#553 - The Wrong Way to Open a Cereal Box?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss awkward microphone moments, growing up, social stigmas, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-07-16 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


    "chest hair"
    "awkward encounters"
    "the dark crystal"
    "first pitches"
    "growing up"
    "taylor swift"
    "social stigmas"
    "texas history"
    "stranger things"
    "metric system"
    "kidney stones"




Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 553. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Wait, Booth. Rooster teeth podcast this week. Brought to buy stamps dot com Gord Ash and smiled. Right club. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm vibrant. I'm Bernie. I'm Gus. Like you're some. Yeah, I'm so happy. I've been looking so happy watching your guys get harassed on Twitter. Gavin, Gus wasn't clear. Geese a Rollo, for some reason, I think the grand name Instagram name. That is correct. Gus was taken by Huan instrument. Uh, some dude Mexico. But the, uh the question that we ask Governor Google, Can there be a rainbow at night? What color is rainbow tonight? We've been getting inundated for stopping Guzman with, uh, information about moon bows. Now, every time a moon boat comes up, you're gonna get sent. That stuff doesn't make sense, is a name because it's the rain, right? It's not just a son, Beau in a moon bow the best time. But the best part, though, about the moon bow is when someone tweeted at me the first time because It was after the RDX podcast episode where we talked about it. I thought the first person who was tweeting me about it was trying to go member and just your moon. But it's a move ball instead of moon ball because that's what you guys say when you throw it like a cool way to say it. I was kind of a dick to one of those. I feel a little bad about video, someone that's me like that. I knew they were getting teed radio. They were getting the gust. He was. It wasn't that they were. It was the phrasing biking three. I could read the guy Street cause he she deleted his tweet. It's getting really cold Twitter. Really? Yeah, because it was like out of that boat. I don't remember. I could paraphrase I found my treat. I can paraphrase hiss if you can't find it. He's still looking at your screen shocks. You could probably look in your phone. No, enormous. Just it's already deleted by then, he tweeted. He tweeted us the moon. Both thing Uh, I said, Hey, I know this isn't quite Ah, Night Rainbow, but there's just Moon. Both thing for life so we can put that in the not a night rainbow category along with everything else in the world. Cool. Wow. Dude, that was just ceases telling you. Really, Really. Like a little hard about who's out of order. Gavin. He's out of order. Gus is out about Gus. Gus, Gus, Gus does mean we don't Augusta means been. Do you wanna go? No, no, no. Because that's my stick. Your stick. Your stick is like one is deserve. That guy was just like, Oh, God. Tonight. In case you didn't know, I just thought I would provide you with this information. Then you should shot in a stroke, you super super nice car. It's Ethan Barbara. They asked the question, and they were wondering about it. So they look at them. They're wondering about this thing. Let me let him know. Fuck you. So thank you, Neil Anderson. Sorry, I was a bit of someone reminded me recently of the conversation we had many years ago when Gavin, suddenly in the middle of a conversation, said how many bones are in the human skull. And then I started trying to answer the question. How many buns I don't want to get into this. And I tried to answer the question. And as soon as they started trying to answer the question, Gavin went on, the fucking attack we should have. We should either rename this podcast or have a segment called semantics, just like two people arguing the same side. Two slightly different. Think straight answers questions. I think that was how many's in your head. And then you would tell about the skull. Oh, God, go go back and listen to it Go that you lose your mind over the course of that pocket and even you make me lose my mind in like a two minute conversation. That's what always happens. Gavin says something returned to him with intelligence. You actually had the best comment in the whole thing. I know he's reminder, like five arguments like Five arguments seat back and forth. And Gus, you just wanna go, Gavin, what is the answer? You want us to say so you can make your point? Because we knew. Although we all realized that point game was just asking a question to started because I wanted to make a point, that's what it was, what I was trying to get Thio. You gave up that you're so good at that, asking something in order to get to another subject or when you try to explain that, you just confuse yourself. Yeah, but that that happens. I mean, all of the time, it's just we know that happens way. We've seen it over the course of 11 years. Now, just a curious boy thing is listen, someone's asking, Captain chat where I got my hat, I get my hat, this little star hat I get from big head hats or low mood. That reminds me of that carnival game where you get like, a little BB gun. You have to shoot out the star. That's it, man. That's exactly what it looks like to see you through the closest to a cartoon character in terms of the way you dress than anyone I know. So this is weird. This is getting to be weird at r T X, which was just last week. Country was weakened since you're not yesterday, but the one before, right? Yeah, and, uh, lose all track of time around. Artie, it's just gone. It's like you don't even realize you're It's a Sunday, you know? Ah, uh, on almost every panel I was on, somebody brought the fact that I wear the same thing all the time. They just noticed that I literally have been wearing the same thing for almost two years. You finally caught up that when you see a clip of a poke us, you never know what year is from. It's the main reason why I actually do it is kind of similar, which is if I'm ever shooting something like we had to do. Kind of pick up sir, like little stand up things for the immersion show that we're doing for discovery. I This is what I wore in my lab coat. So they were like, Hey, we got a thing. We need to re record something really quick. The audio was bad on it, and we need to get What were you wearing the day? It's like I'm I never have to answer that question literally. Don't worry. I got 70 available right now to go Tonto. But these and then every now and then somebody will go find these shirts. I'm wearing a, uh, the the black or navy black pick A. Well, I have Navy. Once I'm saying I have somebody like, really change it up. Barb and I, We're the Navy. One psycho bunny shirt but kind words legal publisher. But the emblem is small, like a little like the traditional polo. They don't make these shirts anymore. They used to sell. I found him in Nordstrom's like three years ago when I was in there buying a suit for something. And which is why I think that's the only reason I ever go to Nordstrom's. If I have to buy a suit. Yeah, probably. And then I just saw this thing. Let's go by that. Why don't you just wear all much every day? That's what you d'oh! And I appreciate that. I don't know why I don't do that, because that is where random merch. I didn't wear merch on the immersion shoot merchant merchant merch on the immersion shoot when we were and ah problem, Barbara, you can probably relate to this. Our audio guy, Jake was like on a boat in the wind in the waves. So the mike's making a bunch of noise. Yeah, in accusing toe work on my mike, which is fine. You have the most trouble with Mike's, too. I do because you're Harry Chest. I'm Russell, but he has a much hairier chest than I do, and he doesn't have the problems. Course. Look a little like a fur pelt. You don't condition a tiny circle in the middle of your chest. I see. I see so far down now when I have production days, I've gotten away for it, but I still have like like it looked weird. Frankly, you just have a strip like a dip like you, a little bit, a little bit of envy that next year is exactly like I like a V neck. Chest hair is already pregnant. He was yanking on my collar for my T shirt and after, like, fourth or fifth time of this, I look like I just got this book because Triple X Yeah, I couldn't like not yanking my collar. Please. That is the most like, disheveled, ugly look when someone's caller just so stretched out and loose like that. It just makes you look just like we're B word. And it was like tensions were high. He wasn't part of the trip. Jake wasn't. He came from a different look general if I couldn't see where he came from. But he came from a different place to meet us in one of the immersion shooting to deal with all the cancellations and stuff, right? So he wasn't part of that epic journey, will land in New Orleans and then had to take a bus to Destin, Florida. Ah, he wasn't part of that. So already spirits were a little low. But we're all like, Hey, man, we got one day we're gonna shoot this stuff. It's great. But it was still like everyone was just like, you know, getting through the day kind of a thing. We're all, like, really professional, Really great. And I was like, every time you get into my shirt a little more, I was like, you stopped 30 times. So we had the 3rd 4th and fifth time that he did it that I were having a discussion about. How did how did you approach it? I just first Hey, can you just not yanking? My color can do. Can we go the other way? Which is, like, underneath the shirt. And then after a while I was just like he approached me and I was like a little girl who shy. Just like take my shirt and pull it over. Just be like here. Don't Don't fuck with my shirt anymore. I can't take it. What's that? What was your most awkward Mike moment? I guess you guys don't really have as many awkward moments cause you're dudes and you have, like, nothing really set up in here. Always bathroom. Oh, yeah, but right. I mean, when you were a pack and go to the bathroom. But you forgot to tell the audio person. Yeah, or you're talking shit about some someone and you still have your my turn. I even talking shit. No. Yeah, Talking shit. Me audio ships have one of the secrets in that You have your secret file ready, Mike? Mike, can you Can you come out here? But Mike, jump on here? Mike uses us or myself. Suffer. Always open. No kind of shady. Here's before the show. Mike's gotta turn like this. Mike Bertel who you may know from playing Walter in the risky short. Well, I'm not sure why. That is that we have one employee playing another employee. Walter was in our accounting department, which is I think who you're playing. Yeah, well, for the accountant who we happen to have in our accounting department, who was in hardcore Monopoly, I don't know how important you because you're not the show, but it wasn't hard court. Where's the hardcore tabletop? Yeah, he was for, like, two seconds. And then he brought up the money. The smart thing. But so let me ask a question. You're an audio guy. You do field audio as well for, like, a little a little bit. You do? A lot of it. Seems like a lot of sporting events. I do. That's my side gig tonight because I was in radio for a long time before I came here. So So do you, like you must hear stuff. The other guy knows all the secrets, right? Yes. Yes, it's true. It's like being a bartender. It's or, you know, or a hairdresser. You hear stuff and you don't repeat it. So is there like a code? Not really. It's not like a doctor. Like a do no harm. Yeah, I try to live by that code. You know that I don't get fired, so don't throw you under the bus here. But it's like there was ever a like a movie and something went wrong and somebody got sued. You should subpoena the audio guides. The audio guide probably knows every