#560 - Your Seed Is Always Sticky

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Becca Frasier, and Jon Risinger as they discuss nostalgia, kids lying, Disney movie remakes, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-09-03 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Becca Frasier, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 560. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first, not rooster teeth dot com. Theo Theo Everyone Welcome to the rusty podcast this week. Brought you by Express vpn Harry's and the Wrister Teeth store. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Becca, John that were pre taping. Just, you know, it's not life I don't like. I don't like today. Don't like pre taping podcasts. Well, cause everyone shows up late. I don't know. I was here. You were there, though. Wasn't but in feet That still means you're 15 minutes late if you stand over there looking at us for 15. Not that you're doing that late because you know that would have to sell it. But I don't I'm not ready yet. Um, it's also there's no no chat. There's no one like no live interaction, just us. We do it at a weird time. Like it in the morning like the old podcast. Yeah, coming. Do it first thing. I'll put this to you. Doing the podcast early Pre tape is better than when we have to do on this spot early. Pre tape because I'll tell you one thing. It's not very fun to do improv comedy a 10 o'clock in the morning with nobody around just dead side in the studio. We're just trying to make the same kind of jokes, everything off sometimes having once every like, maybe 56 episodes. And it does mean a lot when you do hear some go like in the back out of the booth. But no, the time Todd just like pokes, teachers laugh, laugh. We got to get some kind of some kind of interaction where I woke up together. I think, yeah, it's happening. You'll not do way have Yeah, it's been one, actually, you all my replacement. So the podcast gets kind of I'm gonna come. I'm mad about the free tape and I'm gonna keep talking about So the podcast gets fucked because way live stream on Monday. So it's like holidays are always Friday or Monday, so we always have to pre tape. Why do we move the podcast? Yeah, we could move it to another day. Thursday would be great. I heard a bunch about holes clenching up like possible. There's no actors, no way. This schedule allows it at this point because I feel like after a weekend nothing has happened in the week here. And then you have to talk about it and I can't remember. The previous week is Monday. Would you stay off? Topic has the ideal time. No, no, no, no. Because it's still a Friday. They still they still after pretty tape, I think I saw you on my side. I'm with you on Thursday. I like Monday because stuff for me stuff happens to me on the weekend that I can talk about on Monday may. Still for that's when Gus does things. The I did nothing of the weekend. I do nothing during the week. Outside of work, like I go home. It's like That's it. I went outside. I'm done. I mean, that sat in my underwear, playing video games or editing slo mo guys I didn't get a chance to do in the week. Very transfer finish. Which one? The one you tweeted about. What was it like 47 terabytes or something? Uh, no, I still got it because because it was like a false estimate. It was actually more like 12 days because I'm writing to drives with, like, to parity drives. So it's doing a lot of really, really slow now. Still go. You should send an update about it. And that was that. That was the selection of files. That wasn't the full amount I'm doing. I think 130 terabytes right now, and it's been going for 47 days. Wow. Well, did, uh who was it? Was it? Ah, Captain. Disillusion, Disillusion? Who tweeted at you? That'd be easier to copy everything. Not that way, guys. Really funny. Really. You see this video? I've seen a few of them. Everything good, Really good video. We talked about one of them fairly recently. You talked about frame rate? Um, what else? You didn't think didn't aspect ratio? When is? Well, recently I thought was pretty good. Just like explaining concepts like framing an expectation of people who may not understand or appreciate it. Funny response, because apparently one of his videos he had a computer simulation of what happens when pixels of going down the screen on a TV, and it was kind of inaccurate. Based on the footage I've shot. Mmm. So everyone in the comics was like, actually, it looks like this video. And he made a response like, apparently, some people have already filling that, and it doesn't look exactly how I did it. It was like a kind of a fake, aggressive video. Did you manage to bring a connection with him from that? Yeah, and I've talked about this one off topic, actually. If you go back and watch his first video, it's from, like, 11 years ago, and it's the exact same style. Hasn't changed. Formats like the push through his logo, the same music, the same red corner in the room. Like, how could you be so consistent from day one? You just nailed it right away. Say I've never seen a channel with it would be like the floor by three aspect. It looked like dog. It was It was like 2 40 p or 360 p, but shot the exact same way. And I was so impressed in France. Yeah, okay. It's like I think from day one, you know what your style is and you know, like the direction you're sure that was the first video he put up? It is the first video on this channel. Currently, I'm not sure till 11 years old, and it hasn't changed in years. I put them side by side with his newest one, probably. And it would go the execs. I mean, I guess there is something to be impressed by consistency. But as a artist in creator, personally, I hate everything I've made, like a year ago. And you hate Spider Man according your shirt. Yes, Hamburger Man in Monday, Monday. I don't see that a good thing. It's Monday, right Monday, Labor Day. Now it's partially why it was so I still haven't pulled the trigger, but it's part of the reason why I never nailed down like a tattoo I wanted because I was always too concerned because, like my own personal designs and stuff as a graphic designer, I hate everything I made, like more than six months ago, and hopefully I'm growing and adapting and changing as we shouldn't hate it over. I hate things about me all the time, so that's just me. That's my thing. But you must look back at some of your old designs and have favorites. There's nostalgic connection to them, but on an actual creative level, like technical technical skill in that kind of thing. I'm like, Wow, that was bad. That's good. That means you've improved right on. And I think that's that's not a bad thing to want to improve constantly and like I'm not like going like, Oh, I'm such a bad artist like No, it's like Oh, good, I'm actually advancing That's good to look back on. Same is like, if I ever like post those pictures of means Fat John's like I don't like that, John, I like that. I'm not that John anymore. Uh, but I mean, at the same time, you know, if he hasn't changed the formatting 11 years and his life and likes that more power to him, I'm not hating on his creativity and like that, I just personally, I could not do that. I I could see that I can see both sides, or it could be if it was me. It would be laziness, like already made an intro for 11 years ago. I don't need to make another woman. Yeah, it's not laziness for him because each intro is shot. You know it's a different shot, but it's the same style, and he lays over the logo on a new injury. That shot I I always loved your That's sort of Easter eggs in your designs. Like Thea stuck my Not in Latin on the mark. Nisha. Was it stuck or some of that? Nor is it was something. There's something in Latin on the ISO. That's right. The market. Not sure that was like the Olympics one. Yeah, I have no idea what the Latin was, but yeah, I try to sneak in stuff like that. Yeah, well, as much as I can. One of my favorite Easter eggs of a design ever was, Uh, Patrick Rodriguez did a poster where he drew a bunch of the arty cast as, like aggression. Toga looking people. Grecian is correct. Yes. People from Greece. Yeah. Yeah. Like what? Is that wrong? That the sword is Greek, but all right, well, I don't know if our inanimate objects Grecian and I don't know if I always Greek apple. Could it be aggression? Apple? Yeah. Is there an apple that's green? I'm growing up with a great anyways, The Easter egg. Was that the boy? He gave it, like, you know, decco type. Uh, there it is, right there. So around the border. You can't see it in this image, but there's there's a border and you could see it za repeating pattern If you look in on it, it's a cock and balls balls over like Is it like the border if you There they are. You see, it's hard to say it like it's the balls and then the dick and then the dick Wrestling in the balls on that was pretty great. It's totally on them. Yeah, Grecian means in a style used by the inhabitants of Greece so anyone could make a Grecian urn. Greek means either an inhabitant of Greece or from Greece, so a Greek urn must come from Greece. A Grecian urn can be used to describe the aesthetic product. Classical got a job. What's another example of that from another country? God, like Germanic. But what? The other one? Because, you know, you're you're not a man, E. I don't know. I've also lost Scandinavian right here. I don't know that that's weird. I don't know. I don't know. There's this like, is there some Some. That's where we have terms like that to do it right. What about what about American Americana? But America is a noun. Oh, yeah, you don't You don't say like it's It's Americana quilt. Yeah, and Americana quelled us a lycan Americana and quilts something that all right, I tried. I tried, Uh, So you're talking about Captain disillusion having hiss Ah, his intro for 11 years. Maybe think about other things that have been around for a long time. And, ah, I was thinking about Netflix the other day, and about there was, I think as well how to tweet about Netflix and we really think about them. And they've been around now for 21 years. That's wild tracks and they still have plenty of physical media custom. I thought that doesn't seem like a business that would be significant for them anymore, especially with red box. And you know, a lot of other streaming alternatives. But they just passed a milestone the other day and they shipped there. Five billion disc Jesus Christ, that's so money. But at the fact that it's a physical transaction is what makes that remarkable. I don't even know how many like good jillions of things they've streamed, but actually the physical physical thing, taking a disc, putting in an envelope, sealing it and then putting in the mail that they've sent it to people five billion times and then it's come back to them five billion times you think about it. I'm sure it's exponentially less people just losing. Yeah, Yeah, I'm surprised. Still at how many people still, like by a lot of physical media? Not. I'm not surprised The physical media is still out there. I'm just surprised at how big of a market it still is. If I still buy folk a discs, I get that. Look, I totally get that because especially if you're if you're buying the high end version of resolution stuff and you don't want to, like be, you know, worried about any sort of bandwidth issues that are going to cause a loss of quality till you get that. However, I was at Walmart. Ah, not too long ago. Uh uh, mostly because Wal Mart has the best selection of sugary cereals. Uh, um, yeah, there's, like, strange promotional cereals. You can often get him at Walmart's. Better than like HBO target. Um, fun tangent. So, uh, no, but I was in checkout line and I just turned back, and you know that you managed to, you know, take a peek at what other people are buying when you're, like, standing there checkout line. And this woman was buying a DVD. A brand new DVD copy of 1990 eight's Godzilla $5 Ben. But I was Bucks is a rip a Shut up. I love that movie to ripple. Uh, and B, I was just, like, good on you, You know, if you want. If you now, like you know what I want that copy of. Oh, and I think it might have been standard instead of white screen. I think I saw a standard looking for three aspect Aries Short three aspect eso She was buying that Godzilla DVD. Not not a Blue Ray. Just a DVD Didn't come with the gym. Eric Weiss