#563 - Unlimited Pasta Pass Challenge

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Andrew Rosas as they discuss Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass, Slofies, Thomas Cook, billionaires, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-09-24 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Andrew Rosas


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 563. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Theo? Hello, everyone. Welcome to the rooster teeth podcast this week. Brought to you by loading it. Brought to you by squarespace Magic The gathering arena and audible. I'm Gus on Gavin friend's couch. I'm Andrew on Gus. You're not friends, Couch? No, but we're on the friends catch. Yeah, I had to join. No singing. That wasn't applause. I was clapping the tune. You know, they didn't know. Don't tell them, cause then they're gonna have to cut it. You have to cut clubs. You two were just just got a cease and desist way. Have a lawyer. A lawyer pops out from inside the couch. I represent friends, actress, that clubs, their findings. I mean, we could clap the whole theme song. No, Theo Worst. So, Chris, I thought Chris walking around right before we started the podcast, I ran into him in the kitchen. I asked him to step over here. He was going to the trash. He might He met. Yes, that's a really good way to put it. You're saying that as a joke, but it's really, uh, So I talked with Christmas past couple of weeks. He got one of those olive garden unlimited pasta passes. Oh, my God. I needed that kind. Today was the first day where you today was the first thing You could use it right today. It started? Yes. All ready to go to all the garden today's No. I'm on my way after this. You going Well, Okay, here's the deal. It, uh it opens at 11. So I couldn't go for breakfast, and then would you have food? But Brett And then and then lunch during lunch, I had a thing from 12 to 2. And then And then there was catered lunch here. I have a whole. So I'm It's the way it works. Please. It was It goes up on sale. There's like a weightless and stuff. And then it sold out in less than one second. So what, You bought this thing? Yes. $100? No, this is unlimited pawn limits. Every night. No. Nine. Yes, but you wouldn't eat more than $100 worth of pastor in nine weeks. Surely I wouldn't. But But if he's already pre paid 100 bucks, hilly way more than 100 bucks worth of pasta and nine weeks, let's face it, he won't be alive for nine weeks if he eats that much pasta. Yeah, well, we'll see. So I can. It starts today, and I can eat as much as I want anytime I want. I mean, when they're working hours 11 8 it's really heavy. Food sold you cool salad. One ball, unlimited soup salad. You don't win friends, huh? It's not just pasta, but it's unlimited pasta pass. But it's also salad soup. You unlimited when I guess cause pressure hasn't lived. And breadsticks? Yeah. Are you? How much? How often are you planning on going, Chris? Well, I'm gonna go as well. So here's the deal. I like to keep going, uh, found out Zach and are also got one. And so he texted me. He was like, Oh, look what I got. And then that turned into a competition. So now we have a competition to see who can eat the most olive garden during the span of the unlimited pasta because they're gonna be huge. You could have a heart attack. And we were you. Yeah. Yeah, I was like, You're gonna weigh myself. Is that okay? We can wait. Have await. I think what you wear that thing that definitely has a name. Aren't you a writer? Okay, look, there's stars. Dictionary for a reason. Wait. Thinks earlier. Interior morning gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom. He steps on the weight thing. Yeah, uh, and so the way that we kind of came up with some rules for it. I can't let me let me read them. Well, one, that based thing is whoever can eat the most meals that olive garden. But then there's, like, bonus categories, like, well, one. You have to. It has to include salad soup and bread sticks. Actually, yes. Three. Every time, huh? All three every time. Yeah, we're super supers. You could do salad because it's breadstick. Super sounds. So you don't have to do soup and salad. You do one of the other, uh, and then await thing. There's a weight thing. The weight thing broke. Is it a phone in your room? And then so then there's also, um Ah, there's bonus categories. Number of meals you eat. But you also have to eat everything you get. You can't waste food. You can't go and then just throw it away. Can you get it delivered? No hat. You have to go to a store and eat it. You have to suffer the indignity of walking into showing your unlimited pasta pass and your face so they will know me by name. Like you say, pre check. Like you walk up with your card in there, like right this way. Special section of the Russians Think bonus for whoever eats the most breadsticks. Uh oh. Can we should start a bet. How many breadsticks do we think? Chris Kenny in nine weeks. Well, it also kind of depends. I'm also gonna eat the rest of pasta. So it's like that. A lot of carbs? No. And most weight gained is also a category. And then we also have most number of people. You can get to go with you to olive garden. So you gonna bring a live rooster teeth all about it? Well, I mean, otherwise I'm going it alone way. Don't count towards your numbers. No, no, no. And the past doesn't cover you So I have to convince you to go and pay, uh, and that you're a $6 for pasta at all of Gardner. Her? Yeah, here's the other thing, though. You get penalized for every meal you eat, that isn't olive garden unless unless it's free feel like today. But today's free lunch Today we have catered lunch so I could eat that. No problem. But if I had gone to, say McDonald's, I would've been penalized negative one meal or if you had gone to a grocery store and made yourself a meal like a responsible adult. Yeah, I would have been penalized for that. Penalized for making you get penalized for making your own food and five bought it yet. What have you brought it before? That is already at home. I don't think that counts, because I mean I mean, I think that counts. Is is that's a pill. Okay, penalty. Now can you loophole this and start shoplifting? And e thing is is like so if one of your want, So if you want to be like, Hey, let's go get lunch. I can go get lunch with you, but you're gonna have to buy my food on Lee. If we don't want you to get penalized, which we don't give a fuck about Theo, the stakes could not be lonely. You'll still lose points by knowing all have got it. Well, I just won't lose point. I'm just not gonna gain Chris. There's no penalty if it's free. There's no penalty if it's free. But the fact that you didn't eat that that day well then, yeah, well, tonight or, you know, can you? Twice in the same day. Yeah, it's unlimited, dude. No, I mean for, like, the game. Does that help you? Yeah. Quicker. Yeah. Yeah. I really hope that you're dating someone new right now that I'm what, Dating someone new? Because if you have to be like, Hey, you wanna go get dinner? I mean, that olive garden's you'll be there every night for nine. We could say a different woman every night you're paying. Thing is, I couldn't yet, no matter what. I can't. Bye. I guess I could by someone else. Food. I guess that works. She's gonna be with him through thick and thick. Theo, about the health ramifications of this challenge doesn't dig you out of the com hole in chat. Samuel R vs isn't nine weeks from now. Thanksgiving? Yeah, it ends on the 24th. Amazing. I don't know what the Thanksgiving is around. Then it ends on the 24th of November. Thanksgiving 28th. Yeah, right before Thanksgiving, you're gonna turn into one of those kids that has, like, they refused to eat anything other than Olive Garden after that? I don't know. I think after that I'll probably have had my full. You're full. Had You're a writer. I'm getting. I'm getting Chef Spain's thinking about this. Yeah, this is like, Well, there's so much grease. I mean, I like olive gun. It's not bad food, and it's terrible food, but it's not. They didn't taste terrible. You want Tokyo? Yeah. So, someone in check, you gotta stagger for the closest one is to the receipt office. It's ah, about 15 minutes. 19 minutes. Right now we're trying to find Yeah, it's It's I I live close to one, which is the benefit to the benefit of me. Zach. He doesn't live near an olive garden. He also doesn't have a car. Is also in a wheelchair. Yeah, he owns in a wheelchair, so I have a huge advantage. That being said, he had an unlimited pasta pass a couple years back, eh? So he knows he ain't he? He knows he is experienced. You know the house? Yes, mostly out. Well, Chris, I'm excited that way. For the start of your journey, we argue my way pretty stuff back because I want some. Well, I don't know. You're not my little thio orders, but I think if I got a meal and I'm not done with us, they might let me take it. Yeah, I need to do because I have to finish it. I want you to take photos of every single thing you eat. I want to see every single meal. You have it all of garden and every person you go with and I want a montage at the inn. Nine weeks. I want to see a montage off all of the pasta. You wait using your pasta pass green day's time of your life. I'd like to get it in one of the sessions. Absolutely. Absolutely. All are all invited because you know, when you're there, you're family. The name of your challenge with Zach. Uh, you guys have to give it a title. Where's the unlimited Pasta Pass challenge? I know we have team names. What? How are you? A team? That's one on one? No. Well, it's like, you know, hash tag Team Zaccheroni. And then and then hashtag team to Maron era. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. Pretty good. It's a video, this haughty life. I mean, it can't be. It should be. You gonna be gone from work 40 minutes a day, travel back and forth from all of you, start taking meetings. Don't. All right? It's gonna cost the company so much money. All right, Chris. Starting date. September 23rd. That's 5:11 p.m. I have to be off it. When? What are you doing? He's never used a weight thing before. That's right. Move it. Jim wasn't set specifically to where you were. Anything for crying out loud? Yeah. Chris has never worked on a film set. Oh, yeah. Pull out that wall. You don't You don't want that to weigh you down. You don't want the extra 00.0 301 14747 47. Good place to start. It's about 10 stone. 