#556 - Mush vs Burnie's New Baby

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss driving, pizza sphere aftermath, calories and pounds, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-08-06 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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    "vegetable oil"
    "mush the cat"
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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 556. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com Theo. First rectal canal will come to the protest this week. Brought to you by smile Direct Club and express the PM I'm going. I'm Gavin fired, Remember? I'm Gus. All right, we have two sponsors. We have tough times. Podcast department. What's going on? That's more like the sales department. Um, I saw something in which they saw something that annoyed me earlier today. You want you how, when you're driving into state Tried, you know, specifically on there's that road here that you drive into in front of stage five. I'm here to work on this. We're on the road. There's been a perpetual confusion because of that roundabout. That's like a little a few blocks down. And now they have signs up along the street. That's what No sense he's around about it. No, it's comical every time I go to there and now they have signs on the street there. Say, like, do you have ideas? How to fix this street text 311 or call 311 start. They don't know how to fix it. They're like they're outsourcing ideas for how to figure around, Not the Roundabout. Between here and the Roundabout, there's two different traffic signs that say, Any ideas how to fix the 51st Street called 311 So they saying the Roundabout, the runabout didn't work out? I don't know what they're saying. You have people going on the roundabout and then they stop on it or they like they're in the lane where they can't exit. So they stop to try to change in six. It's around about Yeah, you can just keep going and get the second chances on the outside lane is ecstatic next, So if you're on the inside, you could take that. You could just go over on the next, talking about some of this weekend, who they're around about near their apartment. And they said they were trying to cross the street at this roundabout, and some woman decided she would try going the opposite direction in the roundabout. Guess you probably need to go left because she wanted. Yeah, she didn't really understand how they just keep going in circles I saw the other day, I was driving here to work. I saw someone do that on my dash cam, come into the roundabout and then, like, you know, you think it tries to right you to the right. They come to the right, and then they just like to start trying to turn left against traffic. I don't know how you think that is the correct thing to do it. You can't make that turn. So they got stuck. And then they have to do like that Austin Powers thing where they're going back and forth forever. So what? Everyone is stuck in the friend you just know. Learn that in this country no roundabouts are not common here. I'm sure there's people who live in places, cities that do have roundabouts. We have very few in Austin. Yeah, usually like really tiny residential. That, because that's like a real roundabout in residence neighborhoods in tiny residential neighborhoods where there's no room to have a roundabout. That's where we have roundabouts in Austin. I understand what it's pretty strange, just so good. It means you have to stop a light when no one's going, but you do, because everyone just hits that fucking circle and they'll stop behind a guy in the left lane trying it on the road about coming here. And I was like, it was long enough to where it's like, Go. Okay. All right. Now. Okay, now go. How much? It was enough to meet. I pulled around on the right and just went, you know, just because I get sick of it, I was in the same situation that I honked at someone and they flip me off. Yeah, You have so many chances to go. That is my pet peeve. When someone fucks up in front of you, you honk at them and they flip you up. It's like I'm I don't know that. So they think you're the also. It's just no one learns from the situation. There's no rear honk. That's why you haven't Gavin about the car would make a rear hunk of two hearts like, hey, honk and fucker hug. So it's like a lift like and I think the double honk is What did you do? The double honk? No, I laid into it because they should've gone. They had so many chances, wasn't Hey, go. It's fucker move. I met Dan and Gap for lunch just recently, and there's like a little restaurant that's been in office forever, and it's got a little bit of parking lot for us. The Hyde Park Bar Grill. So I had a little bit of parking in the front of the place. And then there's this narrow like alleyways Street that goes around the side of it to the back where there's even more narrow markers. Dumpster parking. Yeah, you pardoned by the Dumpster, But somebody had just parked their car in that narrow alleyway and the door was open and it was clear they were up in there doing something. And so I pulled up then and gather waiting in front of the restaurant. And I'm just waiting there behind this car because I assume the person about to come back and Gap just goes, Yeah, I'm just goes. So you used to sit here. You're gonna like you're not gonna talk for this person. As soon as he said that I just went. I just held my horn and stared a gap. He held it down so low I had time to be like I turned around and walked away. And you just like on the bus comes out like All right, I think. Wait thing has a date for a second. Did you just get going? Held onto it? I enjoyed it. I will do that in traffic to where it was like a 12th. Honk if I'm going. I see something happening on the other side of the street. I honk even though I'm not involved. I know they can't tell where the hawk comes from. The other thing I do, when there's a bunch of people around and nobody's going, I will just put my hand down below the windshield like the bottom, the horn Hold it in, honk And then I go like this. I look around, I see. Oh, Stealth! Honk. How much of your life do you think you have wasted a red light? A four way crossed with a thing driving intersection where no one is going And you just sat at the red light and no car is going through And just be going. If it was around about how much of your life total? Do you think of ways to do that? Uh, yeah. Significant. Specially like late at night when she heard the only way you can clearly see or quit your It's late at night and there's the light's green, but it's a red arrow and you're at the Red Arrow. I don't believe in the Red Arrow way going left. You're going right. Going left. Okay, there's a red, uh, ways to fix 51st Street. Now that I know about the sign, I'm gonna text him, get rid of the right red arrow. Why did they have a right reading? Confuses everyone because you're about to turn right on a red, typically right. But people are like, Does that mean I am not election right on the right? If it's a red arrow pointing in this intersection is a T intersection, you can only go right or left, right? And then they have a red arrow, two of them to read left and one red right. They have a red one going left and then a two reds going for a list of two lanes going right. Here's a list of stuff you should do in a red light. Nothing. It's red light. It means don't go anyway. The fact that you can drive forwards and go on a red light doesn't make any sense to me. I took a left on a red onto a one way from a one way to we're allowed to do that. Are you think everyone just kind of make it on a red light turn left from a one way onto a one way. But that's the only exception If the one way goes left. Obviously. Yeah, We're talking about America, not Is there a lot? You're really driving? That's actually means do nothing. Like, just stop. Stop. I would say red line where there's no red light if you're in a go straight or turn left lane. Yeah, there's no Yeah, I think like a red light. When you're left turn lane, you can't do anything. Yeah, And then once again, it's like a contextual toe. What you are also ready doesn't mean stop. They just put up a green yield on green. Now they put up a blinking yellow. I think it's a better do you? Yeah. Okay. Blinking yellow cement Airport in 51st. This would change my mind about that. That that Intersections. Fucking nightmare. People going straight into the left turn lane. What you're saying this Green Channel? Well, sometimes you don't go. Yeah, we're left. Turn. You have a solid green green arrow. Then you can go. Yeah, well, that's what I make it When you learn to drive the wilderness die. This is probably why I shouldn't lead to drive, because I just be so damn, I just really You haven't picked up any of this getting the color. You know, the term intersection. I know what I'm in the car. And that's a red light. No one's going like what we wait for hot your home. Why is it red? I thought they reminded me of two different things. Remember the sketch comedy show that you like on Netflix with? Was it? I think you should leave. I think you should leave. The first episode of that is a guy who pushes the wrong way on a door and won't give up on it. And he ends up just like pulling the open this way the other day. Yeah, like no, just pushing. He's like, No, no. It opens both ways. And then he ends up like tearing the door of the And then I saw the day in traffic a car that had one of those like flip up cosmetic mirrors. But it was The door was hanging down and light was on, and it was like the most annoying thing for someone not to fix in the car, because it's like swinging and there's a light on it, like the light was on the door for some reason, and it was like swing around. It's like this light was just swinging their car, I guess I assumed it had been like that for months, and they just refuse to fix it, but reminded me of those two things. When I was in high school, a friend of mine had like a fairly new car. It was like kids my age didn't get new cars. This was like one owner was a year old was amazing and, ah, one of my other friends just in the front seat, the pastor seat and the guy was showing off and showed how he had a lighted cosmetic mirror. And he goes years. One has 12 on the visor and the guy opens it and he, like, grabs the hinge of the top starts pulling, and he's like no, the other way and then he goes other way. Others, others other side, other side. It goes to the right side and start pulling on that side and just know you're pulling from the wrong direction because no, I'm not any room so stubborn. It was one of six words like It's your fault. It's not my fault. You didn't tell me how to do it. Your stupid cards got a CD were Oh my God. This reminds me of something I did in the Arctic comedy group. I don't think any of you were there for it, though. We were playing this game and start to life. Now we're trying to make each other lof and one of the bits I did that got cut from the video. I was holding a banana and two oranges and making like gesture that it was a Penis. And the banana I had was like curled upwards. And I had the two oranges on top of the banana and everyone had a mouthful of water. So when I was doing it everywhere I go 00 it was like, Oh, so we just turned the banana upside down. So it was now curving down But apparently they were trying to tell me to put the balls underneath oven, and I didn't realize that they're trying to say And I was like, What am I doing wrong? Just Trevor have some sort of medical. She's that you've seen him from that Everything get confused. So it's true. It's all relative because the bulls are You're you're used to balls before. Yeah, you are a thief. Use the ad reads, to get out of, like, bad jokes or awkward moment use, The ad reads. When I'm done with conversation, Wait. There's two approaches either done with conversation or I feel like it's a good, strong continuation that could happen After that. I I have a conversation. I can stop. Wait, What a great thing for Gavin Harris. How about this? Pieces fit O ano Eric has been getting it. He's been getting hammered. Get it from the incident. Thank you for making the pizza Fear. It was perfect. And it was incredible. Eric, you keep referencing something from 2010. What are you talking about? Like when you were working with Mega 64. What was the problem