#569 - Barbara’s Grandma’s New Boyfriend?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Geoff Ramsey as they discuss Apple TV+, Paul Rudd, failed websites, robot stirrers, and knife car.

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Recorded: 2019-11-05 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Geoff Ramsey


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you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 569. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start. Rooster teeth dot com. Theo. Everyone walking their seat podcast this week. Brought to you by hymns. And good morning from hell. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Barbara, Old Jeff, and I'm gonna start doing superb accents. There's a different light on some of these cameras. All the lights change amplified. That's big. We got new cameras. Oh, for extra life. Thank you. Black Magic for the podcast. For this production, we have a two times a year as opposed to the thing that happens one time of year. Listen, it's an important weekend, Gus. It is. Watch extra life. 24 hour stream Starting 8 a.m. Central time. This Saturday, we raise money for the kids. It's luckily it's the weekend after daylight savings. Yeah, so it's not hopefully not confusing anymore. Your weekend after daylight savings, I think the one I just passed wasn't that like the official extra life? Uh, I think so. Because I know what kind of funny was doing there. Uh, do we miss that? And the community. We did this last year. Way always offset ours. Because because we're better. Everyone did it without it. So it'll be 20 years. We don't have to sit with this. We didn't fall back. It's not 25 hours. Yeah, which we had to do Thio two or three years ago. Yeah, easier. That extra hour. It makes all the difference. It really does. Especially if you're there the whole time. Man, I had a fucking dumbest problem this morning when I try and guess, but there's no I got locked out of my, like, my online account. Is that what you were bitching about not being able to? Yeah, I was. I was really mad when you got that. He may read the email that you said three. Fund it. So whenever I, uh whatever I do stuff for the podcast, like throughout the week. If I see funny stuff, I'll keep a running document in an online service. What's like all the links and everything? And normally on Monday morning, I'll email everyone on the podcast that night saying, Hey, don't forget to bring three or four topics. Talk about here. All the topics I have listed and I'll include a link to that document. The email I sent this morning was I was really This is like the height of my anger. This is at 10 27. People will be able to tell based on your wording, and please bring 3 to 4 topics or stories to talk about tonight. I normally share my Google doc with my links, but I'm locked out of my motherfucking war Google account at the moment. So how did you get locked up? I don't know. I went so like my email program on my laptop work. My phone still worked, But when I went to open my doc Or to, like, try to sign into YouTube, it was like Sinan sublet my email address. My password is password not correct. I know it's the correct password. Like all my other applications are still working. I haven't changed it to use last pass. I use a management service, a manager service. So then I was like, I'm gonna I'll just reset it. So I clicked on forgot password, and I was like, forgot password. Have to type in the fucking stupid ass capture found one that I could finally read Typed it in and it just like loaded forever. Wouldn't find wouldn't ever load then, ah, rebooted my computer. Same thing we did 30 minutes. Tried again. It eventually got to the point. It's like, OK, forget your password. Capture. Click. A man gave me a message that said, There's a problem with your account contractor. Domain administrator. It's the same. It's the same link every week. The rights, the same document. So why don't you just ask us to had you as it like from a different Could have also just looked at my sent items? No, because of what it might have asked me to look in my head It back in. Did you get a sort of get back in? Did you have contact your administrator? I contacted our administrator. Minister said they're from our and there's nothing weird with your account. Yeah, cool. They can't get the fuckin how did you resolve this situation? They My administrator had to reset my password for me. And then I was able to get in and reset my password. Would you have to give her in advance some dot com. Uh, anyway, some back. It was like you came on Adam Ellis. I think it finally finally got a result, like 11. So I got here a little before dying. It was like, over the 1st 2 hours of my morning, I couldn't get into my fucking podcast notes. I was What? Never will we ever talk about without your notes, Gus. Well, we could talk about my judge Judy audition. How'd it go? Did we talk about that yet? On the pocket way said that we were gonna film it. I saw some of the footage. Could we show the footage? We We have our first rough edit done. I don't know if I want to show it yet. You haven't sent it? No butt stuff of view of the Capitol. That that was great. So there's more than just that. There's a lot. So the right. But what? I was looking at it right before we started, So I have to give notes, and we have to We have to make it look as good as it can. Chances do you do. You're acting because it's all just you sitting in an honest way, parts and stuff, you know, just in case it could be tragic. if you don't get on the show now, if nothing else, it's funny. We got a video, your post on social showing the podcast. I think I think you're ensuring that you won't get picked based on how much effort you're putting into it. Probably they're gonna look at this and go. We don't wanna be a part of a bit things. Guys gonna try to overtake the case and just stand up and be one of the main actors all of a sudden farther. Actress on that. You're Is that riel? Yeah. Editor, I'm sure. I think it's probably exaggerated. I'm sure you have. Yeah. Is it just a general judge? I think so. I just watch. Just will Rich judge didn't say beginning that. It's like real cases. I think so. Something like that. You gotta believe TV. Yeah, I think you, like, was a judge in New York State or something that I'm proud to say is one of the reality programs or genres I'm not into at all. You don't used to watch that show, though I I usedto Let's judge Wapner. I don't know that I've ever watched a g. I thought we did When I lived with you, like, briefly went through. Maybe it was a pretty face, if not the Ogi TV judge. No, no, no. God, no. Never have watch Rain, man. Got a partner okay with Doug Llewellyn. What years was that? Oh, that would have been, like 80. I'm the guests, okay? I'm looking at you looking. I'm gonna guess 87 86. That 94 would be the People's Court with Judge Walker People's Garage. Wachner was 81 to 93. Uh, I was often the end by a year and a bunch on the beginning. Presented by Doug Llewellyn and Harvey Levin. Judge Judy's the best, though. She reminds me a lot of my, uh, my grandmother. Yeah. Just takes No bullshit. Is your grandmother's name Judy? It is not. It is Hazel. Um, did you hear that name anymore? It's actually I was gonna tell a couple stories on this podcast s. Oh, my older brother's got married this weekend. Yeah, gradually issued his longtime girlfriend Julia, graduation a long ways together. Only seven or eight. Long time. I feel like you can't imagine them not to go. They vetted each other at this point. you had actually met through rooster teeth. So you're welcome. Um, Steven, even though he introduced me to red versus Blue. So let's not talk about that. Um, but Trevor was spending a lot of time with my family over the weekend cause I was doing bridesmaids things. And when the wedding was getting started, he was sitting with my grandmother, who I call my bubbe in the Jewish religion. And they were sitting together, and while they were waiting for the ceremony start, she takes his arm and she starts Hold your body. I'm gonna get a wrong like late eighties. Um, starts. She takes his arm, starts shaking it because she likes to shake things for emphasis. She goes, Let me frighten you. My husband, my late husband, he graduated in 1952. And, like she said it, As if Dracula shit does kind of sound like Dracula when he's being mean or not mean. What, you trying to scare someone? Did it scare? He just started, like, later hunting the night. Ah, he's like, I'm gonna ask your Bubbie to dance. And I was like, OK, I don't know if she'd be down for that little thing. She's single now, Um, and so she gets up and starts dancing with him and I just having a great time. And then, unbeknownst to me during this time, we were all dancing. She goes over to him and she goes, I'm gonna put you in my will. And I'm like, I'm not even in your will for me. Have you know, Dale's with her? And then she started calling Trevor her boyfriend all weekend, And she's like, Don't look at other women. Boyfriend gonna be careful. Do you think they were ever alone together? Probably. You got to get in the will somewhere. Way doesn't write itself. Sounds like it was a smashing success. It was Ah, new couple of 2020. Trevor and my Bubbie. Would you be mad if they hooked up? Kevin? This so Okay, would you be more mad if Trevor hooked up with that or if gusted way? Because I have to tell you this. So I'm scared to know what this reminded her. Because my bubbe is somewhat aware of rooster teeth in the community and and the different receipt shows knowing that Steven and Julia were getting married and they had met on rooster teeth. There's gonna be received. People there. She kept asking where you were. You wanted. She's like, I want to meet Gus doesn't know anyone except you. Well, she knows the best. Most memorable. So you might meet her if I ever get married. You come to my wedding to meet my bubbe. Okay? It's a date. Bubby Hazel. Good memory. Um, so unusual name. You hear that name anymore? It's a very It's the kind of name that a gust with date hazel heart got no lady name. Is she in oxygen? Anal go. It's already really lose it. It's fine, e. I don't like the way the control room's groping me. Did you watch any of the You know, the Apple TV Plus came out. Anybody watch any of the shows that came out? Anybody want anybody even aware of Apple TV? Plus, hold on. It came out. It came out. I'm not even being a nasty front. It really launched. Oh, I thought it was coming out like next year. So long From Friday? Yeah, I was doing all the shows and stuff. Some of them is the is the one with the morning the morning. Show out the 1st 3 episodes. No shit. They got three episodes of morning show. Three episodes of for all mankind. Uh, mostly, Also three episodes of Sea and Dickinson. They got that Queen of the Elephant Show are all mankind is the space one, right? What? Seon Dickinson Si is one with Jason Momoa where it's like in a post apocalyptic future where nobody can hear everyone's blind and like, there's like a child born that can see. Uh, I didn't look like a well, you know, any any, Momo. A vehicle was a good vehicle, right? That guy, he can act. But the morning show was really good. Yeah, I watched it before, Read any reviews of it. And so the reason I read were very middling for it. Like, I wouldn't have watched it if I'd read those reviews, but I thought it was really well done. It was really good. Can I buy the episodes of explosive idea? No. You want him on your phone? Maybe I'll do that. That was with because I was using my oppa TV and it popped up. So I guess this launched. And then it said because you have a phone. You get