#567 - The Episode Where We Dress Each Other

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Blaine Gibson, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss dressing each other, Watchmen, vegans, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-567

Recorded: 2019-10-22 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:35:38 (5738.5 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman


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    "hbo watchmen"
    "tulsa race riot"
    "game changers"
    "living with yourself"
    "good morning from hell"
    "monty python"
    "parent trap"
    "lindsay lohan"
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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 567. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the few podcast this week. Brought you by squarespace Arizona Circle and away. Believe it or not, I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Chris. I'm blamed. Barbara Still Gus. Um, So what was it two weeks ago, we decided we were gonna dress each other up for it up. Sort of the party. I don't know how he came to that idea. I had dressed. Barbara. Guess you dressed me. Try a guess. People will never be able to figure that out. We may as well just tell them. Why don't you rat them out Now leave. Gavin Dressed me like a dick. Uh oh. Well, for audio people, okay? Yeah. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Giant Penis. Just the audio podcaster. Gus dressed me. You're I'm not perfect. Your bat, Whatever I look at Chris, I always think of I always think of ness. I like that. I'll take it any day, so Ah. So that's why I was like, Oh, I drew your name of like this. Perfect. I was gonna buy a ness outfit this guy because now I have my Halloween costume and somehow Daven. Now you have Ah, handheld mic. What? My mike died, right, Mike? Actually, now, you could see your hand a little better too. Who just used who? Just me. Chris dressed me, actually. Yeah. I've been told that this is not just a rat costume. It's a sewer rat. What difference between a rat in a sewer. Who told you that? Sewer rats are bigger. So why you see a sewer rat? Not a normal red eyes. A little X remains year. I like normal. Normal rats are a little more like mice. Just big mice. But sewer rats are more like that mix of Ah, rat and a possible Be careful petting him. He might have Rabies on. Lastly, Barbara dressed e. I don't know what your inspiration was. My heart, my dragnet. Can I make a request? Gus, can you stand up and just walk to like, the front of the set? Their sunglasses. It gets bright because of all the lights out. Kisses go. The best outfits, the colors, the hot, the knees, the knees not ass out there. You go to the back of the shirt, too. Collar pops. Beautiful. Fucking abuses. 10 out of 10 you wear it so well. You know, initially I was gonna have you in just a full tuxedo. Gavin and I have a nice and I'll talk with Eric is like or we could go for something. Like a rat. Like rats. A really good idea, Eric. Side air gloves, rats. I thought it would be funny. Slice of pizza should be like the pizza rat. Yeah. Is not cold in this? I bet not. Yeah. Dedication. But it's not cold for Barbara either. It's not cold at all. As you could see, I'm very erect. A Barbara? Yeah. Can I make a request? Yes. Can you just stand up and just go right to the front of Yeah. Thank you very much. Way wearing the latest one from J. C. Penney means now this is the secret ties tradition. Correct. She's looks marvelous. And her you're innately circumcise. A summer Look. Now you can accessorize with this one, Chris. You can get a conquering just really times the whole looked Prince Albert. Indeed. Yes, yes. Those are extras. But now look at the way the balls dangle there really nice. And you'll notice that she's shaving, which is a nice touch. Mary Sway with the extra effort into testing. Look at her graceful. Do the do the one way she's about to just pop from excitement. Just overjoyed. Thank you, Barbara. I feel like I've seen that costume before somewhere. Yeah. You think essentially, uh, the original Penis costume got ruined by three years of use, actually wore the bollocks down because they were scraping along the floor. So that's a brand new Penis special. You bought it for this? Oh, shit. I thought this was just like something you used in previous years. I knew the other one got the other one. I think one of the balls fell out and they've got muddy. It was raining one year appropriate. You mentioned that you had a different costume in mind that you were gonna order. Yeah, that never came. I got your superhero related costume, but it was damaged in shipping, and Amazon returned it today. There, like it was going to be delivered at noon today. And I'm like, No, just like you're asking what was a superhero. It's like a I got a few, but it was, Ah, the path. The whole ship went back. He was dead pool because it covers your whole face. I wanted you to be completely gone. I think I was dead. Pool with a look. A ponytail at the top. Yeah, that's been fun. When pool or something, right? Anybody? The best part is that I spent 20 minutes getting my makeup done before the show, so that would have been great. Thank you. Makeup and hair. Which you could see. Um, Gus, I also forgot to tell you that I had a backup shirt because I don't want to use that one. Tried it. I don't know what's going on with this. What is this, a bust list? I think it says blessed. And I I don't know. What is that? Manny's? Or ketchup. It's like a depressed condiment container sitting on the word blessed. Okay, You don't know what to make of that one. I don't have no idea what this is, but I went with that one's dead. Yeah, well, you know how I feel about my dragon that you love him, Dragon. It's so pretty. Oh, shit. I was wrong. I'm in character, and I know what's going on. Hot yellow, muscular elephant in the room. I dressed myself. Uh, no one. No one asked me to do this, so I decided to wear one of my favorite Arsenal Arnold Schwarzenegger characters. Well, we we we wanted you to decide who has the best costume. Oh, uh, I mean, aside from me, we see, like, you did this just so you wouldn't feel out of place. I appreciate that. I mean, any opportunity dress of his Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know, I'm gonna do it. This is running, man, by the way, Uh, I would say before you make your judgment, Can I make a request? What's that? Can you just get up and walk to the front just real quick? I don't know what's gonna happen. Touch my balls. Blaine showing his running in place. Man has not heard from the running man behind. Barbara looks very rickety. Ever been more concerned? He's played dress is a race car. What is the first name of Richard? Richard got a lot of got a lot of a lot of blame doing in his plane dodging his closer wait for the older audience. I've walked by, like, probably 12 people in this, and they're all like what? He flash. What? Did you get it? Did you buy it? Tony Simonetta from, uh, he's one of our designers that makes, like, Austin are awesome. Mirchi that are like Batman. Yeah, stuff. Uh, he had it made for him. Let's look a bespoke outfit. And Tony and I have a really similar dimensions. So you let me borrow it. Nice, I would say, I don't know. I really like Gavin's outfit a lot, but there wasn't, like, a lot of effort. That was just an Amazon order, You know that? But also matches his actual facial hair. I want to point that out of your face. It blends. We looked at several rats before deciding on this mangy ist one. Yeah, they were, like, several rat options. And this was like, Oh, this is by far the best rat. Personally, I think I'm going to give Gavin. Got to give it to Gavin Gavin's costume. Best costume. Chris went first wins. Yeah, but I went to so much effort to make us look like a gentleman way. We're all winners. The audience is the real way they are because they get to watch this and where the losers and have to wear this for another hour. I feel fucking cool. I mean interest. It looks fucking cool. Thanks, dog. You're welcome. I have no peripheral vision in this costume whatsoever. I really turned my entire body to look at you. How do you think we'll feel those men? I really cool because you know, we see out of our day. Will you think with them? So fucking nice. Damn, She got us This absolute receipt. 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He's got it under stay. This one works, all right? They were bad. Low. You get that? Er I was. Yeah. So the first episode of the watchman, Siri's came out on HBO last night. I've been really curious as to what the show is gonna be. Same has no idea what they felt like. They really didn't give much away with any of the marketing. Like you saw some stuff. I don't I don't know what's going on. Yeah, digging it. I really I really liked it. I was confused at first. Like, I wasn't sure if they were gonna be continuing, like the movie universe Or like the comic universe. They says this straight. The comic universe. I think that the squid thing is a reference that I don't know if you guys have seen one, You know I have it. The movie. I saw you tweeting about it, though. Uh, yeah. No, it's it's fucking great. Um, in the comic book is like a classic. So if you want to get caught up. It's a quick read. I can let you borrow the book. It is like one of the most phenomenal graphic novels. Comic, serious, pretty wit. It's really weird, but it's like super political and thought provoking and shit, but also watch the movie if you want to. But there are different. Yeah, the ending is different. And what does the movie like fully encompass the story in history of the Watch? Because I know nothing about that whole Siri's. Yeah, I mean, like, if you watch the ultimate director's cut it, it's got, like tales of the black freighter and all this stuff and it, but it's like three and half hours long. It Zack Snyder. Oh my God, it's a slow ass burn. Well, I have a nine hour flight to London coming up this week. So directly was better because they show, Ah, spoiler That show the original night, I'll get and murdered. Oh, Hollis. Yeah, and that gives that gives night out to like, more of a reason to go ballistic. But you know that in the in the theatrical cut, I think they don't show him finding out. There's something missing where I was like, Oh, that's why you don't see Dan reacting to him because he just beats the shit out of someone in a bar in the director's Cut its fucking dope. I think after he finds out something that there's some change that it was I felt was wrong to remove. Yeah, read the book if the graphic novel, if you can. Yeah, really good if you want to. It's It's a hard number, but it's It's fucking on the first graphic novel I ever read or I guess novels was a Scott Pilgrim. Yeah, you guys have. Have you ever had those ears? I don't think I have. I think I'm gonna read Book one butt. Fucking good, man. Well, that I love that so much. I feel like after that, I should have read more graphic novels which never got into them. I really enjoyed that, Like, format cavity, whatever decision the tail anymore. Struggling now it looks like a