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Join Gus Sorola, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, and Burnie Burns as they discuss original concepts vs repeated ideas, company changes, emotional support animals, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 564. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Theo. Does anyone want to buy 15 Navy Blue Polo shirt? Welcome to the broadcast Is brought you by hymns. Magic, the Gathering Arena and Dave. I'm Gus the dude man. Jeff. Huh? Good. You did it. Thank you. E was good. She's like us. Everyone is a mess of the interest because it is one joke gets the end. Just don't want you running. That's the way you get it. You just keep repeating it over and over when you get there. When I don't do it, people get mad. They're like, What is it? You're that's mad. You want to deal with the heat I get When I don't introduce myself twice? It's nonstop. He almost got cancelled last time. There's a big problem, although it is, though you can imagine how frustrating it is when people come on here who are performers five days a week at this company. They come on here, there's an intro and this usually this seat the third seat. The person just doesn't know what to do when it gets them. It's like, couldn't figure it out. Couldn't like just for context figured out. That's right. Before we went, Just reminder this this this this he briefed Everybody got way Have we have a system time? I'll be professional had my laptop sound on. So I felt really bad for a second the other day. Really, I was laughing at a kid who was crying at Home Depot, so I ran into this kid a few times while I was there. I think that's why he was him and his brother were being like a little fucking dicks. You know that those those those upstairs at the Home Depot employees used to like the moon around. They got the side over. It's like employees only they were climbing up the stairs and then seeing who could jump off the tallest step, trying to, like, walk by them. And they're like they're getting in my way, like stopping and just staring at me and not moving like cause you no trouble. If you're in a way, I don't care. Anyway. I was like I was fed up with these kids. I kept running into them. They kept being little dicks. I go to check out, and I can hear one of them kind of yelling. And thank God I'm checking out. I'm going to be done. I have to run into him. I go to leave, and as I'm leaving one of the kids that kind of pushes by me but tears streaming down his face and he's looking around. Really? Dad e t o t 10. You should have been like, Are you looking for your dad? I saw him leave, like, 10 minutes ago. Oh, the guy. But this big bald. Yeah, he's gone. You should've just said you're mine now. Exactly what you showed him. Your receipt from Home Depot. Real quick. Say all your dad's here, my child. Now, because when you go to jail right, that comes back and beats the shit out of you. Yeah. What do you What are you doing at Home Depot? What do I owe you? Buying like rackets. There was a fucking soaker hose that has a hole in it. I get gardening and I don't know fucking possum to toe. Hold it or something. I tried putting like Public State. You know there's a hole in your soaker hose that would be detrimental. High pressure. It's not too big. Guys like you see those stupid flex tape coming, right? Flex tape taken, waterproof, whatever. You try to fix the Flex. It didn't fucking work. So I get like that. Here's your problem. Flex tape is for bigger projects. If you needed to put a boat back together Flex tape, What you need a hose? Don't like some of that spray shit that, like spray adhesive stuff. And that's why I was there for myself. That I don't wanna open up a can of worms. But you know, Home Depot Trumpy. Is it very jumpy? I've switched to Lowe's. Lowe's is so you know, the worst they were. They really what it's like. It's like you gotta lows and then you you gotta lose the shop and then you leave and go to Home Depot to get the three things I didn't have. But they used to have that was really true. I always thought it was funny, like, you know, every. Like, all these stores have slogans, right? Like I remember for a long time, Home Depot's was you could build it, we can help. Lows was, Let's build something together. And McCoys, which is like another homer was Go build something like I love how different the adagio yourself. Quit loitering. Go Booth. First you were like, Let's do something together. That was like, Get the fuck out. I build yourself, Asshole. I thought we were talking. We were talking about this with Jason the other day, I think, but I've been trying to support local hardware. Stores have been going to breed and company, but it's pretty close to my house. No shit. They've been around forever. The closest Marcus Hardware store market. Tell me that's how he got into the entertainment industry. She worked there? Yep. And a lot of people in the industry would go there and ask for weird shit. And I think it was a DP. Or maybe it was in our department director of photography. Yeah, not the other kind of different film world, but came in reading and math. Marcus was like this Cool did. That's where that that would not have happened. And who was it that hired him? Look, there's a partner who are kind of fuzzy on, but, uh DP third time of the evening that that's also where that But you see, student went to go buy all the hardware to commit that murder. But he and okay, stopped up the other girl. Yeah, that was the first thing I said to Jason. We were headed with Jason sold on you last week. And I said, We're talking about Home Depot and and, like, clothes. And and, like we talked about, like, you know, uh, shopping where your political, um I guess interests lie or not. And I mentioned that I've been going to breeding company, and Jason just goes, That's what I do about the stuff to cut up the woman about the sauce and stuff. Okay, Okay. If you like you not to go, Jason their slogan. Build it, get the fuck out of here and build it. Take apart your ex girlfriend in a bath. Murder kids here. Jesus, That's right. Jason's getting three things like weird Austin history making cute kids makes cute, adorable kids. And then knowing every single thing about Travis County real estate, like, literally anything but I'm looking for a house. I was like I heard yelling for housing. Yeah. Hey, goes. This just came on the market. This came the market. Do you just do this all day? Does, like just looking listings. He found us an office once. He did. He found my like, the house that I lived in before my new house, the one that I lived in with Griffin. Ah, you know, they still live in. He's the one that told me about the listing. Is it really just went for sale today and then I When I bought the new house, he already knew what it wants. I was like, Yeah, house over in this area, so I didn't think so. I know where that one is. I bet it's this one. And I was like, Yeah, hey, New my house. When I said I moved into a new place where I said this place in this place and he goes, Oh, is it this one? I guess that's kind of weird, but at the same time, it's like he's just up to date on everything he knows over all the houses for sale in Austin. And you know all the used cars there for settling in Austin as well. I was truly classic cars Yeah, he, uh he e I don't know. He always looks like craigslist used cars or something you like? Oh, yeah. I like this kind of cars. Oh, here's five better for sale right now in Austin when we moved to this studio, Uh, there's a path to get here that goes by this kind of classic car dealership. And I think about you two guys every time I drive past that one once a week because of their dumb old drugs. Yeah. Yeah, because they will not get the double trucks of the M was always He wanted a classic El Camino. That's what he wanted, Jeff. One of the classic Bronco will do. That was the big dream. Gonna make it someday. You're gonna get that Bronco just as soon as I pay off the more important shit. Well, I do remember to you without you went shopping for a bronco and literally bought a mustang that day because it was for sale Or you just like you. Like I looked at, it was hard. I couldn't find one, so I just one day wasn't one day was his big dream. He stuck with 66 or 65 65. You want usto black? 66 Mustang. Couldn't have been any vehicle named after a horse. Yes, probably at that point. Hey, look, Get a feeling It was awful. Yeah, Trucks where the trucks were terrible, though. That was like, what, 2000 for four? Yeah. I needed a car to get the cheapest car could. It's when I moved back from your first paycheck. You guys know I need I needed the cheapest car. Could have dropped a fucking beautiful work. Get the fuck out of here. So you bought in 1960 Chevy about 64 Chevy for $3000 it was beautiful to drive by every day on the side of the N s A. At least I didn't fuck it. Replaced the engine and let it rot in my driveway. Asshole really talked about that. You didn't use the engine, died you replaced it and then you didn't. You never drove it again. It's fucking sat in your driveway and rotted and rot. It's the words that rotted. The guy drove it away when he bought it. Fucking thing was no. I refuse to believe that I believe the rotting part because remember, I, like, went through the trouble You guys were coming over on such a regular basis and my drive away, and then we have a beautiful fucking state again. It's been 17 years, Guinea. It's win 16 years. So I hate money out of my own pocket to build a parking pad like I'm just an extension of the driveway where these guys could park. Nobody asked you to do that. It was, and that he was happy to park on the graph theory the first day that spends brand new the first day, you could get the handle having a car that Jeff Marx is Carter and left the rust stain on it. Half of it was oil. It wasn't also, it's a fucking driveway in the elements man is bringing new. It's a car house you have to have made. It looked horrible the same. Yeah, I didn't pay a lot of things that I see. I thought you parked on top of it. You couldn't say said to the thing in my current house. I cannot be luck with this. I didn't think in my current house when I moved in where I was having the house painted on the inside. Anyways, you do So I told the painters, Hey, can you guys just paint the garage floor like seal it? Cause Marcus, you can't see it. But he sealed the floor in here in stage five. And if you look like a shop floor and it's great and it makes it easier to clean everything So I had him do that. It's like they had never done it before And they just did a super shitty job. And I'm still dealing with, like, five years. Is it, like, got like a like a gritty texture, like sand or anything? Toe? No, In fact, that made it to light. I should have made a darker because now it's like I have a clean the thing the whole time because it shows stains like a light gray. And then anywhere where there was oil already in the cement. The oil is kind of rose back up again and then knocked the paint off there. So I have, like, rolls in it. So my purse totally defeats my cousin who lives in your neighborhood. He and his husband, they when they, uh, they put a fuckin lift in their garage so that he can lift the Lamborghini or whatever. Cory as it happens that he actually has a McLaren right now. But gays move in and all the property values go up. That's it. That's what happened. That's what happened, all with their $100,000 cars. My cousin's husband collects cars, and he's a successful. He owns a construction company, so he's got money. Does the Lamborghini drip rust onto the McLaren drips onto a Porsche? But they say he literally because he has like four. He just keeps cars all the time, so they have a lift. They have to lift that raise up so they can put the other 100. But they have like it's almost like they got the floor powder coated. But it has like a grit in it, and it's like a black and white right thing that my head's legal flex it. It it should have. That doesn't have that. So I tried to have been over thinking, Do I know any dude? Couples that are broke and I don't think I do? What is the demographic? They look at the top of the food chain in terms of income and everything. I don't want to generalize way. I have 90 minutes to get through. This is not my last podcast. Anecdotally, in my experience, gay men are the happiest people on earth. Yeah, man, Yeah, they really are. I don't know a lot of miserable gay men, and ah, they just they haven't figured out Henry Rollins had a bit. I think I may have even talked about it on the podcast before, but he had a bit, uh, when he in his spoken word where he talked about in that like 87 he was living in L. A. And his neighbors were these two gay dudes. And it's kind of how he liked his introduction to gay culture. I guess was living next, these two dudes and he said, I figured out after about two weeks, like these guys would come home, they would drink a bunch of beer, they would watch baseball. Then they would listen to Black Sabbath and fuck each other. And I was thinking, like that thing he was thinking like these guys were having every day is a fucking is a vacation for these guys. Like their lives air off looking miserable. These guys think they're just high five. And then fucking and getting drunk and watching sports can only imagine it. Can you imagine? Yeah. If I had a boyfriend or partner, I know that conversation take place. Would be like, Hey, which one of us do you think could come further like, Hey, that would be a day figuring that out. I can't I can't have that conversation with Ashley, you know? I mean, it's like I'm missing that in my life. I'm sorry, Ashley. It's a beautiful baby that way. Come off. You're gonna go out with a bang. I