#550 - Don't Gaslight Me Bro

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss ice cream, getting married, the dumbest thing in the history of RT, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-06-25 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 550. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the receive podcast this week. Brought you by door, Dad. Hello, Fresh and express vpn. I'm going. It's Sunday. Monday? Yeah, I know you want, and it's highly sure because your tweet last night said, I think it's Sunday. Monday. Erica messaged me. Last night is like, Hey, tomorrow should be Sunday Monday. Do you want to do it tomorrow? Delayed a week was like, Let's do it tomorrow. Why? It was kind of a noted that the first Monday after the first day of summer months, a year? The Bulls After Sunday, it's what, 69 degrees outside, currently in the coldest day. Awesome jacket weather in June. Way to load up on our in December. That is today. Gus, have you really found a way to complain about eating about anything? Have you listen to the podcast before? It's 62 by the way, said 69 degrees that was gonna vote for you. Really? You really re from the world. Wind on that one look at this spread. Can you guys wait? Do I know you did it in front of Eric for arranging all of that scene? There was no he was just, like, slightly in. She was. Nobody cares, Eric, please. Like the chip shot, the upstairs top down shot, however, So we got like kluiber cups. The stuff sliced ice cream in the scooped ice cream. Reason. It's for some reason. What these? These massive mob boss. What small ball? Oh, Maltese is but Giant Yes, Off Brand. I chose a really bad day to wear white pants school because the rain, because of the no. Because of all the chocolate syrup and other things that I'm sure Gavin's still on me, you know what's better than talking about ice cream eating ice cream? What are the flavors of ice cream you have about vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cheesecake? It was like a weird mix, I say one thing real quick, hitting Today we're home. Slice pizza with the box over here. They've read people's names on. Christian's name was on the box. Christian gets us the food before the podcast. Sometimes it take out the home side's Christian great call then I come in and Christian is here getting a bunch of ice cream ready. I just want a Christian is probably the best employee in the history of this company. Theo, if you want to get promoted and rooster teeth be someone who gives Bernie food true, it's Gavin started. Hell, look how happy you are. Can you explain what you're doing as you're doing? Your Barbara is putting a bunch of ice cream into a serving with apparent like the's air. Blake. These air like Are you two have a lot of ice cream. Thing is vanilla, right? I'm going for plain vanilla because I feel like the toppings do the world hunger. They push the little thing on the side. I'm sorry I'm not a dad. Forever did come in a bag and Canada put ice cream in the bowl. Eric, how come milk comes in a bag, but ice cream doesn't bag. Mel comes in a bag. Okay, because it's already liquid. I mean, you could you could melt ice cream and put it in a bag. Is it only a tube? Canada should have all their own delivery mechanisms for dairy products. I'm putting in some peanut butter. Uh, what are these? Peanut butter chips? Peanut butter chips? Well, they're no Cherries. We missed out on the maraschino Cherries. Damn. Throw it all away. There's like strawberry preserves. Stuff at the front there is sure, is that I say strawberry, they're both red. So I do this again next week. Get it right, I guess. I think everything looks pretty good. Don't I got some chocolate ice cream? Strawberry ice cream, Banana peanut butter cups Coconut. Yeah, that's a crazy mix. And Rainbow Spring on Rainbow sprinkles, Of course. Top it all off. Gavin is just like he's taking everything with toppings. Boy, what do you call it when you take a like a fountain? Drink cup and you go down and you call it a suicide. What you call it when you do like a cup at a like a soda fountain and you go through all of you. I just call that being a 12 year old boy, right? What they call that in UK. How is this whole? What housing Hot. They heated it up. It's hot. It's hot fudge on it, but it's cold. Maybe it's the flavor of hot fudge someone forgot to heat it up. It was Christian. First Christian. Don't you throw him under the bus. How I'm gonna get called. How does this work, E Christian? You are an angel, and you do not need to take that from Eric. You do not but the hot fudge on it and then put it. The whole thing might need all these toppings by themselves. To you know what my favorite Candies is? Ah, Probably better than a Sunday Monday. The Milky Way. Got what the fuck? You disgusting animal. What are you you doing? Gonna make a movie out of coconut and everything else? God, you're a brilliant man. What are you doing from half enough in there? He prepared for this? The milkshakes have half enough mine. Do God, do you think a little heavy cream usually. And drop it in there just to get stuff moving right up. We're gonna make a chunky milkshake. Just water set up. You have water is excuse to Oh, no, you're not on Luna. No. You know, I mean, you're not You're not, you know, have a good deal. So, Gus, just Gus just pulled out this massive cup blender thing. And now he has this thing that locking onto the top of it. Oh, that's gonna help me, I think Twist, you gotta twist. I'm so nervous right now, but I also don't care. Gus has a blender on his Daddy doesn't have to work it. There's nobody is being a dad mean you could You could eat food. You can serve yourself. I don't I don't think you posted to the side. I'm telling you, Dad, over here is troubleshooting. Was that you? I'm gonna get that. I don't think you're twisting right. This is my blender for just drink out of the side. Just worked before. Is it plugged in? L. A. That's working way. You're the ultimate dead. Eric is trying to help Gus make his milkshake, and it's not working. That sounds so exasperated. Just like this. Worked great before the podcast brokers. Blenda Yeah, again, Barb, I refused to your thing else. Have some. Where did I get it right? May I have a tricycle? Barbs! You break my blender Blender is broken. It's okay. Listen, don't get he's still upset because, well, just owe you a new blender. Get some everything in their whoopsy Venmo. Use the money that you are ji an event, maybe five looks. Let's not talk about that wasted on. Was it when I said that 100 times. I can't hear you are milk shaking. That's a great idea, but I guess in the world, how's that? Sunday. That's really good, Barb. Good choice. Barb, Barb and I are good mix of caramel peanut chocolate sundae bro's. Why'd you bring it back into a bowl? Oh, my God. So, Gus, basically, he said he's gonna make milk shake, but what he really made was soup put in a cup. Man made ice cream soup. Who pours the milk seeking to a bowl. What's wrong with you is both so cold. Oh, God. Thats gonna melt looking that it is so good. It's good that you want to share with you. I just drink out of the bowl. I'm governor milkshake years No, to bring the rest of the art. You're going in. I'm going. You haven't got a build up of stuff that I want to talk about Like us. I gotta know. Did you see howto the reset of G e Smart bulb video? This awful dystopian future we live in. There's a video. It's like how to reset your G e Smart ball, Gavin Butter Factory defaults. It's a ridiculous someone said It seems like an SNL parody of itself. It's like just follow these simple steps. I saw someone turned the light off. Then turn it back on for eight seconds, then turn it off, then turn it back on for seven seconds. Then it's like this whole process. Yeah. Oh, my God, I need a little bit more Miller shaking up the moisture. Yeah, absolutely ridiculous. Yeah, it's like who approved it? It's like they came up with This was the best way to do it. That's when engineers they're making the user interface for stuff. Oh, my God. You gotta have a good U I designer man. It's just like you gotta have it in this day and age. Yes, the best u I What's the best you are? I guess the best You guys Probably an iPhone, Yeah, liquored any kind of tablet. Now, just because you just instantly get it. That's why kids sweat books look like in the bold Kid knows how to use an iPhone just by picking up the kids can use it and old people can use it yourself. And I must say is I just said iPhone because that's what I use. I meant like a swiping tablet thing someone's gonna tell. May I phone didn't make that. You know, Microsoft made that like 1984 tablet or a touch device interface with the mouse. Wasn't microscope to me that I know that from IBM. They stole that from Xerox. I am Apollo for research center, right? Developed that made Ethernet so good. If there's one person on the planet who I wouldn't think would want something blended up to the liquidity would be Gavin. That's true. Eyes delicious. Really good, isn't it? I like God. You were onto something. What do you make the Sunday and put everything in their way? Oh, I'm so happy. It's good, right? It's not that you put a little too much banana. How is it and overpowers that? It was one of those I put two in eight overpass overpowers it still somehow, but it is a very strong flavor. Is it? No means a nice base that was amusing. The most overpowering flavor to me is one that people just like don't even taste in stuff. In December. Cucumber, you and I look cucumber anywhere in something all inoffensive. All like case. All I taste is cucumber. Cucumber isn't like on the same cutting board as something that you know, something else that I was prepared on. Same cutting board. I can taste it. It's like mostly water. And then I mostly disgusting. A cucumber flavor, you know? Be great on a Sunday. Here we go. Thank you. Gaslighting us about Welcome back. What was your castle about? Toblerone, You are a fucking idiot. You Are you both same Tob Laurent Toblerone. He said travel home first. And then I started using here. Listen, you say we're talking about the same video? Somebody compiled the home Toblerone adventure that we went on. Where they don't hear it. The whole food. Fuck you! Fuck you! There's a lot more. So what do we learn from that video? Visually learned that you don't remember anything? Well, look at that. And then he will use those of gaslighting. You remember? Video is Bernie can't remember that. He ate a gigantic Toblerone while dressed as Steve Bushemi To be in my defense. Who would remember? That happens all the fucking time. But what I learned from this video is years ago I mentioned the Toblerone at the airport, the giant one right? In that moment, both of you tell me that it's fake and it's just a bunch of little ones. What was the rest of the videos? Are you making fun of me? For the things you told was omitted from that video was me saying