#559 - A Pizza-dilla a Day Keeps the Laughter Away

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Drew Saplin, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss Twisted Food recipes, Crispr gene editing, Disney Plus, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-08-27 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Drew Saplin, Barbara Dunkelman


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    "hot sauce"
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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 559. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first, not rooster teeth dot com. Theo. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the receive podcast this week. Brought you by hymns, experience and arc whitening systems. I'm Gus. I'm true. Oh, no. Already immediately thrown someone with their own name. Wake the simplest way to lock up. Yeah. What? D'oh! I'm Drew material, and I'm Gavin, and I'm Barbara, and I'm gone. Um, look it with your first time on the podcast. Yeah. Way to go. And cabins. Are you trying to mess it up for you at the gate was ever sent. I'm late. What about? I mean, anything? I was late. Yeah. Do they know where they watching? Where they spying? Hey, we're both late. So it's fine? Oh, yeah, I guess so. You know, don't Gavin would get Devon's, but was in the seat at 4 59 At least 501 Clocks a minute. Faster. You were good. Yeah, I already a wears barbed joke. Already I'm wearing all camo on. I knew that was gonna be like the first comment on this podcast. You're floating Yashin's and arms of the, uh, Are you healing up? You have someone about injuries the other week? Did you have some? I thought that was a pun. No, no, no. Legitimately curious. Yeah, I'm a lot better. Yeah, I had some some knee injury. Um, although now I'm dealing with an injury on my face because I burnt my face the curling iron because I'm 30. But I learned how to use one of those. Don't. They were really dangerous. They scare me. They're drunk. Yeah, I know Thing in the morning, Chuck. Some vodka girl? Yeah, it's Ah. Well, the thing is, like 400 degrees, right next to, like, all the good parts of your face. All your groups? Yeah. Could you cook anything on it? Probably arrival. You could cook and make cookies on it. Pop popcorn. And I saw the straightener. I saw that really especially strangers to cause they're flat surfaces. So this wasn't a straightener is a color curling iron, which are the round kind of. I'm gonna keep going like this. Cylindrical. So is your hair normally straight? My hair is neither. Okay. It's neither straight nor curly. wavy what it wants to do. It waves and then it goes straight at the end. So when it touches your survey skin Did it good? No, I went it literally just just kissed my skin. Did you smell it? Did smell no. Make you hungry? No. No. What me? Bacon? Right now Me e like my own flesh. Um, you know what does stink, though? And I don't know if you've ever experienced is true burning hair. Oh, yeah? What do you think? It smells worse. Hair from your head. Burning or pubic? The price smells the same. Wouldn't I Don't know. I think we should have. Which was a pub Blind and a little with incense. Just get a little bit of smoke going or nine. Uh, how can I tell this story? I know someone who really tea bagging a candle. This person had a sister, and when they were in high school, my friend was walking by, you know, they had, like, a shared bathroom. Our friend was walking by the bathroom and looked in, and this person sister was bent over and she was blow drying her hair. You got to get ready for school. in the morning except the blow dryer was malfunctioning and their sister didn't realize it, and the blow dryer was literally shooting flames out of the end. So they said that the bathroom stank like burning hair, and she just had no idea that her hair was all flipped over and just blow dry. Watching my grant to run in and like, yank the plug towel out of the wall. I was like, You're literally blow torching your hair. How do you replicate that? That sounds awesome. Good. You can throw a bunch of flour in the back end of a blow dryer You shouldn't do that. Might be a good doing it like empty warehouse. A really long extension cord, coffee creamer, groomer any like tiny particulates. They just go under. Yeah, I burned for number. My hair, You know, like some restaurants have the candles on the table and, like some fancy restaurants, have real fire. Open flame candles. Um, I was talking with Jessica, Degree and Ryan, her boyfriend, were just had dinner together, and I leaned over to show them something, and just like my hair just caught the candle, it went like all in one And then they started screaming and I went like a 60 40 split on catching the napkin on fire every time. Oh, yeah, It's just like if it's out, I'm just like I need to blow it up now or it cuts the napkin on fire. Probably in, like, 10 minutes. Yeah, yeah, I've done that. Came before bikes, and it was light enough where the flame just took it. It just went off like a paper. It's like one of those lanterns. Yeah, really? Wafer thin paper. Both of you turn into cats as soon as they've been catches on fire. E, I don't know. I'm scared of fire, so I don't know howto finally. I mean, like, I had, like, growing up. I actually had a fear of fire like that. I wouldn't want any open candles. Doesn't every human by two full have a fear for your sharks? We're like a fear of drowning, like ever. Of course, everyone has a fear of drowning, But it's not like something that you think about every day, all day. Like I had nightmares every night about dying in a burning house like that. Kind of like a phobia. Yes, lots of stress about it. Yeah, it's now, since you think you were burned at the stake in a previous life, were you Joan of Arc? I was This'd my revealed time. You speak French, right? Through your reaction to Chad's desk, being gone was amazing because the non reaction you somehow walk past the entire thing it didn't know is that there was nothing that Yeah, I'm not sure if that was edited down. No, no. Was that in real time? Like I walked in and I was like, Man seems a lot more special on my phone, like thinking about something else. And then it was like, Oh, shit, your reaction coming out of that office, you're just like they took chat thing. Yeah, but the math, the math was a little slow. I will say, like in the moment I was like, Oh, well, you got let go your cost. You pulled up. I think I think you Drew and Andrew were my favorite part of the heist video. It's the house started early. How's business? Business is great. I don't alter Meg. And how's business was like the one he left Good. It was perfect. This episode of Receive Podcast is brought to you by hymns. Summertime is here, and while you may be breaking out that baseball cap for a day at the beach or the ballpark, if you're wearing it to hide thinning hair, you may not have to anymore. I get a lot of compliments on how thick my Harris and I'm pretty lucky. So it's good to know that there's something out there to help guys who are afraid of losing their hair. Did you know that 66% of man start losing their hair by age 35? 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This could cost hundreds of went to the doctor or pharmacy. Go to four hymns dot com slash rooster five. That's F o R H i m s dot com slash rooster 54 hands dot com slash rooster five. Thank you Hymns for sponsoring this episode of the receive podcast. So I guess maybe that's a good segue way. Maybe you won't explain to people who may not be familiar with what you do. What you do here. I wear a trench coat. What you do carry a cactus around? No. I'm a writer director for live action and ah, our little bungalow with shorts. So, uh, Corky core. And then also basically just a hope helping boy, my hopeful boy, you are very affable. I tryto anytime somebody trying a new short out, I try to be there. I was in a D for a long time before it. Assistant director. So, uh, like, threw that out. I threw the a out and just took the Ugo you did were placed in here. You did? Where do the word place. He put his d in the weird 90%. You just getting annoyed of us that we're wasting? Alice is sold on any minute nighttime, the past of my life that I'll never get back thing. Does this work like? No, Gavin, that's not to think about this. No, Gavin, that's not a thing. How about this? No. Get it. Be fair to me. The longest time we spent not figuring something out was because I figured it out almost immediately. You didn't know it, So it's true. And you didn't tell us that the door was unlocked, s so wait. I'm trying to get him. Yeah, because no, everything was actually like a mechanical unlock. It's gotta be one of the most complicated shoots we've done, like especially for you having to direct it. And like Noel, it's essentially building a puzzle room? Yeah. Escape, escape, escape house. It was one of the few things impossible I've worked on. This is like a Ford Ford A shoot for me anyway, where I left it a flew home and I was like, I don't know what we made. I don't know if that was fun. I was like, How is that gonna be? And then you somehow cut together tremendously what it really was. So But I really doubt it. Straight after we filmed it, What do we do? I don't know. A cake barefoot in the parking lot? Yeah. Maybe it was the fact that it was a ll that I mean, I let 1 to 5 in the morning. Yeah, and I was very tired. It makes me think of like, um when Mad Max Fury Road came over before Mad Max Fury Road came out, Tom Hardy was like, You have no idea what we filmed. It was a train wreck. It was terrible. When it comes out, he's like, he's like, I was wrong. I see it. I didn't get it. But now that it's done and I'm looking at it like, it's amazing, I didn't doubt it Like into that extent where I was just like this sucks. You know, I was just I went home. It was like, I wonder if that was you were also in the dark for all of it. Like, I would just come into the room and be like, Hey, you're gonna be doing Just come here a minute and then, like, would then subject you to things and then be like, All right, leave. And I gotta set up the next thing. Okay, Come here a minute. And then again, yeah. Repeat, rinse and repeat. You are definitely Drew. I think are one of the most capable people in this company. Thanks. And I no offense to anybody else working here, but like you give you an idea or just like a task, and it's, like, completely done head to toe. What done Well, too. I like to dig a hole. Just think this whole right. OK, here we go. You got it? You want trouble? Just by a little pause, and then all of a sudden, I'm eight feet under fire being avid, coming straight. Exactly. Um yes. I see someone here who is this Call and see Burns and chat, saying We still haven't seen the weird place. It's on first. Yeah, you're you're watching the Lifestream. You obviously first member. Go watch. It's like upper left corner. If you binge the entire season, it's 45 Whole minutes of your life on the title does. It doesn't lie. It's pretty wit. It's not. It's not like David Lynch. Weird, but it's like some of the widow shit we've made. Yeah, you know, it's weird in the sense of, like, I was supposed to be right set up its upside