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Rooster Teeth begins its second year

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Recorded: 2010-04-14 22:35:09

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

there were none 2015 acapella Hip Hop the Philippines get effect I'm not a fan what the fuck dude you like breathing to her she doesn't actually a really good voice that sounds great I'll give you that nope he did this one thing I think is like Radiohead mix with Beethoven was really really cool radiohead/chopin check if he is kind of cute check now then who cares I haven't checked this morning but we may have passed hot for word on YouTube do that that comic on seeing her weee tweet over the counter fourth president once we started doing having an issue with kind of over the course of the last year have grown is described as we've been passing people and we just passed Chris Crocker Leave Britney weee made for what you just keep saying bitch please over the past more Marina orlova/hot for word the chick that that awesome and smart obviously cuz she knows to be behind isn't she the most popular no is anyone listening to the podcast knows her please tell her I said hi congratulations lady who's related videos for hot for word where it's just a hot lady working out everyday and she post herself working out brilliant hey I feel like well first I should say thank you to the dude that sent me the damn Keys Inferno white hot cayenne pepper hot sauce I don't I don't know who sent it but and I haven't had it yet but it looks delicious on the website put some dude tried million Scoville hot sauce in the rating system for 7000 there anyway but I did try it and it was hot but I survived to the man made me sick for the rest of the day was in a bad mood really badly for about a half an hour and then I was ok 70610 the sum of the sons like 50,000 was she blonde or brunette were you prefer that I just care about the message rumors unit carried pepper spray is 5 million before it's not fun for me pepper in a thread I don't know dude it's like getting punched in the throat in the eyeballs and the nose look like a thousand tiny needles his fucking is brutal you see is a bunch of big to the ground crying in a corner reinforced you should keep the fucking Mass car for the last time Soldier was a soldier effect vs. affect what's it like that manager trainee how to user talking at screen injections to that time I never wanted to do it little diagram the show no Matt did not know the difference in arteries and veins at there the other day your blood is blue until it hits the air and then it said yeah that's up in your system on the return from the and at one point in the head and blood is coming move in the blood and explain blood is black and that's how you know if your going to die longer than you should have winner is just like a way to spell the word for like something I thought it was two versions of the word separate and it one was I'm going to separate newspaper applied the gas is and that's what older Windows over time they blow and they get old war bully looking and they get sticker at the bottom too because gas is actually a liquid but looks like it was last time I had believed that my life live like glass like that and you explain that to me and I believe that are such a help okay sunglasses the winner used to make glass panes is they would have done it you have a brother-in-law who's a glassblower and that and because it was in perfect shape except she did user song says the guy in Avatar right on way wow dude that's great take it easy I'm sure you remember I get that song and keep your eye on the Grand Old Flag confused cuz it one song at once the episode talking and they all the quaintance be forgot keep your eye on the grand old flag sky's the for the South today is the unit episode South Park and the guys at Simpsons Cinema a congratulations card that say congratulations on too one of two hundred episodes weee already did it twice and of the Family Guy million Scoville hot sauce 17 year old Jeff could have slept with anyone on the point there was this one teacher who actually hated me because one time I did a lot of stuff to her class and I had to ask her young and dumb content bloody sleep with no traffic yes on the floor for that though all the priests are we going to send some people The Boiling Pot molested direct 2 minutes and teachers everywhere I can sing like you well then we need to pass Marina the bloggers on YouTub and thank you for letting me know it's a buffer of all the very popular vloggers on YouTube and maybe some negative stuff down below that is what is anybody North High is that time of year again but it is because the next day internet International web television network in heading in Los Angeles and Academy I want to go to one of these screenings and honestly there was nobody there of about 300 feet and there was maybe 20 of the seats were filled and it's was in New York I would say I didn't one of the group we had to do the nominees screen you know fill my duty as a million honestly apparently was a major major disaster which makes you the only two presenters kit was a man and a woman on stage and then 2 people from the crowd around up drop their pants a started dry humping them as they were trying to