#570 - Gus is Blaine’s Fissure Doctor

Join Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, and Todd Womack as they discuss hemorrhoids, Blizzard, ice cream loopholes, the dark web, and white van scams

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Recorded: 2019-11-12 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, Todd Womack


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 570. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com I think everyone welcome to the risky podcast this week. Brought to you by Squarespace Express. Vpn and Gord Ash. Yeah, we're the graphics. I'm Blaine. I'm Barbara, and I'm just I looked it up in the last second, but I started playing like, oh, shit on him in front of me. Oh, Apostle. I did a little peek behind the curtain a little. You mean we don't have it all together? All the time? Sometimes we don't especially want pre taping for pre taping today. We should say that, right? Yeah. Which is why we won't talk about the number of sexual because you don't know what they are after working for 24 hours. Non stop the broadcast crew needed ah needed time off. You didn't need a little break. We're talking in the past tense when it's in the future. Edit this in. We raised over dollars a duck a lot or a little, regardless of how much you raise. Thank you community for donating and being part of it as you are every year. Yeah. Yeah. Business of how much you did. It was free bass. Like that's like the ones you're fair part. Too spooky. Yeah, we're actually we're ending it this year. This is the last to spooky miles. Just like I can't I can't do it anymore. Miles is gonna break if he keeps doing it. I think it's hard to keep topping yourself each year. We've got like, Well, let's not talk about it because I don't even know what's gonna happen. But we have We have. We did a bunch of good things this year. I don't know. Yeah, I have about your plan. I'm going to say someone got really way too drunk. Probably. Um, someone probably hurt themselves. She's master showed up? No, she's must have been Ah, return. No, I'm going pretty hard on the bolder more thing again this year. I got some good response last year, so I hope that doesn't suck. Put in the comments whether or not you thought it was cooler scale from 1 to 10. What? What? 10 dabs. How many deaths it is More Debs. Good or more debs. Bad. It's good point. There's always a scale. Angry jabs are running. I don't think it goes from good to bad. It's more like I got an X axis two. Because there's, like, a cringe factor. Is it a boomer dabbing? I mean, let's, uh yeah, Huggy Bear. Let's qualify these dabs. So by the time that this episode comes out, it will be the 11th. And then tomorrow means, man DeLorean will be out in the 11th of November. Isn't that two days in that kit Kat Day or something? Remember, 11 11 cake at Davide of Mandalore Is that mandolin that turns into a DeLorean? Nothing. Your time travels. It's Zoar show. They do some great work lately. My mommy, uh there. Hold right. The ball biker said that Star Wars is gonna go on hold on hiatus for a bit. I mean, the thio game of thrones. Guys dropped out. Yeah, they said that they had a toss up between doing a Star Wars trilogy and a project with Netflix. Mm. I wonder which one hour? Because I would have chosen where you don't know what the project is on Netflix. I mean, I feel like there's a sense of scale that it can only go so big if it's with Netflix. Yeah, I mean everything. I got the Martin Scorsese thing that the Irishman coming out. I'm not gonna watch that. You're not gonna watch, You know, you're not like Scorsese films, Scorsese. And you're not gonna watch a free movie on Netflix by Scorsese stuff free cause I'm paying for the subscription service. Okay, that's that's not you're not a fucking C p a dude. We're not gonna break the fucking cost per minute of you watching a movie or not. I bet it actually cost me a dime. So you're not gonna spend a dime to watch a Scorsese film? You were talking about heat a minute ago. The only other time can't be that good. Where Pacino and De Niro on screen together. Can I play that? That clipper? We're gonna get flagged. Know what's what. You want to play a clip from a Brian De Palma movie on the podcast? That's your idea. Berrick is a fraud. This is any statement we're calling. Blaine makes terrible suggestions. Uh, with graphic thing. You knew the director, though. Eric, uh, does this thing races, baby, I think they have it on the staff board. Pulled up, baby, The way Pull up. Um, I think the thing that they do say the line, Bart. Anyways, uh, that's from a movie. That's from heat 1995. You want to reiterate the read? Ah, he says, Ah. I told you when we first started dating, baby, that I was You're gonna have to share me with all the bad people and all I can really One. What? Was he in the room? No. When are we getting a way getting salty thing? Me with this fucking bottle up there already were here for love and support. Not only we got off topic. I'm sorry. The wrong ship. The Netflix queue, Netflix thing. I think those guys, this game of thrones guys are just gonna do a behind the scenes for the Star Wars movie. That was the other project. You could do the Star Wars movie or the BCS because they love that part of game of thrones way Phoebe was going for when Callie she was I don't know how much people nerd out about the thing. They made that video in a way that's kind of people are watching right now. I don't make anything. A couple. We're not turning out about