#558 - It's Creepy But You Watch It

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Geoff Ramsey as they discuss reality TV, Beyond Meat, the heist collaboration, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-08-20 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Geoff Ramsey


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 558. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Theo, Theo. Everyone will receive podcast this week. Brought to you by me and the score space and Netflix is dark crystal. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm by brah. Skinnier than Bernie, and welcome has got sexually Your name is Jeff Skinnier than totally. My name is Jeffrey, but I'll go by different. Have you thought about going back and going by? Jeffrey and I've never gone by Jeffrey ones. Jeffrey is a word that's a name for little boys that are in trouble. Also, any for her dress. Yeah, drafts and little boys who got in trouble and are hiding from their moms. And I haven't I haven't had to hide from my mom in a while. Jeffrey's not the name of any little boy. Geoffrey. Well, Geoffrey Low Jeffries. Well, I bet there's a lot of Jeffrey's in the UK When I was a kid, it was like a little bit ago, and it was Geoffrey Pole think. Is it a popular name anymore? In the 21st century. Uh, Jeff Jeff, either, either I feel like I think I feel like it, mate. Wallet may wane and popular mass market popularity I feel like it's popular with the discerning group of pro creators discerning group of hillbillies. You okay? Yeah. That Alabama crowd. They're all about you. Like I don't meet anybody named Barbara who's under the age of 50. I know one other. Barbara, do you really just one who's like, around my age? Well, it's funny that we're having this conversation because one of us has the oldest fucking name on earth. Gus, Uh, have you ever met anybody under 100 going by? Gustavo, you weren't here last. You should. Alongside Gustavo. You're still only five years then, Gus, that I don't care about making a convening for other people anymore. What do I care? Before they was like, Gus is easier for other people. Say fuck it. What the fuck do I care, Gustavo, That's my actual name. You're in your forties. Congratulations. That's a sign of you know, that's a sign. I don't care about being convenient for the people any more fun. Dude, Welcome. I thought that I would take a while you have that in your twenties. You had that does have that from birth. Okay. E was born late, so thinks on a different edge. When you get older, I can see it in him. What? What should I expect? My thirties thirties are awesome. Yeah, it was just fun. Yeah, it's Ah. Everything still works. Yeah, Thirties there. Like you. You're probably doing better in your career than in your twenties. You feel invincible. You're not starting to slow down yet. Ah, you're just starting to think about shit like long term health and and taxes and Pullen case. But you can still put it off a little bit. Yeah, there is. Put Awesome. What's that roof in proper time? No, I am talking about your average. Yeah. You got me to start retirement in my twenties. Yes, I did try to teens. Yeah. Long term health stuff is a thing I think about almost every day now. Like, I've gotta think where if I turn a certain way when I'm walking, my left hip hurts a little bit, and I'm like, Oh, that's the start of something bad cancer. Yeah, I was like, Oh, that's gonna be something that's gonna bother me immensely in a decade or so. Did you have more sex in your twenties or thirties? Well, what's things greater than zero, right? Let me think that that's a marriage based, right? I had way more sex on my second marriage. Which marriage? Yeah. I love you, Millie. All right. One is greater than zero. So you you always Jeff, I'm talking. Yes, I'm Jeff. You always talk about the terror, and you've always been trying to get me to watch the terrorist season one. Yes, absolutely. Um, this terrorist season two just started, and I started watching. It started last Monday. I watched the first episode of it, and it reminded me of you, and it's like, Oh, I need I really need to go back and watch because it seems like Season one is such an interesting concept. So season one was phenomenal. Uh, more so that it was based on a CI three story. I admit that the only thing I know about season two of the terror is that I know George Takei is in it, I believe, right. It takes place in an internment camp or around that time in World War Two. And so it's focused on Japanese Americans, and I guess they're mistreatment during World War, two of which was plentiful on and then also that it has no, uh, production or thematic ties to Season one right thing. Absolutely not, Gloria. I like American horror story. It's like, Ah, unique story. I think I'll just self calculated in each season. And it was good. It was It was slow. They're definitely It's like, Oh, they're setting up everything. Is it super national? Yes, there's supernatural element to okay. One was definitely seems kind of the same where you talk about, like seventies, kind of grounded in reality. But then they add, like the supernatural element in on top of it. But and then also the supernatural element it I mean it. It helps with some convenient tropes, but a lot of that you're not sure if it's really or imagined, and then it's really more of a device to help tell the larger story, which is how those people got lost in the ice and what may have happened to him. And what may have happened to him was only partially due to the supernatural shit. If that makes sense. So I like it because it wasn't a supernatural story. It was a story that had, like, a true horror story that had supernatural elements, I would say so I would be interested in Season two. Follows that path. Or if it just goes conveniently like horror movie. Yeah, like no one supernatural in the like. None of the characters in the show are aware of anything supernatural. But as the viewer you see, like, weird stuff happening around them. How does that make sense? Yeah, for sure. I'll definitely watch it because I was such a family. 1st 1 second episodes, too. Okay. Checking his AMC, right? Yeah. Okay. See, I'm always looking for something. Something good to watch. Do you watch it on the A. M c. Ap or do you watch it on? Like, who went on TV Cable. Seriously, You and I were both early cord cutters. I went like seven or eight years of that cable when I lived there. When the writers strike happened, I didn't have cable for years, right? Both. Yeah. Congratulations. By the way. We're good and I'm still dragging my around super hard to hide in shorts. and, uh, I, uh I really laughing. But I've gone back to cable a couple years ago, mostly because of basketball. And, boy, I don't regret it. The only reason that I really use it like I have who live TV as well. And I actually prefer watching live TV on who I just like, know how can I express this? It seems like it's more convenient, like it's an older system When you're using cable TV. Yeah, it's like, you know that you any record or when you do shit like it's gonna work, you could schedule it all out. Um, the one thing I do really like about cable and having cable cause I did it. My loss department, as I was like including my apartment, is just having a TV on, but not necessarily watching anything, just having noise, especially if you live alone. It's nice that just have, like, stuff going on in the background makes the Monday in a little less sad. When you're lonely little bit, you don't hear the ghosts. Yeah, I think that might scary. But then the only problem was like with like you talked about AMC like the emcee at like. I don't like having to wait till the next day to watch that AMC up sucks. It's not great. I have a question for you, though, about Lulu. And then maybe you can answer because you're much smarter than I am. So I have who loo without commercials. Right like that. Whatever it is 13 99 a month payer. I have no idea what I pay, but it's just commercial field so I can watch an episode looks more to play by my my girlfriend has who live TV, and that's like 40 or 50 bucks a month. But who live TV still has commercials. I understand has have commercials during live programming. But if I watch an episode of Veronica Mars on my $14 who, Lou, I don't have commercials, so you have she wanted. You have to have Life TV, and then you can pay another $6 a month to get live TV plus no commercials on the vo de style. Just keep logging one of us out in the other back in, so that you have to have one. Okay, you have to have that on my guard service. You get live TV It doesn't automatically include no commercial bot. Thank you for making that clear to me. You could have just gone to life there page with all of their different. I think that when you're right here, I'm right here. A wealth of knowledge. You've been my knowledge base since 1998. Guys. Knowledge base. Jesus, I have that issue with because I watch a lot of Hu Lu. I've been watching Bachelor in Paradise, which I want Talk to Jeff about, um But it s so you know, the bachelor Siri's. Obviously, they take previous contestants who have been on the show on he put them all on the island. Slutty ist most outrageous contestants. Yes, the fan favorites or fan, I guess. Least favorites love to hate him or love the love. Yeah, you'll make the most interesting reality TV ratings drop pants the fastest on. It's nice. Get on that. I don't know. You tell me what Esther be okay. She didn't have to go. She's probably fine, but that, like, I don't know why there's some TV that I love even though it's so fucking bad. And this is like bad TV. Do you like bachelor in paradise. I fucking love it. Okay? Yeah. I find Bachelor Party is a little too scuzzy for me to get into what it is like. It's a little too. It's a little crash. Now tensions are a little too like it's hard himself, so well. So I would off those shows that air the current iterations of those shows. I would say Temptation Island is the best. Love Island is the second best, and I include all the violence Australia, England and us. Even though I, Australia's the Best, then England in the US, all of us is quite good. Then I'll have a bachelor paradise. Then I would put X on the beach, which is just never heard of that 25 minutes of dog shit with a Braun like it's o r. Or like a veto. It's terrible. But in the first episode of every X on the beach, somebody will fuck and fight like instantly on maybe at the same time they do. They fight and fuck at the same time. It s so like whereas, like Temptation Island and Love Island, they're great. But because this island is that where people who are in relationships going to test the relationships. That's the best. The most recent season was firm Askew just brought back and have a TV in like 11 years. I looked up the synopsis for X on the beach. OK, I just want to read it here. Yeah, ah, group of famous singles head to a tropical island for a chance at love. But Paradise doesn't last long When the stars former Flames wash ashore to break up their good time. Here's here's Let me add to that Let me and let me add to that panache. It's an MTV show, so you know it's terrible. And then the people that they cast it with our people from like road rules and the challenge and all those like weird MTV like activity reality TV shows, uh, it very rarely do you see people that come from other reality TV shows. It's usually like the trash here of the reality shows, so it's like the trashiest of the trashy. And whereas, like Temptation Island and Love Island, are quite salaciousness and quite psychologically fun to watch people ruin their lives and fuck with each other. Uh, there's still a pretense of a show. Their ex on the beach and I feel like that's on Paradise is like one notch above that. It's just put people in a villa with alcohol and encourage them to fight every now and then bring in a new person