#554 - Is the Moon Deeper than the Ocean?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the moon, Comic-Con, Instagram likes, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-07-23 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Burnie Burns


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    "flight delays"
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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 554. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first stop rooster teeth dot com. Theo, you're working with Steve podcast this week. Brought to you by me and these hymns and squarespace. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin Blaney's drinking, and I'm burning up, you know? I know. It's unexpected Blank. We never go through that. Yeah. 13. You hope your timing was gonna work out on that? No, it was fine. So I had someone spilled entire bottled water. I mean yesterday. Really? Yeah. Uh, person? No. No, it was a stranger on a plane. They, uh So I'm sitting on the plane, right? The flight 10. It comes by she's asking whatever wants to drink, she gets to me and I look up to talk to her, and I see there's a drop of water on the on the thing above me. And I look at it and she sees me looking and she says, Oh, that's condensation. I go, Yeah, I know. And I go to wipe it away before it drips on me. And as soon as I touch it, this torrent of water pours down my arm have been, like all into my lap in my crotch. So just help but held by surface tension and I touched it and it all just came pouring down like I jump up out of my seat on Flight 10 looks because that's not condensation. Oh, yeah, I know. So that we have to, like, open like the guy who knows every way to open up the over pirouette. And it's just like a lake in there. This is water on all the care. A lot about the whole compartment just filled with water. It's like fuck. So then, you know, I put my bag out and you know, the flight and I are pulling everyone's bags out and we're like, I'm helping her clean the whole day. We're stopping up all this water, and I'm going through asking me what I can see. It looks like all the water's coming from that backpack right there. Yeah, so I go to that backpack into the guy under it go. Is that your backpack? Right above you. Here's no the backpack. Credible. You. That's not yours. I don't know. Is that anybody's backpack? Nobody. Okay, you look a gladiator like challenging. Anyone know you're like you would do that, though, you would leave your backpack on That plane weighs a lost way. Pulled every way, everyone's bags out. No, but everyone's like, No, we don't have water in our bag. Then finding that guy who asked, Is that your bag? He grabs that backpack that he says wasn't his. And I go, that is You're back. You see, I got a water bottle in there, said he just It was like a water bottle like that one that you're drinking out of, just like, not even like a real water, but like, it's something that you think I live one liter of water right and hit. He pulls it out of his bag, and it's like it's got like, a tiny little bit of water left, and I'm wearing the rest of it and I go, Oh, so it was you and your Yeah. I mean, he turns to the people behind him, not me. I was two rows behind him. He turns people behind him while I'm there. He goes to them. Sorry. And I'm like, Why would he apologized to people who would have thought you people were unaffected at all. And I'm wearing a leader of water of his. Well, if I thought you were in officials that you were leading this investigation Yeah, the whole rest of the flight. The flight attendant gave me a blanket right here. That's the way. If it keeps dripping on you, it won't hit you. And the whole rest of the flight was just, like, really drip on me If I had a fucking soggy blanket cross what we hold for here, you find the guy and what I want to know what it waas one? No. Wasn't like that. It wasn't something else. And then one of the people is one of the other people who was sitting there like Smells like wine to me. And it's not wine, dude, it's water. Well, we knew it was hotter. Then why do you wonder what it is? So unhelpful. But I wanted to know whose it was saying that the water bowl Do you have water to find out Where the fuck that waas. So what? You wanna know whose it was and what it was? Both Okay. What do you want some wine? I knew it was one in 1,000,000 other liquid that could have been eyes their inquisition on me. Now I just got waters. Your name wasn't on the flight. You asked a question like What is this the guy you guys want to stop? Fucking wine. Don't ask the guy. What isn't asking what it was? He said It smell like wine. Unprompted. Maybe. Maybe use smaller. You want I want to get wet. Someone different said it's my light wine, right? Some other like person on the other side of the party Got first class. Smells like wine. He takes a sip of wine. Bad luck. But the idea of being covered in wine and you like, Mmm. Smells like wine. Oh, that's what every wife it was. It was not comfortable on these flights. Did you have any delays or any? I did have a delay. What's going on? So I connected. It was terrible. So I connected in Houston that I got Well, I got drenched from San Diego to Houston that at the farm used Austin. He I was in the airport in Houston. Glad it happened. They started boarding the flight from Houston. Austin, I got on. Uh, I was one of the first rule of orders, and Group one got in, got to my road, the exit row, sat down and then looked back like there's nobody else boarding behind me. So they were like six people on the plane and nobody else was getting on a free plane. And the flight attendant comes on and says, um, we have a mechanical issue with the plane. We've stopped boarding for now you can either stay on the plane or get off, and I'm gonna stay on. So then, after about 30 minutes, the the captain comes on the intercom, he says, Well, we've got a slight mechanical problem with the plane. The engine cover isn't closing all the way. Well, what do you need that for? Said it doesn't seem like a big deal. But if we gets under there may come. Ox. It's so we're trying to get an engineer on the on the phone to find out what big deal. Not a pretty