a year for free. Yeah, pretty generous in it. Oh, I didn't get that. Emily got that over the weekend. I haven't got it yet. They sent the e mail. They send yours when you sign up. Like in on your apple TV. I don't know when you when you just use the fucking out pull TV thing. Use the app on your phone, Grandpa. Uh, it's really good. I was impressed. I thought the morning shows really good. I thought for all mankind was also really good. How many? How many upstairs? That around three. So you start watching. It was like, Oh, I'm really into this now. I gotta wait till Friday. For how many episodes will there be? 10 I think. Okay, 10 of each. And they are. They have a full slate of programming or yeah, I mean, they've got I mean, the fields that I mentioned, they're kind of I think they're kind of soft launching it or slow rolling it. Like you said, you weren't aware. I don't think that they're really emphasizing that it's out and they're not. They're not watching with, like, a giant back catalogue of licensed programming are not really just focusing on originals. Yes, I'm sure once they have more of a catalog will start pushing it more. Until eight minutes ago, if you'd asked me, I would have told you it was coming out and fall of 20. I think Disney Plus comes out like in two weeks. No, it comes out like on the 18th of the 19 with the main DeLorean is not coming out. I don't know what the luxury on that is, but yeah, that should be Disney plus preorder available now November 12th 0 shit. That's next week. That's what you do. Is it us only the apple one? I don't know. I live in the U. S. So that's all that matters to me. Sorry. Guess. Response. A man. DeLorean. Let's see the truth. That look good. Now, let's I want to see it. I had not watched any of the trailers for, uh, starts November 12th. I had not watching the trains for the morning show. I went in not really knowing you had the man DeLorean. Have you guys started watching living with yourself? It'll no. I watched all of that last week, and it's all of it. Damn, yeah, we get it. Let's go. How far do you have any of you? I I'm starting Episode five. Okay, start watching. What is it like, eight episodes? It's something like that. 10. Maybe I've been on a cutthroat kitchen run. That's what I watch on Netflix. Yes. Ah, it's on the floor. Who? Look on that. It's Alton Brown's like cooking competition show, and I kind of like to hate. Watch it because I think I hate all of the cast. Its one. It's like It's like chopped, where they have a different four contestants every episode. But ah, but the hook on it is Alton Brown gives everybody $25,000 in cash, and that's one person will win the cooking show, and however much money they have left over at the end is how much they win. But then he'll bring out like devices and plot devices to fuck with each other, and they can bid on it. And so you're spending your potential winnings on protecting yourself from getting fucked over like an episode. I saw that a guy lost is they brought up a set of stairs, and it was like seven feet high. And he had a bunch of poles with knives and forks and stuff tied to them. And he had to do all this cooking prep from there because somebody else paid, like, $9000 to force him to use like a big competitor, I guess like you's no, they just It's not really They're all, like, I would say that they're at the level that they could probably audition for Hell's Kitchen, but maybe not Get on it, um, like, not, like, not as good. Not good enough to be on top Chef. But good enough like they know what they're doing is like middle middle chef, like Chef Hell's Kitchen or Master Chef? No, in the healthcare. Okay, Hell's Kitchen is a cooking competition where they think people on Hell's Kitchen you'll get like that. That here Can we look like, Could I tape a bunch of pencils to Jeremy? Didn't you all put his desk like 20 feet in the air like that? Or one where they had to make like sub sandwiches are like hoagies, and they I got great with left. Uh, I'll skip. That was a better example. They like one dude. One of the challenges was dental floss and the person that lost. And also like. If you win the bid, then you get to force one of the other people to do it, not not necessarily all of them. So if you don't like somebody you like, you can on. Lee used dental floss to cut all of your food, like slicing through meat like you're like like a like you cut somebody's throat, you know, and it's just I watch it just because way. Alton Brown's adorable, but also it's just fascinating how clever the punishments are that they come up with, and I think it's called Cut their Kitchen and the people that computer insufferable. But Alton Brown's great and the challenges are fantastic. And so I watch it just to mine for ideas for, like, achieve 100 rusty stuff. Um, but I recommend that one just because it's cool to watch how they fuck with people and the interesting ways with which I like, won this dude who they? One of the challenges was another dude. They set it up. So there were eggs on the bottom on the heels of his shoes and he had to walk around on his tippy toes. And every time he broke an egg, he lost $500. Did they replace the money would break? Yeah, he would break when they put another angle. And, uh and, uh, and he lost. He lost a couple grand. Just trying. I don't want anything new episode of that show anymore. I don't mind. I'm just on season seven. I don't know. What How did they take 15? A lot left the tape. That was like Velcro. They'd like a Velcro thing. Okay. It was great. It's ah, genius. I wanted to do a thing wet. If we will have elite controllers. I wanted to three d print really long thumb sticks, and I have everyone do it. Let's play that. But that's beyond my skill set. Ryan could do it, right? Right a second. Happy or Marcus, could it? It'd be awesome if you like, And if they got really big, like if they slowly grew in size. So it's like you have to use your hands, things like the controller's over there, and you're just like, but that's exactly why I watch it to come up with ideas for that kind of stuff. Just looking for, like, interesting, clever punishments and things to do to people. Also. You guys watch the finale of great British Baking show. No, I'm still I'm on Lexie's, too. Oh, the new season it was. It was a appointment viewing on Netflix. It's like the only appointment viewing show. It just ended last Friday. I'm surprised, you guys. Not much. It only comes out. It comes out weak, the weak on Netflix. Really? Yeah, Because it's like you have something that you knew that right now. Okay. Yeah. Are any of you watching? Ah, good place. I'm a little behind cause I only watch it with divorce is complicated. So that's that. Show that I watched Emily because I only have Millie every other week. Yeah, it's I have to wait. And then there's other. It's so I'm like, three upset. What would you tell her? It's like, pretend like you haven't Well, she's not here. Well, I'll say this. The little fucker does it to me with Riverdale constantly, but I I won't do it because I want to watch the point. People from Riverdale at San Diego Comic con and I think that that's the first time I've ever seen you star struck in a way, like excited to meet or you people. I watch the show, and I'm a fan of what they do. So it was nice to see them. Yeah. Yeah, and definitely not take photos of them. Are you watching Watchman on HBO? Anybody? I mean, we're going to start this week, so good. Yeah. Blame is talking about it. The implied that came out yesterday. The third upset was so good. I have TV paralysis right now where I just think there's something There's so much stuff to watch. I don't know what any of it. I don't know what to watch. So you don't love island. I'm Cutthroat Kitchen to show that hasn't been Long Island knows I'm seeing all that, but yeah, I'm watching, but cut their kitchen, this low pressure. And then if I, you know, lose my attention span or whatever, it doesn't matter. It's hard to commit. You Could you also sports basketball season? So, you know, I got a couple hours of the night without will this new stuff that's come out. I've just started watching Midsomer murders, which is a British countryside crime show from the 19. Huh? Is it like Rosemary in time? That kind of is like Columbo, but in the English countryside. Good. No, it's wicked. Isn't on Netflix? No. Munching on Britt box on the crime novel Siri's by author Caroline Graham Midsummer Murders follows the efforts of Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby to solve crimes that occur in the wealthy, isolated English county of midsummer. A picturesque and peaceful place on the outside, but one filled with amoral and snobbish eccentrics with all kinds of vices. Is he kind of like an old, gray haired dude? A chief inspector. Barnaby is the younger cousin of D. C. I. Tom Barnaby, who retired 2011. Oh, d quit Joan. It was stopped. My right hand man is Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter, who was a young keen as smart as a Whip Midsummer murders. You case, longest running contemporary detective drama having air since 1997. It's shot in my town a lot like to see the pubs I go to in the background. Okay? A lot of murder and your pub's question for you. Jeff. Yeah, this is what did I say? Uh, the UK is longest running contemporary detective drama Been on the air since 1997. Looks like Look, I can't I can't tell you what it looks like. They have 20 seasons so far. Maybe. How many episodes are exist for this show? For 20 seasons? For since 1997? Oh gosh, 20 seasons. They do 123 episodes of season, typically in England. Uh, I'm gonna guess 120 upsets. Nailed it. Jesus Christ, 36 upset seasons. Unless there's a Christmas special. Is that like two hours each way? Like maybe like an hour like Roman times. We're an hour and 1/2 hour 40. Yeah, which, by the way, if it's any, if it's half as good as resident time watching three times all the way through she got Mr Minus. The theme tune is played on a thorough men. That's how cool is cool. Like they're like. That's the determining factor. That's so cool. Jonathan Creek is a good one, too. Oh, yeah, with Alan Davis, I got the razor. I like the ceremony there, Mr Chairman. Oh, I was like It's a Sydney segment because of, like, shitty SciFi movies in the fifties and sixties. I was associating with, like, aliens or horror. Now it's like that. That instrument was co opted by genre of film, and now is that you can't use that for anything other than aliens or horror movie. Or, like not even good horror movie be campy B horror movies. Yeah, the Midsomer murders I watched last night had, uh, what's that? Old Mace? His name and game of thrones pipe. So I had him in it. Except he was grand, Mr. 25 years younger and something. There's something like Get old and stale. Dhe Maggie Smith, Patrick Gold And like Paul Red is the opposite who has looked the same philosophy 2050 years old. And he's He's the same age as he was includes. Bizarre, hasn't aged at all. You should watch that Living with yourself show. That's I like him, I heard it's interesting premise. It's also like I think it's just it's like 30 minutes long. If I remember 1 22 24 was on Howard Stern and, uh, talking about it sounded really good. What is it you guys? I was telling that Howard Stern story that he told about being on friends recently not know he was telling the story. He I didn't remember the socks. I don't watch that shitty show. But he was on the last season of friends. I guess he was Phoebe and then husband while he was in serious nine as well. Hey, was that the last season or two of Mike? Whatever. Remember how they met? Because Joey said that he found it. Do called Mike to send our boys