weird dick. I think I got it. So skin color to its get skinnier as it goes up. Now I'm stroking. Good thing it doesn't get thicker as it goes out. That be a weirdo. Take the thumb now. And, you know, you have a photo shop yourself into a rabbit costume with done already, and they didn't have to manually review it to get to monetize. Um, how many episodes is the watchman here is gonna be like, e T. I think, Well, they did Another thing that they did, which everybody's freaking out about was I think this is like when, the first time to surf documentaries that he did, Uh, was it the Tulsa like the Black Wall Street attacks? Or they called race riots or whatever, where it's just like one of the most awful, uh, you know, race, racial like, you know, things that happens where is just like a bunch of white people, like killed a bunch of black folks and stuff like that in this in this town in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was, like, so prevalent. And, you know, they called it Black Wall Street cause he was, like, so successful and whatnot. But like growing up in the South, they didn't teach that in our school system. I only learned about it like three years, and I feel like I only learned about it like three year four years ago. as well. Yeah, it's That's something that, like, it's It was I mean, they estimate between 100 200 people died and you just cannot find it in the history books. And they open the first episode of Watchman with it, like the 1st 5 minutes Is that going on? And it is bonkers, like they have, like, fucking airplanes fly around. It's like it's almost like it felt like Alec BioShock infinite. Yeah, especially the way it starts, like in the theater. And then, like you go out and then the episode, like starting a theater and then go outside, it's like, Oh, the world's fucking falling apart. I'm so glad your outfit now matches the way you say Theater, theater, you say on May autonomy, Japan. Imation. You know, I would highly recommend watching Watchman. I don't get too much from the spoilers, but it's fantastic. But who watches the watchman? That's that's the quote, right? Just come on. Just just saying, You know, that's the one thing I know about what's going on. Oh, thank you, Chris. E. Guess Season one is nine episodes. It was Yeah, What people are in it. It seems like big name, actors, characters. Oh, characters and takes place looking 2019. So it's like 30 days after the 30 years after the graphic novel. Yeah. So Adri invite, isn't it? They haven't officially said his name, though. And then Laurie, the one that plays so expect her to She's in it, but she'd change her last name, and then I I don't I think night Owl is in it nobly done. He was on TV like someone walked past the TV news report. And you saw him? Yeah. He's immortal teasers. Well, so they're not, like in the first up, so they're not major characters. Okay? Yeah, It's just a continuation with a completely separate cast of characters, but they're, like, continuing this whole like, superhero thing. I like. I watched it twice last night. Hell, yeah. Hey, what's this stuff on HBO? Why, it's just annoying app. You know, you could be wrong with it, get it? But that video through Lulu so you could watch HBO content on who blew up Or is it Well, yeah, yeah, I know what you in a bit rate kind of sucks, but enough game of thrones. It's still better than watching broadcast. Sure. Fucking garbage. Fathom television. I'll hear you. But the TV broadcast. So I did. I did something so fucking dumb this weekend. I've been waiting to hear the story, and I didn't let you tell us. I want to preface it by saying I hate myself, okay? And I hate everything about it. Tell all of you the way you're dressed like waking weaken me. Oh, please don't judge me what I mean. So preface this story with that I thought, how did it start? So I thought I wantto eat a vegan meal. Uh huh. On Saturday was like, I'm gonna have a lunch. That is that is entirely animal free. I'm gonna see what made you want to do that. There's ah, vegan restaurant that I hadn't been doing by a few times. I was like that place looks like it's pretty good. Think Noah Citizen eatery. It's over on. Burn it. I was like, I want to try to get there Before it was good. I was like, Oh, like I ate the entire meal and I thought, I don't feel like I was missing anything. I didn't feel hungry later, I was like that was really satisfying. It was like, Well, if that was good, there must be other good vegan food, right? So I found, like, a vegan food truck that sells like vegan buffalo chicken sandwiches. And I was like, Oh, I'm gonna try that. I was like, Oh, that was really good to And then so then on Sunday, I was like, Well, eight vegan all day Saturday is like, I'm gonna try it on Sunday. I'm gonna try to get just to see So I had, like, I made this psycho. I went to the story about, like, a bunch of, like, vegan snacks for lunch. And animals like these are all excellent that I grill some beyond meat burgers for dinner and gave you got, like, vegan cheese and vegan mayo was like, Man, this burger is really good, too. And then I woke up this morning and I was like, I'm gonna do it again. First I was like, first. I was like I thought I would eat a vegan meal. We'll talk about it on the podcast is like, it'll be something to talk about. And then I went the whole weekend and I was like, I don't miss it. And now, even today, I still haven't done it. Like I haven't officially stopped eating meat. But I don't miss anything. You're a vegan. But the one thing I'm missing so far is chocolate. It's not even still like they have. You write like a seven had milk chocolate having kind of a story, not ice cream. I mean, I saw an ice cream place the other day, and I was like, Oh, that would be good. But there's ah, place not too far from the office suite ritual that sells. Oh, yes, the originals. Good. Yeah. They're vegan. Yeah. Tons of options that are actually really good. You live in Austin, which is, like, one of the most vegan friendly cities de chocolate to miss it. I think just about every day, every day I love chocolate. What? You can't even kind of our CIA. After I'm done with all of garden, I'll go a week at Vegan with you. Well, see, that's what I'm sad about it. I'm not going to go to all of you. Got to be some vegan option Gonna fucking salad at olive Garden. You get about as much as you want. It's unlimited. You're more quantity. Doesn't make it better. Isn't pasta vegan friendly? Because what pasta is exit in? There's eggs in some pasta. OK, some pasta? No, that's where the things like anytime I want to eat something. Look at the fucking ingredients now. So now that you're a vegan, this is literally how sorry. Go ahead. Well, because vegans love to tell everyone about how their V I have a podcast where I'm talking about how many people have you told outside the poke Us? No one. I don't think. Okay, I told Eric the other day just because I was prepping him for this. There's been a lot of things that you've changed and done over the last couple years that are, like, very out of the typical gust character. This has got to be the biggest. I'm gonna I'm gonna want a burger at something I was going to say, like we used to get burgers all the tact of a stick. I guarantee you can peek, right? Well, I mean, there's vegan pizza, but I'm not that desperate yet. You don't give a fuck about this, but they Schwarzenegger was just doing Doc. That's exactly what? I was gonna go with this. I watched that, doc. Oh, you did? Yeah. They're elite athletes that are all turning vegan s o I. The documentaries on Netflix is called Game Changers. I didn't think the documentary was very good. Nice shorts and short figures. And if you do stay with Schwarzenegger and ah, who else quit? A couple of people. James Cameron, I think was also executive producer on it. Um, I thought that that documentary was very one sided. I thought it had had some blind spots. I could overlook some key points, but I want I watched our Friday and that's what made me think like, Oh, I'm gonna try to eat a vegan meal on Saturday just to see what it's like to have to talk about in the podcast. That's really kind of what was the genesis for it all for? You feel better? I don't feel any different. I had an awful fart yesterday, though, like like I was sitting on my couch and I just looked like a little when I was like, Oh, God, because it's a little like vegetable shop for your body, adjusting the same way I happen with me? A little diarrhea. I didn't shit myself. Holy shit myself. Now you just pissed him. Uh, no, that was a different. This is probably not my story to tell, but I'll just ask if you heard about it. Did Jeff tell you how he shot himself last week? No, because there's a new shit himself. That Yeah, I had a meeting with Jeff, and right before he got it comes running in, and he's just like, I just fully shit myself on. I was like, like, fully you farted and some came out. He's, like, knife fully shit myself. I had to throw out my underwear. Oh, my go, Jeff. Yeah, he does that a lot. Don't I don't know what happened. Yeah, we've all been there. They're not a couple of years if you like, But you've thrown away underwear. Do you see you, You know? Absolutely. Yeah. Nice. I've thrown away underwear in public bathrooms before because they're shit. Yeah, after after needing to buy, shat myself. And I always wonder, like, if that will ever be just because, like, people just throw out the trash was gonna be like, I'm gonna investigate. See who's justices dudes that sell the underwear in Japan. Did you have Barbara Dunkleman son into the back of them or anything? Sure did that. What's funny? I used to goto sleep away camp when I was younger. And part of what they make you do is put your name on all of your belongings, including all your clothes. So I did. Actually, I don't have it them anymore because I'm older and I don't fit in anything that I wore when I was 10. But I used to have all my underwear and, like undergarments, said Bar for Dunkleman inside of them. Yeah, it's kind of creepy when I think back to it. Yeah, I have that on some school clothes at my school shorts and things. Yeah, we called those graze when was in high school. It was just like gray shorts, great shirt and a washing altogether. But I remember like that was when we're wearing those was the time when you would just get these uncontrollable erections because you're going through puberty. And I remember seeing like, like, four kids during practice, just like holding This is what was going on inside of him. Yeah, Barbara, for historical reenactment will be pointed forward. So you just pointed straight up. Oh, now it's got a curve not broken. You might have to use that. What do you don't get high on blow? Michael Jackson moonwalker lean a little pegs and issues. That's what would happen during football practice. Just morning wood would catch up to you. I didn't see a lot of guys with hands in their pockets. And I go, Yeah, that was for a reason. Yeah. I mean, or if they carry their backpack in the front. Yeah, I say it's a lot of that. What was your favorite move to hide it, Chris. I mean, you could tuck it in tuck, but