every day. Yeah, like that. What the day I had today will be very different from the day I have tomorrow. Yeah, I feel like it's either meetings or filming or a combination of both. Like you know, those two from being in, like a more kind of, like, administrative kind of role. Well, like managing managerial are exactly It's just like so many goddamn meetings about everything all the time. Well, I from I put Trevor in the role to take those meetings away so I don't have to do the most much anymore. But I have just as many meetings, but they're like meetings that I have want tohave. Now, suppose the meetings that I have to have just as nice, I think for me Mondays of the most consistent dates I know like the four o'clock, you know, even though we started justified but four o'clock going to be sitting here like I try to get everything lined up ready That way, when I sit down afore Thursdays and Fridays are probably my favorite days that Richie's because Thursday's our Film Day. That's when we film our shorts on. Then Friday we have, like a group scrum where we, like, go over the week and like what we want to do next week like that. Different things were working on and writing and whatnot, But then front. It kind of feels like a nothing day after that, because people are like the chutes done. It's like you can't really accomplish much else that week, so it feels almost like a more relaxed day. I feel weird because sometimes, like people in that office will hang out kind of in front of my door and the light will talk out there, and I feel like an asshole when I have to close my doors. Sometimes it's loud. Well, he say that I'm literally right next to where they stream and I'm right next to the kitchen. Yeah, so I'm like, I always close that I closed under all that all the time. Yeah, because you're usually writing and stuff like that, too. So it's like this. No, no. There's no good place to really be where you don't have people talking, right? No. I think we get anywhere from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. And Rusty's is nice and quiet. Nine. I mean, yeah, no one comes in before 10. Correct. I'm even nine was too late. Jeremy and I run by nine everyday. I love coming in at, like, nine or something, cause it's like it's a quiet. I'm normally alone in the bungalow or in the other office. Come over and hang out with you In the mornings before everybody gets in, we can have Gus and just I'm I'm drinking coffee and answering e mail. That's why I drink some coffee today. A zoo part of my day. The first thing I did today was we have We're doing a I never know what you're not allowed to talk about what you are, you know, like think about it. We're doing like, a coffee thing. Hundreds doing a coffee thing. And so I got to go and, like taste test coffee and talked to a guy about coffee for, like, two hours. I'm pretty cool talking also, and film it like a whole documentary. I made the best cup of coffee I've ever made today. How did you do? Really? Yeah. I made a lavender lot with a little the person with the one for me one time I did. Though The one I had today was perfected. It was a little too strong and loving, I think the one you got me. So I think you're perfect. How do you How do you do that? Well, I use that that that fancy coffee machine that Bernie had got, You know, the one? Yeah. Do that. So you used an espresso and you make the best cup of coffee of your life. Yeah. Yeah, a lot. A lot. A lot s. So it's like you steam the 1,000,000 made it, Steve. Well, someone has to operate the machines. His combination e I steam the milk, I add some lavender syrup, and then I want that breast does. But I got the perfect and hundreds of lavender, the coffee part espresso, espresso. He was saying Expresso. I know. I I feel like that's the most common fuck up that people to you. So many people say Expresso Express. Oh, yeah. It's cool. It's like it sounds more exciting than espresso. I can't say expresso yourself. Yeah. Are you excited about the three? I think I'm I forgot that it was even happening. I want I came into work today and everybody was like, What about all the press conferences? And was like, Hey, lo, what? I had completely slipped my mind. I watched all of them. I think I missed actually Mr P. C. Conference, because I had that meeting in the afternoon, so I couldn't No, it's a Vince. So under my radar, I think it's been good so far. Yeah, yeah, I think 2020 2020 is when the project Scarlett comes out. That's the new Xbox. That's it's not a new It's not like an X or an s. It's a whole new console next referred to as the Next generation next Generation. So it's like, Is there going to be us five then? Yeah, they were. And and Sonny's already released technical specs. For what? That would be a swell. I don't think I've seen anybody. Oh, the Internet react to anything as crazy as they did with Chiana Reeves popping up. Yeah, that was like insane reaction. But what was just counter real people in the video having like a moment like he's really he's always he's had a perpetual more so than normal. I think it's because maybe John work and I don't know enough about E three like I haven't seen enough of the press conferences and events that they have. But is it very not typical for a really like actor celebrity to be shown? We'll have? Um, yeah, there was a big deal in Norman Reedus did the PT stuff or death