I went out of my way to find an actual solid one that was not made up of smaller, total roads. It was very difficult to find the one big, solid tobel you doing that under your arm. They're fighting us again because you know you're omitting essential information on the story and watch the video thin the source material. I'm really trump up happy. I recently learned what gaslighting means because now I'm totally following this conversation. We should have given someone else's or crazy. There it is right there helping hand 97 chat says, Can we have milkshakes are ticks. I should set up a milkshake booth. You should make sundaes for people and the milk. Shake them. No people can bring me their Sundays. And Amy looks sick. How long? Blending stuff give you like a portable camping battery in a blend. You don't even have a booth. It's just you in the corner. Me with what? I just because we have these massive, like storage balls that were usually eat this the amount of ice cream that I eat is totally dependent on the size of the container. Yeah, but I could literally just no problem eat this whole thing. But even with this little like European little cool cones with this mush on like a fish only gets this big asses bowl. But how much ice cream is depending on the night? My God only gets its biggest. The bowl of ice cream in front of me. No bigger. This is a gigantic amount of ice cream that you just Yeah, I was and I just drank and you drank it would know, not even milk. With half and half, I had the option. I went to the fridge and I grabbed the milk first. I was like, Wait and I put it back and went for the half and half. I was wondering what you were doing because I was in there getting coffee and I was like, What are you getting? And you're like, You'll see that it's a secret. My stupid podcast plans. Hey, I want to read this. 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Maybe if you're like a little delay to go out and get Cheesecake Factory maybe that skip that cheesecake factory in particular. Just like they'll get the 1400 calorie get the $1400 milkshake calorie will shake the whole make for you. Exactly right. Get that the, uh, that all this stuff is amazing. Like all these service now with getting stuff delivered to you, It's just like no wonder it's This is one of those things. It's like when you're partaking in it. It's like, This is really incredible. I wonder how sustainable this is, how sustainable offices. It's when I was at a coffee shop here, right around the corner from the office and the other day, and I noticed that they had moved one of their couches was like, That's weird. And then the next day, there was, ah, set of Amazon lockers there. What in the coffee shop, like for pickup, Right, so that you get your stuff delivered there and then just pick it up from the locker. Strange. Why not just get it delivered to you? I mean, I guess like if you have a place where you're worried about package theft, yeah, if you're not home to receive something before a lot, people don't like it Let me just don't get house. You don't live anywhere. I wander around. Just don't live anywhere. Just get eyes in looking at your house. Just get a p o box and live out of that. What if it was chilled? Hey, guys. That really cold? Barbara, you already over such a loophole here. Do you see the thing about that? Ah, Alexa. Super Bowl ad about how they, you know, they had that ad during the Super Bowl, and they produced the ad in a way where it would not trigger people's Alexis at home, like 9000 Hertz or something. Yeah, they admit it. I think it was the 5000 Hertz range of audio That way, it's like Alexis wouldn't hear that something actually noticed. Um, you said looks like 14 times. When did that ever i t 200 Hertz was. It doesn't hurt. I remember being at home and having my TV on and it playing ads for the Amazon echo. And every time they would say her name it my thing wouldn't go off. And I was like, How are they doing that? How are they saying her name, but I could be having a conversation about nothing and not even mentioned anything close to Alexa. And all of a sudden she just like I'm sorry. I don't know that it only listens on a certain frequency. I guess so. I guess so. It's in. It's in the article. I read it as well. Wouldn't it be more sensible? Just thio target the actual sample from the ad and ignore that A supposed to getting rid of whole frequencies of How did they know, though, when they're gonna put on new commercial, they got a sample it every time they do it in update that thing up. There's always connected, mistress constantly updating. Have you ever updated, Jos? Pretty patching every day. All right, all right. I'm putting mine and looking back in every now and then. Why? There's only different generations. My first generation ones were like, you turn it on for two seconds. Turn it off for eight seconds. Turn the whole thing. Dude, this video is ridiculous, isn't there? So there's something that came out about, you know, there's a crosswalk. Things were you press the button and wait for the thing to change where someone discovered if you press it in a certain frequency, like one like to fast and like one MB or something like that, that it would change automatically. It was an elevator code like that, too, for Otis elevators. We could push the button store window, it clear, like all the coal signals used straight down yourself, which I want to discover that I think those are those life act right for a hotel. A lot of crosswalks in some cities are disconnected now, though. Yeah, like the button doesn't do anything like it's just there. There's a word. Placebo effect. Yeah, but they called placebo buttons. Toblerone buttons. That's shut up there called something like fake buttons that you let people think they're gonna do something right. Why, why bother? Making up a special name for that review for everything at the closed door button on most elevators is like that, just like you hit it. And second really doesn't do anything. Well, I feel good that you like some places it works. It works in Europe. They work outside the U in the U. S. A. U s. Just I feel no buttons. Do anything you want to feel active I still, uh Theo, Come on. It's gonna melt. Everybody grab some ice cream, huh? Form an orderly line. I don't either. Eating it. Did you force the ice cream? Is how we find out who wants ice cream? Nobody does. Cody. I see you rubbing. Your hands were working. You had? What are we doing? We're working with an ice cream. Come on. Multi task fucker. What are you doing in there? Yeah, Good. He wants a gummy bears. Yes, you can have the gummy bears. You were just complaining. You had cheese pizza. I'm taking the podium. You're very Cody. Don't Don't listen to him. Don't listen to him. What you gonna do? We have more bulls. Just dump everything in that giant bowl. Then that'll be yours. Apparently nobody else. Things are actually actually wants ice cream too. And I had a preg Oh, baby. Appointment Just before this revenue bull turns that they can see the Prado belly. The concern that one of the ice cream look at that baby the way Gavin describes is Ashley looks pregnant from here to here. Yeah, Torso is pregnant. The rest of her isn't so I heard reporters like growing you your tiny But she's, uh, she's gonna be, Ah, the baby doubles in weight now every month until double the size next month. Oh, my God. Two months away as of today. Yeah, that's when we we can't predict it, but the due date. But what? You're predicting it? Think, Agus, I have medical experts who have told me a date, and I'm gonna go with them over you. I'm not saying I'm just saying. You said you can't predict it than you predicted. Stop Gas. I What? Have you ever publicly announce the due date? Or is that something You guys there? I don't care. I don't think you literally just said it. End of August 2 months from today. N never missed. August 24th. Very exciting. Yeah, So some of Abe, It's actually not that this isn't a bad summer for Ashley to be in her third trimester because normally, if it was like, ah, 100 degrees every day, like it usually is in June, it would be miserable, I'm assuming. But today is like by 68 degrees today. So nice rain. Shall I translate that for the whole rest of the planet? 24. Isn't that great for the pod? Count a little bit. Like maybe the 20th 21st wave. That could be sweet. Deal this week. Here's what we've learned. Don't discuss baby names with anybody else cause though nook everybody else. You guys already have one? Well, yes. Seven seconds. A lot of literally. You would tell You will tell someone were thinking about this name, and that's terrible. I was like, Okay, well, you better hope they don't name the kid this because you're a jackass, you know? But we'll see. So where were we got a couple Different candidates will see we got one of them is terrible. Here's the problem. Saying Barber is a good name for a boat. You know, a lot of people with a lot of different names. And you people want a name, something kid ever Someone already know. Like a person they don't like. It has that they had a son and named it Barbara. Could be a little Barbara by bro. Yeah, exactly. Barbara Burns. Great name given bra bra. My son j d. He was born, uh, His mom's maiden name is black. We were gonna name of Jack Black burns, but it couldn't. Jack Black? Yeah, Never saying at the time. This is now. 17 years ago, I thought, you know, what's the chance that this guy's gonna be famous for much longer? No. Good thing we did name of Jack Black because Jack Black has been very famous for still around. He's still around. Still kicking now is Ah Yue youtuber J B B. That's a pretty cool initial thing. Oh, yeah Now he goes by J d. His name is Jack Danger. He would have been my guess by J B J b j B is nigh booze. That's booze, right? The Booth place No, J J and B Scotch. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, It's Scotch like the last acquired taste. I think it's after your taste buds. Burnout? Yeah, you do it. I think people just like to do stuff because it's hard, you know, like it's like they do shots of tequila and some look at this time we really like a shot of tequila. I'm sure some people thio cousin wouldn't I mean flavors of these things and other foods, probably more. They like the way it makes him feel, not the actual taste right, if I had to guess. I'm sure there's people who like the taste, though, but this is a field different. Drinking tequila, the drunk you get from that versus vodka or something else. You don't look very happy over there. Yes, Cream. Thanks so much. Pizza. Nice cream. Had something weird happened in a dream the other day. Oh, you know what would be good? A beer float. Isn't anyone like an ice cream beer float they make? That's really right. Is it really makes you think Alamo thing that Dr Pepper float bacon genius float every night with beer. Guinness float at the Alamo. Right? Didn't they for a long time, familiar? Yeah, it's getting us with a big scoop of you. Make a little bit about a fireman's float. Go for his flat. Gus was gonna drink it. I'll make a someone who's gonna drink it. I mean the milkshake for someone. It's your bright idea. You drink it. You get me so bad. Do you want half enough, innit, man? Gavin, if you drink that, I'll be amazed. Price Vanilla, right? Vanilla and fireman. Yes, it does. Maybe a whole banana. Ah, whole banana. Because that's all you're gonna taste now. Well, I don't taste ice cream and beer. That sounds suggested this. Wow. You haven't had a my class for it. Kind of it. Unless I'm gonna get married in the time that I've been gone. You You did. You went off Thio gone for so long? Yeah, we I gotta convince Ashley too in love with me and do, ah, small in American history and our university going to the big bang for her. I felt a little nervous because I was the day that actually posted that photo. I was, like, texting her about, like, animal crossing or something weird. Like talking, texting, three stuff. You post that wedding photos like, Oh, shit. Like, am I bothering her while she's getting married? Yeah, she's just at the altar, like Hold on. I gotta respond again. Did you just Google, like, most photogenic place to stand in the world and call her married on it, Call her a really nice Where was that? You said Hawaii? Yeah, I was on the big island of Hawaii. So Hawaii, because it's one of the islands. It's cool that Oh, you're just describing with a different no that's that's that island is Hawaii. I don't think there's Maui. Cool. Oh, I see. And watch. I would think you'd want to go to Maui. To get married is the main one. There's a lot more cry the little one's world jerk, Sir. With that, you get what? I don't think you'd go to Maui to get mail. Well, that's what I would do it. The, uh, pregnant er we got married, like, right next to the ocean. Why is it dissolving? It looks horrible. And anything you gotta say, it looks giving off gas diese, except for the fact that I know that it's beer in there. Why is that on it as well does that dude vanilla bean look at the ice cream? It's got like, like things that beat that. The dirtiest flavors. What? Oh, God, I can't get because we're gonna go live in my face Now, go for it. You could say no. So Gavin has a mug of beer float, and it's about 3/4 of it is head, but it's like a very dense foam head and he's trying to see Oh, I see it in contact. That's not the worst thing guy with the biggest gag reflex in the world. Maybe I'm the bottom of this mug. It's so red, it freaks me out. Did you put some of the bottom? I just what? It looks like some cherry. Who would do that? The bottom look, because he was still at the bottom of the mug is red. Is that ours? Is it ours? Okay. All right. I'm a go on the other side, cause, you know, in my county chugging it. That's terrible. That's really Julie Taylor. Terrible. Wow, that's really gonna try Ballroom. Fine. Have a swig. But while we had while we were there for this lovely ceremony, we were gonna go because I was good convincing Ashley to, like, go off. She's like, we can just wait till I was like, Well, like, married officially before the baby. Let's, uh, want to go to the front of the courthouse, do something. I'm not doing that because this guy call one of the wedding. So we went out there like he had a pick and we were gonna just go really quick, like somewhere fun, like, down to Mexico, which is really close to us. But then it wouldn't count. And we have to go to the courthouse anyway. So then she's like, because it's different country. This is where I want to do it. This is how it was like. Okay, well, you know, absolutely. I wouldn't account in Mexico. It's not no reciprocation, right? E. Texas has common law. You have to say you're married, but we just that is true. But we just go down. We have to go down the courthouse and do it again. Oh, gosh. I know, like, officially register and all that. I don't think the people in wherever Cancun would send their records along with him on your baby to be a little bastard, not a bastard anymore. So we're thinking, What would a bastard's name be in Austin? Oh, grackles. What do we What do we determine? Talk in Texas. We thought the bastard name because in good time, a game of thrones. The bastards are named after the region. Understand? Rivers? Rivers. Is that gingery rivers to say the same? Yes. Jones. Time Stone is one filth he usually is like, whatever. The big thing is that what it would be in Texas or Austin specifically? Well, I said. For Texas money, it's just one of you for the bastards of Texas star really a star. Cao Cao, John Spur. That's pretty cool. John Guns Good. Blaine's brother John Guns What a British one. B t gloom kind of cool Jimmy. Fall Gone Blue Bob Glue. I like that. That's a great name. Canada's would be syrup. What would it be? Couldn't be Beaver Couldn't be probably Snow. I feel maybe probably Snow Maple. Yeah, but something that's on the fly, I feel yeah, guess so. I was Think of bastard names. Other. There's River Rivers. I wasn't the least monosyllabic. Hockey goes mano Salalah Be A lot of people are saying Barbecue for Texas. Gus, can I get Can I get a judge? Isaac. Monosyllabic syllabic. Monosyllabic syllable. Are you adding syllables to the word monosyllabic? I think it's syllabic. Monitor us a monosyllabic No, I work crazy. Other people been saying the same thing. Your kind of crazy you don't know. I guess I try to defend you. I try to defend you guys. But other people say that someone said the one first for the UK would be bad teeth. That's terrible. Moose Moose going never seen a single moves I have. Entire. 20 years ago, I saw an armadillo the other day smashed on the side of a road. That's my one for the year. All the time I've lived here I don't think I've seen on a live armadillo. You shouldn't we see him on a regular basis? Really? Getting on my security cameras with someone You're always there. Always yet possums possible ladybugs and dicks. Dicks sticks Governor that Paulson too soon should have kept it around. There was a hammock. May your hammock Hey, my hammock, man. How do you know it was them there was snooping about the hammock. It's now in rags. E gotta outdoor couch. There's a fucking squirrel that is like nuts for one of those pillows and just tears it distress it back up, and it comes and finds the same billow and just tears the shit out of it about it like that. Look what those little bugs are. The June bugs. They're kind of like round and hard and they like kind of fly. But oranges? Yeah, dreamboat living Beatles a little bit, right? What, like what are those? My study, The Beatles are they, but they just bugs Don't start to figure out about this. You used to get those theeighty June bugs really double of him. Would she kill him and pick him up off the screen? Yeah, it's really gross. Why, You know a little bit about me. Thanks. Had food, my mouth mispronouncing monocle all of a quart. Something weird happened me the other day. Um, I had a dream on Saturday night That's so weird that someone had tried to break into the office. And the reason I found out was I was the last person leaving and I want to close the door on the door wasn't closing. It was apparent that, like someone I've been using our pry bar on it and like the lock didn't line up anymore. I was like, That's really weird. I was like trying to fix the door. Andi, I woke up and I was laying there in bed. It's kind of early. The sun was starting to rise. I remember that. And I was laying in bed like that's a really weird dream. I know what that means. Fell back asleep, had some more dreams. And then in a later dream I dreamt that I was telling Ryan about the break in, and I hate what? Yeah. Ryan. Hey, would you like? Like your dream story continued on into another dream? I had another dream is like, set in the same universe that someone had tried to break in the dust cinematic universe. But I'm pretty sure I did. Maybe you didn't wake up and you dreamed that. You okay? Yeah, I've had I've had two lengths, dreams, but where I thought I was awaken between. But then I woke up and I was just like I was just one big dream. I'm pretty sure I woke up. It's fairly certain. Well, maybe you're just thinking about it. So then your brain, they have every man. Have you ever rejoined where you left off? And I've never done that. Tried to Yeah, I'm gonna been lucky enough to know it's usually dreams that I don't wantto reach man here again. Actually has trouble sleeping because maybe like, okay again. Then just when the baby really starts kicking, So grab my hand and put it on her belly and we'll do it quietly so the baby doesn't stop cause he could tell when we're tryingto did, he doesn't perform, you know, this all has to be spontaneous. He's gonna stay out of the limelight. Yeah, I try to stay out of limelight and ah, but I've noticed that she'll do it a lot of times right is about to fall asleep, and she does it. Lately, it's been like, right on the cusp of me, about to fall asleep. And I know about to falsely, because my thoughts make no sense whatsoever. Like there's just your threshold. And I think you forget about that moment of falling asleep like that's part of it is you didn't forget about it, right? Like I can never remember the moment when I fell asleep. But now, because she's woken me up like right at the tail end of it, I'm always like I'm just thinking about random, nonsensical bullshit, like my brain is just like falling. It makes perfect sense. But when you come to you like what? What, what the It doesn't make any sense. Someone like tells you what you said in that moment. No, actually, has a hole. She keeps the notebook of all the dumb shit like Trevor should probably keeping up this. I fell asleep on the couch a lot. When we're watching TV and he'll, like, Wake me up when we're trying to go to bed and I'll be, I guess, mid dreams. I'll say things like, No, but Theo Airplane is at six o'clock and he's like, What you talking about? I was like, No, we have to get there And then, like, all fully wake up like, what the fuck was talking about? But I'm convinced of that moment that whatever is going on is so important. It really every aggravated with the person for not understanding like Come on, I think this weird like tale of like clarity. We're just like, No, no, no. But it makes kind of sense for, like, a few seconds and then makes knows you go from like this makes perfect sense. Toe. Wait a second heart. What was even kind of remember? It's amazing how quickly that happens. The brings it is like this year. Do you keep your brain and check all day, and then just a moment. You should have your brains like I do what I want so now tried to force yourself into a dream like I want to think about this as I fall asleep psychodrama between the ages of 13 and 25. Has he tried to force a dream? Yes. OK, Do you have, like, a regular type of dream? Let me deal with, like, the whole