audio persons give. You should subpoena them because they probably know everything that's going on. So you're like everyone you've ever worked with. I spent a lot of time around sports coaches. Yeah, I know things about their personal life. If I never said it, they would not have a job anymore. Do it. Tell us details about their third divorce and no more like more like, you know, things they said about reporters and or dirty things. They said when they thought that Mike was unrelated to your story. Don't know if you've worked with him or not, but that new coach from UT all the stories are read is like it's an interesting bunch. Like he had a guy who is like after him, a guy he usedto world came after him and he was like they were putting direct messages out and stuff like that. It was like a high school, you know? What was the shirt that his wife made that cool story hook? Um, yeah, Yeah, cool story like so So whatever I've ever called correctly and I probably don't It was a former assistant coach from his previous job or one of his previous jobs. He was tied and he worked at Ohio State. When? And I can't remember who the coach is there now that is under fire for something, and he worked there under him as an assistant. I think maybe when he was in Florida and there he was, Well, he's said a few things about it when he was asked a question, I think he was trying to take the high road, But then the other assistant coach came out and said, Yeah, I remember you go into the strip club with us here in there, right? Right. And his life was like, Cool, Mike, just to be clear that what you're talking about is from public accounts like, I did not notice the final information. Yeah, so it's just nuts. But what's the etiquette like if I'm wearing a lovelier, which is a little clip mic pack that broadcasts and I'm wireless? Essentially, I always tell the audio person that I'm going to the bathroom. You could mutate, usually now I do that l a muted. Yeah. And just for good measure, I unplug it from the thing I feel like. I mean, unless there's some weird kinks going on, they don't want to hear you pee or poo. Well, plus, also, I'm sure might have been in the bathroom while I've used the urinal before. You probably heard me pee first hand. You don't need to hear me. P via loss. I have eyes. The worst. The truth is, in this building, there's two doors between the at between where we are and the bathroom. As soon as you get to that second door, it cuts, Officer. Yeah, that's what I thought. What about? That's what I do that regularly. Leo. All right. Well, Mike, Mike, we appreciate you being a vault of information. My putting, all those secrets. You ever have that? The barb, you say shit talking. What usually happens with me is like Matt will say, Hey, can I talk to you real quick? And I'm like, Sure we'll talk. He needs a fill me in on something a very high level business. And then about 30 seconds of conversation. I'm like, I'm like, point check it to make sure it's off. You know, it's a weird feeling is like wearing a wire. We need Thio fire Mike Be tough, Lindsay. They heared It was Eric. Eric wasn't happy about that. Um, I had a strange encounter the other day. You know, I always have strange accounts of people. I don't know what it is because you always help. Maybe maybe that I'm weird and I'm awkward, dense, that causes this but get a high slugging average. It's for Dio. I thought I was wearing this shirt and I went to a coffee shop here near the idea, wearing a very nerdy T shirt. Yeah, it's like a little bit Mario, and he's like hitting a coin box. Coins coming out. It's supposed to be a donkey Kong level kind of those horizontal stripes. Are they diagnosed? It just your body. A dying Sorry, I'm interrupting your story fabulist and the There's a breast of their universities. My shirt And he's like, Oh, cool. I like your shirt. I burst Is somebody who makes coffee. Look, Dad, I'm not sure I'm going to see this. Looks like it's got more caffeinated beverage that Oh yeah, Yeah. Thank you. Like I like the tears. Like I said something like, I think it's really cool that how Mario is almost like Mickey Mouse now, hordes. Like, even if you don't play games, you know, people can identify Mario. He's like, Oh, yeah, I played games, though. Yeah, I'm just I'm just conversation. Yeah, I play mario all the time. I know, like Mario goes around, you collect all those brings. Oh, now that is pointing at the coin on my shirt, and I'm like, it doesn't take a ring. And I'm thinking, Do I correct him? Because he's being very defensive about till he knows Margaret games also gotta go fast. And I was like, um yeah, you know, Margo collects the room testing. Yeah, I was gonna say he was testing me. Maybe, I don't know, but I felt really weird, like so I just, like, kind of stepped to the side and wait for them to finish making my coffee. Like I didn't want to continue the conversation. If I had witnessed the first and second response like the very start. That conversation, I couldn't imagine how it would have gone sour, but something happened with you? I don't know. Maybe he just forgot the word for coin. Maybe he did stubble. You're like he collects up the report. The rings. It does look like a ring on that shirt. I could see how they would say that from the original from Super Mario brothers. It just kind of like a plate. But it was losing a police. Very awkward conversation. I was like, I just I just have to, like, kind of step away to, like, stop it. And just in the car, Just waiting for your coffee. Just, like, happen again Up conversations with human. So we will work with guns for about a decade. You guys have been just a bright it, like, nine years. Eight years for eight years for you. So that years from now, food known forever known you guys for 15. How? What? Gus goes into a cuff shop. What is Gus order? But they'll guess, um a a lot lot Got what he going forward with becoming black of them that I think said too. Like his hot I'm gonna say Americana. What, you're gonna say Americana? Because I was gonna say an Americano. Maybe, but I'm gonna go off. I'm a go off a little bit here. And I must say that Gus gets a long black just because he discovered that later in life, and that just doesn't get along with anything. What do you get? That I switched because you still took mine? That's the feather I did. Used to get coffee with Gus s. So you cheated. What do I get? I know what you're getting. It was just in that video. Oh, shit. Itwas you can play lot something millennia, Lee. A green marcha. Yeah, Tie dye Frappuccino. It had to be something in the coffee machine could make. Very good. What's going on in there? Well, I'm saying, like, we're not gonna be making like, a caramel macchiato with that little emotion can make that. Well, no, this is something I got blamed. Get me from Starbucks. Got you mug a lot with that poker face. Usually get, uh, Colbert Cold brew. I watched that video that at the last second Well, you get cold. Brew is a little bit on the milk or just black coffee, so I just called coffee. All the whys Cobra. It's brewed brewed colt. Stupid So there was a different guys. Coffee. They normally through it cold? Yeah, iced coffee. They would uproot it hot and then put in the fridge to cool it down. Just made fun of me for saying they brew it cold. But how is it that a normal coffee? What they threw himself with? Nothing. He was just making. Yeah, well, normally they heat up the water and push it through the grounds. This I guess they just You're cold crusher. I'm assuming too much. Apparently more, Uh, concentrated pressure pushing down the eight that Starbucks Beale tap there and they're pushing it on. You know, by the way, this fucking sales department of this company has a cold brew tap in there. Oh, yeah? Yeah. And it gets refilled like once a week. Fucking broad broadcast works harder than any other department in here. Yeah. Any other doors yells cold, were cold brew town. That's a great question. That's a great question. Let's just take this. They have ah, have a beer kicking The topic said you can't have any. You know what you mean you can't have it? You're lying. I'm going to take something to someone. Come and slap you. It's only for off. But what if we What way? Permit person who comes and slaps use Nicholas you're talking about. Never mind. He saw himself. So you're the rule enforcer. You're acting like you don't like the rule. Got it? Wait, let's really upset about this. What if we just tell you to relax the rules? What? What if the rule but relaxed off? Topic override is good for broad cussed ot. Okay, I think they have a cold brew tap. And also a I want to say Rose a base. Have a rose. A tapas. Well, a tap for Rosie s in the sales in the sales office is like a cave man in there. What are you doing in there? It's ridiculous. Ridiculous drinking during cold brew. And Rosie is what they're doing making deals, and then they need somethingto salute to you. Either gotta get amped up or relax. Can you mix the cold brew in the god That is so gross. Rosie, he was just right here. Just a minute. I'm gonna give you strategy for taking out of the topic. Thank you. Just drink the beer, and if anybody notice is missing just real casually go. I think Jeff's drinking again, and that way it's like, totally changed the subject. Totally change the subject. Everyone will be like, Oh, God, forget about the thing that I'm gonna talk to Jeff, What I would do that I would do It works like a charm. Let me read this thing here. Uh, synthesizer Steve Podcasts Brought to you by stamps dot com Back in the day, sending red versus blue DVDs through the mail was a big job, And one of the toughest parts of making and selling products online is the shipping. No one really wants to go to the post office. You're busy. 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Includes a four week trial, plus free postage and a digital scale without any long term commitment. You can see for yourself over 700,000 small businesses. Use stamps dot com is go to stamps dot com. Click the microphone at the top of the home page and type in Rooster that steps dot com Enter Code Rooster. Thank you for sponsoring this episode of receive podcast stamps dot com. I have everything. I read a story here First try. I read a story here, and the lead on the story was so unbelievable. I want you all to try to guess what part of it is. Okay, Gasol party. I'm gonna read it, and I leave one portion of it blank. And I want you get what you were doing in the blank. Right? Got it. Here goes. Police in Oklahoma say they found an open container, Kentucky deluxe whiskey, a rattlesnake, a gun and a canister of blank during a traffic stop of a vehicle that had been reported stolen. A rattlesnake bourbon deluxe whiskey canister of blank. I'm going to say helium. It's three words helium, helium and more. He Lelio three words, isn't it? Like, monosyllabic? Let me think about this. Uh, spicy spray cheese, A canister of old whipped cream, AIDS infected blood, three work done. Canister. I don't know. Depressurized. T help me. Police in Oklahoma say they found an open container of Kentucky deluxe whiskey, a rattlesnake, a gun and a canister of radioactive powered uranium during a traffic stop vehicle that had been reported stolen. Something radioactive, radioactive waste or somebody that you really dope out It powdered powder, radioactive powdered uranium. Okay, here's Here's the problem with that. Don't list those other things. Just list that that's what they found. Yes. I mean, they also found oxygen. That's like saying Chernobyl went off in the vending machine broke. I mean, having a rattlesnake is pretty crazy. There's a lot of weird things in there. It's like hair. Nuclear reactor just blew up. Also, it might rain. This'll go to the beach. This information just don't You just don't need it. It's like that's the weirdest possible