in 2010? What do you mean, you keep. I see this. You referencing this? It's like this reminds me of blow into the house. Oh, yeah. So this is what I keep saying about like, Oh, Bernie wants the chat on the set and everything right? That's cool. I disagree fundamentally, because because I don't feel that what is being offered here from that is helpful in any way, shape or form. Really beat around the bush. What? What the chat has to offer is not helpful. Uh, and I would say the same for most comments that you see around the Internet. What? What did people say about your pieces fit? There isn't vegan friendly Dick, I said, We're not in Texas. So I know now if I want to talk to one Really Monkey said that to vegan friendly dick, don't you? Chet works. So let me first say, Eric, why? I was bitching at you last week because it was the olives. That way. There's always an end. It was disgusting. I feel very bad about B. I was unaware of the internal structure of what you'd cross. You could have cut it open, Gavin. If only he had explained that on the podcast before we ate it. Barbara is using a sarcastic tone to indicate that he did. Indeed. I'm glad you said that because I don't think people would have picked up for audio. Can't sit still. I did just I did it with only two sponsors. We have so much fun. To be honest, be honest. I wasn't expecting it to be wrapped externally. Overall, the internals. I was also expecting to be one giant piece of fair. That's why I was a bit a little bit of individual may be one giant pitcher. You're saying its layers. You You're You said thank you. Wait. What you yelling at me about? You expect it to be one giant sphere? It was one giant sphere. I think he meant not. Individuals are each person on the planet. You were original conversation. The middle, the biggest party looking 14 inch pizza. The hubris of man is thinking that you can get that large and still have some kind of structure is gonna fall apart. Well, that would be 76 jam through it or something. Why would you put Nick's? No, this is a full on thing. Hates us. Finally, Porter Yeah, but it should have been like a glow. So what about let Christine e Well, don't ever don't Don't put toothpicks or sticks, you stale bread sticks. I, uh, don't know through your Yeah, this is actually I'm cringing over here thinking about this friend of mine Had a story that they bought a like some kind of like stack books. Like Harry Potter birthday cake for their little brother. Never. Oh, God. Thinking. And someone shoved his face in a like a stick. Like didn't go into his Facebook scrape The shit out of it was actually was like wooden dowels. And they're holding the booth. And a friend's father actually ate a club sandwich and the toothpick was still in there. They didn't know because it was like between the bread, enough where it was covering it. And it, like, punctured something in their throat throat because I swallowed swallowed no sticks in the pizzas. Fear? No, it's just really edible. Serik, will you back down? If I successfully create my version of the Yes, that will never happen. Yes. Yeah. I mean, absolutely. How day will not do that way had a steak off, and you made a big Mac. I did. Extra was more. Kevin made this. I don't believe that. I think you got a safe bet going here. Do it. I would love to see the giant pizza sphere. What I did was what What you said layers from middle out. Yeah, too. The same size around. And then I covered it with an even bigger pizza. Honestly, I was mad about yours until I took a bite and it was fantastic. You go back and watch that episode, Luke tipple, takes bites, puts it down, continues the conversation and then starts. Kind of like, Okay. And then he Oh, he liked it so much. I gained seven pounds. That night is a good we'll think about how much pizza you ate because it was like it was like nine pizzas wrapped in one giant Pete. Did you do a video of making him? I think Do we record stuff here? I think we recorded some stuff for you. We talked about this. Is it possible? It's like if I eat, can I eat something? That's a pound. And I gained two pounds from it. Is this something that could be so calorie? dense that I can gain more weight than the weight of the body creates new matter. So I'm asking this scientifically countess 3500 calories. If something is 7000 calories is that two pounds? But then he would have eaten two pounds well and also your drinking water at the same time so you can use store water in fat cells. This is my nutritional. Your mom's a nutritionist, right? She's really ask this question for us. Call your mom. You want to stay in here. It's like you said otherwise there would be diets where you just weigh your food. I'm right. Aren't their diets that do that? Well, you have, like the amount that you can't get the calories based on the ounces that you ate. That's a little bit of calories in calories. Out. I've never heard someone like I'm on the four pound diet. I can eat four pounds of anything today and I'm fine. Let's do this. Okay. What do you want? What you want before? By the way, said fine was like Sylvester the cat still e I feel like I have a word. Wonder how much the food I eat today wait. Like, what would be amount I'd be okay with and not be hungry. Is four pounds enough? So this got cut from the Shark week. Emergent lot. Can I go? Can I go back to the my room? Going todo ideas? Yes, e. I had to send you off with bad jokes. I got I got your back. Thank you. I think you'll be unnecessarily cruel, huh? And their criticism is not constructive. Just telling you that you're wrong about a theoretical thing that doesn't exist. But they're but they're wrong and saying that I'm wrong because I did it the way that it was intended. So, like, delete your comments, You're honestly way there's a sound board. Oh, have you not heard it? No, I can't have a conversation with Eric. Okay. Um hey, Eric. Hi. Uh, what are you doing? Mmm mmm. Mmm. Mmm. You know, uh, you having a good day? Yeah. What do you work on today? I really don't know. Perfect. Like, it's like you're in the room where you should have an answer from over. There s so there's a whole sand board. But, um, I think Jeff requested it for videos. We try to sound board years ago. It's like one of our favorite bits on Howard Stern. All of us who listen to it is there's a guy named Fred who's been with Howard forever, and he's fucking amazing. He's the king of that man. Hey, Scott, like even before, like, search engines were a thing like in the nineties like early nineties. He had, like, some kind of database that he could pull up in any context, like someone in the middle of telling a story and be right there with the sound effect. Just crazy. I tried it once, and I'm not thinking my mom, but it's fine. I think it's a give and take because we don't have anyone here. That's like Richard or South. We don't have anyone that's like that insane. So I think they give and take someone, have anyone that's like Freddie Good. Somebody can taste bear through the anus. Michael Jones is pretty fucking nuts. He's pretty fucking my mom says. Eating 3500 calories gains a pound. I get that, but with 3500 calories is what a pound of energy. So don't ask. I guess what I'm asking is Is there anything that contains more than 3500 calories in a pound of that thing? Like all of like if I ate a pound of cream butter? If you're a single stick of butter, milk is just calorie. You go to the store and you buy a single stick of butter. And a pound of pizza isn't like a thing of olive oil, like 18,000 calories a pound of butter with 3240 calories. What's that 32 58 calories in a pound of butter? So, really, you could just like way the food and that's it. You have to calculate how much food you, how much pounds you burn that what I like about this conversation is he sounds so smart and we just get back to calories. At some point, it all leads back to calories. How much pounds? How much pounds like What does that? What is the average person, like a five way? Let's say I weigh 200 pounds. What does what do I burn in a day? Pound wise? I could say they probably calorie wise, but then what does that mean per day per pound for pound of food. Just a pound. Like if a pound is equal to 3500 calories and I burned 7000 calories a day. That means I burned two pounds a day. Yeah, right. But that would have to be like you're I don't know if that applies. It's your net. Yeah, but that if you wait, only applies if you weighed two pounds a pound of olive oil 4000 calories. Oh, a pound of all. Yes. So if you drink a lot of oil pound of all three poundage, could you drink a pound of olive oil? I e don't think process calories and you're just like you. But I won't invent new fat from that. Surely he wouldn't become heavier from I don't think you could keep it down. I don't think I think I think he would throw it up. I don't even quietly passed on through. Now I don't even I don't think you could get enough down to equal that caliber way have Maur calories than olive oil. The Oreos Um, what's your John Ben voice out of the booth over there? John Benson from the design team. Just way also, just so Gus. Nobody heard him. The voice in the dark. Guess lead. What is the most dense calorie, dense liquid? Your pain cream? Scotty, Having one pound of crystal has 41 50 calories. 41 50. A pound of Crisco. Could you imagine, though, Uh oh. I could imagine deep fried Crisco would be the best. Oh, I see. I see. I guess I hate. And Cris goes. I think this, uh can they be our third sponsor? Can we advertised crystal for a radio? Have an advertising for Crisco? Yeah, the garbage. Clear fat. Come on. Indy hound. Yeah. Found a large is about the same amount of lords. Only 40 72 calories. A pound of Crisco has more calories than a pound of lard. I don't get this like, how can you take a vegetable? It's vegetable oil. Take a vegetable. What do you do to a vegetable To make it bad for you? Like 20,000 vegetables you were talking about today. We were talking about this earlier. Yeah, but like, I get what's in vegetable oil. What? Carrots. Too much of anything is bad for you. So if you get enough of it and condense it and compress it'll into oil. You think vegetable oil is made out of carrot? It's not a vegetable. What vegetable? And he think it's Carrie. Just take it for granted. We all have vegetable all the time. You know I deal with vegetable oil or vegetable fats are fat, extracted from seeds or less often other parts of fruits. That oil is for, Let's say, let's say, enjoy. It's not a banana peels off course. That's like going to a restaurant in ordering the ounce meat. It's too vague. Yeah, no information that who has just meat on the menu? We have. Ah, so I'm saying that's what it would be like. Vegetable. We have canola oil here to extract oil from plant components, typically seeds. So I guess they probably just squish seeds down to get the oil out of that makes sense. According to my mom, pure oil is most calorie dense, pure gasoline. You're right. Rock crude oil. So way to go. What's the canola? Rapeseed? That's what they call canola in the yellow s because they won't call it rapeseed oil. But they do call that in other places. Yeah. Are you saying grape rape rape. Rape seed. It's the thing, Rafe. You couldn't understand why they don't use the name. You're legally allowed to abort it in Alabama. Well, I'm going back to my room now. You're confused. Ryan and Jeremy with a rapeseed in a video. They're very confused. Europe. They just used the word in there just, like run through fields of rape. Right. So we have to hear Is it way? Double meetings? Yeah. Just because it's not a word that we use typically. Now we gotta canola oil, man, I speaking of high calorie food Way to go. I had a really strange interaction at a fast food restaurant today. I went to go to Burger over here. Not too far away from the office. What water burger? What a burger burger. What? I went there and I ordered the way. I always order the same thing. I was ordered and ordered the exact same way. Always order with no enlisting. I don't do the drive thru Get down, Get down! You walk up to the counter and I tell the person by the counter I want a number two with cheese and jalapenos and he goes, Do you want that Do you want that with? She's a painter, sir. You want a number two and she's in jalapeno. But I said, Wait a minute. He was serving cheese and Jalapeno said, I said, What does