#557 - Tyrannosaurus Flex

Join Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Ninja's old Twitch channel, if Blanka is green or yellow, Def Con, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-08-13 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth. Podcast number 557. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Theo Welcome to the risky podcast this week. Brought to buy bring stamps dot com and experience. I'm Go somebody and buy time Bernie Ghosts and I'm Come Gus. What were clapping about way? We're getting pumped. I like Theo. The crew who has never clapped or made a sound other than counting down right before we started, started clapping right before we went live and I started freaking out. Wonder what's wrong? What's wrong? Why are people enjoying the job? What's wrong? What happened? I pulled a muscle classic. Yeah, Barbara gotta injury. I'll let her tell you blame, but she had injury at the gym, and it's like you always get injuries at the gym, which is just doing something. Still doing nothing. Jim related You I had just trained that morning and, like, felt good, did a lot of like upper body workout and stuff like that, and my trainers like, great job like let's go sign you out. We're all done for the day and he like, picks up my water bottle for me and hands it to me. And I decide to go like this to get it. And in doing that, this, like, what? And just pulled itself like that, I went down and pain. He's like, What the hell just happened to you? And I'm like, thanks your arms like, Yeah, I don't think I couldn't figure out why my shoulder right shoulder was messed up so long period of time and is going through with, like, I went to a doctor like an orthopedist. Figure if I need a fucking surgery on my shoulder and we went this whole range of motion things totally fine going out in front of me. Totally fine going outside. But if I put it backwards, which is something you never do, like straight back then I could put no weight on it all like nothing that you can't do anyway. Really. But even you pressed on it would hurt like hell. Unlike he's like, What are you doing that's got your hand going back straight back like this? Your arms straight back. Like I can't think of anything. And then I put my arm back and thought, What do we do like this is like, Oh, it's from wrestling with the kids in the back seat like when they drop shit up. It's just that motion of reaching into the back seat constantly like a stoplight. I damaged my shoulder for like, a long period of time when Andy, who fixed that? The dad's shoulder, a dad's shoulder, well, Dad's shoulders, when you have a little kid and they get like that goop on your arm because the kids were just you'll be getting that I can't wait. Real suit. Two weeks ago, I was gonna go meet up some friends at the climbing gym and, like I set my alarm toe like it was like, 10. I select. I wait a stayed up way too late the night before, so I would like said it to 10. You're supposed to be about 10 30 I hit snooze. And then I realized that I had slept in and I had, like, 10 15 minutes to get to the gym, and I got up so quickly that I told my neck and I was just like, Oh, and then I was like had stiff neck and then I went in climbed and, like, I was like, Don't do that. I tried to power through, which is like, the number one thing you don't D'oh! Yeah, Another injury like that. I want to see when you can crack on my on my Oh, nice. Sounded the sounded good. Yeah. Yes, Omar. Yeah. No, not my secret. To avoid these kinds of injuries is to not go to the gym. I've never hurt myself at the gym, but you know what? At home. Good question, but I can't avoid going home. Like give us an example of an injury that you've had. Could avoid injuries, that you'll get it home by going to the gym. No, but I have 0% lifetime gym injuries. Have you ever had stepped on double home time from something that wasn't like a medical procedure? Like I got to go get stitches, turns up? No, Like I got like, I cut my hand or by felon split my head open or something. Really? Because that's gonna be, like, five or six times at the gym. Maybe you're not at the general. You're clumsy. Look, we've We've moved away from the gym now. we're just focusing on Gus is utter lack of activity whatsoever. Never had stitches. Have you ever been knocked out? You had an endoscopy. There's an Artie about it because they do not like in a violent way. No, I can't never like that. Not No, no, no. You're put under put under there. I thought that's what you always dreamed of. Like Like what? If you were You're tall like you and burning or both. He's tall. Do you know this whole thing? You're tall, Not on this thing lately would not be in its pretty small lately. Stop it. No, no, I am like it's far 10 but not 5 10 is not by any that's told. It's like average right. It's like it's so you're back dating, which probably brings it up a lot more. Yeah, dating its height is such a big deal on dating and like, it's never bothered me like, I think, like, well, most recent girlfriend was as tall as I was, so whenever she had heels on and she was taller than me. But that has never been a concern of mine, but it's a big deal for certain women. It's just like it's a big deal to a lot of dudes. The average American height for men is 69.7 inches. Nice. 59.759 point seven. Okay, right around that ballpark. Which Arnold? That's a question. What's Arnold? Thank you. 61 Maybe just six. That's the only way that I could look. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the eye. Just seems wrong to 6 to 6 to all, right, There you go. Not too much. You seen with, like Kareem Abdul Jabbar? Not a giant. Now he looks so small compared to them. Yeah, but that's why I was I've noticed this you've said this before is because I do think it's a big deal to a lot of ladies in line, but it's a much bigger deal to lots of guys. I think it dating in general, especially with guys. It's whatever they feel like they don't have, Like, you're a very good looking dude. Great shape for some reason you hearing you say like, Oh, I wish I was taller or whatever, you know, or like girls on tender like blew it about height and things like that. Don't you ever imagine what it would be, like, just be, like, huge, everyday people you're dating. No, I'm still fucking rude. I'm, ah, 100% happy. Okay, that's one of the worst waste I ever injured myself was I can't even remember what it was I think was maybe in my yard is yoon yard work. And I did this thing where I move something to the side with my foot. Like I put the inside of my foot on the side of it and pushed into the left, like, took my right foot and hooked it and pushed it left. And it's just like it did something to my hip hip. That was done like an abductor. Were conductors, abductor and adductor. I'm not sure. Yeah. Yeah, that's a That's a weird muscle that we heard it. It has to do with every other bodily function, if you like. Let's say, as it can happen sometimes entertainment career boom all over done. Would you ever go into, like, physical training or anything like that? Physical therapy? No, no, I just don't have, like, I don't think I have the patience to go through the medical school. And I'm like, all right, so I'm not gonna go down that path. Uh, I I'm a very kind of like, selfish person. And I like fitness because it's something that I enjoy personally well, in training other people and having to like, given extra amount of patients to another person. It's pretty like I couldn't be all right. Two more sets. You know, it's not your style. No, I I will only do it for very close friends right now. And your roses and I One of our other writers on the comedy group is, uh, he's going to the gym with me pretty often. Is kicking ass. Yeah, hard. I'm glad you guys are doing that. Yeah, So people need sometime. I feel like you guys turn Chris around. You and Aaron work. He kind of turned Chris too. Like I never thought of Kristina guy, good shape and one of these things. Like it's terrible how first impressions kind of stick, but Chris is in tremendous shape. The eye's great shape, he's in really great shape. Was incredibly, your ship will fuck you up. That's exactly how Christopher I know Chip is terrific. Listen to Joe Rogan runs everywhere he goes. Yep. He's gonna put weight on it. And he said, Maybe he's wearing something on her jeans. Who knows? I we got injured a little bit on Friday. I don't know if we should talk about it, but we're doing something. Don't work for a short, um, which may or may not actually work out in the end. But I got like, jazz just abusing Boy, you kind of look like your bass playing. They're just fucking with you because they know it'll trigger hard to show this one without giving an up skirt to the audience. Hey, don't know that I was a little knee injury. There's like, God, I haven't It's like I fell off my bike. It's like the kind of injuries I have with this thing. And I was just trying to know your knuckles air like, jacked up like you think you got? No. Yeah, yeah, it's bad. Maybe I did. Maybe I'm lying. Maybe actually got into a fight. You join AA Maddie? Sorority? Yeah. Doesn't look as bad on camera, but it's BYOB, Miss Matty. She I She said she popped up in some like she was in something just recently I saw, and it was linked somewhere. And she did. It is the story about her that she told about her story, a massive fight. I love that story. Ridiculous. You show enough need By the way, they could have Twitchell advertise. You didn't just old channel if you, uh, make a little more risque. Yeah. What the hell happened with that? Well, he left. He left twitch exclusively stream on mixture and made a big deal about it. And I think that was about it was about two weeks ago. It was a little bit like the middle of last week. I remember because we'd we talked about in that being number one on the platform and leaving and the impact number one has and is part of it. We talked about beauty pie and just like general thoughts about beauty pie. And boy, I've gotten fucking hammered about that both, You know, good bad. But there are a lot of people who are and rightfully so. He's got a lot of fans, you know, the defending that racist piece of shit e g o. I'm gonna fucking shy away from that. I don't say racist Anti Semitic. Can you feel What was it Now you do another Nazi way, just the culmination of all the ways that even brought up. We were just talking about the impact the biggest person on a platform can have on the platform, which is important to everyone else who's on the platform and whether or not it was justified. And there's a lot of people who don't feel it was justified. Is that a guy who's making jokes, whether or not they're racist and anti Semitic? They don't feel like that Brand should be pulling out of YouTube as a whole because that gets reported on the media's overblowing it. Yeah, that's that's their side as I understand it, that's what they're telling me. And we were just talking about it, and they thought we were perpetuating a myth that he had made racist and anti Semitic when he had, like you have clearly has on it. He's clearly done. You can look. It's document. Yes, it is documented that he's done it, and you can argue whether or not he should be able to make those jokes or whether or not they were even jokes. But one in particular was like he said, a very racially explosive word in a fit of rage, like while playing a video game. So that was like, That's gonna says what? Which, like, doesn't easily slip out if it's not a word that you may be more often used than most people. So where this is his dictionary? Yeah, I don't think we're that we're all on the stand it again. That's what always happens. Yeah, and the reason that we've been doing this for 11 years? No, no, we're off in this thing. This is what happens with number one on the platform, somebody who's number one. The platform is every conversation than threads through that person. That's the impact it has. Anybody else? That's the whole point of trying to make right. Like there's a lot of people whose dream on twitch. It's not all about this ninja guy. It's not about him leaving it doesn't mean the platforms in the fall apart. This is not there. But now there's this whole kerfuffle of they're using ninjas old account