down. Wow. Speaking of weird, did you have any of you see that weird like Twitter Post about the thing you could make the recipe? The build it yourself recipe thing That was that two and 1/2. You did see it? Yeah. What was that? Well, you know what? It's like this. I don't want to set it up. I don't want to give it any context, but it's like you ever watch like Twitter videos. And there's like recipes like a at This is just like all the ingredients that you make stuff like a taste of it down like Jay and starts out with spices and by the end of it. It's like a deep fried chicken. Taco people? Yes, like a lasagna. Chicken tortilla was on your right. Pizza pie just keeps going. Like I kept thinking, like, Okay, this is it. They're done. No. Another thing. Deep fry it. It was a piss take, right. Like that was a parody. I don't know. That wasn't really actually I was on board until the fire came out. I was, like, just a chicken case. Idiots. Like I was I was on it. I'm feeling a whole minute, like five inch chicken. Case idea. I'm about, like, way Chicago Star E deep dish, A range of emotions watching because the beginning I was like and then it it moves on. You just get confused. And by the end, you like, huh? What's happening? How do they have point? Yeah. How did they have a dish that's exactly the same size of the tortilla that they put it in? Oh, yeah. Like that. In there is all What? Chicken and cheese right over. That must be like 9000 calories in just that triangle and then pizza. I want to make this, but Eric says we can't How? What do you mean? We caught Eric. What am I supposed? You really want to make this little intellectually lists all the ingredients? Absolutely. Pizza sauce. Easy here, Mariner over there earlier. And then they put more fucking cheese and pepperoni and then bake it and then grill, and then they dip it. They don't see that thing in the 2000 calorie sources do slow motion lift as if it's supposed to be enticing when you're just like my heart hurts. What is tremendously well shot? Oh, it has to be a taste. I think it's really I don't think that's having Israel. What would you call that? And children would die eating lunch. People next voted the fried pizza Lotte. That's what they call it. That's what I would call it Diabetes. I think we should make it. But as I said, you want to it. Let me know when we do it, cause I'm gonna skip breakfast and lunch for a while for like, a week for the day. Okay, were pre taping Monday's episode. Monday is a holiday. Monday's a holiday. You want to know that if you can wait two weeks, I can try to get everything together. We could be. Oh, be over by then. Two weeks due on Thursday. Eric, I'm not gonna be here. We need Erik for it. Are you? Someone else could make it, I'm told. But we don't need Eric. Eric, do we need you? No, no, no. Absolutely right. Cook. He's the only one who knows. I used to work in a Burger King. Well, as we know you assigned Drew something he takes more layers of that was a theory compensated. It's twisted food in the UK. Okay, How about we? Oh, I found the name. He sent me a link. Deep, deep fried, barbecued chicken, stuffed pizza, Dilla, pizza, dilla. That's too many words for one food. Isn't that what Millie Bobby Brown is up against in a recent Godzilla Godzilla? Ma, throw in pizza dough? Can we get to destroy the city in 30 minutes or less? Whose dream I recommend? We make one of those stack and make four of them stack them all up, make a deal. A sphere. It's already three dimensional. I mean, there could be you could make like, uh, what's the Epcot center? It's the thought that you'd be sick. Joke music, dumb love pizza zilla we gotta take. We gotta take it to the fourth dimension. How can we incorporate time into this by killing us all eating it? Your body will now be energy used, by the way, could wait back together by Thursday. You hear a lot of skepticism, A little time to literally groaning. The biggest problem that I see with it is that we don't have a real oven here. You think you got to start by, like cooking the chicken, right? Have any ovens? I think it's in the oven here. It's a fire hazard. Just get an electric oven. Well, toaster looking like a boy like that. Fears deliver an electric razor. You return it like always in stage five, I think also isn't oven. It is. It only goes up to, like 400. It doesn't get quite hot enough. We need 3 50 Pretty hot. And we can try it, I guess. Reluctant. Good God, you're onboard and excited for this idea. We need sound board, Eric. Not really, Eric Way got sound border just now. I heard there's Eric has a sound board in broad. Yeah, baby, you don't know what you're getting. Might be Eric. It might be something that was like a 50 50. I was like Schrodinger's Eric Right now that was a little too excited. Got and what we just got. He's gonna roll right now because of the sphere delis. There must be like 50,000 calories I wish we'd need. Oh, wonderful. In that link, let me see if it was in there. There's the chlorate breakdown. Yeah. Do you think it's either? It's so dense that the ingredients get slowly drawn towards the middle. It takes 45 minutes to make way. Could do two of them. What an entertaining podcast that would that be? You crossing frame the whole time. Different ingredients that gas in for an hour and 1/2 as long as long as you have a chef's hat, I feel like we're making two of those. We'd all be covered in acne has no nutritional information. I'm ashamed to your country, insisting it's because it would kill. You would love it. I want to know what right would be amazing. No, there's no way that that many ingredients don't suck all together. Yeah, like tortilla, wet chicken wet bread crumbs went from cheese and sauce like, I think, take away the pizza aspect to it, like the sauce and the cheese over the top. It's like the crown on top of the thinking, like if you have a very flavorful chicken case idea that's deep fried, that's already like won t make things. The fact that it's breaded is Mu Joe so much I don't write. I would love it. I love just one bite, but I love I love this like this, this format for videos where it's like Twitter video. It's like top down. I like like stupid life hacks, which are all dumb. Oh yeah, um, like the recipes. And then there's some that are just bizarre. Like a few weeks ago, there was one that was kind of popular on. If you have any of you ever saw, did you ever see bigger, Bigger than before? Someone just takes an egg, and they make it bigger than it was before. What's the point of this way? How did they make it bigger? It's a you'll find that Can you pull it up? It's like a one minute long video. Set it up and send it to the slack channel. Everyone's saying it. That pizza dilla is 7225 years. Just sent me that, uh 70 77 5 as best I thought, like if you split that with seven people, I think I feel like this stuff a chili's, that small calorie dense in that they did cut it into eighths, which is like, I feel like minimum Mountford Chicken cheese cases, Pizza dilla. 16th 30 seconds. So you cut it into eighths. That's 900 about 909 calories per song, which, honestly, food in America is not. Yeah, yeah, could be worse. You go to the Alamo Drafthouse. You look at that menu. Half the things are over which they didn't print. The calories on that menu. Yeah, Booth in the dark green chili maggot cheese. $1000. I think about that. So the movie, Yeah, I can't that sock in it, that's not gonna fit. And then you like, you know, like maybe I'll leave some. I'll leave something that's just really good doctors like a seal it in a movie. All you want to be doing is just like eating something. When did that start. Why do people want to stuff their face while they watch films? Is that that's not an American thing? That right? That's a worldwide thing, huh? Well, definitely. You don't know you. You lived in another country? Yeah. I mean, we do we do about just shit that America's died. Ah, apparently, pickles are only in Texas Movie theaters. Really? Yep, they're not. They don't don't love pickles than any other allowed. It's not a thing, you know, Like like one pickle, please. There's like, No, you crazy, like the big pickle. And that's the food that's your meal. It's not a meal with a little movie that they put the people whenever you get a sandwich. The Alamo, they always put a little. You get a bowl of popcorn kind of meal big. There's an egg going into vinegar here. This you can't get Big pickle outside of Dominica has dissolved. The show no bigger than before has absorbed some of the village. Oh, it just It just keeps going. Jell O. And I'd like to keep making this egg egg bigger and listen. You think it's bigger. It's going to be bigger than before. One day day. Now it's E. I don't know what it is about that that person's dainty hand like like massage you got out of the jar is that bottle? It bothers me a lot. Why die? Because they need to make it bigger. Your holiday color is mass, right? Yeah. It looks like a bloody It looks like a urine. Okay, well, why would you do this? Why would you take, like, two days out of your life? Make it bigger than before? Bigger Before I'm gonna take a piece of gum out of my mouth one day and put on the table. And then the next day, I'm gonna add another piece of gum to it, and we'll hear them before before content. You know, you could make a Twitter video life AC five minute craft, but it was our five minute craft, but that thing took two days to do. That's not a five minute craft. It's five minutes totem of work against your weight. I was surprised that deep fried piece of think didn't become a look at how to basic. I'm surprised. Like someone's foot wasn't in a chicken in a toilet bowl. The end of the day looking, like right and rode the right of the line Writing it right in the line got real close. Give me a pickle. You give me a big OK, You make a pickle bigger than before. Uh, I'm sure you could just show it a hotter girl. Oh, yeah. I always noticed that whenever you whatever you order a sandwich in fries at the Alamo. Nice. There's always a pickle there. Yeah, and it seeps into the bread because it was touching the That's the first thing I fling off. Oh, I love that deeply into the audience. Get over here on my plate. I still gross wet, bloody cucumber. I love pickles. Pickled cucumber. Trevor hates him. So we're the perfect couple. You don't like cucumbers, but you like pickles? What's a pickle? It could be any number of things that's pickled, Brian. Yeah, but what is a pickle with? Yeah, Brian, Cucumber, vegetable egg. It's bigger than before and changes the flavor pickled until you cannot say that they're the same thing. Like you could not be eating a pickle if they like the new cucumber. I didn't understand the pickles and heroes were the same thing until I was far too old, right? Like 10 or 11 Isaac week. I probably probably run there, too, about Branston Pickle. What is a Branston pickle? It's like a pot of brown sludge. You selling it? You would put on cheese in like a cheese sandwich with plough mons as you do, and it's bloody delicious. It looks like Garbo Branston pickle is made from a variety of diced vegetables and press typical rutabagas carrots, onions on cauliflower, pickled in a sauce made from vinegar, tomato apple. Looks like the cranberry