#551 - BANNED for Being Nice?!

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, and Burnie Burns as they discuss getting banned on Xbox Live, plane stories, parking garages, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-07-02 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 551. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com Theo Theo. First podcast this week Brought to you by Goat and Stuber. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin from John. I'm burning up. Welcome back, John. Thank you for having me, guys that jumped in there just to talk. And I'm just You mean he jumped in? There was little deer in the headlights, I So I thought it was I. You know, sometimes they forget production. Mom, I'm not gonna be that. Do she know? I thought I wasn't always open Millet. And they the cut to each person as you say your name. And so I was like, I was I've been in the middle. I was freaking out looking for, like, where my camera was, and then my camera didn't change that. I just say my name or number six. That's me right there. All right. Which production we are now? Ah, Sunday driving man. A harsh critique of the latest under driving with Camille Man. Johnny, critique it. Wasit was scathing, I would say Okay, scaring which which new source of this come from? I believe this was a reddit. Com This'll scathing comment was going away. It's always fun to be wed. You go to read about a video. That's how long. An hour? No, the sunny driving like 30 minutes. Oh, yeah, if that was way off, very, says a big, long video. And there's a discussion about it. Most places, when you read about people are leaving common. The video. It's about the video I find lately on Reddit. If there's a lengthy discussion about something, it's about the thumbnail or some very specific thing, like how it was delivered and this one was. The scathing comment was Sunday driving. This came out on the side on Saturday, and I came out of a job on Monday. That's what someone, someone having to get on that I hope someone get fired over this. Cancel a fucking that it's really on the viewer. You put the video on Monday. It's on them to wait until Sunday or Gus, you're only allowed to watch it on Sunday. If you average get Saturday Monday. Divided by Do is Sunday like your hand motion of average that the average it, you get all these numbers go. If it was a fake, like a joke complaint. I think that people set their flag on even worse mountains than that. You say Funny enough or funnily enough, funny enough. Finally. Funny enough nerves. That was a fun Aly Aly. That's like taking a funnel, right? Funnily enough, it's like suddenly enough, but without context. If I said finally enough, you would say you just had a stroke. Really? Yeah. Monosyllabic Momma Lolla Vic. There is all the words you could. It's only got, like, 50 syllables. I know that the word abbreviation is one of the longest word B b. Our list. The list. I don't like that only what people make of abbreviations. I don't like that. Official abbreviation for abbreviation doesn't like it when people a brief stuff. I don't stop it. I don't like it. I don't like it. I also don't like when people immediately start abbreviating things that they like, but that aren't, in my opinion, popular enough to have an abbreviation, so people need to go to you for approvals investigations. I'm just saying there's got to be a bit if you like. Hey, If you'd like to get your abbreviation to prove, Just go at Bernie. Let him know what you'd like to. Abbreviation has official abbreviation. One of them may be the r a B B r a t e r v or a B B R E v. This is way too long. Who authorized that? Uh, was gonna be like a committee somewhere that clears the seasons. Even even stuff that I like. Like when people say, Oh, I really liked in a and H when this happened, like a and h with Fox and H and contact him like, Oh, it's a new hope People use abbreviations like That's more of an acronym. That is an acronym. You're right. That's an acronym, but they're abbreviating the way they're saying a new hope. Sometimes it is inaccurate, and I worked a great acronym that I like. I'm playing through dark souls. Three. For the first time. Let him have his legal. Is it accurate acronyms and abbreviations? It is a special kind of. It's really abbreviated. It's down to just the letters. Well, that's what it is also, And I realize I said that I'm aware of the things I say we're on our podcast, just like you know what? My response to that shake criticism, Ellen, read it. It was Sunday in Australia. So there you go. So we made that for the Australian viewers. You go. There you go. I mean, you drove on the wrong side of the road. What was the war you're doing? Doxil 30 no. So I'm playing Doctor Rose three for the first time. And, uh, I'm with those kind of games I get really obsessed with making sure that I'm leveling the right way and getting the right weapons that are a good build for whatever character am I can't go over well with that stuff, which is great when you're playing an older game. There's a lot of information out there for you to find a lot of wiki that have already like paddles information. And so I'm playing as a cleric and I wanted to know what's a good early game cleric weapon to stay with. And so there's this sword that is the est or a short sort. And then there's a way that you infuse the weapons that you put in some sort of Jim and there's one that's called raw. But on the wiki is the way they should shorten. It is It's a raw ass. Uh, it's just a raw ass is a really good first early weapon for clerics. Get a raw ass. What is that short for? It's a store. A short sword. Okay, so but that's raw infuse or a short sort SS. Yeah. Good. All right. Right. Good weapon. Who was it? Bungee got in trouble, right? Was that the release of Halo? Halo two, Halo two. Halo two had some files with the extension dot ss and as like, that wasn't really really available. I think you have to go in and edit the registry or look at one of the files. It had, like a very small thumbnail of one of the developers showing his ass mooning. That was the error image that it would give you. You got an s s air and he's gotta be funny, but internally put his picture of his butt in there, and it was in the code that they released in the retail version. So they had to go on update the E S R B rating for the game, and I believe Hillary was already mature, but they had to update it with now to include nudity. Just take it out. Well, they couldn't do it because it was put stickers on everything. For since you've already got the rating, you double down and just threw a lot more nudity into it. What a fail That's it with, like, every all this nudity. And you knew you got the rating. You might as well do it and really get people like smoking. It must have been fired for that, right? His name was I didn't know this guy personally. I don't know if he still works in 34343 or at BUNGEE when they moved away from Microsoft. What's his name is either Mikey or Mickey. Look it up. Okay, It was his. But hey, uh, speaking of our souls, why do all Japanese games use the same phone? Pardon? Go on. If I see if I look and you show me the end screen like you died or whatever, maybe not. You died that's specific to dark souls. But like, even going back like street fighter to like, you know, mission complete. You know, when you like stage complete When you bash the car and stuff, it's the same. Like Sara Font. I feel like I can identify if a game came from Japan. It, like simply by the former. Easier to read for Japanese people. I don't know. I don't know what what fund is Japanese way have. We have super common fonts ourselves that are used like Why, why those Americans can't using Helvetica all over the place. That's a better way to say that. Why's impact Way use a different font. They get 10 Japanese companies. Why did it does The Western world seems weird to say that when she plans to our west. But why? Who edits the Western world? Use a different style of font than Eastern. Why do you never see Japanese symbols in comic sense? Maybe you do, Charlie. Maybe you do. Charlie. Charlie. Guys, it's over. Charlie, go work out. Any moving the camera? And that was the moment. Chuckie, Chuckie, That was or was not making Chuckie. That's what will happen to him. I think you're fired. I think it was like, Oh, that sucks. Shit happens. What do you do? As of now, the stickers and some guy GameStop he's gotta put all the stickers on all the copies of Halo two. They had another problem, but he also had another problem. Wasn't with myth to was able to get right with the hotel okay, which was exclusive to Vista. That that problem with myth to where they had to update all of the games had to pull it off the shelves because the uninstaller was broken and would delete your everything on your hard drive. Right? What if you share a relation location of that game and you installed it to the root directory of your C drive and then you uninstall it? The honest dollar was fucked up and would delete everything on the C drive instead of just that folder. Good. Yeah, they had to pull it off the shells, update it and then put a sticker on it that said, like, now updated Version one, daughter one. And then put it back out on the shelves because that was before Internet updating. That's like That's like when you're watching those like spy movies and they put something into the computer that wipes the drive that they need to get all information off. That's all you got. You just got a nice little Dr Wiper there, right? Yep. It always has a skull and crossbones that leaves behind that. People know that. Hello. I would probably do that honestly, because way I have so much fun playing video games with Andrew. Peyton and I have probably not played video games with him in, like, five or six years. Uh, going. He got back to me. He got back because of you from working band for Makes books Life. What do you do to him? Nothing. I influenced him. And apparently a very negative way for being nice. He wants what? So for those of you who don't watch achievement, Andrew Parker Pen is a regular contributor to achievement Hunter. He's a lovely fellow. Creative. If you only ever watched podcast years ago. He's the kid that I would play Saints Rome multiplayer. When we got jumped in particular, like we started playing St Throw multi player. Probably 12 months after saints row was out, we were joining that community very late. It was like one or two matches taking place. And as soon as we would join all the other people in our gang, which is our team would just immediately kill us and then start the match and it was okay. That was weird, but they did, like three or four times. We complained at them and said, Hey, can we just play the game like No, no, Take your lumps. It was like we were getting jumped in to the Saints Road community and we did a whole Artie about That's Andrew Pan. Lately, we've been playing. See if thieves because he got back into it because of the anniversary, getting things because he just got bad. He literally like the week he got banned. And it's Apparently it's my fault. So he's been playing. And there's this thing called on the Xbox app and in the Xbox console, there's a really great feature called Looking for Group. If you want to play stuff like Apex or see if thieves stuff where you're way better off having a group and it's not a group of fucking random sze that air just like booting up the game for the first time. I'm not trying to get keep here, but those people really suck. Um, you're going to be looking for group and say exactly what you want to do, which is important for seeing thieves like, Hey, I'm going to do this. You'll get a crew like four people on a boat, all trying to do something different. Overwatch has that, and there is to know, Do they really? It's a great feature what people have started using it for and see if thieves is. Hey, I'm logging off. I've got a ship you guys played. See if he's right. You gather resource is the cannibals and planks and handing off shakes. So you just say, Hey, I'm logging off. I got a two persons loop. It's got 80 cannonballs on it, 100 plus planks, a bunch of bait. Anybody wanted, you joined the party. The other person logs off. And that shit just keeps going and going. Yeah, it's it's a cool way to do it. So I did that. And I guess when I made a looking for Group Post because Andrews on my friends list, it popped up and his alerts and he said, He said, I'll play with you. Is it actually? No, I'm long enough. You can have my ship. Oh, that's really cool. I'll do that. I go I'd love to play with you. They'll pan because I'm talking awhile. We should play together again. Great goes off in place that I end up playing with him this weekend and we had a great time. But he told me he got banned because he did the same thing, he said Later on, he tried to give away, I think the same boat and he said, I've got a two person Slough. It's got this on it. Who wants it? Come get it And Xbox immediately said, Can't post. This is offensive. Yeah, Apparently his message was giving away a slope loaded with supplies and active Athena Quest. Who wants it? What was that offense? He was told his post contained offensive words. And to edit it, he tried again, having no clue what was offensive. So he removed the words loop because it rhymes with I would do that a lot. It'll sloopy put two person boat was still offensive, he removed. Who wants it thinking that maybe it's aggressive And there he wrote, even moved Athena, right? Pirate legends it, but he was like, basically transplanted. The whole message still was seen offensive, and then he was automatically banned for, like, trying to be offensive. 