page or I guess you like the loan it He abandoned it right, but somehow he's very upset because they were using, uh, I saw a post on Twitter which is him, and it looks like him in a car I could never play like nothing standing in your fucking tell anymore. If anyone's in the driver's seat or in the passenger seat, when they're making some kind of complete front facing camera could be. But there it looks like he's in the past instagram, but kind of a symmetrical environment if you don't include the steering wheel. So it's impossible to tell unless you know the guy's face well enough. Yeah, you know, he's flipped more unless you see the steering wheel. Unless you see this steering wheel is the right side of the left side of his hair green. That will let us know way Theo was identical. I like this. You know this road. We're heading down here. We're trying to prove that ninja is videoing while driving. I don't wanna get involved. I didn't start that ball season up. I don't care if you look up mixer Ninja photo. It's just a bunch of like blenders. Way a little bit of the video, literally. The voters of him, he can explain it way better than I can. Little jabs, we felt like, but it didn't matter. I want to stay professional. But now those you don't know if you go to twist out to be such a ninja, they advertise other channels. They don't do this for anyone else. That's offline, by the way. Just me. He thinks there are also other streamers who have signed with other platforms who stream and channel's still remains the same. You can see their rods. They don't promote other streams, you know, promote, promote other popular channels. But they do on mine. I've been treating for eight years to build my brand of build that channel 14 and 1/2 1,000,000 followers and they were still using my channel to promote other streamers. Well, now there was a porn account that was number one being recommended on my channel. I have no say in any of this, So this is like, this is the line. This is the straw. We're trying to get the whole channel taking out to begin with one of the great cut the feed, Eric. But the whole thing was it's like the headline was that twitch? Uh, showed porn, which they did. I saw a screen shot at least that somebody else had documented, Uh, I saw screenshot where they had a bunch of links to other streams like it's basically like YouTube there recommended videos and I get what he's saying that it's it's really frustrating, I guess which doesn't do this normally, but it's really frustrating when you have something you've been working for years. In our case, like 16 years, our YouTube channel for for 13 years, 10 told well, somewhere around there. And it's like you make all these videos and it's like, Hey, somebody came and watched one of her videos. It would make sense is to show them one of our videos, or at least people to choose one of the videos that are recommended next or at least half of them are from the same channel. You absolutely doesn't do that and twitches the same way. Where their job is to pay attention to the platform is a hole in. You could see this was his follow up to treat. This wouldn't even have been an issue. They didn't use my channel to promote others in the first place, and it's like I don't know that's the problem. It's like as biggest ninja gets if he doesn't make his own destination and he's not in charge of that stuff. He's really just a no account. The platform is seeking to protect the pot for that's their whole job is to protect the platform, right? It's gonna be It's, you know, not great by showing some high quality pornography. That's where they lose. Like there's nothing you can say at that point. You know what I mean? I understand which wanting to keep people in their ecosystem, but then when they start doing that, but isn't that even a violation of their own terms of service? I have any mentioning that they don't do that on anyone else. The channel is just hiss correct. So it's not something I normally do get a little sketchy. They do something they normally did, whatever this is in light of his recent departure and going back to going to Mako, and I think he thinks it was intentionally Yeah, I think down that way that that seems like they made like they well, they had a dead channel, their number one channels now dead, right, right, But that intentionally advertised not so great channels there. I think they just put up like some. I think they probably an algorithm thing and the guessing. I can't imagine how much of the just said, Let's put the porn thing on top How it is when you run a poll online and people like, Hey, let's vote for Hitler. Did let nothing wrong or something like that. Try to pee by. I just gonna shut up. Don't talk about this stuff anymore. I really don't want to talk about it. That's the problem. You think part of the problem online is people will bully you when you clearly state of fact, like beauty pies a huge race piece of shit, they will. They will come after you despite the fact there is clear evidence of wrongdoing. Well, racist is a subjective term, though, that you, no matter what you say he made a racist joke or racial. He made. He made comments that weren't even jokes that were racist. That's what the argument comes in. That's what I'm saying. That's what the argument that I'm not saying. I don't agree with you. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that we shouldn't be bullied into not calling races of racism. We shouldn't let people who perpetuate these things make us be quiet about calling it out when we see where's the crew to clap? Now you're all quiet back there. Somebody silently would like time for the chat okay? Onscreen anymore, since we're on the controversial. But I think we're going in a bunch of tweets anyway, about this stuff, I should probably show this really cool thing that I got recently was supposed to be a gift at Artie. Expert enough time for it because we couldn't hook up. Oh, shit. Michy. She gave me this. She is really She's a taxidermist on her own. So this is an actual This is a rooster. The wind up teeth are fake. They're not real. Shame me this just to spoil that. But she made me this really cool rooster teeth mount. I know this is not gonna be everything. I don't have any mounted animals in my house. And there's gonna be some people are upset about this, but I figured this is a bird, you know, And she ate the bird. She told me so. It's like a bird went to waste. It's like it's actually been used. Where is the rest of the birds that we typically don't go through it. And now it's being used even more. What's up? That's awesome. I just want to thank for this. If you want to check out our work gotta knishes Niche on Instagram. It's an I s h i and the niche and I ch super cool. Just your niche. I said you need to think they never tell you about the time I was attacked by a rooster. Go ahead in Puerto Rico. No, it's like a little boy. I was gonna say six or seven and I was visiting my my grandparent's house and had, like, a little farm in the back. And one morning, my grandmother told me to go feed the chickens. So I went out there and, you know, there was like, I got a little chicken feet in the bucket and I was out kind of throwing it on the ground. And, Ah, some of the roosters get really aggressive when you have the food. So one of them wanted all of the food, so it jumped at me. You know, they've got, like, their claws, their talent. Yeah, and started attacking my leg because you for just one second, someone in the chat asked the rooster. They said, Is that a reference to Bernie's old hat? No, it's a reference to the name of our company. What website? Your test on you, Alu person. I didn't get your name. Thankfully, I didn't want your name. Um, so one of the roosters started attacking me and, like, with its talents and cut up my leg pretty bad. I didn't get the stitches, though. Uh, no, I was a little boy. So, like I started crying and I ran back inside, and my leg was all bloody. And my grandfather got so fucking mad at, you know, at the rooster. Really? Yeah. He he was like, Come with me. And we went back outside, and he was like, Which one was It was like it was that one you could tell. Yeah, and you walked up to it immediately killed it, started plucking it, and we had it for lunch. Well, it's like like there was there was no fucking around. It's like he immediately cut its head off, took all the feathers off, butchered it and was like, All right, we're gonna eat it Did he, like, pop the neck? Uh, no, he just cut. Just cut it off. If I grandpa if I did that and that's probably something, actually, I would do that. He's gonna eat one chicken that day. Might as well. Why not? You know, vendetta? I would like to, you know, how old were you? I was, like, six or seven. I would want you dead in the eye. Six years old, I said, Now you and I, we have a life debt. Some point in the future, I'm gonna come and I'm gonna ask you for something. And you have todo I saved your life today and killed this bird. Did you think it was cool? I thought it was also six, you know. So is that rooster in reference to your story, Then? Thanks Way went Thio Japan. We went to that deer park or whatever. Where is that place? Nora? Nora, man, those dear fucking assholes. I almost got stabbed by one, had the antler still and I had to, like, grab him by the antlers. I know you'll keep saying that like I like that. Just a deer. I had the most pleasant experience there they were fucking dick. They were, like, subdued. I thought they were all, like drugs or something. There was one that was really doping, like he, like, was on the other side of the street. And then he waited for the cross light thio light up, and then it went, And then he just walked across and we passed each other when we rode the Deer park. Yeah, and they were just perfectly normal. Do you see that one's head butting Miles ass with his tongue out. It looks like he's like, I know an interesting story, but right after Gus finishes Rooster story, I was looking at the chat and I saw a TV G in there, Tim and all here it was, you know, that was mad, real E. But I had a good time with those deer like they were so chill well to the point where, like, we heard about what they're like when you knew you had the stink of animal of God, Granddad killing them, hanging them Is it because they have become like people come up to them and feed them all the time, so another they feel so entitled to food from people. They they get like they bully you. Will they do the bow thing? They're like, you know, I thought, this is cute. And then eventually, they're just like doing this. And then, like, I don't have any food. You like, Hold out your hands, and then there's like, I'm doing the thing. But the warning signs were you crack up around the park warning you that the deer can be aggressive. Yeah, and they were I was, like, lost a testicle or something. Like fucking No, I just seen, uh, I follow her on instagram get schools. Life. I think a lot of great post a decent amount of stuff I buy. I buy because I found out. Find out about it through her, like almost every drone. I gotta figure out how to get on the good side of that D j d j I company because they like, centrally everything like the herd hold you going all the way back to the iPhones. Yeah. Yeah, that's actually make Major. Mark was that, but she was tech heavy. She was doing this cool thing, um, at Yellowstone with, like this, like, really cool camping spot. So it's like for people wanna go camping but don't want to give up like a nice hotel. Which kind of anything purpose of camping for a lot of people. But if it opens up the park, tow more people or that experience to other people, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, she was going on a hike as part of this, Like her adventure in Yellowstone Think was Yellowstone. And, uh, she showed she had her satellite phone, just in case she gets in a jam on. Then she had a big fucking can of hair spray. Yeah, you seem like a strange bears. Yes, which has got to be like, probably like, what, 6000 Scoville or something like that. Cruise normal. Maces four for 4,000,000 are normal mazes like 4,000,000 Scoville. And I think bear Mace is like, even gonna be worse than that. It's gotta be so Bears like jalapenos then That's what you're saying. They love him. There's only 1200 Cove over. I don't know this stupid Scoville scale that's taken a room in my brain. Yeah. Anyway, so cute. You know, it's not just steins, acute phone and everything like that. And she's like. Yeah, she's a watch out in case I see a bear. Then, like, here's a picture of a mountain. Here's here on the trail. Then there's the fucking video of a bear like it's like it's close enough to where she can shoot it with it with a smartphone. It's a big fucking bear. Just look a bear. And, you know, she lived because she made the post. But I'm like, That's scary, is fun. Let's that bear sees that post defended and comes back to get her. I thought maybe the bear was like there might have been some barrier that wasn't being felt. The au pairs and Berries have to be on the other side of the barrier. There's a Washington D. C. Here. While you look that up, I'm gonna read this. Okay, then we'll get right back. Ah, this upset received podcast is brought to buy ring rings. Mission is to make neighborhood safer. You probably seen they're smart video doorbells and cameras to protect millions of people everywhere. Ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world. 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Get it now it ring dot com slash teeth That's ring dot com slash teeth Thank you Ring for sponsoring this Absolutely receive podcast. Alright, You find the thing burn. No, it's past. Uh, I mean, it's expired. Yeah. And she didn't The video. The berry I tried to find into? No. So she does have one of a bear. This looks like some kind of enclosure, but the other one was a current hiking trail, and it's just a bear, but it's a big s like, Oh, you're right. I was thinking about this one for the Yeah, Megan, we'll see if they're sending me there. Um, but crazy. It's crazy. It's just like I was like, No, she's fine. She made the instrument post. But out of there, what do you do when you're insane? But you gotta bear spray. She's fine. Do it for the grand Dude. You got to stand there anyway. What do you do with a bear? Walk backwards. It says they come at you. You look big. Yeah. Yeah. If you can assure your fucking idiot. Apparently because I think with the street, we try to outrun him. That's really bad. 30 miles an hour, some fucking fat. Try to make yourself a and Stacy. You face them, make a lot of noise. I think you make noise so that you don't surprise him. that way. Like they know they hear you coming when you're walking, If you're walking in the woods, you're loud on purpose. That s and m orphan Any animal. I think a bear or a line would be one of them. Really? Where? They're fucking cool. Dude, it's a really specific wish. Carrie and I could sleep, like all winter long. Just, like pack their ass a bunch. Is that what you want? What do you think? You could do that? And and Yeah, yeah, it's called sabbatical. Okay. Jefferson advised cheese. If I could be any animal in the world, I would absolutely be Gus. His grandfather use like, Apex. Dude, I have never killed and long anything that has hurt my kids, like, even like a play, like, stuck him with a thorn or anything like that. That's a Bud said. That's a big move. Dude, I had ah weird thing happen this weekend. Where? So I was walking. I got as weird was going into my apartment, and I live in this, like, long hallway. And then I was walking down the hallway, and then she's and then, like each door that you know, there's doors to different units and I'm walking to mind. I'm explain this real bad looking alien explaining apartment people that a door opens and I have my headphones in cause I'm listening to a podcast. Were hardcore history. Yeah, you know, the thing they're doing in trying to get into tomorrow? I have actually might have an extra ticket on Wednesday. I bought three tickets. It's eight o'clock at night time ago. Apparently, he's here. They're They're, uh why don't we explain what the fuck we're talking about? Hard core histories of podcast? No, I don't listen to it. But they have this v R event in Austin right now called War Remains. Everyone I know who's been to it has been like, This is an amazing experience. And it's just a weird coincidence. My son, my oldest son, J. D. Is a huge World War one buff and this, like, weird year because of all this World war stuff, we're like, 100 years away from its 100 years. Press the end. Yes, let's. But I would ask you come back to blame. Don't come back to you guys because I won't talk to you about this. Come back to me. Peter. Hey, how do you feel about before I want to get on the island? So getting a depth of about World War one listen to It's just like it's insane, like never before. History is they talk about like he identifies, like specific wars and like in time periods and then just go super in depth. And he goes into the human element of them where it's like, I think he had a quote where he was like, I think Stalin Berliners. Somebody said they were there like, you know, 1200 people dead. That's a tragedy. 1,000,000 people dead. That's a statistic, right? If you think about it, you see these numbers. I think even lower number looks like three people die. That's a tragedy. But if yeah, 1,000,000 people die, it's a statistics, a statistic, because you can't wrap your head and you lose the human element of how many people that is. But then he goes in depth and talks about like the smell and just like the sights and just like these really visceral experience the soldiers went through. Where was that? What was it? You were walking down the hallway, The door opened, and okay, so I'm listening to my headphones and listen to hard core history. Great, great, great podcast. You should listen to that field. And then a door opens in the hallway that blend in the hallway that I live in, and then a dog comes out. It's like a 30 40 pound like white, fluffy dog. It's like got curls. Was a poodle bichon? I don't know. I always feel like a jury could be five hours. It runs at me, clawing the shit out of my legs, go biting like down here and just like fucking nipping at me embarking. And then the orders just like standing there like, Ah, and then I had my headphones in something like hearing about World War. And I'm like, uh and then a even bigger black lab dog comes out. Thinks there's a problem. Yeah, and I'm like, Well, I'm dead. I'm gonna have to, like, finger when these dogs that bottle to get him off me. You heard that, right? That's defensive strategy. Figured it always figure the dogma, but hold on, get away from me. They're like, No, you know, you could have reached for the butthole, though. but that's a big dog doing. You gotta grab it and then you just got a finger. The butt anyways, so this dog is freaking out. Another bigger dog comes out like I'm fucking dead. My generals are gonna get ripped off, and he actually jumps in between us and then, like, nips at that one, and he stands there. He looks at me and I was like, a puppy, and then the owner didn't didn't say sorry that she just grabbed the dog rain inside have reported if it bites me, I don't want a dog Rebar, right? I I don't want todo like you gotta monitor to make sure it's not Rabies or something. The owner should be profusely apologizing for me. All right, I'm fine. It was just a stupid dog bite. Well, was it a nipper? But it was is a bite. Like it make. Yeah, Claude, I don't know if it drew blood. I'm not gonna get into too much detail. Some people like white knighting me into killing this dog. They're not gonna fucking do that. It was just a just a dog. A freaked out. He's probably taking its owner. They're gonna doc you're gonna find out that hallway that you? Yeah, I like that story. Started with what? Apartment building. That story was all over the place. I like. Well, anyways, you got attacked by a dog. You Here you go. OK, but no one killed. I got the dog. Opened the door, but solid. These there were so many weird tension. It was like, Mister Mister Erick. No, the dog like you said, Well, they I just saw once upon a time in Hollywood. So that's where I got my story, dude. Everyone and my Genesee and I have to go see it. And it's just I can't I I don't have time to go see it. I leaned over his right eye, lean over to my date, was like, I don't know what the fuck is going on, but this is great. I'm gonna apologize, but not apologize for something that is, I have to keep all my devices on full blast, non silent, because at any moment in the next two weeks, Ashley could be texting me and calling me and I got to be able to answer a selfish, but that means I'm gonna get other pings and stuff like that. So, Gus, I'm kind of just 30 minutes so far. You find any kind of started? This? Just shows Nobody ever wants to talk about that. So that's what text you right now. No, I'm good. We, uh, about the music real quick, though. You're saying you think your finger up the butt of a dog to break up, break up a fight to keep it from attack, you know? Then you gotta wash your hands. There was a guy who did that in a state and fight. You know, we're, like, duck his finger up a dog's butt, close our stadium where these two guys were fighting. I'm trying to find it was said that Eric was so fucking funny where these two guys were fighting, But they're fighting a different rose, which is always a bad idea. But I don't have the higher ground. Yeah, way higher ground. And, like, close proximity to kicking in the face. Whatever. But these guys were fighting their fighting cross euros. And then a guy a row further down from that comes up behind the guy at the lower row who's facing upwards and just reaches up and grabs him by the balls and squeezes. It immediately stops the fight on both sides. It was like, Who the fuck is this? Who the fuck is this tactic? Words like everybody is every time upon the new guy, like a ball grabber for him. First, it was an old dude, you know. It was like he was an older guy. He's like, just knows how to stop. This thing is like I got this and just, like, reaches up Eric, I'll try to find it for, you know, forwarded. See it. It's now I know what to do if I'm ever in your fight. Oh, here it is. There goes, comes in. It was what's going on. Dude was like Stunned City activated a Browns game. It's like a clip on the cat. Brown's Jets look up brown, brown, brown, Schatz balls Greece, but it's like that's thinking right. You could get in there and throw some punches and do some damage like Barbara would have done. Clearly where they're busted up knuckles or just go in like just squeeze guy's balls in the site fight. Who's got to get to him? I think he has a perfect angle coming from behind. Wait again. The guy had such a perfect look on his face. It was amazing. If they have it album, It's coming. All right round? Yeah, they're fighting. Oh, his body tenses up. Everybody, everybody That I was in total control of that situation. That guy. That guy had been a rooster. That'll do it. Eight over. It's gonna kill you. Need you? We had ah, over the weekend. You know, we put out that video that we filmed at San Diego. Comic con Barbara way Went out there and way interviewed a bunch of people. We asked them questions that we brought up during the podcast and ask them to Ah, video unify, some arguments. You didn't ask the one question, would you? Can you buy a single stick of Erik? We did ask that did. For time. We had to cut it. I'll give you the raw footage, Bernie. Okay. Can you Yes. Okay. No overwhelming answers was yes. You could buy a Hollywood elite. The whole cast of don't buy their own butter. That's who you're interviewing. They have no idea. They have no idea. But out of touch with reality thing was ah, Last minute. Well, not last minute. This was, Ah, change from our original idea for what we're gonna do out there with these people at San Diego comic con. Ah, few days before we went out, I had read on Read it that there's ah sub genre of erotica of dinosaur porn, and I thought I would be funny. You know, it's like fairies or what? Well, I wasn't sure what it waas so that wouldn't be funny if we go up there and, you know, do we have those covers? Well, that wouldn't be fun if we went out there and like that, that they seem like totally ridiculous. So I thought, Oh, you know, it's wrapped your butt invasion. So we thought