read the list of nominations for the for the award that was is that the Oscar Chris Hardwick Jac to the dead and there's a bunch of the other people that have gotten together and so that was kind of I guess they were doing it that was funny but it was the other music human giant posting this is constructed from reading online and they had a string of technical problems combined with bad creative choices for the people who produced the show that just as we ground everything you hold apparently they were showing a video on a DVD player the DVD locked up and I'm pretty sure is the streamy doing how many rebooted it it started to TB over from the beginning and then there was and stickers and also the humping people were they were like half naked people running across the street and then there was a which was a guy who came out dressed like a pimp and talks about what it's like to work in web content or something like that and apparently he was in info how to read a mess but either the nominees and award winners were self-deprecating to the point where they were just content to watch the carried that was the theme of the night is doing kind of matter Elizabeth Hamilton posting and she said she was embarrassed about it because of how vulgar it was that she felt bad for anyone watching the streamy was it would be difficult to be taken seriously because of help profane the award ceremony was the thing was when he had the winners painted on naked women like really like that's that's the face you one represent to the rest of the country as video game over videogames his being a juvenile record well she's just a really super sweet person I really talk more during on female maybe she tweet picked up for season Xbox Live word was that what I'm reading overwhelmingly from that Justice 2 model timeline content and it is a really cool thing there's the middle Jeff that they understand what they're doing they understand that they have a big audience to have a lot of people doing one videos the mix there I'm afraid it will at least rating there any one category even know info we have a ton of you and we're all in one fourth content movement more for Hollywood and those people are fucking embarrassed for no reason whatsoever they are on blood was talking about how this Awards season weird posts that this whole thing is just like do they really believe in the well navigate to Hollywood trying to get out to Hollywood to other avenues induction put on the word fucking award ceremony in the world doesn't care for sales we have a word for everything one year and probably very clear in the Hollywood has Awards there were going to have an award ceremony were going to have free for his page because there word family has produced says we're going to have a craft awards that happened on a different day because that's the way the Oscars doing they really do that they look like they had a web series have built up enough of an academy up for Xbox and sound design and web that we could actually award USB speakers awards at this point if you're going to do and let me know if it's something greater than itself I mean to have an online content Awards only that would be online right to do something different get together dressing up red carpet celebrities were allowed to go down the red carpet but there wasn't enough time or ability to accommodate the nominees themselves literally I was walking down the red carpet instead of was Patrick Duffy were bumping people out of the way for Patrick Duffy to come down and make the award ceremony she more legitimate what I think a legitimate I think Patrick Duffy Anderson SC best ensemble cast in the way is it easier to come on which way is best product integration into a that was that was a big deal who one the biggest effect of the rumors for the money back like that's a big deal that someone else interesting things a little weird Marina orlova/hot nominated for 3 days in Kodak 8681 doing you have to go in that expecting internet because you have a bunch of bad jokes more horrible noise you have to rush the stage naked you have a host of technical problems and then in the middle that you have a couple people who doing really cool stuff City the award for the life that you want to see the people on the side Jac Alice one fourth between 2 ferns show you as best as I can come Monday morning everybody try not at 4 but it has become a real life internet drama where live in people how to the first Red vs Blue videos over sauce I think what real life person and I was like this is really really funny and then I start getting serious did you watch the new anybody tweet from chemicals talking about it wasn't all the people who were supposed to buy it that reminds them if they were talking about it makes you wonder if there's a lot of noise and a lot of people upset today that's why in the past people well if we all just got a long boring people of this community very long talking about for how to play with your hair on a happier note we're having already I'll be right was at 9 to 11:32 a.m. corporate names that you just take for granted that it's just a stupid name and weee help a friend with a name a big corporate company in and turn it on Facebook Amazon destroy the trees in the Amazon the next Target is possible internet history was a big deal