that's got everyone. So I'll bring in a new personal. Yeah, so I'm having a trial. I wanna like that in paradise. I think the reason I like it so much is because I know a lot of the people on the show from the previous Must have never watched the Bachelor. Okay. Yeah. There's a lot of people from this most previous season who are on this one. Yeah, I've yet to visit Bachelor Nation, so it's definitely something to get into. Is it? I imagine I would appreciate it more. I only watched the 1st 2 episodes. How far into it are you? I want to say there's three or four episodes out now. Okay, Okay. Maybe, actually, only two. I'll catch up because I'm missing love island Pretty bad right now. It's a good replacement for you. You get the shows like Love Island. Gus. Five days a week. That's gonna say it sounds like these shows have such quick production turn around. They have, like six seasons a year for each of them. Love Island in particular. I know Baxter in Paradise has two episodes a week that are like an hour and 1/2 feet. Yeah, there's a lot of content. Love Island, I think, is yeah, five days a week. And it's, I think, put out the next day that it's filmed. Yeah, Love Island is five days a week in the U. S. And for I don't know, 20 or 30 episodes Love Island UK and Love Island, Australia. You guys were prolific. I know you do the opposite on your sitcoms, but that show comes on seven days a week. One of the days is an hour long recap. So six new episodes, one recap every week and they go for 50 to 60 episodes of season. Yes, just like the big brother for Matt. This is the exact same thing from that it ends and you show everything in between. Yeah, what I like about and I think we talked about it last night. We let it like about Love Island is that they don't really have cameramen or anything or cruise. It's just these cameras that are placed all around the villa. It sounds like Big Brother. Yeah, it's like they never watch Big Brother, so I never. But the idea of like the premises showed us is like they take six guys and six girls. They don't know each other. They put him in a mansion on the beach together like that in the US it's Fiji. And, uh, it's like in a Spanish island in the UK He's not in the U. S. US. Version of the show. It's a TV in the British show. It's some some of Spanish island. Anyway, they put him in there, and then they'll literally they'll stick six guys in a swimming pool up to like their ankles in short shorts, showing off their junk. And they're they're all rips and stupid as all hell, and they'll stand there and then they'll parade six women out. Ah, they're similarly dressed and brilliant. One at a time and one at a time. And they'll go. Miranda, you have six men in front of you. Which one do you want to be your boyfriend and to go? I'll take that guy and then he comes over and he's her boyfriend. And then they sleep in the same bed that night and day, and they all sleep in the same bed in the same room. They have, like a big ass bedroom with, like, six beds and all of that bank year old banking, and they will have absolutely have sex. And the creepy part is their cameras in there, too. Yeah, like there's cameras everywhere. Say it's creepy, but you watch it. Yeah, it is great. But is filming it like the one bell also Or that, like, bring a guy out and they'll be like four girls like the 6000 ago? Which one like, if you're interested in this guy Enrique or whatever his name is, step forward and, like, three girls will step forward and then he'll get the pick from like or nobody steps forward. It's like a guy nobody wants ends up getting partnered with the last girl. She's like It's like in The Simpsons when they have the bachelor auction and Mo comes out and they're like, walk straight. I just like spending goes. No one picks you there. Are you allowed to just go? No, you have to live with a win like 125 grand or something. If they make it to the end of the show, I gotta bang your way to 100 25 grand's even better at the end. The couple that wins like spoilers. If you didn't watch the US Love Island, you should have it. Was Zach in Elizabeth? Ah, Then they goto exact Elizabeth and they go like Elizabeth. Here's a check for 100 $25,000. You can keep it. Our share it with your with the guy. And she's like, I guess I'll share it. Or do you just like, Fuck you hit the bricks, buddy. I got all the way to make it all the way because love is a love test. Did you really fall in love? Really Fall in love with Zach? Or was she just in it for the money? How long were they together? Weeks. So would you take 60? Would you spend 6 $2500 on someone that you've known for three weeks? The answer should always be No, I totally agree. Well, I think right with its longer than three weeks. A couple months. Three weeks in the US, it's longer the British. But the season was a trunk in three weeks of love worth more than $62,000. Okay, when you met ESTA three weeks later, would you have given up that cash? I think we were engaged Cash forever. Also, you gotta think you like giving away. If you're a reasonably intelligent young 20 something who is probably, ah, fitness, like a workout person or a model like an instagram model or whatever these people are usually like. I'm I'm a fitness gym guy. Personal trainers. I was called a fitness gym guy. I'm an INSTAGRAM model, and I sell, like, the next year. Whatever. Um there the long play is Yes, obviously, we're in love, and we're gonna pick each other over the money and then share the money and then also share the brand deals. And the long that I I think that those people are thinking about the long tail, you know, how much more money am I gonna get off the story of this? Also, how they're gonna be perceived, I think by the public as well. Like if you're the asshole that takes the money after being in love on the show in front of all these people. Your comedy, You can play the hell. I mean, I guess I'm okay with that. Like I'd be fine. You'd be okay with that. But sounds like Golden Bulls. You ever see that show? What are you talking about? Golden balls. Did you make that up? Right now In bull's going boasts that something you get to the end. And then there's just two people left by now. I never see the shortest seen the endings. But if if you agree that you both share the money, then you share it. Oh, yeah. If one of them takes it in, one of them says that they'll share it. The person who takes it gets it. And it's like this weird mind games at the end. That's how they end Temptation Island. And they're literally have these balls in their hands that you can smash on the ground to see if you keep it or not. I still one guy win it, that meeting in a great way. Before he was just he just said to the other guy, I'm gonna take it, and I'll split with you And you just said he would you take it? If you say you'll take it, You None of us will get it indefinitely. Gonna take it. And then the other guy just said he would both say Take none of them. Get it right, Brutal. I take it on No one had ever done that. He's like, I'm not lying. Nothing you say is gonna change my mind like this is what's gonna happen if both people might share. Then there's a risk of someone to, you know, yeah, something that I love about Passion in paradise is there's so many characters on this season that are so cringe Ito watch, But in a good way. Like there's this one guy named Cam. Oh, yeah. Hey, if this gives you any contacts, he's a white guy that likes to wrap. Um, well, he's the guy that was like he kept getting in trouble for being like double crossing girls, right? No, that's someone Blake Blake, that the guy who likes slept with a bunch of the contestants on the show and then realized that they were all going to be on this season of bachelor in Paradise and like is trying to be all like like he literally there are two girls on the show that, uh, he went and got dumped by the bachelor, I guess on her season, went to one of the other girls and slept with her and then then then left her house and went to another ghost house and slept with her, and it was paparazzi ead. And both those girls are like, What the fuck did he's like? We weren't dating. It's pretty funny. Yeah, they have to live with them. He cries in front of the camera lot to guess the name of the host of golden balls. Gavin? Yeah. Ah, just in English I hosted by an English person. Well, sending Peter Hayes not ah, uh, blowing me. That's what I was just a bloody buttocks. Jesper Carrot Just for so So I'm sorry. What about Cam? Oh, it's just like it's just so insanely cringe to watch. There's this one girl in the shining Kalen. He was on a previous season of the bachelor that apparently he had had his eye on for a while and, like, he knew he was gonna be She's gonna be on the show and somehow they ended up like talking and then kissing because she was desperate to get a rose. Which girls? This Kalen Kalen. Okay, she's like one of the, um, like Miss. I'll not miss Alabama, who's on handed bees season. She's like a very flat face. Okay, anyways, But they ended up kissing. And then in his interviews, after fact, he's talking about like, yeah, you know, like, it could be me and hurt the end. I could be down on one knee, proposing, you know, like, this could be love and just essentially falling in love with her already. Yeah, And then, like the next guy that comes in, she's like, all over moping around. And that's that's where you would enjoy this part of the show because then you get just a lot of shots of, like, six or seven people hanging out and the girl talking to the new guy and has her arm running whatever. And then a dude in the corner just like this, Why would I want to watch it? I lived that, you know, because it's fun to watch somebody else suffer. Well, there's one shot of him after, like these two people were making out. There's one shot of him walking alone on the beach at night and, like walking into the water and this wave crashes up and hits him in the crotch, and he tries to play it off because the cameras are on, just like shit like that all of its time. I don't know why I just love it. I eat it up. This absolutely receive podcast is brought to you by me undies. Mandy's here to change your underwear. Well, not literally, but it's here to change the way you think about it. They believe Bundy shouldn't take themselves seriously. 