soundtrack. What was that? You doing music on that? Yeah, that's awesome. What's he up to these days? J k you, But you may require. The other day I looked up this Billy eyeless have any other songs in that one song? I don't think I know any way we could tell me, Billy. I licious. I appreciate it. You don't know my doppelganger. That's all I know you do have the same. It's that I just hear it and she's got that one song and people love that song playing a lot. And she was on hot ones recently and she's just going places. I haven't heard anything of them that one song. So someone prove that she is more than a one hit Wonder What fucking weirdos on Google People are fucking bizarre, so I don't know Billy eyelashes. So I talked. Billy, I'll issue to Google and you. No, it says. People also ask. It's like related question. I guess common questions about Billy, I assure the four of them, is Billy Eyelash mixed. What is Billy? I'll ish net worth this Billy honest writer on songs. What ethnicity is Billy? I wish people are really hung up on this ethnicity question. That was races that with the right What's it say for you, Gus or Gustavo? Gustavo? No, no, no. This is for how much is gusta Rolla worth? It's Gustavo, asshole. What is Rooster Teeth? Net worth? Was Jeff Ramsey in the military? When did Ray Quidditch even 100 gusta Rolla? Um, it's pretty much the same thing. What is going to do? How much discussed earlier wars for Steve Net worth? Was Jeff Ramsey in the military? Jeff still in there? Jeff is still in there. That's funny. Yeah, that's stupid. I would say s Oh, you were talking about buying physical media and I would agree with you I by physical media, Quite a bit. Do you have? What do you use your four K meet? Physical media player When you have you put in your place for PlayStation Can't play four K discs for many Ex LAX one X Books one x for me Just for pro not play for K for protest. I don't I don't buy for K discs, So I used my e Use my Xbox one ex play for Katie. It's a fucking terrible four K player one. Put in. I like getting your four k disc cool. I wanna watch this. I'll put it in my Xbox and then it'll go black. It's like it launches the blue A player or whatever. It was black and it stays like discreet air like willy nilly. Ejected. I'll look at it like this. A brand you fucking disc. Put it back in. Same thing discreet air, so I'll clean the disk, put it back in discreet air, reboot it when it works. Fine. You I need to Do you have a future career in product testing technology? Because I swear, if there is a possible bugger, error or absurdity that that something's going to going to cause you're gonna find, I'll find it every week. I I hear you talking about some weird air, and sometimes I get the apex legends when the weak way. Both we both recreate literally. You went down this path, told me, this step by step process you did in order to debug a absurd error and step by step like five minutes behind you. I went through the same steps. Look, learn from everything that happened. So it worked out. But I feel like you have the touch that just pulls out. Yeah, the bugs better, I think if anyone has played more than 10 movies on the next folks, one ex folk a disc, everyone has run into a problem. Yeah, that thing that app sucks. Sometimes It's like something went wrong, and sometimes it will just get really lagging behind that where it's just like the frame rate drops. It's like, I guess the buffets full. Let's pause it and wait for a bit from your physical. So them what do you watch your four keys on? Uh, textbooks. One x. Okay, there's not. There's not many options like I want to buy a standalone players. I've already got a next box. It's I would probably get like a better player, but it's just a complete waste of money if you have. You know that already. But you by the four K. For what reason? The movie. Yes. Oh, I just want really high bit rate. But then you don't get it because of the way that you're playing it. I get it once is working through a bunch of what it is. If you watch 10 movies, one of them will probably mess up. Most of the time. It's not a single time. No, it's just completely inconsistent. Parlor garbage. Gotcha. Um, so you you mentioned that apex problem that I had the other week is pretty cool. I had a fucking world of Warcraft problemas Well, in awhile, classic is out. I'm going for a bunch of extreme for seven hours of the day. we did. We stream for seven hours in while classic on playing again. I went home and kept playing. We actually have an industry, both of us, so tired. So spend so done with each other and wow, classic you have done with him. I sat next to her for seven hours and hours. That's a long time to, like, have to hang out and play while classic with someone else. Uh, way. We weren't like punching like that each other. We were just both Like, I want to do something else. I'd like to not be around you or anybody else. At that point, they forced you to stream for that long When you scream for, like, four hours because we want, You know, it seemed like a good idea until we were doing you want. Like if you take just a snap of the first minute of the stream in the last minute, you will see that, like the duality of man condensed into two clips, But yeah, I mean, we started straight for seven hours, but I had a problem when I went to install it on my home machine a couple of weeks ago. I was like the way you insulted us. You launched like the blizzard launcher and you like World of Warcraft. It's like a little drop down where it's like World War Craft or World of Warcraft Classic. So okay, I'm gonna start with the work of classics. I clicked on the drop down and it wasn't World War Cut. Classic was not there. I was like, That's weird. So I rebooted looked again. It wasn't there that the loan should even update was like, Maybe the launcher needs an update. Tried to update the launcher. Same thing. So that way. Okay, well, maybe I'll just uninstall the launcher and reinstalled Went to uninstall the launcher. Honest, All failed. It was like, I guess I'll try to Egg Firm. I'll tryto download the launcher installer and reinstall the launcher on top of itself. We tried to do that. That failed rebooted. They went to the drop down and it was their World War Classic. Was there? We i d He just had to reboot. No, I rebooted several times along this process. So that's to speak to your weird shit happens to me. Yes, it happens all the time. And that that's what I mean, is that you have those kinds of absurdities happened Thio, these thes little with the mirror. I came up with the ultimate products, By the way, I've invented a new one. Congressional You want to say it on a podcast? Yeah. Yeah. All right. You know, pads up. Makes the holder for the other two. Double A batteries when you open a pack of four and you just need to Oh, my God. What's the holder look like? Just two batteries. Three d Keep him in the package that came in, though. Yeah, that's what you get way too often on. You need two more. It's like, Where's that, too? I love you. Keep, like, the cardboard box that come in a little something. I keep that. Keep him in there. Okay, so you tell the box. It's also called, like a junk drawer in your house, like you just did with batteries in there. I mean, they're in there. I just gotta load, I've got I've got a drawer with that and then in that drawer is a Ziploc bag filled with every kind of battery. It's like that's that's what I do. It's like as I get, the better I put him in that Ziploc bag. It's like, What do I need looking at Ziploc bag that will individual rights like a gallon Ziploc bag? Yeah, I just got, like, a bunch of words before, because that's the way they come in, like, a little more you buy us from Get the Amazon ones. I don't. You just get that. What? The store, Whatever they have like to check out those fancy batteries. Name the last longer do you may be. The last one was about compared to the Amazon once, and that was pretty good. But typically, like big need batteries, you already have it required. Coordination was like picking the child goes to different ones with you. I think you go. It was done. This episode of their Steve podcast is brought to you by express vpn admit it. You think that cyber crime is something that happens to other people? You may think that no one wants your data or that hackers can't grab your passwords or credit card details, but you would be wrong. Stealing data from unsuspecting people on public WiFi is one of the simplest and cheapest ways for hackers to make money. When you leave your Internet connection unencrypted, you might as well be writing your passwords and credit card numbers on a huge billboard for the rest of the world to see. That's why I protect myself with express vpn. I like how easy it is to set up. 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Remember years ago we were at the Congress office and ah, we were you know, we're from your short looking like season one of shorts, and we needed double A batteries for a law because our lives were dying. So normally it was like a pharmacy down the street would go to and buy whatever batteries toe thio, power them. One time, we sent Jeff to go by the batteries and he went down there and you bought, like, the cheapest, like, whatever CVS brand batteries that were there and you brought it back up. Why did you buy these, dude? He's like they were the cheapest ones. Yeah, they're gonna last, like, 30 minutes, and they're gonna fucking die. They have to go back and get more. Yeah, they don't like our maybe much money. Did he say it's probably like three bucks a brand was the last A few hours the last awhile. Have you ever had batteries go like, corrode in something and ruin the device? Okay, I have a have a recently with Maya flash for my dslr. And I was very sad because That's something I don't. Yeah, and so I I got all chemist on it and removed all of the corroded materials used Lemon and vinegar or linen Women. Yeah, something is sitting like a Q tip or something. Yep. And, uh, after a little bit, finally worked, so I was very happy about that. It's very satisfying when you conduce little home hacks and save something that seven guys, I do this a lot. And so much is possible because of YouTube. Like if you could sell your problem like I was like weird water trickling out of the bottom. My freezer. There's like a million people with videos and tutorials with the same model Model number. Fuck, yeah, Save me $1000. Had a fridge. I used to have a fridge that had a water dispenser in it and like the water dispenser, quit working like I just put like that model number in the YouTube. It is like water broken. It's like, Oh, here's the tutorial on how to disassemble that part. Replaced like a tiny plastic clip inside that was broken. Go to this website order This specific part number costs like a dollar 50. Then take out the old one and put the new one in talking about going down a rabbit holes of YouTube and like those little pockets of YouTube that air Interesting. I went down. Ah, weird rabbit hole recently. Uh uh. Full disclosure I like to listen to as some are on occasion. It comes me. I like it. Um, and, you know, I don't know if other people who are like this when you find like, an artist that you like, just describes the channel. That's to you. You you watch their videos every once in a while. Um, and then YouTube. What is you do when you watch much stuff? It recommends other things for you. So you get other recommendations. Every once awhile you'll see something. So I clicked on a day. Some are artists, artists recently because the thumbnail looked interesting. So I checked out. Like, this person is actually very talented. Their production values really good. Interesting part of the summer thing that's changed, uh, over the years, Just YouTube in general is that, you know, it's gone from, like lo fi, two people doing like high end production stuff, like lots of lights and lots of set dressing like that in the deck and step s so, uh, I was like, Oh, you're you're interesting. I mean, see the rescue channel. See if if you have other stuff and then, uh, everyone smile when you when I find new YouTube channel, I'm always interested. Like, what do people write in the about section like? Like, what else is there? And I looked and she was She was She wrote a bunch of stuff about herself that she had other channels