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Rooster Teeth is riding that post PAX high

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Recorded: 2010-03-31 21:03:43

Runtime: 01:01:56 (3716.21 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Joel Osteen podcast scene that was awesome acapella from Ark when are the on OST mix is an hour College being is being celibate does not make you a month Santa Maria community site and if you don't too bad there is a programming language programming language the irony what's up who is the named after actual on to some kind of Doctor Who forwarded the field of AI was Spanish for Leonard girlfriend Ai No the name of the program that's going to kill a program AI was Pax fantastic it was awkward Brookneal from the carpet hotel rooms start Howard Hanna Pax 2000 Twitter superheroes are born never wil side effects to is like the bad guy we don't really know he's looking for a conversion Magnolia Street party in and we didn't go was committed mean two party I don't know we said we were going to it we're on the way when promises were made promises were made end of the road support for sneakers I had that attack Israel convention year man the people in shirt or something Joel who works for the auction that's what it was then before I knew it they're like oh by the way were auctioning you off for tonight just so you know it was horrible terrible we committed to it we didn't think we could go show me shirt dress code who shows up at the party not dressed up course I'm going to be able to is that we agreed to go I was coming off of probably 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours it felt like because we were jamming trying to get the price of a little bit someone after I Got Fingered where I have made the frag dolls man suck up whatever they got mad at me for that would you do when you were in the two is it from with normal life right was come up and talk to me okay we have no excuses AI 101 sure we can play we can play wild as you how to fix aging and Brooke is a beautiful woman and her husband is a very lucky man could crush you looking at me I don't two I think breach was contractually obligated to be there 900 dudes the a everything she told me were more girls than guys get out to every deal but that's course record WHO news the funny thing is I saw pictures from the party at some pictures from there smiling and looking good Leslie take a pic a picture of 30 girls 3 dudes smiling about people from the community with internet Hotel Henderson Park night I think of you only all the drinks are free right I have one ticket left I heard there's a girl here somewhere wil drink I will drink then and now it's the other the other guy no I don't know on the podcast nothing like the first time the first time he exhibited in the Middle mother story they're going to have to end of the next year we went up to Anime Boston it was you and not you were still living in La at the time I was at the convention center and then you called me from the cab of course right this way this year it made it feel a little more cramped in like that the Pax of in Seattle scene my Kenmore Elite was more like it was it was taller where they hold Pax Seattle to Emerald City ComiCon and everything was normal were it was crowded but maybe I don't know the end of Raiders of Lost Ark what is a perfect perfect mega64 in the right next to it I don't know it's a lot of t-shirts that I think mother and Chris Brown fan group that make shirts mother SNES fangamer the two thinking about moving to Austin anymore party actually ai ai crazy Raven right in front of my booth and I took their shirts off in the round full on making out rolling around on the floor just happened to be walking by really Gus the night that when I was soon as I where are these parties but you know what I'm talking about right before going to the picture that you sent me my picture of a girl taking you like her Myspace photo in his own life so she but I've had a concern for a while now two guys wanting attention and I starting to Kitten Party Twilight probably a safe assumption to make you find it you know drove me away which was bigger than that vampires are not vampires are the sparkly Immortal cover it that's all I mean it's funny Mike is going to keep coming back that money is going to be made off my class going to trying to figure out what the most remade movie ever was and we also need to figure out it was like Dracula Wolfman was just was archetypal monster the Staples of vampires like they turned back they can't go outside during the daylight and it's like Twilight completely change the way a person becomes popular then if you will you can probably change the rules if you can make money at it could you picture from Sesame Street snow bunnies almost over long distance why they don't want me to stop is like the trailer for some Japanese vampire movie The Draft House once I'm is going on Styler vampires they also did you did you did you get Wi-Fi in your flights to Boston Burnie 44491 to 410 American man Chicago and the Chicago on a cigarette lighter plug don't have thunder in between the two seats down here at the bottom in between the armrest in the body armor Joel Joel Just kitten hurricane to tell your flight will have Wi-Fi it also tells you what was on that plane have power course I don't like you can only check it within 24 hours of your flight you don't know a lot of time ahead you have to wait till let's listen 24 hours before your flight how many Howard Howard spy on all their play big is the fleet was the over under a thousand I've no idea time 613 with 64 additional 106 1364 on order Airlines menu video that we made which goes back to we had Parts played by Monty and Frank going to be played by the mega64 Gus when two different cities but hopefully with this and you I wouldn't be shocked if every Pax from now on mega64 mr. T Booth are very very search for years MD80 