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So to get 50% off your first pair of free shipping and a one is present satisfaction guarantee, go to Mandy's dot com slash rooster teeth. That's mandy's dot com slash rooster teeth. Thank you. Mandy is sponsoring this upset of the wrist Eve podcast. Have you have you started locked in the family on Netflix? It family docuseries about the super super religious people. Yeah, I started watching that very dry. I fell asleep in the third episode last night. I didn't go back and re watch it. Someone was years ago. Someone was trying to tell me about another group called of the family in Australia. Who are you? There Was that Frank was He tried to recruit you? No, no, no. Ah, how It was like this group of people in Adelaide who, like, secretly run everything and make you disappear if you'd like, talked about them too. But I'm not rich. Talked about the Oh, you talked about them too much. It was like this whole weird thing. I thought you were there. But no, no, not now if you weren't there. No having sort of watching that yet. Um, what else is on? There's something else I wanted to watch on Netflix. That diagnosis. Is that it? Yeah, that's in the show. That show where they like crowdsource. Um, like illnesses. Yeah, with what's her face was gonna start trying to watch that maybe like tomorrow was like and curry Maybe I had watching the tower stuff from airports like the O. Like there's traffic control at traffic in trouble. I can recommend for YouTube channels. I have just been binging one of them, the amount of times where that's how it is, given instruction that's gonna kill a ton of people. When the pilots like Oh, shit. There was one where I was like Delta. The call sign was 38 28 or something, and the other one was 13 28. And they both tried to take off into each other in the towers like yeah, bought. It's terrifying. And I guess the people on the plane ever hear anything about it. You don't know. It makes you wonder, like how many planes you've been on, where you're about to die. And then someone noticed and then stopped it from happening. You subscribe to Vast. Theo doesn't like the flight tracking visuals and the planes coming there was one a couple weeks ago. Pence. Sometimes it can be really there's tons of emergencies like Like what? One girl who took off she a student is that one of the first solo flights and the wheel fell off a plane. She took off. You know, there was one a couple of weeks ago where I think it was Ah e think Eva Air Flight that took off from L. A X. And like they would like the person in the tower. And then they just work coordinating each other correctly. And instead of like, heading south, that ended up going north and was flying into the mountains and was about to hit the mountains just outside of L. A because you kept going north on the woman's like south go south like she's like having to move all the other planes in the air. Immediate climb 7000 feet turns The best stuff is the Taliban and Pista pilots and pilots getting pissed each other as well. This irregular people just being really snarking here my fucking way! David, Food. Did you see that clip on Social of Ah, time lapse of all the planes over the San Diego airport. Super cool. It was, like over a 24 hour period or something was insane because then he was not even a hub airport. Not really, no, correct. And so to see that many planes come in is just what it was all I could think about, Like in 30 seconds or something, right? Yeah. It was like a real quick thing, and they dissolve. Landed. It was really neat speaking. And I heard them when we were out there for comic Con hotel was right by the airport, and it was very apparent that time lapse assuring comic con That would make sense for you. It's a motel, right? Yeah, yeah, we're Ah, Did you hear that? Delta might be getting a hub in Austin with many, huh? Yeah. They wanted to make Austin like, Ah, forget what they call it, Like a focus city or something that's not an official full blown, huh? But, yeah, increasing operations. But there was ah, rumor the other day that there's gonna be a lot more international nonstop flights out of Boston and that almost all of them will be probably serviced by Delta. Yeah, it was like Austin toe Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam. It is Amsterdam, and, ah, I'd read a shameless to Tokyo and after some of the big ones for me. But there was somewhere else. Really cool. Like Lisbon, or like, somewhere in Portugal. Or maybe Barcelona are somewhere as well here. Um, because I was thinking the other day when I when I saw that dude, the only way to make me leave American would be to put a hub for any other airports. Exactly. You don't hear it? I found it. Amsterdam, Beijing, Dublin, Paris, Soul, Shanghai. Tokyo. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I would. I would consider leaving American to switch to Delta or whoever I like reading lights. Real delectable. Direct flights at Austin. How far is Beijing, from Shanghai, Beijing to Shanghai and flight time. We'll do it that way. It is a two hour, 15 minute flight. I feel like you don't need to direct flights from Austin to both those places to Beijing and Shanghai. I think it's like a list like they might not all happen like the ones that there was. Always imagine when someone's responding to someone well, typing that they're just get that. And just like it's nothing presenter like that would be. Could you imagine how awesome it would be to be if Austin was a like a Chicago or L. A. Or New York style city? Tokyo go anywhere in the world on one Love that because I want to go? I want to go back to Tokyo when the Nintendo opens up that super Nintendo world at Universal Studios and they said they're gonna open it before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, so it should be opening within the next year. If if there were a nonstop Austin in Tokyo flight, I would definitely do that. I would take the nonstop Boston Tokyo flight at least once a year every year in Japan. Take that environment was phenomenal only, but I only with her for two days now. And I want it for a very short vacation. But it's probably the probably the coolest place I've ever been on Earth. I think I've talked about it extensively, but it is easily the coolest place I've ever been. I'm trying to reduce the carbon footprint of myself, Didn't I phrase it like that if I'd stop eating meat? How many flights is that? How many hamburgers make a flight making it? Because when me is awful, right? It's like one of the biggest hits, the biggest in St hamburger. So I haul. I looked this up, didn't barking, just come out with the Empire 80 Impossible Whopper yesterday. How is it that Burger King? It tastes just like a whopper. Really sweet. Like What's it made of? I don't know. Plant based stuff. It was It was pretty good. I eat the beyond meat stuff like I buy the beyond meat and I'll grill that at home, and I think that's really good. They have that impossible. Meet it. Um Ah, free birds, right? Do they? Yeah, I think so. I just realized What did you say we just take Austin to Tokyo, or what do you have, like, a flight home to compare against? I'm just I just don't fly as much. Austin, listen, how about Austin to London into London? Carbon. How many steaks is Austin to London? 1/4 pound patty of beef. There's four pounds of greenhouse gas. Right? Okay. So yeah, So I'm gonna look up. So Austin toe London's carbon footprint and then we can print of one passenger on? Yes. A, uh a ton of people know you. We'll do it. Let's do what do we do? A return trip? Yeah. I want to come back. You come back. Thio Heathrow? Yeah. Yes. Please. Please. Fascinating. Get it. C will total flight. It's 1.36 tons. But one person I know Hi, Fred. The economy class direct. That's like what turned Floyd 2800 pounds or something? Let's see. That's sort of give me That's what gave me trips. One economy class. Yeah, What it is, that's what class you want. It wouldn't matter, because business class seat takes up more space, so let's see first. Goddamn it Quite clear everything I put in the car so do first class to see if it's any different. First class to 6.8 tons. Right? Because if the whole plane was economy 1.36 times 2000 that's 27 20 pounds, 27 20. Divided by four. That's 680 burgers to offset one round trip economy ticket to stop eating hamburgers and everything. Half the flights that take out even want to be on the plane to fly anyway. Bye. I canceled three flights in the last two weeks for, like, different for other reasons, for like, reasons. I couldn't go out of town. And, uh, it's like the best feeling in the world. Dude, it's so good if a trip, if it especially an international trip, if it falls through, like day off for the night before, I don't think I've ever been happier in my life. Yeah, and that feeling of just like, Yes, milady, believe my badge. This is the part where we get in trouble for talking about flying on time. But no one that you don't have to get on that plane and go and sleep in a hotel or wherever you get sleep in your own bed. Yeah. Eat your own cereal feature on a possible burger. Yeah, like I eat cereal in Cato Geographic. That wasn't really a story about any planet way. We're holding off using it, but we've used it a couple of times and nobody's noticed. Another plane story graphic just flew across the screen. I never I guess I don't really look at that screen very much. Then we used to have other confidence monitors there and there. Yeah, you guys were looking at yourselves too much, so we decided to mix it up. Now why? Why does it ever gets to make all the decisions goes? He's producer on the podcast. What does that you got here 30 seconds before the show. Then we had to go run to the bathroom. When could I run an idea? By the way, you have rights. Treat. You have answered me once that you confirmed on the calendar for today's podcast. I did. That's why I didn't have to text you. Actually, I slacked Eric when you confirmed it was like holy shit can relate to a calendar invited to be a better person. Why did you Why did you say yes to this one. I was in England, um, seeing my family. Andi, I just didn't have anything to do. Usually I'm quite busy. And a calendar invite is so far down my list, you can't accept that. I have my notifications pop up on my reading. I just get, like, the thing on my screen. It's, like, closer, except except that we have to go through. I just opened my calendar, and I just look like what is still blank in terms of my response and just respond. You could do it that way. It takes, like, two seconds. I just have Certo. So you're talking about reality TV shows, huh? And I've got one I want to talk about. Okay. Do any of you watch Master Chef? Absolutely. Okay, Good. Good. I have not watched the last I fell off last season, and I haven't watched this. I've watched every season. Imagine if if they're on season 10 right now, and I realized several weeks ago, maybe. No, it was pretty close to the beginning of season 10 that I'm just hate watching Master Chef. Yeah, because the chef sucks. It sucks. And it's like I started really thinking about the show. And at its fundamental, the show makes absolutely no sense. It's like the premise of the show is they want to find America's best home cook, right? So I have this whole thing that people come in. They make us your best home cooked dish and they make it like, Oh, you're a great home cook. You're gonna be on the show yourself, isn't it? Technically, always Home cooked. I took a look. Did you? I don't know the answer to that. If you Yes, Sorry. You know that they're not planning on working a restaurant, So then they start the show. They are. Every challenge is work in a five star, three Michelin star restaurant kitchen and make this insanely difficult dish, or they'll have a challenge in the MasterChef kitchen. It's like make ah souffle and 45 minutes. And this isn't home chef stuff, right? And it's like they all know how to do it, and it's all so fucking self important. They're like this dish isn't worthy of Season 10 of master chefs like you. Fucking people. These people haven't been on the show for 10 seasons is the one season there on. It's not like they've been practicing. We need better or worse than the season five confines. It doesn't make any fucking the apples who picked them And they're all like this is the world famous, most famous kitchen in the world. The master? No. So he no one gives a fuck about that stuff. Two things there. One, uh, my problem with that's just a little different. Ah, but to Did you see the Reddit thread recently? Ah, what the producer or one of the producers on Master Chef who answered a bunch of questions did like a little am about, you know, I didn't read about my girlfriend, did. She was telling me about it. Some really fascinating stuff, Like when they're not on camera, they're sequestered in rooms with all the cookbooks in the world, and they could go through all the cookbooks they can learn. Anything they want they can do is much. They're encouraged to study and read cookbooks and just, like study confident they're not allowed to write anything down. They have to commit it all the memory. But they have, like, basically like here's all the world's knowledge on food with cooking for you just memorized into practice, and then they do practice rounds before they do televised rounds. And what I thought was interesting is the food that they taste like Joe. And it is just a lot of these back