#565 - Financing a Toilet

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss the Pasta Pass progress, bathroom accidents, Airbnb, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-10-08 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 565. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start. Rooster teeth dot com. Theo, Theo Everyone, We're going to receive podcast this week. Brought to you by me Undies Ring and stamps dot com I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Chris, Barbara and Gus. Hi, Chris. How high are you? Are you feeling better? Yes. Yeah, I had a headache. This is Italian food from all the pasta. No, no, no. It's not at all from that from pasta. Plus, it didn't give you migraines or headaches, but the lack of nutrients does. They're so different options for me to get. It's not lack of nutrients. So how many times so many different options like the Alfredo Sauce or the Marondera? Well, yeah, there's. There's like garlic saucers of mushroom sauce. There's a ah, Alfredo. There's a marron air. There's a meat sauce. There's a five cheese baron era five cheese Maren era. So how many times have you been okay? You want? I guess That's yeah. Let's get some stuff. I have I not been on one of those trips for those of you who don't know. Chris has received the pasta pass at all of garden received body, but he bought it for $100 which gives him unlimited pasta and soup and salad. For nine weeks I've seen you've already made your money back. Oh, yeah, definitely. I mean, he made it back in two days. Yes. Well, no. Because a trip to olive Garden, if you know, based upon like, uh, what I was ordering was probably being like, you know, um, around 20 bucks a meal or something, you know, back pretty quick after five years. Yeah. It's impressive. Um, you're gonna hear these. Don't hear the stats. I'm so cure. The thing I'm most curious about is what stats is Chris keeping track of? What is he about to unload on us? He's gonna unload how many times he's been there. How many breadsticks he's eaten. How many guests he's brought with him? How many meals he's had that haven't been olive garden. These are all guesses, by the way. You know, that's pretty spot on the cool. The number of guests I don't have tallied, but those extra points I have waiting come back from NASA What if I haven't listened? I just I just didn't Adam up. What about total calories or average calories? Purse visit? No, I don't know about that. I don't count way. Estimate that are so Yeah. We're gonna go back and look. Look at the menu Would figure that out. So, uh, I have been off garden 12 times. It's been two weeks. Two weeks? Okay, that's less than I thought. Yeah, but I've eaten. I've eaten 18 meals, evolve garden, taking stuff home and have it the next day. I'm having a lot positive for breakfast. Yeah, I've had a lot of pasta breakfast that heavy. That's so like, Won't Still a good morning. And I thought your day with a nap. Try Olive garden. Um, and I have five meal penalties. What? Your meals I purchased that we're not off guard. Why do you have five penalties? Ah, a couple times like a birthday lunch, you know, And then, like, I was, like, out of town. You couldn't convince the person whose birthday lunch it was That That my lunch I tried. So you went to a place where there was no I've gotten Yeah. Then like there was one time where it's like I don't have time, like is a lunch on a weekday and have time to get all of gardens. I just run and get something. H e b. I have leftovers for me. Did you eat pasta for me to be? No, no, no, no. That would been double meal penalty, though. Is it double penalty? Tell us that before my favorite thing ever happened last week. So we have, uh, a shoot day every week, usually on Thursdays, that we shoot Artie shorts on. And we always get lunch delivered to the office so that we could use a break for lunch, have lunch and then go back to filming. And last week, Chris is like, Oh, great, like lunches is paid for by the company, which means it's a free lunch for me, which is it's not a penalty. We get lunch, it's fucking pasta. And he's like No, Friday I asked him if he was sick of all of garden yet, and he said no, that he still loved it. If you had said you were sick of Olive Garden, I was gonna ask him to bring Olive Garden in for our field tested well, actually, pitch that, Eric, because then I get I get a free meal and, uh and it's like a kind of bonus points. This bonus points. Yeah, it's like And then also, I have all these friends coming, but I thought the point was to take people to olive Garden. That's true. Well, anyway, still have been an extra meal I didn't have to worry about What about? Wait. Have you noticed any change? We have, ah, scale. Set up in the same spot again. I can jump on this case. So here's Here's I'm proud of you for using the word scale this week. Wave machine Here. Here's the thing is, uh, I have noticed this. I will say this. I'm skipping a lot of meals. Which is it still full? Well, it's a mixture of two things. One pasta for breakfast really gets you is really, you know, last for a long time. Some other solidifies into yourself. But also, if I don't have time to go to Olive Garden or a kink in it, then I just like we'll skip lunch more, you know, are not eat so that somehow this time it's getting worse the more you're talking about, what it means to lose weight on this diamonds may well here. Yeah, and that's the thing I getting enough calories that you need. I may not be, but I'm still eating a lot. Are you being male nurse? My limited pasta pass male nurse. Blink once for Yes, I'm still eating, but it's just like I just, like, eat a lot like twice a day. Do you have any vegetables in your current all of god and diet? Yes, I have unlimited salad. And then there's also a uh, there's also a vegetable option for, like your like side. Yeah, entree are like your meatballs or vest. Mixed vegetables. You get vegetables off. Wait. I'm confused here. What is the vegetables replaced? Do they replace the posture of the meatballs? The note Still pasta. It's pasta. And then a sauce. And then, like a topping, like a chicken or a shrimp or ah, vegetables. Okay, so you like three pieces of broccoli? There's three variables in your you get pasta sauce. And instead of meat, you put vegetable on it. Yes, sometimes. Okay, I'm just I'm just trying our Alfredo. Yeah. Um But anyway, let's forget it. You know, you're pretty fucking eating, Dude, you're holding out on us. Oh, yeah. So and I Well, here, I'll read Zac's stats, too, so that you know So he has 10 trips toe olive garden, 13 meals on only three mil penalty. So I'm ahead by three meals. Okay, Um, and he also kicking it up, coming to Austin and has been in Austin because he was having it's harder for him to get the olive garden. So he flew to Austin just so that he could be closer to an olive garden. How many olive garden locations are there in the world? But here's the deal for him and uber tune from the closet all turned. Where he lives was like it was like a $20 uber. So he was like, he he budgeted it out, and he's like, it's cheaper to get a flame, a plane flight to Austin. And he just and he showed up at my house and then was like, Hey, can I stay with you? I was like, OK, I guess, uh, and I, because I live close off guard so you can actually walked in off guard. Did you not know he's coming? He can't walk to it. All of you. Him, Dr Rolle, Scoot. Whatever you There are 892 olive garden locations globally. So how much was this flight? It was like a like a get a trip to Austin. It was like 90 bucks on their return. A return flight was like night. It was, like, less than $2 Which would have been like a few trips. Did he have any other reason to be in Austin other than this? No. You all. I mean, I mean, there's something wrong. He I mean, he is also accounts is of, you know, he is like friends. Yeah, sure. So spending. Yeah, You hung out, Chris Hopes. Are you on the sticks? I have. I've all I've had 23 breadsticks. That's not as many as I would have thought. That what, like through per trip? Sometimes I don't even Yeah, well, like on the leftovers. Made it in at that operate? Yes. And then Zach has had 43 an eighth. That's more like a still counted by the 8 43 breadsticks. Yeah, some guy clearing up the tables someone left 7/8 of a breast. Yeah. So you gotta catch up. Yeah, I'm way behind on breadsticks. How long would that be if it was one long breadstick? Well, I think the big, big old chunk of carb How long can an olive garden breadstick be before it snaps under its own weight? Now, if you just hold the end, they're pretty soft. Depends on how fresh of this you've had them before. They harden up probably after, like, because they come out when they're hot. They're pretty soft. You get them in your mouth and get nice and hard. Could we wait? Yeah. Two week, way in. Yes. Absolutely. And so But I want to give you. So, uh, when Zach showed up, he hadn't been weighed in. And so I had to buy a scale. I bought a scale, and then we forget out in order to weigh him, I had Toto way myself and then pick him up and then way, both of us together because he can't because he couldn't. I couldn't like because he couldn't stand on it. Yeah, when I weighed in that whenever he showed up had been a week and obviously scales very somewhat. I had lost one. I lost What? I didn't want to hear that I wanted you to get on the scale. Wait In two weeks ago. I also wasn't discovers the same year. This is a little less than to accept. A little more than two weeks ago, we spoke to the day today. Okay, Then he was £147. I believe so. I'm going to get away. 150. I'm going to guess one like 52. I feel like Christmas. Never used to scale because he just goes and stands on it. Well, he didn't know what it was called last time. He was I I might mind that I've always had You have to, like, punting the front, right? Get it to, like, Turn on. He's here. He's lost so much weight. You're looking good for that. Wait, Chris. I think he turned it on with him on it. So zero to his own way. Okay, So, like what the fuck? Same weight. You only gave, like, half a pound £0.6. God damn it. So on Olive Garden breadstick is 10 inches long. Not according to this. Chris, You've gained 1/2 a pound in two weeks of eating nothing but all of garden. Did you wait? Did you have your phone in your shit in your pocket last time? No, I think I took it out. I'm okay. I'm pretty sure I take it out. Okay. I'm amazed I make sense of your skipping meals because I figure balances it out. Also, it's funny because we were thinking about the sale today. We looked up on the olive garden website on their nutrition facts and the stuff there is actually not that bad. Like, I think Andrew mentioned that the Alfredo the chicken afraid I was like, 4500 calories and that's, like, not right at all. I think that's like for the catering catering stuff. Also, I will say this I'm way more partial to Maron era than I am to liken. Alfredo sauce is not healthier. If you say so definitively. I'm pretty sure it is. Also, the cream based up tends to be a little worse for you know, what blew my mind. I'm like, I can't wait to hear was they have a gluten free pasta and and I got it once to try it. And it's got to be healthier, right? Weighed, less healthy. How so? How do you define less healthy? It had Maur saturated. I took a picture, but I'd have to. It's like is what? More more saturated fats Maur calories. More bad stuff, less protein, Just Yeah, it was, like, way worse. That's common for a lot of things that are, like fat for your sugar free or whatever it is because they compensate for the flavors that they're losing by being fat free or whatever it is. Um, So they compensate another unhealthy ways. Yeah. So I was like, I was blew my mind. So what? You're dumps like? Well, so that's that's That's definitely, uh, there was a the real questions. Yeah, but, I mean, I've been waiting to us that for, like, a day three was one diarrhea hit. Well, that's how you know fun. What? You shouldn't let Chris No, no, no, but no. But but to go settle down, it was like a day or so because I was like, but yeah, three or four days of just on guard. I was, like, not last Thursday with one before. Yeah, Yeah. Um I think I texted Zach. It's like it is hit. Because of what? He'd warned me. He had warned me ahead of time. Like whenever I got the pasta pass. All reduce text he sent me. Um, that's what Your team to Marondera team to marinate hash tag. Um what? Zach against Macaroni. Zechariah, Give me one second. Are you getting any fiber like, is there any fiber other than, and maybe the vegetables and anything in olive garden? Because that I feel like, would really fuck up your shit. Literally. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what it is. I don't know where fiber comes from its vegetables. Right? Vegetables are like a lot of different foods uk or there's also soup. There's vegetables to the studio, and I get that eso whenever I got the pasta pass because I initially got it exact. Didn't get it. He the symptom One who? Um, he said that's awesome. You know, is taking all my strength to be happy for you said I know. And he said You have to go every day as we experience. The first few days will be nothing but diarrhea, but after that it'll be the best nine weeks of your life, Diary said. Whenever because it's like your body has to adjust to only eating popcorn, poison pasta. So, yeah, there's there's like a day or two or I was a little worried that without some solid good, really, I think about super size me, the guy who did McDonald's for 30 days straight, right for every meal. And he had, like, doctors check him out before, during and after the whole process. Do you have anything like that going or someone's like monitoring the status of your heart, health and things of that nature? E don't know someone you want to check my heart. I don't know how you do that. I mean, I'm fine at a doctor. I mean, I guess I could go to the doctor, but it's a lot of work. Um, I guess I'll find something else. Maybe he's in any danger long. I guess. McDonald's is a different, tells a little. Also. I am making an effort to like very things up, like so well, like they have a whole wheat noodles. You tried the gluten free one. Like I said, not the gluten free. They have a whole wheat and a gluten free gluten free. The whole we have a gluten only gluten Thailand dust. You're funny. Like the grilled chicken or the veggies. A lot instead of instead of fried stuff instead of like, meatballs and fried trip. Are you still working out? Yeah. Not I need to be better writers, but busy is what? You're gonna lose a lot of weight if you're not getting enough calories and working out. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I'm I I'm gonna start going Jim or regular again. It's gonna become, like, a really good diet plan for you. I'll be curious. I can't wait to see you. Like the articles, Chris gonna write later. Like the olive garden diet. Yeah. A book is gonna come out with a book. Yeah. You hear your family? Anybody? Slight change of subject. Anybody. Has anybody ever watched Nathan for you? The TV show that was on Comedy Central and everything. He said he would write a book about the episode where he set up the That being a mover was a great workout and he like, yeah, he created a fitness guru and had a fake book written and had him on all these talk shows to the whole premise of the show was he would help struggling businesses right by giving them ideas. And there was one business that he wanted to help. It was a moving company. They said that labor was their biggest overhead. So his solution was that he would get free labor by making it seem that being a mover was a good way to work out. And they wrote a fake, like a fake book about working out by just lifting boxes and moving and then convince people to go to the gym. You know, quote unquote Jim by volunteering for the moving company to move boxes around for them for free. Good work out, though, like that would be a good one. You have to write a fake book, and I was who was actually doing was actually working out to be the face for it. So you'll have to do that to Crystal after write a book and then have someone else come out and be the face for it. Something strange happened today. It was cold enough to stand outside it. I felt that was perfect. I took a phone call and I didn't come back in dripping with sweat. Yeah, I'll admit I was a little disappointed this morning because, uh, you know, I woke up and I knew was gonna be cooler this morning. And I woke up and I looked at my phone and the temperature, it was like 68 degrees outside. It's like, Oh, it's gonna be nice and cool out there. I'd better put a sweater on. I'm gonna go walk my dogs. I put a sweater on and walked outside is like, not cool enough for a swear. It's cool. You wear a long sleeve shirt today. People wearing long sleeves. Steak is a lot. Yeah, I think a lot of people have that same feeling, but it was still I've got the short son, so I still had the breeze talents. I don't feel too hot, but it was really hot yesterday. Her what happens, like the middle of July yesterday, for some reason, then by the middle of the week, it's gonna be like the middle of July again. And then on the weekend, it's gonna be fall. Our weather is doing this right now. Opened down like a little wave downwards Yeah. Just in New York City. In that weather was top. Yeah, it was like in the low sixties. Middle means, uh, the you used in Fahrenheit. You live. You lived here a long time to die. Can never figure out I'm not gonna be like that around. Hey, Gus, it's 35 degrees today and just give me, like, fuck you. Uh, yeah, but do you have it said to find you? So when we woke up this morning, it was 20 c, Yeah. Yes. Not sweater women in the sixties sixties Fahrenheit is what, like the local tens, like 11 12 degrees somewhere. So 68 was 20 completely. I switched the Fahrenheit within, like the 1st 6 months of living here because I owe you everything about myself. When I moved, I stopped saying words a certain way. I feel like I switched it on a step of fire night. It's like, 50 years after day at this point, the rest of law to stop using it. And I just refused to take back with Flash. You're in part of the world that still use a stubbornness principle. I never say I was about to say Well, What side of the road do you drive on? And I was like, What do you use for your home thermostat Fahrenheit just because of Meg? But I only know about yeah between like 69 74. Yeah, who? It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's Halloween. Get it's spooky as a ghost. Remember when planning your costume was a kid was like the most fun you could ever have. Free Christmas. Now that you're an adult, Halloween feels less Halloween E. You know, right? You have fun again, picking out the perfect costume under your clothes, too Spooky prints and Halloween costume ones east from me undies. I really like how comfortable me undies are. I know we talk a lot about how soft fiber kids and it really is, and they stay in place on their spookily soft. You could say Get it Halloween like designed to be the best thing you've ever put in your body. Soft like softer than a fluffy kitten dressed up in a pumpkin costume like softer than brains. Zombies love to eat that. No problem, no good problem too far. Will you get the idea there are stuffed the softest on beast known to man. They're also available in sizes from extra small to four X as soft for all. Mandy's has a great offer for our listeners and viewers. For any first time purchasers, you get 15% off and free shipping to get 15% off your first pair of free shipping and wonder percent satisfaction. Guarantee good in mandy's dot com slash wrists. Chief, that's mandy's dot com slash rooster teeth. Go now before I do my ghost impression again and scare you. So I had a dream. I hate are wet dreams because they're a complete waste of time. It's almost like saying nothing. You might as well know, even tell it. But I was in a hotel the other night. This is real, real life, and I had a dream where I really needed a poo. And for some reason, I was in the airport in the dream and I was like, That's the bathroom. And then you came up alongside me. Me? Yeah, you were walking alongside me and you like I really need a shit. And I was like, Ah, but I really just I really need a shit. Can I go first, and then you just sped up S O s. I was like, I'm gonna run. I'm gonna spring. You really need to go. So I just started spreading, and then you, like, went into this. You're abnormally fast above human level speed. I woke up needing a shit, and I was like, You're not here, Gus. When you turn on the lights of the bathroom and I was sitting there, but I went I was, like, stumbling in the bathroom in the middle of night. Just thankful that you want so much. Wasn't one of those dreams that you thought was real for a brief moment, Even after waking up. I'm just like, fuck. I instantly knew it was a dream, and I was instantly relieved I could not have toe hold in. Did you have to say when you woke up? Yeah. Yeah. Five working up to take a dump in years fever Shot yourself in your sleep. Oh, yeah. Did what? Because I had food for 1000 other thing. I sort of Did. You shot yourself in your sleep? No, no. What? What are you talking about them? D'oh! Whenever During the diarrhea adjustment period, just a period. I like, like, did the like. And this isn't happening since I was like a kid, but I didn't like what I thought was like a fart. And I was like, What? I had to clean up just a little bit, Like just a little wasn't at work. No, we Oh, no, it was It was like I say, as in like, it was like, Oh, and it is a small thing, and it's like, I need to change clothing. I like, I was, like, on it. Did your shop drank it out of your eye? It was like Like what? Like pulled? No, it was just like it was just, like a little like, Oh, that's a little like, a little more wet than little more wet. I'm like, So you're saying you just shot your cheeks? Not your pay. Yeah. Yeah, it was like it was like the small sum Albert was like, Shut your cheeks. Um, on the subject of of going to the bathroom, though. Yeah, uh, at, uh, after Jordan's wedding, um, you might have heard the story. I don't know. Um, I was that Jordan's wedding? Yeah. So it is a good wedding. Everyone had a good time. I had a great job officiating. That's a good job. I got drunk, but not like super drunk. Just like a normal, Like into the wedding. Kind of a normal open bar wedding