that mean? What's the difference? He was Well, one of them is the burger and everything on it. And then you add she's and jalapenos and other ones just a plain burger, which he's in. Jalapenos. Wait, What? And I said, Add it. He was OK. And the good thing is that with the order, everything's fine. So I sit down and wait for my order and I'm staying close to the register. I think that was really weird. I'm thinking about what he told me. I was shocked by brain, was still trying to process it, and I thought, Maybe he's just being very thorough. Maybe I'm the one who's misunderstanding here. No one's ever asked me this before, and then the woman who was in line behind me goes up to order, and I didn't hear the first part of her order. But I hear her say that she, whatever she ordered, she wanted it with extra mayo. The guy behind a counter goes, Well, that already has mayo on it. Do you want, like, more mail? A woman so slick does he not know, like, is he would not have training, but he's never been to a fast food restaurant. Just like, yeah, more Mayo was like Okay, yeah, it wasn't just me then. It was just a weird interaction. And I had the same thought you didn't like, has he Never ordered food? Yeah, at a fast food place. I want to go to this one of her. You know, you just try. Um, your answer was to that question, which would've been amazing was when he said, Do you want I can repeat the question. Do you want with Jesus elephants or do you want to add? She's in hell opinion. I would have said I want both of those. I want two burgers. Knows each one another. Like, what's the difference between those two tasks like, What's the difference? I think like if you order something that typically comes with, let's say lettuce and catch up, and you're like, I want a burger with cheese, and they're like So does that mean you want the latest ketchup and cheese or just the cheese on it. So it's like because some people ordered I want I would have said only or playing playing with this? Yeah, I still don't know what the options are. I don't know. I don't know either. It was so strange. I texted miles right afterwards was like, Do you understand this? I was, like texting him for help. Why? Miles y miles? I'm also fascinated by that. Why us? Miles and I both like what? A burger. Really? Uh, yeah, e. I went on this whole spiel. We talked about it, and that's exactly so. Yeah. The cashier asked. Do you want to add cheese and jalapenos to it, or do you want it with cheese and jalapenos? That was the exact phrasing. He used just to be a part of you. Erica, Listen, you have to get it to you here today. Slack. 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I just reach down and you're reading a teleprompter to like you Because I knew exactly where it was so I could grab it. You got my back. You want to get out, You take care of you. Use that smile directive. You feel like you need to straighten your teeth up. Um, I feel like minor release. Tribal. I was really fortunate in that when I was younger, I never had to wear braces I feel like I've really straight teeth, naturally races that forbids you can't recall that I feel like I knew you when you were eight years old and this'll brought flowers. That's a That's a smile. Direct right there. Dumbest is allergic to the flowers. Flowers are almost always toxic to cats that could probably kill it. That's why he's making that face. How do you describe his face to the audio listener is like doing a weird Merckx looks Photoshopped like his left eye is like I know it's probably like a split second that you look like that, but I like I like the idea of him just sat there like that way use that is the thumbnail for this. I'm really fine with that. With that cat lowered. Oh, I didn't I didn't the dumbest way possible. I took the photo and then screenshot it and it said that little white bark, but wait for things that just are you, you know. But what the down orientation is Is that this? Yes. If you're a portrait or landscape, it moves. You know what? It's just slide it up so you could get ready there. That's right. Yeah, Yeah, well, it's a side effect that where it is is what way up it is. But it's what this is using his orientation that we know. It's the exact same fucking thing. Dude, we're seeing the same thing. You really are right. But if I had a button on the bottom, my phone so I wouldn't be like this. But it's so I know which way up my phone is is because it's controlled. Have a physical button. Did you know where the physical button is all the time? It doesn't move. I don't even know what you guys are talking about. It's like that argument posted on Twitter, the oh my God, the bodybuilders arguing over how many days are in a week? I read through that, and it was like a little we could do a dramatic Ms. They were like reading a podcast argument. Let's you play one person. I'll play the other and see if Gabby, who Gavin agrees with Okay, so there's a guy who asked the question. Hey, I wanna work out, but I want to do a total body workout. I don't want to do like a split meeting. I don't want to different muscle groups. I want to do a full body workout and I wanna work out every other day. I understand that it's important to recover, rest and recover, but I want to work out every other day. Is that too much? I'll be the guy who responds first. Okay, guy response first has No, it's not too much because you know, you're working out an average of about three and 1/2 times per week and you're getting a day of rest between. That's totally fine what you're talking about every other day you're working out on Lee. Three days a week now. Four days, four days a week. Monday with Monday Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, right, four times a week. Not three and 1/2. You look at your calendar. Don't you know anything? That is the beginning of this argument. It goes on for fucking eight pages, about 20 post per page. So he doesn't. He's going back arguing about how many days are in a week because someday is something before some of the three. Yeah, but he said no, no motherfucker. Count it. It's Sunday. Monday. But there's a new week in there, right? Yeah, and the guy just refuses to acknowledge. So he's very clearly the loser in that conversation, right? Just doubles you, just not given Each settles down. He's like, How can you work out three and 1/2 times in a week? You can't do that. You gotta listen to seven days in a week. Go 30 years. I'll do it for you. You work out Sunday. You work out Tuesday. You work out Thursday, You work out Saturday. Okay, that's four days a week. Then the next week you work out. Monday, you work out Wednesday. You workout Friday and workout Sunday, 44 days every week. It would be like you're counting Sunday at the beginning, but wherever he feels like you wear the blue Sunday this Sunday, his metaphysical binky where they said, you're starting the week on Sunday in any on Sunday goes. That's how weeks work days. And it's incredible that goes on for like, eight pages, and it literally reads like a podcast. No forum like Bodybuilding Forum from 2008 or intercepted at any point. The people like like like like balancing it out like every now and then. There's a diagram with the calendar circling four days a week. Sounds like you guys. No, that was definitely an argument that we would have absolutely something that was weird. They're moving to the U. S. Is that Sunday is a day beginning on the calendar instead of Monday. I have mine configured to Monday my eyes in Sunday, the first day of the week, like universally not but in most parts of the world of Canada's like this The calendar. The first day on the counters Monday. So the weekend is the weekend. It's the last two days like almost every counter I've ever seen, including in Canada. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, even in software by default. It's normally like that I've changed mine on Monday, Just like scene. The work week started the left and be all flush. You probably have run into it, though. If you ever book like a train ticket in either Australia or in Europe there for an event, you can easily get fucked up because you're looking on Sunday and you're booking on Monday. It's very easy. Oh, the days in the months I had it the other way. Yeah, where, whether I expect the last s to be Sunday, but the s of the undecided, right? Not thinking that you fucked it up on that. I'm trying to think it's like we just dealt with, like with emerging coming out. We dealt with the whole time zone thing. I feel like the time something has actually gotten a little bit better. It used to be if you posted a time for anything everyone say, What is that? My time's up. Remember that it was all that was always the thing. What time is that? My time zone. You had to answer everybody specifically for their time zone. And a lot of you would say that without even telling you where the fuck they were, right? It was a general question. People always ask, What is that? My time's up. And now it's like, Did you feel like a link that everyone had to? It was like, This is almost like a mean You posted something and before you ask, here's the link. Two time zones all around the world. For this time it was, and I feel like you don't have to do that anymore. What is The problem, though, is like with international audiences like when you put something on TV somewhere, and it's like you just don't know what markets are gonna pick it up. And for whatever reason, Discovery UK did not air the immersion episode. And so everyone in UK had to find all these different solutions to go see it. And every time I found one to put it out there like a d M Peter Hayes, maybe like, check this thing for me, it doesn't work. Us seriously doesn't work. You're back. Good resource. Yeah, It's gonna have somebody you can like message stuff too. It's a check and see if this works. I think it aired at 11 o'clock Eastern in Canada. Same times. Didn't look. Yeah. Yeah. What is the fucking chance that two TV shows one of the same time? Same Naina, You gotta record record both. But I was just say we're talking about the pounds of food. We said this on the simulcast that we did because we had, like, chats a live broadcast live stream during the like, six or seven in a row. Ad breaks that happened on TV, You know where you like starting commercial breaking it last for five minutes down this love. That's crazy, man. It's crazy. It's It's funny cause it was like it was a good analysis of like that world that we came from, which were used to. A lot of people are so used to the way the online media world works now, where you put something on YouTube and it's globally visible unless it's like rights television network in the region locket. Also, it's like we're think if there's in a podcast or like a let's play. If there's like two ads in an hour and 1/2 long thing, it's fucking ridiculous. And what the fuck? There's two or three ads in this every fucking five minutes on TV. There's six or seven ads, and I used to watch an hour long program on TV. What 16 minutes events. It She has four more minutes, 33% adds basic, and it's not like it's free to get TV. Now we're paying for TV as well. Yeah, And then the episode came out, and it's like we recently went through a price change, retired the price change for first as a lot of discussion about that. And then the episode of Immersion comes out and it's 2 99 for that episode. Tow. Watch That and downloaded. It's like seems normal for TV, but it's like it's like it's totally different world from online. Completely different I've noticed on American TV. Well, at least when I had TV briefly for, like, five years ago. A show end and the name the next year starts immediately with no ads. Mmm, yeah. Guess what. So in america Yeah. Yeah, because that they want to get you going on the next programme in other countries, they block him at the end of the programming, right? Just yeah, there's like, tons of that's between shows like Get up going to a one C. What do you prefer? Like if you guys are watching TV, do you guess Gavin always prefers what he grew up with. All the ads at the top end. There's no preference to me. It's just I feel like you'd be more likely to end up watching the next show. It just rolled right into Yeah, you like it so much. 30 on me all the time. It's not a chance to jump off. There isn't just much day like I was reading a lot of stuff about immersion