big deal. You go to your car. We're trying to engineer on the phone to determine what the tolerances and if we can legally take off or not. The colors the wind, I mean, but to be fair, Houston Austin years going right, Theo there. I like the idea of a wing being office like it may not seem important, but the plane can't fly straight with one way. I like, really important if the engine's not covered. I like that. The feeling that blade doesn't the wind starts until it gets to cruise. Like climbing up to 35,000 feet isn't gonna generate an enormous amount of women 4 500 miles an hour anything? Yeah, just like climbing. With his much power, you possibly can take off Speed 200. I think it's like I always in my head. We got to get the plane upto 1 80 t take off from the ground. That sort of always thinking why in your head, I think because because I've got to do something when I'm taking off. I can't use my fucking phone. So in your hand there you can have, like, a Speedo where you're guessing Beato spit on it. And I know he met address Speedo. I'm in the airplane as you do when you get on a plane, and I'm just counting off numbers Chris Evans in the chat, said, Do you think that the guy was saying assistants like 70? You smell like you're like you said It smells like it's wine. I think he was saying You're whining. No, he's making That's interesting. No, because then there could have been another fucking problem. Think everybody on that plane hated Gus. I don't hate people that do that kind of stuff. It's like entertainment. It's people watching. So I'm just like I'm not both this and enjoy it. Do what I would have been like. Why would I get hate? I got fucking water dumped on me. If somebody ever opens the overhead bin and then starts asking other people, Is this your baggage? I never I'm never gonna say yes because the answer that is, can I move your back? That's always gonna be here. But then you even if nobody says yes, then they just smush it. That is the only time I've ever almost got in a fight on the airplane. A guy was trying to, like, smash a hard sided suitcase in where I thought my bag was, and I have a laptop in my bag, and I just I just started screaming at the guy. Mike, What the fuck are you doing? I got a laptop in my bag. It's up there. And he was very apologetic. Flight intended had to come over and I was, like, half a fucking turn on the plane. So But that was OK. My laptop to get smashed. It wasn't your bag. No, i e I can't say for certain because it was like I'm underneath it looking out, I don't know. Easy the silence. Imagine what it was like in the spot. Or do you remember this one lady? She got she boarded, like, last on the plane, and she held up the whole plane because she was sitting at the end of her rope, lodged shit in? No, she opened the bin. She goes, whose bags of these of these your bags. And like, no airbags were like, right there. Right there. Right there. She's question whose bag? Because this is my Roe Thies. This is my space. And it's like that's not the way it works. Everybody. The plane was like, you don't know about you, but you wouldn't sit down and she was gonna find the person whose bag was, like in her ro and remove it because they had to put it in their space. I don't know what I would do in that situation. If some woman just took my bag down and put her back there, I don't know. Why would I would just be listening to my iPod like I always am. Wouldn't people who are paid to handle this I don't know, said that like, Ah, she shed hair for May. I literally don't know what I would do it, but I just take it and shove it under my seat would be like, man, that's probably why I'm not down to the point where I just like I'm carrying a backpack for my next trip that I'm gone. I can't be on the poster today, By the way, I stopped flying. I'm impressed by that. It's a bad time to fly. I just stopped. Fine. Yeah, Just give it up. You just driving everywhere. Now you walk in catapult Kapo everywhere. Yeah. I just said no to every single trip in July and juice. Nice. And, uh, just cause I'm gonna get delayed and spend and just waste days of my life in an airport. So just wait for that to figure it all out for yourself. Whether is weird. Then get back in. The jury was going on this week. And what? The heat wave tomorrow? Yeah, the heat wave that's attacking the rest of the country. Meanwhile, in Austin, we had, like, our 3rd 100 degree day, which for us is not bad. About 2/3 of the way through the summer. This point. Standard weather. Guess what? Guess what we've got in. Ah! Two days. We have a low of 65 to go today on that crazy. That sounds awesome. I see typing even looking up. Weather was awesome in San Diego, by the way, of course, I'm sure that low is going to be at night. But still 65 fucking degrees for beautiful had essentially the beginning of August where we are End of July. I'll take it. It's like who do you weather? Yeah. So the weatherman put Just go out in the middle of the night. Get your hoody ready just to go out like four. Am Ah, not recommend you go. Do you? I did this with JD one time. You could get There's a website you go to. We just look at the I s s put in your zip code and I'll tell you when it's gonna fly over you. Is that you really pretty cool. Telescopes Just scoop. You can see without a telescope. It's a it looks like a star, basically. But it moves a lot faster than what you thought it then It's like, Oh, there it iss like dudes up there too, right there. Nor dude in the state station. That is correct. You are our dude. It's crazy. It's like that's probably the furthest away you're gonna see a dude. I didn't intend to sound that dumb that far. It's pretty far. It's funny his father than all the planes. I mean, yeah, aside from the time we're on the moon yeah, you see a dude? So we just have the Ferdi the Ferdi 40. If we said the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, what mission was that? Remember Paul 11. There you go, buddy. And, uh, I should remember this, but you don't know his name is Charlie. He was the government charged. Is the Charlie Chapman? No, it's what the name of the guy who's in the ER. Kaufman, what's the name of the guy who is in the control unit when they all went down