#562 - Where Can The Queen Not Go?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jessica Vasami, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss car accidents, scammers, movies, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-09-17 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jessica Vasami, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 562. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com Theo. Everyone working with receive podcast this week brought to buy me undies are quite ning system and stamps dot com. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Jessica. I'm Barbara. The wrong camera. You look how you want to start over. Thank God. Find the camera is yours. I think it's too. Here's this, too, is where the red like it when you see the red light. That's probably where you should look, you know, But the chip doesn't have a light. Yeah, but it's ever really it's the gym. You could tell if it's all the jib like the Oh, you have to look to tell you, I I got fucking rear ended the other day. Is that what you guys were calling it? The way I was stopped at a fucking red light. But lamar, uh, and this all of a sudden it's just like I feel like that was it was just like, what was that? I look at my cards. Did my car just fuck up thinking something was wrong with it. I just get hit and I turned around and sure enough to some old lady just ran right into me way. Pull over and I appointed. You know, I'm looking at my car and I see that there's damage on the bumper. I'm like, Look, there's damage right here because I can't really see it. It's right here and I like pointing. Yeah, I don't see how my car could have done that. Like, Do you want to light him up? Like I can show you exactly how your car did this to me? Hit me again. I'll be a perfect piece of the puzzle. So it wasn't there before you hit me and it's there after you think that's what you're trying to get out. Maybe that happened in a parking lot, and I didn't know or something. She started lying about your car like See that? That's the camera it just filmed. You didn't cameras, cameras did film everything. I didn't have toe do that, but it was just It was just so frustrating to deal with this now. Oh, great. Now I got to do with this, and of course you made some handcuffs like, Oh, of course, it would be one of the lawns cars that I hit. I wanted to say, like in your car stops at a red light. It doesn't matter what the fuck kind of car it is. It's my car. Yeah. You're like, Oh, I guess I was looking at my GPS. I guess that I should have been looking at the road. Yeah. You think? How old? A comment. Uh, late sixties. I got rear wondered a rear ended one. Except mine was not Does that that that sounds like someone of a pleasurable experience. Mine was awful. The guy that ran into me was going, like, 50 miles an hour and crashed into my car. And then it was totaled after that, but he was high on drugs. The police officer said it was Que tu. I don't know what that means, but that's about the hot drug in Austin right now, Theo, you know cops have canine synthetic marijuana. Oh, yeah. Ice. Labra. Was it Mr K 99 cops up trouble inside. Thank you for that. You know, it's crazy, though. Is that he didn't have a head rest, eh? So when he ran into me. He didn't have the address on the back of the seat, so his neck went flung back and it, like, apparently was extended to inches when they brought him out on the gurney. So you got Yeah, you could say that. Gavin, you got taller. Yeah. So Tim looked him right up. Yeah. That's probably not a good way to get. Don't think there's any good way to get taller. Not Yeah. Maybe if you're lying down, Can't you just say nothing for, like, 10 minutes? Just get it a lot. I think there's a perfect correlation with how tired and stressed I am with how many terrible jokes I make you think that we're Hey, why don't you just chill out when you calm doubt So much Easier said than time? Kevin, I'm referencing Smile. Sorry. I didn't understand that. I will kill both way. Hadn't up sort of always open? Come out today where one of the questions submitted was from someone who said, What is it about the two words calm down that makes my wife so angry? It was a great question. Yeah, um, so that's the reference of Gavin telling me to come to his an inside joke I wasn't a part of. I get it. Now. At least you're in. You're in between back and forth, left, right. And I was wearing that sweater, too, so I guess you're kind of part of it when you got rear ended. I did. I had, like, some cuts and bruises on my face, and yeah, it was really intense. Logo. Is this about three years ago? No, I'm sorry. Five years ago. A lot longer than you weren't working here. I wasn't working here yet. Yeah, but they completely in the two people in front of you pushed everybody out into the intersection to thank God they didn't have. Ah, green light going the other way. Yeah, I was awful. There was one time we were I forget if you were on set for this jest, but we were on set for I think it was a short or $1,000,000. But this was like maybe three years ago, and my car was parked on the corner of the street, like at a four way intersection, essentially, And, um, all of a sudden, one of the p ace comes in and they're like, um, Does anyone drive this car? And I'm like, Yeah, that's my car, like car Just hit you as it was parked there. And so I guess the lady was turning and, like, misjudged the turn and just took my entire front of the car off. Wow. No, that wasn't on my Judy AM. And so I had to deal with it. And she's like, Can I just pay you instead of filing an insurance claim? And I'm like, no, like, because I don't know if you're actually gonna pay me Or like, what? The run thing is here. Cash on it? No, she's like, I could write you a check, and I'm like, that sounds great. The check and balance. And I don't have your information to check along with all your information. Yeah. I don't know how much it's gonna be to repair it like all this shit. Just like I was part there. Yeah. What? I got hit the other day. You know, I got out now so that can I see your insurance? Just talking right down? Yeah. Can I see your insurance? Well, I guess you can. That's a weird requires. I gave it heard she, like, took a photo of it like I don't know what you need. My insurance. You hit me exchange in Syria. That's what I fear. They will say exchange information. So I was like, I guess this isn't weird, but this feels weird. Yeah, You hit me. You're gonna call someone suing you? Yeah. I don't like that. She was well, small may about it. Kind of weird. What were your words? Because you're with Esther? Yeah. What's what were your words to her? The moment, The moment you realized he'd been hit, I said, Look, I know I was talking and I said, Do we just get hit? And I looked, turned around. I saw the car. I said, Motherfucker, it's a whole fucking deal. It's just like it wasn't bad. Like no one got hurt. I actually actually be positive about it. But I know I'm gonna have to, like, make America make phone calls. Can be talking on the phone right now to go talk to people in person. Is everything goes? Hey, have you guys ever hit someone else with a car? Yes, you have. I have by accident, obviously. Hunt purpose. No, I wasn't Gavin angry? Oh, God, no, I I like t Bone, this lady and ah, her car flip. Yeah, I was bad. Ah, Did you, like, accidentally ran a stop sign or No, I was in immediate I was that like it was about toe cross, Julian's of traffic and there was a large truck blocking my view. And so it was like inching out and I couldn't see I couldn't see her And then all of a sudden, like it was dark out headlights came and I just, like, ran right into her juice and she we we went to court and ah, she we were in the back room with, like, my lawyer and her lawyer. And I was young. I was in high school at the time, and she stuck her finger in my face and yelled at me, and she was like, he could have just waited three more seconds. Three more seconds in this All wouldn't have happened. I was gonna give that car to my child when she turned 16 and all this and like I just started crying. I was young. I was like, I'm like, so sorry. I didn't mean to do This is an accident like her pointing and yelling You doesn't change what you got right in my face And my car. The car that I was driving at the time it said Seussical on the back because I was in Seussical, The musical at the time, just just some added notes there for you should have got it in her eye. What does that mean? Can you say that? You know what? I feel British? Quicker to say. Gab gob. I guess the one we got four syllables. In fact, I haven't got It is the most syllables, But you're just trying T o remained traditional. You're here in America as much as possible? Well, yes. Where I'm from. Come. God looked three e d isn't a syllable e hate this. It takes long to spell. That's your fault. Not really. Um I don't know if you all thought we put out the 4/100 episode of received Animated Adventures. Week was an immediate. There was a live action version. I hated every minute of that. Did you really? It was filming it. Here's the problem. When I told that story, I talked about wearing a jacket, so I had to wear a jacket while we filmed outside in Austin a T end of all 40 degree. It was It was so fucking hot. And I had to wear that black jacket. You really can't see what? I'm just, like, draft in sweat and looked like you were cold. I was. So I was fucking melting was miserable, I guess. Because we told the story. It would have been day. Well, it's also hired a film you didn't establish Way would've needed life. He was a very was a very low bucket. It was I just I kept getting into, like, we would have to drive to different places to do different films. Like, I would just get in the car and sit there with the air conditioner on, just, like, try to cool down. How long did take the film? Just a whole day. Uh, we filmed over several days. I think it was like four different days of filming. Really? Damn. Ah, a lot of work. Pensive, upset, ever. Probably not, because it was like we filmed it on like an iPhone. I think animation would be more expensive than so. Have you seen the animation? Yeah. it takes some time elapsed. 