#566 - The Reverse Snow White

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Geoff Ramsey as they discuss being old and crotchety, Texas pronunciations, restaurants, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-10-15 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Geoff Ramsey


    "Crotchety old man"
    "alarm system"
    "tall girl"
    "el camino"
    "ed harris"
    "the rock"
    "texas pronunciations"
    "outer wilds"
    "ghost recon"
    "untitled goose game"
    "link’s awakening"
    "legend of zelda"




Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 566. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com Theo, Everyone will come to receive podcast this week. Brought to you by express VPN, arc whitening system and manscaping. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin Fibra old gifts. I'm goes, I I did the most crotchety old man adult thing of my life. My God, I cannot wait. Hit me. I was I was like, after I was done doing it, I was honestly, a little embarrassed for myself. My favorite types of stories could, I guess. Yeah, sure. If you are, You'll never guess what you try. You are in a loud place. And you unplugged the speaker. No, that's an asshole. Move. I would I would I would not do that. But Phylicia, uh, I have, ah, a new alarm system at home that's monitored by a company. Yes, and ah, I got Well, I got an email that I I looked at and it said hello from alarm system company. Uh, we're going to increase your rate Another extra $3 a month. And I thought those fucking assholes I'm under. I have a contract with those guys. I have a three year long contract with that just started recently. Well, it started about a year and 1/2 ago. Okay, how can they just arbitrarily raised the price of something have a contract for? So I pulled out the contract in Rome. How many pages was it was? It was long And there's a There's a clause in there that says that which is and will reading this after the first year they are allowed to increase the price. Motherfucker, it's right here. So I kept reading. And there's another clause that says, If you notify us in writing within 30 days of receiving, I noticed that your compressed going up we will waive it. Oh, so I just wrote them a letter that said, I object to the price increase. You know, I cited the paragraph on page of the contract was like fees waived so that preying on the lazy right, so it was like, like, $3 a month. Maybe so I have a question. In your estimation, do you think you did more than $36 worth of work? Why not pay $37. How about what's $54 worth of work? Because it was a year and 1/2 left. Ah, I think your time is worth more than that. I really do. I hope has I mean $4 but it's the principle. If there was definitely it's like my It's like my ages old fight with, uh, with finance over my credit card. I get it. You have to get postage and go like a male with stamps dot com, you have t o. You have to find the contract. Yes, so they had sent me like a doctor to sign, So I tried to view that. It said It's expired. Do you want just to email you another one? Yeah, It'll cost $3. He may be a pelican, updated PdF and just that. So I went through and what it is that you're effectively locked in tow. That rate in perpetuity is constantly protest it any time they try to raise them. But you can successfully protest that every month until you die. I assume when the contract lapses in a year and 1/2 they can present a new one with an upgraded price if it was a pdf, why didn't you just do like a control? So I wouldn't know what I was looking for exactly? Like right or price? Yeah. I wanted to prove a point. I wanted to read it all. What else did you learn when you read this contract? It's just a bunch of boring filler stuff. I don't know. It's like there's there's really nothing interesting in there. So how long did it take you from from outraged? I'm done. How many? Alice. Oh, isn't that long? It probably took hour and 1/2. I would have paid $54 not to have to read the contract, But it's one of those six work. You're so angry. It's like I'm gonna fucking read this thing like it was It was motivating me to read that con dollars. I guess over the years, they were fucking me because we had a deal and they changed the fucking deal. All right, You get very aggressive here. No, it's me fat. That's, like probably around like, a free month that you just go there right on the new right, right? And if they think about, like, all the people who they If you have a fucking contract and someone tries to raise your rate, re it, Should I be mad about $35 that I mode right now? Yes. Okay. Yeah. I mean, what's this scenario? Well, I went to movie this weekend, and I bought all the tickets, and then three of the people who I went with didn't pay me back yet by just out of curiosity, I think they're about 12 or 13 bucks. Let me give you much faster. You didn't have to read a contract. Catch front, even 30 convenience. Okay. Oh, are you doing it digitally? Gavin's got the old money here. You have to give me 20. I mean, I'll take it. How much was it? 12 I think. Told her 13. What? Our movie tickets. Now, I should probably just look. 0 $15 for my covered. I got 1234 That was a smart way of doing this. By the way, here's 20 books. Well, it sounds like I wasn't that bothered by I was like, I could treat my friends to movie, and then Trevor, just like, yeah, you know, I don't know if they'll remember, unless you remind them. And I was like, honestly lost time. I did it like Trev IDs. I paid travel with apple pay afterwards, and I just assumed I'd do the same to you, But I didn't get a chance yet because you called me out on live television. I was gonna do it like I was gonna do it, like in 10 minutes already. And then you Yeah, my alarm was set for later to see. I wanted to get ahead of it. Thank you guys. Ended up making, like, $4 off me. I did was create What a great way to do that convenience fee. Make sure it's in the contract. So when I walked away last night and we went our separate ways where you like No, I didn't really think about it too much, e. I was. I thought that was gonna be a point in time, cause usually, like I am always obsessed with paying people back right away, like, Oh, what's going on on the show tonight? What? The money was distracted from my show. We have glass down, glass down, um, by the pool. Usually I like thio pay people back right away. just cause I got anxious about it, and I don't want them thinking like she didn't pay me back for your free, You might forget right about. Doesn't Gus still owe Gavin $200 from a pet Thio? Should I think I do owe the s and yes, bet we made in London, you have to remind you Bet like the Super Nintendo came out before a certain date And I thought it came out of a different date. Where it was in the hotel room the night we wrestled. I do. I forgot, Gavin. I'll send it right now. Thanks. Fuck, I was down there. I'm gonna be on this justice costing What did their money do people owe each other shot? Does anyone else know me? Kevin? Uh, God damn it. There has been sent to you. Fuck. Thanks. Who is that? Louis was all right there. Who said that? Ah, well, Bobo, but we saw hustlers who's getting silly. I need nothing about that. It would it it was Ah, it's based on a true story based on a true story. So it's a little lackluster at the end, you know, because it's really not like a fantastical ending to it. I mean, like, Goodfellas is lackluster at the end. That's a great movie. I enjoyed it throughout. I I am still in shock over Jennifer Lopez's body. That woman is 50 years old. Ridiculous. Hell of an acting by that jail. Yeah, she was great. Also, the lady that played Mercedes. Very funny. Yeah, I don't know her name, but I've never seen anything before. She was fucking great. Well, good. Good. Three. Uh, a lot of good looking women. I can't promise of that movie. Guess. Ah, like strippers in New York Isn't based off curry be? Uh, no, I don't think so. It's based off the Constance Wu character. Um, but ah, it's ah, It's based off a bunch of strippers in New York who decided to get revenge on Wall Street brokers for tanking the economy. I guess it like it. Really, like 10,000 on the bottom fell out. It really hurt the strip club market in New York. I imagine there's a lot going on. Yeah, and so they found a workaround. They would ruthie rich dudes and then max out their credit cards and then just dump him off at home. Tell them they had a great night when they woke up the next day. And the guys would be too embarrassed to do anything about it. Yeah, they would just eat like $10,000 credit cards, whatever. And some dudes would go back 34 times. Yeah. Wow. And all they would literally, but they were just like they're getting a drink. One drink, They pass out, they'd go down the AM goto wherever you know, credit card. Bring them to the strip club. Sometimes they bring him to the strip strip club. And But then they had to share in the strip club. Got a cut. So they started just raining hotel rooms. And then the guys would just wake up in a hotel room. They didn't remember renting. Essentially broke. Jesus. Yeah, really fucked up. You know, the guy in the movie and it lasted for a long time, like six or seven years. I think they got away with it. Wow. Yeah, they made a lot of money. The guy in the movie that the bigger guy who had a really nice house when it was taken the phone call and his fiancee was. You know the guy I'm talking about. Yeah, that's Ah, that's buzz from Hubble. No, I just know what I recognize them on Lee because he was in a movie called Blue Ruin that I really, really liked. And I knew he was in that and yeah, instantly recognized him. He's a really good actor to Oh, shit, he's coming. He has not aged. Well, hey, didn't young well, either was healthy. You just you know, the big guy is a big dude. He doesn't look like he's dying. You said Buzz from home alone, and I couldn't get Buzz Light year from Toy Story out of my head. I was having a heart. Tyler. It's Tim Allen was having a hard time straightening that out to Milan. Wasn't a kid When Homo for i e. I watched. I watched a movie this past weekend. I was just looking for something kind of like dumb to watch. And there's a new movie on Netflix called Told Girl, which is pretty much exactly what do you think it is? One of the main characters in that movie has the last name Dunkleman. What? Yeah, and it made me think like people don't just come up with that name, and that name doesn't really doesn't really exist in many places. So I'm wondering if the writer for that show, maybe it's familiar with rooster teeth. Or maybe is a Brian Dunkleman fan. UH, probably amore. Ah, realistic expectation there. Um, yeah. Brian Dunkleman was one of the hosts on the first season of American Idol with Ryan Seacrest. He's the Pete best of American Idol. Yeah, I didn't make him a hit and didn't make the cut. I bet that dude wakes up every day and turns on the radio, and it's Ryan Seacrest's morning radio morning Dr Radio Show. So he turns it off. And then he goes on TV, and it's like Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa, and he turns off the TV. And then he ah, turns on the Internet, watches research chief. Yeah. Then he just sits in a closet and cries, Yeah, what could have been what could have been? I don't know, a goddamn seacrest. I discovered a very loud noise in my house last night, and, ah, I discovered it was three cats chasing a dragon fly, and it was like wounded. So it was flying upside down along the floor, on the walls. You recreate this noise, I'd imagine, like on wood floor, uh, by tiny wings. And I scare this show me and I don't know what it was. What will you There's