coming. This traffic stop was also at 11 a.m. Oh my God, what's the appropriate time to have radioactive powder, you know, risky a rattlesnake, a gun and riddle earlier than to put like a lead box or something to protect its radio activity, Mr. Because if he's just driving down the road, surely everyone's getting blasted with particles That says the uranium, which gives said, can be purchased legally in some state. Why was it not weapons grade? It is unclear why it was in the vehicle or how it was obtained. I don't think uranium on its own is I mean, correct me if I'm wrong is like ultra ultra dangerous. If you hang around with it for a while, maybe, but they have to enrich it to even get to the point where it can be used in nuclear reactors, and then weapons were on that right? Right, Like you making my correct like all the sanctions and hear about like an Iran nuclear deal. It's like all of the machinery that it takes to weaponize and, ah, refined that you're in it. Is it like the same tear? Like if I enrich it to the point where I can power a city, it can also make a bomb out of that. But I got no, no, they're going another year like That's why we have the nuclear reactors that we have in this country because they can then take the waist and then weaponize that. Really? Yeah, that's right. Way talked about eight years. That's why we never used thorium reactors or something else. It's because we can use the radioactive waste from nuclear reactors to make warheads. That's why yeah, really. And don't we use the how do we have so much spent uranium that we can make bullets out of it? I think it's like a different is it? Yeah. I don't know. I don't know anything about that. Anybody military hear me? Noah. Military technology? No, but spent uranium Hello? FBI s Are you listening? Is this thing on aroma? You know, people are gonna people after this podcast during this podcast or not gonna look up ways to buy radioactive powder. It's a good way to get on the plane. I sent only thing. I hope that's a great way to get out a lot about how to bite. I shared it with Eric. Eric, the FBI's coming for us. Is there anything you could Google that would automatically put you on a list? Like in reality? Mmm. How to kill the president of the United States. Screenshot with you of something I searched earlier. That may put me on a list. Did you? That conversation we had you and I had with Eric. Oh, yeah. Uh, how to make a pieces fit? No, that's a different kind of life we're talking about, right, Kevin? I'm teasing. Always. What happened, by the way, I wantto Eric says he's cracked it. I wish I could be around Eric while he's researching and cracking it. Do you know that such needed? I can just do it, but we got I have We have comic con and there's so much happening where there's no time right now, baby. Yeah, we're all hit now. Southern made There's comic con There's no time Baby way got comic con Earthquakes, man, We're doing something at comic Con that. Gus and Eric both pitch to me that I saw it was a joke, but it was not just the thing you're gonna do with makeup that Ana was telling me about that Really cool. That's something else, um, that we're doing with. I think we've mentioned on a pocket for something with a dark, crystal mean lens. You're getting transformed into characters from the movie. I don't know if I'm allowed to say who yet I think then you can. You can only see what we said in the bit that we were. So, uh, I don't think I could name two. I know the girl flings moves. GEC sees. What are the old dudes called the old days like the good guys that they have in the dark crystal before it's on Next. It's like a 40 year old movie. At this point, I hate spoil it for you. Ah, but the thing that air, like there's light and dark in the sketch sees of the dark. And then the guru are the what are the one of the good guys called The Little Little Billy Goats like Yoda. But like, uh, nice and teddy bearish little bit. Oh, what the fuck it, anyway, I have to say, though, even though I can't name that character of that species that's in dark crystal, I have to say I was very nice to Mama because she was telling me the story and she called it the Black Crystal. And I was like, Okay, like I was like, collecting rings thing. It was like, I know what she means. Just close enough date. If I even get close enough, you don't know what you're talking about. You're good, right? You just step away, get out of the conversation. But that's that's the train of thought that leads you to like spelling words incorrectly in texts. Because you know what I mean, Right? It's good enough. And suddenly it's like I hate the word. What is now just W u t. You know, and I have a dilemma. You have, like spelling. If if there's someone who's like representing you in a professional capacity, who doesn't know the difference between your and your, uh, when do you like, Tell them? Because, like when your C seat on e mails that are again representing you in a professional way. And the person is using your in the wrong way over and over. Just tell him, because there they sending it to you, sending it to like people that you're negotiating with. Yeah, other people. That's not good. You gotta let your person now. Yeah, we'll let them go. Let them know we let him go. It's beautiful. What would you do, Gavin? She just fire someone for expelling the wrong? Your It would say a lot to me about how much they care about that. Good work. I would say I would just assume they're moving too fast. The problem is, I think this person at for as long as I've known them, has always felt it wrong. True, like text conversations, It tails. It takes like a minute to let it. Yeah, this person's also like in their mid thirties. Yeah, sure that someone at the company know its spell checks Even the point now where it'll contextually figure out if you've got the right one, sometimes on it'll change if off Oh, God or off. If there was a word I tried to spell the other day, it was just two letter word, like so or something like that was a really simple ward and kept telling me You mean this other words? I really This is a word that correctly on a word, that's a work I'll send a text to be like. I know I didn't type that, you know, it changed the actual word. Your eyes. When you go back, you, like, rub out its thing. Then you type it again. Correct is again. That's awesome. What it does that when it decides they want to capitalize the letter you like not capitalized letters like, you know, you know they do. They've had in the iPhone the entire time the dumb, stupid feature where you shake it to undo. Yeah, how about you shake it and it just un correct the autocrat of you? What you should do that trying child having here. But the diamond questions take it up in an verses left to right? No, just backwards. Obviously when you normally would, I like. I like how, like the computer's treat language differently. than people to you because, ah, lot of times when you feel like doing dictation speech to text, you'll be reading, and then it gets to award that it messes up and usually messes up because it takes a syllable for morning of the words around it and think you mean that word? But then all of a sudden, all the other words don't make any sense whatsoever has got the word break right in the room. And it's like through the iPhones perspective. All of a sudden, you're saying it coherent sentence. And then you just start spouting gibberish for a person you could get actually go. Oh, I just misheard this one word and, like, reconstruct everything yourself. What are they gonna add? A fucking edit function? And Twitter hopefully never see him cut. Ashton suggested. Wakey, listen to it. And maybe we'll do it within. Not like edit indefinitely. But like within the first three minutes of posting a tweet, I agree you don't need it and reposted no talking points it out yet only the people saw in the 1st 3 minutes, which is for some reason the most people whoever engages like this when I delete, or that'll be the first to comments. While you're still on Twitter, you'll see that stuff I just replied to myself with flubbed it. You don't give that you're not gonna go back in there, huh? Yeah, yeah, because I don't. I usually just tweet and just put my phone down. But what's it spell you? What's like the classic equivalent of that? Like when you type between and you're, like, a mean tweet? Like, uh, what do you read it back to yourself? Like immediately? I don't often have people point out what mistakes I usually immediately notice. It's like like immediately like how did I not see this as I was typing it out right? And then what? So it's a classic equivalent about, though I can't even think of something that's like that where you, like, are prepared to do something, and then you just fuck it up in the most idiotic way. I guess it's like flooding when you're gonna insult someone and then you like, you just fluff ball, you're yelling at somebody else. If you like throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, it's like they just throw the ball right one. That's a great one. Yeah, yeah, sure. With those people have thrown the baseball 1,000,000 times like the worst thing ever. And I just meant to use when you accidentally spit When you're saying something like E, I felt so embarrassed. I was in the flex space here in the studio and we were getting makeup done for, like, a merch shoot. And there was, like, a couple interns there that I was talking to. And I was like, making jokes with them in Bolivia. And I like last and like, literally, just the biggest glob of spit just came out of my mouth and you can't do anything except going I just got all over myself. Like that happens to be a lot. I feel like my mouth produces too much drool. Like, How do you handle? Look, I just look at it. Remember, three would happen to me on a plane like way to talk to the flight attendant like a mouthful of my shirt. I just spit all over myself. Idyllic. Well, you want to do is walk away, but be so with you laughing and you just gotta let your mouth just turned around they were literally talking to me. And I want that question is free of you. Is farting an accidental activity, or is it anymore? Is always deliberate. Like it could happen by accident, sometimes really, actually delivered. But sometimes sometimes I'm always worried about doing that. Jim catches me by surprise. Sometimes I think it's gonna be silent and get away with it. And then it's not so that's different. I'm telling you, just sitting there in conversation and all the sudden you just far to go up. Sorry for it. But you didn't mean to. Burke will happen to me like that sometimes, but I don't think farts ever will. Yeah, it's like an accidental thing. So I depends what you want that did it. How so? Like for example, in its human hunter. If anyone in the room needs to fart that, just come over and deliver it still ever. Yeah, but they would never like to be walking through the room apart. Guy could have used that one on Gavin, because e feel like, yeah, that's something I heard in that office. Hey, Eric, before we get too far away from this, the local minor league team is the Round Rock Express in Austin? Where to be? What? What can we do to get Gus to throw out the first pitch in any game? Whatever it takes to do, I will make that happen. Might We might already have it in it around Expresso. I'll see what I can make. You just want us to throw out the first pitch of the base. Yes. Would you do it? I'm gonna strike. Bring some heat. What Would you do it if we went to the trouble to do it? Would you do it? You have to tell you absolutely will be the greatest. It's a busy week, but I'll see what I can do. It doesn t this week. That's everything we got. No comic con baby. I know it's coming out. Has that taken higher priority than pieces here? I just wanna know Pizza sphere is pretty much ready. So comic con yes has a