#555 - The Beauty of Pizza Sphere

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, and special guest Luke Tipple as they discuss sharks, pizza sphere, Australia, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-07-30 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Luke Tipple


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcasts number 555. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com Theo, the world's most dangerous predator. That's me. This'd arrestee podcast This where you could brought to you by 23. Me, Experian and honey, I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Look, I'm Barbara. I'm Birdy and I'm the most dangerous predator. So, guys, we should introduce our special guest today. We have with us, Mr Luke Tipple, Who is our marine biologist, friend and shark expert. He is the person who kept at least Gavin alive during the immersion shark week. We haven't seen Michael. Michael is not here bringing back who knows a lot happier lately, so I don't know. We're talking about a few different things today on the podcast, As usual, one of these were probably talking about on a regular basis is the episode of immersion that we shot for Discovery Channel for Shark Week that Luke was a part of also Marcus. We're gonna do a post show after the episode as well. This is kind of a rare one in that this will actually be kind of a spoiler ish post show that we're gonna have. We're gonna talk about the episode and things that are on it with the cast of immersion Shark Week. We just wouldn't wanna wait until after the episode to do that stuff. But we also wanted to have Luke here the week that the Shark Week is going on so that we figured that was a good compromise will be warned. And we talk about it in the Post Show as well, uh, that we are gonna be giving some spoilers about the main show, Not the main show. You what? We're gonna talk in generalities like sharks. Sharks. What are they? Where did they come from? What kind of shark is that? Oh, Eric built that thing we have on the table there. It's like a crocodile dentist. I hate it game, but it's a start snapping shark, and he replaced the teeth of the top with actual thumbtacks. You could see that I was about to go in for it. And then I just took a closer look and instantly, no doubt of that. You go for it. I would rather doesn't know. Is that game What kind of shark? A bad idea. Show the rare Breen. Things like something you do in high school. But it also has the college drunk. But look at that thing right before we're about to start the show. Bernie was challenged by Eric to play, and Bernie says, no, I'd rather not risk my life. Oh, God. Just do it. Oh, you don't know. I hope you got it. You don't get HIV or feel something. You think that what happened with Eric has been stabbed a couple times? Sanitized it? Gus is gonna play. All right, You guys can play. Oh, my God. Well, thank you. Uh oh. You kidding me? With the light, you work miles over there. The code is behind the like, violent away. Is there a lift? Lift a print off the tiniest podcasts. It's entertaining. It's an audio podcasts. But most people listen to that. Probably right there. Just massive big. A great sound when you didn't make any sound just now that you've heard the laugh. Now can you identify that? Normally left are sharks appreciative of comedy. You guys didn't let anything in making this thing is actually for a different uh, week called Sharp Week. Nice. Pretty good. No, no, no. That was on the office supply channel, but it seemed like sharks in every televised fictional movie. They all make the same noise. Which is this noise? How like they have that like that noise, that chomping noise that's on Lee. A shark that makes it. But sure, literally no noise, right? You know what noise were told about the noises in the backing track of every dumb movie. It's always the menacing sounds coming up on the leading. Then there's that growly raw sound in the break. I think it's actually I've seen one with abused the cheater before, like around, but they just muted and mess of it in posts, and it's put it under the water filter on it. Yeah, but I would imagine if you got attacked by a shark like Michael did before rest in peace before he left us. Uh, you wouldn't even know. I would think a lot of times because they can come at you from any direction, literally. If you're underwater. Yeah, and it's just I mean, most people did. Most of you know they're gonna get attacked by sharks. just like what the hell just happened to me? Most of the time, people don't see them coming because they're predators. If you can look me in the eye on dhe forthem toe, know that you as potential prey, can see them. Um, they generally won't keep coming at you, so they're shy. They're not shy, but they're very smart. So you know, the option is stick. They'll go after something that's an easy prey. If if you can see them, then generally they won't come after you, particularly. You're not running away. If you're seeing him and you're staring him down, you're not running away. Then I will. What's that? Maybe that's something that could be dangerous. It could hurt me, but, um so to answer your question most the time people won't know they're being bit. And from talking to people who have been bit, it's like just the intense pressure. Usually not with any pain. Um, because they're in shock. Yeah, the body immediately just kind of filters out that that holy crap this is really, really hurts, not feeling. And it's just an intense pressure. And then the pain comes afterwards. Yikes. Yeah, it's yeah, and the curious about this. How did you go down this path? Like, Were you always interesting sharks because you a sparse I know you're on several of these shows for Shark Week, right? I am. Yeah. Uh, kind of long story short grew up around the ocean, had sort of Jacques Cousteau documentaries fed to me, young kid. And and that's kind of what I idolized. I always wanted to be on a boat and go out with a bunch of other dudes and go find awesome stuff on the ocean. That's kind of what I always envisioned myself doing and just go on starting. Yet the shark thing was kind of It wasn't that I was watching shark documentaries and wanting to be the shark guy. It was that they were the thing that I was told was the most scary part of the ocean. And I was always fascinated the ocean. Right. Well, I want to know more about that, just like I want to do, like super deep wreck dives and difficult technical scuba dive stuff like that said the fascination with what could hurt you or kill you or whatever us. And that just led me into a real fascination with sharks. And that was the most of what I did my degree on. And now a lot of my work on the waters of shocks. This has gotta be like everyone's greatest fear, right? I mean, it's at the top of a lot of people's lives in the water with a shark meat. I think we all envision it. Ah, lot when you were in water where you can't see the bottom or you're just in open water, period, you just in your mind you start to envision the shark coming right at you out of your element, right? You can't really quite see what's happening down there like you talked about. If you can see a shark are not like that whole, you don't know what's happening in the Jaws poster in my mind like the star coming straight up. You know, some of the most fun guys ever done is you go out in the complete blue ocean away from land away from everything totally bottomless. Can't see anything except just blew around you and you drop down and put a put a rope down. Maybe 6200 feet. Three idea is you have to be to stay there for a long time so you can't go that day on. Then you drive down and just drift with it and you see what comes up. And sometimes it'll be just a bunch of fish. Sometimes it'll be a huge whale shark, a bunch of Tiger sharks something. But that is that feeling of. I'm just in the middle of the ocean with nothing else going on here, and I've got bait next to me. Let's see what turns up. Is there a type that's more dangerous than the other sharks? Yeah, um, I'm off most shocks of most sharks that we think are sharks, like there's over 400 species. But the ones that we focus on, particularly in the media, are the ones with big teeth that can bite you on yet a cz Firas. Once that arm or dangerous to people, it's usually the sharks that have more chance to interact with people. So it's your shallow water species, like a bull sharks that typically responsible for one of a lot of bites around histories on DNI, ashore events. Then you've got, of course, great whites and tiger sharks all of them have some type of interaction with coastal waters. That's generally where people get hit. Yes, there's always that were instead of, you know, most shark attacks happen in three feet of water. Something like that. That's where people happen where you run the 6200 foot rope, the ocean. If we all lived on Waterworld, most attacks would happen in 2000 feet of water. Yeah. So what was the What was your first time? How long have you been diving before? You did like a shark dive or what was the first time you did that? Do you remember that time I remember seeing a shark. I was maybe five years old of spear fishing with my dad on dhe. I remember him diving down and grabbing like the tail fin of a little war. Be going shark. And these air fairly have teeth. You look at what we've done, What we go. They're just They're cool. Little shocks. And I thought it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. The probably the next pretty cool. They are cool looking. Yeah, probably the most. What? You think of a dangerous diving that started in my twenties. I was not expecting that. Yeah. See, that's an example of a shock that is generally not dangerous. They have bitten people, and they've got a nasty habit of not wanting to release. Looks like he said a little too much seaweed, if you know, E o, it looks like put that shark tank. Little punctures. They've actually been people who have been bitten by what we going and walked out of the water that still attached to him because he didn't want relations. Yes, we were talking a few weeks ago. On the podcast was a month ago at this point about a tourist down Australia who is taking all these photos Instagram photos of a blue ring octopus that they're holding in their hand and the dumbest things you could ever do in your I know that shot and I went after the guy and tell him he was a fucking idiot. Really? I'm allowed to swear on this show. You're fine. Yeah. Did he respond? You swear he did? Yeah. He came back saying, you know, this is ah, you know, just a beautiful opportunity of show off, while long, but no, you're teaching people who don't know better. Whose only education in this is looking at one instagram photo? Maybe I'll get the lights off that shot toe handle. Very venomous. Potentially deadly. Yeah, you're worried about the Met is not spreading. Yeah, it's endangered for one. And you're definitely, like, probably one in three chances of dying. How hard is that? Octopus delivers Venom does it through, like a bite. It's a bite. Yeah, and they're very, very deadly. Yeah, the blue. That's what I had. Yeah, yeah, it's a really dumb thing today. No, it's I mean, in spirit of that, something else we're talking about a couple of weeks ago was after Chernobyl aired on HBO. There was a rise of instagrammers going to the Chernobyl exclusion zone to take photos. It's just like darwinism, kind of. It's the rice toe extinction. If it only affected the people that are in the photos, I'd be okay with that. But