the landing on the chocolate factory? So it's okay with it. So it's not Neil Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin, Phil Phil Collins. Yeah, it's the other guy, and, uh, and he named nobody remembers. Well, you know, we also determined, and this is probably not because of science or whatever, that Neil Armstrong was the most famous person we could think of that nobody could tell you what he looked like. He died since we had that conversation. So you you could then, like, there were a lot of obituary photos run of Neil Armstrong when you died. But none of us at the time could tell you I don't have no idea what Neil Armstrong looks like. Probably one of the most famous people in history, and I couldn't tell what it was like. A new I know what a suit look like. Spacesuit the white like the reflective visor. I feel like I know that what they looked like this thing when they looked at the moon that night. That was the furthest away that a dude Waas, if you would have ever say It's crazy, dude. But that that guy Michael Collins, you said Okay, Mike, when he let Mike's named after him, you call it what? He let them go in the lunar Lander. And they went down in that module. The alarm strong and Buzz Aldrin. He was the person who's been the furthest away from anyone else, ever any other human rights. Then he take that photo of, like, the moon in the foreground and the earth in the background. Correct. And it's like he took a photo that encompasses all of humanity except for himself. Yeah, it's dude that I've done that. A picture of the 360 camera stuff done. Everyone's in that. Not the people who died on the moon. Oh, he's right. Eventually, you would. I mean, I guess the plane is it doesn't go 360. And down just goes around, right. Turn on the side there. But you didn't, so you didn't get it looking. Show that photo. So is the moon deeper than the ocean? Go ahead. Wait, wait. Yeah, there's the moon, Devon. Miles duty. But nothing seven miles is like the deepest we get in the ocean, right? Well, it would free frame the question. I'm very freeze frame the query frame the freeze frame. It was Mariana Trench. Seven miles, about seven miles. I think that Miles how many miles above the moon was Phil Collins. He was, uh, Colin Pirtle. He was the question I'm saying once he went around the moon because he dropped them off and then he went around. So he was He was further away than seven. Orbit. Height was 31 miles. Okay, So what I'm saying is is that no one's ever been that deep in the ocean, because then they would have been the most remote person. Well, in a plane, you're the moons. We further away that seven miles. Yeah, but there were people on the mine when he was there. No, but what I'm saying is, if you're 31 miles away from someone else and that someone of the bottom of the ocean is 32 miles away from all people, he's the most remote person. So wait, how deep is the ocean? Seven miles. Are you on this show? My neck really hurts. Mariana Trench. Birthright Marianas Trench. Well, deepest. Jim Cameron went down there. Everyone freaked out on Reddit that James Cameron put out the photo or the You know, the tradition where the number one box office movie, when it surpassed that person, will. Usually the director puts out a thing that shows, like passing off the baton. So, like Star Wars had a lightsaber handing it over to the infinity gauntlet at one point. Sorry. No. Yeah, that was it. But when I always think of is when 23 miles was that 6.83 miles fucking newman I rounded up. Listen. Impressive. That's what the rounded up got it right. Didn't you able margin of error when you're going down to the bottom? Lowest point on Earth. Actually, if you think about you go higher in a plain sometimes yes, the forest. Dude, you You never like a 38,000 feet on your own, Correct? What if he's right? I haven't been like a Boeing test pilot. Well, don't they fire with two captains over two pilots? I'm sure somebody has flown a solo flight like I start like an air force flight that just had one man and it goes really high. Your two planes flew high and we had one person in them. So, Gavin, listen, people, what I'm looking for would that be a person by the cells? Possibly Also, there's the people in the I S s. But there's no there's no ever one person on that you don't know that has ever been one man on the S s. Gavin, please. One dude, the ah, you know, I really don't 70,000 feet or fluid. 70,000 feet. But that still crew, he said. I think it's one Gavin, by your logic, are there people at the bottom the Marianas trench by themselves hanging out? Well, maybe someone was in one of those little subs use making up bullshit like the rest of us. At this point, I'm saying, if it doesn't even matter anyway, because it's only seven minutes seven, it doesn't matter now that you've disproved the thing. He's been arguing for the past fucking five minutes. 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Ah, little champagne on his waterproof phone. Oh, there's old John, wasn't it? Yeah. Okay. There you go. That's what you said the wrong name. Don't get mad at me. I just said was a little with her a little Just a little win for us. And that's what I got confused. And you're confusing. Begin with what? I'm being something for you. Too far away from it, Avatar. So, people ready? We're pitching a fit because, uh, James Cameron put out the photo of a really cool It was Iron Man with all the little things from Avatar that float onto Jake Sully. Oh, you know, it's It was Iron Man with those floating on him and saying Congratulations, that's cool. But he signed it. Jim Cameron, and everyone's like Jim Cameron. That's ever supposed to call him Jim now, Is that it? They said it'd be called Jim Liza times. Yeah, you too. I had. Isn't it his Twitter handle? Isn't it Jim Cameron? I don't know. I had a teacher at UT who was into he was teaching a three D course. It was, of course, specifically about three D movie making. And, uh, you know, James cameras like, huge proponent for three D film making and high frame rates, which seems to have died. Yeah, well, he knew James Cameron. Super. Well, they're on first name basis is wherever he called the gym all the time. So Jim Cameron doesn't become