higher priority at the moment. So it's comic con pizzas Fear first pitch. Yeah, we gotta wait till the fall anyway, right for beach A sphere? Very. What is my legal team plays this lingering. Oh, yeah, We gotta get on this okay a while ago, but they offset. A while ago, I tweeted that Theo Gap between Vice City on Dhe when it was set is shorter than the time between Vice City and now, right? And you said you hate it when time. Yeah, it's traditional eyes that way. Yeah, Why? You may feel Yeah, it does. Because, like when when Vice City came out, it's like, Oh, when you're playing the game, you think that happened so long ago And now it's like it doesn't feel like my city. Was that like, I think it was set only 17 years when it came out. Yeah, 19 years. Something like 60 or 17. And we're right at the cusp now as well. So now it's double. The amount of time has passed since Vice since my city. Yeah. So if you made by city now and set it the same time ago, would be would be off device that you came out right, which is scare. We get old. It's the same with that seventies show. That was like Barbara, you keeping up with us? Not one. But what do you say? Vice city by city by city came out time. Time? Yes. 16 years after was supposed to be set. Okay. Came out 16 years at so is a retro game set, I think in 1985 2 1001 And now it's been 18 years since 2001. More time has elapsed between then and now. I see. I see. OK, look at you. You know, if they make you operation they made that seventies show now would be like close to that 2000 and 2000. They don't have a name for that Like that the whole decade My my car thoughts. I've got this thing where the station in my car, that is hits from the eighties nineties And today So a hit from 2001 which was almost 20 years ago at this point now, today Hit like what? In 1 2020 before that would have been 81. Like he would have just been getting out of discord to thousands were still in the right, 2000. And it sucks because, well, because I grew up in the 2000 kind of kind of live with that my whole life, I think we owe grew up in the two thousand's not all of us. All of us here. What else? Well, I was alive and I grew up. I think he's growing up. You're growing up now Goes? Yes, I am. You're going up to look like being a kid into a teenager. Like you're so broken looking the way we're playing semantics was some antics are always throwing up until you're dead. But if someone said no when I was growing up, we still you wouldn't think. Lost week. Yeah. Come on on. Hey, before we get too far away from your time in weaponizing stuff like weaponizing radiation, we're gonna wait. No. Have we talked about the little girl that weaponized her bird? Have you seen this? No, that's amazing. She taught her bird to attack anyone that she screams at. And it was a tweet that when I was like my niece, no pun intended, taught her bird to attack anyone she screams at. What's the pun? A tweet to his niece. Eric, you have a clip of it? The audio on it? Yeah. Okay. I think it's super villain. It's totally like a like a low grade X men power. So it's like you're listening to audio is this little girl you find the to meet? I'm sure Just Google Little Bird teaches our little girl little bird Little Bird teaches girls how to attack little girl teaches a bird how to attack and she just screams like at the camera and the purchase like rushing. It's already starting to fly, though before she started screaming I don't know. Yeah, it was pretty instantaneous. They haven't done it. They haven't been on a another video of her showing this ability. That's the only video. That's only when they have they have, like, you know, they did that thing with a tweet went super viral. So then they replied themselves with the promo stuff. You know, there was a ah, a really egregious version of that where this woman said, I said, Woman like in a really aggressive way. This'll woman was on Twitter and she was pointing out that the influencer era is over because here was a nin influencer and was linking to a story. Here's an influencer that has something like 2,000,000 Twitter followers. Excuse me. Instagram followers had 2,000,000 Instagram followers and she couldn't sell 32 T shirts like a clothing company, dropped her deal because she couldn't sell 32 shirts. I saw more about that, and it's a little misleading because tthe e influencer that they're talking about did like one post promoting it. And that was really it. And it wasn't even her wearing the merch. It was like some models or something like that. And it was very not on brand for what her typical look is. And so I think like if there's an influencer like that who's actually like pushing it regularly, it's different. Where is, like she just kind of put out a post about it. No, I great, but the love you're saying like it's I can tell you that almost every video game coming to talk to you. They're much more interested in streamer streaming their games than just about anything else. More student like E three or other video game shows like if they get a big streamers to stream their stuff. Um, that's how things are marketed these days. But this woman who made this tweet saying, Here's this influencer Ha ha ha! She has 2,000,000 Twitter followers, goddamn incident followers, And she can't sell 32 shirts she gives just shows the followers don't mean anything. Then her tweet went viral. And, you know, I got a bunch of social replied yourself. Hey, just so you know, I write a vlog about these kinds of issues time. So go visit the site and then almost like, just deliciously, ironically, made this tweet. And then that thing had, like, lights that were, ah, 1000 or 10,000 of the year initial post. It was like hell that post had, like 50 likes when I saw the other one had a 180,000 Yes or something. It's just like, how can you not be aware? But you're calling this person out for this and then immediately trying to cash in on it. Yeah, yeah, it was ridiculous. I got a screen shot and I think someone grab that, I said. But what's the point of where they they blocked people's names out on Twitter and stuff like that? I guess it's because they don't want people harassing them. Yeah, I've seen some follow some accounts like that where they don't want their followers to go after him. Yeah, because then they're seen as the bad guy even though that person was harassing them in the first place. But then when you call it out and link the person who did it, people are just like, Oh, you're being a bully. You have a bigger following than this person and how these people are gonna attack that person. That's like, Well, they should get the situation to be mean. Only you, only you. Only you could be attacked part. That's fine. You're one person. Have you heard that Taylor Swift new song? Calm down, is that you need to come down Hanna Hearts in that music video. That music video I fucking freaked out. Yeah, I miss Towler misunderstood. Because when I saw the clips that Hannah had put up of her being in it, it isn't the is the video theme. Just like a pride. Yeah, Okay. But the song is more so about being an asshole on social media. There is a lion there. No amount of shade made has ever made anyone straight or anyone less gay or something like that. Yeah, I think it's directed at people who are very close minded and intolerant of other types of lifestyle is Yeah, I just assumed it was just the weights that song starts. It's like it's, I seem just like Taylor Swift talking about people. She wakes up at 7 a.m. and people are mad at her already earlier being outraged. Yeah, that's what it's about. Yeah, or people like dictating how other people should live. Essentially, how cool is that was so cool. That's pretty cool. And I could be completely off. I heard the song maybe twice. So, my buddy, I get the feeling it might be two different songs like We should look it up, to be sure, But anyway, this song with the lyrics, Yeah, look at the lakeshore, but it's Ah, it's a new Taylor Swift song. I don't have a heart of a new Taylor Swift album. I think it is. I really liked 1989. I thought that was a really great out. And I listen to send the shake it off one. Yes, it was. That's the only one I know. I think New York blank space is on that. Yeah. You know that one couple, the old Joseph cons, is What is that? Is he in the music video? Now? You just made a lot of videos. Oh, he's the director. I got you here. You know, it goes in a blank space, Gus canister of enriched uranium that That's what Taylor says is writing in her blind space. Three separate little receive podcast is brought to you by door dash. You love to cook, but you don't feel like working in the kitchen. But of course you have to eat. Skip the stove and get it delivered with door dash. DOT Dash connects you to all of your favorite restaurants in one city, ordering easy. Just use the door dash app and choose what you want to eat and your dasher will bring it right to you wherever you are. Not only is that burger place you love on door dash already, but over 310,000 other amazing restaurants are two. 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Be sure to use the promo code Rooster for $5 off your first order from Doordash thanks toward extra sponsoring this episode of the wrist teeth podcast. So you need to calm down the name of it. Span of food. I've been doing something very unjust like lately. This was this, um, salad I've started eating. Ah, nice imitation meat. We're like fake meat. You hear this? Like, beyond meet your Yeah, I started like I was like, I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna get this shot. See how it is. Good. It's actually really good You're very progressive. Why do you? Why you doing it? I feel like I heard a lot of people talking about it and just want to try, right? It's like I had the last time I tried vegetarian meat or like fake meat patties, was a long time ago. And remember it being gross? I tried. It's like it's come a long way, like the Black bean burger that I guess it depends on the place because, like, you could have been like, Yeah, I tried me and it was gross. Let me, like, purchased and then brought home. Yeah, but you say that about any meat. Yeah, you just had a bad piece of meat, right? But I feel like when it's not meat like bits of black bean burgers, they're making it. It's not like it's a cow that lived and had a unique experience. I think what you're saying is that, like, if you, for example, first time you tried a burger from a burger restaurant and it was bad. I'm saying it could have been your opinion of burgers. Biggest sample sized. And I tried it one time. Yeah, exactly. Try. I tried it, and I didn't like it, but I liked it. Now I'm had Ah, burger and then I'll feel sad, like sausages. How soon do you think will be until it's completely frowned upon to eat meat? I don't know. It's gonna happen at some point. Not within our lifetime. No, I disagree. Then I think it'll be the vector that we don't think. Yeah, I think that we're starting to see a lot more meat consumption take off, and we're starting to see the impact that that much livestock has on the environment will be a climate thing is, there's something like 1800 gallons of water to make a steak or something. Something also that doesn't even count like the methane produced. Yeah, because that's what you gotta grow the shit. They could get a drink for visitation room, right? Force cows would be great. We need to breed forced, but that there was a time forced room, even when I was there. Kate, it was much more socially acceptable to smoke. And I guess that's because it was wasn't banned in public places yet. Yeah, sure. I feel like a student that happened. I hardly know anyone who smokes cigarettes. yes. However, when I first moved to Austin in the late nineties, I feel like everyone smoked. It was really weird. Like everywhere you went. It was nonstop and I felt weird, not