then we also hear stories about like people taking baby dolphins out of the water and passing around for selfies. Where was that was in Brazil? I want to say Yeah, Yeah. Where they just send The dolphin died by the end of it. They just passing around a corpse of adults. Just horrifying. I mean, I get the humans do a lot of other really, really worse things. I'm a much larger scale, but I don't know why. There's no no purpose to that. What's all the worst things? Humans. I read a book recently called Sapiens, and it talked about like that. You could basically chart the extinction of all large animals from when human showed up in that area that humans make their way to violence. And all right, you heard correct. Smart guy. Unless the humans road the asteroid appropriate, maybe Donna Salazar, the answer would bring them back. And they sold out his bars called Human Con Way. Need a good predator. Full circle, right? Just sorting that out. I mean, what, definitely putting ourselves into extinction here. Yeah. I mean, it's coming. It's every time I read a new report, it's just worse and worse and worse. So is that something scares you is that I was gonna get to with this. You know, you're you're a person who swims with sharks. What are you afraid of? That's what most people would say. Top of my list is getting in the water with a shark. Did you do it every day? Just about everything, but ah, on a regular basis. Year, unfortunately, have to do a lot of things that, you know, might have scared me to start with. And I you know, I have the education or no, the people to take me out and do it safely. That's really cool. In terms of, like, general broad scale stuff. Yeah, absolutely horrified by the way that this entire planet's gonna be changed completely in the next, you know, undetermined amount of time, but probably within our lifetimes. We won't see it come back. So, um, yeah, that's really, really scary. Um, other than that, I don't particularly like spiders that much. No, really, e, I don't want him here. I think that finally growing up in Australia with you know, you avoid them. You know, white couples. A kid in there on my ceiling really is just so extreme. Like the funnel web spiders, the wildlife everywhere. Yeah, That's just what I always felt so safe in England because you pretty much never get killed by the weather or an animal. You could You can't even if you try to, you could kill them all off. Bears and wolves. Karl Pilkington, I think, had the best analogy for that once I met Ricky Gervase podcast. Who said, You know how If you go on out to your garden, you pick up a rock this normally bugs or a spider under it, that Australia is the underside of the rock of earth, the spiders and all the scary stuff. The bottom side of the car. I read an article once about a kangaroo kicking a man's Penis off. I separated it. It was one kick with the talent. It wouldn't be that hard. Huge Australian bed, not tourists. What bigger balls be easier to kick off or harder than small? Nothing. The Bulls came on big Penis, I think, just his peers. Here's the thing. Here's the Here's the thing. Barbara, is that Actually we own this equipment. You probably have more experience than all of us with different kinds of balls. I only have experience with my balls, and that's what you said equipment. And he pointed to the microphone, and I was very confused where you're going with this, but I actually I had this discussion. It's like I might be more well versed in female genitalia across a broad spectrum than she is, even though he's an expert in hers. You voluntarily got into that conversation with a woman. No, I think I am back to Dio. What do you look for in a vagina? What's that? My Penis is happily married to me. That's what That's what I look for it. Do you look for in a vagina? This isn't always open proximity. Well, I'm not doing an ad radio. Did you see by What's the verdict here? Big balls. Easier to kick off bike anger? I think so, because there's more like if you like, put a lot of pressure like just on top of it. They will burst, but easier. Yes, because they're bigger. It's like in boxing. It's like the speed bag versus big come down your skin, wouldn't it? Doesn't really matter. Scythe. Lodi. Hank. Good purchasing. It makes me think of that. That video of the guy who his dog's getting attacked by a kangaroo so it kind of runs out there and punches the kangaroo box with it for a second. And the dagger Let's go. My Mary is the guy who breaks up the fight between two kangaroos, and he's commenting on it. And then he realized you're actually fighting and he rolls out his when his car went. Hey, hey, cut it out. Use a mace. What would your mom say? I'm That's a terrible Australian exit, By the way, if you could pull that up, Eric, that's actually a really, really funny video of the two. The guy who breaks up the fight with do Kangaroos. Just everything in Australia always seems like almost like it's like cartoon level to me. I just I love it. I'm glad Americans think of us that way. Convey your amusement way. Were the actual cartoon these days, it seems like, But what was It was definitely some underside of the rock going on with American these days, for sure. Yeah, there's a little bit of that, for sure. I just saw ah, documentary on Netflix called Great Hack. Have you seen it? Haven't seen it yet, so I think I saw because people on Twitter come for recommending it to be over and over again. And it's definitely got, uh, kind of a left leaning politically slant to the documentary because it's about the 2016 election. And so I, you know, kind of lean that way myself, obviously. So you know, it was definitely more receptive to it. But if you don't agree with that, it's still a really interesting watch to see just objectively what can be done with this incredible wealth of personal information that people are posting online and how that was used to, like, essentially, just build these massive algorithms, accurately predicting what large groups of people we're going to dio. I saw I haven't seen the great hack yet, but I saw an article today. Uh, I think it was the department Homeland Security released this information about how descent can be so would be a social media, and the example that they used was it was something innocuous. It was like, Do you like pineapple on pizza or not? How that was a question that was developed to make people angry with each other and go after each other on line two so that divisiveness and try to feel people make people feel separated from each other. It's like seemingly dumb, innocuous things, just like every day we're getting fired up over that. There was There was something about that this weekend. On that level. I couldn't I couldn't believe it. Like, I know people are gonna get mad and self right, just about stuff. But, uh, Quentin Tarantino's latest movie came out once upon a time in Hollywood, and Tarantino's said a number of years ago that he was gonna make 10 movies and that he was done. He had 10 movies in him. He was gonna make those 10 movies, and that was going to be his crew. Really kind of a cool thing to dio injuring way to approach, you know, movie career, especially for somebody who could probably make movies forever. Uh, so once upon a Sound Time in Hollywood came out this weekend and it's his ninth movie and he was saying, No, it's not. It's not a movie. That's his 10th movie because Kill Bill was Volume one and Volume two, and Tarantino himself said the interview, You know, I know I said, I'm gonna make 10 movies and I'm going to and kill Bill. I consider to be one project I wrote. It is one movie in the studio, split it up and They made it into two. And some of his fans were saying, No, that's not right. You made 10 movies. You don't get to say that. I paid for two movies. So it's like, Do you want this guy to not make another? You're a fan of Quentin Tarantino. Wouldn't you want him to make more film? Andrews, Andrew nailed. He said most people would rather be right than be happy. And I thought, that's a great way to describe a lot of people looking in the mirror. Yeah, that feel very attacked, right? I couldn't wrap minus the most accurate statement on the Internet. Yeah. To date. Yeah, I'd rather be right than happy You get another movie out of this guy. I don't care if he calls like his first five movies. Reservoir dogs rip off, right? They were all in movie. Sure, right there on one. But I just wanna be wrought in pub trivia. Yeah, exactly. Right. Okay. I want to get this thing here. 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But there's something there's something people can experience right now. With us, there's more. Wait, there's more We've been talking about trying to make a pizza sphere done about taking this two dimensional pizza and transforming it to the third dimension on three Dement's. It's barely three dimensions. You know what I mean? Pizza in every direction, and Eric thinks he's finally cracked the code and we've got. We've got pizza spheres. That's why the entire place smells like a high school cafeteria. This is it. Which flavors? Different. What's the head? Looks like dumpling. Okay. A hamlet. Something deep. Fry it. What the hell has happened? This pepperoni red pepper, This one straight. Pepperoni. Pepperoni. It looks like a pumpkin. Sure way. You could just hear way Get a shot of burning. You just get a straight Just pick it up with your hand. Yeah, look at that. Finally. Find own dead eyes Portable. Thinks one is like I'm holding a human head. An apple. Sorry. Pepperoni. Olive. Gavin. This one's yours. Why? What'd you put in that? It's like all this. Look, you are under no obligation. I love pizza. So I just think it's abominable where you guys are, assholes got pineapple on because that is actually a very contentious thing. This is nothing like you, Wade, is that you would recommend going about it. Just fighting rabbit. It's not like a calzone. See, this is where everyone has it wrong. It's not like a calzone is that you take a bite from, like, the top middle. It's just dough. You're really anti calzone because it's not right. This truly is pizza. But people, they were supposed to be tiny pieces getting bigger, too. A big pizza really stacked in a spare. Don't listen to him. I like this. This is my bro. She's taking a bite. Luke. What do you think? We're only gonna like shark down on it. So I thought I'd pay through Is good. Yeah. Getting over the shark. A great probably describe the audio list. So it's basically about the size of a grapefruit. You're like it almost looks like it's forever. Feels like the way it's arranged. Use like triangular piece of dough. No. You busted one piece of dough. You know, like I got older. My novel. Oh, yeah. I'm not I'm not just saying this. This is really fucking delicious. So, Gavin, you talked about the species fear forever. And now you're throwing up into a tray. There's no pizza spit. That's not to say it's one piece of dough. I wrapped a ball of twine. Did it Eric work this weekend? That's it. Really? Get it. Take it. Take a shot, I guess is Look at that. That's Oh, my God, really dance. It's also really good, right? It's good, right? We get it. We finally made me. It's impossible. I could see myself about 2 a.m. after probably be too many 100% being pretty satisfied. Absolutely. We did a meat pie, but but three times a day. But do you love how you could just take a bite? You could be like, Oh, I'm done with that part And then you just eat like the backside because it doesn't matter. It's the whole 360 degrees. What do you