something else. You heard it. Didn't like it. Very confused. I was trying to figure what it was without without looking. Oh, so you're gonna sleep And your hero a dragon fly running in your house? Yeah, just like all around the walls in the full. How did you resolve this situation? I put up on it on the Dragonfly. Yeah, they wouldn't fit in the cup. It's a little Shove it in my fingers. Do you guys have crickets in your house to know in But well around. A lot of crickets going on. I feel very fortunate. I don't have crickets around my place. I have any. I had one cricket in my house the other day, but it was already dead. The only one when I lived in Puerto Rico once a cricket got in the house and the house I lived in was made, you know, that's to be like hurricane proof. So it was like, made all out of, like, cinder block and concrete and stuff. So when the cricket would chirp, it would bounce off of the walls, and it was the loudest fucking sound I've ever heard. It was so weird. Remember? I want to say it was 2012 sum of 2012 maybe 2013. Where Austin was premium infested crickets. Like all the sides of every building in our office in 66. They were, like, flying around at night all the time. I remember when I was working on Artie excited to carry around a bug zapper with me. It was the water one. Yeah, it happens like every six or seven years. You have that cycle of cricket infestation here. Yeah, it's fucking gross. Now they the thing with the loudest noise to the ratio of their body size, Or is there something that small that's louder? Yeah, I think it's like the mantis shrimp, right? Doesn't make like, the loudest noise I don't like. It does. It doesn't matter for underwater, but I know how loud is that? If you won the war, I guess I gotta look this up. Um, loudest noise by an animal relevant to size. Yeah. I mean, it's the pistol fruit. What is the loudest animal? Just in general? No, because it it isn't a a lion for maybe a blue whale. Pretty well, not a whale. Don't Doesn't want their calls. Like, go over a long distance. Yeah, yeah, they can. I mean, they're noise goes all the way to space to the far reaches of space, right through the vacuum of space or their eyes, not their check. Three. Alright, guys, start training for the voice tone. Those for you through three. So it was one. That, too, was wrath of Khan. Three was search for spark. Yes, right spot dies at the end of two spoiler. I am now on the year old forever will be your friend. And then they say goodbye in the prison glass. And then ah, then spot gets jettisoned out into an island off to a planet of flowers. And then three come find him. He's all happy, happy hippy spot. Um, the firm will. It's over 230 decibels, but really, really low frequency. Yeah, the shrimp. I was talking about 218 decibels. Shit. Damn. What's Michael and I guess like this, it, like it makes this sound when it, like, snaps its claw toe like stun another animal before it eats it. And so when it does that it creates like a little bubble capitation bubble. And in that bubble, temperatures reach 5500 degrees Celsius. I am. He had some good slimmer of that. Animals were weird. I've got a question for you, which are my online searches. Does the government have a right to know about Maybe that weird thing I found between my toes or on a dog love to stare at me while I poop? Well, the answer is none of the above. If you have expressed VPN without express UPS protection, though, hackers, governments, ad companies, ice piece, I'll have full access to your data. I don't want them using my Web history or video Search is against me. That's why I use Express VP. And every time I go online, I love I look around the Web and no one's watching expressly PN loads up quickly, and I hardly noticed that it's there and you don't trust me. I do all kinds of weird searches. We talk about him all the time on this podcast. Express vpn in crypts and reroute your Web traffic to any number of countries, keeping you safer and secure. 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So I hopped in to see it, and it was people complaining about a C l noise and, ah, how Austin should get rid of a c l interested and putting like like like the Here's the Here's the mayor's phone number. Here's where to send letters to complain about a C l and then other people going like How long have you lived here? What the fuck you talking about? Yeah, it was because it's Ah, my neighborhood's well north of downtown. Yeah, and people complaining that it's too loud there. I'm not a fucking word all weekend or a single sound all weekend, by the way, but I love the idea I was loving. People move to Austin and then try to de live music Capital of the World in, you know, like, Oh, it's great live music capital world until they hear a noise after 10 30 fuck this, shut it down the horses of people who actively move downtown next move into a summer of anywhere or, like move just north of Austin or just south of Austin. You're fine, and I assume like I could see people being pissed off if it was real loud for you. Jeff lives, but there's no way it was impossible that that's impossible. Like maybe if you're like, you're, like, 12 miles can kind of hear it. Yeah, but I can't imagine it doesn't go late, right? They're not allowed to go past, like, 10. 30 or one. Can't imagine that it would be a problem there at all. They made early, maybe talking about like if someone runs out house nearby that, like the visitors were allowed? No, they're They're talking about the music. Really? I could hear the lyrics of this song. Nice free show. Yeah. So weird. I just wondered if you see any of that in your neighborhood. I'm sure I'm sure there is. I fucking ignore it. I hate hate next door. It's just I finally decided to delete my account there, and every now and then now I get, like, a postcard from next door is like, Hey, Gus, your neighbor so and so invited you to join next door. Fuck, you totally didn't. Yeah. You have some neighbor that just really wants you back. Does anyone fall for that? Why'd you quit? Just because it makes you an order. Your neighbors? Um, yeah. I mean, there's a lot of, like, pointless shit in there, and it's like, Why do I want to read stuff that's gonna aggravate me? Or is it really only people bitching? Right? Is that good news on their people giving something away? We're trying to sell something like, You want to read something that's gonna aggravate you. There's contracts for that. Well, I'm not making any money on the next door. Big money from, uh, money said the same thing is you made money from reading? Yeah, eventually. I guess. So. I'm making three bucks a month E. I want to say I'm rounding up. I have to look. It might have been like to 49 months. Is it annoying that telling the story about how you saved 50 bucks lost to you four times that? Yeah, it's a little but chat. Someone in chat was saying that they're gonna try to remind me in a year and make me think that I haven't paid you. I'm definitely remember that. I want to know if there's one person who watches this podcast who was so upset by that story that they cancel their first membership so that, like we end up losing money because of your story to save money Getting deep. Um, you could go fund me the 200 bucks. Help me pay my my stupid Gavin bet debt on you was a stupid bastard drunk when I made it. I wonder if you paid me already. Any other I'm wondering, too. Is like that time I got that guy in the army, too, by the same bottle of Jack Daniels, like, six times. I mean, like, 200 bucks off. You would like to steal it and sell it, buy to him. So he just kept buying it, and then when he he'd be like, I'll come get from you later. I can't get it right now. There's too much heat because, you know, we had to I had to hide it hidden in the room, like in the ceiling. And, uh, and then he'd be like, Hey, I gotta come on. Get that bottle of booze I'd like. Huh? You go. Oh, shit. I didn't pay. I'm sorry. Here. Hey, hammered All this is a storage for your convenience. I heard about someone at a C. L. Speaking of something like that, Uh, who bought a response? A. C l and loosened it just enough and had people pay him 150 bucks. And he got in, I think, Ah. 100 or 105 people. We're using that same fucking fuckin serious. Wow. And I think, like somewhere around there, he got caught. But it was it was really elaborate. They he would go in with the people and, like someone else, would hold on to their cell phones. Yeah, like collateral. Then they would go in when they would take the wristband off of them. They would give him their phone back and then go back out and let someone else in. Yeah, they let in, like, over 100 people. Yeah, One of them was an undercover cop, and that's how they got cut. Wow. There's actually illegal or just against the rules of the event. Uh, must be illegal because I got arrested. You're stealing? Yeah. Yeah, that's left breaking and entering. Right? You don't have permission to be in there. You're getting into place without breaking into it. Hey. Okay, let's see if felonies I'm gonna see what they were charged with. Ah, three, man. Yeah, like I've done that. When I was a kid, I think one time I bought two tickets to a movie and had another friend go out with the second ticket and get 1/3 friend in, which is probably illegal. Definitely felt like that was the extent of it, and I did it one time. It didn't feel good about it. Leading 100 plus people. Theft of service is that makes sense on a hard time, for that also meets the criteria for engaging in organized criminal activity. Junior Mafia. So I guess. Like what? They said. Waas that a. C or the festival lost out in almost $11,000 in payment. So it's theft of service between 2500 and $30,000 which is a state jail felony. And because the situation of all three individuals it meets the criteria of engaging in organized criminal activity, which is 1/3 degree felony carrying a potential punishment to 10 years. And then they took them to a strip club and drained their bank account. There's a second face. The plane. It was it was it was a weird week, and I feel like last week in the first weekend of a C. L was super hot uncomfortably hot, and then this past weekend was strangely cold, comfortably called No wait Rugal. I got to go for a bike ride Saturday morning, and I wrote, I wrote down my street and back and put the bike way. You just like go put on a jacket is on the clock. No, it's cold just around the bike. Warm you up didn't not Saturday morning, and then we just we just went down the street. If you really tried to do his too cold, dude, it was too windy to better. What is it about, Like 54 posting about the weather on Twitter that makes everyone want Thio instantly. Be combative about their own because it's colder or hotter everywhere else. I know as like a posted a screen cap of Boston's weather, because it was like 50 degrees one day and then 95 degrees the next day. And that's kind of what I was on about. And someone just like you call that cold. This isn't cold. That's not cold. You think that's cold for Is that cold for Texas Poland, like That's not my point. Yeah, kind of lower than that. It's like warm again today. Yeah, it's to be hot tomorrow. Give me the nineties. Tomorrow, I think. Which is why Barbara posted a screenshot. Exactly. Exactly. I think my my air conditioner didn't turn on all weekend. It was awesome. Really? Yeah, I did. I did. The ah, the heat cool function on my nest. Cool. Is that it's Ah, your house will heat itself or your apartment will heat itself. Um, when it gets below a certain temperature or cool itself when it gets above a certain temperature isn't just like a step. Well, something Most thermostats you