24 hours. Yeah. Do you ever figure out what was the offensive word? Never figured out. Apparently, he was in trial that he could go to. He was then given two options. One was case review, where they're, like, look at it again. And the other one was Admit that you've made believe organ and you get a suspension reduction. Believe argued a case review was great out. It doesn't have the option. So you basically have to be like, Sorry. You were You know what? He doesn't know what he did. He was It was, uh he's also just like the matter, just really confused by it. I'm so Yeah, I'm confused by it. A similar thing happen to somebody else. Greg Miller got banned from me three. Next year by the essay you got. You got that overturned. Did he? Now I want to go to eat three in support of the essay. Greg was gonna get bad. Felt like they were trying. They're actually for once, get rid of the riffraff of the three. That Greg Miller get rid of that fucker. But really, they banned anyone from I mean, I didn't I didn't realize that they have, like, any type of enforcement for that kind of stuff there. God, I think Greg should sue and say, Why you letting someone impersonate me on your show floor? Don't you have better security in this? Did he figure what it was? No. I don't think you'd think somebody just faked his badge because he and I didn't keep up with this. But from what I saw, he even had the last video to error during E three is like video proof that he hadn't given until the very end of the convention. Who has proved that he had a badge because he's on the show floor and it was like a little like he's doing a professional video stream. I'm not sure if it was an official eat three stream, but it probably was something close to that. And he was the last person to appear essentially on screen for E three. And then he gets band ready for next year with 500 Greg Miller's register and show up. What do you think is the chance that Greg Miller will just let that go? He's already got like this whole next three plan, they they handed him a golden ticket With this way higher, can we hire Greg Miller? Impersonators? We told a bloody three with a bunch of people who look like he's a very generic white boy. Can't be that hard, dear. You see, the thing I'm concerned about, Gus is. And then we would have to meet a lot of people who act like Greg Miller. I don't know, Eric, Eric. Do we show the glimpse of the people that I've read it that somebody posted the title of this was these guys know how to have fun? And I just watched us probably like 10 or 15 times since since I saw him and read it. I got from the beginning. I shouldn't because it gives it pans over to these guys. Here we go. Look at a party with hot people in their own, um, infinity pool. They they're making noises, making fart noises. That's your delight. Sheer delight. Guys. Have a fucking black wanna hang out with those guys. I love those guys. Where is he used? Reddit User that posted that gave leg check here. I'll get the person. Make sure they have proper credit for this. Hugo Awards so good. I love just pure enjoyment. Things on the Internet User Canyon pronounces f z O H seven for so seven. All right, Not an insult for so sick. So that guy's a jerk. Yeah. Make sure you get it right. But still one through five were taken is O f Z O h s e double space. You got to hear about that woman who got locked on a plane at Air Canada Plain. We should get off. She I guess it was. Ah, late night flight. The plane landed and she dozed off while they were landing Ben there. And she woke up to a dark plane that was empty. I love that. She woke up. She got her phone out to call. Someone started a facetime conversation with someone. Then her phone immediately died. And then since the plane was off, there was no power. Said she kept trying to plug her phone in, but nothing would power. It had to break into the cockpit to find a flashlight. She broke into the cockpit. Those were her words to conquer this move. Gotta flash like this movie open the door open to the door. But then, you know the plane doors up in the earth. Who knows? I just used the emergency exit slide down. Well, that's any doors. An emergency exit, But he has to be armed. So true. Yeah, she stood there with a flashlight, waving, like trying to get someone's attention to, like a baggage handler. And a cart was driving by and noticed her. So I guess like airline is it was Air Canada. They're still reviewing it. They said there's procedures to make sure that doesn't happen. But it happened to her. She gonna get flights forever. They should give her that plane when she fell asleep on a plane. What's the harm? Honestly, what if you couldn't get out? You just said lock down. A funny What if you couldn't get out? She got out. She's fine. What? She could sue and get a plane. She fell asleep on a plane. She woke up on a plane. How dare you know the place is a funny story to tell your friends. You gonna sue over that? Come on. No, I don't mean Sue, but like, get some. I would like to go to Canadian Claims Court, though like rule for the plaintiff and defendants goes sorry. Yeah, place you should be No play. It goes No, I'm sorry, Thio, Get up, back and forth of stories. But really I mean, what? What do you think is gonna happen? What could have been dangerous? It could have been, but it wasn't. Everything could be dangerous. Like what if there was no air? Like, if there's Ah, 18 wheeler going on the road, it goes for maintenance. Defies all your fucking brakes were shot on this 18 wheeler. Does everybody on the road get to sue the 18 wheeler? That didn't cause an accident because it could have been dangerous. Does it let oxygen into the plane when it's off? I don't I don't the plane's air tight, dude. Well, I don't know. Maybe he's asking. Is it another time? It still leaks? No. So then what is everyone? They pressure how they keep Europe. When your pressure, it can push it from the inside. When you're on the ground. When it's active there, there are systems that due process so that we'll have the oxygen tanks feeding everybody the entire time they're up there. You just you just pull down one of the masks and you're fine. You have to play movie air takes. Did you notice that when we were on that really small plane recently they They said if the cabin depressurize is Hoxton moss will be handed out, You'll get one. Yes, I will give you what you take. What? You get the basket and you take one and pass it on. I think of a flight. Was it 50 less people? Oh, God. That would be a very smooth procedure. Families out there would be no one fighting for oxygen tanks crashed yesterday. What do you see that in the Dallas area? See that? All right. There's another thing that happened. What about off? Can't talk about yet. We could talk about it. Hopefully very soon. Maybe this podcast. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You mean check this weekend? What's that at our checks this weekend And architects this weekend? Uh, yeah. Are we gonna s So what's the story with Artie X for the podcast? Are we gonna record and release the spot guest roar rule? We? What? Can I have a stroke way so far? Test from Artie X next month like Eric's been truly Krista gig there. Thank you, Eric, for you. Have you stepped in? Dude, if I woke up on an empty plane, my big concern would not be getting off of the plane because I know it was gonna happen. No, I know exactly what you're going to say is what I would do is, Well, once I got past the horrors of it, I would be like home alone in the plane. I would do all the shit on the plane I never get to do is find the flashlight. I'm up there like flying World War Two missions in every fucking switch I saw. I think it p and have a fucking You have to know how to turn the plane on the baggage. People walking by the plane in the flaps, like Good, I'd be doing laps. No, you never get to run up and down a plane. Exactly. Be so. Exactly what you can do it. It's just really found. Yeah, you know what game? How many laps did you do before? You never fly again in my line of landing Unlimited Pringles wrinkles. Yeah, Pringles on the plane. You sell him three bucks. Yeah, Three bucks, huh? How much that you see the giant to expense To expect that you see the giant Pringles cans Not giant crinkle way Got a problem with Tabler own so monosyllabic tabler I had it landing in Paris last week. That was violent. We hit the ground so hard. And usually pilots kind of don't really tell you anything when it's that you know that when everything's going well, right? The guy, like, pulled up to the gate and he was like, Well, sorry about that landing Sun was in my eyes. I see Mr wants to make it an East fights just like he was like, Elliot is really bright and I just slammed into the ground. I think he didn't know the ground was already there. I like the woman next to me screamed everyone, Everyone's going nuts! It was like, What do you do? Wait. She screamed in the lane here at the house on impact Theo. And then she was horrified. He screamed. It was it's top three most hard landings of ahead. What? There's a whole type of sun Gless that's named after aviation in the fucking why you have ever land into the sun That can't be good for any plane. It's all based on the wind. You're right, we'll show. And so you have the land of this because of the wind comes from Comes from the heat from the sun Way How's it work? Push inland comes across space and then lands on earth in the wind takes off. That's where wind comes from I was out. I want a Bill Nye the science guy show with you. Dude, I think this is a very gavin question I've always wanted Go where wind starts. It has to start somewhere and start, you know, Where do you think in your life you've ever been where winds start? I don't know. It's just it's a changing differential and pressure as it does with my favorite Shel Silverstein books. I love where the sidewalk ends and where the wind starts as my favorite Start some. You ever broken wind? Yes, that's and you've been where Winston, I have been way We're wind starts under that sufficient while my bro for that for win And But when you're facing against the wind current, what is the range of wind? How far. Will you go half a Google? What? Well, it's just It's like little micro gusts from where you were like a tree isn't blowing. And then was it like going all the way across the world or what? It was just like buildup right there. And my dad told me, in fact, aside to be on the safe act, a tidbit Who knows, in fact, probably be proven right now, but the volatility of the gaseous state is such that the longest fucking thing that's that's a paragraph of a comment. Get this guy out of three finding, talking about how they should detect and steal the loot from the others and myself and the other crew members. Before I put that guy in the brig, it's guys like telling a story, My see, if the only reason Bernie got distracted to see if everyone's kind of right paragraph, I think this is why I didn't want the chat, because you I'm with you. I like yes, hey Mike and is telling us that cockpit windshield or not tinted. Did you know this up? Some other Steve podcast is brought to you by a goat. My fingers is an investment of your time and money, and when they turn out to be fakes, then you really feel cheated. So how can you be sure it's really go? 