7 10 10 10 and 1/2 Stone or £147. You're stretching. He's like you got off the scaling like structure. I gotta go. Logan stretches stomach out. All right. Well, thanks for keeping us informed, Chris. Thanks for humoring the track of the calories for a total of the helmet. Ah, the chicken Alfredo has 4500 calories. So, yes, family size. No, it's an individual dish. What's the chicken? Alfredo there has 4500 calories and Jonah days with the food. Yep. We're gonna one mouth, my metabolism, your metabolism. Just I gotta let him slide away. Way 500. That's too much. Can we really try to get him on, like, every week? I just want I need to, like, keep hearing. I mean, e update. I just want What's that number go? That should be an r t life. 100%. I mean, now we have to go to Olive Garden with Chris to film it. I'm excited about the time that I go with him. You just have, like, you and me one on one. Okay? I've never hung out with Chris on his own before. I don't think I have either. Well, I think that's the reason that we don't do that. But how? We have no reason to actually go with him when you're here, you're family. As he said, Why did you make I'm looking at the nutrition information on their website? Why did they make this? So I know how to make us a difficult period. I don't mind my asking it because no one would have a go. Yeah, Finger comes on the screen just going. She don't want to know. Just lasagna for Todd of 3200 calories. How could anyone finish that? They dio ah, lot very often Christmas case several times a week for many weeks. Let's check out that metabolism metabolism till he's buried in a piano crate with Christian. We predict now how much weight he's gonna gain after nine weeks. Uh, I mean, because the £40 40 £40 give it if he if he eats the amount of pasta, he is like setting out to eat. Yeah, that's not that crazy. That's only like, four or £5 a week. Yeah, and if you're eating 4500 calorie to like even like 3 3000 calorie dishes several times a week, plus any other normal food? Absolutely. He could put on £40 of name, especially because he's penalized for eating anything else. That's not olive garden. Yes, a pound every day and 1/2 or something. What was the message? And considering how high all that food is in sodium, he's gonna be retaining a lot of water, so that will, like boost. It will be water. And the fat thing, this is not prices, right? Rules, right? Way go over. We could still I think it's just the closest to it. Oh, yeah, I'm I'm gonna I think forties plausible. But I'm gonna say, third, I'm gonna say about 20 because I think Chris is gonna get scared around 15 and he's gonna just cut back. But I'm gonna be healthy. I'm going to say he's gonna gain £25 chat. Dubbed the Web's. He says he's gonna be as jacked as blame when we just like to start to really hitting the gym in, like converts, adult muscles. How did he do it? Do it olive garden. Or has, like super ripped arms and legs but a fucking huge gut. All carbs and fat. That's a great idea. That should definitely be filmed. Yeah, it should be. Well, special because he's gonna be missing so much work. I have to go to all of garden for two times and make it work, right? Like it's part of working. It'll be his job making, making content. I'm filming that Artie Life for nine. E wanted to make you work. You could have just expense to the meals to roost the teeth. If it was a video and he wouldn't have to spend 100 bucks in this part I tried to buy the past to do. A lot of people are trying todo even blame, too. I did not get it. No, because there was an option. Where if you bought it, you had the chance to buy, like, a lifetime pass. How much was that? Uh, no, no, I think I want to say it was like, 500 bucks, but they only had, like, 500 of them or something. Small Goddamn, dude, I don't even like olive garden e Just want to get a lifetime fast. Just I could always have free food anyone not gonna lied. All this talk about all of garden is making me hard core crave olive garden. But even fucking pay us. I know. Man has the same effect on my watch. Super size me had You're crazy for McDonald's after that. In that in that fucked up? Yeah. Just like state mad men just talking about that. Smoking is I'm like it looks pretty good. Yeah, you know, it was pretty good. Delicious. How do you feel about breaking bad? We like madam. Some of that. They made it look very pretty. Not that there's anything to do that, Uh, my my decider smoke things is definitely how pretty they look. Nice color. Were you a smoker at one point? Yeah. Yeah, I really like because I I watch people smoking. I'm like I have no desire to do that. Was so you know, it's It's completely like the like, the memory coming back and being like, Yeah, coffee, newspaper crossword. What did you start smoking like? What was the moment? Was it like peer pressure? I'm always curious to find out how people started. You will not believe how I had my very first cigarette and What got me smoking your friend out the womb. I was in an anti smoking P s a in San Antonio, and they gave us really cigarette while playing a fifties greaser type. And it was like this flashback sequence and I was, like, 15 or 16 and they were like, Okay, well, here, just, like, pretend to smoke these in the in the scene and was like, Oh, these air, like, really cigarettes. And so was like, Okay, uh, just, like, immediately got that, like, nicotine lightheaded feeling. You know, I wasn't on drugs, but it was kind of know what? That was. It. That was the first thing I had was on anti smoking. Yes. That anti smoking piece was actually funded by tomorrow. Baroque way. We got to get to teen Somehow. We can't use Joe Camel anymore. Antismoking pizzas and give him real singer and cost everyone in the country party feels like you should find that company and sue them. Ah, they there. I guarantee you they're out of business. Yeah, smoke for after that. Um, a handful of years. Kind of like Good. So the money that you must have made making that you must be, like fight like 25 times and cigarettes. I mean, undoubtedly, it's not even close. It's like the ratio is upsetting Lee. Not in my favor. Um, there reminds me of when we film that cbd Sami short. And we had kids. We cast kids in it. And obviously everything we were using was fake. Like we had little corona bottles that was filled with apple juice. We had these, like, gum sticks that looked like cigarettes. And and then obviously the CBD was just like water. I think, um, and Chris was directing it. And like during one of the scenes when the kids had, like, both the fake beer and fake cigarettes, Chris was like, Yeah, dance. All right, now, Chuck, some of that beer. All right? Now take a hit off. You're sick. And I'm just, like, way we're going to be sick. Yeah. Now, those kids all smoke, it's bad news. Don't do it. I'm here to tell you right now. I never do it. I tried to smoke once when I first moved to Austin, I felt like everybody in Austin smoked and it was like just to try to fit in. I was like, All right, I'm gonna try it. So I went down to, like, you could be in, sort of bought a pack of cigarettes, and, like I lived it, I took one puppet like, Nope, I'm not doing this. E walked by. World smokers were outside. I was like, I found someone who had the same pack of cigarettes. Like Here you go. You can have these over the idea of you trying to fit in in Austin for, like, five minutes and then I'm not gonna try and fit in. And I think this is definitely not for me. This upset receive podcast is brought to you by squarespace. Creating a website and online store is so much easier now, thanks to square space corps spaces, A platform with everything you need to take control of your online presence and run your own business. Been telling about square space for a long time because they're really awesome. Go way back. They've been really easy to set up system for anyone to use and customize. You know, they been advertising with us for a long time. We can't emphasize enough how easy and awesome it is using squarespace every square space template design supports all major content types, including pages, galleries, blog's commerce calendars and Maur. Where squarespace get your message and work out into the world. You can build your own subscriber base and email lists. The tools to do it are all included and no plug ins are needed. Head over squarespace dot com for a free trial, and when you're ready to launch, go to score space dot com slash richard Keith to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain that squarespace dot com slash rooster teeth for 10% off your first purchase. All right. Last time we asked you guys share with us your score space created websites we've gone through, picks some of our favorites and as a reminder where score space, you too can make sites like this. So be sure to tweet at us with hashtag Artie Squarespace. And here's a few of our favorites. First up we have at Fletcher. Next up, we have at G Krys or G cries. Sorry, Gregory. I hope one of those is right. And finally last step we have at DD t cloud sounds dangerous. Uh, all right, so Thanks for starting your websites, guys. Thanks for using your space, but yeah, it's funny how radically that's changed. I feel like now for the most part, you really input like you're walking on public. You don't think anybody smoke? Really? Yeah. At all here any more? Um, which is nice. Yeah. I mean, you get people like who raping, But even that's like not nearly as problem as it used to be. Like a Vape smells real good. Yeah, but before that, before there was a a smoking ban. It's like any time you went out downtown, everyone was smoking in bars. So it's like it was just part of things like, Oh, you're gonna stink like smoke when you get home. After a lot of the reason my friends in England stop smoking was because they had to suddenly go outside to smoke. It's freezing. There's I don't be cold, It's going, not smoke. And they just they quit a lot. Yeah, I remember. We're back and I came. I moved Austin 2003 and, you know, you could smoke in bars and everything like that. And when they like past the smoking ban, there was like all this uproar and businesses were like, Oh, this is gonna like kill our business and people come to bars to drink and smoke and everything. And there was an uproar for about three months and then nobody give a shit anymore. And it was like to stop smoking in bars. And waiter, Yeah, it's like, Oh, this is, like, way more pleasant. I condemn this is totally fine. And you know we have It's not cold here outside, you know, 10 months out of the year. So patios air. It's mostly patio weather all the time. So yeah, it's a big brouhaha for nothing. England also put on, like pictures of lungs hanging off in like cancer and stuff. Well, over the packets, which I think put people off is well, yeah, you see, they have their very gruesome a lot of them. Very graphic. I don't know. I think, you know, I kind of need to person people. I know it's the same way in the UK, but I know in Australia when we've been there, it's like they don't have them out, like to keep him behind the counter in a closed Cabinet, and you have to tell them specifically what kind you want. They grab it for you and it's covered in like graphic images of some cancerous organ. Like Here you go, you're and you're paying like $25 for it is a picture of a man who used to have a throat. Enjoy. I did you press it? If you're president, sounds like the talking throat. Right now I know that you want a cig, but that's all I was saying that when I was younger Ah, in elementary school, our teacher made each person in the class do a project on a different type of, um like cancer or are symptom of smoking. And the one that I got was lip cancer. So, like some people didn't like lip. So that's apparently like something that could be caused by smoking over time. It's not as common as thinks like lung cancer or of things of that nature. But, um, I, as part of the project, had to look up photos and, like, make like a hole like poster board about it and everything like that. And the photos that I found for lip cancer were, like so insanely damaging that any time cigarettes were anywhere close to me as a kid. Even like with peer pressure, I had, like, zero desire for it. So it works. It works just for yeah. Just force your kids to do projects on different types of cancers you get with smoking because that's, like, visible. It's on your face. It's like, right there, you see a lengthy effects, like right on the face that it has. It's like that's a long I don't know what that looks, right. How would that affect it inside me? No one could see. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You see that? You say that right on the face. Chilling stuff. Very chilling. Speaking of right on the face, I've been I've been I've been in hell the past week or so. So I've got yes and make it funny. I've got some makeup on it right now, but I've got a mole at the top of the bridge of my nose. It's like a little bump and people sometimes to see in the last week Oh, did you break your nose or something like, No, it's it's just a mole. But I had to start using a CPAP a few months ago And now, whenever I put the mask on, sometimes I put it on a little too tight and it irritates the mole and it gets super red. So it looks like a bar. After today. It's like if I had burned my nose like, No, it's fucking cpap on my face and it's just fucking awful and I'm super self conscious about it. Oh, now I feel bad for pointing. It's fine and I know it's there. It doesn't really hurt, but I want to see uh, Dermatologist about it was like, Hey, you know, I've got to seeing my CPAP mask on and it really irritates. It is like Is there anything you do about it? He's like, Well, you know, we really cat remove it said we could do is like, try to grind it down. But then that'll leave like a long scar where it is I'm looking at. It's not that great. He was like, Can you like, put the mask on a different way or where it somewhere else was like, Well, I mean, I know where my back things designed to go right there, sit on it that everybody would think e think your best option is just to put a Band Aid right across your something or like one of those breathing strips. But just wear it high. They can't remove and put some different skin on it. That sounds like a graft from my arm or something, like around the back of your address of it. Sounds like a lot of because that won't be on the procedure. Just has a different color skin on his nose back here, just right there on the bridge of my piece of dick skin. That kind of decision. E get circumcised now. All right, You're not seeking a man. Use the Ford like, partially circumcised. All right, time to put the top down way the whole way. Half a foreskin on it. A little. Kurt felt like a small square, like 1/2 open bottle of Maker's mark. Sometimes he likes to get some sun. God, Jesus Christ, you could pee through sometimes, right? No. Oh, man, I really would really look like a turtleneck sweater at that doctor's fast kid. I was to say, I love how doctors will suggest things like that completely casually, as if any reasonable person would like. It's like Oh, yeah, we can. We can grind it down. I mean, you will have a seven inch scar from the middle of your forehead down to below your nose. Um, you know, we can set that up this afternoon. If you want to talk to the nurse outside. Like what? Yeah. You want to do that? Sure. But this It's like casualness with which they may just like Okay, we'll hear your options. We can, you know, graft your foreskin onto your nose. Totally take care of their care. The problem. I mean, you will. Yeah. It sounds like an insult the kids would use in, like, elementary school yard, like coming to their dick nose. Yeah. You know, is the convertible would be great. Yeah. You want to see my party trick put padding on the mosque? It has padding already. I think it's just like it's the pressure of having it up against there. So I'll try a Band Aid or something. Yeah, I feel like that might help a little bit, but who knows? Are you circumcised? Yes. Yes, yes, yes. And you guys are not We're not Helena. Team foreskin of a religious thing or just cause you grew up in America. I think it's I think it's just American evidently wasn't a religious thing. I think it was like an American thing, like, but they think Would you like this option? Uh, I was born and they were like, Yeah, would you Would you take the salmon or the circumcision? Uh, yeah. It's just like a little check box on the thing. Like, you know, before before the baby comes out. They're like, Yeah, you want you want to do this and you just check that and they just do it there. Yeah, I mean, it definitely definitely wasn't like religious or anything. It's just like, uh, you go ahead. I guess I just don't know what's like. Are people still doing that now? Or is that now we hear that I think you're starting here because that because Americans are told that it's like, for hygiene reasons, right? Because of this magma. Yeah. When that's there's no there's no real scientific basis. Find that, you know. You know what helps with that bathing? Yeah. Just have a shower, have a shower and one washing your view ability, and it doesn't happen. Yeah, I feel like that. The argument like, Well, it's a clue in this issue. It's like then on Lee. If the rest of you is also equally unclean, circumcised the heinous as well, then that's what you don't you wash Uranus, though I lost it with karate chops. Karate helps the water. I was just thinking about this the other day because we talked about, um, someone who I knew through a friend, too. Um, had Grogan's there, called her Dingle Berries, do, uh and then Gavin was talking about how that was gross and all that stuff. But it's just like you don't technically wash Uranus, either. There are a lot like wet wipes. I just put my finger tips in my anise when I'm in the shower, you don't have to, like, stick him in the hole. You just It's like it's like playing a wine glass. You just gotta be Oh, what's your missus, homie? No, you know, that's clean, baby. That brown note much used like bits of my hands I don't do other stuff with didn't like fiddle about. You're gonna wash your fingertips afterwards and get some latex gloves. Mom, I get it clean. It just probably takes me a bit longer because I'm not delving. Delving? You should get a separate. What? It was called loofa. Separate loofa just for uranium, but loofa. Yeah, probably. Make it. Buy it. Brown Brown. Yeah. So if you do have any coloring on, it doesn't show. Well, that's how do you stay away from that? I don't know. Do you think I cut the ad read right into the middle of that conversation? Eric, make it happen. That's a fair question. Um, for the first time ever, I had a pumpkin spice drink at Starbucks. Today you know where where it's it's today's the first day of autumn. So I went And, uh is it? Yeah. Is that what the what? The way it works is four times a year. The seasons change, and this happens to be one of them. So much cool outside. It's not much cooler, but I went in. I was gonna get, like, a cough, a plain coffee like I normally do. But they have, like that TV television menu where it's like the display changes all the time. I was like was like pumpkin cream iced coffee. Oh, that looks good. And the personal kind of like It's really good. Okay, I'll try it. I'm convinced while wearing your orange shirt, what were my own shirts saying Season celebrating the autumn season? What do you think? It was really good. You a basic bitch? Now I guess I'm the most basic of bitches. Yeah, it was good. It's just nutmeg, right? I think so. It's like scent, like a dash of cinnamon to nutmeg. It's instantly a final drinking. I was drinking. I was like, This doesn't taste like pumpkin to me, but whatever it was good pumpkin spice, which I don't know the difference or was in there. It's like cinnamon not make because nothing like pumpkin flavored actually tastes like. Have you ever had an actual like, from scratch from the gored pumpkin pie? Yuck! Garbage, vile. Throw it in the trash. You want that like just cheap ass, like 48 cent can of pumpkin pie filling. The only way to fly everything should not be eaten in any form. They're not food. Pumpkin spice is generally a blend of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, close and sometimes allspice. Woul today learn. There you go. I love pumpkin stuff. I I think it's just because my favorite season is full. So, like anything that reminds me a fall makes me happy. Oh yeah, hollow eyes that your favorite season Because I like everything that comes with it. Like Halloween is my favorite holiday. But then also, the weather is my favorite weather. I was like, Cool, not cold. You could layer where boots and jackets and scarfs and hats if you want. I could buy same boat like I love it. I love fall and spring. I like transitional seasons with things air like changing. And so you get that, like light jacket weather. It's all I want. All I want this world is light jacket. Well, you'll get it in about two and 1/2 months for three days probably. Yeah, usually early November is when it starts, right? All right. Someone I think it was Jack Patillo who told me that in Austin the transitions for when it goes from hot to not hot anymore is right after Halloween. And then from not hot. Too hot is after south by Southwest. He used to be right on the Halloween thing, but I feel like last year it was really hot into November? Yes, global warming climate. What was that? There was that thing. Um, that this September so far in Austin has been hotter than July. Are you fucking what? Yeah, this is the hottest month. The local NBC affiliate had a had a piece about it. It's been the hottest September on record. Ah, the average hourly average temperature in September so far has been 88 degrees versus 86.5 in July. We are doomed both. So that is grim. We've seen more 100 degrees to September than ever before. There was 17 this month. There were 14 and 2011. That was the year where was, like, 100 days over 100 degrees. Yeah, I remember that. That was the year, I think, before I moved to Austin. We've only had 5500 degree days this year. I've started wearing my apple watch again. It has a lot of the temperature stuff like that gauge where it's like the lowest to the highest. I just put my bins out because I always forget to put mouth. So it was probably 11 p.m. It was like the eight degrees Celsius pitch black Yukon believe iota isn't night. It retains the heat. I like that part, though I like the warm nights because coming from Canada once it is dark outside, it's like it dips below 65 no matter how warm it was. Sleep cold ideo Run These annoying have got lost a c all night just so you can sleep. Yeah, because you're a man that the windows open when it gets cool enough to do like windows open a little little breeze blowing through that sound as good with the best that I mean, the climate changes Israel because I am making my birthday. My birthday's on Friday. Uh, and, uh, I remember growing up like needing a jacket on my birthday and like it being cooped much cooler at the end of September, you probably have less skin. This is also true. Ah, lot less. Everything, Frankly, Les is internally might many of many fewer internal areas, certainly, but yeah, I just like, just and just tracking, like, you know. Now I it's like bathing shirt, bathing suit, baby. Sure. Long sleeve shirts. One of the turn of the century, like bathing. Coming, right? Yeah, exactly. Tanked up Yep. Precisely. Um, yeah. And now it's, Ah, chilling, but not that way. Yeah, I I I'm so baffled by the fact that, like you could wear anything you want for Halloween in Austin, and it's fine, like every costume I would ever do when I was younger would have to incorporate a winter jacket I finally saw. Speaking of Halloween costumes, I saw that's it. That's how the final sexy Halloween costume that I didn't think was possible. Shall we guess you want to guess at the last frontier of sexy Halloween costume we give could give, like a context. Like, Is it from a movie from a TV show TV show? Oh, I think I think I saw it. I think I know what it is. Sexy Chernobyl? No, but that's a good one. A really good mobile, sexy friend's couch. You know what it is? Enter eyes. It's sexy. Mr Roger. It was sexy, Mr Raj know. For $60 you could buy a sexy Mister Rogers Halloween costume. Except they call it nicest neighbour costume. Wow, That was the nicest person who was ever born. Do you think the probably 100% I was watching clips of him because I didn't really grow up with that. But one amazing bloke. Oh, yeah, he's just the best. I'm excited to see, uh, Tom Hanks rendition of him. And, uh, won't you be my neighbor said the name of the movie that was the one that came out there was there was a documentary about Mister Rogers, Isn't that would call? Won't you be my neighbor? Oh, maybe Maybe this one's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It's one of the two looking Oh, my God, that's guarding for religion. If I see anybody wearing that, I'm gonna be so thank you. Throw a pumpkin spice latte. Right? So hungry. That accordion. Um, Let's see. Where is it? Uh, come Hank's acting a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I wonder if if I don't get a hair cut into Halloween, could I pull off like a Steve Harrington from stranger things? Oh, absolutely. You already kind of have his hair going. Thea ice cream. Yeah, I might try for that. Nice. I don't know what we're gonna do this year for Halloween. For costumes. You're like a matching thing. Me and Trevor were Wayne and Garth from Wayne's world last year, and that was, like, the easiest costume in the world. So I'd like to find something like that that we could do. Or ideally, we don't have to wear a wig, But it's okay if we do. Who are you calling the audience for? Suggestions? Yes. So if you have any ideas, podcast, listeners, please help. So I did a question with Megan's, where she was the lamp. The leg lamp from a Christmas story. Oh, yeah. And I was the box that it came in, but I had never seen it, and I didn't understand the reference. So your people ask me what I was. I was like, I think I'm the box. That her thinking. You think the other way around? Fragile on