#549 - The First Live Haircut in Podcast History

Join Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Blaine Gibson, and Gavin Free as they discuss raditation, toilet paper face, Chris's continued haircuts, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-549

Recorded: 2019-06-18 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:34:04 (5644.58 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free


    "giant booger"
    "toilet paper"
    "ploughman’s lunch"
    "undie run"
    "naked biking"
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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 549. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Theo Feet Podcast This week. Brought to You by Me, Andy's Squarespace and stamps dot com I'm good. I'm Gavin. I'm Blaine Grew. I'm Gus. We'll suffer their voice, and I was tryingto session. Now you doing a voice over there? Two years. Stop. It's a shadow, Blaine. He's got white crumbs. Probably come or something. What do you have on you, Chris? It might have been like I don't know what this is. You have a picky Looks like toilet paper. I don't know how I walked into the times when I blow my nose. Did you ever get toilet paper stuck in your like little beard? You don't have a beard right now. No face. Feel it. It gets having all time. See, I blow my nose and then it gets like, toilet paper caught in it. And then I, like, wipe it off and ends up looking a little. I think that's the grossest part about mustache is that people might not think about Bugis. Yeah, it's like when you blow your nose, You're really just filling your mustache with boogers. By the way, this thing happened to me the other day. I think I was just tired and filming a lot. I did a number two. It was ah, in average to what was done with it went toe wipe, got some toilet paper, and I wipe my eyes. But it was just like I've done. I've done with this proof, doing what we're doing. Just I just I hope that it was like, used first and thankfully hadn't got to where it counts must. But I was just like am I gonna use? That's tired. Yeah. Have you ever done that? Ah, there's one time where I remember I was like taking a pee. And then I kept rummaging in the bath mat because I thought I dropped a Jango Fett action figure and I was there for, like, three minutes, just like scratching at the carpet. That's not my feet. And I was like, Where's my jingle fed action figure? And then I woke up and I was like, What am I doing? It was a dream. It was like it was like a dream Where is like sleepwalking. So you're really that I was really there? Yeah. And then I, like, woke up. I was like, Why am I looking for you? I was gonna ask why you had a jingle for action figure with you while you were peeing. I don't know, but dream blamed Seemed toe. Yeah, dreams are so weird Fucking weird. You know, I feel like I mentioned the other day on the podcast, but I feel like I've been remembering my dreams less since I started using my CPAP. Ah, it's kind of a bummer for me. I really like to my dreams. I really have it. We're drilling better than your life. But they were like, who's there was, like, years ago on the podcast. Someone said they didn't like hearing dream stories because they're just stories that weren't a thing. Is that you and those you don't like hypothetical questions? Okay, I was reluctant to talk about my dreams in the podcast, cause I know you are. Bernie was like, I want to hear about your fucking dream. And that happened. I have had someone in my life who always talks about their dreams and sometimes if I'm not in the mood to listen to a dream I just had to be, like, Stop you right there. I don't care about Please tell me later because it will matter to me more. But right now I'm thinking about stuff in a dream is nothing. Well, it's interesting when someone tells you about the dream if you were in it. But if it's just a dream about stuff, then it's like Okay, yeah, because if there's something to be decipher from the dream that I'm all there is nothing ever to decipher from a dream dude, No, this should always You don't want the triangle fit figure mean in your dream. Star Wars. It's just literally decipher less random firings of your brain. Yes, you can find out you're stressed about something. Yeah. If you have dreams about if your shit like your teeth like melting, that's only stressed, however, have its like I start spitting out shards of my teeth. Yeah. Oh, have you? Have you ever had it had a dream one time where I had, like, earwax coming out of my ear and it just wouldn't stop coming out. I was like, What is going on in the classroom and everyone's looking at me and all this ear wax just stealing from my ear. And I was freaking out. I was like, This is the most embarrassing thing I've ever had in my life. I showed you that picture that your wax that came out of my ear during years in a circle production, right? No huge fucking club, like he was showing it. Everyone. He was like his new ally was baby like you. Look what happened over there. Look at this. It was like I was, like, very careful about showing to people I don't want to, but not that I would say, Hey, do you want to see something gross? And if they said yes, then I'd be like, Ah, so whose difference when we filmed? I've had big earwax like that, but more recently, you see mine when we were filming that spent a few years. But when we were filming that immersion on the race track out in Georgia for some reason, a lot of people got sick on that shoot. We are. A lot of us had colds and I had a terrible cold. And one morning before call time. I was taking my shot. I was like, I had turned the shower on your way to get in the shower. And I coughed up the biggest, most disgusting booger of my life. It was almost the size of the palm of my hand, and it was so gross. Like I had to take a photo of it. You would like to document it. And that's what I would show people like us see Something gross that I would show you. How did you cough that? Oh, was that blood and no, just normal. That look like a frog. Dude. Looks like a little frog sitting on the tip of your finger. Yeah, Yeah. Oh. Oh, It looks like a butt. So, Chris, wait. Doesn't look like a pet. The different colors in that looks like a dog sitting on your feet. Tonto tie a palette. It's like it's like, ordered him came out of your ear. Were you there when I felt the one the doctor took out of my year? Yeah. What is this one of you? The thing you coughed up. I started finding that sounds great. I love that you're someone to talk about. Well, I looked that up. What came out of you this week, Chris? Ah, lots. Said there was nothing out of the ordinary that it's just a standard. You know, I I shoved down in a balloon again. Oh, yeah? Well, I just do that every June. A giant balloon, June Jack Bollinger. What was the catch on this one? You are you allowed to talk about it? Smaller than I remember I died. That's that. That's that fucking Robin Williams movie. That's blubber. Whatever. Well, Father, it's fucking lover. Dude, that looks like a grape with raw way. Should introduce your booger to blaze. Here, here, froth. Wait. If you're in the shower While I was in your hand, I said I was getting ready to get the Charlotte just turned the show, like sneeze or cough your hand. I don't know, I was half asleep because in the I don't know what we don't have, you're gonna have your mama trash can question. Did you? How did you search for that? Did you? Well, I remember it was 2013 so I went back and we did that like in April. So I went back to their proper lie. He's favorite that he loves it. So I'll look for stuff by locations. I'll go the matter like the FBI, because I would've gone to Atlanta and then looked You'll be like, Oh, yeah, there's only 30 photos in Atlanta. I went to a long period of time through a long period time where locations were disabled on my phones, so I couldn't I can't do that. It's fairly recent because there was a long time where, ah, if you're posted photos to social Media, they wouldn't strip GPS data out. So? So I would just have my phone not attach any GPS data to be safe. We were just, uh, weird things come out of your body. No, we're just like photo's location tags are from gather. Good. Well, don't look at my screen. I can't Something of flubber coming out of his king Mutable and chat. Is that Is that the word show? Is that what is this chap? This is nothing to do with what we're talking about. This's what they're talking about. Is this just not life? I think that's a little scrolled up. Can we scroll down a man like you got a little delivery one from broadcast is like Send it to me. It's Eric or Dennis City, and they're just not That's just talking about Just try just on my shirt O r. So the booth can we show that what happened there is that there's a huh? Eric? Why you herrick, with your your frog? Should I sent about your lack search? Not happen, Eric. You will see what your wax to I God, don't show it. I shut it for you guys. That was private. Who is this Psalm? Bris and chatters, saying you could hold up to 1.5 ounces in your sinuses. That's cool. One point. It seems like a lot given By what? What is it? A warning shot. What's the worst place for stuff to come out off? Don't say your pee hole, Eric. Here you go. Oh, dude. Yeah, like a kidney stone. That's probably that's probably the worst. There's not really a lot of places. Stuff can come out. Maybe bellybutton know that their God has come out of your bellybutton, I guess. Your butt. So I'm supposed to come out here, you know. Where is my baby? That's that came out of my fucking ear splitting away. China's chat is not happy, not safer life. Everyone needs to just keep that shit in S o I Well, I had a huge chunk it. Dear God, I just like it was Arizona Circle production. And I was like, getting really fucking sick. Like, the week before I did shoot the street listening who was actually fortuitous timing. But I got like, an intel. You go super. Say, I was like, you were coming out everywhere that you had vomiting and vomiting. And I was barking like that when you miss the talking shit chute. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The 1st 1st time my life I vomited in food at the same time. If you If you know, if you get fact that the Australian one where you're you had the animal in the cage, you fill my child assortment. Thie Kate the child in the case. It was meant to be like an animal. Anyway, Blaine hit Blaine had came up for work just to shoot that and was horribly sick. Fucking ghosts. Um, but yeah, So I was just getting sick and, like, everything has come out of my body. And then like Yeah, I remember my one of my ears, I thought was that I was infected or something because I couldn't hear out of it. So then, like, I had this little plunger thing that I would just spray hot water into my ear, like every day and like for three or four days, don't do this. Then eventually, it was just like a fucking like avalanche happened. I hear what I just heard. Like, I was like God for you while you were squeezing the thing. No, I might have. I don't think it was. It might have been. It might have been, but he was there. Just remember like, Oh, God, it's coming, it's coming! And it's like, Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, it was just like the greatest orgasm and you feel like you could hear everything that I could hear my neighbor's cat from five down. It was astonishing. But then it immediately I was like military. I'm deaf in my left ear now know, just like, yeah, I only had it coming out my ears liquid, but it was a lot. Once it was on a hit was on a slow. My shoe was shooting like a crossbow that euro. Help me help me do that. We're going to Pepper thing that when Brandon almost killed you with a loaded crossbow, remember that he was like, man. And then I was like, It's loaded and you were, like, bend over like, Oh, my visions of a crossbow bolt just going into Chris's et nous aux And I remember being like it's loaded. He was like, And you like what I tell it across most loaded. It's pretty apparent. It's defense. Brennan. When he was messing with it, like, 20 seconds earlier, it wasn't loaded. The guy who owned it just came over and loaded it like it didn't tell anyone. So he was just, like, re adjusting it. So you're like the only one who saw him load it. I don't seem let either. I just saw that it was loaded. Was like, Kristen. That was a moment where you just laugh, all right? Nobody'd load the cross book. They could kill you. Oh, yeah? Let me hold you. Before we were used for the whole bit that we're filming was the crossbow shooting through, like, eight things of soda, right, God, that we're going through. It's Nice three Chris's. That's the reason I like just shooting so low these days because, like we're in control of it, there's only two of us. We just know each other doing sometimes with there's Too many people can get dangerous. Anyway, that day a bunch of earwax just went on, like, Went all down my almost like good law because I had had, like, a blocked here for a long time, but it came out is liquid. I was like, That was so warm and satisfying, but it feels amazing. There's, like, one of those, you know, when you do like 23 me, like all the DNA testing. That's one of the things that they try to test for us. Whether you have wet earwax or dry earwax, I actually not really liking the mind. Guzman salted fish it. Why is it that things coming out of your body feels so good? Well, baby, really, Chris? Well, like an ingrown hair feels amazing to pull out. Yeah, or like who does it for? Like a good a good like Like I mean, you have to pee. Feels great if you have to really have to pee or Jack Hewlett or a good poop. Why did you just say ejaculate? Yeah, I feel like it's it's other things unless the actual feeling of jizz punching your your re throw. But it's more like the other stuff comes along any any sort of runny nose. It goes, it goes hand in hand. Yeah, you can't have one without the other. Don't go very good for us to go, but like, Well, name one thing I mean besides, baby, but I bet it feels good afterwards. Likely dry your good morning 23 me is the perfect answer Now that's very important. The driver works. This was said. I mean, that's what that's what that was. Even ifyou're dehydrated, just a normal piss Skin her if you have been so yeah, you're like super dehydrated and it'll be hard. You guys, the souls go that you were like. I try, I mean, but if it's just like you're just like I need more water, you could just tell your you're like dehydrated. If it hurts, it's just like not it doesn't feels pleasant is like a nice clean piss. It is somebody that a nice clean piss shot just caught up with our your wax in there. I don't know what's going on there. It's that's way behind. Can we refresh that? Are getting further downers? Yeah, I'll work on it now. Thanks. Fran and I had had a weird experience the other day. Go on. I was at a Korean restaurant. I went in to go places to go order. And if I go in, I placed my order and I sit down kind of near the front, by the door. And like, I'm not paying attention, I'm using something. I'm looking at my father. Look at Twitter Instagram or something, and someone walks in. I'm only vaguely aware they were. They were really busy at this restaurant. So this people coming in and out the last time, I'm not really paying attention. Some guy walks in and I hear him ask Oh, I see. Like the employees go up and say, you know, can we help you? He says, Can you give me a glass of water? And they speak English? That guy didn't speaking with totally well, so, like there's a misunderstanding is like then the guy who walks this. Can I just have a glass of water. I want a glass of water. So the guy who was working there leaves walks off and someone else comes up and the guy at the door gets like, Can I have a glass of water? And they're not understanding what it is that he wants. The person is talking, the employees talking to leaves again, and I look up and it looks like it's, you know, maybe like a homeless guy, A guy who's like a backpack. You got a backpack? God, looks like I've been walking outside looks. He's sweating. You understand why I want a glass of water? And he looked at me and goes, Hey, can you help me to get a glass of water? And I looked down and I realize I'm dressed like the employees, like a morning like a black shirt and black slacks, and I'm like, Oh, I don't actually work here And I didn't ask you if you worked here, I asked. You could help me get a glass of water. I was like, Well, now I think the employee comes back out and they're still trying to put it just that you want to like you want to go cup with water. And he was Well, I guess if that's all I can get Yeah, it's like, but they're not understanding him. They're just trying to figure out what it is that he wants to get it for him from the first report he was talking to comes back out with a glass of water and hands it to him, and he drinks it and leaves. And I was like, What was that? What? Did the guy get mad at me? I can speak English like he came. Like, I'm not gonna tell these people anything. Mohr. Maybe he thought because you were actually sitting there and not, like, didn't look like a backpacker that they might give you water and not him. Well, I also wondered if you thought, like I could speak Korean of them or something. Like I was like what? Well, I was like, What was the point of that conversation like there was You caught me by surprise, and then I didn't know what to do. Who were you mad after the interaction was over, I was like, I was like, Well, why did he talk to me like that? I honestly thought he thought I was working there. I always get confused with people who are doing a favor for get mad at you when you don't do it well enough because with Jeff and his comments. So we picked up this well, why? Steam was just just just scam guy. He was like a blind guy from way dropped him off when he was like, Yeah, I need to pay this like, fine that I've got. And Jeff let lend him the money for it, and it was like, 20 bucks or something. And then the guy was like, Well, 20 bucks plus tax That was just like, Why is he being so rudely expects it? The full amount? Well, you've got there. Not just 20 bucks. Dude, that guy's well known around Austin. He runs that scam. Yeah, there's the lady is going to the school that blind. That's where normally goes. I know exactly that guy. There was a lady at one of the intersections that he hit on my way home, and I am I in the back of my jeep. I have ah bunch of peanut butter crackers because I don't like handing out money, cause I don't know where it's going to go to, but no problem handing out food. So, you know, any time I run Teo Panhandler, I'll give him some food and stuff like that and only have, like, a small chapels. And they're always really nice about it. There's one lady issue, just like customer on each time I try to give our trackers you're fucking crackers from me. Uh, not your crack. Yeah, you're not my crackers, I guess not great in a river that there is one lady who would always, like, get naked and masturbate downtown. Just see her. Like, I think she's still out there. Where's this? Was these sound like, six straight. She just likes everyone. I've seen it a couple times. Just walk by. There's just like lady who's, like, just make it also pull up masturbating. It went like in a car just on the band. Shit. Just standing. I think she'll be sitting down. Yeah. Oh, she got arrested recently, right? I think I read about that in the paper. She was kind of bond on the patio at the OSS. Tony in or something? Always. Yeah, it's always somewhere downtown ish, you know. It's a bummer. So she has she like, was it when you're addicted to sex? Maybe. Or maybe like an exhibitionist? Maybe she just exhibitions. That's usually by choice, that it's not like a compulsion, Tio. Or is it? Well, no. But expenses like you get off by doing it in public or like showing doing in front of people I don't know. Or maybe she just didn't have anywhere else to do it. Nowhere else. Chris. Whenever I walked into the makeup place over there, you were carrying a tuft full of hair. And I noticed you're giving yourself a haircut We doing there? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We just talked about Barbara's last week. Were you giving yourself a haircut? Yes. What did you tell yourself that you wanted? I wanted your if you recall from last week. I said the barber did a really bad job where they were in a hurry, so they didn't cut it evenly. So that I have I'll find random longhairs that I'm like, What is this? So I'll just cut it down. So I was just tripping up. Some long hairs look like a good amount in his hair. Oh, yeah. O is a big chunk. Not the bank's. Just some things. It looks good. Well, looks good now because I'm thinking about a weekend. I was like, Oh, there's some long hairs, but in a lake. Yeah, well, we can also get my hair. Look, let me look at the sides. A All right? The sideburns. And no. Even though I doubt they wear not long, I don't. Teo, we're here alone. Only face this way. I don't think that's an interesting decision to make, Chris one not the other way. The other way seems to make more sense because you'd be facing us. Yeah, but this is because you think you could do the whole podcast facing away from us if you want. Is this not weird to you? Don't have to turn your whole body. You just turn your head like this. But now I'm facing away from the camera. Captured this crystal on the chair, the entire channel. Turn the chair like that. Turn your head. Don't turn, Okay? They're yelling at me. I'm like, turning the chair. Guys, I think it's not uncommon for me to just dunk on Chris a lot. And we were getting a drink of the night and I love Christmas. Of all the people that I work with, I think Chris is more my favorites. That's kind of fucked up. We're right here. I know I appreciate guys, too, but I work with Chris the most, and we're getting a drink the other night with some other bunch of Chris's friends. Does. He has those? Apparently. And I just gotten done insulting him about something about the United States flag because there's a fly and was like, Hey, Chris, what is? You know, this represent, you know, the 13 stripes and whatever, and he got it wrong, and I was I was right. What did you say? What is the 13 stripes on the flag represent? Clifton colonies were the shit knows that the stars stars 50 states they know. But like the in the original Oh, the original with the circle. How the surgeon on that 13 colonies is 13 13 stars. I don't know. I don't like what gives your story. Anyways, I was I had just finish shitting on Chris, and then I was laughing