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That's goat dot coms slash teeth plus. You'll also be supporting our show. But you've got to go right now before the stickers you want are gone. When you go to go dot com slash teeth, that's geo 80 dot com slash teeth. Thank you for sponsoring this episode of the receive podcast. Do you want to dio the Chad? Hey, hey Derek, They get to stay. So the one with the cat dispersing Mutual chance Thief Volatility of the gas estate is such that Wow, every breath that you take, there's a move you make. There is a molecule of air from basically every other breath ever taken, like when you take a breath is insane. That's what this is. This is, my dad told me as this tidbit. It's probably been disproven like a jillion times since then, but the volatility gas in the atmosphere is such that, like what about they dissipate so quickly? Was that about fish? I don't know about fish. I don't think fish breathe. Here's a question. Breathe no memory. Let him go. Go. They extract oxygen from water from their gills. Let me ask you a question, though. This is a debate, actually have a friend of mine. He didn't like the phrase drink like a fish because fish don't drink. I disagree with that. I disagree with that because his argument was there in the water. They don't need to drink. It's like we're in the air. But we need to breathe. So do fish drink. Go debate. You cross cross, Doc. I'm going. Counterpoint. I'm going to say yes. Well, the acts of drinking would be Does what? Go in their stomach. Right? And then process through their body. That went under wars. So I would say yes. They can't eat food without eating. What? That taking moisture out of food or something from the stomach where the food goes and nourishes their body. That's the active drinking. Can I? Oh, do you want answered the Oh, the problem. I have another problem with the Internet. You always look it up. I have another question. Is a problem on Lee saltwater fish Drink. What do fresh flowers? There's fresh water. The inside of the fish is saltier than the surrounding environment. Water moves into the fish by us. Most ifs passively through the gills and the skin and the stomach isn't so. It doesn't go in stuff. Does that not count? Is drinking fish have to eliminate all the sexist water by peeing dilute urine? Who does What? But you said stomach there. I know that I'm confused now, so I think they were absorbed into their skin, and then they still piss it out to me. That's just drinking in a different way. Do fish peak? Okay, so they do pee. So they have to drink. If I put Warren your stomach through a hole, did you drink it? But the counterpoint is, if I don't, don't pee. I'm sorry. Birds don't pee, but they drink. They didn't like bird droppings have everything in This is a cup of the browned is pool and the white, but is pissed uric acid. But it comes out of the but it's not, But is it is the cloak, Leah? No, no, wait. Like Chloe? Is it Chloe Ca? Yes, it is. Coliseum costume. Lubick. Modest. Salalah, listen. I knew that the thing existed way there. Would you go for a double? But, uh, missed? You said you, but it was like having diarrhea, right? Doesn't seem so bad. So if you put a hole in my stomach and poured water in? Yeah. Would that be drinking? Yeah, I think so. Let's say I didn't have a mouth. So let's get it in the mouth. No. And you ask me, How do you drink? No, I would say, Good mouth. That's half I drink. What about What about an i. D. What it is not drinking, but ivy. That's not drinking. That's not drinking. It's not drinking. Stomach, not drinking. It's too far across the line. It's not drinking. It's neither the line and how high up is drinking. You put the whole here. No butthole here. It's drinking through the drinking, his mouth, drinking his mouth thing all I can imagine, that was a bunch of fucking trout with an I V bag, and they're going down the river over there trying to get fluids into their body. I also think I'm really upset about salmon because I don't like that cinnamon could go from freshwater saltwater. That's like no time. I just don't like it. I just lowly doing going to call them. You don't know you're one or the other. What do you mean? We went on the moon solidity and under a lot of different levels Stew Aryan. It is. It is we left up. Are you worried about the same? And people rising up? The turtles are iffy because turtles breathe air and dolphins, too. What about whales? Yeah, it's too if either too. If he got a two traders, they got to choose where they want to be up here with us. So they want to be down there with them. Yeah, right. The fissure. They're committed as a great song. Did you see the video of the lizard that had a bubble of air on its head? And it would just breathe out that that was wicked. No, no. Like a bubble stuck to it. Sounded like a skin book. It has, like a hydrophobic something head boys like clings to it. But war doesn't go on it. And then it goes under war. And it just, like, breathes its own head bubble. Just like a scuba mask. Yeah, it was cool. It's like Gavin going in his pool. When he was a kid with a bucket for the breeze in the bucket. He would bring a bucket. Yeah, that's it. That's Gavin Dad, you You've always described that when you were a kid, by the way. Don't fucking do that. You couldn't do it for a bit. Yeah, I saw it in water World. Totally worked. The hardest part is dragging a bucket on the one. I'm pretty sure you're gonna pass out really quickly. There's just worried about running out of air on an airplane less than 15 minutes ago. This massive airplane, the holds, hundreds of people you could sleep on that overnight. Even if it was airtight, you would be fine. They they did. They did empires Caribbean with a rowboat, his problem looking stuff up on the environment. So this reminds me of a thing I read on the Internet. I wish I didn't fucking know what. Which is. How do you make a baby actually were gonna do our pregnancy announcement? I was trying to figure out how to incorporate either the bad or that. How do I get pregnant? Have you ever seen that where the guy takes all the the Yahoo answers and everyone asked, How can I get pregnant? But nobody can spell pregnant, right? And it's just for fucking layers. And I think the name of the video is How do I get pregnant right there, pertinent. It's It's a great follow up to I love the smell of my boyfriend's colon, but, uh, what the fuck I was gonna say something forgot. I learned from reading. Not really the babies at all. Uh, well, this is really the suffocation. Oh, like running out of air, you run out of air. That's I can't blame sharing these people, cause I didn't want to know this. You run out of air and it's like you run out of oxygen. It's very peaceful way to die. And you're like, Oh, you just run out of air and you go to sleep and you die. And it's super peaceful, just not the way that works because you don't really run out of air oxygen. That's not how people suffocating closed in spaces. You suffocate from carbon dioxide poisoning, which is actually a really bad way to die, causes panic like it induces like raw, pure anxiety and panic, because your body, I guess, has mechanisms in it to no good. Get the fuck out of here because you're in a sealed strong, a closed go to environment. So you die screaming and I just wish I didn't know that. Yeah, I don't need this image in my head. I wish I didn't know. I don't like that. I like carbon monoxide. You just pass out, Cartman, I But you don't. But you don't poison yourself with carbon monoxide in a closed space. You poison yourself with carbon dioxide because you're breathing it out. You're creating converting stuff before you die of lack of oxygen in a space That is oxygen you use at the auction and replaced with carbon here, the co two generator. In that case, you can just have not enough oxygen, right? Like comparing hypoxia. Yeah. Yeah, well, you That's kind of like, euphoric from right. Good. That's when you go to high altitudes. Dustin has that great video with that good video. That's such an amazing video. Although he's got probably the best video thumbnail I've ever seen. The history you did with that helicopter Underwater rescue video, that thing's fucking nuts way. Talk about these. I want to go through that. I can't imagine the training like having that muscle memory. He did really well in the hypotheses, the correct way Yeah, he went the hypoxia video. He did really well with other, like, trained commercial pilots there in the room with him. And if they don't have to tell him to put his shit back on and then he wouldn't do it. I think what? He went past the point where he would have survived. Definitely. Yeah. He would have died if they had not put oxygen back in the room. You just get really dumb. Yeah, he's a smart dude. What's that look for a dumb person? Smarts like flowers for our baby will have to read that. Did. My kid just referenced flowers for children on the other day, and I forget what he was talking about. It was a really, like, as I thought. Wow, I haven't heard of that book in years, but I guess so. They're still reading it. Pressing story. It's a very depressed Why don't they bring back educational video games? Mike Math Blaster. What? Much of it was like a Triple A X Books educational game. Oregon Oregon Trail was supposed to be an educational game, and you can now buy a handheld version of it like the little handheld making Oregon trail like that. I don't think I learned anything from Oregon Trail except what dysentery was. Yeah, no dysentery. And that came. That's really useful for adult day to day life. Wouldn't dysentery. I always felt bad because it could never carry enough buffalo back. I had a waist like 100 50. Air affairs, which would waste a lot of without, always bears. There's some animal. There's waste all this prime buffalo, too. But remember killing too many animals and then just like that, you don't. You just killed all these animals. Just gonna leave him here. Yep. What was the educational game that you played in the UK? Do you have the organ trailer to call it like? Well, path? No, I didn't really do that much. I played Mario teaches sums. Mary Oh. Teaches something that can alter the universe. You know, have that. I think it's Mario Teaches math in the United If it speech United States. You're fine. I didn't want a grammar for Mario from Mary. Oh, sorry. Aereo Maria. What does would he teaches? Sums like adding in shit. Looked up. Some say something. No, we would say addition, the Monkey Island Games was talking problem solving. There's a lot of problems. Like a lot of puzzle game has puzzle. I would say that I would not classify that as an educator, but this is not what I was looking for It all. But I'm happy that this exists. Someone wrote a book called Mario Teaches Sums That you could, but I don't know what to get you for your birthday next year. Yeah. Try get video of marriage, which is something I want to see. If it were found it on, see if it jogs the memory that I haven't seen for 25 years. Of course. No video. This is my retro stuff. So it was my oldest sprite. That was timing really marry a game. This looks like the sprites from Super Mario world. Yeah, but it was like, really it was really not fun. Trademark gabara in 1994 Nintendo. You're right. The software tool works. We're just gonna help. Where the old moving So slow. God, what's the frame rate of this? Is that Eric? What was it on? What's it gonna be? Oh, marry. Okay, So it was a PC game was God is going to go through the entire thing way. We're watching all of this. Everyone sit tight. John, can we stream this? Can we have a Mario teacher sums now? Now