sauce you get for Thanksgiving. I would give a nut for a mouthful of that right now. In recent years, high fructose corn syrup has replaced sugar in American Market. Forget, but we're still using the British version. Of course, that this didn't skimp. Do you think we could make a pizza dilla with Branston Pickle instead of Come on, Phyllis, I've never had Branston pickle, but I'd be willing to give it a try. I think doing the international food section cells Branston pickle. Have you seen it in the gross? Yeah, has international food sections. Do they have it? Yeah, Well, Fiesta does. Did you get him. I used to when I lived there with Branston. The office isn't far from one. Yeah, we're very close to a fiesta Stone throw. All right, but it's not that close. You said you'd give a nut to have some of that in your mouth, and it's literally don't you combine on Amazon. You're a fucking hour. If I want to drive down, probably break it. Exactly. I get it Wednesday. Can I do for you one day? Pick up. Let's find out. Uh, no, I can't. So Oh, it's just so it looks so gross. And it's very polarizing. A lot of people hate this stuff. It's good that my mom, I taste the Marmite visualizing like Mama. I felt you have to have it as a child in order for it. And for every one I acquired, the taste I don't like. That was a little when I was a young and a lot of acquired taste I've gotten over the years. I used to hate tomatoes and now all of tomatoes Go grapefruit. What is your make? And I came back. It was like you only like because you wanted to make it had a great friend. You like that? Yes. Yes. Your current. Thank you for pointing that sucker for great. For now. Whatever. What? I used to be a really picky eater as a kid, I know about you guys, but, like, I would only eat like Mac and cheese. Chicken fingers, fish sticks, which, as a kid, I don't know why I like because it's fish. And like a hot dogs. That's it. It's already That's very limited menu. Yeah, and then Now I like everything. I think I think what I what I What I think some people speculate is that when you're young, your sense of taste is really sensitive. So foods easily overpower it Interesting. And then as you get older, like your senses dull so you need like I would say, like the older you get, the more fucked up stuff you need, Thio. Old rich people eat like goose liver and shit that you be like What the fuck Gross was like. They just gotta feel alive. Grandfather used thio have hot sauce on like everything but, like, really, really hot sauce he loved it. Can't do it. I'm immediately get checkups and then a miserable until you secretly put it. I'm just gonna be upset. It's just as obnoxious as my laugh, but painful. I love your life. I think you one of the best loss of the company. It was my biggest concern about coming on the podcast. I feel like I have a polarizing laugh, A little magical cackle. You have the life of a man three times your size Now I can't un hear that e Just take up most of the couch. You and your laugh bigger couch. We'll just get you some of those pizza Dilla is and you'll be on your way. Yeah, a pizza dilla day Keep the laughter at baby because you're dead. Yeah, it does. It does, Um no more laughing for you. I I saw a terrifying headline earlier today. I know I saw a good headline Golf tee I forget exactly how it was phrased but it was along The lines of climate change may be spreading flesh eating bacteria. Oh, hon, Dopey. It's like because the oceans are getting warmer and because they're rising They're like coming into coastal rivers and the conditions arm or appropriate for flesh eating bacteria. So it's tons of place score didn't used to be before. It's like some people just like go swimming if they have, like, a little cut or a pimple or something like the flashing back to get in there, Uh, you know, you no more foot you've got yeah. Are we talking like oceans? Yeah, it's like somebody I heard. Florida was a Florida. There's a Florida. Yeah, like I'm gonna go swimming like a hotel pool and then, like, no more foot Holy, I guess the bacteria that is I don't have a pronounced vibrio or vibrio. It's like the bacteria that they're most worried about. Like some Some woman went swimming, tried to get up out of bed the next day and fell down because she couldn't feel her left foot on. Feel like a pimple on her foot. They gave her antibiotics and send her home, and then they were like, Oh, no, wait, it sze wee. You need to come back immediately and have to have surgery to try toe home and remove. Remove. It was able to keep her foot, but it was like it was close, like she almost lost her foot. Uh, horror stories about that of pedicure places with their feet in that foot bath. And if there's like some bacteria or something like that in there on people, because, like especially if you're getting a really rough pedicure where they're like standing down your foot and like cutting your nails and all that shit, uh, look, there's gonna be some open wound. I remember there was like a craze for a little while, like maybe 10 years ago or 15 years ago, where they would have like those little fish that would eat the like, the dead skin off. Let a shitload, they weren't actually doing it, who knows? But it was like a little kisses had to stop doing it, because it's like, How do you clean the fish like, How do you know that they're not spreading any disease on the fish? Live on a diet of old foot skin that they had another food as well. It's like a treat, right? Like you give your dog dog food, and every now and then you let him eat the dead skin from your feet. If he's been a good boy, obviously Oh, just think. No, it's natural. The headline I saw it was I just literally only saw the headline. There was nothing else with it. Lightning gets holding one. What? I assume there was a lightning bolt. Struck a golf course on the pole in the perfect. Someone thought that that was news. All right. Lightning Bolt gets holding one in North Carolina photo shows. Let's see here in order to get a little a bell must be involved. You would too. Wouldn't like Strike of fairway and nailed it. Go the whole eventually trying to picture it says there's a picture. I don't want to watch the lightning safety tips Idea. What's the first go inside, huh? Is this it? Okay. Oh, wow. I had never seen anything like it. Lightning makes unique holding one on golf Course. I'll send this to you guys so we can we can pull it up here. Do you see it? Strike? You see the aftermath? Okay. A really good place. Good time. For about the 10th time in recent history of the Eagle Creek Golf Club, the holy one was scored. However, it wasn't a human with the golf balls, some look, but rather a lightning bolt from a powerful storm that made unless that Lightning Bolt had a golf ball. It also didn't think adorable in one. If there was a tornado that through a goal for into a hole, that's that's something. Whoa, that's cool again. It's pretty cool looking. That lightning pen you have you ever seen, like when someone gets struck by lightning there look like the coolest had to ever that kind like that? It's kind of like, Yeah, that was one of the guys back. It was wrecked like that. Yeah, sprinkle. That's really cool, but also interesting, newsworthy content. Here in Raleigh, North Carolina, they lead within the five o'clock news that I think the lead story, nothing else is going on. Don't look at the Amazon. Did this still have to buy everyone a drink? Only whoever was on the course of the time, who was just hopefully nobody. That's frustrating. Sometimes it's like whenever there storms in the area. And if it's not raining like let's say you're flying in and you have to stay on the plane because it's unsafe for anybody to go outside because the lightning they have to wait like however, 30 minutes before the ground crew to come out to make sure no one gets struck by lightning. It's like it's inconvenient, but it's probably better that nobody gets struck by lightning. You feel bad if you guys have flown while there's a lightning storm. I have lightning struck the plane on the road in front of us. 01 time I was flying from New Zealand Australia and I was in the windows. It and they were coming to the land in Brisbane and we always started our descent and the pilot warned, It's like there's a bad storm. Brisbane we're gonna try toe land and sea. We beat it in we're descending and ah, I'm looking out the window that all of a sudden I see a really bright flash and lightning hit the seat right in front of me along the outside of the plane. And I felt the warmth just, like, radiate all over me. And as soon as the light and you hit the plane, the plane just wait. Way turn flew away from the notes. I took a screenshot of the flight, were turned every circle for like, 45 minutes, and the planets like, yeah, we're gonna wait a little bit. You think? Well, I felt the warmth come off a little. You had like lightning radiation, I guess. Powers now looking, melt metal. Let's sweat. But yes. Oh, yes. I have been in a plane struck by lightning have, you know, flood during start flowing during a storm. But it's never been always been like there it is, no big deal. It scares me so much because, like lightning is unpredictable in that way, it's a shaky shaky of the whole plane is the Every time is like, Well, I might die, but whatever, it's fine. I had a good run. We're gonna totally different than the people you and may I? I was landing in Houston, This is a couple months ago was letting in Houston during a really bad storm. Um, they wouldn't land us in Austin. So we had to go to Houston, even though Houston also had a strong. But that was the most scared I've ever been on a plane. And I've been on a lot of planes because this was doing that. Like the normal turbulence is fine because I know planes don't go down from turbulence, but this was the like whom oh like side to side like I was like, huh? I got, uh, okay. Like white knuckling the arm rest beside me. And I was just like, should I try Turn on my phone and text Trevor like Z Oh ho. And then we landed. I was literally like, Oh, God, Jesus. Thank you. I'm not a religious person, but I think I appreciate it. I gave up on, like, being afraid during flying. Wasn't like a Southwest was on some flight. And we're going to land and we land, like, really sideways God, Super sideways, like, kind of a puddle skip across the runway. And I just hear this, like, old redneck time, because sometimes you gotta let the copilot land from the knowledge like it's probably one of this. It's probably just a copilot doing copilot learning some shit. Yeah, trying some stuff out today, you're gonna learn to laugh. Good luck. You gotta do it for first time at some point, right? You D'oh. This absolutely receive podcast is also brought to you by experience. The better your credit score that easier. It is to get the stuff you want, and you may even pay less. 