and in the middle of laughing my entire beer like it's magic. You're completely dumped and just spilled all over my lap like loading karma. Dude, it was instant karma, and I was not even mad. I was like, I totally had that coming because I've just been shitting on Chris the whole time and I just looked like I pissed my pants. Oh, yeah, And then blame was like waiting. He wanted to leave, and he's like, but I can't get up and leave until it dries enoughto. Where does it look like I'm like, You're leaving? Who cares? Just phone. It was also like, if you're walking around confidently like not trying to hide it right, no one's gonna assume it's past, so you're trying to hide it, But it's like they got pissed that I told him. I told him I was like, Dude, you should go and try and talk to some girls because you're going to seem so confident if you go up looking like you pissed your pants, right? Wow, that guy's That guy's confident or he's really drunk or high. They would think that, too, but like he feels like, Yep, looks like I pissed my pants. It's important. President, Thinker. The funny conversation starter. I'm gonna do What? Gavin? Yeah. Is Chris's sideburns bothering you that much? Because I have. Do you want to have my hair? And my brain is saying you can if you want to. Even him out. Do you think you could? Well, Blaine's closer. That's true. Yeah. When even those out. Sure. Wait, wait, wait. Just just to clarify, what does this razer been used on? Who consent matter that if I don't know if I don't No, no, no, no. And then they gave it to your head. Would you be like, Yes, I would, but what are you doing? This is how enough with no sideburns is going up to my Tio. Fuck him up. Why don't we have what side you do? We should take a screenshot. Chris is one that places. So I do. The other side's alongside the long side looking the link. Now that the show what's inside you? You know, You know Wei need a reference for playing because there's apparently completely blind talking about the length down. We're talking about the length. That's all we've ever said. That one's longer than the other. We're not talking about the width coming you're looking at the camera, which is reversed. Your face This. No, that's the short. Okay. All right. What? You look like you're trying to give a dog a haircut that doesn't want to hear Cut. Give him some spray cheese. Uh, not a bad job. Oh, that's pretty good. That's pretty good. Hey, you're back. 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So I was like, deleting videos because video. So, you know, more space and was like, Yeah, it was a clip from extra life 2015. But it was like 2015 2016. It was the cheese master. That was 26 16 17. Anyway, it was just It was like a random clips from cheese Master. Where where we were building the beyond. You double downplay it. Oh, I can't second send itto can I should know I don't want don't want employees that thing the whole nights Embarrass. What did you do this? Just don't look. If you want to know, I won't do it because it's not nothing. I got my reward. A post. I don't want to fucking watch it again. Our doctor Watson, would you send it? I feel like you own every single thing you do, except she's more. That's the one thing you had. What about what I said was I felt the reason I first thing about it is I made it about me and not about the charity and like I was disrupting. But others other start, I think I think I think you brought in, You know, little about you brought in. You kept that stream like you alive in the energy at, like four AM like you did. It was actually really positive thing, right, But it's just I didn't want to be taking taking other people's stuff over. That's only reason I feel bad about it was just a clip of it. Of us making a beard say much or Gus is like tackles. Well, it's like it's like me. It's me and Cris are off to the side and I've got two pieces of bread and I'm setting up what's going on and like So I'm over here and I've got two pieces of bread and I look off camera and I'm like, Oh, no, no, I got out of nowhere. Gus, just fucking body slams me into the table and he's like, Oh, wait, we did get you. Do you get pretty technically when you're really drunk? Way had a tackle wrestling Hari once, and then you have to wake up early for flight. The next morning I was sore as fuck. It couldn't remember why I was like Colorado's Fighting Gavin last night. Do you ever wake up from, like, a night of drinking or whatever. And your legs just fucking killed. Like you just not know howto walk when you're drunk or you just worked out a lot. And it's like taking from that. Yeah, probably bad sleep in partial dehydration. It's probably dehydration. Might know. Like my knees are hurting. I must be from dancing. That might be it, too, because I get way were going up and down, and I definitely don't do my niece fucking kill after a night of drinking. So that could be like, you work out? Yeah. Yeah, I thought that was like, It's a bit hour to go up the stairs as if I've just been doing exercise. But I haven't been drinking. So the opposite exercise? Yeah. I wonder if it's like I carry myself in a different way. I'm drunk. Someone trying to look more like you're trying to be sober like your muscles. All weird. Yeah, Dan's been staying with me. It's always a pleasure when dance around interesting problems that I didn't think would happen. He was like, Man, that water tastes funny here now. So you've been drinking at the Taft. He's like No, I'd go out the fridge like the filter thing, and he showed it to me and he was drinking out of a candle. What? What? What? What? What does that mean? There's a candle that completely burnt away, but it was still like bits of wax and was like glitter in the bottom. And he thought it was a glass to drink out. Did you not look in it no more? And I spent all my beer. Wei have the wind of that e a man. What did you tell him? What you imagine is like a straight face like taste. Awful. It's just like why you fall. But I'm gonna find a cup and drink of it that way because I was just a table waiting on the fucking table. That's good way. Wass is that It was in his room and he didn't feel like going well, what's the kitchen like? Rummage around the dog. So he just took the one that was in his room and went to the fridge and filled it to the kitchen. The way you just trying to have a nose dusty old like candle, even a cup. I find I'm gonna risk it out wrong. I have dust and s So do I. I mean, I'm gonna start hiding my vases and stuff. I don't know any vases, but things are going to get like one of your cats. And we like the glasses. Your scratch along. What do you mean, drinking water out of your cat? I saw someone pull a down and you could scratch by the time I got play. I can't show the footage, but I guess I can play the sound. There's Dan. There is Well, hey, Dan. Lost way. Ah, weirdly looks like there's a tan line for a bikini. They're like, Oh, yeah, he was He was saying about that. He was saying about how the sun hits him now It's like he saw it anyway. He made the you know, you know, when someone is shocked and her at the same time and you're not ready to yell it in movies when it's like you get attached, it's like but in reality, you might have your vocal cords in, like, a different place. Or that it doesn't sound is you know, Butch, this is the noise, Dan, mate, When he got attacked by my cat. Yeah, he kicked in the head by accident. Theo. So it was running up the stairs because it was holding something so he couldn't look down, just like knocked into Smee, who was just down the stairs. And then he gave it a little rub on the head and he was just like, No, no money, Just like it is like is just about a lot. I saw I saw someone order coffee, Dan Graffiti style this weekend I was at a coffee shop and I walked in and there was there was a small line. There were two people ordering that there was another dude kind of standing off to the side. So I like I kind of got behind all of them. The two people who are going to get their order him, The guy who's kind off to the side deals with the 1st 2 people that looks at the guy who's after the signing. Are you done? Are you ready to order now? She sounded kind of annoyed with him. I was like, That's kind of a weird thing. You must have been standing there awhile or something. Like looking at the menu and Yeah, I know what I want. He steps up to the bar and us. I want a lot. A cappuccino. You just gotta put your head down. Do you want a lot, or do you want a cappuccino? Were there next thing the menu for the same price. This is lotte slash cappuccino on, then the price o I mean, And in terms of the drink, they're almost the same. Anyone capture has phone. Yeah, has more foam, which you just defeated. You like doing a la terre du you want Teo la Tio. You just made me think about Dan just reading across them. And you should be aware that if your no into coffee and you try and get into coffee, it's like, Hey, I'm someone who goes to Starbucks now. It's intimidating. I don't know what any of that shares. Yeah, that's true. But we're part of me was he had purposely stepped to the side and studied the menu. If that's what you come up with because he was steady, then he was like, I've got this. I'm going to nail it. I mean, I know exactly what I want, and then he got up to the front and messed it up. But I want a hamburger cheeseburger I never wanted to see you ever watch like videos on Public Freak out on Reddit. There was. It's like people just losing the shit in public. There was one recently where this guy was walking. He had walked up to the drive through window at Wendy's because I guess they had given him. He ordered a hamburger, but they put cheese on it and he was screaming at them that all cheeseburgers are hamburgers, but not all hamburgers and cheeseburgers. E. I would disappointed he was in them that they couldn't figure it out. And they couldn't give him a hamburger because he wanted a hamburger, not a cheeseburger. Oh, I've had to do that before. Order cheeseburger without the cheese. Why? Because that's what they might have on the menu. A cheeseburger and I don't want I want a cheeseburger. But without the chief. What? Police has only a cheeseburger. No hamburger does know. Why wouldn't she want cheese on your burger? Also, Why? Why Put that on them. Wanted to scrape the cheese out because it's all melted and gooey. Do you just hate cheese? No, no, I like cheese. I just don't like like basic American cheese, because to, like, Plasticky and gross. Yeah, I like nice cheese. So you like. Would you bring your own cheese? To which a cheeseburger and replace it? I wouldn't bring my own to. I was just getting no cheese. Okay. I would if I was gonna go to somewhere in, like, cook burgers. I might bring my own. Chief. Am I an do that craft kind of cheese? Do you like crap? Doesn't hit the spot. Oh, pro. Vallone's good. Blue cheese sucks. Dude. It's summer spent in America better than prolongs overrated. This fuck it's better than Americans Kraft singles or something. Pepper Jack? Yeah. Jackie's good. Basically anything that Americans don't like. American cheese like Colby Cold. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jack. Yeah. Jesus. Cheddar. I'm like It depends on if it's good. Cheddar, Gouda, American, The weird Motherland Shadow. She sucks. Yeah, it does. It's very overrated. I felt like I like it when I was younger. Shadow. Yeah. Yeah. Like cheddar. More than American. I'm not even a cheddar fan. I think I'm Startinto. I wonder why do we even have cheddar? I like a shop English cheddar that you'd find in a plow Mints. Yeah, because that's what the plan is not. Plastic Clemens lunch like plastic cheese. You say that like, I think you know. So it's just like a basic, and you could get in a sandwich to Wellman's lunch Plow Mons lunch. Parliament's spelled different ways. Is that like a brand? Or is that like a type of eyes aplomb and like a guy that lousy ways? That how you spell plow that you plow the Yeah, Mr Plow, What's what, like a snowplow you doing? T l O w Tell me you want a beer, the Clemens lunches and English cold meal of bread, cheese and onions. Is that your company? Buy butter and pickles. Why today? Why the name is it like assume people who offered flowers? Oh, I was sucked that down. That's just a security border. Yeah, just that is, that's more than that's more than a plow man's meal. That's more than what more. That's more than a plow breakfast, right? Where were we? Call it? We'll call it breakfast. Payload. W breakfast. Mom? In was it? Yeah. What? What did you say? Saying I'm still here. What a Plomin is just a guy that plaza feeling well feel do so It's like a field hands meal. Yeah, okay. I don't know if Plomin was like a brand or something. I assume it's been a thing since, Like, the 13 hundreds of something. Okay. Give me a problem, man. You know, when the man you want Teo Me one is lunch own. Plumbing you if you go Teo Pierce, the Plough Mons Creed, circa 13 94 mentioned traditional plow Mons meal of bread, cheese and beer. That was just a random year. I threw you out of your fucking accidentally. Now that if I go into somewhere in England and say, give me a plow mints meal way talking McDonald's because you want Theo Just a pub. Like Like yeah, Like a English pub that has food. Well, as with places here, it does have to be on the menu for youto order it. That's not true. That's not entirely true, because I've ordered a hamburger Damn right back. Yeah, there are multiple pubs that would give you a plan with sandwich. Reply was like all right? Yeah. What would what would the American equivalent to that be chips and chips in case so, justice also all right that you can generalize to think chips and salsa is an American dish. Just wanted clarification. American restaurant. I know what's going on here. Something that most Americans would underst stand. Oh, God damn it. Fucking fool thing. What would be the equivalent in America Like a chicken pot pie or something, right? No, that's more English than I mean Ways America. Anyway, it's just a bunch of Europeans. Mexicans hug it out. The Americans were Spaniards at one point just Europeans and indigenous people who got fucked over summations. Dude e. I guess one of you guys really love downtown. The fuckin rot rally was back this weekend, I think is LA Republic of Texas rally? It's a bite motorcycle rally. That's yep there. And thank you for the context for the nun from Austin and don't have to hear the awful noises is so fucking annoying. Especially living downtown like I had to have a white noise maker on the entire weekend because I just could kept hearing. It's not like an army of bikers were circling my apartment complex. It was awful. Something about like the on the way up to, like, Max Revs. There's a certain frequency where I could just feel my eardrums going. I don't like Lingus sometimes. Like God, I could do with some of that wax, right? I'm nowhere near this, and it sucks. It's the worst that happens, like once a year, right? Yeah. I think it sometime because June. Yeah. And send that just like so they're just be thousands of vipers frenzy. When I was in college, I didn't naked bike ride. Beautiful. Make it. I didn't go full naked because I was I don't want to get busted, and I knew that it wasn't legal. So I had, like, the tiniest of tiny andr wear shorts on. But this whole group that I was with, we started out. Where do they do? Ah, yours. Birthday peace. Peace park. Yeah. So we're all meeting at Peace Park. That was at the rally point. And then we, like, went past the capital. Then we went to east six and we went down. We ended up on Sixth Street, and it was during rot rally weekend. So it was Austin bikers and regular bike. It was the weirdest mix of the two crowd, but he's also pretty great. You go skinny dipping often. Have you been skinny dipping? Skill dipping? Yeah. Fin's getting really been getting to know you, Chris. You don't want to get my tech allowed in public. I don't Yeah, I'm not. I'm not. Well, if there's a camera there. But if I mean for fun on my own time No. What's this? It was backwards thing. I can I can I sell you a calendar? Yeah. You know what I'm saying? There was like, No, I feel like you're one of the few people on earth that would have that response. I will get naked if there's a camera around. But if it's on my own way of forcing people Teo, help me on my nakedness. Yes, I do. If it's like if if it's like not on my own was lost, everyone skinny dipping. Ah, like a year to go couple of year to go at the pool where I live cool late at night, there's Ah, there's Ah, tradition at Rice University, where once or twice a month there's a group that will get together and they'll run around campus nude It's like a club that meets like and that on the 13th of the month at like around 10 PM little meat and then just run around campus naked, faster themselves over gets the library window. Could you imagine just going working late at the library, not knowing it's coming? Oh, yeah, I've been there. I've done that thing. You look up and there's someone rubbing their junk upon the window you like. All right, that's 13 Twice. They did that for the undie run. So people were selling underwear but like, everybody shows up and they donated the clothes they were wearing. And then we all went for a run around campus and we went through the PCL R library and like, we're like the quietest mob running through. We're all just on our knees. And he was such a massive group that the cop campus police Khun fucking do anything about it, you know, it's a good time. So they join usurped their authority. I had an incident on strain recently when I was in England, Sport Ticket got on a train to London, and then what you said was a flasher. No way to talk about that earlier, but one of the stops a bunch of kids gone too poorly, like 10 between nine and 11 maybe just like eight kids never forget they come through. They just come like screaming on the train immediately, like the 1st 1 like grabs two of the holding bars and that does a back flip. And then a bunch of other people to start like messing up everyone's hair who sat on the train and I was like, What is happening? And there was this, like, buff, like probably a 25 year old dude on. One of the kids were just doing this with you on the and the guy was like, What do I do? He's a child. And then and then if they were coming towards me, I was like and in the very short of time that it took him to get to me. Is it okay to punch a 10 year old in the face if he's doing that to you, if he's like messing with you and I was like, I don't think I can punch him. I don't think I didn't shove him off me. Do you just have to sit there and get like there was much spite, Children. There was your British and your American sides fighting internally. I don't know what I was going. Tio, you're on camera. What? You're most likely on camera. Probably. So I was just like, uh and I just couldn't make up my mind. I like what I push him off me. Would I just sit there like that confused guy or what? I just give him a thump right in his chops. And thankfully, he just never got to me. He just like they just let weird and And how they got off at the next station and just, like, hop the railings. And I was psyched. Wow. I really didn't know what was going to die, I assume because my British side, you know, takes priori. I would've just sat there, just take it. It's like, What would you do that I feel like I would've Spartan kicked him like assumes. He came to me like if I was sitting or standing, I would've just gone. But then I think I'll imagine the headline Blaine Gibson from Gristedes kicks and shot in the face. It was chest. It would have been more of Ah, not a kick, but more of just like a with your foot. Just get off me. If there was CCTV that you there's no way you could've come off. Well, the little shits like r fucking drinking. That sounds like it could have been a a bit for get fact. Children run amok. Yeah. How do you control him? That's like a weird power. Like a child could do. Need you. And like, I didn't know. And I'm 20 years too late. I could have been a little I was afraid of everything. When I was I was you in line and I was very afraid of getting even told off by a teacher or my parents. There was, ah, a mass robbing in train robbing, actually, in Oakland's recently is like the last year or two years ago. Where is just a mob of people boarded a rail in Oakland and just fucking robbed everybody on the train. But there was so many of them that, like no one resisted, and I don't think there's any arrests. Did you ever watch that I am the machine video? Oh, yeah. Yeah, like that. That makes me think of what is that? Send it to you later, but it's like a what's good thing. Burt Kirshner. Yeah, it's under Joe Rogan tells a story about how it's a really long story, but the Russian short version He takes a Russian language classes in college. Then they take a trip to Russia than when he's there. He befriends Russian mobsters and they're on a train going from one city to another, and the mobsters get drunk and they all rob the train Shit. And he he helps them. Rob, did he have actually was like, Well, he was like, part of the Russian Mafia. That's cool. And it's a It's a fucking crazy story that might be Number one crazy story. There's no by civilian. Yeah, you should absolutely listen it. It's Ah, it's a really wild story. Hey, let me read this thing over here. But I wonder when this absolute receive podcast is also brought to you by squarespace from websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics score spaces the all in one platform to build a beautiful online presence and run your business square faced Great. I like it because they got cool Temple. It's nice clean, intuitive when it comes to customizing them. Best of all, anyone in my family can do it without having to ask me a lot of questions. That's number one Every score space template designs support all major Conteh, including pages, galleries, blog's commerce, calendars and more. With score space, you can get the right message to the right people. You collect email addresses through your website and sent subscribers information they care about most with unique, mainly lists. You go squarespace dot com for a free trial, and when you're ready to launch, go to score space dot com slash rooster teeth. Save 10 per cent off your first purchase of a website or domain that score spacedotcom slash first Chief for 10 per cent off your first purchase. And you know, we've been asking to show your score space creature websites we've gone through and pick some of our favorites and as a reminder, we're square space. You two can make