because it was a big deal Anna on Fox I think every 911 they post the original thread of the 911 thread delivery posting crazy to read that kind of stuff like the old iPod thread on flash talking it's going to be stuff like that like there's no one like one internet history not realize the internet what happens to them Chris how will we ever recover well I know my first was like the first one ever made world that you want to go Griffin's painting in the bedroom in sent that on her account and I walked over there and looked at me and was like what the fuck is wrong with you what other words of the day that would be cool and there still updated today and heading Jack Sparrow first month of the blood the daily was just like that is posting crazy stuff on the internet every day and I check it all the time and I noticed the other day that are rumors about posting on The Daily was really cool. I actually on it sing along to word love it love it terrible and if it goes missing user one time in interviews recently they were talking about year anniversary and what the weather was like when they started and they mentioned the Strawberry Shortcake that consistent content with internet Parker and Trey Stone America and the princess black flash Capcom million dollars make up the Flash series and they said okay we want complete and total control and they said yeah sure whatever season 2 of South Park come out the princess and there was wondering how can we push the boundaries of television on South Park how can we push the boundaries of the internet and they turned it in kid Network and it was flash it was awesome flash for the day everything was for about for some were never actually had a website that we were all in love with there every week so crazy when did you like your first ever Halo The Prodigy a very positive response already started production on a few new episodes of emotion would you be a good idea to make it happen in Griffin yeah dude I asked her what she was doing this morning I will give me was she was going to the hardware store to build something terrifying sent yesterday in passing I was talking about you can hurt so bad would you build your credit you said yes you would yeah I said yesterday I said yes on top of everything else unit converter did you get it the day my eyesight is bad I'll be there waiting for the doctor to wait to open up you're going to need reading glasses sooner in life than you normally would guess you're going to move around the iPad trifle I can't think of any I was worried when I was my first impression when I got it was it was heavy and I got it was heavier and smaller than I thought it would be but I got over that really quickly and I fell in love with Plants vs. zombies of them playing that constantly at home Alice on there it's a huge family I was like the only argument is that you've got a laptop and you've got a phone why do you need this way to hide the thing that doesn't do either function as well as the other two but it's just super convenient like I don't know man it's like you can't walk around with it was thinking about it like that I can watch I can check my email faster on and I will do I have to pull out my laptop and open it turn on the whole thing and watching movies in bed with is super super super portable and convenient and you just about everything last night it was like 12% last week actually sent me I just like a Photoshop alternative you can use it on the Mac OS call pixelmato it's like $60 at the program and all the basics right it's coming out okay I can have all the crazy videos where the automatic Rising talking care of in the application seems like just an extension of that technology so that will have the content that will have the content aware fill cheer filtering yet or not if you have a picture and you go to resize that you're thinking something different content aware something different you're talking about technology tell me something on the golf course from the sky and then it out in the rest of the in an element it also content aware for me it's aware of the content with Amazon mean there is talking in the Amazon rainforest rainforest was going to Xbox show is about with the golf course Rising presentation Magic TB Rising Jackalope I know it's bad because I was looking on my laptop looking up information about this content aware does unintentional sorry Conan when I don't understand why that's funny good forum talking about. Org the forest when does the S5 come out next videos there will be in the middle of something premiere tickets show me mentioning to me yesterday after spending some time with you that you seem to be a lot happier in general and life and a lot more mellow than used to be and she was wondering why and I was like I don't know it's because your life from crashing Sports Animal something the way I needed to get to reduce amount of time I've been looking at progress bars I have a really weird feeling that when you die different how bad you are you have to like some kind of form of punishment you have to watch too and I can't imagine how much of that time I would spend watching me watch progress bar is like staring at them everyday of your life just cause it's definitely very fun game I think just got to was very fucking buggy though and you have to do it. I