tell me? What's wrong with you? You have to get things like a loaded Yorkshire pudding, where it's like a pizza sphere. It's no like a piece of hair like This is nothing like a piece of stair of pizza. Luke is all into it. Do you have one? That's no, it's not what rank you can spare. You want you want, you can bite off the back and apologize. That's the business. You need any end on that thing? That's the perfect. That's that's the beauty of Peter's Morning to play Sheriff so heavy. All right, let me have a go at the back of many colors. Did I just eat. Wow, You did some work on that. I'm like I just went in. Really? Good. Do you think of pizzas here, Gavin? Nappies. Don't you think this might surprise you, Eric? Chat is divided over your invention. Woo dear you. I mean, what were you picturing? God Here you Is this what you imagine this is? No. I imagine it's pretty much what I imagine. It's pretty good, you know, pizza. And then it was like someone scrunched to pizza into a bowl. What else do you think? You're invited? Everyone. Thank you for coming in with a tiny piece, but it's not that big a smaller again that we have a spare of pizza. This isn't a pizza here. This is a ball of pizza dough balls. That's just the shape Pizza. This is a Yeah, it's the ball, this pizza in every directions, like a basketball of pizza. And I think very well since we've discussed it our audio listeners by chewing into the mic. Anyway, I'll tell a disgusting story from the immersion Shark week production. We had to take a boat ride out toe Looks like live aboard boat. He was on this big live aboard boat crew like probably about 12 people out there all together like that. And so, But it was about 20 miles offshore, which took about 30 to 40 minutes ago. There, fast, fast boat. And it's really crazy bar because the water going the whole way out, it seemed like the water's like six or eight feet deep the entire way out. 20 miles pizza. Now he's come around. Now he's come around. So the morning we're okay. This is a little bit different. This is the difference in making a Web show in a TV show is it looks a little bit different in the episode, but here is essentially What happened was we were blazing along. Gavin getting out there. Everyone's nervous because we're gonna go out. We know we're going to see sharks. Gavin, Michael know that one of the tomb is definitely gonna have to get in the water. No cage in the water with these massive stars by some of the 1200 pounds we're going out there. Erin's already nervous, and all of a sudden I'm looked just looking off to the horizon. All of a sudden, the boat, just like stops and Gavin's over there and he goes like he goes, What happened? What happened? I thought something like a fish out of water and hit him. Michael's immediately laughing so hard. You barely stand up and I go, What again? Just look And he's covered in slime. Jack and our producer, who was out on the boat, was at the front of the boat Ryan on the super fast speedboat, and he threw up over the side of the boat and it all came back way were wholly us. And I see right at the front that I see him just lean on, then didn't sort of didn't hear anything. He just went sort of like and so much goo came out and and the wind split it into, like this web that came at me and like, wrapped around someone else's clothes like slime. Elif, my show. I wanted my one of my mouth and eyes Everyone, suddenly law, forgive me, and I'm just like I don't know what to say. It happened because I didn't really even know the boat driver stops and just, like, took a bucket, some sea and gave it to me, and I was just like wiping slime. Oh, my God. You got slimed was like Ghostbusters. And the best part is in the climate. In the episode since Ryan wasn't on camera, he wasn't part of the episode of to that point. They basically got edited. So it looks like Gavin through now. I'm just I'm just cut to look like a chump deliver myself. This is Ryan Hall, everybody. He's the guy who put together the whole episode and the deal with you. Let them tell that story. He's off camera here. What do you want? Explain anything? First of all, Gavin, it was such a trouper and continues to be Charlotte. He should be way more upset than he is. You have talk nice about Gavin anymore. We'll move on from ever. It was really funny. It was It was really fun with something. It wasn't throw up, okay? It wasn't the whole big, you know. Okay, well, what would you define coming out of your mouth if you were throwing up? What if anything comes out of your mouth? You're throwing up. Dude, it's not direct. Let me ask you. Did you make a noise to find boys like mourners? It was, It was flim way. Your llama. It was It was like a mug full, though it was like really was great. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. So the whole time we're on the boat, I have. So I have a bit of acid reflux problem. Okay, we all have things. So, to be fair, you complain about that all morning long and all night long is something ate the network. So we're out there and you know, it's it's a year's mentioned, Really. It's like an hour long drive out there. And so I mean, we're 55 minutes in. We have five minutes to go, and I've lasted this entire way, and I just have a little bit of spit to just get rid of over the boat. And I thought, and I swear I thought it was just a tiny little bit. And Jay, the other producer there, sitting excuse. Just just do it over the boat and you know my fault. The front of the boat in front of going, going 40 something miles an hour, not condoning it. And what turned into what started as just a little underneath the sphere while you explain So it wasn't vomit. Yes, I threw up, but it wasn't threw up something that wasn't vomit line. It wasn't like food chunks and everything was just that one. No chunks. But it was there. It was thick slime. So I think I eventually get the words out like threw up. And then? And then I was like because it was so slimy. I must really step stand up, grab the railing, slipping all over the place lined around the boat. Let's grab stuff and then you and you're in the background. Good. I never get eyes. Is that what it is? Right? It's a point of pride. You don't want to be the person who got seasick. Hey, look, I'm standing here telling you the story of being honest. I should have just said, Hey, look, watch the TV show. That's exactly what happened. But I'm telling you that I don't get seasick normally, normally and that was know what caused it? I just I'm an idiot and decided Tow. It was really funny, and I was I was thankful for the content. Well, I really mean the whole day, I just kept apologizing to gather, and he should have been mad. You still should be mad at. You can vomit on him. Now you get one in reverse. What we learned about boats coming should be on them. Just say down with correct. Yeah, I think that the club is the club. But I decided to Eric to make sure because, of course, as soon as I was like, What the hell happened? I thought somebody got hurt. I was already struggling to explain it because it was in my mouth, right? Get heaven. Was Gamma start explaining and then Michael. I couldn't get him to stop last e. And I thought then because Michael's laughing, my brain immediately went to a fish, flew out of the water and hit Gavin. And then when he said Ryan threw up on me and Ryan's over there, I didn't throw up. Throw up. I immediately just went for my phone as fast as I could. I got the aftermath of it. You know what? Get on Gavin and no one else's. It's Gavin, and he's just extremely unlucky. I mean, he was a little sting right next to Michael Gavin's completely covered in whatever. This Waas and Michael was perfectly fine. He was. And you know, Michael, he's got that that laugh that he does. It's like there's the laughing with you and the laughing at you left. This was the Michael laughing at you. It was a power lunch, but with laughter involvement, right? He does have a MIC anymore, but he wants to care. Was not one of them would almost be worse than bombing would've been worse. Because that because it would smell bad and it would have I would have had to score my clothes off if it was vomit. I will say you didn't smell like vomit when you came on board. Thanks, man. Look at that. What a nice thing to see. Oh, nice things about baseball with that. Listen, I know we lost our audio listeners by that point anyway, so might as well tell the story about somebody vomiting. Well, read it, Eric. I sent it to your personal phone is where I sent it. All right, well, look, look, I was opposed to wherever you send it, I'll make it work. He'll get it. You want, you'll make it work back. No, I don't have it in the back of it. I didn't touch the front. Eric. I also want to say I appreciate the effort that you put in two pizzas Fear, and I think it came out just as I imagined it would be. I'm not sure what the griddle marks are on it. There in the top. Ryan. It's minutes from the deep fry. It's from that because because has to sit in like a basket doesn't really. I mean, not many pizzas were right now, but the defensive systems are to 1/3 dimension. Get the deep frying to deep fry it. Yeah, but if you just drop in oil, it's still deep fries. Right? Okay. Where and then where does it go? It just like floats in like the middle of this oil stasis. Yeah, my wife waited. There's no way that thing is floating. Nothing is dense is hell because it's three dimensions. Uh, so I actually said that really loving this way, but I think in the clip of game, Gavin vomiting over the side of the boat to Eric Duncan doing your slacks. Ah, I also had an experience with people getting seasick this past week. That was you. I was in San Diego comic, our comic con. You're a boat after that. So I was there until Monday. So, son, in that way, nothing to d'oh. So me, Nathan and Sophie decided to take a dolphin cruise where the boat would take us out into the water. You look at Luke like, um, I saying that correctly. Don't think she's looking for approval thing with dolphins and whales, and so it would take us out to try to essentially find them. And this was like a kind of old boat, and it went out into the water, and it was very, very balancing the whole time. Probably about 30 40 minutes of it. Just bouncing up and down, um, and still going out. And there's a place inside where I'm like, I'm gonna go grab a hot dog or something like that. I'm pretty hungry, so I like walk in as I'm in this. According to Nathan, he says, as I'm going to buy my hot dog, there's this whole family behind us sitting next to us on the boat, and all of a sudden he just hears, Oh, go! Oh, he looks over And there's a young boy who has a giant plastic bag who's just vomiting into a bag. I come out with my hot dog, and all of a sudden I hear I look over It's the boy and his mother both vomiting into two different plastic bags. I'm, like, literally holding my hot talk about to eat it. When 1/3 fucking person, I swear to God starts vomiting first. Barbara, get another bag. But this one is clear. It was Oh, like bright Barbara. Like what? Like a hot pink? Why not go over the side of the boat? That I don't I don't know. It is tough, though, because I've been fortunate. I never get seasick ever. My dad had his whole life. He never got seasick. And then all of a sudden, he got seasick. One time he went. Oops. Sorry. He was on a Eric, just like why you saying this to me? But Eric Duncan was, um hey, got seasick once on a boat and that was pretty much it. He was. It was pretty much Does this thing get the last city haven't