sites like this, so be sure to tweet at us with the hashtag Artie Squarespace. And here's a few of our favorite for this week. First up, we have Caro's artist well, how different people customize these toe. Look. Next up, we have a w underscore. Blake on dh. Finally, we have Nick underscore Palli. So thanks for showing us your websites, guys. Thanks for ah, using squarespace. Thanks for supporting the receive podcast Has Chris. Did I talk about the freshly squeezed juice thing? I don't even know if you remember this. What? I'm intrigued. So Chris and I went to get lunch a Kirby Lane this one time and we're sitting down, and Chris is a very nice person. He's never rude. But this one time I was with Kris, and I just wanted to fucking ejector seat out of the booth that we're sitting in because the waiter comes up and they're like, Hey, can I take you? Get these orders was like, Yeah, I'll take a coffee. And he was like, with your freshly squeezed juice. Is it like, how fresh is it? And the waiter was like, I'm sorry. Like, What do you mean? He's like, Well, it's like, Was it squeezed today? Like, do you guys squeeze it? And he was like, Well, I don't I think we get it from somewhere else. He's like, So you get your freshly squeezed juice from another place. And he's like, Yeah, I was like, That's not freshly squeezed OJ, like fucking did it, because I was I was. Did you? Is it squeezed at the restaurant, or is it, like, freshly squeezed that we've shipped from? Who knows where that's not fresh. You try asking this from straight, or you knew it was freshly squeezed. Yeah. You wanted to be like that with an already. You wasn't squeezed to order. Yes. Or was it yet, or is it at least squeeze in that restaurant? Right. And the guy was like, No, we get it from a carton. And he's like, What is it freshly from a carton kind of Chris aside here, it was just a very awful conversation to be in the middle of because they're just sitting there like a fucking die right now. Because the guy was like, What? What fucking drink Do you want, dude? And then Chris is just like I mean dancing three juice now, is it? You want the OJ lot? A cappuccino? Oh, speaking of O J. Hey. Hey, You got Twitter? He's on Twitter. Yeah, perfect. Segway on DH. Well, it's so fucking weird. to me Get that video the day. And then right before the podcast, Eric was showing me that. You know, I think I just thought Erik was sitting here that Bill Cosby had a Father's Day. Tweet. Oh, yeah, dude, coming out the woodwork. Teo say horrible things about their past trying. So I looked right. Some, like Bill Cosby, had a Father's Day tweet. So I looked at it, and I thought, Bill Cosby has three point 5,000,000 Twitter followers. Go. Cosby have more followers than me. Well, he's Bill Cosby. No, I mean, he has, as he claims, he's America's dad. Yeah, he did say that his father's between Bill Cosby. Sex offender. More tweets. Thank us, Rollo. Alleged sex offender allegedly or well, like how many? OK, then. Yeah, How money. Okay, like Charles Manson, He didn't have Twitter. Dude, I know, I know. I'm just saying if he did, if he would have, like, 7,000,000 follow. Yeah, if you had Twitter, he everyone would fall Charles, especially if he just said he had a lot of followers into your life. Exactly. Like 12. Well, I mean compressed before social media before there's a media That was a lot like no one follows followers. What do you mean? I've got 12. He's got it. He's got a He had a cold. Yeah, he would definitely have a lot of Twitter followers. Yeah, I mean, I think what? Jesus had 12. 13. Wasn't it thin? One ended up being not so great. Yeah. Yeah, this is a recap of an old podcast story, but Chris was telling me on the stream today were screaming doom. And he was telling me how he confronted his mom on the Easter Bunny. And he was like a sitter down like s o the Easter Bunny's fake. Yes, Chris, What about Santa's he fake yesteryear's? What about Jesus? Mom was, like, fucking No, no, no, He's really What was that one? He's really I don't Oh, yeah. She said that. Yeah. Yeah, he's right. 1st 1st squeeze juice. So we're talking briefly about this before the party started. You haven't watched Chernobyl yet, right? I want you tonight. Have blamed Chris. I would watch it. So I I I watch it. I loved it. It was a great show. And the other day, I was thinking I was like, I wonder if there's anything in our day to day life that has radiation like you don't think about, right? Like I think about all those people who evacuated Pripyat. Like, did anybody go in afterwards and, like, loot their houses and then, like, re sell some of the stuff they left behind? What if you had bought something like eBay and radiation, right, that it was there and then you got it. So did you, by about a Geiger counter. Oh, my God, you did things to make the full of noise. Ah, well, let's see. Well, do they know it's a little bit Beats School is like clickety click. So? So the The thing was, I was really It's It's a weird thing to say, but I was disappointed I couldn't. I was disappointed that I couldn't find anything. What is it? Point thinks commedia lighting disappointed. I couldn't find anything radioactive, but I guess I thought that was a good thing. We have something here that I wanted to test. Is it to see if they were radioactive way we're missing with this thing earlier there was it wasn't going off it, although not all is it set interval. No time. All right, time it. It's detecting stuff because you said it toe 0.1 right there. I said it. The 0.1 Watkins micro microsieverts an hour something getting closer to something that's so well you try. If I like raid on us on Wednesday. So there's America IAM American. That's a lot saying and smoke detectors. That's how the Radioactive Boy Scout got it right. That's that's what maybe, like, like Look, there's a There's a guy who promised England. Yeah, he consider himself like a product, a child prodigy and stuff. And he was trying to like do like nuclear physics in his parents basement is parents even fuckin know about it using the Boy Scouts and he started just buying smoke detectors and going to junk yards and collecting smoke detectors and collecting all the radioactive material on them, and just started doing experiments with radioactive material. And they fucking died because he I guess he didn't die like it. Later on, substance abuse. So kitty litter also apparently can be radio actor. If you have enough of it, it's less radioactive than just the stuff around me. Earlier was within my laptop, just you're making me nervous. So he was a really small dose, by the way, Like this, this is what you would get in a day. It's only a day From what? Just through being a life, the sun. So, uh, banana? I've been letting rob just bananas. Yeah, the potassium in them to case. Wow, what's the half life of a banana? I think you you mention it. I think you get like 0.5 micro service service. I remember to say it for meeting Banana. My parents, one time we're updating the granite countertops in their bathroom. They're installing granite countertops rather and granted because it's so, like, low to the ground and they harvest, You know, from the earth will catch radiation from the Earth's core. That'll be like coming through. You know, a guy gets released in the atmosphere. I'm not sure the science and I know this is speaking like in very general terms, but I was learning about it at the time, Walter and solve these countertops in science class. And my teacher was like, Yeah, so, like, there's people out there that are selling radioactive granite to consumers and then head just like this giant thing that's radioactive in their in their house. So then I was like, Well, that's interesting. I just insulted you. Acted kind of talks with my dad in our bathroom. Can I bring you peace and contested this? Yes, sure. So I brought, you know, a chunk of radioactive or the good countertop on. And he's like, Okay, I'll take this home. And then the next time I saw him in class, he was like, Hey, I got some bad news like that. Used to kind of help you got It was like super radioactive. It was like, What do you mean? This was in front the whole class, and he's like, I put the Geiger counter up to it and it like Spike. He was like, Yeah, he's like it was like So should I like what I do? And he's like, I don't know, but I took it off of my leg. Assumes I tested it out. I was like, Oh, eat off. Okay, well knows. In the bathroom, you need to eat off of it and there's they're still installed. I might be going home. Tio, could I take that when I go home? I'm sure I'll give you the matter So late now in chat dreams and weirdness says that I should test Chris. Oh, I'm nervous now. It's lower. Much lower over here. You know it sound effect. It takes a little while for it to read it. You can take up to, like, 10 seconds for it to sample things like gifts. I tested all of that stuff. Trust me. I walk around, walk around today. Test Might what stars I could like started beating like crazy in a new small nuclear bomb. Went off where you got your count. That was, like 100 bucks. That won't be a super important, though, If something bad. Yeah, like you don't need until you need it. But then when you need it, you need it. Oh, then someone Eric, don't you say beer is radioactive? Nothing. Oh, I don't invite 100. I don't bite. Very meaning people to my apartment. But Eric is one of the few people that I like him over all the time. So we came over because we're going get talked about and watching them together because doom is fucking awful. And he met him on the roof of my parking garage because that's for the visitor. Parking is, and he's like walking up to me. And we're like, you know, super far away. Like waving at each other. And he sees this beer can on the ground. And with all this fucking might, he kicks the shit out of this empty beer can and it wasn't fucking empty. He was, like, high, you know, have a beer can, like, flew right at me. And I heard it like, hit the ground And I knew that it was full and was about to explode. It was like slow motion. And I was like, Ah, exploded. It strayed a little bit on my leg. It was the weirdest moment, and we were just trying laughing on the bigger office. What made you think it was? And I guess you wouldn't think there'd be a full beer on the ground. Yeah, it was like it was just a beer can. Who leaves a full can alone star on a roof? Dude, I found better to do that than to drink a full count. And I knew it was full of I have told the story. In college there was a 12 pack like a box, the 12 pack of Keystone or something like that. And it was outside in the middle of the summer, and it was sitting on our patio. We shared a patio with a couple other apartments for like, a month, and I just assumed it was trash. And then I went over to it at one point to pick it up to third out. It was full of beer Aid me straightaway, right? No, I drank it. Oh, my God. It had been long do It had been out had been. But like I took it in and then we mean my roommates, we put it in the fridge. And then we inspected it and we tasted the sample, and it tasted like Keystone. Well, what did the guy you kind of say about how hard up were you for money And I was in college. I guess I could see. Yeah. I don't like beer on the at my front door. I'm gonna drink it. I don't care how cold it's been, was it good is key. So