standing. Well, I know John. What's his name? Jon Bernthal in The Baron's Aaliyah. Today, I just It just seems to fit it kind of seems like a yeah for that. He's like John Wick. He's also I got that Netflix. We would always be my Maybe he's in, he said. Yeah, he said, he's not because that star, he's got a couple of scenes, but he's really good. He's think my favorite part of that movie. But I think like I was trying to think about it last night or this morning, it's like I think his moment is popular right now there and hear me out and it's gonna sound weird. I think this is all. Springboard it off of the sad Chiana I was. I was wondering if I was like, What is mean? How does that affect someone's popularity? Is I think your counter is always big, right? He had The Matrix and he's had a really great career. Billy had a huge career in the eighties, is I think that, you know, there was a period of time where either by choice or whatever, like he wasn't And he wasn't as high profile as he is now in. Would you think that kind of time? That's like when the sad Chiana was was like Post Matrix pre John Wick. I would agree, and I think that's when sad Quiano hit. And I think that kind of like brought him back into. I think the thing that helped him have longevity in his career, aside from being a good actor who's made smart choices with his rolls, is that he fucking looks 30 years old, still, like he's had a awesome genetics, you know, that is in his fifties was younger that he'll show he looks Chris's age. Yeah, he's, like, really, for the 35 36 30 to 30. Young Hee's Ken Reeves. We learned for when we hired you. Sent 55 this summer. When did I first met you? You really 15 or 16 years and I know I met Gus when I was 15 years. Was the first time we met Was Ari Bto are probably I thought I knew you before. Then we'll know that, Zach. Just like we knew each other, like in person on enough. Maybe the best Turn 30. That's crazy. Yeah, so I've known you guys for half my life. Officially, it's a lot. Yes, it's. I feel like there's a weird thing, Tio. There's people who, when they grow up and like they there's like a thing where some people get super old super fast. And there's some people who are just like they just maintain like like in terms of the way they look and also their lifestyle. I think lifestyle also has to do with the way people look. Yeah, there are three people that fit that category to me that I always think about counter Reeves is the 1st 1 The 2nd 1 is Robert Downey Jr. E. I mean granted. He's starting to show his age now, but he looks really young for a really long time. And the other one is Paul. Run that scar round. I was gonna bring that up. Scar Rambo and chat was talking about Paul, right? Alright. Is 80 was born in 80 1912. He is so young. Look, the one that gets me And I know he like he's clearly old and looks old. But not this Aled is William Shatner chatters old. Do you think he is Sadie's? Yeah, I know. He's really a six. I want approaching 90. That guy I thought he was, like, early seventies blocked me on Twitter. Yeah, he did. Why? Don't like it fucking even my fault. Ah, let me read this in a little. 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Oh, Crawford's sitting Crawford. Sonny Crockett was amazing Girls for six. She's always six people was, like for real. Very good. So I went. I did a panel at the 86 television festival a few years ago on on the panel with me, where some riders for like, some TV shows and like some actors and stuff, and we got to the point where we were talking about social media usage, and one of the actors commented on how there's he forget how you phrased it. But he said something like, There's always some. There's always like a bigger actor out there who will sometimes look at a smaller actor online and then focus like hate. At them were social media outlets on then the person sitting next to that actor said, Oh, I've had that, too. And the person sitting next to me, who was a writer for the show runner for Bones, said, Oh, you're talking about William Shatner, aren't you? What, On the over? Yeah, we are. And they're all like, Yeah, they're like, all sharing Dick This horrible William Shatner stories were like William Shatner, just like just start separating them on Twitter on social media. And then one of them was like, Yeah, I blocked him on Twitter. Then he found my Facebook page. It started sending me messages on Facebook like berating me. I was like Like I don't I don't have anyone Shatner story So it seemed like, Well, it's like, Well, I'm glad I'm not. You guys were never noticed me. So then one of them looks at the audience because everyone tweet it. William Shatner right now and tell him that he should just send a message. Teo say Roland was like, No, no, no, don't don't. It's okay, it's fine. And that I'm sure. And of course, some people did. And then the next day we're Shatner tweeted at all of us and was like, I don't think I didn't hear that about what you were saying about me, and then you blocked. That was That's so funny. Why does he give a shit about Don't know anything? It wasn't my fault. I was just sitting there. That such a weird thing to be focused on it. Why do they care about yeah, people's opinions, like people? He doesn't know his opinions of them. Like in terms of Don't think I didn't hear what you are. William Shatner has eyes everywhere. Oh