into safe work and said, Mike and then pour. All right, turn around. All right, well, anyway, he told a story about how he was so fucking excited to be on the show because, you know, these people are making a $1,000,000 an episode and they're like the biggest stars on TV. And it was awesome. And he was It's kind of a plucky young dude getting a start. He's also Paul Ryan. He's, uh, funny. And, uh, he said he was. He was filming one of the last episodes and he walked in and he said everybody in the room was like, sad and sharing stories. And he said Jennifer Aniston and the head writer of the show were like in an embrace hugging and crying about how they were gonna miss each other. And he said he walked up and he just joined the hug and he said, Been quite a ride. Guys talk about misreading a room. That one went over really badly doing that. I would have done it in a heartbeat. Absolutely secret. Paul. Right. Look, a thing ever. What's in that Super Nintendo commercial? Yeah, he's really young in that one. Yeah. Was clueless. His first acting thing like that. Hello, Mainstream. You know, first thing I remember seeing him in. Yeah. Um hey, supposed to be what, Like, 20 in that movie? He is her college brother. Step brother. Yeah, he's probably, like 19 to 22. He's got a long ass time to be. Well, you know, it's a lot. He also seems like a really genuinely nice guy. Cool guy. He did some things before that. Um, clues to probably first big thing. Yeah, he was in a TV show called Wild Oats, which I don't remember Credited as Paul Steven Road in 1994 before Clueless. What's the premise of Wild Oats? I would like the horses and also network and format like genre is a short lived four week comedy. Okay, comedy about two horses with Wild Oats, about Jack's Laden and Brian Grant to 20 somethings living together in Chicago. Shelly Thomas was Jack's Earl ex girlfriend, who was? This isn't a summary. I'm gonna Okay, I'll read this matter. Seahorses Love Short Live comedy about Jack's Layton and Brian Grant to 20 somethings living together. Chicago Shelly Thomas was Jack's ex girlfriend who was being dated by Brian. The rest of the cast were also 20 somethings who only had sex on the brain. We should watch that show and I'm going to be We should watch it and resurrected and become like Wild Oats stands and talking about it all the time have, like wild oats fan fests. Bot bodies were odors. Hey, Gavin, you and I, you and I did something that we don't ever do. But sex No, something. Howard, we hung out. We spent time together. Outside of what? Outside of work. We hung out this weekend. It was Saturday night, Gavin. I hung out. It was awesome. But you guys, you see, we went over to Jeremy and Cats house and we had board game night with me. Millie, Jeremy Cat Gavin and Neck Place. Um, cleanest place. Um, coup. But that was more of a primer from the trail at the house on the hill, which was love that game. So phone. Yeah. How did we did? One. I think it's 200 on a few videos now, but that game so much fun. Yeah, it's great. It's a completely different every time. It's also really fun. Toe play games like that and have it not be content to play it just for fun and not have to worry about making videos out of it. Yeah. I mean, I did finish and think that would have been better than some of the video. That's the problem. But it was like, Fine. Would you just let yourself have fun? Just playing that last game where I just fucking destroyed you guys for an hour would have been the best video. Oh, I think it's fucking awesome. Have you played that game? Yes, I think so. But I think it's like you're investigating a four people investigate a haunted house and then the house. You build the house as Ugo, which side to go in and then it builds another room. And what if he becomes the Boston and tries to kill her? And there's, like, 50 different like one of you gets haunted at something. Ah, the first game Meg was and we killed her. Gavin actually took care of it. He he had Ah, she didn't. He had a diffuse the bomb defused a bomb in the second game. I was was a poltergeist, and I just decimated them, but slowly and mean, Um, but yeah, there's like So, like at the haunting. It's like a nice girl kind of thing. And there's 50 different hauntings, so it's never even close to the same game. It's really cool, especially have never seen or Planet guessed. I may have it some point they have you guys played. Ah, Mysterion heard of those terms? Ah, one of money. Favorite games. Miles actually introduced it to Mei. Um, basically, you play as a bunch of clairvoyance and you're trying to solve your own murder cases in this old house and in the house, there's a ghost who's giving you premonition cards to try to help you guess which person place and thing was the ah murder case that you're trying to solve, and each person has a different when you're trying to help each other. And then ultimately, when you get to the end, the ghost then choose one of the murder cases to be the one that they died in and has toe essentially make the whole team guess which murder was. There's just through using these premonition cards, so it's using, like, thes random images to indicate, like, Oh, there's a man with a mustache on this card and one of the killers has a moustache, So maybe that's the person that they're trying to get me to choose. It's really fun. The ghost can't talk or anything like random premonition cards or yeah, so you always draw seven. So you have seven in your hands, and that's what you want. You work with what you got. It gets really difficult, like you have items in the game that could help you burn your hand if you want and stuff. And, like you could give people, I think, up to three or four premonition cards each, so you you always have seven in your hands. You could draw more, but it's really I love those like association games so much whether it's word association or like trying to get something like visually, those were the most fun to me. We should play that for a literal. You should come onto a Let's roll and show him again. I would love to you. Yeah, Yeah. I mean, you've talked to Trevor. He's the one that schedules all that, but I don't know if he likes me or not. Have your Bobby put in a good word for information. If you are going to go on, let's roll. Make sure you don't use the dartboard for actual darts because Larry gets met. Is that everything? Yeah, there's like a diaper is a dog showed up and I always just throw a few dots every time I go in there and somebody says, It's like reverse clue. Oh, interesting. Um, I don't know if I've ever heard that reference before for it, but, uh, is Larry sitting by the dartboard when you're throwing darts at him? Because maybe no, he doesn't like it. No, I just I'm a terrible shot, so I just miss and hit the wall. It's like it's set. Did you replay dark? That I feel like that's a very like British pub thing. Yeah. And you still terrible at it. Yeah. I mean, how do you get good Does unless you just play darts all the time. That's why I was asking. Did you play darts a lot when you have played the occasional game of darts? I'm not just like doing game after game. Did you play? Does we used to play darts when he used to play darts. We had a dartboard in the Skoda and Dorado. Yeah, we got into it for a while. Yeah, we got to do it for oddly. And you know why? Why do we do that, man, I think Ah, Fay, who Gus are. We've had such a long journey together. I want to say quite a ride. Arlen's been quite a ride. I want to say we were at Ginger Man one time and watching people play, and we started playing and it was fun because it was like sports. But you don't have to be athletic, and we kind of latched onto it. And then we were into I think you're right. It was because of Ginger. We used to go to Ginger man every now and then. He wants a while. I was never crazy about that place, but they had a ton of beer. You guys have got a vigilante? I've been there a couple times. I know what that is. It's a ah board game bar, Restaurant place here in Austin. Too far from your stuck up airport, Lamar. Yeah, it's really cool. Do you think if you sat on the roof of stage five and there's a dartboard on the floor you could drop a dart into the bulls are? Absolutely Yeah, 100%. It might be easier to be easy. I think so. Try dropping. Gravity is helping you fighting you. What? Well, this is your last summer. Yeah, cause this is easier than that was great for him. Barbara was trying to do it for the camera. I was also imitating Gavin. I have a video of you from probably six years ago where you're trying to throw a dart with your left hand instead of your right. And I played us with you at some point. Yeah, I was. I mean, it was one of those times when to stick Street did. And it's a lot of people don't remember, But I remember it was like You get filming because it just looks so messed up. I mean, it's it's funny watching someone throw with the wrong hand, but throwing it dies like special. Yeah, it's so hard to get anyone anywhere you want to. It's so funny how your life and priorities can change like you mentioned vigilante, which is a bar that I've never heard of. I guess it's not a bar. I would say that alcohol, yeah, there's still food. This I'd say. It's more like a thing is there was a time in my life when I had been to every bar in Austin, and I would I would know about every bar before they opened. You know, and I wait. That was one of our early projects that never went off the ground. We, you know, we did drunk a weed, ugly Internet. First we did drunk gamers and we had a bunch of in in process, like we're a bunch of side websites that we were working on, and one of them was Boston drinkers, Austin drinkers. It's interesting we don't ever think about this so we don't talk about this, but researchers wasn't our only project. We had a bunch of, ah, other productions and ideas and schemes that we had going on in tandem with rooster teeth. And all that happened was rooster teeth took off before the other ones. And so we started to sunset. Those to pay more attention to right. We don't have time for any of that has been enough time for you. And did a photo shoot for price puncher. Remember we did. We had price puncher. We had drunk Army. We had We were where we had a bunch of other stuff that we were doing. I forgot about Austin drinkers, but that was a big one way. We're way we're gonna map out like the cheapest places to get drinks any day that we could any time like map all the happy hour for every bar s so you could just go look and be like I've only got $10. What's the most? I could drink for $10 right now at 4 p.m. On a Wednesday. Where's the cheapest drink I can buy in Austin Way we're gonna We're gonna map it exhaustively. Way went to We went to a lot like bunch of we're gonna make it a website. All right? I'm thinking of the wrong here, but it would make a great app now. Great. You should get back on that. That's the only place stakes way would go to, like, weird parts. I misheard the That's the only time I ever went to that, um, Holiday Inn bar, like right there at Riverside. That's I think about that holiday in the round one. I think about that one. I think about that night. Every time I drive by, there is you and me. And I think Sarah Yeah, that's weird. I had to make sure that was my first wife's name. Yeah, you and me and Sarah. I think we're just sitting at that bar thinking this is the worst place on Earth. We can't ever come back. This upset receive podcast is brought to you by hymns. So Mark Zuckerberg's 35 years old and maybe you don't care about that. But here's something you probably do care. About 66% of men already start to lose their hair by the time they're 35. You see even worse, it's often too late. by the time you notice it with hair loss, the best thing to do is to stop it while he still can let four hymns dot com help a one stop shop for hair loss, skin care and sexual wellness from in. I look at my hair everyday, I'm sure, just like you do. And you know that feeling when you look in the mirror and you notice something different. Hate that. But I really like that. 