I've never had That's not not good. But it was as all it was like all key. So this subset of the popular President through hypothetical scenario with you, Chris, Gus hates hypotheticals. Begone! All right, You're in a restaurant. You're just having a nice time. Haven't heisted a woman behind You Starts choking. What do you do? But I would Can I hit her on the chest? I mean, go on. I don't Or back the back. Hit her in the back while you masturbate. You do with that hand, Chris, I don't know the Heimlich. And apparently it's this on the woman's back. I don't know the Heimlich. I would not try and squeeze her because you can break ribs and hurt someone really bad. That is worse than choking. That's true. Well, well, so am I. And his defense. There's been lawsuits. Yeah, I might like pattern really hard on the back Or get us some water. I don't know. I wasn't trying to hide because I don't know what I did. I might like should I try is that I don't know if you don't try. And I seem you want to try and save him, right? Yeah, I would, I would, but I don't know if I'd be qualified to. I was going to buy ice cream. You would say I would do the Heimlich, but then I was going to throw in like she's eight months pregnant. Oh, shit. What do you owe? Well, then because I couldn't figure out I was running through. Think this'll do. The Heimlich would be above for the baby Rest like there's still space there for it to be like my mom. It's like right here, t actually like in a In a weird way, it might be easier because you have a thing to avoid. Do you have, like, it's like, Well, don't you know, go right above the bump, But but below the two bumps and you think they'll punch you like because she's not pregnant? I saw there was I don't know what the procedure is. I'm going to look it up to see if I find it, But I saw there was a I read an article the other day about how they're starting to make CPR. Dummies with breasts on them like to simulate giving CPR to a woman. Because if a woman has a cardiac arrest, there is something like 40% less likely to receive CPR. School might be nervous, giving them chest compressions howling. It was like Russian there. Well, you know what? They want to be a perv. So now they think they're making the dummy so that people get comfortable with the concept or know how to do it. I learned, and I took a business, so I was right. Fucking nailed it above the bump right there. You feel like you're pregnant? That's that's good to know, because I would have just been hands off, but that would squeeze the baby out. I just realized what, Teo? I took a business class, and in it we learned that your own have to help someone If they're dying. Like if you see someone drowning right in front of them, theoretically, legally, you could just watch them. No, I don't know about that. I think that's changing a light that can't be right and be You were just helping, right? Yeah. Why would you? There's there's something that I could save someone's life and get sued. I would still do it well, because there was something about if you don't get involved and you aren't involved with it to begin with, like if you weren't responsible for how they started to get drowned, like drowning or whatever. I don't think that you have a little action. According to the Texas Good Samaritan Act, a person who in good faith, administers emergency care at the scene of an emergency or in the hospital is not liable in civil damages for act performed during the emergency unless the act is willfully or wantonly negligent, right so willfully and wantonly negligent, they mentioned. My teacher would say, like That's like if you just kind of like kids drowning and you just kind of like flipping around, You're kind of just doing half ass, like if you don't give it your best, then, yeah, then in that instance, yet you could face legal action. But I don't think you have to. I remember seeing a clip by the way I would help. I would help the first sign of anything. That's when you say that Phantom A CV and Chat said. It's the Seinfeld law. What will happen? This iPhone. It's like the last episode they get in trouble for now, someone who's getting mugged. But I think I remember that there's a video of a guy. There's just two kids on the side of a river and they just saw a guy like floating down this drowning, trying for help. And they were just lawful. I'm Oh, and then they got arrested because he died. So anyone and I didn't help him. I don't know where Oh, man, I'd feel so shooting. Oh, I remember hearing about that. Yeah, I think it was in the US somewhere. Now, Now, to be fair, that's probably was dangerous to go in and get him, like maybe they just didn't want to risk their own lives. But it also say, like they've made no effort to throw him anything. I'll do anything. Keep in mind, this is like, what, seven years ago? That I learn this. So it might have changed since then that I think he might have also been speaking specifically about, like, State of Texas law or something. I don't know, But it was one of those things where I remember hearing about it and was like, Oh, that's fucked up. Like you don't have to help people here. Stop. Stop So messed up thing to teach people. Yeah, I was watching. I am. I think it was I think it was. Adam ruins everything who is talking about, like cars and roadways. And I guess that the concept of jaywalking didn't used to exist like when cars for started and when you know there were roads were being built. Streets were being built, cities that people could just walk in the street alongside cars. But, you know, people invariably started hit and hurt by cars. So, like auto manufacturers came up with this concept of jaywalking to say that people couldn't walk in the street, that they were only for cars. And in fact, the term I didn't know this. The term jaywalking is supposed to be like it comes like back then, Jay was like slang for a hillbilly or like a dumb country person who didn't know anything about the city was like So we still use the term jaywalking theme in it to be like, Oh, that idiot doesn't know howto walk in the city. It's interesting. Yeah, looks like we still use that term. I have that I think was walking the street whenever you want. Really? I mean, I've never got in trouble. I just crossed wherever I wanted as a kid, but maybe I was breaking the Lorries like they're very strict about that, though in the UK, they have, like very specific crosswalks. Does look right. You got to London. Where Where did you grow up again? Knew it wasn't in the country. Yeah, in the country. I don't think it matters. There was a video of a guy dressed a scorpion from Mortal Kombat who was crossing the street in front of the convention center and then a cop played is like sirens and said, Get over eyes. Obviously stage one of the arrested for really funny I I think it's staged, huh? Yeah, I guess you jaywalking. That's pretty funny. Yeah. Ah, you hear about that guy that instagram influences from Austin? The construction instagramming floor rooms with some fake O. What? What is it? About a bit. I saw your tweet, but I was like, I don't know something about like someone claimed that their dad had seen influencers and thought the idea of them was, like, ridiculous. So he decided to make his own instagram account where he was going to influence their things. And then you gain this huge audience or something, right? Yeah. When I last looked the other day. I don't want to talk about it. He was like a 407,000 Instagram followers. I'm trying to pull it up now to see. What is that at this time? Yeah. Then it turns out that it was all like set 5 22,000 followers. That's less than a sex offender was marketing for, ah, coffee company here in Austin. It's good marketing we were talking about. We're talking about it now, But look at the time you thought like this. Seems too slick, like two well done, didn't get bought followers or something. I don't know that seems like a lot of followers just gain. People were talking about it everywhere here. When there was a lot of reporting on that, I felt like I saw, like, every news outlet covering it or talking about it. Well, now it's got more story because it came out as a press. It's like a stunt. So now people Yeah, it's got legs. It was like that reaction against, like, people want toe act against influencers vice describing This guy's trying to subvert it, but really, it's all part of the it's all part of the plan. That's all it was all manufactured, which is weird to me. How is in our current influences on social media different than just celebrities doing shampoo commercial? I think the difference is like normally when you think, what celebrity? They have another career, that they do like they're an actor or a musician or something. But there's people who are just influencers on social media like that's their job is just the social media part without the I guess the strain builds have like someone in that he was just like they just influence ads. And that's a lady, right? Like I think there's been a few crossovers like I think about Who was it? There was, Ah, that Ah, early YouTube makeup person who she's not. She's got, like, a line of makeup with, like, Maybelline or someone I want to say Community Channel. But I don't think it wass No, no, no, It was Australia. No, no, Michelle Shell fat man. Her That's different to community. Yeah, e don't know why I said that, Michelle Phan. So that's like the one time I could think we're like an influencer, then became a spokesperson. I think Unh I was naturally. Tran. Yes, and you'll confuse it with Michelle for the means. Right? The names, right? Uh, yeah. There's like, there's, like, the some of the early you two people. Yeah, I think I saw both of them once. I went to cock, what year was it might have been like, 05 Maybe Jeff and I were in San Diego for San Diego Comic Con and there was going to be, ah, YouTube, meet up at one of the hotel ceramics of the convention center and we're like, Oh, that'll be interesting. Let's go, Let's go see what that is. So we went over there. It's like YouTube was a year or two old, maybe. And so we walked up way, didn't we could see where the gathering was. It's like it was literally just people sitting at the bar. Then we sat like off to the side like looking. It was like every popular youtuber at the time, and then there weren't many. But remember, like I want to say, Community Channel was there. It was like, Oh, they're all just like sitting at the bar and nobody's talking to them like it. It was really weird. And now to think all these years later, like if if you went to a bar and like the top five YouTube child creators were there and who I mean, who is that, like, Be serious, serious and peut pie We're sitting there would be like madness. There were people everywhere. It's funny to think, like how quickly all of that changed the way we teach how to be a jerk. And I just had a beer. We're like, all right, this is This is lame. We met and we left some of them and some of them are just completely miss. I I got to create some every year with where it's like the top 200 whatever. And it's it's really interesting how, because usually you go out. It's like everyone's all right, you know that you might not not get on with someone. It's weird to be in a group of people who some people you really, really like and some people you just want to