my God, you are blocked. That's why. Why he's something like someone like William Shatner. I don't know why he would care about that stuff like he's so fame. Amos, I think Shatner has only get blocked here, but based on my history with the Howard Stern Show, where shatters on all the time. But then so are other people from Star Trek, obviously. Ah, what's his face? George Takei is a big part of the Stern show, so they talk about shatter a lot. I think he has kind of like, famously thin skin. Really? Yeah. Well, Shatner, if you're listening to press, I respect you. Don't don't even hold mention him. My parents get Teo school. I read every tech war. Yeah, so that was knows it. I listen to your spoken word album in high school. I saw you. I told you guys, that story of Christopher Lloyd when I met him for the first time, I think you did. How it was me and Aaron Zak, we're at supernova. You guys have gotten before and on that trip. What they do is for all the guest that they have at the con. They put them all the same hotel and they shuttle them on a bus to the convention. So I'm kind of like, essentially, It's like a big summer camp for all these special guests over there. And Christopher Lloyd was one of the guests that was going to be its Khan and me. Personally, I don't really care about getting photos, celebrities, or meeting them or whatever avoided at all costs. Me, Teo. But my younger brother is like a huge back to the future fan. And I was like, he's going to be here like I could just, like, ask for a quick snapping like senate to mail a brother. I think he would think that was cool. S o. We're all waiting in the hotel lobby to get picked up. Everyone's kind of hanging out, just chatting. And he's with two people. I think one of the people is like his agent in someone else's. Maybe a handler of some sort for him. And I go up to him and I go, Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, but my younger brother is like a huge fan of back to the future, and I was wondering if I could just grab a quick photo with you and he, like, kind of stands there looking at me and the people whose with are also looking at me. And then they look back to him and back to me, and I'm just like, awkwardly standing there. It feels like this is five minutes, and then he looks, too, I guess, agent, and he goes, uh, maybe later. And I just go come and see a problem. You Sorry about you. Like I wanted Teo kill myself. It was horrible. And so we were just at a convention a couple weeks ago where he was going to be a special guest there, and I was just like avoiding eye contact with him at all costs. I know he doesn't remember that moment, but I do. And I was like, I don't want to do that again. I'm just going to avoid him and not talk to him even if he's nice, like I just And that is why I will never I mean, mine is because of the Charles Barkley story, but that I've told 1,000,000 times. But that's why I would never do it. Because now any time you see Christopher Lloyd in a movie, you're going to be like and like, I don't look like you can't really see him in a movie. I don't think anything less of him. I think he was just maybe in a confusing position because he didn't know. We were also guessed that the condom, maybe he thought, like, because he's doing photo ops of the convention and people pay for those. And it's like this awkward thing that his agent would be mad about, so I don't think he's an asshole. It was just embarrassing. That's it. Yeah, that's rough. Got turned down. Oh, earlier, a bunch people were asking, Ah, the my shirt, people asking about me. Sure is a Jeff shirt is coming out this summer part of the summer stuff. So just I like it a lot. Look for it on the store, actually. Thank you. Yeah. I didn't realize this season that Tilly down the roll the clip that I saw I'm always amazed. I feel like sometimes, you know, I sit down and think about the technology we have are the things that we used sometimes like, if you think about is like, wow, we live in the future like from when I was a little kid. Like we have some of this cool stuff you could talk to you on your doorbell ringing doorbells. But I saw something the other day on YouTube that really made me feel like that. Looks like that's the future Where it was this device Panasonic made where you can sit down and it's a mere right and it's a mere that's intend, like a vanity so you could put make up on right. But this mere looks at your face and it scans your face chase and detects whatever it takes. Imperfections, quote unquote on your face. And then what it does is after scanning your face, it prints out a custom little piece of makeup that you can apply to your face. So it's like if you want to cover blemishes or birthmarks, right, it's like you don't have to apply the makeup yourself. It prints out a fake face you can put over your face. What, like if you want to put all your makeup on at once like like the fucking Simpsons makeup gun. Yeah, So what? Fuck what? How does it know what color your face is like? Because it gives it. But like, there's like, white balance and like all the it's like a mask you put on you see, she's applying it right there like you just put water on it and then, like, almost like a temporary tattoo, you right? And it covers up like she had freckles and she didn't want them anymore. So she covered him up with this thing. That