#552 - Gavin or Google 15

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, and special guest Phil DeFranco at RTX as they discuss Gavin or Google, things that make them gag, soiling yourself, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-552

Recorded: 2019-07-09 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Phil DeFranco


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 552. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. I'm not as young as I used to tease you move so fast. I can't imagine what that looked like from the audience is perspective is he hurt me. Okay, It's no e. You hit the ground louder than that. Why didn't you just go around the back? That's owners. That's exactly what I did. Do that went around the back. Now, where do you think I went this the back of the camera? Because they have to walk all the way around that all the way back over here. I barely made it as it waas. That's literally the most next time you do it. How about that? But I'm not a shell. I'm not doing that heart. You're Jeff. Penalty everyone. Welcome to podcast, huh? I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Phil. I'm Barbara. I feel a lot of pressure. I'm Matt and I'm Gus. Uh, So what's the alcohol? You get what you want to get done in something. Where's Erica? English? What did you say? You said Eric. Devon wants a drink. Eric. Dark. Dark. What do you want? Field. You want a drink? Booze. I'll have whatever you have. Three. Booze is booze. Yes, yes. Booze. Double booze. Um, you almost ate ship running up the stage. Dude, it's this test Every people in this boss says is like four of them confirmed. It also doesn't help that we weren't planning on leaving. And then Bernie was like, So now and then. Oh, yeah. What happened was is that queen was about to kick off. It was about to hit that chorus, and it was like we could go now. E was expecting Bernie to run, though. I think that's the first time I've ever seen you run. I run Freddie Mercury's around. I'm running. Who wouldn't? It was It was not planned it anyway. And I felt kind of bad because I said it to Eric. Oh, you know, it's about to break. Should we run? Yeah. Now, now, Now, Now, Now, in securities like key, please. Old office. Its queen. So, Gus, I don't want to derail too much. You're already you're looking at your phone. You have notes ready? These are my notes. we've been over this before. If I have to say you don't want to derail, but you've got your derail device out when you pay attention to the pool cost violence. What? What? I come prepared? Well, we were gonna play Gavin Google, but I guess we can wait. Oh, not you know. You guys know the songs. Sing along with me, Gabin or Goo Go Google Earth. Gavin. Which one said it? Let's find out. I'm feeling lucky, right? You can't. I can't show. You are all right. If you're not familiar with the rules of Gavin or Google the rules of Gavin who are simple Take a two or three word phrase and I feed it into the very popular search engine Google and I take the most ridiculous auto complete I get for that phrase and then take that same two or three word face. I feed it into the really, really, really, really, really weird brain of Gavin free. Whatever he comes back with, I put in the quiz. I asked them to set this Gavin or Google. I butchered those rules. I butchered them. That was not great. Then I butchered them. I butchered the last half hour. No, those those rules were just for fun. You understand the game? Not at all. It's really simple. Don't ask you to things and you're gonna tell me which one said it, Gavin or Google? Okay, that makes that part that sense it before, are you? Are you nervous, Bernie? Is everything okay down there? No, it's one of those things where when I started talking, I thought I don't know where I'm going with this, but my brain will figure it out at the time I get there. You just never got back on the road. Yeah, pretty much. All right. Here we go. For special for Gavin Google. The first phrase is, what about this? What's the phrase is why don't why don't why don't actors wear belts the 1st 1? Why don't actors wear belts? Thea other is why don't they make deodorant for butts? Why don't they make deodorant four butts? Barbro Which one was Gavin? Which one was a legitimately Don't know these boats. Well, okay, here's what I'm gonna say. I'm gonna say that. Why don't actors wear belts? Is Gavin Because Gavin would never use the word butts? He would use the word arse elicits a false flag or Penis. I don't think I've ever I don't think I've ever heard Gavin not use anise or arse when he has an opportunity. So I'm going to say that Gavin is the actors don't wear belts, Phil. Which one was Gavin? Which one's Google? I'm gonna go. So that made me concerned about arse. Uh, to say, I'm gonna say it's the butts, because maybe maybe, but deserting the conversation and just knowing that I was but yes, your butts, I'm gonna agree with Phil on. That's because we know Gavin's lack of but cleanliness. It's true. We have talked about this before. He's never watched his blood. So since Gavin has never wants to date the fingertips in, he may have an odor issue he's worried about. Thank you. So, in light of that information, I'm going to say, but is Gavin Thank you. Agreeing with filled in? Yes. The point goes to Gus and Phil. Yeah. So what the fuck in this search, Actually, Well, you put it in your armpit and stuff, but the heinous just gets like a wife. But why is there no heinous safety? Odorant that you could just wipe down there. You can't play the meta game, Barbara, because I changed his actual thing was, Why don't they make deodorant for your ass? Hole was what he said. But Google would never return that. So I had to modify it. You fell for my trap. Barbara Dunkleman. I lured you in. You played your trap card and now you're a point down. I see. I want to show that I have, like, eight of these things and I want to show Barbara to see which one of the best cause they're all remarkably stupid. This is like when there's a woman with a remarkable chest next to me and I'm just like a guy. Contact May guide contacts. Don't look down. Don't look down. That's a great way to describe someone's breast is remarkable. Do you want I know what I like? It's all right. The next phrase Number two here is what is the best way. What is the best way? What is the best way to steal from Google? Brilliant. What is the best way toe? Ask someone how to spell saffron Saffron Like the spice I'm assuming. What is that? That's the way to ask someone. Hottest spell Saffron. Gus. Well, you start us off since your last last time. Oh, boy. Uh, can I get a repeat of the first phrase? What is the best way? What is the best way to steal from Google? I'm gonna go with what is the best way to steal from Google? Is Gavin right? Poker face? Because it's what Google would not expect. What? It's like Gavin said that I see I'm trying to get in the mind of Gavin here. Okay, Well, it works. I'm gonna I'm just gonna go with Saffron, because I could I could see that being an issue for you. I mean, how do you know? How do you ask someone to say? It's just spells a friend. How do you ask them? What's the polite way to do that? It's a conundrum we all face every day. The correct ways pinkies up in case anybody's wondering part of me. Sir, how do you spell saffron? I'm gonna go with How do you steal from Google? Is a gavin question. Yeah, cheating. All right, So, Gus and Barbara, somebody should be keeping score and doing it. Gus and Barbara said that Gavin said how to steal from Google. People get a point that is tracked. So, like what? What does we will do? Why would someone a Google want to know how to ask someone how to spell saffron? Is that a British thing? Are there different spellings of saffron is when I started to wonder You have trouble asking someone had this ability to fight. That is, how do you approach the subject to know? How do you spell Saffron? Right. How do you ask someone? Hottest spells. Afro. Hey, honey. School saw from Wow, Barbara. Wow was not Tonto. Google it. That was not the way. You okay? Our last one. And I think, uh, we got, like, a three way tie here. So what? Gus is winning. No, I'm winning, Gus. Gus has two. We each have one. No, What? I said to keep score. I didn't mean keep scoring. Gus is favor. He's there. All type. He's just here for 21 years. Has been trying to stop me. It's impossible. I wish I had three options for this one. What? Color dot dot dot What color? What color was an orange before orange was invented and then God, what color? What color is a rainbow at night? Wow. Oh, I don't even know where to begin. So anybody who want to take that Take that bill. Would you like to start? Wow. Uh, this is a case of too stupid. Uh, I'm gonna go with orange because I think that's an amazing question. What color was an origin or you listen, but I love that. And you think that's gathered? Yes. I'll have so much more respect for you if it was Barbara. This one's the hardest one I think I've ever had to D'oh! Because I feel like both of these would be Google questions. Although our people who are googling smart enough to know that orange is the color orange was invented from an orange, The orange one is gavin 100%. No, wait. I said nothing. Come on. We had a rainbow in Austin recently. Did we? And so maybe gavin saw that it was like, yes, but we haven't had any oranges. And also, for a very long time oranges gathered oranges. Gavin, Final answer. I have I have to agree because a rainbow at night involved sleight which is a subject Gavin is very familiar with from having to film slo mo guys s o. I believe the orange question has to be gabbing. You should call Red Yellow, by the way, in a remarkable turn of events. You are all wrong, Gavin. Free wins, Gavin. Free one. Know what color rainbow is? A night. Please explain that. Well, you don't really see him, do you? That's like asking what? What color is a dog bird? Because you never really see them, do you? Right, Gus? But do you ever think the moon has been bright enough? And it's been raining to produce the most magnificent, most magnificent? What? Gavin? Well, rainbow, Did you stop halfway through because he realized