that. We're just We're talking about other stuff. They did a thing, though, On that where they got called out. Hard core, where they're like, Yeah, I guess. Police. He forgot the navy was there. Some, like, some show you What were they like? Lets something slip in. You're like, Oh, God, like that's That's not good. You know, they gave some like, um, like a foreshadowing. Something happened, happened, you know, it was like it was It was pointing out their terrible riding. They're like, Yeah, this main character forgot about this. Ah, military force. And then everyone was like, What the like Rewind enhanced. What was that? Oh, my God. I don't know if I feel like game of thrones will never live down the whole coffee cup Being loved. They're like, That's gonna be forever. I think Amelia Clark was on a late night talk show last week and she finally they said she said publicly Who? Who's coffee cup it? Waas who's also it was a virus is I just look after their after it came out, it was a whole big deal. It was like the actor who played various killed her was like that Was Michael picturing Varis and Starbucks like the A Ah, why didn't Kay or he's or the opposite? He says, various. It makes me nail it. They spell it right Like that's the one name at Starbucks. They get like that, of course. Yeah, for me, it's like Debra Brenda. And do you guys use your real names when you ever just give him like Hercules? Er, I gave him a fake one once. What was it? It was like bird or something. I don't know why I did it. Secret Burt with you or with any Like Burt Reynolds or Bert. Bert, Bert, Let's think what for? Where I choose He Muppet know you. It was you. I was ordering the app. So it's like Sandusky's again. They just prodigious Princess. I don't know why anybody doesn't do that, because that way you just you arrived there. You just walk in, you pick up your shit and get the fuck. You could make it as fucking complicated as you want because it's all in the instructions there for them. True. Have you been avoiding on, Mark. You literally just pick up the phone. Do right now. Krista Maris. Who introduced that to me? Really? Yeah. It was like You just do it on the app. You show up, walk in, pick it up and leave. Sometimes you need a break from work, right? And standing in the line is not the worst way. Did not work. Well, Standing in line at Starbucks might be a little away. A good point, right? Like I'd like to stretch my legs and not be somewhere. Sometimes. Just be like, Oh, cool. A long line. You could also get your stuff right away and then sit down in the Starbucks. I don't have sitting down time. I got standing in line time like I can't do anything about the line, but city sounds like you choose to see Oh, it's all about the perception, the external perception of what you're actually doing. I went Teoh, there's a place called flight path that's over off of airport. That's why they call it flight path. The important thing here used to be right here. You know, Mueller important. Uh, anyways, son to also streets called Duval. So it is the same that we like to call. Blame fucks up real bad way, learns about them. Gotta some graphic one. That's an old one path. There is a guy. I witnessed two baristas talking it over, and it was like a kind of a peek behind the scenes that I thought was interesting. But they're like some asshole just called in and asked us to make his order in advance. And they were like, Ah, fuck that guy. Really? Yeah, yeah, No way. It's like that's gonna set a terrible precedent. Then there it was gonna be doing it. It's causing this skip in front of line, and then everyone's gonna think that they're entitled to it. And they're like, they're like, breaking down like And then we're gonna turn to Starbucks. And the light went on this whole path, like, right in front of me and was like, like a lot, too. Did they see you standing there listening to their whole conversation? I don't think they care. They're just making drinks. That's, you know, that's a traditional business model of the coffee shop. In trying to go out of business like that is the traditional model, right? I feel like it is your job is a berry said to just hate everybody that's in your shop. Yeah, because they're just a bunch of freeloaders using your wife. I, you know, like, interesting one of the places that one of my regulars that are not gonna mention the name, because I'm probably find out that it has some correlation with words. Okay, it's called Revival coffee. Oh, you know what it's called? That why I want to wait for you to feel so good. There's no I I asked about. This is because it's across the street from a cemetery. Exactly. No, I asked about that. I have no fucking idea what? What they say. We'll still like. I was ordering my coffee one day I was in line door to my coffee and I looked out the window in the cemeteries across street. It's nice. I like stare at the cemetery all the time because it's like you're looking for hands. Yeah, I was looking for this. Is that there's only hands no want to coffee. 