pretty new face, pretty part of a face, like like eyeliner and stuff like that. I don't think it's that complicated. Yes, Again. Well, like that guy wanted that covered up, so he got, like, something printed out. Oh my God, and covered it up and I looked at that. It's like that seems like something like you would see, like in a scifi movie. Of course, some of you know someone wakes up in my like, Oh, shit, I'm late for work, you know, going to print my face. And I think, Well, you don't have a bunch printed. You could be in the car and just be like, Yeah, Damn, that is weird. What I'm like, I'm looking at it now. This was posted on this this channel back in March. This video has 4,000 views. That's it. But 43 100 views. Do you Do you have a moment you think of like we're living in the future moment when you like, outside of that, that you like to go to because there's one that you and I have, or that I have with you that you may not realize, which is when we start the fucking serial experiments like thing. It's a full. It's an iPhone or an iPad or an iPad mini. And you and I used to talk about like, can you imagine living in a world someday where we can walk around and look at the Internet and talk on the phone and play video games and do all of the things that she does always and always be connected. Just walking around Tokyo like like that We were so close to that. We had no idea we were like, six years away. I was what I was thinking about serial experiments, Lane Bryant said We had a very deep cut coming out saying about that. I was at a coffee shop the other day. I was walking out and I was looking at the power lines, Remember? Yeah, it was like the power lines in Austin. I was like, Oh, yeah, I remember, like how much? That was, like, part of the theme of the show and like seeing all of that stuff. And I don't watch that show it just came out on DVD. What was that like, two thousand one? I hadn't washed animations. I lived with you. Yeah, it's been a long that Power lines. The if you test them to get shocked, are they like if you're grounded, if you're around so they anything could just like there's active electricity thatyou, could someone could fucking ah, bird hits it. Do they get shot? No, because you're grounded. I saw a video of someone with some balloons. A big thing of balloons that hits the power lines and they blow up because they were hitting multiple lines. Oh, so they the balloon's read between the lines. So it like the charge jump between life. I saw that, too, And they released all those mylar balloons in apartment. And it was a way that I e I bet all those cars Milton I saw that. And I was like, All right, so how is that not happening all the time? Okay, so that makes sense. Yeah. When you guys were saying the new season of Love Island started do you mean the US love honor? The British love Brescialat is the on ly love island. Well, I haven't seen that. You know, the Australian Love Island is better in the British, but you just can't watch it in America. It's impossible. I have been watching the UK like Caleb was amazing. I've seen that all four seasons. I need, I think, really seen every episode of all four seasons. I watched one randomly, just needed something dumb toe like mindless. What a nice turn on season three of it, and I like I've been watching through it for a good hour long episodes. There's 50 of them, So here's what you can approach. Tip If you're interested in Love Island, but you don't need to get that granular with it. But you just want to get, like, the broad strokes every seventh day they have a recap episode. I get those and so yeah, well, the recap episodes Khun be interesting because they have the unseen footage and stuff. But if you could also just watch the recap episode and skip the other six and watch a season in like six hours, what did you have? Violent Love Island is a show that started in the UK There's also one in Australia. They're bringing it to America. Ah, where it's all those shows where it's a reality show, where the audience gets to vote on the people in the show, and so they do like live voting. But they take like six sexy single girls and six sexy single guys, and they're always in bikinis, and then the entirety of they go toe like a cast, like a castle, like a mansion on the villa Villa it like the Caribbean somewhere. Or like the south of France or somewhere. And they have to. They're tasked with falling in love and finding their love match, and they parked a couple up. Actually, the way they do it is quite brilliant and disgusting but super fascinating to watch. It's very disgusting. It all states from season to season, but, like the first episode is literally like six dudes will stand in front of the pool and they'll parade a woman out and they'll put her, like in the shower in the pool. Now go. This is Meghan. Does anyone want? If you want a date, Meghan step for. If you are interested in the condition, Meghan step forward and, like four dudes will step forward. The one I want you first and they don't reverse from season. Sometimes it'll be the men, sometimes to be the women on DH. Then on then that's how they couple up. But sometimes six people will step forward because the guys really hot or there goes really hot or nobody will step forward. Just fucking stand there. Well, nobody wants to date him, and then whoever's left over has the data and then