how dumb it was. I'm gonna carry a sister. Why? The question trailed off. Well, what makes the rain but the sun not? No, it's This light makes a rainbow of what makes the light, son. Okay, you get some sun off the moon. How you see the moon got so but you can't see anything. But it's so damn, It's so little moonlight dinner. What are you on over house? And guess what there is when you have a moonlight dinner. What's on the table? A candle. What's the kind of made out of fire? What's the sun made out of fire? You have the sun on your table. We have a late dinner. But what color is the reign? Pope? Because a rainbow above a candle. All right, you win. I just want to thank you, Gavin, for saying something stupider than you can get. A sunburn from a flyer. Thank you. I hate to even bring that back up. I feel like I should have read some worthy. So the winner, I gotta say, even though Gus has the most points. But the fact they all got it wrong means Gavin's the winner, right? Gavin's our first time ever winning Gavin Google. Everyone here witness history the first time Gavin want Gavin Google. It is he paid off. I just have to read one more of these. It just seems like so Gavin gathers to have their good. Why can't Why can't frogs to their food? I can't read this one. Why can't vets give animals furry bandits? That one's Gavin So obviously get and I'm into it. Why not? They always look so stupid. with a shaved spot Way. Say it Looks like my dog has a chicken wing for, like, a like a leg. Give him a nice furry band Aid. So they know we're like a sock. That looks like the for, uh, you look at me like I'm stupid. I just like the idea of like a guy coming is like, quick given Paris songs. After all. The other just slap a cone on them anyway, who cares? They will be able to see it. Even the other one was How come? How come there was a dangerous one? Look out tonight. How come? How come cats are afraid of cucumbers? Does anyone understand that? Have you not seen? Have you not seen the videos with the No. Cats are terrified of cucumbers. Really? Yeah. I probably have seen it. This would be like another Toblerone thing. Yeah, they think they're snakes. It's a primal thing because they're too big for that pussy. However, don't give anybody Hey, where's Barbas? Parents thing is the point of the body. As we point out barbers, Parents Hello, Ariel. Thank you on annual occurrence. But the other one and that was how come there's No. God can't read these. How come there is no Guinness Book of Moon Records? Well, thanks for coming to the podcast. Everyone way. Call that a tender. That's it, everyone. I'd like to remind you that this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Experian. 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I don't know if we like the same bunch of guys like 10 people ever could possibly qualify for that. Did you see online? Uh, somebody puts the video of, like, the early the pre visualization they did of the early Apollo mission. So it's like 19 fifties SciFi proof of concept for going to the moon. Oh, the storyboards that Kubrick used. Yeah, right. Exactly. That it doesn't make sense. Why they wouldn't put that out for a long period of ride with the theory that it's all been faked. But, yeah, that was fasting. I just thought you would love that. I guess. You know, I was talking with with Becca the other day. I think I see her over there. Hey, did you ever find who got that money? So did you pocket the money? That's a very long way of saying yes. I kept the money donated to charity. Hey, how you doing? Climb. Becker was telling me that the the meteor we're talking about the meteor that came and killed the dinosaurs and allegedly allegedly. And she said that it hit with such force that it speculated that it killed all of this life instantly on earth. And it's speculated that it hit with so much force. But there may be dinosaur fossils on the moon. Really? So it flung dinosaurs at the moon? Yes, but I get that right right back. I'm not saying you're wrong, Bone. Chuck's okay? Yeah. Be amazing. The whole dinosaur made it up there on he survived. He'd be on the Guinness Book of Moon Records Bus dinosaur to get the first dinosaur on the moon. That would be freaky if they land on the moon. The first things that was a dinosaur skull that would have freaked him out, right? Like maybe start wondering what kind of conspiracy theories we would have had if, like the first people land on the moon, they like they brought back rocks and stuff in the analyze those rocks. It's like there's a dinosaur bone in here like that would have really set people crazy. Isn't the moon just a chunk of earth that got knocked up there? Yeah, but way before the dinosaurs. It's a good call. I was on eBay and they sell. I don't know why I was looking this up. They seldom chumps of meteor on eBay, and that seems like something that you shouldn't just sell to people. Am I crazy to think that you could buy, like by dice made out of meteorites? Yes, that seems weird. It seems like you cut one open, though there could be like like a like a hollowed out part would like some bacteria. And it just seems like the beginning of a side find. You've watched a way to talk about movies. It wasn't like the thing or something that has been 1,000,000 SciFi. Movies like that. Marc Marquez Ring is made out of a meteor. Our production designer, Marcus. He actually went viral years before we started working with him research chief because he had a chunk of meteor that he fashioned into his wedding band. And I I didn't realize that was him until years later, when he said it was like I saw that Imager gallery of like, 1,000,000,000 years ago. It wasn't 1,000,000,000 years was fine. How weird to be like to have way. We've been doing this for so long and filled. I know you have a swell like a clean cut on the Internet. It's weird to me that you can go viral and become well known there like an image or gallery. It's like just an image platform. It's like, Can you imagine if someone went viral on flicker for like like Oh, yeah, that that that person's a flicker star? Why not? Why not? But it had never happened. But you know, you we recognize Marcus. We know people from that we've met. Oh, yeah, they had something really big on imager. Just like there's so many different platforms and ways to approach It weighs about four, too. It's like all these things start somewhere. Like even going back to the old like, out of a rage comics sort of. There were like troll face. Somebody drew that like everybody used that image for about three or four years straight. But nobody I don't have any idea who is the person. Some you're going ask you still using it? Some guy licenses that image like the problem. The one you know, like problem. Question Mark. Yeah, but the guy who made it licenses that if he used that image, you have to pay him a licensing fee. So in order to quit the super rich, I don't know if you're super rich, but he's He's getting compensated for the work he did that that everyone uses. And it became part of Internet vernacular for so long. But it's so fast, you don't even you know this about this guy. You don't know this guy's name. No idea. I don't know what countries I believe from the United States. He could be here, and we wouldn't know. Are you here? Yeah, man. Missy who made troll face? There used to be a website. You could go to two easily find all of them. It was like rage, rage faces. But it's like rage f a C E s. So you could find them all like in one place. And you could, like, click on them and copy and paste them very easily for use. Like they had, like, all the different emotions and stuff too. Right. Um, I was ask. This is your first time at r T. X, right? Hell, yeah. This is amazing. Oh, my God. It's awesome. I was like I said it on the Internet, not just for Internet points, but this is like I think this is my new favorite convention. I'm sure there's a lot of people whose first r T X this is two guys out there. That's a lot. You're not alone. First con. Say first. Connor Worse con. Take my pick. I mean, technically would be both security. Excellent point. No, it's a curious what you His direction filters every year to becoming every year from now on. I think so. Do you have time to do that kind of thing? Can you even travel to go to cons? One of the big reasons why we started our T X was we were going to consulate. My leg and Barbie still do this for voice acting stuff. But we were gone. Like, what, 20 weekends years? It was constant. Yeah, Yeah, I think it's just that was unintentional. Even I missed that one. Uh, yeah. I mean, it's Ah, it's weird because, you know, it takes time, but it's also I have two children, and this is like a vacation. So I'm like, it's like, Oh, yeah, I have to go to that panel and go to that thing where I get to talk to people haven't seen in a while and meet people that are super super nice to me, uh, and shirk my ego. Oh, no, eso no I love this. This is great. I really like our t X because I get to see people I haven't seen since lotta last r tx who work for us. E I haven't seen Carrie since lost our t X. It was really nice to see him. I ran into him a few weeks ago at the studio and I didn't I didn't realize he was carrying first, just walking by, and I thought it was someone like, Oh, hey, Carrie, what's up? Like it's been a while since I've seen him. Well, how many? I mean, this might be like a confusing one at this point, but how many people work for you guys? Because some people come to my studio and they're like, Oh, this is big. And then I went to get your guiza's old compound. I was like, What? This is so humbling. I always wanted one Archie. Short words like Richard. Is it a cult? And the answer is yes. Locked the doors, please. Everyone does everyone have their Kool aid? Everyone ready to drink way Just go. Woo for the sea was like, what thing? But I think we're last head count that I remember was about 424. 