like in school and you're in your underwear or something like that. But with me, it's always like school starting and have no idea what I'm supposed to be. Do I still get ice? That my schedule really is that minds on the back end of that mine is like those shit. I've got to take a final for a class. I never went Thio and I and I remember that I had the class and I just for some reason just never went to it. And I've got to go on and take the final for it, right? Right now that never goes away, does it? Never goes away 20 years. I never get that. I get missing flights flights in two minutes. I could tell you were lying on the right airline these days. I've got a tight connection or I mean, like a an international airport. I don't know. And it was like a long security line. It's a lot of airport stress dreams. I believe that a lot of times in my dreams, too. I can see out the front of the plane when I'm flying, which doesn't make any sense. Like there's, like a windshield and you could see it. You're like, Well, not like we're flying really low. Like you fly into power lines and stuff like that. Doesn't seem right. Yeah, Yeah. I dream about dying and plane crashes free. Commonly. That's really dark times on a plane sometimes. Really? Well, I'm on a plane. I've dreamt about playing crushed. Remember about dying in them. It's always what crashing? Well, I crashed it crashing awake. Okay. Oh, God, I don't like this conversation. Yeah, my at bats fly. Yeah. On Friday. Yeah. Yeah, well, maybe I don't know about you guys, but it's been crazy for me with the amount I never have. Cancellations. Never really have significant delays. And it's just been off the fucking charts the last three minutes. Insane versus going toe to Hawaii for the wedding. Um, it was four legs. It was Austin to L. A. Over Kona. Is the airport there in the back to L. A them back toe. Austin. Three out of four legs were delayed more than an hour. Well, when we had to spend the night on the way back in L. A. You lost today, right? Loss today? Yeah. Did one get Can't just delayed T This is just delayed. I mean, I've had 54545 cancellations in the last two months. Yeah, of just like they just like, most of times. You get on the plane, they like, Get off, get off. Yeah. Fucking hell, yeah. Somebody who works here. There's something there. Boyfriend, uh, was on the way to China and they were like, No, the plane turn around, go back. And they had what's called a heavy landing. You know what that means? Got, like, over with you? Yeah, that in dump fuel. Normally they do what they don't know specifically made him fly back over the ocean. They couldn't fly back over urban areas to get back to the airport. And then they landed. They had the full like fire brigade out and everything that that breaking Were they in a rush to get down, look normally the circle and dump and they laid heavy. They said it was some mechanical issue. Okay, You were there when she was talking about it, and I've been in a hurry. Toe toe land. Yeah, it's just the nuts. I got really fucked over last week. That's why I missed the podcast. I was here, but I had to sleep all day, but you weren't here. Here? Yeah. Me and Lynn are all four Ruby girls, right? A convention. And me and Lindsay were on the same flight back to Austin. That was supposed to leave it 3 45 from Philadelphia. Get back to Austin at, like, 6 30 And we're super excited because we're never home. On Sunday nights after conventions, we usually get home at, like, midnight conventions run through Sunday. Exactly. Um, so we're super excited to get home. We get an alert at, like, noon on Sunday, saying our flight was canceled, not delayed, just canceled, and we're like, Okay, cool. So, American, um, in the app is like, we're working on re booking. You hear some options, and so I just re book myself on a six PM flight and put myself on standby for a 4 30 flight. That I didn't get on. And then, as I was in, like, talking to one of the customer service people, um, to see if there was, like, another option for me. It says, Oh, you're six o'clock Flight is canceled, too. And like no other options to get home that night on American at all. Where were you at this point? I was still in Philadelphia, and so I said, Fuck it. Airport Bo. It is good airport. Yeah. Um, I said, fuck it. I'm just gonna book myself. There's a delta flight that leaves at at seven. Um, that'll take me to Atlanta, Atlanta, Austin, get home at, like, midnight as well. I was like, Fuck it. I'll just do that. Get on the flight on Delta, get to Atlanta. Everything's great. The one leaving Austin's on time to get on that flight. We're on the airplane, and the captain comes on. He's like, So, um, there's some storms in Austin. So we're just gonna circle around Corpus Christi for a little bit while we wait them out. Whoa. Circle for about two hours. Oh, I remember that night. That was That was bad. Bad? Yeah, it was like lightning everywhere, like I'm okay not landing in the city. That's really bad. Um, and after about two hours of circling, he was Well, folks, bad news, thesaurus arms don't look like they're clearing up. So we're gonna have to divert to Houston and stay in Houston and stay in Houston, because at that point, it was 2:30 a.m. But you can try from Houston, but it's only like you think you could drive from 150 miles. That's it. It's great. The weather is so different. And it's funny because while we were landing in Houston, people were getting messages from people in Austin being like all the storm's gone. Now wait, Um, so we got to Houston and Lindsay. You wanted to go get a rental car and drive home. At that point, I was like, I'm too tired to drive, but I don't feel safe on the roads right now. Yeah, I booked myself a mega bus that would leave it five in the morning and get like Austin at 9 a.m. And I get a text from Lindsay, and after an hour she leads to go get a rental car. She goes every single rental cars booked every single one of you like a ton of flights. Got also not cheap to rent a car and drop it off somewhere else? No. And most some companies don't let you do with that. 24 hours notice. Yeah, You can still find a car outside of the airport, right? Just like a standard will be open at that time of the garden. I'm like So So she text me and said, There's no rental cars left. And so she buys a ticket for the mega bus as well. And we over to a nearby hotel to where the make a bus station is and just, like, hang out there. We're so fucking tired at this point. And just get on the mega bus at five. In the morning and, like, instantly fall asleep. And then I got back to Austin at, like, nine. In the morning. And you didn't do the pope, didn't I texted you in the morning. You're probably still on the bus, and I was like, Hey, you don't want to come in totally understand. Let me know. It was just miserable because when we landed in Houston there, like someone from Delta is gonna be there to talk to you guys to, like, help you figure out what to d'oh. It was one woman, and this flight was full. So it was probably 200 people. Uh, and she's like, Well, we're gonna try to get you guys back on a plane tomorrow morning. You know, the same passengers and everything, but can't guarantee that we're gonna be able to find a plane. Also don't know what time it would leave. And I'm like, I'm not gonna hang up the airport for 10 hours in hopes of a plane arriving. I've heard a lot of theories as to why all this is going on. Gus, do you think it's the planes they took out of circulation? It's a combination of that cascading. I mean, that definitely hurts overall capacity. But Delta having that was weather, That was whether she I think there's more weather stuff as well. Like I'm constantly told weather, you know, and it's I think we're I mean, that's the starting effects of climate change. We're really starting to. Okay, this is gonna get out here like that. Climate change is now directly affecting the stuff. That's causing climate change. That's true because of flying all the jet fuel burning in the atmosphere in that stuff, that's really negatively affecting the environment. And the absolute more difficult to find a solution is the circle for two hours. Yeah, it's like the storm. It's just like, Well, you brought this upon yourselves like, is there an airport in San Antonio? Yeah. I don't know why they just couldn't go. There s a t I think closer to Austin. So you're probably because that was another thing that was terrible is there's also storms in Houston. And so the landing, I was like, I'm this. I'm gonna die. Five San Antonio as a city, I would feel very disrespected. Just overall theme. Houston airports bigger. I'm sure Delta had a bigger support. Staff like to refuel like more fuel in the problem stored for that plane. San Antonio, now population eight thinker on eighth largest city in the nation. Nobody ever fucking talks about it. And even like this, like this shitty little town of the world. Austin People talk about way more than talk about Santa just massive Metroplex. And it's got a huge airport. Everything Natsu san Antonio Dallas get used to get Austin, I think even the Austin airports. But in San Antonio Airport, sanitary populations one point 5,000,000. Damn should stop flying. 950,000. Great. So more way have 5000 on what if What if there was a time? Where is like, Okay, the between these months, no planes could fly. Yeah, I can. I can see that happening when I can't do or like a just a giant limit. I feel like right now we're in the age of convenience and it's all gonna go it. Well, I mean, what will happen is, if you really want that convenience, you let the market take over and you really put a crazy price tag on it. Stay right where you are really paying to offset any damage they're doing. And they also are reduced the number off travelers through market manipulation. I think it's just unfortunate edibles for work. We have to We have to fly for work, and it's like you're just making just massive carbon footprint on the planet. You have sent for work, so it's like I'm not even I don't even want to take any of these flights, and it is hard to offset that. How much that cost toe offset, like 100,000 miles of travel. I don't know. And I mean, there's other things, too. Like you're flying at that altitude with, you know, that direct exposure to a lot of radiation, everything. My Geiger counter with me, You should. You know, I was only said it's like if that was a problem, if that was a decent amount of radiation you're receiving when you're up there, we would hear about flight attendant having problems. First study just came out. The flight attendants have a much higher Okay, Yeah. Yeah. So what's the equivalence? Like a New York L A cross country flight is equipped with a chest X ray. Yeah. Was in Chernobyl. They had that scene where they said the same thing, but it was a chest tray, like every two minutes, 24 hours a day. Some people who commute to New York from London my every week. They'll do that flight. God. Oh, yeah. There's people. There's gonna be more hit health issues. They just haven't discovered yet. From flying like a pressure. I just think it be bad for your brain. I get headaches. Circulate circulation that the with the deep vein thrombosis. Didn't jacket that, I think No, we keep everything. Time this coming up. We think Jack got it, but he got something else and he got it. Like that Sticky goo Lego like blood clot. I don't like labels all mushy. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I forgot about Yeah, Yeah, yeah. No, I just a chattel. The experience that you wiped from your memory. I heard a great heard a crazy stat that we got a little kind of like a little tour while we're in Hawaii And it's really cool because it's like, that's one of places that active lava. There's no active alarm right now, But any active in the geological sense is that the recently there was love there. Within the next 5,000,000 years, it might move. No, no. Last year they had interruption. And so we have to get to see one of the craters and fucking go now. Extinct also thought sulfur and everything coming out can't Can't speak today. My first time back in the podcast, Monticello, I thought about you. Though this is, this would drive you insane. So we could see what you get up high enough. You can see these massive lava flows that just like it's just interrupts and it's gonna go this direction, and it could be like half a mile wide. In some cases, it just flows until it hits the ocean and then it starts making new islands. That's what it's doing. But in the meantime, it just turns everything between the volcano and the sea into a big lava field. When it cools just black lava rock and over time then I guess that breaks down to become soil. But it takes a long time for that to happen. So you just have this place. It was just, like, flowing now solid rock, like a sheet of it. And, uh, we said, You know, the person is like does for their houses going against the because you can see there's houses right there, I said, So are people just like this is something they accept on the island. They just have insurance. Perfect. I see how they have insurance and they build somewhere else. I said, Yeah, wow. Okay, that's got to be crazy. But I guess it's just kind of a fact of life. Here he goes, Yeah, the real problem is, um, they still own the land. It's under the lava. So the state of Hawaii still charges the property tax. Can you imagine that? Because cellar, you can't sell it, Who's gonna buy it? Because it's like in the middle of a fucking lava fields. You good Samaritan should go over there and buy up all that lava land and just open some investor who's got, like, 1,000,000 year investment strategy. What you can do is, if that's your land, you can. You're entitled to pre purchase new land when the lava makes. When it hits the ocean, it's Jules. You'll have some beachfront property in 25,000,000 years. Holy cow! That's crazy, man. But I get it. It seems like something that's like, of course, you know if they still own the land, so somebody has to pay the taxes on it. The lava pay, the love owns the land. At that point, I would like to know if somebody lives in the state of Hawaii. I would like to know if that's really true. What is lava proof? Ah, you built a house out of X to withstand lotta mantiene volcano on obtaining. Um I don't know. There is. I mean, what what has a higher melting point? The volcano hold what the earth is made out of about tungsten. Oh, what about the space shuttle? Heat tiles? Let it fly through lava. Where would it dissipate the heat, too? If you're surrounded by a lot of the heat, Think that's not amazing. Photo of, ah, house. I want to say it was in California somewhere. They had a wildfire and the guy was forced to evacuate. And like sometimes the simplest solution to a problem is the best. He came back and everything was burned down around his house and his house was perfectly fine. Green lawn and everything because right before he left, he just turned on the sprinklers. That's what they care for. You get a look at this photo, Erik, and find it like a wildfire. Skytrain trades on his sprinklers. I know they need the water. Keep the long green. Didn't know lava coming out of the killer whale. Come get more ice. There's about 2140 degrees Fahrenheit. How much? How much? 2140 degrees Fahrenheit. A lot of things tonight, no one speaks Fahrenheit. Everybody does shut up 1170 degrees Celsius. Damn space shuttle tiles get up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. So, like the same temperature, they should make a movie about this so called lava land so you can build a house out of space. Shuttle tiles will survive. I'm just ignored in that, you think is how the test, um, they probably gotta go for the hottest thing on Earth. God, is that I don't mean to be laughing at Eric doesn't say where that wasn't. I'm pretty sure it was San Diego, North County, San Diego, that if welfare are you Are you serious? I know they had one in l. A. So in California, I think yourself San Diego's nice little wildfires like crazy back home. Really? Is Bernie wearing overalls? No. My shirt is a different color than my pants. Chad is asking for wearing overalls. 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Then It's like now make your food yourself doing everything your options, options, you gas lighting the audience you make up your mind. Did you see way we're talking about airports. You see that video of the guy who went to the North Korean airport and he was the only person in the airport? No, But he showed up to the airport and the airport was locked why did he go there? Because he was like visiting North Korea. And he was there like he shows up to the airport for his flight with his handlers and like they can't get into the airport because the doors were lost. Is there like knocking on the door trying to get into the airport and then eventually they find a door that's open? They go in and it's like he says that his handlers leave him there because there's nobody in the airport. Why would they make it? They're not gonna let him leave, he said. There's two flights a day. There's a flight at 10:30 a.m. And a fine of 10:30 p.m. And he was there for the 10:30 a.m. flight, and it was literally just him walking around. It looks like a very modern brand new airport by himself. So how early did it get there? I think you said they were there two or three hours before the flight, and then eventually people start showing up and then he's walking around and you point out, is like there's that I'm kind of hungry and start looking for a place to eat, and there's no food in this airport. Just it's like a buzzard like no establishment. There's no restaurant because they don't want to staff it. He found, like a convenience store that sells like whole fish wrapped up in plastic. He's like He's like, I don't want any Oh motherfucker. Brought a whole fish on a plane sat down next year. Just tucking into Well, we could find was coffee. You like a cup of coffee? Cooked fish? Yes. It looked like it was steamed. Maybe. Okay. Smacking like just a giant Ronald issues. Don't be such a good thing. We should do the fish video on a play. You should open up. You should pull a fish out your back, get a newspaper like wrap it like fish and chips from like a chippy in England. But it's just a big cooked whole. Drop it. They brought one. Will you play with raw fish? Right? Oh, my God. It's literally mean. They wouldn't let you in a play. It's all locked up. What? You mean it's not like this? You're going to the X ray? The guys look at the monitor, it's you and I have a card your bank didn't train me for this is I think you would get questioned. I think you would be like that was one of the illegal things in the UK You're here for that one, right? The whole thing handling. Ah, salmon and suspicious manner. No. What's That's illegal in England. You can't suspiciously pick up a seven. You cannot handle a salmon in a suspicious manner. There was a guy who made a video. You're gonna get suspicious, man. It's open interpretation. There's a guy who made a video that was just like breaking old archaic laws in England. And that was one of them. Another one was you. You cannot wear a suit of armor in a parliament or you'll be beheaded. So yeah, along with the one in the old days, right? Let your policeman has to give you a hat to piss. And if you're pregnant or something. Yeah, You didn't talk about that, But I've heard that one. It was illegal. Have you? This reminds me. Have any of you watched border security on Netflix four. Security border security border. No, farmer. It basically covers border patrol agents over security agents for your current U s cities. So there's like, uh, like the JFK Airport, the like, Dr Border Crossing in Detroit And, like, two or three other places. And it's fascinating, Gus, you would love her like a chauffeur about people who just keep stuff is called her. Her her. Thank you guys for dir. I went to a restaurant Are some food. Was it Melissa? Well, Olympic motto, Salalah. That Bernie was it? That's the word of helping you out here, Barbara. Back. How you saying it now? Monosyllabic. Why are you saying you don't? I'm not monosyllables and that now, how is it in the dictionary? What does that mean? As I think it likes in dictionary. You think I'm just making a board? Yes, it's that one I eat on what you're doing. That's little lighting, Franken. Monosyllabic. I just looked at how you pronounce the capital of North Korea. No, really, I know, you know? Yeah. Yeah. And by Is Pyongyang? Yes. Is that right? Yeah. All right. Look at me. Pyung younger. Well, yeah, you know, because Yang capital of Ukraine, I have no clue. I do. Your clique I crane, is it so Yeah. Deborah Kiev. Is it is home of Chicken Kiev Eyes it really, really come from there? I don't know. I don't know either. No fucking ideo. She never was good when it I just watched it. The show? Yeah. Yeah. One more episode left Would you have one more episode left? 00 well, you turned out it was all a dream spoiler. They destroy the destroyer of the world. In the end, it's It's a really, really, really great miniseries. And I wish there was more miniseries. I did think episode full was a waste of time. I can't remember what happens in Episode four. Is that the dog? One? No, that's not a waste of time. A lot of people we had to fast forward through a lot of that, Did you? False forwarded. It was hard to watch the dog stuff. Is it just because they will skin mellow people on Finalist Watching them turns to gold? But I think this is almost killed. I'm out Kind of weird, though, right, way like care, more about dogs. But at least that one guy you know, he's like, don't let them suffer. I don't want to see you doing that like he was very specific about you. Don't look fine from in a way out. Yeah. Westworld. That guy has the best nose on television. He's? Yeah, those