smoking. And now it's like you never seen. Never seems like the exact office I combination of eight being banned from establishments and also just more health awareness that people have. And also just like the Internet in general, people understanding the actual. But where is the snow now? It's all e cigs and dabbing God like. But if, uh, you know if you can make something into a social stigma, that's when it sticks. And I think that I have with me. And like, two decades, I think the best example of that is later. Like when I was a kid, litter was not a big deal that people would just literally, If you're going on the highway, people would throw stuff out of the car. Wait, was it cool? Because literally, there's a, uh, there's a madman episode where they have a picnic, and at the end of the picnic he just takes the blanket. It just goes full with all the stuff he's got a beer can be chucks it as far as he can. And it was like little stuff I loved about Mad men with stuff like that, where it's like showed, you know, the way things used to be. It's like these little casualties to be like Holy shit, The fight is still in the trash. I feel like that. Let's bring in 70 years old and alone like there's some crimes where it's like, nice. You really stuck it to the man on that right? But let's trick. It's like, Come on, dude, Pick Exactly right Looking to it right, it's Ah became a social stigma and I really think was the pitch in campaign in the seventies. So if you could make things a social stigma, then they go away. You're seeing those videos drug addictions, kind of. I've seen a couple of years like this where there's like a biker who's like biking along Miss Trade since these people throwing trash out their car window and he picks it up and throws it back in their car. Yeah, yeah, look at them. I don't know if it's one guy or just like there's a bunch of videos like that breaking the law to throw trash in someone's face. If it's there, I guess so. I mean, you're returning their proper No e. I mean, they could find the person, but then charge you with assault. Yeah, I feel like I mean, that's kind of cool in theory, but it's really not worth getting into trouble over to throw something in someone's face with the driving. You leaving Texas? All of us live in Texas. Not too docks. Anybody here? Thea harder here, there's that. Let me Eric, what's the what's the slogan of Texas is Don't mess with Texas, right? Where does that come from? That's a litter came. That is correct. I I only found that out after I moved here. Eric is correct. That is a literary That's a littering campaign. So anti littering letter that's fucked. Texas That wouldn't go bumper stickers for that one. Word is great. Texas sucks. You'll also like, messes in like Mess. Don't mess with Texas. That's what it was. Yeah, that's funny. Money regular to Mexico to mess with Texas. It was the song with the fabulous Thunderbirds thought like Texas trying T. C were tough, you know, it was a department that made that one. It's like barrels on litter barrels. Yeah, and But it became this thing like that. People will say about Texas like we actually have some kind of like war slogans. That's what people think that is. You know, there's just some kind of slogan that we have a little, just a little bit of Texas say, What's that? That is the general attitude of people here, like their mess with us. Well, it's true, though, so don't fuck with us. It was It was like, which that you tried to take the capital. When I like pointed cannons at the most of me. A city pointed cannons and our capital didn't Didn't someone tried to take Boston, like, take the capital away from Austin like like dig it up off the ground building. I mean, like, it's the new capital. When they tried to take something in the Capitol building, think you might be mixing your Texas in Australia? Oh, no. I think you're mixing up the come and take it. Cannon fromthe Gonzalez battle for Texas Independence Independence, Texas. Mexico. The people here were an independent country. Three. What you want about your fucking wild. What do you think? Mexico? No, but Texas became an independent country. Everything go to the United States. After taking the white people stole it and make the country. They stole it from Mexico. If they were the residents of Texas illegally, illegally. You get into that now. Immigrants, They're immigrants. Immigrants. It was illegally settled against the law at the time. If you don't have to steal Mexico from Spain, listen and the Aztecs Listen, let's stop there. Let's Jon Lester allies and talking about the most recent one. Yeah, Let's not cross my fucking doorstep. 45% made up 45%. 45%. Yeah, you were 100% of a 440% you heard. Have you change subject? Have you guys watch the new season of stranger things? No, no, no. I have. Okay, I I enjoyed it. What do you think? That was great. Yeah. Yeah, but in season two, we were talking about stuff. That's ah, an indication that the madman thing. Yeah. There's only supposed to think there's a point where they get M and M's. Yeah, and they're pouring in and invest in each other's hands. I go. That's wrong. Did you notice that, too? Yeah. What do you notice? Um, there's a color in there. There's a red Eminem. Yeah. There were no red m and M's in the middle of my number five. Number two it was, but Eminem's were made out of red dye number 40 and red dye number two and maybe number five in the early nineties, right? No, it was actually looked it up because I was telling Ashley about it. It was like 91 you know, it was it was in the eighties, but it was after the eighties were stranger things that set it was in 87 88 84. Well, they're drinking new coke, so that's 5 85 Okay, No big deal. There'll be a time where the gap between when stranger things was set when it came out. Big thegame doing when a red M and M's came back and when they didn't maybe should clear if I were talking about in the seventies to read, dies were shown to be carcinogenic, and I think was red dye number two. And I don't want to like I don't want to disparage any of the Red death, carcinogenic red dye, M and M's because people were all afraid of red dies. All of a sudden, Eminem had to take the Red m and M's out of the package, and then they put them back into the eighties after, like a decade of outcry. Rid Die three causes cancer in animals and then red dye. 40. Ready 40 though, is what Eminem Esther made out, aren't they? Do you think people still have old packets of Eminem's and they do it? They eat. It was a challenge, but we have it back now. I mean, like the original. The original red dye that was used in Eminem's was not carcinogenic, but people unfairly associate it because it was a red dye. They said, Oh, these air they labeled as carcinogenic. What was that thing that Michael was gonna drink? It was like some Pepsi crystal crystal Pepsi. No, don't do that. Which, like, probably would have killed him 30 years old. This point. Yeah. Yeah, just three twenties. It's gone bad. Well, 99 yeah. Yeah, it was mid 90 stuff, right? That would be 20. Because I was born 89 I just turned 30. I do with that. I've never been more aware of aging until my 30th birthday because I'm just like, Wow, I'm officially in my thirties, which means I'll never be in my twenties again. Oh, my good time is moving. Its invest faster too, so it's a little terrifying. Red 40 contains pecresse iodine, which the U. S department, Health and Human Services says is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen. Reasonably anticipated. Barbara, you. It's everything. You just look up an article on Red Eminem's about my next thing. Okay, that'll that'll give it a load of what I read given low down. Uh, we're just continue 1976 because of confusion and concern over red Dye number two, which was banned by federal regulators as a health risk. Red Eminem's campaign dies number three and 40 which are considered safe for that. You just read is from 1987. The thing I read for 2010 0 wow. So they even say now, that forties. So these in 40 in red today, can California figure out their messaging about how everything has cancer in it and will cause you can literally everything point where it's not unlike a lift door. I saw it in a parking garage. It's like it's like Does it doesn't have to be written and like in Boston to everything, let me say something Shut up because you're still until breaks. It happens. You're still part of the fucking you. And every website on the goddamn planet has had to update the privacy statements and all the cookies, things that I still have accepted cooking to this day. You is through the years looking out for people. Get California's looking out for people getting cancer. I have all your cookies. It is jarring, like being like, Oh, you want to accept this cookie isn't as bad as you'll get cancer. If you touch this well, you have all your data stolen, and then you'll be poor because someone will take your identity from you. That's a That's the message we pull from that because they still what is going to steal your identity for to go to a Halloween party. They're going to go in your bank accounts. Dude, just say that wasn't me insurance e. I do that I would go into the bag like that wasn't me. Insurance. Don't ever worry about being robbed. Whatever you get robbed with May insurance, I think the car crash it wasn't me insurance. But that shit works on credit cards. There's someone nicks it when they spend. You know, 10 grand on your credit card. You go like I didn't do that. And they'll be like, Here's the money back now you're defending that you always criticize. That is because we don't have chip and pin. We have chip in signature. This re stupid, stupid. It's the same thing I wear paper state paid. Now you're using that argument. If I took your card, what could I do with it? Everything. And then I would just say it wasn't me. Insurance wasn't made. My car was stolen. What was it you know, Wasn't this'd glass of Gavin, though Everything they do in his home country makes perfect sense and it's fine. Everything do somewhere else is awful. But I've told you that I think the weird mix of metric and imperial is very annoying, but is weird. Ana, what? You get all uppity about the metric stuff too. You think we should all be metric even for like distances and waits and everything. I think that would be better. I think it would be better Fahrenheit. It's really just I'm just annoyed. Fired? What is E? It's a trick. Is it? No. Okay. No. I'm saying Celsius is not part of the Metro. I think it is. Yes, the space high temperature. 100 degrees. I get that. It lines up your part of the metric system, admit yet measures like the amount of energy required to, like one kilogram of water. It's not like a killer degree, right? Yeah. Good degree. I'll kill Jules. I appreciate Fahrenheit for indoor temperature. This just look up the Celsius. I mean, a lot of countries, obviously that have the metric system also have Celsius. The Celsius scales part of the metric system. But now, yes, I learned some new today. Look, they go. Okay. Makes sense. So Celsius. That's the only thing you're actually metric. Like if I said to this this table in front of us look at that table in front of us. It's the length of the table in front of you with with of it. How many meters is that? How many meals? Yeah, that's that's just over me along. You think it's over just over a meter long with No, they're with. They're like the link that way. That's more than a meter, dude, but my feet is that, like four and 1/2. Is that it? That's the thing is that you're better and feet. And if it's younger, longer than a yard t e one and 1/2 yards, why not? Why wouldn't I do that? I mean, I don't need to go to yards. Who measures anything in yards? That's it. Yards Foot. Do you measure your your house and square yards because you get over square feet of a rectangular yard. Yards go wrong with Gavin. When you say your height, you say you're five foot 10 or do you say I'm almost two yard wrong with you? You can't ask you Maxie's Stone to the time of your life. You know how many meters Yard? 1.7. Yeah, I'll see youse don't really Why would you say Yeah, I used to, because it's dominant. We should use metric. I don't I don't know. Killer crafts? No, but stone, it's like what? 14 pounds Don't I mean the same is your the years you use, But we have, like a We have a yacht but haven't found stone. How many parenting is 14. 