away. People were trying to access it and, you know, people who were really shocked by the ads. And then something like, Well, I bought the episode on iTunes, so there was no ads on it whatsoever. Like why I watched on the website and even on the website streaming it online. You get 10 minutes in and then here comes six or seven ads, and they were shocked by that. I had that when I watched ah, walking dead on the AMC player like years ago. It's like shock. It literally says, like you're watching Add two of eight or something like that. So it's a holy cow what I'm gonna do with my time. Uh, but it was interesting, and it's like I think that's the way we are right now. Like media. Not just what the kind of stuff we do but like video games as well. It's like the way that you get you either pay with time or you pay with money. That's that's the exchange, like like apex legends. Whenever they have cosmetics in there and people buy the cosmetics, it's like I don't know why. It's like they do this to see if thieves to people make fun of people who pay for cosmetics. It's like I can pay three bucks and get a cosmetic, or I can grind for six hours. The six hours versus $3 is such an easy proposition. To me, it's like I would absolutely, rather pay $3. I think it's also It also depends on your age, right to give you 100%. If you're an adult, you look at that time value proposition, whereas if you're younger and you know your time isn't, may be worth as much. That's the thing that you have. You have you in surplus, like you have more time than money when you're younger and you have more money than you have time when you're older. Usually that's like this. This is shift that happens. Of course, there's exceptions to all of that as well. But I feel like certainly as you get older, you you end up spending more money to save yourself time. Where have been the complete opposite growing up right what you would Yeah, it's the opposite and I know how it really translates to say, like something like Apex Legends I guess it keeps the game going cause you can always find a match like people who are in their kind paying with their time, you know, because the game is free. You can buy a battle past, but you don't have to. It's optional, you know. And so the people who just go in and play on the totally free layer, they keep that game going and there's a lot of them. But there's a small group of people who come in and don't have the time to do that. So they pay and get this stuff. Whether it's a battle pastor, they just pay out right for the coins and get it. You see if he's really thinking about us a lot to see if he's about to implement their store and I'm just like, just put it, I'll buy whatever honestly, you know, put it in there and I'll buy it. People are like, really like they do that thing where they're projecting how bad it's going to be in, like they're gonna do this thing could do that and, like rare has had to put out these statements. They put all these four rules that they have. I can read them to You want me to, but it's like they won't affect game play at all. Um, you know, they're still be cosmetics available to other people and even heard. Now they're only gonna put cosmetics that are license stuff, like the halo ship skins that they did. That's the kind of thing they're gonna put in the Emporium is It was going to call them like dams. Put it on there, you know, because I missed a couple different things, like I'm just some limited time events because I was working or I was out of town. It's like I couldn't do those things. They don't have the time. I didn't have the time, but I write because because I wanted something else. I have the money, and I'm happy to pay for it. But that seems cheap to people. A Zwiers that sounds, sounds. It's cheap to pay for it. It is weird that that's what I I really do enjoy the option to support the game there. Like I feel bad if I didn't play a ton of games playoff single play games a lot like 60 bucks. But the freeze play ones I never spent enough time in. But if I did, if I put like 100 hours into Apex, I would kind of want to spend 60 bucks on it. Yeah, Bernie, convince me Thio to spend some money on Apex just because I was playing so much as I'm enjoying Calculate your hours, right? Yeah, Yeah, I said that. So I feel it's like which pub? Gee, it had that. Like, I bought stuff in marketplace, but that doesn't go back toe pudgy, right? Well, I mean, you probably did it before they implemented the keys. And I don't like the key stuff. I don't like the living. That's the money going to pub G. I and I have paid that cause it's okay, but I would prefer to know what I'm getting. I would even prefer to pay Mme. Or to be able to buy. Know what I'm gonna buy? I don't like the whole, like find a box by a box by a key to open the box. It's like a lot of transactions for stuff that but the way apex works, isn't it? Now you buy coins and then just by the cosmetics, I guess you can also buy the boxes. Oh, the act. Sorry, you're right. And then you if you get duplicates, you get like shards or whatever, then you can use those to craft a go. More options. That's what I like more options because those apex packs sort over there. I don't buy those. They have those limited time cosmetics anymore. You can also earn whatever the currency is that goes along with the orange stuff. But God damn does that accumulates slowly. I don't play eight hours a day like I used to play video games, but it's like I have had that game for months, and it's like, Oh, to buy the skin is, like 12,000 of those orange apex bucks $1000 it's just like, Oh, I'm at 3000 So I'm nowhere near getting this thing the way it is to see if he's just like in game currency gold, and then you can unlock it by doing stuff, and you can't buy the cosmetic into you. Unlock it with, like, an endgame achievement, and then you buy it with the gold you have in the game. Organ balloons, separate currencies, I find start playing days gone. You're right. That's exactly the kind of game I like to play. Yeah, you like it? I played a lot this weekend. I think it's a lot of fun. Like the sneaking, crafting and sucks some open world who just kind of right around find stuff. I found my first, like, giant horde like you were talking about. Oh, yeah? Well, like I was wandering. Yeah, just riding my riding my motorcycle. I stopped looking in one direction. They looked in the other direction. They're right there and wave coming at you, right? Yeah. Get away. Yeah, I gunned it. You showed me clip size, scary stuff. It's pretty fucking cool, man. I really like it. I had Ah, I had to give you the same warning that Michael Jones gave me. That which is like the back half of that game is so fucking story heavy. It slows way down. I feel like they may. Even in the amount that I played, I feel like it may have been cut up a bit right before they released it. I feel like they may be intended for youto have Maur of a training opening sequence, but they may have cut it down and then they show you cut scenes from the cut down part later, like an hour or two in the game. I just want I just played that now have to re watch these cut scenes. It's like a weird transition. Also, it's, I feel like there's a decision of whether or not to watch a cut scene. What there's these new sneaky cut scenes they put in which your missions that you just walk with people keep. This is just like it's all this narrative that you're just walking to a destination at like not a run speed, just a walk speed. You're walking along with someone having a bunch of red dead, too. They're like walking talk missions and you go, you reach a way point, you see something, you talk about it and then you walk back to where you start. It's like, Come on, you're killing me with you had some of those Will you just be like having a chat, walking around looking at something in this is mission. Past qualifies. It's like was the omission. It progresses the game it does, but in that's fine. Unless there's like eight of the fucking things in, like, two hours again. Play, then? Yeah. Then it gets to be a little Oh, I recently tried to just go v r just got it. What you get Could this be the impact valve index? You got the index. Really? Teddy, come over and play it. Yeah, because he's, like, trying to figure if you want to save up that I'm taking, like, I deliberately were deliberately held off because I was like, I wanna wait until fingers could be tracked easily. And this is the first time I did it. So that our sweet that now I'm gonna jump in over a year. I tried skyrim v r. And we got that glitch where, you know, we start skyrim and you're on the wagon going. You've been familiar with that? Yeah. And there's a glitch. They get everywhere, just, like goes ape shit and all the horses in the garden on. I've seen it happen on Xbox, and you kind of reload until it doesn't happen. But in v r. It's I almost fell over. I start the game and I was like, Whoa, and then I was like, Okay, I can take this because I thought I was just gonna wait it out after about two minutes of standing there, just going like, Oh, and I did like, shut my eyes every five seconds cause I was about to throw up. I had to take it off. It's like the ultimate to Emerson. It's just you don't know what like your brain doesn't know what's happening because your eyes are going like this. Yeah, And then the sound is going like this, but your stood upright and it it's I think you could take, like, two minutes before you want her. You could. You could be a great test to do at the office to see who can stay in there that long. You can't just keep your eyes closed the whole time. You can help. So I was doing that. But But you still get the light light flashing in front of our eyes. See that heavy down very much for not very much. No, I've five. You know, I played a game or two, right? Yeah, I don't get motion sick. I don't get seasick any that there's There's a weird feeling to V. R. After you do it for like an hour, and it's like I take the headset off and I'm just like it's just feels fucking weird. I don't know how else to describe it. It's almost like when you're like commoditized offer treadmill. From that, you feel like you walk superfast. Yeah, get off a boat and you still feel the waves are on a trampoline and you're you're you're really heavy. And your legs Yeah, but you don't have the motion toe like explain it to yourself. You just have this feeling of we, at least for me. Then in your face, God plays so much like I have to have make him take breaks. I set a timer and it's take a break. He would literally stay in that. When we said the V R. Environment, he would stay in that for like, eight hours. If I let him, he would do that just like more virtual life than real life. I bought these aftermarket fans that we then, like, connected through to the power supply of the ve I've and they stick on. So these fans like blown because he would come out of that. You go here, Do you wantto Do you want to see this thing. Yeah, this game sounds amazing from the school. Play this later. It's like magnet cushions that you could pull off in putting. You wanna really? And, uh, I think the one downside from the last one is that you can't do wireless. You can't. But what you see to me, it's like That's the upgrade they make a wireless one. That's it all. Upgrade more resolution. It's also high refresh rate. It's very smooth. Uses 144 hurts quite was on about that. On the same time, I just sling my cable over the ceiling fan. It's just I don't have a hat. Steve's like Final destination in the may Be the tape over your ceiling fans switch have never turned the final. I don't ever have a ceiling final. You know, Magda's like, Sit there going. This is what you get for not paying. 