if you actually click it on foot, tuck it. You're like, loosen your belt and get up, tuck it up into your pants, and then make sure your shirt is covering Yeah, over its classic, like six to midnight move. You know, if you do that, I feel like a traps, blood pressure, and B if you get pants, you're fucked. Well, yeah, You're not constantly in danger being pants does. The danger is that turns up because then you have your dick I promise. I have a dick story, I think is the podcast. We'll allow it. All right, So I got I got my new dog, Dutch, And he's just the light of my life. He's made me so happy. Fucking love that dog. You really love that dog. Well behaved dog. I'm glad that he's made you so happy. Yeah, he's He's really, like, turned things around for me. He's a good pub. So, anyways, um, he had been having some I called them lovingly, called them dick boogers. It had this brain basically sh magma coming out of his wean. And, uh, it doesn't come from inside the Penis. Well, it doesn't for a dog, because they have, like, the dick, and then they have the sheath there. A dick is like their red rocket, and then they have the sheath get the shit. Kicked your dog? Yeah, he had some shaking his dick, and ah, it was a green. So then I have been bringing him to the vet and stuff like I could get a couple of health problem since he was a rescue. And, you know, the situation that they're sleeping in and living in isn't great. Not very sanitary. Eso basically the doctors like. Okay, well, he's got an infection. So we're gonna have Thio, uh, flush it out. And she said, I'm gonna show you what that does. We're going to do this for about 10 days, and she gets a plastic syringe and in a bottle of blue stuff. And she for girls lose the opposite. Agreeing she what makes sense, right? Yes, to cancel it out. So she fills this syringe up, and then she takes my dog. She shows me as she injects his dick with it. I had the opposite of green twice. A day up is logical. Yeah, well, so basically what I would do this is this is order. Have it would be to be in the morning before I fed him dog? Nope. Food would be the reward. So in the morning in the afternoon, So I'd go out to my balcony. I drape over a privacy curtain so that my neighbors from across the way couldn't see me unless jerking my dog off. I get him out there and put his leash up there and make him sit. Give him a treat. Calm down. Sit down. rub his belly. And then when he's relaxed, I'd drag him by the dick. I have a syringe at the ready, and I'd stick it. And in slush, all the liquid in its 10 milliliters. Mind you on, then I pull a cork. Is dick with my thumb on? Then I had to, like, massage his dick. And then I have to get him to set stand up after, like, a few seconds of massaging and I let go and just go. And it was so hard to wrangle that dog on my own to get him to let me do this. So what? My neighbors would see this privacy curtain, and then they just hear me like, hold still. Need to stick to shit in your dick. But I just feel like are good when you go. Ah, good boy. Um, he's better now. I love that dog for 10 days. 10 days. You miss it? No, I don't, Right. Was there any sort of that that experience bondage all in any way? Like where? It's like you all had this connection that was confused him along. Does he miss it? Is he like a simpler time? I think I like you. He's gotten a lot more trusting, but he will let me apply other, more simpler like medications and things that he has a spray on one of his paws. Any trust me, like, weirdly enough. Like he got to the point where he was just like, Okay, I'm ready. I'm ready. Dad, It's right. I used to have a boyfriend. He made me do that. Tim didn't have a privacy curtain mouse. He wanted everyone to see. You think it's a finish for that? Getting a needle stuck in your dick there for every it's called sounding, isn't it? Not that sounding was a rod. Is something solid through your? No, I don't I don't think it's just a rod. I think it could be probably needles explained. Thanks, dick. Every anything through your your Easter iron rods. But hey, this I don't think needles. I painted us now from listening. Just tuck it up under your belt like Chris Christie. Fucking weirdo are ready to call it. Nobody else does that, I must say. I guess the only trick I used that was one method. Hey, like if I've never seen my dick up your belt you. And you have to look a little bit of love on in his pool or something. No, you have to have pants that are digging like up to here. Dragging that touched your dragon at E. To prevent you from doing that, I'm gonna carry syringe around. If I see it happen, I'm gonna be such a quick way to lose an erection and grab you. No, we'll flush your dick. This absolute receive podcast is brought to you by Arizona Circled I was on a Circle Returns following the smash hit success of last year's unforgettable Pilot. The full seven episode season of Arizona Circle kicks off October 23rd Creature. An all star cast of comedic talent from Fun house and rooster teeth. 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Right now, while you're there, sign up for a free one week trial of membership of first watching new episodes of Arizona Circle The day they premiere. Thanks, I was on a circle. Welcome back. Now. I've just realized that the worst outfit here isn't on this set. Where is it? It's in that room. Who's wearing the worst outward? There would have been an outfit that I would have hated more than any of these. What it's that fricking osteo shut? No, Chris, if you two got me that, I don't think I could have put it on. What is what is flying Ritz? That's soccer jersey should have done. You should have gotten his rival team. I don't even know what m writes work. Oh, my God. Okay, this is one of the things that, like whenever I hear stuff, political career starts, they're gonna flash back to this moment and bury you. What do you think? We're laughing right now, Chris, because I guess that's not how you pronounce it, OK? That's what I don't know. Tell me, Francois, what's the word years talking about? It was in the Emirates and writes and writes you immigrants. Oh, is that what it said? Immigrant Emma wrongs him. Iran. Yeah, You gotta write eyes. This a soccer team? London immigrant, that is that is a soccer kit. You know what? I'm way Bring this shirt out here and have you look at it a little close to my riots. Oh, the chest. Lo que my rights. I'm reading chat, fly in my rates, You do a fashion show. You want t o get it going sick. This is why am I so this should be de monetized. This is disgusting. What is it? Soccer. There's no music which makes it even better. Fly Emirates Feinman, right? Oh, I sponsored by a man with two foot head. West Emirates eyes that is a kit or a jersey of the team. Awesome. Who's the arrival of your team? Right, That's correct. Arsenal Beautiful by amorous, obviously. Parents. I think you look great. Fashion. That was funny. Yeah. Tell. Is it huh? Do you wanna help Chris? Help him out, Isn't it beyond help? Help me With what? How to pronounce it. It's America. It's he said, with 100% confidence. Emirates. Emirates. What is Emirates Chris? The soccer team? Correct. Am I wrong? Is that not it, Not their soccer team. Gavin hates Arsenal. Is the soccer team irreparable? Okay, okay. Lets it fly. Emirates. What? You think that that means that is an airline? Yeah. Here you go. You haven't You heard of the U S A. Right? You ate yet? United Arab Emirates. Oh, yeah. It's not like the United States of America, so it's That's an airline. But why is it dressed like a sucker? So it's the soccer jersey, and they're being sponsored by Emirates Airline. Oh, so that's why it says fly Emirates. Okay. Just like what? Blames wearing. He's not in a Dida. Okay, so it's okay. Okay, That makes sense. I thought it was like I feel like I've never heard of this sucker Dean before. So I was confused before we never heard of the airline either. Apparently, I don't fly to Europe too often, You know where Europe Wait where it is. I'm gonna stop talking. I I think I saw this fly by in the chapel. I think someone said that if I response to buy him a B m a rat's eyes genius is good. So I still think you look like a possum. It looks like a deposit of May. Hey, Gavin, can I make a request? Have you just stand up? Get in the front of you already know Thank you. Emirates is in the Middle East that Taylor using its tail Thio now the famous sustaining the rat has appeared to be humping in motion with the Penis can tell who's having sex and forgetting to monetize now. Whoa! Jump rope with his own tail Less podcast. You're on, Chris, Not last. But the week before, in the YouTube comments, someone said they felt bad for you because we bullied you for an hour and 1/2 and they could tell that you didn't want to be that guy anymore, okay? You put himself in a podcast where he is Only that guy. I mean, I feel like, but I feel like we're yours today. No, I really don't wanna be that guy. I don't mind being that guy. I'm the guy. That's great content. Okay, the giant hat that you're wearing just helps with this whole character. The propeller? Yeah. Yeah. Low And yeah, to brilliance point. We did do. And we created entire podcast Where I am that guy who gets bullied, which came out today, right? Launch? Yeah. First you upside throughout. Life so viable. Good morning from hell. Check it out. Everywhere you watch your podcasts, right. Spotify everywhere starts. Good morning from hell. I'm Blaine is Satan's little brother, and I am a dead and we interview people from hell. How long does it take you to transform plane transform? Into what? It doesn't take anything. It's the voice. Just comes to me. Everyone's like everyone super freaked out that the voice is gonna be hard for me on my voice and my vocal cords. It's like it takes nothing He mentioned on this week's Artie inbox that came out today on the site that you're hoping that by doing it for a while, you'll get like a nice rescue. Boys like Troy Baker. I hope I sound like Troy Baker just doing this alone. I hope this makes me in Detroit. Um, it won't. Yeah. Okay. I know there's a lot else that has to happen for me. Listen, Thio, because you guys lost with two episodes, all those plot podcast platforms. I listen to your second episode that had Jeremy on it. Yeah, that's fucking funny. Jeremy was so good. My God, he did it. The fucking Doug Doug thing killed me. He did a thing. It was he said, Well, I don't want to see what the pun was, but he did a pun that was so good. You can hear me walking away from the microphone and slamming on a wall because I'm laughing so hard, come to find out. Jeff came in later and was like, Hey, I heard you guys recording entire podcast. That was really great. Um, I was on the other side, this wall, and I was like, Yeah, slander that wall. Oh, yeah, I heard. Hey, that's a window. Is is just sitting in his office doing his work. Here you go. Bam! Bam, bam! Uh, yeah. Jimmy brought it. He Jimmy played security guard of in Hell. He was like, a demon or something like that. Security guard. And they talk about the hell wars. Yep. Uh, because I was learning about like, what? What people fight about how