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S, and Caleb faced him out. Get him someday yet to qualify for ah fuckers 1st 7 37 Because that's what they moved to. So you qualified for 7 37 years to fly like two flights. Ah month. In order to maintain the number of hours. He needs to be imagined. Being too busy to do that. The King of the Netherlands Do what you got going on. Smoking weed all day, smoking weed. All by the coaches. Like does. What are the crown rules? What's that? What is the Queen of England's crown rules? Where did you have to wear that fucker at? Where does that ground have to go? It's like she was in bed, the physical. But like, if this were to wear it on a plane, does she have to? Wherever? I don't know, but whatever. Like what? In the crap. What is the crown etiquette for the King of benevolence? Is he like he could Kiki? Pilot had a pilot hat on. Is it on top of the crown? Nobody will know the difference. Someone in Chad just said I did the cross wrong, like, eight times. I'm Jewish. I don't know how to do it. Wait. How did you do it? I think I just went like this because I'm not I don't know how to do it, but Oh, Austin Powers, Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch. Is that it? Okay, now I know that it Jewish people they like Jesus and stuff, but they don't do all the No, He was a Jew. Yeah, but it's like Christianity. That's what he was. A just a Judaism doesn't like main Jew. Calm down. Let's be friends here. Amount on the picture of my flight there for a second. That's impressive. But you could see, like we're coming in from the lower from the lower right up where? Get struck by lightning, right? Yeah. You like circling? All right, We're gonna kill time, and then I'm going to go down the land of the ended up flying almost exactly where you struck by lighting. Because I was like, because this is like, the in flight flight tracking thing. And as soon as it happened because we started back, it was like, I need take a screenshot of this on my phone. I still got it. How long ago was this? Ah, five years. Whoa. What? Five years ago. You remember any time I like. I have to look it up like, Okay. Is this some time and late 2014. You still have all the images on the back catalog getting on Gavin, we're like, What are you on about? I don't know. My due date is a speaking of another limps, and we'd I found a very suspect story the other day. It's like one of those. What do you use this main? Choose one of those. One of those too good to be true stories. That doesn't really have any good accreditation. Sure. Where was it? It was this The story supposedly that this man in Sweden was gonna be arrested for dealing marijuana. And I guess they have very strict laws about Weed and Sweden And that when he was being arrested, a Siegel came and took his bag of weed and flew off. It was like this story was posted on the leaf desk dot com was like, I would like to find some corroborating evidence. I'd like to find a reputable source for this and that. There's no other source signaling on art. Tell nobody. It's like, it's a funny story. I just wish someone else could verify it. Right? Or there was another Maybe. Yeah, that might just be police incompetence were like, I don't know, we couldn't find a single to it. He threw it in the bushes. No, it was a Siegel. I've ever seen that old video of, like, the cops arresting that guy. And they like pulling all the stuff out of his pockets. And he threw it right in front of you. Start like trying to inch up and eat it while they're, like, not looking behind it, doesn't he? The car being looked at by the dash Cam. What a move. Yeah, well, apparently, uh, a Siegel saved the entire universe. Once you know about this. Go on. So, back in, like, 2009 the Large Hadron Collider was gonna fire up, and they couldn't figure out why wasn't working. And apparently a Siegel just dropped a baguette into the wiring of And there's an entire paper about time travel. And why that our universe exists because of this Eagle? Yeah. Probably saves Egle. Maybe that Siegel was from the future. Yeah. Yeah. If the Siegel had not dropped at the Large Hadron Collider, would have fired up and blow us all to smithereens. 2009. What would it really have done? Head? Probably nothing. Do you think there's like technology that people are working on, and like some country far away from here or even in the U. S. Who knows that, like has the potential of destroying all of mankind. If something goes wrong, I'm sure. Oh, sure, Yeah, of course, like the nuclear stockpile. Like there was that whole documentary about, like, the nuclear symbol not being able to last for 10,000 years. Like in 10,000 years. No one's going to know what that symbol is, what's in here, like everything's nuclear radiation. Fuck. And so it's because you look at that symbol was like, Oh, they could look kind of like an angel. Maybe maybe there's good things. I think they've also makes some disposal. Please. They've also tried putting other symbols to try to indicate that it's bad luck. Like like you like a outline of a human dead. Imagine if that was the graphic designers first day on the job, and he's like, You gotta come up with something that will last beyond your language and civilization. People didn't take this up. We'll give you a bonus. Gotta land it sometimes an extra day of paid vacation. If you could get it right, I might be the most important image in the world, I would say Maybe also the images that they decided to try to put on. Never seen that before. I think that's it. That's what it was. Okay, The death. Bad, bad angel. Give. You know what if it's not by people being angry And what if What if a skull doesn't? Representative represents something good. What if we no longer have skulls? Maybe Yahoo candy. Oh, the skull cousins. Can you? My favorite, I think also the images that they put on the Voyager spacecraft when they send it out, You know, it's like these things are going so far away. Way send nudes Address. Yeah. Hey, want to see more than right here? The 3rd 1 from the sun turned on some whale song. We sent them nudes. I mean, time in human history where it's like, man, it's been 20 years since the Voyager came back, right? Listen, that a Star Trek. Oh, yeah, I had the Voyager over his contact, right? Or is that like, some scifi movie where it's like Voyager gets thrown back at Earth and the like, Oh, Voyager came back. Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? I feel like this is just to set up for the premise for some shitty scifi movie. I must have seen it was only now, like it ran out of power. I think they could still control it. They still communicate with it. Something about what? If I just went by another one coming in the way the big the Was that the kugel? 01 of the big asteroid, that fellow spacecraft. I've read a lot of interesting things about that one. You know, we're gonna get into that. Did I want to hear that? It's nuts. So there's some theories that okay, the easiest way to describe it. So there's some ideas that it may have. It could be like the remnant of a long dead civilization, right? The universe is sold that it could be that it could be they sent out in the thick of it like an inert spacecraft. It's like, ah, fishing lure bobbing on the ocean and that any time something passage, it passes it with sufficient gravity. The gravity of the passing object picks it up, starts carrying it along. So it could have been the stationary probe that's just out there waiting for something of mass to come by and in our case, it was the sun, which kind of picks it up and then pulls it along with your mom yet Nice. My mom, my mom is on earth, So yes, there was, um, like it activates based on earned It was that Yeah, I did like a hard like that. Everybody's turned that It activates and it turns on when it gets pulled by the gravity like it's this passive thing. And then once it's turned on, like now it's active and it could be sending data to simply civilization as it ran away. Right? So how long has voyage have been gone? A couple of lease today. It's a plot to start. Thank you Might think they lost it in 76. So over 40 years for sure. So if at this point at the exact same speed that Voyager was moving 77 another one passed it coming back on Earth, we would have a long time to worry about. I don't know if it would notice if another one past it, but what if it did? I think it only would read backwards. Would we try and go out back at it. It does look backwards, isn't it? Because I want to get the pill mood. I think one day I think it doesn't necessarily look back with us. If I remember, Carl Sagan had to tryto convince them to get it to turn around and take photos on the tracks of its power. Right? It's turning ability. I got it. I wonder if humanity would send something out to me. It But whether we would just let it come to earth Well, I guess there could have to do several. Yeah, but then is it worth it wonderful that he didn't even know if it would land on Earth? You guys have all seen the Martian write or read the Martian? Yeah, that just makes me think about that when they went. I don't wanna spoil anything, But Lou has been out for a while. Um, want to go, like, collect him and had to, like, perfectly time his like speed, speed, with their speed in the rotation and everything going on and like their velocity. Very fascinating to me. I feel like I like everything in the movie up to that point. And then it's pretty. Do you feed have you read the book? Not the book Better? Yeah, the first get into the nitty gritty of with the science in the math, the movies like, Oh, this bad thing happens. Oh, don't worry. He conquered it. The books like, Oh, I'm fucked. There's no way to do this. I'm just gonna die here two or three chapters about this, like insane sandstorm that he has to deal with when he's trying to drive across Mars with a vehicle with, like, solar panels and all the stuff. And it's like the most tense like it's like the people on Earth know that this thing's coming, that he's gonna die, and he has no idea they have no way to let him know You really completely cut out of the movie. Well, like not included in the movie. It's really good. And it's not that long. I listen to it on Audible, I think, Yeah, I read the book in, like, a week or something like a very, very well written I have it if you wanna borrow it. Oh, yeah, I would highly recommend him, except I don't know if I can say that Drew and I have opposite tastes. So what a 100% opposite taste when it comes to the Italian media. Yeah, it's only like TV and movie. What have you guys had opposite? Taste everything. Anything. If I like it, he takes it, likes it. I hate it. Avengers Endgame. Ready? Well, add it to three. Haven't seen it. Okay, but like breaking about what we talked about. Like true detective. Yeah. The newest season to detective. I loved. And I was like, crazy Russian doll. Loved breaking bad breaking that loved. That's incredible. It's like everyone. Have you seen the release date trailer they have for El Camino? Yeah. Yeah. When is that coming out of this? The breaking bad movies coming out. Netflix, I think. Coming on October 19th. No. Maybe. What you gonna do with just Jesse Ping? I need like Bryan Cranston makes that you're skinny, Pete. You think this is what happened after the right? So he got shot. He's gone. Everything. What you gonna do like that? The show to me was like their butt. Brant Captain's filming, right. There's been, like some production images that have been put out like flashbacks and stuff. But then why would you flashback like what I just got in the way show covered the entire timeline of that