10. Did you play the lights? Aperture Science finger game? Yeah, I played that, but I don't have the finger handsets. Was like, um what was that about that self only front index? Well, yeah, but they literally tell you there's a point in that thing where it's it's so weird that the content that valve makes now like I was so excited, like that's a new piece of valve content made famous. Yeah. What they make demos for V R stuff? Yeah, from online marketplaces. What did the hand pieces look like for the index little rod things with with the thing going around and it it's got, like, squeezed senses. But also it's I don't know how it tracks finger. It's just you let go and you can see your hands open up and be all you can do that you could do this feels the like. Different. It's just really cool. Just feels very natural. You don't need a glove or anything. You like pucks for your legs. No, I can't do that. You could do that like books. Somebody was playing the lead in history. So the bit decide like this. I'd be sad to see there's like a cushioned part in the middle of control. Is this what your hand slips in when they're gonna make actual gloves for V. R. That have little like actual, we'll get there. I think that the federation so intimate you'll grab when you've got something in V R it weren't you squeeze? That's cool stuff like that. Tactics to industries that were kind of side by side or V r and then mo cap, because it's the same kind used to computer sensing where Warren environment and tracking your motions and they have really cool. Of course, it's prohibitively expensive for, you know, our environment, but like they have really cool stuff in Mo cap night, like you see the rigs that people wear and it does their face and they have all the dots on their face. But there's stuff there stuff where they have, like gyroscopes that you put on all your different joints. And then you could do stuff like Go skydiving and Elmo Cap that, and it captures the data. They had those for a while now, so I'm sure they're way higher fidelity than they were when we first looked at it. Yeah, it's just about making it more price appropriate for consumer. I remember how long discussion it was with Monty to get like the mo cap and, like, did we want to get Was it 12 cameras or 24 cameras and would like, How much better would it be what was the price difference? But it's tons. It was, But it was like the whole system, which is at the time, was still cheap. But there was tons and tons of money to invest on top of everything, very messy. And really, I think was like $12,000 for that system and then, you know, hoping it was gonna work. And it worked Great. It worked. Really. I remember the headache. It was to have that moke up station here because someone would always cake a camera stand tripod, and they would have to really celebrate higher thing I think card or using one that doesn't have It's just just the suit on its own. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, The other downside to the the indexes, the it's ah, it's $1000. Yeah, see, that's the thing is Teddy's like, That's what I want. I mean, it's like you need a beast of a P C. It's been, like three times that Well, maybe like two grand on a good PC delay. Well, it's It's a it's a think Phil v. R. Is intensive. Need a really good video card for that. Yeah, So speaking of ah, videogames. Anybody play vicious circle beta this weekend? My kids and other friends we're totally doing. Which makes me fucking so happy. That's good. Yeah, a lot of fun. So it's a really fun game. You hear your voice a lot in that game? Uh, yeah. I feel like you're Jeffs more. I don't know why, but, you know, I guess so. It's like, even though do it works. So I like in the latest build. This is my own personal opinion. The games team. I trust them tow, you know, balance this game properly. I think Blitz was criticized for being a little overpowered and last in the last couple. Oh, good. I actually thought it was not good. Blitzes, the like, space dog character that can teleport. And I don't like his gun as much, which I think balances him out, because then he can He's gotta shoot, like, individual pods to get drugs. Whereas I play, crash and burn almost exclusively, and I just like a plow through those things. Also, just, you know, I love, like, hit the escape button here in Michael Yellen screen. Yeah, well, yeah. And then eso crasher burn just like the Jackson moves really fast right now. Right? Crash and burn is a robot Thinks ahead with a fiery little beast that lives in its stomach. And the fiery beast is played by Michael and Lindsay Place the robot who usually play us on early Playas. Captain Boom! How do you replace Captain? But I like him a lot like his Ah, invulnerability ability. You just hit it and you're, like, invulnerable for five seconds. What do you usually speck like when you play a game? Like for me? If I play anything, it's like if I have stealth, which was Barber's characters would make more sense for stealth. Yeah, she does have ah, still here. I almost don't want to say this. I hate being the chicken because you're attacking her and then she disappears. You like fuck? Uh, right here. She also has a really great shotgun effect as well. Like with just think, the shards in Sumer clustering. Yeah, it's really awesome. But that's what you're me. I'm like my old strategy and I just go in like race and try to get as many drugs as possible. And don't try to do anything else. Like I had almost never used equipment in that game. And it's like when people use equipment on me and, like, I have to start using it a lot more. Yeah, because you're getting good at it, right? Mad sucks when you know you. I used to get really good with you totally. And now it's out there. Oh, yeah. Tonight, with ball players in the world about 5,000,000 way, we're unstoppable. I'm still trying to get the hang of PC games, so every time I play a vicious circle, I'm just like I'm so bad at this, especially because I played against you a couple of times and you so good and I used to be good. No, I'm not. You're still good, but I'm like two things in that game that I would say people should know. I almost hate to say this could make people better at it. One is, you gotta hold down on the Little Dipper on their move because then they could do like a long like, right Web slinging thing, which is traversing the map like that. It is not so fast, it's fun, and it's fast. The other thing, too, is I hate to say this is that if you crouch, you can't be seen to the walls by the enemies on. I don't think a lot of people know that. Change it all if you drop a decoy and then you like in your craft? Yes. Especially late in the game. If you're looking to evac, that's Ah, that's a good way to get out of there. Yeah, we have. We're doing ah stream next week, I think right after the game launches a vicious summer, I think is what is called his semi. Anything about people. Let's play group achieve. Hundreds were playing vicious circle. What is that? August 16 from 3 to 9 PM Then we can watch it. Well, who? That's right. Armadillo Victoria in the chat peeler, Turn between playing Peggy Sue the Big Chicken. Uh, I like you, too. I like the charge. Move first, ready when you miss, it always is. But I do know that there's a saint. There's a similar move and see if he's a sordid dash. And if you miss it now, it's like your character just pauses for, like, two seconds. But when you're in combat, it feels like you're like sitting still for Ah, fucking minute judged insane. So they gotta get have ah, like a wind up investment. But then, if you miss, you gotta have a penalty for it, right? That just makes sense to me. It's really fun. I had a fun time playing all weekend long, and I'm excited for it to launch next week and get to play even more people. Oh, God. I didn't need to improve. You got You Got a week? Yes. Um, yeah. Anyway, So the other big video game new seconds from this past week was Ah, ninja ditching twitch. Yeah, that's a big deal for next year. How much money did they give him? That's what ever wants to know. Yeah, that's gonna be more than 10,000,000. They said that. Ah, the mixture app showed up on the top of the APP store on for ios. Wow. Look after after they made that announcement. Did It is a smart marketing decision. Yeah, everyone's talking about mixing. Everyone's talking about it. It's also is going to a new audience. It's like he's e think the cycles are getting a lot tighter now. Um, he's been on Twitter. He's been number one in which basically, since the beginning of fortnight, right? I mean, is that he was the big 49 personality came after, especially once he did that thing with Drake. Yeah, I agree. That was and then he and then he went on NBC and was talking about how much money he makes per month. And I saw this, uh, recent clip from one of his live streams where it was the chat where people were just like, once, something like this. Like in his chat on one of his dreams. They were on something because ninjas has made too much money, and that's what they're saying is like, You're watching the stream. So you like What? What is it? I don't see what that matters Like, I don't go toe like I'm not gonna go, not go see endgame because Robert Downey Jr has a lot of money, you know what I mean? Is that what Why does he have to talk about how much money you know? That is a huge mistake. I think on his part. I really I really feel at any time a youtuber or anyone from the incident goes on a morning TV show. They always get asked how much? That's the first question. They asked If I if they ask me that, I'd be like, How much money you make? Yeah, right. Why would you answer that? Why would we want to that? Yep, it's weird. Keeps on St Howard. Stern would always talk about Keep time. My heartstrings there. Thea, Whatever's contracts were announced it like, Oh, you know how it got paid $300 for this. He would never confirm her denying that stuff anyway. Said like, You don't ever talk about money, cause because any number you say is wrong, it's either too much or not enough. They're not getting paid enough. You're being taken advantage of, or it's like you should be making that amount of money right And people want you to make West Money must be real easy for you making that much money off of something. Yeah, but he was Ninja was reacting to this, and that was the clip was he was like, Guys, please, come on, you know, it's just like, what you doing so I can understand he might be, you know, he might be just too far around the curve with twitch. Might need to go somewhere else, you know? See the top stream. Where in the world he was, right. I think it was like he was on twitch. Yeah, Okay. Most hollowed. Okay. Do you think beauty prize pissed that vim? You haven't bought him or something? Think, Vin, you. Well, what do you play? Video platform. Uh, you would pay Pete if I leave at this point, if they could. You know, he just he caused problems for the platform. Uh, and everyone else to that big round of de monetization. I think what really drove it was the fact that a bunch of different big media companies that advertise on YouTube also had streaming service is in the last few years. So I think that's a motivation for it. But then they all use pre pie like his racist rants or his quote unquote racist rants and Nazi stuff. There's no need for quote unquote. Yeah, like even back when we were years ago, we were doing Lazer team and that every everyone we did interview, they wanted to talk to us about the peut pie controversy of the week. And I'm just not gonna talk about this. I'm not here to talk about it. If I don't know, I have no clue what he did, you know. But if he's smart, guy gets a ton of promotion for it, you know. But the problem is, is that if it makes brands all skittish when stuff like that happens and then all of a sudden everybody gets de monetized. I'm not saying it's people's fault. I'm saying it's a more of a problem scale. And peut pie is at the very top of that scale. Is when everyone gonna look at you can't There's no way there's nobody programming these ads. It's a computer program that does it all. You know, there's not a human being saying we're gonna put this sponsor on this ad. You're just buying a slot and hope it gets the computer algorithms your tag interests. Yeah, it's like, Oh, we got put Barb Brand was not a hate speech video. That's not great. So they just pull out completely. I don't understand why the brands do it. I was on the just the front page of YouTube the other day, I think was just about to log in, and I just saw a beauty pie just going up and up for 15 minutes. I think and I had over 1,000,000 is that's fucking fascinating. That's awesome, Team, that's really awesome. It's crazy. It's a lot of use. Uh, if you could start a while, we're hearing I'm hearing us. If you could start over now, what kind of channel would you make us? Oh, man, one not called rooster eyes that answer Bell. People were speculating about why Rooster Teeth wasn't named specifically in the immersion episode. It was just too