100 was super involved, wasn't it? They always do. Was that the goat one? It was really funny stuff on the milestones. We were joking about making Kris animate an entire Archie short as kind of like a swap. So it's like, you know, they did a live action version of an animated short Will do an animated version of Ah, live action. I'd love to see Krista. Oh, that was good. Oh, my God. Yeah. That black jacket. Yeah. Did you actually ride the scooter over that bump? There are tactical approach. Way took. This was really hard on this scooter looking around with binoculars. Yeah, because that's like the most athleticism I've seen from you. That was really tough, Jordan. Okay. Yeah, basically him, eh? So it was Jordan clears, uh, and Jordan Battle of most of the days. Um, yeah, it's really funny. It was a little work, but I'm better paid off, I think. Yeah, I'm glad that it turned out so well. It was weird shooting with the animation team because it's a very different, very different. Like how we shoot because they already had anatomy. Attic Done so It's like this is exactly the shot we need. We need this for, like, 35 frames, like they knew. How many frames have you shot they needed because the idea was already in place. Thought he was already done that are didn't automatics like So, is it easier that way or would you say a little more challenging? In a way, it was easy. I would say it was easier. It was like you knew. And Plus the automatic was are done already knew it had to go here to look that way or say this. It was everything was already done. I just had to mind what they had already created. I mean, how prepared can we be as long as we have a shot list and, uh, like, storyboard in storyboards? Yeah. You know, this is exactly what I want. But of course, things just like crazy things happen on the day. We're also not mashing it up to an existing story that's been told like they are. Yeah, where is, like, you know, we could edit it however we want, so, yeah, it's a little bit of it. Wasn't it wasn't a critique of the things I don't like It was just a totally different approach. Thio. Yeah, how? It's done. Speaking of Jordan, you officiated Jordan and Holly's wedding this past week. I did on Friday. I don't know how many? I don't know. I think people kept after your noaa total. I think I've done like a Oh, I guess for Reese to teeth first, people. Yeah, it's been quite a few. Yeah, it looks beautiful from the pictures I saw. It was very nice. Yeah, and just in a really good job, crack some good jokes. I gotta talk about me. Yeah. Waiting. No, no, no. Talk about guts for a little while. Yeah, No, but yeah. Congrats to them. Jordan, Holly. They've been dating for, like, six years. Has it been that long? No, I guess so. Yeah. Because it was back at the old Austin South Austin office that they met, and that was a couple years ago. We moved into this building in 2014. Yeah, we've been here for five years. Somehow. Yep. That crazy. Is this the longest office? Yeah, I think before that the longest office might have been was at 636 No, that was the shortest. I think really the longest might have either been the apartment in beauty or the Congress office. Congress was like, 07 until 11. 10 10 I think. See, it's hard. We need to write this shit down. It's hard to like Try to remember it. We've also moved around a lot in the same place to like here. Like office to office. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. What's been your favorite like this one? Yeah, way. It's just got the most space. Some of the other ones really stuck. You know what it's like working long hours and then not being able to get away from someone. Oh, yeah. Hey, look, Look at you. Every time that you were just come into the back room where I was because they were talking politics out in the main room. You're gonna get through this? Yeah, it sucks working in an office that's two rooms, Essentially, that's that's not good. No escape, like very much your own office. You've had your own office for a while, actually. Well, I mean, technically, I shared it jail, and then I'm sharing it again. But like, there's ah movie process going on. You share with talk? No, but it's like he's slowly moving his stuff in, which has been good, because it's like we've been in that building since, like, January. And I never unpack my boxes coming in. I'm, like, slowly starting to go through boxes. And do you think you thought you said I was behaving really suspiciously the other day? You were just coming in here like offering his booze. Like what you're like, have this wine. Why? What are you doing in there? Trying to prank you. I know. I don't trust him. Whenever you come up to me, just talk to me in general, I just don't trust you. You didn't take the wine was exactly I'll take the wine. You should still on her desk. What? She didn't take the wine? Oh, yeah, You're Don't start this. Don't start it. What? What did you guys feel? The need? Thio have such crazy backlash to someone not accepting a taco. It wasn't actually about that tour. It was the real reason We just wanted to do something back. Oh, yeah. Chad was the one who asked me. So Chad was the clear target. Probably the least deserving person of that, Frank? Yeah, probably. But, uh, really is the most deserving anyone else in that? It's a kind of shit. Tha the They're not taking the food. Stuff came up like while we're filming, but we already established him is on target. I should have taken that. You just found that excuse toe shoe horn it in? Yeah, someone did. That's a really fun video to make. It really was. Yeah, we talked about it a lot, but, like, be cool to do more stuff like that with you guys. It's a nice natural club. Yeah. You work over here? We work over there. Why not? And I didn't like when I ran into you lose me and Blaine and Ellie when we ran into you towards the back door of the bungalow. You mean a bit that got cut. And we've never mentioned before you can talk about Okay. Um, I did not once think that you guys were trying to, like, fuck with us on the side. I think we would You know what you were doing were explains what you saw. Eso me. He blamed Anneli for walking out the back of the bungalow. We're waiting for the call from John Thio interest age five to get the microwave. And I see, I think it was you, Jeff. Jack. Lindsey. Who else? Trevor. Jerry. Yeah, all of them come like stamp oring towards us within your filming, and I'm going to go in the back door is actually what we did, and I'm going in. But you couldn't see these guys from the front. So you thought we were all gone. But it was all one person as a look out a wall of achievement and it comes bolting around the corner or the ones that weren't distracting John, of course. And then we were just like, uh what's up? You guys played it off? Well, because I didn't think twice about it or just have I just trust and thinking it was a really sweet, but really has the benefit of the doubt too much. I trust them, but not me. Well, yeah, I got to take it exactly. Look at yourself, you know? Think about it. I trust Gus Now I'm I I might not have trusted you like, five years ago, But you're nice. You're nice now. Reports birthmarks. Yeah. You guys used to be very mean. Listen, no, not to me. Misunderstood way that I feel like you're about to bust out with a narrow Levine song right now. Listen. Yeah, but yours no music? No, she died. Room. No, no, no. She did it. Oh, no. Didn't you just, like, maybe have something? She did. She She came out with a new album. She's religious now on and Found. God, Yeah. She had a near death experience. No, I'm not fucking with you at all. She had a near just experience. I think she had Lyme disease or something. Good Lord and, um, came back from it. So now I think her whole album is just kind of like that was an ABBA fan back in the day, several of you keeps her head above water and her punk pop passed in her back pocket. Yeah, that's a great It's a great way to put it. Have levin on Lyme disease. So here goes. Yeah. Uh, okay. I guess you are totally telling the truth. You know what I mean? E today on your Levin? Because I was I follow her and I loved growing up. I was a little M Oh, shit. Did you ever go to her concerts? No, I didn't, but I went to like a Lincoln Park Corn Story of the year. Just heard Eric. 00 d concert. You know that song for beauty? Stop No singing. No, please stop! Oh, you're new here. Way our way. Good. Be put out anyway, right, Eric? Just yet. Just Ah. Just missing you. Okay? It was under four seconds. They wait. They still thank you, Eric. Thank you. We got the go ahead officially cut out, getting mixed signals. Way Do that. Three seconds. I thought it's not. It's no, but I've never, ever said only sing for three seconds. I said don't know Sigan. Guys, I understand how you are the way you are Now you can't give anyone an inch around here in inch iron fist. Three seconds. How many seconds? It's 2.5 centimeters. Cabin through porno. You can't give anyone 2.5 centimeters around here. Oh, all right. You'll use interest. All right? I mean, depends on you really can't bitch about our measurement system If you all can't figure, you know. I know. Get your shit together. Now. 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Mandy's has a great offer for our listeners, the viewers and for any first time purchasers. When you purchase any Mandy's product, you get 15% off and free shipping to get 50% off your first pair free shipping and a 12% satisfaction guarantee. Go to Mandy's dot com slash rooster teeth. That's mandy's dot com slash rooster teeth. I read, um, hurt this fucked up story the other day in the Austin Subreddit. Uh, there was this guy who got scammed, and he was telling the story about how he got scammed so people don't get scammed. So I'm telling you guys, I'm telling although viewers as well, too, I guess this person said that they got a call on Sunday from their caller. I d said it was Austin Energy calling them, and they said that the person on the other end of the line told them that the electric bill for their business was past you and they needed to pay it. Otherwise, they're gonna disconnect their electricity that day. Oh, shit. So the guy's like, Okay, I'm gonna go. I'll pay it. You know, they're like your past. You amounts $1820. Jesus. So that he's like, Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll pay it that. So then they walked him through getting the cash and then depositing it in a Bitcoin e t m on and he's like I did it. And then they told me everything was okay. And then I found out that my electricity bill was not passed You So all that money's gone. He didn't just go online and check, and he did. He was on the phone. He's like, Okay, let's take care of it. How old is this guy? He didn't say, like someone to tell the story on that alone is just enough of a red flag for the people were kind of mean about it. They're like, You deserve to lose that money thing like the second they bring up Bitcoin. You know you're in trouble. If they don't also know all of your information, that would be like, Yeah, that I think that the payment thing is the weirdest thing right? You don't want me to go to like, but maybe where they accept Yes, utility people pay online, like most companies have. No. A lot of tech support's cameras from India and Bangladesh deal. They want Google play cards and apple cards and then, when he paid with gift cuts, right, which is really bizarre, so they, like, get old people to walk to the store by, like, 400 dollar target gift God, and then give them the code. If you're seeing that guy on twitch who streams himself fucking with those camera? Yeah, Your waist like that is my reality. That's honestly please let me know what I need to watch that I had the fake I arrest Call me last year. No, I have to admit, I was on the phone with them for probably about 20 minutes. And in the beginning, I did fall for it. I was very concerned. I was very nervous. He was like, the cops are gonna be at your house, Will have a lot of like, Jesus Christ. I was just like my mind got hijacked, you know, and, uh, count on. Yes. Exactly. And so he kept saying, he's like, goto the stay on the phone with me. Go to your bank and pull out. You know, $12,000 all this stuff and I'm like, this just doesn't make sense to me, obviously. And so after a while I kept asking questions because it just clearly didn't understand. And he started getting mad and yelling at me and raising his voice. And then finally, I realized I was like, I'm getting scammed. Then a couple months later, I got a call from one of these guys again, and I picked it up because I knew I was gonna I was gonna fuck with him and he's telling me all this stuff and I'm like, I know you're not really. And I know you're fucking with me right now and he just says, Okay. And I'm like, Do you