maybe you'd be funny. If we read some of this. It'll be, like, kind of kind of comedic. And we could read this with them, and we can where? Dinosaur masks while we do this. Oh! Oh, my God. But then we I I'm sorry to say I bought a couple of the book's good. Why? Doesn't really credit on Amazon. You're on the grid now, motherfucker. I don't name it, and they are extremely violent and graphic. They're very graphic. So graphic that I'm not gonna read any here. Really? Too much. Is it not legally allowed? No, it's not even that. It's just super graphic. You know what this reminds you? Go. I don't wanna have like, over of the ninja can of worms again. But watch seeing these two in these masks and you're talking about that. It also reminds me of like I found out something really disturbing about patri on because our friend Jessica Negri and several friends who have very, very, very high profile accounts on patri on I went to patriotic like look up their accounts and see like what they were doing. I'm kind of curious on a business level of what they were doing. Was he the structure of it all? And you can't search for the no, you cannot find them that they're done, first of all, on the platform. So what is the purpose of being then on patri on for them? You still have, like, the oldest system and mechanisms to fulfill rewards credit card processing, credit card, the allocating of users to different ears. So everyone who's ever gone to Jessica need grease patri on has gone because she linked from some other three of directly you literally can't find, like type Jessica Negri in the Patron. You will not find her. She's gone, attorney. Also, if you put the direct link I believe you can like if you put patron dot com slash jessica need Robert, you have to know it if you don't know it right or click on the link from her instagram or something like that. But I can't do that on the app, so I literally can't even, like, look her up on the app. I guess if I was a backer or is it my patron, then it would be in my account attached to it. I could do it that way. I don't know, man, that just seems really wrong to me. That's it seems really little steps. Yeah, Mrs Goes back to think up to. It's like it's what do you get from the platform versus what is a platform? Get from you? You know the smell bad. What do they smell? Like? I'm not put one of those on what's going on. What? What's Gum Road? Is that like a new patriot gum road? I don't come road. I don't know. I want to say it's a place to upload digital photos. Okay, is it? I think it's a photo website. Got it. Could be wrong. And what was really bad in this? Yeah. I don't know how it stands. For what color is that? Mask? This one? No, you're so, um, it's like a greenish yellow. Okay. Interesting for yellowish green. Used one greenish yellow yellowish cream that's also not the color, by the way, could hold that mask up to the color. It's a yellowish green. We got a huge debate again, which has been something this debate that's been raging for me. Actually, I mentioned my friend Scott. He's been the podcast before. Ah, we would play street fighter too, in the like the late nineties. And we would get in these arguments as to what color Blanka from street fighter to us. And I'm in the minority here. Is this it? Pull that up. So this is the character from street Fighter, too. This is Blanc. And you guys can look this up online if you listen. The podcast podcast audio version Blanca is in. Every depiction of Blanka is green they make him bright green like a deep green in the fucking game. He's yellow in street fighter to where block of First appears. All right there. You're saying that you're saying that yellow juice, not what color is that? A yellowish green wreathe that's yellow eyes It more yellow or more would block a look more green. Look a block on show a picture block of what? He's supposed to look like a fighter to what you're basing your argument on. No, but bring me. Bring me all like, bring me that pop figure and I'll show you the color. They stay with the majority green because if you look at the edges, they're trying to do a thing with depth and shading, where it's white on the spots that are closest to camera, and then it progressively gets more green. Well, that's obviously a lot more green than that picture to this. Well, that's like a street fighter. Five. I'm holding up a pop figure, Blanka, and he's like the Hulk. Well, they did change color. They made him or green over time, but he was always depicted on the side of Hope. Doesn't have red hair. He's this color as well. But in the game, he's fucking yellow. Yellow color. Yellow is yellow. Look at this. That's green. That's because he's green. Green green, too. Good Lord, subject cameras on me. They go out of your bed. And anyone who says yellow no see yellow is fuck, thank you very much. Fucking yellow people saying for years there. And they said, Like the two players, there's yellow with the yellow at the end There with orange way, agree that the middle one's blue. Yes, yeah, the middle one of one of the rights definitely aren't. But also if he yellow and blue are agreed. So if you put a blue character next room, it should draw out the blue in the green. Maura doesn't come in as far as you can onto his arm, the hair on his arm and it will be nothing but green. We owe her the blue ones green, green, green, baby, go closer. That's a green hands hand in hand with orange to the right hand right, that's a tan is yellow. It's a green and write something. Someone said the chat. I know it supposed to be green, but it's yellow and that's how I feel about it. And it's green burns that I used to think I was color blind in the nineties, referring to This is a green character. You're important in a photo shop and ask it what the color is enhance, enhance. There's definitely yellow in there, but the color that they're going for is to make it look greenish. No broadcasting. This just makes you want to just make it fucking green. And they did. That's what they did over time. And you're mad about that. So what color would you say this is? That's more of a greenish yellow that that that that I would describe his yellow green. The color we saw st I just called fucking yellow color is this. Let's stop this now. What color is it? Too late? Okay. I was gonna try and trick you around. It was the what was cool. Thanks for the explanation. Really, really, really rocketed tonight. Blame. Thanks. This'll stuff will make you a sexual Tyrannosaurus. I did read, though that's like the pie chart of people's reactions. When you tell them you're color blind and it's like 1% of people is Oh, that's interesting. 99% of people whose What color is this? What color is this? What does this look like? I can imagine that Be horrifying for someone who's color. But what do you suspect? Your color point is that where you don't know? But I don't think I am. I don't think I see is many colors as other people. You could do one online tests. I've done those, like with the dots, and this was the number. And then you can look at the thing and say Determines, Like what type of color blindness you have. I can always see the number. I can always see the number, but it's like Maybe it's just like I you know, I hate to play the guy card, but maybe because of my guy, it's like when they say this color goes with that color. I don't what that means. Like I could say two colors to give me two colors. That is the same. I like those colors go together. You know, travel often ask because he's actually colorblind. Yes, um, he's like, What is this color? And I have to explain the color. He's like, Does that go with this then and I'll be like no or yes, very cute. Like you hear the phrase clash, those colors clash. Yeah, as like, I don't know how colors can clash, but okay, like opposite colors on the color wheel. It's like colors that are close enough together that they don't go like If you were red pants with that shirt, it would clash. Oh, yeah, stuff like that. But red is that weren't colors. That shirt, that's the orange shirt that's orange shirt but Red's part of orange. So why wouldn't red and orange go together? Because they're too close that there's I don't know how fashion, but you just know it. But that's the thing is, I don't have that inherent, like those clash. You just know when you see it kind of a thing. Yeah, whatever that switches. I don't have that switch in my head. You dress pretty good, though I can't wear the same thing every day, actually posted a photo on her instagram of her baby bump like she's just used 38 weeks and everyone's reaction. I'm so glad like nobody did the whole leg. Look at the background thing common on the background which what usually people do it. Every fucking photo. Yeah, It's like if you got to scour your background to make sure No, I know it was wrong with the background. No, she didn't. The closet you can literally see. I've got, like, two dozen. That's the same story. It's like 99 Black polo is just all lined up. It looks like a cartoon characters clause, Peter H. Says according to color picker. Yes, he they're like dark yellow olive tone bull dark yellow dot Hello, all of town, which is green. The hex is 947906 since our kilo. I'm saying it's a greenish yellow or yellowish green in the photo that you go to people's instrument. I'm trying to talk about photos, the audio listening to What the fuck is this point? We did the same thing when we saw the Ninja video were like, you see in the driver's seat like the animal analyzing the background. What's going on there? They should just watch the video. What video? This podcast video. Oh, yeah, that's a good way to do it, too. Yeah. Go watch the podcast video. You guys ask a bunch of questions of people know this one that you're currently doing well, are you? I got a baby along the way. I was getting back to the thing that he was talking about. The podcast, the podcasts video out in Sdcc. Did anybody else not noticed The Blade Runner references I was making? I did not. I did what? When we were, like zooming in, I was doing, like, enhance, enhance that C s I did Everyone says that Blade Runner A Blade Runner reference you don't see in hands? No, he was like, you know, like four years still Wright, stop. Zoom in on that image. But you just kept saying Enhance meaning It's your blade runner. It's okay. They live in an apartment above 49. Right way, And so can you tell us the future? There's no one lives in. Whole people do live in the hallways in that right. That's the Matrix dude matrix. Every is living in the hallway. For some reason, it also played 20 when he's going to his to his door. That is true. Yeah, well, I think there's a hanging out camping out there. That would be your nightmare. Like listening you like Gus, You living in a housing project where you gotta walk past, like, 50 people hanging out in the hallway like 2049. That's where he lives. You would hate that. People just milling about Also. It's really fucked up, though, because it's like it's like two visions of the future, which is Maybe it's because he's a man droid. I'm not ruling anything by saying this. They say it like the first minute. Yeah, they dio Aah! Great movie, by the way, 2049 was fucking amazing. It was like they hit the pause button and just like a kn paused it. What, 25 years later, when they made 30? Yeah, maybe 30 30 like 85 to 2015? Yeah, man crazy. But, uh, he's in that. He's in that hallway, but then he goes and apartment. His apartment's really fucking nice. It's really nice, and it's like I know it's enhanced a lot by the technology he hasn't there, but it's like super cleaning. And that small right, it's also very small. It's also very small. Yeah, no, the whole the whole, uh, his wife character for his domestic partner, Toy Carry joy. Is that her name? Yeah. That whole thing with her is, like such a great, great part of that movie, man. It's so fucking cool. I love future ology of any kind. Like I just get, like, so stuffed into that stuff. It's like we should be living in the future now, but somehow we're not bullshit. Dude, we had self driving cars there, electric. Like when I was in Japan. I was like, this place, This is the future. And then we have elements of like, being in the future. Kind of like that. Smartphones, electric cars, all