14? It's not a 14 pounds to start, Okay? And what is that? Based on the stone queen, There was one big stone that they found just tryingto hatchet. And someone went about 10 of these over here. Ever had a kidney stuff? Oh, God, no, no, no, no. I'm just curious. Yeah, I'm not gonna live. But you don't. You don't want one. I can trust. There's pity so suck. Because the people who get him seemed like they get him all the fucking time. I don't get him. Just don't get him. I think it's ah, big result of not drink enough water. No, I think that's a big, big thing to do that. Do you drink enough water? No, Absolutely not. I see what you don't get kidney stones. I think I drink an okay amount. It's not as much as I should be, but there's some people who don't drink like an enormous appeal. Also, just more like predisposed to it. We'll get warm and I want all the wood said Yeah, see. That's it. I don't think I drink enough water. I drink a shitload. You drink water in bed, which I've gotten in the habit of doing before. But, like Gavin, talks has talked before about his nighttime routine, and he gets a glass of water for his nightstand. A glass of water for Meg's nightstand. Yeah, it's not a glass because the Carol drink it, but it's in a bowl. You care if you can't drink your water. Yeah, that's disgusting. Like each other, they sizzle the time. So you make Don't flex of cat piss in my morning drink. You had veal to tell. Also, what goes shitty if you just leave it open is your house. If it's getting under just like muck flick and it's just it goes away like gammy tasting and smelling gets a skin on it. You remember when we did the taste test with the tap for you? Listen, Gavin knows. Yeah, and you could just smell that is turned. I feel like I'm the complete opposite of you because I'll get a glass of water and, like, put her at my bedside table. If I hadn't finished it, also have it the next night and maybe the next night. Oh, come on now. I'm with you. I think the only thing I won't do is I won't drink out of a Styrofoam cup. That's been like overnight. Yeah, and I won't drink out of a plastic cup that's been in a hot car. That's a really specific set of thing. Like if I have Oh, there's a drink from yesterday. It was a plastic cup. Like Jamba Juice or something like that. Just a clear plastic cup. But it's been in my hot car, like 150 degrees. I'm not drinking out. Yeah, to me. I've just always been taught. Don't drink war that's been sat still for a long time to tell you that you're like a wild animal. Like my cat. Yeah, Bush does that most. You gotta turn on the faucet, sit there and watch him, like, drip out of the drink. Edible drip. You know, he's like you spoiled and he won't drink out of his bowl. Well, he likes it Or get it on the counter to me. Alison. More expected for us. I did this thing the other day. I didn't even think about it, cause usually I'll get a coffee and I'll sip on it like all day and I'll drink coffee the next day. If it's still there, I'll just heat it back up. Yeah, me too, because I don't I don't I don't put anything in my copy Milk in it. No, I think my coffee as your it's just being juiced. But then, uh, the other day I got a lot a like a chai tea latte and had it in the morning. And then, like I got home from somewhere else, that I was out during the day and I got home and I, like, continued to sip on it, Okay? Trevor was like, Are you drinking your lot from earlier? And I was like, Yeah, he goes, the has does not have milk in it. It's been out for, like, six hours. That's fine. That's like, I feel okay. You were fine. I've heard that every hour that milk is out of the refrigerator takes a day off of the expiration date. That's convenient to be true. I'm sure it's not an exact measurement, but neither expiration dates like this is a date when back to you're gonna figure out that can eat looking overpower. Exactly. Get this. You get the clock going. That's the rule of thumb. Have you ever turned off a fridge? Yes. Probably have unplugged the fridge to move it And, like, connect the little water thing to the icemaker. Iida. An empty fridge for a long time. And I was leaving it on because I was like, it Probably go gammy if I turned off. But eventually I was, like, just wasting money, Parent. This fridge unplugged it like a week later. It was like black inside. Yeah, there was no food in it. It was just like, yeah, the old splashes of light or something like a tomato leaked there. So it was like a fungus. Is it mold? But it's like a love that stuff. It's set in there, ready to go, just being held back by the cold. And the moment you turn off, it's like employed refrigerator is disgusting. Yeah, I'm thinking about just throwing it away. I mean, you you clean it. I myself, I don't know if I could do it without e someone Bernie stress out because it'll hold hold, Hold his neck right here. no votes. I, uh I was just thinking about a story to tell about Fridge getting turned off. Anyone hear a George Romero fan? Anybody broadcast you? Strike me as the originator fan. Maybe Day of the dead. Thank you was Day of the dead. Someone with a head gets pulled off. Yes. And the guy gets pulled all apart, like in one of the scenes. I'm telling a story here. Just heads up toe involve a jolly rancher. No, it does not. But I want to give you warnings in advance of this. So I think Tom Savini, did he do the make up on visual effects for Day of the Dead? I know he did it for dawn, but anyway, they figured out that if they got the anatomy internally of a pig is similar to a human, which is why they use they have kids, dissect pigs or, you know, medical students dissect pigs first before they go on work on humans. So they got the guts from a pig and they found a butcher that would sell him pig guts. And they got that and they're headed for the scene with the guy gets pulled apart. That's what they were gonna use. Awesome. Really cool. And then I forget what it was. It was either a holiday or they, like, lost funding for, like, a week or so. And they shut down and he just, like, left standing and turned it off and then turned off the refrigerator, the head of the pig guts in it, and they came back to it and they had just basically rotted, and they decided to use them anyway because they couldn't afford it was so hard to find him to begin with. And the scenes were like zombies like, Arrr! I'm pretending like they're eating me things. And then you would call Cut the zombies would be like, how they know just throwing up all over each other day. I don't know it, but actors. Yeah, somebody might have thrown up, so I still every time you mentioned throat by still picture that video of those two guys eating that folk like foaming out great strumming or whatever. Yeah, All right. We're done. That's it. No more. We're here. Let me read this No more every time. One minute with this up. Celibacy podcast is brought to you by smiled at club. Do you spend more time telling jokes and laughing at them to avoid showing your smile will smile during club? Makes it easier than ever to straighten your smile. Brackets, wires and monthly office visits are thing of the past. None of that funny business here. Visit smiled at club dot com. Book a free visit and a three D image at one of their smile shops or have an impression kit and mail to you. They'll email your preview venue. 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I don't know if you were here, Barbara, you might have been out of town, but we had a discussion about the proper way to open a box of cereal. Oh, no, I was not here for this. So we have some boxes of cereal here. Okay, so we can all demonstrate. Well, I saw the box, Not the bag or books. We want to go one by one. Whatever that means to you, because there's the box. And then there's the bag lead, which some people fuck up. Do you need scissors or a knife or anything like that? Are these the cheapest cereals we could find at the store? Do you need Do you need? Well, thank you. Marshmallow. Jim's. That's a knock off the top of that kind of do you need? Do you need a knife? Anybody Knife? Now, if there's anything like that No, I need a blowtorch can opener. Are we doing it one by one. They're all the same to you. I'll do it at the same time. I compare work. Okay, We're gonna get Don't Don't peek. We're opening cereal. Is it just the box? You know, just opened. This is gonna pour yourself a bowl of cereal. We'll leave it open. We're gonna re feel it. Like we already poured a reporter or cereal. Right figure. We need to show the audience now. Yes. Look at this. So Gavin's looks exactly mind. It's open, like four fists of the way to the other side. Everyone's doing the same thing. Mine is just a little minds about two inches at the top of the time. You get just a little hungry, then you could also Yeah, that's a gay. Put what you need That's gonna clog if you go too fast. That's the way the cereal pieces. You're upside down. I bet it'll close. How do you jame your hand into that? Barbara, Look, if I was really hungry. Why do you like that? You're fucking monster. When you're done, you just wait. Done, everyone. Now you're done eating. I will say that after Because you have a tear in your late. That's the night That wasn't me. That was already there. After after a couple of uses, I opened mine all the way up to eat with my hands on. That was a good thing about the little little corner where you could just pinch and then completely. You know what it's like looking? Not like a fucking animals roller. Why are you closing the cardboard? What? What? Why wouldn't you close the cardboard? What does that do for? Because if the bag gets open, it's Elektra. Later, fresh. Wait, You're telling me that if the bag gets open, you're telling me if the bag gets open? The cardboard at the top is what is going to prevent its gonna reduce it. It's less ad guys. No. Let me Let me see your logic one step further. Eric, why don't you just pull the bag out of the car board through the cardboard away? Why don't you do that? Because it's easy to stack several serials next to each other. And if you want to stack them on top of each other, closing the lid helps, doesn't it? What? Would you like? Me? Oh, but I wouldn't be like cereal if you have, like six cereals. Six. Siri, who has multiple cereal. I get like like five or six on the go Go my family. Eric, would you rather live in a house with a rueful without one? It's called Marshmallow Gems things. They're still keep one of the marked bills in your mouth, and it turns into an actual marshmallow Now, since noise it makes that's not a marshmallow noise, that's like a That's like Lucky charms, like a smart Lucky charms is the the opposite trademark of the General Mills Corporation Marshmallow James's Hill Country figure. So I have talked about, by the way, is Hill Country Fair? Is that like a huge company? Is that the KGB? Is it really Hill Country fairs? The SUV brand? Okay, well, that's why it seems so big. Because they've been I've been living in HCB territory this entire time, so that's their brand. Okay, Well, like what? Uh, what? So you think you know what's a Ralphs friend. What's the day of a separate brands? Just Ralphs. These rebels have a store. Brander. You think it's just Ralph's Good HB does have a CI be brand. Thank you. Then they've also got Hill Country Fair. Then how do you know that? Because they