there's, like, the clone wars, which you just don't get. What? You gotta listen to it. Uh, funny. Yeah. Zoe's been really fun doing that. I've been in very close proximity with Chris for the past two months, which is the only great, the only downside. But aside from that, it's been a lot of even had. Ah, short. Really? Yeah. Which I did the makeup on before he did. Yeah. We, uh we basically we're trying to re create your character. They did on the spot, Clayton. And so it was like looking at photos the whole time, trying to make it look good. That's the hardest thing about this whole thing is like, I know what you have to bring the character back if the podcasts. Well, now we know about it, but yeah, like that fucking makeup sucks so bad. and I always time it to where I have to put on the makeup the night I have a date. So I show up and I have got, like, full blown guy liner. No, you had a date that night. We filmed that short Hale Clayton, which is available now on YouTube. Um, and I didn't know what Ana, the makeup artist who did it on you originally did for your hair. So I just used black face paint in your hair and I had to leave early, too. So just like I hope it comes out, OK, enjoy your date. I come out? Uh, yeah, probably with a few strands of hair as well. But, uh uh, when we filmed that show, I was in that short very briefly. The live action guys of history will clean. Apparently, we do. I was so happy when we feel met because I made both of you break during one in that scene when? Because we shot a few different takes of, like, leaving and then finally let anyone take like I go in for, like, a handshake, hug and the like, stop and just turn around. And both You just started laughing like Okay, Like, I have a really good feeling about that. That's have been the funnest part about these shorts. Ah, and just and also this podcast to is just making the other people break is the most satisfying feeling. And I feel like I've gotten We like we try to leave in the laughs, you know, whenever we're recording, uh, it's just a fun. And we found a short a couple of weeks ago with Chris, and we're all playing superheroes. Which is what that moment reminded me of you being awkward where it's just like there were so many moments like that, just like not being able to contain our laughter. Well, that entire short is about being awkward. Yeah, it's called Captain Cringes. Gonna be coming out in a couple weeks. I directed that one fucking funny. Was very excited about that. I got to wear my bumble costume again way from the tender trailer. Short we filmed years ago. It was point. It's fun to have, like, a little callbacks, like just having characters come back. Yeah, as you know, Like woke because we did. Ah, good morning. From hell with you. Where we had your gambo character in it, which was really fun. Not that you need to know who Gambo is in order to understand it. Yeah, I also don't know if we ever talked about gamble on this broadcast. I think we did. You might not have been here. I feel like we did. Okay. At some point, game was just a character I started doing. We're playing Mario Maker on one of our Twitter dreams. Like a knock off goombah. Yeah, I'm just giving you Give him a voice. Yeah, it's gambo. You feel excited Any time you did it, I just start last. Loved it. You'll like this episode of Good morning from hell When it comes out, it's out now. Please go check it out. Please support us. Uh, we're gonna Yeah. Describe. We'll have a lot of people on Gavin. We we talked about getting you on. We're trying to figure out what character we might toss your way if you wanna be in it to me. Yeah, Yeah, I want to me about it. Gus. I don't know. Wait. We were talking. We said gavin would be fun to have. I don't know if we told the eye is just the first I heard of it. Yeah, Yeah, I know. We were talking behind your back, and I'd be Hell's rat. Go to hell. Yeah. You gotta wear that costume all your record. You know, Not only that, I mean, I hate myself for our recordings. Completely read when we were recording The podcast is embarrassment. Uh, yeah. Awkwardness. Yes, because I'm wrong. Chris, Um, did you anybody watch that Netflix series that came out on Friday living with yourself? Oh, I started it. What did it with Paul Railroad? Yeah, it has a really interesting premise. Is that clone thing? Yeah, okay. He's a clone of himself, so it's no spoilers. All like in the first step for a few minutes. But trailer, he, um as in the trailer. Okay. Ah, he goes to a spot that says that they like they scrub your DNA and make you feel younger and make you a better version of yourself. But really, what the spot does is it clones you and it kills the original you and sends the clone out into the world. But the spot messes up, and they don't kill the original him. So it's like the city version of him And then the best version of him. This kind of eyes you have. Have you ever seen the island? Yeah. Yeah. Um with Scarlett Johansson. And you and McGregor. McGregor. Good. Oh, Chris. Oh, you're one of them. Oh, you're one of them. Don't kill me. Don't shoot. That's Gavin Strong. How dumb do you have to be to spill beer on the wall? Cost, Chris. Really? It's all over my new shorts, but it's Ah, It's only like eight episodes long, and they're all like, 30 minutes. It's pretty fun. Yeah, Watch like two and 1/2 of the comedy. Yeah. Yeah, like dark comedy. But you know what would happen if there was a better version of you and like you were trying to hide it? You don't want anybody Anybody don't know like, but they exist. It's kind of like eternal sunshine, but a little less like romantic e and more comedy. How was it? Like a turtle sunshine? Eternal sunshine. It's like a weird spot place Doctor often get to toe like change your life and make you know I'll defend Chris. For once I see where he's coming. It sounds like a plot to a Black Mirror episode. It could be if it wasn't so funny. Yeah, Apartment is a really good job. Even though it Sze plays both versions of the Clones, you can tell it's like, Oh, now he's like the original one And that's the new one. Yeah, of course, like to do his hair a little different. I like the way he carries himself. He acts like that's that's commitment. It was like stuff where people play two of themselves. Case to really like me myself. And I read duplicity and even that there's one moment where bad Jim Carey is. He's bad. Jim Carrey pretending to be good. Jim Carey. Yeah, In this series, you get to a point where but knew the clue and tries to pretend to be the original version. And you watch him like trying out like he's like, Oh, messing with his hair, like trying out different phrases and try to figure out how we would. Did you ever see fierce creatures? And there were no I never did like the same people. It's Fish called wonder, but there's one bit like Kevin Kline. He placed his dad and his dad son and then accidentally kills his dad and then dresses up as his dad. So he's his son. He's just add some pretending to be his dad. Is this whole like mess with Kevin Kline in so many different modes? Which John Cleese Rita called wonder people just don't please. It's not a very good film. Actually, I don't really like fierce creatures, but it's ah, it's just got some funny moments. I've been going through like a Monty Python phase like hardcore man. Those guys were great, like money, python, Holy Grail, life, Brian and meaning of lifers. So spot on chefs kiss so good chef skills When you were talking about you like movies where people are playing a different character, but also themselves I thought you're gonna say Parent trap with Lindsay Lohan, where she plays a British version of herself in a normal American result. Did you ever see the original parent trap and did a long time? Yeah, yeah, yeah. With those Ah, there were actual twins. That right in that one. Thanks. So, what was it? Effects? Yeah, I don't think I think it was so. They don't have that kind of Tech. Well, it's definitely older movie. They probably didn't have as good. It's just Hayley Mills twice. Yeah, it's just one. Is it? Really? Yeah, It's Hayley Mills. I'm gonna I'm pretty sure that this is a thing. I knew the body double for Lindsay Lohan in Parent Trap night. And that was like her claim to fame. She was like, what, 11 or 12 in that movie? Yeah. I claim to fame that she was the one that never on camera. Yeah, she was like, Oh, that's me. That's my shoulder. My best. Running through those bushes after Lindsay Lohan was like, Cool. I think I think that was I knew that person I can't recall. Did you, Daya? Probably the closest you ever get to dating way down, like like drug use. And Yeah, but like, she had a good you know, two or three years, like mean girls with girls, They're mean girl. Lizzie look is great. Yeah, you could have been dating her double than Ah, no. Once you hit Herbie fully loaded, she went, Herbie Fully crazy. People in the chest saying it's dangerous creatures. No fierce creatures, is it? I thought it's fierce creatures I don't know Shit. I don't know. This is almost as embarrassing as christening, Elmore writes. I'm looking it up. Am I right? He said, Ah, uh, John Cleese in it. John Cleese. Jamie Luca is Kevin Kline, a bunch of English people. John Cleese, like six foot Jamie Lee Curtis, is over six with seven English. You know she's no English. Neither is Kevin Kline. Oh, fuck. I've been on this, like True Lies Kick because I'm always on the Schwarzenegger kick, and right now I'm on this true lies cake, that movie's creatures, that is fierce. Creatures. There's creatures so good they don't they James cameras still not made the blue blue Rayford. It's so hard to find you the DVD. Who was it? Someone I met with someone on Twitter said that? No, no, I think it was. Drew said that when Tina and Bob's burgers dances, it looks like she's doing the dance. Jamie Lee Curtis does. When she's doing the 60 strip tease. Yeah, really would like roll body roll bar. I can't do I could try to do it, but okay. Yeah, go ahead. You know what? Those lights and stuff look at her gyrate. This'll move. I'm familiar with myself. Wave your hands in the neo My balls almost tripped me. Kevin Kline's in that show, too. There was there was a weird video. We talked about Lindsay Lohan. Just that happening in Scream Live? Yeah. Would you, like, tried to kidnap a kid? Oh, I should like to return like drunk and some foreign country. And she was like trying to take my kid to go toe, like, buy him food or something, but was like just taking some against their will. She was okay. It was It was a mom, a dad, And I think two or three kids. And she was coming to say, I'm here to rescue you. And she kept saying it was kind of weird. They were just telling her to go away, and basically she wanted to take the mom and the kids to her hotel room and give them, like, shack them up for the night. But you want to leave the dad, Uh, and the dad, I think, ended up like slapping her because she was basically physically assaulting the kids and, like, trying to grab the mother and she was talking with, like, a Middle Eastern accent. She claims she was speaking Arabic. She's saying freight, like all phrase in Arabic, over