girls. I spotted him again. I spotted him when he was in Westworld and called it, like immediately Who it was, Did I just played? It's a way out. No way out, Way out. Yeah. And, uh, then he shows up in Chernobyl. Think that's him. And that's just have my goats Where that's him. The funny thing is, Michael, I played a way out and we were just laughing at the character model who looks like that that is actually based on that guy. 1% Which is why he's so memorable. What you like to see him, like, unscreened as himself. Oh, absolutely. Look at that game. I like that. It was a fun experience. I didn't like the way it ended because I wouldn't have ended it that way. Like just the way the story played out. It was definitely visit was high emotional ending stuff doesn't end great with all the time. Yeah, endings hard. Amazing, because everyone has their own expectations. I saw Blaine ranting about the end of neon genesis Evangelion going the other day. I think he had been warned about the end of that really bad in A lot of people are controversial recommending good omens for another mini. So Ashley, good omens. Did you guys start watching it now? She's a big fan. Yeah. Oh, shit. You really wants it. Every you watched it. You kept that quiet gone. We're married now. You can't do this. Netflix. Did you watch it on my account? You watching your your account? It's It's Amazon. You're getting confused. In fact, that Netflix canceled it. Oh, yeah, There was a petition that apparently you never said Netflix. A group of Christians started. I think Thio get Netflix to cancel good omens even though it's Amazon prime Show he And so I think Netflix was like, we'll cancel good omens if Amazon cancels that. So stranger thinks that's so modern, like modern outrage, and they can't even like direct their outrage in the right place. Yeah, I saw the greatest clip, which I'm sure you guys have maybe even talked about. I don't think the arty podcast has been out since this happened, but off topic definitely has. Did you see the clip of the Australian morning show where he asked the classroom full of kids. Oh, somebody famous and it looks like there's a little bit of a cut. There he goes, the one kid and the cut, the kid goes laser beam and oh, yeah, I've never heard of todo, which is a really fucking money, and I'm glad the land and retweet it cut. It's really amazing, but the more I thought about who talks to a kid like that, a national dick. How? How, How Hey, Mrs, that guy is land in, like 1000 times more famous. That's modern media. If the dude like who's on TV, so he's like, he's like a tell me somebody famous. You're famous YouTuber. But whatever. Meanwhile, he's industry is burning down around him. Every child in every school knows through the latter days and then, like this chump shows up with a microphone. Ellie, who's this dude with three idea that people have, where they've never heard of this person that can't possibly be famous? It can't be that famous little my personal worldview, but also it's like, doesn't matter what the question is your posing a question two kids on national TV. It's like, Who can name a dinosaur here? How about you, woolly mammoth? I got dinosaur court to him just as he's walking away like Tony. That kid was probably like, Oh, shit. We're gonna find that kid. And just like every beast of merchandise in the world, it's all on the land and like to eat it, because at least the kid probably got some good feelings out of that. Hope so. But that city, I mean, imagine you're you're like a little kid like that. Scars. You like four years, you're gonna be thinking about TV. Well, maybe not anymore. Maybe land and saved it for him. But God, what a day. What steps would tick was a teacher to grab the mic and shoved it up his ass. No. You know, that teacher's sick of hearing about later, put those kids in the booth, did a stupid day. Oh, my God. Your generation. Did you all read that story the other day about that guy in There was a police report out of Alabama where ah, a man kept on attack squirrel in his apartment. Hell, yeah, and fed it myth. So that it would just like to be crazy and attack people. So police showed up. Arrest the guy. Legal have Ah, pet squirrel. I didn't know he had him. I just think you posted about it on social media, but they couldn't. They couldn't drug test the squirrel like that. No way of knowing whether or not it was on. So they just let it go outside. So somewhere in Alabama, probably the squirrel going through meth. Withdraw. That's awesome. Oh, my God. It is interesting how stuff affects animals like it affects people, like, how many animals out there, just like don't see well, right. Like how many animals need glasses and no one's, but, like, how many things in history died of a broken arm? You know, if your arm broke, that'd be horrible. That is, like, if there's no way to fix it, even people, if you're you know, cavemen, you don't have said an arm or get it this, you know, heal properly. It's like, Yeah, I broke my arm. Now it's literally broken for the rest of my life. Just has that been a blind fly? Probably, Or if, like, they start to, like, lose like parts of the little hexagons order that after I they like to use some of its nearsighted. I actually read that birds can see the magnetic field. Whoa, Earth. Well, we can see it sometimes. Right? I guess we can see the aurora borealis magnetic, though, is it? It's, like, not the magnetic this I thought Why do you only see the polls have always thought it was magnetic as well. No, you're not. You're seeing, you know, the impact of the magnetic field magnetic field. This is surprising and what it looks like to me, everything else just seems to like circle the the fact that my field is like tube handles around the earth. It's funny, funny. It's just like I wasn't expecting as a kid. But if we had another sense now, I would be right. Like the sense of magnetism being able to feel magnetic fields. What, you couldn't if you had another. Why not just say that you have that sense and just call it a sense if you have that sense, Okay. Guys like me over there, I'm not I'm not fighting with you. Do you know what you tend to your senses? You know what you're trying to dio. I see it. I've been away for a while and you got I don't know You upset maybe maybe jealous that I got married or something like that. You like making little comments you use jealous? You didn't get to marry you. That's what it is. That what sense couples have you made flying him to Hawaii? I didn't fly Asi that was enough. Wait for your mom and dad. It's That was Teddy. JD was on a trip already like camp thing that he couldn't get out of. And for reasons I can't explain, I'll explain it in about two weeks. I had a thing going on at the end of May that dates were fucking moving around on it, all the stuff. And I was kind of we were secretly trying to plan this date, and it kept, like, moving. And as he was being very patient, she was being very patient, Theo, entire time. You also being very understanding of the shifting date you like. I'll see what I could do it. I was like, get great. You see what you could do? And then you told everyone why you wanted to not move it, and it was like, shouldn't move that I know. But it was like one of these things, and I'll be able to better explain it. And yes, those joy of travel a bunch of cool. Oh, yeah, well, there'll be a whole episode of the travel for the for that thing that I'm very excited for. All the things we're announcing our tx especially that thing, because we we got to hear a little little thing about it today. We had the ah all hands meeting today. Yes, and, ah, the team of architects events got up and they said, You forget RDX in two weeks and everything goes Yeah, like, two weeks, 10 days, 10 days, so much stuff to do, so much stuff to you. It'll be great. And you come see it. Oh, at our techs event dot com, you could buy a ticket for people like us going Oh, uh, so, uh, who's this in chat? Chiron, 7 to 3. Said, uh, we should rename it Gus lighting. You should, because you're Yeah. Where were stunned on a lie. Even if the person who doesn't dance terrorist said we should call this episode. Don't gaslight me, bro Merrick. Write it down. Listen, that Toblerone thing is the real deal, man. Doing absolutely nothing. It's the real real deal. Does nothing we have. It's almost like we have bigger lights over policy. Impressive. How much that takes away from that, though. I'm just like so there you go. There's so much noble and likes weird the impact that things have a lot of things. You might have mentioned this the first time we talked about Chernobyl many moons ago, but I read this article about how animals are thriving in the exclusion zone because there's no humans there. Literally, humans are worse than radioactive fallout. That's that's how bad humans are for everything else on the planet. Looks like when you take the humans out there doesn't matter what else is there. It's still better for animals. I heard something about I think it was you guys. You mentioned this how influencers wanted to go too terrible to take pictures. We talked about that, but surely that couldn't have happened. Now you can get on tours to go. They're not legal toilet. She'll know there's absolutely legal tourist. It's it's it's quote unquote safe ever since. 