get away with this? And he's like, sometimes And he's answering these questions and stuff And I'm like, I was like and he's like you. You should You should ask me how much I made today and was like, I'd rather not by and when I clicked off. But, um, a piece of shit, they're awful. I mean, I love them ice cream. I just People in poor places tryingto make a living and they just doing what people tell him to do forgets, shake things they will say, let preying on people's kindness. So, so awful. What was the guy you watched? Kit Bogo. Yeah. Okay. I'm actually, like, actually looked at the video. Did you find it because he was just I think he's just, like algorithm friendly right now. I read it or something. Yeah, I've been watching a ton of his videos. He does this old woman. How often does he get scammed? Lower scam calls? Rather Well, he liked create. He liked baits them. Um, sometimes we put to scammers on the phone with each other. There was one time where because they do this, like, weird refund thing where they say they're gonna give you a refund of, like, 400. Yeah. Then they'll edit the bank page because they control the computer, and they'll be like, Oh, I accidentally added a zero. I gave you 4000. You need to go in early. $3600. Right? So he did. This thing is, instead of like, playing along with that, I better you're going get a gift card. He just goes on Amazon. And, like, pretend buys a mobility scooter, he's pretending to be an old woman. He's like, I'm gonna be speeding around on this camera's like No, no, no, don't spend the money. Yeah, has got really inventive ways of screwing with There is someone I forget who it was, but someone I knew grew growing up Whose father, whenever they would get a scam call, would pretend to be like we're really into it. How did you do that? Just sitting there. I was sitting, listening would pretend to be, like, really interested in really down to do whatever this person was asking. And they'd be like, Okay, hold on. Like I'm just gonna go grab my credit card. But it's like it's downstairs, so it'll take me a second. They put the phone down and then leave the phone down for hours and then come back to it. And sometimes the person would still be on the line waiting, and then they'd be like, Oh, actually, never mind. And then just hang up like that. Episode of the Simpsons Were Bart Frank called Australia. Oh, my God. Yeah. It's just, like leaves the phone down. The kid goes to check on the neighborhood, like leaves the phone off the hook. Yeah, It used to be so expensive to cool internationally. I always forget that. Yeah, well, even calling outside of the city you lived in. Oh, really? Yeah, like, yeah, you just have to call like, long distance. It was like it cost more witnesses to call Montreal from Ottawa. Growing up, it was weird to call like my grandparent's. Do you remember when we had to start actually putting in the area code? Because before Yeah, you didn't. You didn't have to do that. Now, nineties kids remember? Well, I think it just happened with Austin fairly recently because they just added the 2nd 1 like, two years ago. No, I'm talking about, like, way back in the day, way back in the day where you were you just You just dialed. Like you didn't have to dial the number. What about multiple people Have the same go on with more capital digits? They didn't They didn't. Not with the same area. Yeah. No. Yeah. So you're saying that you are alive a time? Whatever. Less than seven. I was alive in a time when the same area code that's in Austin went all the way to the border. And I used to. When I lived on the border, we were 512 and everyone in that area live within those 75309 was just one person's phone number. That's how it works. Yep. It sucks to be that. You think anybody actually requests that number? I want my phone to bettering with random calls all the time. Someone must have 5128675309 We're not calling them. We're not finding out. I hope nobody has that phone number. I hope it's been, like, blacklist that they love talking to people. I wonder if anybody I mean, obviously they do. There's a phone number for that translates to Big Dick. And if, like, a fuckin like one of those, um, hotlines for sexual speaking. What's that called, like phone sex? Excellent. Sexual like that. Nobody would call sexual speaking. We've got operators standing by. Oh, baby. Sexiest beach possible. They know all the words. Yeah. Big Dick. Big. You're just like big Dick on. Repeat, Big Dick. Big Dick. Big dick, sexually speaking. Wait, OK, Not what Like if if they would reserve those numbers for those hot lines, like big, big or hot puts or like, Boom, she's going down. That's just Plus, you're alright. P s s y. You're really good at this, Barbara. You ever look to see if your phone number spells anything? No, I haven't looked this website three and go and you put in your number. And so you like all the everything's might actually spell something that I really like. Is it sexual? Speak Big Dick. Call me at 51 I'll tell you after The podcast I understand about here is that the area code affects mobile numbers. You mean go on like a mobile number in England, stocks were like, 07 But my area code is five digits. Right? So how do you get mobile number That this, that many numbers Well, is that few numbers? There's that many because because the number includes the area code. If you think about it, Indigents so tender. That's a lot of numbers. That's a lot of years. So, for instance, Okay, I think I know what you're trying to say. So I in Houston was 713 for the longest time, and then obviously they needed to branch out more. And now they have a three to sew a 3 to 713281 or all Houston area codes and stuff that we had to add that are just, you know, I'm trying to say is this. What? Your fiance. I understand area curd. Yeah, but in England, it's just land lines that have a Not if someone brings you from a mobile number. You don't know where they are. It's the same thing here. Like you can have a mobile number in Austin. Yeah, with any area code, I just never comes One. It's like seven. And the thing was another one. But that's about it. Yeah, I think you all whoever makes those decisions in the UK just decided when mobile phones came out like, Oh, we're gonna give him a different coat that we could save all the other codes for land lines. That was something I didn't realize until I moved it. When someone calls, you just could just say, like from Austin. That's cool, cause when you get cool by number, you don't know in England, it just says the number from England from the you question mark from you. Be more expensive from Yeah, you motherfuck. When you going back to England, you may leave? No, but like a trip. Have you ever been to England? Just have. Last year I was a little of benches. American achievement achievement hunter and he found out that I was there with him. Was really upset Me to be fair. No. Um, yeah, that We work with a lot of people. You forgot she was there. What? Yeah, he did. He drew Lever somewhere. The time forget. Did I tell you? Did I tell you you when we were there, you told me that I have a very weird hair line. I think it's cool. Look, a headline way you did were sitting on the picnic tables out of the ordinary at all. No, I know now getting a no gun. And I realize this is all just normal. Um, but yeah, we were sitting outside in front of the help e. I mean, like, look, there's my eyebrow. And then that's where my hairline started. I am Italian, so there's just like, That's a thing your people have, like, too high of a hairline. I know. I am saying more of an issue. Yeah. Then there's people that just call it out as if it's like a thing. You know, like, at least you know, What is it? The thing that I have work because I'm blond. If I pull my hair back too much. It looks like I'm going bald, like up here. I don't really I mean, I see here, they're headed, baby. Here's Yeah, it could You could be like me. And I am, That's where missing most of my hair. Found board, Eric. We're really area. I was sound. That sound board, baby best is when they over your friend. When I said that, um, I wasn't offended. I was like, This is our friendship, and I need to accept it. I feel like I've known you for a long time. At that point, it wasn't just like out of the blue. No, it was just one of those things when was like Thank you. Like how I responded That, like, thanks is that this is where Gavin says something, and then you your reaction. But just your facial expression dictates how Gavin will react to what he just said. Yeah, I see him. I felt bad because I didn't mean it to be an insult. No, I mean, it's fine. Just something I will always remember for the rest of my life. That's a fair. Remember, Rick, say something Should Hey, Jessica. I'm sure it's all good anyway, So he forgot it was there on that shoe. And, um when I and I helped produce that whole entire she was recently have you ever been to England and new light? Well, we were there at the same time, working on the same show together, but it was, like, so ecru that also, to be fair, like when you shoot a bunch of the same show or I'll shoot with the same people very often. You kind of forget, Like, necessarily what cities. Using what you're saying is you're on his side. Oh, shit. Okay. Don't laugh. Don't just don't let her off the Let me ask you this. Go. You've done a lot of shorts. Um, do you remember every crew member of every single one? No, I don't. But your friends, I have You have a point. Like if you were on our short shoots, I'm sure Jessica would remember which ones you were on. Yeah. Yeah, I guess the true. No hard feelings, no hard feelings. What's it now? When you said hey, idiot, I was there with you. I was like, Oh, yeah. And then I remembered Oh, yeah, yeah, but it doesn't like go off and, like, hang out together. Or like, I was down a cave. And you at the mouth of it, he was okay with a gold Caine. Yeah, I saw you at the beginning and the end of it. That's true. That's a fair. And you're probably tired because this was after Artie X and was in the middle of the night. And Emily tonight? Yeah, get awful. And Gavin goes a lot of places with a lot of people, so I get it. That was great, That one. I I stayed at my parentshouse. That was, like, 10 minutes from where I grew up. Are you serious? Yeah. Holy shit. Is your parent's house haunted? No. Now that you know and labyrinth was shot in the beginning of the labyrinth. Yeah, Very nice learning all kinds of gavin trivia. This after the receipt podcast is brought to you by ark. Whether it's a job interview or your dating profile, your smile can help you make the best first impression. But if you smile isn't as vibrant as you'd like it to be, art can help you feel more confident. 