walk away from because it's so obnoxious is weird, is like everyone is heightened on the scale like them or extreme ends of the scale. It's like I hate this and I like it the same time. What is it? Is it that they're performing at all times? Or is it the fact that yeah, some people are just always on always on Or is it the fact that they've had achieved some, like fame or something? So that there cut up in theirs in themselves? Yes, because some, because people have become successful since they started doing it. I've been to all of them. And then you see someone who's like wasn't here last year on DH. They typically bloody love themselves because they like I just smashing it right now. It's like, All right, calm down. Alright, let's just have a chat. Everyone has done stuff. Yes, Some people are just way too much. Yeah, think on that spectrum like you're definitely more down to earth. People like, you know, sniff your own ship. But I can imagine those meetings would be kind of unbearable. I'm only imagining, but is it just a bunch of selfie sticks and people logging the whole time? I feel like it used to be like that more. But if you go a few times, then you're not doing that. Yeah, at this point the most people have been a couple of times, like, cool and everyone. I feel like people just appreciate, like, real conversations. I'm certainly not performing anyway when I'm out that I'm just like having a beer with people in just over there in real time. And then I'm there in real time, not in slowing. You have already done a collab because of it. Went to Vancouver. Teo, collide with Linus Tech. Tibbs. Well, I like the guy. It is very hard to go anywhere but the moment did you talk about this in the park Authority? I don't think we did. I don't even want to talk about it. Don't you know who brought it up? I know. Hey, it I can't fly anyway. Why? It's just okay. You could buy a flight, right? Then he expected that to be a real flight. And you go on the flight. It is. Some of them aren't some of them. I believe I'm talking about American allies, but I have a plane on anything you want. They just have flights that they know aren't riel. But instead of not selling them, they'll sell them and just counselor without this fight's cancelled and then you be like Why? Well, it's Castle. Do you get your Yeah, they're always like It's not about money. Oh, you'll get delayed and be like your flight is still like two hours, two hours away, and then eventually it's like, Okay, it's been two hours, Let's get on the plane and it's like, Oh, this plane, this plane doesn't going anyway. Get off the plane and then, like other people, will get on that plane and fly away on it because somewhere else that we like, we'll do its gait changes like But why was on that plane? And it's like, Oh, you would be on a plane on the runway. We like that. You know what the crew just timed out? We can't go anywhere without with these pilots will get you some new pilots and then you go outside and then the gate will change to a different flight, and then you go to the customer service desk like your flight's been canceled. Now just lie to your face and you don't go anywhere. And this is how you go to the airport. You got the airport. It happened. It's happened to me three times in the last month. I've had a constant flight. You weren't on last Monday's podcast because you were supposed to fly somewhere. I was meant to thank you for that. But, you know, you got to the airport and your plane wasn't there. I didn't even OK, so I woke up at 3 a.m. Is physics in flight work about 3 30 to some little bit work packed on. Then I was like all the flights cancelled And then on the app, it's like, All right, this place cancelled. Pick any other flight to Vancouver free of charge on the list. It says there are no other flights. So I was like, All right, so I called them and they're like, Yeah, every every other flight is due to take off after you already coming back from this trip. And I was like, So and I just like I don't know, I guess I'm not going to go on united in the end. But on the way back, I still had my leg. That was not American Airlines. And just to make sure I I sent a little d m to American Airlines said point tomorrow on a record locator, blah, blah, blah. Do you know if this is a real flight that will actually Ford and take off? Or is it one of the ones that gets delayed until the next day or cancelled without any explanation, trying to figure out whether or not to go to the airport? What they say they were like, We do our best to make sure. I just think like Hoff of the Plains of missing. It might be the the way we talk to you for conspiracy. What's going and Jeff talked about this, like I speculated initially have been delayed. Jeff's been delay. Barbara got delayed. That may be what they want. Whether Jarvis Flight was canceled first, wasn't it? Ah, think before the weather even was hit, was it? How do you know that part? Ah, first, respectively, may be like taking the max out of the fleet. Reduce the capacity. But apparently there's a labor dispute between American Airlines and, like their lyrics, a mechanic flowing child flights getting cancelled. But they don't just not sell the flight. Tony was selling it. They sell every flight as though nothing's happening and then, like 20% of them don't go and they don't have any intention of making the flight. No, that's not enough. I think they don't. They're playing a shell game, right? Like they're going to see that which flights of the most profitable and continue to run those and then cancel the ones that aren't as profitable. It's just very hard to get anywhere right now. But, I mean, you said Fly another airline. I have not flown. Um, I mean, my united one miss delays, but it wasn't cancelled, wasn't cancelled, isn't happening in any way. We all get fly American. No, I have not had that experience. But we've also had some really bad weather in Austin quite frequently lately, which I think has also been contributing to promise. Yesterday Ah, was that I think was a Lufthansa. A 3 80 landed in Austin because they had to get diverted from Houston. Yeah, things like a frankfurter Houston flight had to land in Austin because of bad weather. Has been really bad weather consistently lately on Austin inside, I'd be interested to know in the comments if you've try to fly an American allies. Recently, Dennis was saying what you say, Dennis seven flights cancelled in the last two days. Dennis isn't here, but yeah, that's what happened. Okay? He he had that money. Dennis is, um you know, I guess he's got canceled. Isan chap. Yeah. What? Eric statuses and chat. Yeah, that's just ready to say it. I'm going to beat him up. Did you not know that? Dennis, you're in trouble? Yeah. Uh, Dennis said he got home 37 hours after he was supposed to last week. I had about seven cancel flights of American in less than two days. That's pretty wild. The thing is, though, is that sorry? Dennis Ugo, You in trouble, frowny face. You've got to think that, like, 95% of the people on the plane don't fly much. They might fly like, twice a year. So when their flight gets cancelled, their like, Oh, what are the chances? But when you file the damn time, you know why the bloody why they get so it? It's like it was talking about what's happening so confused. Barb and I had to do a thing recently where we were required to go out to Connecticut in order to film it. And we have like a connection. That was only, like, 30 minutes. And that's your solution? Yeah. Wait. Connection. A connection in Connecticut. I was trying to make some sort of I'm not Barbara. I don't have to do right upon. You mean Dennis is in the other American? Very connection, Like noona. North Carolina's still like that. And we had, like, 30 minutes to get off of our plane and get over it and board the other other one. So we're, like, sprinting through this thing. And we I think Gus has talked about this before, But those walkways, you know, the motorized ways that people just stand on you like you have to like Bob, even you feel like an asshole. But it's like I moved. Yeah, yeah, but that's kind of you gotta You gotta walk. But it is one of those things were like, 95% of people in the airport don't fly that often soon enough. Plain and a kid and stuff like that. Yeah. I don't know. Look in the clapping, every land I I had a flight where ice I landed, Mike, my flight was delayed, and so I landed when my other fight was boarding and had to run the other airport. I sprinted. I was like, Like like to the point where I'm like it was the most the most I've worked out in the year trying to get to this flight. We're all buff after, you know, shit's going down when you like, tighten the straps and yeah, I was like, tighten up jet pen. I got to my flight and they're like, Oh, sorry way. Stop boarding. Ah, it was like 15 minutes before the fight takes off. It was 15 minutes before the flight. That was one minute away from getting on that plane by seconds. You should've naru to run. I did. I was running every way possible, arm in every way possible. And I was like, it was all for nothing. And I was there for, like, eight hours. You're You're Mr. Flight had a flight. Yeah, You missed the flight and you're connecting and you're at the airport, and then you actually see the plane. You're supposed to be on leave. I think it's the worst. It's the saddest thing ever is also very funny. That sucks. Ah, have everything I want and everyone this absolutely huge podcast is also brought to you by stamps dot com. 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What is wrong with you? Turn your fucking e. I just watched him screenshot this phone from twitching. What? Do you know what's going on? Right before the podcast. I did Ah, through this story, as it was like playing the theme music. All right. And then I think I have posted it twice on accident. I don't know. And then So I was like, trying to delete one of them, but it was playing the music. When I get to play it like twice, you can do it again and again. Put it on silent. I didn't. Yeah, I tried. Teo does anyone else OK? Went right through my alarm because I set my phone of my alarm all the time. I always when I'm trying to turn it off, isn't taking a screenshot. So if you look through the photos on my phone every morning, there's like for screenshots of my lord. So you turn off your alarm by hitting the side. But yeah, I'm just like that, remember, student, But I'm always just like and just push buttons until it goes away. So I always have, like, every morning. I swear to God every morning, five screenshots because it's news that many times I bet I bet I'll save someone's life one day. Well, I bet someone's going to get kidnapped. And then the kidnapper is going to take the person's phone accidentally take a screenshot which were geo tagged them, and then someone in Dyinto icloud like they was gut shot from this desert. And then they'll find them. Yeah, they could also find my iPhone. Ash it well, but something both have find my phone off, but they have geo tech. Ah, they're changing the way that that app works. Did you all see that part of the conference not find my find money? I didn't watch it, but I only know of the blowback from the $1000 stand or whatever. I think they changed it now so that even if a laptop like, let's say, someone, how did that happen? Is