give other channels that are not a smart car. I'm a check everything. Now, keep in mind her ass. Um, our channel was fairly new, only had, like, five videos. And if you had gone viral on that thing, that's what happens with those views. Often is that enough people like in, you know, you get, like, 200,000 views on this channel On this video, I went and checked out. She had a cooking channel, was like, All right, let me just I'm just curious. I've bought in this far. Let's see, what else? Winter. Her cooking channel. Her cooking channel was one of those YouTube channels that I'm amazed by Where, uh she had at minimum like 50 to 72 maybe like 100 videos she had made on this cooking channel. So she's invested a ton of time. And as I'm scrolling down these videos, um, these videos are like 9 to 10 to 15 minutes long and they're fully edited like I clicked on a couple. They're fully edited and she's She's trying to make thumbnails that fit the algorithm like that. Views wise, though. Every single of these videos not much more than 500 to 1000 views, Um, and, uh, which is low t maintain a YouTube channel that you're uploading that much, and she's been doing this for ever for years she's doing, and I'm always I kind of want to talk to me like that. Like if you put that much energy into an endeavor like that channel where she is, she's filming these like vlog style and editing and put all this time into it and getting nothing in return as faras like, uh, monetary value. Anything like that. Is it simply just the act of making these videos is the reason why they keep doing this for ever. That's that's amazing to me that like to put that much thank you energy into something on a platform that usually while you're doing that is order in order to, like, gained notoriety and get, you know, some sort of monetary return. And she just nothing for I love the one a lot, but there are a few YouTube is who became big just for making videos for their friends to watch, uh, Ryan's toys review or whatever. They did it just to send videos back home to their family, which I get that look very similar to flog brothers. That's their origin story. They made a experiment of trying to see if they could only communicate to each other for I don't know what it was like a year Onley via YouTube videos. They stopped emailing subtext each other, and the only communicated via their blocks. And that was their thing. And now they're a whole empire, uh, like hobby. For a lot of people, it's a hobby. But then, like, how long did those channels you just named? How long did it take? That's what That's what I'm like, usually to do it for years upon years, feel like they're really like one video, right That just, like, blows up, right? And then Oh, shit. This is the model. This is what I do now. Yeah, but I gotta get my get my struggle in the push towards it, Like even like Landon's a good example. Landon was someone who he was making, you know, let's plays and they somewhere doing better than others. But they weren't like they weren't Viral success is every single one. And he found his niche eventually and then exploded into the fortnight. Guy that he is now, he got 1.5 million subs in one month. You never I'll say this. You never know when it's gonna happen. Like we we kind of had a similar thing. We started this company, you know, We this wasn't the first website we made. We used to make other websites, and we would get 300 hits a month or, you know, ridiculously low like that, and we'd spend our respected was writing. There's no video unit. It's been hours riding and taking photographs of stuff. It was mainly just entertain our friends or whatever random weirdo strangers were on the Internet. Yeah, and like we I mean we were making. We started making websites in 99. I want to say we start with Steve Pillow three. So we spent four years. Just make it stop because we liked it. It was a hobby. Wanted Toa put funny stuff on the Internet. Also back then, though, that the notion of getting rich from something like that was unheard of. Yeah, totally justified. I usedto I had a high eight little camcorder and I would have had this one friend we would every single weekend for, like two years. Just shoot videos for no reason. It never went anywhere. Would you still do that now if you had the amount of free time? Yeah, if I had the free time. Yeah, it was a hobby. Like my entire life is making content. We used to make just like, jackass kind of video, and I I'm not really there too late, I guess. I guess I a to be clear. I'm amazed of this. That that she's clearly doing because she likes doing these videos and it gives her satisfaction and she's just enjoying it. There's no other reason she's doing it for that. That's fantastic. Uh, it's more so that, like, I guess maybe my older age I'm like, I'm not gonna like I'm gonna put time into things that that are gonna, you know, return something back a lot more to me. But maybe that's because I've become an old, curmudgeonly grandpa really wrong with that. I mean, thing says the poster child of the French club Um, yeah, I appreciate that. I appreciate people putting the putting the work in a light also be just sort of a testing ground for her other channel, where she's learning video editing techniques or something. And she just wants to get in a useful way. That's a great point that she probably wouldn't have, like, got into that production value of the other channel without having, like, gone through all of that gauntlet with the cooking channel. That anything till I get it. Yeah, I like seeing TPG. So you should know TPG. Yeah, the green life. Oh, yeah, yeah, the videos. And he said the reason he started that channel was because he was working so much with YouTube is it's part of full screen all this. I'm sure that he was like, I should really know, like how all this works. So we just died regularly, making videos to sort of like, See, you are everything that's involved and he still makes him I think that that's a brilliant reason to just understand it, that I don't know anyone in sales. That's like, You know, I'm gonna make YouTube channel. Yeah, I totally understand that. Like Like I guess it's it's similar to I I work out at the gym as much as I do, not because I'm gonna get paid to do it or because I'm gonna get some sort of prize. In the end, I put that investment because it gives me satisfaction in the return that I want. So I guess if, like making YouTube videos without, you know, get guarding any audience that's gonna go above what you've got now for the next, like five years. If that still is, give you satisfaction, keep doing it. That's fantastic, you know, talking about ah, YouTube content, creation and stuff, I think before we did this most recent podcast on Monday, I told Gavin something before we started that I thought was really weird. Whenever I see you know, obviously stumble guys very, very popular slo mo guys. And it's weird to me whenever I see other people like posting or reporting on a slow Mo guys video. You know, they have a headline like Guy Slices Arrow in half with a katana, and I'm like, It's weird that it's It's Dan. It's got I know God. Guardo's gets trapped in giant balloons like, Yeah, stand. Yeah, I know. It's funny. What a few weeks ago, what do you see? Someone you know written, You know, it's like, this is the fun. Contextually Yeah, like when Michael eat ribs like potentially insane Mad. It's funny when you know the post. Yeah, he's got persons, like right over there. I could go. Guy is over there. It's like a weird It's like knowing good, normal man. Yeah, okay. I'm a friend. That was it. He's no longer a boy. People were annoyed at the direction that we sliced the arrow in a lot of people. I guess we're expecting a split arrow that way possible. Wow. So the internet had harsh training about something you did in video? I wouldn't say it was harsh. So saying what? People just wear like this. Wait. So what? You're explains. They were thinking you could shoot the arrow at Dan. Dan would have to stand with the sword in front of him. Yeah, you have a way with an arrow, Right? Second video. There's there's a multiple reasons why that be very hard. One the wood grain would have to be like right along the era. So you guys were just splinter out on also, ours don't fly straight. They actually do that. So it's like you would cut some of it off flies like a bull man. Crossbow. Maybe it shot. What you need to do is you make a second video showing how the wobbliness happens, and you can't. You can't split it. You see the wobbliness in the video you uploaded? Yeah. I mean, people are really confused because you can see the Phantom, like looking right down. Yeah, but the first shot, or like, one of the shots, it sze like a super wide of me doing it down there. Like, did he edit The Phantom of the Wide Shot? How many do we have, like four phantoms? All of this. We just should've put your eyes. This coverage. So many people, confused like they edited out the front. No, it's It's It's editing. Editing. You have other. You take other shots. How many of your videos are you able to get multiple shots? Like? It seems like some of them It's a one in debt. Like blowing up a car, blowing up a call. I gotta go. One ours? Yeah. Yeah. Most stuff you can shoot a ton of times. We always buy enough stuff to repeat the thing. Even if we edited it One moment you had the the wire. Wool. Is that what it is? That was that makes the fiery sparks in that video, I think I must have watched that yesterday. Something while it's cooking. And, uh, you have the sparks hit you on your leg, and they were hurting you through the fire resistant suit. Yeah. Was fire resistant. It's not like spiny pieces of metal. What it was is that getting hit by small shrapnel lakes of Okay, It was just I know that was confused. It was like, Wow, that suit did nothing. No, I mean, it's no, I don't know what you probably the western so thick mesh to prevent that from going. Maybe those volcanic suits. Yeah, I was just food. It was mainly just so it wasn't bad leg. Did you make any difference? Doesn't lead to leave any marker, anything? I don't think so. No, no, no, Sinjin. Nothing way. We're filming something the other day, uh, offsite, not not here in the studio, and it's part of it. I had thio move the line scooter, like one of those little stupid scooters. And as I was moving it like the board part swing around and hit me on the back of my laugh, it was like at the time was like, how that really hurt and in, like, three days later, had this giant purple welt on my leg. You're a bruiser. Make an app where when something happens, you log it. So three days later, you know what? That Bruce came right? Never correlated. Whatever. I've got this cut on my finger here the other day, and I remember when it happened, like I remember what it was, but it was like, Oh, and I think that's gonna cut me. And this morning was like, Yep, I've got little scab there, but I don't remember what it was anymore. I did I did, uh, did a boo boo during. I think it was actually like one of the knights of our T X when I went home. And I just wanted to makes him dinner and be alone, which happens that RDX and, uh, But I went home and he's showing off. Your Bruce is there. It's not that you probably can't see on camera. Is a gun down? Oh, it's ecocide. See? Discoloration? Yeah. Oh, wow. Yeah, they're shingles singles. Yuck. Uh, no, I, uh I cut my finger, but I cut it so much, I actually took an actual little divot hole out of it. But normally, you know, you cut your finger when you're cooking like Ah, that sucks. This time I did, it was like, I don't feel that at all. It's not a good sign. Well, is because, uh, climbing you, you build up like I don't feel a lot on the ends of my fingers anymore. Like like like my I don't feel much either someone's clothes like that now, but especially my pinkies. I don't feel very much in the end anymore because of build up and just Calista Neck, I think. But it was that? It was like, That's a lot of skin. I just cut off. I should feel that. But I was still wrapped it up, and I clean, Everything was fine, but it kind of concerns me, especially injuries. What? You can see your injury as a separate piece of your body. Yeah, that's what I could hold up to the light and see, like, you know, a puzzle piece. The only thing that's affected your finger blasting ability. Okay, so it's finger