could only set to either heat or cool. And so, like, if you're like where we work in our office, if it gets cold and you get there in the morning and it still set to clear, you have to go change to heat like stupid. Why do you have to talk all that? Why aren't they all heat cool? Making me mad? Barbara, I'm making you a function to I'm not mad at you a matter about the situation. Because if you have your ears house set to 72 it's I'm going to say old man shakes fistic cloud. We've entered that that's gonna nail me about it. I think you notarize a letter going My Santa Claus or whatever it is, it's kind of fun to be old, though, and crotchety. Yeah, I like sliding into that a little bit. What was your last crotchety move? Oh, man. Let me think he'll have to come back to me. I can't think of anything crotchety have done. I don't think of you as old and crotchety. I feel it. You don't? He looks like it. No, thanks. I get annoyed when people let their dogs shit on my lawn and then walk off. Oh, that's that's what I don't think that's anything to do with being old. I think of as a teenager have been annoyed that Yeah, if I had a house, it's fucking rude. Happens all the time. I don't like that. Doesn't Really? Yeah. You must have a yard that says disrespect me shit on me. Happen to me all the time in my first house all the fucking time. Isn't there like, um, like, wolf urine or like, some type of meaning? Yeah, but it's hard to get some type of, like urine or spray. You could put on your lawn or like surface fox urine, where if you don't want them separately, it would be harder than a wolf. I don't know eyes. It is illegal to fling the owners feces back of them. Wait, not the owner. The dogs fifties back at the It doesn't defecating on your lawn. Is it because it's mine now? Possession is 9/10 of the law. It's really like assault, because I wished I was the video of ah, woman who let a dog shit on the ground and then got in a convertible on. Some other woman picked it up just like threw it in the car. That's just fine, like instant comma. But she probably broke the law by flinging it in that woman's car. It's probably worth it. I don't think so. I think she didn't want it at her. I think she kind of did it because I mean, I would call that her property. She just given a factor. Yes, So I think you dropped this. Here you go. You don't have a lot of service. I've seen videos of people like littering outside of their car window and like cycle's coming and throwing the letter back in the car, like kind of a similar thing. I, uh, got speaking off all this wild animal stuff. I have, ah, have a grill in my backyard And, you know, like most grills, it's got this little fucking cup at the bottom of it. The little cup you got whenever you grill something like all the grease and everything, just like slides in and slippage. And, uh, I've been bad and I hadn't cleaned that cup out in a while. It's kind of gross. It's little sludgy, but I don't get to it. Eventually the other day, I woke up this last week. Last Monday, I woke up, went outside and it was just, like, flipped over and spilled everywhere. Well, it's still a liquid, and it was like, sludgy. And, uh, I was like, What the fuck happened here? Motherfucking raccoons. Things too little human, having furry, disease laden creatures crawled up under there and grabbed it and threw it on the ground and fucking went to town. How do you know that? Security cameras. These two little fat fucks have been coming around. They've been digging up my yard. It looks like I've been plowing my yard. They fucking dig the entire thing up now. They're taking my cup of Greece. I agree. I'm out there with a fucking hose and got them glove and a sponge trying to clean up dirty ass grease because of these two stupid little animals. Probably cause that done in my hammock. You didn't read the raccoon clause in your contract. They don't sound stupid. They sound quite intelligent work together. You think they do that And then, like, go to a vantage spot and watch you point it and just, like, enjoy. I'm going to think that they do that now, Theo. Crotchety oneself again, left a fucking stain on the concrete power washer. I think it's a coordinated effort with that bird that was following you to get the look out. What was it like? A reverse? No. Why? Okay, record them. So that was my weekend. Said you by your folks Piss. Yes, I did, but that I think Fox Piss doesn't know what they said. I looked up for raccoon deterrence because that was so flustered. Right? So I got rid of the possums. Possums were gone. I missed the possums now kept the raccoons was right, I realized. Take a possum down To get rid of raccoons, you have to spray like cayenne pepper all over the place. It's like I can't do that. I've got fucking dogs. Yes. Is this an episode of something you have to release? Gorillas? Just get bigger dogs, like in addition to your dogs with them. What happens when you have to get rid of those dogs? I don't know. It's a It's a never ending. If I were you, I would move. It's too late. That house is done. Someone called you Dr Don't Little anybody wants that trailer for that. Do little the new uh, Daniel. You and I saw them the poster, and it looks like a fake movie poster. It looks like a parody movie poster you see in another movie, someone said it looked like a movie poster. You'd see a Tropic Thunder. Well, I will say Robert Down Jr was on Howard Stern last week and he said, It's very good. Very good movie. Set a blow, you away showed my tickets. Have you not seen the poster for this bar room? No, I don't even know what you guys are talking about. I did not know that the post room do a little movie post. It's not a great poster. No, it's not. Didn't I mean, are we ready? Murphy do, Dr Dolittle? You did twice, I think. Yeah. So there's, like, our third, the third generation of Dr Doolittle's us. I didn't know you, Professor. Okay, that's the one I was like, Where is the one where he played everyone? Yikes. Yeah. Fuck. That's bad. That just looks like a pair of people. Really Like the bear from Golden Compass in the back. That looks like something Max would have made for an arty short toe have in the background somewhere. That's what I've been a max. Oh, he's making posters like a movie poster. Yeah, I like the smiling animals. Just kidding. I really don't That Oscar just for coming out this absolute receive podcast is brought to you by Ark. Whether it's job interview or your dating profile on your smile could help you make the best first impression. 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But today and for Netflix, the way I think about is it was okay, but unnecessary. Like, it doesn't detract. In my opinion, it doesn't detract from the show, but it doesn't really add a single fucking thing to the show. And also, it was shot in a way that didn't feel like breaking bad. I it's been so long since I saw breaking bad. I don't remember it looking esthetically different, but I will say I felt like that show was that movie was misrepresented. They referred to it as El Camino of breaking that story, which lend credence to the idea that they were going to expand the universe a little bit. And maybe that would be additional breaking bad movies after this one. But there, if there was no point for this one, there sure as hell is no point for the next one. So just like a pillow for the justice. What happens to Jesse Pigment immediately, As soon as he leaves. Yeah. You know how he drives off the end of the season, Mr Serious and everything about its two hours. I mean, that's to breaking bad episodes like what? Really? Can you accomplish? I like that time I enjoyed it, but that's just because I love breaking bad. Getting more of it was cool, but I do agree that it was not necessary. I kind of almost preferred the story of him just driving off and doing what happens to him. Ah, and this kind of gives you closure. You didn't really need? Absolutely. But, I mean, I think Aaron Paul is a phenomenal actor, so getting him to see and more stuff is great. Look at Aaron. Paul is a phenomenal actor, but the bits where we're supposed to believe he's young and Paul are really fucking holy harder. They're only harder thing to take. Is that fact that Jesse Plemons, aged 40 years between filming that show in that movie, which was Jesse Plemons? He's that Todd that he was, um Is he married to Reese Witherspoon? Kirsten Kirsten does kissing? Yes. He, uh he is. Ah, they call him a fat Damon. A lot of people do. OK, OK, Yeah, he did. H also Aaron Paul, I think not only age but gained a little weight to, like you could really tell, like in his chin. Is this guy a little rounder? Yeah. Hey, looks good, though. And he's a good actor, for sure. But it was like, you watch and you go. Oh, so that's what happened to him, e. I guess I didn't care. Yeah, I really like Oh, that's that's kind of what I imagined. Yeah. Then they and then the way they handle the ah without spoiling it. The Heisenberg thing as well. You're like, Oh, OK, cool, Ceremonious. But okay. What way? Did it look different at different cinematography or is a different aspect ratio? I felt it was just 69. No, it was Ah, 2.35 by one. The pacing too different. Like I think that's what it just didn't feel like a breaking bad upset in terms of casings. Well, I feel like I don't know howto how to really say I felt like whenever you watch breaking bad, you got the sense that you were in like, Albuquerque. It was very like New Mexico and does itself. And there is some of that in the movie. But you don't get that same feeling throughout the whole thing. Maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm being too picky, But even, like even some of the time lapse stuff didn't feel like the time lapse stuff from the show, like, you know, when they show that transition in her time passing and it didn't I feel the same way. I don't know. It was a different deep Pier one it was. Did you watch either the MC or righteous gemstones? I still have it so that the one of the antagonists is Ah, this guy who plays. He plays Jimmy in the MC and then he plays Hey, plays the antagonist in righteous Simpson's as well. He I don't know. His name is a fucking tremendous actor, though, Although in that movie he's his faces shaven and I've never seen him with a shaven face I've never seen somebody was like so, like, so incredibly like two different people with or without facial hair. I wish I remember the guy's name you don't talk about. He was like, he was one of the two cops that came into the house. Oh, those two guys. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah He's a tremendous actor but he just looked weird without it without a mustache er ago to your appearing. That's a cool scene. Yeah, two cups you should watch. It was a really cool seen if I wish it yet. So, Joker. Yeah, What you think? I think you and I think the same thing. Yeah. Yeah. Let's see, It's ah Made was, like $97 million for first night, $3.5 million the first weekend and $55.8 million this past weekend. Huge success. Yeah, that's Ah, you think Jared Leto was upset about that? I think Jared Leto and Brian Dunkleman probably send each other e mails all day long. E feel like when Jared Little signed up to do Joker that this is the kind of thing he was hoping for. And now it's like they went in a different direction. And Joaquin Phoenix is getting all these accolades and everyone loves this movie. Did we talk about his interview on? Was that Jimmy Kimmel? Or here's the film Jimmy Fallon. Did you hear about the interview where apparently, um, they showed some out take or like a behind the scenes clips from Joker of him, like in front of a mirror in character, fully like in makeup and everything rehearsing. And apparently the director and someone else were like whispering, Try not to disturb him, and he has this big freak out moment of like guys like I I could hear you whispering. I'm really trying to focus on my lines like it's it's really difficult, and then he kind of like, gets more and more upset and angry about it. on that cuts back to him in his interview with Jimmy Forgot, and he was legitimately like, I didn't know you guys were gonna show that, like, this is really embarrassing. Like, yeah, he's trying. Explain it like when you're in character and you're acting. You really need to focus and likes, especially with this kind of character. You could be taken out of it. So you assume that character you go go much deeper than most didn't survive that that wasn't that whole thing wasn't set up. I did. I did based off like the interview. And then how he kind of like responded to it and about it seemed very genuine. But maybe it's just a really good actor. Turns out a lot of those, like like Lily Tomlin esque Ah, like I heart Huckabee like I heart Huckabees like meltdowns. And a lot of those air are planned. Is there is for promotion. Huckabee's one came out years after that movie. I'm not saying that what I'm just saying that that's the best example of one that I can think of. I just kind of that efficient bill. It kind of pissed me off that they showed that clip with that intention because it's it's true, like when you're trying to get into a scene when you're acting. It's very difficult and, like everyone has all this timeto delighted and to set up the cameras and do all the stuff. But the second your call to said it's like act. People were saying It's Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy. There is no excuse for being one of the There's no excuse for being a dickhead in those scenarios, but I will say, Ah, having been on both sides of that on at a much smaller Internet level. But when there's, like 40 people all standing around waiting for you not to fuck up, that's a interesting kind of stress. Yeah, yeah, it really is. It's like when you look at all these people in here like this, I just want to go on break, that when you guys got it, he's dancing. He's gotta pee so bad, he's gonna hold that fucking light and they just want to go on lunch. They haven't eaten in six hours, and I can't fucking on like a moon mobile. My words. Yeah, that's fucking sucks. Have you seen the outtakes of Ed Harris in the Rock? No, he's on the phone. Any people keep moving or you keep us messed up the line and he just goes ballistic. He just goes ferociously, ends up like slamming the phone on the thing. And then he snaps back into it cause he's tryingto, I guess, stay in that angry mindset, but without dropping through the pack characters. So he just seems like a complete lunatic. But I think it pays us like it's Yeah, he's getting that movie. So, um, I saw some people in chat were questioning the authenticity of the Joker moment. Like you. Yeah. Uh, and I guess after that the actors I'm reading something here from on article the actress rep told Entertainment Weekly that the video was a joke out. Taking the entire moment was planned ahead of time. Yeah. Fuck. You can't believe anything like that. Interesting. Yeah, well, I mean, I think it still brings up a good point. Just I think a lot of actors were painted in a bad light when they have those freak out moments. But sze insane amount of talk. We talked about this when Christian Bale had his freak out in Terminator years. They were in the Congress office. We talked about this on the podcast. Everybody on Earth has a bad day at work, but not everybody on Earth gets their bad day films. You know, I do every Monday, 35 to 6 31 of the things that I guess it's hard to realize unless you're in the situation. But I was reading a lot of comments on this week's GT A because we just walk right by one of the collectibles. The world is like completely blind, but a lot of people who notice it, it seems weird that they noticed it and we didn't see it was literally on our screens. But you aren't. You only look at like little portions of the screen at once. You can't see everything at the whole time, and chances are if if it's obviously you're you probably played a game and miss something. But it's not filmed and you never know if they missed it. Yeah, like it's just unfortunate that all of every frame that we play his film and it should be obvious when we see it, but we don't see or hear quite a lot when we're long recording. How many times have you ever I mean, how many times in your life have you been stuck in a video game and the like? 10 months later, you figure it out that ISS that's baby with links awakening for, like the last four, just like any puzzle. And also people don't understand. I talked about this before. I don't beat a dead horse, but it's a different kind of thing. Toe play a game where the game is a tool to further a conversation that you're trying to have with five other people. And there are typically two conversations going at once, and you're trying to make sense of both conversations, and you're trying to feed jokes into both and at a larger level at a macro level, you're trying to figure out howto progress. Ah, narrative to get from a start to an end. So you have a complete video on you're doing all of that and looking for a fucking dump space cadet or alien collectible. Very. I can see what you mind back where I can see him on my screen. I don't see him, but in my head I'm like I know exactly why I didn't see it. Because I saw the limo and I thought, I'm gonna pull out the alien blaster. I'm gonna shoot you like this whole other part. I was making comedy. It's one. In a weird way, I feel like working at the call center helped prepare us for that A little bit. Totally, Grace. When we you know, when you're a manager at a call center, you have to listen to, like, 30 different conversations all at the same time and keep tabs on them. So you have, like, a room full of people. And you know what? Every single you know, everyone's half of the conversation, and it's totally doable. You can do that. Yeah, you can drop in and out of conversation. And so, like you're talking about, like a situation where there's all these different voices going on in All these different personalities have things to say you can, like, manage that. The hardest part about that whole deal, too, is when you come up with a funny joke you really into and you're waiting for the moment to drop it, and that moment passes, and then you But you you gotta figure out. Can I try to crowbar this joke? And later. And the answer is always No. But then you're like, Fuck. I want to remember this joke so I can say it again some other day and some other video, and then you're like, 10 minutes, Just one bylaws having that conversation in my head. I'm fucking lost on this thing. You could do that. You just slip it in under all the noise. I hope that the editor here is it. And Bruce it up happens a few times every once in a while. It's like, Oh, the audience there was no one reads that great joke. It's like no one heard you was great. That was right. He was really good. It slipping those in kind of under the radar fucking meant fuckin minutes. Yeah, there was that. There's a moment in the t t t recently. Where is the boat level? And Jack's trying to shove me off the boat and see. I'm not sure you're in it. I felt I fall in the ocean Ryan and jacket cracking up. And so much happened elsewhere in the map that the editor had to rewind and then mute the audio from that first moment and just play the audio from the second moment. The two very funny moments. But someone should take both of those moments and put the audio of both on top of each other. And that's what we came here because that's what we're here. Okay, I see what it is. What it seems like we've never heard something or what It should've been so obvious. Chances are it's just drowned out by the other seven. Could you guys hear each other on your headphones? Yeah, we're piped into each other vehicle. I couldn't do it. Otherwise, you don't mind the way you can do it? I said next to Michael, so I would never hear anyone else's way hipbone onto quite more quiet. You will hear him in the eye. Could take Michael out of my headphones. And I would hear with plus like like, from where? I used to sit and achieve 100 like Gavin and Jack. Might as well be on another planet. Yeah, they're so far away. Someone taking your seat? Ah, yeah. Just like there if you need it. I still come back and film pretty regularly like that GT a collectible video we're talking about. We saw him that well after I want to see my life. I feel like I've been in so many videos with you since your new position that it hasn't seemed different toe previously. Yeah, I agree. Halloween is right around the corner, and you don't want to spook someone with your scary Bush. Might be Chewbacca, Bigfoot or Harry Bear, but it's what's under the costume that really matters. It's really important to keep yourself groomed. Ah, you know, we gotta keep the shrubbery down toe. Let the tree look a little taller. I love the mask. A product. Honestly, I think it's super quiet. Work super well. 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And maybe someone else. Yeah. Um What? We have some. Some things I want to do. Oh, um, there's this this bit I've been wanting to do on the podcast for a long time, you know? And you're gonna take on it with me Way Don't we don't have a name for it s So you're gonna help us prove it. There's ah, eso Eric, you know, moved to Texas from California. Yes, he did. And he's been here for a while. And one of the things that has been confusing him since he's been here is how exactly do you pronounce the names of streets or cities are in Austin or in Texas? is in general like so fucked up with Brit. A Canadian run into people who have lived here a long time. So I have an example. I want to show you. You have that example pulled up. I'm gonna spell it out. We have audio listening as well. I think I know what your example is. They can get a part in it. Oh, yeah, yeah. The example. Word is M A N O r. So you know, you would look at that on. I would ask you How do you think you pronounce this word? This one? Everyone should know. So in Austin for the streets, Maynor. Right? But if you're talking about a house, it's manner. It's a manner, but also the GPS, says Amanda. But it's Maynard making manners. The road Not too far area. And you are way. We had a whole game manner. How Maynor is that? Just someone in the control booth way got cool Dentists. A very advanced piece of technology. The dentist 3.0, software screening of that made me think it was one of those pronunciation video Maynor. So No, no, no. Do you have more weight? Just Dennis of other features. Jennifer the dentist. What time is it? 5 44 Time of 12 minutes. You got it. I e This is more fun than your game. Ah, I am in a and C h a c A is a divisive one. I believe I know this one. I know this one to you when you want to get a shot. Believe it's Mancheck. Mancheck in Texas, The street or area in Austin, in Austin. Sorry, man. Check. It's Mancheck. I was never meant Chuck or Man Shack man Shack people to say, Which is the other alternate pronunciations? What other a way have? Ah, phonetic pronunciation man shack. They went with the S H. That's interesting. It's e I'm gonna go with C H. But yeah, you can go either way. But you would look at it. It's a name, Jack. I wouldn't think you were weird, right, Human? Shaka, I'd be like you never been Austin before. That's what I called because I used to live in that area when the office was down south