situation. And, uh, the go home. Go sleep normal. I wake up and, uh, the, uh but other someone the guest, my guest to the wedding is a great story. Do you like my guest to the wedding? Was like, I can't believe you pissed on the floor last night. And I was like, What do you do? That's how I reacted. I said what I was like, she was like, Yeah, you you woke up in the middle of night. I woke up because you were pissing on the floor and I was like, No, I didn't. And and she was like, yet you're pissing on the floor. And then I I asked what you're why you're pissing on the floor. And you looked at me confused. And then when finished in the toilet, I don't like that did not happen. And then I checked the floor and it was wet. I think I did piss the floor. You think someone told you you did. The floor was wet and you only think you did. Did you go? Wait, wait, wait. Wait. So then did you clean it? Yeah, I cleaned it. It's not like piss. I smelled it it, didn't you? I mean, it must have been P. How is this so uncertain? I mean, I don't remember it at all, but if you're cleaning, piss off the floor and somebody Oh, it's active. For what area of what? So what? I did it up in Just pissed on nothing. So I got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom door. But I didn't open the door. I just pissed on the carpet. I was hardwood. Ah, fuck. So it was like like basically right before you walk in the bathroom, there's there's there's a pitiful So and then they were like, Why you pressing the floor? You stopped paying on the floor, pissed in the toilet and then went back to about and had no memory of it. So you were really drunk then? I really wasn't that you were. Maybe he was just really tired. Maybe you have really alcohol. Made him really tired Yes. And drunk because I have men. It's not like I've blacked out. I have forgot you. Do you remember the Oh, no. But I remember everything about the night. Remember going home, I I took off my clothes, put away my suit like I was like, I pissed on the floor, drank four gallons of water. Yeah. I mean, I think I just got confused. I don't know. Was this in your own place? Yeah. So it's not even like a case of being disoriented. Yeah, like I got up and went towards the bathroom. And that's what counts. Yes, you did it. You did most of the work. Best account. Have you ever pissed the floor? No. No, I don't understand that behavior. Because one time I was a kid. I peed in an oven. I remember that that thing in the oven and I forgot that that was you. How many wrong places have you? That's all. I really have a recollection. But he didn't remember peeing on the floor with someone. Someone had to tell him that this could be an ongoing thing. I have people to bowl. That is true. This could have happened before I would not have known. You just have one area of the carpet that really yellow. For some reason, my carpet gets pissed on it in the middle of the night. I don't think there's a cat or a dog breaking into my house that's pissing on the floor. I pissed on the floor while I was on the toilet. Yeah, you have a direction? No. Fell out? No, it just was maybe, like, semi ish. But it was The knob was the height where it went under the seat flow wasn't going down. All right? Yeah, Yeah, it just splashed off. Yet between the two seats and what went all over the door front, I saw a video over the weekend of someone really drunk. It's like one of those public freak out radios on Reddit, someone really drunk, getting kicked out of a restaurant in the UK and standing there on the street and then pistol shooting out of his pants. I, through the Pentagon, like to reach a city like pull his dick out. Barely on. The topic is just shooting out like he really had to go managed it, shot straight through the pants, so convenient having a dick when you need to pee. I mean, there's also, like, negatives to like, It's saying through the toilet seat, I have an issue with my toilet. I thought you said your initial with your dick. Uh, well, maybe involve my dick. So I got ah, a little while ago. I got, like, a nice, big day. Thank you. Got one. Right. Oh, um, toilet seat line broke, so I had to get rid of it. Well, part of our rid of it, it broke the little nozzle that shoots. The stuff was stuck out and it was going, uh, warranty or a pair. That sounds like a, um, but let Zach enter. He's a huge, huge fan of the days, and he was always, like, You got to get one. Got to get one. So it was on sale, like black fighters under but one, and I installed it, but and it's great. I like it. It's nice. Nice warm, heated seat and all that. Yeah. The only issue is the shape of my toilet. And after installing it, it kind of like pushes everything forward. You know, s O it doesn't quite line up, so it doesn't quite line up. And so now whenever I sit on the toilet, my dick just kind of like it kind of rests on the, um on porcelain, on the porcelain. The part not, but not that. Not the seat part, but kind of like the bull part, the bull part which I don't like. E think the shape of the day or the shape of seat you have doesn't match the kind of toilet, you know, it does match it. It's just Chris, because Chris, it doesn't it? No. Great. Is this to Congress, Chris? It doesn't. If it doesn't prevent it doesn't. If it matched, you wouldn't be worried about your dick falling on the sword. It fits just Chris. It doesn't fit. I'm telling you right now, it is not fit. Take a picture tonight. I'll take a picture. Not with my dick in it. Obviously not. Well, how You'd really tell what's wrong if you're not in the picture? Chris, How much did they also bug seats? The days Well, they vary a lot. How much are they? Yeah, there's a follow up question. Like how much do they suck or something like that? Um, I think they arranged between like, you get one for, like, 250. Get a shitty 1 50 bucks. Okay, But like, I think like the top. And once we're closer to, like, four or 500. When I renovated my house last year, I replaced the toilets in it and a gold toilet whole toilet. I went down to, like, a plumbing store down South Austin, and I thought, I want to see what the fanciest toilet in here is. It was like I walked around like this store. Is he coming? It's probably It's got toys to imagine all the stage five filled with toilets like, that's how many toilets in the photo like you ve misting bog writing. So I found, like, this Toto toilet, like it had lights built into it. So when you came near it, they kind of like came on and illuminated the floor to really dim way. It played music, had a remote, had a bad day built in. How much was it? $12,000 0 my God. Who pays $12,000 for a fucking toilet? Fuck you money. I would then be gonna figure out Like, what? Age? Um I'm gonna be when I die. How many times am I gonna dump between now and then and figure out how much it's cost him Every time I put shit in that only toilet is that's that's what That's a decent used car. It's like you're gonna find that's a fucking toilet e. Meanwhile, there's like they were, like $80 toilets to like on the other side of the room. We should get one. No, just Eric Bice. A $12,000 it broke. Cost only is allowed to use it. Did you Did you sit on it? I did sit on it. How was it? It was fine. I mean, it's not like sitting on a $12,000 call. It is much better than sitting on a normal toilet. I think it's one of those things where, like, the price just does that and you don't see a ton like I'm sure a $500 toilet see like $1000 toilet would be great. I think that the cheapest toilet they probably hadn't there was just like a hammer. So you just make a hole in your ground, maybe a shovel. Do you dig with a hammer. You got the crack off the four e o. You gotta You gotta break the floor and then you can shovel it out. Hammer and a shovel. Are you talking about smashing the floor of your bathroom? Yeah. Okay. Oh, no, not just like out. No, I met Ivan existing body, especially into little pieces. First, man. Um, yeah, that's Ah, it's ridiculous. How are you enjoying Alison? E. Did not get that toilet. I got a I got a $300 toilet. We'll totally fine. That's got to be one of those things where, like, there's some level of rich, you know, we're you have more money than you could possibly spend in your lifetime. So every time you can't just give me the best one. It's like it's like when you've just used the cheats in Sims over and over again. And you like, I'll just get the most expensive bog shower for no reason. Otherwise, you know, other than it's just expensive. Yeah, I'm sure this like So there's people were just, like, just get the most expensive one, right? Yeah, it's like then then the manufacturer, of course, make one to serve that market just like that, Someone wants one, That one. I always think about stuff like that that are, like common objects that are so expensive to the point where it's like there's, like, 0.1% of the world that is able to buy this and like how that is even in the market that is able to buy and then would actually goes to buying something that, like with a 12 grand toilet, you bet live in that house for a long time. We're going to take the toilet with I would take it. Really? Yeah, that's gonna cost It is $1000. If you're if you're the type of person who's gonna spend $12,000 on a toilet, would you also be the person who really I I gotta take this with me. Well, that's just the point I'm making is that I think people have spent in 12 grand toilets. Might have a few of them, definitely don't care if they're gonna leave one behind. No one's going to save up for this toilet. If I had a house where I bought a $12,000 toilet that I installed in that house. And then I went to go sell that house. I would include that in the price of the house. I would say like it's an extra $12,000 on the listing because there's a fucking $12,000 toilet. Great tradition. I mean, I shat on it a lot. Yeah, Still really good ups the value of the place. Big time guys. I think that I think the price on that toilets come down since then. What is it now? I'm still trying to figure it out. Look, it looks like it might be $8000. What? No, no, no, no, I'm not. It's $10,400. Now can you find a used one? Secondhand shitter is on Amazon. Uh, that's a good question. Let's find out. Amazon. Remember? I tried to find the most expensive thing. We could get a shift on prime on Amazon once. OK, Toto. Well, we're still looking, but the heaviest thing you can ship, right? It's like a four ton lave or something or what? Lave lays it late. Blake. What, like a piece of machining? Oh, what is this? I think I found it for cheaper on Amazon with free shipping. It's okay. I think they have a used here. Eric knew from $9500 used 71 79. 60. 