blasting. Yes. Um, I know you think you're still good. Yeah, but I don't think finger blasting requires a lot of, like, tip of the finger dexterity, not dexterity. Begin to feel what you two doing. Really? Still feel my hands like I can still feel it's going. In fact, I often have to climb walls like a callused fingertips. I was gonna say it might have affected the receiving end of that. Sure we're not concerned with out here, Becca, I most a lot. I moisturize a lot because that is it because it does Rough up your hands a lot. Um, is that important for you? What a nice soft fingertip. I don't know. I E guess I'd prefer a hard one. Ugo. I was looking through old chat logs the other day and I realized that Becca and I were friends past, but I was like, you know, I like seeing the whole everything. So have a little chat by the I don't do that with most people, though. So Okay, but that I was looking out for these chat logs was that aim and stuff. And I was like, Damn, these compact a really long time. We used to talk all the time online. Seems like 2005. That was, like, maybe like 8 4009 We would talk most nights online, and I've forgotten it. I'd completely forgotten that we had this, like relationship before where we were like buddies and charms. I was like reading back through the stuff that we used to talk about on dhe. It's still me. Like I'm reading my responses of my Oh, yeah, I would say that, but somehow just forgot all of it. I remember a lot. I mean, I remember talking to you a lot and always considering you a friend, I remember like the essence of it. I don't remember talking to you. That might be It might be the first time I've ever forgotten the significance over. Relate. Like we were friends. And then And then we weren't drifted. It's just work. Acquaintances were not work. Acquaintances. How often do we talk in real life? You and I text pretty often. Yeah, but that's the more recent thing. Beckett is legitimately upset you right now. I know, but I would say I would say now we're back, Thio sort of where we were. And there's a big gap in May. Yeah, well, I don't think we spoke for years. I was years. No, but things thinks happened, like with with, you know, not to get deeper, fill stock of absolute philosophical. But things happen. And you like, you have other priorities. Like, you know, you have a kid I would always usually remember. Like I used to be Good friends of yours. Just surprised that you you black black. Why would I would have said that where we talk more now than ever? Uh huh. But that's just not the case. Yeah. I mean, I would see you probably like, once or twice a year at our low point. You mean you mean more So, like, Oh, me at that, The least amount that you? Yeah. Okay, just I don't think we've talked online or anything. Much e everyone's stuff using a mme. Yeah. Aim was, I think, the downfall of Amos, the downfall of our friendship. And then when I moved all this chat looks away, I just apparently moved all the memories of our friendship drive. Yeah. Yeah. You're like one of my oldest friends. Yeah, I'm glad I'm back to being a friend 20 to me. You know, there's a lot of people who work here, and, you know, people are on camera, but there's even more people who are not on camera way more now. And we know we did this past Monday. We did, Ah, podcast withdrew sapling for the first time ever. And I was going through the comments on YouTube for it. And one of the YouTube comments was I like that Drew guy. He seems to really fit in with everyone. Was like, Well, yeah, because we know him. It is kind of the same position you're in. Like you're not someone who's seen on camera all the time. But conceivably, we've known you for years. And even if you know, not like we see you people every day way work on projects together. Did you say on the podcast in his first production with us was I don't think you see what the 1st 1 was. That Lazer team. That's first time I met Drew. Yeah, lasting one. Was that the first thing you did? That's the first time I ever met. I remember, but I was second a d n a place team. Almost one I don't remember. Yeah, because I remember I remember because I was on set a couple dozen times and I remember him and that him, like starting to pop up at other things. Post Lazer team Remember him doing really dollars? But e I think that he did a lot of work with mdb. Remember the first time I remember you know him? The first thing I worked on that he directed was mdb on these great like me to I'm a big I'm a big drew sapling is great. Yeah, he's one. There's there's, like on the side of like talking about like people who, you know, are on camera more often than people aren't. There's like a lot of people that are off camera that because of our interaction with them, we can fall in love with them a lot more than the audience gets an opportunity to. And those people, that's like I would just want to build just I want to just push them out towards the back. This is one of the funniest people I've ever met. You need to just focus on this person like stop focus on everything else. Like we have, like a gem here, and you can't force that adoration from an audience. But there's people like that that I wish there was something that Morgan outlet. Yeah, I mean, I mean a Druze example. Andrew Rosa is another great example of someone who's like this is a comedic genius. Get him on the part of the global. The both of them in the microwave. Feist, Who was that? We were in the house business moment. That's so way were in our office the other day and who was there? I think it was Ah, Sam was in there. He couldn't find the microwave. Oh, yeah? Do we need to talk about that do we want to talk about that? Maybe not. Audience is gonna be so todo that. Yeah, the longest art is the microwave. We don't have a microwave. If we did, it's hidden. You stole and then hit the Michael. You should go check it out. It's really Is it in a covered? No, I think I'm gonna be there later today. A porter claims shooting something so clumsy. Clumsy. Uh, I've got a thing with her later talking about the creative geniuses. I wish the audience could get more of it. Clem Class, It's fucking hilarious. And I am still have every time she gets to show up in shit favorite moment ever was the forming the team short on. We're doing the walking out shot of us coming out of the hangers, a slum thing. We're all supposed to just walk towards the camera, then spread out. Clem's there, and she's got her dynamite that she has a part of it. And she's just picking her nose right up to the camera and walking like lollygagging like everyone scatters. She's just walking behind on. And I was like, It's one of those times where, like, a take happens during during a shoot you like. Please use that tape. Please use that tape. And they, John immediately picked up on. It was like we gotta boogie. Like what? You have a batting cage you like? No, she's that's gone. You got that eyes. Great climb. So good. She punked me yesterday. She convinced me that she had a stomachache and couldn't go to school. So she came to work with me yesterday and was immediately fine. Ate every snack here. Fucked around. I was like, Oh, my God, You fake sick now I need to be on guard about that. You do that as a kid? Oh, yeah, all the time. My mom was not having it unless I had a fever. I was going to school. And so I learned how to fake a fever. She would leave, and I would rub the thermometer on the palm of my hand to create heat and friction, even though that is cheating the system. You're using some physics knowledge there? Yes, to get away from school. So you clearly learned something. That's a thing about being parents that you do not. I think about that. You're going to experience like when you're a parent, you're like I'm going to experience them, learning to walk. I'm going to be there for them to learn how to talk and how to, you know, put food in their mouths. But on their own that I think you don't realize I'm gonna watch my kid learn howto lie like that is literally a skill you are going to watch them do. And you're going to judge them for how bad they are doing. Oh, yeah, for a while and then But then all the one to get you all the while you're gonna worry about the day that they're gonna be able to get pulled one over you, and you're like, Oh, you actually out lied me like I didn't catch you in time. Uh, luckily, both my children are terrible at lying. They are just the worst. And I tell them that every single time like you, the better this or be more honest, that's how this is gonna work out this middle ground. Is you getting in trouble all just wasting my time. I've caught my eldest lying to my youngest in the backseat of the car about something that involves me on. I told him like I'm like I'm driving and she's trying to tell her something about like, we're not We're going to do tomorrow and I'm like I'm here like Like the fact checker is inches from you. Stop it. Stupid like when I'm not around. Be better about that. Do you take lots of video of your kids? No, I don't Actually, I I I don't Some people probably take this as me being a bad parent. I don't really take my phone out for photos and videos very much with my kids, and I often actually think about that. I don't think that's being a bad parent. Means your present like it's a compromise, right? Sure, one of the other. Follow your ego. I I just It's just something that like when I because I have them on a very intermittent basis now as being a single parent with a divorce lawyer like that, Um, so when I have them were out like we're out and we're doing our thing and I just I don't I don't take pictures and videos of much of anything when we're out doing stuff, Um, and I I do wish I had more photos and stuff and like, because we have, like, are things that we do. And we kind of like, gone into routines now, which I like. We have our, like, special spots in Austin, and we have our things they look forward to. They were gonna do on the weekends there with me, but yeah, I don't I don't really have a lot, but I know that most parents love to take tons of pictures, and there's nothing wrong with that either. And they share that, um but I'm also very like I'm fine talking about it on my podcast like that. But as far as like my experience and my kids, I'm very private with them. I don't share them with the world very much. Um and so maybe that's partly subconsciously. Why do that as well? Yeah, I feel like if I had kids, I would take quite a lot of video just cause I think it's cool. Thio, especially now with just a phone looks pretty good. Yeah, they're gonna have such clear video of them when they're older. I have only live younger for summer. I post any mother. Yeah. This must be something that may have developed me later on, because I have a ton of video footage of my eldest when she was super young and I do love looking back it, like her tiny little mushy form and comparing it to this like, nine year old, like actual person, actually. Um, but yeah, I don't really have a lot. I recorded more video footage of my kids in the first month of their life than exists of me in my entire life was different. It doesn't take much. No, and it's gonna be cool for them to see it. Yeah, I think it's also more readily accessible now than it was when we were young. Like, tryto try to find a picture of me as a kid. I mean, yet someone had to take a photo, develop it and asked Take, like, 40 to get the right one that wasn't blurry, like all the pictures of me of as a kid or garbage. We went to Disney World when I was four, and they're like 12 photos from the whole trip and they all suck like you can't say they're all dark. You can't see me in him. And I'm such an old piece of shit Now that all my life baby photos are turning have turned red over getting that cool instagram vintage filter. That's the thing is the stuff has to los like something that's happening now with VHS and will happen in the next 20 or so years. Is that the most of them, like iron oxide or something? The red shit that magnetize is it's just coming off. Yeah, just falling off a log VHS tape around the world, just sitting there, just losing of age, and it's like we use them. It's even worse. Yeah, digitize this shit now because if you expect that to play and that is not that, you'll have anything to play it on. But it probably won't. There's, ah, I always thought it was really fascinating. There's