and I sculpt Menchaca until I was told multiple times by multiple people. That's incorrect. You're insulting the fact I think the City wants to change the street sign names to say Mancheck. Rex, I think initially it was supposed to be Man Shack. I just don't know what the other is gone because traditionally, you're supposed to be man Check. It was a typo, right? They fucked it up. They fucked up the sign and they made it mine. Chaka, It's been like that forever. They just never, never got back and changed it. All right, we got another one of those I could think of at least two more. Yeah, there's one. B u R N e t this another road here in Austin b u r N E t. I don't know that one. Burn it. You want to get a front? That's how was that? It's a There's an easy way to remember it. You say it's Burn it, burn it. That's what they say and then burn it. Don't do. We have Ah, Dennis 3.0, pronunciation burning. I don't see why that's strange. That one Burnett Burnett, I heard many people say, but I feel like that would need to tease and possibly any or at least duties. Bird is also a town northwest of Austin Burnett Road used to go out to burn it. That's why it was called that and Oh, okay. What? The phone. Hey, you. Why k e n d a h l have no idea. What the fuck for cooking, Del, You wanna get that shot? Gavin, I'm gonna give this one a shot too. Kuykendall cocking doll, I would say Kendall. Jeff, I've never seen this one fucking doll. What do we got? Kirkendall? Where the fuck is that? Texas? Thank you. Okay, I heard of that one. How about the county? San Antonio's in. Oh, it's that went on there. I don't know what County seen in 10 years, and I'm not for this one. This one fucked me up for years. Oh, you know which one of us? I I refused to say it properly for a long time after because I was I was offended by it. If it's not in there, I think they're adding it. No, no, no, it's It's not in here. What? What is it? Okay, so if it's b e e x a r. That's the county. San Antonio. I know that way R B X. They are, please. Bizarre is it bad? It's bear. Not next are It was a nice sex. The X is silent, silent X x a are bare like if you want your screen name on fucking MSN Messenger to bear and you put X is in between all the fun. Fair weather is like a gamer tag. Yeah, using that gave her case Excellent. R E f U g Iove is the town in the valerie feet. I think that one is Quinn. Ah, refuge Joe! Ref, you geo Fuck it. I know I know this one, Do you? I don't know. I don't give a shot. I think it's probably weird. Like Refugio. Do we have a Dennis three point pronunciation for fury? Oh, Fury! Oh, there's no r Dennis. What time is it in Tokyo? What is that? He said, stand by. He's gotta go onto the web low that Dennis is going to Japan later this year and bought tickets to go see Kiss. Oh, you did it. Look at it. In Japan, in Japan, also a 7 49 is that Are they playing? Are they playing in Japan? Because that's where their relevance. What's the next one? You haven't got any more of that. Oh, my God. An a c o G D o c h e s. That's an easy one. This is a town just a little south of Austin. Did you go there when we did that? We did that event where we saw that we were at the world premiere of Bubble Hotel. No, I wasn't there. Bruce Campbell. Those fun trip is that one is like a silent G 07 Well, you got to take a guess. Necker Durch Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches. Pretty good. But we gotta do. We have Ah, Dennis. Three point. Oh, pronunciation. No, no, just a 2nd 0 she's baby. You want to get drunk in Nacogdoches? You got to go to the bowling alley. I was the one place that was open past 10 p.m. To drink on a Saturday night, and you're gonna give us, like, some handy way of remembering how to pronounce it now, you know, just like there's no way to get fucked up in that town. That one sounds like a service. You could get the spa or something. Way solve more. How many more of these do we have? A W A X h a c h e That's a That's a pretty straightforward one. Walks the hot cheese Yeah, wax a hatch E day Mystery 0.0, Loxahatchee Loxahatchee walks a catchy There's someone You fucking weird names e Okay, Yeah. No, l l You know, Do you use how you say is it? Say it again, please. Piano. Llano Then it's three point. Oh, Lana! Lana! Lana! What the fuck you mean You said it technically, right? Yeah. I've been spending too much time on your last one. All right. Last one b o r e uh, I think that's Beck. Saw I'ma say, Bjorn, I'm gonna say, Bernie, about three point. Oh, Bernie, Bernie, Texas Listening on audio, They just put a picture above Bernie, northwest of San Antonio. It's a tiny little town and a good little movie that's spelled B e. R. And it iss Yeah, in the movie, I was saying like a baby Bjorn that differently. So Jay and that Bjorn, how do you spell that baby? B J O r m? Sure. I guess that's not Ford's Are weird. What is it? The Swedish isn't a bjorn your temple. Where's billing Borg From where was. Where were they? Bjorn? Where does he work? Wasn't he Swedish? Sweetie, if you're Yeah. Sort of sweet, huh? So you're more of those in the future way, said a whole bunch we wanted for a little while. That's fun. That was fun. Need some catchy music or something to go along with that way? Have a lot of ideas that we want to test out on. We'll probably do a bunch of them to come in weeks and then see what people latch on to your people. Like and then we'll build for next week's podcast. Oh, you should go shopping. So last week I'd forget how it started. Think we're talking about your friends hat or someone went to a party and some guy was wearing my friend. Not you went to a party. There's a long story recently. He hated that word. Mister, why would you go to a party that I don't know? So not you. I'll tell you the whole story Off camera. Okay. I wanna know what I'm gonna really sell. About the hat that you saw there was a There was a guy there wearing Ah, a hand. It was the back of the baseball cap was black in the front part here above the brim was white and in black letters, he just said, This is my adult ing hat. So from that we decided that we wanna have an episode of the podcast where we all pick each other's outfits and they have to wear that outfit for the whole podcast. So we're doing that next week? Okay. I found exactly what it looks like. This is my adult ing hat. Oh, uh, audible girls already sent me his clothing. Choice for the person he picked. Like everything. I'm so nervous to know who has me. I needed to know one of y'all shoe sizes. So I texted everyone. What is your shoes? Everyone? You texted me. Just like I'm assuming he's doing this. She to everyone. Everyone That was in that podcast, even myself. That is very smart, but I'm asked them what? Their shoes. You know what it says in our text conversation below. What's your shoe size? 10.5. Below that No. $200. Fuck, yeah. I was like I was trying to figure out, but and then you suggested we just all email. Everyone right. And I think you and I were the only ones who know. Yeah, I think you responded. So good job. Everyone else. Yes. It's also Chris, Chris and Gavin. Lovely. We're gonna want to see We're gonna have to show up early next week and get into our costumes. Since what everyone else spot for us is to fill in the process of picking it out to you guys. You're planning on doing that to life? Yeah. Make a bit of art to life. I already done. Don't. Oh, shit. I was gonna go to, like, a thrift store and everything like that. Easy done. Has anyone played out the wilds? Is that out? No. No. Outer worlds. Oh, God. It's so confusing once. What? What's that? It's like a space X exploration game, But the sun explodes every 22 minutes. So you're in. You're in this time loop in you just like ground hog day in space. Oh, really? Yeah. It's really good. I liked it. It looks cute. And it's got some, like, deep scifi. So, for, like, the way it looks surprisingly deep. Haven't playing ghost wreak on break point. Is that good? All right, Let's go streak on. I'll play any and every ghost Recon will fill. You have so much blame. Brand loyalty. Toa stricken I played. I finished goose game like immediately. I picked it up and really like power through entitled named oh entitled Games So fun. Good. You played on the R Twitch stream the other day. So, like you play the whole game and then when you're done with the main game, there's like additional goals. So on the stream we just since I already played it just, like, kind of power through it all as quickly as I could and then did all the additional ones, too. So they wrapped it all up. That's a short. It's a relatively short game of politics five or six hours if you don't know what you're doing. But I've been playing ah, links awakening on the Nintendo switch pretty good. I never played it on the game, boy. So it's like Is that the woman? The claw game? I keep saying Yes, get on with that. It's fine idea. There's like one item you need from It didn't take me very long to get it, but yeah, there's other stuff in there. That seems I could be a huge pain in the ass. What? What is under? Sorry. Outer wilds. What is that on from everything, isn't it? Exports in PC thing. So the next box game thing? Bond, it's been 12 minutes. Thanks. Status. Bing Bong's. I want somebody. So is it you're making intuitive progress and then resets every 22 minutes and you just know a little bit more? Yes. You can't affect anything you call. Take anything from one time into the next is just about collective knowledge. And it kind of tells you where to go and you can discover mechanics. And then Oh, I can use that knowledge in this place I couldn't get into before. That's kind of like the plot of the new X Men run. All right? Yeah. Cool. It's similar. Yeah. And this different, uh, this different planets that have different things going on. There's two planets orbiting close to the sun on one of them is sucking all the sand off the other. So the sand level drops throughout the 22 minutes on one. There's one planet this crumbling away. How long? How long? Stick to beat it. Really seemed like 10 hours, really. But I was really trying to do everything I was trying. I was just really into the world. Who's flying around? I'm looking it up. Uh, it's so confusing Is that other one is outer worlds. Otherwise, our wiles according to how long to be, takes about 15 hours. It sounds like so much was saying outer worlds with the Australian accent. Adam wilds When the outer worlds comes out October 25th did you see the fortnight thing that happened yesterday? They grew up fortnight. Can you explain that to me? So I don't play? I just watch people watch stream is reactions to it. The a bunch of shit started happening like a meet your happen in the bunch of missiles came through and then this giant meat you're like, plowed into some shield and it caused a black hole like sucked the whole map in only the story. I'm watching it and then explosion is just like a black hole. And that was it, like that was the game like that was, if you tried to get in the game, you just saw that for like a day. I just know it's about what was going on. Oh, maybe it comes back tomorrow. Yeah, everyone was season 11. It's like note. That's and even like the menus get sucked in tow. Think they haven't said when it's coming back? What everyone speculating that it's tomorrow? Her? I think it's really cool idea that have big in game events like that gets in and watches a movie in the game. Basically, I I assume they're tryingto ah kind of, ah, reinvent themselves to stay relevant right there, lose a little bit of market share. As it happens over time, that game's been on top for a long time. That's really smart. Interesting way to do that for a while. I