#561 - You Could Wring Me Out Like a Towel

Join Blaine Gibson, Chris Demarais, Miles Luna, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss owning a dog, early dating experiences, the best video game movie ever, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-09-10 19:00:00

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Participants: Blaine Gibson, Chris Demarais, Miles Luna, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 561. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first, not rooster teeth dot com. Ah, hello, everyone. Welcome to the receive podcast. This episode brought to you by express bbn and stamps dot com I'm fibra. I'm blamed. I'm Chris. I'm my house and I'm Barbara. Wrong drawer. And that's Dutch. How have we been blessed by this? This young boy? How lucky are we today? We're gonna see how he does. Like, right now he's in his own ass as Ugo. Okay, Yeah, Just stay like that. That arrest the park. Perfect. So how long have you had your beautiful dog boy? Dutch? Uh, a little over a week. I got him last Saturday and I've got stories to tell Jesus and pretty cool. Hopefully we'll get some out of tonight is in the red touch. He's such a good boy. You say that right now. Let's remember that you said that at the top of the pile. We're gonna review it at the end of the show and see if that's still true. Isn't it, Roy? I see little Hillary's Aaron. You you beautiful Paris into a lot of puppies, right? Dog Watson. I'm a dog on the podcast. That one time and one time that dog took a shit on this. But I do know what I know. Gus remembers to my favorite, uh, favorite dog, one of my favorite dog to the office. Now that I have Dutch here, too, he's in that top list. Um, Is Arthur Sofia Nathan's dog the like? Tiny, little I forget what breed it is, but, um, that dog, every time I come into the office to see it, it starts peeing because it gets so excited, like, all come into pet. I'll go. Hi, Arthur. And it'll just start vibrating And then, like, leg will go off and I'll just be a trickle of p. That dog looks like you gave, like, an instagram algorithm the job of creating a dog specifically for instagram. And then three printed that little little beautiful creature. Uh, apparently, spaces wants you in correct. My God, which all is your damn dogs? D'oh! That's a criteria is doing in that picture. You can't see it sitting on his dick. The public, that dog's pistons, eerie and better compliment than someone paying themselves when they see you. Um, okay. Valid question. Like let's get back to that. I'm gonna think on that before we do. We actually have a really cool announcement that we have for you guys and to say that announcement we got Mr Jeff. Randy joining us on the podcast views immediately went up. Where to go. My camera anywhere. Hey, there I am. I say I think you guys, uh So, yes, I am a welcome burning oil on the podcast. The Arctic podcast means one of two things. Either an apology or an announcement. It takes the form of an announcement. Um, and because I can't be to the point, I'm gonna I'm gonna me under a bit okay. In the process of us becoming a part of the Warner Brothers family, and it was nothing like confusing it all to us in any way whatsoever. We became a part of a full screen on immediate 18 Thio, Warner and elation. It's it was all very straightforward and made total sense on a piece paper. Uh, we became a part of the Warner Brothers family, and they keep using that word family and So the first thing I think of when I think of families, I wanna borrow stuff. Okay, So Louis and I thought, What could we do with the Warner Brothers family? That would be really cool. Uh, and we've been working a lot on merch in the background, doing capsule collections, the Jeff line, the barber line, Um, fantastic. The achieve line. Becoming, like, more high end fashion and doing limited run cool stuff. So we presented we put together, put our nerdy little heads together, and we worked on this whole plan and also with Ryan Quinn and the merch team, obviously. And we presented at the Warner Brothers and said, Hey, we want to do collaborations with your with your products with your brands. I know what you have in mind. And so we thought Fuck it, That man And, uh and they said, Oh, yeah. Okay. Which I did not expect. You know, the moon. We were hoping Batman, and we're gonna ask Batman. And then we would work away all the way down to during landing orange lantern like one time used, killed off immediately character Ah, in the DC universe. But they know They said Yes. And so, uh, over the last few months, maybe a little longer than that. We have been preparing. Ah ha. Really cool merch opportunity where we're gonna do this very special capsule collection called DC 27. It's called that because Warner Brothers is letting us take art from the original Detective comics number 27 way back in 1800 to whatever first came out, and they're letting us merchandise it in a way that's never been done before. No one has ever put these graphics and stuff on before, not in a complete way. And so that I am announcing that we're have a very special capsule collection that we're doing in partnership with Warner Brothers. That's gonna come out on September 21st which is Batman Day, which is the thing that is a That is a big thing. And apparently it's, I think it's Batman's 80th anniversary. And so, for Batman's 80th anniversary on Batman Day 9 21 you can go to the roost if website and you can buy a very special limited run of rooster teeth, Batman clothing, I think that they're gonna throw some previews up, but also that I think collider has, like an exclusive on it, because now that we're working with real properties, we get riel articles and stuff. So, uh, you got a collider? You can see a preview of all the merchandise. You'll be ableto go in like I said on the 21st and buy it on the loose teeth website. Hopefully, you will buy it out, eh? So that they'll let us do this again in the future. But I'm not gonna stop there because not too long after that comes the month of October. And after the month of October comes the month of November and in the month of November were doing the achieve Batman Collection, which is another one, which is a little less straightforward that the the Batman you really got me one boys. And I like that. It's us taking really cool art from the Batman franchise from Detective Comics 27 trying to find cool ways to make it make T shirts and hats and stuff out of it. But achieve X. Batman is gonna be like, ah ah, true collaboration. Where are artists were wild with their artist and we created Ah, some really cool achievement hunter slash Batman Collaborative merchandise. So look for that in the future to in November. But first is when you can buy rooster teeth, X, Batman. They let us officially make Batman Merchant s. Oh, that's very cool. And hopefully, if this goes well and this sells out and then the achieve X Batman sells out in November, then next year you'll get to see even more. We've got, like, a whole list of, like, stuff properties we asked to collaborate with. And a lot of that they said yes, too. And some of it they said, maybe, too. And some of that they said, too. But we're working down the list. And so if this goes as well as I hope it does, the 1st 1 was Batman. Yeah, well, we feel like I said, Shoot the moon with that man, and then the next gets hopefully a little easier. Um, but yeah, So check it out. Got a collider. If you want to see what it's gonna look like, Hopefully you if you like that man like I do. I started reading comic books when I was five years old. Ah, about my 1st 2 comic books in 18 0 TEU in 18 87. So one of them was Batman. The other one was another property that we won't say. But I've been reading Batman Comics for 39 years now. And so the idea that we get to work with that man And if official capacity is beyond cool to me and hopefully you guys will like it too. And that's the end of my announcement portion. Now the apology portion. Sorry about how I look in my face and my body and everything. That's OK. I like it. Not much I can do about it. I learned to cope with it. I appreciate that you've had years to get used to it, but the audience, it could be shot out of a trigger warning at the top of the video. Thank you very much. Includes Jeff. That's awesome. I was told that you had a nasty something with Batman and I had you don't even know what I didn't know what it was. I was hoping it was gonna be that you are back now. This is one of those things people always ask, Like what goes on behind the scenes when they say, like Oh, my God. It's that way for y'all stuff, too, But, like, why is Jeff not in content? Where Jeff and Louis always on a plane to it's stuff like this? Yeah. We're trying to make really cool opportunities for his teeth and get the leverage the power of of, ah, our family. Our larger family said that. Like that man, this is one of those ways. So hopefully you guys will like it. And if you don't, that's cool, too. You're not required to buy merchandise. But I'd be really sweet if you did. I now look forward to know, Van, remember? I see the rest of my time to the four of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Francie. Everyone. Excellent. That's crazy, man. That is so cool. Mainly that he just He lived through the wars. I have you back then when the books came out. Looks great for his age. The warden's great for his age. You know the war's How did he get his comic books delivered like by boat. A steam steam train Zeppelin mostly seven. Definitely Zeppelin. Hindenburg blew up. It was all the comics inside the horse and carriage. Oh, yeah, horse and Carriage Zeppelin was steam thing. Was that a thing, or is that just like a made up steampunk thing? You know, like they think steam was a thing like this Steampunk air steam era. Let Okay, keep going. I'm historically, Yes. When was the steam era? Okay, let me distilled to that. Sure. Okay, so, you know, like boats right now, like boats used to be like wind, right? And like people, there was, like, a people in a wind era. And then along came some folks that were like shit, dude, steam. And then there was a big steam era for a really long time. There was, you know, there was steam boats, uh, train that trains Cole. You know, that was also steam. Yeah. Uh, and then the steam punks. Okay, I'm trying to figure out what you are trying. You know that. Like we utilize our things, right? Yes. Okay. So what are you asking? Kind of know? Like, I guess. Where does what? Where does coal and steam fit in with these? Cool. Worse. An animation. So, Cole, you power the fire. Which sheets? The water creates steam created in conjunction. Yes. Okay. Oh, No, that's fair. I'm not reading the safety hunt. Can I ask you a question? Yeah. Fall follow question. So, what do you think? Steampunk? Iss. I think that's more of an aesthetic, right? It's that light with that futuristic like glasses. But also use the word futuristic for like, uh, like metal the glasses and, like, goggles. Goggles are definitely big part. Very. Steven, you're you got? You got the glasses. He, uh, the goggles e. That's very important. Top hats for years, A lot of years, someone say, in an unnecessary amount of years. But the steampunk people clocks, clocks, clocks, dials. Um, you know, it's kind of like how, um, you know, fallout, right? The video game cereal out. That is an alternate history And where, after discovering the power of, uh, like the nuclear bomb at all, technology went full on nuclear like we're all going nuclear. Everything nuclear car, their boats. And was that before or after the steam? That would have been after the steam. And it's a very good question. Um, if you have things like you know, uh, I'm trying things like another old history thing, and I am drawing a blank right now, but I know it's not like that. Okay. What if everything was steam powered? Yeah, it's like, yeah, including CLO. It's if we still use steam 100% right now like that. That's kind of the idea behind steampunk yet. Yeah. Okay, cool. Now, what about the P? Let's go back to that. What? Your compliment. Compliment, then someone, someone using himself an excitement to see. Probably