2011 isn't I think. I think the only precaution have to take is you have to leave your shoes there and you can't touch anything. Then it's not safe. That's the opposite of you. Safe. It was like when we filmed over at that shitty building over there where they're like, If there's a pile of shit on the floor, don't disturb it. You know what it's not like? Oh, this will give you cancer. Or maybe that would I was gonna get a drink. It you tell. But we get that was bar none. The stupidest thing I've ever seen. Anyone in the history of this company tried. D'oh! We were in like an abandoned warehouse. Essentially is what it is. And Blaine found a jar of pickles, but no pickles in it. Just pickle juice. So it was a jar of yellow fluid. It was in the daily homeless. Pissed it absolutely would a homeless person pissing in charge there, who'd who's in the Bennett warehouse and finishes their pickles and waste immediately and set it there? Either scenario that makes sense that he was going to drink it again. What? You were gonna pay him one of these. You're astronomically stupid bets. Hey, was gonna do it. That was Well, I don't worry. That's what I was like. I stepped in and said, You can't That's what If you don't for 200 to do it for two grand, I mean, wait the other way to get down. You're a terrible negotiator, but, uh, he will think he was gonna do it, but then you had to stop him. That's by the way. Gavin has two moves that he does, which is he introduces shit. And then it confuses other people. And then he makes from them for being confused when had nothing to do with his fucking thing. To begin with. Nothing does is he throws out these numbers on bets like drink the pickle juice, pay $1000. I'll do for $1000 like 500. And you don't get todo if I'm fronting the money, which I don't want to pay because I don't really want to watch you do that. You just finally at the price. But you know if if you'll do something for granted it for 900 move up. What's the biggest bet you've made that you have had to pay someone to D'oh, that's 200. Was it Michael doing the barbecue sauce? No. Surely it could have been something bigger than that. I feel like I've done 200 before I found a private tour Chernobyl E enjoy an all inclusive full day toward the Chernobyl with a private guide provided private transportation takes you from your Kiev hotel to Chernobyl and Apache Village. Stay for a complimentary cancer Ukrainian lunch, then continue on to prepay. Yet follow your guy through haunting sight, seemingly frozen in time, including a department store music park radar station 102 bucks $102. Why the two? Relax? No, sad is that always people left their homes Thing Can it be like I would be back in a few weeks? Never went back. It was never safe. And then a bunch of people just stole that shit right, people, But it's like enjoy all the cancer. You'll get Nick and that stuff, And if you keep it, enjoy the cancer that it'll give you over time. What if they ended up selling it like that's one of the things I wondered when I got that Geiger counter was introduced into society and other places. Right? What if, like someone got had jewelry, they melted it down, made a new piece of jewelry. It's like now you've got, like, a radioactive piece of gold because someone stole something from trip. Yet God, there's just so many bits in two wars. Like when that guy's holding the piece of graphite. See, that's the difference. Mean people and animals, though, is I feel like a lot of like you idiot. Don't pick that up even though there's no way that guy could know not to pick up that piece of graphite, right, because they're like, Oh, poor, gone impossible isn't that I don't know if you're not educated to radiation is the hardest thing to get your head around 100% visible. It just ruins you from the core, and it's completely invisible. It's like electricity that can walk around is what I do, and you can go anywhere. It's like if you gave electricity a car, that's what it is like. It's so difficult. Try to wrap your head around. I thought they did a good job in the show. If I try and explain the danger, especially early on when that one scientist says like, Well, it's like 1,100,000,000 trillion bullets have been fired into the air and are now all about to fall down right everywhere around us. Yeah, yeah, I was reading an interesting because I was just I think this show number one makes you want to find out more about radiation and like other things that happened and why haven't you? Noble? But it's really about guy who basically was very close to nuclear. It was ready activity. It ruin him. But he didn't die. It wasn't like the one of the first waves to die. He would. He lived for a bit. But what it did to his body is that it ruined his chromosomes and DNA so they couldn't make new cells. And then he had a transplant of some white blood cells. I think that, like, fixed the decay, but it because he wasn't making any new cells, it just meant that he was on a finite body. Wow. He just couldn't make any more of himself. And that was it. Like he didn't have an immune system and he wouldn't make any yourselves. He was just like running down Tony, that it doesn't regenerate. And that would be so weird. Just be like I can't make any more of this. Your cat? You weren't heel, and you won't ever regenerate anything. We're super power. Yeah, and And your body decay. The hair stop growing. I don't know. Interesting was dead cells, right? But it is a process by which it make. There was a live cell at one point. Right character in cell, right? All right. It's just so terrifying that, like, relying on your body, just replicating itself, You take it for granted, you wouldn't think like and then when? When you if someone just like you don't do that anymore. You're just like, Oh, my God, I feel great now, But like, what we gonna feel like in a week, all of a sudden, losing like if you had health insurance your whole life and I'm not having You need to be careful when everything in the age of everything in your body, the skin is the newest thing. Typically. So his skin just stopped growing. Yeah, and its skin just fell off. It's like when that happens, like you will never feel as good as you do right now. If you will only feel worse from this point on which you already that's life to begin with. But it's on many minds. Accelerated scale. Like as you get older, you stop developing collagen as much Right to that, will you? No longer stretchy. Yeah, that's why I like things start to say, I don't know. I don't think it's you'd stop development completely or just like it slows down your shitty and making him. Yeah. Uh, here, let me read this thing. Reminder on the steps of the podcast is also brought to you by express vpn a minute. 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Yeah, there was a article idea. There was a weird coincidence with that. Where I had a couple of weird quinces is just recently, but this is one a while ago with the the Simone Gertz, these yurts, right? I sent Gavin because Gavin and I matter, we're gonna have events with her before. For sure. And I thought Gabby might know her. And like a week before they sent him a photo of her. It was like a portrait that was done. I go. Does one of her eyes look like it's different now? Something seems different about it. And remember this that I said okay. And like literally a few days later, she announced Yeah. People were commenting that in my last video, then my looks swollen or something like that. And that's when she announced that she had she had a brain tumor. Yeah. Oh, my God. What? You name it. Jane went back and she went back in the second time. She went for surgery, put some of it at the North Pole or something. She has, like, just such an incredible attitude. Retained, for I was a North Pole of Antarctica or something. But I had a really weird thing that happened to me. Um, I went to, uh I went to Chicago, where the second City Improv theater is and one second city, and they have a thing called Harold Ramos Film School there. It's relatively news compared to Second City. But like, you walk down those halls and like all the pictures on the wall, it's so fucking crazy. It's like Bill Murray and John Belushi and Tina Fey and Jason's and Vegas and Steve Carell. All these people that have meant to that 2nd 2nd city theater in Chicago. And, uh, I spoke for it was a long time. It was They call it a master class. Coming from me for that. I didn't name it that they, uh so we was like, two hours. Then we did a lunch break and then another two hours after it. Just like long discussions about media and all this other stuff. And at the end of it, there's a guy who I don't think I really knew much about. Richard eat beforehand. He walked in. He said, Yeah, because your stuff's crazy. It's like, cool to see how things can change because I think the people who spoke before me, one of them is Eugene Levy Bond. Then what? Another one was Judd Apatow's so glad they finally got somebody legitimate, like a Web influencers like me to come in and like, really shore up their program for them. Ah, there's you. But he Yeah, that's it. And, uh, it was that's not That's the whole way. But way went inside of rooms like this. Sound the floor. Really? This is anything this is like it kind of like this, like, kind of like a warehouse aesthetic to it, you know, because it's a theater. Um, but this guy, the end of it, walks up to me, hands me a folded up piece of paper and says, The whole time you were talking, it was like I said, I like your stuff. It's crazy is what you could do with media these days because and the whole time you're talking about, like, getting started and like video games and other stuff, there's a playwright. I think you would really like her work and he hands me this fold a piece of paper. I opened it up. It was my prom date in high school. He just she's a playwright and he had just, like, written down her, written down her name and handed me I was like, Is this are you messing with music? Why? What? And he looked kind of got, like, worried that I didn't offended me, and I was like, I know her. She's one of my best friends in high school. Way fucking threatening. This'd be holding a piece of paper up like, Is that your thumbnail? Are you threatening me? I'm looking at it, and I say, because that's it. Is that better? No. Um, I remember my prom date. Oh, I see. What you made were never made it. You made it weird. No, I don't you go look at you. They made it weird. He's Castle to Gasol. I know what you're doing. He's like he's on. He's on this trip was trying to do it. Gus, people been saying that about you if you really think about it. Was that true that I said, Guess lying first. Where have you been? Saying it made me think about it. Why you guys are good, I guess, like a long time. Yeah, I don't know. But that's crazy. Coincidence. That is crazy. Crazy coincidence. That would happen. So and I wrote her about it and told her the whole funny story. She did write me back, just sitting there like excited for our kids. What you most excited about showing the stuff? Yeah, it's it's nice making videos and put it on the Internet and then hearing silence and up comments. But to have a room full of people, What stuff is great? Yeah, I love that. Every in person reaction. Just amazing. Great for comedy stuff. It really is, because when you hear people laugh, you don't get to hear that when you stuff too and hearing people like react. Yeah, it's not curious. Do you get that? Like, have you ever shown a slow mo guys video in front of a live audience? Yes. And do you show the entire thing, or do you just show the bits? I'm sure, like cut downs. Yeah. Snippets. And people like my God, you have to go toe like some kind of talk. Read lots of news. Show outtakes. Field field. Put on you in today. Yeah, The eaves. I'm balloon inside the giant balloon. Yes, Somebody's giant. All in June. Still one video. Yeah, sure. That was the reason to the giant ball. June. Yeah, it's fear away to film inside the balloon. So I just had a long lens poked in the hole. It was really difficult High. What? I'm really excited for the rooster teeth panel. We have really done a rooster teeth panel in our text. No, he never done one before. That's a good question. Well, you know how there's theater Team 100 panel and there's been like the fun house panel. Well, now that we have the animation panel, the comedy group who makes shorts and Artie life and all these different pieces of content put on the receipt you to channel, right? Whatever's on diversity. YouTube channel. That's diversity