they're coupled up and they go through like, just like a reality show. They have to do like couples challenges, you know, where they have toa, like best sack races and shit as a couple. And there are a couple stuff. Yeah, like whatever dumb stuff they make you do. Like on a reality show like you kiss. It's like drink a bunch of cool and then spit it in your partner's mouth and they have to put it in a picture. Remember? Fills the air partner and hot dogs cover your party. Yeah, I like them just dumb shit, but on DH, then every couple days they'll have a couple ing ceremony and then America War. You can, however, votes on who their least favorite couple is. And those people have gone on at the end. The couple that survives to the end. I'm not including, by the way, bringing in I'm not even close to done. Yeah, because there is this. It's so complex. And so how do people voted? Isn't like whoever yourself. Yeah, but I mean, like, how did people elect criteria like, well, you, like, populated? Alright, like, but But it's because you're watching it like some people are strategic and they're like, Yeah, we're going to screw them over Whatever. And then the audience is like, I fucking hate that guy. He's a bad guy. She's a mean girl, whatever on DH. So the people are trying to, like, trick the other cast members but also endear themselves to the audience. So it's kind of multi layered. But then also, sometimes the show will just throw curveballs and vote people off. The show will vote people off to say, like you're gone or whatever, but they're also they'll just They'll go also, we have a surprise for you tonight. There are three new guys coming in, and two of them are going to stay. Figure out who the two they get to stay are. And then the Love Island people will get to pick who gets to stay and leave. And one episode at Washington Season two or three. They brought in like 10 new guy, 10 new people, and they're like Then there is an entirely new people to different villas. With that, yeah had all the every billows and they re combine them, but so that it starts with 12 people. By the end of 50 episodes, there might have been 30 to 40 people who have cycled through. Yeah, and it's really interesting. And it's what one of these it's really interesting, is all those new people very rarely get to stay. The people that are like the original 12 are really windows down to like the like, a seven or eight Pretty quickly, those people form a pact, and they just don't let anybody else in, which is smart. Yeah, it is smart, but it's interesting. And so, like, the people get hotter each week, and they'd have to find a reason not to like them or to conceal, not like them, so they can stay because it becomes less about winning and more just like being on the show as long as possible to favorite things about the show won is that unlike other reality shows similar, like The Bachelor, where there's like a camera crew and whatever, they have cameras just placed everywhere and they're costly wearing these like lovely or microphones. Yeah, they live like logs because their bikinis air like, Yeah, but you never see camera cars because it's just like they're constantly being filmed everywhere, even in their bedrooms. It's like very invasive and they fuck a lot and they fight a lot and they encourage, like all reality shows, they just shovel alcohol down the throats of all day and all night long. And and it's insane. Watching the UK version, I've never realized how badly I understand certain UK accents. You're just watching you. Like or oh, yeah, this this broad comes and she's rotten thing. Yeah, you know, I'm thinking I'm going Don't my girl, folks, She's right fit. Yeah, get some of some of the year people in there. It's like it could be really hard to fucking understand what they're saying in so fast. Yeah, but subject. But so there's one in Australia. I like the one in Australia better because the people are even hotter and dumber in Australia. But there's one that just started in the US There's also I'm deep on reality TV. If you like Love Island tempted newseason Temptation Island withstand passed Paradise Island appeared. This hotel is going on right now. I just started that that's a really good one of only three episodes and you're speaking my language. Yes, I love. Like I recognize that the show's air so bad. But they're so perfectly mindless and entertaining in that way, it is the only way I can turn my brain off work. Yeah, I like Vanderpump rules, which I watch really contact about being on a reality show on time. Oh, no. I was thinking about one that Aaron and Blaine got. What? Making data? Did you really make it afraid or something? I don't know. I don't know. Wherever it was some naked romance reality. So why didn't you do it? I started filling out the application. It was a long time ago. It was like we were 636 And then I started filling out the application. But it was like there was too many light restriction dating naked dating. Make it my. That was just like I think, a friend someone I had gone to college with was working in there. Casting agency was like, Hey, so and so said referred to you as a as a good naked data or something. I don't know. Years ago when we were still in the beautiful apartment number Naked news Yes, I remember you wanted desperately to be on. They contacted us and they wanted to do a new story about