19 people get hired real fast. Yeah, so it's, uh, it's a lot of people. It's a lot of lot of people. And when you, Gavin and Barbers started eight years ago, it'll be eight years in December. So how many people were the company when you guys started? I think I was employee number 28. Yeah, late twenties, 29 room left. After that, I had kind of an unintentional asshole moment earlier. Unintentional. I was. I went over to play a vicious circle coming out soon on, and I walked in the back door, walked in the exit to go places. I was scheduled to play there with some people who were lined up. Some are checks, attendees, And I kind of just, like, walked in and walked straight up to a station and someone stopped me. Was like, Oh, excuse me, sir, do you work? Here was a good joke, and I was like, walk by them and they kept going to the station and I stopped. They may not know that I actually do work here, like in my mind. I started panicking like, what's the appropriate etiquette. Do I turn around and say yes and correct myself? Or do I just continue with the asshole power move? So is it someone who worked on Vicious Circle? I believe so. Should we guess what you did? You want to guess what I did? I'm going to guess you just maintain the asshole Nece I'm gonna get. You did absolutely nothing and thought I'll tell that on the podcast, the path of least resistance. I agree. I did nothing that would require more talking to another, right. And I was like, I'm just gonna make it more awkward. Like I'm sure someone else saw it and told him I hoped I didn't turn around. And I feel really bad. It's been eating me up for, like, three hours. Do you want to take a break from the podcast to go talk to him now? This doesn't go back. He seemed fine. Like when I turned around Later, after I was playing the game, you seemed okay. So I guess someone told him so. Phil and I had a discussion with a panel where we got to talk for, like, an hour today. I had a great time on that panel. So if you're there gonna retell the story until there. But had a similar thing happen to me where? Yesterday I was going back to my hotel and there were attendees staying at the hotel. We all get the elevator. It's a long elevator right up and packed elevator, and I'm in this corner and in the opposite corner is a guy in a ruby costume and cosplay and I just across the elevator, I said, Hey, don't say I really like your cosplay. Thanks a lot, because what's your name? And I'm totally fine with that, except for the entire elevator wit Woo And one guy was like Right, So, uh, that was fun. Anyway, that kid had to be ejected for reasons, but it's costly. Looked great. I feel like elevators really make people panic because I had one last night was going up in some was in it, and right at the last minute they noticed that I was behind them in it, and I could see them panic. And I was like, Oh, look at it. He got off on this floor is like I just wanted to see Oh, no, The timing, the timing just, like, say, one I wish I could because because all he saw was my face going Miss Connection. But was it was it Was it Was it a real you trying to stop it or you're like, Oh, no, no, I was generally, like can't open But his car's waiting across the street and someone's cross industry, and they do that fake jog where they're just walking, but they're moving their arms, make it look like they're rushing across the street to move out of the way. But you know what? I appreciate the fake jog. No, no, I appreciate it. It's at least an effort of like, I'm acknowledging that you're waiting for me. Like if I'm going to take a right turn and something crossing and then they do like the fake jock I'm like, Okay, at least they're doing it as opposed to the dude is just like strolling across, you know, through the crosswalk. He knows he has the right away. It's class. All we have opposite perspectives on this. I think people do the job to make themselves feel better not to make you feel better. They want to feel like they're rushing to get further across, but they're not actually making any effort. They are, they're not. They are. They're not moving any faster. So any effort they make is worthless. Even the acknowledgment that they know they're keeping you waiting, that you don't think that's enough of a courtesy. No, I mean they can wave or something like That's fine. I would rather be like, you know, wave cool. Whatever it's, I don't care. It's fine. Don't fake jock to make yourself feel better. So you have to do. And how many of you fake jog in that situation? That's right, because you live in society. How many hate, How many hate the fake jog. There are dozens of us. Cynical, literally doesn't literally dozens. Probably 2/3 of the audience didn't answer because, like what the fuck you talking about? How our border, you people in your car, Spain Attention for people watching the video or listening to the audio. Almost nobody raises questions. You know, I didn't even know I butchered the rules. I did the Gavin or Google at the top of the show, just so the realistic hit eject if they want Thio because this is always a really tough podcast to listen to from an audio perspective. Yeah, absolutely. Get out. Weird thing to me is sometimes, you know, we'll put this out as the podcast and we'll get invariably get the comet. That's like it's really weird. They inserted like a laugh track get to this week's episode. So for those were recording live in front of an actual audience. There are real humans here. There is no laugh track. What is something, Someone that I love you, Mom, What is something we could never get like a whole crowd of people to say that would prove that it's a real crowd. You just asked a crowd of thousands of people to say, Let's come up with a word on. All we heard was Theo. Only person I could hear was the first guy who shouted, and he just yelled Bananas like that was like he was waiting for that moment. You could have but everyone yell bananas on the cattle. Three 12123 That was really aggressive. Who was the first person who said But way filled your field, your dream rate. Raise your hand. If you refuse to say bananas just then that was some of you. I would have been one of them. We had a fun that day for the panel. Uh, it was a conversation with Bernie and Phil DeFranco today. That's what it was. But when I showed up and it was literally like it was a table like this for two people like Ends eight microphones, did you sit on opposite ends? We did. We sat on the very ends opposite each other, like old old married couple having dinner in some mansion somewhere. Assault. It's a lot of work to strike. All this looked like the guy that will eclipse on everything. There's dozens. There's too many people who hate people who fake jog way used to have for this panel. We used to have, like, couches and stuff like that just once. Yeah, that's what I meant, but used to you, By the way, you people who listen to the podcast regularly. We were backstage waiting. We were in the hallway here. That's not true, Bernie. This is a knee jerk reaction to win. Got stocks. Bernie looks amigos. So the podcast that's in ballroom D right? Like Bernie, we've talked about this. We talked about this on the podcast. It's a whole one we've already established. I don't listen to the podcast. Even when I'm on it. I'm over here on my phone looking up stuff on Google. That's what I'm doing. That's my job. Here, hold one. Has to be like the tour guide and say you go. Here you go there. We had a sofa one time. What's that? We had a sofa one time. It was great. It was great. Is that the one we had? The Casper sponsorship? Yes, Yes. Is that the one moment when you made me sniff some protein shake? Uh, does anyone here for that podcast? Hell, yeah. That was the Gavin or Gaggle variant. We had that backstage actually recorded back here in, like, the bowels of the convention. So use that word with his story. It's very appropriate. Trust me. There is a big, like, one of those metal commercial fridges, and it looks like it's been there about 10 or 15 years and has a sign out of it on it that says, out of order. And so I said to Gavin, I will give you $5 if you go up to that fridge, which has been unplugged for God knows how long and just open the door and smell as hard as you can. And Gavin couldn't even put his hand on the handle without constantly gagging a lot of that. So I didn't really understand the instructions because you're like, how much money would it take for you if you just got through saying it but really set you off was the like, really nasty grease state at the top of that was No. But then Barbara just walked out between us and the like, opened it up and smelled it. And it was like a wooden pallet. There was nothing open. It showed that there was nothing in there. They're still gagging, isn't it? As avenue gaggle, though, that was actually the only time I've seen Gavin throw up on stage. Have you ever thrown up anywhere else on stage in front of a live audience? That was the only one I throw upon immersion once. But that was like it was like a hot, uh, half a mug of what, Extra life? Yeah, that was a lot drunk. Co workers that are there for that. That was my nightmare, though. Like as a kid, I was worried that I was gonna throw up a school. Is that like a fear for anybody else? Was anybody? Yeah, like that was, like, the worst thing that could happen to me as a kid, as I would throw up at school and other people would see me do it. And these people paid money to do that. I put my pants in kindergarten. That was pretty bad. But, uh, you move schools? Yeah, I did, actually, it was unrelated, but yeah, I did. That was bad. So I think I feel like that shaped me into this day. I worry about shitting myself in public. Do you Really? Yeah. I'm super worried, even like if I'm gonna get on a plane or if I don't travel like, Oh, God. When did I last take a dump? Like, what's the timing on this? Um, I'm gonna be like, what if we're on the plane and were delayed and we can't take off? I have to stay in my seat like I really have to go. I worry about it. You gotta calm down. And I think it's because of that incident from the time it happened to me in kindergarten. This thing happens to you when you're that's such a nim. Precious herbal age that, like for the next decades of your life, it shapes you. And now I worry about when I have to take a dump. Wait. How do you use this? Kindergarten? I was five or six. So were you capable of wiping your own