#568 - The Sh** From Spain Stayed Mainly on the Plane

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Mariel Salcedo, and Jon Risinger as they discuss Dysentery, toasting jerky, Cinderblock the chonk cat, motorcycle dog, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Mariel Salcedo, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 568. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Theo. Everyone will receive podcast this week. Brought to buy Mandy's calm and mark. Ari, I want to start off by saying it's my fault. Gavin's not sitting right there was here. We were having some problems with the Internet. So we decided to delay a couple of minutes and he turned to me, said, I don't have time to get coffee And I said, Yeah, go for it. We'll wait for you. And then we didn't wait for Gavin's like, 20 feet That way behind me. Getting coffee right now. He's gonna run. He's gonna run in with a scalding Don't run. It's my fault. Are you apologize? Run! He's not know. Do not run. Don't run! I told everyone It's my fault. He lies. Oh, man. Okay. Anyway, we're gonna keep on tests. I'm Gus. I'm late. I'm Ariel. I'm John. You made me look among this year I started out with the apology. Is claiming totally my fault. But you, uh, you were not here cause you got here on time. You're always here on time. Everyone worries. But Gavin will show up 95% of the time. I won't give you higher than that night, Mike. Let's just call it night. I went to high go crazy. Does that distress you to show up late? Like with that started to walk up and it's all, like we're already going every think that. Yeah, Well, no. Well, yeah. No, it's not that bad, is it? It's not the end of the world. I think I might have something to make you feel a little better. Gavin, calm me down a little bit. I got a snack for you if you want a snack. Yeah, I have some Jack Link's pep pepper beef jerky. Is that dusty? Was that look great on your brand new? I just bought it. What year was this? A cow. What year was it? A cow. I don't know if we don't want to go into the back of their best by date. On it, there's a cow date on it. Uh, it's jerky. So it should be good for a long time, right? It's like still in a sealed packet. You know what of it that you think this is what you get me a stack? I figured you might need snack a little. Pick me up. What? You have a toaster? What's going on? You doing the toaster? Just makes you think of looking glass from watchman. Everything. The watchman TV show. Just like there's this this year. I was trying to connect Axl, like, known on hosting with. Can you post this for me? I don't know. This is this is brand new. Terrible bribe. We take a bet and then do it. But that's objective. Well, here we have a vote. I just heard Eric says I really loud in the booth because this was just bought. Right? Well, that smell good. I bet it smells terrible. I don't know. It's gonna ruin one of my guys. Right? Let's let's use he has the toaster for a reason. There's four slots. Let's use the for that reason for 74 there are four slots. Okay. Is this gonna cause a fire? I'm going to say that's gonna smell terrible. What do y'all think it's gonna smell terrible. John, what do you think? I don't know. It's gonna smell right. Awful. What's then? Why I want doing it. Because you might like the smell of the degree of toast. Unissued like, Wait, what do the instructions say? Doesn't have any dark like being on a four before. Is it a number? Which Which way do you think that's like 1234 All right. Okay, it's down. It's down the satellite test. You can. Mary Jack did if it gets too crazy. Yeah, I got you. Thank you. You can sell it. Gets you crazy, right? Really Gets to be the responsible adult. How's the jerky? Why? I lost him in your poison. It It's great. He's good. Did you bring us else next or is it just? No, Just Gavin. Just get it. Okay. The sly, just Gavin. I just thought Gavin made a snack and I see the bag govern. Can I just bring a snack for Gavin? Gavin, I gotta bring a snack for everybody. You think it's a little rude? Okay, well, you can think whatever you want. Gavin is rooted in Gavin's enjoying his nice little snack. Just looking. It's not actually dusty. It's best by February 23rd 2015. Yeah, so four years ago. 2021. Stop! Get away! You have this duty. You make sure that we don't burn town. Diversity The stage for the jerky. I'm on it. So what Already busted? I don't know. So you all have a choppy stream before. Nice dream earlier was duty. Yeah, The preview here was not good. Don't we could bail even log into steam? Yeah, that is an ongoing issue, aru Steve. But I feel like it's perpetuated beyond just the officers were in like that was an issue at Ralph Abla. NATO, Was it the Internet and the Internet? We have bad Internet there. No, we did it. We did win. What were you doing now? Remember? All right. It's when we had too many people. We couldn't get faster Internet anymore. We have bad Internet. Were to tell people to stop streaming video. That's right. Yeah. Could even stream music because we had, like, nine people who would just watch have Netflix on all day. I can't do anything. Mr. Are You remember that? Yeah, whatever it was given. Ah, Adam, Like just headaches. Wasn't someone taunting that when they figured? I don't know if they think if they found who it was. Oh, I remember that. You got mad. Yeah, I do remember that. I got very mad. Uh, we have been at the congress office. The fastest Internet we could get. There was a six megabit D s. L connection was, like six megabits down, 286 kilobits up. So we'd upload a video. We have to do it overnight. You just leave it Be like, All right, hopefully done in the morning. I forgot about that. It's gonna be hot, John. That's all I see. It's sizzling. Oh, I see. Oh, it smells like you have to compare it to feel good to begin with. Very soft. Now not changed at all. It's could try a piece, but I thought house to smell. That's right. Oh, actually supposed pretty damn good turkey. It looks like a nose, Theo. Count is It's just just after jerky. Actually doesn't feel bad. That's actually kind of taste and smell. Terrible. Yeah, actually, soft turkey, turkey, turkey jerky. It's on Turkey. It's beef. That's good. All right, science, I got I've never thought to do that before we started childlike. Remember, Willett blend will toast getting? Give me a phone. What you doing? Just one test. See if it give it to me. Give me the moon ball. Have you guys ever like, um, done a cross section of a mumble Exploding moon bone half like just see what the is it all bounce? All hate just bounced. 50% hate secularist This the hate is the core a little bit of ah, one moon rock inside each one straight from the moon. Yeah, let's get expensive. Remember, we talked about that years ago in the pocket of the guy who had sex on him, Right? What is like an intern at NASA who had access to the rocks and he had sex with his girlfriend on top of all the moon rocks I loved because he wanted to have sex in the movie, right? Look about it. Right? There is a book about it, because when I, um Internet Sony, I remembered them talking about optioning it. It's like, What's the movie? I think I got banged like I could see. Like we could make a porn out of that. Okay. What's your fucking movie? A guy interned at nasa and then fuck someone on top of moon rocks. The end is like a 15 minute romance. It's a thriller. What's the most valuable thing, if you could that you could have sex on top of the queen? What you would have sex with her? That she's like the's having sex on top of the greens like whales have sex, they sink. So they need 1/3 wheel to, like, support them. Yeah, so it's like all Whale six is a three way with one whale on the bottom, holding the other two. It's like the exact same thing that the queen all quit. If if the one of the whales left you for the other one and then you had to lift him up so the queen could be your whale. I think about what she'd float pretty starting, right. She's loaded the ground. She float, he says about the Queen of England. She's getting on now, like 100 and 20. What is she now? She's like 90 something. She's never gonna die. They've They've given her the only like serum ever. That will keep you alive forever. The crown estate was that, but all of her wealth that's resources keeping her alive. So she dies. She's her son's not going to get it right. They're gonna go straight to Harry Prince Charles, Charles. But will he? But you're asking to feel, survive hers. You'll survive him. Yeah. Uh, anything's possible. Yeah. So it would go Thio, Charles. Good. Charlie, what happens if that whole bloodline gets wiped out? Does England just go? All right, now, I guess we just won't do anymore. Just pick a new last name, and you would know better than us. How? How did the beginning of their lines start? I seem one of that law killed one of the last lot. That they be right. Hey, House wins. It gets it is conquest. Yeah, because from the old times. Okay, I think I think the rules are if if their entire line dies, 1st 1 to touch the crown jewels gets it. That's that's a movie. I think the Windsor name came much later. There it's not. That's a new name in her bloodline like Mountbatten number and was, I think it's so like just went to Buckingham Palace. All right. What was that? I got dysentery at Buckingham Palace at Buckingham Palace. No. Did the queen give you dysentery queen. I thought on top of the queen got dysentery. You ate the regal booty. Where is that? What was that? That was back in Austin. Uh, while you were in a mosque? Um, well, so I went thio Europe for two weeks. It was shot, by the way, for the chief. Yeah, I tow London, Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. And then I got sick and Barcelona. And then it should be about the Barcelona. Uh, and then I took 89 and 1/2 hour plane ride from London to Dallas with dysentery. Okay, it was your seat on the toilet. But they find, you know, I tried to like, I booked myself on a road that was completely empty. And I was like, Oh, maybe I could just, like, sleep it off, and then someone books like the aisle seat, Uh, excited. But the middle seat, Because there was no one in it. And I was like, Oh, no one's No one's gonna take it. I'm in the middle And then someone fucking booked it. And then they upgraded me, which is nice. But then I had a window seat. So for nine and 1/2 hours. I just, uh, took a lot of, um, odium and a lot of pain pills and just kind of sat in a corner until I landed in the state. Do you mind me asking how much a modem like, how much do you have that flight? The answer is not enough. Yeah, not. I think I took, like, four out of the six pack. Jesus. Yeah. What? What is this? Entry due to the body makes look like kids die. All right? Yeah, Well, that's what you die on the Oregon trail. Um, it's it you shit yourself yourself just constantly. Just got just shitting liquid. You're just Yeah. One point is that it's like goes from liquid thio mucus and blood hydration at that point so that when you came back, you went to the When I came back, um, I came back and I went back home and I like showered. I was lying in bed and I didn't want to be jet lag, so I