mean, you could make it off with the police. Wait until the post show the potion. Also, can I say also preface it like, if you talkto older gay men. Oh, nobody has had a tougher time in American last 50 years. Maybe the older gay men. Well, well, a lot of the old habits, right? Like like the world is a much better place. I heard, actually, Scott Thompson, from kids in the hall was on a podcast recently. I heard the interview and he was just talking about like, how much? It fucking kind of sucks to be an older gay entertainer who has, like, broken down a lot of doors. But get no credit for a current, I guess generation of gay people who didn't have to go through that and just like he just had, like, 1000 yard stare. And he just like my life, has been miserable seriously, growing up in that era, they also got I didn't know this. They got fucked over like they did make a dime off that HBO show Well, and it's also didn't make a dime off of it on Comedy Central, which is where the show really had its legs. You know, if if you ever, like Tune in to Radio Station or a podcast and one of the kids in the hall is sitting down for an interview, buckle up because it is. There's no like real happy stories. Even Dave Foley, who went off and was on talk radio for years after that, his his stories that he tells about his divorce. Yeah, he can't go back to Canada can. According to him, he can't go back to Canada because the moment he sets foot in Canada, they just like, you know, destroys bank account? No, baby. You don't hear the baby in the background? Probably can't cause Mike's doing his job. But my little baby sitting over there with Ashley, maybe. Well, maybe he'll make an appearance later. Say hello, but that after this maybe, baby, maybe later. You already booking your replacement over here? Yeah, right, right. He's ah, raised up. Teddy was Teddy wanted to come today. It's gonna be tough with school and everything we have. I ate the worst traffic coming over here today. Really? Yeah. Like after lunch. It was like trying to cross the traffic, trying to get back across town. It was just like it used to be like, Oh, Travis, Only bad rush hour. It was like, Oh, Travis, only bad rush hour. And Friday, Friday, Bennett was Fuck, is it with Friday starts like 10 e'en Now it's like, Oh, it's just if the sun's out, there's traffic. If the sun's out or it's 2 a.m. which is like it's just it's just creepy to the point where it's gonna be all the time. So, little baby little Gustavo Raul several of the fourth over there. Yeah. No, really. He has a way. It's hard to feel useless in his interview with Dave Foley. It's hard to feel bad from I think maybe it was either Joe Rogan or Howard Stern that he's doing one of these in depth things on. It doesn't get any money, and I like to call my money and everything. But then also then in the same breath, tell stories about turning his outdoor pool in L. A upto like 90 degrees so that the girls at the party would take their tops off to be broke. Really, it's really hard. Does it feel bad for a guy way Still, in a position to be able to do that, come out of there really that hot that you like? Oh, it's really hot. I better take my bikini. Yamaha's It's It's just It's just a stupid story. It's a weird story to begin with. The curly hair I'm drawing a blank. Kevin and Andy Dick No, Kevin, uh, Kevin MacDonald, Kevin O'Donnell, Mark McKinney's on superstore, a death in the event that was really interesting because he was on Kids Hall and SNL. He's the only person that ever be on two of those shows. But whoever will be probably Kevin MacDonald. Kevin MacDonald. I heard him on a podcast recently, and he was talking about also fascinating. He was talking about it was John Siegel saying on POTUS, but who is also a very funny comedian. But he was saying, that interesting side effect of the current climate is the kids in the hall guys no longer they no longer have permission from their audience to play women. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. Yeah, like they Because they did it. They were like, we did it out of necessity because we just didn't know any women. Ah, but yeah, that they've had to cut all the female characters out of kids in the hall. Now, does that include Lady? Cut him out of the shows that are currently live shows that they do and stuff is still, don't they? Yeah, they do still do tours and stuff, and they get in trouble. They said They said he had to stop, huh? Great female characters to he was like that. Who's the dude from Gilliam? From money Play Thunder always play women, but did this amazing job doing it, but just can't get to do it. These days. And that's what Kevin MacDonald said. He was like, we weren't trying to take jobs away from women or anybody or anything. We were just ripping off Monty Python because we were in love. Yeah, it really was, Like everything we did was a rip off of Monty Python. Yeah, and just interesting how times have evolved and there was the other guy Come out for this. But these use the shorter guy, the more athletic guy. Bruce McCulloch. Bruce McCulloch. Right? Okay. He did some great, like, short film stuff in there like that, You know, in the style of now, digital shorts on SNL course. Rich Rich Hall was doing shorts on SNL a long time ago. This ***, let's guy gets no credit for that for that. Some really amazing stuff. Yeah, he made that that one short. Where he worked is like sweeping up in a grocery store. And there was that mat in front of it. Used to be not a sensor, but a mat. Yeah, I find that open doors at the grocery store, and he moved the madness we've under it. And then a guy smacks into the door and they realized It's the door. That's the mat. That's magic. So he, like, takes it, puts in front of the bank vault, opens it up, then he cuts it out and puts it on his shoes. There's like a really great short had nothing to do with SNL. Another one back in that day that was really good was the one where Eddie Murphy put on white Face. And what are those white guys? Wait and try to get a loan at the bank and stuff. Did you see he's coming back to fair life? He's gonna be on a contentious relationship with SNL, I think. Yeah, because there's that whole weird thing when they had that was it. The 40th anniversary literally came out and made that really weird speech. It was, well, look weirded out by him. And apparently, he's been doing literally nothing for, like, the last six or seven. Nothing intentionally. Have you seen every 5% of all the Shrek movies? He's like the Robert Downey Jr When was the last one of the highest grossing actor of all time until he stopped even making movies? Did you see the comedians in cars getting coffee with Eddie Murphy. No, he's on that. Yeah, it's fascinating, really About it's about 45 minutes this season or episode of this most restoration is coming back to stand up. He signed a deal with Netflix. I think it's like a $70 million deal. Did you have his stand up when you're a kid? I had delirious and raw. It's only ones that Yeah, I know. Like I had them until my parents took him away. Yeah, I wasn't I wasn't. I bought, uh, he made that move. You made this music albums. It's gotta be like one section on here that he hasn't promoted. That's gonna be like, really terrible, vulgar comedy routine that he's sneaking in for kids like me who got three comedy albums taken away. But there wasn't no, there was. It was a disappointment. There's just plenty of wonderful eighties pop. Yeah, just a wonderful eighties pop that, Ah, that comedians in cars was really fascinating because he was pretty honest about his career and about his fear. Part of why he doesn't he hasn't on stand up in so long is because he's terrified of it because it's been so long and he's like My biggest regret in life is that I stopped because it's so much harder to start. And he's like, Hey admitted He's like I feel so much pressure Yeah, you know, And it's like but he's gonna do it now He said he couldn't avoid it forever. It's one of those shows to where it's like and we're dealing with is lightly because there's podcast out there. That's not the same. Basic premise is Day five and other creatures working Day five like, Hey, what are we gonna do about this? It's like That's just the way the entertainment works. You know? It's like comedians in cars getting coffee. It's even like Jerry Seinfeld calls it out in this season's promo. All the people that have ripped off comedians in cars getting coffee and it's like almost like maybe you shouldn't do that, you know, Did it Wasn't there another show like I feel like human in our old 11 like you made a statement about that and then somebody pointed out, Yeah, there was also this other show before yours, right? That was the basis is probably the case at this point for just about anything. Yeah, yeah, but I just don't like it's MTV now has ah, hot one show and on the guy who MTV is the hot ones do it, Shawn, the guy who tweeted about it, the guy who does hot ones and first we feast. He's like, You know, the reptile has done everything like even the set. The cheap, low budget sets the exact photo. Call it hot, too, Wildwoods. So I'll see you. Goodbye. Pull that tweet out. That's right. This episode will receive Podcast is brought to you by hymns. Did you know that by age 35 66 for sentiment already start to lose their hair? And even worse, it's often too late. 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Right now, while supply last and subject to Dr Approval, you see the website for full details and safety information. This could cost hundreds. Feel it to the doctor or pharmacy somewhere else. Go to four hymns dot com slash rooster. That's fo R H i. M s dot com slash rooster four hymns dot com slash rooster Thanks aims for sponsoring this episode of the Receipt podcast, but it's like I mean, how many times of loyal sauce wild sauce that's what's going on. I'll sauce, but it's like times like stuff you've worked on you. You see again how mi rv be. There was no riel like machinima before our baby. There was a couple of short films here there, and there was this massive explosion of it. Afterwards, a company even bought the company named Machinima. You know, in that fervor afterwards, I know immersion has been done, like a 1,000,000,000 times, like the gaming thing with Ryan Dunne. The tell the tough part about the hot ones thing is, and I've been through this is it's MTV s was it wild sauce while sauce wild sauce presented by Wendy's Show. Our support is like when when someone ripped something off and then I get a big sponsor boy, they should have called it wild and out of ideas that would get the laugh. It even says Wild sauce presented by Wendy's and the Wild about the show. I don't know about that. I got that dude at the YouTube Partner Summit last year. He was a nice guy. Yeah, yeah, I tried it. Just like when people take other people's ideas, can't even come up with their own look like definitely somebody over his look. Like another person around every male character. Down to the last detail man. That's just not, you know, likes dude, not cool. It's like I said to the creative team, working on it doesn't God, Congratulations. You are now a genre. That's what you can when something becomes a genre and people just decide that this is not an original idea. Now it's a genre, and everyone else can do it. It's really cool. But at the same time, for the person who originally did it kind of fucking sucks, I think. George Romero, you know, he came up. He told someone, Come up with a new monster that has rules and everything. Yeah, zombies, air based on, like Haitian voodoo and things like that. But the zombie apocalypse. We're all the dead rise from the gate grave from some event and all the survivors were trying to stay alive. That's an original thing that he came up with. And then people decided, zombies are a genre and everyone does it, you know? And why would he have, you know, get any money from the walking dead? Even though he came up with this original light and he made the two best zombie movies ever? Go ahead. What dawn of the dead one of the dead and not a living dead. Okay, Riley, that's a fantastic film. What is not a living dead? Living still holds up very before before looking up before, Like Romero's interpretation of zombies here I was all, like, Haitian voodoo stuff. Or there was, ah, untold movie in 1932 where zombies were depicted as mindless henchman under the spell of an evil magician like husks being controlled by some other, like the undead, he combined, like the zombie thing of being under a spell from voodoo and magic and combine that with, like, ghouls of like vampires or Frankenstein. Yeah, he's a surgically constructed zombie in just one of them. So Milly is taking a zombie class in school and school. Yeah, I'm not paying my taxes and write that in the total about No, no, there's a zombie, but yeah, they actually studied Frankenstein. That's as the origins of zombies come from Frankenstein, Frank says. Monster Frankenstein is the one that created the monster used in Night of the Living Dead. What's the word? Zombie is not used in Night of the Living nor its used one time, I think, in the original Dawn of the dead 11 time a guy in the mall on the radio says Zombie. And that's it. Yes, return of the living Dead is awesome. Only I love that film. It has a very it's very near and dear to my heart because of the scene when ah, the guy is like trying to. He's trying to eat his girlfriend, Tina. He's like Tina, you're you may be cut my hand off, Dina, but I love you, darling. I want to eat your brains. I think the best moments in a movie ever and the punk rock tickets naked in the grave in the cemetery. And she's got awesome boobs. Yeah, that was a nice part of the eighties horror movies. You guys remember 86? It was