Austin? Yes. Okay. Why? Well, cause something some kids like, really young at school. You don't wanna let the teacher to be wiping. Your teachers do that. Okay. Like what? Someone goes toe shits the school and calm white. They're on us a nurse. But actually, I did go to the nurse's office. That's a good goal. I had to wait for my mother. No one touched my butt. So you're worried that even like a plane ride, you're worried. That's too much time. Like I said, you've gotta hold. You gotta hold it. What's your map? Is it an hour and 1/2? Oh, no, no, no, no. That's holding 30 minutes. Go with that. Maybe 38 days. What do you guys? What's going on with you? Eight days like a man I mean work. I just wait till the end of the day, that kind of thing, you know, it's not healthy. We like shitting voting rock. Did you hear the Survivor host? Uh, Jeff Probst? I think he's on stern. He talked about how he would specifically when they were shooting, he didn't want to interrupt anything. So if he had to pee, he would just hold it. And he, like, brewing his own bladder from doing that and like when and talked about it like, uh, how long were they filming for those of the shooter in the middle of nowhere for long periods of time. He's probably one of those rivers where if you pee in the river, the fish goes up here and that's an urban legend. That's not even true. How do you know? Also, don't be in the river. Just be on the fucking ground. But isn't it? It's a thing, though. If you hold it, it'll it's devastating. It's Euro mice entices poisoning. I guess my question is for you, right? You're doing good in life. What's the worst thing that comes out of, like if you shit your pants right now, what's the worst thing that happens. Do it. There's about 4000 people filming it, But what does that matter? You guys were in the zone? I guess so. I guess. I guess its content, right? Like it's attention. Where's the characters? There's a mashable article about you'll never believe what happened in Archie. Exhausted now and then. Attendance doubles next year. Yeah, but then in variety, they're like, Gus is brave. He was the first to open the door literally. I talked about this on the always open panel earlier, but I don't think I've ever fully shit myself. But I definitely have had poo, like kiss my underwear. Okay, Everyone here has had that everyone. And if you say no, you're a liar. Everyone has prairie dog some shit. Good Lord. Okay. Can I see your question? The phrase I say like I shit my pants. Why do I have to specify that they're my pants? I mean, I can't shit somebody else's pants, but I wouldn't say I shit pants. There is a point. Which pants you have to say. They're my pants. It's just part of what you say. If you say the pants a lot of questions pop wave my hand and say I ripped my pants. I mean, if you say I shit pants, then you think pants came out? But wasn't there a Kmart commercial a few years ago? It was like You guys should know Some guy was ordering clothes online and he liked the whole commercial. Was I just shit my pants. I just shit my pants like I can't believe it. I just Shit, my pants is like, I can't believe that's one. I haven't commercial too. I can't look at Kmart. Three Capital K Mart still around. I'm here with Chris Cokey nose at the full sail boat. We're here at R T X. How you doing, Chris? I'm doing well. How are you? I'm doing great. So we're here to talk about all things you're doing with full sail. Uh, you're from your winter. Full sail, right? Yeah. 2008 G's. Oh, my. That's a long time ago. Time flies. So you've been doing Ah, live streams. Uh, part kind of talking about different things to do. And you got one coming up this Thursday at 4 p.m. Don't you tell us a little more about those? Yes, We've been highlighting the animation pipeline as it kind of goes through each stage this week. Coming Thursday at 4 p.m. Central time, we'll be talking about animation in that portion of the pipeline and some great guests. I'm super excited to talk to them on. It will be doing another one later this month. I'm so excited about it. So speaking of animation, here at the full sail both at R T X, they're having intrude animation sessions. So people are curious if they want to see if it's something that is for them, they can come see, like, kind of scratch the surface and see what the process about right? Yeah. I mean, that's what full sail has always been about. It's the hands on experience, right? And I think they're kind of getting you a small little taste of that hearing RDX. It's pretty cool, and we at r T X. We debuted the the Rooster Teeth animated adventure, uh, talking about animation. The animation process, which for everyone who's not here at R T X is coming out later this month. I think late July will have that out on what your thoughts have you seen that so far? Yeah, I worked on it. I actually did all the sound on it. And you were incredible. You made you made my heart sing. You don't have to tell me. I'm incredible. I know I'm incredible. So if anybody wants more information, they can check out full sail dot edu slash rooster teeth to get more information and see all the great things that forces doing not only at r t X, but outside of our t X for sure. Yeah, so thanks. We'll throw it back to you guys. I didn't ask this before the panel, but is it cool if we played quick Gavin or Gaggle? Oh, really? Way have a theme song for that? No, Barbara, you didn't talk to me about this. Did you bring something? Um, You know, read a story that we have to swab your parents of right there. It's okay. This is not my story. Uh, I'm sure a lot of you might be familiar with the story. I don't know if you guys are Do you know the Jolly Rancher story? No, no, no. Yes, I God, What is it? Is it bad? This man has scared me. Okay. If you have any kind of sensitivity at all, you should leave Austin immediately. Oh, a sprinter. East Someone Tonto is running away with the children. Let let Clementine's get out of here. Yeah, I'll give her a bit. I don't actually know the story. Just heard the story enough times. Like I got to say the two girls. One cup. I'm probably e I never watched that. And they're clear. So I'm just reading the one off Urban dictionary. Don't. This is the act of a drink. So, bunny, you know this story. I know off the story. I really can't tell you what it's about. How about is how bad is it? Just whoever gags first that we're done with the story. No, we keep. I mean, it's a complete story. Good street. No idea. Stephen. His girlfriend Samantha, went off to college in August. She went to Florida State. He went to Penn State. Why is that relevant? Backstory. So she decided to fly to Pennsylvania to visit him. He was really happen to see her, so he decided to give her some aural action. He had done this numerous times before, and he always enjoyed doing it, but for some reason this time she smelled really horrible when she tasted even worse. He didn't want to offend her, though, because he hadn't seen her in months. So he put a jolly rancher in his mouth to cover it up, even though it didn't do too much to help. To be fair, I just gag because I was imagining watermelon flavor. In the course of eating her out, he accidentally pushed the candy inside of her and stuck a finger in to grab it out. He took it out and put it back in his mouth and bid it that guys were in the splash zone for that guy on Lee. It wasn't the jolly rancher. That's enough. It was a nodule of gonorrhea. Go on. What happened next? As in the blister like structure that that's enough, you're gonna end on the cliffhanger. Every dunkleman, everybody fiber document party. I just want to say the 1st 3 rows, just like they leaned over like you're going on down a roller coaster. Why? I didn't know it had na Jewel's. Well, don't get right up against the vinyl. That's disgusting. I didn't even get to the best party. Oh, yes. I think I smell a potion. No, no. As in the blister like structure that gunnery makes filled with disease. Puss was the size of a fucking jolly rancher and the poor guy bid it. Barbara. Barbara, I hate this story so much. I'm gonna go over and hang out with Eric. That's how much I need. That's the gist of it. You guys who come back, it's all done. That's it. It's over, drama. So, um, Barbara, did they break up? Yes. Basically, it was discovered that she was cheating on him. Got gonorrhea. That's how we found out. Get the fuck out of here. Wow, that's Ah, that's incredible. But something, Uh uh, Where can I find that story? My diary. Just wanna room. Why would I write about some guy going down on me and me having Connery? I love that you can find stories like this sometimes. You don't know if you can find stories like it makes me think about the story of the guy with the drumstick. Oh, that's right. Where it's like, I'm not gonna get into all the details right now, but I like that there's an outlet where people can have these like it's kinda like us on the podcast. You have a life experience and you want to share with people. The short version of the guy with the drumstick was there was this guy who realized he liked having his prostate massage and he had never done it before. And he discovered this in a doctor's office that he likes this. So you can imagine that Walker, that you have to go to a music store and buy a drumstick and pretend he was a drummer logically. But it was a normal thing. But I like that The Internet provides an outlet for people to share these stories, because then you can read like that has never happened to me. But it's an entertaining story that I hope never happens to me, that jolly rancher story. But you're like, I guess these things happen to people like it's just a wayto gain insight into the overall human experience and really learn about these things, because before when we were young like we never would have hurt this story, I'm curious. I love how romantic you've made this. No, no, it's I'm glad it's never happened to me, but I'm also kind of glad I've heard it. How is everything so loose up there? Makes it sound like he's like reaching into a bag of trail mix. It sounds like he wants a one for one swap. The worst part is that he bit it remind everyone Barbara Dunkleman has a