seen next to me. Just like recoil. Got it. Just looks like Louise hanging from his face. I see Ryan like cleaning overboard. You okay with your glasses on? I wasn't feeling well. I definitely don't. You e o e You only have five minutes ago we were there waiting for you. That was so cool back there. That guy was so cool because he would spend 45 minutes driving us out there. And then he had to take us back at the end of the day. So he was just going go like, a mile away and just fish all day long. Yeah, officially reminding me of the fishing rods off the back about he just fish all day and then we come back. We could see everything that he caught for the day. Except that day. He had to go and clean his boat that day for somebody to go because there was not vomit. It's so crazy, though, too, isn't you? See that I forget how blue that water was. It's like anything I call like that amusement park water that if you see it and like you think it's like died or it's fake, it's got to be fake, right? It's like that's what All that water out there look, there was no land in sight. It was just nothing like an hour from the shore on the boat. Yeah, we'd leave the island behind. And then there was like a smaller like rock island. Almost looked like a small, like little lighthouse island. And that was it. Like once you've passed that point, there was nothing when I would when I lived in Puerto Rico and I would fly down there, I remember I would fly over parts of the ocean like that where you would see like that. It's like that just looks even from a place like that. Looks fake. Looks like it's just so blue it. I felt like from the plane I could see the bottom of the ocean. It's like I'm already like seven miles in the air, and it's just so clear to see straight through to the bottom. I had that experience when I went for him. I took off from what about Milburn and I flew down Thio, Bernie, Tasmania toe Go visit Bunny and ah, Ed that when we took off, we did like you take off that we did bank back over the ocean like going across to tens Tasmania, and I saw It's the only time I ever seen a whale in my life was he was in the water and I saw it from plane Took off. Wasn't very big plane either. Like, I felt very small in that plane, seeing that whale, that the way it was the whale bigger than the plane. I mean, it was pretty far away at that point. We're probably at least 1000 feet up, I would think. But it was Yeah, it was. Still seemed very big in that scale. Yeah, well, that island that we went to, you know, it's 20 feet deep, maybe. Yeah, all the way out to that shelf. So it's probably easier to think of it as all one island that has been submerged to a certain point. So if you notice the actual land that were on when you guys were on the island, it's it's getting eaten up by the ocean, you know, they're having to build the roads higher and stuff, you know, that's the sea level rise. They feel it already, huh? Yeah. I mean, the islands only a few feet elevation, but total. So there's really not a lot there. I think it might be about eight feet, but when you think of it that way, you know where it drops off into deep blue. That's really the actual edge of the own everything that we're diving on. It's just all the sandbanks that used to be a dry land. So that's why it's so crystal clear cause it's just the light bouncing off the white sand and you get that beautiful color of the ocean. And the place where we were diving was Tiger Beach. But it's not a beach. The whole time they kept describing this for the locations they were saying Tiger Beach, Tiger Beach, I thought, OK, we'll go to a beach were to go out into the water like 30 feet there, sharks that come up towards the beach. But it's called Tiger Beach because it's just a section where it's all that white sand right on the bottom. But that's where the shocks liketo hang out. It's actually a fairly large area, but his target bitch, not people Beach. You know what? We're going to their beach, Ana. It's a beautiful place, like the name is disingenuous because the beach there's no Tigers stars right to be Tiger Shark Beach. Not Tiger. Be. Actually, I used to call a Tiger Shark Beach all the time because I actually had kind of on. I keep getting corrected. They say its target. I want to be right, not happy. That's exactly like I like Tigers shot Paige. I didn't get naming rights. It wasn't the 1st 1 out there. So the Tigers, they were at their first. Then the Sharks came in at the time. Call Dr Sherry. It's just it's just the natural selection. That's the way it works. You ever see those photos? I think we probably years ago, shit on the podcast of people would capture people. This guy, he would photograph Tigers underwater. Oh, yeah, it's horrifying. Like he would throw me in bait into the water and they would dive in after catching their diving in. And it's a tiger. Underwater is an actual tiger is ridiculously frightening. What? I don't know why. He's like, I think neither teeth like the way they hit the water. It kind of opens their mouth. Um, yeah, tell me that's not, like, horrifying, beautiful. It's almost like slowing down what the attack would look like on land you know the waters there toe slow it a bit, so able to capture it. That's cool. Super cool, like my house cat is related to that. Do we have anything that's like? And when I my house cat mush when he's doing stuff that you could tell he wants to be a big cat and he thinks he's a big cat. It's so weird when you see big cats acting like little kids, like playing with stuff or whatever chasing laser pointers, it's Thea God, you guys have a photo of mush like on file, huh? Who doesn't? I got a feeling about the first time in your cash, man. Yeah, keep now. He's a big comics man. His eyes are blue anymore either Now golden like you're terrible cat, you get how dumb mush is. He's so dumb, he's really done. Can't you like, not climb? He can't figure out, like if you can't climb where it hit jump! He climbs up on everything. So, like when he gets up on the desk like hooks, his hands, doesn't chin up and then pulls himself is like just jumped like every other cat on the planet. And he also can't if a door just like partially ajar. A. But it's not big enough space for him to go in. He can't push the door. He doesn't know to push the door. He just stands there And, like, put his mouth on my marriage until you like, open the door and then he comes in. I'll have you shown him out to open the door. The other cat does it right in front of what? She's slightly smaller than him. So she doesn't. She's smart. She doesn't leave enough room for him to come in quality then. Because if you just don't want the cat, come in your room just cracked the door open. I don't know. Yeah, but then the fucking cats Miao in the whole time. Yeah, to shay Islamics. I feel like he's coming down that he's getting older. So is coming. So you're talking about how you know cats relieves the tigers and seeing all that you're related to a chimp? Yeah, I guess so. But we're like the apex chips, right? What? I'm wondering about back there. I think your own species That game's coming out soon, I think e think broadcasters like Well, look who's so full of no way that a chimp could kick your ass? But you know what? My talking to Never mind do we have? Do we have an equivalent of like a domesticated shark, like something that's related to sharks? Better fish that are in our everyday life because they're very specific species? What I read that they made dogs in, like, four generations. Yes, I also read The floppy ears are not anywhere in nature except for elephants, and they can't and that they can't keep him out of dogs. Like if for four generations of domestication, it's just a feature that just develops floppy ears. They just get, um oh, geez, yeah, and they can't. For some reason, you can't do it. Like I said it, read the article. I read the headline. I would like to say I have no further information. That is the limit of my information. We'll let you know that article exists out there that knows what if a dog has non floppy? Is there like 1/3 generation? What you say or the guy makes sense because they were losing their need for predatory senses, feeding him domesticating whatever else that you know that years up always be another scan. Everything else it would make sense. I don't know that that's true, but it's possible. I believe it. They lose the cartilage. You just got like flaps. I don't know, Like, I mean, we don't need to worry about predators, really? But arias don't sag by our cheeks toe. Well, they're not the same kind of year. Do that standing up on the top of our they're still out that file, that you have muscles. So if they're not using that muscle, maybe it degrades over time, and then they keep breeding down the line and those muscles aren't developed in, you know, the same way English people came about. So I'm gonna get this from the neck down a stranger and toughen him up. Start drinking a lot. Did you, uh, Gavin? Uh, Luke did Ah, with another science channel on YouTube. He just did a video testing the blood in the water through, like, how far away? Forever. Smell blood? Yeah. You familiar with his work? Yeah. Okay. I figured you did it with him once because you're in the science community. So didn't we have to do with the ones they were Where we have dinner with him. Hey, was wearing a shirt with, like, an iPad in it? Oh, the eyes. Ah, Halloween thing, right? Yes. You're talking to it. And it really is a brilliant invention. Dude, you're telling me about it? I don't remember where that was Was that I have no idea. Mark Robot is I would say the current king of thumbnails. Is he? Yeah, he just knows this better than destiny. Even. I mean, he put up that shot buddy. I have 10,000,000 views in, like, less than a day. It was number one when I woke up this morning. What's the deal with? I saw you getting like, a full blood draw for this. They put like a bag of bloody and through that, Yes, we, uh the idea was to test the whole sort of trope that you know, one drop of blood in the water will attract sharks from a model way, right. There is a certain amount of truth to it in that certain Shaq's century ability is so high that it could sense that level of chemicals, but the reality of a drop of blood in the water in the big open ocean. Getting to that shark in that density is remote as fuck. So he came out with this. Ah, this theory in a way to test it. And, um, he one of his request was to get human blood. So we wanted to test actual human blood he wanted too late. Is that take it out to the Hamas. It's a lot of blood to start with, and you can get it is available. You can get it as, like, expired blood and donations from, like, film crew and stuff like that probably. But you're not allowed to import it to the Bahamas. So were, you know, kind of rock and hard place that we couldn't do it. So what I did find out which was, frankly, kind of horrifying. This companies that will sell your blood from pretty much any animal that you want on demand and those animals alive. And I get bled every day, but is actually yeah, and I like when I found out that suddenly it was our job to find blood, Um, as apparently the produces, that was our job. Okay, so I start such around the internet And, of course, you'll find everything you want on the Internet. Can. We found this company that sells blood, and I called him upset. I don't like a gallon of, like, pig's bladder, cow's blood or something like that. You guys like, Yeah, I told him I was for you. Guys like slaughtering or what's supposed to be a way to get it from Show. No way. Have a farm. All the animals are out there. We've already bled the cows today, so we can't do that. But we could do it for you tomorrow. What a bunch of cows of corks in him. It's like, welcome in the milk of two ways. Apparently, they're very happy they get fed, you know, they don't just cut a new cut. Everything. They actually have a cap in them on Ivy on. Bleed them for something. Let me read this thing right over here. Acting it Remind everyone. Yeah. Now, this episode there see, podcast is also brought to you by experience. 