awesome. Every every horror movie. Somebody got naked that maybe had a lame ass ending, though that's what kills it. For me, it was all it was. Only can't be like send up. It was like somebody. Even though there's no ending to the movie, they're like Let's nuke! It wasn't the main zombie, the main one. Wasn't he like supposed to be inspired by the Iron Maiden album cover guy. Look, this guy was on all the covers of iron made. Oh, Eddie, Right, Eddie, right? Yeah. And it's I think that's what that was the inspiration for No, no, that's true. I never knew that as a kid I was of that, too, about member brutal legend that came that Jack Black that was like the original creators. An artist's inspiration for that was talked about like sitting there like staring it heavy metal album covers while listening to music and just imagining that world and what that would be in everything That's so cool. We were talking about that game recently because that was one of that was like a defining moment in achieving 100. We got that game like a month early. And so we made the definitive guide for all the collectibles. Did Jack leave in this car? Way never came out because, uh, uh, you get it. It's in a pawnshop somewhere. But, uh, we just just remembered about how, like, how fucking hard it was hijacked. And I played that game like probably 100 hours just driving around in that car, looking for the last, like, four collectibles and just how miserable it Waas really did. It sucks to be first. It kind of does Think about that every time I use an achievement Got even to this day to somebody like sit down and, like, just really go through every nook and cranny of the level I was sat in the back of my brain that the developers here's where you can find, like dealing with that a lot with World of Warcraft Classic. I've been playing that again. It's like it's so big. I forgot stuff like I remember where the fuck this is and you go and you look it up like someone's already written. This huge guide about like, this is where this is you fly here, walk this way to do this like thank God what we'll start to wind did this. And that's That's a giant world. Yeah, what? The whaling caverns. What is that? There was an instance in the Barents. But is it, like, hard to find, like your way around in it or something? It's confusing. What? You're okay. That's what that was The post that I saw. It was like I understood the mean from contact Paris is in its in its inside the little cave. Just southwest. A crossroads? Yes. It's like a big skull blessed of custard. Yeah. Yeah. When you walk in there, it's like, Oh, you have to go a very specific way. It's like multiple levels. It's a 18 to 20 or so. Yeah, it's about time. What do you do with your spare time? They're gonna catch up on your backlog of video games. Finally, that you, uh, working on the look. I think one of the happiest about with all these changes they're going on is the fact that Matt gets to be a human being. Yeah, I think I think we're all really happy. I'm very excited to see madam after a great start. Yeah, this is just since Tuesday. No matter. The PR department, they approve of this. Was that Okay? Did you get about forgot PR start all the other ours all the other art and not go to the e. R. So what are you doing with your spare time now, Matt? Uh, you're not CEO ing. You know, I'm just trying to keep it the relax, trying to keep it chill. Um, gonna do my own thing. Gonna gonna You know, Put some stuff together with people. It's gonna be great. She have another kid? I think it's a good move. Way Move. No, I don't know. I think you know we're gonna make some or studio stuff. It's gonna be fun. We're gonna make some I don't know what movies and TV shows and all kind of crazy stuff. Your calendars gotta roll over. I want to see what your October date is. It's back there today. September you. But technically, this podcast will be out in October. So you have to do it. You have to send us to start with. Technically, what's that? He's the best sentences. Start with all your senses. Start with second because I think I just like the October photos so much. And I want to see it. Yeah, it's my favorite one. I love that one. It's Gus is the nurse. That's art, my friend. Uh, that was on my phone for a long time before the calendar came out. That was Ah, you'd be sad when 29 teens over you don't have the calendar. 10 years. Such a fucking pain in the ass. All I know about making calendars is no matter when you start your too late. We were the downtown, your office. When we initially wanted to have that count, we thought that one photo on the rubber truck for that was for the episode of Red versus Blue. Is that the TSA? The be manly. Get a match up. You know, uh, because mashable determined that we had a 93% male audience back in there. We were the most jokes about them. It was 98 were the most male audience on the Internet. According to mashable have unmatchable what exists there? Still there? Still serving full page ads. Who, taking over your web browser. Fucking shitty ass website jokes will be doing that next week. Oh, yeah, I could be upset about that, too. So how about you though, Bernie? What are you gonna be working on your you working on the next Bernie Burns joint? What's that gonna be? Yeah, yeah. So for people who don't read press releases or things like that, uh, this is gonna be my last podcast. Um, we've been making changes inside the organization, and I stepped down as chief creative officer, and now that job doesn't really exist anymore. That's been kind of distributed among a lot of different people. Jeff is our executive like you Junior Ultimate creative drive. What I'm hearing is that I need to be distributing more because it seems like it's just me so far. Now you look like you're in a lot of Horcruxes, a creative role. You just blast around. Jordan, look at this distribution thing. Georgia's Weir's is creatively in charge of animation and Barbara Dunkleman creatively in charge of core and comedy and correct. And then Trevor fills that, like that role in achieving Hunter. And then I guess Omar on those guys. I don't know how they work. I assume they work, nor is like the managing our key that they had videos come out today. So they're still around. They're still looking away. I watched I watched their Colonel Sanders video is right for me, but, yeah, I'm gonna get back to what I was doing when I started. This whole thing was, you know, was wanted to make narrative shows, and a lot of people think of us is primarily personality driven contacts. We've been doing that primarily for like the last 10 years, especially Western years ago on this podcast, but not really what we started doing. Even like the 1st 67 years of this company, we didn't do anything but narrative projects. And then the personality said, coming personally, stuff hit all at once Once you got a camera, it was that recording a recent report of that couch in the back of the Congress office where we'd edit I know. Red versus blue. That's where we recorded the first podcast Jammed ass room. It's where the first Ali was. If you want to go back and look at that way did, um, yeah, a couple of shorts were in that room as well. Yep, the World Cup one. The 1st 1 we put out there, Shannon. Yeah, yeah. Mmm. That's so I'm gonna get back and be writing some project, which means that will not be, uh, really appearing in stuff it won't be on the podcast anymore. There's always this debate to of like when someone makes a change like this, it's always very easy to say things like, Oh, be back. And I'm just gonna be around. I'm definitely not saying I want to focus on that, and I've tried a couple different times to try to refocus while still maintaining some of my other responsibilities. But the scale of which everything grows is like it's just those other responsibilities. No matter how much you try to diminish them or distribute them just having being in that mix, it's like the scale just catches up with you and you're spending the same amount of time. Well, I think I think it's gonna be great, because when you have focused timeto knock some stuff out, man, you do great work. Then you make hits. I think I'm super just as a fan. I'm excited to see you. What? The next thing you're gonna make, thanks as a hit, I think it's gonna be awesome. And, ah, you know, I've seen you, uh, you know, try to juggle all this stuff for the last decade. 17 years, whatever it is, and you've done a great job kind of trying to manage both. But, um, I can't wait to see the next red versus blue or immersion or, um, you know, another movie or what have you think that's gonna be awesome? I'm excited about that. A fan I really am. And we're all, I think, really excited about getting cast in it. Thank you. In events that actually excited about not being with Hee, I love you came with you guys. Is that the biggest lament of the success of rooster tea? That's just like it required us to kind of run off and run different parts of company. And we didn't get to do this stuff as much, you know, in the later years. Yeah, I mean, just from the natural scale of it. But that would be sick of us anyway. I mean, that's the thing to It's like I always think of us, Tell us all the time I got it. But look, it's just, you know, the way this personality driven content. There's a narrative driven content, and we've got like, we're kind of living in two worlds with a bunch of people. A lot of people are living trying to live in two worlds. It's just like never the two shall meet, you know, honestly, and it's just it's we gotta recognize there's two different audiences and the structure. The company now I think it's spent can put out there in official press releases and stuff like that. But it's Artie Direct, which Jeff? You'll be over essentially all of our t direct. And then Archie Studios is where I'll be working in a non management capacity. Can be, you know, non talent. Hey, can't really clear about that non management capacity working artist us, and that'll be over all of our T studios. And like, that'll be things that we make that you know, the direct audience, quite frankly, is not overly interested in, you know, are they says they're not interested in, well, nothing stuff like we should be just totally upfront that is probably not destined for our platform. Probably know, And and I think that's, you know, that's a good thing. Like we we want to make sure that we have as much great content on our site as we possibly can and like, you know, doing what we do. And I think just gonna do a fantastic job of that. But there's also like a lot of other things that we wanna do that aren't sometimes just aren't right, don't quite fit, and we have to find partners. We have to find other ways to get a maid, don't have money Yeah. Oh, boy. There's anything left in here, but I think that's Ah, that's that's okay, you know? I mean, like, I think the key is just we all gonna be focused about what we're doing. Yeah. Yeah. And if you think back to when we started rush teeth, it really was the coming together of two groups of friends, right? The guys that made movies together and the idiots on the Internet. And that's kind of where we are now. You guys are doing the bigger gonna be focusing on the bigger bigger, but you're gonna have grander and scale. Then let's play, you know? Yeah, but it's a frequency thing to like If you have that, if you add up like you know, Minecraft, you know, and you guys do it every single because Goth or whatever. It's like you do hours and hours of content with tall 12 hours of editing content week. It's a 90 minute movie. Every two years is like, you know, it's just I don't know, the bigger is the right word, but yeah, okay. Yeah. Different. Different. Yeah, they're diverse. Non narrative, I guess. Yeah, I think that's the big line of demarcation, Really, you know, and it's like and I think I hopefully the the people, the audience who definitely wants us to keep doing the daily content and the direct content that they like so much, hopefully they're gonna see this is a huge positive. Yeah, you're gonna lose a couple people from the daily content like me. Um, sorry. You're gonna miss me so much, but it's important to focus on it, you know? I mean, people will be getting pulled away in their opinions, getting pulled away, distracted by these other projects, you know, they'll still be some of that, but hopefully they'll understand that, like this is this is a focusing on what's working. So it's basically two different sides of the company, and we were doing all the rewards stuff like basic. Everyone had to be asked, What's your strength and what do you d'oh? And for me in particular had to be objective. It's like there's things I like doing, you know, And there's things that good at when sometimes those two things don't exactly overlap. You know, perfectly as much as you'd like. Ah, but if I looked at the last year or five give me five years that I've look back. The thing I've done really well in this company has made shows that can find a life on another platform. Murder, maybe went to Netflix, went to TV Lazer team at least into were paid for by Google and went on Google Um, $1,000,000 but one to Facebook. For a while, Man dies, but the card game did retail. Then you know, Immersion was picked up by Discovery. So it's like those of things like, That's what I've been doing the last five years, you know, amongst all these other things. But that's what I've been making the biggest impact. So it just makes sense that I would lean Maur into that, you know, and do that kind of like it I like. I like doing that stuff. Well, that's the thing is, at the end of the day, you've got to be clear creatively challenged, right? Yes, we really we really do. And it's It's like there's nothing worse as a creator. Oh, a creative person