Jim. It's acceptable nickname for James. Uh, speaking of your watered down story, I got it on during a date, but by the third way, go to a coffee shop and she wants to start something cool and different stories. So, like we look up and there's a bird that was just like hanging on this tree branch right above us hanging or just the understanding, I guess, And she kept looking at it. It's like, Oh, you know, I'll get this guy So I went over to the tree, shook the tree, long flies away. I understand there's, like, 1,000,000 ways where was like, He's got a fucking nailed and I felt something hit me in the head. I was like, Oh, God, she's like what? It was like I just got shit on it and I will look into just like this watery green mess. And I was like, I just got shit on by that bird and she was like, Ah, and I was like, It's okay, it's okay. I'm gonna go clean it off. So I went and got some napkins and clean it off and sat down like, Well, some countries. That's good luck. It is, but it doesn't feel like supposed to get the well. They say it's good luck because diversity feels terrible when she also got stung by a bee on the same day. But look, we got a great first day in the woods. No, no, we're at a coffee shop near the water. The booth joke that I was that should have made was like, hit Our parents should have told us about the birds and the bees. You thought that later? Yeah. Like fuck. Fuck said this very seriously. And you give me the hospital. I mean, three minutes to live by stealing a wife. When you got shit on, you went off to clean it. And when you came back, she was gone. Well, right now, it's just like, Well, have you have you shit yourself on a date with Meg? Wasn't one of your first dates, Mr. I wasn't one of fibs. Leader. Yeah. Shot myself and told her father that was a big deal into her. That you told her I felt like honesty was the best move I was gonna while bidding my underwear got binning it and anything. Every like, there's one pair of just chatting underwear in every trash can. Every restaurant, like someone hit must have shot themselves and thrown away their underwear here, and no one ever knew about it. Like here I am at work. Yeah, yeah, I mean, on the podcast. I mean, like, state farm. Statistically, it's a lot of people coming through here could I have your shit themselves? Yeah, but everyone is shipments that it was gonna fess up to. That guy's gonna see question, too, because his thing about like being attacked by nature made me remember last week you were talking about that you are going to or you had just started eating plant based or alternative meat. And I asked you, Why is that? Because I was curious. What made you make that swept? The moral he said it was for cluck Climate change reasons was the main one of what of the main motivations. So we talked about that, and I said, I think that would be a lot of the big part of the reason why more and more people do. That is whatever man I had for gotten, I don't know. I'm curious why this is when you bring up anything that's like an environmental issue. People just get angry. They get mad about it like they had people riding me all the time going Well, I'm never gonna give up meat. And you can't make me give up meat. It's like no one's talking to you. You know what he's like telling you to give up meat. It's just like people gets cluck and furious when it when it comes to environmental stuff. And I don't know why I like the one that gets me is, um, the we don't know if that's the case, why bother doing anything? Yeah, it's like That's not gonna fix it. I'm just talking. Generally, that's not gonna fix the problem. It's an entirely So why bother me so much like when you like, uh, like you tell people they should do that? It's like saying this is what I'm doing. They get mad. Well, it's not like you know the dilemma, Dennis. I just wonder why that is, with environmentalism in particular. I don't know if it's true. There was a person on set, and that's why I started carrying my like glass water balls around in a stock. One shattered a gym, but she would bring her own utensils to set and because you know, you use like the plastic force and as she used to bring just your own metal ones and you re wash him quickly. What do you that she's playing like what? You know, just do it so they don't have to waste you know, plastic was your one person that, you know, makes me feel good, huh? And I just bought my own utensils toe like switch him out. What? Just like one. You know, small, one person about to Yeah. Is there a good way to bring around utensils? It's not annoying. See, here's here's exactly little bundle like a little camping thing today, like you. You wrapping my open and then you just slide it inside and your abilities put in the backpack. I can. You can care him anywhere. You can hear it in your pocket. It's just like this big. But here's the thing is that then some will make a comment. You going well. Do you understand that the cost to, like make your utensils that you have for yourself instead of the ones that already exists that that carbon footprint higher than actually using plastic for like the next 10 years, like people do research to get upset about this stuff, like they don't do this much research into their own like personal finances, but they can tell me the carbon footprint battery that goes into a Tesla. So the panel's electric causes, like the common footprint of making those batteries. Yeah, but then we don't have to use them anymore, like we could just go into those we can use. What we have left from a finite resource is to make the renewable. But also, no one's telling you you have to do this. It's like this is the reason why I'm doing it. But he will go out of their way to, like, try to disprove The thing I'm most interested in you talked about specifically the batteries and electric vehicles is I'm curious to see I feel like I let people haven't talked about this. But what's gonna happen in the next five years? Once we start seeing a big surge of these search of the he's cars entered the second hand market like it's it's, you know, you say, like, Oh, if you want that car for five years, it's a waste like, yeah, true. But then it's gonna replace a gasoline powered vehicle in