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Thanks, James, for sponsoring this upset earlier. Steve Podcast. Ah, man, given. Ah, Price puncher was Ah, we're gonna try to make money off of affiliate leaks, affiliates and deals way the whole thing, the cheapest ways to buy video games online. And it was like the mascot was like a a luchador named price put notes price puncher. And his sidekick was el cheapo el cheapo, which was Jason and high prices. We re part with some of that into the old comics we get for the DVDs. Um, the Griffin wrote, But But you have price puncher was originally going to be you, and Jason was El cheapo. And then Dan Godwin had a unitard, and he was he was gonna make money off of, like, affiliate links director people to buy video games online ahead of our dumb time. All these weird, stupid little business ideas we had. Just, like, constantly churning them out with one of them. Was there one with, like, a monkey? You were talking about the arc about? Show me the money. Lucky. Yeah. Yeah, we went to the capital. We're filming the judge duty thing the other day, and I was like, I think I've been to the capital since, you know, we did that. Show me the monkey thing. Oh, yeah. Yet another in the 1,000,000 with a little laugh, because that was That was after Artie during Artie combat. Sarge party was real happy about that way. Focused eventually. You know, all those shirts just got there in a way. Yeah, they were under my house. Are under ah, my actual house for a very long time. And, uh, don't you still having? She was like, There's a bunch of shirts under the house. Still, I was like, Oh, there's only 12 years old and it's sitting on the ground in cardboard boxes. You realize you still haven't you down there? I didn't realize that under the house, So I I like taskrabbit somebody to come. Thermal You didn't like. Have a look at him. See what state there dude, all the state, they're in there in the state of, like snakes and scorpions and offense animals living in their gross. So think of the quality merchandise that they had to keep the peace. They say the first piece of mortuary meet the drunk, his coffee mug. Oh, there's only about 25 of those in existence. I think we've bought 25 or 55 left. Yeah. Yeah. And then we'd drunk every key chains, too. Way didn't make those to. Somebody gave someone sent the twist. You gotta have one. So I've got one. Was like a little space. And when I was in England just now. Well, not just now. The last time was a few months ago. I found the RV be hoody that I bought, but I've never wore it. It's like a brand new original baby. Honey, why don't you wear just that? It's never worked. Was a black hoodie with the red R r. Yeah, but it's like Christine. Who is that? Very first heard. He was. It was a pull over right? Or was it was a pup. The house is it? The first ones were first pull over, so I can look at it when I have is a zip. Unless that's the second iteration noted. Still got original caboose holding up. It was like what you were wearing that shirt and when you have, like, all the clone photos of you. Yeah, Was that that shirt for a long time ago? God, you look so different back then I think in those pictures sometimes about how you kind of look like you had longer hair and you were a lot skinnier and link here really fast. Yeah, thanks. Gavin's gain a lot of weight over the years. I called him fat. That and he got mad about Gavin Never eats candy or soda or anything is like the healthiest motherfucker and he just out of the blue, I was in 100 helping film. We're filming some H music, but that's a secret. That's a wicked quicksilver shut. And, uh and, uh, Gavin just announced the release is he gets home, we'll get a doughnut. Everybody looked at him like what the fuck? I think I called you fatty and you know, your fat is what I said. If you didn't know you, did they get doughnuts for you? guys this morning and now Michael Bottom. Very nice. Michael and Lindsay, uh, feed everybody breakfast, like, probably twice a week. I used to every now and then bring donuts in tow. Our office in the wrong department. Only one person would ever say Thank you. Who was it? Me. I appreciate it. Like fuck this doing this anymore. But she was saying Thanks. Just play. Nobody else will. Dozens of donuts and collage cheese and shit. What if I got more people to say? Thank you. What? You D'oh! Very petty man. Barbara, where would you get donuts and coffee? Oh, it's so good. We call it shit head. Shit. Had doughnuts love that place? Really good. It's great. No, I got it. It's the only place I go to get collection. Make my favorite lodges in Austin, I think. Yeah, I love it. It's like that soft. Ah, soft dough. A lot of places use it to, like, firm. Don't. Yeah, I don't like there's like that place. Ah, batch. Like they're low. Yeah, it's like it's interesting once, but when you want to clock, so you just want, like, she bread and hot dogs. That place been there. I just noticed it's been there a year and 1/2. Just like last month. Yeah, they have. Ah, brisket like they do like Carl and barbecue brisket. Collage cheese with pickles. They're pretty good. But it's like after, you know, you're like is good, but it's not a clock. That's not what I want. You know? You can you do anyway, all right, You're vegan. That. How's it going? Still what? I remember how much fun you made of me when I went vegan way back in the day. Longer than you did bagged me. You looked moved to Puerto Rico, and I'll let you get all of my favorite restaurants a pain and ruin your words. You're gonna be vegan. And you're You know, I don't want to go to dinner with anybody else, and I'm gonna have to sit and you're gonna watch because I know you want it with you. So you were just being a huge pain in the ass for no reason. You were like so could you just not be vegan for one fucking week so that I can eat or wherever? And that's why I stopped being vegan for you. I guess rules. And then that was it I prevented you from ever doing. I know. I just had bacon again, and I was, like, Very good. Are you and Esther doing it? I think what happened is you wanted to get a vegan, and you knew people would make fun of you. So you came up with this whole idea of like, No, I'm gonna try it. I made fun of myself when I started. Nothing to make fun of. It's awesome. Are you feeling better? I mean, that's not so. Why? Why are you doing? It's still it's like, Okay, so here's the problem. I know I'm gonna stop competitive and competitive with myself. I'm going to stop and I'm gonna eat something, whatever meat or cheese or whatever. And then it would be like, Yeah, I had a whatever a three week long streak Almost even go longer than that. That's just what it's gonna be. It's like eventually eat something. And then I would try to beat the street, so I'm just fucking myself over by going longer. How long have you gone? Two and half weeks. Okay. I let two months even beat that. What made you stop todo casino. El Camino What you start with two months before I stopped. Like what made me start? Yeah. Oh, uh, did I say that weird? No, I heard you wrong. I heard. I thought you said what made you start. Uh, when did you start that? What happened in here? I've got a very long day. Wait A very long day. I let one of those days. Really? Yeah. Um, really good. I think I just wanted to be healthier and didn't want to hurt animals and stuff. And, you know, just like I wanted to try it and see if I felt better. Yeah, I did. At the time. I remember. Lose weight and stuff. I don't think I could give a shit about that back then. I wasn't I was about what? I wait. Now, I don't think it's necessarily like something you automatically lose weight doing anyway. Yeah, of offsetting with lot of carbs. I've got a lot of again. I've got a lot of vegan people who don't eat well, right? Because it's like you're trying to compensate for things you can't have by eating step. I don't think I've lost a single pound. Like Chris with his fucking pasta pass. Oh, yeah. No, it's blank blank. Bert and Dutch. So we play a little bit g ta today. We did for a thing for thing that actually wasn't a video, But I feel like it was really good because it wasn't a video. Once again, it was like it was like, last night our way. We just We played a game of offense defense today, and it was the most fun we've all had playing Geetha in a really long time. It's a shame it won't come out. And we're also they're talking about how, like this could have been a video. Are you? Let's see what it's for. Ah, I guess we probably shouldn't. Okay. All right, well, yeah. I mean, it's fun. I played I've been playing a lot of ah, the outer worlds. We talked about that. Yeah, last week. God, I just have an awful in that. Last night, I got awful. Well, there was. This thing is a little companion quest. You pick people up rested on your ship throughout the game. And I just got this woman who was like, OK, we go and see my parents because you gain access to this really rich place. I played it, so I went in there and I just murdered him right in front of her just to see if there's any dialogue for that. And there is She gets really mad and she leaves Mom in the hat and you playing or did you reloaded? Say I really like show at Dad with a flame throwing you just melted a thing. Escapism. But it is not like what you do realize if you could just go ape shit if you weren't actually, when your flames ever gets stolen, that's true. It's very typical. Yeah, I like that game. I need to get back to it. I've been playing call of duty. I really liked, uh I'm still playing it real like the outer world. But I had a thing where, like I told you last week, like I got to a point was gonna put it down. I'm gonna come back to it. It was really hard to pick it up again and go back to it. But then I picked it up. Like all of this is really fun. Like, I'm instantly like I want to keep playing to put hours and hours into it. I discovered something in the last week about myself that I'm fascinated by, which is I thought I didn't like video games anymore. I thought I was kind of done with it because it's like a work thing. And it's not a way to relax at home anymore. Apparently, I do like video games. I just I was so fucking stuck on Jim's a war that it was 100% after 100% of Jim's a war and I moved on. I, like, instantly found a desire to play video games again. The gym's a war has been holding me back. For how long? How many years? Five years. God damn, you have been playing for almost five years. Uh, four years and 10 months. Andrew Pendant was telling me about this site where tracks like the longest gaps between achievements and games. And apparently I could get pretty high on the leader board. If I get another achievement in like two Morita, anniversary will be like a 12 or 13 year gap between you and I. Well, I wanted to like that game. When it came out, I just can't get into it. Oh, that's your completely thing. Oh, fuck. A look of that. That's not that's not easy to do. You know how many people like, what percentage of players I know. Ah, Andrew looked it up for me. I don't know how he knows, but he said less than 50 people in the world have 100% of that game. That's unless people who have been on top of Everest. Yeah, So I'm wondering about 50 people that have sunk 4 500 hours into that. It probably way more than that. Maybe 1000 hours in that game, I realized I missed. There's, like, seasonal stuff you can look at in the Master Chief collection, like some of the maps have stuff that happens in seven days. I just realized I missed a Halloween one changer system. What? Yeah, that sounds like effort. It is. Only 536 people have been, uh, in space, So let's be 536. That's loads. There's a lot That's a lot. Three more people have been in space than have 70 achievements in gyms are 10 times as many people. So what? You didn't give us a war is way more commendable than going to space. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just as much training, like three months, they'll update it again. I don't have to be off to dive back in. What's gonna happen is I'm gonna fuck myself, because, uh, because I'm not gonna play for the next three months and so I won't be building up whatever mechanic or whatever form of loot that I'm gonna need to get the next achievement. So I'll be, like, way behind the curve when they won't buy it. Achievements. Now, Now they let you spend money but not doing useful way. Okay. Have you spent you have some money in there? All hundreds and maybe on maybe hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. I don't want to say the 1000 words, but I don't know, it's been five years, but you don't know providing entertainment. Yeah, but and apparently was locking me out of enjoying all of the video games. I've had so much fun playing games since I finished that game called Dirty Money. Play is awesome. I had no idea I haven't played a college game in several years. It's good. The new one model for I Don't Touch the campaign, which I hear is pretty good, but just the multi players drop in drop outs. Great. Have you played SMI anytime recently? I know. Used to be Oh, they just released the ruby skills there, either about to you or just did I know they had a lycan announcement video about it last week. Looking. That is so cool. Yeah, that's yeah, so each They're not actual characters in the Gambler skins on existing characters, but they have the whole, like voice packs and stuff that we recorded. I wish we had done through the history of the company a better job of capturing every time a rooster teeth property was mentioned in a video game because it adds up. Yeah, and it's I I had account for a while, and it was like 22 or 23 video games that we've been in his Easter eggs or there was like a reference or whatever, and I lost that and I would love to see it like we used to make videos about Yeah, what was the game that you and Jack were in again? Red redemption. Okay, the new one comes out, Tom, but they're like all kinds little ways. Like what was that snowboarding game Has this actually character Griff Simmons and Tricky. Tricky as the secretary. Did you think it was the one that I was excited about? Was, Is it a spider achievement in? Here's a Little War, the first years of war, the really cool and we had a couple of years ago, which is another new game that's out the new plants verses on these garden warfare, which is really fun. I need to get back to it. The 1st 1 came out. There was an achievement hunter Easter Egg. It was just like a flyer that was on like like gas stations next to other flyers about stuff. It was like chivo hunters. It was our logo. And then the second game came out and we looked for the Easter egg, and there was that we couldn't phone in there. And so, in a video of us playing the game, we joked around about how the guy or lady that put us in the video game must have gotten fired for it. And then when the deal see for the game came out, he put another Easter again, or he or she put another story that said, Don't still work here. So the fact that they responded to our East right with another reason I got it was awesome. That's Hitman Ones were good because they did, because it was episode. Yeah, the episode one meant that we were. We made a reference in in a game and then in the same game. That was a reference to that. Yeah, And then it hit mine, too. They don't talk about the puddle pile. They talk about us talking about pie, which is even deeper about how, like, how how we're psychos for watching security cam footage of people getting electrocuted, laughing at you just owned up to it. Have you guys ever met anybody in the history of doing red versus blue and rooster teeth? Who thought that Microsoft made a video game based off red versus blue? Who I don't seem like They made Halo based off red versus blue like they thought. I doubt there's a person like this, but I I don't think so. I do remember being like the one that we had for a little while when Griff ball got popular was people would come up to our booth at comic con or wherever we were and go like a great ball banner. They go on Griff Bull. I love that. What's red versus Blue? Yeah, from the makers of Griff Ball. Always. Always. I'm gonna promote some of the chest. That holy shit. I used to pick that Griff Simmons character all the time even before I knew what art Iwas I'm gonna assume that was us. Yeah, we never got official contact. We have official confirmation. They start griffon, but never ever going to have our baby. A lot of stuff is happening. It's probably a fan. Three involved in the name of the character is so pretty. It's pretty pretty over. Yeah, Griff and Simmons. You mean? I saw I saw the dumbest product today, but it really makes me wonder what we as a society have become. Know what we're doing with our lives? Yeah, it's a It was a mechanical spoon that you can attach to the side of a pot so it'll stir whatever you're cooking. Have todo It's just like a little arm with a spoon. That goes around in a circle like this so you can do something else, and you don't have to stir your food back. Sit on Twitter. You're just right next to it. All right. Yeah. That's one of the bullshit inventions that Billy's dad and Gremlins would have made. He'd be trying to sell, like the smokeless ashtray and the self stomach. Wow, it's what's called Stir me tea. Oh, eyes temperature gauge. Thea stir mate. Automate Automatic stove top Stir frees you from constant stirring in the kitchen. Something just anything in the world Chargeable long battery life and quiet operation provides a perfect extra hand in the kitchen. I I saw it. I was like, Just start your fucking pot. Yeah. I mean, what filing? Nothing involves that much. So I want to test it out. Eric Bias, one Thursday at some I like It's like 60 bucks. Just stir. Is this at least come with its own bad? Is it? How What kind of batteries? Disease. I'll get one. I'll get one and we'll test it. Thank you. Remember it says, like if you watch the commercial says that, like one charge last 12 hours a stirring what I think that's a joke. Intestine sitcom, isn't it that someone made a real one? Is it? It sounds like you said It sounds like something out of gremlins like Fucking shitty invention. Some from Red Wolf. There's more than one kind a lot. There's a lot. I feel like there's I mean, a growing industry is just people's laziness. You could make so many products based off. Just that fact just are lazy, like something you're like. I don't want to do this. I need both hands for my phone was the last time you stood for more than five minutes, right? Exactly like stir the pasta. Speaking of cool, lazy, lazy inventions, I saw the yard cutting Roomba in the wild for the first time the other day. I must have washed it for 20 minutes. I was going for a bike ride and then Emily Side. She was like, Look, that's one of those robot one of the robot lawn lawn mowing things and we just stopped and watched it forever. How'd it work? Lily? Oh, Lily, Charles cut the shit of the yard and I don't know what was stopping anybody from driving by and pick it up and just fucking go in the back of the car. Probably with it. Crass. Go, huh? We're just the grass co I I didn't see a grass. It's like the size of a Roomba, right? Yeah, it's pretty. It's about three times as a room. Okay, see, introducing the terror T seven robot mower. How much is it? I'm gonna get studio. Can you buy it with, Like, a dummy of a man attached to its Anyone tries to steal it. It's not out available for sale in Germany as a beta program in the U. S. And 2019. Yeah, this one's definitely out for sale and trying to find out how much I think it might be. I robot one. This one. This one's in I Robot, huh? What if I just put my normal room about in my grass? You could try some clean grass. Have you seen there's a commercial now for a new I don't know how this works. There's a commercial for a new, uh, Roomba tights type product. Like it's not room, but so different. That's a different brand. And on the commercial, they show that, like the rumor goes like this and there's is better because it goes just straight lines up and down. But then it docks and there's a trash can attach to the dock and then itself dumps its own trash. I think some of them. But how does it Trent, how do you dump your trash up? Some of the eye robots do that doesn't like vacuum. So there's a vacuum at the top of the over. Just stares from suck to blow until it doesn't even fuckin connect completely. Or it gets bumped by the cat when it docks. It might, Yeah, I don't know gravity. Like I saw the commercial every time I look anything like How the fuck? Well, that's why you don't make robot vacuum. Yes, that's true, but not yet. Everybody owns one of those one of the different not iRobot ones. I'd love to know how your how the trash collection works. Is there a little stone mate for, like a cup of tea? Robot low. $6 from lows. That's what it is. 600 bucks? Yeah, I guess so. But how much is it? Lonely. How much does a couple 100 bucks? So it's more. That's probably more than a lawnmower. Well, Lian lian itis x I x asks how I bike in summer in Texas like Onley during dawn and dusk. Well, in the daytime of the work Ah, but yeah, yeah, it's like 100 and 10 degrees and you just get used to it. That sucks. It's terrible. Get exercise, though. You sweat a lot. Yeah, I'd rather bike when it's 110 degrees outside the minutes 50 degrees outside could be awesome when it's 50 with so called so called used to bite to school with that long hair and I bicycles just melt over me while I was in the first class that Jesus. Yeah, it's cold, man colder than 50. It sounds like I was just in London the other week, and it was like cold and raining the entire time we were there. It was like, This is I think, what do you expect yet? I've lucked out every other time I've been in London with, like, really good weather, and this time they just decided to be London about it. It's great record with Stur, mate. Thank you. Thank you. What size it'll be your pot size. I guess nice for 20. Think they're easily adjustable to any size pot. If you believe their use it for extra life. It's our thing. No, I'm okay. I'm not defeated by I was in the, uh, in my yard all day yesterday. My threats all messed up. Uh, aller allergies by a robot mo as well. That's like I can't. I have to get approval. I prove it true. It's not how that works. Could just prove it. We'll just keep saying way. We're kind of an asshole on uneven out there the other day, where we've Alice, Eric sent an email out about scheduling something to release. He just included you and I for visibility. And you and I just kept replying back and forth that we approved it. You reply old t o. Just like sounds good to me. And I was like, What? Gus said, Do it. So everyone who actually needed to respond just was flooded with your replies. They gotta get seven or eight responses from Barbara. You were on that email, right? Yeah. I said you ignore a lot of emails I get now. Cool. Thank