it. Really? A. That was right. It's pretty, um, every season since then. Yeah, and good bucks. That is not a movie. I would watch again. Things like the kind of thing you get to like watching it. Yeah, I grew up watching it and, you know, we run rewatched it, uh, I guess a couple of years ago, terrible Christmas story stinks, but people love it like I got TVs. they show it like 24 hours non stop on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It's very American to like I couldn't relate to any of the shit that they were talking about aspiring to. There was always very strange Phil, how we talked about on the podcast before the debate of whether or not the nightmare before Christmas is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie. Because it it literally keeps me up. And I feel like we have talked about this. It's been many years, maybe, yeah, or like at some point, we must have it or not in person. We talked about just having our podcast, but I hope in which one is it? Not on camera? It's a Christmas movie. You think so? I think it is. God, yeah, I would call it a Christmas movie. I think it is. It's about him discovering Christmas. The the lesson. The lesson is like very Christmassy like, you know what he learns and what everyone looks like is in the spirit of you know, Christmas, like all like Christmas movies entails, like a character has changed. The town has changed, and it's a very like Christmassy like you know thing. Yes, people's hearts are softened. Um, people come around on things that then that's a very Christmas type thing. So it's a Christmas movie for sure. Okay, I think so. Case Kettle. No dissenting opinion? No. First on the podcast. Refreshing. Actually agreed on something. You're looking much better than Bernie was. I read a story the other day about this guy. You know how, like before college football games they'll have, like the reporters out front, a crowd of people and people always like hold signs up like stupid science or whatever. There was a guy who held up a sign that said, I near I need beer money Venmo me and put his Venmo i d on it. And, ah, he got on television like they showed him. And he said, Within 30 minutes, you got $400. Wait, don't do that with a Bitcoin wallet. Runs didn't. Yeah, I heard that one, too, but he decided that what he would do is he would take out, I think, he said, like he wanted. A case of natty light is like you take out, like, minus the cost of case natty light. He would donate the rest of the money Thio, charity and ah, people got wind of it and people donated a $1,000,000. Woe to him that he then ended up turning around and, ah, donating to ah, charity. I want to say it was like a children's hospital. I go look it up here. Wow, Let's see you prove your money. What was that text was Busch Light, but he was buying, so it wasn't even that much. If you immediately give it away, do you have to, perhaps attacks? Yeah. Does the donation have tech? I think you said, like a tax write off, but it was to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. But if you get money sent to you via Venmo and that kind of quantity, do you have to pay taxes? I think Venmo also got wind of it. So I'm sure that they helped figure out that kind of stuff because apparently, like Van loaded a match and Busch beer also decided to like a fun matches. Well, so listen Bearing and yeah, and he was gonna put his picture of his face in his name on ah, run of cans that they're going to sell this after the humor, Your supply of Bush here, which runs you, like 35 bucks. Yeah, but it's, like, super cool that, you know, someone puts up a sign just like as a joke. And now, like a children's hospital, get a 1,000,000 bucks out of it. It's crazy with people would see that and send money I would never see, like some idiot holding a sign on like a college pre game show. You know what? Yeah, I understand that. Can you imagine the look on that? Like the instant flop sweat you would get, like checking your like someone one million? You think it was like, Okay, I'm like, Something's wrong. This is a mistake. There couldn't be like that. Should I send it back? Yeah. Decline. Do I accept things? It's already This is something I don't like about Venmo. It accepts it already. Like someone just sends you money. And now it's your responsibility. If it was a mistake to send it back, right? That's why you don't have to accept it. Just go straight and then which is really knowing, cause once, um person, I guess maybe they clicked the wrong person in their friends list or something. But they sent me, like, 25 bucks for something. And I was like, Hey, I think you have the wrong person and they're like, Oh, could you send it back? And I'm like, Now I feel weird sending money to this person. I don't know, like, why did you even bother telling her? Because it's I don't know, E. I have no idea what you told him. I had an annoying interaction with blame the other day. Way were, we were over in the other office over there, across the parking lot, and I asked him to go. He said he was gonna go out and get lunch. Oh, while you're out getting lunch, can you buy a case of White Clause? And I was, like, here and I reach in my wallet. I gave him 20. I was, like, here. Here's 20 bucks. You know, get a case. Quite clock. He's like, Nah, nah, nah, Just Venmo me. It was like I'm literally heading to the money right here. Yeah, but I got to get you change. Don't worry about the change. Just keep the change. Get a case. Quite clock. Now just Venmo me was like, what? What the fuck? Like I'm literally handing you money, but really money. Some people prefer to deal all digitally with that stuff. Like no physical cash, 20 bucks for a favor. I'm just saying some people I personally don't care, but I think like people like Blaine just don't have cash on me. I'm an old man I don't use of in most like how far, right fires that fucking fire up, Venmo figure that shit out. Yeah, just pay for it. But also, you first got my friend. Might just do the apple pay cash thing. He said he said Venmo. And then I got pissed. And then I stopped thinking fucker, and I gotta fucking use this stupid ass app these glorified PayPal to send this shit to him. Your money is literally no good. Here, take it off. Take it out of my hand. So it's literally right in front of you. Yeah, I did that. I might. The way Klaus, you did get the white cloth. Okay, good. What? I think it was the day that apple pay cash went on and I was like, I wonder how much people gonna use this. And Michael said something funny to me in a text that I just sent him $1 there. It was like, Did you You just send me a dollar. I was like, Good joke. You You're paying joke writers. I'm gonna start doing that. People seemed like 25 0 they make me look expensive. You didn't only send a dollar. There's no really. You think You think any man I think? Can you one cent test tested 7 20? I guess the plus was you seem like the place was just going up in dollars. Maybe you can type it. I just did. Plus, and it went toe one. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna text you sent me a buck. Someone called me by accident and her phone didn't ring. I'm gonna I'm gonna summited. I'm gonna text you. Gavin. Gavin, free. I'm gonna talk $20 into it. 20. There's a little ploy. It's just suck it up. Androgel. You send you money since, um okay, over. Then I can click it. You guys can send me money, and then nothing happens. What? We trendy type $20 then it's clickable. Oh, there my My balance is 50 cents. But I can't just ask you for 50 bucks for 20 bucks. You know what? Agreed? Terms of conditions. You wait your balance, your Venmo balances 50 cents. Yeah, but no, no, my apple pay things somehow. Is 50 cents, but you could only send dollars. So I'm very confused with how I have two. What if you do decimal Let me overdraft this Apple Bay, but I can't even do What do they take? What? Apple take off those. They take a feet. Assume so. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, they have to write. Because if I pay, a buck will pay me the 20 bucks and tell me and we'll see how much comes through. It's not letting me do 50 cents. This is very entertaining podcast material. In this time, we could have just tossed around Brett. Really? Don't. I was annoyed you could just pulled it out of your wallet and handed it to someone so super sickening. Awful. Here's a very inconvenient amount of money for you. Who am I about to get an inconvenient amount of money? What is it inconvenient about a money? No, mama. No amount of money's. Yeah, that's true. Not enough to really buy anything with. But now it's just in your apple pay balance. That's fine. Yeah, I got sent $2.50. It's not inconvenient, eh? I guess you could buy like a Some gum are stuck by you, don't you? Don't use that money, Thio. It just goes in your in your ship and your account. Heading it. How do I have a balance? Did someone send you money? Can't you click on like a history? What do you think? You hold up your balance to us to a store and that? Of course not. But maybe it works like a Venmo balance where people send to you and just, like, collected in there. Yeah. Can you send me 20 bucks if you requested 20 bucks when you try that? Well, what? You send it to me? We'll figure it out. This episode of receive podcast is brought to you by magic. The gathering, their new card set Throne of El Drain is out starting September 26th. And they asked us to write our own take on some of these fairy tales. So we're going to read one of those for you right now. That's what this is. Hello. I'm going to read to you. I'm gonna be the part of narrator in the three small bores written by injury. Rose is based on the fairy tale. You can open your scripts to page one. Yes, sir. Once upon a time, in the shadow of a tall mountain lived three small bores the first small bore the eldest was wise and firm and didn't abide the foolhardy re franchises of his younger brother's role in the way start over fancies of his younger brothers who would roll in the mud of the hot springs near their home after dark brothers come inside. It's not safe after dark. The night is home to unholy creatures that would lick your bones clean rooms that were doing accents. Yeah, I'm doing an accent. You weary Too much theme night is young and the money keeps us wound from the kill off the mountain. The second small bore was brash and bold and didn't heed his brother's words. Yes, brother, we stay out of small longer. The third small bore was me but loved to wallow in the bubbling earth every night. Get inside This instant, the forest of the mountain cloaks our fiercest enemies. The two youngest bores trudged inside the stone home. The first bore kept his gaze on the forest beyond the water, just to look upon the trees drew the warmth out of his first small boards. Breath the what would of the pines became a black curtain of sorrow on, pierced by the strong light of the moon overhead. Whatever evil look, they're called him. The primal desire for annihilation was soothed by looking at it as if the death Dr was locked away. In the deepest part of the boars, Heart was coaxed out of his hiding and given free rein of his most immediate thoughts. Bread out, all you coming in? Yes, of course, it's not safe out here. The three small boards sat in, aided their modest table. The wood on the fire crackled and the cold wind whistled through the tiny cracks in the thick stone of the house, which produced a dissident line. It suddenly above the plaintive piping of the stones, cut an angry and heart stopping howl. The light from the fire crackled in the houses. If if Spector had quickly passed by the mantle. The boars are frozen in their seats. Well, what kind of creature could make such a noise? He's got a breathing problem, very serious. The forest knows the darkness below. The treetops bustle the manner of horrors. It feeds the creature's last for blood and sharpens their claws and teeth for the getting. The boars move delicately to the tiny window of the house and looked out into the night. There, at the edge of the woods, glinting tendrils of moonlight, the boar stared at the eyes of an immense wolf. It's a body was obscured by the cloak of trees, but the boars get estimated size by the height of