the used market, and then we're gonna start to really see a lot more widespread adoption, you know, five or six years out, like we're only now at a point where the cars are becoming in the realm off affordable or not absolutely ridiculous anymore. You have the model three, and I mean they promised a $35,000. I have five children. Five years. Can I just say that it's net positive that I'm making a part? I got five years out of my ass. Yeah, I don't know about that. Can I say that? Is that okay? Also, it's like if everyone moves to electric and wind, it's better like it'll get more efficient. But it is. The market sustains. It will be more research and do it as well. I think we're kind of tapped out and making cold, but it's gonna be I think so. The new argument I see pop up frequently specifically with with electric vehicles, farms cause cancer. Well, no, it's if everyone has an electric vehicle in plug in the power grid, can't support it all at once, which, yeah, it's true. If everybody plugged their car and everybody charges the exact same time. That's probably true. So probably lie around three end of Russia. When everyone's pots and put the car in, we'll have to beef up the power most right, and then the power grids are a common in off peak times. And then so I'm sure most people will be incentivized financially to charge it off. You're smart. I'm sure they could roll out from where? Where it's like, OK, we see the everyone's plugged in there cause at 6 p.m. And we'll just make it so that your car doesn't start charging until there's enough things. It was like it might start charging 11. Even if you plugged in, a six will be ready, like, ready time way. Just do that with financial incentives, just electricity will be more expensive during those hours and already in my car, I can tell it Start charging at 2 a.m. You could do that already. Yeah, yeah, yeah. DeLay charging. My nest will have, like, peak hours where it's just like I'm not gonna turn on for a bit, you know? But it's like, That's fine. I'm not home, you know, like so I think there's timers like people were kind of predicting that kind of stuff. Toc on when you're gone. No, I have another women. I mean, I have, like, a minimum that I wanted to keep it at because I don't come home, too, Like melted fucking looks or something. I'm going to privacy, too. But I love the fact that we have so much data now about usage within individual homes. It's all collected by that. It's like I don't know what someone's gonna learn about me. If I keep my a C. It's 71 in the middle of the day like I don't know what how that Doc's is me in anyway. So I'm happy with that information being shared so they could be used for, You know, the purpose is that you could never have that data for when you had just like the old dial thermometer. There was no capturing of that, I think is good. Because if ever um, like the flayed become a thing, you can tell exactly where they live. Go to the flame O from Secretary. Do you think you saw so interesting? I'm still I'm still working on it. Are you? How do you feel about strangers? Things three versus stranger things, too. It's better, much better. Okay, maybe I'll try it then, because I was very much put off by too much. Better to say there's one character, though He showed up on the first day of that season and they said, Hey, this what you're wearing today? He's like, great not knowing he was going to be wearing that outfit the entire fucking season. And you kind of get used to it after a while. And you're like, Oh, man, that's gotta be like a What a weird outfit to wear for an entire production. You gotta put on this like it's a little like sailor costume that he wears cause he's like serving ice cream at the sailor theme thing. But like super short shorts, that's like, I know what the like flappy low. But you all dressed up at San Diego comic con like that. That makes it okay. I didn't I didn't understand what it was. I don't like it spoils anything. He where's that thing? The whole fight? And he's saying the whole thing, you know? And you know, the way those productions work, too. They probably had, like, 10 of them. And, like, they're different levels of distressed and dirty deaths and everything and like, Oh, yeah, Here's the slightly bloody one you gotta wear in this scene. He fucking hated it. Yeah, absolutely hated them. How was comic Con guessed? It was good. Um, there was It's just it's crowded in a few years since I've been there, but, you know, it's still super crowded a lot going on. Yep. We got Thio. We filmed some segments for the podcast while we were there s so hopefully I don't know when they're coming out is becoming out here relatively soon. But ah, it was a good man. The weather in San Diego is just awesome. It was It was It's like night and it was too dry going there. Did. Compared to here, it's super dry. Is it is it is perf. I think you got up like the hottest got was like 75 or 76. She's like the only reason to go to Comic Con is because it's in San Diego. At this point, it's just it's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful. Sometimes years did you guys go to comic con? I went for a least 10 years. We went the, uh, first at the beginning. Not quite 10. I think we went too. Seven or eight years in a row. Yeah, And then you know, then we started cycling in and out way too much. Which here was the Andre. 