much. That's why it was trying to explain everything. Like the production coming, everything they we specifically call that achieving hunter. That was the last thing that I recorded. Was was that brief explanation because we just needed some kind of setup for Michael and Gavin. Yeah, and so gets the way TV works. It's like even like we were trying to figure out to. We really introduced Marcus and then Adams in those scenes, and there's like, no intro for Adam. I was not on set that day, so no one thought that like they should have me do the intro for Adam. So we're always gonna figure out. How do we do? Like, how do we set up Adam? You gotta set stuff up. What is that, the fabricator Adam or something? Yeah, it's really faster. Subtitles Maybe like an idiot. They Subtitles Something under where I said it has massively massive black eyes. But that's how you talk. I said, I fear Is that absolutely massive or something, but massively massive. You saw the episode. You could have said I was represented incorrectly. I was giving those on the whole not like no limit. Like I look like an idiot. Notes e look like an idiot. I'm gonna throw those away, but he looks smart. I I think I watched the different cuts of that episode 1000 times that it comes out and people point out errors and stuff like, How the fuck did I miss that? I think I saw so many fucking times like I was Michael, right? Big. What are you talking? Was labeled as Michael talking. That's understandable because we're underwater, and I think Michael and I kind of sound similar. So I understand why somebody who wasn't intimately familiar with us would label is different. I actually, honestly, I didn't know that until somebody pointed out that you didn't say it, but, yeah, people being labeled wrong. There's one shot where they just they I guess they swap the shot. But the titles were Michael Jones when Gavin was on screen and cabin free when Michael was, um, I was like, I don't know, I have to go back and look at my last cut and see if, like I somehow missed that ever. Just got fucking think. It's funny. I just went around around with this thing with Neil with this. Ah, it's a video that's coming out for Artie Core. That's a press conference. And there's a reporter in the front row. Gus, I think you were in this thing, right? Were you in the reporter to go into space when I was not in that one? Okay, there's a reporter for Oh, he's got shorts on and one of the shots. I go heck of the reporter and Elvis and his shorts on, and he's got pants in the rest of the shots, and he just all of a sudden switches to shorts and his Neil who you might remember from achieving 100. Then the lab after that part of Arctic or goes No, because what you talking about like I wouldn't resolve just talking about. After I sent the note, I said, What what was the deal where that short shot come from? Because he's wearing shorts the entire time ago? He is like a checked at the shots he's wearing pants against. Now he's wearing shorts. Look, he pulls out the timeline, you start scrubbing the guys in shorts and all the shots I'm like. So you like what Mandela affected his leg. I'm like, What the hell happened? And then I go back into my office and I pull out my video and I scroll in. The 1st 2 shots of findings Weren't pants on? Go back into Neil ago. Like a scroll to this specific time in this video. Any straws? Because he has pants on like a yak. Oh, and you guys were just pants. And then you and I are having this like we're both sitting there like panicking like this break from reality of like, what happened? First of all, this character, the short has no pants and the pants, and then Noel comes in and we're like, we're just gonna forget this. No passing is. Oh, that reporter in the front. Yeah, I guess I just put on pants at one point, and then Noel walks like an extra or someone who worked here. Uh, it was I believe it was an extra. It was It was just say they want the lines. I was spoiling things about the video, but yeah, it was They didn't have any line. We're not gonna leave that in, right? That's what I'm hearing. Leg, Neil. I feel bad because you went through, like, made a mold. First of all, I thought that it was a joke that I didn't get to be careful about that because then I'm like, somebody give a note on something like, Oh, you know, this line doesn't make any sense. They're like, Well, it makes sense because of the whole script, you know? Oh, yeah. Okay, that you have the parts that you work in That makes sense because of that. So I make sure it wasn't something like that. And then I was like, and I finally went to hell is like, Yeah, this weird thing of this guy losing his pants, you should leave it in now. Yeah, but the Neil wouldn't fix it. So now you have to, like, take away the last two hours. It feels just a special prints cut. So distracted, so distracted. Yellows with age. Hey, remind everyone Deceptively received podcast is also brought to you by express vpn admit it. You think that cyber crime is something that happens to other people? 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Protect your online activity today and find out how you can get three months free at express vpn dot com slash rooster. That's e x p r E S s vpn dot com slash rooster For three months free with a one year package visit express vpn dot com slash rooster To learn more Thanks Express VPN for sponsoring this episode of the wrist podcast. I'm having a giggle or yelling about that picture beer all over God's most spectacular way possible right back. Oh, it's all over that bad, I guess. The earlier one of these and cut from the immersion episode, we'll figure out a way we can show it. Discoveries been pretty cool about letting a show like clips of thing and like not having to go through like massive approvals. But I wonder if you could show unaired stuff like behind the scenes stuff. There was a whole experiment that we did. That was kind of fun filler where we calculated going back to our pounds per pound, pound, pound for pound. When you eat, we calculate that via bodyweight percentage of body weight. And I can remember the numbers off the top my head. So I'm not gonna try to save him. But like a shark in a certain percentage of its body weight in one meal, you talked about some life street? Yeah. Great white sharks to meet, uh, enough of our percent that if you take Gavin and Michael's, wait together and use that same percent. It was 66 pounds of food. It's even Maur for a great white shark. So they had to eat 66 pounds of food. We just, like, waited all out. Max Grumpy made it all. And they just got cut because watching to Casey 66 cups of food was disgusting Waste of time. How much olive oil would a shot Neto have Probably not much, just one, just like one capsized container of olive oil to feed the ocean. You were saying I was like 12 to 14 feet in like, 1200 pounds or something like that, one of those sharks that you guys saw. The tiger sharks we saw? Yeah, that we like proper shark man weighing like 590 pounds. How does that work? Wouldn't be like you waiting 1200 pounds. No, I'm 59 and they're 12 feet. You say, if you stayed the same height it in, dude. Yeah. Yeah. Gaff. Wow. That's crazy that it's gold muscle, but I'm doing that. Right? Right? Yeah. Okay. You're doubling it. Essentially, I'm having 100 pounds per foot. Yeah, you're fine. You're fine. When you're were never about, you know, your half of 12 feet because you're about six feet. So you're half the weight is having a yacht and a bell round would have been a smarter way to do it. That would not exactly more accurate. The way you said is actually more accurate. Okay. Yeah. So you got one of you will be worried if it was that there was that story. I think that people picked up on over the weekend with Hobbs and Shaw. But the the I guess the agreements that the actors have to come to as far as like, looking tough and beating each other up. I think everyone was talking about and found super fascinating. You heard about, like, so lame, right? Who let that would let that information Vin Diesel in the Rock can't lose fights to each other. Cars like they could only be punched so many times. Yeah, Jason say things in that same campus. Well, he can't lose to the rock or something like that. It was, like, negotiated. How tough they would look in the movie was Harry. What's that? They say Vin Diesel sister was on set counting the number of times he got punched. Was it Vin Diesel thing? It was Vin Diesel sister and then Terry Crews until it was just listing all the times you've had the shit kicked out of him in movies and TV. Yeah. Look at Bruce Willis, man die hard. That guy's a fucking wreck. By the end of that movie, John McClane looks like a blink up meat bag. Sister Vin Diesel sister, violin. Rickman. He got bit. This goes back a long way, and I've got to remember this story correctly. Vin Diesel was gonna be in a movie with Ben Affleck and I want to say Gary said he's called Reindeer Games. Yes, and this is before Vin Diesel was like a really big deal. Um, it started right after pitch black. Maybe they I think pitch back was made, but he hadn't come out yet. Like it was like they were anticipating it was gonna be a big star and he got some are calling correctly. He got fired from reindeer games because he wouldn't show his biceps in on film. I got you. He would only do that if he was. If it was one of his movies, he was the lead. That was his rationale for doing coming from like Day one. That guy was very calculated and precise about the way that he's portrayed. I think the rock outwardly says he doesn't like working with. I think they don't like he's Yeah, Reindeer Games came out 2000 pitch black also came out 2000. I mean, with memory made but not come out. Yeah, Diesel sounds like the name of an energy drink. I don't think it was his name. Vin Diesel. Vincent Diesel. What's details gotta be been. Diesel's got to be made up. It's really like something similar natural patrol. Maybe South Vin Diesel. Let's see, uh, Liza was born. Marks and Claire Wow does not look like a Marx and Claire at all. Mark with a K. Sinclair with. See what your stage name have been like. This is my stage name is my real last name. What's that Lost? Some people change the whole name. Well, our deal well working entertainment that I missed apartment. It's like if you're if you're in sag, you have to If you're in sag. If you're the Screen Actors Guild, you can't have yet the same name as another performer. There's another person who works in entertainment. Who has the name Bernie Burns spelled the exact same way Craig Bernie Burns. He's, ah, Lighting Tech. Believe like, what does that count? It was a leading tech. He works. It works in lighting. Okay, like a DP. Like if your name was actually Tom Cruise, you couldn't use that name. To be an actor that you would have to register. You would have never. Tom Cruise is real. Name wasn't Tom Cruise the name he uses, So it's like you would have to use a different name claim to be credited that is, uh, Michael Douglas has that somebody has that like there was. Oh, it's Ah. Um, what's his name? Albert Brooks. Yeah, his real name's Albert Einstein. Really? Yes. Was I didn't want that. It was like it was too confusing. So he change his name to Albert Brooks. That can't be true. It is. His brother was Bob Einstein. Super Dave Research. Yeah, that's bizarre, Todd. Well, might just had a kid, and I was trying to convince him to name the kid. Mac. Mac Womack. There's a commercial when you said there's a commercial I saw that Microsoft put out for the surface book. Yes, where they got a guy named MacKenzie Book to endorse the surface book they call him Mac. Book is like Mac. Book prefers the surface book. Mac Book says This laptop is faster. That's a great name again. It's a fucking funny money idea for commercial, as I was typing and I remember it was wasn't Michael Douglas Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton's name is Michael Douglas, but it changes. Named Michael Keaton. What's Michael Douglas's name? Michael. Douglas. Okay, we'll be your stage name. Gavin. Yeah. Kevin free. Hey, you have a credit in some kind of production. What would you make your name? Ball broke. Bob Rock. I've ever seen Bob Rock looking up, but I am. Devi has it. It would have to be, Yes. Something along those lines. Just like to one syllable words, Emma. See what Mr Craig Brock