story. Maybe it could flash back to even more of him trying to kill the fly. Well, maybe in a flashback to when Jesse Pinkman was in Walter White's classroom, it wasn't your student. Hiss like a young a young age makeup on Aaron. Paul, right? God, I'm excited for it, though. I watch it. I haven't seen any of better. Call Saul. Have you seen it? I t o know that the first season was really slow, I think the first seasons too slow. But it gets better on the back half, and then I think it gets really good in subsequent seasons. I think the first, the first, the beginning part. Better call Saul. I really don't like they have, Like a cameo from Tuco. It's like I don't need to say trying to be like Like I remember this has the classic spinoff shoehorn that get out of it and it's just like it's just a little much. Yeah, I'm more curious and what happens after the story, then what happened before you should check it out. I think I think all the seasons on Netflix and I I think the next season just come out till next year. Something both. I just want to keep asking you guys about shows and movies. Now I have you both seen Barry? Yes. 321 Love it. Wow. That's so funny way here. Someone in our office talking about media would be the other one would like us keep walking like guys, like, you know, Have you seen that? I was like, I'm gonna wear Specter. I've always of people have seen Shits Creek. And what their opinion on that enjoy. Like, I can pick up any episodes. Feel like it's a show that I have no desire. Tow watch. Like I don't like who I'm gonna go home watch, like, two more up. So that shit's creek, it's like So how do you wanna watch we get punished? Shits Creek. I guess it's a good, like folding clothes show. Yeah, we're just, like, more like end of the night. And, like, time to kill on your Like, she put something on just to, like, get sleepy too. Have you? Um okay, so we have we have someone in chat Who's from Sweden. Oh, corn world, they said. They looked up the that town's news, and they verified the story about the Seagull. Stealing the cannabis is true because it was reported on that website. God thank you Court world for verifying. And I know he is from Sweden. He told us that last week. But here's from from Sweden. You gotta, um there's another show on Netflix I started putting on, just like, you know, if I wantto have something on that, that's not cereal that I know I could just like put on an episode was only, I think, 10 episodes of it. It's a series called Diagnosis. Has anybody seen that know where it's It's really real life stories. I guess it's based on Ah, this article for a New York Times magazine where this doctor finds people with unusual symptoms, goes to them interviews them, tries to figure what's wrong with him, and then kind of publishes an article about them to like the wider world. It's like anybody can read the article, and if they knew anyone with symptoms like that are funny, Doctor, for this. Yeah, I know anybody with symptoms like that, they can help connect him and try Tokyo. What weird things wrong with that? The doctor have a limpet? Is addicted to pain pills? No, but it's it's really interesting to see some of the things that these people are going through. It's like really bizarre medical cases and then, like they're just trying to find out like What's wrong with me is just going to get better. It's gonna get worse, starting to be worried. It's really actually, and it's like they go down like, Oh, it might be this. It might be that it's not Lupus. It's such a scary idea that you'd have a condition or like something wrong with you that nobody could identify in one of the episodes. They tell someone like, Yeah, your daughter's the only person in the world with this Well, what do you do that when they put it on there like No, they're actually are other people with It's like whoever told you that. Very rare. Yeah, it's extremely rare, but it does exist. And there were actually people who were studying that exact defect and possibility and like they're working on ways to try toe, um, address it. It's interesting. I recommend it. Diagnosis? Yeah, Diagnosis. I'm super ready for that Crispr to come through like that. G everything. Like I'm ready to like. That's gonna be a whole cash in on some, like a few different gene therapies. I'll take that one and this one. But I think we're we're a ways away from that. Like that's we're just gonna learn. It's just like a rabbit hole, right? Like you learn if you want to do this thing, it has all these other Oh, yeah, The fact that you're not aware of the dog got So what is this? You can modify you. There's a G. It's called crisper, and they're currently doing a bunch of tests on it. I think I don't know, Gus. You probably the first crisper, genetically modified baby was just born in China earlier this year. And you have to be done to, baby, you can do it anytime. What? What can it change? All sorts of you can unzip your DNA, rewrite it in, re zip it so you could become someone else. But you are already made and like formed foggy on it was just like you can't you can recode your DNA Look, I understand, Like changing your eye color and hair color stuff cause that, like, Carol, grow back out eyes. But, of course, like to do something complicated like that. It doesn't really work like you do minor things. How do you unzip Aren't right? Is this it is this little protein that just exists and it goes along the DNA. His name is Mr Crisper. Find ah little section that it's programmed to remove it, but remove that one. But you know what it could like, What to what extent it could change you. But the problem they're finding is that things are interconnected, like therefore like Well, if I was mentioned, they did a test on butterflies like they wanted to. They're like, Oh, we found the specific gene sequence that it turns the color of this butterfly. We're gonna turn all these butterflies, you know, instead of ours were to make a blue, and they did that. And the butterfly's wings didn't work like they did in the heart. They just like soft. They couldn't fly. Oh, we didn't realize that genes also connected to this other thing. I guess it's kind of like when someone's what's the albino disease. Alban is, um, yeah, where it's like there's a but in there there's a bunch of like, side effects toe. There's a bunch of different things for that, like pale skin, and then you can't see is well on like this. Tons of side effects to I'd love to get a crisper first. Some tan. You'll probably find the son of a man's skin cancer dangerous, but you can crisp with cancer. Yeah, what is cancer? Fat doesn't fit jeans. I think it's just like an abnormal cell growth. Just like this is the medical podcast. Steve Medical Part cat. Call it with your diagnosis, you and we'll just keep saying crisper over and over until you hang out. I don't know. Have you tried the crisp air? You know that little compartment in the bottom of a bridge crisper. Their shift from Canada called crispr. Is that our most amazing chips? So could you just copy and paste DNA like it could be just like I'm like, I want to be Gavin. Let's just cloning, isn't it? No. But like Gavin now, cloning would be like a view if we took your data and like made a new gaff but like turning Barbara into gaffe. But then she would still be my clone. Could I get everything except your nose? Whoa. But then it's like because I won't be able to be able to tell us apart. But then, how do you start quantifying things like, Where is memory stored for? What is memory Isn't Jean says it right, but is it? But you know, electricity that my jeans made, But it's Where's it stored? Is it stored in the genes? I don't know. You know, I still marry Angie. Where you where do you store memory brain, Right? What's the brain made of? Electricity? And Gene's A brain is off, doesn't have memories. Brain that's off doesn't have memory and yet be dead. Okay? I mean, there's probably in the probably rattling around, but the electricity, it's like when you turn your car off. Didn't you see Wild Wild West, where they projected the man's last memories upside down through a projector in his eyeballs? Don't you remember that I kind of it was Kenneth Brown a doing what a reference like a deep Kevin client who's krisberg creep me out because I found out something that I didn't know previously is that apparently And I don't know if I'm gonna work this right. Your body doesn't know. Isn't aware that your eyeballs exist. So if you get like infection or something bad happens to one your eyes, your body will now be aware of it and could attack the other one and make you go blind. How does that work for the revolution? We didn't know we had. Our body doesn't know your eyeballs exists. Check the mystery holes. Anything to report? Nothing. Great. Move along. So, like, if something happens to make your body detect that you have these foreign objects in it, they'll attack it. You running double patches? The rest your life? Yeah. Double taxes, Like completely pointless. Having two of them was redundant. You're sticking and I But then, if your other I commit suicide because you have done it in their faces for redundant for external threat, I feel like a lot of stuff. You actually are just fine with one. But you lose so much with one eye. You're have any referral reception, little dimension. You look cool. You got a good story at parties, G. I mean, Here's how I lost my eye. If it's a good story, What if it's lame? Here's Alice by my body detected. It gotta go. My brain noticed that I had an eye and it killed it. How far is your purple version? Like if you guys put your fingers out in front of you And, like, went all the way? Like when? When do you stop being able to see it? No, I guess Just do it with one based off. How much room you have, like, right there. So Gus is gonna be, like, 1 70 because you're all pretty straight like that. Would you like some people? Lose it like a little more here? Little more here, depending on my right. I just realized Now that's gonna bother me until I go to the doctor. My right was a little farther for them. I left. You might be able to position exactly sitting straight. Yeah, which is your dominant eye. Right? Lower on the left. Get outta here. You do the test for you. Oh, what's the test? There's some hand position you can do. Are you like you bring it out and then like you just bring it closer, and then it goes toe one eye and easy attest this. You just point at something one of your eyes will be looking at. One of them would be appointed something. Close your right eye and close your left eye. Oh, yeah, Perfectly in the middle of No, Great. You're tested. Way was open those older. Okay, My left eye's my dominant one. Weird. Welcome. You Are you all right? I person? Yeah. Good. I like that. You right handed or left handed. Right, Right. All right. Just helpful to know which I to put interview. Find a hole. Oh, it's such a pain in the ass. If I used my like, everything's lifted. I do like shitty focus. Oh, interesting. I can't like I was want to re always gonna put the camera left centric and nothing's built that way. Like left eye centric really put all the button. Oh, you mean like the layout? Look, if you give you, like, handheld left shoulder with your left eye, I think I think we owe it Is my right eye family. Everyone uses phones now, right? Yeah, but like, if you're using one of those, like my goal on those cameras. Disposable cameras. I know. I couldn't think that word. Um, I enjoyed the I enjoyed the play with the viewfinder is on the right of it when you're looking at it. Right. But, like, who goes like this? Let weird left. I'd people me, You do that you loved a bit. Oh, because I just put up to my face and it's on the right, all right? I really just feels weird. Like the framing is real weird. Through my right. I like the third row, Messi. And are you left handed person? Yeah. Super Super left handed. It's good shit and creative, right? No. Just means my right. The right side of my body is pretty useless. He left foot. Yeah, everything just like, mainly left you hanging Pretty sure ate a twin in the womb. If you try hard enough someday you could be all right. Mmm. I proved I like it. Um, it's sinister. That's the origin, right? Yep. Latin for left is sinister. What would you do if you could change a gene? Had any effect? Would you change about yourself? Ah, I think my dick smaller. It's too big. It's just too massive like the trunk Jean. Thank your son border. This absolute receive podcast is also brought to you by Ark. Whether it's a job interview or your dating profile, your smile can help you make the best first impression, but your smile isn't as vibrant as you'd like it to be. Art can help you feel more confident. Our cause a new way to achieve professional level teeth whitening at home for just 30 minutes a day. 