3000 years. That was 09 or 2010 catches up with you. What is the 100? I was walking, you know, there's outside of the convention center. There's that street and then the rail crossing like the railroad tracks there. Jeff and I were walking across that street from the Gaslamp district to the convention center. And, you know, it's like a huge seas of people that meet across the street. And we were near the front of the crowd. We start walking towards commission center and then walking in the opposite direction towards us was Andre 3000 from Outcast, and Jeff just stopped in the middle of the street. And ah, stop walking from God. I say, What's up? That's 103,000. Like, Are you OK? Sure. It wasn't a cosplay? Er no, it was totally him. And I was like, Are you OK? You want to hide? It was like, No, let's just keep walking. Okay. Well, you're the one that stopped. We just We just kept walking the walk, right? Hey, Yeah. No, he didn't. I saw Hamburg. Should be for laughing. No, please Thank you. I think I played Hopper from strange things. Yeah. Year Hellboy. Yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, he was. He wasn't Hellboy last year, though, right? Hell, Boyd came out after that. Might have been promoting it, though. Yeah. Yeah, probably. I can't remember. Yeah, I think. Uh, Did you go to any panels? Everything I know. We were so tied up with our thing. Yeah, it was, like all day. Did you catching the coverage? Yeah. I mean, I was keeping up. I think it's honest. It's probably it's easier to watch. That's like going to the three. Same thing where, like if you're not there, it's easier to watch the coverage. Yeah, when people stuff online comic, honestly think, though, that I always go back to, Which is they've been holding that event for 25 30 years. It's been going for fucking ever, right, Hunty 50 years. Is it? 50 years? You have comics Been around 50 years. Really? Yes. The convention 50 years ago. Eric. Gus, I'd know how you feel all the time now. Yes. 50 years. Five years. So that no 1 70? Yeah. Going on front? Yes. Since the seventies, same old stuff that annoys Eric, but in order to use is being uppity would like correcting me on the fly There. Correcting me said, 20 or 30 50 San Diego County plus 30 20 exactly 20 plus 30. Are you looking it up? Didn't they? Didn't they like they pitched Star Wars and 1970 what they do in 1970. But they just reading comics that Yeah, it was just It was comics. And like nobody black like I think Star Wars have something. They went to a convention and they were pitching star wars like 77 star Wars. Like four kids in a basement with the 1st 12 there was like a like a road was like, What the fuck is this shitty space adventure? And they like shit on Star Wars came out 1970. It was held at the U. S. Grant Hotel and I had 100 45 attendees. And that was Sandy. It was It wasn't probably San Diego comic con international. Back then, they had the name here was inaugurated as the Golden State Comic Book convention. So I always think of the guests were four straight Ackerman and Mike Royer I always think of the convention. Modern conventions. Scene has coming out of the Star Trek community because they have those Star Trek conventions in, like hotel ballrooms and stuff like that. They were kind of the stereotypical thing, but, man, I didn't realize the weight back that Ray Bradbury and Jack Kirby for the second comic con. That's two huge gets, man. The bag was also was in August 1972 in 1970. Who did? We have a second r tx We had a halo, but we have a government that later. Would you realize you're one of the guys? Frank O'Connor. What kind was it the 1st 1 you hail for met. Okay, 1st 1 Okay. Yeah. Anyway, um, but I just have this thing about comic con tickets I've been holding this event for Correct me? If I'm wrong. 50 years. It's like, you know, live events. When you put a lot of people in one place, it just causes issues and one of things that cause is lines. And it doesn't matter if it's the fucking Super Bowl comic con. Whatever live events mean lines, lines of people because it's just like when people show up. It's not like when the Super Bowl, when there's a line for the bathroom, No one goes. What would you think in NFL like? Come on, you've been holding us forever. There shouldn't be a long you expect it, you know, concert. That is where they expect a lot of people to be. There's still long lines up. That fucking line at Hall H is two days that people wait in that line. Something like that. Yeah, that's fucking crazy. Sleep in the line. Yeah. They camp out and wait for to fuck. And then they stay in that fucking hall all day long, going from one presentation the next. I don't think they clear it right. And they want the same thing that you watched on Twitter for a minute. Why don't they just digitize that whole process because you want to be there? Live that dude? Sure, but I'm saying the line thing like, didn't we start incorporating digital like you have a digital spot in line? I think is part of the part of the culture. I think some of the people want to do that. Okay. Yeah. What? I'm surprised by Mauritz. The people who are taken aback by that. Like, I can't believe I went to this event. There were lines like I had to wait in line for 45 minutes for Reynolds. Yeah. If there's a stadium with 80,000 seats, you don't expect 80,000 toilets. There's gonna be people waiting. I I wait in line for, I think, hour and 1/2 2 hours to go see. Ready player one at south by Southwest. And I had a badge like I had the highest level badge. They comped us because I was on a panel and I was there. And Ashley and Eric, who used to work for the investment because we were waiting in line to go see this and the whole time, and then we're we're not guaranteed. We're gonna get in like we were in the overflow group and we're waiting the entire time. I'm like, Dude, if I have to wait fuck in two hours to go see it to our movie and then I don't get in, I'm like and I got a badge. I got a full badge, you know, it's fucking crazy. Not quite the same thing. But the original draft house in downtown used to be like that where they would show, like one movie night, maybe two movies, and you have to show up. Two hours before the movie started, it was like a line, and maybe you got in. It was like that for far too long. They didn't have reserved seating. I think we talk about the podcast. I read the Trip Advisor Review when they put in reserve seating at the Alamo and somebody ranted How it's gonna ruin the Alamo because it's gonna kill line culture at in Austin. And I was like, What the fuck is lying culture? Shut up awful. This is a remedy for this problem. Don't even worry about it. Unbelievable. Like full just making friends in lines. That's how they socialized. There's a whole like Alamo community and its separate in the Austin film community. I know people who are in the Alamo community and people who have been removed from the Alamo. Can you get you get kicked out, you get like, cut it off, cut off. You're not allowed to go. What to do? They have to raise a little flag with several to