that stuff. I talked t to turn my lights on and off you. I guess when you picture the future, you you think of everything else looking different. Maybe it's like liquid is talking about 2049 ports. Like you have two visions of the future and one horse, like people are living in the hallway or hanging out there. But the apartment is pristine and nice. So it's like you got the bad and the good, and you're dealing with both sides. Will you shut that door? It's like tons of technology and holograms and everything like that but they just didn't do that in the hallway, you know, kind of because why would they? I feel like if people just completely adopted, like the future, look like there's too many remnants of like, This is supposed to be like a table that's looking rustic and stuff, so that kind of breaks the illusion of the future. But if you just like, purely embraced like a future aesthetic, then it would look like everywhere we look like anyone is confused by why Blaine sounds like he's in a well, he's still wearing the dinosaur mask. You refused to wear it for the next half hour. It's most terrible blame. This is It's not that bad, and I feel like I'm a dinosaur, so that's cool backward. This is what worries me about Jessica Negri. Stuff is like, This is it right here. It's super in shape, good looking person and in this ridiculous mask on top of it. And it's just like I know a lot of people think it's really funny. I genuinely find it off putting. I really do love what you're worth, the burden of the bird once they're just like you are. There is just so awful angry. It was. It's so well. Turn around. Source. Flex O What's that title? The one about the mask is that Blaine is looking through the dinosaurs eyes. There's two I hold back. It looks like a beetle juice. That's like what I was thinking when she does like, the long face thing. And she poked your eyes and come out of mouth like wearing it now because it's like I have a red Mohawk. Ah, hell, yeah. See, no one will be the wiser, um, give to get back to this. Ah, uh, piece that was given to me. And it's not trophy exactly on the bird down or anything, but she was telling me she was telling me that, um, the comb here, the top of the rooster's head. It's not the actual come from the rooster. She made a new one because you may not match exactly the locum to do. I was going to say that comb looks very much like the logo. That purple, right? Pretty fun. Crazy. Stop it. Stop it. We're not talking colors anymore. We're done. I'm not color blind. I don't think I'm color blind. I'm just not a color expert either. I'm almost that way with music, which has been very frustrating from you my entire life. Where that camera angle come from from the camera up there. Where the camera up above. We can't say because the lights are too bright. They're flying a drone in the studio. We got it from my justine play. What, You don't know? What cameras. Have you ever seen a camera right there where the rooster is? Look up. Look at the free look at the monitor. Gonna break this thing. You're like Chris right now with our place, every direction but the right wood. I'm waiting. I knocked this thing off. I'm gonna fall over just now because it's remarkable You fragile at the same time. 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We've been trying to find a game that we both want to play together, and I think we're gonna play the game of life Fact Oreo. Have you have a baby? That's exactly gonna D'oh! We're playing like, uh, raise the baby in a similar way. Kiss them of, ah, everything this age of wonders that just came out. You know, the It's like a pseudo board game for X game. Age of wonders. The whole series domain. Anyway, they have won our age of wonders. Planet fall, and I can't figure, is it, like based on another property, because it kind of looks similar. Just a sci fi version of Asia wondered what empires we might play it. No, it's not really Thio age, age of empire. The one driving around for a while there play betrayal at House on the hill. It's closer. Civilization. Sorry, guys. That's a telemarketer. Great Summer gets here that Sorry. I gotta keep my phone on. I I got bamboozled. I was told you're talking about Victoria. So what about the most care about, by the way, I bought fact Oreo and had never played it. I bought it back in 2016 because I think I saw not tweeting about it. It was like, I'm not just gonna tweet about it. Then it's probably a game that's, you know, at least compelling and interesting, you know? So I insulted. But of course, like a lot of things on steam never got around to playing it for some reason, like made time for it. So I went back and was like redoing my backlog or catching up on my backlog on steam. I just played sub Nautica. Really? That was a steampunk submarine game. It's submarine game. I want called steampunk. I don't dig it. That aesthetic bothers me, man. It's creepy looking steamed, saying that we're wearing a dinosaur mask. Wait, what about this? It's very futuristic to me. Doesn't seem like steampunk it all. We might not be thinking of the same thing. Are the characters kind of like it's like a really stylized toe look like like 18 hundred's not suffering, not seven different game. I was watching a funhouse video where they're playing like some submarine game, and it looked like, uh, you know what you got? It is submarine games. You're close. Sub Nautica, huh? Yeah. What the fuck? What can we always called right? It's really good that you're participating, but I play Haiti Plate Factory. Oh, blame Non Factory is the number two most highly rated game on steam. Was anything of this? What would be number one? Highest rated rated number two with a 96.71% rating. Now what is it? A factorial is 96.71% rating on Steve and something else has hired you. Guess anybody hold, is it? I'm gonna get a breath of the wild, I guess. Seems that feel good steam. Sorry. I thought this was just games. Um oh, God. I gotta pick between a sequel are the original. How much is one of the portal games. I'm gonna say one of Tetris games have, like, skyrim portal to Oh, nailed it. Look at me. 97.34 Look at that. This podcast Number four opinions on our industry. What is the rating for Zelda? Breath in the wild. This just team. That's all I have in front of me. Yeah, but I mean eyes, they're like, Yeah, I met a craft I've shown Metacritic. It's like, let me be in the nineties, I'm probably 5% of the way through factorial Based on just things that you want Lock your aggressive if you're lucky. I still don't know how I'm gonna write it down because I want to play with It was like a resource game where it's like you're on a planet. It crash land. It's actually kind of similar to sub Nautica in terms of the narrative device that motivates the game. And you're just a dude, an astronaut. But you have science on your side. So you like. Oh, here's a little deposited Cole. Here's little deposit of steel. Here's a little deposit of ah, copper and then your stone. And then you just like mine it with your little pick ding, ding, ding, ding ding. And then you mind enough of that stuff. You think? OK, well, here's what you do. I mean, used to steal that. I mind with my pick. Go for it. That's what it looks like. Build. I'm gonna build a little machine that mines in the bottom. Left there, build a little. I don't want to see this. I don't know what I got a look at this stuff because I'm gonna think I try to figure out how it works. It's so you build a little mining machine. The mother of my machine that spits out little nuggets of iron that makes you got I got to get that to somewhere else. If you make a little compare belt that takes it to a furnace and there's little robotic arm that you get that take stuff off the conveyor belt puts it the first factory. Then once it's just like a factory. So it's like it's your automating everything. It's a game of automating. Every single goal is you're stranded on this planet. If you'd research enough and get enough materials, you can build a spaceship to leave the planet. So So it's like you start with nothing and it's like, Okay, I need a research. I need to gather stuff and then eventually start building enough so I can build a spaceship and I can leave. So it looked like a real time strategy game. It looked like a man and conquer almost knows there is a threat in the game, but there's really isn't how there is, though. What happens is the more you pollute, the more it angers them, and the more frequently we'll start showing up if you build defenses. Yeah, gun, church and walls is the key to any time we used to play red alert. I would just build an entire perimeter of pill boxes around pillboxes. The best, yeah, and then, like, one dude would come and they'd just be like 18 pillboxes, just vapor rising. This one guy? Yep. You would probably like this also, you probably they are billions. Have you played that yet? Now is that it's, ah, kind of like a real time strategy game, but very rogue, like I'm upset. Gus, we have game time road like it's like, uh, it's like a modern R t s. But like you play and see how far you can get. Essentially, it's almost like survival, our T s. And then it's not like Mission based, Just like it's gonna ram we generate stuff for you or what a little bit it's like there's a regular event that happens like a zombie horde thing. Like this massive horde of zombies just comes through and the whore gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Dig that, you know, like like gears of war horde mode. And then what was the Halo one One? Words like it's was the what was It was like a replay that we came out odious. T flood, fire fight. Thank you. Firefight. Thank you. I feel like those had ends to them and sometimes he'd make it. And like when you did, you're like, Oh, yes, but like to have no end in sight, I don't. I lack motivation, played a traditional hormone and some of the other day and I was like, Yeah, I don't play this even more than two or three minutes, right? It was his gears started. I felt like that was the first really popular one of it. And there's like but we just played portal to for game time. They had the Ping system back in portal to like it was really prevalent, but I played Pearl to before I played the first portal portrait. So good, Amazing. It's a great game, except it's a terrible game to watch somebody else play. Yeah, it's legitimately like you watch someone else, play it and you want to tear your fucking eyes because you're like, Do that over there. I think any puzzle game where you know the solution and watching someone else not be able to do the solution. Man, there's nothing worse. Also, like even just by yourself playing portal. To be like this puzzles impossible. Then you figure out like, Oh, I'm really stupid idiot. But it's always like that. It's like it's like you just missed the thing. It's like, Oh, like we were trying to these portals get this thing off. We realize we could just hand it across this barrier, you know? I mean, it's like the simple solution. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the mechanic, it's like it. Just walk. It has ing it, been trying at times to do the arty Twitter stream, which we do every uh, Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Check it out, twitched out to be such a sheet, but it's got porn on it. Something that I've noticed is like I get going streams and play a lot of horror games where one person is controlling it. And a lot of those horror games air puzzle based. And so when you have, like you know it's John and then mean usually like two or three other people all trying to do this thing. And I'm like, No, just if you just put that over there and just that will open that and you could do that it's trying to sit back and like, kind of like the person who's playing it. Figure out this week when you're not playing just like you see so much more clearly. Zero patients like Christina. There's a clip that's going around of me screaming at her to light a candle. We're playing this game that basically one of the mechanisms is when you don't get access to light, you start to go insane, and then when you start to go, insane stuff happens, and then the game's over and you gotta restart. In the last eight point and We were trying to get her to put a candle down on this table and light it so that we would have traps is too light and our sanity was slowly going lower and lower. And blame was just like, like the cattle. And I was like that. I had to come into the room to see what the hell was going on. Did you scare us? I did. E kind of feel like that's a necessity. You have to do that kind of stuff. And once vicious circle comes out tomorrow, we could be streaming that. Dude, I'm so excited, so excited. We have ah, stream going on this Friday, right? Vicious summer. I think it's from three. It's a six hour live stream with a bunch of people are gonna be there. Some people are flying in for it. Um, it's kind of gonna be like a mix between playing the game. And some may be fun. Extra life type activities you might see. Ah, very excited. I'm gonna be on one of the teams, so I'm gonna be bringing them way down. Can't wait such a fun doing. Yeah, I think so. Bad. I like Captain Boom Captain Boone's fucking great. Yeah, Just let's play blitz. Yeah, I think we'll probably have ongoing balancing. I've always played Crash and Burn, which is Michael and Lindsay voice that I've heard. Zella is like one of the best characters to play from of couple people here. Fucking sucks. Bar What? Bar voices? Ella in that hate wouldn't You're the chicken, and Zella disappears when you're Pegasi like Godzilla disappears. Yeah, she has that cloaking ability. Oh, yeah. Trailers coming out If you're listening, this podcast live comes out tomorrow. I think that the trailer for it and then ah, if you're listening to you could probably already seen it. If you're listening this later on some other things Congratulations, time travel. Hopefully, ah, Wal Mart doesn't declare it a violent video game and remove it from What's up with that? I listen, I can't I can't figure out any more. I can't figure out what's real and what's not. I'm really at that point, dude. Like I read 1980 four's a kid. Um, it seems so dumb. Dumb, like they had the boxes and he's writing these things from the Ministry of whatever he works for no one's gonna believe this is double speak stuff. No one's gonna believe, you know, who wouldn't see through that in two seconds. It's like I'm at a point now in my real life, are just like I almost feel like I don't want to comment on anything because it's like it's only a matter of time before that's completely disproven. Like this thing you're saying about Wal Mart taking video games off the shelves like I g N issued a huge aura chapter retraction on that. I don't know if that's what the retraction was that I believe if I remember right, I'll look it up in a second. That corporate Wal Mart didn't pass down that rule, that the local WalMart was doing that themselves. But it was a guy posted a photo on Twitter of literally the display case of video games at Wal Mart, which you've all seen ah, 1,000,000,000 times Big Glass case and empty, except for like, ah, handful of games. And they were apparently all the ones rated E. That's all they left in. There was that which, by the way, Wal Mart was where the shooting was in El Paso about a week and 1/2 ago. Funny that I can't remember this visit gate when it happened. Um, and Wal Mart also sells guns and ammunition. So So they banned the sale of video games, according to the story. But there's still some of those and ammunitions in the stores. Here's the update S. O I. Jean likes that reported Walmart pulling violent video game from the shelves. But the retailer responded, saying it is not directed stores to remove them or halt sales. Instead, the company is removing Sign Ege advertisements and demos for some video games featuring violence on firearms. All the guns is being sold in. Stores are still. Yes, the quote is, we've taken this action out of respect for the incidents of the past week, and it does not reflect a long term change in our video game assortment. Were folks on assisting our associates and their families as well in the community as we continue a thoughtful and thorough review, our policies. But why use video games one up movie? Why is that that one department We're not like a John Wick poster? Or there's some running guns like the John Wick, too. There's a three the Trauma three poster, right? I don't know. That's in stores yet, but yeah, I see. I see your point, though. It's like, Why? Why? Just video games? It does seem like a response specifically to, um, you know, rhetoric that video games cause violence, which growing up violent movies and violent TV shows. I grew up watching fucking Friday the 13th. That was gruesome. Shit. Was teenagers getting like massacred, you know, and my teenagers would watch this. My parents were ended a copy of Predator on VHS for my ninth birthday. And it was a great fucking best birthday ever. Yeah, well, is after you saw that turkey get killed in front of it was a rooster restore. My That was years ago. Our fox. I hate it. I hate to put stuff out in the world that I feel like someone's gonna and a lot of time on, but I would love to see an image of, like, the predator when she pops the mask off. And it's your grandfather. Your grandfather looks like a darker skin version of me. Yeah, yeah, but how have set on a scale of 1 to 10? Would you be if I named my son Gustavo role. So Roland for Listen, it's a quality name. The fourth. Like I literally said, this this tradition has now changed fantasies before we take it away from you and you can't do it. Would you be upset with me? Go for it. We Would you be upset? No, I'm not gonna Our kid, can you? Can you get a new dog? Anamika, Strabo, Stroll before? Yeah, Why not? Don't you? Because that would be a kid. Which Henry are we on? I stopped tracking Henry's after the eighth. Henry the eighth. I really got well, lt. Yeah. Oh, anybody know? Can I, like, be more Henry's Can I name my kid Henry the ninth? I just do that. You could do whatever you want. Who do you have a claim to? The throne? Probably not what I would say like, Well, you don't just name someone and they fucking jump into the royal family. But like, the royals were like they were getting defeated and they're all thrown out and everything. I'm assuming the I know shit about English royalty, but I'm assuming that's like different lineages and different families that were king. It's not one family this whole fucking time, is it? Where's Gavin? Gavin wouldn't wouldn't know. I'm trying to look it up and I'm typing stuff in Like, are we still numbering Henry's? I don't know how else to look up. So this is the fuckers that Aaron there. Now, uh, can you overthrow them? And that's legit. Like if you can overthrow them, can you? You from the well, Throw them like storm the castle? Yeah, like Buckingham Palace. I guess you'd have to steal the jewels. Is that what makes it? So? Do the tools to make them. I just like a video game. Like, what's the goal you get? Like, I got the crown jewels like you take the crown off of the queen and you put it on your That's it. It has to be accepted by the people like you has to have the important horsemen of the people you were talking like legitimately. But the British people don't vote in the monarchy or anything. It makes no sense. It makes no sense. Because how does Brexit affect this? Well, then just be. They go back to being born into a family of power off the island But now it's not even gonna be that because I think Scotland's now gonna have another referendum to go independent. Speaking of Brexit, did you guys watch the great hack on Netflix? I don't haven't seen it half. Yeah, you think I make this caveat every time we talk about it, like in personal circles? And I haven't talked about, I think on the podcast yet. Prepare everybody. It's a very, very left leaning documentary, which a lot of people will automatically tune out and I get it. I get that. I lean to the left and so I don't mind. That stuff is much, but I can definitely see how hard that leads up because it's based on the last election. It's a very important thing to watch. So I think to just see how people's personal data that's out there in a public space can be you used against a ways that you wouldn't want. Absolutely. And even if you like the outcome of the election, just understand how the same thing could be done to make something that you really don't like. Yeah, it's more about personal data than anything just cause you mentioned the election and everything about something I saw on the local news that Netflix last thing the like. The local election commissioner was on the news. I guess they were invaded like Travis County's getting new voting systems like we're gonna have new voting machines for November. And, uh, they're talking about all the features, this voting machine and how much better it is in the old one. And on the woman whose demo ing it, who is our election commissioner here in Charles County, says, You know, Yeah, the machines run Window seven, which is older, but since it's older, you know, it's more secure. And I was like, That's not how that works that were So I looked it up. Microsoft is ending support for Windows seven this January update for security holes. As of January 2020 as a two months after they installed this new voting system, there will be no more security update. Just that statement For someone who's in charge of that, just making that blanket statement about digital security scares the shit right. It's like, Well, these are the people that are making the decisions for securing our vote, and it's just it's inherently flawed from the beginning. How do you How do you fix that? Yeah, I just had an idea for a name for your son. Bernie. Deal for it. Call him journey, Burns. And he could be like a small adventurer who goes in travels the world. Sonny Burns. I actually love that journey is a great name spent like junior just j in the front of my name just now. Just like journey. Like the fucking sick band. Or like taking a journey like an adventure. Okay. Where's that to do with burns? We'll sell. It rhymes with your name. Your name Kerney Burns. And you can work on Fox all day and spacing between letters. Corn. You get a job, Bob. Exaggerate. It would be a great middle name, though Based off your other son's middle names. I'm learning burns, and he could be a teacher. I'm having a kid right now. We should, you know, we should do is take like, ah, bunch of surveys of like, what fumes? His life is gonna be like it like 30. Like what? I can't even imagine what a job would be when he's, like, 25. I just don't know what jobs they're gonna be. They'll be this right? Everyone was having a YouTube channel by apologizing journey burns. I'm not an apologize. Er, no. Your son will be like it was a different time. Or if he works for hospital. Gurney Burns, Gurney Burns. If I have two names, I'm probably never even gonna say what his name is publicly. Probably because I've learned. Just don't talk to people if you're gonna have a kid, never. Just throw out the names you're considering because people have very strong opinions of names. I think you have a lot of great options from the last five minutes. Attorney Burns would be a big fan of Meg, Gustavo Rosa, Ruler, the force quality at the film saying what I would like to name him. There wasn't any burns. What? I would do it. It wasn't the original. Gustavo, by the way, was my grandfather. Your mother? Oh, your catch. Who killed the? You have the right to the bird. 38. He's 1/3. Dirty burns was there during fan was your point time You went by Raul? No, I could see I could see you going by row. I think I'm gonna stop going by, Gus. And you go by Gustavo? I think so. Is there a motivation for that? Um, could I still call you guys? You come because, I mean, it's it's not a big deal, but I've always, like, tried to truncate it. And lately I've been thinking about it. It's like I don't know why I bother doing that. I always thought you goose, I like my use this short for Gustav. I like my name. Why? What? I did not use Gustavo. So what? Would you say it twice in the podcast? So you're still gonna go with that t o credit in the closing credits on Stop. Stop. Just a couple weeks ago, we didn't obtain. Your name is a big deal. I changed my name. I would change my name in a heartbeat. No barbers So classy. Cool armor, Dunkleman. There's so many people I've met. You can change