told my girlfriends, like, do not let me sleep like I'm gonna lay down for, like, 30 minutes and then come in like, make sure I get up and she came in and she was like, You're burning up like you have a really high fever. And she was like, you we should just go to the e r right now, because if you don't do it now, like you're gonna get sick or even sicker And we had a c l coming up. So we go to the e r a. They're like, Yeah, you have dysentery and was like, Why the fuck how the fuck someone has cursed me? How did you So you got in Spain stains bring that means on a dirty place. You wouldn't think like dirty stuff can happen anywhere. Oh, yeah, he will always joke about, like Montezuma's revenge in Mexico. Since you're already Mexican, maybe like going back? Well, yeah, other countries. It's Montezuma's revenge in reverse for visiting the colonizers. That's, um, history humor, right? There were being so historical. Despise you, but I'm better now. Yeah, I lost £5. I feel great. Thanks, guys. Know that sounded tend to block it. I didn't lose any muscle mass, Which was the good thing I did. I did a like a body scared afterwards. Justice anymore. Look, she's just liquefied I lost. I lost body fat. Wait a little bit and you just shut them directly out. But you know, I'm doing better. I'm all right. Let's have a drink. A lot of water. Still drinking a lot of water? Yeah, just staying hydrated is everyone should important. Speaking of weight loss, I'm I'm 100% now on team cinderblock. Fat cats in their black real fast before you get to cinder block someone and chat. Meet the ultimate comment for Mariel Master, Right? You wanna wait? The shit in Spain stayed mainly on the plain comment of the baby s starts. Auster gastric. Uh, okay. Sorry. Sorry to interrupt. I had to acknowledge that comment. No, no city block. I love cinder block. I'm here for cinderblock. I've only seen one video of cinder block. This cat is the cat. Is that a threat? No. Cat, somewhat lax on the treadmill. Yeah. Yeah. Now there's like a whole like the cinder block doesn't have an instagram account, but cinderblock is at a vet hospital and they have definitely leaned into cinders. Notoriety have been posting a lot more cinder since then. A lot of updates. A lot of progress reports on cinders. Ah, Phyllis. Always like a video of a cat partially submerged in water, moving one power on a treadmill. Wise and boy, my dog, after he had hip surgery, had to do that as well. It's so that they're not having suspends their light, their weight and inside a heart of the joints. Have you ever gone a treadmill? Yeah. I want to try. Okay. Have you ever gone on a treadmill? Half submerged in water? No, But now I kind of want it your way. You just said you owned or you own my own. Okay. Yeah. Um eso eso They've been posting this. I I looked into this because I went I went deep dive on this internet because I saw another post about center today. And so I was like, I gotta find this cat. This cat is like showing up on Reddit a bunch. It's gotta have a great name for that cat. Cinderblock is just fantastic. B breeze block in England. Yeah, that's interesting. It's not thistles. The second video video that she is, she or they are very busy. Okay. Uh, fat cat. Oh, yes. Oh, center. There's also like a video that went up like showing cinders. Ah, ab workout, which they got center on their back. And they're, like, dangling a thing over and making cinder like lead up into it. Uh, yeah. Like he he was. He was, um He was surrendered to the vet hospital because the owners couldn't take care of him anymore. Couldn't get his weight down. So these at these Berries, huh? Did you just feed it less than you would think? So you would think so. I just couldn't shake you. Just love wasn't exercising. Maybe maybe. Or maybe the cat would, like, bully them for food. Maybe it's funny that this became I don't know how this happened. Was it the other night? Like Saturday night, I went down a rabbit hole off finding like, cute pet videos on YouTube. And then I found, like, the subsection of other fat cats have been uploaded. And there was one I found Call mango. It's a very similar thing, but like mangoes died at a hospital. Someone just owns a mango on mango just lays there and giving up on life. It's got, like a toy fish that it likes that it hugs it. And that's it. The cat. Yeah, like that's living the life. What? What constitutes an obese cat? Like what? When does a cat go from just a fat cat toe like this? Cat needs help. I think what happens is it's I don't mean to be mean about his cats, but Jeremy has some fat cats, okay? And there are one book is awesome there. His cats are awesome, love. Like I've been over this house a few times and I've got to seize cats. Cats are great, but there's this one time where I tuned in for a second to a stream of hiss. And the way that Jeremy Streams work is that he's in his office. And if you turn left, is of his office. He has these big, old like glass doors that look out into entryway and the rest of the house. And he was talking about how it might have been Booker a camera. Which one? It was. One of them was staring at him while he was playing. And so he turned the webcam. And so he turned the webcam towards the cat and the cat is straight down the camera. So you're getting just a front down look of the cat and the cat shape was just a circle. It was just all like from head to a bigger circle that was surrounding the smaller circle the head. That's what the cat was. Way go a lot Coming is exactly what I thought when I saw a cinderblock was 50 hefty chunk. And then we got mega junker. But where and that is you need to see a doctor Chunk. I think that by time like 40 I think not like 60 is when you're agreeing you're fine Fine, boy. 30 30 year You're just in danger of like getting a chunk cat and bye bye 40. You have 30 says he trunk eyes too chunky, I would say. You gotta put gonna die at 50 maybe. Oh, no, definitely at 40 four, boys, just like a weird looking at looks like a health office of healthy weights of cats going from Ah, fine boy to be shocking to a heck And Shankar toe hefty chunk to Megatron. Oh, Lord, he comes from 65% body fat. When the undercarriages so scraping the floor on the 70 that's that's in trouble But I love that center. I love, like cinder blocks. Like like fitness journey That they're documenting is so cool. I love it. I imagine it's gotta be super hard to get a cat to lose weight, though. More than a dog. Yeah. I mean, cats are much more opinionated. Cat will fuck you up. It doesn't want to do what you wanted to do. Yep. Okay. Yeah. Cats also like you're talking about, like, just like the possibility of cat, like, nonstop complaining Cats do that. They will little just not stop making a noise, Do you feed them? Or they may be that one couldn't jump, But cats can jump or figure stuff out and get to get to stuff. Yeah, maybe once. Once they get to a certain size, it might not be a a problem anymore. The jumping, that's that's the thing. Like, I really like cats. But, you know, I'm kind of, ah, clean freak. And I don't know if I could live with the cat again knowing that the step in letter boxes, Then they jump on my counter in my table. You know, it's like food prep areas and where it's like I would really like a cat if I could just get, like one of those, like stubby legged cats That doesn't jump very high. It's like, Okay, you stay down there. Just restricted to certain height, you're a to D cat. This the Z axis? I feel like it's fine. I just Clorox give everything a white down before you use it. That's even more work. You can get on everything. Yeah. You've shown especially videos of your cats. Like above you in your kitchen. Yeah, it's me. It's me. Sometimes. Get some top of the cabinets. We call him the over smear when he's doing a such a cat owner thing to d'oh! Just cheesy words like that. Yeah. I love my cats. This upset receive podcast is brought to you by me Undies. It's officially the holidays. People are already shopping for gifts before you freak out. About what? To get your boyfriend. We've only been dating for four months or what? To get your mailman. Is that even a thing or the fact that you have to go to the mail? I mean, just check out me undies re like how comfortable me undies are. I know we talk a lot about soft fabric is and it really, really is. Plus, they stay in place. 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That's exactly what they taught a rat. It's 2019 rats can. Dr. Gavin can't. We're gonna have self driving cars. You're right. I mean, that's that's him winning kind of cat, Dr Cat. Oh, shit. There. Was there something else? Did you see the video of that dog driving a motorcycle? No. Yes, I saw that one. What with two people on people on a motorcycle and a dog. And the dog's in front? No. With the dogs, only one holding the hand holding the handle bars. They're on it. So they're they're helping for like like stabilization. Come, dog is Don't know. Filmed from the point of view of a passing car. No, they drive up to it because it was like this revealed like, Oh, it's people. Oh, it's a dog on the mercy of the dog is driving the motorcycle. That was not the turn I was looking for. I need to see it. Well, see, I just said it thio them. We'll see if we can. We can bring it up the title for the videos. Dog show first is humans on motorbike? It's so good. Okay, hold on real quick. Someone said dogs are not clean either. I don't think that's the point. The point is, dogs don't get on counters. He takes hold there for a second dog is into in charge that everyone until their lives. Aaron that dog's paws doesn't know. Giant Dog has no idea. Those people are hoping that dog move their lives depend on the dog being chill. Love the dog actually figured out the dog leans in the fight like a dog is like a fucking dog. Someone shot put together and realize that rats can drive and you can and you addresses a rat last week. Maybe that's how I take my test. You can convince those researchers that they should make one of those cars big. So what was the purpose of making a rat drive? The purpose they were, it was a really roundabout way is. Actually, it was actually, they're they're researching cancer treatment is what they were researching. Yeah, you serious? No. Eyes connected that it could have been like there's a baseline like little eyes could drive. If we treat them with this, can they still drive? Let me tell you the real reason, which is just this absurd, if not more absurd. They were studying stress in rats by examining the feces of those rats that were driving. What? What were they giving them like? So they traffic issues. What were they thinking about whether or not they were in control of the vehicle in control of where they were going or what they were doing. But what would the rest trying to do? You think they're trying to get food? They were driving to food? I believe so. Yeah. It was They were They would incentivize them. Did they? By doing that, they get food. And that's how they were trying to get fruit loops difficult. Do rats drive on the left or the right? Well, this think he was, like, in the middle, so they should be driving on the