to back on it. It's like Jell O on our own. And Gordon Ramsay, Christina is gone. Yeah, she's got She was only in for, like, three seasons. She was doing kids. She came in to replace Graham Elliot when he left. And then when she left, you shouldn't place Joe. And then Graham left the season because Graham did one season with her. Oh, that's right. Yeah. Anyway, uh, I liked her. Someone left this very seriously, and I like Graham, but, uh, another thing I think is really fascinating. I got undercooked chicken. Juanita Graham Elliot's restaurant. Did you really Do you want a Chicago? Yeah. It's the worst. Ah, that could make you sick. Yeah, that's a no Go on, Master Chef. Ah. So another thing that was most interesting is they prepare the food, right, And then it goes in for beauty shots, and then it takes about an hour to an hour and 1/2 to do all the beauty shots off all the food, and then the the judges eat the food. I was wondering about that. Yeah, it always seemed like I always wonderful production standpoint. How the time, all of that. They have to eat. They say that the crew and everybody goes to lunch during the beauty shots, except for the people to do the beauty shots that everybody comes back in so that when Gordon Ramsay's eating that piping hot plate of food, it's ice cold. And he said, they're just professional enough that they know what it should taste like and like what it taste down, like cool down. And they can like extract later, when it would have tasted like some. And they say it sucks. But as long as they figure as long as everybody's food is just as cold as everybody else's, it's fair. And that's the system they use. What if you make like I know you won't but suffered like eggs? Yeah, like cold eggs. Just taste fucking back. What if they microwave it? I don't think they do. I think I think that's why you see him spit some stuff out when it's undercooked and stuff. It's like. Not only is this raw, but according to our anything go bad after the hour and 1/2 I would assume, Well, I don't know because that wouldn't like the lamp over. What if you have, like a cold? Remember that Maybe there are special circumstances for the desert episodes. I don't know. Maybe they get thrown into a freezer or whatever. The problem I have a Master chef is that it's followed the like. Hell's Kitchen Kitchen Nightmares. Master Chef have followed the same path 24 hours to Helen Back 24. I never I'd watch two episodes of that and whatever watch they want, all of them. They were terrible there also. But that's like that's even lower down like they started. Kitchen Nightmare started as a show about fixing fucked up kitchens, especially the UK UK operations. Complete American version was never as good as UK version, but it was closer at the beginning of the show Them. What, then, was by the end, what is it now? Then what was it? End it very quickly by about two or three seasons in Hell's Kitchen is the worst. It devolves into just reality TV and just drama and fighting. It's just about the interplay between the contestants Fighting and Hell's Kitchen is just about them getting in trouble and then going back upstairs and then yelling at each other and catching that on film has nothing to do with the food. Master Chef was the break from that. It was like the recite from that, which is what I love to the master Chef. But by a lost season five. It started to go that route, and now I can't get through a season of Master Chef, either, because it's the same thing. It's just dumb drama and people hating and fighting each other and last on national. But they don't have as much of that. I'm a top chef man because they just fucking Tom and Padme are boring and they just make people cook. And I've never I've never watched Top Chef. It's kind like Iron Chef, just great chef A long time ago. I don't know. Do you still, like, make new episodes? I don't know. Um I think Alton Brown doesn't know, right? Yeah. Yeah. And what's chopped with Tom from clear? Uh uh, because it's quick. It's like 30 minutes I've seen. I've seen 1000 episodes I've never liked watched the season in a row. I seem here. It's like if it's on me, yeah, I watch out for a bit so I could get you. It's not the same, Just like three people, 30 minutes, you're done. You're not like I didn't watch before. I don't have to worry about what watching what's next. I think the little pyramid conceit of that show is great. Really. Start with four and then you will be free and then two and yeah, that's that's pretty awesome. Yeah, that's a cool way to do it. I became obsessed with, like, house shows like House Hunters and Home Makeover shows. Flipper floppers Go ahead. But no, I mean, there wasn't much to the story of, Just like there was a time period where I was obsessed with watching this. I was curious. The other day I was watching house hunters, right? Yeah, and it was an episode in Austin, and I was like, Oh, that's where I've never seen Um, episode of House Center set in Austin. So then I started thinking, like have In all the years I've watched house hunters have I ever seen the same episode twice? Because I don't think I ever have. So then I decided to look it up. House Hunters has 2131 episodes Yeah, which was the 2000 episodes. I don't know what season there are now. Most recent episode, according I'm Dubious Season 182 Episode 12. So I think it's the same show. Do you watch out Netflix. I want my woman people on TV. I thought my mom was watching that, and their seasons were like, Hold. I don't know what our list that has categorized this season's They'll only be like three cities. They'll be like four Austin episodes, like 10 California episodes and, like to Oklahoma episodes. Yeah, but I've watched. I went through the summer and watched every Austin home show I could when I was trying to buy a house and just in my head I may have seen that upset. You're talking about storage? I think so. I don't know. Do you? Does? A long time ago we used to watch that I think they dio might be the lost reality show Evil. I think they make like a bunch of different ones. Now, um, I used to watch, like, the first. Yeah, Yeah, I do love with House enters, though. How it's like, Oh, like, this isn't, uh, me and my husband are looking for a house. He's unemployed, and I sell jewelry at the farmer's market on Sundays. Our budget is $800,000 e. I feel like it's in the I feel like in Austin in the shows. It's like I'm ah, electrical engineer and my wife is ah, professor. And our budget is $250,000. We wanna live downtown. What you doing there Like we got this awesome Leander, It's close. There's this Ah, $1,000,000 condo downtown that you could, uh, if you're lucky. Jesus. Such a little fucking, uh, Millie and my mom this summer Watched. Have you guys ever watched love it or list it? Yes. That was on 24 hours a day in my house was realistic for you. Like they can either except the renovation or go by the new house. Yes. So there's a realtor that shows him around to new places. And whilst I was renovating of TV, do you guys watch every day every day on average on average, I would say two hours ago with that probably run their roles that if you count like having it on, that will happen sometimes, too. Yeah, I actively watching. Probably on average two, I would say probably more for me. But I view it is work like research for because we talk so much and I feel like it's good to be well versed in pop culture. I watch a lot of things. Like for the work you much stuff for work. I also promised, Abi, I also because I don't want to be a lazy gross dude. I also ride a bike 20 miles a day every day minimum. No, I still don't have. And when you do that after work 1,000,000. I rode 15 miles today. It's too hard. I already this morning it wasn't. Not at 9 a.m. Damn. If you start at like 7 a.m. on a Saturday, you could be done by 10. You stop the whole day ahead of you. You haven't gotten overheated. And you it's like and I'm never gonna go to a gym or work out. So I started doing the thing that wet because I used to try and sleep in a long as possible of the weekend because it's like the one day you could do that. No one, could you? I don't have a sleep in really long, maybe like 10 religiously. But now I've decided I'm gonna wake up like six or five every Saturday and Sunday. Just have a really long weekend. It's great. It's true. You get so much done. Yeah, you want to go to bed because you get tired a little earlier? Yeah, I stopped waiting, but it's fine. You still do stuff. 11. Yeah, that's 7 a.m. To 10 a.m. Time that you would have been asleep is more useful than the 11 PM toe one AM time that you would have I. Also it's also extra great this time of year because when you're up that early, hasn't really gotten that hot yet. Like if if you wait to do stuff at night, it's still hot from the day. But if you're coming off like the end of the night, the beginning of the day, it's still cool. It's as cool as it's going to get, and you could get stuff done like I need to. I need to replace an outlet in my garage and is just too fucking hot to do. It's like I need to wake up 11 weekend at, like 5 a.m. and go do that because otherwise it's just too hard to go and do that. The elephant bike ride the other day on Thursday, it was like 100 14 degrees. It's like it's crazy, but it's It's also been a very mild summer. We can complain just recently on that I went down Thio Houston over the weekend and I was shocked at how less hot it is there. Did you do that Halo outpost of that? How was it was good that would just see Meghan cast rather remain Castor Last Chief E. I didn't get to me, but I got saw Steve Downes, but I didn't really get to talk to him, but they had an interesting exhibit where they showed the height of all the different covenant. Like a scale outline of hot run is like a stool is a human right and the jackal is bigger than a human. It's like, Oh, well, I guess you play his master chief, and you're so much bigger that they look small. Yeah, that's what I really liked about Woody S t is that they kind of They make everything started to All right, how it was. We'll see it in person. Oh, so you're the tallest, like a brute hunter Hunter Hunter here 112 feet tall, 12 feet tall. Really? And they're all hunched over to master. She's like, seven feet tall. So then it was like everything is skilled. So that cooler in Houston, it was like, 10 degrees cooler in Houston because I always thought Houston was known for being very human. It was a little more humid, but I thought it was more comfortable there than it was here. Like I sat outside for a little while. There's, like, I would never sit outside like this in Austin, huh? In the middle of the day, it was We had that vicious circle, vicious summer stream on Friday and sitting the first thing we did. We played the game first, and then the first activity was outside, and I think it's like, wiped everyone else. Yeah, they navigated away from outside really quickly, and Jack was like I can't get together. I don't blame me, buddy. You're not meant to be outside in general. Your skin. Yeah, Poor Chad. He's like, I didn't know we'd be outside. Didn't wear sunscreen today, Stephen. Joe absolutely nailed those Nuck toss. That was unbelievable. I thought, I feel like they surely they must be practicing. I feel like those guys have, like, weird human skills. Like there's some people, kind of like Jack, how it's like not athletic abilities, but just like these skills, like he's like fucking good at that game. Air hockey. Yeah, and shit like that in poker, that was That was poker's not really useful stuff that was really cool on a personal level to see Joe here because Baratz and Beretta was like, hugely influential to research, it was Lindsay was all squishy was like Where Which one? Steven Which one's Joe and I was like that when Steve Balance Joe never seen breasts a breath. She's like, I love breasts Bruh. I was like, That's Joe breath. She