that my bumping? Yeah. Sorry. He needed you to be fae. He did do It s so you you took your beer really aggressively. And I was like, I just won a match. It was like Gavin look cool and his gravity, like many graduates, that Theo was like that every quick I was like, I'm going to the same because before I, like, just pointed at Blaine, I was like, I just pointed You didn't whisper you. You win child and everyone I did not like what you want. What do you want? I mean, it's not Gavin. Grab his beer with such enthusiasm like I'm do Same e. Look, you did it. Yeah, I did see the difference is Gavin's. He let his sit there for a minute. I didn't open. My mouth is opening yet and he's a bit longer. Little bit of spells. Look, I didn't explode like mine. You got Well, that explains maybe why Gavin years just foam up all the time bottles and worked on any with bows. But yeah, you got a problem with that? There was Ah, really? There were a couple of fucked up stories I read over the last week on a kind of touch on Ah, I don't know how much you all care about this, but there was Ah, there's an app for for soccer leagues, for it is as an app for La Liga, which would let you keep up with you know, that league and watch games And what not? Apparently it came out that that app was spying on users who had installed it. It was turning their microphones on to try to find illegal broadcasts of their games like an anti piracy right? I am. And they said that, you know, they were very clear that it was in their terms and conditions that they could do that. That's how is allowed in the absolute. I think it was the android version. I mean, when you allow you when you check the terms and conditions of some of those iPhones like there was that one where it made you like, looked like an animated character and, like, made your eyes and did all this stuff. And it's like has access to contacts, photos, cameras, microphones like you're like allowing all of these leading the emoji. You do that? You accepted all those terms that stabs. I've been voted you the other day and you say, Well, yeah, I still got to do the podcast and you said, no, you didn't want to do it anymore. Okay, you should get screened. Then I replied with another bit mode. It's like double down. You mean reply to that one? It was a lot of bit moody. I haven't done. I haven't done the show. Make it the emoji. Well, that was that was the time. It's harder than ever. It's died, hasn't it? So did OK actually. The idea too. And then there was another story I read. I'm looking for the thing here with cabin. There was another story I read where I guess this was in the UK is your This is your or your country. Been there? Uh, there was this. This was in, not him. That's a real place. Yeah. Yeah, I know. I am right in the Midlands. The police there had an idea to fight domestic violence. If anybody was a victim of domestic violence, they would give them no point knives. That way they couldn't be stabbed by their partners. No point, no, But knives with dulled tips Wait. So if they recognize that a couple was had a history of domestic violence, they would just give them, give them lives without points, still cut stuff. It's the idea that the person who steps he doesn't realize it's no point knife. Well, it's just like it's like now that trying to save you know, they have to slash you run it. It's like it seems like the weirdest attempt to fix a problem that doesn't fix the problem. Not hot enough. That's going to still go in and it's gonna hurt, right? We're just going to have a nasty Bruce Nasty. Bruce. Bruce. Bruce, if you stack if you if you if you stab someone with a knife without a point of yourself with a butter knife is not there that guy is still building hunting knife with Mel. Yeah, rather than flesh and give a bad Bruce bad bruise. I thought I didn't know Nottingham was like So there's a Nottingham Forest. Yep. And I believe it's also the name of the Premier Li Foot. Well, not Premier League anymore, I believe. Body hand, the murder capital of England, is it? I believe it is just seem not even further North murder most. Murray and I mean, that was the time where what we would refer to is shot in him. Yeah, so yeah, very. I guess domestic violence knife crime made up more than 70% of incidents reported to the police. You know, they made no point knives it before if they made like no point bullets was like no one uses knives. You a really bad bruise, Chris. If you got shot with a bullet. That was blunt. Well, black eye you get from men's grace was like, I mean, sometimes, Like they used less lethal bullets like rubber bullets and stuff is kind of like the same phone call that made it a different material. And it has not got a tip on him. Yeah, I don't know. I like a bullet without a tip. Might not fly the same. Like would have weird air resistance and looked tumble by sly often really, rightly really like fat, thin bullet. I mean, people used to just fire bulls, didn't they? And they would still kill people. Yeah, they were not accurate at all. Yeah, you hate you. Hate you. Still be done for. It's true. Hey, that that's what people lined up or armies lined up when they fought. Wade got to feel like we're hitting something. I knew a guy that went to like, a demonstration and like Ireland or something like that. And they were, like, at a distance, watching this, like, basically riot take place, and in the riot police came out and, like, one of the guys turned the other is like, Do you think you're gonna be okay? here like you have will be fine. And then they just heard, like a bang. And the guns and the cops have brought out rubber bullets and, like they saw a rubber bullets bounce down the street. Just take one of me, the shoulder like way. We should leave now. My rubber bullet just watching from afar. So he's looking him in the shoulder and the head of fucking shit that would hurt. I got hit by a baseball or a soldier. I think I told us something. Space out, saying I when I go sports events. When I was a kid, I didn't watch sports. I like playing my game boy or something, huh? Because it's like my dad was taking us to see baseball game when you have some time respect. Well, I still would watch it some, but, like also, you know, I was also Pokemon. Yeah. Yeah. And then I was like, Look up And I was like, Pam, just, like, hit in the shoulder of the baseball and they came out and they were like someone took it from me. It bounced off my shoulder and some dude was like, I can tell you, I was in, like, second grade or third grade. I don't know. I think I feel bad. But like taking a bullet hit like a girl. You did it, Bassam. And so the Lady lady came out who worked at the stadium and was like, get you this other baseball and we're gonna get it signed by whoever hit you. Wait, go whoever on, then. So, yeah, I got, like, this Signed baseball and they were, like, Super nice about it Is like people have messed up a baseball games. Yeah, they're finally starting to put some netting up to try to get ahead name, But I keep getting impulsive like people are just pitching much, but that's the fun, harder and like annihilating kids. The thing like some people love like the idea of like, I can catch a foul ball, you know, like that's a thing. There's okay, so there's Ah, love watching real sports on HBO, and there's an episode where they cover this. Actually, I think there's two episodes where they've talked about this and they talk about that like the You think the thrill of that. But the ball comes at you so fast, like you always need to be focused and paying attention to it. If you even partially distracted, you cannot turn around, see that it's happened and get a glove up in time, even if you think you're there for that. But you need to be 100. Focus. And to prove the point, they set up a simulation where the people are standing behind like Plexi glass and they have, ah, pitching machine, that those a ball at them and Bryant Gumbel is just standing there talking with them. And then it goes off and they don't They can't even turn in time before the ball, you know, would've hit them. It's like it's in the plexiglass and you're like, Oh, yeah, I guess you're right. There's no way you can turn in time Jesus s o. And if it hits a kid, Pokemon or nope. Oh, come on. I was getting hit with the ball on that. They also they also talked the interview. Some adults as well have been hit in the head or have, like serious medical issues now, because of it seems like seems like an easy fix. You just put up some nets. Yeah, well, that's what they do in Japan? Yeah, I used to be a ball lawyer for my dad's football team, and I would just, like be on the sidelines. We'd like these giant, you know, high school football players, and I'd be like this, like, scrawny like you, no second or third grader and sometimes they would like, have a catch. And then they would get tackle on two. The sidelines and I would just be standing right there, just getting caught up in the thinking. I was a child and your dad's like, That's my boys. We're sorry. Okay? Is there any footage? Just thinks Oh, no. But I would love to see that I was dangerous, Kind of where I was around football shit all the time. I was a kid. I played T ball when I was in. Like when I was, like four. All I did was drawn the dirt. That's it. The ball room. Remember, I was drawing in the dirt in outfield. The ball rolled up and ruined my drawing, and I was like, What's going on? And then everyone's yelling at me to throw the ball. I should not have been playing sports ever my dad, he taught us this one high school in Rockwall, Texas, and they had a gymnasium that had, like, legit, like gymnastics and something they have, like a foam pit. And I remember him just being like, Hey, go play And something that I think you want me to be active. And I remember instead of doing like, athletic shit, I dug a hole to the bottom of the foam pit by moving all the foam stuff. And I was just finding, like, loose change jewelry, lost cell phones. Use the fucking vest. So it totally was. But I was found so much cool shit to anyone else. I didn't. I never do this. I feel like the thing is that you hook up underneath the bleachers, I think. Did you want to hook up with Lisa? I didn't do it on their own. Do you think you're talking to the wrong crowd? I never had a school with bleach is too. I had one girl I remember. I drove her to a dance and she was like, Hey, hold on real quick. I'm going to change into this dress. And I was like, Okay, she look in the passenger seat and then I was sort of looking off, and she's like, now you can watch. And I was like, No, it's fine. You know what? I was so bad at picking up signals, and she was so hot. I had such a crush on her, but I was just like, you know, hold on and you pull it, and that doesn't sound very safe. I need to focus on my driving. No, we're parts. Like we're right now going to the dance. She was like, you could watch and I was, like, not find out all I respect. He was offended. Like you just you just said you discussed today. She didn't hang out with me the rest of night tonight. Like has she was, like, really cool in the car. All right. 10 years let you like. Ah, shit. I've had that before. Like years later. Who's Oh, my God. I was thinking All right. That's a good note to end on. Ah, thanks, everyone for watching. We'll see you guys again next week. Bye.