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My tiny, tiny ears I'd make from the tiniest. Let me think this pretty look pretty tight in there. That big. How big your show may scale. They're not good examples. That's half my years after the size of your ear. Like your fingers got small. Did you did this? No. You do not have small ears. Get a side by side. I think. I think now you'll never be able to unsee my tiny baby. You really don't think you have the smallest? I've seen people with small ears. I don't know, but that's all right. Change. Ah, grown up a little bit, Chris. That's the one thing you change. I feel like years are like so unless they are very, very, very big. What? I never noticed, I guess. I don't know. I guess I don't know what I could do with crisper. So my immediate thing. Let's try years. First China fears or success, then maybe something else. But I don't know when your body to take your ears or four or $4 in tax. And then I'm blind. Yeah, like whatever could make my metabolism like super fast to the point where I could just eat whatever I want to get on. Let's go in the draft. How's everything on the menu? Fuck, yeah, I just love eating pizza dilla. But like, especially when you're trying to be in shape, diet is 70% of it. Like you get exercise all you want, But if you die, it's not on point. It's hard. It's hard, man. Um, so that's really annoying. I also kind of wanted to like, changed my natural hair color to be darker because I always think dark hair is really beautiful, and I've always wanted to be Oh, everyone always wants the opposite of that. Everyone who light here once dark hair, dark hair, wants light hair straight here with curly curly went straight under crisper. Could you have blue hair? I don't think so. Okay, I don't think it's like something that naturally occurs got it. You must believe in natural blue hair. There might be no gene for that, right? Like it's just not one of those, like a multiple choice test. And it's not one of the ones that some of the c g t A winner. Even like I think black hair like you could have black hair, but it's not truly black. It's like just very, very, very, very, very dark brown. I think it's pretty black. No, brown, I have. When I was that as a kid and I saw when I was young, I had really like brown. Almost red hair. Yeah, just dark end up. It is weird why some colors don't occur in nature. There was no no one of red eyes. Dracula, I guess three people. And then you start to Star Wars. Another purple eyes. I know. Purple. Uh, I know we know someone with, I think yellow eyes. Jason, Stevie, Stevie, Jason Not really like, Yeah, let me see if I could find a picture. Actually, I think they're getting Nelson. Yeah, they're beautiful, but they're like, Yeah, yellowish. Huh? Um, So did anybody else watch that rise of the Skywalker teaser thing? I guess they put out from D 23 0 no, It's like it's like montage of old stuff. But I like a couple of short clips of, like, new things from the new Star Wars. It's coming out later this year. And, of course, like all their market is like misdirection. So it's like the fuck is that? Anyway, there's small spoil our guest for a promotional material. There's like a shot of See Threepio getting like, lifted up. And he's got, like, blood red eyes. What the fuck is going on in this way? Did you see the middle? Just like it's like a broken X box. Okay, Ready? Yeah, the evil behind everything. Yeah, he was the original set. Yeah, I did see the man DeLorean The most bizarre Verner Herzog reveal of anything at like, Verner. What are you doing here? The only piece of veal on the whole thing is Verner Herzog saying, Whatever he says, there's like, bro what? Who let you in the storage house verticals, like now a part of the Star Wars universe. What is that going? I mean, they're doing a lot. It seemed like it seemed like they were gonna be cutting back. You know, the kind of scrapped a bunch of their land alone movie plans that looks like an eight hour movie. Yeah, I think they're just gonna push to Disney. Plus, they're just pushing, too to do ah, entertainment via that. Because they did. Then that's Amanda Laurie. And they're gonna do the Obi Wan Kenobi thing where they had you and McGregor on who, like, blew all his name's. Yeah, he had he had one, like, could have beamed the shit out of that stage. And just like foods, people seem to be real excited about him coming back, though. Yeah, I think he was the part of the prequels that most people were. Okay. Wait. Was he good? I like those Medical Lawrence. The best part of the frequency. You, Andy? Yeah. Sick burn. But they're gonna be there being really aggressive with that Disney plus service. They announced that they're going to allow for with one account, you could have four different devices doing four case dreaming like the bass plan price. If you want to do any four k streaming on Netflix Morning Lady and the Tramp on four devices the CD I remake say that doing that one that's trapped is way too old for that lady. I just like as a cartoon, the dogs eating spaghetti down as like, a live action thing. I was like, Get out of the trash thing going. It's not point in theaters straight business, right? So I could watch it on four devices for Stop doing theatrical stuff. Eventually in particular, I think maybe they'll do like, you know, we've talked in the pockets before about how, like mid range movie budgets are gone like those don't go theatrical anymore, like this is probably to be the new outlet for them. It's like they don't want to have a big blockbuster movie. They want to do more than a small indie budget. So you're gonna have, like, a medium budget movie. Put it on your your espada. Yeah, put it on your thing, where you just people gonna stream it straight up. Four devices on four K. I'm very excited for Disney. Plus I am, too. They have like, yeah, I'm doing a lot of content there, and it's all stuff that I watch the most. Like I've been looking for Disney movies to watch because it's It's my like Go to I'm anxious. Let me in on Disney howto get love and it's it's almost impossible Now with that lad and buying the movie, I tried what you're leading off to The new movie Came out to see the new movie. Yeah, on Tony. I will let us watch the old one that had to watch that. I think you could buy it for, like, 25 bucks. You deceive us, connect Studio Ghibli stuff because I want to scream Totoro and I don't want a fucking buy it is it Is that a Disney product? Like nearly partner publishes it in the U S. Don't wanna buy it. I don't I don't wanna, but I wanna fucking watch it. I haven't seen anything. I feel like I do buy some physical media. Oh, they're really gonna feel like I heard that movie would benefit from, like a four K. Ah, physical media versus 10. 80 streaming. Yeah, they probably won't even be scanned it in four K that I was sure you'd like It doesn't It doesn't matter if he's a new website to find out. Uh, what's your all time favorite? Disney movie Sword in Stone. I figured one didn't know how much. I didn't know it was my favorite until Andrew Andrew was in the office that I caught again. Why am I quoting Oh my God, the sword in the stone? I know everything alive of that movie. Yeah, there's an amazing video of prose. Edie. He's reciting Peter Pan. We're not watching it. He's just saying it. Moment for a moment, line for line. Everything he's like All right now the kid's air, this thing. And now this guy's coming out here and he's going to say blah, blah global, and it's perfect, but your timing everything. I don't know if I could pick one. I think a lot is it is up there. Lion King is up there. I picked up about it. Um, I really like Little Mermaid, too. Not number two as well. We're made to the original one More Mermaid. Those are definitely up there. But then I also like a lot of Pixar stuff, too, which is someone new favorites like, I think The Incredibles is the best movie ever made. Um, and then your brother loved like Wally and Finding Nemo in all those films to Lily's too Long. That's a long movie. It's just the part when they go out into space and have a space to answer. I was like, I'm I need a nap. But one hour and 43 minutes long for that kid's movie, though, how it's not that long. Has anybody ever seen the the Japanese movie that the Lanqing ripped off? Kimba? Yeah, Cam, but I haven't seen it like, Yeah, I want to watch it. It even sounds like Simba. Yeah. I mean, like, No, no, no, it's It's supposed like so I haven't seen it. I really want to watch it. Supposedly, It's, like, almost identical. It doesn't basically just lifted. The entire thing is kind of like avatar and Fern Gully. Yeah, that is that movie. If Avatar was called Smug Gully going, Laura, What's that? What's a name of someone from Fern Gully, I guess. No. Yeah. Wow. Kimba. Simba. Kimba. Damn, dude. So did they pay a lot of money to the Kimba people? They had no money and that we're just not us now. You're I don't believe you shady shit. Yeah. I'm looking at some YouTube videos that still like side by side stuff. It's really pretty simple, Kimba. That's like, I don't know. Just like the voting executive. No, I just call him Symbol Will make a million dollars. Like just Yeah, just change it. No, no, no. On elephant graveyard is no place for a boy. I'm just glad they brought James. Well, they didn't. James Earl Jones. That whole. Yeah. Just come back. Do you think? Yeah. Now that I should have kept running Atkinson? I don't know. But I mean, what has you? Yeah, but well, that's not all of us. Top right, John John Oliver is our Rohan Atkinson. Our generation's Rowan Atkinson world Chatty Rome considers still road access. So I'm reading the synopsis for Kimble the white