a scene and your watch. Cowboy. Bebop, the enemy. There's a scene in cowboy bebop. I've watched three upsets. There's ah, there they go to do this mission of whatever they have to go talk to this this collector, this guy who runs like a vintage media shop and the guy they bring him a VHS tape and the guys in the other guy's amazed. He's like, Can you believe this? Still works that still exists in the, You know, the late 20th century. They would have magnetized strips and put video and audio on there. And here we are with this device and we still can watch it. You know, he's like, It's so rare and so But that one building work right? It might. It would. Maybe that's why in the show he was so amazed to find a working one. And, you know, that show came out in the late nineties, so it's like already seeing that far ahead and knowing this isn't gonna be around forever. It's with stuff that you think is solid, has a lifespan, I guess. Everything that's life span but like a DVD would last a lot longer than VHS. It's nothing. I mean, if you just get it right, Take gets drug out of the cassette in the VCR. Yeah, I think kind of DVD might also have a shelf life eventually. Yeah, but it does. But But even you're talking about, like storing of digital video format. Then you run in the problem, like in 20 years, will there be a Kodak that can play this or will this be so ancient that you have to find something old? Yeah, I have a big gap in, especially using. Why issues? I photo like photos now, but the FBI support went. It was like a big there's like all of my old videos work. And there's like a gap. Where had some sort of Sony phone where it just took a B I And then, like analogy phone that is calm play. You reveal fear something. I have to get the LC, and it's like if I double click in photos, it just goes. Don't find the original file in the fights like I'm not gonna play this file. Some having issues with, like the high efficiency image format, it needs to be more widely supported. Thinking. Hate it. It's just the fucking worst like like snot, that is. It's like option on the phone now on iPhones, where J pegs it'll take a T i C photos. And so, like I mean, they're like, when and 1/2 makes instead of 10 right? So, like, if you ever want to make a photo album like a book and print them, upload them straight. Thio any service. It's not supported like Google kind of supports it. And Apple, Of course, Natively supports it, but that's it. I've never even heard of the format. Yeah, I had to upload a photo the other day to F F Y for some service, so I took a photo. My camera went to upload it. It's like not supportive fucks like to open the photo my laptop exported is the J. Pink and then upload that. And then what happens then? Is it, like strips out the exit data? I haven't ever successfully carried any of that over like it overwrites with the date taken, I think, Yeah, it's just this, like in between phase, where even when they rolled out the video version, when the high efficiency video Kodak over it was working on the phone because they that was what was taking that video. But if you tried to put it into final Cut, it was like a long time to get the support of an unsupportive idiot. Full nights like this is an apple former not supported by Apple. It worked in my movie there. It was just a nightmare for us because we do so much between the games on our phones, and I immediately switched O high efficiency video. Kodak. But none of the editors for a That's terrible. It was anice you say it's an in between time. Maybe if H e. I see an A T v C take off and become more. That's what I'm terrified of is that I'm now going to have all of these photos. Like you know, they're on Google photos. They're backed up. 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It's like, Yeah, it took out a bunch of shit that I need What's what do you do it? Tell him that I tell that into phantom cameras. If there's like a like a command line option to remotely connect to a server. Okay, so in his case, he uses it to the amount of times where I've needed to change an option on a camera. But no one around me had defends himself, wrote or anything like that. I could just Ethan it into the camera and just do telling that commands because I for some reason, remember that I needed to remember those when I used to look. Now I can't do that on a map. You have to you can install like the developer kit to get it. You have telling that I think it does have telnet um, I'll have to look, but they also removed. They also broke ice to use w get it's, like away at command. Like to grab a website. Okay, that we feel like wanted download a website that we could go through and inspect the HTML or whatever or do something to it so w or remotely grab a file. Office of server w gets gone. It's a fucking thing is it makes total sense. How many people are going to watch this podcast ever used telling that we're gonna salad Probably 15 years since I saw you at the call center all the time. You're telling in the mail servers to test if it was working? Yeah, it makes sense that it's all dropping off. Just really inconvenient for the old grandpa Still using it when I was younger in the late nineties. You know, when the Internet was kind of taking off, I thought as time went on that everyone would become an expert in using computers. Yeah, it's just a matter of time, and everyone would understand how I feel like they would be so pervasive that everyone understand. Our computer worked in my mind like tech support will become unnecessary because we were just able to do it themselves. But we've gone. I was never been more wrong. We've done the exact opposite way where it's like technology has now become a black box courts. You don't No one has to understand how it works. It's just like you click on some stuff and some magic happens, and then you end up with the result that you want. Right until the great cause I was that I was a young kid growing up who was the computer nerd and adopted computers as as a hobby early on. So then, you know, became that young kid that people has for help with, like, text for that guy thing. And I was always like, I cannot wait till all you all die off on And it's just a bunch of Mies walk around who have been growing grow up with this thing and understanding like that. But it's not that it's not just the same with cameras like portrait mode on an iPhone is bloody easy to dio like you, but you're saying about like the old pictures. If you guys, the kid there will partially and focus unlike exposed the wrong way because to get a picture with depth on film that would take some sort of photographic knowledge. That's also that off the camera they were using back then, didn't really have any control plus film vulnerable Once you had a good camera film didn't guarantee anything s Oh, it's just we've answered the nostalgia portion. I, uh I've read this really interesting article the other day and it really got me thinking, you know, it was an article about what was the first presidential campaign website, and I guess during already it was, Ah, Bill Clinton. Bob Dole debate in mid 96. At the very end of the debate, Bob Dole encourages people to go to Dole Kemp 96 dot or GE, which is the first time of websites ever mentioned in a presidential debate. And Bob Dole of all sample the website is still up. Yeah, with that, you're on notice that you're ill. Is it Dole Kemp 96 dot or ge is it as it was designed. It was designed at the time I got a what is the oldest pristine original website Space jam that wow the size of the screens that used to display that from how narrow? Tell me it has a has a guest book that I consign. It looks like it would have looked so small. Eyes that you say, like the scroll text html Or is that going to do? Yeah. Got any stuff? Supporting scroll of today's headlines is November 5th 1996. Must be the last time it was updated. Oh, wow, what a time capsule. But I guess apparently there. So there's some I don't want the controversy, but there's some ambiguity as to whether or not this is actually the first presidential website. So it's the oldest one available still, but apparently Bill Clinton also had one that he launched around the same time. Uh, Bill Clint was also using, like list serves in chat rooms and other forms of the Internet to try to communicate with voters. But it's weird how it's hunger is that Ben, now 23 years, I was always impressed when websites just wouldn't ever change. There's a website used to use for Chico's called game winners dot com. Yeah, remember that, and it was same. I've probably used it for a decade. It never changed. It's still the same light beige in blue text like shit. What about game? Fax? Game fax has been that same way, for I appreciate how Game Fax has maintained its like minimalist style and how it does stuff. It looks a little updated, but it's essentially the same. But when you look up like a fact, it's like they would always do. Like that document is great And I wanted Chico ts. I feel like people the games don't have micro transactions. That happened, Chico, you pay for your cheek, right? It's like I put a code in tow. Unlock something for your pain. 99 cents to do it. I just can't tell whether it's because I don't have any interest in cheating anymore or because, like I was young and I headed low attention span like I play the Sims and I'd be like, I can't afford anything. Shing I have not been 1,000,000 bucks. That's how you last time I did that was on Minecraft. I just like, spawn all the iron and shit that I need. What a crazy But my craft has created mode now, but it was also playing on our own server where we turned out. So, um, last time I used Chico's. Still has she cuts, like, definitely has to. Yeah, but if I guess if I play the Sims now, I wouldn't want to cheat. I'm trying to figure out if it was me as a kid who just couldn't be bothered. I forgot you could, uh, you could with it, wasn't she? Cuts. What was it like? It was a call when you downloaded a program by reading? No, but like crack, there was, like, a crack like that. When I crack, it was like us tow. It was like something ran the background. The game that would that would, you know, modify the game as you played it. Um, Cameron, the name. The word I'm looking for. But I have bought, like, an action replay kind of like that. But it was for dark souls to I figured you could do the dark souls to on PC. There's, like, a thing that could give you, like, unlimited souls. If you wanted the last time I cheated just because I was getting so fresh, right? The dark souls too. I was like, I just want to get through this game like Gimme Souls. Yeah, I didn't finish the game. Nowadays. You could just a lot of games allow you to change difficulty on the spot, which I think has gotten rid of a ton of use for Chico's God of Ellen cheese were really fun and be like, Hey, you can have infinite ammo on a on a gun that you supposed to have, like two shots with Like what? Like a rocket launch he just got aboard. Lily has a mode that they description of the difficulties, and they have the one that's like, I just wanna watch the story. And so, like, it's It's like they recognize that you want to turn the difficulty down so low that enemies die so easily just cause you want. You just want to walk through the game and experience playing game like I can see why people want Theo moments in this environments. I don't know. I don't really think this gets you there, But then sometimes what they'll do is the layer another cheap. It's like you have to beat it on this difficult to your higher or things like that. That game scales insanely where I play it on like the middle ground setting when I finished God of War. But we did a couple streams with Chad, and Chad's is a gamer boy, and, um, he wanted to play it on a hard difficulty, so we threw it on hard. Don't have you ever played God of war and hard, but it gets like, dark souls, like in the difficulty of the combat, where your loo like having to dodge and roll and get out of things other way and wait for an opening and get in there and get a comment like that. Its scales up insanely, Yeah, I think I played on the one down from the hardest, and then I got really stuck on that last falconry. I can't imagine that I played the Valkyries in the middle ground and I was like, This is as hard as I could make this ever and I would never I've never