didn't used to have the HP brand stuff used to just have hill country for. And if you look at it here, it says, I mean it's distributed by h E. B. Seems weird. You got a shitty If you're a grocery store, you sell foods. You can't just pick the ones that do well and then make them as well. That seems kind of shooting me. Why don't they sell in gloss? Go ahead. Glass reusable. Oh, I don't know. Bring your own glass and get your cereal from a dispenser like coffee. Break your bullet like jaw. Yeah, like I got a singer kind of thing. If you could dispense that into a glass jar, and by that way, that would save well, loads the packaging. So I used to hate bottled water, and I specifically hated canned water. I now have come around and can water because can water is actually less wasteful because it's hard to recycle plastic. A little less hard to recycle. Cardboard. Why do you have aluminum? Is like incredibly resilient, super easy monetary recycled right? A right weird stat. One time. This is years ago that 95% of all aluminum in circulation is from recycled. So I was thinking 93. So it's gotta be somewhere in the night as whatever it is ridiculously high. But you didn't originally like you're out of a can. No, I just thought Why? Who would drink water out of a can? But now I like it. I've come around to canned beverages because I was leaning towards glass like you were gaff. What about cotton like cardboard? Then there's that. That box water which has a weird taste to it. Gavin, I just explained. Why can't water? I literally So do you think based on what I just said Do you think that I would like cardboard water more than canned water? Do you think I can visit less? Recycle? Yes. The cardboard is less. We're doing this to formulating his point. I'm sure I've done that 20,000 times. Something I learned recently is that aluminum cans like coke cans and stuff that we drink out of aren't just cans, their cans and a plastic liner in them. And somebody did an experiment that I saw him understand where you could take aluminum. Can you put it on? And I think dream cleaner and leave it there. And it just dissolves all the aluminum or the luminal reac. And then it just leaves this plastic bag, which is the interior lining off can. Is that something that's like sprayed in the inside? I guess so. I don't like I want to see how it's made of that. Don't you think we all should know what that is? Because that's what we're actually drinking on, right? Right? Yeah. And it's like I wasn't aware there was a line of California have Ah, a warning on that. Yeah, it might be an anti like between Eric. He pulled this thing like dissolving can. Maybe you don't want a coke reacting with Bermel. I think the reason I was reading about it The reason why they have the plastic liner is to preserve the taste of the beverage. But then really, you're drinking out of this plastic bag is what you're You're this plastic lining. That's what you're actually drinking on it. That's like milk in Canada. Milken, Canada. Gus, that's exactly what I'm all for changeable packaging to make it environmentally friendly and all that stuff. But I I hate straws, hate metal straws. And I hate cardboard stroke. I love cardboard. Strong compost. Roses for a heart. You have, like, a a sippy bit snp bed. Like it's something you don't chug like a whisky or something. By the time you're done with it destroys like motion and falling upon. You don't get anything. Yeah, it's like wet cardboard. You're drinking at a metal straw or if you have bashed one into your teeth, bloody hurts. That woman died from one. Well, how Phelan And when it all right? Yeah, it's really dangerous. Well, they're not really dangerous. One guy. You could hurt yourself on it. You can't help yourself in a plastic straw. Well, your troubles. Why are we banning them? That I mean, like a human class like jam in there in the head? Yeah, I don't know. How did the sea turtles get him in? There knows. How did they do that? a lot of cocaine. It's really sad. Means Digital's move pretty fucking slow, right? How did they get settled? Get that strong. There knows. How does that happen? Like I get the plastic rings, they get around the fish. The fish were sealed twice. Yeah, they get the ring around it, and then they grow, and then they get stuck that I get. I don't get it. I don't get the straw with big data. They're just, like breathing too hard. Sent me of how it's made for aluminum cans. There again, I'm trying to see if they have. I think they, like, make them like they, like, neck them over multiple mourns. How do we do we Who do we send in broadcast videos? We want to play. I just I just Okay. Uh, you reminded me of this. Did you see there's this little girl I gotta ask. I'm sorry to interrupt. You are? What kind of philistine drinks whiskey through a straw? I was wondering. I was wondering about two Hu Wei drinking with his wisdom strong. What? Do you do it through a whiskey? Coke. If you just order a jack and Coke, it comes to the straw. Who does that? Who drinks? I blame the bar that gave it to me. But don't use the straw right. It's a story using a little lonely, like the little tiny one Little Black. If there's like three or four of those, I will I will see your ridiculous. There's no there's a theory that get drunker drinking through a straw straw. Have you heard that before? How does that What? I don't know. It's like a live Salem. New kids would drink beer with drinking it slower. I don't know if someone gives me. Just realized if someone gives me a cup, they were drinking, destroyed it. I'll probably use it. But if they don't, I'm not like, Where's the straw? Right? It's with Let's demote Shake that have struck anyway. Did you sense something? You remind me of this with the plastic aluminum can Doesn't video this girl. Have you guys seen this one? She has this amazing, amazing magic trick and she's so young. I don't know how she does Theo girl thing where she stuffed the handkerchief into her hand. And then this is a big, big flourish of like it's gonna be gone but that just puts her middle finger up. But she's like three. It's that, Yeah, it's a very rude child. Just think fast. I feel like if I ever had a kid, that would be her. Gets a little laugh, man. You'd have kids? No, really, I don't think so. We keep talking about this. Yeah, it's like I feel like the age I would want kids would be like over 40. At that point, it's not very safe to have a kid I know you are able to. It's just not a safer than it used to be, Um, but I don't know, like one of them. Ah, hand mates get the most popular. I keep reading about him. I don't know, like I also like I. I think I would sooner consider foster kids, then having my own kid foster adopting. It was two different things. I think foster for me. Yeah, there's a lot of kids in foster care there are that are especially like older kids that don't ever get a chance, really. So that kind of thing I care more about, I think, than having my own flush and Delia would be great. So how much of it is that you don't annihilate your vagina. Big part of it. Yeah, I also think that just I mean, there's the overpopulation and stuff just because people feel the need to have their own genetics. I don't I think that's something that's very specific to our era of history. That's gonna go down and down and down like we have just now. Reached a point where status released, where there's more people over the age of 65 than under the age of five and is going to double in the next 20 years, double the amount of people that are over 65. And that's not just people getting older, but longevity as well. I mean, it is kind of an interesting line to draw it. 65. You can't really, You know, you can tell people we all know we're born at a certain age. Well, don't know what danger. We're definitely going to die, right? So they got a kind of pick one, so they pick 65. Yeah, they're going to double the amount of people over 65. There's already some countries you talked about this where there's already some countries entering crisis over that like Japan has waited and old people for the amount of young people that they have. Yeah, like that's a country that conceivably could not have Japanese people in a couple 100. Here's a guy that's interesting. Yeah, and it's like every America's. I think the last time we talked about this and it's probably true anymore. The only group demographic group in the U. S. That was having kids at a rate equal to sustainability was Hispanics. We did it. Everyone else was having birth rates were below, which I think it's 2.2 children per family per person. And every other ethnicity demographic was below that. And 2.2, I don't know, he might be like accident desk cover external. This I had a lot of people would also say that like giving birth after 40 zone is not nearly as dangerous. It only like drops a few percentages, I guess of, you know I'm not gonna eat it. Marshmallows supposed to represent something, Barbara, tell me, what does that marshmallow Jim represent to you? I'll see if I get ah, a kite that my mother was a mountain. It's the moon. It's a moon. It's a triangle with a white One of these is just a rectangle. Yeah, my mother was a try. Like what? Their gems triangle Jen's. And you know, this is clearly a starve. What's this? This is a shooting star. Oh, I thought it was an ice cream cone. Colors that would make more sense because it's yellow with a blue ribbon on the box. No, they're not in the box. There's probably gonna be, like a key on here. And there's not the legends missing. No, we have moments with the Todd. Damn you, Hill Country. Speaking of Japan, I've gotten to send to be a few times. Have you seen that hotel at Haneda Airport that has a 7 37 simulator in the room? Who hasn't seen that? I think that's now a hotel that's attached to the Haneda airport. And, uh, it's got a built in 77 37 flight simulator and you can you can you can stay the night in that room and you can hire an instructor to teach you how to fly hit while you're there. You gotta go like a Really? I thought I was like the time they just opened it. Next time. Where Japan can we stay here? She's like five, I think a king size bed for Japan, to I feel like that is your ideal everything. Like it's in Japan. That's pretty cool. And you can look out the window, sits at the airport like you look out and like that again. Let me explain this to people. So this is like a small little Japanese hotel room. But then it's got this. It also kids wallpaper. And there's actually outside. No, no, no, it's just Theo. Other one. The other one is that I mean, like, when it's nighttime here on my way to be funny, I bet with your back to that, it just looks like a normal room. Yeah, I'm sure does. And so that flies the hotel s Oh, it's ah, like a 7 47 cockpit in the side of the room who would sleep in that room. You just be up all night with the 47. It's like the best video game possible lady who was locked in the Air Canada flight. She's busy getting off the plane sick. Stay on the fucking plane. Have fun. Just trying t o talk about. I need you to bring your bed into the full upright position. Was that something talked about Les? No, I think maybe you were thinking pajamas on it. Okay. And, uh, yeah, lady got they parked at the gate, like one of the morning or something. Let anybody off. Or maybe they got this terrible. We're not really sure what the details are, but then they just closed on the plane. She was sleeping because the plane was already late. And then you got a flame. She woke up tour in the morning at three. In the morning. Was on a plane by herself, out in the middle. The tarmac there was dark. Yeah, they don't do like a check. She broke into the cockpit and got a flashlight and flag down A baggage car. Seemed at the door open, but she's 30 feet above the ground. Right? So she flagged down a baggage handler who got her out of there. Pretty