Mister to sneaking watching that show because I was way too young to be watching that show just like scandalous. They wanted to do a story about Rooster teeth, and I said The only way we would do it is if I got to be naked, you wouldn't do it. They wouldn't fucking come. They wouldn t o was seen or heard of the show called I Believe is called Naked Attraction. Yeah, Education. That's just phenomenal when you trapped in the in Europe or in the UK, and you're just like flipping through channels and all of a sudden it's like there are dicks, dude, and lots and lots of dead you can see like inner flap. Yeah, it's crazy, but Jesus, you do you know what the show is that the restaurant would enter? Flap was No. I don't barbecue, but maybe you could explain it better than me. But it's it isn't saying, Okay, I'm going to try to explain it simply as possible. Basically, there's one person. It's either a guy or a girl who's like the contestant, and they have 20 year. 30 26 people. Six people. It's six people. That's way more than that. I've only ever seen it. Six is like the six booths that raise up from the bottom. Oh, I've seen it being like 35 months. We have a list of the six where I don't think you see the person's face. You just see their literal, entire naked body. 00 I think you showed me a clip of this. It's just, yeah, you just see their faces. You have to, like, decided we're gonna date them and you don't you don't think the opposite. Yeah, but you literally it's like it'll be a guy going well, I do like big boobs on the boom man. Jose look like double D's, but they're very malformed, and this goes. She's a B Cup, but it's a very perky B. And I go and they're just having, like, a very, like, nonchalant, like they're picking a piece of meat at the butcher. Yeah, simply Or like a girl being like, Yeah, I like prefer circumcised guys. And he's also a little drinking a little. He's got a big dick, but it's with this colored I don't know, and then eventually they narrow it down each as it goes up there, like out of all the knees. Which need Do you like the least only goes Grozny also, they slowly you don't go over there and then you pick somebody and then they come out naked. And then that person has the den disrobe and come out naked so they can meet each other naked and they go on a date. Clothes. It's just It's so weird. It's weird, but but it kind of demystifies nudity is getting more European. Yeah, it's like what I thought and I was like, Oh, cool, beat off material. It's totally not. It's not in the least I can imagine beating off that show, but it's ah, I mean, I'm 43. I can't imagine beating off anyway, but it's, Ah, stuff works anymore, but it's after the end of it all opinions, but it's just like it's really interesting, like just how matter of fact they are. And in Arizona, like prime time in the UK like simile could watch completely uncensored, you'll see every bit of a human's body. Have you ever seen screen of semen humans about whoever seen embarrassing bodies? Yes, no everyday. Everyday I shower every day. It's like a story where or not start, It's Ah, it's a British show where people have, like, something strange about their body and they want to talk to a doctor about it. They can, and you get to see it like weird growths or whatever. It's like some weird conditions. Yeah, I've got this thing in my butthole. I don't know what it is. Okay, let's look. I think it's like they get free health care for or like, treatment of it. It's going to be on the show already. Have any chest, obviously, but it's like this is like they could see like a private doctor like that. You know something? That's right. Get it taken care of immediately. Do people still like jerk off to stuff? That's not just porn. So you want early? We want to run a pull. A mentor. I'm sure people have jacked off to this table. Let me let me read this before we get that pull up because we're going to go. We're about to go down a rabbit hole when I want to bring this up. So they received podcast is also brought to you by hello Fresh. You ever have recipe rut cooking the same meal? Stay after day. You know there are a ton of options out there, but where do you start? Hella Fresh is a meal delivery kid service that shops plans and deliver step by step recipes and promotion ingredients so you can cook, eat and enjoy. You get seasonal simple recipes. Promotion ingredients delivered right to your door every week with hella Fresh cooking is enjoyable and easy. 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So people will be all still jerk off the stuff that isn't straight porn. What? No, no, no, no, no. And I say straight, but I mean, like, I mean, just like porn People have sex. Yeah, that's not just porn as opposed, like Oh, wow. Like, because when I was a kid before, like, the Internet got us fast and like I jerked off to everything I would check off to the Fuzzy Channel on HBO. It was porn, but it was fuzzy like that. I would jerk off Teo the Howard Stern Show when they bring out. You know how Howard, It's Howard's Channel nine show or girls gone wild infomercials. I would Oh, yeah. Wait for those commercials and b I gotta go. I gotta go. Where you like dancing the whole time? What commercial? Look going on and then? Or I mean magazines. Like what? Ah, what does Cousin of Poulton in Paul's? The one where they talked about, like different. Yeah. Any