videos for a simulation or collection videos well you have to kill 10 guys in a certain way and the game just just doesn't count for no reason some of those like if I have to kill 10 guys by hitting them with a car it would count one out of every five cars and I was trying to fly my plane close to the water for 30 seconds at 11:15 22nd in for no reason best rated North effect is coming but first try giving the water and it wouldn't start the count on and finally and I have and it's just for whatever reason it just wouldn't it wouldn't count that and so I got mad and threw my controller problems are under pressure to get something done and the medicine man that maybe I'm just angry and stressed as I have been my entire life it's just that we have so Twitter now doing as he finally implemented a business model another Twitter posting normally see on your feet Twitter Twitter I wish there was a way that I could just say all right exactly alike and tweeting about every 5 minutes to set it up where on on the auto posts or whatever it like when someone gets all I got one achievement in a posts your achievement on Twitter was your some we could send them a message is war and then like are you doing other one and you're done and I'll give him like two shots and then after that sauce unfollow automatically I'm tired of seeing that kind of stuff like Raptors really really bad about there is a way you can just reply to the message 104 $30,000 into his mom's credit card and bought a bunch of stuff for his farm what are you doing buildings in Cropsey Farm decorated that if I don't I don't want to play that but what you're describing sounds like and I would want to do that you are and decorate The Forum looks like your friends have to work on your farm too healthy or something on it if it's a Facebook game I don't know what you can do is when you start the game you get your money game with real-world dollars if you want to do that yet can bring a paid player in the multiplayer right now but if you wanted to like 2 in single player unlock every car in Forza for $5 as opposed to playing for 50 hours to do that kind of thing Lego Harry Potter how to unlock all the levels from Interstate help one unlock you know that's my choice but I don't have a game was like I paid $60 content of this on here and 80 hours to play a certain well that's kinda how I feel about World of Warcraft kind of in a roundabout way but I feel like if I felt like if I didn't get the whole constantly winner at was here if you have 10 hours a day that you can meet him. One Rewards hey speaking of Lego Harry Potter and kids playing games I would like to thank you for suggesting that we get them off because my daughter has fallen in love with a video game and this is the first time she's ever liked wanted to play and she plays by yourself like I was your last night get to the first 3 levels completed by yourself is really cool because she has playdat mashup a bunch and last night she figured out how to get past the final and she was like doing flips was great she was so excited acquires dr. left the mall at a coffee shop and then Chris to take her to the ballet and was like I need them are we going to do and called me and asked me to call the coffee shop and see if they found it when they were on their way to the coffee shop what I thought you had it what was the year old man I was not a fan of for me I Rock so Jeff and I are playing right now and it's like it's like I'm trying to be sneaky and patient and quiet and Jeff is just a bull in a china shop running around trying to make sure too many people in the head make as much noise as possible and I'm sitting everyone good co-op partner and I know Jeff would not be one multiplayer multiplayer first level live arcade Xbox Live arcade arcade award was probably one of the coolest user I've seen at the Xbox Live - March 4th 04 by Microsoft War you can vote on the categories for Xbox Live In the End story is that Trials HD and shadow shadow complex destroy everything else to make some really great rumors get Battlefield 1943 2 multiplayer really so successful that we're starting to see a ton of clothes of at already which is super cool and super both look like Shadow complex complex to me the trailer for it yet or not of 200 of 200 Stephanie Wanted Xbox the house hot crazy that the military complex in Grand the house and I was going to Xbox was the first game I bought on Xbox Live arcade and I only have like $7,500 Tower Defense Target eliminate stand that's was actually someone did guys online like video guys online of how to beat levels 3 through 12 and goals are all them kids get an achievement for getting gold on every level but I can't get past level to on my own and get a gold to make it to level 3 before I start doing his guys were you you have little parts of your station a bill that we get there and there's 2 different there in the world came out I thought it was like it was a wasted to give you bite size like kinda okay gaming experiences between retail games write like a plane Grand Theft Auto one I'm going to play well I'm waiting for something but now you could just have Xbox Live arcade and just play Arcade games and have an awesome good game yeah it seems like in the last month came out today you should have that in an afterburner comes