you. Yeah. Just trying to make things happen. You know how it is Creative director life Things like that happen in all seriousness, though, Eric, I approve that purchase. I just looked at the last response to that email thread, so I guess I just missed all of your back and forth. It was pretty gripping. It was a lot of the the auto suggested replies from Yeah, Sounds good to me. Oh, did I prove it? Yeah, he's looking forward to it. Oh, yeah. You even respond to someone else who responded with one of those generic sounds good to me. Gusta rel Well of those thumbs up? Yeah, we were talking about that. Ah ah! Air disaster podcast pilot. Oh, yeah, it's Ah, I think we're good. I think we might release it next week. I'm excited. I am to audio only, Right? Yeah, yeah, I got it slated for the site. Uh, Monday. Oh, yeah. First member only. Uh, yes. Does it have the part about your dick in it? It does not because I said Jefty out. Take waken. Leave it in. It's very funny, but I was like, but probably the right tone for the fucking show. Not definitely not the right time for this. It's really the 1st 5 minutes. You told me a dick I would talk about, my dear, you know that it's not that kind of thing. That's not the tone of the show, this absolute receive podcast brought to you in part by Clayton, the brother of Satan and his newer Steve show. Good Morning from Hell in this all new audio only comedy podcast, Clayton, and it's freshly dead man servant Krista Maris interview various residents of hell. Guess includes historical figures, but biblical figures, mythological figures, action figures, figure skaters, other kind of figures, lots of figures. Find out what happens when you die, what your favorite dead celebrities are up to and hear about Chris's eternal punishment and torment at the hands of Hell's most beloved demon, Clayton. Good Morning From Hell is available on all major podcast providers. Check the link in the episode description or search Good morning from Hell. My personal favorite guests so far has been barbers character Gambo, who's now best friends with Harrison Ford and has a role in upcoming Indiana Jones film. It's It's a weird show. You gotta listen. Trust me. Go search for Good Morning from Hell wherever you get your audio podcasts and subscribe. Blaine has a huge Penis. Who wrote this? I'm excited about that one. I like that. I like those kind of podcasts. That's like that's another thing. I don't watch TV more because I listen to a lot of podcasts. Yeah, my main form of entertainment. And I am really into, uh, we've talked about it, but like those crimes, like crime junkie, you said you met Ashley Flowers. Um, and you also like, what? Us Weekly? No, no. I like who weekly A week to week. That's the one. Sorry. Yeah, absolutely good for both of you. Get like, all your women do belong balloons. Yeah, I understand what that means, but it means a lot. I'm balloons. Gargle, yummy pop. They just sign off the people. It's not saying really English words. Right now, I am saying real stuff, but you're getting all your different type of content through pockets like you get your reality TV through that, uh, you get your, uh I guess Like true crimes, you're crying them super into. I still listen to car talk every week. Listen to the classics. They put a new one every week. Still awesome. With Latinos on the radio all the time. We used to listen to them when we would go drunk sailing because car talk would air at 8 a.m. On Saturdays. And that was the only way I could listen to car talk Was to get up at 8 a.m. On Saturday was my favorite radio program and so that actually I never talked about it. But that was one of the reasons I was okay. Getting up at seven. In the morning. All hung over with you. I could listen to car talk away. Dr. Ron, did you listen The last week's good morning from Hell podcast? I'm not listening yet. I think you'd like episode. I want said three. I've only heard the 1st 20 you sure? Listen, Episode three that is our you know, share Am I'm upset for you. Yeah. Already already recorded. It's not have a son for but I'm not upset Something. You know what I have said for? Just came out today and had James Annalise. Oh, I'm not an Eric, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. You so sad. I just It's not e the more you smile the more you believe it. Where even Izzy there in the corner, talking to Eric. It's just the sound board who knows anymore at this point. Uh, yeah, I think you'd enjoy it. Got gamble on I gotta listen to me. Just loves game. But look, at any time I hear your gamble voice that makes me laugh. I don't know why I e don't just like finding the things that tickle Gus and then doing them repeatedly until everyone else is annoyed by them. That's the best. It's like replying to an email chain over and over at Nonhuman until people regret ever CC guest sounds good to me comes up. Um, I saw this crazy story. I don't know how often this happens. I saw, like, Maybe it's a sad story. The exist. That's where someone died. Um, did they die in a hilarious way? Hunter dies after dear. He was hunting, recovers from gunshot and a taxi. A revenge. Uhm Arkansas hunter Thomas Alexander is believed to have been killed by the very dear he was hunting. Yeah, it's, um, the authority suspect that after being shot, the animal got up as the man approached and attacked him. So just something on the head until he was dead. We have wrappers. Yeah, but I mean, how does that kill you skewered him through the heart with something? Uh, yeah. Rippy apartment antlers. Did some of those, like our photos of like tears were just like viscera and gore like, dripping off of like you. You seem like a like a deal due to a car. Uh, yeah, those things. I just can't let it. I didn't I didn't think of it is equal to it like a bull, which has sharp like there's nothing shop about analysts. Usually that is the two of them. That sounded awful. You know, like ivory. What his ivory sharper. Yeah, I am is sharp enough and sturdy enough. And there's enough of them on a deer in a bit like a mace on a fucking £800 animal that's running as fast as it can go. But it's more of just like a blunt impact, isn't it? That it, like, cut your head off? No, I don't think it's gonna saw your head off like rays of Li like you would saw have to salt the meat with dental floss and cut their kitchen or anything, but I think I'd still fuck you up and put a day with dental floss across the atlas. Would be that would be the lethal. It'll be like some hit man. Think I comes up behind you in resident evil? Uh, yeah. So a terrible, terrible tragedy. Are you sad about it? I used to hunt a lot, you know, when I was younger. And I can't imagine I've never encountered a situation like that. Where But dear would get back up. Do you feel like it would be deserved? Um, you tried to kill it. Tried to kill you. Now be better with your gun. Help. Good. You got it? Yeah. I I can't imagine ever having encounter situation like that, like, you know, sometimes where you would shoot a deer and, you know, it's maybe not fully dead yet, but not not enough. Not to the point where it's gonna get back up. Yeah. Reminds me of ah, living with yourself. Kind of don't spoil anything. It's a good show. Yeah. The first episode. I feel like there's there's there's so much going on now, like there's so many ways I feel like it's something we've always complained about. But it's only getting worse, right? Especially now. Not only Netflix, but Apple TV plus Disney plus the HBO one coming out next year. It's just so much different shit you could possibly watch. You know what it is? It's cable. But we have to pay for 400 different fucking cables now. Yeah, I mean, I pay for Hu Lu Amazon Netflix, but damn is on things. You get free because you have prime. Yeah, but still, he's a paper I didn't have prime. I'd still pay for it. I mean, I'm still paying for it in essence eyes. Now the time we pause and say thank you to everyone watching our content right now, Bruce, to see all my shoes from Thank you for being here right now, plus the plus apple. And it's a ton of subscription service is And I just saw there's a show coming out on stars. I wanna watch and I got to figure out if I want a fuckin pay for stars to watch. It shows it's called Dublin Murders. It's ah, it's based on, um, this series of novels by Tana French called the double murder squad. It's like procedural crime dramas, and it's very serious and very good. And it's my favorite, my favorite author right now. And ah, consorts books based on that. Kind of like how ah, they did a very similar thing with Robert Galbraith novels arm called Strike, which is on BBC U K I guess. Ah, similar kind of show, like just a private investigator solving crimes except in double Murder Squad. Like each book is a different detective from the double murder squad trying to solve a fucked up really well written case like that's for you. Yeah, but like bubbling better like like a more serious Stu. I guess we're grounded in reality and less in pop culture. Like Like how you started to feel like that show. Kind of more kind of Yeah, Yeah, that still holds that show been on that was like, that was a show that was not originally a lot older still on long Or I think so that we look like I feel like that was ah show that was not originally a law and order show that they wanted to make it and then they just ended up putting it like along order putting in the Law and Order Universe Halo series coming to Showtime. That's true. Yeah, it is just crazy, though, because now I find myself looking like, how do I keep track of all the stuff? I have to have this app on my phone called watch list, right? Adding all this shows I want to watch so I can just look at a show and go okay. Here, The two places I could watch it and keep it checklist. Yeah, you keep a checklist. And you realize this was so much easier when I just paid one Build a fucking cable company and I bitched about how I wanted you. I wanted ala carte viewing. Now I have it. It's a nightmare to keep up with you because you're paying different amounts for different things that give you just had your cable bill. It's like we don't want that talent. I want that child. This the channel I want it would've been easier. And I'm still paying for cable. There's someone to watch and also sometimes never anything to watch. You know, when you're scrolling on all these APs for hours on end and you're just like, Well, I guess I'll just watch more of this baking show and said, You can't figure it out. It's nothing I was saying earlier about, like TV paralysis, like There's so many, You're paralyzed, my options, you know, like when you have too much to choose from. Nothing looks good. Yeah, nothing stands out more than the other thing. Or like you're like I don't know if I'm in the right mood to watch this tonight or get into this right now. Especially starting a new show is daunted. Yeah, that's the thing is like, I don't know if I have the time commitment right to get into it. That's why I'm really appreciative of new shows that are like the 25 to 30 minute range was able to jump into living with yourself. Exactly. I was like, Okay, that doesn't seem is dawning to watch three episodes in the same time. You could watch one feel like you could binge a lot quicker and a lot easier, but like that's stopping me from watchman. I saw the upsets or one hour each. Yeah, same. It looks serious and like it would require full attention for an hour, and I find myself not being in a position to devote that kind of time very often. And hopefully you kind of remember the graphic novel or you've read it. Before I've read Watchmen. I would 10 times I would recommend. Really, someone said that it does not necessary for watching the show, starting with last night's episode. I think they're They're really moving that it helps. 