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That's a r C smile dot com promo code. Rooster, you want to take the next stuff? It no, take it. The digging A ticket far from this that there's this recurring I want in on it. If it qualifies as a fear, There's something that I think about a lot. Have you ever heard? And we've talked about this on the podcast every now and then about how it's possible to get an amoeba that eats your brain. Yeah. Plane was convinced he had one for a while. Three. Really blame. Thought he got because he jumped into a lake or something or swim in a lake recently. And he heard about the brain eating amoebas, and he was convinced that he had one. Yeah. Someone just died the other day. Oh, my God. Um, some, some like, 10 year old girl went swimming in a river in Central Texas and then got over Labor Day and then got, Ah, one of those amoebas swam up her nose. Is there any way to, like, stop it? Or like what? You show signs you're doomed? I don't know. Yeah, like, what are symptoms of that? Like, why did blame think that just because he swam in a Lincoln because having symptoms does he swim in a lake? Okay. Yeah, And apparently he read that, like some of the first signs, or that your personality changes drastically, which you might not necessarily be like, I guess some things in my brain, even though I would love to know what the symptoms are of that I'm trying to look out here how soon they hit. So the thing that annoyed me as I read this article on ah local news website and they misspelled amoeba every time, every time they talk to me. But it was misspelled. I didn't think I could spell it. I am. It's like, Oh ee, I think it's a m o e or e o b a okey, okey. Okay, I know there's a lot of information, but nothing. That's the symptoms. I feel like whenever knows. Yeah, I mean, it's probably like all up in our brain right now. Yeah, gets there fast. Apparently. I think it's like two weeks or something. Yeah. I mean, what this would happened over Labor Day weekend. It would have been, like two weeks ago. Yeah, that's devastating. Yeah, terrible eyes it because of the like, What's causing these things to flourish? Is it just the like, the higher water temperatures in stagnant water? To just wonder, that's just dirty water, they say. Typically, Texas averages about one death per year so that it doesn't seem like there's any. Just not anymore, right? E, I guess. Like it's the media itself is common, but the infection is actually doing something is super rare. Gotcha. I can't. I'm sorry. I can't really find no symptoms here. It's okay. It will just never hear about symptoms. And then we'll get it and will blame you. Exactly what it was in the Brussels River, in case you care. Still go to the brother Trevor. All right, P s a for anyone watching you get the other thing that a few years ago, remember? The reason we brought it up then was there was a rash of it happening from people using neti pots. You know, like the thing where you're like, I guess. Like if you don't boil the water and you just use tap water, it's possible you get that. Were something like solution. You're supposed to put in an I believe, like a saline solution or distilled water or something. Yeah, something like that. I've never used one of those either. It seems growth, was it? D'oh! It's just like just clear your sinuses out. Do you need that to be done. I guess it was blocked. I think it's really relieving pressure. Why? I'd have to look it up again. I used it just because someone gifted it to me. I want to try. It doesn't just like going one nostril and run out the other. It's very weird looking because it looks like a little teapot that you just like put in one nostril and you tell your head just a little bit and it will just, like, stay. Bring out your eyes A video of Jessica doing it It's one of the funniest videos. He's just a Saami are negri what Jessica way? All her Jessica was like. Now he's making up stories about me. Like the book Jessica's a dirty neti pot. You? Yeah. Yeah, I knew it. You said you hadn't, but I knew you didn't know. I've never used one before. I feel like I'd like gaggle over the police. You really don't. You know, I honestly don't feel it like I mean, if you you're supposed to use, I think like room temperature water. Um, but yeah, you basically just, like, feel it coming out, But you don't really feel it going in. And did it help, though I don't remember. I think I didn't really have any symptoms that it would have helped. I just wanted to try it. It's weird how it's all connected up there, right? You important within one nostril way, whether people can hammer nails into the nose. Oh, hey, yeah, that's so much. Just like a a gap, like in the sinuses, where it's just like a like an empty spot, right? So the black illusionist, would you still, like, take nails and people think it was a trick, but they're actually just hammering a nail like into the front of their face. Because if you look at the skull, I mean, there's no nose on the skull, it's just a hole. And then you just gotta find a cavity that goes all the way back. I could probably do two nails. I bet you could do more than two. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you could hammer a hammer into that knows I'm sorry. Six. Now what? By the different camera, That's 22222 shots were mixing it up for you. That's what you're confused. Yeah. Yeah, That's why I helped you out. Um, there was Ah, there was Ah, I read the Austin So I don't gotta bail streets. The Austin Sever every the Austin subreddit obsessively read it all the time. There was, Ah, another weird story That was very last week where I guess someone someone saw this happen in the contact at the local news that they saw a San Marcos police car in Austin in South Austin and that the San Marcos police car pulled over and then let some homeless guy out and then left and drove back down south. They just dumped him in a different jurisdiction, right? They just brought him up to Austin, left him here. We don't need this guy in our city anymore. And then they had, like, that confusing the police. Norman had confusing contradicting statements about it. At first, you're like, Oh, yeah, he was from Austin. His friends left him in San Antonio, and he's trying to walk back. So we gave him a ride. That's like what? And then they were like, Oh, no, he was just ah, homeless. And we don't have the service is to take care of him in San Marcos. So we took in Austin. But they just left him on the side of the road. And I don't take him to the homeless shelter station. It was like such a weird story. I don't know if there's been any follow up since then. Is there more than one homeless shelter in Austin? The big one is the arch downtown. Yeah, but I think they're building a 2nd 1 down in South Austin. I've, like, been white somewhere because that one always seems like there's a lot of people not getting help there. Yeah, there's more people than they can accommodate there. Yeah, on, uh, some I was I would hope that they would be opening up a 2nd 1 but is also a private organization. Said you stuff toe, help us. Well, Austin is growing like crazy. I know. I saw traffic that, like, two years ago or a year ago, that said, like, 187 people move here every day. It's probably more now on the problem. Yeah, Let's get out of here. You and Gavin? Yeah. When you I think in the time that I've lived here, I moved back here in 1998. In the time that I've lived here, the population is more than doubled. I think about that every time stuck on fucking 35 the level of awesome also doubled. No, it is not skill in nearly increasing. There's They're knocking down all of the awesome spots in Austin now to build high rises. A lot of viruses. That hotel's yeah, lot of the hotels downtown. What's your favorite place in Austin? Jessica. Uh, good question, man. I need I mean, honestly, any to Explorer Awesome, or I'm very much a home body. And so when people like my sister will come into town and she likes to go out and get drinks and go to brunch and she's like, where should we go? Like, uh, Kirby Lane? I don't know. Yeah, um I don't know if I need to do that when he's with the others, and I have, um, some things and I hope not too far from here. It's on the weekend. And that's when the one, like, right over here at 2 90 and or get to 1935. Okay? Yes. Yeah, we can just always a line outside of it. Yeah. And Aunt Aeneas, we trust say I hope I'm not anything about IHOP. It's like there's a bunch of other options that are, I hope caliber just right around their greasy pancakes. There's a bunch of other places. Yeah. I can't imagine going I have to be like, Yeah. Oh, wait. Yeah, no, Denny's And I have They're always always such a line. Yeah. This podcast brought you by I hop e. I think my favorite places probably chilies at 45th of, um, Are you free place? You know, it is not that it's not that I know. I try to think like when I have visitors in town. It's like, This is a place we have to go. That's what he's always telling me. Different options. The Alamo, I think via 313 is definitely my favorite pizza. Yeah, element. If, uh, you know, if I like him, I'll take him to you. Chico Noguchi. What's the difference? Yeah, center the same. Just hooches. Far south. A little further self. Well, speaking of pizza, where in Austin is Riviera via 313 Really? Maya's home size it is. This is a home slice set, but V s 31 3/8. How is it better? I I like that. It's a little sticker and the outside is crispy. With a little like Burt cheese on the side. They put the sauce on sauce on top. I like the Cadillac pains as my favorite has, like prosciutto and, uh, Gorgons, Allah and Fig. You heard Barbara demands via 313 guys. I'll tryto I don't think anybody here would complain. No, I'll be fine. We're trying to figure out another place we can do via 313 please. Most very Decatur here is pretty good, but the Indian food is heinous. Not great in Yes, and I like to clean the eyes. It's just, uh it's not great. We're confusing a gesture. Yes. So I'm very hard to communicate with today, apparently. So you you have been there, but you don't like it. It was like assume. Do you like assume? Or you don't even like to assume that place. It sounds like you're making a noise all the place and not know it. But you haven't you really owe dish you t shoe issue. It's a it's a I guess I don't know if you'd call it a chain restaurant, but it's one of the most popular. They multiple locations all around London, England. We went there for a human donor last year. Like many times, it was delicious. Was really good Indian food. Why didn't he was a d. I s H o m. Yes, I think so. Did you know, invite me to India for, you know, I was with you, remember? You were there, so Yeah, that's it. You know, I wish I thought of that. Thank you. Bar. I got you, girl. Backup location. Yeah, well, next time you go to England, you know that place I love it. I mean, there's plenty of all right. You don't have any recommendations for Austin? No, but I mean, I like clay pit here. But if you don't, I mean, then maybe I'm mama one. That's wrong. What? Anywhere you go in England, though, Like the Indian Foods way better. Especially in London. Oh, yeah, for sure. You have this huge Indian influence so that the food is like, just like the shit I have in India. Do you get the the same thing at every Indian restaurant you go to here and, like it's always been shit and, like, get different stuff. What's your go to thing, though? Chicken korma, chicken tikka masala? That's mine. Gotta go. I just I know it's so basic, like independent. That's good. Thio. Yeah, I love a good sock near chicken tikka masala until I realized it's like all heavy cream. I was kidding about the Coleman, by the way. Please don't take this seriously. I don't see your hard to communicate with. You just lie and confusing gestures. Were we even like that one time we were at that convention where he had no merch in London. Even we just went to like that Indian place. It was like just outside the convention center, and even that was great. That was better than it is here. And the entertainment was it was great. It was awesome. Fucking little pile rice everywhere. There's a place I want to go to in London that a couple of people from work went to when we were in London last time called Things