17 peaceful and nice to watch. They have, like, pretty trees and shit. Anyways, uh, I was like, Hey, do you guys call you guys. It's those revival coffee, cause you're, like, across the street from the cemetery, and they're, like, offended. They're like, No, it was like, Okay, like, chain we started in Seattle was like, Okay, it's probably just caffeine reviving your Bible. I assume it has some correlation in terms of that. Yeah, probably. I went to guess I went to Bennu coffee over on me. OK, I'll help you then. I went there the morning on October 31st and I forgot it was Halloween morning until I walked in and all the baristas had on, like, Starbucks apron and on their menu, they had put, like, a piece of tape and written over at Starbucks, and they were wearing the headset. Funny. The holders of the Starbucks employees. Yeah, like they like someone in front of me that had gotten their drink. Probably forgot to add something into it. And the birthday was like, Oh, I'm sorry. These damn headsets, you know, bad communication with your They were they were really into it. Always love costumes like that where it's like picking funded someone. My trainer. I have a new trainer at the gym I go to now her name's Kelly and someone else who works at the gym dressed up as her for Halloween last year. So they put like the blond wig on her head. Van hurt her like sweat pants that she wears all the time. And I just love shit like that. I love dressing up as other people just to make fun of them. I was out. It's kind of related to what we did in the podcast a couple weeks ago, where we dressed each other. Or like when we did that on the spot where we all dresses. John, that was a good one for the episode in hell. Because that's my version of health for John Rising five. There was five. Yeah. Yeah, Just getting lucky Gent Way. Had a meeting this morning. That kind of derailed at the end, and we started talking about what everyone's own personal hell would be. Oh, yeah, I can imagine that for everyone. What would yours be? Um, public interaction. What was supposed to be going on in the meeting we'll use is a good short. I don't want to give it away, and you make it, but it's yes. It was pretty funny short were riffing off of it. Yeah, I don't know. What would I think I might be like unhealthy nous Just being being going back to being a healthy again, mine would be my I had my version of my own personal hell a couple weeks ago we went to you. Ah ah, fuck. In the haunted houses they have here in Austin, house torment has tormented. And we got there. And there must have been about 600 teenagers there. Yikes. Like all between the ages of 13 and 17 with a diving and flossing nonstop. I felt like I was in a really life tick talk like I was just like, I assure you, every single person in this fucking room uses tic tac and is probably on tick tick right now or making a tic tac as we speak. And I'm like, this is my version of hell, cause they're all just like, loud and unaware of their surroundings and other people around them, and just like making the same jokes to each other. I hated it. I hated every second of it. It was scarier than the fucking haunted houses that we wouldn't to only gets worse. Well, as you get older, you should hate the kids more like there's more to younger people home fuck like I would have. If I met the middle school version of myself, I would cease to exist because I would have punched him to death. I was so fucking annoying in middle school, that's pretty hard core bullying. I don't think you can, even if it's the past version of yourself. I don't think you just almost a kid to death doesn't grow. It's it's fine. He was also that annoying. I was used to exist and go to prison and current life. I would, Yeah, I was like pop and jokes in movie theaters like I was that fucking I could see that asking, Ah, coffee shops with the origin of their name was Let me figure it all out. This absolutely she podcast brought you by squarespace. Creating a website and online store is so much easier now, thanks to squarespace, scores faces a platform with everything you need to take control of your online presence and run your own business. 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You two could make websites like this, so be sure to tweet at us with hashtag Artie score space. And here's fewer favorites. First up, we have G k raisel dot com. Next up, we have a be scouting dot com and last up. We have minos dote woodwork dot com Thanks for showing us your websites and think it's your space sponsoring this episode of their Steve podcast. My personal hell. I've had a baby a few months ago while my wife did the pushing, but I've noticed something that's important to me. That would be my personal health and pushing before everything is slightly out of reach, like you know, the baby. Like feeding it or changing it. Whatever. I realized that, like how important that my hell would be. Everything is slightly out of reach because it kind of is now my unlike the remote with Augusta Water that whatever I'm always just like stuck, anchored, anchored with baby who's cool? It's cool, baby. You need to get one of one of those like little plastic alarms and keep it like on your leg. You like just a little too far a like a holster for a client. Dude, you're detective rascal character. Blaine in Arizona Circle is the fucking funniest character I think you've ever done. Thanks sued when you said make griddle me this little miller. I literally asked to stop the video because I was laughing so hard and I had, like, spit coming out of my mouth. That was a fun. I mean, you were there, and Josh was there. That was like you. Can you Really? You were there. That was genuinely one of the best nights of my life. Like Like that was We all went into that night knowing it was gonna be, like, tough. And we're all gonna be tired and stuff like that. And then I just kind of came in to set was like, the attitude that, like, I should just keep keep the energy up, Keep let's keep