we're that we're doing that next week. Old Instantaneously Way even started the game. We could speed on that because it would be so good at sums. Probably had a good kid, though. Miles did a thing on Twitter where he was asking people to solve a specific math problem, which was really simple. Like, what is six plus eight? That was The thing is, that reporter was asking Pete was the thing on Twitter where they would put out, like, How do you solve this? Yeah. And Miles was like he was confused by how people were doing math. Because if I said what is six plus eight? What is the answer? Yeah, And how did you arrive at that answer? Muscle memory. Just, you know that six plus eight is 14? Yeah, memorizing the answers. I know all the single digit numbers it's called. That's called rhetoric. That's the way they used to be. What you would just memorize. Uh, you know, when that rhetoric wrote Is it ready? Yeah, Yeah, I remember. You. Memorize the smallest. Why didn't teach you that word? Is that to do the bigger ones that you know? Little that. But you're damn teaches. Didn't tell you how to remember a 24 hour clock. I know how to subtract 12 from it. Well, just remember what? The numbers. We just never used it. We just don't You We know how to do that. But the excuse the Americans they use it is because they don't like to do math when they tell the time. Because we have to do math. You're you're smart way weren't taught it are using every day. But you don't actually have to do math. So I'm saying you just memorized that 17 is five, right? If it's not memorized, spoke about memory, that's what my point was. Well, but we don't use it. We don't use it. You should use it. There you go. You know what happened? You know what happened? If we used it, we'd memorize it. I also don't know how long it takes to make tea. Like right off the top of my head. I could make a guesstimate. You probably know exactly how long it takes to make tea. That's the preference. I learned that the hard way. Do not get in a conversation with a British person about the proper way to make because everyone fucking does it different. No matter how you do it, you're fucked it up. You put the milk in first, correct your good correct milk on a tea bag. Your monster. If you put milk in first, take him. Now, I read about somebody's talking about their dad like annoying habits people your family had when she was about her dad. She didn't like the fact that the way he would eat cereal. No, don't do that either. He would. What do you say, Milk? First get this wise guy used to fucking next level. He get two bowls, he poured milk. And once you're on the other, he take a spoonful of cereal dip in the mill, going on brilliant for no reason. Just rinse. Um party problem of eating cereal. I guarantee that motherfucker didn't do his own double place mat as well. Let's give it a nightmare. What do you have this size place that fits your balls? I'd be like on the topic of like making tea. That would be like, Here's my tea with my water and my t back. And and here's my cup of water. And you just kind of like poor little bitty Just spoon and take a shot of food from your mouth. You put the tea bag in your mouth and just pour the hot water. Really want a baby? He doesn't need to sit in the water, but then you don't want to get cool in your mouth. God, you drink it. Boiling water. Part of cereal is when you put the fucking milk in. You have started the timer of We have to finish the cereal bowl. Yeah. How long is your timer? Depends on the cereal. My time is like 45 seconds. I gotta get that shit out there before it gets cold. Cereal. You eaten anything? No, because like Frosted Flakes will dissolve like that. Yeah, move those down for a minute. But grape nuts. You're cracking your teeth. Yeah, Something I've learned to is that had credible lucky charms here a little bit. You get lucky charms. They have the marshmallows, which pretty much styrofoam is what they do. They make that like squeak on, making myself cringe all of it, but talking about it, if you leave it milk, it actually turns into a regular marshmallow like it. It's like a normal hydrated. It's normal marshmallow, but it's like the time that you gotta have the marshmallow in the milk is greater than the amount of time that the serial should stay in the middle, so that should be a staging system. So the marshmallows wait a minute, trying the rest exactly right? Just you should. You should come up with a device that automates that for you. It's SIFs is sort them all out and then dispenses them. Prop. Who makes that General Mills really happy you could have your cereal comes into different bags in the box. When is just the marshmallows and the other ones just the cereal? I felt like when we're in the eighties that was a little fat for a while, where you would buy a box of cereal and be like two smaller bags, and there seems like you'd buy two serials at once. Screw environment. Yeah, it's roughly the same amount of plastic. It's just split up into two bags. It was so stupid. You don't live with anybody currently. But you have lived with other people. Sure, you both live with other people. There is no greater test of a relationship than watching someone you live with. Open a box of cereal for the first time and open the bag and how they do it. I've never met anybody in my life who could do that properly? Keady opened a box of cereal the other day. It was like we left it out for the fucking rats. It was like the lid was torn apart. The bag was like nobody tries to go from the top of the bag. Just open it nicely. It's just like grip from the outside. You have to open up the cardboard parts so that it can retain the ability to see on itself. Correct. And then you need to go to an edge of the bag and you open up the edge by pulling it apart and leaving it. So it's a nice little spout, but doesn't rip everything. No. Yeah. You pick it up with Your core is poor and the world doesn't pour out the whole time. You open the whole top of the bag. Don't you open the box. As John said, Carefully open the bus, get get the top of the back and rip the entire thing open. So it's quick force, and then you throw it all folded. They ripped the bag open. Do you like? Well, it's got not the Hulk. I'm not open the middle of a bag. It's gotto that. See what? You could just pull up in the middle of it. You are blowing up the entire scene all the way open. Yeah. Do you do that with, like, a milk carton to do you open up the milk carton and just open up the whole thing about milk pours. Gavin, I open the whole bag, just rolls It closed. 29 teams to the way I put milk is like this. I open it with an app on my phone. No, Gavin, the way you open milk is you walk your front door, open it, go to the cold box top and do it there. I told my milkman your cold mail, but you got to meet the box integrity because that's where you hold your cereal. Now that you're talking about being careful with the top to reseal it like it's gonna seal in any freshness. It'll doesn't do it. It's just presentation and keeps the back. So you when you go to poor and you pour out the fucking serial, the whole boxes and come out So then you actually just have an actual controlled stream of cereal coming out. You're an animal. Mocks at the top of the boxes and do anything. Eric. Yeah. I want you to adopt Teddy because he has to go live in your house. Me Teddy will feed the rats serial way to do it. They were by four boxes of cereal. Then everyone opens it up in private and we'll show you when we will try to show how we wipe our asses. Yeah, OK, Thea would do that for that one. Yeah, it was probably I'm gonna bring a box of the chicken and waffle cereal and have you guys taste test it. We should do that. You know what? The audience loves crunchy things right into the mic. They do. If they love it and talk about it. We should buy obstacle course. When you first get involved with someone, you should do the what I was saying the serial thing, that how they do everything bathroom counters to. It's just like, Yes, I finally got to point my life worth. I have separate sinks. It's the difference is incredible. It's just like I have our bathroom. Looks like there's like a point of demarcations, like where there was a war on this side and everybody died. And on this side, it's still like pristine nature. It's insane. It's insane. Is this like there's so much? And it's like in the shower. I'm like, I'm gonna get claustrophobia so much shit in the shower. I got, like, one bottle that I use for, like, my body and my hair. And I do. Don't be that, But you guys efficiency get out, Can it? Better than a bottle that is doing. You're cleaning your entire body Be better than that? You use a bottle for all different kinds of dishes. One final. Do you have to have but a little shampoo for your new haircut? Well, yeah. You special shampoo? No, but for the new haircut, cause you have colored here now. Yeah, Robert advised certain James Robert Dickey color hair. Yeah, of course. No one's gonna touch my hair is ever Robert. Robert I got here. I didn't have time. I had to pick up shots for something and I needed to go back a month, and I literally had about six hours notice. So I had to go see my time machine on your head. Motel robbery way. We never talk about Robert is the person he worked on. 11 little roosters. He's this amazing. Yeah, we're gonna And they don't know I owe his makeup for podcast. Basically, every single person she was on the Sunday Monday last week she keeps you popped out and, uh, but ah, he's every literally, every single person that I know of the company. Every guy who has curly hair goes to see the same guy to get their hair cut me camera Malone with Wes. John Me, Alfredo Ghost goes now to think of Alfredo is having curly hair. Doesn't But Alfredo got when Alfredo got his colored, uh, silver. Yeah, it was Crystal Maris there, please. No, I got a list of what we like rubber. Understand? We want to keep Trevor. Trevor tossed out that idea of me. Queer eyeing specifically Matt from a junior hunter and intriguing me to have, like, the list of people that I would love to help help get an order like mad men hair like exactly what there is to be. Matt's very happy with who he wants to be, and that's great. I would love to see Matt be, at the very least, a little healthier because I'm like there is some of his lifestyle that concerns me about, like, just longevity and health. That's Matt Matt who brag, brag. Okay, for something that's likely to the fucking time of Max or Matt, what's what's wrong with this health? That's just the way he his his the way he eats and then his diet at me like that. Like I'm all forward, you know, be happy. But I'm also all for Be healthy, live longer, live better. You know, that kind of thing. I don't. It's not even about, like, aesthetic it just about, actually, maybe he allowing your body to function button bright and enjoy it while you can. You gotta be like those two guys on that video video getting it. Could be You're gonna be like those guys in the corner near the corner pool, having a fucking blast there, enjoying the shit of himself. So the sound effects for yeah, I don't know. The throwback head of laugh is so really what you're doing. It's good time. It's good every time they're happy, man, they have a fucking great time. Who's the guy that years? I have a good time. The guy who's filming a bull. What's that? What's that guy doing? Why is he out there? Phil. Midget Good. I love there's gotta put on social media. Uh, yeah, maybe this whole thing. What's the egg real quick before yet? What's the me at thing? Because it keeps seeing it everywhere. And I missed the video where it's just the pronunciation of his name, but it didn't originate from somewhere like Quint from Trevor. I'll get him. Sorry, guys. Got a reminder. One this up. Some other receive podcast is brought to you by Stuber. 