than to get into a rut. You know, treadmill. I heard recently treadmill and I get it because like, that's a good analogy, because treadmill. You could do a ton of work on a treadmill and you get off on the exact same place. Yeah, you know, and that's that. You feel that way? When you Anything long enough? In 10 years. Looking for a long time to a podcast. It's a long time. A lot of money says we all live in. I think this is 5 64 Yeah. 5 64 Eric's been here for, like, what? 10 episodes and already he's we want way. Have Ah, people were asking a chat If we're gonna still keep doing Gavin or Google after you leave. Sure. I mean, I mean, yeah. Do it. Knock it out. I wasn't asking for your permission. I told way Have a bunch of games that other segments. That way I will say, Gus, I no longer on off topic very often. I would love to be on this every once in a while. You hopefully diameter Google. Yeah, love. Will you be on this? We, like, show more on this show. You have to have you on the spot. Get all you guys have to do is ask. Just run that through me, Eric. Mmm mmm. Mmm. OK. I mean, I don't know that I can commit to being on it every week, but I can commit to being on it as much, if not more than off topic. Eric, I'm sitting right fucking here. Dude, that for like, a month looking tail lights. Brother, you're gone. Dude, I totally Oh, like, you know, Taylor leaves and, like, a tinder whilst walking out like a door. You supposed to wait for her to walk all the way out the door like fuck you! Go watch wrestling, motherfucker. This episode of receive podcast has brought to you by magic the gathering. Their new cart set throne of El Drain is out Now. They asked us to write our own take on some of these fairy tales, and we're gonna read those for you right now. We have not read this yet. Let's Ah, let's get started. Narrator Go. Narrator barrier Once upon a time of the edge of a dark lord, you wanna read the title? Oh, do I Do we need that? Sonny Locks and the three bears? Very interesting. Written by Andreas Once upon a time, a the edge of a dark forest there lived Can I just take it from Theo? We're going there lived a quiet young girls, Sonny Locks because of the horrors she'd seen in battle. She took to wandering the forced to clear her head and quiet the screams of her family that died in the great poorest wars of the previous winter. The woods, everything in nature and balance. The girl was a hunter. Her family's old cottage, which was once bubbling with life and happiness, was now festooned with her animal trophies in what looked like a grim shrine to death itself. God. One morning she ran farther into the woods. Then she's won one morning. It's harder than it looks. One morning she ran farther into the woods then she'd ever had before. Out of breath, she collapsed in a mosey patch near a review. It review Les, you got her heartbeat pounded, a sharp ringing in her ears, which subsided after a moment and gave way to the calming sounds of water. But something was amiss. There are no birds or stir of winds as she sharpen their senses to the verdant cathedral surrounding her. Another sound cut in the din of the review let play a distant, familiar sound out of the corners of her memory, laughter but not the laughter of people. It was the primal gutter laughter. It was a primal got overlap one from the lab for me, one from deep in time when the new gods stood on the bones of the old and reveled in their victory, matching Andrew's listening. This going review Les as the sound of laughter became more present and lost the eerie reverberations of the cavernous forest she saw Stone House. No one has lived in these woods for hundreds of years, she thought to herself and crept up to a window of the dwelling. Ha ha, ha! What is better than the flesh of peasants? More pop off course. Little one sunny locks unsheath your sword and delicately used the reflection in the blade to see inside the crumbling structure. Her breath turn cold as the figures in the window. What in the weapon? That window in the weapon became clear bears. A family of bear sat around a snow bitten oak table, feasting on the viscera of what used to be a man. The little is bear began to thrash at the mangled shin of their fresh kill. Here, let me help you. The largest bet the largest bear began stripping the flesh off the bone and mass aerating the meat in a wooden bowl. The sopping wet innards turned to a thick porridge that wafted the smell of iron out the window and stunk. Sunil oxes nostrils. Her eyes glassed, and she remembered the sanguine terror of the previous winter. She instinctively touched the dagger in her boot. But this one, but yes, but his was the most intense one. This one was too small. So his one was. This one was too small. She admired. She admired the broad sword in her hand. Love we're reading, sir. She admired the broad sword in her hand, but in the confines of the house would be to unwittingly too big. Her frost chapped hand then drifted down to the battle ax fastened to her right side. This one was just right from her fire. Starting power. She drew a sack of black powder when, with a flick of a wrist, she sent it through the window into the dim hearth in the center of the rooms. The stone cottage filled with light and the smoke. Shocked roars of the earth, seen creatures cool study locks. Sunblock stood at the wall of the front door and lifted the axe above her head. Follow me. Run into the forest. The largest bears head had just cleared the threshold when Sonny Locks brought down her acts with devastating force, the blade cleaved a trench of fat and blood matted hair behind the bears ears that just dripped in the doorway with a disgusting thud. The bears massive body now block the only exit. As the mother and cub toured his backside in their frenzied escape, Sonny Locks then crept into a tiny window just that just afforded her leaf frame. What you mother, stay out of the smoke Sunday locks. Broad sword appeared in the air like a javelin. It glinted in the faint light of the bears. Providence outside before slicing deep into the shoulder of the mother bear Sonny lock silhouette materialized in the haze as the mother bear reared up on her hind legs. Ho is to bring down a nightmarish end to the girl. Sonny Locks fell backwards onto a hard bed as the mother's bears as the mother's bears mass came down on top of her with her dagger braced at her side. The sheer weight of the animal drove the blade deep into its core. The final labored breath of the beasts world that cleared in the swirled a clearing in the smoke for a moment and then faded away with the light in its eyes. Sonny locks rose to her feet. The beast blood was streaming down her body as she felt warm for the first time since venturing into these woods. Please, please just let me go Sunday Locks wiped the handle at the handle of her acts on the mother's bears for before returning it to its purchase in her right hand. The floor creaked as she stepped toward the cub, huddled in the corner. This is wrong. We need to call injury. It was dark when Sonny Locks returned to her home. She lived a humble fire in the stone circle in the center of the dwelling and mounted the three bear heads to the wall near the dinner table as she sat in the soft glow and ate her supper. Even the fresh pelts draped on her shoulders didn't warm her. She looked across the table into the glass black eyes of her new trophies and side. She thought about the next morning and going deeper into the woods. After all, she was a hunter. The end Wow. The Road of El Drain is the brand new magic, the gathering card set that matched together Camelot and Grimm's fairy tale. You can play now with cards like these right now at Magic Arena DELLA. To free on PC today at mtg arena dot com. That was that was intended. He put the script through like, uh, violin spot at the sorest or something. Yeah, I can confirm. Good, thanks. Thanks, Adam. Thank you. You see that? You see the big things going around about. You know, Jeff, you did a really awesome cool talk on off topic. Like right after we did layoffs, I think was a cool talk at all. It is very necessary talk. It felt like and I appreciated that you did it. Oh, yeah, of course. The audience is portion of the audience. I would warn you that that's a place where I am right now is I don't like to emotionally engage with people that I don't know, and then I'm not gonna meet and there is that portion of the audience is like Okay, Jeff said something. Why? Who's gonna say something next like this is not like in the rhythm now of like that. Now the next person has him emotionally engaging in that kind of thing. And this this wrestler Eric, who is this wrestler? Al Show? What is his name is outs? No house? No, that was fascinated. I was fascinated. He's former WWF guy. He's an independent worker and he's a trainer. Smart guy, Good mind. Yeah, he did a whole talk about was the video going around over the weekend? Yes, toxic fandom. But at the same time, it's like even that words like that's just the word we're using now. We talked about this stuff for I feel like a decade, even when it wasn't involving us. I talk about mob mentality and how mob mentality is just like such a scary thing. Even when I watched, if I said to Matt was, even when someone I don't like or someone I've dealt with before and it's like I don't like them. When I watched the mob get hold of them, I said it feels like being in a zombie movie where it's like the enemy gets attacked by zombies. You should like. I don't like that. It's like there's still a human and it's like There's something about that mom and tell when people just get going and they start a hammer on people, you know and it's just like it's just wonder when it's gonna be enough. I thought it was. I thought it was like such a brilliant distillation of that issue. Ah, he he broke it down in very clear terms. I wonder if it feels that way because I'm on one side of that one side of that situation. I wonder if I want. As a content creator, I I look at a girl. That's really a salient way to put that together. Well, what? He said, just review I've seen in just a few. Oh, God said that, Um, he said that there's a consistency breeds contempt, familiarity familiar, and he said that information is not knowledge. Correct information and experience create knowledge. Having opinion is the lowest form of thought was having an opinion is the lowest form of thought or discourse or whatever, and he just talked about how people assume, have access to information and then assume that the information they have is no is not witch. And but they don't have the experience. Thio understand why things were done the way they are and a lot of people, because a lot of people want to defend their ability to make those kinds of comments a lot. About a lot of people commenting saying, Well, he's saying I have to be a wrestler in orderto criticize wrestling. I don't have to be a chef to say I don't like something, you know that I don't like the way something tastes. I don't think that's what he's saying. All this is saying you have to have some kind of experience. There's a lot of people who have information and have not just no experience in wrestling. They just don't have experience just like they have none. All they have is the information and we've I mean, we've dealt like this stuff like this before where people tell us you're basing your decisions on unsubstantiated claims online and information, and you're doing this you're doing that's like no or not, we have personal experience that we use to make our decisions. We have personal, multiple years of experience that we have to do it. And they're saying, No, you're you're these. This is these accounts. Like, look at this account. This was on substantiated in this other thing is like, that's not us that you that literally you You're the person who doesn't have anything but the accounts they read online. You have no personal experience, and you're telling us people with personal experience that we don't have that and they were basing decisions. This week is crazy to me. That crazy thing that was really just think about it, too, is his tone because, you know, you could tell that he had this, um he had this resigned kind of looked to him like, I've had this argument so many times in so many different ways with people on this subject, and I'm just not having any more. I've analyzed it a mental thing, and I know what they're gonna say before they say it because they always say the same thing because it's I want to be right and tear stuff down kind of mentality, Not not a constructive kind of mentality. And it felt very much like he was still upset about it, but also had figured out there's no point arguing with this group of people that I was really, really well thought out really Well, he did say one thing in the end to that, I think a lot of people glossed over. Yeah, with the thing at the end was he said that, you know, he was talking a lot about Toxic Phantom, But then he talked about the impact of the people that he works with in dealing with that he that was where he came around. And he said, And the people that I work with writers and managers and talent who live in their own bubble where this is their whole world and all they do is read this stuff and they make decisions based on that, you know? And that is that is the thing, and that's kind of thing. I think it like when your creator or working a group like we have, you got to be careful that you're not making decisions based on that stuff. You can't do it. That's really hard to get a follow kind of your own through north, you know those voices get louder than you do that they definitely louder as you could try to stay the course in your own way or what you think is the best course at that time. But yeah, otherwise, you