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There's, like any, like, really weird stuff coming from Canada. I mean, I I was in the same boat. I had no credit when I moved here. Really? Yeah. I mean, there's a social security number here. There's a social something sin number in Canada that apparently like nothing transfers over nothing. No crazy. So, uh, it was annoying because also, apparently, if you apply for a credit card, get denied. That hurts your credit score. And so I did that. Trying to get a credit card when I moved here and they're like, No, we deny you enormously great. So I was even harder to get credit to get a credit card so I could start accruing Part II the bill credit with a secure credit card where I gave my bank like 500 prepaid card with the limit of 500 bucks. And they just watch me use that and then eventually you can actually get real credit card. That's exactly what I did. You actually suggested I do. When I first moved here, I think I bought a car early on when I moved to Austin. And just paying off your car payments helps. Your credit score is good because it's a commodity back incoming sees if they need it. So you get a collar, and if you mess it up, they'll come get your car. And then it's all it's all done way. Didn't think when I first moved where because I could only withdraw so much at a time, like 500 bucks or something from the 80 m and I couldn't buy anything big, but I need to buy stuff because I had nothing here. I need to buy like a bed and things. So I would just have other people by him. And I'd pay him back that you bought me a suit about your suit. Yeah, because I had to know what? So you paid back to you and then burn? You can vouch for your good credit. I did. I I I got great help my credit, because I put it on my card that he gave me the money. I got airline miles Thio. It helped me a bunch. Yeah, but it's the other. It's just a weird system, like then if you have bad credit, what happens is you get a loan. That's a higher interest rate, which I guess makes sense because you're more looking to fall. But it's literally saying you have less money, so we're gonna charge you more money because you have less money. My favorite part is when you overdraft a bank account and they charge you an over drop, right, and you know it has the most. So I have zero dot now have negative $33. Cool. Right. Thank you. Yeah, that happened to me a couple of times. Um, when I first moved to Austin, I got Ah, charging overdraft fee, like, once or twice. And I was like, Wow, that's like adding insult to injury. Yeah, My brother once got a lot of Pakis cigarettes bounced a check for and you paid $45 for a Pakistani. Oh, my God. But he bounced to write a check for cigarettes. Anyway, you still have a checkbook. I still have a cheque. Pass a lady? Yeah, just like you never know. You run into weird situations. Were like, Did you have a fax and someone I just cancel that? Did you? Yeah, you can fax. I cancelled my factors service, but he wouldn't cancel it because he was afraid of what you said. You agreed? I didn't say that. I said that could contribute, but I still used in the case. How did you have to work up the courage to college? Find the annoying thing was so you can't cancel the service online. You have to call him like you said that. So I figured I didn't have to wait on hold for 10 minutes. You can just fax them. Okay? I like you have to wait. Then they're like, Oh, you know, I want to cancel. Are you Catholic? I don't use it. What if we gave you a month free? No, no, no. I don't know. I told you that. Like what if we gave you three months? Like I just want to catch that. That's their job. They have to trust me. Oh, why? You're called a retaining questions. You're not to skip it immediately. Say you're 17. Say, leaving the country. Okay. And then they just like Okay, I read recently. If you tell a telemarketer that you're 16 that they just have to take you off the less period it makes sense that there's nothing they could do about it. I passes a 16 year old. Just my voice. I think if you just say it, there's something what they're gonna do to say, prove it can wait. You tell me you're 16. I shut my eyes. I'm 16. You have a skin, right, Bernie? That was made perfectly. I recently had ah, rolling suitcase that the handle that goes up and down a carry on suitcase and you push the button, goes shit punk and comes out Here we go. Should come get it would come up. But then I hit the button, it wouldn't go back down. So I had this handled, which kind of ruins the carry on ability of this thing. It ruins the usability is terrible and so wait to go to a place they had it for, like, three months and couldn't fix it. So we went back to the manufacturer and said, We need you guys to fix this And they wrote back and said, Can you send us a picture of it? Not working. I don't even know what that issue guys Google and mine is like this. Is that just like a step? They think that, like somebody pulling a scam, is gonna go. Can't do it. I I ordered a keyboard and mouse from a company that sells keyboards and mice. Yes, Uh, and on Lee, the mouse was delivered, and it said that they had both been delivered in the same package, and clearly it was a big box with just the mouse so clearly the keyboard hadn't been delivered. So I contacted their customer support, saying, I hey, I didn't receive the keyboard and the person who has helped me, he's like, okay. Q. Take some photos, Photos of literally nothing of like a box with nothing in it. Is that what you want, What it is? It's just like a step that, like going for a walk in the park and taking a picture of the lake like there's no people in this picture. I should have sent that nothing and said, Okay, I sent you the picture. They probably wanted to close the file. They have to attach an image of a problem or something. I was I took, like, multiple angles of just an empty box and then, like the mouse sitting outside the empty box and then in the empty box with it, and then they were probably great. Thank you. Perfect. Sorry for the problem. They contact me and they're like, OK, we'll send you a replacement. Could we interest you in this other keyboard? And I was like, I just want the thing I ordered. I appreciate it, but like cheese, And then it took, I think, four weeks for me to get I have a great level sympathy for that because I've worked in call centers before and there's just somebody telling you, you've got to do that. They don't want to ask you if you want to continue? No, no, I get it. I was thinking about the call center the other day. We used to work together in a call center years ago, and e and I was having trouble remembering what it looked like when you walked in. Like, I remember when, Before the remodel. When you walked in, there were the stations there and everything. But then there was the remodel when all the floor got moved to the back. When you so then after the remodel, when you walked in, it was like, holy. There was a hallway. There's a conference room on the right place down by the train tracks. Right. What was before the conference room on the right? Uh, that was just walls in there, and there was a bacteria there with the printer in it. This is the most boring conversation for anyone. Listen to me and asked if I was just curious. I was thinking about that. It was printed an effects machine. Hey, we had a fax machine wait for the phone company. We have lots of fax machines, and it was it was confident, just like we never used it. for anything he's having. Just like spam advertisements came through cruises all the time. Remember, this is like people who have fax machines also take cruises like they get a fact ago. Absolutely. You want to cruise? I'll say what I think those FAM advertisements Any day of the week on my phone, versus the ones that are clearly fucking criminal, where they call me to say, You have been identified by the Internal Revenue Service and you are going to go to jail forever unless you call this number right now, it's What the hell is that? Got one the other day. That was, You know, there was a similar one, but the grammar wasn't quite correct. He's like we're calling because your Social Security number have been locked. All right, have what to speak to. Representative to correct Press two. We know why that is. They try to find people who, if they make the phone call, they know they've passed already. One test that they can't scrutinize at that level, right? So it's a anybody who's like fuck this grammars all wrong within the span message. An email. It's grammatically incorrect a lot of times because it weeds out anyone who's smart enough to say this is grammatically incorrect. Fuck This thing is like a test, right? Right. It's a filtering process. I have a question. Why do you answer your phone? Great question. I'm starting to wonder that more and more we have our answer. My phone. Does he also just attract all my calls? I get it. I get tons of calls all the time that I just don't answer. And I wanted to show, like a record of how many calls I get a day that are literally no. One calling me. I guess you know, I was going to that remodel in my house. I would have liked contractors and stuff calling me for stuff. So I guess I got trained for a while to be answering the phone, and now it's like that's done. I just need to stop answering again. Normally, it maybe once a year someone who's not in my contacts will call me, and it'll be a real call. Maybe it's It's so rare when when looks Mike shut itself just then what happened? But yet what happened? It reminded me of when he was doing his little presentation under war, and Michael was trying. That's the spoiler, right? Yeah. A little bit. Yes. Funny. It is very similar to some of the Have a nip for the book, giving us very important instructions. The mike was cutting out at all these perfect moments. All right, Now, if you want to survive the one thing you got it exactly right, they know why that is. All right, This isn't a sport. It's not in your show. One of the shocks that bit the Santa. Really? Yeah. Really. Well, since you're meeting the actual mike er, er the actual thing that went down into the water, the transponder. No kidding? Yeah, vomited. It happened because we were wondering why we're having difficulty as well, Really afraid. And now it was cool. Techno. I like that. We could watch you life. He had great. Remember, we could talk to each other underwater. Just fine. Yes, it was getting it back to the surface through that transformer that was blooming. Gavin went underwater. I wear the royal, but the, uh that the crazy thing was on the boat to with your crew. We went after we went through the whole safety discussion I'm sure they get asked this all the time. I was like, So has anybody ever like you ever seen anybody get bit by a shark and the lady? I forget her name. I'm sorry. She's like I got bit by a shark and she's like, no big deal like a shark just chomped on the back of her leg one day. Did it take