and over on something to do they ever find out if she was? I don't know. I never follow. Yeah, that's weird. Yeah. Trying to drive in there, but full full man. I told you, I don't think about Lindsay Lohan very often. So I forgot about that story. I think about her and Amanda Bynes. Sometimes. Amanda Bynes also went like a fucking insane stuff. Like hops in and out of insanity. Hilary Duff now has like a kid, and she's married. And I felt that you heard the Hemsworth broke up. You're thinking Miley Stairs. No, you're Ebeling, Emma Rights. That's my hemorrhoids for the it is crazy. How many right? Will want their kids to be famous and child stars, But itjust Rexall? Yeah, like if they stay famous, if they stay in the spotlight, they get messed up. Timberlake in Ah, in, uh, Ryan. Ryan Gosling made it out, all right. They worked for the kid actors. They're like, Yeah, like Ryan Gosling's in Like, are you afraid of Dark? And Russell? He was a kid actor it's more rare that you see that happen. Or maybe like, they might have other issues. They just don't come to life. They got yeah, Like, what's Jake? Something from, Ah, Star Wars Episode one He he ended up like, in jail for, like, a police chase or something like a D u R Yeah, because she was in the police chase and he was like, Now, this is Father. Didn't, uh you're so happy with that. I like todo get didn't Justin Bieber also put out some statement in, like, the last couple months, saying that he got, like, really fucked up because he liked hit fame at such an early age and like his whole life, has been this life. I thought he put out, like, some statement recently that had, like, I mean, I don't know how people cope with it. I don't feel like Justin Bieber. Level of fame. At his age, he was doomed. He set down his bed. He's like, baby, baby, baby. Oh, my life's one part. Yes, that's exactly what he did. What? These shorts have a designated cellphone pocket. Why don't you get up here and show us the cellphone pocket Chris. Yeah? Yeah. Chris gonna make a request. Can you just move up to the front row? Quick, Will you get that on the soundboard? Hey, can I make a request bum? Where's your cell phone pocket? Show it off like that. I knew there would be some, but Action, Chris way. Do a group one at the end. Little of us get up, but that's just a normal back pocket. Dude, that cellphone pockets below it. I just want this to be over, but there you look like a dog chasing a sale. A lot of pockets. I like it. A lot of pockets were not a lot of pants. The short shorts. Is that all of you in short? Boom, boom. It's like half pants. Short pass. What song is that from? I'm gonna get a royalty free library. Number three Audio This'll Silversea. Podcast is brought to you, by the way. We travel a lot around here. Conventions, meetings, you name it. He hears talk about it all the time on the podcast way. Knows that everyone has a different travel style. 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That doesn't weigh me down Super Port that it's light away. Carry on. Let's keep moving without added bulk. Super convenient. For $20 off a suitcase, visit away travel dot com slash rooster. Use promo code rooster during checkout. That's a way. Travel dot com slash rooster promo code rooster during checkout for $20 off a suitcase. Thanks for sponsoring the steps of the podcast away yet, baby, there was, Ah, people I have I have, like, flight tracking app on my phone trumps. Fear doesn't come as a surprise to anybody, but I get push alerts sometimes for like whenever something's going on, whenever there's a problem or whenever. There's a featured flight. And I got an alert the other day because Qantas was doing a test flight like you felt track along and follow here. They were doing a test flight from New York, Sidney from New York City to Sydney nonstop. 91 a half hours that I was 20. I was supposed to be 20 hours. I think they did it in 19 and 1/2. The longest potentially commuter like right way. Did they go across the U. S. They went to the side of the world number, which direction they go east or west. Yet did they go across the U. S. Or if I can pull it up and track it using my, uh, I think they went west. I would think they would go west to that. Be my prediction. I wrote a little bit, Plessy. I read about that article, but they basically tried Thio. Their approach was trying to eliminate jet lag as best they could. So as soon as they took off, even though it was in the evening, they didn't dim the lights for, like, several hours because they're trying to keep people away. Went west across the U. S. So interesting, so totally unnecessary. That could have stopped well across the pool. That's wicked. That's really far ahead. Like they're like a team, like scientists studying people. And they were doing different things. Like they're like, this group's gonna be able to get up and exercise and eat, and then this crew is gonna be able to like sleep and stuff like that assumes they landed. They test them out further. Yeah, I think what they said was like they had the people in their test like that because they want to launch the flight like in 2021 or something. Isn't the longest light right now 18 hours or something close to that? I know that the one from Dallas to Sydney is the New York Singapore we've also now in New York to Singapore is currently the longest in 19 hours, 19 hours. So I mean, I'm curious as to why they felt the need to have to test it out and what it would affect the human body. Like if they're to have a flight that's like that long. I mean, wouldn't it be cool, though? I mean, sure, they want to get to the point where there are no limits. Yeah. Look, we don't need no live. It's like no limit to the length of a flight. Mid air refueling. Yeah, but we're just more fuel efficiency. Well, but there are, like, at a certain point, you can't go any further. Otherwise you're being redundant. You're going the wrong way. On the other. That's like that's still distances. We can't go that you can go London to Sydney. I think you can. Doesn't that flight exist? They put out London to Perth. That was gonna be one that they were gonna make. But London, Sydney, I think it's too far when that isn't like 24 hours, just like that. 21 or something. I think they they had that listed in the articles. Well, I'm also curious Your tails getting caught in his land. I'm gonna say this to Gavin. Stuck his tail in my ear, weirdly like nice. No, they like disturbing like it. I don't know me, but you know when you're gonna like it. This year when you're getting your hair cut, How long would that be? 21 hours. Oh, start on Blaine. You know what? You're getting your hair cut. It is the lady accidentally, like studio right here like that. And it's kind of like, oh, you know, to London to Sydney that used to take, like, I think the kangaroo room, whatever you used to call it was like six flights to get back in the day. To get from England to Australia would take whatever happened to take a couple of days? Yeah. Whatever happened to those? Like atmosphere flights, where they're gonna, like, fly you up and then let earth rotate forward of the plane, and then they're gonna come back down. And then they were gonna, like, lose a couple of that everything. Doctor, I think that ah, they they're still working on. I think they suffered some setbacks. He's a space debris or what? I think. What was that? Ah, host. That plane called White Knight. Like one of them disintegrated. Your nickname? The youngest place. Uh, you know, it's a virgin galactic plane. OK, I think we'd like they had a problem. One of, um, like disintegrated. So they're having their have to, like, stop flying for year two toe. Figure out what happened to wait for it to not disintegrate in the reform. I think it was just a freak accident. That's us. But yeah, then And you still, like all the private space companies are still working on things, so you'll have it happen eventually. I feel like every time this conversation comes out, when we talk about travel, I'm always blown away by the fact the Concorde ended. Yeah. Such an odd step back. Flight of the Concorde. Like the show, The grand court, you know, fun. Fly the conchords. No. Okay, sorry. You know, you know what a Concorde is? A Concorde Concorde jet? It's a mythical Oh, Okay. Okay. You didn't know? I'm just here. No, no. What is it? What is it? Is that I am all right? This is a fight. You don't know either. It was Concord. Done. Okay, Chris, we're going. Kristen blame crystals to Concord. Well, I thought was a great Okay, there is No, I need I need a bell. Blake was a Concord. Uh, something do with music with the bird can take like C h o r d The roots of Hobart Course. It's a great burden. Musician. Cool And folks Concorde. It was mainly like a transatlantic liner notes College supersonic Concordia Jet. You welcome. Could go from London to New York, And like, just over three hours, we're having a look. And then we're very fast, very expensive. And then one crashed. Who? Well, they're also like because of their was so fast they couldn't fly over land. Yeah, they couldn't break the sound barrier over land. Take off only from coast. That's why they would primarily do New York to London, eh, Frantz And behead him. Why can't you wills the problems that they were very expensive to maintain because of the speed at which they operated, like the temperature and the pressure and whatnot like they would have to have parts replaced regularly. And it was very cramped on the inside basically be paying, like the price of a first class see on a regular plane. But you'd be cramped as shit in a tiny in that, but for only three hours. Yeah, it's a very long on. The nose cone would tilt down so that because they took off so steeply that the pilots would be looking at the sky knows until it down so they could see. And then, you know, when it when it took off, it would come back up. Guardian transformer thing. Yeah, the intake on the engines on the bottom there of the plane. Yeah, when they finally had their accident, they were taking off from Paris and there was debris on the runway and the debris got sucked into one of the engines. Since the intake is on the bottom of the plane like that and it caused a huge fire, like ruptured a fuel. Is that the one that crash caused a huge fire, and then that was that was one of the last flights They were. They were done pretty much after that. Such cool tech. And then, you know, by all the technology we have around us today, it's really old Tech. Yeah, it was so advanced, he said. Never and develop something like it again. The problem is that it's not cost efficient. That was also that time period where they were doing like this Blackbird jets fucking insane planes that they would build like loose because they would be going so fast that the metal would like Titan like the engine would be like The gas tank would be leaking while I was on land and because, like the metal was like loose, there was, Ah, there's actually a photo of the cockpit on the Concord where there's a similar thing that happened. The metal would explain a contract that on one of the last flights, Pilot took his hat off and put it in the dashboard