its eyes. From the grounds, the beast must have been massive and very contemplation of what abomination? Leiby On the eyes, the boards were chilled to the bone. Brother, are we safe? Surely the creature could swallow us whole. We're safe. The stones that make this house are from high on the mountain, and the door is made of the mightiest ward from deep in their dark forest. You'll never get in here. Worf. This is the safest place in the Dail being quiet, brother, don't tempt the creatures of the woods the younger boars took to their brother was shame on her face is and then turned back to the forest. The wolf was gone. Bam, thunderous four struck the door, which shook the house. Dust, rain from the hinges In the stately entrance bam! Another brood strike reverberated through the floor, but the door didn't budge. A murderous growl rumbled from outside a river of fetid, viscous saliva ran under the door and pooled around the second small bores who don't fear brothers. Our home is south. Is our salvation. Stand strong. The board's huddled together by the fire. The banging stopped in the ground was snuffed out, reclaimed by the tuna. Bruce forests. Is it over? Product? It's over. That wolf is no match for our stronghold. The board's be a 10 to Tortola and snort. The chorus of laughter was joined by fourth diabolical harmony, which tampered the levity back down to the board's throats. The wolf stood at the edge of the woods, cackling a blasphemous laugh, its eyes to become green members suddenly, from behind the wolf and even deeper sound rush forth in earth ranging roar thrusts, the trees and split the timber into jagged fragments. They will summoned a deep magic from the very heart of the mountain, as if the boars over that is, if the bones of the gods were being broken, releasing a marrow of wind and terror. The gusts fumbled the boards, his house into oblivion. The one strong stones became as fragile is ashen. The mighty door burned where it stood without a flame. Brother help! Yes, Braga, help for small bore couldn't answer the walls of the house burned and took flight into a tornado frenzy. The boards were ripped from each other's arms and violently tossed to the air. The cries cannot be heard above. The din is one by one. They're plump. Bodies were impaled on the jagged timber surrounding the house. The board's twitched in splattered blood and look down at their skewered bodies with cold eyes. The wind died as quickly as it began for small bore, looked over at his mewling brothers and cried as the wolf began stripping the flesh from their bones. The end did not see that ending coming. So the third small board lives right? No, I live downtown. L drain is the brand new magic, the gathering cart set that matched together Camelot and Grimm's fairy tales. And you could play with new cards like The's, starting September 26 on Magic Arena. You can download for free on PC to date at mtg arena dot com. Um, I fucking hate the future. I think this is just terrible. The worst thing ever. I ordered one of those stupid professional phones. I don't have it yet, but I'm gonna get it next week. Is this it? That's a professional telephone. After all these years of using a phone, you're finally a professional. You finally graduated. Oh, hey, look on the phone. Try your camera. Yeah, the camera's cool, actually, yeah, Sophie's look the same throat in the trashcan. Global One's right. Whoa, Slow fees. I thought your tweet about it. When did you invent that? Come to my hands in it. I feel like apple make. They make, uh, I guess, like, well designed stuff. They are such an un cool company. Also like the way they announced products and they go These, like rich farts up on stage, like practicing and doing all these demos. It's a trace. Trace slow fees. It's like, Why apple? No one wants to do that. They're just not cool. It's cool, But I shouldn't have. You know what's cool? Apple has over the years become like this. I remember when the first iPod came out, it was like, Oh, this is like, really awesome And it seemed like a pretty hip, cool company and over time I get what you mean. They've become like the mom clapping on the one and three beats at a basketball game. Companies? Yeah, like it. It is the like presentations where they get up there like, Are you guys excited? Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. It's been very aware company on an exercise bike while making an appointment and like order organizing brunch. And it's like no one uses the phone like that, but with the people tweet names each other and like going what's happened when they announced, like, a few years ago, when they announced, like the Apple Watch had cellular capability and if they did it with that woman who was out like on a paddleboard in the middle of the water's like, Yeah, I'm taking a phone call on my watch out here who does that. You're a fucking douchebags. Yeah, I'm gonna go paddle board and answer my phone calls or wads like Dick Tracy. There was uncalled news made fun of for so long, but now it's just like an accepted thing. I guess it's not acceptable making fun of it be taken out of the moment at any moment. Apple What? Theo people. How many people watch that damn president? There were a lot of people watching that YouTube livestream. I want to say it was over a 1,000,000. I think there's like, almost like coming up on two million like one point. There's so many. So, yeah, there are a lot of people who watch that happen. And how many phones do they sell? Hundreds of millions. I don't know. Is it good marketing to have that? Why don't they just be like, Hey, here's the focus in stores now that people still buying people start talking about the features on such people want to know? So we're talking about it here on the podcast. Yeah, but ever has to sit through this two hour presentation when you go like, pick out all the actual relevant information most about not have, like, different presentations, like they'll be parked like I don't care about any of this. I don't want to hear about any of this. These products. They said that they're gonna build the new Mac pro here in Austin. I built the elder in Austin, right? Was a piece of shit. Piece of shit. You're worried about the new one black sock a garbage can when it was the worst Mac of ahead. Not because you just didn't work right? Like it was just hang. And it gets you hot, I guess the the Web's design men that thermal throttling was huge on it and it just sucked. I just hated it. I'd rather use a laptop that nothing. I had one of the unis on, I would add, I would edit slo mo stuff on my MacBook air over the actual professional computer. Cares pretty capable. What if you had, like, a iPhone air and you're like my iPhone prose? A piece of shit? I'll do it. I'll use my iPhone air to make a phone call. They made it. I thought a true dude I would love a little keyboard that would come down off the phone that you could just, like, set this up type like a little computer would be so fun. The whole point was getting away from all of that shit. Now, man taking backs technology, cyclical man like the new feature. Actual buttons theme. New apple product. Car phoned. It's just a BlackBerry with an apple logo on it. Because a lot of damn minute. Come on, Flack Berry. Jesus, The headphone Jack is coming back at the top of the phone. You should be in the top. It was on top for a while. Yeah, it was like when they first made it. Like the iPod. Yeah. Okay. Cool. Yeah, I didn't like Samsung. Then they pull all of their videos off line like they had all those figures making fun of apple removing the headphone port. And when they removed from port like they just took all their videos down videos when they make 100 redacted, completely redacted. We never did that. They're finally gonna release that folding phone this week, I think. Yeah, Later this week, it's delayed by, like, five months. Really? Because all like, the demo models were like, creased and like breaking in half right I realize that didn't work. They said this like, protective film on them that people were pulling off right there. Right now. That's the part that will Hopefully, they say they figured out all the problems. But it's like, Do you want to find that? No, no, you have that one that, like I remember you. Yeah. Yeah, hell, yeah. Psychic. Great phone. There's a video of you from, like 4 4005 using that phone, it's like at an r b b t o or something like that. You call that fun? I think when we met in, like, 2004 because that phone could do GSM. And remember that was, like, back before world phones were thing. Yeah, and, uh, they didn't have them in the UK You did that screen flip thing I was like, Is that a super cool first conversation? Evan was like, you telling me about your phone? It was, like, super satisfy. You had one too, I assume, based on the tragedy. Oh, no, I did not have a sidekick, but my buddy had a sidekick and would not put the thing away. It was just the coolest shit you have, Uh, I had Ah, the by the unbreakable Nokia. I think that was my first phone was the unbreakable Nokia. Um, kicked it, dropped it, dropped in the water, Could not kill that thing. I had a razor, a Motorola razor, which was honestly, probably one of the best times I ever had that thing. They said they're gonna relaunch that you're bringing back. They're bringing back the flip flop on this. The sound it would make when it would turn on. That was always my favorite thing. A little song, a little bit up noise. Yeah, yeah, no key. If I had the piece of shit Erickson for the for a long time, that was, like, only good for snake. Um, and calculations. And then I got, uh I did get an iPhone, though. Tow away late like, yeah, it was several generations along. Before I go, I had a BlackBerry pearl up until I got the iPhone. I think that was, like, in 2012. I got an iPhone. Justin. 13. Yeah, Somewhere on their, um, Michael Jones had a LG chocolate. Didn't have that when you first moved here. Yeah, for like a couple. Maybe like a year after he moved to Austin. I want to say you didn't use but predictive text e that he would, you know, hit two twice to get a B. Yeah, you know, you would. You would do this. You could be blind. This shit would be like this, Like sex and whatever. He would yell at me over text. He would write these, like, massive, all caps, paragraphs, and I'd be like, Matt, he pressed everybody to get these plays several times. He really must do. You don't have to put on the caps lock every time or the shifter. No, I think you can set it. Okay, but that would be It was funny. Even more funny. That's how you know he really meant it. Like that's that's commitment to that. Like, I have to like, double click to get the b and then hold it down so it capitalizes. Good city. I do not miss that. No, I remember the first time I went to Australia. I was like, 04 Yeah, and I was amazed cause everyone down there was, like, texting. And it was, like, barely in the infancy in the United States. It was like it was just starting to take off. And they were like people kept asking you all don't taste like No, I don't think I know anybody who texts here we are just like a few years later. It's like I can't imagine ever calling anybody. They never I also never used the thing that I think the new iPhone has, which is that, like swipe text? I don't like that. Had the door do you use it? It's like you basically, you don't lick your finger off the keyboard when you're typing, you connect the dots to make words. Yes, I've seen people do that, and it it makes no sense. I like it. I don't understand how it works. No, it's like watching people use like the computers in Star Trek. It's like they can't wait to see the flashback in seven years from now, when people cut this Yeah, conversation. I like occasionally having conversations like this because you just sound like such a ancient idiot. Even like five years from now, you actually took out feature that I didn't realize how often I used it from this new phone. Did you ever When you're typing on the keyboard, you wanna move the cursor? So you just like three d touch the keyboard on. Then you can drag the curse around so you could do them. Yeah, that's gone. Now you have to press down on the space because they removed the through touching