come talk to them. Yeah, they put up a little thing. You never get this guy here. It's too much trouble. So we ah, words. That cock concourse it. Um I think so. I think it's a lot of really cool things there. I think, you know, walking around. You see, I can't believe I'm a sucker for it, but I didn't buy anybody like, Oh, there's a really cool exclusives, man. And that's really neat. Like I would liketo have that. But I don't want to wait in line an hour for it. I also want to pack a suitcase. Yeah, and there were some things that were but that were super awesome. What? But I saw there were, like, ruby fun co things that was also like a chuckles. Probably get you one of them. I'm just saying I'm plugging our own thing here. There's also a chuckles fun co collectable from Toy Story three. What plan? Stuff, Little pup. Final figures like that big are you talking about? It's not one of ours. I was, like, three. You didn't me correcting you on everything you say. So, um, we not related to comic con. We released a rt a um, today. That we did the long form one about the animation process. I don't know you. You saw that. It was like a duck Amuck was the inspiration for the old loony tunes where it's like, uh, Daffy's yelling at the animator rights like But it's me instead of Daffy Duck going through the whole animation, let me read this in here. Reminder. When this episode of the Steve Podcast is brought to you by full sail. For the second year, we're partnered with full sailing. We have some fun collaborations coming up. We released a new art ta, which is out today, which features me on. Like we said, it's Ah, all about the animation process and like, what goes into that and we'll talk more about that. Actually, in just a second we'll have a special life. Jim coming up Thursday, July 25th at 4 p.m. Central time, with Chris Cokey nose hosting and Cole is one of the guests. Cole's actually right here. We're talked him in. A second in this lifetime will talk about post production in the animation process. You can check out all the past dreams on receipt dot com to get a more in depth. Look into each deputy animation process. Remember to check out the newest Artie A and look out for a full programme. Recap of all the awesome stuff we did with full sail. For more information or full sail university visit full sail dot edu slash rooster teeth. That's full sail dot edu slash rooster teeth. Hi, Cole. You've never been on the podcast before writing my premiere in on a podcast. I've been on a plane on the part of you. Still not on it. Right There was the host of another resounding podcast. Does it bother you when this is called the podcast? Uh, no. Should. Now you should fight about him on the far, far away from everybody. Comic Uncle, I have not Okay before we get too far away from it. Hall H, They do leave people sitting in there. The worst like entertainment nightmare I've ever heard of was J. J. Abrams for Episode seven. Remember, they marched everybody to go see the John Williams concert. Andi had the storm troopers marching out. They emptied out that whole hall until the person who was on next I was like, Who was that? They came into an empty hall. Agent Smith came in. It was like, Where the fuck did everybody goes? Like the biggest haul? Yeah. Tell him they were gonna do that. I just did. It was big surprise. Everyone looks so happy. And they all left. And Kevin Smith came into the empty hall age. And to his credit, he filled that thing back up like 1/3 of the way, which is 1000 people cruising over the over the course of his of his hour there. So, uh, we need you to fill hole a trickle. It's what? We're really okay. When you get on that, you're gonna be on this live stream. Right This Thursday, four o'clock Thursday, four o'clock Thursday, 4544 Central. You should know you're the one on it. That s so what are you talking about? Like post production animation. What? What do you do? Call? Maybe that's what we should start. What do you do around here? I'm an editor. My day job is editor for animation. T job. I did a lot of other things. Podcasts. Vigilante, vigilante Waterboy. So you'd be talking about just like the editing process and all that close production that goes into it. Yeah. We're gonna be focusing on posts. Ah, it's edit for animations. A little different than at it for live action, because it's a lot of book ending the process. So you have to have a lot of pre production going into, like setting up in automatic, which, if you watch the video, you'll see you learn what an automatic is. But Delia little aren't they? Weren't you? Uh, I've actually been through that process with Cole Cole's very good. What it does our whole enemy about crack crack team. No, we did, uh, Artie? No, it was on TV. Hey, be animated. Yeah, I guess editing is different cause there's not tons of stuff to look for. It's, like very yeah. Made for certain thing way we would say is live action editing is very subtracted ve. Um, animation editing is very additive. So you're looking at Go. Okay. We're gonna need this eventually. So reach out to the board's reach out to other people and ask for these shots because you don't want to animate something that you're not gonna need because that costs a lot of money. Yeah, It's also a bummer to like where it's like if you have, like, music that you've chosen after the fact and you're like, I just need, like, five more frames so I can have this joke hit this point of music and it's like, Wow, animation. And then I don't know that was the case for the NBA's. But, ah, like luckily, we get to work with a lot of really talented musicians with Jeff and his crew. So there's a lot of times we can send them a reference and they will be able to get it pretty spot on to hit to beat. It's so funny to you, excited about going to process of being additive for anything it's like as the episodes are built to. A big part of what I do is I review pretty much everything multiple, multiple times of what comes out. And, ah, one of my favorite things to do is watch in progress episodes of Ruby with Carrie there. Oh, get Carrie says like it'll go through and you have, like, scenes that are almost fully rendered but not comped. You know, they're not, like, fully polished. In other