just like you just dart back and forth, right? You know, Thio people's public opinion when they don't really have the full picture of what's going on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Or it's just said, I think something like a listing year talk that you had and cause you didn't tell anybody you're gonna do that. I I asked Matt if what his opinion was, because it was like, I mean, basically what I was talking was talking about. I had to go out and we had to give a production like a day after we looked through that riff, and that was a terrible is a catastrophic event for all of us. And how, just like the decision making process of I'm just talking about that, like like we're kind of damned if we do damned if we don't like, what do we do? What's the best course of action? I I asked Matt, and we talked about a little bit and then he was like, I trust you'll you'll do. You'll make the decision and I said, I'll figure it out And then, yeah, I figured out in the car on the way to work that day. Yeah, like a lot of times you get into one of those things and you just feel it in the moment, you know? You know what's right? And, you know, one of the things I said to people here is like, you know, it's so much easier to be cynical that is, to create, you know, And we could spend a lot of time, just a not just us, but like in any walk of life just being so caught up in the cynicism. But that doesn't help anybody that didn't inspire anybody. And I didn't wanna make anybody get up and go do what they need to do and, you know, face the day and, um, you gotta you gotta find what's what's really was true about your own art and your own experience for you. Do you think that the sin is it like a sin is a cynical mentality is a function of age. I feel like when I was younger, I was way more cynical. Sure, I'm less cynical now, But there's a stereotype that when you're old, you're super cynical. So is it like like an inverted bell curve of some kind? But you're super old. It's a big part of my decision was based in decision of what I want to do is just It's like it's like taste buds, kid. When you eat something and you're like Oh my God, this is over the top like mustard or something. But then later in life, it doesn't seem so bad because your taste buds are wearing down. You're just getting kind of, like, kind of numb to it, to be honest with you, the situation that I ran into that I was really concerned about and me making a change of not doing the podcast and being less on camera is something that's been Gus. How long have I been talking about this? Uh, what is it like two or three years? It's been a long time. It's been a while. Like I even said it could be longer. Beginning of 2019 I said, The guy's gonna get us far into 2019 as I can, and it was gonna be the 500 podcasts. It was gonna be the 10 year podcast, which was in May. But we kept talking about all that stuff. I didn't believe you. I never believed you've been talking about it so long. I was like, That's just never gonna happen. Well, it was also I also this rule, or it's like I want to try to get away, like, two months out from any social media crisis. I want to get two months away from that. So it doesn't seem like it's a reaction damn thing and it just like, but you can't because you know something, Debbie said. It's like we've had some stuff this year That's like I don't want to, like, lump into, like, Social Media Crisis. We've had some really serious issues this year. There are unlike anything we've had in the past, but I've been talking for a long time. What really kind of led me to this path was this more so came about during the vlog was I used to read all the comments voraciously you try to cherry pick like, what was the valuable information? What was my takeaway? And I still do you still do that stuff? And, uh, then I had to tell myself, Well, just ignore the negative stuff, which is what people say. Oh, it's only like 10% of people or whatever. It's a very small minority, so just ignore them, you know, just ignore those people. So then you start to do that, and then you get I got into a position where is, like, if the bad comments don't matter, why did the good comments matter on And then if those two things, if it just doesn't matter, then why am I? Why am I sitting in this chair? I It's like they need anonymous, deserves to have somebody in this chair who cares about the comments one way, the other they will do, I think, Jeff, I think you're definitely the place where you're very locked in. You know, you have, like, your finger on the poles. You understand what people on the Internet wants, So I think it's like, perfect move. Yeah. Thank you. I do. I feel like I'm, uh I'm hitting some sort of ah stride at this point in my life. And maybe it's getting sober or reclaiming some energy or what? But I feel like I'm like, firing on all cylinders this last two years. Yeah, and I'm like, I'm gonna hoe to take on the next challenge. You know, keep doing the next thing. I think you're saying there's like, there's no senior circuit for web in floor, sir, but I don't I don't apply that to you guys. Do they feel like you guys were, like, in a different place? Now, even though we're kind of similar in age, you know, every year we get closer, pin that on you, but two years older. But it's just how we consider myself. One of the things that kept coming up during the vlog was this comet of Relatability that, like I wasn't relatable. And I first was like, Oh, shit. Oh, shit, I'm not These things aren't relatable like like dumb down what? I'm doing the vlog or like, hide some stuff in up this gate. Some of the things I was doing, but then after a while was like shining. Should I shouldn't be relatable should it's like I've had two careers at this point. I'm 41 40 46 46 46 years old It's like maybe relatable isn't like Maybe that's not a thing I should strive for is relatability. You know, it's maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a normal progression to not be relatable. I mean, it's totally acceptable. And I I've said this before on the podcast. Ah, we're all in our forties. 46 44 45 years to keep saying 46 41 has previously mentioned your age. Just say that we're closer to our audience. We're closer in age to a lot of our audiences parents than to the audience. And that is what it is right now, like a lot of people have. Ah, like I'll get on it. I'll do those talks like I did it off topic. How about other stuff dick pills or whatever? And people are like Jeff. Some people a lot will constantly sailing, just talking down to me like he's a parent. He's not my dad, but I Well, first off, when Lucy started, everybody wanted to be like people show up and be like I just wanna let you drink. I wanna be your friends. Now that we're where we are, people come up there like, uh, you seem like a really cool dad. I wish you were my dad. Like, people want me to be their dad now. And I do feel poor, and you don't have to come out like that, right? Hand me one of those. Can we have these? By the way, Every time we drink these voodoo rangers, we get in trouble. I do feel kind of parental to the audience, and I'm okay with that. You know, I got a kid who is the age of and I know you guys have this experience now with your kids at school that they hear the other kids talking about, uh, research teeth and then they like, but try to avoid the conversation. Yes. Millie does not like it when people talk about her, Uh, people know who she is. If she's been on like my kids, nobody knows who they are. And we all prefer to keep it that way. Yeah, and, um, but then they're at school, and one of their friends will be talking about, like, rooster teeth and this and that, like, station done this. And they should have done this and it up, and they just have to sit there and kind of grin and Barrett, you know, which is like, I feel bad because that's a bad position for them to have to be in, like nobody wants to have toe to deal with them to deal with that. I don't want them to feel like they have to defend me. That at school should be the other way around. You know? Imagine George Lucas kissed her. Look, just have kids fucking insane. Yeah, they went. His kids went to school and they were. All the other kids were complained about Medic Laurean's. Yeah, you know, I mean, that would be ridiculous. You must kids. Every time I see Neil must tweet, click on it and read the comments. It's crazy. It's like there's this spaceship that I'm designing toe, hopefully send humanity to Mars and give us a multi plan of existence so we can preserve human consciousness. And, like, two or three tweets, the top two or three ones like your fucking stock's gonna tank and not listen to you. Why don't don't What's the point or you call that guy pedophile Two years ago, Pretty fucked up. How does that relate to years later to the Morris thing. You know, it's just like it just it never goes away. That's what I'm saying. That's kind of never s o Leader tweets. When I was a kid, my, uh, the clothes thing I had to That was like I was trying to avoid some shipment my parents responsible for when I was in school was my father was in law enforcement, and he wants ticketed and arrested our vice principal at middle school. That's awesome. I just don't want to have to deal with small towns like everybody knew it was like I was just like, I'm gonna keep my head down. The vice principal had a kid who was my age into my grade at the same school is like, just brutal, just don't want to be here. And it's like Jeff, you were saying before this. It's like our kids just there. The only kid in the world that think first teeth is cool. I like Millie. I hadn't given the option of going home to do her homework or doing it here, and she's like home before I could get out. Feeling Milly wants nothing less than to hang out at risk teens saying that for our kids will probably only kids on Earth. That rooster is the most boring plunged. Visit your parents. Yeah, Well, yeah. I don't wanna hear about your parents in any regard at school. You just don't want your parents to be notable. I don't like envy them at all. I can't imagine what that's like when I was a kid. I don't even have Like what? Your experience. I have no idea what my mom and dad did for a living. You know, I need my mom worked in banks. Should something with banks don't give a fuck. You know, teachers in my school. That was tough. Yeah. And so I just thought that rolls never intersected. Yeah, for Mei Mei, That was a well liked teacher. And my mom didn't have. She taught English as a second language. So not a lot of the kids in my group, you know, had ever had the opportunity to have my mom. Is that you know, my mom was a teacher. We purposely avoided me going to the same school. What used to be my class had my mom was a teacher, but she she always went to. She was always teaching in schools, for my sister was my sister was four years younger. So it's like when I was in middle school she was teaching elementary where my sister was that I moved to high school. My mother moved to middle school. How is Lady Einstein doing your sister? I mean Lady eyesight. She's She's also like That was sarcastic. Nickname. I get the feeling like it's a real thing I don't like. I honestly don't even like talking about it just because I don't want to, like, speak on the kid's behalf in anyway. You know what I mean? It's like one of those weird things like even mentioned. One thing I would have been happy about is that Teddy loves this podcast. He's he was gonna come here today because he didn't want me to the last one. But his mom's birthday today. So he's got himself with her. He already loves being in the R T s, which I've always been very appreciative of, because, like sometimes a story is telling mother still and calm little fucker and stuff like that, Yeah, he's always loved that and loves being part of the Teddy. If you want to take over your that seat, just email me handle. That would be crazy. I am. Teddy's thing I'm pushing it towards now is he's big in the league of legends. And I'm just like, Dude, you live in a house where one of the house, one of rare houses in the world getting less rare where if you want to go into e sports and training to do this, I will figure out a way to help you do this. Like I see this is a very viable career. Matt knows he's like Point get online all the time. The child labor. It is a little bit little bit troubling, you know? So every night I go up there and they're playing league allegedly, you're still having got into it. I figured that cause that that being, ah, a game with the declining population that was every game of every game should eventually declined it. Nothing. Yeah, the league in Doda. I feel like you're just as big as ever, and it's this world that I don't ever intersect and you know we don't do that. I don't think I've ever played a single game will be played Dota once or twice. I've never played Don't. I've played. I've done like to. Let's play. I even asked about Dodo since he played legal edges of how'd you reach this conclusion? To play this game he played. I would play doh, but he only had like this for our line in the sand. Just like Colleague Rose. He was give us points each for a long time was really good at it. You could do that. But you know what happened there? They were all into that for a long time, and then they made a hard switch to lead. I'm gonna take Katie to the finals for we're gonna watch the league finals. Which in early November. Oh, yeah, because it's gonna get excited about it, you know? I mean, yeah, I had to say that kids have to rebel against our parents to, like, with a similar thing where Millie was so into overwatch and was really quite good. And, uh, I remember I thought I was like, Do you? Is this something you want to pursue it as a