left. I think it was like it was small enough that was just, like in the center of the University of Richmond. Okay, so on the right. Right sided rats checking. Okay. Yeah, that is that. I know. Richmond, Virginia. But you never know. You never know. They should have put one in a cop car. Researchers are Excuse me. Researchers are exploring how the performance of complex tasks like driving affects the brain with the ultimate goal of finding better ways to treat anxiety and depression. Are they saying that driving makes people if you actually often find driving stressful? The rats in the study seemed to benefit from the training. A chemical analysis of the animals poop after four months of training sessions showed lower levels of the stress hormone, cortical stare own and higher levels of stress busting hormone. I'm not going to try that one so it so you could buy driving. They were getting less stressed. We concluded that the rats actually learned to drop. We included that the rats grammatical error. Wei concluded that the rats that actually learned how to drive had a greater sense of control over their environment that was accompanied by increased hormone, something like a rodent version of what referred to as self effort. Efficacy, efficacy so inhuman you can shit stress. Yeah, a stress manifests in your shit. You don't shit the stress that the man, if you don't like getting rid of excess stress. If you know ship is in Mariel. Mariel. She's so different. You know, you should just losing weight stress list. What's really about a dysentery? You know what do you get it from? They said it could be anything. They said it could have been something I ate. They said it could have been water. They could have been. They were like You could touch something. We're drinking the tap water. No, I dont. Unless someone accidentally gave me tap water. But I asked her bottle pretty much of a rare win. We'll buy ice. Did you drink, milady? Eyes My been That might have been that. Was it bacterial or amoebic reading about dysentery Now? I don't know. Maybe, I guess. Bacterial. The contact. Maybe through contaminated food, contaminated water or other drinks. Poor hand washing by infected people would have been you. It would've been someone else swimming in contaminated water. Physical contact? I don't I mean, I wasn't, like, in and out of metro stations and bus stations and stuff. So it was dirty. You know, that's Mary Poo poo everywhere. Could have been anything. So the moral of the story is just stay home. Just stay home. Don't travel. You would have saved money and not have dysentery. You need to see the world. It's overrated. Was it worth it? That was a good trip trip is my first, like, solo trip. First trip across the sea, which was interesting. Um, first overseas, first overseas trip. Yeah, but with the way this thing to you. Oh, we're this cultural difference. Oh, I guess I I was just being a dumb America, especially the Netherlands. I expected there to be more English. I was very shook, if you will. When I got to Amsterdam and like, got into the train station and then I started looking around. I was like, Oh, there's no English here. Um I mean, everyone speaks English just fine, but, um, I also realized I didn't know as much. French is. I thought I did. I got to Paris, but it's still worth it. I don't know if I would do it again just because I mean, obviously would travel again. But I don't know if I would do it solo again. Because now I have people in my life that I want to travel with. Like where to talk about this? Yeah. We're planning our own gonna take over the world seven week. We're you know, we're gonna fly west and come back east, go all the way around the world in 90 days. Yeah. One week on the continent of Antarctica. Run's gonna be really rough. I've discovered I have a vacation limit. Play Two weeks is too long for me. Same. Yeah. Two weeks at once or two weeks. Accumulated over the year. No, I once. Yeah, like 10 days is maximum 10 days is even pushing me. Yeah, I would love to dio a week anywhere, and I'm ready to come home name not need no hands. Like whatever home is where all my shit is like all the stuff I like that I've collected. It's their home is also where I get to do all of my weird idiosyncrasies that center me And, you know, like, show me out that you can't like, necessarily have readily available when you're traveling. Like giving just little things Like your bed And how your shower set up in your kitchen. Your reckoning, my toaster. Um, a toaster. Would you? Would you like some time? Everyone was really freaked out by the toaster before the podcast started coming by asking what to do with the toaster. It's just a tester. Do you want some toast? Gabby, would you like some toast? Yes. Do you want some beans on toast? I was. I just have some pizza. Okay. You want some toast? What? Beans on toast. I had my first full English Full. English is amazing. Uh, bread back here. Wait. Fuck. Offices Look A bit like a Do you want toast? What do you mean, the Oh, you want first? I wantto Do you want a cup? Yeah, I'm good. I'm good. Thank you. Asking that. 00 man. I went to t e. I want to go to early voting today, and, you know, it's up the road. I went to up the road here. What used to be the mall, the island campus, and there's, like, new voting machines for this election. It's like so it's different than it was before. So it took me a while to figure out the system. Then when I was leaving, I've never I guess I've never been in that part of the Highland campus before since probably it was a month and they had, like, this knockoff dipping dots machine. It was an ice cream. It was like an ice cream machine. I'm gonna take a picture of it. I'm gonna read what it said here. It said, if you know different Nazis to say, like the ice cream of the future, this is like an automated robotic frozen yogurt machine that said the future of frozen. It was like, I know that you're going for here. You're tryingto do like some kind of dipping dots knock off. It was like you could get different flavors of yogurt and it would put toppings on them. Dip and dust is bullshit. Divatox is bullshit. It really wanted to be the next big thing. They're still around. Still around? Yeah, but it didn't become the next big thing. No, it didn't become like a crazy. It was like a little bit of, ah, like, slight interest and showed up at, like, theme parks and stuff. In fact, like I think Six Flags places. Yes, I'm sure someone still making money, but yeah. I mean, they sell them in stores now, you actually there's a different dots. Ah, uh, cereal. Yeah. Why? Because there's a cereal for everything. It wasn't good. I would not recommend there's also a drumstick cereal. Why? But like Oh, aren't those cold? Are they froze like you keep him in your drumstick flavor. Yeah, I took a picture of it, so I like that, But it looks like a whippy. Yeah, it was frozen yogurt. It puts all the toppings you want on. You see, like the toppings on the side that someone that lifted some of the right it dispenses the frozen yogurt in the middle. Then like a robotic arm takes it under all of the different tops. And what's your problem with this thing? It's just stupid. What is that, stupid? What's the point of that? How is that different To go into, like men Cheese or something? What's Frenchy's? Oh, yeah. Okay. I guess this year toppings. I guess I would prefer this cause I want to talk to a person. Yeah, that's good. That's your ideal ice cream machine. Guess you're you've changed. You're, like, a different, like the last week. You're like a different person. You're like, cool your vegan. For some reason, you show your stress out. Is that what happened? I stopped eating animals, and now I'm just, like, totally chill. I don't have that negative energy that looks brilliant. Well, stupid. How do you feel about that? Have you seen the coffee robot at the airport. Every time I try to use it, it's broken. Is the toast done? Some of it. No, Don't eat. Toast to the microphone. How toast. You're getting this tojust a little bit more. They weren't there. Barely browned. How do you get a handle on the numbers on a toaster? But what does that mean? It's minutes. There's not minutes. You're a fool. An eight minute toast. You would do that. Cop tarts, Not minutes. Are you serious? It's on Summit is No. I think that Summit is what degree? Degree? It was like, Yeah, toasted this. Like this one. This one doesn't have numbers on it. Just has degrees of, like, darkness. Delight nous. It's not a timer. It's Tommy. I'm sure affects the eight means longer than 48 minutes. Okay, I don't know what you're says, but Liza Standardized toasting unit. That's fine. I think it be. And by the end of it is just like you learn what your toaster cooks at. Okay? Trying. I guess it's not minutes. That's what some people say. Okay. And it varies. Toaster, toaster. But there, the way that toast in cheap toasters the way that they time. How long to keep things heated is by having a curving metal strip inside of them. And the warmer gets, I guess, like it changes shape. And the number is just a determination of how curvy that piece of metal is allowed to be. Did you ever see those toast is from the geographic? Please toast me. Don't eat into the microphone. It was my dream that everybody in the world touch toast before I wear out toppings, I said I offered beans. It's good. Do you have anything but pings? No, I know, but it's good. It's better in that stupid frozen yogurt that's asking me in the control room. That was that toasted from the sixties, where you put it in and it would like slowly lower the toast, and it would automatically cooked to the perfect level of toasted nous. And then it would like, slowly come back up. Wouldn't the bottom get more toasted in the top? In that scenario was passing. It didn't take like a minute. It's just it's just like Take that toys. I beam. I want a son. Be three point was being bombed back to back. Wait, don't eat another microphone. I specifically said, Don't even really want close toast eating SMR responsive by toast With what's going on, At least area like these, we should like to surround sound toasting like thing like you think Gus is like in people's Like Lefty or 19 people's right? Not going. Yeah, So, like, if Gus like if we just bite by bite I was traveling by we dove image go down the line. Most part I ever get your toast ready? Have you still got one? Massive biting as a mite way like together has to be like the way the audio listeners are going to kill me I'm leaning away to eat mighty my toes touch the things So I had to throw it away I'm through the first good But why Why does it have to be a reason? Have toast Why does toast need a reason? This absolute received podcast is brought to buy calm? Did you know that a good night's sleep is like a magic remedy for the brain and body? When we sleep well, we're more focused and relaxed and best of all, sleep makes us happier. That's why we've partnered with calm the number one app for sleep. Sleep deficiency can do serious damage not just to your brain but to your body as well. The Sleepless are more prone to accidents, weight gain and depression. With