think with these in game events. But that was just the Evros reactions to It was great. Yeah, it made me think about this fucking restaurant in Austin. There's this restaurant. It's not too far from the studio. Actually, that's that has been really popular for years. You were in there to tell you it's Thai food I've ordered from there. I've never beaten in restaurant, So it's this super popular Thai place. Very good, really, really well respected. They just closed for like, two years. They said, Yeah, we're gonna remodel and we'll be back. And then they were just close for two years, and then they just reopened. It was like it was a big deal. When they reopened, people were like, waiting for them. So they had to pay for the place for two years without making any money and then pay for the refurbishment. Yeah, and then they They're so popular that they'll close for the holidays. Like like, Yeah, we're too close for two weeks for Thanksgiving. Oh, okay. Shit. Yeah. That that that place, that place is always crowded. Yeah, a couple close Now it might. It might be not two years from now. Just opened It reopened a couple years ago. It was closed, like seven or eight years ago. It's been a while. It's like there was this a long time ago, like maybe 67 years ago, there was this restaurant in Spain called, I think it's called Il below. And it was the best restaurant the world, like in in the Michelin top 50. And it was the best stress on the world, like, four years in a row. And they just closed down and they were like, We're just closing down Ah, indefinitely. Until we reinvent food or whatever we're gonna do, we've accomplished all challenges. We've been on top of the top of the food chain. It's kind of gotten Monday in a boring and they just shut down and I still don't think it's open, or maybe this by now. But because I checked the way it works is only for you. Do you could, I guess, when you're the best in the world, though, and they, like you, want to challenge yourself. But, ah, they Ah, they had anything that was like a lottery when you to get reservations that you would like have to enter in and then you would get emailed back like a year later with like a window that you could get, and I tried it a couple times. It was very labor intensive, and so I never did. And then I remember I checked back, like, a year or two later to see. Maybe it's open again. I can I can go in there and it just never I can kind of see not wanting to fizzle out there. Yeah, like if fortnight actually ended fortnight Yesterday, I would've thought I was a cool What Bullough Murder way would have pissed off a lot of people, but cool. Way to do it. Have you guys been to Ah, dip dip dip here in Austin. I will talk about it. Your reservations was, but it's a new restaurant Here it Burn it, Burn it, e Forget the type of cuisine. It is hot. Yeah. Ah, but apparently you need to make reservations, like, three months in advance for it. She's And I got to go because, uh, Josh and Nadia made reservations with two other friends who then had to cancel on them. So they're like you and Ah, Trevor, want to come to dip dip dip with us? What good is amazing? There is Also, there's a hot pot place right on the E t campus. That's like they're called books. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Dipped a tip is definitely a little feisty dinner. Yeah, I think that's what's called right there. Do you know it there once? Yeah. Emily and I ate there. A couple of those Awesome was pretty good. Yeah, I was confused. Is focused on what I was supposed to be doing? Did you over order e? I don't think I don't know. I had a good amount. Yeah. How fun is so good. I fucking love hot pot. I discovered that in Australia you were there for the tour. I fell in love with that. I'd like my favorite meal at most places is the hot rock if it's available. So I just the ability to cook your own food. I love that. So great. It is school. We went to ah, place like that when we were there for New York Comic Con this past early October. Really? For that woman that wasn't this past recently. Yeah, we want Thio Korean barbecue, But they cooked it all for us, Which is a weird thing. They basically put all the food in the middle of dead. That's it. Probably by foreign aid. Rhea Ellen El Bulli Luli. There was Ah, yeah, lots of times, they'll go in and they'll cut all the meat and cook the meat for you like that just to make it easier on you. Yeah, when I was in Ah, in Korea a couple years ago, I was in um I was there with a bunch of people and I we wanted to get some Korean barbecue as long as you're in Korea. So I went to the hotel concierge sounds like Is there a good Korean barbecue place that you would recommend? It's really good around here. And he's like, Yeah, you know, it's go down the street where you just told us where to go. I went there. The place was amazing. That was all super fresh, super great. We had, like, a bunch of pork that we had ordered. Some of it still had, like, hair on it from the big. Like you could tell it was like this skin, and it was like a little bit of hair on the on the outside. But you are. He's really good. The food was amazing. I ate it, you know? It's like, Wow, that's Ah, that's intense. That's fucking gross. What is your favorite restaurant in Austin right now? Our favorite restaurant in Austin right now? I don't know. That's a good question right now. Oh, I promised Esther I wouldn't talk about that on the podcast because you know, when other people are going genre know culturally later says something really specific. Do you want to know Austin's best kept secret? Yes. So you guys have been to Sean noodles near the office? The sushi place knows I'm a speed. Well, you know, I know. Have you guys been to the domain before? I assume the shopping mall domain. There is a Sean noodles in the domain. I'm hesitant to tell you guys because I don't want a lot of people showing up there. They dio dim sum at that one. Really? And it is some of the best food I've ever eaten in my life, and it's it's always empty. Really? Yeah. We can't you like every day that out? Because I want to see Oh, I want a dim sum place. What's that area called? Ah, way up north on Lamar. Past 183 where they have, like like the Asian Market area trying town Chinatown. Is that what it's called up there? Yeah, there's I was dim sum place up there the other day, and, ah, it was I would wait like an hour and 1/2 to get in. We're not a big, dim sum fan, though. I There's other things there, too, on the menu that everything is just phenomenal. I don't know how. No, I'm like more Bill Don't know about this place every time. A relatively new then right? I don't think so. I think people just probably see Sean Noodles and they assume it's like every other one, which is like the one by the office is very subpar. Sushi. I don't want to say that that's not a good Yeah. Is there another if you have to? Basically, Is there a type of cuisine or a specific restaurant or anything that you miss from Canada? Like whenever you're about to Montreal, you're like like I can finally read it. This place, I mean, poutine would be, Yeah, an obvious answer. Hey, making good now. No, it's not. Um, but I mean, I'm also kind of thankful that there's not good poutine here because I would weigh £250 probably because I was like my drunk food. What street is a haymaker manner? Later, Gus, I don't care if it ruins it. People should. It should know. I think the best burger in Austin's pool burger You got that cool burger. Where the fuck is that? It's behind D. Betty. Oh, Yeah. Bloody cabaret. Um, I think so. I go there twice a week. I think mighty finds the best. Uh, you might find it, Hilbert. We're both pretty good. I am. I love Hilbert's because of the history, But I have had better rivers. A dentist. What is the best burger in Austin? Dennis left, but it's casino El Camino. Uh, just leave in the middle of the fucking show. I like their burgers there to think. Because, you know, has gone through some changes over the years. Your complaint with the hamburgers, that there's too much hamburger. Yeah, because then it lose its flavor. Dude, when it loses, then it loses its burger. Have you ever had the burger at Clark's? Yes. It's good. Good. I finally had it Sunday. Oyster bar. Fucking good. I went to that. I went to that place around the corner here. Ah, Clucking burger. Have you been there getting Dr Idle time? I went in. Ah, last week. I went a little early. Went in around 11. 30. They open at 11. Went 11. 30. I walk up to the register. I've never been there before. There's no one. There. Took a few minutes for someone to come out. They came out and taking orders that yell. Have you know this burger? Okay. Do you wanna side of city? I'll have some fries. Oh, we don't make fries. We make a housemaid. Chips was like, Okay, I'll have that, then this Just put in my order initially. Oh, no, wait. We do have fries. Uh, Okay. Well, she's like, What do you want? I said, Well, the price She's okay. So then, you know, I sit down, my food comes out. That's why the food the burger section pretty good, uh, ended up leaving around 12. 10 or so. There's not another customer there the entire time. Really? Yeah. So if you want to try it, try it sooner rather than later. I think it's worth I think it's worth a truck. It's ah, you know where turntable used to be and it's right there. Did you read turntable? Yeah, that place was good. And it was always empty pricing. Home slice. People are going to go to that area. It's to goto that that's a shame, But clicking burger totally fine. Burger. You should try it. I will, actually. Speaking of that I went toe right next to that or pretty close to a solid. And Betty, I went there for the first time ever. That is pretty good. I have some really good healthy options. Yeah, it's nice. I had heard, like, middling things about it, and I quite enjoyed it. Yeah, it was great. Get, like, some barbecue, their sandwiches. They got pork shoulders looking delicious. Yeah, I've been very hit and miss with that place. Really likes either really good or it's also always dead. Yeah, it was pretty dead, were there? Yeah, but definitely check out Sean noodles at the domain. I I will definitely do that. Now we can. I think, uh I think the problem with the airport is that Komei sucks all the oxygen out of the street. Yeah, like they get all the trial and nobody wants to eat anywhere else. But come on. That street, that's Yeah, please. Stiffly busy. We went there the other day and it was like a 7 30 on a Tuesday, and they're like, it's gonna be an hour and 40 minute Wait. Any time I go there for lunch, I always see, like four other tables reversed Ritchie's people. Yeah. Eyes filled with Bethany work here. I think we would goto coma at least once a week when she wanted to go to lunch. I ran into her the other day. Oh, yeah, At a coffee shop. Those weird. I said way talk for quite a long time, but it was really good. Yeah. It was lovely to see you. It's just you don't expect to get a copy shop and see. See Bethany there. I was like, you know, you're not a coffee kind of person. She was there to use the bathroom. She was, like, reading at the park. Or someone needed to take a dump. So she went, though, Hello. Coffee shop. I won't say the copy shop. You know, it's kind of all quit. To see people you work with in public on the weekend doesn't hate way. I've discovered that with Ryan. It's awkward in the hole. Hey, I inhale it in the hallway, like between the toilet and the office. Yeah, he just makes it really all credible past. If you had that with no, no in opposite directions. Every time you say summers with you in the other. Imagine bumping into him outside of