career you want to pursue? I could get a trainer in the second. I did that. She stopped playing like, uh, yeah, I think that my kid's life is that I know all the meetings. Yeah, like, so fucking disappointing. On a regular basis, I have no secret conversation, no language that can use for just, you know, it's just like, you know, parents don't Parents aren't cool. You should just use old means around them like a invisible sandwich and like a little baby, send them to the office and those to them all the animal when you're old means emotion. Animals with the cult. Lol cats know they had a name and motion before their means. They're called something low cats? No, they like business, cat and everything was okay. Listen, unlike within the days of, like, little animals, what was it called? Somebody's got saying advice, animals. If I can go buy sandals, they're called Fuck you and rage Comics lost kids, gold lockets and dancing babies. So the air just sent me the legal Legends World championship price pull this past year was about $6.4 million. The dough to international price pulls $34 million. Yeah. Whoa. For a game that I don't know that I've ever seen Dota like I know the name. I can't think of the logo. I don't know that I've ever seen the actual game. It's like the O. G. Though it was a community thing was a community thing that came out of Warcraft and then was bought by valve and turn into a separate game. That's kind of a fascinating path. Was ah, Branch off of Warcraft three. It was just fascinating to me because it's like That's a miss by Blizzard, right? Probably wasn't something that were into at the time. Yeah, you're right. Eventually, later they try to d'oh! Here's there's a storm. Yeah, I think they sunsetted. Did they? I played it. It was fun. I don't Here's the stuff. The mobile I played the most was here is said, Listen, Microsoft had Griff ball probably smite the most. They let somebody else make Rocket League and they had great Moses right there, man. Microsoft had it. Microsoft E was gonna make you blow it. Yeah, they're slowing down. Here's the storm development, they said. The shutting down the global championship 2019 e sports season Scaling it down. It seems like they're refocusing on other things that are working better. But Teddy was like playing counterstrike for a while, which is, and that's apparently a whole still massive community behind that. We showed that. Just go. Yeah, that's that graph of usage And it was C s Go was right at the top behind something until pudgy showed up. Oh, by the way, going back to discussion about, like, creative ideas, whatever I had to point out to, The guys have like, you definitely can we do anything about? This is like, Can we do we think about it? Did you not see when fortnight Just basically they made announcement video? That said, Hey, we really like pudgy a lot. So we're gonna make our own battle royal genre game. And then they made it and made what hundreds of change a game that had just come out and they write it. They added the mode because it's a mode. It's like motors. Like John. It's not fortnight. It's fortnight battle royal, right? Some mode, right? Eso It's like once because you can't do that. It's like if there's you can't copyright an idea. That's the what they always say. It's all about the execution if the executions to similar, then you can say Yeah, but the idea they could just take. What was the game that pudgy iterated on? Yeah, can you tell? What was that? Like the same team, though It was the same team player he just took it, made it somewhere else. But that other game. And then they tried to rebound for a while. We did some less places, but I don't think that it's King of the kill. But which one's the one thing H. One enormous thing. End of the thing called Battle Royale For a reason. Yeah, they're inspired by Bellerophon, Freddie. One point out, it's like Who would have thought that that movie would be one of the most influential films of our generation? Yeah, no. Can it really? Is it really? It's the influence that that movie has had had a long incubation to was like a huge cult hit. Everyone knew about it, and then just all of a sudden it's like, Oh, let's make battle royal games. Let's make that a thing. You know, I watched it for the first time, like six months ago. I showed you that fucking movie when we lived together, watched it together Way absolutely was a lot of movies. Rented a video to show you the DVD. You show me the cover of it. We never watched the break his heart. If you are brave this I watched a lot of stuff with you, but we never watched cried. I've never I've never seen that. I've still never seen each of the killer. That's another one in there that you ever seen that What's the Korean movie with Sewer Monster? Host has never seen the host named of the Alamo. Stop tomorrow. Just about See that Bon Joon ho theater? That movie about the new one, The new one parasite, The bigger the trip very vague. And what I've heard is Don't trying to figure what the movie's about going with this little about. I feel like the opening with the, uh what am I trying to say? The smoke when there get all the bugs or whatever, but you're getting a humiliating thing. Has got something for 20 has got something to do with with what the movie is about. But that was a confusing ass trailer. I'm excited to see it comes out October 11th I don't care anymore. I just thought if you're in a theater, you see him though. Yeah, Close this. I go to a lot. I don't I don't want to. I watched. How you guessing the trailer for the King's man? I didn't know they were making a prequel. No good making new Matrix movie. Yeah, you see that? Specific? Didn't say Laurence Fishburne. It's Carrie Anne Moss and Kanna Reeves. We're making a new Matrix movie, huh? You know, I was worked on The Matrix. Yeah, I d'oh! That was, uh I had a Boston. I did visual effects Who turned down two jobs for us That I still can't get over one was the Matrix, but it was before Will Smith or knows when it was Will Smith instead of canneries. Yeah, and the other one was Lord of the Rings And the answer. The reason he turned out, but the room was I want to go all that way. Yeah, yeah, away on the others. That's like they're gonna do that in Australia or somewhere. 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Well, I just enjoyed it. I haven't seen the sequel. There was a sequel to um Do you see that trailer? I know Bernie wouldn't because he doesn't want trailers, but you see the trailer for El Camino? Yes, that's out, like in any day, right, that's coming on I haven't seen the trailer the next week or the week after. Uh, yeah, I was joking. It's like this week. Yeah. Friday. Well, paranoid about that in the ER. We're in cell violence. King's Man audiences A is a prequel to the King's Man. Yeah, it's got not eggs. He got a Paladin. Fine. Yeah, mine's in it. He's like a snake. No, he wouldn't. Statement was doubled. Doubled or thank you. Baltimore. Baltimore. Thank you. Send Burton one of those names hardened Schindler's List, which still with the scariest thing I've ever seen. You wanted to kind of reward for that, right? I want to say, Yeah, I believe you did. There's that mirror scene that he's got in that movie, one of the most terrifying things ever, just like he's just just he plays a psychotic. So well, was that scifi movie he was in That was so good. That dude I love got big names like low budget scifi love that, like Denzel Washington does a bunch of random like low budget side. If I can even count count like his Book of Eli in that I want a looper The other day with Bruce Willis is just like I love that stuff. Who's your Who's your actor or actress? That if you see them in a movie, it doesn't matter what it is you'll walk. She are least there on Charlie Stone finds was nominated, but not with that. What a bummer. That's a bit of ripped off for me. It's Denzel Washington, like, I know that if I see any Denzel Washington movie is gonna have, there's gonna be other level of quality. But I could enjoy and just getting to watch Denzel Washington's a treat. And if I'm being totally honest, Tom Cruise, I'll go watch Tom Cruise. Nathan doesn't make that movie made. Does not think that movies talkers running, you know, you know you're Yeah, that lived. I repeat, that's like a good example of that's offense as to commit such a fantastic And it's ah, the swingers guy did that. Yeah, yeah. Doug Doug Liman, Camp. Some would say the Bourne identity. He would also have other stuff. Maybe you did. If you just exact between fingers. Well, I Ray finds lost to Tommy Lee Jones that year for the future. Yeah, good roll. The No. They compared it. Yeah, well, Tommy Lee Jones is just like he's got this thing now. He doesn't even really need to act because he just, like, is very still and everything he does, because people take so much of their thoughts and emotion about Tommy Lee Jones into whatever movie it is. So he could just, like, say things very slowly and still and not move. And you're like, That was an amazing Yeah, I think that's exactly what it actually is. An amazing performance. He's just out thinking in the audience. It's like, That's exactly how I would describe, like in No Country for old men. Yeah, he was amazing in that. But if that's exactly what it was, was there and like was that scene at the end where he's just like reading the newspaper? He does almost nothing. You're like That's on Blue just gives that you figured that out. But it is true because, like the easiest thing to do is the hardest thing to do is not overact. Yep, and he's just, like, so restrained. It's unbelievable. Did you, uh, do you ever read much? Cormack McCarthy. I know you're voracious reader. Now. His stuff is too. I AM. And I should. But his destiny is to just to the theater are too difficult for It's too much like that less it's seen in No Country for old men. Yeah, Cormac McCarthy's is like, it's rambling. And then it ends and you're like, What the hell just happened? And then later on, you like, uh, that was really powerful ending. Yeah. Kind of sticks with you. Yeah. I love for McCarthy. Like you. I don't remember if we were in Boston and you had just finished the road. Is that what's called the road? And you had me read the last chapter we're waiting for. Something like this is really good. Just read this and I just read the last, like, eight pages. I just fucking stood there next to you. Just cried for, like, 10 minutes with a purpose. Finally upbeat ending. I don't know what it is. They sit down, they watch battle royal together. Remember it 10 years later, you know, more like 20. What movie we saw this weekend. It was awesome. What's that? Downton abbey. We'll get it is so good. It was great. Yeah, it was so much kungfu is crazy that was weird. I saw that it was down. Abby Colin Matrix for SNL skit about It was okay. Now it was dude, that that that whole thing, that they figured out what that movie is just or that whole show is so weird because it's just like, remember when things we're terrible for a lot of people. But you understood it wasn't that great, right? It's kind of like Make Britain great again. Yeah, is like the theme of that movie. But somehow they made it work. It's really weird. I watched you. Were you a big fan of the show? Let's go down there. I wouldn't know what is going on with the country. I mean, really, what's going on? I mean, we get America, we have. We're like, we got the like, the above the title guy with Donald Trump, like everyone's paying attention. Him and UK brute. It's a mess. British. Okay, what I'm saying about us, I was I was thinking about this last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and this is what I want. Like, I woke up at four. In the morning and I was like, you know, that he was really handling this. Well, no. You really suffering that? You just like it's just meet laughing, right? It's kind of hilarious. Attn Least at least you're not the UK. Yeah, I just like that, dude, because he's got shut down world hard core. Is he gonna end up getting having to resign or get removed for lying to the queen? Yeah, it's crazy, right? No. Do people do that now? Means that to resign. Yeah, Yeah. No. Honestly. Ever since Clinton, it's just like people could just, like, just keep saying no. No math modify. But the queen is like his boss, like he's her mouthpiece. So she she Kourtney Gavin who looked it up. She could kill him if you wanted to see Oh, yeah. She's the only person England who can commit murder. So it would be murder. Just commit death. She's a tough old lady. Give death shouldn give. Death can be scary if she could order the doctor, but it would get what Gavin said was that the reason she doesn't exercise those powers is Then they stopped the rest of the country from coming after her. Yeah, that's why she is the most important piece of the chessboard. Get that power to kill you. He wasn't every director. Everyone limber for her age. You wouldn't. You wouldn't know. It's crazy voice like Can't get me. I'm on a diagnosis. Her organs are like raptors. They come around the side. He's like a piece that's gonna move two spaces and three spaces. Yeah, but I kind of I don't know everything. Just like just like it's crazy. Do you think we're actually leave when that Brexit will actually happen? It has to I don't think you will. At this point, I don't think it's gonna I also Trump is not gonna get impeached. He's gonna get reelected even if he doesn't really get a kick out of the house, get impeached but convicted. That's what happened. I don't think it'll be us, although if they get margin, I think it'll be a larger margin than the one this last election. Bush Bush came back and it was like he's gone for sure at the re election and he won by what 7% of 57% wasn't that close. It was it