been to be these characters ever. Yeah, it was a really good challenge. Coming with the name of What's the place? Well, the fog that kills you. Oh, yeah, I know. He's talking about, like, nipple hammer time. Yeah. Try like, get all through there and then fight. The Valkyrie once threw in there. That was That was tough and most behind with the waves of enemies. They were like a real challenge. But I did him. And then when I got to the final Val Korea's I never be it never did. Let me change the subject. I was trying to find some earrings to wear this morning. They never found. But I found these. And so I brought them and the's air earrings that my second cousin made me like, I don't know, 15 years ago in the red versus blue, red versus blue Thanks, though they are red versus blue Cute. She's like an old lady. And she made me these. I was talking with our Gusti twitched chat yesterday while is playing somewhere Warcraft and we got on the topic of, like what people have what got people into rooster teeth. Because that, like, story has changed a lot over time. And I got a lot of people were throwing out red versus blue. That was obviously like or just sorry for me. That's how I got. I mean, uh, we were just talking who I blew someone to mind When I said like you were not hired to be a cheap 100 you were hired because of your working way before achievement under Yeah, and that we were talking about. Ah, uh uh. Someone recently has got is shifting work I don't want to give out any information is not public yet, but someone's changing work because they did the thing. We're like they hung out enough at in one department and have, like, made themselves, like, useful in wonderful little enough. We were just there just being adopted into that apartment. That department somehow you just were like when you got hired, you were put in the corner out in the ah, the what we call that area the dungeon, the dungeon. And you went no. And you walked over to the Chamberlain's office and sat down there, and then you just kind of were absorbed into achievement. Yeah, I mean, I was I was mainly back. But when I first I was on the podcast because Bernie wanted me to be on that you're talking about when you, like, became an official employee, help out on every problem. NATO. Yeah, but what men was is that I just had too much downtime. And when I wasn't making slimmer guys, I was in the dungeon, and I just wasn't really doing anything. Yeah, I don't remember you sitting in the dungeon. It was only for it was probably for less than two weeks. But in the end, I waited for Mike, the intern, Mike, who was in a cheaper hunter. He went back to Canada, and I was like, All right, I'm taking this desk was gonna sit in here the 1st 1 of the first things that didn't there was I was I went and I was like, Anyone need anything editing? And Michael just recorded a rage. Quit? Yeah. I was like, I'll cut that together a few one. And he was like, Sweet hate that. Yeah, I just made a rage. Quit and then I made it M o B. Let's play with Jeff. I was like, I still won the funniest let's place ever. Yeah, and then we just like I should probably sit in here all the time. But that was like telling that to someone that you were R V V is what you originally working with us on on a contract basis? Essentially, Um, yeah. I was never hired to be an achievement 100 there. That was that blew their mind. But we were talking to chat about, like, what? Got people. And we were so fun. You mentioned rate rage. Quit Rachel. It was, like, for a huge section of receipt. Was the reason where people found us Because it was like one of those breakout hit shows. Yeah, Yeah. They all stood alone. Yeah, there's no buy in. You just watched this screaming boy. Man screams, headlines screaming, I assume is very polarized was like, This guy is loud and awful things, guys. Great. I want to see him. I want to see the other things this guy's in. And that's how we pulled in a lot of achieving 100. Yeah, that's how we pull. It has nothing to do with that. Michael. Poor job. Gavin. Good job. You did it. Which reach Quit? Was it that you read it? Do you remember? I want to say it was a rainbow six Vegas one. I think he had his face. I think a lot of I think a lot of the Rachel it was him trying to put his face on the news that game feature of the face mapping that it had and Vegas. I think it was just mainly him. Try to take his own picture. That the same one that you guys later on made less place. Yeah. Biffle. Second. When did that come up? Down there? Look, held that reach for it is I'm looking up. This is our great Internet. I would also cut things that other people made. They didn't want at it, so I would cut. Game night was just Caleb making footage, though. Jeff capturing it. Didn't want to get it in seven years ago. February 2012. Yeah, that was the month I moved. Do you enjoy editing? Yeah. I still had it with my own slammer, guys. And you do that because you want to edit your slow mo guys. That was my anything quivering. Who is that? I want to know who's behind him. It's Jack. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. He said it's very yeah. Hit the camera. Married the room, I think. Yeah, he's in the corner. Yes. I mean, I had done stuff with a demon hunter before that I would do guides with Jeff like years before letting the Congress office. But that wasn't I guess that wasn't what I was brought over for a different face in the way you did. A lot of anything for Junior. That was what you were doing a lot of Yeah, When a human has started, I would also do a bunch of, like, data entry on the website because they used to be. Oh, I still have those files where I was like downloading the game's about. Yeah, I did, like, 200. There's so much work. Do you know the last my craft One you edited? Because that was you, King Gavin. Way to go out. Yeah, Yeah. Then we, uh yeah, I just got to the point where the people on camera didn't have enough time to edit anymore. Yeah, and years. The system that's happening to me right now is is exactly what it needs to be in order to create a pipeline that can output when it needs to happen, right? Yeah. It gives us a lot more energy to be in content. It's a lot more expensive. I seem to have a whole room full of other people come together when we used to do ourselves. He's got to produce a lot more videos to make up for it. Yeah, make up in volume. We have. We have, Ah, a few editors that help us do stuff, not help us. They do stuff for us for the in the core area. Um, and one of them, one of one of the guys at Neil, uh, who was an achiever hunter as faras editor. Originally, he he had its the majority of our shorts and that kind of thing, and he went on vacation. So that meant that a lot of the editing responsibilities we're kind of spread out, Thio. Like, if you wrote or directed this thing, you might be editing as well. Which is that most people over in court have that, you know, shared skill, like a lot of us have editing background. Ah, and so you have a lot of people over there like it's almost like if, like, your support group went on vacation and like Michael was editing Rage quit. And Jack was our Ryan Ryan doesn't add a GT anymore. He's nobody 100 over 100 thing. Uh, I think anything is important. It makes you a better quest kind, not the case with video games could just hit record. But when you're shooting stuff, it makes you a better shooter and just a more considerate like you didn't know. If it makes you more aware of what you need to capture, you don't work. You can tell the people in a human hunter who never edited because they just hit record like, Ah, you know, they'll figure out in Post I You haven't collapsed do that because they weren't That's so funny. You say that because talk about Chris, Chris is editing some stuff right now. Ah, and he's described maybe like guest there a couple days ago. About like, editing is a way that if you if you're editing your project or something, you shot it shows you what you didn't do right and also shows like it's like, I'm not funny like I wasn't funny that day. That was not good. Uh, when you know, we first started doing her C stuff. Um, like I helped do a lot of misinformation. Red versus blue. But it wasn't. It was always burning. Who did the capture in the edit in the early days and I remember, like, one of the first times I had thio do some of that work on my own. I was working on a commercial for a video game and I went out and we were using outside editors at the time had to go to a location and I was working at their facilities. I was capturing, and they had their own editor. I was captured stuff that I thought was great. And then look, at the end of the first year captured, enter came. It was like, Listen, you need Thio. You need to capture last, even capture what it specifically you're looking for. Oh, shit. He's right. Yeah. Just taking long takes and not sure what was going on. Yeah, I could be a lot more focused about this. Yeah, just running a camera. No, just just to be like I've got, you know, covered my bases. It's like you're killing the edited and you're just chewing up. Time is gonna watch all of that. Yeah, that was a We had a discussion about that recently when we shot the heist. Ah, the shooting, The heist. We had so many things going on, we had a lot of people filming perspectives. But in the end, I mean, it made for very good video to build a cut from Ellie Thio. The interesting thing was that I needed, I imagine reconcile ing that timeline, seeing the same moments from multiple multiple videos, even like when the car goes away. And then we're running into Yeah, in our video. Yeah, it's great. And but, like editing it, Ellie was just like, there's just so much and also much because, I mean, you gotta think about I don't think that video was made with any company equipment. It was all of our personal phones. But everyone has different sayings. Everyone's different, like some people. Maybe 30 frames in HD or 60 and four K or 16 HD and 30 and four K. It's like, Yeah, none of that stuff is good. On the time we had, we had a we had a ah, that was brought up in a meeting recently where was like, we're gonna party. Life's like that in the future. If you're gonna do it like if you think about it, grab. We have these. We have a couple of Sony's that air over in court that was like, grab those and shoot with those. Just just do that. They're there. Grab those. And then you get two perspectives with those two cameras, and I don't have to have, like, an android camera and iPhone and a gopro in that kind of thing, because in the edit, it comes down and become sake. I was, ah, filming something recently with people who don't normally film things. And the first day, you know, we start working, and I just said, Everyone inside us. Okay, Have we synchronized on a file format? Are we all doing the same thing here? Like like we then they're like, Oh, no, we don't think about that. Let's standardize all of that. Let's make sure we're all doing this format, This frame rate. Oh, I was just gonna be a fucking nightmare. Yeah, and it's hard because, Well, I I shoot everything always at the height, because you usually an apple phone won't buy the fort shoot in four K 60 frames because it's no one really needs that. But I've always every time I get new phone, I'm like, All right, Max, raise max frame rate, but you can't really ask everyone to do that across their phones because everyone has a different phone. They might have the small of Ah, you know, like conversion with caught any storage where you you like, you have to shoot on this. And then suddenly that phone is full, but or their camera Exeter and can't do a four K. Yeah, that's the other thing we just talked about. We're doing. Are we talking in that meeting about Artie life? It's like, What's a standardized resolution frame it that we can get across most people's phones, just in case, you know? Yeah, we're all filming on. Each phone is indifferent condition to you. Like you can see in my footage of the heist that there's like this annoying lens flare, and it's because my lens cracked. Uh, I haven't got it fixed yet. I'm just gonna wait until the new phone, but anything I film between now and then it's just gonna get that J. J. I'm outside is gonna be like this episode receive. Podcast is also brought to you by the wrist. Each store there's something for everyone at the rusty