71. $7179.60. You're buying something that other people have shat in, or they bought it and decided Not what if we just have a whip round here and you could just sign up? And if we get, like, 50 people to sign up, we all split the cost. Only those 50 people can take dumps. And I like that. I think we should do that. $10,000 divided by 50 people Is 200 bucks a pop? I'll d'oh all fuck. It all dropped 200 bucks to tease that toilet work. You're paying $200 to put what you like, but you got any definitely right. Get your 50 people in on that. There's gonna be a fucking line, people, if you need quick dump you, right? Oh, I wanna wait. You're going to be lined up for that one toilet. And where would it go to? That's like, obviously where we were. There's a lot of people, though, that shit in the morning or at night, Not necessarily during the day. So no, I don't think all 50 people would use it every single day. What? You put it in the in your office? Yeah, I'm not gonna walk for it. But more people working here don't care. That's their problem. Why do you have to decide? Cause I just said so. I was the first person to say it, but it was my idea. Well, you should've said something. So it works. Man. Arguments aren't what they used to be on this show. Tonio Rest annex to Jewel Flush toilets. $13,000. Says Peter. Hey, there was a total new arrest I was looking at. I don't know. Next to dual flush. I was looking at a seven year dual flush. I kind of have a light flush. And then a heavy flow. Yeah, I like the poo and pee. The first time I ever saw that was in Israel. It's like it's like two buttons on the toilet. One smaller ones. Bigger. Yeah. I mean, I hadn't you know. Well, I've never seen that until I went there. I've never seen one in America or Canada. until that I which I know they have them there. I've seen them in America. Pleasure, like hotels all the time. Now I like all of the ones like you. You have to buy an Austin. I think you have to install one of those now because the one I ended up getting has that and I fucking hate it. I never I never used the light flush. Why don't you just do we? It doesn't work. We need the water comes back yellow. You have to hold it down more. I don't know. It's like I know it didn't flush, right? I still see. So you just have the most saturated pissed the flush doesn't get rid of it comes out like gel. My half flush doesn't work well either, because it looks like it flushes. But then you come back later to use it, and it smells like piss, right? I never used I never used that function. Yeah, I've been trying not to flush his much Go on. You don't need to flush what's on your carpet when your diary ing at work? No. Uh, e Like what? I'm just peeing. I'm trying to, like be more environmentally conscious. So if I if I pee and I might add that it's not like it's if I'm hydrated, it's not stinky. So I'll just, like, wait till a couple times and then I'll flush. How many times? Depends on the p like piss stacking. Yeah, it depends on my house how hydrated I am if I'm hydrated than it's fine. But if it's like if I If I'm dehydrated, then I'm like, I'm gonna flush. Are you doing that work? No, I don't do the work because only home. Okay, I don't give me those eyes, Barb, I I flushed. I flush. I'm just thinking. Yeah, but somebody, Chris, sometimes you don't put the seat down. I know my body, but I've been trying to be better about that. You call me. You mentioned it, and I have I have been thinking about it. I appreciate that. Yeah. Wait. So you caught him leaving the CIA? Chris is It was somehow in an office full of honey, like 10 or 15 dudes in there. Chris is the only one that leaves it up, which is, like, equally employ What? So you were leaving it up, and it's impressive to me that everyone will put it down. I was actually, like, shocked. I'm married for 13 years. Yes, I understand. I see. I'm like Trevor always puts this. I just see no need to pull the c up because you sit down, because, I mean, but why don't Why don't you sit down? Well, because Because that way you never have to clean splashes, and it's always down already. You don't want to tell you I have 1/2 chub because, well, one your dick rests on this is the only if it goes over and to and to, uh, well, I don't want to sit on the toilet seat if I don't have to, because what if it's like dirty and I have to clean it? What if it's clean and you don't have to clean it? I know I still want to say I don't want to put my butt on places where people put their, but more than I know, you just screw up of the bulk mail. I do do it. But that's your shit yourself at work. Now, that's I. I I sit when I need to, but I'm not gonna necessarily sit you know the toilet seats actually fairly clean for it fairly. I'm not saying it's dirty, but I'm just saying, I don't want to put my butt places where other people were there. But if I don't need files, so I don't pick up food and put it in my mouth with my butt like I'm not using my butt for clean things like, What's the point? Where ponder but is got some other people's butts on it? Do you have a shower later? It's fine. Also, it's like it's just touching. Other people's also under buds, which haven't touched anything like unless you shut your cheeks as you did. That was one time, and that was a very small amount of good call. Barbara. Keep standing. This absolutely see podcast is brought to you by ring. 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Yeah, I'll just like P and kind of let the water run and then like, I'll keep. Haven't I wonder if it's more wasteful to do that and waste the water of the shower versus a question for you guys. You fucking insane psychopaths? Are you literally every second of your shower washing something? There's never a moment You're just enjoying the water or standing there for a second. I'm gonna get in years like, yeah, I got a raise, but I'm not wasting time. If I'm clean, I don't just like, stand under it. You don't like Do this for like, two seconds are just like knowing a shampoo could be like racing stuff off of you. You're just letting it wash over you gently. I'm like, Boom, bam! Get it done. Fucking psychos. I thought you'd get a kick start the day. Yes. You're outnumbered by a crazy person. Everyone else's crazy. Well, we've done multiple poles about it. I think most people still pee in the shower sometimes close. Sometimes. If I wantto chill, I will take a cheeky little both, I would say even more filthy than peeing in the shower. I'm not paying in the bus. I know that you but you're like soaking in your own fills, and then you're not rinsing it off. No idea itself because my bath doesn't have ah thing showerhead. Yeah, s o get out of shower anyway. Well, if I told after about, they'll take a shower. Just a rinse. Oh, that's hostas. Like not washing yourself in the shower. I'm rinsing off all the shampoo in shit. Barbara, very smug. Takes a sip of her beer. A lot of people in chatter with may. You guys are three. A lumpy piece. I mean, I don't think it's evil or anything to pee in. The shower is just me and Trevor in the shower and both peanut. We will not have the same way. Don't shower together. But we'll do this thing because I could see the shower from the sink. And he'll do this thing where he just, like, just don't look for a second cause I'm peeing right now and I'll be like, okay, because I don't want to see piss coming out of his Penis. Right. Uh, I think that's that's a step too far. Is that e u s? So when you would never pee in front of each other like you wouldn't leave the door open and sit down and pee, Not to a point where you could see each other. I've left the door open when I'm peeing like he could hear me. I don't give a fuck, but it's just like the seeing it. I think it's a little different You don't want to see. I always thought you were all about, like, just taking dumps. And I am a barber. Always taken dumps. You know her. No. I mean like it. Uh, that kind of stuff I don't do and for like, we don't do it in front of each other, but, like, we're very much aware of when that's happening. We're aware of it. You like signal? No. We just, like, tell each other. Like I gotta go poop. You can hear the grunting. No, because the nor for shit, I'm always pretty secretive about mine. You sneak off. Well, like, if I'm, like with a, you know, significant other female. What about it? Because you had a pretty long relationship a while ago, even in that one. You guys were pretty secretive about it. I mean, I wasn't like, yeah, I mean, I never talked about it, and I was like, You see that for the podcast? Yeah, Well, it's just like it's a weird thing to be like, I'm gonna go over here and, like, poop. It's, like, not sexy. We don't have to be sexy around someone 24 hours a day. Dude, that's exhausting. I know. I'm just I'm not saying I wouldn't hide it at a certain point, Right. But it was definitely something. Something I like talked about. Wouldn't be like I'm gonna go do Do you know I would just Yeah, I'm gonna do the did. I'm gonna go destroy the toilet. be right? Yeah. I mean, I think at first, like when we started dating each other and that was happening, it would just be like, I'm gonna go use the bathroom for a bit. Like you would actually fill out being like, I'm gonna go drop a load. So b R B ringtone. Um, but now that's what we definitely d'oh. He's taking some time, Norma, which I think, like, if you're in a long enough relationship, that happens, right? Yeah. You realize that you're dating an actual human being or you're with an actual human being, right? And I never agreed with the whole like, Oh, there's gotta be some mystery. It's just like, No, dude, this is the person you're spending all your time with, potentially for the rest of your life. Like you got to just be a human. And, ah, if that jeopardizes the relationship in any way like taking a dump jeopardizes their relationship. Yeah, you got a really bad Does that change? Someone just called me fat turd. Gumpel fart turd. Uh, not much better. No, Uh, s. So I I was reading about something the other day. I'm gonna get to that in a second. I was reading about something the other day. Was it shit? I mean, I'll give it to get to a down in a second, and it affected me so much that I dreamt about it that night. He was on Saturday, Uh, tell you the dream first was Gavin Racing. Uh, I dreamt that we were on set. We're on the location, and we're gonna be filming something. I don't remember who specifically was there, but I know it was like rooster Chief people were there and, you know, we were getting ready. That there was someone else was filming in a room like we had rented a house and we were gonna be filming in, like, the living room. But somebody else was filming in their first before us, and then they were about a breakdown and leave, and then we were gonna go in and film. Okay, so, you know, we're all just kind of waiting out in the hallway to go in the other people get out and leave, and judge Judy walks out with them, and I'm like, Well, that's kind of weird. So we walk in and it's a it's a living room with a fireplace and stuff. And then whoever it is, that's in charge, like All right, everyone, we need to get set. We're gonna be filming. Ah, Judge Judy episode in here later. It was like, What the fuck is going on here? I woke up And the reason I was thinking about that It's earlier in the day I had read that people in the Judge Judy audience like when you watch that show, they all have to be members of the Screen Actors Guild that they don't let little sag. They're all SAG members. They don't let just anybody go in and sit in the judge. Judy Courtroom. You have to be a SAG member to be in it. So obviously I texted Eric immediately, and I was like, You have to get me on Judge Judy, You have to submit, Ah, three minute demo reel in addition to all of you just sitting there to be a judge. So it's like, Eric, will you please