panel. Yeah, but they this is on the wrist, but this has a separate. Yeah, no, but they will be on it. You can. You're gonna be on this panel. Little you least come by for the end of it. Come on. This pope, The rusty panel. I must try to get you to it. Yeah, I think you're free. I've made sure that you were free, Mr Gavin. Free. He's free so that you know you do not have to. You do not have to do it. I'm gonna talk to you about it later. I mean, if I'm free him well, someone we're gonna be having me in school. I was getting from place to place different panels. That's the thing is I've been trying to express the people is like there's some people that work here. Ah, that's arctic. Still relatively new to them. And they're like, Hey, can you just like we saw you have an hour between these two things. Can you just come across the street to the coop on, like, be here for, like, half an hour? Like I couldn't get across the street in and an hour back. I couldn't do it. Put into a metal box and I don't want to cross the street. I hate you and I can't get it. Be cool if you like. They just opened up the box and you come charging out. It's like a wild animal kind. Want to do that? Now that you that could be your entrance with metal cage kind of electric style extract of the things that mask on So we'll work on that. Um oh, sorry. Banging on my stuff is your old man panel this year. I think there's an old man pedal. People keep bringing it up. I don't think there is one old man panel. It's like me and Jeff and Gus and Matt Jolanda you going up going up? This guy? Yeah. Our founder and co found this panel. Stupid, stupid yaar, uh, assistant to the founder replaying milieu Solid five right now. And you know, before that you were making fun of me because I was playing a lot of fact, Oreo. And I know if I showed you this Bernie, but someone made a working very rudimentary three d game engine In fact, Oreo. Aeysha told me about it. Yeah, it's like almost like a local YS board. Either way. Wolfenstein three D level graphics where it's like you can see and like, move around as a simple multiplayer map where two people can, like, fight against each other and try to shoot each other. It's like they made a very basic first person shooter inside, just like a resource gathering game, which is wild to me. It's like I saw Seth Bling made mine cracked valuable test in the chest. It's like that level of stuff were just like, so someone sent me that and also a clip from me from years ago where I was like, How long until someone makes Minecraft in Minecraft? Well, and then they finally did it. You always counts death playing today, some crazy Minecraft stuff. He's running instead. He's doesn't crazy Super Mario stuff like, I think he broke Super Mario World and like, was able to execute his own code in it. He would see the person who made it learn that he made it, made a program that could learn how that guy's got some knowledge, man, I used to just watch him because he was a good bloke who made a toaster in Minecraft. But he's actually, like, go this crazy programming knowledge. Yeah, that's ah, It's like I can't even be like if I sat down. You're, like, make mine crafted Minecraft. What? I don't even know what the first step would be like. I guess you need some dirt. I barely know how to work a repeat. You know, the coop. Yeah. I'll stop by the group. Will be there for a little while. Has such a cool seen this year. Yeah, I think it just have been shown. It's kind of like a nineties video store kind of theme. Eighties, nineties. Um, and all of like, the shirts are gonna be in, like, little videocassette boxes and stuff like that. I think I'll try to get a little iPhone tripod because I have some of those from a given to some people and see if we can, like, live stream from the panel, just like we don't like live video on instagram. Right? Let's try it. Although I think it was gonna be garbage. Your wife, I try it. What? WiFi. If I weren't working that would you be mad if the neck was working there. If the next medium was taped, if it went from like, full K blue Ray to liken 8k tape VHS, Yeah, How would he be bad? I wouldn't know. Cool. What's run their wares out? You think they don't remember what it was like? You gotta rewind, chance VHS, get wind. It realizes there's no chapter Select. There is justice the fuss photo of wine on its own If you let it play If you VHS just run to the end. Really? If they had auto rewind, do not you think the next day it just won't have a little reward? I think the next day just one heavy. Okay, how about that? I don't think there's going to be. What's wrong with you? You talk to me like on the way here? I think so. Cool. Yeah, I would love to see it. Five years from now, people will look back at this exact moment when we have be judged on a K tape on set. If the next home video format is an eight K tape, now you're saying, Let's let's have a big war even exists. That's it using the standard. The standard if it's all if we're all going and buying. But what about his movie? Eight K? I want to start a K, take a company and sponsor the roost. IPod. What if this time around it via Max that Winds Basin? Max Max, the Alfa beat you say Beata dead formats that come back? Yeah. You can fit a lot of tape tapes of you camp Digital tape. That was one of the assassins Titanic came onto tapes. Remember that? Well, it's not the bit No saves. No. Now this You still back? Shut up to tape tapes. Good. Still that same kind of tape? Maybe it will be maybe digital tape. Gus does the word and DVD memory. First of making movies, that those video files were just so fucking big. And it was like a four gig hard drive was a massive hard After we got back shit up on tape, take 32 hours to back something up. And it was It was a fucking nightmare. And I want Theo wrote faster than it. Red. Yes. Reason read, speeds were different. Yeah, I When I was written, I was exploring the video today and I didn't do a 264 Just accidentally. Just export is a progress. Yeah, and it was 1.25 terabytes. Wow. And I thought about like, should I just try and upload that? But the maximum file size on YouTube is only 100 and 28 gigs. Mmm. Really? Yeah. My initial 264 was like, 68. That's pretty present because you cannot blow, like, you know, the movie now in theaters? No. Three hours, three hours. Right. So how many people was that? 7 20 Tenney? Yeah, I guess a lot of like the Fook, like 4.8 gigs Seems to be like sweet spot. That's like one layer of, ah DVD. That would make sense. That was where they go. How thick is the tape that you back up to stick this much. But but new VHS will be like, double it. And what does Gavin? What do you know about that? Why would have to be a thicker tape fit more on it? Why couldn't you be more definite way mean? Have you got denser? You get more. I hard drive work hard After this big, they get more capacity and I'm over time. How do you think they were? Just They ship them in 1995 this size, you say they were building for the future. Let me. I understand what you say. That's great. But imagine if the hard drive was this big. Gets more story, more platters and you can't fit it in like a home computer right now. Just already existed in the past and was already a set size. So if you get a lot of stuff on a take this big the match when you could don't take this big. Sure, why not just get a tape the size of a truck? Then why not just do that? It's just the size of a dump truck and you fucking crane to lift it and put it in your play, Major house, out of a tape. It's like all the movies. You want it. You lived in them. Oh, your house is magnetic, and you could just run she up and down and it just change it. You could record stuff on the walls and it might met randomly make a blockbuster movie, and you could make money when you distribute it tape is the future I'm over. This chap has gone nuts about, you know, the movie is it? You know, the movie or the, you know, moving out of the movie. Yeah. So there are a number of videos over the course of history of rooster teeth that I will go back and just check on every now and then. Like, what's this one doing? What this would like to use wise? Yeah. One of my pet favorites is the 1,000,000,000 view video. Because I just thought that was a really fun of fucking idea. Yeah, because I thought for sure the audience would go nuts and like, Like, set of bots, tow, watch it and stuff like that. I love going back and looking to see how well they're performing. You know, the movie is the only one that when I go back and I look at it and it's gone up another 1,000,000 views, I'm like, What am I doing? What? What What? What? What is this? Have you been watching me? No, It was a good movie. Seven point 3,000,000 of you. Oh, my God. Three hours. It's no even along. That's not a speedy video. by far way. Plenty of long of it is every 50 son marry If I is longer, I just imagine those somebody like 7,000,000 people why were like 500,000 people watching it 14 times, you know, and there were three hours, three hours. It's like I'm like, What is going on? Some of that I lost with is you guys achieve a hunter being able to do, you know, the movie and it's on IMDb and people finding it wasn't like the top rated movie for a while. Or like the top comedy. Yeah, it was confusing them. And then you guys made that fucking hot dog stand restaurant. It became like the most reviewed restaurant in Austin, Texas, is like the actual best hot dog place in Austin. Probably Frank. Well, casinos Frank, think, is out of the garden. They're gone, Okay? But they only had, like, 1100 reviews. And also it was like four stars. 20,000. If I went to a place and there was a hot dog restaurant that had thousands of found thousands of reviews, it was 4.8 or 4.9. Whatever it was, I would absolutely go to the hot. Yeah, and I think Didn't somebody do that? There was a real review and they're going. I went there and I can't find this place and I don't think it exists. That's like somebody's afternoon. We could have whipped up a hot dog. They didn't find it. In the great state, your life opens door. Hey, you want the time comes? You review anyone? The hot dog you've been like? Hell, yeah. Where the buns rifling through the kitchen looking like all your weapons and everything is going to you know, the movie had countless 9.5 when I am to be okay. How much? How much would effort would this be? To put it on tape, Thio officially cellar to the movie on a VHS from the receipt store. You can't have him of VHS movie that long, three hour tapes, Titanic bitch. Two tapes it. Okay, that's gonna be really cheap. Honestly, Gus, we could just cut it off it like a 120 minutes, and I don't think but get a VHS player and do it. Let's do it. Let's, uh well, I was gonna say digitized tea for the rest of an ally Jizz in well and a analog and a loaded. All right, that's it. I'm done. Tableau. I wanna go, But let's finish this Represents. All right, thanks to your buddy. Next time. Bye.