called the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, which is like a tea service place and yet like tea sandwiches and stuff. But it's like in the theme of Alice in Wonderland. That sounds and I was like, I need to go here. Um, it looked yes, like a dream. Kind of wish you would have known that. I know. Me too. You did that. I think, Jessica that I thought was admirable. And you just saw pissed off into the countryside flunky who went to England and did a bunch of non tourist stuff. Yes, I did. Yeah. After after we shot for a week, um, in England doing Hunter. I stayed an extra weekend. I went to the cops walls and I got myself a little cottage and made tea every day. Took a bath and watched Harry Potter. That's cooler. Like most people in the whole, it was amazing. Ah, And then after I think I did that for, like, three days in the night. And this is all by myself. I went by myself. Um, and then I went to York. Um, and York. Old iarc. Yes, and ah. Hung out up there for a little bit too. Ah, it was amazing. Sounds like so much fun. It was my first time truly traveling alone and learned a lot. Uh, don't like. I had a huge suitcase with me merely because I was there for, like, two weeks. But I don't think about it. And it was also cold. So I had a bunch of jackets and stuff, too. But I didn't think about it in the sense of like, I'm gonna be on trains and buses and cabs. Yeah, it was awful. That was the worst part of it, actually. Ah, but the rest of it was really amazing. Would have been better to have two smaller suitcases. No, just one. Just 112 still would've been annoying. You know why? It's a good question. I can't get a British guy who is in the holiday. What can I remember, Jude Law come knocking at your door without now a second of hesitation. The holiday is It's so very. It's so great it makes you feel good. Yeah, I don't remember this movie. No way. You've seen that movie. Women troubled with guy problems swap homes in each other's countries where they each made a local guy and fall in love. Yes, that sounds like my kind of movie. It's got Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack black. It came out at the same almost the same time or within the, like, a couple of years of last holiday, which is very confusing. And that is with Queen Latifah. And she hits her head and then has a brain scan, and they think that she's dying. And so she goes on her last holiday, and then it turns out she doesn't have a brain issue. I ended up with a new point of view on the world and a new man. Nice. Upon learning of a terminal illness, my woman decides to sell off all her possessions and live it up at a posh European hotel. It was like you She probably best. Every day she watched every potter. Yeah, it wasn't a posh place. This was like an old cottage. But it was me. I was amazing. We should start a podcast where we just read summer movies. I haven't. You eh Summary of almost any romcom and we probably will be able to guess. Yeah, You know, I like romantic comedies. I just do. I didn't think I was the type of girl, but, you know, I need to admit it to myself that I am The life of a simple bookshop owner changes when he meets the most famous film star in the world. Thousands onward. My, I think all of the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tails. All set during a frantic months before Christmas in London. In love, actually so good, so good. That's a good movie. Valentine's Day. There's a movie, I think it's called Valentine's Day, where it's almost the same as love, actually, where there's, like eight different stories intertwined with each other. Yes, I've seen I never actually saw it, but I saw previous for a long time ago. Also, another one like that. Uh, he's just not that into you. A bunch of different Yeah. Stories coming, intertwining. Have you guys seen how to lose a guy in 10 days? You're half. That one's real funny. Who's that one? Kate Hudson and Shawn. Hey, because we read it. Synopsis of the Matrix. Yes, they green lit matrix for we talked about that. Have we? I think it was making it, uh, one of the house keys. Just one other Bukowski. Uh, look it up in a second, a computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels. Started. I'm a computer hacker learned from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers. I like that you could immediately tell that it's not a romcom. Yeah, for slated for 2022 I only see Lana Wachowski Uh, listen, it's director. I don't know what kind of media Jessica do you think you have, like the most knowledge about? Like for me, I would say Disney movies or like Hood. The Simpsons. But is there, like, this is a loaded question. I'll take Bond. Bond. You've seen all the bond movies multiple times. If I, like, played you like a five second, I won't a five second sound clip from one of them. Do you think you could identify which one? It's from? Freis know. There's a lot of bond that's like days of it. It's a lot. It kind of just end. A resourceful British government agent seeks answers in a case involving the disappearance of a colleague and the disruption of the American space program. Space for it. And it could only be Moonraker iconic Dr No. Okay, Who's the missing colleague? I just looked up, Doctor. No. What about you guess the thing. Like the piece of media I know that most about yeah, or like, franchise. Or I might have to really think about it. It might be a game of thrones, because I've read the books multiple times and I watched the episode like all of the sudden multiple times. If not, that may be breaking bad. Okay, is good when he said it about lost, I think since it's the first time that only first time seasons Really? Yeah, I'm a little concerned about the upcoming breaking bad movie. Really? Yeah, just like the Siri's and everything was so good and we got an end to it. And now, based on their release, that little trailer three other week. Yep, I'm worried about what That's what this story's gonna be, because it seems like it takes place after the events of the Siri's. Also, do you think it's been too long or No? No, I don't think so. I was worried about like how this is gonna fit in with everything else. Yeah, because it seems like before, you know, I even seen that trailer for the movie. When I think about breaking bad, it seems like a very complete story. Yes, it seems like everything in that story has been told. You know you from the inception where Walt starts decides he wants to do this to spoiler, his death at the end. It's really his story, and you learn everything about it. So do the synopsis. Yeah, I'd like a Gus Fring prequel you to watch. Better call Saul. Yeah, I've seen a couple of think he becomes a much more major character as the showplace out. I think the first season of that shows kind of weak, but then it really picks up and goes, Well, what about that movie? What's called, uh, el Camino E? I only remember that because of the burger Place Austin because, you know, you know, after escaping Jack and his gang, Jesse Pinkman goes on the run from the police and tries to escape his own inner turmoil. Damn. Okay, well, any predictions? I don't know. So far, the only cast listed on IMDB is Aaron, Paul and Charles Baker, who plays skin Pete. I worry that maybe he's going to die and, like, suffer a fate similar to Walt, I don't know. Maybe a super bummer. Yeah, it would be, but I don't know. Maybe he's just, like, so messed up from everything that happened over the course of that series. You should watch. Better call Saul. Yeah, I think it's Ah, it's a good addition to the breaking bad universe without being about. You know, Walt and Jesse do any of you watch succession? No, I just started Outlander, though, which is really good. The succession group commercial for old. So I watched the first episode and I There's a couple things I didn't really like about it. I wasn't really that into it that I didn't really like the camera work. All the characters are pieces of shit, but the real story it's just like it's very much like someone's talking and then, like, the zooms will happen on, like, really weird, like unnecessary points in time. Or like the camera will be like focus on someone's hand as they're talking and they're like clenching their fists. But it's like the zooms. Is it the shell like a documentary? Yes. Okay, I've never seen it. Which is I mean, I've heard people really like it. And Trevor actually continued watching it without me because I said I wasn't really that interested. And he's, like, Already caught up like Episode six of season two, least achievement under watching it. Yeah, and he enjoys it. Um, I just couldn't get into it, So I was curious to see if you guys said I I hear that I should watch it. You haven't seen it yet? It just I don't know. It wasn't like it was my cup of tea. Yeah, but I'm sure if I kept with that, I would have liked it. Yeah, I just finished last week. I just finished the season two of mind hunter. Everybody watched that are watching season. You have seen the 1st 17 seconds. So I watched the first season. And at the end of season, when I was very indifferent towards that show, I thought it was shot. Well, but here, which is why it and jump on season two here. I felt like there was nothing hooking me with Two came out. I wasn't like, Yeah, watch it. The rest of the show is nothing like the very first scene was expecting more of that but I felt like Season two is really good in here. There's a threat through more of a story to kind of connect everything on. It's really good. It's really, really compelling. I've been I really don't do that are normally don't mean just the kind of stuff. But I think I watched all of that like in two days. It was It was excellent. I've been telling everybody about euphoria. It's so that if you haven't seen it, you know what? You should watch it. Yeah, well, I know. Wes, listen to what's up? Seymour's girlfriend. Just based on the way it looks. Yeah, it looks shot so well in the lighting and everything is just I heard it makes you kind of depressed. It is. It does leave you in a weird head space. It took me like the 1st 2 episodes, and I had to like, take a It's not a show that you want a binge because you will stay in that headspace. Yeah, well, actually, I kind of got used to him like, OK, I'm here now for a little bit. And then and then it's Then it's over. And then I went on just sunshine and played so badly affected your mood. It did. If you watch the first episode, you'll see what I mean. Look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex and violence. Damn, it sounds really like C. W ish, but it's definitely not, um, like a little more graphic. Yeah, absolutely. Like every conversation we've had ends with. Hey, have you washed before? I keep telling you, Georgina, um, eight episodes. Yeah, that's what Zendaya right. So beautiful. Yeah, Hater. Just getting a lover. She's just too beautiful. This absolute receive podcast is brought to you by stamps dot com. One of the toughest parts of making and selling products online is the shipping. No one really wants to go to the post office. You're busy. Who's got time for a traffic parking, lugging your mail and packages? It's a real hassle. That's why you need stamps dot com stamps dot com Brings all of the amazing service is of the U. S. Postal Service right to your computer steps dot com is a faster, more convenient way to get postage. 