was a big lead like it was enough t where it was not nearly as though I mean, the one with Al Gore. They were down to like looking at paper ballots in Florida, you know, and you can imagine 5% like fabric order in Iraq war, somehow four years if we still have Giuliani two point Trump in our lives, there just gonna be like, openly huffing paint like TV. I can't get any crazier than they are now. Three million votes. Remember, though he was talking about he has political capital now because he won by such a wider margin for the re election. I got political capital number. Spend it. He kept saying that. Oh, yeah. I think we can all agree that no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, Rudy Giuliani is unhand his losses. Minor. It's crazy to wash his mind. Really? And not even I don't even in that like comic here. Yeah, who's weird? It's amazing. Tow. Watch that 1 80 Yeah. Have you ever seen that series on Netflix? Abstract. Abstract. Now there's a lot of stuff about design. And then this one episode, where they talk about, um, forget the woman's name, she's really big in. Ah, typography. But anyway, Victoria Jackson? No. But she talks about the design of the Florida ballots that how bad they were. How about they were in the interview the woman who designed the ballots for Florida, and she was just like I just all the space I had, I figured I would stagger the names that have it in the middle of it. I can see now that it's confusing. And it just like this. This weird thing you wouldn't think about like this just the way the ballot was laid out. Just a design choice. Maybe we threw the election election. Yeah, yeah, and the woman who designed about believed in that in that episode, she's like, Yeah, I wondered about that all the time. Like if the design I chose for a ballot change the outcome of a presidential election rough. It's interesting, but that's kind of a bummer. She led you to be about him like say hi to wake the baby and the baby. Speaking of flying babies, Japan Airlines is gonna have a map. Now, when you book a flight under panel lights, it shows you where babies are on the plane. That was the best transition. I have our Segway. I have ever seen an apartment. That was really good. Thank you. Yeah, I was ready. Very good. What you waiting? Waiting to bring it up at some point that she said Fly, baby. And I'm like, Oh, that's perfect. Great. They've got a map on the plane. Were babies. When you book your flight, you can know how close you are to a baby. I think between eight months and two years for something like that, you know, you're sitting next next to one. Yeah, because if you see a human baby on a plane, that's a big problem. But an emotional support horse. Have you seen this emotional support horse know when he brought it on the fucking planet? Look of emotional support. Horses in advice. Animal is an emotional animal. This is gonna be where the funny pictures you'll ever fucking thing Human babies. Our own offspring are a problem, but people are going to fucking planes with horses. This has gotta be Photoshopped. No, there it is. Emotional support or it's a baby horse. Too many chores, emotional support. Miniature horse. No, this is hospitals back. No, this is terminal two. Damn, I'm sorry. I mean, like, right? This'll cat is very happy to see the baby I find with a potbelly pig. Not too long ago, you didn't. You know what I'm saying? Playing. They were just in the terminal waiting to get on it. And I got in a different way. What's with people? Just ah, we're flying back for something. Thank you for bringing him to see me mystify. Ashley's recovered. Really? Actually, I think that was not it, but no. Like so, they're showing a picture of what looks like a B. A gigantic pig that a woman is somehow carrying Where she's gonna get hungry on the flight was long quiet. No meal service. A problem with the emotional support animal kind of thing as a concept, but can you name anything? But could you have an emotional support record? Of what? Horses? As long a bat, there's a certification process. If we had horses were wrecking approved, they don't have diseases. You gave me a great idea. Can I name like Gus as an emotional support animal? And then he just gets going playing with me. Why not emotionally? Morton, before human will support my emotional support human, and he has to go on a flight with me because I don't think they bought a seat for the pig. When I was on, I was on board with somebody who had emotional support. Dog was like a giant dog, was like a big lab whenever she was in the middle seat is ridiculous. Uh, we missed a big poop by like that that's putting our lives by watching. Watching Ashley and the baby is just amazing. There's like, nothing more pure, then Mother's love. It's just like the baby, just like he just like, locks into her and stares at her and stares at her and stares at her. You know, for hours at a time like it's just amazing, you know? And she's like she's like his whole world, like she's his comfort, his food, everything like she depends on her for every single thing. His life's fucking amazing. It sounds amazing. Good. Yeah, right. I also love milk. Drunk baby's milk trucks like drunk is amazing when the baby gets enough like filled with warm milk, and then they're just like it must be weird raising a kid, though, at this stage versus, you know, 15 years ago, How long was what was told to be 17? Yeah, Yeah, because, I mean, it's the same Age is rich because now you have, like, things like they have automated, like baby rockers and stuff like that Remote and Bluetooth And that shit with a spring that you wind up would click, click, click Shit that Michael's shows me routinely that they have for their kids like they're living in the future, you know, 15 4 mil Emily's 14 13 years ago. I think taking care of ah baby with mechanical stuff is the most jets in this shit we have, like, we didn't get much Jetson's shit. You know, we got a bunch of other weird shit, but like when you have, like a rocker, that is like, automated, and you can turn it on and off, you know, with the Bluetooth with your phone. Yeah, that's pretty crazy. Although I'm more conscious of it now, the baby in house, but like, it's everything really need to broadcast a Bluetooth signal or WiFi signal like everything in my house. Like, I wonder if you look like a scope and could see the waves you think they can't get cancer beams? I don't know. I just like, you know, I see those pictures from the fifties. Everyone's in a nightclub and everybody's fucking smoking while Frank Sinatra's on stage and then it's like 20 years later, like Suffolk, Ilya, it's like, Well, of course, of course, that you and ours is gonna be Ed Sheeran, and that was just terrible taping like they're just coming around now Vaping is breathing oil into your lungs. That surprised nobody was surprised by this. Nobody was surprised. By what? Will you be surprised? Would you be surprised if 20 years from now they said, Oh, everyone has brain tumors now? Because they held a radio transceiver up to their head on a regular basis? Automata, vaping post That was controversial because we have ah family. Well, we had to be a lot of people like, you know, yelling at her about the Post Online. That because we have ah, family member who's younger in his 20 early twenties and did the vaping thing, is one of the people that you hear about that got the weird lung disease and was in like a little pocket in his long. Yeah, hit hit permanent lung damage and they don't know what it is. They don't just trying to figure out what it is, right? And so she made this cautionary post, and the ah lot of people responded with, you know, don't tell me what to do. Kind of basically, what was the response, you know, get, you know, just like one. Wouldn't you rather know? Would you rather have the information, right? Right when you're about what it is that you're rather know, Well, we see that all the time. It's like we talked about this in a couple podcast ago. Guess that's been a while. Some of the podcast. But it's this Greta Thornburgh's been in the news all over the place. That's nothing to is like. Someone can say something about climate change, and people have a very visceral reaction to it. Like I compost all my stuff. It's like, Well, I'm not gonna do that. It's a waste of time. And here's why Waste time, Let people do with anyone. I'll sell you a plastic strong right. I had the weirdest experience of the day a guy rolled Cole at me. I was an electric car. I haven't liked your car driving an electric car, not thinking anything about it. And he's coming the other way down the street. He slaves a big truck. He slowed down next to me, enrolled Cole and then kept going, which was it was very clear that he had done it to, like, be next to me in order to set it off. And I'm like, how does that improve your day? Yeah, you know, like, what is better about your life now, after having done it, I just don't get it is just of really, like, weird mentality like it's not gonna help you. Don't help me to know any anybody. Why? Doesn't mean, you know, electric car? Well, I guess, like a lot. And at his core, Does he have an issue with you caring about? I don't know. I think I wonder if I say this with Great. If you're not using any more gas, there should be more gas for him, right? Yeah. More cold. Well, yes. I mean, it didn't. Well, you're taking is cold because we have a coal power plant. Okay, That's the thing I'm shutting down cold place. That's what it is it's jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs that I think you called in Austin, that matters. Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. The most important thing I have a job, job, job, job and anything that takes jobs or kills jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs way have other jobs, right? We have other jobs, and it's like a lot of people who want to shut down coal plants would also be the same people who would invest in re education. So the people go off and find new careers in, like, solar or wind or something. No double for those guys over. The guy says they're gonna keep the coal plant open. You know, there's a lot of other jobs we have used to have, Ah, switchboard operators. Yeah, all right. We don't have much more top prayers anymore. I don't think you guys too upset about C G. P. Gray, who did the video about how we'll get to a point where humans don't have to work anymore and you have to have like a post employment. And the example he gave was horses. Horses used to have to work all the time like you would have to write it for transportation, you have to use in a plow fields. And now horses are unemployed. Their permanent vacation. Right now, horses have leisure time. I thought about this the other day. I was driving down the road. Was, ah, horse in a trailer being pulled by a truck. The fucking horse hasn't made. Yeah, like 100 years ago, that horse would have been pulling the quality of the tri. Like, now it's riding in the back of a truck. It's like it's got its head out the little window looking around like spoiled ass horse and wish I was that horse. Yeah, I wish he had the look of Dylan back. And, like, I guess I could read old newspapers from 150 years ago, 100 years ago. And you're like, Oh, the wagon wheel industries really pissed off about cars because all the wagon wheel repairman are out of business is now. It's just all so like, I don't know some of these jobs, just like their bad jobs. They're not. Why do you want to go get cancer? You wanna be in the cold, mom, right? It makes no sense. You know, the the mentality is that that's what they've done. They don't sure they don't know what to do. And it's and that's part of it. Writes fear the unknown, not knowing what else you can do after you've been doing that for 15 20 years. Like if I'm doing it after 16 years, I had to go start mining coal like I'm fucking terrified of that 100% what we talked about. And I think it's probably easy for people who have, uh, jobs that aren't in jeopardy because the advance of technology to talk about things like this in a cavalier way. Um, but, you know, like as a society, we should all be trying to get the best jobs for people who I need to work, not something where you fucking kill yourself, you know, to do something is outdated and hurts everybody else in the process. What what is the purpose and make fun of people in China like jumping off buildings is there in a factory where they're doing the same thing every day? You know, I mean, look at China. It's terrible, it's terrible. It's like, how much different is that on the scale? You know, like if we had those jobs in America be fighting, keep those were tryingto get those back, get those jobs. We want to manufacture things and just yeah, it's John. It's hard. It's really hard when you live with something that such a basic part of life, like being employed. It's hard to imagine the world without it, because you imagine just how you live in the this world. Your job goes away or everybody's job went away overnight. But going to a thing where we don't have jobs and we just all have a basic income is something that's going toe probably happen. But not from like advancements in technology for energy and stuff like that. Just automation. Yeah, don't you think all the transportation jobs we're about to go away? Yeah, I'm not saying like I'm particularly supporting Yang or any of the candidates, but do you think he's like, way, way out in front of of this issue, Just generally, like he's the only one that's talking about automation, like being the thing that really threatens just what our culture and our society is just generally and we have to come to terms with that and if you look at like incoming The Ali Baba. How about No, no, no, no. Andrew Young, The John