Batman wanting to make clothes with you. That's a pretty big compliments. A good compliments. But if Batman peed himself in excitement meeting me, I would be the coolest motherfucking alive. What would you even know was there? I have a question for you guys. I've always wondered about this. So when you guys were, like young teenage boys, if you constantly you're right. Well, yes, but if you saw, like, a girl you're interested in are attracted to would you get a boner, like, just on site? Yeah. Uh, it was, like in the middle of class, and then she was wearing something that was like, Aah! And then I kind of zone out. Or, uh, if I saw her and thought about it for like, more than 10 seconds. Yeah. Yeah. It was like, if it if I anything, any, any any of my steampunk, any gear, two years or turning. But that's also nature. Like you could get a boner, cause you, like, saw really good looking ham sandwich. It could be anything, like, rubbed your dong against the desk in a certain way, or you're just in a moment where it's like, it be really unfortunate. If I got a boner right now, then you're like, E. I feel like I learned so much about things when I don't talk to you guys on the clock. Now that's dangerous, because what you could be learning is complete misinformation. That's good. Actually, I don't know if it's a good grouping of people to get us appalled. Absolutely not. Absolutely not about high school middle school boners, then? Yeah. Then maybe you're off. You're like, set. I heard something, but it was, like, way after the fact. But I heard that because it's all blood pressure based your boner if you just flex the shit out of your legs, Theoretically, the blood should flow out to other parts of your body. Try that, huh? Can you try it? I don't think we're gonna need to get blamed. Boehner just real quick. We're gonna get blamed. Boehner way. I just liked the idea of like you get a boner. So then you just go on, you flex it away. Sleeper, hold on that boat. A little ways so strong. He he out flights over nine inches when you had your first kiss, You to get a boner course. Well, no, no, I was terrify was a teeny tiny boy. When I had my first kiss, I got like what? I was waiting to hear how you're going to feel that like I No, I like bring me out like a towel Thies this Christ, you you, like, paused for a moment of like, Is this too much? And then you let it all out. Just all of it. I like my parents. You do. I I went on a date when I was a middle school, this girl and the date went really well up until the point where we did start kissing. And I was like, Whoa, didn't think this was gonna happen tonight. Neat. This is great. And then I got a boner, and then I didn't know, why don't you go with that situation? And I was like, if she feels my boner while we're pressed up against another, she's gonna think I'm a gross pervert. I don't know why my brain thought this, and I thought that that was the most indecent thing. So that meant we're kissing. And then I just started scooch in scooch in my like, waste away from her as if there was, like, one of those, like exercise ball are like And she was like, What are you doing? Kept getting close and was like nothing. And for some stupid fucking reason, my dumb like you best in brain was like, if she finds out you have a boner, this'd over. Ironically, it was that behavior which kind of didn't leave in a second date. You should have been, like preparing talking procedure. My, I must have been, like, maybe 13. I don't know what to do with any of my feelings or body or any. Like she, like you had more of a chance of her seeing it as you backed up further and further away from her. Here's the thing that her accidentally grazing it. You're 100% right? I was just an idiot. I was lesson thinking about any of that stuff. Always thinking was like must avoid awkward conflict. Let me make this a million times worse. I want all of it. I want to say that my first kiss, I was actually in tights. I was dressed as Peter Pan. So, like he was a Halloween. Wendy. Uh, no, she was Tinkerbell. So, like she told me she's going to Tinker Bell. And I was jokingly I was joking because I wanted to surprise her and was like, I'm gonna go. There's the incredible whole can choose like it's cool. Like, didn't really care. And I know I'm gonna dress up Peter Pan's surprised her, and this could be so romantic. Show Peter panel looks like a fucking idiot. Peter Pan, I have tights on just like hell. Agree. Uh, that must have been, like middle school. Or maybe, like, freshman year. Highest court. Yeah, like, 13. 14 somewhere on her. And I remember she saw me, and she's like, Wow, like like, didn't give a fuck. You guys kiss eventually. Then later on, I remember her parents were chaperones at the dance, so they were probably just like, No, no, they saw a kid addresses Peter Pan like he's got no chance waken taken away. How'd it happen? I mean, he's a slow dance, so we're, like, you know, five feet apart, that is. And then we slowly worked in the driest mouth ever. And just like here we go. Here we go. And it was just like the tightest like like kissing, kissing a butthole. He was just, like, dry and tight, That's all. There was an audible What? From the broadcast kissing a bottle. You know, that's just, uh, kissing my whole explode. Christ, Crystal was your first kiss. Uh, is that a movie theater? Nice, Uh, going to see a movie. And then I was like, This is this girl. She she she had done a lot more stuff than I, uh and so I was like, we're totally gonna kiss. And the whole time I was, like, freaking out, like, I wish I'd do it. And I was like, I kept I had a little, uh I meant, uh, dropper thing. I kept putting the whole movie, but I have never wanted it. And it said in the movie ends, Then everyone leaves. And we just kind of sit there at the about these credits, huh? And we're just sitting there and I'm like, all right. And I'm like, I don't lean in to kiss her. Then she pulls it and kisses me. Helen, she was, like, fucking kit. Oh, yeah. String beans over. I always found it was so awkward to have, like, a kiss at a movie because, like him, I don't know. I've done a lot more than the kissing Mary. Oh, this is the competition. Well, when you're in, like, high school and you're like, I don't have, you know, have you been jerked off in a movie? Not to completion, but it was you. Did you have exposed dick at movie theater? Was more under under it, like, just kind of like like you were if you were in pants, like you do to my dad and I were way, way, way Oh, I will close. That did not fit me. Drop your bone, but multiple car multiple carter shorts. So 80 pockets 1000 sippers. Okay, respect. No, I know a lot of kids do that. Well, here's the thing, right, Because like, I'm going to a movie is the first date is terrible idea after the I yet because I didn't like starting to clean the theater. Also, what happened was I went to the movie. It was pretty busy. And then So the movie ended and we're both like, Well, let's you know, we we've already fooled around, so we let everyone leave, And then once every gun we start making out, we're fooling around to the point where it's, you know, for like, five or 10 minutes and then we hear the people come in to clean move. You're like, Oh, shit, we gotta go. And then we got up to leave. Her brother was picking us up to take us, but like we thought it was gonna be one of those things. Like he'd be like, waiting in the car or like, calm or something. He was waiting at, like the front of the theater where so it's like we walk out like, 10 minutes after the movie ended, and he's just sitting there waiting. I mean, he probably didn't know Law run time. It is knowing everyone left. Everyone let the theaters like women. He's sitting there waiting for another 10 minutes. This story makes me want to fucking press hate this, so I fucking But this was in the first case. This is a difference. That was not our first kiss. This was like a boulder out. Yeah, this was likely. Weaken we knew were like, I just picturing what the Alamo does when the movie ends is like they turn on the lights, and then a countdown timer starts. It was anything like that. Just imagining you guys like racing the clock like not okay. Yeah. No, I mean, it was like a just a regular, you know, whatever theater. So there were There was no, like, rush to get in. We're all right. We're alone time device that we're gonna be here, huh? People do some fucked up shit in there. What's the weirdest thing you ever saw working a movie theater? I saw I saw a girl going down on a guy. Nice. Yeah, I was just like, what do you do in that situation? Just fucking throw milk duds from the aisle and try and get him the fuck out of there. I was 15. I don't really care if you were probably like in your twenties working movie theater, I probably wouldn't care. Carrie, I guarantee most employees at places like that. I don't care unless they got a stick up their ass where they're like a manager of some sort. It's just like an employee there. Probably. I feel like like you run into those people every now and then. I remember like I went to I was like 24 my sister was 29 we're going to a movie that was, I think I don't know if these are a PG 13 but the guy ticketed us. He was like, We need to see your I D. And I was like, Dude, like, I think it would be the guy that would just come in and just be like, No jerk it all call of the police. This is the cry, I think throwing milk duds shame makes you walk naked. Honey, I'll out of the theater doing about this episode of the receipt pockets is brought to you by stamps dot com. Back in the day, sending our BB DVDs through the mail was a big job. One of the toughest part of making and selling products online is the shipping. Of course, no one really wants to go to the post office. You're busy. Who's got time for all that traffic parking, lugging all your mail and packages? It's a real hassle. That's why you need stamps dot com stamps dot com brings all of the amazing service is of the U. 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Click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in Rooster that stamps dot com and enter the code. Rooster Thank you stamps dot com Firstborn sponsoring this episode of the receipt forecast. Now back to the ship. Um, I feel like it's funny. A lot of like dates that you go on when you're young is the movie theater, which is arguably a terrible place for a date because it's like, Where's Hey, what's up? I'm really excited to get to know you. Let's not look or talk at one another for the next, uh, to two tuna family. Stay here like pitch black. You good, like handholding time. So that's the next thing, right? Yeah, but I think first dater. Oh, well, at least maybe for now. Well, for Chris has done some stuff in movies later, right? That's the first date moved by under the pants, not to completion. There's like because, like, OK, I guess it makes sense, cause I was about to say, Like when you're a kid, you, for whatever reason, feel like you need to do all, like kissing or whatever, just like in the dead of night in a dark, shadowy realm where no one can see you. I was about to say, like, That's bullshit. Just do whatever you want, but I say it like if I was walking on the street, I saw just like to 14 year olds just making out I'd be like, Gross! I'm gonna go Tonto. There really is no like like having a physical relationship when you are like still living with your parents is like this, like, crazy game of like having to evade the eyes of anyone older than you, you her places and save your places and say, If you like, meet up like fucking movie theaters. Apparently, just like cold hands. If you're lucky, you have a car. And then that car's roomie otherwise cramps, sex or cramping, hooking up, cram pulling hand central to him, Not good car sex isn't I don't think yeah can be for like a brief minute for the outside of the car. Yeah. God damn. What a fucking man's man with such a fucking I am imagining you on the roof of a car. Exactly. Know he had a fucking convertible. Oh, my God. He was drowning in it. A go like, Are we talking like hood? Uh, yeah. Or you could get a Dutch camp, please. Hell, yeah. A fucking this