store, and right now we've got all sorts of new, awesome product for you to check out. You stay classy with new Aristide Briand collection. Or check out the new Ruby Fun Co pop figures. The archy store has just the right thing for you or the rusty fan in your life. Find the perfect teeth merch, major. Just for you at stored at rest eat dot com that store dot rusty dot com Check it out. Uh, I have a funny story about Chris that I want to tell. Okay, tell a funny story about, you know. Okay. No, I went thio, Uh, often, like here at the office will, like, be working on a project. I'm working hard, and then you get little bit cabin fever. So you have to, like, force stuff to get out of the office and go like, actually the sun and breathe oxygen that can help reset your brain. So one of those days, Chris and I wanted to walk over to get a coffee over Starbucks. We went over there and we, like, actually sat down to Starbucks and took a breather in the air. Conditioning isn't like that, and we're talking about something, and, uh, we were We were talking about D. C. movies and we got We got to one of those points where we were talking about something. And if you ever like, you have to have this most realize brain fart moments where there's something so trivial that you should know the name of but your brain is like, No, we're not going to remember that right now. And you just feel so fresher and you want anybody to give you a lifeline to help you out. Chris hit that in us that we were talking about, like, you know, the good, the bad of the DC universe, everything. And he wanted to say the word wonder woman he wanted t o. But he couldn't. And I recognize that his brain was not remembering that. And so I said, I'm not helping you. You need to figure this out inside drinking the day before, No, we were just to me if I'm hung over. We were just at Starbucks and he just couldn't remember the word Wonder woman and I wrote down. I wrote down the progression of things that he was doing really good. This is before he could get to it, because he was he was. He was doing a thing where you're saying something and then you just have what they're saying. I'm grabbing on having on it. So he was like a captain woman? No. Wow girl. And then he went America. No, it's not. That superwoman was like, Nope, You're not there yet. And he even went down. He was, like, no through the elements. And then he got closer, but he couldn't get It was like invisible jet. And I was like, Yes, Kinko and sweetie, you got to do with Amazon. So, yes, he still took like another man. He was Wonder Woman Go. It's so annoying. Yeah, What chemically is happening that I don't know. I have that happen with names 20 times a day. I have I have an issue. The worst example of that that I ever had is once I was sitting on a high school class thing was my high school English class. I don't know why I was thinking about this, but I'm sitting there and I had to turn to It's a friend of understand next to me. And I turned him and I said, I know this is a really stupid question, and I can't get it out of my head. But what was Hitler's last name? Yeah, e ever looked at me and he was like, Are you serious? I just think of it right now. Theo, there's a thing. I don't know if I have this. I don't know if I'm diagnosing myself. Isn't wrong thing called Nanami aff Asia which is like the inability to remember like names or like to be able to identify someone. And it's gotten to the point with me where I I will like if I don't say your name every day or so. There's a good chance that in the next day I will forget it during the day and will not build a recall like there's been co workers that I have like I work next to, and my brain goes, you know, the next hour you're not gonna know this person. You're gonna have to deal with that. And I hate it so much. Worst timing ever happened was on the spot. I've told this story before. We had Paul sheer on and at the end of the show, Often we have a guest. I like to say thank you to the guests for being there five minutes before that happened, my brain went We're gonna forget his name right now. Did you? D'oh! Oh, Panic for one, internally And, uh, grass for whatever I could found the name Paul Shear somewhere had no confidence. No, I I said I went You know what? We have to commit to this and just hope. And I said Paul sheer, um, dying inside 1000 deaths. Cameras cut. I went, just looked out. Got it was that's his name. That's his name was right. He was so good. You should've just reversed image. Searched him, Just taking a picture like an augmented reality overlays. This is the E R. Thing on the Google fix. The first time I ever met Trevor, I went over from the bungalow. I was working. I was told, Go find Trevor in achievement Hunter. He can help you in the small walk from there. So the tube in her office, his name became Nathan in my brain until I walk in like a anything Ah, back a nice. And he's like What the fuck? I never had no idea. I was turned around just like Who are you talking? That's so good. Like you're some crazy. Looks like a Nathan to me. Sure. So it would be a Nathan. Here's my boy. Yeah, let's start calling him Nathan. And I still todo about about another Nathan, though. Yeah, well, you nice is there's already a Nathan and everything. Networks were There's only one. Trevor, let's not double upon names if we don't have to. Yeah, sure Got to me. Jones. Already the to Becca's here. No, to Gavin's. I'm really first year. Whereas I think other people that have the same name on this podcast right now Oh, there's gonna get it. The thing I just said, I don't listen. You have time. I just wait. We've come through it. It's very hard to listen to people in the cost of all. You're on it. Yeah, because you're trying to think of things that that's something that I've recognized in doing twist streaming with Bruce teeth in that the people who are over and core who are on the streams, they don't have a background in doing any video game content. Let's plays or anything like that. And so not that I have an extensive one, but I've done it for a while. I personally stream for awhile. I've done some random videos with humor. Hunter, I'm talking about rage. Quit? That was one of the first years of data to matter. Uh, and you kind of like you that you don't realize that that's like an actual skill, like even what you guys do with all your let's play stability to play games and also talk, make banter, tell stories, and that is a whole coordination of the brain and you're under and your hands everything. But if you just go suddenly into that, I always found that it wasn't actually difficult to talk and like, transfer it in its more difficult just to shut up and listen so, you know, just blindly spewing random crap you're doing in the game over the top of everyone else. On when, when we have new people come in, sometimes they're the loudest people in the video. Yes, Like back like you. You gotta learn to collaborate. So that's the improv was really good for I did that first round of classes with everyone. There are a lot of exercise is about. Listen. Shut up. Don't say a word with them. Finish and then repeat what they said back to them when you're on a mike or you're in front of people. Aah! It's easy to just start like I need to fill the space. I need to fill the time and to start going and talking or doing something. It's one of the hardest things about doing the life podcast Artie X and stuff is that you kind of have to keep the flow of conversation going on most the time you can't here and people. If someone's talking at you and they're telling a long story, it's fine. But if they just interject with a joke, chances are all missing and I'm gonna linear process. I have to go back and watch. What did that person say? That was so funny. I'll be like, Ah, that was funny. And in the moment I'm just like her, and I just have to keep going, as if I've heard it on the spot. Same clued you in the same hall at R T X, and it's just a giant echoey room. Yeah, we're all facing out, and just and then all the noises coming back to this like reverberation, there's like I don't know, I would love to wear headphones on notice, to be honest. Okay, we'll do it. It's even worse for on the spot because we've taken over. Sometimes when people get up and they go in front of the table that we're all at and perform out that way, so I'm seeing the backs of them. I can't even watch their lips. I can't take anything and I'm just hearing fragments of the scenes they're doing. What I wanna say is that my life is really hard and I really want need your help. We talked about this. I totally should subject. We talked about this before the podcast started. I had a have any of the other day. Well, before we get to that, there's something else I want to mention. So I said I was reading the comments on the last podcast on YouTube, which just came out yesterday on YouTube, and I saw that thing about people said that Drew really fit in. But I read another comment that really got to me and it made me really nervous and self consciousness about you. Now they didn't know it was about me, but it was about me they said at one point during the pockets of it, What section it was, he said. Someone knows is whistling a lot. It's 100% me. My nose whistles all the time, all the time. But a lot of guys in there right now. Can we wait? Audio listeners were resisting an audio. Probably heard it. So now it's like whenever someone else's talking, I make a conscious effort to get away from my mike and to not have my nose right up on it so that you can hear my nose whistling. Does more stories. Can you get, like, a no spray or something like a saline miss? That's yeah, that will help. Okay, I got to get it. Got to do that because of what? You just slightly go see them open while you talk. I think the whistles up here, like in the bridge, and sometimes I'll be sitting at home and it's like it's quiet in the TV's off and like I'm sitting there and Esther's on the couch, she'll turn to me and say, like, does that not annoy you? Sorry, You could hear that. Oh my God. I thought it was just things you pick up on when you're living in that close quarters with someone for that extended period of time, like so many idiosyncrasies that I didn't know I had that Michael's like, Stop. Stop rubbing your tongue on your bottom retainer. Stop it. No, He sees me like, do this all the time. And I am now so painfully aware of how often I do it. I do it all the time and I can't stop. I can't. I had an ex that that it was any time I touched my facial hair. Anything my brother are just like playing with your moustache like, um, I was well, just been through rock center. Look out. It didn't work out. But the thing I was going to say we were before the podcast we were talking and, ah, anybody ever watched good eats, You know, the Bronco. Apparently just ah started up a new episode came back Chicken, Parmesan, chicken, Parmesan. And they did Ah, superfood like they did a second episode about like, what's that Keen wa and Chia seeds. And when they were talking about Chia seeds, he said something I never connected the dots on. Yeah, the seeds you put on Chia Pets are chia seeds that we eat now, right? You just like you knew the word You blow like thousands of mines right now I was like, Holy shit on you show me what she a pet was. I imagine they were American date when it grows for water, huh? Right. So it was that edible in that form. I don't know. Maybe it waas it would've been It would've been fried. She sees that Then you mixed with solution and then did the pasty over the thing. So imagine the wrong version had to be, But that might be why he was pasty like you added the water to it like you know, you eatem you add like a liquid and they get like that stays the people any chance seeds themselves expanding absorb water and become sticky. So, like they're no seeds? No, Not like she sees She sees air weird. They become gelatinous. All you're seeing is always sticky. Hey! Oh, yeah. I was saying that that should be a time That should be a chia pet. That was just a Culkin bulls. And it becomes his puberty. And I know there's no way that I'm sure Spencer gifts probably sells one of those. Let's see. Come on. I just want to run it and I don't see one. Also oversee. Aah! Harry Dick would be concerning maybe just on the bulls. Hey, would you get here your dick in his hair? Yeah. How