20th Century Fox's action comedy Stuber follows a mild mannered uber driver named Stew, played by Ku mailman. Johnny, you know, hence the film's names to uber Stuber. Stew picks up a passenger played by Dave Bautista, who turns out to be a cop hot on the trail of a brutal killer, Stuart's thrusting or Harry, Nor deal where he desperately tries to hold onto his wits his life. And, of course, his five star rating was a screening at South by Southwest. Lots of excitement trailers, Hilarious best parts wants to trust Throw the gun gets popped in the head with it. Instead, go check it out on YouTube west of screening R T X. You don't miss that. Camille is great on Silicon Valley. Dave's a bad ass. And guardians of the galaxy We're excited to see this unlikely pair on screen together and fun fact. They're actually really good friends in real life, so should be a lot of fun. So buckle up for a ride of your life and see stupor. When it arrives in theaters on July 12th it's gonna be uber fund. You know, I had to get that one in there. Scott Stuber in theaters starting July 12th and if you are take this weekend, check it out at our techs as well. So thanks to Bill for sponsoring this upset of the receive podcast, Yeah, our episode of SAT a slash Monday Driving with Camaro was was really funny really funny. Yeah. Real game. And also, by the way, well, he had a podcast on the nervous network for a long time called indoor kids. And ah, he's a He's been around, I believe should look it up, I believe just like Summerlee CollegeHumor productions. Like really first scripted thing they ever did. Which was Streetfighter the early years. I'm gonna make sure that he was in that before I said, Yeah, but really funny, dude. And crazy thing is surprisingly, Jax now, like beefed up its serious Yes, Yes. Gettinto, If you see interviews now, you can see my every now and then something. Call it out and make him flex. And it's like, Fuck this come from when this happened. That Bautista influence is that Yeah, it's probably a little bit Bautista. And just generally more. Maybe he just got healthy. Never been saying it's because of Dave Bautista right for it. And he's like, I can't be just because of me. Yeah, right, Hillary, Someone else! Did you? Ah, Have you guys seen the kerfuffle about Gronk, The retired tight end, right, Eric? Yeah, they had a picture of him just recently. And when he was playing. He just retired. There's speculation of whether or not he was going to stay retired, and I don't really follow him. Specifically, someone try to get this right from memory. Um, I believe when he was playing, he weighed, like, 278 pounds. Two maybe, like, 2 75 But just, you know, a professional football player. Massive dude. But he just had a recently, like he attended some premiere. Something like that. Just a you know, six months after retiring and he's like to 20 like John. He lost, like, so much fucking mass. Well, that's for me is depressing because he just doesn't need anyone, right? Yeah, you're You're like an NFL athlete or nothing on that level. Your job is to work out constantly, right? Like you're everything about your life is focused on that. It's such an old reference, but it stays me ever since I heard it. When, uh will Smith put on all the way for Ali and he got pretty giant for that role. Did his response to people like you going to keep up is that it is not worth and he and he That's why he obviously slimmed down from there and has always maintained a pretty muscular physique. But he that was his experience of getting big athlete big. And he was like, Not It's just it's a lot of work and some guys totally maintain it and some guy's totally like it. But he his response was like, No, but imagine someone like a drunk like doing that for so long in perpetuity, getting a break in, getting to, like, not maintain that side. It's like a Yeah, a regular dude just looks like a dude like a regular dude Now. We met him at a day of doom. That strike he would played with Michael or Adam. You played with Michael. I think you sound like a steam as well. They had a doom thing with the unbelievable cameraman. Cinco are very angry and someone else so I can remember November. Yeah, Camille played dull Sim dulcimer. Dulcie, I always said, don't seem as he does seem to just was reading it. So that's that's like that's on the list of like words that represents me as a kid. With that, anybody saying it clearly, you're probably right that for the first time when you're like 10. Yeah, you're like, I have no idea. What d n h? Maybe that's why I said rye. You did it. You didn't say their names in the That's why I added, like hearing it clearly, I just never liked me either. Wasn't paying attention or is because of the low grade of audio. Like I just got it. They had that. Ah, I think the only thing they actually said in the game was that shitty eight bit voice stuff they had that they would say the names of the country's when you go there like you fly to fight like a second like Tiger Tiger Tiger uppercut, you can Yeah, Suffolk Street. Yeah, Japan So that they ever see the names of the characters. Can I remember them saying When one wins, don't they? Ken wins. I think if I was saying like news, Yeah, you win. Yeah, what it was. I'm hearing the sound in my head right now, but what if it's two player players? Good question. I don't know. Maybe it was Maybe they did say it. Oh, Antonio Bro, Let's get the whole thing is people are having fun. Ben lost the time. People always just fucking having a great time here screaming six o'clock. Somebody send those people home having fun here, a bottle of your dishes and laughing over there. People having a fucking blast Because Because you're forgiven. I did. You got really fun. Thank you. Want a beer beers? Oh, did you? So, in a testament to how stupid people are, I don't want this. I don't know if you saw this, but when you buy like Annapolis iTunes gift card or an APP store gift card now on the back, they have to start printing. This is only good for the APP store or the iTunes store. This is not You cannot use this to pay your taxes. Really? I've always read this has no monetary value. Now they say, like you cannot explicitly says cannot be used to pay taxes because the IRS doesn't want a bunch of free songs, right? Like who? I don't understand how that scam I understand. People fall for this scam to begin with. If you don't know, sometimes scammers will call people pretend to be the federal government, tell them they'll back taxes and needed paint. Now, over the phone and they need to go to a store and buy an iTunes gift card and redeem the numbers over the phone. That's words I've never heard that we're standing in their tax return with no cameras called and they get the people to go on by the countries of dollars to gift cards, read him all the code so that they can then sell them or have people walk to the store and they'll be on the phone that instructing them because they target really old people at the time, right? And so now they come with a warning that they cannot be used to pay taxes. I think we talked about it for because it was we were really concerned about it. But this has been so long ago now we ran into that. We got a call from a shipping Oh yeah, center. And they said, Hey, we have a Bunch year T shirts here. This back We've sold primarily T shirts. This is like what, Go back 13 years at this point was like a shopping center in San Antonio. Antonio, right? And we were like, Okay, what's the problem? Well, all your stuff is being shipped to. I want to say Nigeria was larger. It was Nigeria. And ah, we checked our records and we didn't have any sales to Nigeria. In fact, I don't think we could process stuff for that point in time from Nigeria. Um and ah, they didn't investigation on that. They said it's what you guys are. Okay, um, we can return this stuff to you if you want to, but we have to send along. It was a lady. Would you get a name for that? Call it re boxes, Reeboks. If I could have got my memory's accidentally or we have the same faulty memory, Gus, uh, wherein somebody Nigeria befriended this older lady and they would just have her buy stuff online, and then it would shift to her house, and then she would box it and ship it to Nigeria. So she was paying for the merchandise and then paying for the shipping, but that they were gonna pay her a bunch of money in the future to pay for it. It was like one of those things where they give you a fraudulent check where you deposited and you get money. But then the bank realizes that it's fake. And then when he goes away after, like, 10 days. Yeah, and that's when we learned to cause we were like, Well, we don't want to like, can we get her name? Because we don't want to ship any more stuff to her. Yeah, you try to help her even by, you know, basically not honoring her orders. And they wouldn't They couldn't give us any information. So we just like we know of the existence of this person essentially, and that we couldn't couldn't do anything about trying to investigate and figure it out. It sounded like it was a decent amount of stuff, so we thought we'd be able to find it, But we never could find out who it was. They were scanning us. Is that like a real service that people offer there? If your country isn't delivered to buy a place, you can get a ship somewhere else. First. There's a little really I don't think anything illegal about it unless you're breaking some kind of import law and shipping something that can't be delivered to that country. Um, like seeds or something like that. But it's one of those things that fall is a gray area. You can give someone your money, you know, unless you can prove it's directly fraud. You made misleading statement then you could say that. But yeah, I don't think anything illegal about buying something, then just shipping it to somebody else, a different country and some high quality merchandise. What about that, Gus? That is incredible. Incredible deal. Come to the coup, but RDX found exactly shipping theater this weekend. Definitely. Card card cannot be used for payments outside of U. S app store or iTunes store, including taxes printed and rent on the well. They always put that they used to put that the fine print of every like contest or coupon. They put the monetary value of the coupon like the Cuban says a dollar off and says Dollar, dollar, dollar all over coupons worth 0.1 penny. What is that? It's always like 0.1 cent is what it's worse and that's it. Is that because people would say, Oh, you owe me a dollar because this coupon expires or something. It's like it's those just like every disclaimer on stuff like that is because someone or enough people caused that problem happen enough where they just have to put that disclaimer. That's why they caution liquid hot on a goddamn cup of coffee because someone burned their mouth, tried to sue, and they have to, like, cover their ass now. But whenever I bring that one up in particular, people will correct me now. And so I'm gonna do this interview with you. That person apparently reported to that McDonald's several times that the coffee was too hot. Sure, then in about themselves, and it ended up being like 200 degrees. Yeah, No, that's I guess, And then then the answer is that it's just if a problem, it's almost 100. That shouldn't be a problem. It happens enough. They're gonna cover their ass and put that on there so that they do not There are no longer liable. This is covering is just coming your ass. It's such a weird thing because people, if they're wrong, they want to have a remedy, especially against a big company, right. But they don't want the big company have these protections of like saying, you know, like all these little rules are always disclaimers. Two things about the same time. We just were talking earlier. It's like the first reaction of the lady got locked on a plane was she should sue the airline. That's not my reaction. I think people sue way too often. It's just like your abusing that privilege. But I would like, get something out of it, you know, get like some flights out of it. To me, I'm more concern is like a passenger on that airline. Why don't they walk the plane or clean the plane? There's a post they're supposed to be. At the very least, I didn't wanna wake up. They're very polite Canadians. She's had a long day. We'll let her sleep. She didn't have that tag that could wake me for snacks and landing right on the topic of like, weird redundancies. I brought this up their things. Just stay the night with a couple of the people here in town, and I'm curious. Your has thoughts of why this