stuff off or just, like, gave her a little? Ah, those bites and those bites, like most of the feeders, have been bitten at some point, I've been bitten on my head before. On your head. Yeah, but I mean not Didn't even really draw blood, was it? A while ago, Isa Lemon shock gave like, a crunch. Yeah, and some of the faces gotten bitten way worse, but yeah. I mean, when you're surrounded by all those teeth and that very dynamic environment, it's especially a bit of fish gets loose or a shark. It's bit overzealous. It's not particularly uncommon. Get it with a little bit of a but yeah, it's a lemon shop. I got a great shot of a lemon shark here for you. Here. I'll send this E Eric same ways before. Sorry. And that's not the most interesting ways before. You mean to Eric Duncan first? No, todo. How quickly could you identify? Like, a type of shark? Like you looked at that picture and you knew exactly right away? What type of a very common species and a lot of space is pretty quickly. Co workers. Yeah, Yeah, I know, I'm a job. Doesn't know my name, my name. But you walked on how he could spot achievement Hunter, you know well, by the scent of tiger sharks are named tiger sharks because they eat tigers are lemon sharks more prone to eat lemons? Appearance right Base a greater meringues, I said, uh, Eric, he's crossing now. I'm sure. But, uh uh, Shark week is a hoax Made up by Russia, Keith. Pretty elaborate hoax. We go for 20 years. You guys great. They conjoining in the hoax. When is it? August 3rd at 98 Central. Are we doing watch thing? Yes. We should mention that we're doing a watch party on August 3rd at 9 p.m. Eastern a PM Central where it will be a little bit before that. But we're gonna do a watch party. Where were we? Can't broadcast the episode, obviously, but we're gonna watch it along with everybody. Have chat going. We'll be talking about it. Then we're gonna take a break, have a little party here. I don't know what we've got planned for the interstitial. Maybe Eric. And tell me, um and then we're gonna come back and watch Jen lock because we don't have any TV shows on the air currently. And yet we're about to have two TV shows on the exact same night. Just the weirdest fucking thing You were gonna be hanging out, cast and crew is gonna be coming through you, Gavin. Michael are gonna be there talking immersion, and we're gonna have different people kind of coming through doing this watch party thing. So definitely watch it on the site or watch it on YouTube. It's gonna be Ah, I think it'll be fun. I think the whole company is gonna be here, too. Yeah, so it'll be. It'll be really good till we get a few more of these e make, like, 400 pizzas. 400 people. What's in that thing? Discovery sent me a crock pot. We actually unboxing. That's gonna go on social Twitter tomorrow. But this is a crock pot. They sent me your blood like a lobster boil pot with a bunch of different stuff in their little shark behind me on my cabinet back there. So I just have it here. So I'm gonna try to convince Eric to ah, make us some lobster with potatoes and hey, don't listen. Listen, don't listen. Listen itself, Eric. It's all production value. Limitless fear, Lobster sphere. Laughter started three dimensional. I do like the message you're sending. That was like sharks are noble beasts and have to be revered Lobsters by eatem swimming with lobsters. We'll do crawfish given to every crawfish. Yeah, I'll do lobsters generally those smaller, you know, crap eating bugs, you know, straight. Yeah, like drink. What you guys call shrimp produce whatever. They just Yeah, that this big. And they've eaten like this much shit in their loss. You said that you don't love a cheeky prawn Cocteau. A cheeky, pro uncooked doctor. I downed a few cheeky Proco tells you. Okay? It's not my first go to the Oh, yeah? Generally be There are my feet on the back of the boat. here. And these Air Lemon starts. This is all the starts. Right off the back of a boat. 11 pie. Levin. Surprise. Michael. Gavin didn't press. Sorry. Do the fake push on your bag? No, we would not. Screwing around like they were asked around. It was a very actually really professional environment. And ah, I was just doing everything I could to not be in the way of everyone actually trying work. Yeah, it gets pretty real out there. You start talking about real shocks and people like, yeah, shock, shock, shock. And then you see them and they're right there. On the second day we had, we had more people, sir. It was like overcapacity thing. I like staying on the way to enter. Sorry, Eric. I said, if you be a message, I message to compress the shit out of it. A post a version on Twitter of that as well. But I feel like Lucas was excellent keeping us on track to like we'd just be the others were us. We just be like setting up for short, and then we just start like you're just shooting the shit and looks like we were filming. Let's go. Let's do it. Well, you know what? What people don't realize about working on the water is that you know, you've got every element that you're not supposed to work in TV with except children breaks. You know, you guys are kind of that way. You know you're working with, you know, the environment. Open water. You know, You guys were there on a beautiful, perfect day. I've been out there when it's just horrific. You're trying to get the job done. You're working with animals you work with. Tired of working with, you know, the visibility in the water, everything. And people no, or actually getting seasick. You know, it's all these things that I'm not going up there. Yeah, I've been out there with talent, and you worked with him for a while, and they're fine for a while. Then they go inside and have lunch. Then you come out here. What? You know, next thing you know, they're being sick and they can't shoot. So, yeah, I mean, it's you guys had a perfect day out there, but the reason we're honor is because when it's perfect, we got to get the job done and get this done us A great Yeah. It's injury combination of, you know, scientists and then production crews as well. Yeah, I think there was some skepticism to because we were showing up and we were like a digital YouTube crew as well. And there's this whole thing with scheduling this. I was trying to schedule my wedding around this, but I didn't want to tell anybody about that because I knew the moment I said that everyone would freak out and Ashley was cool and we returned. But we're trying to nail down this shark dive date in the Bahamas, and it kept moving because there was, like, other YouTube Cruz. I'll just say that that were involved. And it was just a nightmare of trying to get all this stuff scheduled. Finally locked in, like, four weeks beforehand. And I could tell when we got out there that Luke was like we were from YouTube and he was like, very skeptical of us at first. And I remember after the first day you were like, this was actually like a real production crew that came out it really. You know, we had a kind of a bonding moment because he didn't know what to expect from us, and we didn't know what to expect from him. So we're out the on that shoot. We're out there for seven days of shooting my Snapchat, Siri's then with you guys thing with Mark Rover, then some other stuff and trying to fit it all around. I started with seven days to shoot one project, not with seven days to shoot five. So that's where I was like OK, bring him out and let's just get the job done S o I. And to be honest, we didn't have time to even figure out you guys working for you. I can bring him out. We'll get ready. We'll keep him safe. We'll get him back to show me. Oh, yeah, exactly. Well, the other two is like, I mean sharks. Don't you have a call sheet? You don't know who's gonna show up or if any sharks are gonna show up at all. So it's well, I was talking with the crew and they said, Yes, sometimes we'll do stuff and it's like we'll be out of four days hoping to get what you guys got in a single day. Totally. Yeah, I was out there. Um, it's probably 10 years ago now shot a commercial for Gillette. Andi was a kinda interesting concept about cutting himself underwater and sharks coming in smelling a drop of blood. Actually, they use that trophy in it. Actually, it's kind of funny. Um, but yet we're out there. I think we scheduled for about seven or eight days of shooting, and we thought that that was a decent safety window. We got like, the edge of a hurricane came through and blew us up for a few days. And we got out there and there was no shocks, no sharks for, like, four or five days. We'll the executive producer of freaking out. I had one guy go back to land, call up a bunch of people from universities, come back out to sea and tell me everything that I was doing wrong about attracting sharks Here. He was overnight expert complaint Dick. It was just It was just how that type of shoot happened. Sometimes you get skunked and you get the weather and everything came together on the very last day and not a word of a lie. We got the shoot done in its entirety in about 40 minutes. On the very last day of the shoot, which had worked everything along with the animals have got everything. It was great. Yeah. Andi want a bunch of awards and was fantastic. But what goes into doing these open ocean and environment styled shoots is just incredible. Yeah, you know what I mean? Your divers and Moondog, as soon is like they could see some of the shapes in the water. They were down. They were going up and down in the water right away. Yeah, and I went down there to give them some food. Keep him around because we know that inevitably, things take longer than you want. That's the crazy thing. It's and I feel like you're talking about. This has been a while since I've been on the show. Ah, but that was one of the things I asked the crew on the amazing race because they go to so many different places. And for one of our episodes, we went to this top of the mountain and the Southern Alps in France. And the next day, as we were leaving, it was we were worried We're gonna leave because the blizzard was coming in. I made a comment to one of the crew said. Well, it's luckily. Luckily, the blizzard didn't hit yesterday when we were on the top of the mountain because there was a lot tougher and he just it was almost like they don't talk about it. But he told me that they have this incredible lucky streak of never having to cancel, and you think about stuff that they do. They they go to all these random locations, whether all that they never have to cancel. I think said they've had to rearrange one shoot one time. They always have a contingency plan for something else. But in 28 seasons they've only had to reschedule one time because of like a monsoon in Southeastern Crazy. It's like a like a perfect, like pitching a no hitter and, like they just don't talk about it. They shouldn't have said anything. Tonto Way had just had their blizzard, so maybe they were feeling safe. Yeah, after that one. Yeah, that's about the crazy record, but it's like I have so much respect for that crew because, you know, they go all over the world all these different conditions and massive field cameras like this massive news field. Can they run? They were backwards, you know? And it's like and they weigh, were got in shape to do it. And then when we're running down the street in Colombia and our camera guy goes, where you going? I said, we're gonna go to two blocks down, take a right because I'll see you down there. He just takes his camera, puts it down like this and just puts in a different gear that we