magazine would like girls in their underwear. Sears catalog teo slash play If you're watching a live, I got one I used to jerk off the Harlequin romance novels. What's with Harlequin Romance? Bubble? What? What is that? You don't let a Harlequin romance novelist Oh yeah, I think Harlequins just like the brand or the company that produces. And then it's like romance novels. It's always like Fabio on the cover like you like You used to open it up, find of sex Page and just read three pages to Billy. I could be after this weird ai Did you read? 50 shades of grey, Jim. And now I have a ready Chris, you're talking. I'm going to exclude Barber from this, but you're talking to two dudes were older, old enough to have been jerking off before the Internet existed. We would know you were there again. More broader, Like like Okay, I'm trying that last time I like church office, something that wasn't poor. I literally got up. I saw, like, someone's like cleavage the other day, and I, like, got me going. Yeah, well, they could happen. Like I think I was watching on HBO show like an older HBO show. And there was, like, Marissa e definitely master that. But every sex, it was like an older HBO show. I think it was Game of thrones know Pacific, and there was, like, a hot kind of sexy. You jerked off watching the Pacific. There was a news. There was a nude scene. Do you don't think Well, there was a sex scene, Okay, wasn't I know there's a sexy and I was like, Well, that's kind of hot. And then I was like, I didn't jerk off to that scene, but it inspired me to go. You want to point out this pole is a lot more one sided than I expected to do. We're looking at, like 250 people voting. Yes, they jerk off the stuff That isn't just porn. That's insane. Well, whatever gets you off, go for it. If you wanted, like real d, this is I think this is too old for you. Because on the little of the new Year, But I'm older, older than you. Do you remember? Dream on or first and 10 Do remember Dream on, Isis jerk off the dream only first Because dream on had headed every episode. There were tents in every single episode. There was only one set, All right, It was HBO. It was Martin and his friend. And every episode some girl got naked and I jerked off to that And then also first and 10 because there was always nudity. And I didn't have each bill when dream on was on the air. But a friend of mine did. So whenever we had sleepovers, I would always want to watch Dream on butts like you can't jerk off when you stuck your friend in the same room Like a question for you guys. Do you need to see both tits in order to get riled up or like is just wanted And I couldn't think about them. And before that Like it like it is hanging out. I'm OK with one. Yeah. You know what the other it's you can almost like. You can figure out what the other one looks like. Roughly. You're like, Yeah, probably. But later that period of time, when every time we left the office you would see homeless lady boobs. Remember the That's what guys jacked up. So we're doing with the pole where it's obvious, even from people jerking off. I did, Yeah. I mean, yeah, it's still barely. I mean a, you know, sexually wired most of time. So it's like anything you see that we like to remind you of something. It's like, Yeah, I know. Even if it's one boob, even if it's one Teo boot tip of a Penis getting just a much tip Do you think you could? You think you could get aroused from Just like here's the thing like like just a Penis doesn't arouse me. No, Like, just know. Does it need to be erect this placid work? No flesh that doesn't work was like it's not an attractive look. No, but also just like penises. In general, all the world, like the idea of someone is sending me a dick pic is like that. There's nothing less appealing to me like I would rather I would much rather look at a naked woman that I'm in a naked man most of the time. So it's more of just like being with someone that gets we're going in terms of, like, visual. Unless about the dicks, they're just not pretty. I do that my own. I won't argue that for him. Yeah, that's kind of a bummer. Yeah. Speaking of dicks, did you see that Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise. What Eyes? He's serious. He tweeted that he Well, I mean, I could find the specific tweet, but that he wants to fight Tom Cruise like you. Okay. I found the tweet from Justin Bieber. I wanted challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the Octagon. Tom, if you don't take this fight, you're scared, and you will never live it down. Who's willing to put on the fight? He used the wrong your, by the way. Yeah, he did. Milly, you're a believer. What's going on there? 