college degree. Thank you, Eric. See what you can see with the university to get this job? Sure. Did you Are you, like, How far you out for university This point? Um well, I just turned 30. Don't tell anyone. Um, so I guess eight years, because I came here right after I graduated. Basically. Okay, Sure. In for 30 huh? I just turned 46. Has a field. You're lying. You're lying. That sure was like I feel like that was Maura Air live. Enjoy. So are you, like, are you still it is Canada The same as the U. S. Where it's like horrific college debt and everything on it all. Really? Not at all. What's what's going? Think my tuition, um, was $1700 a semester? Really? I think there was. I think there was one year where my books were more expensive than my tuition. That's pretty common now. Yeah, well, your lot of professors will write the book in their class. You gotta buy the book and then you can $300 you could sell it for eight. Wow, Do not a good investment you ever read like the personal finance subreddit. I love it. It's great. It's really super insightful. But I feel like all too often you see posts by people who are I just read When? Last week. That was like, I need help. I've got 100 $60,000 in student debt on I've got a job making $15 an hour and I have no idea how to tackle this. And it's just I don't understand how you can get out from under that And then have I have a life, right? Like the U. S. Is built on this idea of where you graduate college, you get a job, you buy a house, you buy a car, you incur debt, right? And then that's how the U. S. Succeeds you from step zero. You already got this crushing amount of debt. You can never progress in your life and and do any of the things that you're quote unquote supposed to do on. I just don't know what that solution is. And I feel like we're gonna start hearing a lot more about that in the next couple of years. This kind of my life, I mean, Phil, you got two kids. You know, it's I'm a little bit further down the road was racking up already, like just with school in L. A s 05 and two. So the 2nd 1 is about to go into, like, uh, whatever the It's not a preschool, but it's like it is a preschool. Yeah, yeah, but my kids like I got one who's getting close toe going off to college. He's applying everything to its like it's really going to college. Was kind of the default when I graduated high school. This is like early nineties, and now I don't know, it's it's weird. It's really what, This tipping point where it's like, Do you have to go to college? Is that what you think? But don't tell my kid. Maybe you shouldn't. You know, maybe you should give up on this college idea. It just depends on the job. Like, if you're gonna, it's gonna be an electrical engineer. Yes, Doctor. Yeah, Yeah, exactly. But if you're gonna be us, probably not. In my experience, it wasn't necessarily important to have a specific degree, but just tow, have a degree, would have helped me a lot. I didn't have one. So getting a visa to work here was incredibly difficult without that. So it doesn't really matter what you do. It's just good to have one, you know? Is it work going the other way? Like Jay, Do you want to go live in the U K. What he faced? The same issues you have? It was just hard getting into the us. That's it. I think it's hard getting in anywhere. Yeah. Any first world country is gonna be hard. I think the U. S. Is incredibly strict for its population because it's like there's a ton of space. England has less space, but I'm not sure, you know, I've never tried to live in England. I just born there. So it's hard for me to say, Why don't we make a video of me trying to get my I'll become an American citizen? Throw away my English one and then try and get back here. There's only one left. We should do this. Let's do this. Let's make a documentary about it. Sounds awesome. Let's risk your entire wellbeing video. Do you think you'll end up back in the UK at some point your life? I don't know. I'm just asking a lot. It's a lot of stress on the Brexit. It's like, What's the point? This upset of receive podcast is also brought to you by Netflix new series. The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance. The dark crystal Age of Resistance returns to the world of throught with an all new adventure when three guilting discover the horrifying secret behind the sketch seize power they set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires Over 1,000,000,000 and Save the world from Jim Henson Studios. The series is an epic prequel series to the beloved 1982 Henson film, the dark Crystal, with characters voiced by star studded cast including Taron, Egerton, Andy Samberg, Kate McKinnon, Halina Bottom Carter, Eddie Izzard and more. A comic con be on the lookout for our very own barber and Lindsay, who will be there visiting the Netflix booth. Hey, you're Barbara. I am vibrant. Gonna be there visiting the Netflix booth. Yeah, we'll be there July 18th at the Netflix Boost. Me and Lindsay are actually going to get transformed into some characters in the movie. I don't know if I want to spoil it yet, but they're very creepy looking, and so we're really excited. Um, yeah. Come check us out. If you're gonna be a comic con, we're going to be right at the Netflix boots. Come hang out. So if they're there, they go visit comic con. And if not, I'm sure they can follow on social and keep up with all of that stuff. It's really, really cool to be their combat, you know, being. But we've been going to comic con for so many years to finally be involved. Like such a big activated. I think personally, this is gonna be the first comic con I'm caused playing. Oh, yeah. It is all about time. I'm curious to see how it comes out. Me too. I'll take a picture for you guys. All right. Thank you. I'll keep up. Keep up on social. Make sure you check out the dark crystal Age of Resistance coming to Netflix August 30th. It's not that far away, so thanks, responsiveness. Absolutely. Podcast. So now Gavin and I can probably tell the worst travel story we ever had. Because yesterday, you know, if you heard we announced that our show Immersion is coming back on way are doing ah, special televised episode of Immersion for the Discovery Channel for Shark Week. So it's an immersion all about sharks, which meant we had to explore video games like Luckily, as you guys know, I like to see if thieves a lot. There's lots of sharks in that. So lots of fun stuff. My whole goal, though waas was My whole goal was to get Michael, Gavin or Michael or Gavin into the water with sharks with real live sharks. That's I spent the whole time trying to do that. What's wrong with you, huh? Delicious. I just wanted to see if the sharks would go for it. Um, but we had a thing where it was. It was the most insane travel that we've ever had because we were supposed to get to a place in the Panhandle of Florida. Anybody here from Destin, Florida? Yeah, You're a person over there. But he's very polite. He raised his hand. Didn't know who or anything like that. How do you How are you getting home? Because getting to your town was the worst experience of my life. No offense. So you don't live there? Never go back. I tried to go back, but he just didn't make it. So what happened? So you're a liar. I got it with them. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. You put your head down. That was its comedy podcaster and your hometowns A job. Way to go. Destin, Florida. I love you. We had to go to Destin, Florida, And, uh, the way that we had to get there was we were just going to fly to D F w literally, like, 20 minutes away from here on a plane. And then we're gonna fly from there to Destin, Florida or Fort. What's nearby? Therefore probably Pensacola. Oh, that was Penis. The airport code was Pino gam was so excited about Penis Penis. Penis is the airport code Their Fort Walton Beach? Fort Walton. That was really We're gonna go in there anyway. I'm looking at Google Maps. We land in DE of W like two in the afternoon or flights and leave at seven. It's tornadoes in Dallas. This is like a month ago. There's tornadoes in Dallas. Our flight was canceled. It wa ce We were in the Dallas airport for 18 hours, I want to say, and then we had to fly from there to New Orleans, where we chartered a bus at two in the morning. And then they drove. I slept on the floor of the bus. I wonder if even one of the seats and we charted the bus to end up in Destin, Florida by, like, eight or nine in the morning to then do the thing that we did in destined for There was a lot of discussion on, like where we should fly to cause we could. We could now get out of Dallas. But there was places we couldn't go because of, like Apple issues. So we're gonna figure out what to go in there up into New Orleans. But I also was just like I was kind of like not paying attention, just like I'm going to spend all night in the airport you were looking into like trying to hire a jet, and it was insanely expensive. Realized that we're not because I watched Casey. Nice. That's something you could hire a jet, right? That's a thing of yours for a quote for a private jet. All right. Maybe not. Right, Gus, What do they cost of you? Say, Hey, we just need to charter Jet to do one leg from Dallas to Pensacola or something. I would guess $25,000. You should. You like flying private jets? That's exactly what it costs. Because I know a lot about the aviation industry. $25,000 fucking insane. To me, it was like 10 international first class tickets. That's what I thought. OK, that's a good way to look at it, but it's like a a two hour flight. Holy cow. That was the tweet I made at that time was when I was just like, Okay, I'm just gonna try and get on the upgrade list for the next flight. And I hadn't really been paying attention to where we were eventually flying too. So I went to the desk. I was like, Hey, can I just get on the upgrade list for my flight and he was like, Where are you flying to? And I was like, I don't know. Could you please tell May I don't know where I'm. That's a sign that you traveled too much, but I was crazy. But it was the thing that we didn't. Dustin was awesome. And then we got to go down. If you saw the shot that we showed yesterday, it's like