calm, you'll discover a whole library of programs designed to help you get to sleep. Your brain and body needs, like soundscapes and over 100 sleep stories narrated by soothing voice, is like your own flim from Game of thrones and Stephen Fry. So if you want to seize the day, sleep tonight with the help of calm right now, Rhys Teeth listeners can get 25% off a com premium subscription at com dot com slash rooster that c a l m dot com slash rooster 40 million people have downloaded calm. Find out why at com dot com slash rooster Thanks, Kam. So I've got an idea. Your toaster inspired me. Yea inspired me to talk about something I want to talk about so early today I saw this list of kitchen gadgets and I swear to God they all look like sex toys. Yeah. Do you think they re purposed? So I had Dennis 3.0, compile a list of, ah, kitchen gadgets and sex toys so we could look at them and we could all together try to determine if something is a kitchen gadget or a sex talk. Fantastic idea. I honestly point. Oh, please load. Ah, load the routine. I think it goes. It's some toast to your laptop. He's been really slow. Oh, that's dies. Oh, it's It's It's pink. I'm gonna discover for audio listeners. Tongue looks. Yeah, it looks like a tongue. Or maybe a tentacle like a slug. The shape of it doesn't really say clitoral stimulation to me. Well, there's a tip on it, I guess. You know, guys can use sex toys. True, guys do not have clips. I don't know if you know that some guys don't have clips. There you go. Can I get that stitched on a pillow? So we have these been edited to light Remove the kitchen nous from him? No, these are the straight images. Okay, That's so that wasn't a kitchen that wasn't like half in an avocado. And they just took it out. No, that's kitchen Kitchen. For what? What does that do? Butter. It's a reamer. Is that what it is? I don't know. I just a stupid joke. That's what I thought you knew. These are No, no. What? We'll learn together. Okay? It's for butter. I'm gonna go sex toy. I'm gonna go along the lines of butter and say it's a But why did you so virile? Sex? Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. I'm gonna go with a ah, kitchen gadget. Let's like a like a mocha hit there. Like a kind of Yeah. What is it? What you will if you will. Sex toys. What is that going? Oh, you know what? I don't know. What you want is the smile maker. Fireman, Clitoral vibrator. Volvo Fund? Yep. You see the point? Yep. Would you say for Volvo fund for vulva Phone? That is correct. Come on, let's see the next one. Oh, well, that's for the kitchen. That's for your ass. Is it that God? I would shove off an orange on that. What does that say? Swift. More. That's probably that is probably for citrus. Yeah, it does look like a thing. I think the right side goes in your office and you juice oranges on the It's a long so it's just you just bag. No TV, you're reaching behind and you're twisting the orange. On the whole, I want a whole line of oranges that I could just go. It looks like a butt plug car audio. If there is, it's a silver. It's still about, like, utensil of some kind. That's one. It looks like it goes in your butt on one end. Looks like you put a charge on that. Thing is it's too long for the Orange thing like it should be wider if it wants an already Know that inside this will end. Is it a juicer? It is a citrus reamer. Okay, I don't want anything in my kitchen of the word reamer attached to it. All right, then, you point out. So the next one, I'm two for 20 so it's a It's a pink cone ish pyramid. If I describe it, it's a pretty wide base. Looks like at the base. It's about as wide as a human hand. That's that sex toy. Is it like a pre gay per like so wanted that asked you. So I think that they talk about the loss of you know what will people That's that's sex toy for where would be you Sit on it. But it is so wide at the bottom. Yeah, well, that happens sometimes. Yeah, that can only be set on. You couldn't like to stick that in because it would shoot out. That's sex toy. I have to be. But it's too small. I was going to say maybe it's some, like microwave device that you put a mini pizza on and you could put in the microwave and the cone helps it like steam the cheese. I think it's so. But I think that's so you're saying that cause of the logo looks like a pizza slice? That's not pizza. Looks to you. I think you put a cake around that. If you want a like a pyramid cake or a cone, if you want something come like a take rue fa where you can have a feeling. But you don't. I use the sex toy I sexto. I'm going to say sex towards because everyone seems so called. It is a sex toe. Thank you. You sit on the cone sex toy massager. You are right. You sit on it. Yeah. Hey, sit on. It might be squishy. Okay, you know massager. Check out the count available on Amazon. Apparently, it's very pointing. It's gotta be called a violent. Next time we got to do this with dear items in real life, instead of looking a pitches to see Round two will be really, it would be way more expensive. What's cheaper around to Just have 11 item. All right, let's let the next one it's a blue mountain with a snow covered top. Oi! Is that like a film? Or is that plus hard plastic? It looks like that's That's hard plastic. That's a sex toy. It looks like a mountain, right? Sex crazy. Well, it has little like dots on the top of it. It looks like Oh, yeah? Does it almost looks like a salt shaker. Yeah, you're right. I think that's like a pepper shaker. Now, that's that. So maybe it's like icing. Sugar holder. Yeah, I'm gonna go with Maryland. Gavin. That's something for the kitchen kitchen utensil. Can't A is a microwave cleaning volcano. Ahh, Vinegar inside of it heated up, and then it steams and cleans like the angry mama wherever it's called. Yeah, it's like the angry mama don't know what that is like a total sex told us. All right, let's load the next one. That's rubber. It's a literal rubber ducky sex toy sex toy. That's definitely not a kitchen utensil sex. So it has to be a second, but it's on a little bass sex story. Maybe that's a salt shaker. That's a vibrator that you sit on and rub your junk on. Okay. And the answer. Sex toy hit sex toy isn't around When we got drunk on yeah. Two more. What is it? It's a vibrating rubber duck. Yeah. If that was a hit man, it would explode. I guess I got two more. Okay. Christ. Okay, this is Ah, little pink device. It looks kind of like a strawberry with a silver or rocket. And ah, one year, the I guess the hand olders like a green. That's acknowledging. That's a kitchen utensil. I mean, that metal end looks brulee. I threw it. Is it like, please? Yeah, that might be like an icing shaper. Like being piping you. Put that up your butt, though. Oh, yeah. I mean, just cause you could put up your butt doesn't mean you can't cook with it unless It's like a cream pie extractor. It is just a just a stick in. Just pull that out. No, I meant foot like true pies with cream. E o. Think if it wasn't for the sharp, pointy silver bit, I would say sex toy. But the sharp, pointy silver bit makes me think Kitchen. That's not what I thought was Kitchen, but you go with your logic Kitchen Dennis kitchen utensil. What is it? It's a kitchen utensil. It is a strawberry stem remover that's so dumb that it's so what? So you could take out your struggling so specific? That is so stupid. How does that thing cost? Too much is wrong. We're just pulling him off. Exactly. All kitchen gadgets like that or stupid, just not eating that bit. You just bite that. Put me over. Okay, It's $5.74 too much. It's $5.73. Too much way. Have we have one more? Okay, it looks That's 100% of it. Looks like a promise stone or sponge that's purple on top and white on the bottom with a little bullet next to it. That is how you get a very clean vagina, clean and happy so it could be. But I don't know that I am very curious as to why it has a bullet looking vibrator in it for a sponge, so you can use it during your sexy shower times. Maybe it helps you like when you're cleaning like a like a dirty dish. Vibrating gets like stains that. But I think I think the kitchen way, the dishes in the sink. You turn that on and just throw it in. Come back. It's well done. And then you take the silver part and you rub it on your kitchen utensil. I'm gonna go. Kitchen is where are you serious? Oh, do you think it's Sex E. I would say that's what someone uses whenever they're sexually attracted to John. But they can't find a picture of him closely. Oh, they say, I'm gonna shove a bullet library. Oh, you know what? I bet that's I bet you poor soap in it, and it's just like a self soaping sponge, but it But it's like such a, uh, it's such a weird device to do that, Peter H. Says. This is how we solve Gavin's. I won't clean my ass. Problem. It feels good. Kitchen kitchen. Do we do is have everyone's answer. I I'm gonna go with kitchen with sex. Just looked like I mean, it looks like a three point. Oh, sex toy. What? OK, I was right. It is the sport sheets vibrating shower sponge. Yeah, we're We're on the money. We were We knew what it did. We were just arguing over what it was marketed. You can use that to clean dishes. Yeah, can't. You should not use it for both. But you can. You buy two. Brilliant. Which one do you use it on first? Just a barrel. It in between. That's all you need to. D'oh! I heard a revolting sound from Eric, but you're well. Congratulations on getting some of those right guys. How many you get? Right? How did you get right? Very pretty. I got him. All right. I think too pretty sure I got him on three. Okay, I did. All right. This have some other Steve Podcast is brought to you by more. Khari. Khari makes it super easy for real people to sell and ship. They're unused things. We all have things we don't use, never used or simply outgrew. But that stuff still has value, and Mark Ari gives you the power to simply sell it, ship it and earn some cash for it. Fashion to toys, sporting goods, electronics, all the brands you know and love. Your home is probably clear it with stuff you don't use anymore, like clothes and shoes you don't wear taking up valuable closet space or old phones and electronic stuffed in a drawer, you can sell it all with Mark Ari. It couldn't be more simple. Take a few pics of your stuff at a description and boom, your item is listed. Then, once it's sold Mark R E e mails, you're shipping label and you just stick it on and send it off. No meet ups, no hassles. That has over 450,000 reviews on the APP store with an average 4.8 star rating, so why not give it a try? What are you waiting for? I know you've got stuff you don't use. Sell it, ship it, get paid With Mark Ari, you can find more curry on the APP stores or on mercury dot com. That's M E R C a r i The selling app, Bakari. Thanks for carding. Well, thanks for playing, everyone. Yeah, game. I like that. I think it was a very enjoyable program. Dennis. Three point. Oh, save that with your memory files like that. Believe somewhere. Dentistry. What else can you D'oh, he could. Well, last time I had him tell me what time it was in Japan and also set a timer for 12 minutes. And when they both worked, you could probably also set a timer