fill me and help me make a three minute audition tapes? So all day Saturday and it got to the point that I was dreaming about it. It was like 11 at night and I got a message from Gus. Hey, I want to be in Judge Judy. I have to be sad. Can you help me film a three minute video? All right. You are without you, Insect thought this is great. We're gonna fill in this video. We're getting you back. We double up. I'm in it to do it. You know what, Eric? To help you make a video you can't wake unlike film bts stuff. And have it be like a thing for the podcast. They were constantly updating and like, it will be a bit. Why don't we just record it now? Let's put three minutes on the clock. You know what? I'm prepared More material. You have to look interested. Oh, and what we If we do it, you should actually go. You should go to an actual courtroom and then be like you. You're did, ah, research for the role of a like a case study. And you have thio practice this face a lot because I've seen that ah lot episodes. We can go to the capital and we can just fill me there. That's a good idea. See, that's why I looked Eric in those kinds of ideas, that big brain on him. Oh, well, I guess they said that it's easier for them to give direction to a big group of people if they're actors who have, like, have actually done stuff like a little sit there and take direction and be quiet or whatever they need him to do. If you've done enough work as an extra, do you get sag? Or is it only like if you've been in enough production to you? Okay, even if you had no lines or anything like that, I don't know the specific rules I had to join because I was on just too many things. That was sad. Yeah, at midnight and tonight Show got. That's what pushed me over the edge. Being or not. No, I don't want to be in section. You get forced into it, right? You do eventually, if you do it. I got a letter after we did at midnight. That was just like, you're almost there. And I'm just like, fuck. Now I have to be and nothing else. And then you go and something else that's like, Hey, you want to pay thousands of dollars or not that bad. That's not what I mean is completely what wasn't all that bad. But then about the event of a toilet. It's attempted murder. And then you get to be on Judge Judy and you get residuals. Sure, yeah, so it's nice to do we do that, do that. Do the extras on Judge. I don't think I don't every time the air that bought the wrong thing on eBay or what it is getting like a $12 check every time at midnight comes on. This absolute received podcast is brought to you by stamps dot com. One of the toughest parts of making and selling products online is the shipping. 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Right now, our listeners get a special offer. Includes a four week trial plus free postage and a digital scale without any long term commitment. See for yourself why over 700,000 small businesses. Use stamps dot com. Just go to stamps dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the home page. Type in rooster that's stamps dot com. Enter Code Rooster thank you steps dot com for sponsoring this episode of the Rooster Teeth Podcast. Oh yeah, so that's like that was my obsession all day Saturday. Sorry, it boiled over, and I had to get you on judge 11 o'clock at night. How about we plan this out? You try to get a job as an extra on judge duty, like a courtroom audience member. And I tried to get on Judge Judy like some petty submitting a case. Yeah. Who left the toilet seat? Who peed on my carpet? You owe me $200 in damages. Yeah. Yeah. You got to start a beef with someone. We should, uh, easy. Yeah. Idea will make a series out of it. Right. So if you get on that show, they just shoot a bunch of episodes in a day. I think the shoot two or three in the day they had, like, a but they had all the information online. But that's what I think. It said that she has been on since 1996. It's a long fucking time. You do you think they would have done all the cases by them? Because if they started in 96 they're still going, she's still 76. She looks the exact same. Yes, she does. Which I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Like if She looks 76 when they started. Not if he looks up first appearance. She doesn't look the same. Judy 1996. Yeah. You can't really tell what it was like. Standard def. Back. Toto. Holy shit. So this is like a ke TV is coming out. Yeah. When will this end? It doesn't I mean, eventually. You'll just be, like film, right? Or it's like no one's counting the grains in film. Yeah, but you can't deliver that via digital. Well, I mean, at some point, it's gonna be a number high enough where that's not what they talk about anymore. It's like our 32 bit gaming system. No one gives a shit about how many bits your gaming system is now, or even like on cameras. Like real people don't care about megapixels anywhere, like, yeah, it's like it doesn't matter. A k must be the last one when we like four K. Was it? I think full K is solid. I mean, even some movies aren't even show info. Okay? Yeah, we're still largely living in a two k where we bitch about this all the time. And if you think about it, I think maybe a lot of people don't realize that eight K is not double the number of pixels in a four K frame. A K is four times the resolution of four K. Yeah, because it's a horizontal full right or eight vertically. Well, a K HD would be like 767 Well, like like full Kay's 3.8 k and U h d in it because 38 buoyed by anyone 60. Yes, innit? Yes, 34. All right, because they do that way 34 to 20. I see what you're saying. Okay, It's just the horizontal. Why did he switch to that? He used to be 10 80. We used to do vertical. I mean, we have 10. It was to just like a skinny A to K, isn't it? So it's still like to Kate Top across the way. So what do we do it? We're insane that But I I think if I was gonna predict above a k, I don't think they'll be selling on resolution anymore. I don't even if even if screens become high resolution than a K, I don't think they'll be by this 10 k. C. V. I don't know if any actor would want to appear on a fucking eight or 10 K. T. V. You look like shit. Yeah, well, that is a thing. Like a lot of like, whenever things went to h d. A lot of, like, local news and just like things they had to, like, change how they did their makeup bag. Yeah, I spoke to a guy. Wants to his mad They're here to wax his hands hd on the knuckles. Or like on that, I guess. Like, around here, I guess. Yeah. I got here. Yeah, like you would be a prime candidate for waxing calling my everything about guys like you have this nervous habit of chewing understands a little ball. Pat, You have a little ball test? Yeah. There. You chew on your hands. Yeah, but they're like a puppy. You see how it's really thinking except right there and right there like a puppet. See me like that? I'm doing well. We had a close up. The score was no damn, it's that one. Yeah, this we're talking about. That's Harry country. And this is I idea, right? I remember getting into an argument with, um with Brandon way, way long time ago because he was saying like, Why do we Why are we making new porn and thing you remember the sounds? I feel like Brandon's here. This is such on Branch. And he was like, Why do we like, Why are we making new porn? It seems like there should be enough porn films like It's a no satiate. Yeah, like how much porn come on for? Quite point. Why didn't apply to movies? Let's listen. Movies. Well, I think that I mean, I think there's, like, less variation in narratives, and I think you're looking for a number of things that probably already existed. Yeah, it's like just variations of the same thing. I was just kind of movie. But anyway, my part of the things I was like, Well, it's like if you go look at porn from, you know, 1995 it looks like, but well, here, let me show you where to use for that. Well, they should re scan some of the old negatives. That was Sean film, like, 70. Some of that, that probably h deify these. Yeah, but like, I was going to make a flip book. Born So I decided to look on Pornhub to see this for work to see what hot porn videos in United States right now. Baby sitting this obedient nephew, um, big Booty twins team up on step bro's huge fuck. So that's why it's all incest stuff Now. It's all incest stuff, but yeah, but only by blood, not by blood. Well, I know that not the baby by blood anyway, because it's fictional. But the story wise is never like coming my panties and pull them up during family dinner. For Kay, it's only in for it's not naked. Why, during dinner? By doing well Because, you know it's a family affair. Oh, that's a good wood. That's really good. Keep that was really fun. Thank you. I've been honing my skill for many years. OK, that's enough of that. There have been things where it's like you're like, uh, click on a thumbnail, cause you like like the thumbnail. And then the story line starts and you're like, Oh, this is weird. You know what? You know you'll like Chris. Let me give you a little and there's a There's a website porn website where if you hover over It's probably a lot of them do it. You hover over and it shows you, like, kind of a sequence of what it does. Oh, yeah? What happens in that video? Yeah, that's pornhub. It's also, uh you jez dot com you juice is another one that does that to use a different porn site than porn up. Yeah, Huge is you, just every now and then. I like change up. But like Faison, new content? Yes. All right, look huge. What's popular in huge is one and over the same stuff or not. Yeah, it's like, Wow, this video is trending on all the major networks behind the husband. Okay, my favorite. That's my favorite one. Okay, this is ah, family one in Spanish. What's it say your Consuela a Serena kept me. No one could. L know. Via what is having, uh, uncle consoles his niece who broke up with her boyfriend another family day. What? I don't understand. Her shaved pussy makes a dick disappear. That's it, Uncle, I have a magic trick. I just know into that. What? What is it? Why is it like, like, if you're horny, Emily might be like, Yeah, I'm into this and then you're like here, like just reading you like I don't want any of this. It's like going to olive garden when you're not hungry. Baby Africa. Deborah disappears. She go love presenting. I got no day. Okay, all right. Anyway, let's talk about something else. Friends are interesting. It's, um I saw a video earlier today was in a K. It was not a security camera footage. It was that Ah ah, hair salon in New Jersey. Oh, it was like the cameras was like Point in the lobby and you could see like a guy getting his hair cut. There's the barber cutting his hair. There's a woman waiting out, like in the lobby, sitting on the couch. It seems like a normal hair salon everyday thing. And then all of a sudden, a deer jumps in through the window, jumps over the woman on the couch, starts running around the salon. The man starts screaming like crazy and then, like the deer, causes a bunch of damage and then just runs right back out. The woman sitting on the couch. It's like dumbfounded. Like she stands up like I can't imagine how you would react a deer jumps over your she liked, grabs her coffee and, like, stands up looking jersey, right? Yeah. Isn't this commonplace for