us. Just how much touch for such is left? But not three touch. Yeah. So now you have to hold down the space, but and then you could move the curse around. But I must have used that every time I do a test because I see annoyed when we need to go back and change something on the You can't put the cuffs on what you want flips around. So you have your finger covers the entirety of the sentence so you can actually see where you are. Now, how do you know anyone who could have done that? Yeah, I used to do all the time, But now when you hold down three boarding it, it does the secondary function of that key like it used to. But right now I want to try it on you guys. You do on the space for the when that let's tell you what I thought you said. Now you have to do it on the space bar. But I was used to just doing on any key. Well, that's better than what I had. I was I was like a cave man. Fucking getting mad at the Senate's of my finger was blocking. Yeah, it's nice to kind of put punch it. No, this is cool. I've never done that before. I apparently use it almost every time. I e trying to buy something for $2.50 on. Probably even take apple cash. A lot of stores now, like, um, those stores that, like the airports or community stores in general, take apple pay so you could buy, like, a soda or something like that. Keep the change. Um, I woke up this morning. I have, ah, New York Times app on my phone. So, like when I wake up like, I'll see you like some headlines that I missed while I was asleep and there was one Like when I first woke up, I was kind of groggy, and it didn't really register with me. It was like Thomas Cook files for bankruptcy, you know, stranding thousands of travelers, and it's like, No, I don't know what that is So well, no big deal. Uh, like I'm like, slowly start to wake up Thomas Cook. Isn't that that airline and travel agency in the UK So then, like, you know, I was walking my dogs and I got a TV in my bathroom. I turned the TV, and it's like it's like the story they're covering at that time. And I guess, like they went out of business, today was their last day. They announced the announced last night. Today would be their last day operating, and they have 150,000 travelers overseas currently. Why you have no way to get back whenever now on goes out business, they never prepare for it in any way they never like. Hey, we're gonna get people back, but we're not doing any new flight we'd like. We need to get everyone home because on this day we're gonna stop flying there always, just like we don't exist anymore. You just grab. He happened to be good luck, bind you by different. Does that work like can these customers ensue? But they're out of business. They didn't sue the company. You're gone. I guess that's the risk you take when you fly on any L. A. If they filed for bankruptcy, I don't think you can sue them for that because, frankly, they have no assets. Are you protected? It's all protected also. Yeah, you're absolutely right. It's like when an airline goes out of business. It's like they threw a big switch like they were just like you would have. No way predicted this. It's just offline forever now. So there's this quote, I guess There was this interview with a guy named Kim Johnson who's the head of policy at the UK Civil Aviation Authority. And he said, Where is it when when people get to the end of their holiday, they will be brought back to the UK? We've charted 40 planes and we'll be running over 1000 flights over the next two weeks. So it's like the civil aviation authorities like, OK, I guess we just gotta get all these people back. That's crazy. And it happened really recently with was demonic. Oh yeah, it was monarch here, and when I used to fly them as well is that another UK based damn. That was not that long ago, either. Then they're gone. And I mean, that's just a testament like that company. I forgot the exact age, but they said that company been around like something 170 or 180 years. And it's just a lack of being able to keep up with the way that travel changes, right? Like people don't used travel agents. People don't. Yeah, do that conflict. Now you've got your phone. You can search every airline. I mean that. Do it all yourself. I grew up in. It's like a old market town, so it's like tons of charity shops and loads of pubs, loads of hair, dresses and lows. The travel agents. And that's what it was. It was like four of them, and now it's that you would never see one. Why would you ever walk into it? Like if you told me Right now I have to find like I couldn't grab my phone out to drive to a travel agent. I have no idea. What if I had to drive to a travel agent right from here? Someone would probably like 500 times I would be completely lost going into travel age, I'd be like, I'd liketo book a flight. I mean, you've had people book your traveled before, right? But, like so it's go somewhere essentially the same. Oh, you mean you just wouldn't know where to go, right? I think that you wouldn't know what to ask them, e I know where I want to go, but I just feel like the whole process of walking into a physical building and book a flight Be really weird. It's like I'm gonna give this person my credit card so they can get that they could pay someone else to give them the ticket to give to me. Yeah. My parents still use a travel agent, but it is like the woman they use is one of their lifelong best friends. So they just like she did Thomas Cook. Michael flew Thomas Cook like, a week ago. Really? Yeah. Got in under the wire. Yeah, because he was asking me because he was hoping saved. Like all the member of Delia, like all the in flight bankrupt. He was asking me, like what the Because he was on a bunch of airlines that he'd never flown before. Yeah, one of Thomas Cook. And I was like, Thomas cook, Stick around. That's not gonna be a good flight. And then we went Our business a weekly was Pink Floyd 95 they were on 100 and 78 years. That's crazy. Just go on, and they could tack it. So all of the other successful airline models, I think it's different where it's like they were the travel agent and also the airline. And, you know, they owned hotel properties. I feel like you make a really good travel agent, Gus. I think I would drive me crazy. And 78 years were they packaging vacations toe like the Oklahoma land grabs your 18 41? Yeah. They probably love people here. Who, Huh? Starting businesses and families. Yeah. What vacations were the planet? Uh, you know, to have your gangrenous limbs sawn off. Um, have leeches put on you, you know, live nicely. Packaged. Alcohol's included. That's nice. Yeah, Cos old. Yeah, Well, your country's old. Yeah, we're trying to see, like, how they got started, but it's like it's one of the support the company looks like. It's emerged and change names. So many times. I was very confused reading the headline about this today, by the way, because I didn't realize that Thomas Cook was the name of like, the company. I thought it was like the name of a CEO or some person Thomas Cook's Allen's Well, I mean, it was named after taste good. Yeah, why I gathered. But it was just like all right, So this guy's gone now. All these travelers were stranded. What's going on? So they have the keys to all the places on the plane. The company was founded where they started 18. 41 and it was founded to carry temperance supporters by railway between the cities of Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Birmingham. Dobby 18 51. They arranged transport to the Great Exhibition of 18 51. Oh, yeah. You don't know about that Great organized tours to Europe in 18 55 and then the United States in 18 66. Wow, They weren't dealt with this back when the United States 18 66 back when the U. S. Was just doing its best. Really great time for the United States. 18 66. Civil war just ended, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. do some pre antebellum America for perfect time to visit. It's just crazy. It's sad. And they're really yeah. Company had been around through all of that. Yeah, and it's like it's just gone a ll the wars that happened since that company started, and they made it through all of that. I think what I read was I don't have You are confronted anymore. But I think what I read was in the six months, like in the past six months, they had lost, like, $1.9 billion. So that's why they probably disappeared. Like that'll do it. Yeah, it's a lot of money. Isn't Netflix like riel in the hole? Like I told a vehicle live of Thea like s pods Except HBR lose money. Yeah, that's me. Is just very strange, because it's just how is that a sustainable business? You have growth? Yeah, Like eventually. If Netflix is just Netflix originals, and people are subscribing to see all this stuff that they've already spent the money on years ago, eventually, though, make that money back. True kind of investment upfront. A lot of venture capitalists get that VC money, baby. Something would like uber and lift. Yeah, now. And that's like that's That's gonna be the shitty thing where eventually uber and lift exists. Because people hate cabs, right? It's like, Oh, I could take a new bride, Take a lift. It's cheaper than taking a cab. It's not a city. Every car ride you take on one of those right sharing platforms is being subsidized by a venture capitalist. It's like eventually you get to a point where uber and lift could theoretically muscle at the cab business. They're gone, and then it's like, Oh, now, Wilbur, Lift. They have to make money Now there's no competition, so they're gonna raise all their prices in your ride's aren't subsidized anymore, and now you're left with a shittier version of the cab company you got rid off, but that's all that's there. Anything this valuable in the end is that you just spend all your money and get the giant user base, and that's the most valuable thing you possibly have is people who use your service on and then you sell it. That's why the messaging client self so much you don't have to like pay for a ton of cars or buildings or ships. Just like minute app. You're dead people. Hair made a nap so they can download it. Graham made that. Made the iPhone camera look funny. Yeah, and then sold it for billions of dollars. Just make a really good game in a nap and have it have ads on it and then charge for the ad free version. And you're set for life. These companies make so much fucking money off of that and like the simplest games too. Like there's this Ah, this game that, um I love playing called balls. B l z The city makes it cool. It does. It's the It's the most simple game ever. But it's so addictive in this light. Numbers on the square, Yeah, numbers on the squares that you basically It's like, um, SAfrican game, the fuckin ball, the fucking game with the fucking bowl where you have to, like, break out. That's the one I like, break out. But every block has a certain amount of hits. It needs to break every time someone's this breakout. I imagined you saying in the switch head Look, you know, I'm just making a reference. This absolutely see podcasts brought to buy. 