words, um, then you have some That's just storyboards. Some there, Anna Matics. You know it all different stages. But as it changes as there's less on screen carries, like city, Right, 30 picks it up. And like, as soon as it goes to like a story, buddy goes, Oh, and the ruby comes in. She's like, What did this person like? Hey, that explosion will have interviews with us. We'll be likeable. This part isn't done yet. Yeah, we can tell. I have trouble watching the episode where they're finished without carry their making. All these like knowing I was doing a little blurry. But can we get, like, a sweet it Special edition commentary like that? Actually D'oh! Well, thanks, criminal. Cool. People are interested in the animation process. They can check out the Lifestream on Thursday and watch our ta that we put out today. What are you doing today? Next weekend? Yes, but this begin. What? I'm gonna watch the new Evan Gallery builds Neighbor? Yeah. Was it old rebuild? Yeah, Yeah, I watched the Steven yelling And when it came out on Netflix Yeah, in the movie it was. But now that I sat on it for a while, it's a good show. It's Ah, it's fucked. It's Ah, well, I mean that hold like, just like just like a head fake. Like you think it's all this story for so long. It's like, so like, filled with tropes and very typical stuff. And then, in the end, Oh, no, that's not what the show us at all. Totally veers Defied expectation. Mosholder Correction. Groundbreaking revolution Rogan was like throwing shade at game of thrones on the preacher panel at SEC C. No. Yeah, because somebody was gonna do that. I thought that was interesting that somebody would do that to somebody else's show. Like, even reference. Like I have their guest. They're going into the final season of preacher. You ever read Preacher the commoner? I am not even watching creatures. So I feel like shooting that he's shitting on a very successful Yeah, well, I think preacher, especially the first season, was poorly received because admittedly, it was a very beloved graphic novel, which usually means a very small group of people really liked that. Knew about it. Uh, it was hard to adapt to screen. Yeah, to screen. And ah, they did Probably not a great job in the first season. And, uh, he was saying that, like, now they're going to their final season. And, uh, he was, uh he could tell he has faith in it because he showed his face at comic con, unlike some other shows. So I'm totally paraphrasing, butchering his own words, but yeah, it was everything was construed like game of thrones. Yeah, it was. It was a game of thrones. Had a panel at Comic con, but the show runners were not their personal. Why do they have a panel in the show's over? Show's over, right? It didn't It Didn't make any was over this year. It's quick. It's cool. Recent, but they don't have like an avengers panel, right? They're not gonna They're not promoting do that. Did they or did they not have a panel that marvel Avengers Weiss? Marvel did in the other guys, you know, they didn't know. They did show. They supposedly said before and they were gonna go. I thought they also said Okay, Okay. Well, yeah. Why is that a big deal that they didn't go? Yeah, because people thought they were trying to avoid accountability. Nothing to promote the whole thing's a whole promotional machine. Any wonder why they had a game of thrones panel it all? That's really dumb. Well, I mean, I guess I think they started production on that prequel trilogy trilogy. Yeah, that's true. They had their stuff coming. Why not keep the ball rolling, right, you know? Yeah. The, uh Maybe this one will be easy to start rolling again, but we'll see. I don't know what comic con coming and guard this year, but there's a lot of good shit that came out of it like that. Fucking top gun trailers, dope and then, Ah, the watchman trailer. I'm so intrigued about what That the hell that is gonna be. Yeah, me too. It's not coming out this year, I think. And they all said that some WESTWORLD stuff to look for you. And that's a Marvel movie that's coming out this year. They think here. That right, the eternal is one that's fallen. Next year was a fall. Next year, they like seven. I pee pee ery titles coming out in 2020. I recognized almost none of them, except for like Dr Stroller, black widow and Hawkeye one division and, uh, Falcon in Ah, Falcon was one of the winter Soldier doesn't like. Those are new, right, Scarlett, which you know the internals. There's nothing else besides the eternal too. Oh, the the Asian crime fighter guy that you probably would have been Iron Fist, everybody and the Legend of 10 Rings. Yeah, had I feel like they would have done in Iron Fist movie had not made that bomb. So the films are Black Widow, the internals Shanxi and The Legend of the 10 Rings Dr Strange in the multi verse of Madness and Joy or Love and Thunder. So I heard full of TV series, I heard multi verse of Madness is supposed to be like a fucking horror movie, which it's a marvel. It's gonna be PG 13 So it's not gonna be like crazy, But that's cool. Like I love what if Isa Siri's where they take like, a piece of, like marvel Laura and they're like, What if this change and said like, What if Captain America had never been discovered? Or, you know, like, what if someone else was the incredible Hulk? So they're gonna do a cartoon series, really turned stuff was believe they have so much shit going on that they have to resort to a What if Siri's like that ain't the way to bring back popular characters? I think so. You think they could bring back Iron Man like what if somebody else was Iron Man? So is that all of face? Fel was another ship. It'll be in the Hey, they said Blade. But I think that that was like a tease for, like, way down. I think I'm now. There's gonna do something will change. One of these shows will drop. A little ad will add something else it's face for because I feel like Phase one through three was a well, a story is this. The continuation was, It's like the next trilogy of phases, where ends face six. He's trying to figure out what they're going to do. I'm trying to figure out which movie is gonna be endgame, and the truth is a glaring admission omission there, whether that that Black Panther T