dear? I don't know, But I also watched the end of the clip, and the woman who was in there just starts crying. Really? You watch to the end. I guess I didn't see that place. I, uh, try to get it out, and then it goes out. And then it just called kod cuts to, like, a few minutes later. She's like, I didn't see that one because it trashed a business. Yeah, well, just it's like lookin scarring. Like I'd be fucking terrified if that happened to me. What if it turned out it was from a rival barbershop? Like that would be a great crime. No one would be able. How would you prove you don't pay? I execute on. Oh, dear. No one could be. I would've gone Operation Buck Wild. Oh, that's what that was like. Knowing it is You're like, No. Is definitely the rival barbershop like No, wasn't. It's a deer. I have no control over animals. But if you had trained to dear to go in, no one ever suspects the dear. 00 Fly Going God, Like smashed That that was so close to hitting that woman in the head. Clear. I mean, it looked like it. I think it does hit her, but she just goes back and grab whatever she was drinking. Oh, my God. Yeah. This is the woman that so still in there. Still in there. Is that how it goes out? A different goes out the door that time. What a dear thought, Right. It was like it was running at a deer, like the reflection of itself, and I just went through. Oh, that's interesting. Well, maybe it was just a car outside this. Get it? I think I was. Probably had just kind of freaking out a little bit. Holy shit. Intense magic would be like if you were sitting here right now. And then all of a sudden the deer jumped in from over behind. Great content. That'd be great. I love security cameras. Imagine all the stuff that we missed out on when they didn't exist. You guys get a lot of good stuff from the demon Hunter office on your little camera in there? Yeah. I mean, that's out of the ordinary. That's not a normal room. Oh, yeah, of course. When we were still down at the studio down south of the old location, we had security cameras, and I remember one time I called a security company over. I said I wanted to upgrade our camera because I thought, if something funny happens our conversations that we shouldn't have HD one and you know this before you could buy cameras yourself to do that kind of thing. So I called the security company over. It's not gonna replace all the cameras with HD cameras like OK, yeah, we can do that. And I want them all to capture sound, I guess, like there's like, Oh, no, we can't do that like that's where they draw the line like they couldn't install that kind of system. Even though any home security system has said, I have no idea. It was like You can't install a camera, can capture HD video, and we'll also capture Sounds like No, no, no, we can't. We can't do that. So I think I ended up not doing anything like that would keep the shitty cameras. I was serving me like he could he was really struggling to get anything in HD to like you. You want tee? And then he gave you a quote, and it was LSD. So would you like? But we already have that. Like, I want a tasty. Yeah, that's exactly what happened. This was back. Would have been 2012. 20 Mr Bailey, 2012 or so crazy. I guess I'll just come a long way since then. Maybe. Yeah, that was sound. Now, with sound now in HD, that's always It sucks, I guess. Like storage is always a concern. And just being sure that everything runs all the time. I mean, you have to keep everything right? Yeah, because most of the systems don't they, like, save it for, like, a week, and then they delete it. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Unless you like something out. Save it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. You could say flips and stuff like that. How do you get a deer out of the building? What is the correct way to do that? I think just get out of the way and wait for it to find if you open the door, let it out. That's what I do. Whenever I get a bug in my place. I just, like, try to guide it towards the window or the door. And then I'm just like point. You know, you have a bug just like God. Well, it's more for, like, my own mental sake of just like there go, uh, the other day I'm hesitant. Tell the started I'ma tell it. Anyway, the other day I was I was out to get together with this. This person I know you got together with someone. Yeah. I'm not gonna get into the specifics because I'm gonna bad mouth someone that was there. Do we know this person? No. You don't know this person. Oh, yeah, it was all of us. I was ah, at this person's house. And, uh, there were some people in you there and then some people I didn't know and there was one person there I didn't know who was wearing a baseball cap. And the baseball cap said, This is my adult ing hat. And, uh, I was looking at this person, you know, I wasn't sitting by him. He's sitting in another part of the house and I was like, That person owns that hat like not as a joke, right? And they put it on to come out to this, get together and they're wearing it. And I'm looking at it right now. And I couldn't stop staring head it Surprised, even Come up and ask me what my problem was. I was scary Animal nights. I was so annoyed by stupid. Did you ever say anything to know? You should have been like I like your hat, but don't Let's break it down. What do you not like about the hat? I don't like the term adult ing. Ah, you don't like someone wearing a funny hat and I don't That wasn't funny. I mean, like like a a bad joke joke. Hot, I guess. Maybe not. No, it's not serious that it said that he thinks it's funny. Yeah, maybe that was it. Maybe I don't like that kind of joke. And I was embarrassed for him. I always get confused because they make a lot of those parody hats based off the make America great again. Hat the red hat. I see a lot of parodies of just like, clearly people who are not in that, um, support, do you? That's the wrong word for it. Who are you who don't support Trump, but they still wear that hat. But it says the males, like make Austin weird again is one of the hats that I've seen where it's red. But it's like most people from afar gonna sink. It's that hat right, and they're gonna associate you with that group. And I feel like those people probably wouldn't want that. But they're still wearing that hat, even though it's a joke. Some people were the actual hat, ironically, but at that point there's no way of knowing. Like our old friend Bernie. Rp used to say, There is no doing it. Ironically, once you're doing it, you're doing it doing it. Yeah, there. There is no distinction between that. Yeah, So how much for youto get a hat that says this is my adult ing hat and wear it for you know how we're has to begin with. How much for you to let us For one. Podcasts purchase your wardrobe. How bad this could go. That just sounds like a good bit. I don't think I think it's good content. Yeah, I think we should all arranged everyone else is working. We should pick names out of a hat. Okay. That person gets toe pick that person's words, right? I like where this is going. Absolutely. That I think I hear Eric shuffling down. I pull your name, I have to buy you an outfit. Yeah, but it could be anything. It could be anything. That was it. I think that's exactly that's exactly what it looks like. He's probably just like a fun dad. Just trying to be a Yeah, it's a dad. Is that someone who has kids? It's a pretty Don't know anything about him looking at him. He was there with a woman, and I believe they had wedding rings on. So fraud. What was he like? Do you know anything about? No. He wore that hat that doesn't want to talk to him because he was too embarrassed on behalf of him. And then I had another fucking and running with someone. I was just, like, a nice friendly get together and you'll think this is a different thing. I was I went to lunch the other day, You know, there's that sushi place down the road over here on air. Mork, When I went to lunch, and I want some sushi. I went by myself and, uh, I walk in. Oh, shit. Gotta dunk. What kind of have my My My only regret is if you'd come out with the cards in the hat like the one Gus described have been perfect. I'm gonna set. You ever noticed it was one of the dressing room? We'll tell my story. Then we'll do this. What if we pick ourselves? Okay, so I went to the sushi place over here, and it's by myself, and I walk in. And like I said, I'm gonna wanna have lunch, just for one. They say, Is the sushi bar okay? Yeah, by myself. I'm not national. Sure. Sushi bars. Fine. So they sent me down to the sushi bar, and then, like, right after I sit down another guy, they need another guy, like right next to me. Don't know. This guy at all told strangers sitting to my left, and he sits down and he starts talking to the sushi chef. I'm looking at the menu and stuff, and he's immediately like asking sushi. Chef. Hey, uh, is you know, is this fish fresh or farm raised? That he goes down the list like, yes, about a few different kinds of fish. He's like, Do you have ah, uh, quail again? The chefs like, Yeah, we do. It's like going through, like, a long list of stuff. And I'm like, Man, this guy really knows his shit. Like he's being very specific about a lot of things. Like, you must know exactly what he wants. He's narrowing it down. I was like, I'm gonna kind of listen, Frank, but I'm kind of curious to know what this guy's gonna what this guy's all about. He's gonna get so then, Ah, the waitress comes over is like, you ready to order? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I'm gonna have copies of this copies of this piece of that has this really long order that the Andes like and, uh, three pieces of nigiri tuna as she goes. Okay, What kind of tuna and his face kind of drops and goes, There's different kinds. But I was like, after all of that operation was like you got a bomb dropped on him. There's different kinds of Tunis. The waitress like well, yeah. I mean, if you look here on the menu. You see, you know we have the fatty tuna. The regular to go to a restaurant in particular had different kind. He's like, Whoa, you're well versed. Maybe he was just like a health inspector. He's like, Well, I need a minute that determine if I want fatty tuna or not fatty to where I was like belief in I just can't imagine I wanted. So then I started to like Did he read an article earlier in the day that was like how to order sushi like a pro? Like you got a question back, asked back at him. And then, like this whole reality was, was skewed. Your ah, talk about that hat that said, This is my adult ing hat reminds me. I think the equivalent of like the female clothing brands is the shirts that say, like but first champagne marmalade line or like my religion, is brunch or like stuff like that, where she's so pretty. And I don't know the people who buy that stuff or where that stuff get your names so forever. 