they're one of the other locations we gotta do. Is the Bahamas with a really cool dude named Luke tipple who was fucking amazing? Shark expert to really incredible guy. So hopefully when they'll be more information on the show will be ableto show you some more clips from the show as we get closer to an air date. But hopefully you guys will tune in and watch it on Discovery Channel. When it comes out, Please tell me you will. And if you want to go overto like your parents house or your uncle's house and, like program his DVR to watch it, that's not so bad, either. That's fine. That's fine. Just gaming the system. We do that on YouTube all the time. You could do a view app, right? You can set people's DVR to record stuff. Did you hear what he said you could do with the APP? Prove him wrong. Try it. I do that at home all the time. Like I know I need to record something on TV. It's like I'm not gonna be there and just do it via the app on my phone. Okay, that recorded watches. What? Sean Devine. I'm gonna watch it like I don't know if you wanna watch it like 10 A. It's a really good question that should watch it. But on demand also has ads. Does it? Have you tried? You're talking down at me. I tried to watch walking dead, unlike the AMC service, like they had their own stand alone service and I want to go watch it. And it was one of the weirdest experiences I had because it was like it's a TV Met online video and I was watching the first segment of the show that gets to a commercial break. And then it says, showing you add one of seven. I was like, what? They were completely unscathed. Herbal. I had to sit through seven ads to then go to the next one. It's like, of course, why wouldn't someone on TV think this is totally fine? We show five or six ads in a row. No big deal. Could you imagine if you did that on one of your video? But some people kind of do, like now It's like sometimes you want a 15 minute video and they're like seven mid rolls. Do you do med rolls on your stuff? Maybe one and I'm putting out like, 18 minute videos, But it's kind of understand. I also think it's like you can get away with it if you're more entertaining than me. But I'm like I'm like I just offer I'll slip in 11 Maybe though they won't care. But I lost my YouTube premium subscription for two months because YouTube gave it to me. And then and then I was like, Oh, this is horrible. This is what everyone else's experience premium know what? I honestly wait. You're angry about the $20 month thing or whatever. I've been in full you cheap originals and I'm like, doing do you like you wanted to pay for that service? Still, because I use it. I like doing stuff like Oh, you're gonna pay for it, he says. Did you have to pay for YouTube TV? Yes, you know. So did I. How did we get a view on the film list? Who we can save? That's Google's business model, Gavin, but they put people that shows so that it will pay for this description Toe Thio and the whole family. Thio. How does that? That's how you do it. I wonder if that's what they meant. That was me be. Philip was curious If Google would return results on how to steal from Google, if they if they would censor that, Yeah, my original one was like, How could I make the Google stock plummet? And I figured Google wouldn't give you any information for that, but I just simplified it. How do you steal your computer to self destructs? All melted. And then I had to know that I just had osk G stranger, traitor, traitor! Are there really any? I mean, I worry about that, right? Like what was it recently Facebook? At that outage where Facebook wasn't showing images, Whatsapp was having trouble instagram, but they all went down at the same time because Facebook owns all of this. And, uh, are there really any alternatives? And from a search perspective to Google, like Google goes down and you need to find something on the Internet. What's your go to back up? What do you do? You just not look being I'm not looking for porn. Yeah, Yeah. Those Microsoft employees. Who are you? Wait, you go. It was actually surprised you don't use one of those encrypted. I don't use Google for searching. Yeah, Dr. Cho is the big one. I hear about a lot. What are you searching? Just stuff. Mind your business, Gavin. Er, Google. That's what I'm doing. I'm looking out. So actually, because I only use Google for Gavin or Google my searches. You must be so fucking weak. Like what? I am looking up Why cats are scared of cucumber. We should do Ah, Bernier Bing or by curbing our Barbara Herbig got skin eyes? Your question. I've been thinking about this all week by anybody here from California. Besides, will fill some California. Sorry, Philomena. Doc shoe. But saying you're from California. Your phone. So you guys had a huge earthquake. I hope everybody's okay. Hope your house is working girl here. They're all okay. Their houses, they live there. You think? I hope you all are. Okay. They're all obviously okay there. You guys could have just arrived this morning. Gus, fuck you. I'm trying to show courtesy to people that have Who here from California arrived this morning. Raise your hand. Wow, That was really good. Guess why? Woz? California. Enough with the virgin signaling. Worry. How jealous were you that you're not there for that? I'm a little jealous. Have you been like thinking about it all week long? I have, like, we should We should have moved our text only. Why do you like earthquakes so much? He's never been in one he wants to be in one. This one was like 45 seconds. This last one right magnitude. The craziest thing is people film that pools and the war in the pool is going. That's like the best visual ization of an earthquake that I can imagine. There was a great video. It's on Twitter. You know, that trend going around now where people try to kick the bottle cap off of a bottle and its film, like from like someone has a bottle of Great in front of it. They were doing that and the earthquake hit right as he started kicking. Did he still got the ball cap off? No. But like you basically like, went to kick and then, like, fell backwards and the bottle was like shaking like this. It was really just like, insane time. I saw a video of, Ah, a woman filming herself, putting makeup on. She's putting her lipstick on right as the Earthquake Kids, and it just ends up with, like, a huge streak of up her cheek. But her home was swing so much, it's like that must have been on top of like, a really tall building. Right is like to see that level of swaying to see things falling off like that? Um, yeah, I mean, I I want to feel it. I wanna be. Where have you been? An earthquake will just a small one, but you want to feel it. That's insane. I think it's because you're probably thinking of it as a roller coaster and not the most horrifying moment of your life. No, I bet it's horrifying, like I is it because I can't imagine what it's like? Like the thing you always consider a constant is like the ground. It's like that doesn't move. Like the one thing in your life that never moves is actually moving. Gus just wants to feel something. When you're older. I'm jaded. You need something to start your heart. I really I really don't understand. That's all. If you see it, you see a video of a plane crash. You just like you. Who are you asking that question to? Oh, yeah. Actually, Gus, would you like to be in an avalanche? He has to think about it. No, I want to say no. I was just terrified me. Really? Because it's more than just the ground moving. It's like the ground falling at you like that. That can happen. It could cause a massive mudslide that buries you is part of it. The surprise. Because if you want No, no, no, no. I would prefer it wasn't a surprise. So you would know in advance, right? What earthquake do you have? Like? Are you like an adrenaline junkie? God, don't. What's Gus Earthquake? Where is an avalanche? Yeah, I like this because it's like I want adrenaline rush, But I don't wanna have to do anything for right. And I want to make sure I don't put my pants. Gus, do you even have adrenaline? I don't know if ever I felt some the other day. Did you? Anybody here? Uh, I saw that your friend Gavin destined, Um, he went down to Argentina for the eclipse. All those photos that were amazing is that our Argentinean friend is here. Yeah, this is how you do it. So you came here and you missed the eclipse. It was cloudy. So go inside. He's happy that know you. Everybody went to my home country and was horribly disappointed. Take you. I'm in Austin. He did some sort of move when he stood up. Was that like an Argentinean dab? How was it? A very regal battle. That's the official move for fanfare. Right there. He's got it down. Sure. That's a Matt Holland. Like Sam. You see him? Yeah. So, Dustin what? There. And he recorded it. And, uh, I didn't even honestly didn't know this was coming. There was the big one a couple of years ago in the U. S. But, uh, you know, and I think it would be like the Pacific Northwest. A lot keep popping on this mike, but you don't know. Do you know what he's filming down there? Can you? As he said, What? He's filming publicly? Because I'm kind of curious if Dessens down there what it iss other than the eclipse like, is it like, you know, he's approached science stuff like he did the Who is it? Coriolis effect is I said, Yeah, model sold Coriolanus Corley. Ellen's Corio core Leonie effect. Thank you. Uh, need it with the kiddie pools with a dude down in Australia. That kind of stuff. I love potassium. Is that a Yes? He's down in Australia of potassium. Isn't that the other guy in that video? Believe I don't remember. It's a long time ago. Do you feel Do you still get to Vidcon? Well, this actually I'm not this my first I'm not going. I just want to do something different. Like I think people have like this. I'm anti corporation because I'm not going this year. But I'm like, yo, corporations sponsor me every day. I just want I just want to do something different. But now this is the one year I'm not going. You could do your own convention just to the side of it. I think it will work. I think it's Puff. I think I'll be solid. Probably no security. I'm thinking, is the ideal thing. And the schedules just