for other periods of time to Can you control my Hugh lightbulbs thinking and do these way? Haven't linked him to your your Houston. We can. We can link him just how good he's going. But you could probably ask him for jokes and sports scores. Basics, navigation, radio times story every point. Oh, sorry, Dennis. Three point. Oh, can you read me a bedtime story? Uh, sure. See, it sounds so realistic. You think you're talking to a person, that soft worker, and then there's, like, a little loading, so it's buffering time. You answered correctly. Yeah, ee didn't say, will you? Can you sew and then you wait for the story to stop what? I have to ask for the desperate. Sorry, Charlie. Loved baths. Yeah, There goes Dennis. Three point. Oh, please end yourself is gonna end. Charlie, look back. So, you know, that's the story. Story in three words. Okay, Dennis, you know, uh, safe. I'm not about something else. Wait, I gotta ask. Gavin has your coffee. It's done. It's done. We did. You need in the beverage or something? Have you got one? Would you, like, maybe like a cup of tea? Sure. There's a cavity? Yeah. Can I get help from Booth? I need some water in my in my teeth. Just killed a tea. Kettle is kill. If you could just put just you don't feel about the way that you could get it. Put it put enough from for that. Well, Mary, a lesson. You have different kinds of T. C. All I see is a bread. I didn't know he even had anything back there. You know, the lights are gonna go off things that kettle to American, so I won't do it. Carrot top rise again. Um, so I wanna complain. Today's Apple announced a new product. The professional headphones in pressure, wireless throws Airpods pro. What makes an air pod pro? I think I like this pro. Just not mean anything anymore. It's got a little fan in it that cools. You hear what makes the phone pro right? Had that discussion. It doesn't make sense. I can understand the Mac book in the eye. Mack with the mack, the iPad a little bit ipads really pushing it a phone. A lot People used for business, but yeah, that was the real stretch. Because professional musicians and like, DJs and stuff I seem won't be using them. No way you won't fucking use that. One likes studio. Yeah, the quality I have. Apparently air pockets and the sound quality's shit on them on apple. Yeah, it's fucking terrible. Was like no base. Is this really tinny? I mean, what you looking for of a device that's this big, right? I mean, so it's like so then you cannot make a device that small and shitty pro. Why don't I like banging a listen and stuff? Half those, like thousands of dollars had friends. I'm sure they sound good. Are the tiny and wireless? I think so. Derek, buy me some e was getting T. What am I doing? You're buying Dina Tollefson. That is three point. No feeling there. We'll take care of it. It's a background task. We don't have to be a be alert. So what is the feature on him? Like the noise Noise canceling. But you can, like disable that if you need to hear someone. I have some headphones and do that. And they have, like, different size ear pieces for different size ear canals. I don't know. You could noise cancel without being like over the it because it goes into the ear canal created rubber people I don't like. I had one of those once, years ago and one time on a flight, I went to take it out and the rubber part stayed in my ear canal and I couldn't get It was like I had the stub of an earphone like the The plastic part was in the ear canal. There's a fucking nightmare. They call that nightmare fuel that nightmare fuel. How do you dig it out? Waiting for the bathroom like a fucking lunatic? Like an animal. You see, like a dog When they start like scratching your like crazy. I was like digging in there. Oh, my gosh. I have a bad story, but you can actually tell a bad story. Course is the podcast. This is only a story. It's a gross story. Um, so, uh, my kid, uh, she my eldest she got her ears pierced a few years ago, and I've never experienced ear piercing on any degree. So I don't know. I don't know what to expect in that kind of thing of, like, what happens at anything so or when her ear like as like, she's yet to pierce. And she was keeping the thank you. She was She was keeping the stuff under here to keep the, you know, the whole opening like that. And she was cleaning like that. Um, her ears get, like, really red, and, uh, and it looked irritated, but I was told, like, to a degree, that's fine. And okay, let's say it, um And then at one point, like it was really, really bothering her. And we looked back and she just had really simple earrings in that, you know, had, you know, the pushing the little little stuff at the end that keeps it from going out that stuff was gone. And that whole area in the back of her ear had, like, swollen up and sealed up. Oh, no. And so it looked like it was it was filled with just not good stuff. And it was, and it was looked like it was so painful. And so I took her to Ah, the, uh, urgent. Care to get it checked out every like that. See if we need you again biotics some like that or whatever. And they checked it over like that and like, Yeah, it's it's ah, it looks like it might be a little bit infected and they, you know, they said, we're going t take the airing out and keep the area clean. And I think they might have given me some antibiotics, something like that. And so I went home and the and I guess this must be a time when they were with me for longer than, like, a day or two. Are this happened over the whole weekend? Eventually it didn't like it wasn't getting looking any better, and so and he was still hurting her a lot. And so I finally took her into the into the bathroom to try to, like, really see what was going on back there and like, See if, like, you know, like, what was crusty like that. And I started feeling around and start pushing at the ear to see if like it, like if I could find, like, where what was wrong with it and a little piece of metal. Oh, appeared out of the little hole in the back. Her ear had swallowed and closed up around the backing That little butterfly, the little metal butterflies on the back years and had just was holding onto it inside of her ear. And and so I had to like she was like, Oh, it hurts. I'm like, Daddy's gonna do something to fix it a little bit And so I was able to push it and maneuver and get it out. I hid that from her, so she didn't see that that thing was in her ear on Emilie. After that, I was like, house. That feels like it feels a lot better. And so we like cleaned. Everything here is fine. No problems like that. It was the most nightmarish things I've ever done. You gotta stay like calm Yeah, get her worried. I know. And she was like she was being such a trouper. She was just She was wincing. But it wasn't like she wasn't, like, you know, throwing a fit or crying like that. And so I just, like, tried to muscle through it and just try to get out there as quick as I could, but yeah, just terrible. Just terrible. Oh, God, that's gruesome. Yeah. Oh, poor baby. Yeah, I'm glad you found it. Yes, um, and yeah. And it healed up, like immediately after that, because that was clearly just a foreign piece of metal was stuck inside of her body. Thanks. Like a bullet. I read a story on Reddit over the weekend about a guy who, when he was I want to say, he was like, nine years old. He stuck a rock in his ear and it will stayed in there for 13 years, man. Because, like, I guess, you know, he freaked out when it happened. His father tried to help him get it out, Couldn't find it, you know, spent forever trying to clean it out. I guess I must have fallen out already on then. 13 years later, it finally came out. Wait for his anti growth. They went to the you said over the years he went to a doctor. The doctor said he was making it up, went to another doctor and they said that we can't do anything for you. There's nothing in there. And then eventually it came out. I had I had a doctor once that I have to go to AA specialist for my, uh, genetic disorder that I have that can't smell it all that kind of fun stuff. And I have to go to endocrinologists. And ah, I When I moved here to Austin, I had to find a new endocrinologist, and I went to this one guy for a bit. And during one this was one of the last times I visited him. Uh, he went, and I was like talking about my whole situation of my genetic sort of common syndrome, that anything he left the room, they were in to go check on something and he came back. He left to go like, look up and research the thing that I had, and I don't know if that's a normal thing or not, but it doesn't really instill a lot of crazy when I tell you something's wrong with me and you have to go. And like Google, What's wrong with me? Well, he went to WebMD. Yeah, I don't know what was his field and technology and what technology. I'm probably gonna get this wrong, but it is the It's the study of, like our bodies, growth and growing and that kind of thing. And so my disorder is a hormonal. It's I think it's It's a hormonal. It's It's a hormonal doctor. Which hormones affect a lot of your aging and growth anything. And so, uh, yeah, he was an endocrinologist. Not a good one. Which to him pretty quick. Now I have a doctor. That's like basically Mr Rogers in Dr Form. It's fantastic. Can you name any organs of the endocrine system? I have to look him up. I would not have anyone name any of these. I can't name a bunch of agony bland. Yeah, which would say Thio, that's part of me that doesn't want military grandpa to a jury. That that this woman's right? Yeah. Yeah. I once knew a guy who whose brain like split, right. Go on his brain, just like fell apart like like physically is not just like his brain just split in his head like there were No, it was like two hemispheres that were no longer connected. I don't think I was down the line of the hemispheres just like some of his brain just, like came away. And it wrecked that gland. So you had to have pills to, like, give former sister What? Where did it go? It was just like four dead, but he moves his head too fast. Could you hear it rattling around in that beautiful kettle? Um, that your thing that you're talking about reminds me of a friend that I had on Facebook a few years ago. She posted this video about how her three year old son put a rock up his nose and they couldn't get it out. She she was like, This is what parenting is. And she has a video where she gets she has her mouth on his nose and seals it up and blows into his open nostrils, corrupt to shoot out. Did it works? It works. And so the rock hits there and she's covered in snot. I will never become apparent. Cancer. I'm sorry. Oh, is that so? Yeah. No, that's from the fridge. Here, use the jerky to stir it. Oh, yeah, because wait, we'll check the date on that milk. We got some gabby milk here December night. Okay. What year? This year. So, uh, I'm still vegan. Came up. I can't believe that conversation. I can't believe it. I thought it's It's still the same thing now. Like I did it to see what you do for a weekend. It was like, I'll see if I can do a week. And now I don't know what I want to eat. Like I'm I'm frozen with choice. What would you have of