21 went bankrupt, right? Oh, it filed for bankruptcy, but I think they're stores are still open and like operating. I think they're just closing a few. Not that they sell that kind of stuff, but it just made me think about it. I think they have some stuff like that. But usually you'll find that stuff in, like department stores. Or, um, I guess those like younger teen young adult stores, that is. This I don't know is Brian Sat. Brian is Brian's the director tonight, and so I took his hat. Hi, Brian. It's on his desk, so it got pins all over. That's why I'm asking. Well, he doesn't wear it. You can wear it. It's just for drawing. He'll wear it when the person who chooses Gus is outfit with a very cool You're Bernie now, when did I have become the thing that you put a bunch of stuff in? It was at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1915 and I was like, You know what else to do with hats? Put stuff in it. If you get yourself, put it back, but don't say who you got. Oh my God. Pick a name that was told to make sure you check first. It's not it's not me. So what are we doing this? So I was looking at the schedule. It looks like the 28th is open if you guys were available October 28. That is correct. I think I get Barbara out from London that night and you hear the podcast? I could I could just comes because I think I land at 5 p.m. So it can't be on the regular podcast, but we'll just pick another, okay? Just get them to take off. And I was, like, not looking so I could pick it out. But there's only one name in here. I have a question for you guys. Have Christy. Oh, about that. Completely different things. Okay, What combined hat do you wear? No, no, it has nothing to do with the clothing. Hey, he was one every time about the guy. How you're so mad at the person who wore the hat and like you receiving. But you didn't say anything, right? Have I want if it was mad as were you annoyed? Yeah. Have I ever done anything where you were, like, had that type of reaction to me? But you Do you want to know that I do. Well, now I do. I don't know about all of us now. Like, has there been like, what happened in that stupid? I didn't have to be clothing related. It could be anything. Whenever I see you running, that's it. That's all the time. Why do you run everywhere, Chris? I just don't understand it. I get I got places to be. I get that totally I used to do all the time. Just makes me think of like a little kid like an elementary school who like they don't walk, run that every time. So I'd be like, Midnight. I'll be coming home from a pub on Friday night and it be cold. I lived like, 20 minutes old. I understand. And I would just sprint away, huh? Then I'll be done in, like, five minutes. And that's how you killed a family of hedgehogs. That is exactly how I did that. That's how I used to get home to when I looked in Montreal. I would just run. I would run home because it's cold and you want to get home sooner. But also I didn't like being on street by myself that I was a lady. Did you ever fall like, Is it over? I see. And you slip and fall Uh, many, many times. Yeah. There was one time when I had to walk home from school. This is high school and the pathway home it was during, I think, like ice Storm or something like that. And the pathway had completely frozen over and it was all ice and I had chosen to wear, like, boots that were like Ugg boots. Which of you guys were familiar with those who have absolutely zero traction on it whatsoever. And it took me, I think, on extra 45 minutes to get home because I was walking so slowly. So we don't reveal our names. No. Well, I'll get you after the show, and we'll all write down who's who and we'll work on it. Well, work, uh, work out of date and stuff to, uh, to do it all. I've been trying to get better about planning the podcast more in advance. That used to be like I've noticed that I've gotten like my calendar invitations from you for, like, the next couple weeks. So it's a lot easier when someone left e a little more stability. So it just now, you've decided you wantto, like be actively more. And just now I know I've been trying for over a year. I mean, still, that's a look. A decade after it started there no much time we put into snappy shark and it was tossed aside. The shark was on the podcast for, like, six weeks in a row. Is that bit for the podcast? It was a bit for a quick look. Tipple was here. We made snapping chart for him. He'd been doing it. She wants to play that gleeful piece of shit. Does love Sami share. You could play it all you want, but I saw him win again the other day. I saw him win his second game ever. Just call it a day game. Come in for a game where the shark is thrown away. What is snappy shirt? He's around here some. Oh, Chris is not replaced. That's a shirt. Every day they replaced all the teeth with something's Oh, how you wanna play. Thanks. You gonna play against Eric? Apparently wins all the time. Eric has only won twice ever loses. So if you want me to take it, Did he take snappy shark. I told you, it's not out here. Kill! Looks like your computer. You took a lot of his personal personal stuff up here. We should start putting our own personal stuff is not happy. Oh, no, it's gone. Whatever. Shall we? D'oh! I am so disappointed. I like having it around. Shoot is ever unhappy with the name they pulled. I'm very happy with the name or pool. Very happy. I'm very happy as well. I'm happy. I'm always happy somehow. You think Gavin has me? I'm getting the feeling me. Did you see that? Ah, that influencer who tried to fake their way into a business class upgrade on a plane and see that? How do you fake your way into? Okay. They printed up a fake email from the airline saying thank you for taking for using our airline to fly from a froze like Hong Kong to New York. You know, we would like to offer you a free upgrade from economy to business class. Just present this letter when you check in at the airport for your free, not done. But in the back end, they just make you print something and then you sure look like Oh, yeah, Guessing it didn't work. So then I think they flew. I want to say it's from Hong Kong to New York. Um oh, no, wait. Is Taiwan is from Taiwan to New York. They did not honor it on the Taiwan to New York flight. Then when she went and tried it again on the return flight from New York, they said, Oh, no, you return tickets been canceled in your band from our airline. You should buy a replace network. Wow. And now she's suing the airline and their lines. That's no just sent us the email Florida to us with the actual information and we'll make this all go away. Yeah, but I mean, like, I guess not. A lot of people know how upgrades work. So she thought that they could, like, weasel way weasel her way in. But like upgrades, especially a lot of airlines that I know about our very structured and like there's Ah, we have a little system to it and everything like that, like it's not just a email you get that's like, just present this thing. Get read an excerpt from her, Please d'oh! Because of your social network. We would like to formally extend a business class upgrade to you on the day of your flight. Should any tickets still be available at check in on. Agent will update your boarding pass. If there is availability. They don't talk like that. No. Ah, should any tickets still be available? A check it. They wouldn't say that. I mean, they do say, like, if you request an upgrade, they say, like, we'll put you on the stand by or wait list for it. Right? But they would say seats at that point. Yeah, not, but not like should they become available, right? It's just It's just weird all the way around. I Blake. I broke. I broke my non fly streak. You did? Where'd you go? I went to l. A mmm. Every day. Just for a day. Just for a shoot. How long has it been like? Six weeks? Six weeks? That might be a new restaurant. Are you losing or you're gonna lose your status. You think I'm a 92,000 miles for the year? What? An executive planning missed the 100. I'm gonna try and make it my goal to not get sexy. Flattening? Yeah, I barely. This year, I barely qualified for the lowest here. A frequent flyer. Thank you. It's like 25,000. Yeah, I think I've flown 26,000 this year. How did you do that? I sense how did you sense our chicks? London of last year. I really haven't gone anywhere. I think most of those 26,000 are from when I took my vacation. When I went overseas myself. When did I film Hongta? Because that was a ton of travel. I think that was during or right after attacks. London, wasn't it? It was like March. February March. They did some after our kicks Long. Yeah, they did an episode there. I know, because we we extended this day. I guess the tail end of planet slumber was this year. That must be. How about some? Oh, yeah, that would make sense. Don't do a travel show if you don't want to fly. Okay, we're on traveling horn planes. Airports to see the video of the out of control cart at O'Hare. Oh, my God. So good. What I understand about that video. So I guess you haven't seen in history Is that what you just went like drawing circles? There's people like standing around, like right outside the circle. The cart's going in there. Why would you stand there? There's like one guy who's like standing by the plane. It's like, Are you gonna let it hit you instead of the plane? But she should just leave. Can I ask you guys a question about people standing in places and airports? So I see move all checked a bag at some point in your life, But you don't like people who stand right in front of the ramp. Why do people Why do people stand right where the bags come out right where they cluster? And then when they see their bag, they have, like, shovel? These people have a way to get their bag instead of just standing 10 feet down where the bag is eventually going, been to be further away until you see your bag and then step like I don't even care. People stand right up there, just just spread out around the carrots. I think it's like a first come first of thing when really it's like chances. Whoever's bad comes off first should walk up and get her back. I literally will stand just like 10 15 feet down, away from where the bags come out? Because I'm like, Oh, my bags coming down. Let me wait. The 10 seconds it will take to get to me I just stand like many layers back and I'm priority. Usually said my bags come out first. What? Even stand there? No, I mean behind everyone who's standing there. I'm just like by the chairs and stuff. Yeah, and I'll see my back usually first or like in the 1st 10 and then I just walk around the other way because I can't get anywhere near the actual carousel and I'll just meet you on the other side because everyone thinks that their bags gonna come a first or they could just stand there for, like, half an hour, all the bags I was going to get paid because I got in last night from a trip and there must have been, like 30 or 40 people just clustered around that entrance, just like looking for their bags. I'm like, it's not gonna make you come fast. You're not going to get it like it's sooner than if you just stood like a little bit awake and I gotta go through all these people, you're probably not gonna get it. I guess it's because it's just public transport in general. But yeah, everyone just gets really freakishly like I gotta get ahead of everyone else when it comes to air travel, even if it's like standing on the plane is reporting, we literally all leave and arrive at the exact same time. The only thing I will say that I do kind of understand is if you are bringing a bag onto the plane to put in the overhead compartment and like, if your group is called, do you want