#56 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth welcomes Monty, the most enthusiastic guest ever

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-56

Recorded: 2010-04-07 21:33:35

Runtime: 01:05:45 (3945.05 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Monty Oum




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Transcript (in progress):

hey what's up instrumental podcast producer money when you send it to Burnie for being a little British Burnie for sale I got called out because I said I talked about girls who kiss at parties and then our guys going to start doing that too I hope that things are headed part actually I don't really know if you're really a lesbian actually this and I guess I will say that I do think it is a double standard that it's cool for girls to kiss at a party but not cool for guys to get a party I don't like guy happy couple guy dressed as women cast members kissing with the only only time I can remember two guys kissing on television this I know you know yeah alright the gangster guy who's helping us work with the Red vs. blue season 8 today New York Crysis 2 Crysis to that system requirement would be so intense that your different Thomas game I think it's fucking conspiracy on to something here liquor Halo competitor I mean these guys in power suits anime The Load-Out right where you got to have our guy up to speed like the death of the game fucking you put it of its first thing that says maximum game and then you know you can load up certain things like you want to be super strength in the game it says maximum power and then you get your trying to read and then super strong shit and you're a nice how do you know what we can do in Thailand we're like you're going to this again slate the Korean army and it's only there aliens are aliens antenna working with the comedian Monty oum there's a guy in the power suit it was like the at crytek was the engine that ran Crysis and Far Cry Anakin after Crysis 2 was 90% preschool homeschool curriculum 94 something while well good luck to everybody involved yeah what is a I heard he was the guy who predicted the immersion he didn't doing traffic control as to what was being shown acting like we're going to do we have the the lovely time and then you guys will in person never going to be us people in Ohio thank you money alright today we started on April 10th of last year but we have and we never will or more before we have at least one gimp by the process of work you coming here with the microphone remember cast you could do something if you want to make the first move lucky numbers across borders icamera 1 guy dancing talk about person in the office I from Burnie and I probably Monty I could tell you what we was going to be working here at 4 like it two and really work Austin bar Burnie costume the smallest possible I would a hundred and ninety degree burn maximum us like this I'm going at the cafe downstairs Pax was awesome was awesome anime Boston was the builder in costume it was like a week between Pax and Anime Boston I built the costume that was the highlight to this awesome costume costume of male Final Fantasy character which one and it was hot very hot never liked it was very cool I did not and you really stage about 45 minutes they can really do that a software update that's crazy amazing what they can do you don't wondering you put state is going to allow for staying in for the night and names Justice in the US are going to be Ward what does Credit in preparation for this liquor 1 anime Burnie Madera for the US Microsoft SanDisk 16 gig memory card watching too much the speed of a flash drive on an Xbox 360 USB flash drive to connect with the most Angela no I have to know two hit at the Disco liquor box you know you're just 1 box the way you do with it with RK this would get around my leg Geoff today I'm a sucker for liquor products guy on a on a plane in the air on the way from Chicago to Austin could we had a wife what should arrived Wi-Fi only pretty sure it'll come up with why do you think you need and when I get the cheapest one this year House of the by from just like with any other major launch some fucking dope Union by walking outside and guess what he did to someone could just destroy $500 kids waiting in line to get the new Harry Potter and shout-out the ending to them you know it's just dumb asses that's what it is what's of Harry Potter circadian remember right now in the recent comments in an e-mail can you tell me what it is tell you what this little people I don't know I think what's the I don't know still have a countdown in the countdown is to you right now countdowns are not dependent on time zone and that's when it's coming out it will have a little time with you and ironically that was his idea I'm sorry previous season at a school never thought about how much I'd like to kill the servers and chicken at work that's like TV you know what we used to have been to Hawaii football game they call the soccer hooligans I could understand skit with 5:30 liquor it seems like I was here at like 6 in the morning after Judy's down Street Central the college they have 7 a.m. happy hour where they serve Mexican martinis a big deal with a lot at 7 a.m. people in life are scrubs getting hammered after work to do it Geoff how do you in the conversation did that describes what we do that we are transmedia producer transmedia new transmedia probably money credit two very important creative creative quote the US decision to credit transmedia producer and the critical role of the producer with in the could you create of mediums said PGA presidents Marshall herskovitz we understand guy watch Friends I'm due for a promotion right now my business cards and vice president and I'd like to be I'm looking for something to do the same thing everything you got like at 100 it's not wasn't here when you started and all the other stuff around but you're right find me internet a watermelon about television and us for too long I was far too old to think this I thought that we turned off TV it stopped fucking food think stupid things was amazing he was going to kill on rifle Swatch passed around and I think I was probably 11 two young daughters Swatch camping in its super super solid afraid of zombie like to move it was probably what is it in there I'm not really having remember this can I get any time the hell of zombies two bee stings I know that if we got 3 tickets the driver house 5 the closest anyone ever gotten ever I'm going to go on house on McCarthy This Book World Records information yeah I can't wait for grade school man it's going to be Zach Miller and I told her she like there's a poop and there's living the toilet this is my mother my mother