rope. He's just going and it better be a Dutch angle angle. Yeah. Anyway, the official difficult. Yes, As you're saying, Yeah. Uh, good hut Hood or or like, I would like a hatchback thing with the thing open where it's, like, laid out flat school. Yeah, that's more roomy. Yeah. The ah, back seat probably is the best option. It's awful. But, you know, I mean front. I would not recommend the front seat will not blame you. Could use you now, get to enjoy the experience of having a pet. He's finding that. Ah, well, essentially, like if you ever get intimate with the person now, you need to You need have a plan in effect for this boy. No, he's It's We've we've been there. Done that He's okay. So what does that mean? Are you letting him watch? Are you putting him in? No. It goes in the other room, and he knows. He knows. Like he'll come out and like, he'll he'll look at her and then we'll look at me. He knows, but yeah, he definitely knows. He's a smart guy. He's knows. Just make a peep, though, which is great. Like, I think about it every now and then. And I had bad sex because of dogs being around. Oh, hey, buddy. Um but he's Oh, God, He's He's been pretty cool about it is like, don't let him lie. You make me watch. Yeah, man Ducks can ruin a an intimate time. Our noses are cold so far. Oh, God, So far, so good. So as a new dog. Dad, what are things that you, ah, did not think you would be ready to do but immediately have jumped out in order to protect you? You know, I'm just I'm constantly touching piss and shit. That's what's up. That's what I'm talking about. Shoving my hand on his throat to get like shit. Whoa! Hello? Get stuff out. He's got like me is lucky. Right now we're talking about you because we're talking about you. Yeah, we know we're not treats so fast. He's sitting good boy. And he taught me checks, but fuck, yeah, all right. He is a smart boy. He doesn't lay down well, proud of you. Um, so a lot of piss and shit, like piss and shit, Not not really in my apartment, which is cool, but it like outside And like, Yeah, I think he got me sick with something that gave me the shits. And then, like he had the shits were both just like, getting the shit. Is that a thing you think from dogs? Yeah, I was gonna ask This seems like a very gavin question. But, like, can you get like, could you share a cold with a dog? It wasn't a cold. It was like some sort of like stomach bug. Basically, that he probably picked up from the shelter that I got him from him. And then, uh And then he brought it to me. And then we were buddies. You patient zero. Here. Then what? People at the office have been sick. No, I got that. Like I got elements of his thing. I couldn't I could just be making it up, But I'm pretty sure we both got sick. You're bonded. Yeah, well, he's been really cool. He's like, six or seven is also still very much a puppy. Even has a fucking huge. Um, we only had our first bad day yesterday. No, what happened? Well, so, like, I was gonna see if I could hang out, like, go leave my apartment for, like, 30 minutes and go do a quick workout while he was out of his kennel. Because I hate, lose will kill. I feel that. And, uh, I do because, like, I leave it in my office, and he's fine, he just sleep in there yet your cup. But, um so I hear I'm, like, whining as I'm walking on the thing. It was like, it's okay, you know, he's gonna learn, and then I come back and he had, like, tourney up a corner of my carpet, and then he just, like, fucked my coffee table up. He missed you. Uh, and I was just, like, what? Hell like, And I couldn't I couldn't hit him and yell it. Um, just just like that's that's what you want to D'oh! But you're not supposed Thio. Uh, so I just kind of had to like, I knew he had it, like a bunch of excess energy, So I, like, went to the store. I feel fucked up, but I bought him like a bunch of shoe toys. I don't have $120 worth of toys like that. He could just fuck up. He's been loving that rope thing. Well, it is lead right now. Uh, yeah. Like I was so pissed off and then buying him toys felt so counterintuitive. It was like, it's like buying beer for a guy that just robbed me, take their aggression out on something else, right? Totally. So that makes sense to me. Yeah, just like, don't you? My table before you give it to him. It's too late. You probably gave I get a new dog because, like, I went the like, upset football coach father out with it and was like, Okay, you got a lot of excess energy, and we're gonna go for a run. And like we ran, he's a beautiful runner, too, but, uh, I ran the shit out of him So, meatball, who's my new dog? I've ever going on like a little cut, By the way, he's doing okay for a month. I'm talking about that. Um, God, time is what is time? Um so meatball, I got him from Austin. Pets alive. He is a newspaper. A quote unquote blue Lacey mixing. Ah, take one passes. So what that blue Lacey mixed with? I would guess. Pit bull. I don't even know what a blue Lacey is. Me neither. Hey, it's just you know what meatball looks like. Uh ah, blue lace. It looks like that, except without the joy. Enormous fucking terrain. A source head, I think the blue lace like it's ah, like a cow type coat maybe. Like he's like he's like a bluish gray with a little tuft of white on a white No sock on his roy. His head looks like a crock pot. I Hey, look, if you look down the barrel of a meatball like just my boy Wow. Wow, that picture does a good job of showing off the size of his now. Yeah, 80% head. I know it. Bernie was a dog. His proportions. They're so goofy. He's five and 1/2. He has Tyrannosaurus rex had and like, enormous pause. But then, like the skinniest 80 biddy little like hourglass ways. Um, he's watching his figure. He's really goofy. He's he's goofy, boy. But, um, yeah, I didn't as much as I would love a puppy, and I'm loving everything that Dutch is bringing right now. I was like, I'm old and dead inside, and I don't think I can keep up with that with my schedule. So look, I'll get an older boy. Ah, boy, Anxieties of thing. Ah, and works its way in mysterious ways with with poppers. And my first day, I got really lucky that my first day was the worst. It's only gotten better since then. Okay, I have to imagine it wouldn't be the same with Dodge because you guys get to know you because like they told me, they're like, Hey, so you know, this dog has been in a kennel than at home and back in a pound and all this stuff, so it's like he doesn't know what normal is, and he's gonna take like they were, like, give it up to a month for some, like weird behavioral things to go away on. Then if there's still some behavioral issues, then you might want to seek some help out with him. But that first month, he would do things where he would pee. When he got really excited, he would sometimes Penis candle, which I was like, That's not good. Um, but that first day I got him with this big ass metal Kendall because I had to go to work. It was a long day. I was like, Okay, hopefully is gonna work. All right. I got Kong put some peanut butter in. It is going to show at my lunch break, I came back just to check on him, and I got in my little car port open up my garage door and meatball standing there, just happy as can be. And I'm like how? That's not good. I stepped in, so my garage door headed, the paint just scraped off and there was some blood on it. He scraped, really bled. He's poor, anxious little boy. There was pee all over the living room and I went to the scene of the crime he bent out of his metal candle. He had, like, a scrape across the face is like, Hey, what's up on people? I feel no pain. What's going on your patio with that big fucking Megamind head of his helmet under his head. So then I had to go back to the store, and I like, fortunately, the people of Petsmart Tomlinson's were super fucking cool because they're like, Yeah, you had that thing for a day. Um, I actually know how I got there, and I had gotten that morning before work due to just, like reasons I only have that morning before work getting this candle. Um, So by lunchtime, I called the I normally Tomlinson's. But I got this thing from PetSmart and I call the same person was still on the same work shift there. Like, Dude, I saw you this morning. Like, just bring it back in. Just bring back in. We'll get you a better one. Yeah. Yeah. So I had to get, like, the top of the line. Maximum security, Hannibal proof like puppy kennel. But he's been really good about it ever since. Dizzy pee in it again. No, he's gotten He's gotten over that. I think that was just the early anxiety Um, but like it was wild. Like, there's two things that people would comment on when they would see me Paul. And that was always the size of his head and then followed by. If they were lucky enough to catch it within the first month, how big his Pisces are, he will go forever. I don't know what it was. It was the thing where he was, like, afraid to go until the last second. But like he would go. He once went for over a minute, like we started timing it. We're just just just let it go. Just looking around, just doing a thing like you just hold it forever wise have a tiny dory throw that just comes out like a player for very, maybe on 11. That reminds me of a So I was at a place where there's a bathroom that was, like, all genders bathroom. Sorry that they just threw up a picture. I don't want coffee started. So the thing that meatball does now for hours at a time as he sits near the window near my desk because there's much neighborhood cats that live near me and they used my front yard to, like, walk through and they love to shoot my backyard. Now that meatball lives there, Um and, ah, one time he saw a little kitten and it stopped in. They just stared each other for a bit on that one. On its way, every day, every single day he gets out of his cattle again. His food, he does thing with your body and then go straight to the window. He will sit there for our bank. Hey. Hopes to see them again when they come back every now and then, but nothing as he wants. I know when they come back, you'll go. Yeah, and then they go away. And then he's like, Where did they Where did they go? It'll just also learned that the room next to my office also has windows in it. If he squeezes behind the couch and they're so now, like this morning actually freaked out, but I couldn't find him for a second. I don't like meatball and I see all the drapes like fuck me like God, Look in here out of the dinosaur. But like, emerged from behind my my couch is like those stories just looking at cats anyway. Sorry. You're You're saying it's cool. It just reminds me a I was in a lycan all gender bathroom, and it was weird. I've never seen this before. Where one of those has urinals in it. Okay, because usually it's just like stalin look like another room. Yeah, because like you got your dick out, I It seemed like people don't want yes, people to see that. Um, but they had the bathroom stalls and the urinals, like on opposite walls of each other. Okay. And the bathroom stalls had those doors that had, like, the slates, sleeps or slats, whatever the world like. It's like a tilted way. Okay, on the window. Like you can't be in. But you could kind of see Oh, okay. I see what you're saying. Yes, I understand. I've seen in a couple bathrooms and, like I'm peeing and a guy comes to the urinal directly in front of the stall Lyman and like, faces the urinal. And I'm like, peeing and I like, you know, finish up and, like, put on my pants. And I'm like, this would be weird if I walked out with him, like, right on his back. towards me because maybe he doesn't know I'm in here and, like, I'll just I'll just let him finish up and walk away. He was peeing at that urinal, I think for like, two and 1/2 holding three minutes. Holy shit had wanted. You have, like, a bladder shyness where he, like, wasn't going for. But I think that she went and asked him after. Could you hear him actually, Ping like waiting? I couldn't, but he was, like, just not moving. Maybe he was on his phone. No, Uh, wait. He was no. Like you never checked your phone while you pee. I haven't I haven't stopped. Like I haven't, like, halted the whole process. Terrified that it looks