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And I was playing that around the time we were filming Hongta when we were in England in the Hellfire caves and Ryan tried to summon Satan in the middle of the cave on. After that, my phone started switching out, and it was just like type shit on its own. And I couldn't play bulls. That was what was the most annoying. But it's like bulls doesn't look. Has that episode come out yet? Yeah, that's really fucking I mean, the bit where my phone breaks isn't in the episode because that happened like after we wrapped. But the fact that that happened first place. That's creepiest video of my phone type in stuff on its own. First don't sleep. I think it was like the capacitive field was further out than it usually is. So I would put my hand near it and it would type the key. And then after that, it would just type stuff on his own. So it's like this for I need any phone. God, I don't like that. Don't go thinking holy water. Got anything in grains of rice with the Lord's Prayer was very small on the way. Had to be blessed with holy water. When we did that Annabelle thing before going into the room with all those like cursed and haunted objects, there was a priest there who had to bless me in Blaine with holy water. What are you talking about? Anybody act like it burned afterwards? Um, no, we didn't. They're very much like, you know, this family says this family's life work and like they take it very seriously. So be respectful and all all that stuff. But, um, it was hard not to make a joke about being a Jew and being blessed by a priest with Holy water. Ah, you make all the jokes now. Eyes already get that New Testament off of me. Yeah. No, I just don't see the actual animal dull in Connecticut where it is. And it's in a room that basically is filled with all these objects that this family has gathered over the couple years that are apparently, like the most haunted or cursed objects in existence. Could you refuse the holy war? I didn't wanna I was like, Listen, man, any protection I could get right now would be great. So how was it applied to? Just like All right, you can have dodged it like, whoa. Uh, we're gonna weapons if you spill bear on the friend's couch. Did they get mad? No, man, don't do that. Yeah, let me go back in time and undo that. Uh, just, uh hey, Sorry. No one told you life was gonna be this way. Don't spit beer. Um, I feel like I absolutely need to mention that we announced our check states about July 3rd to 5th 2020 Some people were We're curious like Oh, that's weird that it's on July 4th weekend, but when they undulate, there've been a couple of having been. But the idea has always been for it to be like July 4th weekend, just like sometimes, does the calendar moves yet It's not always on the way you like it. It's absolutely like six out of eight have been that week, and most have been you or that week. Sometimes it's like, Oh, July force Wednesday So you have it. Yeah, there's a ton of V I P. Part is where we're also watching fireworks at the same time. It happens a lot. Yeah, yeah, So I'm happy that it's July 4th is actually that weekend again. I think it's Ah, hopefully easier. People say like, Oh, you know what if people have travel plans like, Well, that's what We're not sedate now, 10 months in advance, so you can make those travel plans so your travel plans should be exists to come to Austin to come hang out with us like we could have an American Day bye, have celebrated visiting The Simpsons, celebrate the freedom or celebrated murder, but a small part of it? Yeah, What better way to celebrate the independent of the country by then blowing up a small part of it. Yeah, yeah. Maybe every 20 could sponsor our T X this year. What's left of it. I don't think that's possible. They'll fly everyone out. But not that I missed that name to someone. Then by that name was probably part of the bankruptcy, right? Like he's got some kind of value. It'll get auctioned off. I think we pay their credit. I think we could do. They lost $1.9 billion in six months. We'll be asking for more than waken Apple cash them. Can Apple pay them $2.50 for For what you gonna do with your $2.50? I'm just gonna I'm going buck wild with this money you invested or gamble with it and Theo just me $2.50 and a whole lot of moxie just engulf Shin. I read a speaking of start of an airline, I read a fucking crazy story last again on The New York Times. This podcast brought to New York Times. I read a crazy ass story in The New York Times last week. They were talking about the crux of stories about the 7 37 max and the crash is that it's had, but it was a really long piece and is part of it. They talked about lax airline safety in Indonesia, and they talked about the origin of the airline. They had one of those crashes Lion Air, and they talked about how the guy who started it when he was younger used to sell typewriters. And then, like as the airline industry started taking off in Indonesia, what he would do is he would go to the airport and buy. It was before digital tickets, like he would go to the counters and by physical paper tickets and then go outside of the airport and then try to resell those tickets for more money than he stayed our Atlantic right. He was scalping airline tickets and, like that's how we started. Did you realize that the airline industry was huge and he could make a lot of money? So he started in airline Wow with the money he made from other people's Alan right? It's like this crazy story like he went from selling typewriters to scalping airline tickets. To starting an airline is like the weirdest career path trajectory like that is wild shit, but I can't imagine the thought of you. I'm gonna go buy all these plane tickets, and then I'm gonna go outside to people at the airport already. And hopefully I can sell the tickets. Todo china. It was all like in Inter Island around Indonesia. So much shows up the airport. They're just like I don't have a ticket yet. A taxi with your bag or whatever. All right, Come to go in and buy a ticket. Yeah, It's like I can't be, but there's a little boy selling one right here. I can't be bothered to walk inside slightly less $400 more. I'll take it. I mean, this story started. I really did imagine, like a young boy like lemonade on one side with the cute backwards. Like are like on the sign. Two for one deal. But you're interesting story. If you manage to get people off the street further out who weren't planning on flying that day to fly, that'd be That'd be a pretty sweet a baller. Move. Hey, why don't you want to go to a different island? Run 20 a really good deal, because it's about a chick I packed a bag for you. Come on, now. Yeah, that's a strange way to get into that business. Yeah, I guess if that you found someone said something you're passionate about. You be affected by the price between tickets. Because, Julius, he's buying all the tickets. Price of the remaining seats will float up. Well, the press probably going up. Yeah, so does it. So he's driving the price up s so if he's like, I'll have 10 tickets. Actually, I have 100. Does the price go? Probably with the That's weird. Unless they didn't do that. But then that incense him to do that because he's paying a certain price. But then the tickets have become more valuable because they're more scarce. Yeah. Yeah, genius. I looked like it is also imagine him breaking into the apple and, like, slashing the tires of the other flights. That doesn't have, you know, you better get on mine. Mine still going? Some really, like, catch me if you can shit, like, just incredibly like, unscrupulous and like, Ingenious. We're going from like, typewriters to airlock. Like, I want to know more about that little like, section of like, Well, I made all this money from this airline. Tickets give. Give me an heir like give me a plane. Remember? Right. He, uh, he leased a plane that was practically falling apart. Like he least one plane that was like in terrible repair was like, I'm gonna start an airline with that one plane that I'm leasing. It was like that kind of thing. It's like he just had enough money for that. And then, like, you just kept rolling it forward, like Okay, down. Making money on this. I'm gonna get another plate. Offended article. It's a super long range bag. Not really interesting. You should make video. Siri's about all of your favorite articles like that or use presenting the information in a waited we'd have to read a ton of stuff. Right? You Well, maybe I'll just take other people's content and repackage e i e. I feel like every time you come up to me and you, like, check this show even if it's off the podcast, I'm always like that's the one of the most amazing story ever, and you somehow find them. You probably read it because I'm always reading shit. Get ready for the podcast. I got, like, a 1,000,000 different stories ready. And that guy's name was Bill Delta theta. One of my favorite jokes. Just whatever the company's name. Is it being the last name of something Exactly. Or John something? What do you prefer? What's it? What's a good generic? First name? Bill is always John. Steve. Steve, Steve Classic. Just time test. Good, too. Well, Dave podcast started this podcast years ago. I used to use this piece of software, but back in my I t days. You know, before we start rooster teeth, I used to use this piece of software that allowed you to network Macs and PCs together. And the name of the software was Dave. It was like, Why don't they call it anything like No. Oh, I gotta pay my licence for you too, Dave. I work my pieces and Max to get there was an acronym. No, just called. I mean, that was a time where computer shit would just be someone's neighborhood developer. Yeah, it was like some guy named Dave. I was like, Oh, I wrote this piece of software. We're gonna call it. I'll call it Dave. It's perfect. You see, how much you remember it. It's great. Yeah, That's what I get for you. Maybe like a 2001 thing. Yes, I I'm sorry. I can't do that, Dave. Uh, let's see. Dave Mack networking. I used back around 2001 when we're looking at I'm curious. We talked about the guy who was hired. Ah, at Microsoft, right? His name is Mac Book. Oh, he was in the commercial. Yeah, that was real Name McKenzie Book. No, I just thought that was like, Don't match. I mean, it could be that could be very well be engineered. But what a great idea. I mean, yes, Chef. Kiss. Um they don't make Dave anymore. You don't really find that hard to believe. Also going back to the general like a generic first name. You know, you name a company debate also depends on, like, how old I want that company to be. It's like old. It's like you like Reginald Q? Yeah. Reginald Original Que Delta? Who started the first airplane? He was there at Kitty Hawk. Thank you. Really? Really Adds the cherry to that? I don't know why Reginald que Thomas. Too many names. I feel like now in 20,019 it would be Chad. Yeah, we're like, Can't work. You cook. You mean like like 100 years from now when they look back like two this time Chad Delta, uh, challenges. I'm so happy. I know. It's Chad. Yeah, Before Chad, before a new Chad. Chad, this is a comedy name for me. It's like eyes. Love shot is tread short for something. Not this one at least. Chadwick maybe. I mean status, which I know is incorrect, but still humorous chatter. Acme Shack woman is Chad Your four, Uh, Chad is the modernized form of the old English given name. I have no idea to say that. See, Otto, influenced by the Welsh word cad Meaning battle? Oh, it is also a short form of Charles and Chadwick. Barbara means the bearded one. Charles has a ton of names that you can use. Like I guess Chad and Chuck, You're giving this a lot. That's what it means because Bob is a beard in French. What is Gavin mean? What's meaning of your name? But I think it's Scottish for knows. That's not right now. I made it up. Thanks. Uncertain entomology some believe Gavin to be from guac My AG. No idea. It's a Gaelic name derived from the elements walk meaning a hawk and made meaning a blow or battle hawks on the blow hook. I would've gone with Battle Hawk, which is actually another name for knows I got blood. My whole kit's ready like more like you're going to buy that got me blow Hawk guy lingering around the bathroom. Real blow hawk. Shut up! I'm changing my name of steam to blow a hole. I read this story the other day about you know, there's always the stories about, like these ridiculously expensive cars, um, let and like, the amount of maintenance and upkeep that it takes toe own one of these cars. So it's like a really which car? Right now I'm gonna talk about the Bugatti Veyron, which is like, I think, like a 1.5 to $3 million car 1000 horsepower. Something like that. It's like you have to change. You have to change the tires constantly because they go so fast that hired the tires. Yes, in a great as as a car, almost completely, but as a piece of year Well, I I looked up. Well, I read how much it costs to have an oil change for one of those cars. Just getting to the oil costs money. That's first of all. It takes 27 hours of labor to change the oil in one of these cars, and it costs $21,000. Haven't soiled saying that in your car. Can you imagine rolling into a fucking Jiffy Lube drive? Places they're still like Yet you're Airfield is really We should probably replace that. I got a coupon for 50% of oil change. Early Bird Special Bank 11 ground. Yeah, bullet A bullet in the bay. Where