1st 2 episodes. I was like, Okay, it's kind of in the same universe Last night it was like, Oh, no, now they're talking about people from the original Watchman is considered kind of universally considered to be the best comic book ever written. It's really good. Watchmen are a miracle man that later there's still a lot of schools of thought. But, um, it's Watchman's great. It's great. Definitely. I have no idea if the show's good. I wasn't crazy about the movie of those terrible, but the book is definitely worth reading really well. I reread the book before we started having you have multiple chi. Give it, I get it out to people. It's like people tell me their interest in comic books. I give him watch her Yeah, absolutely. I'll bring tea. I re read the book before the series started, and I hadn't read it. I only read the book once before I read it before the movie came out and remember hating the ending of the book, and I reread it before the series started. I was like, Oh, it's not It's actually fine. It's not as bad as I thought. I think maybe I just missed something the first time. Or it's like there's the book ending different to the movie. And, yes, what did they change? Is this the universe and pay for that, too? Do you care? I mean, I guess it's an old spoiler, But in the movie Ozzy Mandy esus setting up like a nuclear catastrophe like nuclear attack. In the book, He's war, he creates life. He creates like this alien looking good thing and then teleports it to New York. And then it dies, and it explodes in a way that, like its brain, lets off this energy that kills like three million people. Visit the same energy is Delta Man No. So they don't blame Dr Manhattan know in the comments? No, but by that point yeah, wouldn't the attack happens to Dr Manhattan and he just leaves anyway. He's off world at that point. I think when he comes back the way they have their showdown, and then he's like, Oh, you're right, this is the best for the end. I'm gonna go to another solar system because because in the in the movie, Ozymandias is the bad guy. But he does save the world. You're in the book, you could argue. Also, it's the same thing. Okay, Yeah, and Dr Manhattan is even, like fair play. You play me and I'll just sit on mosque. The best part about Watchman, too, isn't even that story. It's the sub story that the kid reads at the Chelsea newspaper Stay and Tales of the Black Freighter, which is the best written thing I've ever read. Minds so good. And I read that over and over again, and people don't like that. Those people are stupid. Black fighter is so fucking fantastically written and so creepy and so cool, and it's based on that thing. I'm obsessed with the Pirate Jenny and the German Threepenny Opera that direct mail was erected in the anyway. It's a whole thing It's also where Ah Mack the knife came from its apart. It's like this. It's like this trio of operatic stories about German industrialization and being a poor person in Germany at the turn of the century anyway, tells them back later came from that, and this fucking will love it. It's really good, really good. They didn't have any of that in the movie. Now they cut all of that. That's in the director's cut. Is it okay, like the Gerard Butler and I'm a bit, But it's just like it's just, like animated over. Yeah, I watch that. And, like all of his crew mates are exploding and shit. Yeah, it's pretty dark. It's pretty gruesome animation. Yeah, yeah, it's good like that. That's another story arc for that character. It's like there's no there's no redemption, right? It's just like your descent into the thing you fear they're here. Sure, I watch the show. I don't after I'm done with 120 upsides of Midsomer murders. How far you have any 120? Uh, just one second you're on your way. You said you won't feel like on which is like Britt TV. Your books another. Yeah, it's like six bucks a month. That's weird to kids. Like four quid. Britt Box was your nickname. It's weird because some, ah lot of understand it works. But a lot of that stuff from Britt Box is gonna be on HBO, max. But then other stuff isn't right. So you still have to have both If you want all of it. I don't understand quite how it works. I haven't really looked at h P M I. They hit their big unveiling last week. Is it out now? No, it comes out in May that soon May Yeah, Springboks, HBO. Max. So I was like John Oliver doing ads for it and stuff. Is he doing ads for HBO? He's doing like sarcastic cause. The here was just shits on the parent comparing company. And yet, yeah, uh, it's coming. It's coming. I think they just announced last week that it's coming out in May. Okay, that's when they finally started releasing some details about last week tonight. Sometimes, did you see the one about immigration? Yes, about a really good one. Was that, like, three weeks ago smoothly, that maybe four. They're about to go on break, aren't they? Don't always like going break like right after election. They have one episode, and they're like, All right, so in February, So I don't know, Do they? Yes, I remember that happened after the 2016 election after Trump wanted, like All right, well, we'll see you in February by everything you described in that immigration was so spawn. It's also so him and I were on the set on the same visa to sew everything. He was just describing about having to go back to the embassy and all that stuff and be worried that they wouldn't. It was just like I've been exactly through all of that stuff. Yeah. I still remember when we were waiting to hear if you even got your visa or not. We're waiting for you to get approved. Refreshing the website, like every five minutes because they said it would take two weeks in, like, four weeks, and it was still pending outside. You're gonna look like that. Probably the best show on TV that I forget to watch last week tonight. Yeah, that's a show that I was not at all interested in when they first launched it. I was like, You don't care about this. And then, like I would see, like, clip posted online like, Oh, this seems like it's actually pretty good. I remember being so bummed when Jon Stewart went on break to direct that movie. And, uh, John Oliver was instantly like that was way better than Jon Stewart. But he had a new word energy, and he was just like it was a different show, but it was awesome. And then I was like, I don't want to start to come back. I just want this show to continue So that when they announced that I was super super excited, But I can't remember the watch it Sunday nights and then by Tuesday it's like, Well, I missed it all locked up. I should, I should. But it's all of those things where it's like I don't I won't watch it if I don't watch a life like I don't watch the news. I don't watch replays of the news. They played the whole thing, too. YouTube. So why don't you like the Ryan bit? Yeah, yeah, I guess that's true. Could you just, like, subscribe to it? And like, I don't know I could just remember. Fucking watch it, too. I have HBO. I just It's like if I don't watch it Sunday, I won't watch it again. I'll just think I'll just watch next week's episode because it's already old news now, which is dumb and a stupid way to look at it. I mean, some of my brain works some of its timeless, like they did one about voting machines. And like all that stuff, I think also the one about immigration's pretty evergreen. It's also like, you know, I'm the world. I'm one of the world's biggest Howard Stern fans, but I won't listen. Old episodes of Howard I won't listen to yesterday's episode of Howard Aiken on Li. Listen to today on I know, I know. It's dumb. I'll listen moments like crazy moments. But if it happened last week, it's too far in the tail lights. But you don't have it from listeningto Richard. Identify beer with dizziness? No, because that seven grand that's great. That's ever have a brown That's a little green was able to Yeah, he got five out of six fucking beers, correct? No. Yeah, I guess. Like the brand Brandon Flavor, they would pull them into his. Also want to be like a bubbly Nazi texture is like, I think that's the banana beer. Can't kill you. Yeah, because it doesn't go through the stomach. Right? Two tickets for your blood. That's how a lot of people who are in a really bad way we'll get drunk. Yeah, I heard something about I don't know if it's a myth or not. Women soaking tampons in alcohol and shoving it up there orifice is you can see the orifice. We already said Tampons. It's I don't know if it was butthole or vagina or both. Would you put a temple in your butt to say What? The same reason you put alcohol in your but it has the alcohol on it. There was E read on article about a a college frat party in Maryland, where there was so much liquor being drank at the party that the air inside the house tested on the Breathalyzer Register house can drive. I don't think it was like I think the air in the house was above the legal limit, just breathing like opening beers, and we're like a lack of ventilation. If it's flammable, the oak, the ambient air. Richard Point No. One. So, like barely right still, that the fact that Russia it all it's pretty hilarious. Do you watch? Yep. Yeah, years they were saying, You watched John all over. Do you watch Trevor Noah's daily shows all No, I don't. You know, I hear good things. I watch it from now on. It's really good. It's very different from what used to be. He's a really funny dude. Yeah, you know, like, really funny. Dude, I love his accent, too. Yeah, South African written. It's interesting. I hear that, like The Daily Show is bigger globally than it ever was now because he's an international star, he said, big everywhere. That the Daily Show's become like an international sensation in a way that it never was. With John with Jon Stewart respond because John Oliver says no one knows who the fuck he is in the UK I think I can totally I can totally corroborate that Gavin and I got into an argument in time. There was there was some English, some American person on TV in England, and I was like, Who the fuck is that? Gathers like how do you not know who this person is? Humor. Hawass. Who was it? It was Ruby wax who was like a England's American. Relax, never fucking heard of her on. I was like, Do you guys have a lot of American people on TV? In England? We've never heard of here. And he was like, it was like, Yeah, you just don't know much about your culture like that would never be a person on a British person on TV in America that I've never heard of When I go Oh, really? And he goes, I go. I guarantee I can find one in two seconds and he's like, You can't do it. I know I showed John Oliver. Who the fuck is that? You realize that you, John Oliver, is if you go back and watch, just like crappy channel force it comes. He's in. All of them is like a guy that the main character bumps into in the car park. Dude, I have no idea who Ruby Wax is. I just Look, I never heard of her either. Yeah, I was even sure if it was a lady or ah Dee, I didn't remember. Yeah, well, first you asked me because we were in in England at one point and you like, who is this person who is on every TV show and every commercial? And before you even finish the sentence? I was like Richard Hammond because he was the guy who did wipe out in top gear on this. Yeah, And when you were in town, hey, we started my own five things in a row For some reason that you don't know that was the trip where you tricked me into thinking that you had to give tattoos and suits that I believe you have the wood in the UK I think that's very, very, very well did a great job of convincing me that