like you're taking a picture of your Penis. Yeah, I know what a public bathroom is. A no go for me. Oh, yeah, I see that. Yeah, I'm just wondering, like, is there ever a time where you guys, like, have other than like, if you held your pee for a very long time, like on a road trip or something, and you're like, I have to pee so bad people like a minute straight, but like that seemed like a really unhealthy amount of time. Oh, yeah, I know. Absolutely. Get bladder infections. I think so. Yeah. If you hold your pee for too long. Where you had a movie theater? Um, no, I think was like a restaurant. I think girls can hold p for longer than guys because it's all like inside. Not outside. What? I don't know. Okay, wait. Why? No. Yeah, no, let me explain. I've heard that, like, girls convict for longer than guys because it's like they're all it's all inside world, like roll outside of our social media team are losing their shit just self. Never. Right now, Yeah. It's like it's like, where do you think our p, you know, in the neck of the Penis. I mean, it's like it's like just waiting to come out, man, is it not? No. Your bladder dog. I mean, I know that, but I'm like it's not like it's like at the It's not like it's it fills up into the tip of their ready. I'm gonna stop. I'm gonna stop dogging on Blaine. I'm gonna look this up. I'm gonna look this up because for all I know, I could be being a dickhead for absolutely no reason. Can girls hold for the res longer thinking, then men, I think it all depends on, like your ladder. I mean, do you think the P is stored in the balls? No, that's for the good times shoes. Looking at you like you're Oh, interesting. Well, this all women are at higher risk of bladder infections than men from holding their urine. Uh, sense, Uh, the decision holding years old. I want to say I don't know if it's easier for women to get bladder infections in this for guys, but it's all about, like, if bacteria gets in there, I think right. That's how you get a bladder infection. I don't fucking know Doctor's way. Clearly, we don't know anything about the human genitalia. Let me tell you about Jenna. Tell Leo. All right. I gotta get off bugle. I'm just seeing the darkness, the dark side of everything. There's no question that can your bladder explode? And I was like, No, I clicked on it. And Deacon burst your bladder is completely full. And then someone just happened to like No, I think if you just held in too long, I mean both. Both are viable reasons as to why your bladder could explode like that Timing for someone to come punchy. What's your bladder is absolutely right. I could imagine that this episode of the receive podcast is also brought to you by express vpn I've got a question for you. Which of my online searches does the government have the right to know about Maybe the weird thing I found between my toes or why my dog loves to stare at me while I poop The answer. None of the above. If you have expressed vpn with out Express, Vehbi ends protection. Though Hackers, governments and companies and I S P s all have full access to your data. I don't want them using my web history or video Search is against me. That's why I use express vpn every time I go online. I've talked to Gus about getting on a vpn and he's always telling me how easy it is to get started with express vpn. 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This is not a mad. This is an honest to God testimonial that I got to give and Erickson help me out here about something that we did over the weekend that I did not know I needed in my life. Eric. Welcome the show. Good to see you. But thank you very much. Bye, Eric. Everyone, this is Eric. But you're you're not. Not not necessary. Thank you very much. Wiles. What did we do this weekend? Um, our good friend Cole get us up this weekend inviting us out. Also from steam era. Also from steam era. Yes, invites that to a fun friendship. Ah, event. So our buddy Jeb and Travis, who both work here rooster teeth have started a bit of a side business together with this other guy, Matt, as well as a few other people on this side. Business is called Game on a T X, and what it is is a game show experience and the best organist explain what that is is. Imagine the immersion and like going out to do an escape room combined with your favorite trivia night at a bar. Essentially, we went split into two teams of three and played Wheel of Fortune. Ah, family feud and then did like the blanco. They didn't let you out until you want two of the three way won three of the three games, so you can go to hell while hogs baby. Yeah. No, it was 30 year teeming with 30 to 40. Farrell, you you walk in and they split you in two teams, and they have you pick a color a team name and then give you, like, a name tag. It's like, all right, whatever name you want, just not your own name. And then when you hear the music walk through that door, holy shit was like from the get go, because I didn't know what kind of what to expect. Like I was like, What is a gameshow experience on when Cole try to explain to me I was like, Oh, that'll probably cool. I'm in like the I'm not a typical customer and that, like, some of us, have had the opportunity to do things like to use that game fight and like on the spot and stuff like that was like, I've had the experience of being on a set. I'm sure it won't be that cool. I was so fucking wrong, right? I knew they were. I knew they were doing something really smart the moment I saw the name tags thing because right out the gate, they're essential, like hey, come up with the fun character that you're gonna be. I was Burt Winston. Sadly, I lost. I was when I was big. Mike, you're not like Big Mike. So about that. What is it like? Are they gonna Is this like, a production that they're gonna show? Where do you get, like, an escape for you essentially rent a room for, like, 60 or 90 minutes. Okay, you can do up to 12 people. You're gonna eventually get split into two teams. So two teams of six and yes, you go in, you get splitting your teams, you each go into, like, a green room. Um, and you watch like, a little tutorial videos like what's gonna go down you come up with? Yeah, you're your character. Name your team name and then a color. And they're like, Hey, it'll be best if you choose a vibrant color and then you go out when you hear the music, like Okay. And sure enough, we hear the music, we open the door, and there's our friend Fucking jeb standing jacket. It was It was amazing. Microphone. He did not. He did not. They're just getting started and, you know, maybe they will for the thing. This was just a test play. We were helping them out and testing some of the games and stuff questions. That must be also, like pretty taxing for whoever is the host. I think it's gonna be exhausted. They're gonna They're gonna have to do, like our that they're gonna be asking about that. It made it sound like they probably have different hosts. It's not just like one person the whole time, but how? I don't like escape rooms. I don't like experiences I don't like when I go out, I don't know. Like I don't I want to go full of ghosts or what? I want to go out, go drink, hang out and then go home and not have, Like, this is a fun group. Activity for team building, my speed at all. So when this was pitched to me is like it's an escape room, but with board games, I went well, we're already gonna be getting pizza. So, uh, I'm in my eyes. It was funny shit, and I recommended it to everyone. How do they? Yes, so they don't have ah, live audience. What do they have, like a clap? Have a dude, The mat. The producer he runs a soundboard, has the most amazing comedic timing. Like I think your team made a joke. At one point he hit the cricket. But, um but no, dude, it was fucking rad. And like you come out and obviously like, it's not like super glitz and glam, but like, it looks solid. Like Travis built some really dope set pieces put upon instagram. I don't feel can pull him up, But that was me. So no, no 10 there you go. Good after it's used to say But, um, it it was so exciting. You come out and like, your podium is lit up with the color that you chose and they're behind us. We were turned Tallahassee turquoise because we picked turquoise in the need of the liberation. And there was a picture of just like the city of telling the monitor behind us with our color. And then you guys have just some fucking hogs. You were yellow and the thing was all lit up and it was like it. Really. When I walked in and saw it, it made me go. How has no one done this before? Yeah, that's what I want. So smart spinning the giant wheel dog. Fucking awesome. Yeah, it was so fun. It's apparently there's only, like, three or four other places in the United States that do something like this. And they went and they visited one of them just to be like a Well, what are we What are we up against? And as they said it very cheekily, they're like, I think we could do this better when they came back and they did it fucking great. So, again, this is not a spade paid sponsor thing. This is just us talking about like what we did. But I want so many will go. I want to go again this weekend. Hell, yeah. I'm honestly, they open on Friday here in Austin. They're kind of up north again. It's game on a T X, and they're open for business. They're opening Friday. It's their first. Like I just like the first thing people should go. I like I really would go back and do it and trying to remember I want to bring, like, a group. It's Y o B, which Oh, yeah, Perfect. Oh my God. It's like the greatest invention of all time. Yeah, it's super fucking fund. Check it out if you're into that sort of thing. Standing at the podium there's like a family like the family style thing, standing at the podium across from like Tyler Erickson and like having to answer first was so fun like it was so good. It was infuriating going up against Cole, who has the most incredible reaction speed ever. But I got him on that Sonic the hedge. There was one answer that was a hedgehog and, of course, Miles got. Of course, they don't record it. They don't like you can take home a recording. They're there right now. You know it's again. They have taken a very small space and done some really impressive stuff with it. And I can only see if this thing does take off and they do get, you know, some patronage and customers and stuff like they'll be able to afford, like they talk about some things that they already want to, like, make better. But like as we were because afterwards we wanted to help them out and give them our feedback on stuff like Hey, what was working? What wasn't all that and really everything that we were talking about, like honestly, this is just icing. You guys have it. It's just like you want to make it cooler. Like you can have this Infographic or whatever, But, man, it was so fucking cool. It was so fun. Yeah. I'm just imagining that Seinfeld episode where Creamer gets a talk show set and it puts it in his apartment. You're seeing that one? No, I don't think so. Anyway, it's a good sample. A garage E. Gosh, I really want to go do that now. It's really fucking cool. It was like because, you know, like sometimes like, a friend will ask you like, Hey, you know, come out. I have, like, an art exhibit, or, like, come see my band and obviously you're gonna go to support them. And, like the odds of you like genuinely having good time aren't always like the highest hot 50. It's always a wonderful surprise that one like you. Go on. You're like, Oh, my gosh, she can sing. That was fucking rad like, Oh, that play was actually really funny. This was 100%. Like I know how this is gonna go. Well, See it. And I left there like, Can we go again? Like best two out of three. Like you hear some of the pictures that's called the Big Wheel. Okay. Yeah. It's really It's really, really cool. Heads up. Um, yeah. Congratulations, Eric. And to the 30 to 40 feral hogs on their victory over the Tallahassee turquoise with 16 that way had ah, they just had because they wanted to specifically test out three v three. They just had one of their friends. Got any of the answers, toe. Just help out and be on our team. I think it was Mike was