stuff. You wait in the parking lot in a line? Yeah, And then And then I think, once it bombs, then they'll invite me the next year. No, there's that way. Is that what happened? They might. Then you make a behind the scenes documentary about the whole thing. Well, that Shane Dawson into that. Yeah, and everything's fine made everything better. You know, we were talking about the eclipse from a few years ago. I was trying. It didn't pan out. But the clips that happened in North America, I think, was last year happened during the time we normally tape our podcast, and I was trying to figure out a way that we could do a remote podcast live from the point in the United States where the clips would be the most pronounced was in, like Wyoming or something. It was somewhere like that, but we just couldn't pull it together. It would be really cool to do on outdoor Wee didn't have Eric back then. I think we did have everybody he had just started. I was like, Let's try to get this done, and we just We just couldn't pull it together. What we do know that he did make Sunday Monday happen. We did. So the steak off is outside, right? I mean, the first part of the steak office outside? Yes. Yes. Why can't you just do a whole podcast outside? But because the steak off occurs about 30 feet away from the broadcast booth, You guys realize that, right? I mean, I'm not. I feel like I'm a lunatic here, but it's outdoors. I see where Gus is going now. Okay. It's in the sun. A non eclipsed sun. What's that? A non eclipse son. Allegedly Who knows? One of Gavin's night Rainbow being go slit right now. Don't start stealing gas lighting stuff. I can't take it anymore like I was crazy. So what are we What are we up to now? We do the steak off built. If you want to come down Austin sometime. Sure. We once a year we have a steak off where we cook steaks this year was horrifying. Barbara and Gavin Cook steaks. Mariel. Oh, now you're saying Mariel, Barbara, that did well. Yes. You have a team leader, and then a player. He always open crew and Gavin United steaks. But in the past, Gus and I have made steaks. By the way, I'm to know Gus is has yet to win. Sorry, guys. Was one of us likes to experiment and try new things. The other one makes juvie crap to no scoreboard. Scoreboard stands do not like sooty. Look at that Monday morning. But stay coughing. Why aren't you trying new stuff in the competition? Because I like to experiment. I like to experience new things. I like to fight, you know, jolly ranchers. That's like if you I'm just saying That's like, if you go up to bat and you're like, You know what? I'm gonna go Lefty this time for no reason. Well, actually, the first, the first year I did do, Ah, a recipe that I make regularly on dhe I lost with that one. So in the second year is like, I'm gonna try something totally different, something I never make and and see how it goes. And if it's okay, so does this take off? Who done? Sunday. Monday. Thank you. We have the pancakes, obviously. So we got We got the last one we got round out the calendar. Don't talk about doing taco. Tuesday, Monday, Back of easy money. I think we need Taco Tuesday. Monday. I think that was just one piece of pizza. Beer? Uh, sphere. That would be. That would be a good one to do it. Eric, Eric figured out the pizza sphere. You figured it out. See, I worry. I worry about Eric's idea. I just don't think it's gonna Why don't you explain it? I got a text from Eric. I think it like two in the morning one week. And I was like, I think I figured it out. I've I've cracked it. We want to make a three dimensional pizza. So it's like pizza exists as a circle is a flat two D food? No, it doesn't. Pieces already. Three dimensional. Like this. Okay, overall, it's two dimensional. The third dimension is phoning it in over way. Want to go from a circle to a spherical pizza? Isn't that just like, isn't that just like a hot pocket around hot pockets Absolved right there. But it is only a bite. We want a large pizza seer. She won an extra large pizza bite. Yes. About what people are possible. Are you saying this like a spear of dough with? Are you saying it's stacked pieces that get bigger and then get smaller? I would think that we've thought I don't want to spoil anything. We've thought about many options here. Here's what we should do. Just take a bunch of pizza, blend it down, and then mold it like a burger patty into a sphere. I'm just getting that would be fucking gross. Yeah. Barbara, how the fuck do you make hamburgers? That sounds disgusting. Take a cow. Put it in a blender. Eric. Eric? Is it a bunch of pieces stacked? There is a big hollow pizza. Eric, my door. Everybody okay? Listen. None of it's none of it's hollow. No. Hold your applause until I get this out. Because this is when it's good. No, just hold your applause period while all of it listen, all of it. Every bite that you take is fully pizza everywhere. Anybody? You take everybody in a hot pocket if you bite that hot middle of a hot pocket like a psycho. If you did that, you would only get top middle crust. There's no pizza element in the pizza sphere in the pizza sphere. There is pizza in every bite. You will not escape the pizza, no matter how hard you try. 360 degrees of 360 degrees of full pizza, and I figured out I cracked the code. We'll do it. We'll do it on the podcast. It feels I think he's gone it. I'm not worried anymore that I felt like he was running for president and I was like, I'm gonna vote for him. I don't think you get delivered. It's a love you. I don't think you can deliver on that. I think he's over promising. I do. I don't think he's gonna deliver on it. That's why it's good for politics. Something works on paper, so it works on paper Likeability. Are you allowed to talk about politics because you do comment on modern events were not allowed to talk about politics. We're not allowed, you know, every time we talk about politics like shut up is that why you didn't read my other Gavin? Oh, Google that you sent. Go. Oh, shit. Wow. Censorship phrase is I'm a wrong one here. Sorry. I feel like an old man with this thing. Here we go. The phrase is how many? How many? How many spiders crawl on you at night? How many spiders calling you a night, or how many children do you have to lock into cages before you realize that you might be? Uh, yeah. So yes, I did skip that. Why didn't you read that one? You know, it's pretty apparent. I think that one was pretty obvious. I say both are Google. Yeah, but every time we talk about politics, it's just like, don't don't do it. Don't talk about politics. But I feel like kids. It's still moving train you and you guys are in a good place where you don't have to like, uh, like, I feel like my day is everyday toxicity around that stuff. And I like my favorite video that I've done in the past year is a stupid video. I shot with my son where he said that his favorite thing about his friends was the bones inside of them. And I was like, Yes, more of this. Yeah, this'd how the other side of you two lives that reminds me of, ah, things like I like I love reading like sites like Reddit is like people. It's just like a brain dump for people. Like a perspective. You never think about when my favorite things ever read was Your bones are all wet right now. Hot. I never thought about that. So every bone in my body is wet, Which is really disgusting to think about. Well, actually, we're talking about here, actually. Is now probably seven and 1/2 months pregnant. And she was here when it was where she was in the office of the day. And she was comparing physiques with Blaine. And they were They were each talking about their gains. And she's like, Yeah, I got a ton of gains and blames a I got a ton of games to go. Yeah, but Ashley has bone gains and you don't. And Blaine was disappointed I needed have bone gains. She has 206 more bones than everyone else. At this point, I really think about it. All. Anybody had bone gains later that night, though. Yeah, Bernie, did you did you guys do the, uh, do the three D image? Got three D image. You're talking about the ultrasound? Horrifying. A little bit. Yeah. It's like, Oh, you want to see your baby? And also inside your baby, it's It's It's a lot. It's like you get a picture of your kid way too soon, right? It's It's like it's an actual three D image. Yeah, It's like, uh, things like you three d print your kid basically way that we could probably three d Can we replace the Golden Gus on on the spot? You know what Burns unborn child, kid? And also the technology, by the way, is not perfect. So it's kind of like, Yeah, uh, usually get ultrasound words like, Oh, I'm having a baby demon, you know, because the way the old sound looks this three D images a lot like that. It's kind of like Ok, thanks for showing me that. Yeah. Please take it away from me. That was it. Ashley, are you that said that you hope that your kid doesn't get your head for her sake? Ash, do you? Yeah. I got a big head, so that's a lot to deal with. Yeah, she's making a grimace. She let me feel him kick the other day that weird. It's a crazy I know how you get used to that. It's it's weird to me every single time, every single time. It's like crazy that there's like a living person. They're like kicking around also. How do you live in a space like that? Like how do we all have no memory of being jammed into a space that's literally as big as we are, just small as it could possibly be? Do you want that memory? No, thank God, because we don't have any memories for the first several years of our life. Why not? Because you have no way to store that you have a brain, but you don't have the context or the language to store that. But that would be horrifying because think of, think of how small you are is a baby, and then think of just like I don't know if any other parents like you don't think of the child is, ah, another person for a while. So you're you're around it naked and it would be horrifying for that child because they would just They're like this big and they have the worst view of you at all times. So I think it's good. I think it's it's self preservation. I remember being really young and like walking in and out of grocery stores and thinking about