your name, by the way. I know. Okay, I know you can, but it's like At what point is it? Too late? I'm talking about it. A 41 So Yeah, but that's you. Still your name? It's like me going by Barb versus Barbara. Still my name? Would you change it to? I don't know. Bernie Burns. Probably something a lot simpler. I don't like. I never liked my full name. Did you? To Mariel Celso, Did you take Murray Murray? L There's a couple of evil in this company that won't tell you how to pronounce your name. Like you asked them specifically, and they won't tell. You mean Carol was one of them? For a long time. I'm like, Meg calls you Muriel near Meriel or whatever the pronunciation that Meg uses for it. And I was like, But I've always said Mariel. So should I say Mariel or Merial? Yes. Whatever you please tell me that's a Merrill and tell me what you want. Tell me. Tell me what you want. Your name said like and she's like That's been Merle, Merle Haggard. Merle Merle. You say Merle like Merle Haggard. It's like a joke. You know, I think I make says that because of Muriel's wedding. What is it, Merial? The old movie, right? Then you Are you some of that Ellen Burns? Kind of like that. Ilan. Oh, God, please, no guys. Clearly a bond villain. Yeah, by Britt Collin Sounds pretty good. Oh, there was a really funny thing. What was it? God damn it. I didn't save it. There was a really funny article where NASA issued a challenge to space sex. Did you see it? Oh, yeah. Which they said NASA said to Space six, issuing a public challenge of like, Hey, if you can land a spacecraft on the moon by this date, it was like something in 2021. It was relatively soon. Ah, Then we'll do a series of missions with you going to Mars. And like, the top comment I read on, that was like, Hey, I just want to issue a challenge. Somebody else. If you buy a Lamborghini, I'll ride around in the labor. Do you think what kind of them? Things like I wish I could do that. I was like NASA going Hey, could someone just build me this thing and then I'll go on it with you and I'll just go to the moon with you? Let's go do that fun, right? Just funny. Challenge. Some of the way it was worded in particular was, like especially like, just like very privileged challenge that NASA was issuing. Yeah, I mean, that's Ah, that's their prerogative, right? They gotta find the private sector to do it because we're not gonna give him the money. Yeah, but then what is nasty? Bring to the table. They must be bringing funds for the mission. Every government contracts to launch space six. That's what Space six makes all the money from. Right? Sorry, Blaine. 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You can see an increase in your credit scores instantly. Boosters free to use and only available from experience. I wish you'd think this would have been around when I was younger. Understand, Credit score could have really helped me make better decisions. It could probably help me get a house sooner than I want. Then I ended up doing It would've been great, so I can't believe it's taken this long for someone to do this. What are you waiting for? Experian Boost can potentially help you establish or increase your access to credit. Post your FICO score instantly. Four. Free Justice only available at experian dot com slash artie That's e x p e r i e n dot com slash artie Thanks experience for sponsoring this episode of Never Steve podcast. Um, I read a disturbing story earlier today. There was the S I and I think it was in California. He lived in a home E one who had gotten a new car. And you want to get a vanity license plate? So he thought, What's like a weird vanity license plate and get that, like, maybe fuck with the D M v. A bit of a car. He got the license plate? No. And you? L l shit. Yes, I can already see what's going on. Oh, so and he said there was no problem, but first the first year. So he had the car, but then he got a parking ticket, expired meter or something. And then after he got that parking ticket, the tickets just didn't stop coming. That it was he got $12,000 of tickets mail to him. Oh, it's because there was an outside vendor that was processing all of the all of the tickets for whatever city he lived in. And when they didn't have a full life. Looks like number. They assigned it to know like a nolle valley. Got so he got all of those all of the undersigned tickets sent to him. He should know better if he knows what Nolan was. He was giving a presentation at Def con. I did that. So yeah, he knew he that he was gonna maybe start something. I think you like. He crashed the system for millions of users. So then, ah, the he had to explain to the city like it wasn't me. There's no way of mine explodes. Just know. So the city told him we'll change the license plate number. You said? Well, no, because I didn't do anything wrong. Yeah, that sounds like a death. So they said they took care of the problem, not to worry about it, but he said all they did was erased that $12,000 of fines. All the new tickets are still getting a sign name. So he said he still has, like, a another $6000 that have shown up since then. Tickets that they say that he owes. But what's Def Con? It's not him. It's like a have the coffin talks. So hacker conference. Okay, it always it's always the one that was in Vegas. Vegas, and there's always events that used to be in early January and early January is like a big time for, like, a bunch of events taking place in Vegas at the same time there was what is now the streaming awards. There was variations of the Web awards that took place in early January, CS early January in Vegas, the Avian Porn Awards, also at the same time, and then def con as well. So I won't say what event I was there to attend. Wasn't, but I was there. And I remember I logged on to the public WiFi in the casino, and I was with somebody. Go remember, def con is going on, and I was like, Fuck, I mean, I was like, I'm sure I logged on just like some node that somebody set up and I just like I merely transfer all my bank information. I was worried about that for my Was there with you. You were. There was if I recall, that wasn't us and Drew Curtis from far. It was Yeah, and we found out, and I remember I turned my phone off. I'm not turning it back on the whole time we're here. Yeah, like they just set up stuff like they'll set up like a like a version of, like, a small cell tower or WiFi hot spots. So they like, actively try to hack people. All this con is going Not only do they try to actively hack people, they have a wall where they post people's personal information to show people that they got there. They were the east. There was a presentation a few years ago that was really disturbing. That was I sent a pizza to your girlfriend. Oh, God. It was like someone was like I was able like he picked some person at random, Was like, I was able to find every bit of information about this random person found out where they live. I found out where their significant other lives. And so I sent a pizza to his girlfriend. Fuck, There's worse things that could happen to your girlfriend, but it's like all kinds of really would make me so busy. I went to the river this weekend, and I was they had a rope swing and I must have gone out that thing like 30 fucking times. I'm, like, really little in oxygen, by the way, I'm like, it's like I got 10 minutes off six. You can fix this left I'm committing. Anyways, I went to the bottom and I got water in my nose and then immediately started working about this brain eating fucking amoeba. Oh, yeah. And I don't know if that's like a myth or what? No, it's not. Um, it's three. So what's Tabby That six things tonight, huh? So the the amoeba that lives in warm waters doesn't your nose. Okay, they're everywhere. But for some reason, just sometimes they get into someone's brain. They go, I think, to the brains, Sam. And then they just start eating and multiplying. And it's one of those things kind of Rabies. When you start to exhibit symptoms, you're pretty much dead. How long to take effect? I think it's just a few days. When did you have a rope swing? You want water up their nose all the time. From what I understand, you wouldn't know it, Blaine. The rest of us would immediately see it because the people go through in immediate and very drastic changes in personality, like massive changes in personnel. So I'm good thing, the color yellow anymore. It looks like Greek to them. Well, that's why um, for those neti pots, they give you the solution to put in the water that does something to it, but basically, because you're putting tap water into this thing, I think until you don't put temple, put tap water or like boil it or put the solution and that they give you for it. So boiling water up your nose. Sodium gotcha. Yeah, interesting filter or boiled water, not tap water. Definitely has something called Not the Wall of Shame. I called it the Wall of sheep from wall of shit dot com. What is the Wall Street? The wall Sheep is an interactive demonstration on what could happen when network users let their guard down. We passably passively observe the traffic on the network looking for evidence of users logging email websites or other network service is without the protection of encryption. It's a shame one of those VPN services is our sponsor tonight. Then they post that up there. So, yeah, it's ah, you know, it's kind of goes back to the great hat hacking bar, but we're just talking about people so willingly put so much information out there that they just kind of trust. It's okay, you know, just because humans are like, narcissistic at heart, where it's like they want people to know about them and everything. Which is why, when Facebook started, people were eager to like, Oh, yeah, I want to put my birthday And where I grew up in all these photos of me is it a narcissism thing? Its service and the service is a valuable service, but there's a no old saying, which is, if you're not paying for the product, you are the product. And so what people don't realize is that they get all this stuff for free, and really, what they're doing is they're providing an exceptional amount of personal data. In the past, media companies especially paid hundreds of millions of dollars to try to figure out like they take a broadcast show like ABC. They broadcast from their towers. They couldn't even after the broadcast it. They had no fucking clue who watched those things. But they had to report to advertisers who was watching the program. So that's what the Nielsen ratings aren't. There just surveys there like a selected group of families that keep a diary of everything they watch, like a paper diary. And then they process that. And then they tell the advertisers, which is a I don't know, how many $1,000,000,000 a year industry is advertising. It was all based on that. Changed it, though, like they have a watch box that you can. That was one of them. The set top box. Okay, but still, it's a market sample of a sampling of people that they really have no clear idea. Now it's way more sophisticated. The reason why I was saying, Hey, want to go set your DVR cz for ah, Shark Week? Immersion is those are things that count now because now they have more technology that's connected. TV was not connected. It was a one way transmission and just received That's it didn't send out any information. So they had to go through all that stuff before I remember in college they sent out these surveys one time. Like what TV are you watching? If you do this survey, here's money like they actually sent you a $5 bill. Yeah, and then, like all of the college kids at my co up, weren't realizing that they just thought his junk mail, so like there was just a trash can filled with money. And I like sending an email is like, Hey, you guys were throwing away cash and when people went out and got it, But I got a couple bucks. Nice. Always tear up junk mail before I throw it away and at least going to be so aggravated when, like they put like a nickel or something in it. And it's like I can't throw away a nickel. It's just like I just can't bring myself just like it's almost like I can't throw a battery's either. You know, I just can't I can't let myself do that. I found out that's a little scary is when you get mail and there's like, Oh, here's your approved