far down the left? I mean, like, it's got these random ones that go up higher than it really prefer. I mean, I shave. Oh, yeah. No, that's that's like it's wedged in the undercarriage. Yeah, the underside of a Penis get pretty hairy. Like where it meets the balls. I just thought it was just like ball. No, it goes, It goes from the balls up the shaft. Wow. Yeah, there's have you? No, not the whole. Okay, grab a piece. You know, hair looked up is a jealous man. Oh, is it? Wait down there, even Oh, I mean, he has hair, but like, the's just he doesn't have to shave. He has, like, like, 15 whiskers that you've never just upside of the dick and had a look on anyone else. It's been a long time. Well, you forget. Have you forgotten penises? E I try to forget some of them. E. I'm just like I Oh, yeah, you know, like like it's like I was just like a halo, like the top hair, like pubes. I feel like circumvented the deck and then went down. I know like a big mound of pubic hair on a Penis. It's more of just like it's not like a gradual. It's like tapering off, but it's not like a heart out. But I did it because I I manscaping me like that. And but there was a moment recently where I found a hair that was like the higher than I've ever seen. I was like, That's a little high Let's back off guys but that But that's like par for the course for me in that I think that because of my chemical treatment that I can't have to do for myself or I lather to stop staring myself every single day of my life that I've gotten Harrier and hairier and most guys actually do like there's a lot of guys would get hearing Harry, but it's like because I've gone from like, hairless Wonder as an adult and now, like 30 coming on 35 like I got a lot more hair than I've had before, and it just is not going to stop it. Mike, is it going to stop if I stopped doing my treatment? Is that what's gonna work out? Who's a lot? Yeah, Well, end, I don't know, because, like, I used to not have, like, hair on my upper arms, but like, I've shaved, but you can see it's growing back Well, and like this gets this whole arm will get shaggy everything like that. Like I would say. Now, you're Harry than most people. I usedto have, like, only a little like patch of hair on my chest. But now, like, I've got, like, good amount of chest hair. I'm not Gavin like you've you are, you know, fucking Jew baka. But maybe that's why I've noticed the base. So the Penis? Yeah, that was a time I was like, I have a little trim. It was like, I guess I have to trim their Yeah, that's interesting. So lift up and that's down, boss. Fine. Deal about you bum of the Penis. Oh, yeah. Uh, you gotta You gotta be careful. I don't know if it's any. I guess it's more on the But I never paid attention to, like, the distribution around the shaft, but I guess, yeah, that makes sense. I always found it strange that from underneath the bulls look like they're, like, halfway down the Penis. Wait. What do you mean, what? Just because the Google bulge eyes like, find the balls, but it is in the same shape as a Penis. What? So I need a three d rendering of what he is explaining, I guess. Look at a guy from behind the knoll. Fourth KK weight, hanging balls. But they're like an area behind the pools that is guys and just viewing flaccid Penis and balls. How do I back conversation? I'm not even speaking into a microphone. Is that this is how you back out of a conversation? I had a crazy story the other day. Apparently there was a fake U S embassy that was operating in Ghana. I remember for about a decade it operated in Ghana a decade. Yeah, and they were issuing at that point, you're not a fake years, NBC. I think you become one. They're issuing common visas for people to come visit the U s and they have. So the way it worked was they were operating this building, and another business in the building was like a sewing, like a textile manufacturing. So they had sewing machines and whatnot. So when you know people want visas, they would bring the passports in so they could take the passport apart and then re sew it together using the industrial sewing machines that they had in the way that the passport's actually constructed. And they would issue fake visas. There were almost indistinguishable from real visas. So and they would give them to someone They would come to the U. S and says it looked at the same at point of entry. The person who inspected the passport visa thought it looked identical to the real thing and they would let him into the country. I stand by what I said you they were a real embassy of that Essentially was in Ah Akra Ghana. So it was in the U. S. Government had no idea that it was operating. I guess they finally realized it and shut it down like it's one thing to give out fake visas, but to have like a fake almost storefront. What? What? Surely that were there were no Americans working there. So why? How would they have thought it was a real embassy? Or maybe everyone will have? No, if you don't. If you have never visited embassy, that's your only interaction. Maybe you think that's fine. Like every time I went to the American Embassy in London, I would always have to drive with a fake embassy. Did not accept walk in Visa appointments. Instead, they drove to the most remote parts of West Africa to find customers. Our advertising, the service's through fliers in Billboard. They would shuttle the customers, too. Akra rent them in a room in a hotel nearby. Well to and from the fake embassy. That was crazy. You just made me think of Ah, realization I had that I swear connects to what you just said. But it's like it's on the on the subject of like, you know, the designation of something being legitimate or illegitimate and that kind of thing it was. Hang with me. It was watching the live action reboot of Aladdin, Um, which I did not really like the majority of film. But there came a point that they got near the end of the film where they were re creating a moment from the cartoon that made me see that moment of cartoon in a different light. And it was when Jafar now has the lamp spoilers. If you haven't seen a latte, uh, he has the lamp and he makes his, uh, his first wish, which is He wishes to be sultan. And in the cartoon genie does this whole thing and all this magical dust happens everywhere and the sultan's clothing comes off like that and puts it on Jeff Orange far becomes Sultan. They do it in the movie and they do similar same thing. But for some reason, because it wasn't cartoonist rethink that you saw real people. It was it made me realize. How is he the sultan now, like what has closed? He was so just go Oh, he's the sultan like, But they didn't, like get all magical dde like there was, like a bunch of, like, duster thing with their own, like hypnotized now and like rewrite history is just he's still five minutes later, They're like, Oh, you know that Yeah, they remake movie the captain of the guard after being beseeched by Jasmine goes Okay, Yeah, he sold it like the original guy. Gotta follow him. Like I would say in the remake, thinking about it now. I never really thought about that. The genie just did a terrible job. Yes. Just gave him an outfit. It should have been something quickly became Sultan. There was no deed recorded or yeah, there was no passing of any sort of official business. It was just He's sultan. Now. We going, uh, which was just layers of like, how dumb that movie was. But you took me out of the movie of roses. He's not Sultan. They won't do anything. Cosplaying does go from Sultan, too. Sorcerer in the cartoon. What does he do that in the contest? Because he's, uh, he because he's doing power tripping the whole time. And it's like they that she won't be with him when he's Ah, Sultan's was like, I'll be the most powerful source where in the world, And then you'll be mine, that kind of thing. I believe I was really hoping in the remake. The end bit would be more epic. It was not. It was like everything in the movie was kind of in line with the cartoon the whole way, and then the end was just glossed over. There was no like vanishing Aladdin out, too, you know, and snow and all that shit. That's what he wants. But then there was no bit would like the genie like rolling that I was just waiting for the big rolling pillar of the thing that's been that snake that was like Same with, like The Lion King remain where that movie made epic amount of money. But to go watch it, it's just terrible. And it's like translation of the Lanqing cartoon in that they, like they're trying to recreate these moments, and they're just failing miserably at even like just copying, right? Um, like the even though the scene and Lanqing reboot where he ah, you know again, spoilers of wanking. If you haven't seen a 25 year old faucet gets killed. And it's that moment where Rufus is climbing up more. The most epic moments of, like cartoon history of him climbing up that hill scar, you know, does that whole dramatic moment of like putting cause on move fast and gets really deep in there. And Jeremy Irons gets really gutter. Owns, like Long Live the King is just great moment, huh? Was a good year. Millions. Oh, thank you. Love that, man. Good, Alfred. He, uh, you know, launches off and it becomes very dramatic. And they cut Simba's, you know, shot. And he's like, eyes great. The remake the guy like, leans in and says Some forgettable line without any, like gravitas or or emotion. And then the moment ends. And I was like, I wanted to stand up in the theater just like scream. I come on like you haven't seen the new like It's not good, but I didn't hate the Al I don't want to know is that it's cool to see everything big and real. The New Lion King has made over $512 million in the US Yeah, I think I think internationally had passed like 1.1 billion international. It's about a million. Yeah, a lot of money so that no matter what about it doesn't. That's why I point out, like my criticism of these movies means nothing. They're doing exactly what Disney once they're making boom box and people are going to go see them and it makes people wanna watch the originals. That was the other thing about the speaking of going last last tension about linking that I wanna hear. What you're saying is that the Lanqing remake is that it made me realize that Lanqing cartoon was shot amazingly. And they did even like, camera movements in camera tricks that it'd like focus pulls on the ants and then, like, two things which were nuts. And that was also what kind of took me out of the remake is that they didn't do some of these very iconic ones. Like one of my favorite shots is in that similar scene where Simba is, Ah, staring down the wildebeest coming down that, like, you know, the trench and into him. And to do that great jaws movement where it zoom in and but pull out. And so his perspective changes. But his country, like a dolly zoom, was Hitchcock the one who originated that I've always affecting it. Okay, it's that. And it was like, that's a great shot that, like, is so good. And it really pulls you into the fear of sympathizing me like that. They didn't do that in the remake. I was like, You suck. And that's my Ted talk about Lanqing remake. I'm sorry. If you really like it, it's okay to enjoy what you like. I'm not trying t ask you about Disney. Plus, you're gonna sign up for that. Have already talking way have talked about. I thinkit's looking pretty compelling and pretty interesting. And they have some. It seems like they're gonna have a bundle with Lulu as well. Who ruined because Disney owns who live, Right. So I get free Who through? Spotify. And so I'm wondering if I could get this trickle down. Yeah, it's ad supported, but it's free. Oh, yeah. I'll send you a link later. E think I'll do that three year thing they're doing. But I know you can get a three year broke their website with that guy. No way. Haven't signed up yet. We've been trying for, like, 140 bucks for three years of Disney. Plus came out, you know, with small children, that is absolutely an investment that I can see returning. There are so many Disney movies that I haven't seen because they've been locked away in the vault. Yeah, I like Song of the South. I don't think that one's making it with that. We're gonna be in this play, and I'm going to be there. Only a movie. All right. What's gonna wrap this up? Thanks for watching. Everybody will see you guys next time. Happy Labor Day. Bye.