fun. Awesome. Um, yeah. Thanks, Jabin, Travis and Colin. Everybody that game on game on a t X. That'd be awesome if it was like, uh, like, in full production run while our t X is going on, people in town would come tryto do a panel or something. Yeah, it was like I really I would love to go with you guys the next time delivery. I'd be worried I'd be too competitive. That was actually one thing we talked about were like, So what do you do if you get if like you bring someone in here that's gonna like you mean it. I mean, it was like, Well, they were like, the time I was like, Well, it's the same people, you know? You have to put some responsibility on the people inviting folks, right? Because it's like you learn over time. Hey, I don't want to play this game with that person, right? It's that same thing. But you know, one of my favorite things to do is just drink and play Trivial pursuit on PlayStation with my friends. Or like the Jack box party games. It felt like doing that. But on a fucking game show set, and it's like just you and your friends, too. So there's not like pressure of other people watching or judging or whatever they talked about. If it if it continues to go well, maybe even doing some, like theme nights or theme days like today, it's all Harry Potter related show trivia question asked. How does the trivia working like, Is it the same questions every time, Or do they have, like a so one of you know, they have tons like the do that that one of the guys that's building This thing who I believe again, isn't It was Matt. Like he's got, like, an insane amount of questions on rotation and wants to, like, completely change it from, like, week to week. And he's done. They've done aton of work. It should do like an algorithm. To where If you have attended it in the previous times, then you look up that time and then that way they don't repeat the question so interesting. Because like, you start when you think about this sort of thing and then you realize that, like you haven't really seen it before, you start to think about what it could be. So we were like, Oh, dude, will you ever have, like, leaderboard leaderboards for, like, returning teams in some way that we thought that this was it was it was super, super cool to be able to be there at the start of this thing because I genuinely believe it's gonna take off if enough people hear about it. Which is why I was like, Hey, are you cool? If I just put you on blast on this podcast on, Yeah, it kind of sounds like the void type things is it the Star Wars VII our thing. And I haven't done that. Chris, you and I were Yeah, so it's like, Oh, well, I don't want to ruin too much because there's, like, story elements where? Yeah, but I always like you are essentially, um, playing as a rebel spy and you get guns. It's all of the already breaking into an imperial base so cool and I don't want to see much else about the story, but like you can, you can shoot each other and you have to get it. It's like it's like a 1 to 1 ratio. So when you take a step in the game, you move in real life in the space that you're virtually so you walk upto lava and then there's, like heat and a hot air blowing from it die in the game, you die for real. Yeah, they're there. And then they just black and you know, and you're like you see yourself as like a stormtrooper, and immediately we all started, like humping each other. And then the guys were like, We can see you guys like and then, uh, it's fun. What is? Um I've heard about this thing that they're doing now in certain theaters, that's like it's like a four d like like that glue my experience. It's like D box or something like that. Yeah, that's like, I swear to God everything you say it is like, Oh, you haven't made out in the car. You haven't been a diva like D Box. You haven't done D box. It's been out for a long time, looking out for like, there's a ride at Disney World. I think it's like the Star Wars, right? That has that. Like, where all the seats moving Disneyland something. Troopers place only O Disney Universal Studios in L. A. They have a lot of like de boxy kind of rides where, you know, really move. You're just like see, I call this the D box. Wait. Um, yeah, I heard I heard some folks wanna go see Hobbs and Shaw in the D box, and that is something I would absolutely d'oh d'oh! So I think Yeah, like there's probably a do that has this, like a screening of the movie. And then he just programs the movies, you know? Well, the character goes this way slowly through the chair It's used pretty intense. Yeah. Can I ask question. You know. Okay. Yes. Okay. Oh, are we okay to talk about Hobbs and Shaw spoilers, or is that movie come out too soon? In recent. I don't I'm not gonna see it. I am not going to. You see it either. What can he do? You think? Talk about I? Who cares? I've never been a strong follower of the very of the go fast angry franchise. Um, but I did want to go see, like, pants on head. Stupid action movie. And so I want to go see Hobson Shaw knowing that, like the animal Drafthouse typically does like, Hey, here's like a little montage before the movie like this is to Hobson. Shop is Yeah, they have, like, history of movies and characters that have maybe been in these movies like the previous. So, um, my friends and I did get shit housed drunk before we went to go see this movie. Uh, and, of course, at the draft house. Just kept that kept that train role in that steam train rolling. And, um, what's called their coal powered Cole, I think. Was there actually powering that steam um I could not tell you the story of Hobbs and Shah per Se, but I could tell you that it is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my entire goddamn life and is absolutely what you're saying, ironically, like Oh, yeah. Oh, no. It is like it is, Um is that a script is held together by, like, scotch tape in people. And I fucking loved it. I loved it, dude, Like, there's, like, bits and there where it's like, All man, we have this fuckin to super top secret like a government made high SciFi McGuffin device. We went through all this trouble to get it. It's broken. What are we gonna do? And then the rocks, Like I got a brother that fixes cool cars. And he's like, perfect thing. Cool cars. Brothers like you want me to fix this thing I've never seen before in my life. I hate you because of our past. You know that past that past that we hate I hate you. I'll do it. One montage late. It's like there you go, brother. You owe me for life. How many references to family were made? It's the entire film. Okay? It's just the entire film. What's the rocks lately in that, right? It is. It is the rocks family. Well, nothing to do spoiler, but Jason State Lin's family might trump in ways you might not expect camera. Um, no. Uh, you know, like I'm in a pitch meeting for this is incredibly. Here's the pitch meeting. Are you ready? What if we put the rock in Jason State? I'm in a movie and haven't fight Idris Elba. Who sold? That's it. But here's so this is what I wanted to get to do this. So he's cooking. So So they actually I think have a joke. No, they do have a joke in there about, like, the rock that makes like it kind of hints that the rocks like eyebrow raise. Um, it's gonna keep anyway, What's so interesting about this film that gets more interesting when you start to know how like movies were made in, like, contracts and all that shit so mild, the mildest of mild spoilers? Um, well, modest water. Either sell this character who's like, advertised like I'm black Superman like Super soldier, like we're introducing superheroes in the world of fast and furious because fuck it like right Fucking, um, he never wins the fight in the entire movie. He's like portrayed is like this really big, really dangerous dude. But he never wins a fight, and I found out That's because the rock has it in his contract that he is not allowed to lose the fight on screen. The best he can do is a draw weight, like ever in movies or just this serious. It is apparently something that has been a thing through the fast and furious franchise. I don't know all the intricate details getting to watch between the rocks. Johnson's uh in my contract. Yeah, yeah, never come up. Yeah, no one ever thought to put Kristen hears that a fight scene. So they change like the whole Well, not the whole movie. It's a yellow he poses like Peter Sellers. Character poses a threat, and it's still like very cool fights. But it wasn't until at the end of the movie roles like that bitch just lost every single time. Like he wasn't a threat ever, I guess swing at him and missing. You know, it's always just like in the last second, like a fucking tower falls and cuts the chase off before you see what happened. Got away again next time. Why that guy That just sounds like in my head. So feelings, like steaks, are relatively low just because you go into it knowing it's kind of like a Marvel movie. It's like I know that they've signed on for another kind of Yeah, but But it's one of those things. What's like like every single fight is for the fate of like everything. And there's it checked off the list of, like, cliche action tropes in ways that, like I have never seen done. So bullets seem almost fake. Right, dude? Okay, so, you know, in the Scott Pilgrim movie, uh, Chris Chris Evans character is like, Ah, Hollywood action movie star and you see, like trailers for his films, like clips from the movies that he's in. I felt like I was watching one of those like parody films. I had a fucking blast, Dude, I had such a good time. I felt that way when I saw Power Rangers. Oh yeah, because it's It's so bad. But so over the top. And like the second, the music kicks in you just like I couldn't finish power Rangers. But I feel like if I took a crack at it intoxicated and maybe I don't know what Who wants to watch a power? I don't even remember. Like I just did one point, Like my hand just had a life of its own and then turned off the television. Oh, no, it's it's fucking dog shit. Yeah, I want the scene. Like the cutting for one scene was like cutting for, like, the editing, like, there's no l cottages, that cutting scene. I was like, What? She's cancer. J cuts. Any time anybody talked, the camera was on them and like, it was just like just like ever since we've been doing more shorts and I started, like, directing stuff not noticed, that was like film and TV, just like now they're doing it over the shoulder here and like this, and like, knowing that, you know, everything is done from one angle first, like it just really takes you out of it for a second. But screenwriting class of that for me, I was never like much of a movie snobs like you like you like it If you don't like. There was some. There was like, a period. Probably in my early twenties Was like I don't think that was a very good movie because of this, You know, that was kind of Ah, um I'm at this point our just like, hey, did it make you smile? Yeah. Fucking get it. Dude, that's me with That's me with Hobbs and Sean. It makes me want to go back and watch all the fast and furious June do hops and Shaw Power Rangers double feature. Yes, yes. Absolutely. And then we'll go to game on Theo. Um, Pokemon. Was that for me? Thank you. Yeah, I was actually good, though, Like it was like that story was just like it was a kid's movie. That's the thing. That movie is absolutely kidsmovie. It has, like, in the same way that, like the plot to the early Pokemon films, was like silly and ridiculous. It's like Fuck it. Hey, guys. Kidsmovie. Yeah. Push that shark off the table. Yeah, Still like pretty grand's like I don't know they probably if it's hard to tell how much of that movie got me because he was nostalgia or because he was actually like. It was fun, cute stuff like that. But like the whole time, I was like, welling up with tears. Plane. You have a heart. Do you think? Are you one of people who thinks it's the best of a new game movie ever made? Oh, interest. No. Doom is right, Eric. Yeah. Okay. I will be until Sonic the Hedgehog comes Theo the best. The best video game movie. Well, okay. Is that I will I will. I will go to bat for this new me, and I'm gonna say, Ah, edge of tomorrow or lived. I repeat. Okay, That's not