cool, right? Yeah. I feel like I would want to spend the whole night there. OK? Yeah, I got those little bottles of booze A ll The secrets with the minibus. Yeah, but But how do they not? I do. The flight has not do like a I think that what was that? Just missed it. They just missed the way of what I find that I have a lot of moments. Like if I have a watch back one of these podcasts, there'll be a few moments that I just missed in the moment. Like just then when I didn't listen to you save the happy card. Fraud was last week on the off the, uh the live one r t X. I heard you say on the podcast I butchered those rules because you're like describing Gavina goo and in my head I was just mentally trying to remember that all the things. So I didn't hear you put the rose. I went back. It was written. It was Hillary was literally mad, like you would nailing it up to a son point and then fell apart and then you like, and then put it. Give it to Gavin on. Then I add into the quiz speech and not one word wrong. And my brain was going about his widow like I can see you lose it. Yeah, thing you caught it you like. I love you have to call it a lot. I listen to it. I love it. It's the speech equivalent of like when you go to drop something and then you, like, keep catching on. And then you ended up hating it across the room to the point where Phil was like, I don't know what the rules you're just, like, broken down like, Oh, yeah. That makes total sense so bad for Phil in that moment to have you trying to explain that. Look, he has no idea what you're talking to, Phil. No, we're gonna play a game. You tell him. I told him, Yeah, they're thing that we're gonna play a little game, but really rules the easy, like perfect sense when we talk about that. But I've been playing a new game at home. We've been talking about George Romero and all that stuff I like zombie games of always like zombie games place. See if thieves and talk about see if these but my go to is always zombie games an open world game. So those zombies and see if he's been playing is not their skeletons. Yeah, there. Yeah. And even like the sometimes when the still got some glitchy issues and see the you. So sometimes when a player responds, I respond is a skeleton, which is pretty fucking. That sounds pretty cool. It was fun fun, right? It seems like the powder keg. Gus, Promise we'll talk about, See if he's really the powder. Can Victoria right after the gun powder keg and see if he seems like it's tailor made for you because you can fuck over your friends so easily. One of you. I found one on our boat and then I was found one on our boat. I think Jeremy put it there. So I climbed to the top of the mosque. I started. Put it down. It's just like so I could Can you shoot them? You get absolutely shoot. I was trying to put it down so I could climb back down and shoot it. But I actually just lit the fuse. And I was like, How do you unlike the feet that blew up all the sales? Yeah, the mass now can break and they fall down. But great news. I didn't see any destruction because I just died. I was holding it And then when I came back, everything was like, I'm gonna give you a tip for the next time you play. See if he's different from everybody else will take some time for you. Set it up. Maybe 2030 minutes. But if you beat a fort, there's a gun powder keg that's like three times as strong as a normal gunpowder cake. But it'll take out entire ship instantaneously, no matter where you put it on the ship. But you put the hole in every possible place just about called a stronghold keg. How do you know that your ship is thinking it goes or increase like I'll be? I'll be steering my ship and I wasn't here. Make sure you are like I don't you'll know the sound when you hear it. It's like a ship of like groaning and is like the fuck and I go downstairs and talk about the things half filled with waste, even water bailing the shit out. All of a sudden, I had a hole that I not a hat. I got all the way to the point where it kicks you off the wheel because if somebody before I realized it hasn't chime. It makes when it sinks. Those accused like when you kill somebody even from like half a mile away. If you hit with lucky sniper shot or cannon shot, you can hear a sound that says You killed the person and you'll know the When your ship sinks, it goes bone like I like. I almost like a gong noise. It makes that noise. When someone gets on the ladder, you're a little splash of them coming out of the water so you can hear. You can get a tune to that something very important. I didn't want to talk about some of these. I wanted to thieves. I want to talk about days gone, which I have been playing on Ah, ps four. It's great. My piece for is really fucking temperamental, though I haven't set up, so my remote turns it off like I just hit a button and poop and everything turns off and my PS for every time I turn on Ghost. That was not the right way to shut me down. It's like that was a guy. Have to rebuild everything now what you said the way I said it exactly. But it's like the remote just goes, Hey, PS four shut down It goes. Okay, fine. And I don't like the way I got shut down. Shut down and you did it yourself. When I use my remote it, I can see that it's and I tell them to turn off. I can see it's running through a macro like it's not totally power. I could see it like pops up the bar that over to the appropriate power menu, hits it, then pauses like down just the right amount of red moon controlling it right? So it's like it has a macro saved. It's not just said to get one signal, it's ending it like Is that like a hominy doing right? All the exact keep pressing minds harmony that does it as well, but yours really pisses off your peers for if I can piss is harmony is in perfect harmony with my PS four, but it does. It did. It did, too. Did you said yours doesn't did it? It did it just like how many reaches out and pulls the blanket pulls the plug, but it's like that's not possible. I don't think you can piss it off with software, right? It it acts like I pulled the plug like Mid save or something like that. Like those freaks out face appears it's fucking to its own outlet on the strip interfaced with this power strip surge protectors in Plugged into the anus. That TV in the wall Stop it wth e p s force in the wall below the TV. Oh, well, there's your problem below the TV, but in the wall, not outside the wall. So I actually have to run a little cored out through the bottom of the TV because somehow the Xbox controller makes it through the wall. But the PS four doesn't wait. Wait, you know, is that you still have I'm whole. The new TV just covers the whole. But I thought you go around this whole thing because the thing blocking the signal was the old TV. Yeah, I know. Why. Listen, come on. You know, still running cable through the hole. It's a little little TV like that. Like Finn wise, it's like that. It's a good modern thin TV. The PS four can't reach through that, so I don't know why little did the piecework controller disconnect all the time when I put my if I put my switch behind my television, I used the joy contact the costly lose sync. There's that Mine's not even in a wall or anything. Doctor. If I want to see my switch, enjoy contact to pull it to the front. Why not just put lovely little shelf in front of the TV? Is that clean enough? What do you mean? Look what I mean? Yeah, I got a bunch of counsel sitting in my living room. Well, I'm not gonna do dishes is not clear enough. Just put this place on the floor. What? No, that's what you're saying. You're saying, but for the Florida, you'll know where they are. But you don't own a dishwasher because it takes up space in the fool. You know, you're saying that I should not have cabinets because it's too hard. Semantics? Say exactly. Just get lovely, tiny little, lovely thing. Put your consuls in that. So you're right there. You have to trail cables everywhere. I have that right now. Actually, from the switch, it sits on it by itself. Its own little. You can put other things, things you gotta put the doc, do you have available so you could put a PlayStation on? That I could not gonna switch is tiny, so I'm just not gonna get my system works. But I don't know why the harmony is like, Boy, it literally doesn't work. What? Harmony shuts it off and complains of me. But days gone has been a lot of fun. I will say this. I I could play games the rest of my life. I never want to play another video game where they have these fucking walk and talk Cut seen. Ah, that redhead was full of, um, all rockstar games have him. This game is fucking lousy with him. Uh, I was I was just starting play when Michael finished it, and he tweeted about it, saying what a great game it was. It got so fucking Pan when it came out. I have no idea why I fell under the radar. Something I'm Gus. I have no idea what The bike one. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it's It's like zombies we made fun of because they called zombies. Freak. Er, is there not a lot of calm zombies? Because for some reason, they want to make a zombie game, but not call them fucking zombies. I don't understand that logic, but Okay, we're gonna run with it. Ah, it does something in a in a zombie game that I've never seen anything else do. Until just recently, World War Z, the video game which is very under the radar game, did it pretty well. But I gotta say days God is amazing. You can run in these massive hordes of zombies and it's literally like 300 zombies that are just like that was the most impressive thing in their e three Damn running over the top of each other. And like Bode Well, Z was like, that way more wars. He's Yeah, just But that just came out. What? About the same time his days gone like And I think that one Really That was, like, a $40 game, right? Yeah, it was Yeah, it was not a full price was kind of like It's the big, massive horde you get in World War Z. You get that in an open world In days gone, I feel like World War Z. I feel like they're kind of scripted events like you're defending an area Yeah, and it's called a colleague. A horde mode. This'll really didn't like you be what? You round a corner and there's a fucking massive zombies right there. And then you told me on this game, by the way, that you like that like they didn't see me. And when it goes who she and then they just fucking award right at the moment the other day was like, There's a cave and I was like Visine in that cave. Like I walked up to the middle of daily They hibernate during the day and says, Like I think there might be something there. So I took a pipe bomb and threw it in there and just boom. And every time I go, uh, I was like, Oh, shit. And then another one over. And then there was this, literally, like, rumbling in the cave, and they come out of the darkness like the weight handles. Light is amazing, too. Even coming out of a cave, you're blinded for a second because you're coming out of the sunlight. But as they like, spills out in light. It was just a massive rolling court of zombies. It's really cool, and it's not like Don't explain. It's like you're sitting further in the game. You get really incredible weapons, but you're still like it's still a fucking nightmare facing down one of these things. That's really incredible. I remember blessed with a real plan. It's It is slow, though. I gotta warn you, it is slow, and I think that's what put a lot of people off and it's so fucking story heavy. It's really story heavy. Just skip all that stuff honestly enough. I'm almost done. Replay, metal gear, solid five. So maybe when I'm done with that all a mix of last of us and far cry. That's the best way I can describe that game. Like both those games. I liked days gone, play time to wrap this up. All right, let's wrap this up, then thank everybody for watching you coming this weekend that send your car and then here next week by pieces