makes up almost 50% of Americans with the booth for a Demon Hunter weekly update with the mega64 Gus human hearts are breaking down for the night and literally they were just breaking down and dancing instead of stuff and I feel like they had a table at the back of the booth a lot of shirt tunic Overstock is just one of the guys went back there to pull shirt could restock with the head out and reach Thunder there without looking back minutes straight in the camera in 5 minutes Non-Stop almost the entire office I shot find it funny end was big news story Indiana minimum gets you into anything it's just like a free 3-day bag so I can meet you still have to wait in the line to get into panel I mean it's primarily about this and I think that's what they really want to push I guess you're probably better my Jack human Hunter what are you it did it for you end the booth Star Trek Enterprise was getting it is like that for two days everything trade it was already going there I would like man turns into this failed quests was like you go talk to a guy Quest never story of my head when I left RoosterTeeth on Thursday before or the day before we going to Pax I left at like 1:30 and I was driving on Congress Avenue and I was like it was lost mayor percentage 3D surround 63 was like a big downtown club and you just like he's a face that has been in Austin for ever like as long as I remember! And I was like I should have pulled over and pick them up you're the car with some we supposed to shower and Wheaton so I think you made the right choice I think you can you can you can some idiot decided to steal next coming up this summer and of course was caught by Security in arrested and that name is breach to play in the Steven Senior Games the game probably and internet we need we need an episode of cops the covers just nerves could think of that would be cool for to get unbanned and they have to and why is it an illegal copy for the three on my machine of course might with the people who work in the industry in States like it too funny haha getting all your stuff two hundred bucks to spend too much time in Internet forums and understand the world if you let me Burnie ride Eddie jumper to and this is why the internet right now want me to take you it he gave an interview via Xbox Live as well with joystick that's why you his gamertag Wheaton court yesterday morning what's the weather man I thought you said I was the best thing I was just once again this has nothing there there's no there's no answer you're currently trying to support this all the repercussions it seems like I mean this guy could be the example you know and you know hopefully they hit him pretty hard like 5 years in jail for 5 years and $50,000 for him p14 Mags out of a to file for divorce take battle two gigs at the breach guys are actually kind of like about this cuz you know I heard about breach what are the best condoms Monday night combat it was games more more Monday night combat Team Fortress 2 Powerball basically anyone else cares with Hydro Thunder remake pretty fun I got to be in my top 10 all-time worst arcade games Hydro Thunder everywhere I went I had a dream machine arcade two more like Big Buck Hunter exactly Hydro Thunder boat Thunder style that's a lot of Fun Arcade for like the first three years of my career and City Sega why did the Sega next to on the corner of the convention center North Ark AI no man it was it was stuff like I don't think I actually work for Sega I think you just ran the booth maybe you just you just me set up with some other gave a couple of gas stations right that's it I'm looking at me that they thought they could start promoting end time and didn't was 15 years ago Sega was the number to gaming company on the planet and here they are the booth half the size of ours that's the whole to be there and I'll be honest you don't know what can happen with any connection to do when Pax started and it was 3000 people there today we all know now Comic-Con it too late to get a booth at Comic-Con if you want one you can not get the booth I need you they're sold out of the East Coast Pax and I have to move the bigger location it was surprised by that president the first two days on Pax East is the second largest Pax of ever had that's that's impressive the week before Anime Boston I think it's always a first time maybe have a beer whatever size you want nice tree or Pax last year they had a big Bayonetta thing made a really big Booth if I'm not mistaken so it is the next a couple of Cosplay booth okay that was pretty cool convention Hotel it was under my door I think but I'm not sure he was awesome just like your keynote don't like nice guys I have to give a shout out to the hotel that's connected to the Titans congratulations with the worst luck and hotel in the entire world internet that we didn't reserve and they just gave it to us and we accidentally did next Raiders of about 1.1 seconds for awhile there I was working out and I was East preview videos I usually for a company that's based on the interference could have this internet a couple it smells good 94 servers internet 50 megabits per second versus 100 megabits per second internet search for trying to you know what would Tyler Durden do and check the mail yesterday you sent me this story is a member on our website sent me this story it's pretty good podcast topics Japanese game developer producer that's online the pirates of the Pirates down with the game to legally fill out the survey survey automatically post to the company began developer website along with a screenshot of the desktop that the survey information that's fantastic you're not going AI am in any way to start getting back to those people down there really once you download a game illegally all bets are off my phone AI files to include you know some kind of keystroke programming options and only it really would be an equivalent of entrapment on a private level but you