that based on your base, that's not based off. I agree with Chris on this has to be based off of an existing video game. Intellectual property. Then what's yours? I'm gonna rack my brain for video game movies. But I think like, right now, the only thing that's come to mind is Yeah, Pokemon might might be a detective, you chew. The 19 nineties brought us a lot of great things, but Mortal Kombat movie is without question, the fucking best triple feature. I'll fucking kill. Here's Here's the life. You love the moral commentary. There's some fucking just fearsome acting choices. I'm worried about film, but it is also like it's so absolute cheeseball. And so is the Mortal Kombat games. Siri's like the model has fucking absurd that this guy was in an accident, but we gave them fucking robotic arms. And now he's gonna punch his way to justice to fight this sorcerer like it's fucking rat Mortal Kombat annihilation insulting. But Mortal Kombat, The original moral comment film is I think Doom's very close. But I think I think Mortal Kombat managed to be in a fun, entertaining movie that, for the most part stays pretty true to the storyline. Is my biggest with the do movie, is they? They didn't wink and a nod to the evil demons of hell, but they didn't do it. It was like, Oh, it's a virus that, like affects people who are bad because of the human genome or some horseshit like it was still fun. But like you don't get as intense as fighting demons from hell on Mars in the future. Absolutely not. The the best part of world comment for me was the Johnny Cage fake out where the first time you meet that character. He's in a fighting Isaac Spoiler. I've liked that movie so many times when you have no idea. It was like my brother and I would just put that shit that and honestly, the do movie. We want that shit all the time that I've watched Band. I remember going like when Mortal Kombat came out talking about in the cafeteria, being so cool. Who is, Um, Who's the actor that played Lord Rayden in that movie? Does anyone remember? Uh, hey played Hughes the Highlander? Uh, Christopher Lambert Lambert. Christopher Lambert decided his acting choice was to whisper. It was it was my character, only whispered so much for Don't know. It's so great because he has live what he's like. The realms will come together and find a Mortal Kombat. And if you lose, your world will perish. I really good. I don't think so. Lamberts like combined with the snake, he's man in Snake, all in one. He has like a list, but he's still like It's not girly. It's cool list. It's a cool What are you saying? That girly lists aren't cool? Uh oh, you do your nearest less listen. I've told you how It's impossible to sound intimidating while saying the word crisps. Right. Masks well. Oh, you try and say crisps in a really intimidated Say, Hey, punk, give me those crisps Can get online. Oh, you're fucking crisps, Chris, give Chris. All right, I'm gonna make it aggressive, all right? Oh, boy. I can't wait for that. Thanks for the warning. You think you're so big with takes you Here you go. You got Hey. Hey, Chris from you. Okay? You think you're so big with your Chris? Put him down and fight me, E. I think it went well. Thanks are like you're about to just fucking do it up. He's testing. We're gonna get ripped off. Tell him about us, Chris. What? Oh, Uh huh. Put down your fucking crisps. That's that. That wasn't bad because you would consider putting those crisps down. There was a lot of life. Fucking hate crisps. E think the louder you get with it. The whisper was the right way over and the like. You're full ai fost up. Put your crisps the fuck down. I guess Christopher Lambert was right. Christopher Lambert was right. You got to give it that intense whisper. Maybe if you were a Jason state them with, like a with a cotton. You got a jambo Jambo. It's me, Gamboa. What is gambling camp? Always life theme, character. We're playing Mario Maker or whatever my maker, and it's like the So there's a level where they weren't gum. Baz. But they look like gum. But everyone's like, What are these things they look like? Like knock off goombah? And I was like Is gamble? Yeah, his name's Gambo. He's the ruler of the Mario just came out of nowhere and the gust was like, I'm just very rarely almost gets on the brink of tears people after. But he was fucking dying and then Barbara just like gamble. Yeah, then I would not stop doing it. But for some reason, it's one. Those things, like usually if you do a joke over and over and over, it gets very old, really, Which I'm sure for some people it did. Um but it wasn't for Gus. He's just like I just love it. I don't know why it's tickling me so much more gobo. Like how? Like we uh, sorry. I don't remember who started the joke. But now it is, like, ingrained itself in our vocabulary. There's a certain group of friends of mine that we no longer say. What's up, my dude? We go. Hey, my dad. I don't know why I don't remember what started. You were there. You're on the trip. My dad. Hey, my dad. What's going on? My dad? Yeah, It was Colorado. Colorado trip. Yeah. I think Mitch started that. Stuck. Did. It is now part of it, and I like it. It led to one of you Would be weird if I said it. No. What was that? My dad. Stop, Dad! No! Now! Okay, now you did do a little Mr there. You gotta proceed with my something. My dad, they're Ugo, my dad. Yeah, he doesn't know what. It doesn't work. Daddy is the baby. If you make it, it's up my daddy. Oh, I think that Hey, suck. My daddy gave me Chris. Daddy is another word that you can't say intimidating the Is that right, Daddy? Yeah, yeah. No. Yeah. No, that felt really wrong. That you want to fuck me like you're like, right, right? I'll fucking cut you, Daddy! Whoa! No, Again. Well, No, no, no. That's still say no. It doesn't work. I feel like I need to make my voice deeper for just how intimidating. And by doing that, it makes it sound less intimidating. Mmm mmm mmm. Mmm Mmm. It doesn't work. I think Daddy's harder. Harder than crisps. Crisps? I don't know. First, you just like you hit. It's the S P s. Yeah. Sorry. Official. Push off my crisps. There was much talk. What if that way? What if you did this? What? What if he said I'm gonna fuck you up so much? I'm gonna make you I'm gonna get you. Got it? You got it? Yeah. I'm gonna make you my dad. You're gonna have so much authority. Oh, honey, I made it the other way. Like I'm gonna become your dad. I'm gonna fuck you up so much. I'll be your daddy. That's like, No, that's worse. It doesn't. Doesn't mean that's not great. It's not super good what you did there. What was that about? Tic tac? Literally. Anything? I don't know. I was gonna I was changing the subject. You wait to do it. Daddy, do you guys have take talk on your phone like, Do you watch any talks? I had a delegate for a day, and then I was like, I don't need toe own tick talk because I'm friends with Carry Shawcross. He seems to be the best of Tic Tac streets. Now that's tick talk. That's what I called Tic Tac's Volume seven featuring the rubber chicken guy. It's Wednesday, my dudes, and what are those? Those are all dead means I'm old. Sometimes the Internet isn't a complete cess pit. Yeah, and it's great when it's although, Ah, the rest of Tic Tac is a complete suspect. It's not great. It's not. It's very uncomfortable, like Uncomfortable. I feel like I'm committing some type of felony watching them. Well, because I'm 30 Okay? Younger teens? Well, yes. So people who I could be there, Daddy, Cole Cole and I have this conversation where it is interesting. Watching comedy evolved on things like Vine and Tic Tac and Snapchat because so much of it now is like you'll see like it's a teenager doing something that is like intentionally overperformed and, like quote unquote cringe e and weird. But it's like all 100% like this is intended to make you feel uncomfortable. Yeah, and it's like a lot of it, too, is also, like tons of awareness around, like mental health and stuff. And it's like awesome, because what? Not even like five years ago? It's like, Oh, you're talking about going to therapy fucking loser! And I'm like, if someone wants to talk about therapy like, Oh, my God, therapy's great. Tell me about Jean. I go to Caroline. Yeah, it's just like it's super super interesting already saying that like it's a culture shift. A little bit scary. A lot of it's scary. I'm very scared. I'm constantly scared there. I think there is so much that is in your pants and therapy. There's so much good and also so much bad that's come with collectivity in the Internet. Like on one hand, you could find other people who are, um, similar to you and have you know similar problems. And you could, like share in things and tips and tricks and also just like making yourself feel like less alone. But also you find other like minded people who maybe have, uh, bad thoughts or bad intentions, and those people bond together to create a validate toxic. You're canceled. Kicked my dog. There's there's that idea. Um, sometimes there is such a thing as too much of a good thing because that's how you end up in echo chambers, where you think that because someone thinks like you, Then everybody must think like you. Then people that don't think like you are wrong. And that's when it starts to get kind of like, 00 no. Yep, Variety is the spice of life. But if you're just fucking Huffine cinnamon, you're gonna have a bad on any end of the spectrum. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. It's interesting, scary and interesting. You know where Dutch? He's just like I really enjoy this social political commentator. Finally come up right where he was yanking around a lot. You have to buy him a new lease because he discovered that he likes chewing on the lease. I want I want our boys to meet No, no. Yeah, that's the thing that I still need to work on with. Meatball is like he's aggressively submit. So his first instinct is he likes to lick the mouth, which apparently is a submissive move. I've been told a few people Bo I'm sure. I'm sure I want sweets after this podcast, but like licking another dog in mouth, it's like a little bit. You're the daddy. Here's thing with Meatball is like he will run over to another dog and immediately go to lick the face and the other dogs like I'm gonna die like growl, invited him and then meatballs. Look what the fuck's going on. And he just goes like, Zoom is bananas Way too fucking much right now. What I have to do is whenever he meets it of a dog, the other, the other dog just needs to be in the same room. And I'll keep meatball just like if I'm sitting on a couch wedged between the couch and my legs and I just hold on to his leash and they just have to coexist in the same space for, like, 2025 minutes. Or let the other dog come to him. Yeah, and then he'll start to, like, chill out. And then and then he's a little more calm. But, like right now, man, it is just like I want to take him to a dog park. But he's not ready like he's. He's got big chompers and I don't I don't want to put any other situation because so many people here have dogs that could just come over to your place and, like, slowly do some tomorrow morning to come over Do literally you please let me know like any anytime this week If you wanna come chill. Just let me know that what we did with, um Patrick Matthews in his dog Addy Yeah, came over. That was his first puppy playdate supersweet. Well, he does that thing were apparently like when I had opted him, they were saying we used to team him up. He's got he's all, like, marked up and stuff like that because apparently they used to, like, let him play with the aggressive dogs because he was so fucking relax and chill that in turn, they would calm them down and the numbers like, Well, that seems like not great. But, I mean, I know that sounds like I'm talking to the shelter. They were awesome and like, they take really good care of their dog's paws in Kyle, Texas. But now he's been pretty cool. He loves other dogs. It's the same sort of thing was a big dog. He comes up, it was to play. And they're just like before when you brought to the office the first day. But he in the best way reminds me of rebel. Yeah, and just cause, like instantly off the bat, he just like, friendly and like accepting of pets. And also just like the way he looks, too. It's like that. Very like sweet, kind dogface Rebel was just the best dog he's got. He's got some common down into, but he's still very much his puppy hood. So I just realized my dog just looks like Bowser from Mark. Looks like that you did not name him Bowser. Now he looks like he looks like Mario. 