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Thank you stamps dot com for sponsoring this episode of the rusty podcast. Um, you Gavin Yeah, you tweeted something the other day that, um, there was along the lines of something I wanted to talk about on the podcast. What? You're gonna find us? I'm like, Who's ready to order a professional phone? Yeah, yeah. No, I didn't go out. Is it mirrors? It's stupid to call a phone pro. That was The joke goes making like they're calling this a professional telephone. It's like I don't know if I'm a professional phone caller professional mean about it. It's just like in the naming scheme of like, Mac Book Pro. You know, iPad, pro iPhone, pro on. Think about it like I do use my phone for work all the time. Yeah, constantly. But to call the phone professional, I'm just thinking of like a like an executive in an eight. The office would like one of those big decks were getting your messages and shit professional phone to make the iPad pro right? So it's like somewhere. I guess it's because it's a phone is different. Yeah, yeah, but what is different about it? Other than the name that wasn't really anything, I think well, the camera capabilities I know are a lot better. Has, like, a special display. Yeah. Did you hear also how, um, like the design of the iPhone pro with the three dots on the back apparently is triggering some people's. I'm gonna forget the name trip. A phobia, really a phobia. The tiny holes. Yeah, it's like it's like, um, a fear of things that are filled with holes or God that have, like, very like wide openings. I'm going to get this wrong. I'm sorry. I didn't look it up before. I can see that. I know what you're talking about. It just looked really weird tonight. Like I totally get why people would be I didn't see that the back of my pulled out weird. But you want to the back of the iPhone video before? Yes, I might grade because, I mean, if you can tell in some of the recent between the games and probably the microwave heist five must've cracked down the front of my camera. You get all these like crazy lens flares Ring. This is what it looks like. So it's like the cameras, like now, three. Like, for some reason, it reminds me of, um I can't remember the movie Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds for some reason, but yeah, I don't like it. Just looks scary. It's just that I don't It's not like I have a phobia. Just looks, tried drilling or train boat trip. A phobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. It's not officially recognized as a mental disorder, but may fall under the broad category of specific phobia if fear is involved and fear is excessive. And that's funny that when it was, too, it didn't do that when it's just Well, I guess it wasn't looking thing. This is, like, more irregular. You're gonna get professional telephone. I am going to get a professional telephone. I've been I've been making phone calls for for decades. Now I'm ready to upgrade to the pros something way. Have, Ah, toilet paper in our office over there that says it's like professional siris on the wrapper. What makes toilet paper profession like lunar. You like I'm qualified to use the professional paid to wipe your ass. Then you're in the pros. I guess so. We all spend a little bit of time wiping your ass at work. So we're all we're all professional ass wipes. How many ways do you need? I have this discussion with someone with me. Yes, but always up to your attention the other day. It's true. Just answer the question. That really depends on ah, consistency. Okay, See, that's I think I think I asked her the other days. Like, when do you wipe, like, say, friends? You might have had, like, a messy one. Do you wipe until it's clean? What if it keeps going? Do you just like I get it later? You go get it. Get it later. I don't know. That's why I'm asking. Why would you come with people of different answers? Ah, there's a lot of hair of navigating as well. To Theo. It's important to really Gavin, I'm gonna tell this. You might want to your phone. You're months. He doesn't have a trash can. Um, so there's someone who, uh, I know. Oh, yes. To have a boyfriend who wouldn't wipe and a little specifically, like, get those Dingle Berries. And then, like, once or twice a week, he would, like, clear him out in the shower, in the shower, but like, yeah, but, like, just wouldn't wipe What? I don't regard it water. They on about you talking about? I don't know of little Brogan's there for days on end. Yes, it's that Weren't Elsie fucking filthy gross? Why would this person not wife public time, if a lot of time involved Sit down? Yeah. I mean, I don't I don't get it. I think I think like four days would pass, and then they would get in the shower and just kind of like, clear amounts. Get him, get it going, you know, let him off. Yeah, Well, why don't you try? You know what it's like. And no, it's not fucking Trevor. You think I'd be dating Trevor if he did that? You fuckin asking? It was It wasn't somebody day it. No, it wouldn't know. This was a friend's ex boyfriend now. Ex boyfriend? Um, yeah, guys, none of you know this person that is sick with gross. All right. I got someone in chat, recommended a movie that I read the synopsis for. Okay, Okay. We're gonna try to guess it. Yes. Even get gets the movie. Ah, hopeless man stranded on a desert island befriends a dead body, and together they go on a surreal journey to get home. It's that Daniel uh, Red Cliff one. Um Ah. Fucking knife. Um, Swiss Army man. There you go. Oh, you'll see that movie? No, I saw it. I went. I saw that he had in the theater. That's the movie at the end. I was just like, I'm glad I saw it. I'm never watching that again. That was fucking crazy. It's very weird. Like, you think it's gonna be weird, but it's even weird. At the end of the movie, there's, like, a shot of one character who just look straight in the camera goes What the fuck? Yeah, that's about right. Thing is about right for this movie. Wait. Spiked lens, like looking at. Okay, Looks like you're looking at it. But it's okay, right? Interesting, full face. I finally saw movie. I've been meaning to see for months of this point this weekend, which is book smart. You guys seen books? Yeah, I highly recommend it. So people describe it as like super bad, but with girls. And it's kind of like that one of the girls even kind of looks like Jonah Hill a little bit. I'm just like her facial features and her expressions, but is phenomenal. Yeah, it is so funny and especially like if you're a young girl, I highly recommend checking it out into his studio really well. Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde, on the eve of their high school graduation to academic superstars and best friends, realize they should have worked less and played Maur the determined not to fall short on their peers of their peers. The girls try to cram four years of fun into one night, and they sure do. Yeah, I watched Superbad like less than two weeks ago. It's such a good movie, just randomly. Yeah, it's on Netflix now. I remember talking to you about it when it came out and you didn't like it. I wasn't. You, like, has an IQ of that. Is that kid constantly swearing? Okay, I will see. I just watched it recently, too. And Jonah Hill, he does go on like, just like you fucked every other word. And I'm getting annoyed by that. I think I was just in the wrong mood for when I saw it the first time I did not film. I also did not enjoy Pineapple Express as much as I thought I was in here. That's the one movie that everyone loves, and I just like I didn't love it as much as everybody else did. But I do love those movies that make It's just that one where I didn't connect with for something I would love to see a super bad again. Now it's great. It's I think I would appreciate that humor a lot more cause I think I saw it when it first came out, which was It was the first of its kind, right? Like it was just a good it was to me. It was like, Man, it's the first movie I loved That wasn't really about anything at all. It didn't really go anywhere. It was about nothing of importance. It's just very funny. Yeah, and, uh, it also shows you how recently the world has become more offended by stuff like that movie. Yeah, and it came out now would be different. No, hold up. But it's still a very funny movie. Yeah, Emma Stone's breakout role to always think of that. Her back has been like easy, eh? But she know. I think super battles before easier. I think so. Yeah. She I could've sworn there was something even before those two. You're right. Easy. It was 2010. Yeah, House bunny. That was before those. But she was She wasn't like a lead role. He was one of the leads. It was definitely, um, what's her face? Lana on a pair of Paris. She's definitely did that movie. But like, if you're gonna pick a second, I would say she was in the house when he was after super bad. She has very few credits before Superbad. She was, I guess, in an episode of Malcolm in the Middle of the Suite. Life of Zack and Cody. Those are our brothers, Rosalie Browsers. You like tea? I never saw that. I was an adult when I came out. I didn't see it either. Just high watch Riverdale. So do you want to know? How is it? I like it. Ok, A lot of people here really like it doesn't think differently. Rising her also maybe. Yeah, yes. D'oh. Yes. Doesn't he do like a podcast way Feel about rising and his opinions. Oh, God. Well, that's That's not a way of ordinary that I meant it. I meant like what? Because he really loves till about films, TV does he have good teeth? Does he have? If John Rising and likes the film is a good film like the way you feel about Jack course, if Jack likes it, you don't you want nothing todo think John and I agree a lot of times, but we I very strongly disagree with him. Sometimes it was like there is some overlap with in there sometimes where no, like the other day we had drew on the podcast, and Drew and I are opposites about the same thing that will be pulling off more. Yeah, we we should just, like, sit down. We should just come up with a list of stuff that independently, without the other seeing. I'd like to send an email or a message and ask what we think about it. I might do that. Or maybe I'll film on Artie life with you, too, and just like get your reactions to both and then super cut it together. That might be fun. It's so interesting because, like, you know, I, for instance, I call this a guilty pleasure. But really, is it? It's just I just like to show I love and higher diaries, and that's OK, it's OK that you like. You talk that because they're so many references of vampire diaries on tic tac. I need to look at that then, Yes, I love it. So I will want you. There's 171 episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Oh, it's so great. Just can't get enough of it in your eyes Is it too many? It's not too many. Um, yeah. And so I just you know, I'll tell you that I love Van Partners and then tell you love game of thrones and like breaking bad And like all the good stuff D'oh! That everybody wasn't like balance. The lives loves dangers and disasters in the town Mystic Falls, Virginia Miss. Creatures of unspeakable horror lurk beneath this town as a teenage girl is suddenly tourney between two vampire brothers. They left out that they're attractive hot vampire brothers. That's a very important bird. Or the Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore. Did you watch Gossip Girl growing up? I watched the beginning, not the rest, because I got tired of it. But it is good lovers. Couple reasons I watched it. I watch that in Everwood growing up. Those were my C W Joe's. You played control. Don't get away