the food today? I didn't hear the vegan choices Here are shit. We're okay. Why? Why? I'm behind on your veganism. Um, I just wanted to see if it was possible. Like I want to see. You know, I love meat so much I've never really like always like, say, vegan food must be shitty. It's actually really good. The shittiest meal ahead was with Chris at Olive Garden and it was vegan. It was Chris it tonight. He was here earlier. It was actually over inside of the bag for a bit way. We should have called him. I went. Oh, you did go with him. Yeah. I couldn't make the one where you guys went, but I went the next day instances, Pasta pass, cover other people. No, no, you had to pay for your meal. What's the point? Uh, so I went with, uh, Eric and Christo Olive Garden, and we know we all ate. And then the check came, and obviously, Chris has his pasta pass. I was just Eric and I and I told Eric like, I don't worry, I'll pay for lunch. But Chris dug around in his wallet and pulled out a $5 olive garden gift card and handed it to me. Stay here for the tip Garden gift carpet, like I'm not coming back. Said I came here. I was with you for this way. But what can you eat it? Olive garden, This vegan. What's you get? Most of the pastas are and you'll get the traditional Marondera sauce. Okay, The breadsticks are vegan, but if you eat the salad, the crew thons or not, you see without crew tones, right? Okay. Yeah, I had Ah, chicken Alfredo and a watermelon margarita. How did that go together? Find a good load shot with Chris, Never speak to him. Talked about work and stuff. Yeah. Did he invite you? I kind of invited myself, but he was pretty keen. To get the people to go with him is because he gets to get points for that. He does? Yeah. Uh, but I went and yeah, sure enough, Like Eric and I got there before Chris and we sat down, and we're like, Oh, wait for someone else. Chris walked in, and there are several was like, Oh, you're back. Yeah. And then she was like, Do you want the She named the dishes? Yeah. Yeah. And she was, like, inside a little bit of Mary Mary on the side. He's like, Yeah, like they knew exactly what he wanted. Man, One of my one of my like you have these weird little aspirations when you're younger that you idolize certain things in life that someday you might acquire mine was always like, I love the idea of you of you having a place where someone could be like, Oh, the regular or the usual and you do it like diners and that kind of thing. And actually, I have somewhat achieved at this point where there is actually a coffee shop here in Austin that is not a Starbucks. That, uh, I could go, and they know what I get because I I like to move my things to do. And that is my legs. End places, go to coffee shop, Redbook, read comics, have a cappuccino That's me in my happy place. And I've gotten a gone to a place that knows exactly how I take my cappuccino and they go like a bomb. I was different to just doing that at home. Um, I've noticed that being at home the moment give you serious answer at being at home. I get kind of cabin fever, and actually, it triggers depression anxiety a lot more just because no one Thio. Yeah, No want no humans. Right? Well, it's not even that is, I think like I need to get outside it like, just by going to a coffee shop. You know, you get outside, you seethe, son, you you breathe real oxygen. You hear other noises? The noise in your house, It's just like a bunch of sensory difference. Like I don't go to the coffee shop and talk to anybody like I go and I put on headphones and I I, you know, read my book and drink my kept, You know that I leave, but for some reason that whole experience just fixes that part of my brain that's like, glowing. And, um, give me a sense of accomplishment, like I got out of the house and did some things that just stayed at home all day, that kind of thing. So you know, you learn, you learn what you got to do in order to, or you try to learn what you can do to, like, deal with any sort of mental deficiencies that you might be dealing with, and I really recognize that was one for me. So you talk about like you like being the regular and they know how to make cappuccino. Just how you like. I kind of have the flip of that where there's my anonymity, everywhere you go, right there's a coffee shop I like to go to fairly regularly. I don't go there every day, but I go there fairly regularly and regular regularly and they know efficacy. What I normally like to drink The problem is I can now no longer order anything else. When they see me walk in, they start making that drink. Oh, and you have to accept it, right? And sometimes there's a line so I can't get to the counter right away. They alternate with walking. Go. No, no, no, no. Just run in screaming your order, right? What is the order? What do you get? So normally I'll get it. So it's kind of complicated story, so normally I get Ah, double Americano. Okay, but about a year and 1/2 ago, they changed the sizing, so the double americano became smaller. You put less hot water in it, but I liked it the old way with more hot water. Like the ratio, right? I get the double Americano, but in the taller cup, so it's like it's not as bitter. Yeah, s o. C. This whole deal. And as soon as I walk in, they start making that making your double shot. Oh, that's a That's a nice that they learned you like your intricacy, though. That's that's way more contracts, things, whole fucking thing. And now, Sometimes I'll potentially not go there. Like if I want something else. This is it. By the way. What? This is the most first world problem that your usual fussy, premade coffee is sometimes know what you want, right? So I have to go to, like, a different coffee a drink? Do you think when they see you, they're like, Oh, here's that fucker coming in again. Prepare his is whatever. Your Majesty. That's amazing. Oh, hey, get some digestive is to go through T. Oh, yeah, Chalky ones now the regular ones. Extracted ones, chunky ones. I feel fine. I feel like the chocolate ones. The chocolate, like melts too quickly. Special. You dip If your dipper Look, I'm not a dipper, you know, different. I don't do well with soggy things. Oh, that's right. No digestive. They're definitely something that, like, like 11 touch. And it starts if you I mean my my one. If I was into dipping, I have to go with hobnobs because you can dip those bunch times. Oh, yeah, they have a little bit more of Ah, is is their holiday. It's your birthday. What is it? 28th October 28th. No, speaking of dates, and I'm just very confused by the general daylight Savings Time is the Sunday in the United States. It was in England loss of the weekend. A lot of people in chat, That's why bring it up. Opulent shop. We're off. Yeah, it's a five hour difference now. So six for then a week later next week the pockets will be on on our earlier If your international it's it's only matters if you live If you're If you're first member and you watch broadcast life, make sure double check the time next week. I don't have any people in England, Miss. The first hour of about 11 minutes ago, there was a string of people. So you dipped these in the teeth? Yeah. You wanna dip it, dip in my teeth. Thank you. Think one of my favorite things to learn about British culture was the split that people have on whether you dipper Don't dip Jaffa cakes. You just You just reacted that way. Wait, I slip up. I don't like dipping Jaffa cakes. I tried it and I did not like it like dipping digestive. And that's about it. I haven't had a Jaffa in awhile, Jeffrey, This morning in the booth, it was cold. But the way I like it. Oh, you know why I'm not excited about tthe e airport pros. What is that? The thing is wider. The case is white. Which means it wouldn't fit my amazing side duck case. That's adorable. The president cover? Uh, no. Just the makeup me this because she thinks I'm a sidewalk. Do you play Pokemon games? You've played a little bit like poker. When Ella Yeah, I played. Let's go, Pikachu. Because that was just yellow again. Any I can't get my head around beyond 100 51. Put on there. It's I I like a huge fan of Pokemon. I'll be the 1st 1 to say this to me is too many. There's a lot. How do you get started now? How does the new new kid busted a Pokemon? But that's why I like what they're doing with sword and shield, where they're limiting, how many are in the game and that you can actually have all like 900 Pokemon. Why not? I paid for those damn Pokemon. So how they know they did, there's like it's it's not. It's a camera with the phrasing it, but it's like you can't have like the full decks in Sword and Shield, even if you have both games, because usually no one game has alone. I'm probably gonna die. I'm blinking on exactly what the it's it was. It was a big discord that was on when they announced it was like, You can't have the full decks in it. So there I think the game itself doesn't have the capacity for you to transfer every single Pokemon from every other game that's been in the past. So it might have. I'm tired of the Pokemon, but like if entity is not in the in the game, you can't just transfer and tear something like that, huh? But I like I was limited, limited. It's it's fine, but why make all the Pokemon if you limit it? Because it's fine. They launched Pokemon Go with only originals was free, though. Yeah, but it's like someone you put him on. Yeah. Have you played? I don't know anything about putting on either. I'm only I'm just mad that they exist and I don't have it. If I bought the right Have you played any of the Autobots? I played a bit. I put a couple hours over the weekend not to be confused with out A Wild came out this year. Yeah, let's play both. I'm playing it. It's good. Like I've gone. We got to the point where I finished, like, all of the first planet stuff. And I got, like, the part to repair my ship, and it was like I installed in the ship. Was like, I'm gonna stop here. I feel like this is gonna It's about to open up a little more. Go to sleep. You can do a lot before you put that thing in this ship. I think I did all the quests on that starting area. Yeah. I mean, visually. For me, it sits somewhere between fallout and borderlands, minutes style like it's not as cartoony, but I don't like the way it looks. It's a little tricks that takes a little getting used. I find it hard to see that is, yeah. Candid things in the It's so vibrant. And also it's also hard to find enemies that I've killed. Sometimes, like we come across the body like Oh, I must say it was forever ago. I didn't loot it. And I hate games that outlines stuff, So I always turn off like interaction. Outline. So, yeah, if a body drops in the grass, I'm like, I've never seen God But it seems Thio. I'm playing PC with everything meter maxed. But it seems that it's weird, like over sharpening of my peripheral. Yes, and, like just so much like it's adding, I think it's like heightened in the peripheral like stuff on the side of the screen. Looks really shop, and it's like they apply but deliberate chromatic aberration to it says, like fringing of color around stuff. And I don't like it just it is why I also see someone that's on by two full and you can't turn