Lion and it does not sound like the same movie. Then let's hear it in Africa during the mid 20th century, as mine kind encroaches the white lion Panja gives the jungle's wild animals a safe haven. However, he angers nearby villagers by stealing their cattle and their food to feed the jungle carnivores. Official hunter ham egg. It's called in to stop these raids. He avoids directly attacking Panja. Instead, he records the sound of pageant uses them to trap his pregnant mate, Eliza, who then becomes bait in a trap for Pan Japan just kill for his hide analyzes, put on a ship destined for is that there's nothing I think the Internet like, let some torches and was like After, like, Kimber Symbol really was a Lion's TV series 26 episode. Wow. Okay, What? I mean, like, I received the visual similarities of that like one shot compared to that other shot. So maybe they took like references from that film in terms of their artistic direction. Is it also a musical? I don't know. I'm really reading about it from you because there's no humans in Line King and then this one. No, this thing. Similarities in the characters, beginning with the protagonist Lion Cubs, Kimba and Simba include the Evil Alliance, the one I'd claw and scar the sage. Mandel's Donal and Rafiki scar had two eyes. He just had a scar on one. If the one I'd claw and scar Got it. Ah, animated birds Polly cracker and Zazu pair hyena sidekicks. It was, although it was a trio in the Disney film, it's just African animals and an animated. Your scenes from both films show striking similarity. I gotta watch it, I guess before yeah, I'll pick up the pitchfork. Oh, someone sent me something. Number of how long before was it filmed or or aired? Rather, Kimba, over 66 1966. Long for Kimble. Okay? And Lion King came out like 94. Yeah, No. The two works follow Different. Replace their strong artistic similarities. The line team contains humor sequences that closely matched MBAs. Other similarities are thematically deeper and more pronounced, such as both feature the theme The Circle of Life That seems like a complicated issue. What's your favorite Disney movie? Gus Kimble? The White Lion? Yeah, I don't know fell right into that one. That's Ah, that's a good question. There's just I'm gonna discount. I just got I'm gonna exclude Pixar stuffs. I do consider that I feel like you also grew up a different time in Disney's history. On the movies were shit. You had the bad. Had a lot of city once. Yeah, uh oh, your whole That's what Your ovary, Right at the Black Cauldron and the Black Cauldron. Everybody for Dragon. Everybody from Gen. X, like the black cauldron is the best. Doesn't move. Thank you, by the way, Is pretty good too. I forget about never seen we long for Kimba. We're gonna watch, move. Long have pizza, Gillis. I might be one of the later ones, like overlaid underlying King because we had so many shitty ones when I was a kid. I like I have to watch the fox and the hound or the jungle one more time. Yeah, I'm gonna jump. But I'm not a fox in the Jungle book or the other one. Robin Hood with stupid fox. Oh, yeah, all the same. They ripped off the animation. They are. You've seen that bother Rose over each other. This'll is not wanted to do more work, man. I feel about that. Ryan King is just Hamlet. Yeah, and which is weird? Because the Lion King one and 1/2 is just Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead because from Timonen, put was provided. Really? I had never saw that one. I don't see sequels to Disney movies except a little more me to elevate e. I don't know what the tag line for the Little Mermaid to is the squeak will over the sea Little were made to the lost World. You want to know what you want to know what it is. It's just called Little Mermaid to electric. Boogaloo is only an hour and 17 minutes long The Little Mermaid to return to the sea You're really good. Yeah, because she's all like, ah human Now the only way that works is if, like, Eric turns into a mermaid Merman and then just like, rolls around the ocean rules, whatever he does have to do the opposite of what she did in the first movie. Yeah, he's gotta learn to control of swim bladder. So he's gotta swim boner and doesn't know how to handle it. Wasn't there a bona in little moment? Yeah, the priest named priests during the wedding scene. It's still in there, and that was like a sex puffin liking. Yeah, that's like they said it was SFX. Yeah, that's like I mean, it clearly spells out S e X, but that's if your brain kind of operates that way like a puff of dust and like, you happen to be able to spell out something in it. I don't help. People found that like back then It was like you were watching some shitty VHS copy. Like it's like that. But it's the horny kids who are just like constantly thinking about what? I want to go to the lanky frame by frame to find something to jack off sex. So good. So we have that in Sears catalogues. Oh, God. Yeah, you did. What was the first thing you chucked it, too? Was probably, like a Sears catalog or something. How do you burn in here for this? If I could commiserating with me Old man section of the podcast. How do you? I'm same as you are. You don't know how old I am. I do. Well, all right, then, fill. You want? Yep. Every time I ever see someone on TV or in, like, a reality show who's 31? 32 33 ish. And I see, like where they are in life and what they're doing. I always think this person is the same age as Christa Maria every time I like it because, like, Chris is so not a 32 year old. I got him on a podcast here soon. I heard some stories that I need toe accost him about? Yeah, he's just He's very young at heart. And like, boyish, boyish and the oldest boy. Yeah. So it was just even like the way he He looks very young. Still to coming to Disney. Plus in 2021 the oldest boy starting Krista Vera, I would watch the ship. The oldest boy to return to the hood. I start thinking about how Michael Jones, Krista Maris and Adam Barrett are all the same age. No. Yeah. Adam Baird? Yeah. Who's like Adam Bears 1000? No, we're smart and accomplished. Adam Bed has the wisdom at a very dear old a year older than us. Yep. Yeah, when you think about it that way, you're just like, how are you doing together? Do you see people on TV? And you're like, man, they're so old. You look him up and they're like, 29 0 shit. Yeah. It's started happening because I watched those like the bachelor talk about someplace last time. But those people are all, like 24 25. Some are even younger than that. I'm like, Good. Yeah, it gets worse. Just friends There were, like, 24 the beginning on there. Yeah, with that massive New York upon I mean, impossible. The way they explain it, it's like Monica's aunt or something. Or grandmother left her that apartment. We got to meet the couch from friends. I sat on the couch from friends. Okay. I actually took a nap on the couch. Friend thinks we're waiting for the boat to leave. I was like, I'm gonna be here for a minute. Oh, go on the boat. Yeah, when we're standing a kamikaze like something came over that's the couch from friends and was like, Yeah, right now it's where I'm napping. So deal. Yeah, a huge section. It was intimidating. We have that tiny little space tow film. Our stuff was like, over there is the cat from France and have this huge open area. What kind of fucking? Yeah. After we broke down, a couple of us took pictures on that couch. Like with the photographer they had their I'm think I'm ever going to see those where they that I don't know. They just exist somewhere on this guy's hard drive. But I don't know, like who he is or what company it was or how to possibly get those guys from friends runs its own space in hard drive. How does it feel being less famous than a couch? Probably most of the world is like one big day on the couch from friends over meeting you. Oh, absolutely same for all of that. I think that's I think that's true for almost anybody. More people would want to see that couch in person, then want to sit on me is probably a good amount of people that want to sit on me when they want you to sit on them more. I mean, it's all the same. It could be depending on how I mangled. Uh, okay, I don't know how to transition after that. My mom and dad really wish you hadn't married. Oh, I wish that you didn't. You know what no ID reads has done to this? I don't have time to look at my phone to look up something to check the things I write down during the weeks. Talk about that's what That's what I have in front of anybody ever wondered why my laptop, I've got a chance for the live stream, and I've also got like all the topics that I don't want to think about in all these years, I don't ever, ever listened to one of your ad reads. No. Yeah, because you look like you're talking about. Yeah, Gavin, do them one week. Get your time doing before way. Go now. Yeah. Um I had ah, weirdly aggressive running with someone this morning. Some of her Oh, no, no, no. Like a random stranger. I, um I left my house and it was, ah, a new coffee shop that had opened up. And I said, Oh, you know, I want to swing by there. I want to see if it's any good. So it's it's out of the way. So, like I said, it come into the office. I drive away from the office, I go down, pull into the parking lot, and I see there's a space right from the coffee shop. It's got like, a sign, like the blah blah coffee shop, 20 minute parking like, Oh, there's a space right here. But there's a guy in a truck in the next space over, and he's got, like, the doors open on his truck. He's like, got a couple water that he's drinking. It was kind of like partially in the in the parking spot, like I'm not a hurry like I'll wait a little bit, you know, he's probably finish up. He's probably about a step in the truck and then I'll pull in and I'm not, like, close or not flashing. My life's not talking at him. I was like sitting there waiting. Then you, like, turns around and looks at me and does the arms up like, What are you doing? I'm like, Matt, Are you OK? So, like, I guess all park like I'm not. Yeah, I was trying to be a dick about it, Okay? So I pulled in, like, the whole time I'm pulling in. He's got his arms up. He's, like, just mad dogging me, staring at me like Okay, well, that's gonna be weird when I get out of my car So I could put the car in Park open my door to get out, and he's already, like, in his truck, like he's closed all the doors, got all this stuff in. So I look over at him and he's just, like, staring at me. Really mean. Like you said, John was like a real tough guy would like you guys to make sure there's a car between us at all times. Apparently, uh, all right, whatever. Like I just continue. I walk into the congressman. Like, at first, I was kind of upset. I'm like, You know what? I'm not gonna let this guy starting off on a bad foot. It's like he's obviously like he thought in that situation. If he was in my shoes, he probably would have been mad at the person, so he had a patient, so he thought I was mad. He's projecting his own anger onto me. So I was like, I was like, and I'm just gonna let it happen. I'm going to go in and get my coffee. I'm gonna have a good day. Go. It was like it was like, you know, then I was like, That is the most unjust thing I've ever done in my life. Yeah, well