is occurring. If you go like downtown to the Trader Joe's, that's that's just there. OK, so parking garage underneath Chair Joe's did you go in and there's a normal machine where you push the button, get your ticket. Go park when you're done, Exit parking garage. Go to the machine scan your code does How much pay? Hey, G T f o Almost every time I go there, there's a dude there. Yeah. I don't understand where that do that do That stands there. He'll come over. He'll push the button for you. Grab your take it, give it to you. And then when you go, he'll take a ticket. Scan it, ask for your car like I was in the airport. They haven't you? I was getting so frustrated because I was there yesterday when I was there on Saturday. And you know, when you leave, there's two lines, so the dude could only be at one line at a time. Yes, and the line was, like, backed up on like, What the fuck is going on? There's two lines like, I'm just taking me a long time to get out of here. So I match, like, make my way over to the left lane because I see the left wing's move in the right lane isn't gonna be left lane and I look and the dude's just sitting there chatting with the guy in the car. Yeah, well, here's what. Here's the fucking problem. I just got my thing and go through it like not only is it less efficient, the dude's actively making it worse now. Well, my my logic is even goes even further than that. And see, in your situation, actually, even the gate system, like maybe some people have a hard time navigating the paying. You don't pay there, do you? Yeah. You know, you could scan it in the Trader Joe's. You I pay because yeah, it's It's free like that. I know, but it's like the same system that's at the parking garage over here. That Mueller it's saying that same party system, but the entrance part isn't the most complex fucking puzzle created. It's a goddamn but maybe s. He's been working there for 60 years, and they don't want to record at Trader Joe's. That's been there for, like, the last three years. One time I want you to show up, start doing that job. I went to this draft house over here, Mueller, that when you're talking about that part garage one time I was getting so infuriated because, you know, like you say, you you pull up and the thing you roll down your window. The thing says, Please push button. You push the button and it spits out a ticket and you take it in Park. I pulled up. There was a car in front of me at the thing at the his windows down. I can tell because his arms out and he's got a credit card in his hand and he's trying to stick it into the machine. This is going to get in. This is going into the garage and the things telling him, Please push the button. And he's like trying to stick his credit card into the machine just to get into the garage where she's from a different country. When I just watched him, it took him, like, three minutes to get into the garage. He could not figure out how to push the button to get the flashing blue button that there is some things where it's like culturally by the look of it, it's very similar to how you would do in your country, and then it looks the same. But it's slightly different, like the amount of times I've watched Americans put their card into a machine in England and then rip it out because they think it's this white. But especially you just leave it in for the chip to be read. It happens. A lot of people, just like it's like, put the car back in. Well, I think that running away now with the chips chips wouldn't you rather have the person standing there helping people? Just so you don't get that, like two or three people in a row who just have to read? There has never been It wasn't helping. Have never been in this situation before in their life. Well, this situation, that was a guy by himself. What he doesn't have the guy there who goes. Just push the button, man. That's it. I'd rather have the guy there who does that. You should be there to help if needed. Otherwise to stand. Oh, out of the way. Just do what everyone else does and just have it automated by the license plate. Sure, they got trapped in that garage recently. Did I tell you all that you get trapped, leaving Pringle leaving the dragon, you pull your ticket. I think one assigned game and wrinkles wrinkles when you when you go to leave, you've developed your ticket. You drill on a planet, you go to the front of the house and the validate your tickets. You have to pay for parking. So I went. I went to validate my ticket. I go to leave, I get up to the machine. And then just like Rita Joyce, you put your ticket in and the gates supposed to come up? Well, I put the ticket in and then it said Ticket invalid. Let me spit. Might take it back out. That's weird. This is your nightmare, by the way, other people behind you know? Look, I immediately put my car in reverse and back in park, and there's, like, a guy who works there in that garage, right? Like, kind of by one of the sites. Have you ever seen him? No. This is that this draft house? Okay, so I go over to, like, where the guy is in that little glass enclosure, and I'm like, I'm, like, not kind of glasses like a the He's obviously the parking attendant. That person with Okay, my tickets are letting me out. It's just taken invalid, he goes. Oh, I can't do anything to help you. Nice. I said, why is that what he goes off? What you need to do is just go back up to the machine and hit the help button. It was like, But why are you please tell me the help button goes to him? So I go back in my get credit for it. This is getting to be my nightmare, Doctor. Now I have to go back knowing my tickets. Not gonna work. You're waiting for someone to pull in behind. So I got very quickly go up, go to the thing, put my ticket. It's his ticket invalid. I push the help button, and I'm looking at this guy. It's not him when a woman answers and she's like, you know, helping like, um, my tickets not working, just taken invalid, because the window she goes. Okay, what are the four digits printed on your ticket? I'm like what? I look at it. It's like, uh, 1231234 Okay, Gates, open now. The gate just opened, okay? And I just probably in a cool sentence somewhere completely different to write down anyone. But they made me wonder Why the fuck is that guy there? Yeah, you should ask him. What do you do? He was watching Netflix on his phone yet. Let's see. Makes sense to me. I told I don't think I did here. But I told you about my, uh, the worst anxiety trip ever had with the parking garage at Disneyland with a guy that, like, you know, what you're talking about. Like having to drive up and be stuck in a position where you're in community, someone else. Those are just the worst. Do not want to. Do you ever think about that? No, they do not. Glenn Howerton had a great tweet that I think about literally every single time that I travel. And his tweet was two parts is busy or my men a graphic. One that he likes. Screenshot it from his note pad, which, like, here's me when I travel. This is Glenn speaking as himself. Me When I travel me. Hello, Agent. Hi. Where you going? I'm going to Los Angeles. Great. Do you have any bags to check? Nope. Got it right here. Great. Have great flight. Thank you. Bye. Everyone else when they travel s So what do you do here at the airport way just have planes and they go places like where the planes go. And, well, you're not prepared for this at all, is it? No, we're not. Hold on a second. Let me type in the entire autobiography of Anne Frank for a moment, it's a 100% true. It's like I never understand what the person in front of me is doing. That takes 20 minutes, and then it takes me to second even look at a fast food restaurant. Yes, I know what I want, Donald. It's gonna take me 10 seconds. I Ronald McDonald should be no surprises at this point. No, the McDonald's implementing the digital menu you can order without even going to the person is. My favorite thing is, but it's covered in poop. It's what he needed governing. Boop. Did you not read that story? Everything's put, but Dole handles poop. It was It was in the UK in your country. Let what pooping researchers went and started swapping those wannabes community here, and they discovered that they were covered in fecal material. I thought the man everything in every menu and every restaurant has so much pulling it. Who's the fucking scientist? Who's just his job. He's going out looking for everyone. Don't think you're gonna find it. If you look for everything. You know that, like a couple of tiny microscopic dollops of feces probably won't hurt you. Probably not. Probably not. You're probably going to be okay. You know, there's some colon conditions, stomach disorders, intestinal disorders, were they? The one of the medical treatments is a poop transfer. Yeah, transplant. He's gonna get the You got to get the bacteria bacteria so I could just get the bacteria. Just take a pill that gives you the bacteria where you know, just be direct, like, poop to poop. But apparently that's the way it works. Have you ever shoved a pillow? Got us. That's what ptp short for poop. Poop. They got him after sharing. It's common enough to where they need, um, acronym for it. So let me think about this. Have you ever done a Suppose? I think I would remember that if I have no Okay. Have you? Yeah. It was a job getting it up there, like I was not prepared for how that would feel. You ever if you ever step the finger up there, It's It's just like touching a McDonald's touch screen. Exactly the same. That's not true. But I didn't think that was hyperbole. They told me the instructions. Wrong way, step wrong. Take this up. But pretty much what they told me he went for the throat. Didn't say was just wait for, like, five minutes afterwards. Wait for what you made of. Supposed to like. It was contained in a waxy substance from aerobics. It's meant amount. You might have just, like hold off, wait for time out. I got it up there after a while and, uh that I thought, Well, it's up there. I'll go to work now. So I walked out of the bathroom, got dressed and I was like, on I walked out my front door and it was like it just shot out, and it was like, partially melted at this point. So I just had, like, paste like white paste in my underwear. As you say, there's underwear involves Yes, yeah, and then I was like, I wonder if I got enough dough. I have to put another out there. Did you have to get the pace to put it back up in there. I didn't try to stuff. I put in one of those cookie with Theo cupcakes. No, it was Ah, I didn't like doing that. It's an acquired taste. You know, It's again. I'm gonna build up to it. You gotta build up to it, buddy. Yeah, smaller. Suppose if I do that lying on the bed after I'd done it for a bit. With your legs up in the air, Force it out fun, though. I was on my front with my ass cheeks crushed together like we like doing like yoga. Like Downward dog. Is that what you were If you had to put if you had to suck stuff up your butt using just your body? We've already talked about this. He would go on. You're not a vapor to do that already. All right, We've had this conversation. I'm working on it. So, what do we do that they're supposed to be someone supposedly someone sending me of a pin specifically for this act? Yeah, It's like a little but white bullet. Did you do another one? Yeah, in front of you. Okay. I like that one better, because I just laid that. But then I was missing one on the last day. How many you have to do? 12. I am. Really. It's a lot to anybody ever had to do. Ah, a semen sample. No, no. Now, I practiced a bunch, but not professionally. No, I thought it surprisingly difficult to do. It really is. I've never had to aim in a very specific. Well, you're not living. I've never I've never had to complete that action on a will. Make sure how big public oven area we talked. We're talking like that. Like that. Like think. Think your urine sample A little like the same kind of cup you like about the size of the top of ah kind of beer. Just shove it in the end. What, did you send it across the room and go for distance? What did Ugo perfect like? Okay, now it doesn't seem that hard. Imagine you're masturbating. Okay, pull on. Got it. All right. So imagine masturbating. What is a common