it off. I feel like when you turn sometimes, even though have vertical sync on, there's still some minor tearing I haven't seen tearing. I've seen some like dropped frames, but I don't have to drop Frank and runs pretty well in mind. I just know I don't necessarily love the way it looks. I'd rather it be closer to the full out. Graphics have been abstaining from getting it because this one's games, I can tell like I'll probably just be able to dive into and just play for quite a while. And I'm done that recently now, with, like, destiny, too. And I know that if I jump into outer worlds ah, I'll drop destiny, too. And all this like, Yeah, I I I forced myself to finish links awakening over the weekend. So that way I would be done with it, put it aside and go to other worlds. I had to pick up a walk through towards the end of that game. Thanks, Awakening. Just become so complicated by the last Really a couple of levels. It's just like some of the dungeons air. Just very complicated. I was like, I'm just gonna walk through this. I just want to I just don't see the story that's gonna finish the game. And I just wanna play my next story of Zelda. Yeah, but in terms of the outer worlds, I feel like it's one of the few games where it's much more beneficial to put your points into, like, charisma, stuff like lying and persuasion and less because I feel like so much of the stuff so much. Your dialogue is great out. If you don't do that, is there a game called Outer Wilds? Yeah, Okay, that's a different game. And that's why I want to keep calling out of worlds outer wilds. And it's fucking my brain up the outside walls. Is that also a space game? That's why it's butt hurts. The sun explodes every 22 minutes. How could you visit like a supernova comes back? What? The majority mass it every 22 minutes. Yeah, you die. Oh, George Mass. Did you? Yeah, on. And then you take the knowledge that you learned in that 22 minutes and then you go again like it was something that came out last year called Minute where you had one minute every life was one minute, everybody, every life was a speed run. Yeah, I mean, technically, because there's these 22 minute cycles, you can beat the game in the first cycle. If you know what, if you know what to do, that's actually one of the achievements on Xboxes. I think it's called beginner's luck, and you just beat the game like, straight off the bat that worth your money. Then be the game in 20 minutes, but you have to play for, like, 10 hours to figure out. It must be really beginner's luck. If you're able to do that or gets a walk, No, no one would ever accidentally do it. That's like you have to find a specific patent co ordinate to type in stuff. Huh? Uh, yeah. I feel like I'm trying to get as much gaming in as I can pour death stranding comes out and like, Was that day and 1/2 November 8th. I want to say, Oh, shit. Is that jury next? Your life? Yeah. Yeah, your life. Do you know what that's about? We're doing our extra for the kids November 9th to November 10th. I guess I should. I this This is good. This is a bad answer. What you just asked is doing was about I asked myself that question of the day and I was like, I'm gonna look up, see if it's got a new like description of, like, a synopsis. You do in a week. A piece like that. I found one. I read it and it's summarized it. I couldn't tell you what it was. Now It was like It's like it's in the name where it's like it's about a guy going around and reapplying connections that have been broken. That's like the stranding is like the strands that have been broken, like it's on there. I'll read you. The synopsis they provided by Hideo Kojima People have created walls and become accustomed to living in isolation. Death stranding is a completely new type of action game, where the goal of the player is to reconnect isolated cities and a fragmented society. It is created so that all elements, including the story of gameplay, are bound together by the theme of the strand or connection. As Sam Porter Bridges, you'll attempt to bridge the divides in society and in doing create new bonds or strands with other players around the globe. Through your experience playing the game, I hope you'll come to understand the true importance of forging connections with others. Festus synopsis of the game I liked the bit. I watched the video where Corrine O'Brien was a announcing his inclusion in the game, and then he went and visited video at his studio and got a tour. And in introducing the video, he brought up. He was like he was talking about, like, why he was, you know, called by Hideo in his studio to combine. And he said, because of my connections in the gaming world and the audience starts laughing at that and codes like that was actually not the joke that we're talking about because I couldn't actually now is, like, connected in the gaming world because of his, uh, his got a terrible game. Ooh, this gamer like those you don't like those, like so. But that that but his that creation of that has is has pushed him into the gaming world. He now is part of the gaming world and gets, you know, contacted by studios and developers. And that kind of thing, not today was seemed so out of touch, right? Nothing in the gaming space. Yeah, it has no idea about the game space, but I think that's like he leans into it. Yeah, I'm just trying to find and that's what the audience likes, right? I don't like you Very dismissive of it too, though that's what I don't like about it. Yeah. Anyway, if I'm gonna complain about that, I feel like I've complained about that before. I feel like the rest of the world, especially that generation of those people, that audience of that TV show, they still see games. It's like just goofy, fun times and they don't necessarily necessarily see. It's a really cool way to tell a story. No one really ever puts that There have been games that have affected me harder than like the most dramatic and well written movies ever. Like I finished God of War on my own in the dark at like, 11 o'clock at night and like it floored me, even just the end. Like cause there's plenty of parts in the game that really likes send you for spin by by the end and when the credits roll and I'm just sitting there like process, everything that I watched this big like turn near the end, they will reveal in that kind of thing. And I was just like, man like it can't be reeling for days, if not weeks after that. After playing that game, staying with the first time I played last of us were just recently great. Um, played with Ellie on our streams. I sat with you guys just like you re watch the ending. That, like, that's the dust nuts. Like the things that those kind of games could do to you. They delayed last words to write May. Yeah. How long is that delay? Three months. Okay, Who's with your February? That's me. Uh, I saw I went to the movies. It's going into the draft house and I saw Parasite Is that we all seen Parasite yet? It's our fireside. First. It's really good. It's so good You seen a Bon Joon ho's other films. You get the whole ho No, Pierce, No mother here, sir. Just the weird whale have Oh, what it was. Yeah, the hippo pit. Have a big gun. Netflix's the Netflix one. I've seen Snowpiercer. I've not seen the others, but I want to see parasite because, ah, what was like, completely sold out, I think before was it? Yeah, Like I went on Saturday at 9 30 in the morning and it was almost sold out. I went Saturday at 11 in the morning and it was like there was, like, a seat in the far back and the far front and by themselves, I was I was like I feel like a sow. No up for seeing a movie at nine AM I I've never done that. I ordered a pot of coffee. French fresh. Yeah, I was like, All right, let's go watch a movie. I was looking down for it. It was actually really cool because I watched the movie at 9 30 Drink my coffee. They came out All right. Now it's lunchtime. Stan, it's time. Start today. Yeah, I'm not, like 5 30 most days anyway, So I'm Jim stuff. Yeah, but also, my body's just programmed that way. So Saturday's I'm up at 5 30 And so, like a movie at 9 30 is not so bad. It's like four hours into my day, so I actually liked it. Seemed like seeing a movie that early in the morning. I've never done that before. Well, you guess You said it was almost that's not one of those early showtime's air. Not full like that. Yeah, if you like the, um, that director, you should go watch the movie. Don't watch the trailer. Um, just like, if you if you know, you're gonna like the work of that guy. Yeah, I, uh I think I've seen the 1st 30 seconds of the trailer, and I was That was enough for me. I turned it off after that person. It's a very appropriate name for that movie. Yeah, like I went, you know, I watched the trailer before I went and saw it, and it was like a motherfucker. They call it that and you watch it like, Oh, no, this is That is a perfect name for this. Feel good? It's not. It's not a horror tips suspense. Yeah. I mean, like in broad strokes. It's like there's this. This guy becomes a tutor for a wealthy family and then tries to find ways to get more money. It's suspense because there's tension. Tension is a big part of it. But there's no like, it's not like jump scares, right? No. Okay. No, no, no. Do you know, like jumps? Because I don't like horror movies like, Oh, I'm fine with fun thriller. I can I can sit through horror. And then at the end, I'm always amused, just like Yeah, but I would've been fine. Not seeing that I couldn't take anything from it. Yeah, this There's never been like an amazing horror movie to me. I disagree with that statement, but I agree with the sentiment of, Ah, I like horror movies, but only if they're like filmmaker arthouse movies that really took some time and effort into it. Um, and not saying that everybody should love this move. But I always think that a good example for me of what that is is it follows. It follows was a movie. It was a horror film, and there's jump scare esque elements to it, but it's like it's shot beautifully. It has a soundtrack. That's amazing for it. They do some very difficult camera where great performances Is that the one that's similar to this nail? A section? Yes, it is. Um, I would take cabin in the woods. Capitalism. It's a fucking great hormones. I was like, a horror comedy. Yeah, yeah. Uh, let me terrible horror movie watch this weekend with Andy, we watched. We love to watch really good movies together. And then some things worse. The mood for just like shit movies. We watched Maw uh uh, Octavia Spencer one. Oh, I forgot about that movie that came out already. S s Yeah, that's that's come out and gone, and now it's You can stream if you want. Um, that was fucking bonkers and weird. And I were watching the whole time just talking, you know, like, what the fuck is happening? This movie, it is showbiz are no one responds to anything that happens in the movies like a normal person throughout the entire film. Everyone constantly wipes their memories throughout the film because they like, No, you wouldn't do it with that person does that just happened to see it before? All I'm like, What is Octavia doing in this film like Octavius? Like, really good she was. She