just don't have and takes off. Any meets us down in that corner as we turn the corner, it's time to get the shot instead of running backwards. Why doesn't he mount the camera backwards? And have you Don't I don't think it s l ours. I mean, you know, they're working with these massive 40 pound field cams, your crew, same way. It's like, you know that it's their element. It's like everybody out there knew their job was like, dedicated to it. It's like we had that I felt completely they felt completely trustworthy at every moment. To meet the guy with the underworld camera was Tom Tom. Come what legend that goes, I got the champion. What do you do it? Just like the coolest like really quiet. So off. Funny, I need to get all these amazing underwater. It was The underwater camera is, uh is that an order cameraman? He's like the most interesting man in the world. He's in his fifties. Looks like he's in his thirties. Yeah, I couldn't I couldn't have guessed. That guy's continue. He runs marathons. He's fit as hell. He's been like marooned on an island for a month. That level well, like third eggs and stuff like he's he's been all over the world. He's one of these guys. He won't tell you anything. But then, if you ask him something, yeah, I did that once. Had this one experience where I was bound like treasure or something. It is pretty incredible. Yeah, I'm a huge camera nerd. So I was just watching him assemble his shoving his red camera like there's an issue with his two here to take something off someone else's red and shove it in on his and then put that in the house. And I was just asking questions about Kit and fascinating. How hard was your dick. Hey, but it was a conflict. Fourth generation Dixon a domesticated. There was a moment, though. There was a moment when I kind of, ah, generic harmless conversation got really serious where it was we had to do a test dive. Michael Gavin had to show you demonstrate to you they went to training is on the show. They go to training to be certified scuba diving. But then Luc what? You wanted to make sure like you actually communicated with the instructors beforehand told her specific skills you wanted them to have. And then we had When we first showed up, we did a test. I've another part which is really cool was a shipwreck and everything. Anyway, after we got up from that dive, Michael made the column like a really offhand comment Where he goes, he goes, You guys ever find buried treasure out here or anything like that and everybody who got really serious never site what he asked that you like. Do they know where treasure? I was like, this crew actually know where treasure is because they all got, like, really serious about it. There's some tragedy we found out there for sure. Good. No kidding. Yeah, you have to get salvage rights, and that's a homing thing, but yeah, people who know about it don't talk about that much of a gun. Found treasure. Yes, but it actually comes down to who owns it. So if you're talking about Spanish galleon treasure, it's often the case that the Spanish government will claim it. Okay, to say it out, then freeze. And they want they'll have a claim to as things go out national national title or something. So why would you have a riff for 500 years ago That what the problem is, you could not report it, But then if you don't have the Providence off being out to say it was from this shipwreck, then it's worth like 1/20 of what It's well that I get from like, Right. So if you were gonna convert it, you have a book down My golden gets out of it. Well, then it loses all its head. Well, it's a monetary about this gold. Yeah, it's more balance. The old going off Spanish galleons was in the same equivalent weight. So you're so gold is worth more than its weight in gold when it's when it's crushed into a really old penny. Very cool. Is there any movie that's out there that is actually accurate with sharks where you saw it? Or treasure hunting? Because I was thinking there was, um, James Caan movie. I think maybe Jessica Alba and it was like I had to find a cannon that had or something that had the name of the ship on it, and then it was theirs. That's what I remember from that movie. But it's like anything. There was a lot of mistakes about deep Blue Sea. The shark turned the oven on of all the schlocky, silly movies that is spent good. Well, yeah, I love the concept of it. It's like they're not trying to say that sharks like these monsters that, you know, there's this shark that's just gone rogue and is gonna come and eat you on everything else. They're saying, Hey, we're taking this predator and we're increasing its capacity. We're making its brain bigger and doing everything, and then they get eaten. That's awesome on. I just love how everybody in that movie dies. Everyone who traditionally would rule Jackson are no spoiler for 105 year old movie, right? L l Cool J die, doesn't he? Makes it get out of that. Yeah, the tough shot guy dead. It's awesome. I love that. The guy who's giving the big, rousing speech in the middle of the road in the most ridiculous possible way too. So there's nothing that comes to mind for, like an accurate shark Movie Documentaries? Yeah. Massive, like, larger than possible sharks. Yeah. I mean, you gotta, um, play off of people's terror. I mean, if you could look at some of the things like, uh, like the wreck of Indianapolis, where a bunch of people go, Yeah, that was That's pretty rial. I mean, that that happened, that wasn't really playing off of sharks being monsters. That's just that's a riel scenario that happen. Well, terrific Navy U S. Navy training film where they were training, the life had life. Raft in training is the sharks approach. They would slap the water with Rovers thio scare the sharks away, and that's the advice they were giving. Whereas you were like do not make any sounds on the top of the water or struggling. Sounds different. Different scenarios. I mean, if you're if you're creating a, um, attraction to the shock which could be frantic splashing around, you know, you're bringing the shock up to look in that particular case you're talking about, you know, a very dynamic environment that's probably full of blood and guts and gore and some, you know, human bodies and stuff that's floating around. Yeah, At that point, the shocks just switched on. They're gonna buy anything. So, you know, slept the water with always hit the shocks and head whatever you can do to get him away. The nine nightmares, That clip of the shark. I don't know what kind of shark it is. It's just gnawing on a pontoon boat. And then you see the pontoon like deflate O holy God, I would just be so, so worried at that point. I'm I'm not. I'm not a big guinea. My fun of my favorite clips of all time is the lady who is in Washington say that she was in like Puget Sound and she calls 911 on a whale. Have you seen that? Was it? It was an infusion center. Was it like Southern California was like San Diego or something. I want to see the Pacific Northwest. But it does. It was right. You're a middle aged American lady and she's calling 911 And the dad is like trying to get everyone to appreciate. The whale is right there, every none of her on camera but off camera freaking out. And this lady starts calling 911 dot c, asking them to Dio. She's like, Yes, we're here, Bubba, Blah! And there's three whales under our boat and they're not leaving. And everyone's like, What? Land police. They're not the C police. You're the water. There's whales building Coast Guard dummy. What did you see the recent discovery of the 400 year old shark or something? That's a clip of it. I think they determined how old the shark waas. It wasn't that the shock was new, Okay? It was new to science that they were able to date how old the actual shock was. Nothing looks amazing as Ah, Greenland Shock Rock wanted. It was like up north Greenland shark get. I think that's the oldest has been recorded. Eso way. We don't know the answer. We're the wrong speed. So incredibly looking animal with a very slow metabolism, lives in very cold water. Um, it doesn't have a lot of predators. Yeah, and able to live for a very, very long time. Lucky guy like it's up to. The humans had trouble sailing up in that part of the world for a very long time. So you're talking about a shark that was probably born. Not that long after Christopher Columbus landed in North America, he sank a couple of crazy thio. Put in perspective like human history, a lot of walrus and seal me read this thing. Reminder in this absolutely see podcast is also brought to buy honey. The easiest way to save money when you're shopping online. Online shopping before honey was stressful. Seeing the promo code box that check out stressed me out. I'm sure it's just everyone out. Type something in there. Is there a code snowing? 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That's joined honey dot com slash rooster Thanksgiving honey for sponsoring this episode of the wrister Teeth podcast. Um, so one of the things that we've been fascinated by here you said we do. We talk about social media a lot, and we've been kind of fascinated with Tic tac Onda rise of tic tac in happily it social media. Theo, the company that makes tick talk, is making their own mobile phone. Okay, It's like I don't see how you make that leap It's like they're a software platform. It should be called tick talk, but spelled t a Okay, that's good. That's really good. I shouldn't have said that out loud. They're gonna steal my ideas, you know? Probably not really use it. Crap idea. Yeah. Amazon did the same thing. Abandoned it in less than a year. Instagram making a camera? I guess so. I kind of like that, though, Howard. But you could hit a button to go immediately to your candle. That branding makes a tic Tic tac making a phone. I don't understand the branding correlation other than it's an app on your phone. Oh, tech talk comes preinstalled on this phone. Well, if they're also making it with it doesn't need an APP store. And it has a specific set of, you know, functions that are gonna be relevant to the tic tac audience. Like what? Would it be amazing to hear that the tic tac phone doesn't have any voice call features. That's like a tic tac outlet. Yeah, it's just like it just has messaging. It just has tic tac on it. But I've grown. I don't know. That's a question. I got a special exclusive filters or features on the Chick Tac phone. You couldn't get in the tic tac app if you didn't have the phone. It's fair to say 13 years old. You might start using tic Tac, maybe even younger. And it's like you by your first phone and the kids like I want to take that phone. I want to take that phone. Parents, parents gonna be buying their kid a phone. We'll probably do that. And if they can make it cheaper than what I phone her, uh, you know, I don't like telephone. Part of the phone is the most dangerous part. Animal. Not dangerous, Just not necessary. You know, why not just eliminate it? And if they don't have to have, like a service network, I think about this. I don't know. I just I could see it. I could see them doing something different. They probably won't probably just, you know, license left Your sister? Yeah, something like that one. And chat said Instagram did make a camera, but I have never know that the maid Instagram sunglasses, you know, they make snap chest stopped somewhere else, as I might Yeah, more than calling inspector socials I kind of like him upset like a our stuff Next time it comes around like the Google glass stuff. I don't goof on it so much next time because if