work would implode. It is weird. It's a weird of anything. And I'll preface this by saying, I think we're all friends. But it is weird to begin a professional friendship through like like that's what you guys have. You guys have a professional friendship, right? Yeah, and it's documented on camera. And whenever you're on camera, you're on, and then the second you go off camera, you're like, All right? Uh huh. You got a problem? How so? Just like more natural with people in person. And when I got the pockets, I'm like So how was everyone's day today? I don't know about you guys, but I find the only time I'm comfortable is on camera, like on podcasts or on let's place or whatever arm or uncomfortable in day to day. Why I ran into Jeff a few weeks ago at a grocery store were whole Fitz. Yeah, I was like, Jeff was there with Millie and I walked in with Esther and we walked into that kind of interest, ran into each other, just like, Oh, hey, hey, Like we kept walking in, Mr was like everything okay? You're like, you're like mad at each other or something like that. No, no, no. But that's just it. That's it. I mean, it's like it's like we've been friends for 24 years or something. No. 22 years, B 20. It'll be 22 years in January, 20 years in January And, like, I don't know how else to say it other than you and I have had every conversation two friends can have Twice in 20 years. We're old. With already more than half my life. I I could not be more comfortable around you. No need to speak like I could sit next to me. Oh, hey, Very easy. Comfortable. We'll go the movies or whatever, but yeah, we don't weigh thought. We've done it to death. Let's think about this the other day how Gavin is one of my oldest friends, like I knew you when I was 15 and then I think back of like, you're technically, ah, high school friend. And so every week, so stay fucking weird today. Lets me with Frank. I met Frank when we were 14. Shit. Yeah. And he's still it is still around here. Yeah, she's such a long time to know someone. I feel like friendships get harder. The longer they are the older than I was hired to maintain s'more effort somehow, Yeah, that's true, because, okay, maybe it's just like a free with anything. I feel like when we live together. It was the most effortless friendship, I guess, because we were just always together. Yeah. Now, no, we don't live together. We see to the so much less. It's just harder to put some work in e. I agree. I totally agree. It's something like you and I had a friendship that was built on spending every second around each other, like his arms were always around each other with super effort. We would see each other at home and at work and on the way home. And, yeah, it was just like it was totally natural. And now I feel it is It's like there's almost like those pressure, like all I rarely ever see Gavin. So, like we're going to the movies or whatever, like I gotta make it good. You know, it's tough, you know, similar to you and Gus. We've had a lot of the conversations. Speaking of relationships, someone tweeted something to me today on article that had not seen before. It was an article about a I said she was a German woman who has been in a five year long relationship with a Boeing 7 37 and she says that it's physical. Does that mean she's joined? The Mile High Club is a specific one. That is a specific one. What? What? Reed is it? She says that this plane is quote very attractive, sexy, beautifully built and elegant. But what about the other planes that look you completely identical to it? There's this one that's not regular plane. That's a different plane. Come on, dude. You like every other British person. But there's something special about you attracted. Want to sit in you? I'm trying to see what? What round it flies. Which bit does she put up? A I don't know. She might just be. You said it was physical. She might not put B a put up her. She might be a rubber. Yeah, just Yeah, she got she got to spend quality time with it in an airport hangar in May of this year. So she has special access to it. I guess they gave her access to her. She's kissing it right there. It's like when she wants to, like, hold its hand. She just like, hold on to the tip of the wing. There you go. There's the photo for you, Barbara. She seems happy. More power to her. Is this like when I touch his wings, I get immediately sweaty palms and get excited? It is surely like mental illness. No, I mean, I don't think it's that necessarily. They said it was like this close to fetish the mental where they had a term for it. Because I can't find it right now. Um, it was in this article. It's Ah, object Ophelia when sexual or romantic attractions focus on a particular inanimate object. So really, I wouldn't say it's necessarily Anil Mental illness. Or does that include, like sex dolls? Because those are meant to look like human and have human features. And it's an object. Still, I guess. Yeah, cause like I would say, there's a very big difference into like being in love and having sexual interest in an airplane versus having interested in sexual interest in like a a doll that's was Dominican doll, that it feels like a person. Looks like a person emulates a person. All that stuff and my am I wrong and thing and not having any issue with that lady loving a plane. It seems totally fine to me. It's unusual, so I bring it up. I wouldn't It's not hurting anyone, right? It's like Fuck it. Gavin loves to have women stick fingers up his butt. That's fine, right? Trevor like to come in his own mouth, whatever to each their own. I just think that boring vanilla sex the way it's being written about it's clearly being right about, like, check out this crazy woman. But what she has a problem, or just like even if she doesn't like the problem, is that it costs a lot to see her boyfriend. My fucking ticket she can't be alone is like 200 other assholes. I feel like if she is not having a relationship with a another person because of the plane Southwest Ophelia, that would be an illness. You are sexually attracted to something like that. That's a weird sadomasochism shit right there. Southwest flight, but selfish fan back over there. Oh yeah. Is that so bad? It's cheap baggage. You've got all the wrong airport. If you want to fly tow Sandy or Vegas nonstop from Austin, it's should I will takes helpless. When I was doing in San Diego, I used to take us all the time you want. He said he's only been fucked twice myself. West looked hard by American Airlines last week. Oh, boy. Here. This is when you do the plane story graphic. What happened? Because it really talk about it too much. Because it was I was. I was a work trip and it was for a show called Seven Wondering Sze. So even like talking about, like, the location and stuff would I would afraid would give weird clues. Yeah, like this. It's like us. Yeah, don't spoil the episode or the show but I would like that fucking show to come out because I have almost bowed out, like, six times on this podcast alone. What do you guys talk about? A location on like we just I want to say it comes out in mid November. I think it comes out November. There's eight episodes I believe weekly, so it'll be it'll be a minute. I still won no I saw too funny. I would ask you what's to you saw. But that would be a spoiler. Were you? I saw the one with that thing. And then the one where they did that thing. Yeah. I think that they've all been film now. I think the last one got filmed last week. Very last one, Which was I thought, one of the most clever. I have some stuff I've been working on. I hope that we start releasing it. I've been talking to you about it. I'm very excited about it. Okay. Very fucking excited about it. And we're working on it for a long time. I think even, you know, about maybe about me. This is, like, predates all of that like it's It's something's been going on. No, I don't think so. You bring your best friend also, by the way, I kind of like it's one of the things that we started working on that just got, like, mired in development. Hell, is this in the live action thing? Podcast. Okay. It's like now we're trying to like, bring it back. It's going to be like, this is a good time to mention we just put out a pilot episode of a new podcast board trying out called Good Morning From Health. Yes, that Blaine and Chris are doing. I just came out on Friday, Right on Friday. Yes. So we just put the pilot up. It's for first members only. And guys have been given great feedback so far, and we love more of it, hoping to make it a regular thing somehow Blamed, told so that. So I spent a lot of the comments are just, like laying gonna be able to keep this up because he's doing his Clayton character from on the spot. I I wanna be funny. I sit in my office is, like, next to where they record the audio pockets. That's why I just try to listen a little bit, you know? But I ended up sucked in. I stopped what I was doing. Listen, the entire thing, it was fucking hilarious. Yeah, I said I was enjoying it. The office might have a sexually attracted to audio podcasts. Those XLR came on way myself with another show from the Contact Group is well, rid debut today. Right now we're calling it Artie in bucks is basically like our version of Allah. You are like the comment show, which, by the way, ah, wasn't a fresh idea. I saw some people are like, Oh, you're ripping off. Do you have the show's all we ripped off? Yeah, People need to understand that if you think they stole this thing, that people, that they stole it from stolen from somebody else who your parents know about and they stole it from somebody your grandparents all the way back to when, like whoever made the Big Bang. We also acknowledge the fact that we think I was great in a great idea and we wanted to kind of stuff like that can accompany rip itself off no AA lot. The Lost I was great because Jeremy's dick was up. Oh, it wasn't out. It was just showing. That's awesome. There wasn't out, but it was showing. Everyone in the room could see his Penis through his boxes, but it wasn't out of his boxes. So technically, he will clarify with this. No, it wasn't out. I saw a bunch people saying You should call RT recap, which I think it's fucking funny because you're not recapping anything. It's a pre cap right, which is called Artie Prica. It bothers me two ways. One because of that reason is a recap, not a recap, but also because so many people, when I, like, talked about as doing the same show, they're just like, didn't the Archie recap die like, why are you bringing this back? I'm like, it's a different show. So we're not gonna call the arty recap because we've done the anti recap. It's a different show. Um, so right now we're calling it Artie Inbox. But there's been some, like, good ideas are to round up was a nice one, but that also kind of signifies the end. I think I think the inbox is fine. And I watched an early cut of that. I was very entertaining. Yeah, it was really fun. I think it was like some of the most fun we've had in the office in, like, recent memory. Just like getting toe all do something together. Do you and I were a part of something last week that I thought was very, very fun. We you don't remember it, but latte we had ah, like an off site with a direct offsite with all the like, the new creative heads and all the major players, I guess in the different direct, uh, team 100 funhouse and animation. Yeah, and Artie and, um And we had, like, a five hour planning session, and I had so much fun, and I laughed so much, and we had so many. We put so many good ideas up on the board. I'm so fucking excited. We had a little meeting today. Me and Lewis and Greene and Holum. And when Shawn Heinze and, ah, like