know you could see what happens if they are they just automatically massive lawsuit that happened in Japan it probably won't happen American probably be a bigger story than that did you could go on for a long time if ever the row erotic fanfiction what is the big deal and I'm going to return your purchase or something like that is an NBA team called that is a phenomenal open like a video tape of the security cam footage of Sega beating his wife or something like that and it gets on their equivalent of Fortune I guess our fortunes could and would if they had actually two people get internet and then as a group next life and that endeavor wil it was kind of gross when terrible it was about a video the two couples a couple of made man in the woman where they stepped on the kitten and it was a horrible thing and her face was in the video and they man and made their both our lives miserable school teacher course in the cases where they just end up ruining people's lives for things that aren't that big a deal you know like I cheat on his wife but then the guy basically out of his career and out of his home and everything and it's just internet Bartman the Cubs win the World Series people trying to find me when I'm gone no no no was Pax we got one more event coming up you got the Alamo Drafthouse event I need to cry human human flesh search different it is based on dark meat or of event or social breach online people conducting such research are commonly referred to as the human flesh search engine tomorrow that's cool and Collective you just reminded me of the human eye scene Howard the Spy I'm just saying it convention trying to download a game at the booth with the people who made the Pirates tomorrow AI was interesting how do you brighten it hurts what are you want on the panel is about the other thing well you shouldn't put you on this Earth to be on it we were showing at the van a couple episodes of season 8 of Red vs. blue only show the video to start off with that was Wheaton Panel online if you really I probably want to spoil some of the stuff and she she can't breach it was so excited about this yesterday we have someone who's been uploading videos to his personal you two are talking about suck is the third grade teacher wil about the least take this guy down and he destroyed it and it was like extremely happy 43539 Renaissance human flesh search end well and some of that stuff tomorrow April 1st tomorrow are you of the fact that our anniversary is on April 1st in the company seven years I really do something no one believed they were going to do something on April 1st before about the date you make jokes when you mix right now Wheaton IL March 31st can you do to make a diversion for the coming up to April 21st used to be on Monday to do the podcast so the days are going to quite right so I could celebrate and then the end 3D no find something for me was the most used letter and if we consume the most mother so you can do it rapidex and we got some shooting to do today and there were two Booth Pax that had games with glasses it coming in the Night 3D Olympic speculation and speculation executive 3D to go into another dimension so he's going to patch the PS3 was not coming from where of it this summer to allow for 3D gaming Yakima the PS3 had an option in the menu to install other Leslie could run to Linux to make custom operating systems on the PlayStation but with the latest firmware update on what was the benefit of doing that some people think the reason that they're moving it I think some people had written custom Linux distribution to the PS3 Blu-ray movies reverse engineer terrible I've heard nothing but bad special edition special edition who is the franchise worth every Legacy it I definitely 400 years ago for Clint's birthday who has a 16 millimeter copy of Empire Strikes Back in original copy of it we watch of the Alamo it was one of the coolest things I've seen ever only ever seen original prints on internet next to you 1377 to 98132 AI was born Star Wars movie in the theater now in Cannonball Run and stuff like that I really like but I never really understood probably actually computer first time that you saw Star Wars A New Hope and how to use it I probably sound on VHS how long to wait for to come back on the first movie that I remember that really blew my mind was the movie Star Wars AI was probably the first weekend about the Indiana Jones in the theater I have now but not when I was a kid you were born in 78 I was too young to remember but I remember who I am Steven experience like in I remember being Star Wars in the theater doing this is unbelievable and then it's gone who had to the universe that whatever to try to recreate the story in your mind to remember it head going over it then we did viewing it which is now End video games in McKinney AI actually had a V-8 who was that I must have that suck remember what story man shot 6 times by Peter Paul my on my parents um yeah over and over the I thought I convert a long way but now we have so much available on demand instant access and how to create the man or whatever I mean to it next week or the week after on DVD Trader I mean you know me you know you know the director probably probably the studio had scene trailers or previews of commercials on a DVD because he's like my movie made two billion dollars you're not putting commercial The Blind Side to is going to be the Twister of new systems do Murphy once when DVD's first came out in like it was always fun twister Matrix 10 green shot was The Fifth Element released jumping off to the city movie Dark City Joel Peterson City on DVD and everything what's dark city so much better than what city was The Matrix trilogy my Cafe norovirus what time until what time are we going to have AI had a response response response when we talked about it but please watch the website if you're so kind of thing thank you for being around with afternoon I guess wil AI