because in the death, like like it creates a gap, all they're flying. And then when it could win their land, it comes back together with his cap is like half in the cockpit and have not. It has never been on a flight. I'm sure you have, but you just might not have seen it. When one of the pilots has to get up to use the bathroom, they like block off the entire front area of the plane with one of those drink carts. And then, like, don't let anybody go past that whole area. Get it? Yeah, I get it too. It's just one time they did that for I think the pilot was in there for, like, 2025 minutes dropping a deuce. Just like fuck. Dude, there's a long time for someone not to be up there flying the plane. I know, I know. But E uh, you wanted to get paid to take a dump, just like anybody used to do that to. Whenever you have, like, an hourly job, like take a bone or something, I'd like make sure I took my dump on the clock. I couldn't because I was the only person working when I worked at Burger King at the movie theater. It was a home where your shifts Ah, it's like six hours. Always shits. You have, like, six hours without peeing or anything I could like get someone to, like, cover me for like, a minute or two. If I had Thio, you don't have brakes and stuff that someone would cover. Your manager would cover you. I would always go immediately for a dump if I ever hit triple overtime on a film set. Because chances are the reason we were in triple overtime, is it? They were taking a sweet time and everything else, and they wouldn't need phantom until right at the end. Savage was just immediately go take a nice triple overtime. Don't 11 times get triple overtime When I was making ice cream, Marble slab, Uh, I did make sure if I remember, if I had to go to that, if it's like I was going to work and was like, Oh, she go to the bathroom now or when I get to work, I'm gonna want to get the work. You get paid for it. I found out something really sad. Um, apparently flight attendants. And if I've mentioned it on the pockets for they don't start getting paid until the door closes, Right? So while you're boarding while they're getting people like in first class older drinks, helping people with their luggage get paid if you're at work, that's what about that, I mean, because I only found out because I was talking to one of the flight attendants about it and I was just like you guys should. When you get to the airport and you're, like, board that plane the second you're on the plane, I feel like that's when you should start their work sometimes working out, like sometimes taking people's boarding passes and doing the beep boop machine with that kind of thing. Always assumed the flight attendants would be like salary, For whatever reason doing. Yeah, I think we're really, really? Yeah. A lot of nurses. I really that made me so sad. A lot of them do a lot of work before that flight takes off. Even then again, once they land in the door opens, I think it stops again. They still got a fucking s. So you don't wanna be a flight attendant on the Concord and you just want to be on a longer flight, but that Yeah, like when the flight lands and the door opens, they still look clean. The plane, they gotta reset it for the next flight, like all this shit. And they're not getting paid for it. I'm still waiting for orders. The airplane thing that has, like, a thing like the drink cart on the roof and it just, like moves with the flight attendant. They push it along the Why do you think they haven't done that yet? Um, it seems like it would be, I guess you can't really stow it a lot of on revealing. I think you could. You could, like, still in the very room with one of the whole, like overhead bins that just comes out rolls along a track. You know, if it was, like, automated, so you could just call it to your seat. Yeah, just like just like that's the future. Like when you go to the conveyor belt sushi place the order, something like that. Maybe it's because it be a hazard. Like something stood up and it was like rolling just turbulence. Well, I mean, it could have brakes. Yeah, I don't know that That's a little lambs to stop it from moving. Oh, do you give a shit about the Netflix adaptation of cowboy bebop? I do not know. The How are they doing that? I don't know anything about I'm curious, but I don't know anything about it. Fucking sucks. Because they just went into production and they released the video. There's a dog and it called I and it's little corgi. And they really stick this little teasers like production starting hears I'm Here's the Corgi John Show. They got US tickets, John. Show they got its playing live action. Yeah, uh, he's playing the lead. Spike injured himself in the head. A delay production 7 to 9 months. Really injury. Who fucking sucks? Fun fact Fine from cowboy Buck. Uh, Ruby has a dog name is why also known this guy. Ah, kind of reference to that show. The dog looks cute. I'm looking at it. I see the video talking about. Yeah, it's probably be dead by the time that they actually make the show. Jesus Christ. Being really doctor, they uploaded this video October 7. They uploaded this video two weeks ago, and now they're delayed 7 to 9 months. Yeah, it was like a routine thing. They said they were like, Do you think they need to clear the stuff from that dog's dick? I think today on set dog fluffer I have experienced flushing dot cock. I can't believe you just could do that without freaking out. I mean, it sucks. I didn't like it, but like I could have that. Technically, take care of that. Like if the owner didn't know how to Didn't want to. Didn't feel comfortable doing it. Yeah, but I have been charged a lot and be able to have driven him like a cross down. Just It's fine. I've figured it out. Is your boy. You gotta take care of him. Yeah. So said yeah. Knee injury sucks. Yeah, this is recast. At that point, I'm surprised they didn't re custom. Apparently, they really like they really wanted John Show for the part of this is that they don't want to recast it. It's fucking great. I like him the way you do. Jealousy, Uh, the animated film The Great Mouse. Detective e don't think so. All right, so I have not. What about it? But the bad guy is a rat. Oh, yeah. He's obviously the live action remake. I saw that. The great related things as much as you can on this spot. Yes. How? One of my dresses around it's gonna be done. We'll bring it up. That should be your new yearly Halloween costume. Yeah, maybe for two more years, we'll wrap. Yeah. Get some mileage out of it. I want it to be Steve from a stranger. Things finally let me get my hair or shave. Get my head long enough. Yeah, I could shave that off and then wear a little ice cream. You could be Steve as a rat. Steve Harrington as a rat. Strange thing. Yeah, just like one of those mash ups right across here. Your pizza rat. Steve, My dream Halloween costume is Mrs Nesbitt. It's Ah, the character that Buzz Lightyear is no arm like taken away. Missy sits house. I'm Mrs Nesbit. See, that takes him over. And then it's like Sid Sister takes his little sister did. Phillips takes a Buzz Lightyear dresses them up for a tea party. They really made. Sit up. It's super evil. But really he was just a homeless child. That actor from Bandersnatch look identical to Sid. It's jarring. He's also in. We're the Millers in the movie, the one with Jeff Jennifer. Today. Cassie was in that question. Do you think down the road? But British? That was British. Fuck. That was the first time I heard him. Talk certainly knew from more than Miller's wait. Then I heard an interview there was like, Holy fuck. Oh, so he's actually British? Yeah. Okay. Interesting. It's like Margot. Robbie, She's Australian. Did you know that? She's perfect. Perfect. You think that Disney, you know, they're like doing it with Lion King. Belong only to trample on the ship. They're going to the back catalogue of old movies, and then they're making him live action of adaptations. Do you think at some point they're gonna make Pixar live action movies like they're gonna do like a live action like Finding Nemo? Toy story or incorrectly? They will. And then at the end, they'll reveal that it was entirely CG. Oh, it will be like this is like the Lion King, I hope. What? Like the lying? Really? Wasn't it really? It was just a different version of an animated film. Well, didn't say that was live action today. Like you call that they were calling it the live action line king. But it was all animated. It was just animated animals. They're practical sets. I mean, there were no real animals just like cg mouth. No, I think it was always It was not all animated. They used real animals. I heard a theory I heard. And I think they were all I think they're all animated. I heard a theory that if you build a movie as live action, then the ah animation team doesn't It falls under a different like pay grade or something like that for the animators. So it's like a look around, Okay? I mean, why they building into a the public anyway? Just internally, Bill, it is whatever you want. Oh, yeah, I don't know. But it was market. It is like a live action. It was? Yeah, There's like like Aladdin was live action. Yeah, and that's Yeah, that was live action with a lot of CG and it. Yeah, you're you're Bill Rail. And so you should know about your best friend, your best friend. My best friend was Well, you know, I know I did. He takes all the time. He makes a great pun in that slow mo guys video. The flesh, flesh prints. So good. That was terrifying. There's a terrifying experience. Why? Just cause it was like Miss Ah, normal person. He's just another human being. Well, did not. Only I didn't think it was gonna happen. Like I flew to L A Assuming that something would cause it to not happen. Or like, maybe he wouldn't have you would run out of time. Yeah, it was at the end of the day, so I was half expecting just to be like, Well, you know, it's not the end of the world. If I just pack up ago and then he walks up. We're just, like, immediately going like we did the whole video in one long take. Really? Just like he didn't have a moment of, like, a what? No, really. We're just, like, pulling stuff around setting up. So that was, like, a few minutes of downtime, I guess. But it was all recorded, and it was at the end of it was just like, Oh, uh, I feel I couldn't get shots to think the entire time. I feel like of all of us, you would be the least likely to get star struck. Is that not the case? Do you? Did you still get the jitters? Um, no, I feel like once we were going, it felt like, you know, he makes it very easy. Toe be buddy, buddy, He's Yeah, he was a legend. I really looking back on it. And what did he say? I am legend. Hey, could just slip in tow, like, because we've never we never really hung out before or anything. Well, I had met before I took a pitch with him, but we'll let that YouTube summit. Yeah, but we never got we. We had never had a conversation. So just to be on camera, having a conversation for the first time is kind of you can't really plan anything for. It's just you're about to see how it's also you have to be. You can't really have a natural conversation with someone when it's being