64 bouts like a big, bloated, like be allergic reaction. What does he look like? Gamble. You just can't gamble. Looks like no one can. Bo is a spirit demo. Just is. I've been running into a lot more situations where I'm meeting other people like I've been walking like I've walked more in this past week than I have in the past year. Long gone. Just regular random walks see washing this sunrise and sunset is beautiful almost like meeting my neighbors and their dogs and stuff like that. I thought Fucking suck it. Just like cold calling, talking t people cold, cold light Just like we're like you walk up and you're just like, Hey, what's up with your self? Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's like there's two beautiful women that were like, Oh, so they're like, the perfect opportunity it is. And then they're like, Have it I say it was like you didn't see it too well. I said that I think from my perspective, is I've been a lady seeing a guy with a cute dog and like wanting to pet it. But you never know if you're bothering that person or if, like, they don't want people to put their dog or like they're just trying to let go about their day and like, walk. So like, if you help make conversation and, like, ask them questions and stuff, it'll show that you actually know Yes, pet might, uh, thing I'm trying not to dio is everybody does this and there's nothing wrong. That's very cute, but I just don't wanna do it. People talk for their dogs. Oh, please don't do that. Yeah, they'd be like, he does like to be yours. Like he says, Thank you. You know, like shit like that. Yeah, I do that. Or if you do, give him Ah, voice that does not seem appropriate at all. Yeah, Yeah, he likes it when you call him Daddy. I, uh I'm having to definitely be like so first off, that whole new thing of, like, people coming up to talk to you when you have a dog, it feels like in, like, fall out. When you have gotten a perk that now unlocks like a new dialogue tree, that's like, Oh, now you can talk to people about being the draft border. Some fucking shit are like, Oh, you're a major. You can talk about this like, now. It's like you have dog, and you can talk about dog things with other dogs. People live charisma. Yeah, um, but the thing I am now, like hyper aware of is like leash laws in Austin and the whole like, Can I pet your dogs? Good ball came from a house where the kids there weren't super cool with him, and he gets really anxious around kids now and like That's like everyone's worst fear of, like, pitbull with people with child. And so I went to I went to, uh, the U T L s u like tailgating thing with a buddy of mine this past weekend. And I was like, I'm you know, I like getting him to socialize and stuff. So I brought him out knowing that the whole time, like, he's gonna be right next to me, I will be holding onto him like, because this is something that we just both need to work on together. Overall, he was really chill. At one point a girl can't was like, Can I please put your dog? And I had to, like, harboring you say, like, he gets really nervous. So maybe not. But thank you so much for asking. She's like, OK, very sweet, Super kind. I turn around some other fucking bitch just walked over like eight years old. Dresses the cheerleaders like I like your dog. Maybe let's not, unfortunately, meatballs like what are you like? It was I. I've never had that anger before, but I was like, You don't know this dog. You don't know what he's seen and what he's been through. Please don't get my dog in trouble by putting your stupid child hand Always out of courtesy if you want. If you see a cute dog, you want pet it. Always ask the owner like, is it okay if I don't pet like after, you know, after the u T L s u game, this fucking UT fan comes up to my dog and he's drunk. I can tell a sees me walk him. Doesn't talk to me. He didn't say anything to me. Goes rapini, like, immediately gets his face. And like, luckily, he's like the most loving dog in the world. So he's just like, huh? But then he's just like you were there for left. 7 to 10 seconds, like, totally overstays his welcome. And also, fuck, yeah, I get really, really defensive. Also, a guy, uh, anything to him. How's he? Kind of like left? Uh, he just like like I'm stealing, you know, walked off. You didn't like his friends, like, All right. Come on, dude. Come on, Daddy. Thing that I said earlier. No, Daddy, no, no, no, Daddy. No, Just Chris. It's been pretty cool. It's good. Like when I was like, super upset with him, and I'd spent, like, you know, like $150 toys or whatever, Uh, take him for a run, and I wasn't gonna take it out Just so upset. Just like I felt in my heart of hearts. That kind of such a bad dog. Dad was like questioning everything. And then literally, Cat's in the cradle came up on my I find I think it was like, what a terrible son. And then I go over to the side, rolled him in some grass, was like, I love you, you fucking asshole. You're the best dog ever been cool. You like in having a dog? Because you had kind of like, I know you're thinking about it for a while, but then, like that, you just had a dog. Yeah. No, I mean, it's just like when those things were like, I Overall, I'm very happy. But he he had been like, like toying with the idea like he was. He was Ewing adopting a dog like tinder or something, where he was looking at dog profiles online. And it's like I think, come, Lookit, lookit, lookit speckles over here. I don't know What do you think I like? And then you really can't. Can you do it? So it's hard to tell from pictures. Can I gotta go meet him in person? I don't know what this reveals about me as a human being, but, like whenever I'm on dating. Absolutely. No, no, no. Okay. Yeah. No, no, no, no, no, no. When I was looking through the adoption pages of a website, I was like, I can't see any of these guys, you know? Yeah, I couldn't say no. But then, like human beings and, like not it's like, No, we're also not fucking the dogs. Fingers crossed me. Do you know they're different? Know what? Todo so many like a dog. This is something you will own for years. And it's part of your family. And like, every dog is perfect and precious. Whereas like people you want to, like, just hang out with her date. Like you could be a little more just like it is. People of the worst dogs are innocent. Angel sent you. You adopt a dog. It's with you for like, 10 plus years versus you. Go on one date with someone and never see them again. You can't one day be like, Hey, Dutch, it's not working out. I think we need the other people that really on those dating app sits like Would I fuck this person? Usually a thought that goes through your head. And that's a pretty easy usual like Okay, yes. No. Yes. No. Cool too. Because, like, I don't want kids really don't want kids. Nothing. There's anything wrong with being a parent or anything like that. People who do you know you can handle what you can't what you want. What you don't like with a dog. It's like, you know, he's great. He'll be dead in 10 years is not going to come. Hitler. I couldn't fuck him up that bad. Like things were good. I'm getting all my fatherly instincts out on this Dude. It's cool. Yeah, the camera. Which comedian was talking about? How they didn't understand owning a dog? Because, really, all it is is setting yourself up for extreme sorrow in 10 years. Oh, yeah. You like buying heartbreak? Oh, man. I'm gonna spend so much money to be sad in a decade. Think about how happy you will be for that decade. I am like my bro. He's been ghetto like love, something that's on this earth for a period of time. A dog initially, it was really cool going around when I look at a few different dogs when I went to Austin Pets alive. Um, I went a couple of days, uh, and he was the one, like they brought him into the yard and he came up, gave me a sniff and then immediately went back to like, the handler and just kind of hung out behind her and just sat there was like, Who are these people? It was like, really sweet to her. And I really like this dog. And so, like the first week or so that I had with him, he was like, Hey, I want to be near you because I'm kind of like I don't know where the spaces like you seem to be giving me food, so OK, but now it's like I come home and he's like like, I'll just be doing something and he'll come in and be like, Hey, what's up? I mean, you lit your big think that it's like super cute wouldn't like. I can tell sometimes like I'm starting to get his personality and we're starting to get each other. And I was like, This is a fucking Pokemon shit. This thing is really cool. He was being such a good boy when I was there for recording audio the other day. Well, he was other than the blood. So there was the blood. So he has this tiny, uh, like, it's seriously like it's probably like a tiniest little scab scab that keeps opening on the top of it is right on a vein. Eso When it pops, he just becomes a fucking blood hose. Um, it was almost healed until it wasn't. And now I'm back to cleaning it, giving the bandages and all that stuff. And like, before I just get destroyed on Twitter, the vet looked at it to its chill. Uh, but she wasn't talking about, uh oh, the biggest. The biggest thing that, um I don't really have a solution for, like, a major solution for his. My dog stinks. He's a stinky, smelly dog inside and out hearts a lot. So he farts a lot. Are you feeding him something like I have changed his diet. At first, he was going on. I was giving him something similar to what they were giving him at the, um, at the shelter was like this high protein like turkey and a few other things that Arianna um, and it men like it was rough, as in. I brought him to work with me one day and we were in a meeting and we had to move conference rooms rough like asked by like an upper management person that was visiting. Like, could we quick, please move rooms, please. Is there anything you can do with him? Oh, Jesus. I'm sorry. We had to pause a recording session once because it was getting so bad. And the I heard it in the in the director's booth. It was that we had to, like, air it out. It was rough. We had a pause because it was rough. You know, everyone's so funny. But okay, now switch it over like mainly salmon stuff and still farting. He has the most audible dog farts I've ever heard. I will hear them from the other room, just like one of those deep. Like it's only I can't do it. I if only my dog's asshole was here You can bring in our eyes. They're so silent. I wishes were louder because then I could at least laugh just he's getting I feel like they've been better since the first week I switched him off of this off of the different food because the vet told me like it made, like hearts, the dog's heart grow or some shit like like a French. But yet wait s so I got him off of that. And ever since then And I think that stomach bug that I've healed him up on it because that last Monday we were streaming with John and he farted. Realistically, how about five minutes? And it was one of those things where Gus stopped by. At one point. It was like, Oh, it smells like farts in here like it's a room with open, like there's no ceiling so the air can circulate very freely, but it still smells like for a job. I think dog farts are like heavier there pretty grants. Dancer guests stays lower to the ground. The thing that I'm still this thing that I can't quite figure out is that the best way I can describe it I know this is like, impossible, but it's like my dog has b o like he just smelled. I wanted his like, his body smells like I will give him, like, pretty regular baths. And, like, I have this, like, coat spray that's supposed to be good for and also making me feel better That code three last maybe a day and the next name, like, how do you smell