was like, I know it was so crazy because, like, I was even telling Gavin one of them, I don't think you were there, but one of the early big fights we had. It wasn't a huge fight, but me, Madam Bernie got into a fight because Bernie left for a little while. This was downtown Buta, and Matt and I were making an episode and we're way behind. And we We took a break watching episode of rats and bread and Bernie came in right while we're watching and waiting like this big yelling match between the three of us about whether we were being lazy or was I not there because we were working? I don't know what that was There. I should definitely would have been. No, I know. It was like it was like around season four. Maybe Maybe you were out of town. I remember being like a fright like late on a Friday night before, maybe I was with Jason like at a convention. Might have been you might have been like because it would have been probably 10 p.m. On a Friday night. So you might have been Yeah. You asked you to do something? I don't remember the specifics of it. That's part of why I didn't wanna tell Joe. I kinda I wanted rundown Bernier Matt and see if they remember. I should have been a really funny moment. And it's just really cool and gratifying one. Those things where it's like something that you were a fan of an early days, that now somehow your paths cross is Peter's almost. And they were so immensely successful right at the beginning of YouTube. Too soon. Yes, we talked about this. Were you here like we talked about it with Bernie, like last week the week before? Uh, it was a game time about people who were big, like right before, right? It's YouTube start and then, like, didn't get caught up in that wave of YouTube like people who were really big before it was acquired by Google. And then just kind of. But a lot of them did really well behind the scenes on their own. Like you were Fred figures worth. He actually had quite a career off of YouTube. Oh, Fred, he had a bunch of those TV shows on Nickelodeon. I think he may. I read about him a while back. He made a boatload of money and did really well posts. YouTube. Wasn't Phil DeFranco, one of the first YouTubers too. Our guest First big successful YouTubers because he's still going. Well, when I think of, like, early ones, I think like Justine, I think justine shaped hards I think of like What about Jenna Marbles? Yeah, she was pretty early on. She still is one of most popular channels. That Grace was very early. Um, Harley, Like I think Bill time ever being one way weren't immediately wasn't me, but it was like it was pretty early on, but I think I like when we went to that, You to meet up at San Diego Comic con. Remember all those years ago Hot for word for words and like, ah, was it like, who else was there like all those people that were there? Like, vaster guitar man. Yeah. And like those guys, Right, Mr Thomas? Directing movies now? Yeah, like real people. And that's crazy. I don't call this person out, but during I won't call them out. But during the live stream, try Baker was here. Uh um and still never met him. Except I would have introduced you. I would love to meet him. He seems like a lovely dude. I'm not good at introducing myself. or or putting myself in a position where I can be introduced. I just run the other way. Gus are shy way Don't want to impose on anybody. And but he was here for the lifetime. But he had to leave early to catch a flight. And there was a girl I was talking to. Um, and this is a very sweet kind girl. And he left and she's like, what was his name again and was like, Troy it she goes Troyer and was like, Yeah, Troy Baker And she went, Are you fucking kidding me? Because he's wearing a retro replay shirt. And apparently she had asked him, She's like, So what's your involvement in all this? Anyone make this show and she's like, Oh, cool, nice. Not familiar. But that's also that was nice of him to say that, though. Yeah, Rotary play, Yeah, wrapping this thing and, ah, she just felt so bad after, And I was like, I'm sure it's okay. He's not the kind of guy to be like She didn't know who I was. E. I thought that event went really well, and everybody seemed to have a genuinely good time, and it was, it was like I hesitate to put it in the same category as the ah, spring break and the family reunion, because if it was kind of a different gig, but it felt different. It felt different. But it was It was more similar to the let's play party we had in England last year. You didn't do that one? Yeah, it was good. It was not fun. Yeah, it was a really good time off cameras. Well, I just chant to everyone and I actually, yeah. I had a really fun time washing. For whatever reason, James and Adam were just being so fucking funny throughout the day and the night, and I just watched them from those, like hiding behind in the first. For a long time, Michael decided to put blue all around his mouth. And my favorite thing was just watching Fiona try and keep a straight every time Fiona Glance, Michael, she would just start tears. There's one for what she was looking at and laughing. I was like, What's going on? And she just pointed at Michael, and Michael was just like he did that thing where his chin get sunken into his neck, and it was just my girlfriend actually made. Ah, middle gift. I'll show you later. An image that was everything that shooters full name with a little girl with Yeah, I made it with Michael. That was fucking gross. You guys trying to get in the balloon? It was like my favorite part of the entire stream. Yeah, I don't want to cut the next off him. I mean, I don't know if that would have helped you guys. I feel like I've shoved down into, like, 50 balloons. We never cut the neck, so yeah, because I kept us going to deflate it immediately. I don't know if you if you caught any of the street, but they they did it extra life when they got in these giant balloons And, like, didn't race really hopped across the place to do something they couldn't get a single person in It went very wrong with probably 40 minutes of trust. And we got Kristina. I saw you. I saw Christina get in. Then it burst. It start choking her. I was legitimately terrified, for that's what you got the next. We did have a medic here. Yeah, I saw that part one of the highlights. It was great. This absolutely receive podcast is also brought to you by squarespace. Creating a website and online store is so much easier now, thanks to squarespace score spaces, a platform with everything you need to take control of your online presence and run your own business. We'll be telling about score space for a long time because they're super awesome. Relax, Squarespace templates. They're nice and clean and intuitive. Plus, they're easy to customize. And best of all, anyone in my family can do it without having asked me a lot of questions, which I really love. And I bet you will to every store space template design supports all major content types, including pages, galleries, blog's commerce, calendars and more. With squarespace. 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So thanks so much for showing us your sights. Thanks for using score space. Thanks for supporting the episode. The receipt podcast. Um, good time. Uh, I haven't had a chance to play. Was out of town over the weekends, but haven't hopped on the vicious circle. Maybe I'll play that a bit on the whole thing, right? Yeah, because obviously fucking because of Steven Jos. My guess is that final round Who was it that had that crazy final round? Oh, that was, um, someone on the red team. Yeah, I forget his name. I don't remember who Waas was gone. Yeah, all right. He won five in a row. He was? Yeah, he's really good at video games. Yeah, he is. Ryan thought of a good game. I thought we were going to take it because Ryan and then he got his ass kicked. Alfreda. Yeah, I was. I thought I was really good at that game until we released it. And I started playing on steam with other people that Oh, no, I'm actually garbage That I will ever get really excited cause I want my first round ambitious circles Still, to this day, the only one I've ever won. And I just I died instantly and then became the little Dipper, which is the most fun thing to play us. In my opinion, in the game, I just love how fast it moves. But I got someone invaded their body, and then they were right by the vaccine own, and they had 75 nuggets, and I was just like in it, like doing this thing. I'm like, I'm gonna do it. What the fuck? Theo reminds me of that halo reach game type or three with skulls were to get the 10 skulls. Hunter, Head 100. I think it was called. It was called. I played Ah, played Griff ball at that halo of it having a few years. It had been a while, so I played. I got fucking destroyed by Jack. Did the people of flagrant fall? They ruined it for me. A really good I know. They got so much like it's like, but we made this in, like, two days later. People like now you saw get out of it. It's hard to play. We were the best in the world. And then people like Andrew Patton shut up flowers and it was just like I'm not planets again. So flowers, flowers? Yeah. Good luck. He had a movie where he would like hammer jump backwards and fly through the air. We just called it flowers in. He was the one who started doing that. Yeah, There were people that just like fly never touched the ground. It's pretty insane. Yeah, You spent all that time working on something, and then you just suck at it. Yeah, and then you release it to the general populace and you realize that you are mediocre at best. That everything you D'oh! How do you think, old gust August went good? Um, Gus, this year? No, it's Ah, cause you got the world By between been several years since it came out. I mean, we wouldn't last of us to comes out. Eventually we could play it again. I'm still sad. You didn't do July. We could do it. I was. It was It was really fun toe play with you. Except that it was weird. The 1st 1 that we were taped was that trouble in terrorist town. I was just very confusing. So overwhelming. Use that entire game. I don't know what's happening. You should join us again for another one. Maybe you'll be Is there anyone as widely loved in the antimatter audience outside of 100 other than Gus, I will say I saw a couple of comments that I'm just repeating what I saw. It said, uh, the gust month was way better than Bernie month. I didn't see that too. I wasn't gonna bring it up, but it I'm glad you did. Just I read every comment. I saw those two. Also, I've read a really bizarre coming on vicious circle today. Where somebody comes complaint was that the Little Dipper moves too slow. It's too hard to get her on the map. The Little Dipper. So I feel like they expanded the thing that really anyone really, really fly with that really fun I like. Dude, I hope you know you have an open invitation to come in and film with Achieve 100 whenever you want. T o the last of us to have ah released it yet. I don't know. The fucking gamescom stuff's going on right now. And if they released it, we just tell us we're so good at Lawson. Did this just get announced today? I have a date. No, no, no, no. That that's That's ah, deaths trending. What? They can't do that. Let's think they made it seem like it was the last of us to release date, but it's a death straining release date. Who is that game about? I don't know, but they announced today that you can pee in that game cool. Like, do you have to pee or like, I don't know. And if enough people pee in the same place that makes the mushrooms grow like. Is it like this? Seems I don't know. There was There was a woman breastfeeding your ghost, baby. Was she paying their eyes? Is it gonna multiplayer? I think it's like a weird multiplayer where you don't interact with everyone directly, but kind of like a shared space kind of thing is your horse kids don't 1,000,005 right? Yeah. You could weaponize it. Yeah. Have you ever