you it was a law in England that to give a tattoo you had two or three people were watching something. When someone's doing in a suit and you're like, Why is he in serious? Like it's illegal to give it that way? Went for it got really annoyed you like How does he like? Does he have the dexterity to know this stuff really catches confidence? Toughen. I was cracking. When did you figure I wasn't true? He for, like, five minutes later. The waiter, I like the idea of you went to a tattoo parlor and nobody in suits. Here. I report you to the comfortable like Jackie can't get your do you take your fucking Tetris piece here. This place is sanctions its front in an illegal operation. Guess where the T shirt. Great. If you commit to something like if you want to be a tattoo artist, you cannot have any tattoos yourself. Well, I I used to mess city a lot more. Used to mess with you a lot more. Yeah, I was better than you are. No, I was pretty good. I got your free time. You have If you think my favorite time. I probably thought on the podcast, but it was when we were both in your living room on Xbox Live and we were talking to someone in the community with some some go who I I knew and you kind of knew as well. And we would talk to her on the headsets, but I was secretly muting my headset. So So we'd be playing, like, grow or something. I'll be like, All right, follow me through here and I'm you in would be like you dumb slut. Jeff will be like, Oh, but I hear she she never heard it, so I just like, addled this stuff to the end of my sentences. How are you being so mean? Toe thio? 10 minutes. That's such a tame. That's her level of pranks that we used to play that you don't know anyone. You guys, I feel like you did a lot worse. There was a lot on There was a lot of love in our pranks. Yeah. How many times you see Jeff stick? You think Ah, bunch probably couldn't even count. Maybe four or five year. Damn. We were speaking of full pranks and old stories. Um, I've been working with Eric. We've been trying to think up like segments of things we could do on the podcast. Well, I got one with a robot Fucking lawnmower. That's great. Well, somewhat related to that. I, uh I remember knife car. You just had him write down knife car on the list of things to do his from Sundance. What is it? I remember the name. We we stayed at that condo, remember? We're into Sundance estate with Jason. Jason got the red face. Yeah, yeah. No, no, no, no, no. This is when we went. And this is when, um I got really this when I peed on the snow. Man, I didn't go that here. I'm gonna go that year. Was it? Ah, I guess. Yeah. Was it like a remote control car that you guys attached a knife to? Really? And you have to walk around the house with no shoes. Come on. Wait. That's the segment he had me write down for fish. It was like it was just right down. Knife, car. We'll figure it out. We can't wear shoes on the pot guest anymore. You never just always gonna be careful that always going back and forth car somewhere with a knife is going to give you give you hepatitis. You know, some people are really in defeat, like sexually. They wanna like Jack off on feet, smell feet and jack off a look. A foot on Jack, off way, Jack off with a foot or whatever. I'm the opposite of that. I don't ever want to see anybody's feet ever. I don't see your feet. Don't do it. I'll throw up your way. Worked at the call center. How was he? Insane Flip flops. I was house sitting down. I was on the phone, you know, like green eggs and ham. Before it was in a managerial position, I was sitting next to someone who was also on the phone calls. And for some reason, neither of us was gonna call it any time at that time. And the person sitting next to me just turns to me very calmly is like, There's nothing wrong with feet, right? And I was like, No, I guess not. He's like like a girl's foot. Like That's cute, right? Like women's feet. There's, You know, there's nothing wrong with liking. That was like, No, I guess not. Yeah. I mean, it's just totally normal, right? I mean, who You probably don't want to say their name, but do it. Do you remember who love? I remember exactly what was the lie? No e some context. Like, um, I gotta go. So what I'm going for? It wasn't a hippie. I'll text you. Okay. Someone you know to know I'm that same as you. I could I could I mean, I don't begrudge anybody who wants to jack off on a foot or like sucking a foot in jack off. Or, like you know, I just used it. When? When? Well, you know, I'm not in. The Ben would come and stay, and you would just walk in the front door like both of his socks would be off. Why, Ben, when I think about been, I think about Eminem rappers and rolled up socks about pizza boxes. That was after me. Okay, That was his jack. Days rolled stuffed cabbage, right. He would talk about the socks, and that will be nine socks on the ground. My socks is the last thing that come off every day on my shoes. Don't come off until I'm ready to go to bed. Really? Take your shoes off when you go. No, I mean, like the bonds. Your shoes, right? Just because it's if I've used the bathroom here, I'm just traipsing feces. A little nice to be like without shoes in your own house and stuff like that. More comfortable. Not like she was like the comfort of shoes. Like my feet are protected by some house slippers. I do have some. Sometimes I wear when I think about it. But I'll wear these shoes till 10 o'clock tonight. Probably. Yeah, you were in the bedroom now, but I won't go to the bedroom till it's time to go to bed. Are you II put on pajamas? The first thing when I get home like I I won't be wearing actual, like day clothes. I like in five minutes of being home. I don't know why. Maybe it's a holdover from the Army, like one of those things that gets stuck in you that you just can't re program. But I feel like I have to be ready to go at all times. It makes total sense like it's not like I just I feel like I need to be like, grab my keys and go like if whatever happens, interested, I'm ready to go. We at any point, I don't have a dad, you know? I mean, it's always been that way. I think it probably is from the army like it probably is one of those things where you held a fork. So dead people in France like a cave in you hold it like this like the pork was in here and the Kaiser straight up and you would eat like he was shoveling it into his mouth with dexterity. When you get home, Jeff, tonight, I want you to take your shoes off. I'll try. I'll try to remember. I have to say it. Eating is different for left handed people. That's the whole the whole. The world's not aligned for us. So could you play X books on the stick like that instead of using your thumb? Yeah, how would you do? How does that from all your years of forking that way? But you think a force not just like using the next box control. You've got the dexterity. So there's not a wonder one comparison, dude, that's a stretch. It's a video you think requires a lot of dexterity to eat like this. It's no deal is precision in forking, especially if you want to get all the money. This is less precise than this. Yeah, no weirdo. I know, but I don't know, man. It seems like this is very basic. The way you held it would remind you you're like a cave man. Like you used to call me. Yeah, you and burning. And George just always make fun of me A T and I lunches for it. That's why I stopped. I was, like, you know, learn how to do it the right way. Are we getting a fork and a knife? Red super salad. We always hated Super Sally because it always makes fun of salad. And first, first, please. Gross. Yeah. Why you giving me this stuff, Dexter? Good practice. Good dexterity. It was, like there so like this Because Michael, by the way, this way. Yeah, and then upside down. No, Come on. You know you look, there's a problem. I'm also left handed, so this is, like, my dominant hand. So I still will eat like this a lot on that I'm like, All right. I gotta do this. Yes. How do you cut your food like this? So you hold it for I used my fork. I use the fork toe. Hold it, huh? I cut with my right hand when you eat. It was pick up the food, put it. Okay, that's normal. Or like this. It's the English way of doing it. See, I always do the thing. I cut it and then I switched hands for the work. I do that too? What? You What? How do you do again? I cut just like that. And then I switched to my other hand for the forecast. See, that's what's wrong with being a right handed person. Yeah, that's left handed. People weakened. Each hand is just as important as the other. Like for ah, let for a right handed person when you eat most right handed, people, your left hand is a placeholder and it's useless. You gotta do all the action on the right hand. You're wearing your right hand out, eaten when you're not evenly distributed. The workload to both hands left handed people. We have it hard. We learn from an early age to do to do as much as you can with both hands. I need to demo for the English audience. So legit. No even line Americans be like this. The right handed ones that is so stupid and not quite that off. Nothing. You think there's anything wrong with saying you're making us look where you do it True? Right handed American. Is this your chocolate bar? Yeah. Why don't you feed it to get tea together after cutting it? Have you Have you had any slip ups at all? Not even like you found out after. What are you How you can focus backwards? Yeah, performing society. Of course. I'm worried that this is too hard to cope with this knife here also. Thanks, Dad. How you how you could This is This isn't gonna work. That's because you're holding it weird. Why you holding it like that? This is gonna work. But that bars too hard for a lot of people saying just right. I don't know what I'm right about, but I agree you can't cut it. But you're holding the fort. I want this anymore. Apparently, it's like a apparently it's like a politeness thing. Like, just like in America. You're taught that you're supposed to swap the hands, and it's rude if you don't. Yeah, but for me, I was just talked to just eat with because I've already got the food on the fault. But here is rude. Gotta keep it classy. I'm not normally a another's fancy. Dinner parties were going to I found out before we in this pocket. I didn't say I found out recently. The year vegan that you were. You were trying. I want to say Gus, that I think it's really cool, no jokes or anything. I think it's awesome. I really want to say that because it's first off. It's better for the fucking environment and it's better for the world. And for somebody who wanted to burn the planet down with him when he died, E wanted to plan to burn down the day after I died. I just think that you are a very socially conscious, responsible person and I appreciate it. I think I'm not making a joke at all. I'm not being silly. I got old hate the environment anymore. He doesn't like the car dude. First you say it's very convenience, but that's a tough guy, way to say it. But I think that you do give a shit and I think that like I do, I do think that being vegan is fucking super responsible, especially with the problems that we have ahead of us in climate change. And I just think it's great. I was so happy and excited to hear that I'm not. I don't want to do it. Let's get a vegan lunch from our okay, I'll go. What do you got? What? What is your favorite vegan Lunch? Uh, hate mothers most. Okay, I only ever been a citizen eatery. No, I don't hurt. That's pretty good. It's over on Burnett. Okay? I don't get the luxury. I can't go tomorrow, but I guess we'll go sometime, Okay. All right. Let's wrap this up. All right? Thanks for watching everybody. You guys, next week, I want extra life money, E.