was performing through a terrible script as the same director and writer of the Help. We're just like an Academy nominated an award winning film starring her. It's like he just got money from Blumhouse, which makes like these little movies and gave him $5 million. He made Ma and you know, all power to him. It made 60 million, so it it did. The Blumhouse thing, which is Blumhouse Productions, makes 5 to $10 million budget movies and then makes their money back in droves because they keep it low, right? So Ma ma rating of Ma Yeah, like Leslie Johns, Out of how many John Seif five Johns to two johns, maybe less and five. John was terrible, and then it, like is one of movies that just did barely nothing for like an hour and 15 and then last 15 minutes decides to ramp up and go buck wild with a bunch of shit, just like what the fuck is going on? And then credits roll. Yeah, I just looked it up on IMDb. Got a 5.6 rating. It's an hour and 39 minutes long. At the very least, it's saving Graces doesn't overstay its welcome. We were looking through after the movie. Other bad hormones you wantto watch. And I really want to see the Snowman, the someone someone just like reviled of that eyes. That Michael Fassbender horror film that didn't even get finished but then just was released like it just it wasn't finished has one of the worst ratings. I think it's like in the single digits on rotten tomatoes. Uh, it's two hours, though. It's like two hours in, like, 10 minutes, and I can finish it. I'm not investing Two hours and 10 minutes into a bad movie. I want an hour and 1/2. Bad movie. Yeah, Snowman. But this the that is literally the art from the movie. But it's 7% Toronto 7% on rotten. What's this synopsis? What's going on? I don't even know you didn't want. You don't even know you want is a little more on. Hello, Mr Police. That's the synopsis. The full movie poster looks has that drawing. And it says, Mr Police, you could have saved her. I give you all the clues. The snowman who draws a snowman without a carrot. It's looking right at you. Can you, like, get on forced perspective, Carrot? Oh, no. Did you talk about your another thing? What? I think you go Boo Boo! My hurt foot. Your foot. Yeah, I got Well, I was, uh, elevating in early. You can't see. There's I sent pictures. Uh oh. Warning. I fell off the scooter. What kind of scooter? With a lime scooter. So did you like e till they put on while it was moving? Only ate it. So I got on the suitor, which I do all the time. I'm not like a novice when it comes. That's when e um Don novice when it comes to scooting. When did this happen? Saturday. Okay, Were you little bit bet on the scoots? No, I was completely sober. That's the weird. That's the worst part because everyone keeps asking me if I was and I wish I was, because it would have been motor made more sense the throttle wasn't working because I guess I was like in his own that they like the restricted, they restrict you or whatever. And so I was just kind of pushing myself along, which is fine, because I have a scooter here that I do that with all the time. But I can go much faster because those scooters aren't as clunky. So I'm pushing myself along and then because it's going so slow, like usually when you hit a bump and you're going fast, just kind of like jump over and you're fine, but you're going slow, you get stuck in the bump. And so I got stuck in a pothole and, like, just was going just slow enough to get it over. No, I got, I got I was going slow enough that I like the front wheel got caught in the pothole and then, like, didn't move. So I just like, over to the side. I didn't have enough momentum to go over there. I didn't have enough time, so I just fell right over on your right. Uh, well, my girlfriend was scooting ahead of me, and she didn't see me fall. So you hear? I didn't hear anything. And so there's dust to construction guys who are next to me and then these, Like women walking down the sidewalk. And they were like, Oh, my God, she just left you. Look, I don't think she knows. It's fine. Thank God she didn't see me. But when? When? Like something like that happens, I think, like all you want to do is run away. You don't want anyone to ask you anything because, you know, they're like, Oh, my gosh. Are you okay? It was just a fucking talk to me. Yeah, like my pride hurts more. Just put a blanket over me. Yeah, just let me cry here. It's like I'm feeling up. Okay? I was on crutches yesterday. I'm, like, almost healed. I think I should have probably gone to a doctor, but I'll be fine once you get the crutches from Ah, pharmacy. You just take him up now. Used by him. Well, how do you do You think they're prescribed? Are you usually would assume that if the doctor says, use crutches, you can. But to not see a doctor and get crutches. I didn't know you could have locked behind the door like Walgreens. Just go to the drugstore. They didn't get it on prescription. What? Wait. What is the danger pulled on? What is the danger of crutches that have to be locked up and only kept for prescribe purposes? What's the danger of birth control that has to be kept locked up. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. Can you buy a wheelchair? He's come by yet. I think if you get like a prescription for one, there may be your insurance will cover it. You should probably get some like, but I mean crutches like, Well, we called a bunch of pharmacies on Saturday, trying to get some crutches. Walgreens had them for $150. But People's Pharmacy, $18. Can you have money in the bank? Yeah, like that is insane. I feel like you should be out to read them. Well, I actually thought about coming here and just end. It was like I'm sure we have something locked up in a prompt. Do you want to use used crutches? That someone else's underarm sweating there? I mean, I would assume that you don't wanna be on crutches for very long. It's not really worth owning them. Yeah, you should be able to time share. So we should make an app. It was like you can You can share the new sharing economy, right? Sher Sher will be your crutch waken enable people to do lean on crutches. Lending owner toe owner. What if you own crutches? You can read in town getting other medical devices like wheelchairs. Did your grandma die? You don't need your wheelchair in your work. Rented out, make some money. Leave that wheelchair work. Oh, man. Yeah, I think it's a great idea. It was absolutely do that. I'm gonna fucking sue. Should I think of how much stuff is wasted? Like, how much stuff do you have in your house? The other people could use that you don't ever use. I think about that a lot. I I think that all the time. It makes me and I want to buy anything. I just want to say we don't read the ads during the live pockets and were sponsored by a company that allows you to do that kind of thing. So it's weird. Gavin didn't know that he's bringing that up on his own. I just want to throw that. Yeah, absolutely serious, huh? Well, he doesn't know that. He's just he's look, he's legitimately asking that question. I asked. I didn't know that. That's funny. That's mental. That's good. Did you somehow steer the conversation that way? Why did that come from those total coincidence? That's crazy. My last and final version. The fucking afternoon, right? I had the opposite of your experience on the scooter once. I don't get the scooters very often anymore. I just don't really have a reason to. And I would just like to go for walks. And often I'm playing Pokemon. Go. So walking is good. Um ah. But I did early on, when they were, they were just showing up here in Austin. Uh, I've got on one, and it started to drizzle outside, and I think it was that big of a deal. But as the rain came down hard on like it was like I should be refreshing to ride along with little bit of, ah, drizzle happening. But then the streets got wet and I made the smart idea of trying to make a right turn with a little bit of speed and what could have been just a horrendous incident involving me, probably going into like traffic or hitting a car ended up being like one of those accidentally cool moments where went out skidded. The scooter goes out from underneath me completely. Those things have the opposite of what tread is. And but I managed to just just go went out almost like pulling ah tablecloth out of a table out from underneath me and my legs just hit the ground. And I just ran with it for a second and stopped and stood there, and I looked around to see if, like, you know, something was gonna hit me or something like that and cars were watching. But then I was like, Okay, and I just, like, turn and just kept going with the scooter trying to get away from me because I just saw this idiot almost eat it terribly in the rain on. I wanted to, like, disappear. But it was Those moments when you're like that could have gone horrendous. Oh, yeah? Well, I mean, this is like a very minor injury. A friend was telling me, ah, that she had a friend who fell off a scooter and has had to get three surgeries so far. Oh, sure, that shit fix It was like, I'm fine. Yeah. At the end of the world has ever seen drunk people on scooters all the time. It's terrible. You see, like two or three drunk people in one hour. You old physics. There's a dog in the front. Working wasn't tweet that you posted. Not that long ago about I think you said that you saw a girl who was on a scooter while fighting a drinker started. It was like it was like, Oh, yeah. She wasn't going fast enough to get the good, like, straight speed, sir. Every little bump in the pavement of the sidewalk, she was hit it and it was going well everywhere. It was absolutely comical watching people trying to balance with one hand while they like my product. We make a helmet that people can put their coffee and a straw that comes down so they could drink the coffee while they're riding a scooter. A $1,000,000 idea. And then when you're not using that, you rent out on that. When you fall on the scooters, you get the crunch is deployed air bag around your head. Is that What the hell this for that? There there are those. Ariel, come on. We're innovating here. Right this helmet. Three point. Oh, you know, I really like I really like micro modal fabric. Did I get it right? The our sponsors, You get the other one. I'm gonna go. Fucking apeshit isn't of skill. And the new one? We've never done it before. I really like it when my knives the shot. How did you know? You sound like an alien trying to fit in at a dinner party like you take it when there's a lull of conversation 1000 How? Knife shopping and company to get the word out. Damn it, three. That's amazing. Actually, considering one of them wasn't all right or to him when you Yeah. All right, let's wrap this up. Thanks buddy for watching. We'll see you guys next time. Bye. Hey, guys, this is Blaine, and this is Chris. Hey, we got a new podcast right now called Good Morning From Hell. It's an improvised comedy show where I died and I'm in hell. And I have to interview health Most infamous residents with his co host. Best friend always go search. Good morning from hell. Wherever you listen. Podcast gives. Subscribe. Give us a listen. Thank you so much.