my eyes at the the guy who had the thing with Elon Musk. Quit raising the flag on population collapse, which is, I think it's a thing, Jack, Ma Jack. Thank you, but it's like I mean, Freddy Long had a great tweet we talked about before. I think it's ready where? He said, I'm old enough to remember when, uh, robots taking over people's jobs was a good thing. Yeah, yeah, you know, it's It's just the disruption. That's hard. It is. But it's the natural progression. Is thinking the same thing. We were talking about this. You want progress, but it's changed. That makes progress. People don't like change. They do not like change how you feel bad for all. You have an empty glass. You know, that's a great weight of this guy else know and how people can, like, really summarized thinking really salient point. I think one of things that like is really important thing. People should watch. His SNL did a sketch for Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks on it. That's totally distilled down like what does the urban disenfranchised voting population has so much in common with white world disenfranchised population, and they don't see it. They're not allowed delaying share their experience and Tom Hanks on Black Jefferies run amok amok, a hat and everything. But he's really good at Black Jeopardy because he understands all the questions and it's just a great sketch. It's such a great sketch last season. Yeah, pretty old now, and I just wish I really wish people could see that I really was, could see people could see how similar their problems are and what the cause of those problems are. And maybe, just maybe, a billionaire is not gonna solve the problem of a dude who's scratching by paycheck. You know what? Ah, great way to get some perspective is to read a book that was written 75 Novel was written 75 to 150 years ago. Just any novel and you'll realize every problem those people had is identical to the problems we have right now. Tuberculosis. Yeah, sure Well, now, yeah, because people are fucking in the axis, John Steinbeck said. He described Americans as a population of temporarily embarrassed millionaires. That's what the poor in America are like in the Depression. They were all going to be millionaires, and they didn't believe they were going through this, that we need to protect millionaires, cause eventually I'll be one. It's wow, that's really interesting reading the running of Frederick some I've been too busy to read lately, but I'm reading Crime and Punishment right now, which takes place in Russia in the late 18 hundreds. And it's like every issue, like running from the landlord, like going out the window because you don't want to go by the landlord. There's gonna be looking for your rent and, like scrounging around trying to convince people to buy you beer. It's all the same day to day problems that these people have that people have today, and it's like it's amazing how much the world has changed since 18 85. But how little the world has changed since 18 85. Yeah, this side of paradise is, um ah, not J. D. Salinger. Ah, who wrote The Great Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a semi autobiographical novel about his college days that takes place is the turn of the century text later over one. And it's called this side of paradise and you read that and it sounds like you're reading Ah, Journal or a diary of a 19 year old going to college in 20 a. M. It's fucking crazy. Yeah, and that's part of why I like to read. And I read so much. Older stuff is like it reminds you how little things change, how similar we all are, how similar we've been at our core for a very long well. I do think there's something that's outpaced everything else, which is like the goals of politicians. And the way the politics works has seems like consistent for millennia going back to Roman times. But if you look at that like what? The masses, the people who really put these people in power, what they've had to deal with, go back to the term bread and circuses, right, that that's what keeps the population's just happy. Bread and circuses. The curve on that has been nuts, like going through religion, going through that television now the Internet. I mean, nothing holds a candle to that like I really think the Internet is. And this summer I'm always thinking about what we do, what we do. You always think about the, uh, this is America video with Donald Glover. It's like then those people dancing in the foreground. It's like it's so easy to like, Just think you're dealing with an issue or having the impact Like you talk about people from hundreds of years ago, there'd be revolutions and you know, they would take people out and cut their heads off a guillotine, something that's not gonna happen now. It's not because people will like something on Facebook that good, that like reaction, that they've done something they haven't done something or be something new like this Hong Kong thing is amazing to me. It's like it's so crazy that JD is graduating high school with this Hong Kong thing going on. And it's exactly the same time, my senior year, when Tiananmen Square and it's just like and it's like in two years no one will talk about this. It won't matter. It's kind of unbelievable how smart they are to look if you watch with the first protesters were doing with destroying the tear gas in those canisters, and they've taken down the the facial recognition cameras and all those things, Like the type of, uh, of, uh I don't know. What do you got? What you call it? Warfare. Basically, the protests is on a completely different level with today's technology, and you think of like China being this kind of like oppressive totalitarian state and the fact that they're these kids, young people who are out there going, like figuring out ways Thio fight back on some of stuff that seems monolithic and impossible to stop, I don't know, like in some ways it gives me hope, even though the situation is is terrible. Have you seen the thing where now, as the protesters are being arrested, they'll start shouting their name because they know they're being filmed. So that way they know like that after what was being taken into the system So they can't be if they're lost some accountability on both sides, they hit it with water cannons have blue diamond as they can find him later. But yeah, other people are. So they had. The police are dressing up his protesters. Now that's a scary image, not It's one of the things that once you see it, it's like of course, it's It's There's something like to me, more frightening when conspiracy theories or then suddenly true. You know, it's like and it's like cops. They were dressed as protesters and they got found out and they get out their batons and they're dressed like protest with batons and guns and everything else. Well, there's something about the the dishonesty of it that's unsettling. Unfair, You know, it's just like with the protesters out there were were protesting. We're being straightforward about what we want and the other side can show up and try to stop them. But they struck, and these deceptive about it well, like not not carry out their side of the argument, you know, honestly is is scary. I wonder about that a lot. And, uh, comments I read online. Not just about our stuff. What about anything, anybody, any anything I read in general, like, whether it's a new site or any video, it's like, Who is the person behind this comment? Is this someone working the agenda of this thing that I read? Or is it someone who's working on opposing agenda, who's posing just like as I am just another person who's come across this article like So I have to read everything online that is user generated with a huge, great assault. There is no accountability for this. I don't know if this person's working for or against the thing that I just looked at. Yup, it's really scary. It's scary. Eso last year and 20 team was the first time this happened, but it's like growing in number, which is We're having unmanned drones taking down on man drones in war zones. And it's one of those things. It's like you can't just ignore when that's going by, like that's now. That's a crazy thing. It's like there's there's robots, killing robots. Have a start of horizon zeroed on. So it's a Will Smith movie. It's a future. Will Smith Moon. It's nuts. Got to think about that all the time. Like one of things I won't miss about my Web influence. Her life is some stuff that I had to do, and I want things I won't miss is like being involved directly, I think with YouTube on that side, like the YouTube creators summit and stuff like that. I always left that feeling like man, just like how crazy powerful. That room is with 200 top creators, and it's always like I know that like if a computer algorithm, if a little flag has changed in that algorithm, all 200 of these people will change what they're doing. If, like if this computer algorithm decides, video should be eight minutes all over, content is eight minutes long, and it's a powerful group of people. That's the real trick. You just described a team 100 last 10 11 years later, that YouTube algorithm and you like, modify what you're doing right, based on what the out the algorithm is gonna reward. It's not just that it's also ah, computer stock trading. You know, more stock trading. Is algorithmic there? There's very few people still making those decisions. Like this number moved down, this number moved up. I'm gonna settle. I'm gonna buy. It's like millions or billions of dollars changed hands because an algorithm thought, Oh, this is the time to execute this. Even as a kid I hear on the musical well, it's down 10 points in after hours trading like what is after what kiddos Faster, but who has access to after hours? Like like That's not fair if someone can trade after hours and just didn't make any Segovia to meet a stock. Still, one of the movies I watched this weekend watched. I want you to watch two minutes of it and then watch. The whole thing is primer. What if God thinking about that? A great movie I was just recommending at the Louis. Yeah, really? Yeah. Primer. Such a great film. Such a great movie. Dallas, Dallas for, like, five grand that those guys after that Anything? Yes, color upstream color, I think. I thought it was interesting. It wasn't nearly as like this. Really impacting his is a primary primer. What? He's a fry. My primary Nice. And Palmer? Yeah, primer. I think it's supposed to be primer, But you know what? We say it quick. I feel like I'm saying it wrong. Either way, you'll be fine. All right? It's about time to wrap this. Up it up. Yeah. Congratulations on your career. Thanks here at the end. And it doesn't. He thought I Gus, you in particular. I really wonder how much I'm gonna see you after this. Because is it fair to say 98% of our interaction takes place in this podcast. Fair to say, uh, before we text, but usually in relation to pocket. Usually, yeah. Yeah, like I'm gonna do this. Remedy that, or I'm gonna talk about this or I send you just like, a little bit. But I will say we have started getting lunch together on a regular basis. We'll continue that. That's Thio. You're more than welcome to come streaming video of the desk. Well, it's fun being a being, Ah, Web influencer was a lot of fun. And it's in one of those things, like just like at the top of this. When I said that, people will often say, Hey, I'm not going very far away and I'm not calling anyone particular. Everyone does this because it's like usually people are involved with a big brand. Raided it when he left. Achieve 100 Bruce Teddy when he when he moved on from fun house. You should say that it's like I'll be around. You don't want people get scared about the thing you helped build. But I also think it's important to like I was going to say this to bruise that the time is like it's okay to pause and like, say, this is this is the end of a thing, and this is good and this thing was good and will be something new later. You don't have to pretend, not pretend, but just insinuate that it's going to continue. Yeah, Likewise, I've also learned in my life don't ever say never or say I'm you know, I'm never gonna do this again. I'm never because, you know, two years and I'll be like, I need to do this. Jeff asked me to dinner last night. He goes, you're gonna miss the outlet, you know, for on a weekly basis, to be able to talk to a lot of people and share your thoughts. And at the last night, I was like, No, no, no. But maybe in two years, maybe they'll be happy. I think you're gonna be able to share your thoughts and a different way. Yeah, you know, going forward like, you know, putting your cool ideas and themes and things you want to say into new pieces, not doing what you're doing now. But that's gonna be awesome to get little baby crying the way a very unhappy about it. Yeah, he's unhappy about this being my last podcast, but I would think you always have always said this. I have a retirement idol. Remember who my retirement visit? Me. Carson should be everybody's retirement ill. He's just like living life idol. But retirement? Well, I'm not. I'm not retiring, you know. It's a still gonna go out and work on projects. It's like this. I feel like this part of my career is over. This part of it. It's like to paraphrase what he says, like enormous privilege, enormous honor for people to welcome you into their lives. And it's been a very great privilege for me to be sitting this seat for 10 years, and I hope you'll welcome whoever ends up sitting in the seat after me. And to use his words. It's like, if I ever find something Ah, that I want to do again. Uh, I hope that you will be as gracious as inviting me back into your life as you have been. Thank you, everybody. All right. Love you, Bernie. When I switched to Android, especially because you really