out next week for the first time ever got Xbox 360 I'm actually getting treatment there and that's a 4260 hour game for like 15 bucks that's probably a hundred and if you don't get it you don't get it I don't do it doing well I was excited to see George used to play with girlfriend live together doing proper sold on PC when it came out as opposed to how many copies they sold since then on different platforms like Xbox Live and Cs and cell phone and I didn't like every other day you can get pretty much any other day for the first two levels user about something else what is huge effect on the brain going to TB that's that's a guy who was a network attack in network anchor now jumping over to basic cable not jumping over also know you're getting user over Network tank Rising news anchor anchor as in he was a large part of that network broadcast process is that George Lopez had that time slot and has now been bumped back an hour you know it's funny that we were making screen Over Georgia was much like a how do you feel about this and he said I'd rather have Conan sleep in an hour later than not have it so please please bring them on him to do it 5947 is the greatest thing ever bring it up was because it was in the first light come out over something so serious she said she was getting beaten pretty soundly how many people are watching which is the conclusion I came to last time is burni go on hiatus for a few weeks they reveal now that I thought about it but he owns the show and I was like a big deal it's like he has full ownership over his show so you can do whatever you want and keep it interesting rumors about it rumors his Show Twitter how to help a bigger audience than he has in television was like a 2004 episode that we can do Friday episode it would be interesting if his original show for Hulu or Netflix that be interesting now that would be the most for word looking thing was on Xbox you could a great lead-in for the guild forget about it Channelside for show when you excited about the destination you don't seem interested I'm curious how it's going was probably 65 430 Atlanta Braves baseball game more like Madmen that's very well-received and here I am where's weee show time get Suboxone the family was it one of the content had about rating is that Jay Leno was such a sudden what's the lead in the Conan it's probably honestly like Family Guy or Simpsons or in the city or Eddie Griffin for the show The Munsters and sometimes The 3 Stooges Gillian's Island at 6 to 7 a.m. every morning I would get up early so that I can watch 3 children from school today hope the Conan was going to not go back to late night but he was going to do something like what they did we're making a show that's a vehicle for him it's only 30 Rock cast show but they can do something you know where any Richards TV shows of for the record Jack was Channel 65 what's the lead interview well I'd like to know talking into the network or something like that it'll be interesting to there is also Channel 501 mustache trailer at first the to the Beer House Phoenix bigger role in the city tomorrow and who's the other guy Coltrane the was in the past and me was the fact that trailer had 5 people there in that pit at the end which makes me think maybe it could be 5-player Co-op that doesn't make any sense because Jack said it was a female more music thing in the last two trailers eats everyone passumpsic on YouTube subscribers effect to make the main character so customizable to were you don't recognize I don't see 1400 other War unit who plays Jesse the shepherd walking around in this universe Ted Johnson hot female Shepard don't bother me that much ultimate male Shepherds that are just weird to me and I think it is the for change from episode 7 is very was in Mass Effect in Mass Effect 1 Garrus and Tali were the only one that returned was in the gym weee and Ashley or Kaiden the leader of the Krogan one of my playthroughs I killed him in the other play throughout who live in Mass Effect war ended in one of them he never appeared in the other one he was when you played was not in the one I played dead second goal by 8000 different ways to the end of that game where everybody else but you guys didn't win the game but there's nobody in any way to exist in who doesn't exist could you build such a large Squad this time around it's way more people to keep track of and variable to 700 plot hooks over from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2 does it have a note when it comes out Mass Effect 3 back in the day when they made like Street Fighter 2 or Street Fighter 3 or some like that was like okay that guy one who can one last Mortal Kombat that's what we're doing a Mortal Kombat 3 the first one I think and then I want to say like and it seems like it if you make fun of Japanese fighting games and plot you cannot get past the guy in American episode and then he made a video game off Eminem what's the Japanese like big boobs 2010 but you were you were commenting the other day about them trying to go through and make Dead Rising let's Jeff that they were Capcom was worried that the game was 2 Japanese so they hired a developer more content one main character taking pictures of zombie panties anymore how the camera got a couple more info Halo for healthcare get out of here