filmed, because it's you have to almost be like performing for the camera. Also, behave managed to make it feel like that. We were immediately, like, even footing. We just having banter. Bente, Bente and it was fine. And at the end I remembered I was like on That was Will Smith. I feel like for the video I had a really good time, so I looked it up and the animals were all CG. They were all animated news is No one but Barbara, I don't feel like a dick. I haven't seen it. So I think that's just from my son. The voices were real, though they were real people. What? But my favorite part. When I look when I google this the first thing that pops up after all, like the questions are there, it says local views. The Lion King remake will fail because real animals are disgusting. What? I don't understand. What? The point. I don't know what the point is Here. I did it some new n y u local dot com. It's like some room you by someone. I didn't see it, but for my every no one wants to watch a photo realistic Warthog passed gas first, but like animals don't emote the same way humans do so true. And so it's like the cartoon like symbol. You're like, Oh, it was like a big and smiley, but a photo realistic lion doesn't it just goes like this, you know, like they don't What else can we have that face Photoshopped onto a lion? Okay, give us a smile. No, no, no. He already did it here to do it again. All right, Peter. Your Grace, Get on it now. All right. The biggest criticism. I heard of that? Maybe I still haven't seen it. Is that they saying the Can you feel the love tonight song during the day? Can you feel the love today? Tonight during the day during like during the daytime And people were just pissed off because like they're singing Can you feel the love tonight? But it's bright outside. That's dumb. Yeah, that seems like like basic thinking. Yeah, you think because they're dumb re alliance they're not because animals are disgusting. There's also like a side by side comparison of the, uh I think the hakuna matata tha seen Don't sing it copyright bitch. It was there. It was like the original ones, like crazy and festive. And there's flowers and there's so many, like fun animation, things going on and in the other one is just a tracking shot of this puma and this one of the other thing Kumar muskrat in the New Lion cub. Whatever the fuck Rat Mika. Yeah, that's one. And another classic sitting with the Puma. It's just like tracking as they're walking through woods. And it's like, Wow, they really phone that scene in You met You met Warhol. Great. Come on, Holy shit! This company is ruined me! What the fuck? Go pick up your headlight fluid After this dude, he was a Puma. Could walk. I can't like I genuinely didn't even know his name is humbug. So I get the I get the money. Okay? Okay. You're giving him an out? Yes. That old red versus blue right there. Yep. Great stuff. You've seen that, right? I've seen it a couple of times. What? Rivers blue. You heard of it? Yeah, I've heard of it. It's about these two teams. The ones Red Ones blue anymore. Okay, your favorite season is maroon care. Favorite season was probably six. That's my favorite. Even though it was at the time the hardest one to make God, that was so fucking something. T You have so much shit that I thought was good enough. But we could redo. I fucking hated Matt because he always liked to redo it to make it better. But he was right. He was always fucking right. That's why he That's why he was CEO. And you weren't. Yeah, that's true. You could look better. I remember that being stuff because when I was working on some of the reshoots for the recreation of season 135 Legitimate HD. I remember really loving a shot in season one or two where the warthog drives away and hits a rock in the background and it just goes straight up. And I thought I'd be really hard to do again on the PC. And it was that the second attempt, if you hit that rocket, that speed of that point this is think tell you, um, this is back in 2000 10 or 2009. I think Has intent was the first Pax East. Um, when I was helping you guys out with the boost, I'd come to the panel. And I think this was the first year you guys had three D animation in red versus Blue. But you guys didn't make any announcement until you showed the video, the panel. And it was that scene where the Warthog Postal busted through the wall and everyone in the audience started fucking losing their shit and freaking out. And I was like, What? What's going on? What? Because I never liked playing. So I didn't really understand why everyone losing their shit. It was not supposed to happen. We're standing at the back. It was Ah, at that panel. It was Bernie Monty and myself. Yeah, and I don't remember. Jeff may have been there. I remember when that scene was playing like Bernie Monty and I, like, snuck out into the back of theories. Nobody knew Monty was working with us at the time. Yeah, and Bernie filmed it. He filmed, like, Montini film, the audience reaction, everything. They're like the first time that anyone saw that kind of stuff you best of is so confused. I was so confused. And then I asked someone Next miss likewise, You're freaking out headed. Maybe. But you'd watched all the reverses blew up to that point, honey. Yeah, You didn't notice that it was absolutely, completely different Punishments that gun from like, bobbing heads toe diving out of the way. And I just thought it was maybe, like a new shot in new Halo game. You could I don't know. I was just, like, very confused at the time. But then, as like, more stuff started happening, I was like, Oh, shit. You can't do that in this video game. I love that shit. Like seeing live reactions to something that you've made me feel like. Way did that for, like, years on the surveillance off like that. But, like, which is coming out coming out Wednesday? Yeah, it's wild. Guess what I'm getting at is, I want to do like I was some sort of premier, something where I love those that energy, the energy of life. You know, it's so weird that because we filmed it all and March, although there is honestly Martian. April How many episodes? 77 Evidence ones like 2022 like, Yeah, Solich. Damn! And we filmed it all so long ago. It's so weird that it's like it's finally coming out. I'm just excited to finally see the sketches that you guys have been working on because, like I saw costumes and I saw, like, pick behind the scenes photos of you guys but haven't actually seen this year. You're in some of it. I I know at least one of them. I think, in the first episode, right? First episode on the first episode let me think No, no, you're here in a couple of those. Yeah, there's like a lot of came here in this. You're in the second episode and the six episode I know John's in a lot of famous disgusting. No, no. Yeah, yeah. Oh, no, no. Maybe not get stuff. It's It's nice. Like between that in the podcast. So what? The fruits of our labors. Really? There was a lot of filming going on at that time. Oh, yeah, because we was that an achievement hunter? Yeah, here is in a circle of Stephen Hunter and one other thing Get fact around that same time is a factor filming for none of that come out. Yeah, that feels there's, like, all doing want, like, two months. Yeah, it's I mean, it's it was a lot of work for you guys. Yeah. Yeah, well, service nights. It's got a fucking miss hanging out the Williamses, though. 11. So I saw a sketch that, um, Josh showed it to me. It's Josh and then James Annalise. Um I don't want to spoil it, but their agents Oh, yeah, well, the that's recurring characters for the first from the pilot, right there's there so good. I'm like, why are these people working on the They should be like professional actors. Or don't tell them tha industry just years that they thought the chemistry between them is good. It's great. But like them as actors and actresses, like individually, it's so they're so fucking funny and so good. You know who calls fucking stands out anytime he's on Sarah Lawrence that would like he can act in scream. He's like total vocal control. Remember him being really funny when we filmed 11 little roosters knowing as Lars was his name, right? Yeah. Me and Josh were like behind camera. Like whenever we're watching Lawrence perform. And we're just, like, we should have written more stuff for Lawrence. Like we did not factor in that he would be like, Incredible. He's so good, you know? So there is a Peter has already made an animated gif for you. Really? But it uses from a lot. I think we can show it Audio T o r. Where is this live, though? On Artie? Yeah, sure it life. I don't know if there's audio live and then edit it out short life. Then pick it up in in the field. The ah, like, blow everything around it. All right. Where is it? I put it in forgiveness. Not permission. Okay. You tell me. Can I show it? Yeah. Okay. Your neck. You're gonna want to get your car wired. It's your head. Yeah. Hey, head, baby, you got a big, longer long neck. If if we end up getting the shaft, keep him going. Guys, I'm out. Yeah, I think we'll get copyright strike for the fine. That's pretty good, guys. You told me we can keep it in if you want todo Nicole. Look, I'm creative directing in winning. If you're saying keep it in, I'll keep it in. Can you make it so we can sing on broke on, Poke us again? Yeah, Yeah, that's your call. Can we Seeing on us now? You know, the classical copyrighted song? Can we sing on podcast? Now? That was in the sound of music, right? You think they make a live action sound of music? The hills are alive with the sound of podcast singing. All right, I have to say I am on the edge of my seat. Well, not literally, because there is no edge of the seat stars tickets. You're supposed to going on sale soon, and I keep checking my phone and they have not? Didn't you say, like, sometime between seven. And I'm not sure that that was the rough estimate, but yet they're going on sale tonight, and I am Ah, really, really want to give my tickets? The final truth is coming out today, right? Yep. Well, bullshit. Final trailer, do they? Every time. It's like leading up to it. They always have, like, little like Web clips and shit like that. There are, like, tiny little bits of you fused away. So much. Last jet I and Force awakens. They had so many spoilers in those. Yeah, Blaine, How much would it take for you to wait until it's on home? Video tow? Watch it. Whatever the punishment is to not have that happen, I'll take the punishment. I could not wait you dollars each $10,000. You know, us then eat $10,000. Just a punishment. No, I'll take it. What don't they know? I'm gonna go. I'm gonna I'm gonna like running man this and escape the system and go see it. When does it come out? Christmas Eve, December 1st official date. So what if the last one it's supposed to be the last in the Sky Walker trilogy. I'm sure they'll make it come back with this. It's nine is supposed to be wrapping up. It's like red versus blue. You don't stop making people are still watching it. Well, that was like the Serie that's coming on Disney Plus the man DeLorean thought it looks so good, which is also a Star Wars, but not Skywalker. I got some theories on that gets