worked on the soundtrack for Mission. Impossible to. Okay, Uh, he was the director. Bob Rock was the director of L. A Ladies after Dark Cliffs. Stint. Yes, Clifton. Gentlemen, Craig Birdie Burns works in the camera and electrical department. Three different credits. So Cliff Stint does not exist. But Clifford Stein worked in the Cameron electoral Department on Spartak And, like, go like a SAG database. You're looking these up on. Look this up on time to be. There's a There's a sag database you can look through through that stuff. Um, know about my I found, remember, find around this topic when I look something on a safari, you're looking at one of the web browser and it goes, Hey, here's the thing. Here's read it. Do you want to open the app or do you want to keep looking and safari? Which one you want, but it bugs me. Every single fucking time for something pops up. One of the options is continue. It shouldn't pop, right, Because I'm doing it. And just assume whenever I'm doing anything, I would like to continue doing it. Just assume I'm always continuing. Maybe people don't know that there is an app. Well, I have the app installed, which is why I would think it was giving me this thing saying, Hey, do you want to use the AP upset? So I said, Sure, why not open it and read it? Hit open. It takes me the iTunes store to buy. Read it because you have this. You want open? Read it. Thank fucking God damn it. Just show me the thing that I click the link for. That's all I care about. Old Read it when you're on a desktop. I I could only use the old Read it. I don't I don't know. When you lay out is terrible, I chain on figure out changes. Good. Can't hold on to that shit. Gotta let it go. Change is good. What's the quote? Used people demand people demand progress, but people hate change you every time a fucking YouTube every time they change the location of the fucking like button, anything doesn't matter. They move something. People fucking go crazy in the comments for for months and months and months. Hey, to change it back, change it back, put it at it. And then you look forward like 10 years. You gotta site YouTube. Everybody used every day. You go back and get that from 10 years ago. It's fucking trash. Everyone used that site. It's really funny to go back and look at every single change that was made over the course. Those 10 years, people thought tooth and nail to make sure that they couldn't make that change fought like hell. But now you wouldn't want to go back and use aside from 2006. Who the fuck unwanted It's garbage. What does request desktop site do? Ah, there's a thing when you come from a mobile device. There's a, uh, movie called the script. No way. Like a browser identifier. We had to put that in the early days of the red versus blue website red versus blue dot com and reshoot the early days of rich dotcom way to put up a thing that blocked all the robots from crawling across and getting our data because of this fucking little teenager in the UK who went through all of our files on our website and found, like, personal pictures of mine and a map to my house. Yeah, thank Jesus. Because I was I was looking for Gavin is the reason why our site is not on archive network. Well, you're lucky it wasn't a malicious little bus. I was going through archive dog to find something. I would like an old post have been deleted. And then you could just, like, go up in the folder. And then it would just show the whole directory of the website, which just using the Web site you can never see. No. And they just feel these flight pictures on there. Like, who are these? Just like archive. But you can't find it on the web site, but they're all archived and I'll cut you like shit. People frequently asked quite. Our website was blacklisted from archive dot org. I don't know if we've ever pulled the short of it Is the year old Gavin fucking going in there and fucking shit up? So I had to put that? No. Robots like to block archive. Got order from Spider Ring Are webs when you rather me have found it in some other busted? No, I love it. I love that you found it. But it's a great part of the story of knowing you how fucking long We've known you. They let me tell you some of the guys. Ah, my gym. We're all talking about the immersion episode. They thought it was crazy. Like I can't say. I didn't think that I actually work in any real form of entertainment up until this point. And they were like, You should like that hosting thing. It's like you got a good voice for that. You should do that more often. It like I feel like we owe the pocket your TV host. But thank you guys. And I appreciate that. But they really like you, Gavin. They like you a lot. They better than Michael. No opinion of Michael jumps. They said he seems like a wild card yet Style on that shark underwater 10 God, Yeah. Michael is actually so much better. It's staying on that thing. What kept slipping off ahead of myself? we kept getting the question on Twitter when it was airing their runs. Like what happened? Gavin's phone. Oh, all right. Before you make a joke. Yeah, I'm just trying to show up. Michael, you were wearing that fell for it. I was like, What was on the boat. Anyway, the reason I was asking about request desktop version is because 90% of the time I pressed that button, it gives me the mobile version again. You know, what is the God damn point of that book was a direct it dress you the desktop version that the desktop version says, Oh, this versus sites. Does that one? Wouldn't you request that stuff you used to work? But now websites overrule it. Well, 60% of the devices that goto Web pages now pretty much mobile phones. We've crossed that when there's a feature that you can only get on desktop Ferry was a very handy bun. It, yes, anything to do with the back end of YouTube doesn't work on the airport Like, I guess there's better this battle's now. But to get into, like, change a video title on the phone and have it have it constantly give you the mobile site was really annoying, you know? Just use the creator studio. Yeah, different. That sucks. Yeah, that's that's done. Figure settlements. Another one from last week. The Equifax settlement. Everyone they leaked everybody's private on deadly leaked everybody's credit information. And then they were part of the settlement. They said that they would send people to check for $125 but so many people requested the check that they stop telling people to do that. They've changed their stance. I think the only set aside $34,000,000 is part of that settlement to give people 100 $25. And so many people requested it. They were like, We're gonna be able to pay everyone. So is that they're offering people, like, 10 years of credit monitoring now, But there have been so many credit breaches. Everyone already has credit monitoring. Yeah, way. Give us the fucking money that we were promised our settlement. So would you rather than go up business trying to pay, But I don't think they can go out of business. It's like this weird credit monitoring agency. Why don't they go out of business? I don't know. They are what credit card companies used or what credit lending agencies determined who could get credit in this country. Is there any others apart from those men? There are three. And that's it. I can't imagine one of them going out of business like I never thought. Never even crossed my mind. We should start the fourth start the foot. I'm sure. I'm sure that those three have invested interest to stop 1/4 from from ever starting up. Yeah. So stupid. Then I saw this weird invention in Ah, this YouTube video. I had a lot of weird videos recommended to me. Sometimes I got this weird one Twitter, Twitter and also just, like suggested videos, I guess because I would watch stranger video. So I get more strange once suggested to me. I saw this video that Sony posted on there like they're Japanese language YouTube channel. Or I guess they're gonna launch a personal air conditioner. Oh, I had to say to talk to you about I would buy that. You put it like in a special like, you have a special special shirt with a pocket for it on your back, and you just like this little credit card sized air conditioner. Who says document? Sure, yeah, And you slip it into the back your shirt and it can either cool you down or heat you up eyes that when you release a lot of heat, I guess, like that gets into the shirt like if you have, like a long sleeve button up shirt and it was crazy, but I could cool you down like 20 degrees or something undershirt that you were under your normal clothes. It's just it's a square, probably about that big rectangle. Being about that big is like a small battery pack for a phone. What it looks like. And it goes into a shirt that comes with this thing. The pocket pocket on the back of it s so this little thing is the thing. And then it's just like a little cooling thing in the same technology that using heat sink, somebody said, Oh, interesting. And it cools you off like 20 degrees. They have one feel. Gooch. I was just gonna ask if they make this an underwear form, you can put it anywhere you get put in a good love coming from the U d'oh The threat are the article that I saw about that It's not available in the U. S. Is only available in Japan. We're gonna launch it in Japan. Right? Spirit is we're watching a video of it right now. Little pocket just in the back. I would love it if it actually puffed up the shirt. Yeah, my bed Yet? Does that heavy hooked up your veggie yet? It's gonna be 100 3 degrees this weekend. Put your bed jet in. I'm gonna do it. Join me. Come over. I'm gonna do it tonight. Do it. I would take pictures of him with a big bluff. Still fucking great. So great. Just what I want. I want it back. I want it back if you're not gonna use it. Oh, I'll use it. Use it tonight after I make the pieces fit. So this thing will cool you about 23 degrees or warm you up by 14 degrees. They're gonna launch it exclusively in Japan in March 2020 and it cost 100 15 bucks. Guessing like us be charge? I assume so. They didn't really say so. Smart. Remind everybody that this episode the receipt broadcast is not brought to you by Crisco. Do you like food? Jews who is fatter and grocer Put some Chris going it. Eat up fuckers that some vegetable vegetable healthy, right? That's our third sponsor. We did it with their sponsor. Is that by the JM Smucker company? Is that a real thing that doesn't have a made up thing from like it sounds like something that would be in Team Fortress to jam Smucker Company, the J. M. Smucker Company. Oh, it's Smucker's that Smucker's smokers mixed Crisco. Uh, it was originally introduced in June of 1911 by Procter and Gamble. It fell to earth in a meteorite. Then we it's made from hydrogenation of organic substances in gas. For what is that food, Food? Hydrogenation. Believing. Is that? Yeah, if you eat it. Okay, Anything is food. If you could eat it, we should have a lower third come up for the ad raid on the when we put on site. Okay. Don't work real. Erica, If there was sound Border Town Board. Eric. Yeah, baby. Ah, off us. I will not know ever. If it's real or fake. Does it matter? Yeah, baby. That was a He doesn't have that much enthusiasm. But this time he's done. He's done. I could I could see through it now. So, uh, I propose something to Matt and Gus. I hope you're okay. We're talking about congratulations. But there was this, uh, there was this really nice moment. I was across the table at Matt, and I propose something. Uh, there is a weird expectation that this podcast has that this podcast is gonna be, like the platform, like the customer service help desk for the entire company. And it's like, I don't think of this podcast is being met, but a lot of people do, Probably because we have the receipt name in the body cavity. Like we're gonna dress everything that you know we do wrong. Thanks. Yeah, It's something that none of us work on, right? Exactly. Exactly. Even like their stuff that we do. Like the remember the the controversy with some people in other countries. Didn't like one of our sponsors. E wanted anybody out, but they were like, Okay, we'll just go on the podcast and talk about this stuff and, like, Jeff was gonna come on the podcast. What? No, Why does Why does have to be if this is on every podcast, Go on your podcast and do it. It's like there is a podcast that comes out before our podcast. I'm not gonna wait and talk about