106,000,000 followers think tag down. What is the way? What is the Octagon like fighting, You see? Yeah. Yeah, he just wanted Why did he single Tom Cruise? I don't know what Tom Cruise would fuck him up Tom Tom because the little guys got slow center of gravity and he's all muscle. And like I was, yeah, and I was saying before we started this or maybe earlier I don't want to fuck with, like an older gentleman who's got dad muscles who's still in shape in his fifties. Those air, the strongest dudes on earth. Dad. Mark Consuelo. Sort of like one of those guys do. Don't mess with them. Yeah, they'll get you plenty special. Special Scientology. That would be powers. That would be He's gonna go clear all over his ass. Fight the entire world would watch because it spent so many generations. That doesn't make you think. I wanna move over aside. And it's like it's like from the eighty's, too. Now it's like everyone wants to see them fight. If you want to see Tom Cruise, I don't know. Doesn't want to see that. Incredible. I God, I hope that happens that would that would. It'll never happen, because in a way, Tom Cruise has no incentive to want to do that. There's, like 70 layers of management between that tweet and Tom Cruise before, like no, there's 15 people that would not let him do that. I had the chance to beat up Justin Bieber. I would take it brews and Canadian hatred there. Yeah, who has nothing to do with being Canadian? No, it has everything to do with Justin. Bieber has everything to do with being married to one of the most punishable faces of all time. I'm sorry If you like Justin Bieber. He's I need time to so ambivalent towards. I do something. There's a lot across care one way or the other. I have not. It's Ah, it's weird. He had that that roast on Comedy Central. It was a couple years ago. B bird. Yeah, just todo Remember? Yeah, it was like it seemed like I thought at the time that it was going to be like the start of a new part in his career. Maybe was like turning over a new leaf and laughing about what he did, but it didn't really seem to do that at all. That's a that reminds me because I love those roasts those fires club roast and then let turn in the Comedy Central roast. We're pretty good. There's a new show on Netflix. I don't know if you've seen it. That's historical roasts. Where? Jeff Ross and a bunch of them living together. I love Jeff Ross. Not very good. Did you watch it? I watched it. I love history stuff, too. And I was like, Oh, history and comedy. Totally my thing, But yeah, I was super video. Yeah, same. They were the first. I only watched the first episode, which was able Lincoln, and it was just like it wasn't as funny as you thought it would be. And they got period it up and they were costumes, and sometimes it invoices and stuff, and it just took you out of it. You just want to see funny jokes. Yeah. I wanted to, like a lot more than say, and I'm like, maybe I was like, Maybe it's just not the best episode, but was like, I'm right there with you. I'm gonna watch another one to see, but that for Yeah, it was really disappointing, because on paper it sounds amazing. Would you want someone to do the rest of you? I don't think anybody can roast me better than I could rest myself. Well, that makes you a good candidate for it? Yeah. I mean, feel Rose me all day long. I want you. I can insult me Way worse than anyone else can. I know where all this? I know all the skeletons are buried. I feel like we should talk about earlier. Got our Texas coming up in a couple of weeks for, like, a week, 24 days away. Yeah, it's so close. I have to do with the whole comedy special. And I haven't written yet. A stand, A better time to write it. You better get to work on it. I'm going on vacation next week and I was going to California. I was going to write all of their I'm pretty nervous because I was pretty far along this time last year. Hello? I gotta do five minutes. Last 12. But I had 12 minutes of stuff. I don't have anything because my girlfriend very correctly pointed out the other day. Ah, she was like, What do you What do you do for the stand up night? And I was like that. You know, I just do my thing and she goes, the thing you did last year when I go well, I've done it a few times. She goes at this event last year at the same event at the North Door for the kind of funny comedy you're going to be the exact same set again two years in a row, at the exact same place, the same audience. And I was like, I like it. That's a reason to come to our kicks a material by bringing bring her friends So it'll be a good because of Lower Third. We just had a big meeting about our techs just to go over some details, and it was like, very exciting that it's coming up so close. So it's also so still so weird to go to those meetings, having nothing to do with our sex anymore. Ah, it's been weird going back in and I'm not doing a lot, but still, just like being back in the Luke and, yeah, kind of knowing what's going on, that you're free. I was free, but I like this earlier dates. I like when we have it, like right up against Fourth of July and me, too. It's fun. Yes, it will be a good time. Still time to come down. It's not quite as hot as it is later in the summer, which is actually a big thing. And and it's It's only things where you like. You feel like you've spent all summer working towards it and you're stressed about it. Stressed about it. Then when our taxes over summer's over, you know, it feels like, Yeah, we'll still have a summer behind it, Like you said. Like I said, 24 days away. Oh, my God, it's crazy. So soon. Get your tickets now. Our checks event. Um all right. I think that's about it. Things should wrap this up. Thanks for having me on Are sorry it took so long. Gus had been invited me to the podcast for a little while, but I had to keep saying no for other work obligations. I'm glad we finally made it work. I am to at any time, any time you want me back. I know less is more with me, so thank you. All right, well, thanks for watching. Everybody will see you next time. Spit