done a top 10 games? You can piss in before, uh, we've done the grossest toilets. Postal, too. We should definitely do a video. It's if we can. Where? It's just us standing in a circle pissing on some. Yeah, maybe much actor like it between the game. You got mushrooms on somebody. So the rumor is last of us. Two is may 2020. That's just rumor. So we can we can We can spend a few months getting good and then do another august. Oh, the multiplex in May and August will be training. You will be in training. Barbara, if you wanted to come D'oh month of achieving 100. What games would you want? It was about four or five games. Did you want to? D'oh! Oh, man, I don't know the Sims. Hey. Yes, I don't know. I have to think about that. Think about it. Yeah, I'm sure we could figure it out. We played horse once we did. That was actually I think one of the first achieved 100 videos ever did. May be the first was the one you're horsing around. I've done at least two or three horse appearances. Back when we did horse. I feel like I might have done one, two other ones. We did that pretty sweet heist Collab. Yeah. You know what that's like? One of my favorite things we've done in real. I actually had Millie watch. It is one of the rare moments I'm like, You should watch original video. Yeah, it's a journey when you want your three back to back fucking charges, getting inundated with people being like we should take in the taco Man. And he's like, I know least deserving of that happened. We all knew it was gonna happen. We all knew there was gonna be a double cross. I don't know why it came as a surprise. There was something that we didn't put in the video because it wasn't needed. But we locked Sam in that cage and we came back and he wasn't there. That was in the video, but as a follow up, we couldn't find sand the rest of the day. And then I get a slack from Sam that just says Hello, Barb And then the next Lex said, I want to play a game and I haven't heard from him since. E. Haven't seen him. Has anyone seen Samson did? If there's a corpse in that cave somewhere, did he melt into the into the building? It was like his spirit is here. Let me see what else he said. It was fucking creepy as shit. You sent a screenshot of that? Yeah, he said, Uh, hello, Barb. I want to play a game and I said, I hate this. And then he just said, L a well, and I said it was Chad's idea and he said, Oh, I believe you. I do, really. And then I just didn't hear from him again after that. How about this? I identify a bunch of really stressful coop games to person coop games, and then I started new Siri's where you and Trevor have to play together. And it's called couples therapy. Didn't you ready? Do something like that? Did I? I did. A show called Relationship goes on the ex wife, obviously. My fuck that up Because we had the worst. I think I think we did pretty well this year. Relationship I'm screwing with. Yeah, bring it on. I think we could stand it. Okay. Think standing. You like those used to find all the games we have to share the controller like cookies and cream are overcooked. Horse like two people playing on one controller. OK, Yeah. Cookies and cream would be perfect for that. Yeah. Or like keep talking, nobody explodes. But if the bomb blows up, both of you have, like, a prize possession that gets blown up. The problem is I'm so shit at video games. Like, I cannot stress that we'll keep talking. Nobody explodes to be perfect for that. Yeah, because it's just about communication. Uh, pretty good. Yeah. I like your laptop and Trevor's favorite pair of shoes or something in like a can. We'll just douse it with lighter fluid, and then we'll set it on fire. If you guys fail. Sounds good. My laptops, Richard Cheese laptops. I'm down for that. Okay, well, my car, We'll figure it out. Mr. Find a way to make it automatic. Yeah, like so. No one has to do it, but it's like a soon as the game reaches a failed state like it sends Ah, signal. And it? Yeah. The thing is that no one do it. What? He said we have to make it automatic. White would like no one want to do it. No, that way, there's no way to stop it or no one. No one feels guilty about it. About like, I have to destroy your things like No, It's like if you fail, then automatically it with your failure that caused it to be destroyed. Guilty? Yeah. A lot of who is this hob goblin in chat says, Maybe Coop. ALS therapy. Oh, that's pretty funny. Couple service. Fine. Not everything. Everything has to be a pun. The fireman. Both true. So one of my favorite parts of that heist was when we have to go pro in Chad's office. And blame says this means war like a funny reaction. But the comments like, oh, blame. Don't Don't do it. Somebody wrote a fucking novel about what our response would be. Have you read that? No. Should we do it? Cannot read while our response. Let me get you guys continue the conversation conversation I'll find. I think I've been really cool in there. Did you see the video? How cool would have been if we just had a drone above the car park and you could see all these little groups of people running in different directions. What is so funny? Speed Adjoining guessing. Good blazer. Now watch that yesterday. Is that fucking funny? Yeah, it's the whole movie's about a drone. That's why I asked. Oh, interesting. Yeah, you have drones flying all the time that we never suspicious. Well, we have that thing where we were constantly. We're doing that. Let's play announcement with all the different Let's play families And a drone just came down in the middle of the shoot and ah, then it took off and no one news Trinity. How cool. We got drone shots and Blaine, who was directing Did you see any drinks? And it just left Well, it was like flying around us. We were just like callously that weird. Do you see a clip of some guy's drone dying over a lake And he liked it, runs into the lake and start swimming and, like, perfectly catches it just in time. Really cool. That's, ah, dedication to save a few $100 0 find it. Now you get a subpoena, which the other day, um, I got a piece of, ah, piece of mail and it would look like junk mail, you know, is very white Envelope had no real discerning information on its rip it up right? I normally do. But I started to open it and it was a check from a class action lawsuit settlement for $408. Whoa. I was going to say, like, 16 cents. Normally, it's like a tiny little amount. I was like, Holy shit, I didn't even know that I was part of this thing, I guess like some store that I bought two shirts from years ago, there were even expensive shirts. Had, like, a class action lawsuit against them, and I was part of it automatically. A lot of money. I got four right. I was like, Holy shit. Everyone who shopped there during that time? I don't know. I don't know anything about other than I gotta check in a white envelope for 404 $108. I was just blown away by a You didn't put it in. It went through the deposit. It's fine. It's been like a week. So cool. It's not like one of those check we talked about on packets yet. A week tricks. Like a check that you want. You deposit it. You know, this company is like a starts alone in your name. How's that? What? Benefited, like sign something to style. Oh, I don't I don't know how it works, but there, but people get damned out of shit all the time. This was a natural thing. So if you ever are invited to join in a class action lawsuit, I guess join it every now and then you might get a check for Ah, for a new video game console. Where do graphics card? Dude, that's awesome. I feel like I would try and spend that money like this Special. You know, I gotta find something there. Just put in the pool. You gotta find some $400 but you wouldn't have bought right that. That is because of the stupid lawsuit. I bought two shirts five years ago or something. You should just buy 50 shirts with same store. It was so weird. How much do you weigh? 10. Live, Mr Like hundreds for a five pounds or something. Why one dead? Lift you right now. You did what A 65. 65 is. Now my well, try and think about this. How to do it. Like and we could find. Maybe like a bar or something that you could like. Wrap yourself around. I'm not a snake. What do you mean? Like, you could hold on to a bar and I called, uh, so not lift it like I'm lifting you, plus the bar. But I would just be on the floor if I was holding a bar. Exactly. Well, then I would lift you, but you'd be hanging onto the bar. Well, how? I mean, how high you You lie on the roof with Simon? No, it's just like weightlifting. Dude, what the fuck are you imagining? Where would she be? On the hanging on a box? You know, hanging this way. You're late. You're laying down with a bar. What? Legs and arms. Like you're one of those, Uh, like if I'm cooking a pig spit roast. Yeah, us. But you gotta shove up a pole in my office and lift me up. She wants to do that. I know what that is. What you have I d o you a picture of someone dead lift. He's easy on the roof. He's on the fucking ground. What did you get on the roof from this? I don't have a boss sideways way like you're gonna hold on like mass and Jekyll under it. So I'm just, like, like, your legs look. Yes. Yeah, like you cross your arms. There you go. I don't think it would be. I think I'd be top heavy on this end. You wouldn't feel too. D'oh! One on one, have you? You'd have to, like, find a way to evenly distribute Gavin's. Wait. Yeah, The dark crystal Age of Resistance returns to the world of thrall with an all new adventure When three Gil flings discover the horrifying secret behind the sketch seize power they set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and saved their world from Jim Henson Studios to Siri's is an epic prequel series to the beloved 1982 hands and film the dark crystal with characters, voice by star studded cast, including Terran, Egerton, Andy Samberg, Kate McKinnon, Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Izzard and more. I'm sure you know Lindsay Barbara went to San Diego Comic Con in July for adventure filled with their own dark crystal transformations and a visit to the Netflix booth. You can check it all out when the video comes out on August 24th on rusty dot com and on August 25th on the wrist teeth YouTube channel. And make sure you watch the dark crystal Age of Resistance on August 30th only on Netflix Coming up really soon, I figured it out. They take a long time. I don't know if the is you guys were dead lifting. Now, you know, if you guys want oh, come back around, I just think this is what somebody's response. This is whispering Oracle two days ago on Red. Its response to Blaine's gonna get revenge on us and the efficacy of whether Blaine would be able to enact revenge on us and his responses. It's almost like a college thesis. The problem is achieved under sort of falls into the usual me against my brother, my brother and I against our cousin, the three of us against a stranger mentality or the old trouble about never breaking up a fight between two brothers. They're more than likely to turn on each other until the outside threat exists. Then they'll immediately ally and be loyal to each other to take out the interloper. Age would be more than willing to prank matter Jeremy or Gavin if it was their own idea. But the moment that suggestion comes from outside, they'd be far more likely to side with their own against that person. Whether it would be just a well, you can never trust Blaine, this is a setup situation, or you're just not allowed to print Matt only Weaken Prank Matt situation that correct. It would very likely be difficult for anyone, any outside force to split them up via mind. Game. We're not smart enough for mind games in your example. Blame. We try. It's a dumb example. You don't need that anyway. The other problem going after is achieving hunters they have so many more members than most of the other groups and rich teeth. Don't forget. Think the numbers, most of