like shit again? I have a fear that it that he's one of those dogs that has, like, a little anal gland issue. Because when a dog like takes a dump, they also like spritz a little stuff on it with their butt to be like, This is my dump. Yeah. Ain't nobody getting confused about that. Um, and I know when I went to the vet, they were like, Oh, we got some buildup here. So let me get a glove on and finger in here and release this stuff because you gotta go. You gotta go. What is it for? An eight o'clock and just get in there and just squeeze them. Which, by the way, I felt so bad for him because he was doing such a good job of the vet. He's like, Hey, Oh, man, I'm getting so many treats. Yellow. This place rules, Miles. Who's that guy? Who she thinks Guys giving me a hug, Always hugging me kind of tight. And it was like, uh, Daddy, tell me, what have you done to my daddy? Like, he just looked at me. Like what? No, no. Likes you got him. She was like, Oh, yeah. And immediately the room was like, All right, that's it. And you like what? He immediately came up. He was like, Oh, who? I wouldn't They What was back there? It's something. What did they do, man? Now, anal glands. You gotta like you gotta purge the anal glands if they get. If you ever notice like a dog dragging their ass, it could be worms. Or it's that they need to secrete their anal glands and they're ranked up. Not like dingle Berries. No, no, no. I just like fluids. You get you get your finger in that butthole and you feel like a little like squishy lumps again at, like, four and eight o'clock. And you just gotta you gotta press him. And then some horrendous smelling fluid will come out and then their eyes Rain doesn't shoot out Orders like trickle out. I don't know. I wasn't right up in it. I couldn't say for sure. He's looking right at it is. And probably something that people shouldn't do on their own. You can You can again, Like I know Elliot do that with just a couple times. Um, like, I know you can also like you, like with groomers, like trimming their nails and stuff. You could be like, Hey, check that ass all you ever did. You ever Absolutely not. No, he no like I'll go. I'll do some stuff, But I can't do that. We went to the vet the first time he degraded the same thing where they were, like, covered with treats, their loving up on him. Oh, you're so pretty on a lot of getting all this great stuff. And they're like, OK, well, we're gonna need ah fecal sample. So if you could get that back to us in, like the next two weeks, that way we can check it for heartworms. All that stuff was like, Oh, yeah, sure. Drive it all the way back here. It's difficult to be such a hassle. So I'm, like, kind of like thinking like logistically like, Okay, scheduling bubble bobble taken to this field by the vets place in the car. Let's go take a pee before you get in the truck. And then he just takes a shit. And I was like, Okay, well, then I like bottle that up in the little testing thing that they gave me that I walked back. I mean, it must have been, like a minute tops. And I was like, Does this count? And they're like, Oh, yeah, yeah, sure we'll take. That was, like, record time. But I also I want to take this time to remind Chris that the dog is right below. Yeah, I made that mistake once, right? Everything. You kicked the dog. He gets to kick you, so just keep them. Have you guys ever have had to do a stool sample for yourself? E have you know, I wouldn't mind. I don't know where that would mind. Okay, I have a friend. They give you the best way I could describe. This is a upside down hat. Upset. I'm sorry. A hat like a top hat, but It's plastic, but it's like it's like a jar. So, like you basically put it on your toilet seat. So, like the hat part sits in your toilet, and so you sit on it and you poop and your poop just goes into this little half. Let's just make sure you don't put the hat on afterwards, Actually, a hat. Well, see you guys later today. No, that's something black and white like silent. But the worst part about stool samples. And I don't know if it's every stool sample or just this one that I was lucky enough to have to shoot in a hat. Well, that's the bad. That's a bad part. But the worst part is that you have to like they give you multiple little jars because they test for different things on different samples. Oh, no. And like they give you a little leg scooper thing. And so you have to like, basically, like go, like digging your own shit and, like, scoop it into like, the little why my pill bottle type things, Um, and then, like some of them, you have to like, keep cool until you give back, so you just have like a little thing of shit in your freezer or fridge. Um, and then the other ones were supposed to keep it room temperature. So you have them, like on Fester under the sun? Yeah, very like, Wow, this is a very belittling This is my lowest low for Indu, who did a lot of drug research. Thanks. And he prided himself on how good he was. A stool sample. Like giving a stillson as in like, Like would put him in certain He's, like, really good at divvying them up. I don't know how you pride yourself on that, but it's something I'm really good. It's simple, Chris, your friends, A serial killer. I think it is. So I think you were talking about that. Yes, there was. I had to do a I just went into for a regular checkup. My yearly. And, um also decided you're looking a city check because, you know, you got about town that's very responsible. Yes. And so they asked for a urine sample and, you know, is the normal process. But I remembered back like so. The last time I did a urine sample, I fucked it up. I didn't I just I guess I just went in with the assumptions of what I was supposed to. D'oh! And so, like, basically, you do wrong, right? So, like it shit in the car. I I I like. First of all, he's giving a Stevens. When I woke up that morning, I thought be, I guess, based on experiences with like like a birth, like a like a test, you know, like he got a slob like dry throats. Know when you like, are checking to see if the lady has babies. She's like, Like, first thing in the morning. No other p not drinking anything is just like it's just been stewing in your body that that night. Okay, that's like the most effective time to check. Apparently So I was, like, got it. Wake up in the morning. Don't take a piss. Hold it in until we get to the dock. Disappointment. And then I go in there and I do my thing. So, like, I'm like a fucking human water balloon. Like walking in like so bad because your dick with full of people, he was like a balloon full of pee. And I didn't think anything that morning But I had plenty to drink the night before, so I'm just like and like, I go through all the things that they're like Urine samples. You got it that I, like, ran in, Did it? Seven cups for you? Like that earlier. Is that early morning piece? So it was, like, not the best color for you, And I gave it to them. And then they're like, Are you dehydrated? Do you need some water? And I was like, No, I'm good. It was, like, opaque, dark. And then I like I did it. I bought it up in a sec, Huh? Thank God that's over. Have you ever had? And I looked at the sign and it told you, like your step by step walking you through what? You're supposed todo Blaine. Have you ever wait? What'd you do wrong? Everything. I I could have peed that morning and then have drink something that morning as well. Like, I think he's well himself through unnecessary amounts of torture. Actually swabs my dick, But I didn't do that either. I remember you telling me you were worried about that. You came into my office and you keep your eyes just like for sediment. And he was like, I just fucked up this piece. They said I was like, What? I didn't want my dick said this one might use, like, I didn't know you had to still have your dignity for your Yeah, because there could be things that catch on it. What a beautiful friendship you have. That is I was talking about this with Eddie recently. Any revis I like, You know, when you're younger, you have, like, really close friends, like maybe acquaintances you go to school with. And you have, like, you're best friends, your MySpace top eight, if you will. Um, but there's this I feel like as you get older and maybe, you know, maybe some people that are much more like, um, emotionally confident Get this when you're younger, too. But I feel like I noticed it when I got older. That, like, there's this special tier of best friends that I called vulnerability friends. You can go to them with the most, like, absolute embarrassing or shameful or whatever thing, and just like know that, like, this is a safe space. And we're gonna talk about your nasty dick cheese and It's okay. I mean, also like Chris. Is that to me? Like you are too. I think Cole is Barbara, I'm sorry. There's some Oh, idols and Roy. I don't want to of subject you to that, but I tell Barbara some shit shit too. I also tell you guys some shit. Ugo Ugo, I talk pretty open with you. I feel like we're all pretty open with each other. I don't trust any of you think the opposite problem. If you ever had to give a urine sample where you had peed before and like can't go to the bathroom? Never. I am always happen to me recently where I was like I was told I was not doing a urine test today and they're like, No, we still need it. And I'm like, I literally just went to the bathroom and they're like, we really don't need that much. So I was like, on the toilet, like pushing. I was like like like trying to, like, squeeze every like, inch of my bladder out. And I got like that much like that'll. It's fine. That's enough. Okay. They really don't need too much. This is a completely different topic, but I just saw go by on our chat. Thank you to everybody. Slash I'm sorry for everything we just talked about, Uh, we have this question that I realize I've thought this before. How do you when you get a cat? How do you get it to be an outside cat? Like how? That's that fucking work. I think that that's just I mean, I just want to go outside, all right? But, like, what's to say that cats ever gonna come back for a while to let notes like, hey without anything, be fucking dead and trust that it might come back, like, if you have a little back patio area, it could go out and, like, not get away. But I had a cat. Well, this tells you how this one, um uh, I had a cat is an indoor cat and then, uh, on eyes. And then I moved into, like, a townhome that we had a little like back patio with a fence and our cat love to go out. So we like we take it out the back patio while we were out there, and she loved it. And then we like slowly like, okay, She likes going out here. So we let her out there for a little bit and she'd come back in and did that for a bit. And then I guess the one point she got, like, rambunctious And she went, you know, got too far and and didn't come back. And by that I mean, like car, but I don't know, but I wanted to specify that it was that she ran away slowly, got adjusted being outside, and she had to adjust it. Yeah, you get used to the cars, but But, like, she got used to being outside, it would still come back and just like to go out to play. I used to own rabbits and I had one named Bugs and like we let him out one time, But there was a hole in a fence, so he got out on like, we're freaking out, and I were all checking all over the place. Like calling out like bugs like unwraps like a fucking come to you when you call it. I don't know how or what, but like, I found him, like $5 houses down in a random bush. And I got him. And it wasn't a lot tried condom that I realized he was on Easter Day. It was like, terrifying, But we got him back and he lived to be, like, fucking 15. Also, chat is confirming. Yeah, just feed that cat for a while, and then we'll come back, Let it know who it's Daddy is always gonna be wrapping up that keep coming, huh? That's gonna wrap it up for today. Um, but we're gonna be doing the Po show where we'll talk more about cats or whatever you're shitting. And that's yes. So, uh, your first member sign up for dad first membership. So you could watch the Po show later on. Yeah. Thanks for watching. Get your pets spayed and neutered.