for a loan. Here's a real check that you could deposit. What I found out is if you deposit that, check your immediately owing this, uh, loan company. But anybody could deposit that tech. True, if someone came across that in your trash, they could deposit it. Dude, that you just remind me something I want to talk about. Can I talk about this? I don't want you to get through. This is fucking crazy. So this is something that's come up on Venmo for me, and it's like this thing that's organically happened that is driving me a little fucking nuts. And that is promised six months ago, maybe longer. We got in a conversation about Austin and Sugar babies. Remember that? And Gavin said to me that I said, What would you charge me? My sugar baby? He said, $3000 in a month. I was like, I could probably crowdfund that right now. And so as a joke, I said, Looks Crowdfund and we'll make Gavin my sugar baby. A couple of people found my Venmo and sent me, like 10 cents towards the Gavin Sugar Bayfront. One guy sent me three bucks and I sent it back to him. I said, Dad, that's funny, But don't please us any money. It's fine, He said. The three bucks for the Gavin Sugar Baby Fund fast forward to whatever it is now, maybe six months to a year later, he writes me back against well, didn't work last time with only three bucks. So here's six bucks. He sent me six bucks. So then I thought, That's kind of funny, and I want to go back to send it back to six bucks and was like, You know what I said, Hey, you know what? To complete this game. Here's told bucks I sent Toolbox. Oh, no. So then he sends me 24 bucks? No. So I was like, All right. I'm kind of curious. Why send in 48 bucks? So now he's setting me $96 7 bow. So now we're in this, like chicken. But the moment I stop, I'm gonna I'm neither. Gonna take money from him would just stop it. Zero Don't give him any more. Zero it out. But I just sent it. What? He set me right, and that's it. I guess that could be the way out. You gave me the way out. But director, you needed help to figure this out. There is. I've been in a panic about this because I don't like I'm kind of curious how far this will go. And chance got the worst advice ever because you should really showing up. He was just sent him $1000 ago. That's terrible advice. That's me losing $1000. I hope it doesn't get anywhere near that amount I've got. Next time he sends me money back, I got to send him 100 and $92 to keep this, like, one upmanship going. Just send him a mountain. That's just send it back to 96 right? And then we're all even Steven. I get out of your don't encourage it. But aren't you curious? How far could you know? You know how far goes to fucking prison? Why? I don't know. Something. I don't trust it. Well, yeah. Now I'm worried about prison for Venmo. I saw some other def con presentation. Thats what this reminded me of Kevin, by the way. Kevin, I'm under My eyes are on you. I saw this other def con presentation where someone was talking about this scam that's going on right now on eBay. The person giving the presentation said that they wanted to buy some espresso pots s. So they went on eBay and they looked and they saw this really good deal for like, they could get, like, a frozen it like 200 espresso pods, But it was like half price. Nice. Okay, You know how I'll buy that espresso might be the single most overrated product in the world is this story's gonna get complicated. I'm gonna use names here Okay, let's say it was Blake. Blame goes on eBay and buys some Nespresso pods that are half price. He wins the auction when? When blame gets his Nespresso pods. Besides just a nespresso pods. There's also an espresso machine in there. So it. But that's not what you bought. So you you bought it from Barbara. Let's say so you e mail Barbara and you say, Hey, um, I just wanted the Nespresso pods, but you sent me a machine as well, and Barbara said, I just wanted you to be a happy customer. So I sent you an espresso machine on top of the espresso pause that you bought when, in reality, what happened was Barbara still, Bernie's personal information opened up a new credit card in your name without you knowing it sold espresso pots, bought an espresso machine and Senate here. It didn't cost her anything, but she gets the money from blame. So she's taking a credit card, making fake transactions, stealing money from you and getting hard cash in return from it from this side. So she's just stealing from Mito. Sell other people's stuff, right? But why does he get a free an espresso machine in that just so they leave a positive feedback so that they can keep doing this, selling other things to other people. So they're like spending 200 bucks of my account just to get more feedback on their $30 espresso scam, because it doesn't matter to them because it doesn't cost them anything that God that speaks to me on such a level of like, I can't tell you the number of things my life these days, it feels like someone going well, just do like five more times. The thing that you should normally do because you'll get a little bit more of a defect. It's like I'm not doing that. I'm not like I don't want to constantly just keep like nose to the grindstone. Let's be more effective in the things that we do all the fucking time. I had this conversation, but the people who were the people that are working the angle, it's like it doesn't affect them in any way. So why the fuck would they care? What would you like? It sounds ridiculous, but it's no more work for them. There's no more money out of the out of Rob's pocket espresso machine. Just stealing more money. It's exactly the same. Doesn't matter one way or another. Espresso, actually. Actually, with this vent, Nothing with doubling down with Kevin. Kevin, I'm watching you, don't you? Don't send me. Don't send me $96 for a walk. This is like you wants to feel really good to me. Don't send me the $96. Take it. Take your money. Walk away. Up. Don't send us money. Don't Don't do, please. You're not that I'll just shut that off. Literally. This was fun to me, though. This was the only thing I ever thought about making public. But I do wonder how come Venmo hasn't given rise to those age old scams of like like me and this guy. Kevin, we're in this, like two persons. Ponzi scheme essentially is one of this. But why haven't like we've seen a rise of those like chain letter things of like, Hey, I got a list in you send the person at the top of the list, Venmo them like a dollar or whatever, and it's always the person that, like, made it in such a way that they make everything five times, five times five, you know, and but it seems like if this keeps going, we'll make money. If you ever see anything like that online, don't fall for Don't do it. Don't fall for it. Don't fall for anyone ever said You double the amount of money you said then do not respond, even if it's funny, that is nine traps. But that's also life is falling apart. But I also like the most common scam you see like people talk about on Reddit. Or it's like I bought something online or someone bought something for me online, and they sent me more money than I expected. And they told me just to cash the check and to send them the balance back. It's always a fake check. It's always a fake check. Always send them the money, the cheque bounces and you're out all I get. Don't let anyone send you more. Don't let anyone send you more money than they should. Yeah, I know it's true. I'm actually kind of losing money to transaction fees with this joke, but it was funny. It has gotten completely out of hand yet, but it's it's about to be I'm about to lose 24 bucks if he keeps my 48 months away that I'm getting fucked, what I'm gonna do. But I had that recently. I did something out of spite. Where there's a little gym near my house. It's very little of him. Get no like a guy named. Yeah, Looks like it worked on him. Worked on Jim Isa little gym near my house. It's actually part of, like, a bigger complex where they do like lessons for gymnastics and like, like other stuff for kids and like tennis and swimming and shit like that and, like the gym is such a small part of it, like it's really blame. You would love it. The gym looks like it's out of the 19 fifties like it's got like the expectancy and dude with the unitard, with one strapped with the big kettle bell lifting the like the pyramid waits. Eugene Sandow Yeah, and, uh, it's But I just had the membership because it was almost nothing and it was nearby. It was closer than my other jamming. It was like my other gyms, like, closer to the office. I have a convenience one, but it was like jerk cheap, but because it was like dirt cheap. I also wasn't paying attention when I get like behind by a couple of months and then I pay and they got sick of that, I guess for me, like not paying my bills. So they they said They said, Hey, we've canceled your membership because just pay monthly and not paying monthly Penguin once every two months And I was like, I was like, All right, that's fine. I'm sorry and they go, they go, You're this past you amount of like $97 for three months or something. That's what that's even too much would've been like $30 for three months. I was like $10 a month. So I was just like, all right, my fault, I'm bad. But I felt terrible about it because it's like I pay all my bills, but I know because they're not some big company that's gonna report me. I was like, kind of let that one slide because it's cheap. I feel terrible about that. So I'm just I'm just saying this assuage my own guilt, but I get like, pay upfront. I was here. I did do that I did. That was another one of my solutions. I literally paid for the whole year. But then I had the membership for a while and I was going in, like once a month, like once, every maybe like, 40 days. It was like it was when I want to go on like a Sunday. That's why because my gym is not open on Saturday or Sunday, the one that I normally go toe. And that's why I had in case I ever wanted to go, and I figure it's like 10 bucks a month. It's worth. But then I was like I thought behind. But it was kind of like it was like, guys I'm like, I'm your dream client, right? You show up once a week and you don't pay. It's great. Hey, hey, I pay I just a late, but it's like if they're gonna get the money eventually anyway, I'm not going to the fucking Jim. Just unlike some other. Not a dream. Don't say you're a dream client. Then you're not paying your bill. I'm close to a tree. I'm incurring your dream. Adjacent dreams, Jason, I'm nearby. If they could just get me to pay. Like I placed most of the time on time. It's just occasionally I want that all the time also, By the way, every other service in the world is my responsibility, and I take full responsibility for my responsibility. However, it is like the only thing that I would get a bill in the mail it has a check for. So when I started doing was automated, just sending them a payment. Then I ran to a problem where I got too far ahead at one point on them, and they were like, Please stop. You know, you're getting too far ahead. And it's like these payments stopped payment. And then I stopped the payments, and then I got far behind. I was only there, like, two years. I had all these fucking problems with him, so it sounds like you're both better off. So it was a toxic relationship. You're doing better on your own. All right, let's wrap this up. I'm not in any better shape than it was. You wanna Yes. Oh, this is Ah. This is gonna be my last podcast for a while. As you guys know, Ashley is now 38. weeks pregnant. The phone could ring at any point. Diamond. I could be off to the races with new kiddo. So I think there's probably a chance that that's gonna happen by next week. So this is gonna be my last podcast for the foreseeable future. I don't know when I'll be back, but whoever's in this chair, make sure you're nice to the journey. Gus is nice, that's all. We just put your kid in that chair and just look at him for for two hours, just hanging out west. I'm so fucking excited. So excited. That podcast is in good hands. Good. We're gonna keep it nice and normal for you. Yeah, Thanks. Blade blade is committed to the mass bit way. Well, thanks, everybody. Some of us will see you next week, and some of us won't. All right. Bye bye, Everybody