do you go to get that done? Mechanic? Probably the dealer's place sale, but sells it to you. How many you got? Deals. Dealerships. Do you know? Is that one gun? Is that what I lost it? I don't think so. Not a big enough market got a dealership. They have the one now Chiron 21 their own 1000 a brand new car that you could buy a lot of money. A brainy like Honda Civic condescend you could buy on the city. Can you drive up with a Honda Civic. And there you go. I'll trade you this new car for an old train set. Tell you what happened to me recently. Um, when I went to get my car inspected. Very annoying situation in your favor. What? When you wouldn't get your Bugatti inspected? Yeah, my car inspected. What do you think I said? No, I was making a joke. Do you have a big guy, Vera? Oh, my. Yes, exactly. I was going to say that, Um I recently had to get my battery replaced in my car because it's a little bit older and went nearby to get a new battery. Had it replaced. And then I was like, Oh, I I need to get my car inspection done since my registration is expiring. Bulla Bulla, uh, I go to the inspection place and they're like, Oh, it's gonna be about an hour. Wait, We have a couple of people ahead of you. That's fine. So I'm sitting in the waiting room, they finally get to my car and it turns out to be like an hour and 1/2 before it's over. And then the guy comes and he goes, uh, did you recently Getsem worked on your car and I was like, Yeah, I have the battery replaced and he goes, okay, because it it failed one of these tests on your inspections. Um, and part The reason is, if it's a brand new battery, it hasn't had time to Mr Reset the sensor. Yeah, like 100 miles. Yeah. And so he's like, Yeah, I just, you know, drive around 100 miles or so and then come back. We'll give you free inspection. It was like, cool. So I just wasted my entire afternoon. It's also so weird to me that, like, I have a brand new battery that those guys could have replaced themselves and it would have failed that test. I just like it was very frustrated. You didn't just wait until you had 100 miles. I didn't know that was the thing. I thought I was like, Oh, have a brand new bag. You didn't Then go out and just drive around aimlessly. Did you? Okay. Just angrily driving for $100 goes to San Antonio, comes back here who take test it now. It's so shitty. Yeah, I just didn't I didn't realize that was the thing. I think there's a Ferrari this, like $40 million or something. What get out. Or like, say, there's something one card. It's just obnoxiously back like a $3 million car. Static, obnoxiously expensive. We have tons of Rolls Royce. You could easily spend that most expensive car. You get the cup holders. That knocks it up into the three million. The imagine like What are the like? Upgrades from like a, well, like a $1 million version toe like the LX $3 million version. Like what? Are they adding one of the bells and whistles? They're adding onto that to push it over the top. Let me check. See Work CEO, World magazine to see what the most expensive cars in the world people aboard. $400,000. There's like a crowd. It's like four or $500,000. Sure. Well, I mean, if you guys morning, that is it Really. Three million. The Bugatti Royal stories about eight million LaVoy noir. $19 million. You know, Rolls Royce sweep tales for $13 million and then goes down from there. Oh, my God. We saw a pretty expensive call instantly. We did. It was Ah, Was that Where was that? Was that in Baltimore? I think so. Yeah. We saw my Bach in Baltimore all those years ago. How much money do you have to have? We're buying one of those cars is, like, not a big deal. I seem you have too much used to defend it. It's also to the point where you buy that car and then you probably don't drive it. Oh, yeah, No chance. Yeah, like a huge right off its in your like, 20 car garage you have in your Tony Stark mansion down there at that. If you have enough money to buy like that kind of car cash because that's the thing is like, if you're buying that car, you have significantly. Many, many, many times that money because no one's like I gotta work really hard. I'm saving up for a $13 million cars, Theo. Dollar oil change. Exactly. So you're are How do you have more money than you know what to do it. So at that point, I feel like you're just like doing demolition derby on some, like a crash like that. That's just an obscene amount of wealth that leads to, like, distracted. I guess I just never understood the concept of, like owning something but not wanting to be able to use it to its full extent, like having one of the like, a 19 or $13 million car and like not wanting to drive it. Also, what makes it that much better, right? Also that it's like, so cool. It's like we said $21,000. 3 21 Wanted. You could buy 904 Honda Civics. $90 million.1,000,000,000 As just they think differently. I see. Yeah, because a few tens of millions isn't anything to them. It's nothing. It's like buy expensive meal toe. Just don't have anybody spend that much. There's a great comedian. Garry Goldman was fantastic. He has a has a long, bit about, like the difference between Bill Gates and his billions and like us. And he has this, like, bit talking about like he found a $20 bill in an old coat and how much how much it meant to him. He's like Bill Gates would have to find a $13 million bill in an old coat toe, have the same feeling that I did find a Rolls Royce that just happened to be in his name. Just sat in an alley, wasn't there? Like some reference? If, like, if Bill Gates was walking and dropped a $100 bill, he would like it doesn't make sense for him to turn around and go pick it up because he's already made more money back when he was the wealthiest person. Yeah. Yeah, that's it. That's going away. A lot of that money. So he's not whose wealth is now. Jeff Bezos? Probably. I think J. K. Rowling was one of the first people to lose being billionaire status. Do tow. Charitable donations are really Yeah, which is cool. I mean, if you're gonna lose it, that's a great way to there was the legacy. Not by being Thomas Cook not to have your like airline. What would their lives be like if if it banned billionaires. Interesting question. So that leads me actually, to this analogy I read a few months ago, maybe a month or two ago. Uh, forget it was, it might have been like a Bernie Sanders analogy that that they made that he made but said. Like if you thought like to try to put into perspective how Richard 1,000,000,000 areas. So if you imagine a staircase and to to step up every step on the stair case represents $100,000 of net worth, it's like if you get up on the first step, you have $100,000 a net worth half of the people. United States are on the base of the very first step, those households in the 88th percentile Richard 45 Americans are on the fifth step. A billionaire is 10,000 steps up the stairs, and I am locked out of the house in the front yard, not anywhere near that's the steps. It's like it's like such a crazy scale to think about if you think about it that way, yeah, and most people we are on a step that they could jump down onto the floor and be perfectly fine, right? The building was built, a fucking elevator to just have to walk 10,000 steps up to get their more steps for either for the hoi polloi, but believes taking the lips What? Why isn't it being a billionaire mole frowned upon That's good. That's definitely making that turn. I think, Yeah. I mean, uh, you're starting to find people are starting to find realize. Maybe that's not such a good thing after all. Maybe that's a That's an exposure of a failure in the system. Yeah. Is that like something about Jeff Bezos? If you like, sold off all his assets, he could be close to being the world's first truly inner wait I don't know about. I mean, he was registering on the 0.1 of a trillion A some points something something I don't understand is like cool feet. Honestly, I don't know why Billy, like billionaires, aren't racing to solve climate change issues and like some of them, some of them are. But like and I get really, like jet business, for example, like in a hugely spectacular way, like people will sing songs about you 200 years. But I think what they're doing is thinking way beyond this planet like Okay, this one's done, but we'll do space stuff. We'll move humanity to a different planet. And they were planning for that. Like so many billionaires doing space programs, why not do something that is more of ah, tangible benefit. Yeah, E I looked up the the wealthiest historic start figures like wealthiest people of all time adjusted. This list is adjusted for 2010 U. S. Dollars said. Was there a true leader? No. The highest one on this list is Jacob. Bugar was $400 billion. It was a German merchant mining entrepreneur and banker who lived between 14 59 and 15 25. He could have bought the planet. Yeah, that's an equivalent Wealth equivalent would be $400 billion in $2010. How much was Louisiana? Not nearly that Chief number two on the list is John D. Rockefeller was $336 billion. He was the first person ever to reach a nominal personal fortune of $1 billion. And that was in the early 1900. And that was $335 billion before, right? Oh, my God. You would have no comprehension about any of the way the world works in terms of like normal people. How could you relate to anyone? It would completely and like it would be on it. I feel like a lonely existence because it would completely like And you morally become question like, if it was you know, this this will. This money here will cause all of this badness. You just be like, Bye. Fix it with money somehow, you know, no morning about any of how people are feeling. You're gonna throw money, everything you just be like Dr Manhattan. But with money like you get this just, like, make people explode into hundreds Good time to, uh, Thio plug are short business in space that we did, which is about this exact thing. Yeah, Yeah. Business in space. Just like Amazon. Like the you know, tech moguls, uh, increasing interest in outer space on big being, like, painfully clear that they really intend to get off this planet before the shit really hits the fan. Yeah, exactly. Just like yeah, watching earth, like in flames in the in the spaceships review mirror as they escape. I don't think I'd ever want to go live in space. No one can hear you scream, right. Great about loud neighbors. Do you think you guys will experience space travel in your in your No, you know, No. But really, I really wish I think Yeah, they're building Space X is building like that Star copper stuff here in Texas is down in Ah, Boca chica. And have you seen any of those like that test footage? What? Uh, yeah, they're building like a big rocket they want to try to ultimately use to get to Mars, and they're like, they're building it in a weird way. I have you not heard the stories like this star Hopper. They're trying to build it cheaper than normal. And they're using, like, things can't Miss Wilder's who normally build water towers to, like, build the whole and like, put it all together and had, like, its first like test flight two weeks ago. Maybe three weeks ago, we actually got up, like, went over to another pad and landed. And now they're like putting ah, just herbal fins on it. And it's it's becoming a real thing. And this this thing is going to you Ah, loose necessarily. Bonds of earth and fly into outer space and get to Mars. Yes. Okay, but s so far it is hopped about 30 feet from bad to pet. 200 feet, maybe things like 250 yards. Yeah, it has not gone far. What's the What's the national student debt? Oh, us. You think investors could pay it off? Yeah. With without even thinking about. Yeah. Without even thinking. I think it's a ton. No, maybe a little too much. Uh, $1.5 trillion. Well, he could make a nice debt. You could make a little Yeah, dimple. Federal student loan debt. God, that's sad for one Degrees Rockefeller on that. Yes. You say Rockefeller and Fugard. Those guys they Jacob, Ugur, Let's get him on that to go take care of a little over half. All right? Model pressed. It's about time to wrap this up on that. Depressing, though. That's it. We'll do it. We'll do more post show. Uh, thanks for what? You're ready. We'll see you next time. Happy fall by