from R C T u. A guilty person. I have some really trashy reality shows. What? Come on. I watch a 90 day fiance. I watch every iteration of nine today. Fiance including, like before the 90 days way. Amazing. I watch my £600 life works for the company. That priest? Another here? Yes. Um, weird on Dr Pimple Popper. Did you meet one? Oh, God, I can't do it. I have lots of stories that I probably can't tell right now. E, I can't watch Dr Pimple Popper. That s so I can watch Dr Pimple Popper. But they have, like, a new show that they started recently called the tow bro. Which is like a podiatrist helping people with foot problems. I can't watch. It's like him sticking like shit under people's toenails. And like Cuddy, like, I I watch Dr Phil popular like, up next. You know, like the toe, bro. I was like, Oh, I can try this Like I watch Dr Phil. Poppy, this is your face, like in the 1st 30 seconds. I like grabbing the remote way. You just turn up the volume instead of God. I was like that With graphic. So graphic. That doesn't sound fun. Yeah, let's start the sounds of the worst. Okay, so those are some of years. You gotta have guilty pleasure TV. Just shy. I watch. Yeah. How much friends? A lot, Ugo. I would hold it like guilty pleasure. That's just like a what? Reality TV. I don't watch any TV. If it's not like on demand. I'm not seeing it. Yeah. Yeah, well, they have a lot of especially who, Lou, there's a lot of reality shows on there and what not? Yeah, I just feel like I don't have time to watch this stuff. I'm excited to watch you ever watch a great British baking show. No Lake off. Now I think I think you'd like it because it's British. I like corporate stuff too. Okay. I don't know how this works. Yeah, that's a great generalization about a group of people. How do you feel about all the American shows? Don't most of it. I just don't really care for her. You know what reality show that you guys should watch? And what show you would fucking love God? It's called there's different versions because there's different countries who do what. There's like an Australian, one of Canadian one. I think there's a US one now, but it's called, uh, like border security. I've seen some of that. You would love that shit. Yeah, What is it about? It's basically just documenting different airports, depending on what country they're doing. They do like three or four different airports. There's one, um, that they do like people flying in. There's one like a border crossing if you're driving and like 1/3 1 where they just document people coming in and the process of like, people try to bring in illegal things or this person trying to smuggle in what ever they are doing, or like someone trying to get into the country to work illegally. And it's, I don't know, it's just so interesting to me. It's Ah, it's weird. Having grown up, I have talked about something. I talked about this in the documentary we did. It's weird having grown up on the border because, like I took so much of that granted, I thought like that was a common experience, and now only as an adult when I look back and be like that was really weird to live right next to another country and, like three will walk into one and walk back and, like, I would be no big deal. Wow, you can visit a ton of countries and never interact with a border of one as well. What do you mean? Like like you actually lived physically near one fly into the middle of a country obviously got the border that you could see what I was. Yeah, it's, uh what? What? Where is that that you were watching that the border security on Netflix? Netflix. It's border security, something front line or like something like that, I'm sure if you just Google or not, Google search in Netflix reports. I'm look, I'll look it up. Border. I think the one that's on there is the American one. Border Security. America's front line. Magnus front line was also cannabis front line, which is really good. Do you think anyone Anyone is probably my favorite one because it's like they're trying to be friendly, but they're not. This'll see a potentially scandalous headline. Border security TV show canceled after watchdog finds privacy violation Maybe someone you know is like a I wouldn't want my crossing into a different country. Canada Border agency is pulling the plug on the controversial reality TV program Border Security after the federal privacy commissioner found the agency violated the rights of a construction worker filmed during a raid in Vancouver. So I guess the Canadian one is no longer made. Well, the American one is on Netflix. Check out enough. They're only like 20 minute episodes, so highly recommend it. I feel like I saw a similar show set in Australia. They do not really want to. Okay, maybe that's that's the one that I saw them. Yeah, which is interesting because it's a lot of American tourists tryingto come and work there or or do whatever. Really? Yeah, really has spray strict laws. They do because it's it's seen such a chill place. It's like you got quarantine on the ship. You can just come work Well, I remember how much trouble you've received trying to get into Canada. Canada's got some of the meanest border people I've ever see. It does, especially Toronto got. That's rude. They just talk to you like you're a piece of little shit. They're goingto you off in four days, Theo. The very first time I ever went to Australia, it was the first time I've been outside of the US besides, like Mexico. And Jeff and I were both going down there for an event and we got to the airport. We're like, you know, we're here to check in for flight and shut up, like, two hours before the fight or whatever. And the person you know who was checking us in at the airport here in Austin was like Okay, great. Do you have your visas? I was like, No. What's that? Like? You need a visa to visit Australia? I was like, Oh, how do I get that? They're, like, normal. You do that? Well, before you get to the airport, she's like, you're in luck. I'm gonna help you do it right now. So, like, she helped us, like, walk us through the process of getting it. Michael and Lindsay might have had to do that before our techs Australia one where it's like they filed something. But they did it wrong. So they had to do it before boarding the flight like they had already gone to hospital security and everything. And, like, done the layover in L. A X or where we were. And it was like before getting on the plane, they had to, like, do it right there on their phone. Yeah. Most countries you can just stroll into this one. You can't can you That pretty strict about that? I mean, you can if you have. Ah, either, Like a leaving date or place. Like if you say where you're staying in the country again. Esta depends where you're It depends where you're coming from. I guess I'm from Canada, so, yeah, I think your people get spoiled traveling on an American passport. You can really go to a lot of places visa free. But you do need a visa. Sometimes a great thing to have as a Brit is that European passport. You go and work and live anywhere in the U. It's a good system. It works. You're gonna change your passport soon. I like this one. What do you do? You feel? Do you get to keep it? Yeah, well, I just snip the corner often. Yes, Invalid. True. You just hold it on the corner when you present locally the Queen doesn't get You need to get a new one, right? She doesn't have one, right? That's what we figured out. The queen doesn't need one because old possibles are in her name. Technically, they're all Her Majesty's. Whatever. Your Majesty's past, whatever she herself could just go wherever. Wherever. Look here. Yeah, all the places she conquered. Wait, Are there places the queen can't go? Where's your favorite place? You've got to, Jessica. Collectors for Elizabeth Queen was gonna sink. Could be charged with a crime. I mean, when you have an empire for a short while. No, that she specifically had it, but it was just in general. Okay. This no particular kid I love if there's, like a pub in the East End this way. Well, Larry, nice. Your pictures up on the wall. Every country, except for one. Oh, Michael, guess the country. I don't know what country this is. It's a map with no names. So give me a second figured out Canada e like, give a spoiler. It must be like an old territory of some sort stands. Your question, Barbara. Either England or Ireland. I have yet to go to Scotland, but I swear if I had, like, a past life or some shit. I'm I love England. Ireland, Scotland, Guns. Yeah, I feel like I would love it. I need to go everything that's pretty good. Yeah, I'd love to go there is just so magical on the Cottages and just Harry Potter. So you, too? Yeah, South Sudan. PC Dan Totally find in North Sudan or Sudan she's protected by diplomatic, but not sovereign immunity. So what's the crime? Twisting and like she's in theory, is what they're saying. But there's no there's nothing like there's no car. There is no pending. I don't mean against I specifically her. But is that like country beef? That's preventing like it would be a crime if she ended? I don't think so. Was the area 51 read today? No, right, there's not any second I thought was the 20th 0 or the 20th catches said what happened with the rain? But you book your flight was canceled. What? The raid was canceled. So I see here corner popular mechanics. You made a bunch of people didn't want to go and get shot September 20th. Yeah, I also, uh, was just told that book smart. The girl who plays that girl, who kind of looks like Jonah Hill is his sister damn bar. So that would explain, That's great. A lot of things. Yeah, Wow. I mean, just like it's crazy. The first apple, I think. Well, yeah, I do need to goto whales that I apparently have family and whales that I didn't know about. Well, it's nice to Yeah, What? Your hair you're I know you're Italian am. I am Italian, Portuguese and Irish. Oh, yeah, it's a mixture of shit that there's a great video of a guy who walks across Wales in a straight line. Do you see that? I think you just picked the short is point from the point in England to the ocean in Wales was, like 30 miles or something, but he just had to walk in a straight line. He didn't even want, like Devi around offense. He would go over and like through people's property. It's a really fascinating Siri's was like five videos. They're showing it. What? There was a wall climate. Okay, someone's property was just like sneak throat. If yeah, if there's a house, just walk with me. No, don't go through the house, but you were just, like, try and stay on his line as much as possible and it was gripping stuff. I really enjoyed it. Did you see talking about a guy walking straight lines? Did you see that tweet that Jessica Negri Retweeted, I think, was either earlier today or last night about the guy just like walking into things were walking over things? No, I said I sent it thio the broadcast booth, but it's like, oh so casually Wow! Wow, How long is this video video? Three and 1/2 minutes long, and it's just It's just that, like him, encountering fences or seven stuff is if, like, liquid would flow over, you think like, oh, credible. Yeah, this person's gonna really hurt themselves. Oh, no, he's He goes completely limp in some of those two, which is and like, doesn't hurt himself. Or that we see that he's broken his foot three times. Yeah, last week, speaking of like, weird moments, come here. Why not talk about The Matrix again? Real fast? Uh, the first Matrix. I was obsessed with that one. I feel like that was the first movie where