how heavy doors are like pushing on the door, like before automatic doors trying to push the door open like a glass door in front of a grocery store. Now it's like it's nothing as an adult, you just like whatever. It's a stupid door, but just like having that perspective, difference is wild. And it's something we never think about anymore. Like your whole experience of the world is, for the most part, as an adult, forget all of these things you had to go through and learn. When you're young, like one. Don't shit your pants. Two doors are heavy. I think it's probably a good thing most of us don't have memory of being breast fed, something that would screw up. A lot of people speak for yourself. My bond is memories of making, although there is like there is, it does get creepy wedding. It's like there's an age at which breast feeding this has a natural tapering off and ending. And someone remember it's a co worker of extra from my way back in college. And she was talking about breastfeeding her kid, and then she was like, Okay, that's enough and pulled away. And then the kids said, Mama Gnome or and I like the kid was talking. It seemed like two months to me like that. It's like it's like Robin Aaron and gave a great It's like the day that makes you, like, kind of uncomfortable like Oh, that's that's too late. That's too long. So you done with two is to your final number? Oh, yeah, No more. Yeah, I'm not getting out numbered. That that's crazy. Yeah, like even right now, Like having a play zone defense. Earl, Amanda man is like enough. I'm not gonna do his own. Say that now. Just wait. No. Yeah, I'm I've put it off more and more, but I'm just like I really enjoy this. And it's to the point of I've wanted to get so this is gonna be that's gonna go nowhere. I wanted to get a vasectomy. Um went in and then they asked me if I was allergic to penicillin, and I was like, my dad said I was, but I've never actually tested it. I had to go through this like, four weeks of getting tested where they're just, like, poking and prodding you. Turns out I'm not. I just I've gone 32 years of my life thinking that I was allergic to penicillin, and you just mentioned it. Yeah, but apparently it's, like, super common where it's like people just doctors ago. Yeah, probably. And then people would just run with that for decades. And so, yes, so and then I use that as an egg excuse to not get a second because I'm scared. Also allergic, But I need my genitals cut up there. There's ah, urologist. I know someone who got a vasectomy and he picked the doctor to do is vasectomy because he thought it was the funniest name for a doctor. I can tell you the guy he's here in Austin, right? Yeah. Yeah. He was the funniest name for a doctor to give him a vasectomy. This is not a This is not a law. It's not The doctor's name is Dr Dick Chop it ISS Dr Dick Chop. Dr. Dick Schaap is a world renowned vasectomy doctor, right? I know a lot of guys that have gone to Dr Dick. Can you imagine? You grow it like your career is based on your name, right? It's like you were given this name as a child. It's like, Well, I know what my career path is for the rest of it. I don't know what I'm going to later in life, which is the only guys would do that right. You would never go like a barber who is your obstetrician because it's great. Her name is Doctor Twat Stretch. Actually, I like the idea of a kid being born is like my name's Oscar winner. I guess I'll be an actor. I got a doctor badge swab. Whenever I have to deal with a professional in various fields, I'll do that. I'll find someone like that. Name is funny, like I'm going to go with that person. That seems like a bad medical choice. D o medicine. All right, well, I make sure that they're reviewed well, but like my insurance agent, with the same way I found a banker with the unusual name. I don't want to say their names now because there are local people will figure it out. What are you telling backstage? There also Larry still crack up at all of them. It's memorable. It's like, What's the name of O'Brien? I remember. But I also think it's like it is a weird way to make a medical choice. But even when, like you're choosing a new doctor, they have their pictures there. What? Why do I need to see a picture of my doctor? Does seeing a picture. But then you you look at it and it becomes part of the way you choose. I look at them and I go. Does this person look friendly and do their hands look warm? How do you tell if someone's hands are warm in a photo? You can't. I've tried. You just project that I've been wrong many times. I got to, uh, I'm in the process. Might I have a weird thing where I get my dentist ghosted me. No, wait. It's I had ah, these Invisalign things. And then I got to the end of the Invisalign and I was about to get a retainer, and he just wouldn't return my calls. And so, like, right at the end is like two years. And then he died. No, no, he is. They were gonna call me back any day. It was one of the things. Any day they're gonna call me back, and he just didn't. So now I have to get a new dentist. My dentist ghosted me. I feel bad. I feel like it took it personally. Wait. So did you do you call them? I call. You know, it was a sense of pride where I called him five times. Okay. And then I just gave up. And then my six month appointment that I had scheduled just went by and they were like, Hey, you Mr Six Month appointment. What happened? I'm like, Come on, guys. You had an appointment, and then you didn't go well. Yeah, I was done. I was Out you go. Sit. Yeah. Pride Gavin is a price. If you missed your dentist appointment. What's that? I know. Do you still go to the dentist? Yeah, like a lot of adults skip out on it like they just like yeah, What was last time you went, Gus is like perfect teeth. Apparently, I think the last time I went was about five years ago. And before that, it was 10 years. And before that, it was 10 years G. They get the horrible thing that they told you. You're fine, right? I went for your behavior. Your teeth are amazing. They look great there in great condition, like, Oh, cool. All right. Bye. You know, the old your teeth a wet right now. It's true. At least told us the story this morning about how she had to cancel a dentist appointment because she shard ID. What is the theme of this podcast? What is happening? That's our title. That's our title. Eric, what is the theme of this podcast? She she started. She started. And so she she was supposed to go to a dentist appointment, and she just decided to cancel and sweeping over the dentist. Part of that story is not relevant in any way whatsoever. It's like that was just the end of her day. No matter what came next, that day was over. There's like me in kindergarten. At least it's just like Gus in kindergarten. Yes, that is correct. All right. Well, I think we're out of time. Do we want to take one question from the audience? Literally One. Wait. We haven't had a question on the receipt broadcast in years and years and years. Hey, there's Hannah. Hannah? What's up? You got your roasted. Hey, that he goes to me all the time. Don't worry about it. Oh, stop it. And I'm not ignoring your texts. What do you got? You guys remember Hannah from the podcast? Previously on for this Here. Come on. Close. Yeah. Come on up. Come out here. Wait here and we'll hand us come out. Anybody else? We could take one question for those had to be a great question. Great. Great question. How about this guy right here? Yeah. You in the hat? Yeah. This yellow. Great. We said a great question. Then he said I wouldn't call this great guy over here While you said it has to be a great question. He put it down, thought about it and then raise his hand again. What was the actual great question? Dude? So Hannah doesn't know you. I know you. This guy's asking us. Is Neopolitan ice cream one flavor or three flavors. It's three flavors. Listen to three liters. Three flavors of pushing agenda you can't like. Look, you do accept reality. Dude, This is the second time we've had this conversation with you in one con. Wait. So is the argument is the argument that it's one flavor with three stages. It's like a megazord. I regret all of these. We told him he's had to be great questions that this is a loving and alone and you put it down. It's a great question. Do that. Okay, So, Mr Franco? Oh, no. The fact that you're a guest in this Archie podcast and I am not I'm not gonna lie. It makes me insanely jealous. Okay, so I've decided to do what I deem to be the only rational response. I made you a hair bow. Uh, thank you. Thank you. It matches your shirt also. And do not worry. Mr Strolla, I have one for you as well. I have one for your microphone. Podcast set. No! Can we, Cracker? You could do whatever you want you so much. Don't you go. So what a great way to end the podcast. The Ruby guy in the elevator. Who had The cosplay is literally right there, literally. Right there. So you're at the podcast panel and you didn't know my name. How is that? Are you now, like overnight have become a huge fan. Maybe that makes us introduce ourselves. Every goddamn it. Maybe he was maybe just recognize you in person. What's that? Baby doesn't recognize you in person. I just think that guy had great comedic timing. That's all I'm gonna say. He's waving you down with that. You can't talk very well with the mask on it. He's got a mask on. It's a medical thing. Okay? I can't talk Well, either. Did you hear the Gavin or Google Rule Said that earlier today. Way can't talk. What? We've just been doing a podcast almost 11 years. I really can't speak. I don't know why I have a career in entertainment. I literally cannot speak. What was that last week? Remember last week? We're doing the podcast, and I just didn't entered a portion of the podcast where I couldn't talk. It happened every sentence. I kept trying to say that I just couldn't spit it out. We'll just give up. Why are we doing way? Ryan Heywood. I don't. That guy has put together one coherent sentence in 10 10 years. Really heavy. I know that I've ever seen. It's impossible. It's impossible. All right. That it Thanks, everybody going out. Guess I'm looking to you. Here. Thanks for coming out. You guys break up.