direction would help your story If I masturbated while you told Yes. Should I be thinking about him? Masturbate. Okay, everybody is everyone imagined. Bernie is masturbating. Let's do Okay together. So look, Bernie is masturbating. Which direction would your Penis normally be? Facing? Your yesterday? E only masturbate intothe. Where is your Penis pointing away from my computer monitor? That's what I've learned. That's what you wanted to, you know, like over your shoulder. I gotta think it's really specific to me, though I like to point directly at McDonald's. That's what I like todo finish. Unless there's a dominant menus, like try to finish the order and myself at the same time. Race. Your fucking Penis is pointing up fish. I'm 46. Okay is above usually above the 90 degree angle. Yes, on a good day out on a good day, Bernie's Pete is his facing above a 90 feet above 180 degree plane, you know. So to get into something, you gotta get it to go down into the receptacle. That's good point doing that. You're making it more complicated. D'oh! Do you masturbate while you do a handstand? It's come, just go. Yeah, it's not gonna like poor, not water. It's goop. Yeah, like this. And then done. It's like that. What do you take a bucket and you swing every head that doesn't come out. So you're saying just stick it on the cap, Just go into it just really quick. Yeah, We're like a helmet and you're done. Okay, You do That I am leaning is the obvious. And I attempted Thio. It's like when you when you try to pee when you're erect, you kind of lean. That's your That's a great Yeah, that's great. But it's super comfort. Dude, you're not. You're jerking off for fucking semen sample. You're not jerking off because you're looking at a big Mac. You think going my language, you could go on your back and swing your legs over your head. Just get Just get that back there. Just if you put the cup like by your ear, you're straight out. But you even admit that that when you have to pee with your dick down, that's an uncomfortable position. And normally when I'm masturbating, it's comfortable. But you people are. But this isn't a normal masturbation situation. You're not like like the mood didn't catch you do it at home, or do you do it in the clinic I did at home and Robin and then had to get it to the clinic, which was embarrassing I've ever done is carrying a baggy. Are you allowed to run red lights? You like? I've heard of a timer. That's the shit. Has a timer on our I think it was sure they told you that. Be the one time of a cop pulled me over. They say, Can I start the car? But you might guess. Dude, check that bag right there over a place that I had to go drop it off. I also had to like I couldn't just like there was no, like, been just put it in. I had to go sign in and just sit there in the waiting room with my little brown bag. That's got my come in it and just wait for them to call my name to come take my sample to come, Thio. Anyways, that's that. You Korea. What's that? Can you like reverse? Can you post first Postmates it? That's a favor. You don't want to ask, mate Post. Maybe a taskrabbit that does that right? That sounds about right. Avery. Gord Ash. They come to drive you to fiver. Is the fibers what? We have an awesome That's equivalent of that wear those we have. We have taskrabbit us. Well, yeah, because I just never used it. Didn't just come there. Yeah, that's not what they told me to do. I mean, you can go there. Just go to the fucking bathroom. Sure. I'm pretty sure I got my, like, sample thing at a different location than where I was going to turn. You could jerk it while you're on the way there. In the car? Yeah. Yeah. The only time I've had to aim into something was for 23 of me. Pardon? What? Go on, baby. A semen sample for 23. Me boys posted it to spit. You know that someone's just in one of those. Probably probably the same person who tried to pay their taxes with iTunes gift cards. Probably. It probably has a lot of warning labels on, like, saliva only. I was amazed when I feel that tiny little vial with saliva. How long it took me todo It was like, Oh, this is title thing in this expense. Spits bits, bits is tired of spitting. Yeah, I just thought about lemon about lemon. Think about 11 right now. Did nothing to me whatsoever. let your butt into a lemon. Shut your eyes. Invite the lemon. Imagine Bernie's masturbating. There's a lemon Next time. No, that's a quick way back up because he's choking himself at the same time. We have that lemon wedge in there. They don't let you choke yourself to make your own belt. I think Get thrown out. I gotta get a burger chain T o o d. I went to the divorced dads Burger King just the other day. That was a bad one. Did you see it? It's so sad. Is divorced dads Burger King? It is on this. What? How he described it. That how sad it was. It's where all the divorced dads go. Look, if you go, we're just like middle aged single dudes who, you know, they don't have their kid. That night on the whole restaurant is that is the weirdest burger King I've ever seen because it doesn't have a drive through. So it's like a commitment to go. You gotta, like, stop the car and go and get inside 30 at some 35th Street, right? Ah, I don't know what a cross section close to moh pack. It's right there So I went there because I wanted a chicken sandwich. I got a chicken sandwich. Can really wanted it. That thing got actually, I have a pregnant wife. So we go where the fuck she wants to go to eat at this point, just like two months away at this point. Lesson that suit. But ah, month in three weeks to the expected due date of August is what we're looking at. Speaking of everything covered in shit that's going to your life soon. Yeah, I can't wait. I'm so excited to have baby boy, there's a lot of stuff that's changed. Like we wanted to go look for baby stuff. She made me wait until, like, right at this point to, like, go out and get stuff for stop buying stuff from Amazon. And so we went to the story. That's crazy. The fucking shit. They have now, like the little like cradles that baby sitting little rockers used to be the crank spring that rock back and forth Now they're on these robotic arms They're like they're like it's almost like the like, the same mechanic of ah, Mary Grown where it goes up and down as it goes up and down. It also makes that motion like the Harry Potter V. R ride in your house, like moving around there so good in control it with all that, I can admit it, having a paranoid about a lot of stuff, you know? But I don't want to. I'm gonna like, tone down My wife, I, you know, actually have already because well, as she's pregnant is like I don't want her like using her phone like sitting on her stomach and stuff like that. And it's like I don't this thing. It's like the reason that I didn't want to get it was because you can control it with your phone like an app. But that just means it's broadcasting Bluetooth, and I feel like everything has to do that. You know, that's like the proofing is it is just everywhere, and everyone is projected to it. I get it now from everywhere. Even if you turn off your wife, I What else is out there? The neighbor's wife, Yeah, beaming that. What's the kerfuffle? About five g like people worry. We're rolling that out too fast, and we haven't done enough testing on five G and its impact on there was the I think it stems from one study that said that I'm not trying to downplay it because it's actually kind of serious. I believe it was Noah or the National Weather Service who said that five G operates on the same frequency that they used for satellite imaging to detect water vapor in the air and that it could reduce the accuracy of hurricane traffic and traffic. Hurricane tracking in coastal areas of the piano is Bill who make all the nautical charts, too. Yes, I recall correctly. Yeah, yeah, we just didn't have it then, but it's not clear if that's actually the case or not. But at the very least, from a health standpoint, we're already sounds like operating in that band with already brat broadcasting at those frequencies, right? They were more dense, though, be a lot more dense. Yeah, I think it's Europe that's raising the kerfuffle about it right that they're worried about. I heard about your amazing though, because they're like we've had the civilization for thousands of years and we didn't have the stuff before, so they're always very reluctant. Put something out, deploy something without investigating it first and good without letting a village invented for coming from the country that weren't like Fahrenheit. No, I'm saying it's a good thing. I'm saying it to get them. You know, when I wouldn't roll this stuff out so fast. Let's take it fucking easy now let's roll it out. I need faster Internet, and now I don't have How is Elon Musk gonna put 4000 satellites or however many he's gonna fucking put in orbit and there's gotta be a plan for Get them out of orbit, right? You just put it back into that. Mr. India blew up that satellite. They were testing their satellite blowing up ability on the hit Sandra boat. No, but it's think they're having that problem where it's like the debris they thought would be everywhere. Take what? The movie Gravity. That's OK. It's the same issue where that that satellite debris, they thought would decay in its orbit and, you know, burn up in the atmosphere hasn't done it yet. It's just like it's just orbiting up there. They just send them out further away, out of range. What's that? But it's depres. You get through the debris blowing shit up. Just fire away from No, I think what they're doing is now people are showing they could blow of each other satellites. That's what these tests aren't wreck us. There shows the force there that new, like launching the missile over someone else's country or blowing up an island in the Pacific or blowing up an island in the Pacific. Who is it? Uh, some country. I only wrote that three things. France, Some country, none of some country. And in the Pacific Ocean that flag looks like the American flag. But it has black stars on it to denote every island. The U. S. Blue up through atomic testing that does the dark thing to have for your that's represent, raised, and I forget how many stars it is. But I want to say it's like 10 or 11. No shit. Holy cow. It's bit of a burn, but that would be an awesome unlock. And see if thieves thieves would you be surprised? And your pant that airplane? You can't, can you? You got a band? No, he's only 24 hours. He's good, that's all. That's all anybody gets from playing. See if he's you know your band was so mad. Bragg also play Sea of Thieves, and I stopped him in the hallway over in the achievement hunter building. Thank you. That sounds weird to say that, but where they work. And I stopped him over there in the home of ham thinking about starting. They have these clubs on Xbox. I'm thinking of starting an official Richard Keith. See if Thieves Club. What do you think? You guys OK? Mab was like completely nonplussed is like, Yeah, yeah, Go for it. If you want to do that, that's it. It's the flag of the bikini. A toll there, Quite like further interesting flags in the five black store stars for their destroyed items. They should have had gaps where the five stars used to be. Wow, really poorly designed. It does. It looks like it looks like something that's a good a bit like M s paint. Kind of a thing is what it looks like. It's not a real flag, it's ah, and I would sound real flag digital representation of the floor. I don't know, but still, this could look at other people's countries flags, and it doesn't look like somebody did it in their spare time. Yeah, it's not. That's not very well designed. Like a lot of how would you like? I don't have standardized like Sand Saref. Text on a lot of flags are terrible. I think I saw a video a couple years ago for someone just went through It critiqued flags like All flags are terrible. I memorized a lot and I've lost it. But I lost. Memorized almost every country's flag in the world for before we went on The amazing race you were any of, you know, I'm not wearing overalls and a little little pad, a little p an iPad on my lad. I feel like most seasons of the Amazing Race. In the last episode, there's a