whom are kind of insane. Achieve a hunter is always going to have the advantage of numbers in most cases, combined with the fact that they are, they have very long memories and will never forgive or forget. Even if you do somehow manage to prank them, All you've done is guarantee they'll spend the next few months or years living in fear off whatever terrible retribution that will eventually be cooked up to punish it. He's not wrong, guys. I just responded. Accurate, yes, very well thought out. Maybe I'll get a good grade. Yeah, it's true. We always like each other's throats like bickering and that I assume it's something threatened the department. I feel that we will be like, No, I mean it's It's the same with any of us. I guess. Any groups of friends Yeah, or siblings were Yeah, what that guy said. But even in kid like concentric circles with inside the group, like I would fuck with Gus to defend you. But if anybody from outside try to fuck with us I kill them, e. Actually, I might pick him. I picked us over either of you. I don't know. I guess my loyalties lie with you. Let's find out right now. All right. Use this little thing. The's shark guy. Oh, God. I saw Eric play with it before we started. He lost again. I think it looked like his most painful loss. Does it hurt? I was bleeding the Oh, you wanna play? No. Play it. You sure? Eric always loses, though. That is no hygienic. It's not hygienic. Oh, don't start it. Don't do it. I'll play you want so beautifully. Don't play. Don't. And it just think Jeff wants to play. How bad does it hurt? It's not, You know. Why don't you find out? Make you bleed. What? Di dio? Yeah. Each person takes a turn pushing down tatoos Your finger? Yeah. What do you think I get? I get, like, my hand or something? Yeah. You want to have a go on the 1st 1? You press it. Prostitute pickets. You suppress it. Prostitute isn't always a 2nd 1 like a blanket in a prostitute. No, no. Push it, Push it to the press. Do first tooth. Oh, my God. Go, go, go, Go! Oh, Used. Reset it. Okay. Oh, go, go, go, go, go. You okay? Go. You know, Blaze dragging out like he's gonna slice him. Oh, fuck. This dude got guts. Okay, Go, go, go. No left. It's so powerful that terrifying. Thanks so much. Dearest old stuff. Heist. Heist. Yeah. Apparently, there's a whole, uh I was reading somebody's there was, ah, threat on right there was discussing whether you could or would get revenge on us. And the wisdom of that. I was just reading somebody's, like, treaties about it. You got plans when it's very accurate. I mean, you saw my full of the Christmas Star Wars prank where I took him to a like a Scarface mansion and had him swatted. Yeah, so I saw that Blaine doesn't mess around. Mike, drop. Don't drop them. I know you didn't lose that game, all right? I lost some board that No, that was him. Who could be so much? I hate it. So, uh, did you see that really weird story last week about this person who's been caught, like on surveillance camera? I think it's in Virginia's in Virginia. Yeah, who wears on Old Cube TV on his head. On a night he goes around and leaves TV's on people's porches and like ways of the camera and TVs are flashing on TV. Okay, nobody knows. And apparently the footnote in the story is it also happened to last year. Look at the same time, like the second or third week of August just shows up. Okay, so is his head. I thought he had it on top of his head. His head. You know, these guys just like a performance artist. That's brilliant. Unless these are their bombs and the TVs or anything. No, no, they're just TV. Like I don't work. I don't know how many has that money Is he done? Oh Tze like there was like 1/3 member of daft punk. You got kicked out and I just I don't know. It seems like it's just in the neighborhood, So not like a ton. But did they were found in more than 50 homes? Oh my God. And they don't know who it is. No, but apparently like I said, he did it last year and he did it again this year. What if he's just some dude, he's got a big ass garage to clean out. He doesn't know what the oh, people were complaining. Thio bring them to Goodwill, and then he just picks him back up from everybody's gonna throw these fucking TV's away and they're gonna find out was Banksy and each TV is worth $10,000,000,000 0 my God. Oh, smart. Yeah, hold on to those TVs. But even that, if you so fucking weird, if you had a TV on, your dose will be confused. And then I would look at surveillance footage, and I'd be even more confused. Would you keep the TV? No, I'd probably think it was something in it or something wrong, right? Like something's fucked up with it. Yeah, that would creep me out big time. Like I see the humor in it from afar like this. But if it was me that it was happening to, I'd be like the fuck that dude. Wait. Just just want one. Time would be that way. Also live in a city that had package bombings to Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, That was weird. Was that guy who was arrested at Peace Park last week. You hear about that? No. I had a gun. He had more than a gun. He had handgun, a baton, a rifle and a bipod for the rifle and a scope. So And an extra magazine of, ah, bullets for looking a rifle. I feels like about to do a mass shooting. Where's Peace Park? It's just left West campus off Lamar. Like between, like 29th and 35th. And I think you have a warrant out. Yeah, I had a warden. You get the rifle. Hey, I did it right. Why didn't You are 15. Why did he tell them he's a fucking crazy person? There's no no. Fuck. Did I ride my bike today? Really? A 12 times a week. Maybe you saw him on. They have. That's so weird. He got arrested. Yeah, I guess you had, Like, you said someone I think. I said he had a warrant for his arrest out in Houston already. So they had arrested him. I think out of everything he was carrying, I think it was the baton was illegal because the gun was in the bush. The irony esos like they arrested him for that and then get the outstanding war in Houston. My God. It's just so weird. But I think we'd like a bunch of laws that come into effect in in Texas September 1st. But it wasn't some weird social experiment like the dude that took all the guns, toe walmart or whatever. Doesn't look like a social experiment kind of guy. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I got you. Well, you look like a white dude in his twenties. Yeah, he does. Interesting, I think. I think you nailed it. Interesting, Patton. Yeah. So weird. Um, that's that's a very strangely specific Austen story. Yeah, I heard about that. Do you hear that, Thea? Pitching park's closing down already had their last day. Your throws down there changing ownership right now, It's just gonna be gone. They were they There was a petition to get them to their condos. There's something there. They're gonna develop it. I'm pretty sure it's called Butler Park Park. 80 years 18 70 or 80 years. We used to go there all the time. Back in the day. It's like this. Have you ever been there? No. Is this little park like off Riverside and Lamar like you know, they used to be that tall cabana there, and that's like right behind there, right next to Peter Pan pitching. Yeah, Park and, ah, it was like a nine hole golf course, the nine old pitching you could rent. You rented like a little wedge and a putter from them, and you could walk around and with a cooler of beer and just like hit golf balls for the fund like it wasn't like competitive. Listen, scored. Don't do whatever you wanted. You didn't have to worry about. Getting in someone's way was just like You just want to go drink beer and, like, fake hit golf balls in like a little golf course. It was a cool little place to go do that just a little par three. You know, it was awesome. I think when I was living downtown, I would probably, I don't know. Six times in the last two years before it closed down. I didn't It was really sad because that's ah, I mean, I get it. That land has got to be super valuable, but it was such an iconic old piece of Austin, and even I don't know if you remember this, but remember they had that family of hawks that will come. And like the last time I was there, which is maybe eight months ago, I'm a final hole. The hot came and just landed and watched. I had never seen it before and I watched the whole fucking that was so cool and so need to able to see it, like, four feet away from you. Just watching You play golf. And I was bummed. It's leaving. Yeah, it sucks. I was get Ah, you never see a really big Hawkeye was getting worse. They're gonna take my dog. Yeah, because I have small dogs. Like they could easily grab my dog and fly off with it. He's not, at least not in my backyard. That's but I'm out there with them. So whenever I see a big talker like you have to go, Come on, let's go inside. Like call the dogs back in. They, like your dogs could spend a buck. No, I have no idea what the hell happened. Did attack from the air? Very feisty. Can they really lift up that much weight? I think so. I think you hear about like you always getting taken. Yeah, that like rats? Yes. Uh huh. Well, this might be a little heavy, but I don't know. I saw ah, ball deal in Oregon. Uh, like, swoop down and get a piece of a mouse or something at a park. I was that and that. That fucking thing is up close is huge. You do not wanna screw the bald eagle. It could definitely left 13 pounds. I'm trying to see how much a hawk can pick up. Um, what's its carbon footprint, though? Probably a lot lower than, uh, then beef that 1/4 pounder with cheese? Yeah, It was an interesting idea. 680 burgers for around 680 quarter pound burgers. So what is that? So 6 80 Divided by 470 pounds of beef. How many nuggets do you guys think you could get over Human of Beef? All the honest with you? I had one when I first got when they first got there, and it was delicious. And then as the nuggets started to cool, I they That's something that would not fly. Way had 3000 chicken McNuggets and I think 1000 note. It's sorry. 3000 nuggets. I had probably six of them. Yeah, and I think I've finished for I was sick the next day. What did the rest of you have to have that many, But I think it's just like I'm not used to eating those. So when you do it, it's just like messes with your body Also shoved a bunch of my mouth. I didn't eat those, but I think the music from contact, they're just very it's It's a lot of like it makes you feel really bloated and kind of like lethargic the other day. Speaking of Old Austin stuff, uh, the other day on the Austin Subreddit, someone posted a question. They were like that. They're used. Someone posted. They wrote that there used to be a top notch for the P. Terry's is over, like a 33rd Lamar. Uh, no, it's Hilbert. Hilbert was definitely Hilbert's. Yeah, but that was weird. Like how quickly people forget that he was Hilbert's. Not that long ago was Hilbert's for fucking 50 years, right? It's like P Terry's for eight. If that. If that Yeah, it was. It was weird how nobody remembered. And then someone like, Look, I found this picture from Google Street View. It's Yeah, it's obviously Hill births. I didn't They didn't top not by the oven or like the stovetop from Hilbert's that Hilbert's and move it over. I felt like I feel like I ran. They moved some equipment from Hilbert's two top notch. It's possible. Yeah, it was a while ago. I didn't want to go top absolutely alone in there a long time. I gotta Hilbert's usually, like once a week or so. I don't get that often. I get well, because the key, though I don't go that much anymore. But I used to get their strawberry shake a lot. I really like there. Shake that Hilbert's by the office that helpers by the office takes for ever that law. Every time I'm in the drive through, it's like I might as well just I should have done folding chair. No, it doesn't think that long. You're exaggerating. Do you order something special Bacon cheeseburger, huh? Do you feel like it takes a long time? You're there to I've been there twice. Okay? And I ate inside the restaurant, so I don't know. I have no experience to drive for. Can you divide the amount of bug is, by the time on the plane. So how many bugs Puh So 680 burgers. The state's a 10 hour flight. So you doing 68 burgers an hour? So a little over a burger a minute. I need it. So what plane yet to eat One bug. Everybody before allies. The plane crash before you land in London, you need to eat the 680 hamburgers. Now, here's the problem. Obviously, it makes way more sense view to save the environment by and reduce carbon fiber by not taking that flight. Right. But we also acknowledged with 7,000,000,000 people in the world, if you don't take that flight, somebody else will. That plane's still flying, so you probably should just stop eating hamburgers. I'm I can actually affect change that way. Yeah, just especially if you're going to places that are made to order. Er just unhappy with the amount of But it was worse than just driving because the car has the Dr Teeth before you get true. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go do something. It's a nightmare. Just started all the all the beyond meat stuff. Really good. I I just like vegetables are fucking awesome. The older I get, the less I like meat in general. I mean, it's only me. Don't get me wrong, But, man, Vidalia onions are in season Right now. I fucking love medallions we just fucked. And at whole Foods, I kept seeing, Ah, Japanese yams. They're so fucking good. Really super sweet. How do you normally, what I'll do is due in a couple of different ways. The way I liked the best, I'll cut them into thin rounds and then just grill him. You go on the grill for 10 minutes or so. They're awesome. I did this thing in the night that you may want to try, especially if you wantto eat healthier. Uh, I got a spaghetti squash, and I cooked it for about 40 minutes and then, like, for about 40 20 minutes, toe about 40 minutes. And then I made this mixture of ricotta and mozzarella and parmesan and onions and mushrooms and basil and marinade sauce on that just filled that into the ah, cut open spaghetti squash and then, um, begging for another 20 minutes with some Parmesan on top. And then it's just like eating spaghetti because you have spaghetti squash shreds like spaghetti. So delicious and healthy, All phenomenal were made buffalo cauliflower. I haven't, but I've had it before. I don't like buffalo sauce. What? I don't That's why only wings that. So, sauce. It's things like diesel fuel. Where Where did you eat? Buffalo sauce that tastes like diesel fuel. Smells like diesel is like, I can't take it a little strong. Doesn't like Eddie. That's the guy does the same thing to my nose. All that is just Frank's redhot and butter. Uh, what do you not like a friend, huh? I just learned something about you today. Yeah, but you did know. No, I don't. So before sources sourcing bar? Yeah, that's all it is. I didn't know that you said was in buffalo. I would not tell you. Someone told me the other day that jin was vodka. What? Didn't know that? Who set that And why were they so wrong? And I said it was like flavored vodka, you know, told you that. Totally. It's a different alcohols. Um, I don't get this flavor from juniper Berries, but look at the corn whiskey, isn't it? Or a corn out of court now, Who told you that? Remember? Huh? Or graves distill gen er Okay. Uh, what made vodka? I'm trying to come to compare and contrast it. I got it right here. Vodka. Most activities produced from grains Such a sorghum corn Reier week. Some rod calls are made from potatoes, molasses, soybeans, grapes, right sugar beets, sometimes byproducts of oil refining or wood pulp process and then no way related. The still Jim is produced exclusively by re distilling ethanol of agricultural origin with an initial strength of 96% a B V instill specially used for General you on the presence of juniper Berries and other natural botanicals provided that juniper taste is predominant. I wish I could remember who told me that whether they were just messing me up. Maybe they were just saying It's like, tastes the same, doesn't it? Doesn't, but it's like it would taste the same without the juniper. Whatever. I don't know. I'm not a big gin fan. I loved you know, I used to love it was my favorite If I was good. Wait, General, I love gin very much. Energon was speaking of things that you shouldn't drink. I saw the FDA released announcement the other day. I'm gonna load it right here. Okay? Drinking bleach will not cure cancer or autism. FDA warship. I guess there's some product that people sell called miracle mineral Solution. Does this bleach that they say, is chlorine dioxide and ah, or chlorine dioxide? And I guess they say that it's supposed to cure autism, HIV AIDS, cancer and other stuff. And the FDA had to officially come out. Say it doesn't. Isn't that what Martha Dumptruck drink or was that drain O Heather's? I leave for joining me on the other side forever. Dude, Millie was a bleacher. Dre know that, Martha drink dry down and also doesn't cure. Also doesn't care autism or cancer or anything. Don't drink anything like this. I can't believe that the FDA has to make a statement like that. Yeah, but don't drink bleach. It's That's a that's a thing. Is putting a warning on a ladder that's like, don't stand on one foot at the top. I thought a lot about a lot of traffic of the guy. Well, people need to be told to vaccinate their kids so can't really give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Take Michael Jackson's exercise, huh? Urinated somewhere. Just Cal was like, Max. Don't you find that out with the other one? Um, Justin Timberlake's wife feel sorry. That just came out a few weeks ago, right? Yeah. I can't believe that anyone come out and just reassure everyone that wind farms don't give you cancer. I think it's been an ongoing thing. Still, right? I mean that that misinformation is still being spread via one person. Yeah, I don't think it's being spread by anyone in power. It was spread last week. Epic comeback again. He's been going on about that for decades. There's old clips of him in the nineties, like bitching about wind farms when it ruining the views from his golf. I think I was Wouldn't wasn't out of the country when you said that this this last time When it came back up and you told me about on the podcast, I didn't believe you About what? We're trying to fuck with me. Oh shit. He keeps one upping himself. I like the the bizarre don brings up just cause it pertains thio your heritage. But I like the bizarre like hand written like notes he's been sending to Justin Trudeau. Looking good, buddy. I know about this. Yeah, it just seems like covers and stuff. That is like looking hot. You sent it to the to the Canadian Embassy, and they weren't sure if it was really over was a joker Won. The president said any junk mail fan, man. What's he trying to? Dok said it s a S c with it. Said please sign us in. That would be funny. That would be really fun. Yeah, I heard about that, like, two weeks ago or something so weird. I wasted all these weird times there feels like I'm living in a nightmare. Sometimes. Yeah. It's like I can't believe in the season of Black Mirror and we just don't know. Yeah. I can't believe this is actual real life. And that air people, enough people that made certain decisions for us to be here right now we have seen a version of Trump who potentially has a re elected. What is the version of Trump we're gonna be like when he doesn't have to do that anymore? If if yeah, I hear you're presuming that he would be re elected. Well, yeah, You guys aren't I don't want you guys aren't that much better off either. Yeah, you know, a fight, Karina Karina Brexit very quickly towards the driver to see it's not a good time hole around. But I'm saying a second time Trump is gonna be a really bad time. I don't know. I must admit, I don't know a lot about Boris Johnson, but I watched that John Oliver piece on. Interesting. It was really, really fascinating. Makes you really wonder about the guy. How he did. It was, like, two weeks ago in the show. Um, maybe we could go, but it's basically he did like a new expose about how it's all probably a gimmick. And he's really, really smart. And this messed up hair and the clothes on the track and the bumbling into distract awful of trash. They gave it actually really potentially insidious example, right? Yeah. So you think about Boris Johnson and the Brexit campaign, the leave campaign and the big thing that I always think about it. A lot of cool thing about is the bus with the light printed on it. You know, we're going to save 3,000,000 quid. Our 1,000,000 hs. Right? Um so, like normally, when you think abortion Johnson and you think of a bus, you think of that. But give them hanging, like stuck in this guy. He did an interview after that. I don't remember when the interview was where they asked him like the interviewer asked him, What do you like to do in your spare time? If you want to relax, unwind, What do you do? He says. Well, what I like to do is I like to recreate like miniature models of buses. Like what it is like this really weird. Awkward exchange, very stilted. Yeah, he's like being weird about making buses and not wanting to show his buses because he's embarrassed. And then John Oliver says, Well, you know a recent way probably did. That was. So if you Google Boris Johnson bus, you get that video clip instead of a picture of the N hs bus from the Brexit leave campaign. If that's delivered, that's incredibly right, like there's no clear evidence that that was deliberate. But it's the kind of thing where you would manipulate perception. Yes, there's a lot of, like, really interesting examples of how the dude might just be the most well crafted, brilliant, fucking devious dude ever. He was the MP of Henley, which is a tiny town next Well, right near mine and used to come to my school. It was local MP. He didn't give off that vibe. Yeah. No, not what Vibe. Did he give off a bumbling buffoon? Sort of getting lost in my school. What was that? They had, like, a, like a prep school photo with him and David Cameron. Yeah. David Cameron? Yeah. Then he went to a really good schools and a very great, really good education. Yeah, it's bone in your He's an American. You stay in New York? Yep. You know, you gave up his citizenship, I think because of tax reasons, because an American possible. If you don't get one of the worst things, you can have it super expensive. Uh, all right, Well, what about time to wrap up? Anybody else have anything else going to bring up for talk about? We don't talk about Tumbler getting sold for $3,000,000 0 my God. What? Is that true? Yeah, who bought one point $1,000,000,000? They sell them to ward press thistle tundra toward press for less than $3,000,000. They bought it for well over 1,000,000,000 1 point $1,000,000,000. That was, like, five years ago. Six years ago. Was there something similar Where if you will have the opportunity to sell for, like, a couple 100,000,000 and then said no And then later they were only able to sell for, like, couple 100. Yeah. Yeah. MySpace Dig happened Thio Napster, right? Oh, here. They came back and yeah, um, happens a lot. Wow. Good job, Yahoo. Why even sell it If it's if you've lost $1,000,000,000 on it, what are you gonna do with it? Any amount of money? 3,000,000 on 1,000,000,000. We gotta crowdfunded and bought tumble her. We could have had a whip round for all we know, to tumble might be hemorrhaging money, and it might be that might need to dump it to give her them that lost through books. Never mind. It's not crap from that thing. Didn't I think pornhub tried to buy it? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. It makes sense that you'd put the porn booth that one reason. Uh, All right, well, that's it. Um, You guys next time, right? Bye. Thanks for watching