the theories on that. Have you gotten to meet any of the actors or actresses from Star Wars before? Like Mark Hamel? When I was on set, it was pretty fun, huh? Mally? I don't I don't think so. I've been in their presence. I was around. Peter Mayhew had a signing and I saw him from, like, five or 10 feet away. I went through a concert that Anthony Daniels was hosting a celebration of something like from afar. But I don't think I've ever met. Way met. Some of us met Peter Mayhew at conventions. Before you have a picture with him somewhere he would be he would have boots, like, kind of in the vicinity where we were. I think he, uh it was on me like 40 bucks for for but it was like a con. Maybe worth it. 1006. I remember always seeing him there. John boy goes that his name is at a convention we're at. And I think he was charging $200 for your photo and $200 for an autograph. Fuck. So is there combo? There was probably more, but I was gonna say, like the 40 for Peter May. He was pretty cheap. Yeah. Have you didn't have the costume on though, So, uh, yeah, I guess it's like the foot. Otherwise the photo. But you wouldn't know if you couldn't prove it was him. You couldn't prove It's not. You see yourself 40 bucks. I went to Lucas film and I saw props and I met. Ah ah. Paid Pablo problems. They're like Cannon keeper. What was the most famous prop you meant? Slimer from Ghostbusters. Does that count? Yeah. Finally, he probably start work. And in New York, I think I might have seen Yoda. I can't remember their own ensure museum like a, um, some sort of like puppet Museum of Muppet Museum or something. It's really cool. Exactly. I saw a totally different but in New Zealand for a long time to have Lord of the Rings exhibit and you could see, like eyes and guard and, uh, many minutes Serena's Yeah, yeah, the managers that they used for the filming so that the minister risk one is actually you just Yeah, it's like it's not a miniature. I mean, it's a minister compared to a city, but yeah, yeah, it was like all the big pieces that they use. It's not the way they look so good. Yeah, because they're like, they're fucking the size of you. That's something they actually built. And then they built it up bigger than you would. Any rings Do you think they were for the filming of Lord of the Rings? Like for the one ring like there was a hero way? Forgot it. Well, I mean, I know they were different sizes for, like, perspective 12 it hands. This is a bunch of me actually had, like, close up rings and, you know, far away and then they can have one that was like, Well, there's nine masters behind rings for men. And then there's seven for the world. What? And they're all deceived for the Vega If you guys have another, what color would you want? I'm not getting you this'll one platinum not gold sober now, but that won't cover from the get go I get I want my, uh, bride to get me green lantern Emerald ring Cool. That would be my be my wedding ring That's how you know you found the one She just gets that for you automatically kind of middle. Would you want darkest day? Only gold I think I'm a gold person like yellow gold now, Yeah, that rose Gold does feel like that. The trend is kind of going away. Where is, like gold or silver is gonna be around fucking forever. I want a ring, but instead of like, love rings have a diamond in them I would want a Cuba small cube of gold with, like, three more on top of it. I see where you're going with this. Oh, it's the tower pimps ring Copy may be a help if you punch someone through, I always think of. Maybe it's because I'm from Canada, but like, if you're wearing gloves, the kind that are like tight fitting to your hands and you have a ring like a diamond ring on. How does that fuckin like not get caught or stuck? Or just cut ring home? You still gotta put it on you put the ring on over the globe or you have a separate little like finger slide. The hunt? I don't know. I thought I could. I think about that all the time. Like any woman who's has an engagement ring. Do you want me to? Yes. Makes you think of the things Serena has. Yeah, the little pinkie thing about little sleeve thing, which, by the way, is totally green. It's green, It's fucking green. There's There's people who think it's black. Oh, you you don't referring to make. She used one of the people. She put out the tweet. I was like, Girl, what you talking about? It's just great much stuff. It Yeah, it's the same. It's like a green. It really is just like the blue Ah, blue black dress Versace gold, white dress. No situation, you know. Ah, You want me to know? Yes. Is that Amazon Lulu? Okay, I don't have Lulu. I'm still like catching up with the Amazon Shit. Really Good, Jack. Fantastic. Mean Trevor just are watching community like 10 years late, but that's a fucking good show to know. It's trying to think of it like that. I think the If I remember it's been a while. I've seen it, but I remember not liking the first season. But then I felt like it got better. Everyone says Season two of Communities like some of the best television on earth. I don't I mean, we're only like, halfway through season one, so not there yet, but I love it. I think the calorie characters are great for the good, but I don't think I've watched that show since it went off the air. Yeah, that's that's been a while. You could tell it's been a while. Just based off like outfits and style has changed so much over the course of 50 will wear. Nowadays, it's completely different. Running Man takes place in 2017. I think you should wear that to a nice restaurant. There's a girl we all go out to eat alone. What's that going? Vegan place? Way of his plans. I want to go after this. Totally serious eating a fucking salad at Olive Garden. You have a vegan. Is that what you're saying? You're fully there. There some trouble. I'm sure there are other things you need besides this out. I'm sure there's a super something. Is this beer Vegan? Should be. I didn't look, but beer doesn't have animal products. Yeah, I don't know. This could be shit in there. That makes it not animal shit. I think we're out of here. I think we should all get all have got nothing. Do it. It's fucking not and say we did playing this so mad at me. Every time I see he gets, he's I tried to go with like I suggested we went last week and blames, like dog don't go. He's being I don't want to go picking them up. I don't want to go tonight. And this is a huge proponent of health in what Kristen Zacher doing right now is very unhealthy. Yeah, way. You You do what? You do it. You do me a favor, Chris. You want me to read what you have in your pocket? Have? My staff is the head stats. You are an excellent employee. Can I look at that before you start reading it? You want to see is like, I want to see what methodology? Not all I might. My notes are like four columns. You trying to say it? A non Chris could try for a trip meal breadstick penalty. There's some dates. And then there's totals at the bottom of each of these columns for a certain period of time, though, cause I have until their stated d'oh from october 7th 2000. What the fuck is it say? October 7th, 2000. It's 29 c. Chris. I don't know what that two decades old And then as time goes on, you stop putting October and you just put the date really bored of 1 to 10. All right? You want to weigh myself first? Yep. Sure that way. Are you going tomorrow? Yes. So last checked, I think. Last time Chris made and he was 1 46 Can I go on lunch? Tomorrow was 1.6. You want to be ness? Okay, That's okay. So that will be a 47. God damn, Chris, he was 1 47.6 What are you right now? Well, we got the camera positioning itself drumroll 1 47 Annie needs to pee a lot. So maybe 1 47 0 my God. Oh, my God. How does that Chris? Okay, tell us how much you've been eating. Real code. So I will say this. It has not been as good as I should have been. The crafty sister. My God, it's crumpled like some kid's homework. Dresses like a small eight year old. Been as good as I had been because we've been having just super super busy. So I've been eating a lot at work. Lots of emails are penalties. And and, Yeah, more penalties. Um, so anyway, so I've even total, um I've had I've been to all garden 20 times, 32 meals off of all. Wait, wait. You win 20 times with your third eye, right? Like most times. Oh, yeah. And so that's it's a really easy extra meal. And then I have had 36 breadsticks and I have 12 meal penalties. Here's the deal is I skip a lot of meals now because I'm either full of pasta or because I don't have time to go to. All done. You don't want to take a penalty pounds. What you doing? That's how I think I think I'm losing weight because I'm like I skipped because the amount of your how does the pasta pass work? Like when you get there? You like. I'm a member and they don't know me at this point. They're like, Hey, Chris, you have to show it anymore. You have to show it anymore. No, I still have to ring it up. Like Like like we were like when you first started. Would you show it to them at the beginning of the meal? Would you show it to them? Like what? They bring you the bill? No, no, no. Hey, I discovered I order the never ending possible. And I'm like, No, it's covered. Do you think they'll be annoyed if Rat comes in? No, not at all. No, I'm thinking tomorrow lunch. I'm up first. Um, rat, do it. Let's do it goes ness. Anyone else would've come. Fullback Deqin Wei should all go. I'm filming something tomorrow. Yeah, right. Eric? Yeah, We're Barbara Barbara movement. She's powerful, powerful. Shall we say what we're filming? Yeah, talk about it cause I want to bring it back up. It's not Ah, Barbara, I'm not in it. Uh, I'm filming on audition tape for Judge Judy. Oh, yeah. You told me about this. You're doing it. You're actually doing, uh, addition. Taken away. You should wear those clothes. Would be one of my characters. Various e, remember? But, see, I think you have an audit or something. What's going on? No, no, no. In order to be in the audience for Judge Judy, you have to be in sag, and I'm in sag like you have a minute audition tape. I mean, that just makes sense for them because you got, like, a social media bump you're gonna get teens the Utes, and we're gonna be trying to find the episodes that you're in great for being dressed Judy episodes, Could you? I mean, I know you're gonna film the audition, but he also film it like as a bts that we could put out. You can just have it. We're gonna kill you. Have I don't want to audition for for Bailiff. I don't cast the fucking show, do that kind of audience. Oh, my God. That's so fucking funny. All right, I'm not lying. Should we have a final don stuff? I'm excited. All right, so Yeah, it's about It's about time to wrap up what you want to do. It filed down. So I think we should all get Eric. You just to do something. Yeah, I can I make a request? Yeah. Can I have you guys all moved to the front? Um uh, you go ahead and dance is we take the credits. So thank you for watching this upset. A very steep podcast with back next week. Check out Good morning from hell. Yeah. Check out Good morning from hell. And here's a circle. And lest you think of this episode, Okay. Goodbye, Rocket, it's