to get there like sooner? So you have space because they're so limited space in the overhead compartments. I understand that to an extent, because even if he does the board of the group, exactly which I don't get why people just like, wait at the front there as if, like, okay, you're gonna get ahead of, like, five people. If you went like stand up, it might be people in later groups were trying to get on a little earlier to put the bag in the overhead bin. You don't think I can think? Um, have a have a travel story. It's sort of a travel story. How? Sort of. Okay, well, it's public. Says it's transportation. Transfer straight. Um, this is about a month ago or something. I woke up and I went to my car and my battery was dead. Uh, I think that went, had left a little light on. And I was like, Oh, shit, I was like, Well, I get like, a meeting and I'll have to There's no one around to jump it. I'll just call an uber, you know, it's not Don't live that far away. It's like a whole new burr. Take uber get to work, have a meeting and then I'm like, looking around like I don't have my backpack, my backpack in the uber Oh, yeah, I thought it was in your car. Maybe so I was like, Shit. Okay, well, and you can contact uber and be like, Hey, I left something there. Contact the driver and I call the driver is like I was like, Yeah. Hey, I left my backpack in your car. Ah, on and they're like, Oh, I don't have my car anymore is an hour after my right. There was one meeting and I was like, What do you mean? He's like, Yeah, I just dropped it off at the ah, the car repair place to get repaired, and they said it's gonna be a couple of days. I'm like, What? So how do I get my like I don't know, Uh, man, I don't know. I don't know what to do about He gives you the name and the address of the plane. And I was like, Well, can you, like, call them and verify that it's there and then let them know I'm gonna come and get it. And he's a gay. Okay, I'll do that. So I did that. But it was, like, all the way down south, like other part of town leash. Did you have to take a new? But it sounds like an uber and then left another bag in that, taking uber down to this car dealership way down south and then and then uber back up. I was like, God damn it, you got your back. I got my bag. Yeah. What did you tell the guys when you showed up? There or the shop as I came, my friend, unless they're thinking But I didn't want explains, like I left something in my friend's car. It was like you could have said I took an uber and the guy dropped his car off here for, like, a lot of I don't know. I just felt like less felt sketchier to be like It's I don't know the person But I left my bag in the arrow. Yeah, but I guess like you'd have to know it's charity. That's really annoying. It's so much more inconvenient. It was really expensive, too, because they go all the way down at the back. Yeah, well, and then I still had to. Then I sought to uber home. How does it work like that? Like, does uber help cover those costs? And no, because your fault, it was just my I just Yeah, but it's in the guys car. Just shitty luck. Yeah, and it was like it was me news. One hour one. It was like Yeah, well, having to go, Dad, go get your backpack. I set in the back seat of uber, set it down on the seat, and then I was like, and I I got up and left whenever I go, you know, I think it was, like, on my phone or something. And I was, like, most of time, I don't have a backpack one minute over, so I don't really think about it, you know? Yeah. When I get that one time when we were at Pac's Boston or Pax East. Uh, something similar happened where, as I was getting out, I remember it was a cab or a new birth might probably cab. I was getting out, my phone fell out of my pocket and I didn't realize it, and it was in the back seat. So, like the whole time at the event, had locked in to find my phone and someone else Fun would like pinning it on make trying to make it ring. Eventually got ahold of the person who's driving the car. And I convinced him I was like, Oh, I'll pay you to come back. Remember that? What? Wasn't there an event where we had, like, Prince or like something that we left in the car? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else, isn't there? That was That was definitely not me. Someone had, like, four prints for something, and they were, like, really important. And they like, we're unable to get any more of them. And they convinced the guy to come back and gave him, like, a $50 tip because they were just so thankful that they brought it back. That was not me. I paid more than $50 to my phone. Yeah, I'm gonna just turn it off in Seoul City, right. Hey, look, I'll give you money to come back on my phone, please. Way we were reminded of that time, um, one of your New York comic con this weekend. Miles, Carrie and I were reminiscing about the Pax east. We went thio where our flights got canceled, and we're talking about how if you weren't there because you figured out this whole, like, you got a seat on another plane that went to New York, New York, and then you rented us a car that would drive all of us two packs. And we're talking about how this was so long ago to the point where you're so inexperienced with travel. If you aren't with us, we would have been so fucked. That was complicated. Yeah, because I think that was eight people across. Three or four different reservations. Yeah, on the same airlines. I told you, call the airline and try toe merge all of the reservations and then get them all transferred to the same flight. Was you, Jack? Me Miles carry Monty and Shane. 77 people. And you had to find seven open seats on one. Find a plane. I was like, Yeah, you fly to Boston. No. Que fais tu providence? No. Can you live like just working my way to other airports in Ewing? Like in the Northeast? Yeah. It ever being kind of fun, though? It was fun. It was a fucking pain in the way Stop for milkshakes on the way it was when they had the shamrock shake and t x s so cold out too. I have ever think you guys were fucking crazy. It's the kind of drift away let you get to the hotel room and just like Flum point to the well, I remember. I don't know how he did, but Bernie got there somehow just fine. I guess maybe his flight wasn't canceled and he was waiting for us in the lobby and you guys made it very funny. I love it. I mean, that was, like, some fuck up at the hotel to do. You remember, like someone's room wasn't ready or wasn't right. Or like they didn't have the reservation for it, right, So they gave them the presidential suite. I don't remember that. So we all have to fight over because nobody wanted it because it was just like, ah, small bedroom with a giant board room and like a kitchen attached to it on. It was like we all went up and looked at. It was like whoever wants it can have it. It was like, No, not me. Not me. Not believe that Nobody wanted really to fight who want it. But the fact that when I was 22 I'm like, when I'm going to do with this now, I would just, like, fuckin sit in every seat at that table. I'd sleep on the table one time. I got in trouble at an Airbnb for that for sitting at a table, know, for for using all the beds. Um, so I it was me and, um, me and Josh Flanagan, uh, had gotten We're doing, like, a writing retreat. And we, like, booked on Airbnb for, like, 45 days. And, you know, like they asked how many people are saying something like to, um, just, you know, you know, you could say why you're visiting. I was just doing a little writing retreat. Just two of us. We're gonna, like, look up and, you know, do some work, like, Okay, cool. Did it up. And then whenever I want to go, uh, like, we checked out and left and everything, Um And then I got a message, and the lady was like, uh, I'm gonna have to charge you for additional people staying there because there were There was a lot of people staying. I was like, No, it was just two of us. No one, no one else. When it's like, Well, every single bed was slept. How many beds are we talking about? There are, like, six bets. And you just slept in different Better? I only slept in one. Josh decided to sleep in a different like, Goldie locks or something. See what you want and watch every single and and I was like I explained, I was like, I guess my my friend is an idiot, and he slept in every bed because I don't know why. And and she's like, Well, no, that's not true. I found I found women's clothing. Also, Josh and I was like, they were I promise you, unfortunately, no women in place the entire time. I was like, maybe they were closed from some other Airbnb, but they were in Austin, and she was like, I don't believe you, Michael. I don't want to tell you. And then I didn't pay. I mean, I paid for the FBI. Didn't pay the additional fee for extra people, right? I mean, they just take it from your information. They know you have to authorize it. Yeah. I don't know. It was like I would really just She didn't She didn't end up chart. She tried to charge me, and I disputed it or something. I don't remember like fighting, but I was like, I It didn't say you could only stay with two people and you could only use two beds. Have you heard that thing? I'm really I love their baby Whenever I try to stay here, baby, I'm really nervous about hidden cameras here being beast now. I thought about that, too, because it's apparently not necessarily a violation of their terms of use. What? But I mean, like, people have found cameras in Airbnb ese and brought it up, and it's it's like it's a really gray area in that there doesn't seem to find out in our Airbnb hidden camera. If they have cameras, they should tell you where they are and they shouldn't be unlike you, like I understand you go. So from March 26th on article in the Atlantic, Airbnb has a hidden camera problem. Is it just a bunch of people tried just jack off to people change in stuff. I think they say it's for security or to keep an eye on their stuff, but well, I could see like if you're getting hammered by like the front door like where the doorbell is, But but not like the living. You don't need a camera in the living room. Well, there's a search for Airbnb hidden camera. All the returns are in cameras on Airbnb. Here's how to find them for ways to tell if they're hidden cameras in your Airbnb, how to scan your Airbnb for hidden cameras. How to find hidden cameras, an Airbnb in anywhere else. What Airbnb is rules about security. I mean, it's the entire front page of Google. If you do a certain basically, you're saying if we ever stay in an Airbnb, do a little quick Jack, this is a risk that used to be a member. You have to take this house if it's in the living room or whatever, then I get it. But like bedrooms and bathrooms like it should be not legal because, like, those are the places that you gave your living room too, I guess. But I guess it also depends on who you're staying with and and what you're doing to get around it by just getting changed in the kitchen. Because, like, I fooled around in the living room of Airbnb before. Okay, fair enough. You know me Because you're like, Was it with Josh? No, that's why she charged she saw. She knows. Yeah, that. Yeah, that's fucked up. Yeah, All right. What's what? Time to wrap this up. Thanks for watching. We'll see you guys next time. My e