had a kid just for the indentured servitude like I existed to do chores for my mother and I had to call my mom and she'll give me the list of like 7 hours of course I had to do that and I just had to laugh show me 3/2 and made it has been asleep hazardous make razor sharp survival skit was cutting grass because I'm allergic to grass the mask with the Little Hardware in Dunedin Play House allergy water immersion bright red Chevrolet water stink water was okay to drink water still ok to drink no not anime I got some I could get that fixed the water over Christmas I had to run your water for a bit to make sure there's no more us coming the cast of Entourage your good trust me that's okay we grew up in the black bag carbon footprint make them laugh because they were literally did everything themselves if they couldn't grow it my ex-wife family was much the same but that was more than like saving money kind of thing they would like I would if I make a mistake the other trash and wash it out and putting different they would get up like their step mom would get up at 4 in the morning to do laundry two trying to launch on the washer and dryer on that should prep their first with the bed and she had three or four or could they determine that was the cheapest time of the day for water consumption make I guess it's and water release the way in the Brown Band we have this big single some trash cans now and my trash consumption is probably gone down by 70% Dos Equis really two more accepted text Isaac garbage out in Pacific or something better you can watch on the vice website Texas garbage zone for this a lot of traction trash Vortex while she mentioned Vice be careful there's a weird guy weeks without any modern trying to really really really gross and you please go shower brushing the finger and Pie Mary had like some kind of a dick or something what two weeks out radiator 1962 family in England and put them in house and they had to live in the same room they had to prepare food the way you would part 1960 and that family with crazy in about 4 days it was brutal to me like they're doing the wood burning stove let them know what take care of the horses for the day two the Monty could take the whole I can put it on the counter because it's a lot of water upstairs your house with the bathroom it was terrible give me neither Cormac McCarthy books at all he wrote No Country for Old Men the road that series of books about that dude and his buddy that moved to Mexico yeah man the first of the first forever and I feel like it's because the medium in the Kindle app HP switch console dad will have that same Kindle app for the iPhone two questions store with 3000 books and see what happens in at least one of them was talking about the HP Slate they've already got a release date on it at the following about the other companies two companies operating independently having their own Independent Business models and friendly companies are starting to turn on each other the Flash money and make money off the books and the case just make a better reader for the iPad than Apple HP Notebook service I can and I'll let you know lately of the things in my opinion that people keep doing what at what else did they do like what are you talking about this stuff on the App Store two phones the their food for the Mac Internet Explorer for Mac Safari and iTunes think about it you just like how to do it 2119 by field 413 medical center Albert of computers but if you're the world to me if you make something everyone needs you about it because what the hell this and windows 317 a man came lock integrated was never there for that like I did I use max grown up can you use to stuff it sound Jam MP or something back then the a long time ago really created in 4pk for the previous are compression part number pkzip living around versions of a 1990 Apple Mac OS X I mean to open up so they may have opened up the standard or license to everyone and also how long does it take 21 years ago then maybe like an expiration of Technology trademarks like that $47 us if you wanted two thing manual with it the latest version pkzip 2.4 was released on 12:14 2009 so ago and now supports operation on Windows 7 Photoshop alternative aperture the kind of clothes I never used to feel like it not really on my Mac Austin with interface in Gimp and then to have to have X11 installed any time you want a text from you next you know it's a unified process of working on a photo a contentious with Adobe at the premiere for the message will you do it I mean really most of these windows for apples for anyone to run payroll or if I run into any with a 401k or any insurance related I had to reboot the PC mode at 6 Citi customer service of these provide Firefox Bridgeport Ford Explorer the first conversation we've had with Geoff I told him like I'm so fucking slow I can promise or something like that I've been busy been known in public knowledge since the seventies wait wait what's up with that brontosaurus never real this neighborhood Diplodocus and they build a skeleton out of multiple dinosaur bones return to the kissing Apatosaurus could exist like a Apatosaurus couldn't with about Brachiosaurus in Diplodocus in the big ones dinosaur it was the Brontosaurus we are not exist solely in Michael Kor what's-his-name Michael Crichton Jurassic Park brontosaurus I can talk our website 26.7% of our visitors Internet Explorer 26.7 number 15% do it for the first time never had a computer program like more memory and I really at I have always tried how much memory Firefox this every time I pull up the task manager two 30-minute 300000 two trying to hit me like you got you like to have to I have to let a Firefox listen Howard Stern chromazone number for Safari how is it how do you say first time time should it internet romantic images of a mile your bookmarks when you manually stupid but I understand podcast anime computer Geoff the flamingo to the bank otherwise other stuff music and movies and photos or liquor play Devil's Advocate that they have over updated game scores his first meeting hours turn off device with music you like if you don't they have over of to do like two minute and then HP rhythm 36 hour on 12 hour off psychological Xbox One Muse Apple so I don't know what anyone is talking about $20 for my phone and my wife's phone that's too much 76 177 Ryders on Android phone producer was like with them people shitt in your city but like I feel like it when you play it you know what the reason is it is F1 could fuc and bring up all the help menus and you know it's to take forever to boot up and take that off right now you know what the fuck is that and I can do that before no man wild in rhythm with a bunch of old guys credit