the direct studio catch up, see what you're doing A woodland. And we actually made some progress on some of those ideas, and I'm really fucking jazz to get anything. Ah, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, for sure. Awesome. I'm excited. Yeah, I was. It was one of those meetings where I was wildly impressed by a lot of my co workers of Just Fuck, you guys were really good at this. And you're really good at coming up with these ideas and these concepts and things that I think will be really fun. And the audience is really gonna love and like, I can't wait to be the frustrating part of that is You get to be in those meetings and you see, like, 30 good ideas and, you know, like, 25 of them are gonna make it. Yeah, And you just like you hope to hold onto. That's what Monopoly was for so many years. I was I was like, Sunday. You know, I feel that way about a bunch of the banquet table. Harker tapes up. Yeah. Um, I'm the one I'm most excited about. Well, there's a bunch. I think we're gonna do the funhouse one first, but I'm so jazzed about that. So I hope hoping it's fun. House. That's really good ones. At least made a joke in there That stopped the room. Yeah. Everybody had to stop and laughed for, like, 30 seconds. Yep. That's a funny lady. Tell me about it. Well, over way from something with her last week, and she kept making, derailing everything. She was too funny. I won't spoil what it was about, but we filmed a short that might have had some fun house cameos in it, and police basically just had to deliver one line in response to something. And it was only when the camera's on me for my single. She kept changing what her response to that line would be so that I would laugh every single take cause I would never expect what she was going to say. She's fucking funny. Dude, Did you see the, uh I didn't watch it yet, but fun houses video the eye tracker video that they dio they did one with James where he put up a video or ah, picture of both me Annalise on screen to see where James's icy go. They went to a lease. He's okay. I think they went to a lease and then Lisa's butt and then to lease again. If you had just a naked man and woman show up, Where would your eyes Good boobs? Manner, Female manner. That's a weird nineties band. Yeah, I go to the lady boobs. I know. I'm a boob girl. We were a verdict in terms of, like, visually pleasing. Yeah, well, you see, you're I would first be drawn toe chest before genitals. I think so. I go straight for the business, although I guess you like, don't often see just a naked dick as often as you wouldn't watch righteous Jim stones, the season finale. We're nothing but cox I saw before I came in third. Also, we went to watch a hustlers, and there's boobs all over that movie. And like every single scene and the one time there's a dick, it just like, whoa, Like I heard the audience audibly gases. Like we've been seeing tits this whole time. Guys. Also, they present boobs in a way that in that movie you're just like more booze. Yeah, it is that you're not like, oh, boobs. At any point, you're like boobs. But then Jennifer Lopez shows up on screen and she's wearing almost nothing. She looks like she could kick the shit on. It's pretty exciting. Her ass looks like she could break my head. She is so talented. Oh, um, I said I'd talk about Felicia days book. Embrace your weight. I was gonna bring on the podcast last week, but I forgot. I have done. I haven't really It's good. Yeah. Yeah, it's ah, very therapeutic. Got some good advice. What is it? We're focusing on the podcast stuff she's been on before. She'd been before, but I was never back up. I think recently, right? Yeah. It's been a long time. Show the cover to the camera. Are they good, Cox? Jeff, that's not the name of the book. That's what somebody asked me. All go. All cocks are good, Cox. All generals are good generals. If you do it Autobiography that you should call that. Okay, it is over The special reading on my personal life. Yeah, sure. Yeah. You should get her on. You guys head around the podcast. One time it was she was really funny. Fantastic. Yeah. I can't put it back up. Um, so have you seen this thing? I guess like Disney's been tweeting every movie that they ever made That's gonna be on Disney. Plus, yeah, it was just like one by one. Yes. And it's been, like all day long with this tweet So moving you like I've never fucking hurt. And you forget about, like those fabulous Dobermans and the shaggy d A And we're all that. Yeah, but if you keep tweeting me, Gus, remember that 1976 movie with, uh, what's his name? Ah, it Asner and ah, Barney Fife. Umm Oh! Ah, ah, yeah. Mr. Limpet. What is this? Huh? Thank you. You know, from the Apple Dumpling Gang goes to a roomful of Millennial's. Going is a movie about AH, football team that has a mule that can kick 100 yard field goals like that. That was a movie. Do you want to know what else they're having on to see? Plus, there's a song of the South High School musical, the musical The Siris. What the fuck is that? It is a high school musical. The musical, the series, The white of the musical in there twice. What the fuck is that? Because High School Musical wasn't it wasn't a musical with all these like No, it wasn't like on stage, was it? I'm so happy I never saw that high school musical. Ahh The Simpsons Writer Robert the World According to Jeff Goldblum, The Simpsons is gonna be on there. So it says that's where yeah sucks. Ah, One of Phil's FX X is pretty much on Lee The Simpsons, right? They stop playing old Simpson only play like more recent ones now. Really? Like do they launch next month? Shit, I just I don't know. I'm gonna ask, was gonna say I don't suppose you guys watch. Always sunny any of the season. It's been really fucking good. There's a new show on That's kind of like, uh, called cake. Have you seen that? Never heard of that. Yeah, it's like it's like liquid television a little bit. Or maybe like early adults with thin yet live action and animation. I don't know if I like it. I've seen promise for that. Yeah, but I haven't actually watched it. Uh, yeah, I just I don't know what I've been watching you. I've been watching terror season two that finds that this season finale tonight I thought was very uneven. I need to get I need to get into It was Ah, I feel like it's a little It's a little all over the place. I feel like maybe they should have trimmed it down a bit. I'm afraid I won't like it because it's a totally different team. And see, I like season one so much that I'm afraid I might have unfair expectations when you watch your shows, You actually watching them or you reading about them, unlike Apia. Ah, If I watch it, I'm watching it. Okay. How do you have the time? Ah, I wonder this about you all the time because you go on, like, our long multiple, Our long bike rides Every day you watched every single show read every single book you play every single game. So, uh, dirty secret. I don't read. I've been reading in a while. Um, reading has taken a hit. Unfortunately, this year. Ah, just just gotta yet take a break. And, um, I don't play a lot of video games. Okay? I played Jim's award. Like when I'm trying to work out stuff in my head. And I have been playing a little bit ago streak on over the weekend, but I think I've put, like, four hours into it real. And I like the game. Realistically, I'll probably put another two hours into it and call it a day. You know, you just got just enough to get a flavor. Yeah, um, but I've been really into TV lately, huh? I kind of view it as work. Like it's like homework. If you have to talk about pop culture and you know, doing this podcast off topic or being in let's place or whatever, or just wanting to know what's popular in the world. Uh, most of what I do is podcasting and TV. I don't watch a lot of movies. I don't have the attention span. And also listen a lot podcast. I do. Listen, a lot of talk about that. Um, Impressive. Thank you. Well, I will say this. Ah, sobering up taught me that there are so many hours in a day, so many hours. Oh, my God. And if you only sleep five hours a night, that's like, you gotta do something. Five hours a night. Five or six? Yeah, Well, I don't see much. Well, millions to go to school to say, I think about six to take me to school, go to bed earlier. And if you got about it, I got a better, like, one minute or one and go to bed earlier. You know, I could but, uh, TV to watch or podcast. Listen to our shows, the plan or whatever. You know, I watch another fuckin house hunters show over the weekend. It's like another version of house hunters I didn't know existed. I really was until, like, 100 and 30 sees that she's in a 1,000,000,000 house hunters renovation. The 1st 30 minutes is a typical house under show where those three house in the pick one and the last 30 minutes are they renovated? A good it was okay. But like this, it's just another one. That's every other home show like isn't like Flipper Flopper Flip or flop like follows that one couple. There's one show where they do that, where they look at three or four different houses, pick one and then renovate it. Millie, what's the one that we watched with Grandma So much? Is it that one house under renovation? Thanks, buddy, that they six ounces up or not? Emily, what's the one that we watched with my mom When one promises house under someone you and I watched that I reminded you about this begins was okay, It's I I watched that, too. Apparently, there's also one. That's the one I thought was in L. A. There's like there's I think I just went through the wash every Austin up said. I wanted to do that. It was an easy way to do that. How'd you do that? You just go from episode description, episode description, but there's like 900 episodes. Yeah, why would probably haven't watched them all but I, probably 10 was the one was chipping Joanne the gains. Yeah, that's Ah fixed. Pretty sure they look at multiple houses on that one. Renovate. That's like the one I watched the least. Yeah, dude, I know I'm late to the game, but we have been into this season of great British Baking Show. Is that what this version's called it? Looking good, looking good? It's not called Bake Off. No, in America, it's called Great British Baking Show. And I can answer this because Emily looked it up because you in America, Pillsbury has the rights to the word bake off so they can't call a bake off in America. So they called Bake Off in England. They had to change the name of it in in the U. S. Comedies. Such a good show. It is a very good show. I love reality TV. That's not been Americanized in this sense, where everything is super overdramatic, and it's just like people who are just trying to let know. Hell's Kitchen. You can't British kitchen nightmares. It's so good. Yeah, it's complete. It's night and day, totally different. So that first episode when Gordon Ramsay's like this is how you price fish. Here, let me take you to go buy fish. This is how you haggle for buying fish. This is what you look for when you buy it. So fascinating. You watch the American version like, Oh, it's like I caught everyone second fire. Gonna let the screen and flip flopping through Negative Don't gave I think someone donkey. Yeah, it looks like a dog's dinner says I think I always kill Milli with a moon ball earlier. Oh, no, she said, Yeah. I don't know why. You like what? Doing what? You sit in there so much Because it's such a risky room to be in. No, you just get on the couch. Just understand it either. It's a good point, maybe, like right under the wall is the safest place. What? Uh, that's it. I'm done. I'm good. All right. Well, thanks for watching. Nobody shows any shows by a book by book Do watch our new shows