we can all get actually that technology to the point where we have in our everyday life that we be amazing, I think that the tech isn't still there. It's still too bulky and limited. We are. I think, that you're right now, but I think that we've seen really good advances. I think the newer iterations of hollow lens have fixed a lot of that, and I think maybe it's still not quite there. But maybe in the next four or five years we'll get to a point where you could actually use it in every day. Also, being a mainstream consumer product can really evolve the technology quickly. You go back 10 years. It's amazing what phones were like 10 years ago. They were they were garbage. I mean, smart phones aren't even like, what, eight years? Well, the iPhone came out No. Seven. Yeah. I mean, you go back to, like, stuff like Palm pilots and things like that, but that was like mid 2000 early 2000 BlackBerry nighties. I wanted a Palm Pilot so bad black berry e. I know they had only had to learn a whole like writing language is like these little glitz in order to be able to write on your Palm Pilot. Look, we're very old. So there was a thing recently. Ah, mean, that was going around where they had a bunch of different cell phones. And there's, like, pick the one. I think I saw you respond to it. Like picked what? Your first phone. Waas. Oh, mine was a mind wasn't on their mind. Wasn't on there either. Yeah, like earlier than all of them. No mind was that they had once, we were like the brick car phones from the eighties. Mama's a Nokia 30. Doesn't lgbt flip phone? Mine had a bag. What was mine had a bag with an antenna and it was all battery. Wait about seven pounds. My dad a car phone. I remember at the time thinking how cool that would know it was cool. I was allowed to play with any time picking up. Yeah. Yeah, well, I tend to be on the phone in the summer. Amazing my dad's, um when I was really young, he got in your car and it was the first guy. I have a scene where you could control the volume from the steering wheel, and he would just lie and be like, Look, you just do this and it turns the volume He was secretly like turning up the volume. And now BMW has a feature where you could do this with your hand and it turns the volume. Well, I do that really do that kind of stuff to my kids all the time. I hate to lie to him, but it's so funny, like we'll be walking through the car parking lot and I have my remote for my car in my hands. If you double tap the back of the trunk button, it opens the trunk but will be about 40 feet away from the car and go vehicle open trunk. And then I just hit the button and opens. And so next time, like Teddy doesn't tell the Carter Open. Next time we're out somewhere in the hills, like be sitting there, yelling a vehicle to copy your voice, just like you. He gives up almost immediately and I end up, I'm sure that'll be a real thing. Eventually have talking to your car will be a thing or talking to your phone to talk to the car or we deport what nobody goes to the grocery store anymore, because it's all service based everywhere in your world. In Austin, we have all these tests. Service is for, like, every possible delivery service. You could imagine that she liked that. I live in Bend, Oregon, and we don't We're just starting to get like, we just go over lost you. Really? Yeah, it's a nice idea, like Little Mountain Town, but it's something like 100,000 people, so it's not a lot. I saw story in Bend, Oregon, earlier today. This kid, this teenage kid was running away from the police. I think he was shoplifting or something. Yeah, and he hit in a trash can. Yeah, there was like a family's trash can out in front, and you could see like they have home security camera. You see this kid running by and just hops in a trash can. The person who uploaded it wrote The trash can was full of dirty diapers and cat litter. Hey, 30 minute hides in the 30 minutes after he hops in the 10 seconds later, a police officer comes by. He's like other kids. I quit that kid run off, You're going to go get eyes in there for 30 minutes and then hopped up and you can see on his back. He's like, sweaty. Oh, that's Ah, it's a kind of town where people get really upset that their cars get broken into because I left it unlocked overnight, right? You know, people still leave their doors open. It's not. It's kind of that that world that starting to catch up, it's unfortunate. But, you know, I'd like to have a food delivery service. You know, it's nice. It's pretty nuts here. It's like there's something for everything that we also have those you probably have those electric scooters littering the know kept him out like that. It's one of those things where it would be fun to have, but I'd be over immediately because we're a tourist town. So tourists come in and they just trash of men and they run into each other, and it's a small town all over the streets. It's actually good thing if it eliminates vehicles on the road and they try to be objective about it, it's just that it's not the scooters. It's the people because they just throw the memory on this side. Yeah, that's how the trial of them straight out you won't wait if you think it's bad here, go to Nashville because that is like super tourist town. People are just like diagonally driving in the streets, going down the wrong way on one way, streets going all the lake. It's insane. I saw video today of a guy riding one of those scooters on the freeway in Dallas. God, that he's in the far left lane lane and then, like a chicken, is a blind spot when it goes over across all lanes of traffic to exit. And the guy recording was driving, too. It's like everyone's doing that wrong. No one's doing anything right in the video, but yeah, I can't imagine. Thank you. Yeah, this thing that goes, at most 15 miles an hour, get enough on the freeway with, like, multi ton vehicles zooming around me full. We're getting kind of close in here. Want to talk about one more thing that I'm doing tomorrow. Um, for those of you who are familiar with the counter the vlog brothers, I'm going to be having a night on stage tomorrow with Hank Green to celebrate the release of the paperback edition of his novel. Uh, and the cool thing about it is it's hearing Austin. I'm actually not sure if there's tickets left still available for the live event, But it's gonna be in partnership with Alamo Drafthouse, and it's gonna be simulcast to, I think, almost every city where Alamo has a theater. So I don't know. All those cities are the top my head right now. But if you can go if you live in a city that has an Alamo Drafthouse Ah, and you want to see an evening with Bernie Burns and hang Green, check your local Alamo listings or you can take a draft house dot com get drafted. They had Alamo Drafthouse to come for a while, but then I think they finally bought Drafthouse. Yeah, that was a while ago drafthouse dot com. That's tomorrow night, but we India tour. We should do a tour because we talked about this before because Grace and maybe you're doing a tour for their podcast. And I'm doing this thing tomorrow. I'm thinking it's like, Should we do a podcast tour? Was that is that something you think people would like? Barbara immediately, Like, checks your phone of like, I'm I can't go to this. I would like Teoh. You wanna be gone like another night? A week? Barbara goes toe looks So many conventions in the summer. It's kind of crazy. Well, I was just looking to see where they were at next. I think they're in. You said Seattle this weekend. I don't know where they are this weekend. They just did your Phoenix. I think you could check. Like Grace. Is Twitter, right? I would love. Yeah, she expects. Great way to do it. You're everything they post about. Those live there. Make it okay. Where do you want to go? Everywhere in Florida and then the Bahamas again. We want to relive our trip. They're no. Well, I mean, the team owner guys did Ah, the Australian tour. And that did really, really well, you and Oregon. Great times. Close way. Get hide in the trash can like snowboarding. You think if we if we did a tour, people would come. People buy tickets. People come see us on tour. Wow, I think I can. Producer of the show. I'm saying I'm very optimistic. I want to know that That's I'm asking a question like, if you really think that let us know. Because if I could take that and go Hey, let's do this. And we have backing then, like, let's make it happen. Well, Jesus, Eric, you said on so enthusiastic about how I'm not buying a ticket right now and free, uh, stay with everyone area getting greedy. We could do that. Yeah, way. All right, well, don't forget also, uh, the immersion episode immersion Shark Week is gonna be on Discovery Channel this Saturday, August 3rd at 9 p.m. Eastern eight PM Central. Check your local listings. Also, just go ahead and program it into your DVR. If you can just do it right now that ah, last night I looked it up program because that counts go over to your friend's house and your parent's house in your uncle's house and all that stuff program into their DVRs. Well, why not? It's always fun to practice that kind of a thing. Everyone's saying, Yes, we would go on tour Everybody watches the Discovery Channel episode of Immersion. We will no longer tour. We're gonna do like a six month tour. No you six month world tour. Let's do off all 50 states. 50 weeks. Let's let's not go crazy with the promising. It's not crazy. Let's do todo Houston, Dallas, Texas Tool. That was stage for way direction. It would be fun. I think I would enjoy that. We should. We should look into doing this 10 to money. That seems like a lot. That's a lot. We'll figure it. Eight. We'll figure it out. I'm gonna see how many graces doing, right? I mean, she there are, like, your opinion here is like, If Grace can do it, we can do it. I want to see. Like she's got it figured out, right? Sure. Did it take you a bunch of live shows like the legwork leech off for her way? Nowhere for a reason. I can't find it. I see it here on her twitter. I don't see. I don't see all the dates. Oh, but look out. Look. Any other shows that you want to talk about that. We're gonna be undiscovered for Shark Week this week. Uh, not of mine. Okay, I got one with you guys. Don't throw things on Snapchat serious if they want to check out Shark Week on Shark Week on Snapchat Emcee, hand him the recent video. Yeah, we put that one up. I think that's so on. Discovery goes YouTube on Discovery goes channel M C hammer. As where can people find you on social media? Uh, I suck it social media. So I'm, uh I'm a follower of your instagram. I tell you, I think you're one of the few. It's actually kind of funny because the people I work for kept telling me I need to do better on social media, So I'm gonna try that for me at Luke Tipple on Instagram. That's it. That's all I'm gonna be. One of the things I love about Luke, too, is like when he talks about his entertainment here. Scientist first. And we just talked a lot. He had started because, Well, it was a science consultant. And then they eventually started pointing the camera at me and told me I had a camera that's graced in game shows and doing all times it would start. That's how I started here. Yes, very fortunate. Have funnel along the way. Yeah, well, I got to say thanks again to you and your crew for keeping us safe while we were out there. Clearly everyone survived. You'll have to tune in to see exactly how close we came to Not surviving Male. But thank you, Luke. And thanks for coming out. Yeah. Thank you, guys. Next time, watch a show up there.