I saw things I've never seen before. Uh right was that That was the first of its kind, right? We're using wires and fly in the air. I've been remember wires. What's popular, like in some, uh, uh, Hong Kong action flicks. OK, but, I mean, how far is like American cinema died. Everything was that big. Like this slow motion with the camera slice was Yeah, it was probably the first English speaking mainstream. Time slice moving, as far as I know what the other one did. First, there's definitely Maybe they didn't need it before The Matrix there was Appreciate it was, but I'm sure they're like that. That was, like, the first everyone. You? Yeah. From The Matrix? Yeah. This is the first application of bullet time was depicted in a scene from the 1962 movies. Thoughts. Wow. I wasn't thinking about that. I wasn't. That was a different one. That was thinking of I didn't know. Is that really I'm trying to see if the clip here You like a lot of movies. I like, uh, we talked about yeah. Into Stella along. I'm surprised that you like the Matrix. Why? I just don't know Girls who like The Matrix I love the Matrix. Get yet another generalization about a group of people think. I mean, I personally don't know a ton of people like I've only watched it with dudes. Well, I think there's someone made a lot of two women on this love may. Well, that's great. Yeah. No, I I just thought it was so cool. Like I was obsessed with Trinity. She's obviously about us. Yeah. The Matrix in philosophy class. We watched in school to school? Yes. For with my film classes. Think probably. Yeah. It's just good for so many things and they drink, so Yeah, it's great. So solid. Yeah. This bullet time is not what? Okay. It's just like a guy moving slowly and dodging a bullet, but not not at all. I'm sorry to get his hopes up. I wish I wish. The matrix of school. Are you excited for Richard's? For? I didn't. Then they went downhill. That's what I was like. I don't I don't know. I wonder I felt the same way at the time, but I want to re watch them every watch you like. Maybe I didn't understand them. Or maybe I missed something about Sorry, it's gonna be in it, because, I mean, he hasn't aged. So, like he could probably be in and still look fine. Wasn't there an orgy in the 2nd 1? It was like a a rave. Okay, but it was sexual energy was an award. Was it sexual speaking? You can't carry on. Moss are both attached. Good. The 2nd 1 had good moments, but the what the fuck? Yeah, bro. Good. The highway chase was nuts was crazy. They build up, they think a mile long road for it. That's see, that's movies or magical means. I just forget what happened in the 3rd 1 I really the 3rd 1 Is that the one who are yet to put his hand into, like, Trinity's heart to pull out a bullet? Yeah. Yeah, because that most of those two movies that he's like seeing visions of her fault headlining on the car. Yeah, just falling through the out of the building with the agent, which is the one with all the Agent Smith well, in the the 3rd 1 ends with a bunch of Smith's as well for the 2nd 2 movies. Yeah, the 2nd 2 movies the way clear theme The trilogy I I think I only watched the second and third movie once, and it was like when I first came here. But the first matrix I've seen at a time when The Matrix to came out, I was living in Puerto Rico, and so it came out a week later, and for the record, I did it in the United States. So I knew that Bernie and Jeff, we're gonna watch it in Austin a week before. So I told him, Don't tell me anything about the movie, whether it's good or bad, like just don't talk to me about Matrix to that until I get a chance to watch it in the theater and they look great. OK, yeah, no problem. So there's like a week passes that I watch it and, like you are all using a Well, it's a messenger. At the time in the restaurant. I'm like that wasn't good, right? Like that was weird. Way e were like, Yo, you told us not to say hey happened with Game of Thrones finale when I was on a plane. No, I might have told on the pockets, but only if it told you, but like just to kind of summarize it, I was on a plane. Ah, that landed at the same time that game of thrones was gonna be finishing. And that only episode There's a guy sitting next to me on the plane and, ah, there's a stewardess from the flight crew who was sitting like directly in front of him. I'd like one of those jump seats and apparently like one of them had WiFi and he was talking to her loudly, and they were like, right next to me. He's like, Yeah, just just getting word of, ah, the game of thrones finale. And I was literally just like, Holy fuck! Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, shut up! And he's like, Yeah, I like my friends really, really, really disappointed, Really bummed out. And I'm just like, Oh, my God, Like at one point, I had to be like, I'm sorry, but can you just not talk about this for like, did you say that? Yes, I was like, I've been waiting years for this Life is important. She needs she. Glad you said it. And he's like, Well, we're not spoiling anything. I was like even saying people's reactions to this, spoiling it for me in some way. I hate that we're not supporting anything. And it was it wasn't even when we were in the air. It was after we had already Lana. And we're taxiing that they started talking about it. And I'm like, we're gonna be off this plane in 15 minutes like, yeah, just just wait fucking weight. And even though you're not there not spoiling anything, they're giving you that. The feeling of being disappointed is in your brain. Now, when you watch that, you're already like it's still or just like, knowing certain things aren't gonna happen, because if they did, people might feel happier. Like whatever it's like the same when someone's like, Oh, you're gonna love the twist in that movie. It's like, Well, well, I didn't know there was a twist way Didn't tell you. Well, yeah, I'm looking for it. That's not everything in the whole time. What is this? What's that was gonna have? Todo makes it the same thing she saw. We still once upon a time in Hollywood, and I think West had just said toe Oh, that's like there's a twist. So Meg was watching the whole movie, expecting some huge twist. But the twist was kind of just like it was just a flipped version of reality. Wasn't really a, like, inglorious bastards. Yeah, but she was. She got finished was like, Oh, when I was what? Nothing expecting. And now she Really? Yeah, It feels just kind of like, Oh, let down or something like a three hour movie like that. You're just like waiting the whole time. Yeah. Three hours, two hours, 45. Every house close to three. Yeah, this is the same. It's three. Mom. It's long. Well, to, uh, well, speaking of, ah, flight wasn't there like a drunken woman on a plane there was I reading, but I don't know. I just love the headline. I was like, What? There was a stewardess. There's a flight attendant on a united flight. Hoo ah was drunk on the plane. They said that there's video her that she slurred through the safety speech at the beginning. Didn't quite finish it. He that sat down in her seat and passed out. Um, but really different to the woman who climbed up into the bin. This is different. Okay. What was that? Women do it. I don't remember. There's also a flight attendant. Yes. Both of them worked for the crew. This this was a different floor. Oh, yeah, but still weird things. But it was like he was, And I think that was an out of context photo. Like he was trying to be funny or something. Yeah, I didn't remember any story, but this woman get fired. She was arrested when they landed. It was illegal. Yeah, because, you know, because she's in charge of safety, right? And she was the only flight attendant on the plane. No. Oh, my God. People get their food and there's next. But, you know, it's not about safety. Just what are we gonna get? Our snacks? My mind went to food. So it was a regional flight from the police. Met her when it landed in South Bend, Indiana. Wow. They said, uh, someone on the flight said the soul flight attendant on the flight slurred her in flight safety speech stopped after 10 seconds. I know this is not funny to Southend. Get it? Forgetting do up your seat belt if you don't have fucking do this your piece of shit. 0.204 which was five times the legal limit for flight attendants. If we crashed some of the windows, the doors just keep your hands on one of them. There might be more doors after a crash. Did you see that video? The guy puts it on YouTube, where he was the only passenger on a plane. I How did it fly? Isn't that like because they need the plane and the crew at the next destination? So they gotta move Emmanuel's. I've heard of people flights being canceled because the flight was undersold. I mean, they just needed this plane fly something that it's not happening. If you watch the video at one point, he's filming out the side because ground crews loading sand bags into the plane. Like you doing putting bags on the plane because it's too light. Yeah, baby. Not like, um, or science class. Now I'm ready. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. We gotta have a Sunday get lighter as they fly. Right. But they have a certain amount of weight in them already. Like that. Just like that. Ever sent Waits you like, like way just keeps going up, but it's when you start board. And you know there's, like, Flight. So and so's ready. Take off. Will our passenger please board the plane and he's like me? You'll get this back here like walks in that guy must have the biggest carbon footprint of anyone on the planet right now. Whole plane took off. Just fan. It's a hold like commercial jet. It's a really good video. It's only like a minute and 1/2 long. What would you d'oh. I would sit and I would just, like, walk around and just plop my butt in every sea just just because would you really Would you get bored off like that? I probably would. My knees were to start to hurt. I didn't go see what the flight attendants think. I e If I remember right when they do the safety announcement, if lights everything they're like for him, they address him by name. You know, Jack, if you need any help, the ghost of an emergency Jack, you want to take your life like and all these other life jackets? Why not? Yeah, there's like what? Three crew members, Orson, At least. Yeah, because I mean, is the pilot copilot, then two or three flight attendant? Yeah, This woman. I'm just so curious. What made her think? Probably nothing to get onto the plain drunk as she was. Just a little probably. Okay. Their business. Maybe she had a bad day. That's interesting, because she pulled it would have been found out. I had of having not done the announcement because a lot of planes they don't have anyone will do it. They just have a recording. What? They said that she passed out and the passengers could see that like her phone was ringing and nobody she wasn't answering it. We know. I thought they really do talk about Sometimes they do sometimes playing a small place. Sometimes it's just a little bit like, Oh, the recordings degree. Yeah. It's like the video. Yeah, single, but yeah, but I still, like, say, like, welcome the flight. Yes. That's the stuff on route because they take really long break. Sometimes between what they're saying, Like is she Is she done? I I could still hear static week. Uh, no, I'm just, like, just on it. I'm just kind of like doing this and can I get back to my thing. All right, well, let's wrap this up. Eso Thanks already. For watching What? You guys, uh, next time might