challenge that's a wrap up of all the places they've been. I know that's 100%. That's always the last episode. Not this season. Yeah, they didn't have that in this this most current season and they finished. I was like they were running for the animal or they still got to do the thing where they put in order all the countries they visited, everything in the we just got to the man they start doing that this season, Do you know that? Ah, uh, that's why Ashley and I are totally fine with We're replacing the amazing Race because we knew on the last episode we would have lost that day. Yeah, that's that that challenges nuts. Yeah, because we would have saved me for the memory challenge. But the early challenge in that episode required height. And actually, no Ashley would have done that challenge, and she would have been like Tyler. And that was the drop it off. The building was coming up, the jumping out reaching and Matt, who's the dancer? Super tall guy to begin with an incredible leg strength jumped and was able to grab the ticket. They kept moving in if you didn't reach it. But he had to reset for this, like, jump a bungee jump off a building. Tyler, Um, and Cole's mom, Sherri, uh, they had to do, like, two or three times, and they just never caught up, you know? And we know for a fact, actually would have to do that first. She's small. Yeah. I mean, she's great, you know, she's great in the dancing challenge, but she would have had a tougher time grabbing that thing for sure. Tyler Corey got second place in spoiler. Oh, yeah, probably spoiler. Is it spent more than week last week? Last Wednesday. You're probably good. Yeah, they should have seen it by now. No one, No one say congratulations to them. That was. They had a really good race. And ah, but it was one of those seasons. Where is like a lot of people who have been on a lot of different shows and the afghanimals they had been on the amazing race. I think this was their third or fourth time was the third time crazy good team, though They're really entertaining on TV, but they're very hot and cold. They are when it comes when it comes to town. It's not like a personality, just like sometimes they're just nailing all of them. And then, sometimes, like something just tripped him up. Ashley and I had a weird thing on that to where there's two kinds of contest, there's detours and roadblocks and detours, or where you both have to do it and you choose between two things. You do this, you do that and there's kind of clues to kind of indicate what they are. There's a roadblock where one person on the team does it. And the other person, once you commit to that person, doesn't The other person just has to sit there and watch him and I can't say anything. There was an agonizing one this season. I think was the first elimination where a guy who made it to the end and just couldn't come out. Yeah, you know this one? We're trying to get up that thing in the slope, but with slippery. Yeah, that was It was honestly heartbreaking to watch that guy not be able to do that. That sucked. Ah, but Ash and I, whenever we worked alone and roadblocks, we always came out of that challenge ahead. Like we made up spots. We either came out second or first out of every single one of those. And whenever we didn't challenge together detour, we always drop. Place is almost every time. It was weird things like we talked about it for a while afterwards. Like you, you're better alone than together. You have to do with How is that? It is totally because I feel like that's the biggest risk is that you never know how your what your present like a You know, a big decision was for deciding to do the show, which has worried about giving up the everything let somebody else. Because I know how television everything works, especially when you have hundreds of hours of footage at the very least for every episode, because it's 11 teams times 24 hours. And, uh so we knew there was a ton of footage and they just you know, I gotta go with basic what the best story is. And ah, we were watching previous seasons of the Amazing Race and they went to a park and I want to say, was Germany actually keep saying was in Japan and they went to a public park and they had statues in the park that were nude statues, and they blurred the nudity on the statues in the park. And I thought, Okay, if they're gonna blur nudity on statues, they're not gonna try to catch me with my pants down there. They're not gonna try to do that so that for them, and in the moment we started, I felt totally comfortable with them because some of those people have been doing that for a 13 year. I think they largely also tried a position. That show was like something a family can watch together. It's probably the most thank you. It's like it's probably the single most respected reality show in terms of the television industry, like there's a reason why he's won so many Emmys. It's like they have a lot of respect for the show they make from a production staff. I was on the show. I have no idea how the fuck they make that show. I don't know how they do it. You think there's those cameramen and the audio people? They're just like Olympic athletes, man. Like running around with, like, 40 pounds on their shoulder. No big deal. They can outrun us easily when they do. Yeah, they dio easily. There are we Tell him this is where you going? We said we're going down, but two blocks then we're gonna take a ride is like I'll see their place. The camera puts down you takes off like a rocket. That clock fucked were like dying in the Colombian heat, But it was amazing and they're all super dedicated all super dedicated to it is a show but also super dedicated to it as a contest as well. Like if I guess it's probably, I was assumed it was because game shows under such scrutiny in the U. S. And I guess technically it's at its core. It is a game show, cause there's a prize. They take the competition part of it very seriously. Like the objectivity and the fairness of the competition. They take it very, very seriously. Got nothing but good things to say about people working much. I don't they're assholes. Think I've watched every episode. I think I've watched every season of the amazing race. But one of the couples from this season, Colin and Christie, they've been on previously on. I don't remember when they were on before. I want to go back and reward symbolically. It was a long time ago in deep, but they talked like one of the recurring storylines for Colin was how much he had changed since the first time he was on. And whenever they would show clip from his first time on, he was just like super angry, losing his shit all the time and this time. He just seemed like the most calm, even keeled guy, like he found inner peace. And he's just like he couples like, I'm just really embarrassed. I won't go back. And I watched that footage. I think I just I just I would just lose my cool. He's like, That's not me anymore. And he's just, like, so calm. But it's really interesting. People change. You know what? She was going bad this season down so the coal people can change. Yeah, he was absolute Told. It seemed like a totally different person. So next week is RDX. Well, this week, the next book us our techs. Yeah, this coming week. Friday. You down? You wanna do a game when that focused? Oh, yeah. Do you want to do a game? Just a guess. What do you want to play a game? You wanna play a game on this podcast? I'll play. It's always fun to play. Josh gave me Want to jump on? Say hi. Because you guys in town, you see you get John was talking around the edges of, like, people who are in town. But people just get, you know, get of here. Sorry. Little sidecar. Here I come. Say hi. Thank God I'm getting. Who were among the first ambassadors ever for Arctic some day today doing that program this year I'm not involved with any more. I'm not sure if they've continued the ambassador program, but you guys were the ambassadors for protecting me, right? We were We were the first. It was like we were like, your guinea pigs. People like we're gonna trial run something, and we're gonna use you guys. That's how we describe you as guinea pigs. And obviously we elaborate system for everybody. Now no one gets to do it. No people have done it. Says go on, get out here. No. Yeah, they did it last year. So it's group where this year that grew broke it. Yeah. We wanted people from the community have a chance to, like, come on and host that year, you guys were hosting like everything that we did from, like, center stage and streams and stuff like that. Did the interstitial Zafer twitches Well, like when they needed Philip. People doing stuff on stage that would like, get the Australians to run around in, like, interview people. Yeah, somebody who's never interviewed a person in my life. I like I bricked it. I was like, Oh my God, it's not easy. You're probably watched Many interviews. Yeah, that that that that was it. I'm like, I know how an interview was meant to happen. Whether or not I can make it happen, let's say we'll see how it walk. That's how you learn to ride a bike. You watch someone ride a bike and then I get on the like and I you gotta fall off and then you figure out what you did wrong. We didn't have time to fall off. Interviews is, and it's tough when you're at an event. We dealt with this when we did. E three is You gotta put in prep work like you just can't like going in chit chat. You've got to know who the person is, what they're doing, what they're working on, what they've done in the past, but that you also have to do all that prep work and have all your questions and then listen to what they're saying and throw all that so out. As soon as you get a topic of conversation that they're talking about otherwise if you're just like, uh, next question, Yeah. You just have to have a normal have to structure that information you have in a way that flows into the conversation. Yeah, but you guys just got back from the three, right? Yeah. Oh, I did. He didn't get to go. Sorry to go. You're doing the You're doing the official cosplay for your buck. Yeah, I was the official Tirane Calypso cause player along with Dan, who couldn't be here today. He was the troika. Lips are calls player He's playing. It was you who stole Greg Miller's badge, Please. I saw him in the street and I thought about rolling him just cause it was Greg Miller, but I didn't actually rolling, you know, do not say rolling get roles. Yeah, like what does that mean? You know, straight. Because he would be like you, Doug. You will. Somebody They rolled him. Don't anybody wrote Greg Miller in public, But you can role play grab. He knows him so she could do that. We're gonna hire some Greg Miller rolling next year. Gabby could pass up. Is Greg. Yeah. So, Gabby, you're one of those people I know whose had made the transition from having an online pseudonym, too. Now, everyone over first. You, Gabby, is that Are you going more about Gabby now? Not going by? Lucky as much. I took the Iron Man approach to online aliases. A lot of calls. Players start in the community, and they're like, I don't want people to know who I am. I don't want them to know my name so that they can't find me kind of thing. And that's fits safety thing. Whereas I was kind of like, I have this online persona, but at the same time, I'm like, it's always just been who I am anyway, So I'm like, if you want to call me by my name, like go for it, that's totally fine. So I was just I cannot came out. I'm like, I'm Gabby. I'm also lucky. Cool. You figure that out, right? Let's keep going. Yeah. Gavin was super smart about that when he started because his online name was Gavino. You never know. Tight stuck in their dragon. So they go, guys, we work with a Welcome to Austin. Welcome back to Austin. Hope you guys have a good time in our Texas way have almost no responsibilities, Right? You have a panel. We've got one panel. It's on the Sunday of people when it comes it, but no pressure. Just you can enjoy it about a cold beer barbecue stuff. Like excited. Yeah. You left winter in Australia to come to summer in Texas. All right, well, thank you. Thank you. Thank everybody for watching. We're gonna wrap up here. All right? All right. We'll see you guys at our checks by