it. Wait until the receipt podcast comes up. So is there some of this bug me for awhile? And I really liked when Ezra was here, they had that bungalow podcast for a while, and even in my vlog, I would talk about every now and then. I would talk about business stuff like, Here's how the company operates everything. So I think we're gonna do that on a regular basis. Now on the first post show, like there will be one on a regular basis. Just spitballing here, like maybe one a month where we have it spitballing. You're not committed totally spitballing. Here it is like it'll be about the business of rooster teeth, and that'll be something that's on the post show. So it's not part of like, mixed in here with, like, complaints about apple products in construction. Important thinks important stuff. Yeah, important that affect our daily life. Like calling 311 to tell him how to fix 51st Street. Exactly. Right, Because don't take away the double right there. What was that like? Just information everyone. One? Yes. Like non emergent. For one one's information, 31 is like not emergency signs all over the city. It specifically says 51st wolf. Yeah, 51st does really fucking suck. Yeah, it does. Do they pay the person whose idea they use? No, Probably not. Monetary reward. We could go talk to Remember the city lost in the ER, Chief Innovation officer for the City of Austin. Is that still a thing? I'm sure it is. We were so fascinated. They created that position. Like what? 45 years ago. What did they innovate? She How dare you got he look at you. She was in charge of like, did he just say him? No. No. All right. It's still the same woman. Is that covered it on the way we're making, like Minecraft chokes at the time when we were talking about her, it was March 2014 25 years ago, more than five years ago. Now time goes by so fast, man, he does goes by faster about the innovation talk about a crazy thing going on in my life. I know two things going on right now. I'll try to figure out, like building at a nursery like with making sure we have everything for new Baby. At the same time, I'm helping another kid apply for college. It's like I couldn't have any more perfect like book ending of parenthood than these two things. Taking place actually is like she could have the baby soon. Yeah, we should talk about that, too, because Ashley is now what's considered full term. That happened on Friday. She looks so good, though. She looks amazing. What do you mean about to Like, she legitimately only looks pregnant in the belly. She's just, like, normally only pregnant in the belly. I throw that out, you impregnated her head. A couple of it didn't work. Can wait till your feet get to listen to this podcast. It didn't pan out. She listens to the podcast. He's gonna fucking hammer it home. No, because like when women are pregnant, they tend to gain weight throughout their whole body and would like seeing the face saying the limbs. Are you calling everything's weight differently? Look, I see these guys like they're on these, uh, weight loss Subreddit posting their progress photos. They start their way, like 380 pounds. 400 pounds? Yeah, they get up there and it's like their face doesn't look like a 400 pound person. I feel like if I get up like 10 pounds over my you wait, all just lands on my face. I think people just gain weight in different ways. Gravity's the track. Name it all up to your big fat head. It's right. Just goes right up there. You know what it is? I just swallow my food. That's what I don't do that I just store It might just take a nice big sis lab. Crisco, like she only looks pregnant in the belly. Should be the new people like you. Pregnant in the belly for females. Maternity wear A shirt that says I'm only pregnant in the belly. Oh, so many come. So we have a big maternity pregnant? Yeah, it's a big market for you. Hold food in your cheeks. There's it's Crisco, about 30 seconds. But if you if you just fight pizza over here, if you took a buy a sandwich in the morning. Could you spit it out like 5 p.m. Absolutely. That's tooth decay working on you there. Well, you get food trapped in your mouth. That's tooth decay. I wouldn't I wouldn't do that. Would make it Switches cheek to cheek, right? Yeah. Just put toothpaste on one side. Hold it. Swap. Put toothpaste back on this side. I fell asleep in the alto. It in my mouth. Probably the safest thing that burned a hole in your blood cheek. No, I had to. So long story short. I got ah, migraine one night recently, and I used to get migraines in high school. I got so bad that I would have to vomit. And this is what happened. Except it wasn't vomit. It was all like stomach acid. Television show. I thought it wasn't vomit. Is that what you're saying? It wasn't. There wasn't chunky. It was just stomach acid. But it was vomit. Yes. There you go. If it comes up stomach. I was just getting her to clarify He's on our side, but it went through all my sinuses because it came out with such a force. So if you've ever had, like, stomach acid in your like nose and like in the back of your throat, even if you swallow, it's still you still taste it. If you're ever with somebody they throw up. The nicest thing you do is just have a glass of water ready right there to give to them Like I was drinking water like crazy. The taste is still in there, so the only way to fall back to sleep was to put an alto it in my mouth so that the mint would slowly sleep into my throat. But then I woke up like eight hours later. It was still in there, uh, mouth like, got in their hair somehow while they were sleeping. Yeah, yeah, it's a nightmare so closely with food in your mouth. Kids just saying so at any point time. I don't know when Ashley could go into labor and we could be off to the races. And that means that, like, from this point on, there's a period of which I might not be on the podcast for a while, like maybe up to like, six weeks to two months gone, and I won't know when that's gonna be so just be aware that I might be gone. You listen, you will miss me. And you were pretty sure you just come over and got it from that. No. Sleep in, like little micro naps. Like going to put the baby in your seat and he could replace you. Oh, my gosh. That would be the cues in the world, you know. Wait, I can't wait so fucking excited to have a new kid way. Talk to most of the times that. Look, buddy, your days are fucking numbers. You are well liked in this house. You're now you're you're the new one. You're not going to the new one very soon. Your your days. Hey, you face when you take the screen shot. What is that bar show up? I don't know. I don't know. You know, it takes it takes a screenshot of whatever showing on your phone. Yeah, And that our show. If you wanted to take a great show of the bar didn't show up, you'd be really mad. But you would never, ever taking a screenshot. Where's the bar in which the bar was there? He is the best faces on my instagram. I got the one when we first got him looking over the chair and he's like, God, he's got this crazed looking as we were over at your house just yesterday, actually, And when we were setting up some stuff, I come out of the room and motions just standing there in, like, the hallway all by himself. But his legs air out like this and he just like something wrong with your eyes. Your cat. Okay, here's the thing. When he gets upset where he like arches back and they turned sideways and light comes at you sideways, that's what gets you yourself look as big as possible. It is a tale gets help. Sophia everything. It's so funny, though. You like. Get the fuck out of here. It looks like he was possessed. That photo's great sound like how Ashley captured that was another most people you've ever had in your house. Okay, so we have baby shower this weekend, And, Barb, you're the people that organized it. That was too many people. And like it was probably That was also the first time I've had a part in my house where I was like, you all need to leave like ours in. We've had New Year's Eve parties where we didn't realize that we were there for, like, three or four in the morning. Yeah, no big deal. There was something about that party where I was like like right? It wasn't because it was during the day. I don't know. Maybe it waas so don't listen to him. It was great. Good party. Good. It was good. It was good for like, the 1st 3 hours. It was so loud for the scheduled event because everyone was sitting in the kitchen the whole time. You get a place that'll take some advice to younger people watching this when you get a place, eventually your life. Just if you're gonna entertain people in your house just to make sure you have the biggest possible kitchen, everybody goes in the kitchen. I don't know why. I just want to prove that list. We just a whole other place where there's drink set up. Everybody goes to get a drink and then walks into the fucking everywhere. I think it's time you go toe the party or get together. It's always the kitchen where people congregate. They just they just like Greg and people wouldn't go. Wow, it's super loud there. I'm getting out of there and then everybody would end up back in the kitchen. Always. It's just crazy the way that works. So get a get a big kitchen because it's where the food is. Let's be real. That's true. I also have, like, gotten rid of my dining room, which would have another place to get served food wear. We're thinking about asking you if we could use that space, but then you'd have to move all your computers know that possibly having a land environment set up, I think the only house I know that if we ever sell that house, I've got to figure out, like repurpose that land environment into an actual dining rent, a dining room table. Nobody uses their fucking dining room. I've lived in somebody else's, never used a fucking diner. What'd you eat? Kitchen. We have a breakfast nook. There's a table together in the kitchen like everyone else. Thio eat and have a meal with my family when I'm just, like at like 8 p.m. On a Thursday. I'm not just sitting in my kitchen, like on my laptop or anything like that. I have a normal place where I could go to do stuff, trying my TV in their endgame. Endgame is not as good as Infinity War must set interest. And she took. I couldn't ask for better pay off for everything But, man, Infinity War was like better movie. It just doesn't have the thought coming down moment. That's pretty fucking it does. But it's Captain Marvel, and it's not quite the gravitas. It's like Captain America when he gets the hammer moments in and game. Yeah, like I don't think I mean, obviously it's because of the franchise and everything leading up to it, But I've never heard a theater react that way to a movie before in my life. If yeah, I did like I did like, Ah, Iron Man's story. But I Captain America's was far better in endgame. Yeah, but I also felt like that. He kind of deserved that because he was kind of all over the place in the last few Avengers movie with Civil War and then, like infinity, War is in the subway station, like by himself, but the big beard and everything. It was just I don't know if you need a better story. And so our story in Infinite Wars amazing, and it's kind of funny in endgame, but it's really weird that we end with that character through the market. Least with that. In that way, it's a weird ending. A little photo. Love the hunk. I would see a whole movie with that. Hoke. I love that hook. That's what they're setting up for. The help. Help! Forget the Old Hulk movie. Oh, God. Go with one of these. Well, hope is tough When they came out of the gate, you know, with the Edward Norton, it was the second M See you movie and just the siege. At the time, it seemed amazing. Not so amazing Overtime, you know, just like that. Maybe will feel that way about pianos in Hulk in in game. But to me, it's like I don't know how CG characters get better. People always think that. All right, we'll look back and I want to be like, Whoa! What are you talking about? Cast me as the Hulk. You bitches do it. Don't be afraid. It's the second time I flex on the show. Can you put your flex But can you get sideways to make yourself real big and hop? Probably. I'll practice that you may face make the most racially pretty good. All right, we'll wrap this up. Uh, thanks a lot, everybody. What? You guys again next week? Maybe. Burnaby. Maybe I'll be here. Maybe I won't. Bye, everybody Wiii