done. You're growing. Yeah. I just said it was like it was It was just so weird How instantly aggressive. Like I was just trying to give you your time to finish up. Whatever you're doing, dude, like I'm not. So you did what I do with colds to your anger, who's, like, Just like just say No. No, no, I don't. Difficult. Going free MD device advice. You admit you're sick. You're not sick. If you don't give in crisper, you ever hear me say I'm sick? I'm really close to death. Like that's the last days for May just really get sick. No, I get sick all the time. I just refuse to admit it because I don't believe you come to look and spread your filthy Probably you don't even get close together. David, Admit it's yourself. You know, I just refuse to believe it's probably I'm fines. Probably allergies, status screwed, Adam beards and chat. But I'm pretty sure you're all saying that I'm old. No way. Smarter and sure and capable. You're a grown ass man like you are. What? I think we should be like a 32 but we're not. I'm a child. Yeah, you know your shit. You have your life together. We do not. I think that's the difference also. Hey e, I wonder how What if he was there waiting the whole time I noticed. Got him. Do you feel old? Do you feel young compared to other people your age. Yes, I think that's because I don't have children. Uh, yeah, I think like once you have a child, I think, uh, you enter a different phase of your life and I think I can just get hammered every day. I've delayed like that aging process by deciding not to not have a kid. It's still gonna happen, and I'm still definitely getting older, but it's not the same thing. Like there's not a life dependent on me being responsible myself. We were gonna get mad at me, but I'm gonna do it anyways. But like I've always thought of you is old. I'm way over there because, well, you're older than me. But also, like, I think it's your like the persona you've had for so many years of just like Grumpy Gus stuff like that and just like how you don't put up with anyone's bullshit all that stuff. We did that in that short I made you older. Bernie's older than you are. Yes, but in the short, I was like, Gus is clearly over, like that's not true at all. Like a young point of the originals. Yes, Milo me sold, although, to be fair, like, I feel like you haven't changed. Thank you. Since I've known you, I definitely have changed a little bit, but I think maybe I've changed the least out of everyone. But, like, I feel likely. And you're less angry in general. You still get angry at certain things. But you're not angry about most things anymore. I think I've learned to let it go. Well, he's also not around Bernie, Jeff, Joel, Matt. Every day. And there was some stressful days back in the early days. That means you've never paid for first membership. Well, I never have. I thought about that the other day. Like I went toe again. Was like, I've never had to pay for that. I just I just have it. Why would you have to? What? Why? Because you know, I pay. I was a sponsor. Yeah, There were 2000 3 to 2005 problem. Speaking of 2000 3000. Wow. World War Craft Classic is going live. You gonna play tonight? I'm so fucking ready. I'm so excited to play chat. Took a week off. Ted left today. He left work early today is going to be back on Tuesday because of World of Warcraft taking a world of workout, which I Hey, we work in that place. I was going to invite him to the podcast pre tape that we're doing on Thursday. Oh, he's not gonna be here. Okay. Playing. Wow. His one showed. The focus has been on before. It still is. All right. Do we go stream tomorrow for right? Yeah. Well, I think John and I are streaming from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The World of Warcraft. Is that fun to watch? Is that good? I don't wanna watch. Just want to play. I'm gonna be playing it all right now, even I have no concept of what World of Warcraft is. I've never played it. I don't understand it. I don't know. It's the grind Grind. Just it's a our Pete. No, it's an Mmm. Mmm. Um um um um, a minute more. Jess. Um, and just like a defense of fantasy game set in the Warcraft universe like the strolls and magic and and what you d'oh! I've never played it either. Uh, this quest. So it's like you do quests. There's this different kind of quest, right? Like there's everyday quests where you can do go farm, bore hides or something, and then you build up. And then there's like Dungeons we like, find your friends, and five you go when you do these objectives together, and then every time someone explains Warcraft to me, it just sounds like real life with more steps, just like what do you do it like we farmers like like a farmer. And that's what you do is that we get our friends together. We go hang out so we could do that. I could do that, but I like you could get that imaginary loot in any way different from how it used to be. Is that any modern? Yes. Oh God. Very differently. Warcraft, as it exists today, is radically different than, well, class launches. The reboot is the reboot. Better graphics. There is garbage through the wow classic that is launching is a snapshot. I believe it's from Patch one dot 12th which would have been World War Craft as it existed, I want to say in late 2005 so I'm asking is how different is it from that? It's identical in everywhere. There's no nothing modern on top of it. No, they I mean, there's some things did change what very minor like they tried to keep it as authentic as possible. You have to put on the blinker Ineighty to yourself in the next remote. It's Ah, it's Yeah, it's unbelievable. I think a lot of people, I think that they want it and they forget how much better the game is now and how much it has evolved over time. The game was very unforgiving back then. And, uh, wait. If you died, you lost like, let's say the example I gave like you get a quest. It's like go out and collect 10 boar tusks you like. Okay, all boards have tusks. I should just have to kill 10 bores. But the drop rate on the tusks is 10%. Well, I got to kill 100 board. That's, um, with a skeleton shit right there with the skulls, but that as the game went on leave, they were like, Let's not do that. Let's just let every board drop it, you know, stuff like that got it. It's like you go out and you're like killing boars. You like this board? Better fucking have it. And no. And then you're like I killed all the boards in this continent. I have to wait for this all to respond, You know, stuff like that. That doesn't sound fun. It sucks. Is that what you'd be doing tomorrow? You got it? Absolutely. Will be doing when you see me on stream tomorrow be like he's fucking bore. Better spawn, Can you just go out and start in bowl up front? Just so you have enough trust by the time you need him? Or is it you need him slipping? Because you only drop once you have the quest like that. No one is calling. This boring is insane. E like I can't see. Oh, you say it. Someone else say it is shit. Because every time I don't always a comment because picture that's just like a camp alive. Barber missed that one. E don't miss them. I know about this woman. Just she's not been a Barbara. Can you? Just tearing your hair out for, like, two minutes. That where you got it? Thank you. Um, focus the longer now, because the you put theories and after because they won 90 with that reads a little a little longer than a couple minutes now they'll be 93 way were never, like 90 minutes on the phone. I told Theo such a lot. We're getting close to wrapping up, but there is 1111 of the story had read this past week that I wanted to bring up. Ah, the headline is NASA said to be investigating first allegation of a crime in space. Someone get groped. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Someone like, uh, like access someone's bank account right? 100% of space, criminals or women. It's true. That's the title. So what happened? She accessed. So she was getting a divorce? Yeah, she was a NASCAR not in space. And she from the space station, she accessed her ex wife's bank account. I tried to steal money or like she claims that she was just checking to make sure there was enough money in the account to pay for some bills and some child care that she knew was coming up. But still, it's like you access your ex's bank account. So why wait? Bank such the i p. And it didn't just come back a space right now, so it's gonna be one of three people. I try to lock it from a weird location. My banks like, Whoa! Where are you? This person wasn't space. What's the I P address of the I S s 0001? Also, like, what is what is the solidarity of the rest of the crew? When they were like, Hey, which one of you did space crime over there? Just like nobody. We're not space narcs. Get out of here. But apparently there's the lawn spaces is weird. And the argument is, it doesn't fall under maritime law. No, but it should. Can you like smoke weed in space? Like, how does that work? Well, probably. Well, I think that's that counts. It's just like doing drugs at work, right? But if you're not in a good because like weed's legal in California and in Colorado, I launch site your governor. So that's the deal. You're governed by international law. So there are five national or international space agencies involved in the Isis, US, Canada, Japan, Russia, and several European countries. And a legal framework sets out that national law applies to any people and possessions in space. So if a Canadian national word were to commit a crime in space, it'll be subject. Canadian law. Russian citizen, Russian law. So it's whatever your nationality. Is those laws applicable to you in space? Your citizenship. Wonder of Antarctica's laws of the same? Because I'm sure I think so. No citizenship from Antarctica. It's just there's no but a bunch of countries share. Antarctica is a spot until it melts enough that we can claim some land, just dig down and claim what you find. No, they all have, like, a gentleman's agreement. Yeah, it's like an understanding that it's not gonna be claimed. Don't worry. It'll be gone in 50 years anyway. Not that much land and all that. Yeah, I don't think so. Two penguins holding a flag, claiming I want someone to smoke weed in space so they talk about how high they are. E Just like David Bowie. You know, about the time the turd got out right in space? No. Oh, yeah. Such a great. The transcript of that is impossible to read without laughing. Okay, from the yellow, it's the Apollo 11 like spacecraft crew, and they're like Oh toward Got out And Houston's Like what? Like turn get out. It's definitely not one of mine. And, like they're just arguing about who's turning 10 if you want floating around. Oh, who did it, Commander Tom Stafford suddenly asked who did what? Inquired Command module pilot John Young. Where did that come from? Interjected lunar module pilot Eugene Cernan Get a napkin napkin, Quick. There's a turd floating through the air like in I didn't do it. It ain't one of mine. I don't think I was a little more sticky than that. You get you get you get you? Was this feeling what? No one owns a Lee alien Turtles never be sold. That was the first space crime. Jesus. All right, that's a good one. And let's wrap this up. Thanks already for watching with us. Next time. Good job through you.