lively. Just like cracking jokes. Don't break character. It was so fun. Yeah, I bet, like I didn't like Well, I went home that day and, like, slept and I was just like I was like, excited. I couldn't even sleep was, like, still in your fat question. Gross line that you had makes me laugh pretty hard. Do you like, order a series of tests on some gum or something? Or the state of Florida? Or test blonde? Come like just like the grossest list of This is a blood hair something. Come, if we haven't already not convinced you to wash Arizona Circle available on the Beaver City. The website? Yeah, with Thanksgiving coming up. Got your family in town? You want to show him something to watch together? Bring your grandparents and circle around Arizona Circle there. Is that their catchphrases? The countries that do not make that the title. We have another. We have more rascal appearances coming in later episodes in season. Spoiler. Little Rascal, Bro. I want I want to make a respite. Movie would be fine. Maybe that's what ah, given those guys drops for. How long does that make up? There's quite a while, Uh, on a year round. Still, she's not. Ah, I would say that I was, like about a two hour and change process. And then to get out of it was like another hour. You staying for the movie? Those were like prosthetics and stuff, right? Yeah, It was like it was like a whole chin thing that, like, stuck to this. I had to shave myself completely. And then she put like sideburns over to cover up the prosthetic with steel. We get a side by side. Kristen Bell just would have done a full body transformation. I'm throwing that out there in the Dick Cheney. Yeah, but I've actually started eating a lot more. Get himself in that shape. Actually, I had gotten, uh what is? I didn't get the thing that Merrill had, where she ate shit, dysentery, dysentery, and how dysentery. But I had something similar where I was just, like, constant shooting and vomiting. So I dropped, like, a bunch of weight, right before your eyes on a circle. Really? Yeah. So, like, there was a scene where we had to use me and James doing a boxing thing, and I look fucking cut for that. But it was like the unhealthiest cut. You're just like, Ah, yeah. So it's funny because it's like at my lowest weight while wearing this giant suit. I was thinking about it the other day, too, because we had to do full face prosthetics for that dark crystal thing me and Lindsay did unrecognizable. It was I didn't think about it first because I was trying to get myself a panic attack. But I'm like the claustrophobia of having literally your entire face covered in prosthetics is something you really don't anticipate until you're in it. Yours? Like oh, my God like I literally have, like, this amount of hole for breathing and everything else is like covered like things stuck to my face. I don't get claustrophobic, but when they did the face mold for me, for the Cyclops, I was like, I I can't you have You can't see your It's almost like being entombed. Yes, you have no ah sense of the outside world like you can't breathe. You like properly, Um, and it's just like a thing of I could technically take this off, but I can't At the same time, it was just a weird feeling. You're like, you're there's something to that. It's like, Ah, social pressure to keep it on your brain knows it could and it wants to. It would hurt like a bitch. Yeah, but it's like it's like you can. You did a bunch of shit with he of awesome. So you were probably in prosthetics. Did you ever have that kind of claustrophobia? Yeah, I hate it, but it's like if you're in the business of making videos and you do that to yourself, volunteer to get in the thing like you just end up doing it the night before we did. Rascal. I already have the day off on and told me that the worst part was gonna be this is gonna be the neck. So I worked out with a a, uh, a fuckin turtleneck, just like you. Something going there? Yeah. Way worked out with the 30 out of public jam in a turtleneck nose in my department. Okay. Just like like, a like, a long like neck thing up. It was just, like, just like a neck brace or something like that. Yeah. We like some people are into this. You Maybe you'll be, too. You'll discover something about yourself. Yeah. You know something? You're going to say that you were working out your neck before. Like putting like a spring loaded singer here is working it out. Thanks. 404 counts. Yes. I used to do them with the network. Topped the common one is like you les like flat with your you show. God, that table is what? Whoa, Somebody mike played on your head normally with the towel. And then you just kind of like, far enough back. And then you just kind of like, you know, you like lift it And then you can, like, apply a small amount of pressure on the weight so that you can support it. Interesting. You do that on the sides as well. Do you do that exercise ever. I wasin I stopped living. Dump shit looks cool. Can we see in distant replay plate? Did you say a plate? Like I played a doughnut like a wait circle plate with the whole And that you put on, like barbells and stuff like that. Like the picture. It would like a dinner plate. I think that'd be more of a fun kind of balance. A full steak dinner. And when you get a snack? Yeah, they also have machines for that, too. That makes you look less stupid. There's a machine dedicated just working out your neck. Oh, yeah, We sat one of my high school. It was just You just stick it on your head, your head on the pad, and you just go. It's the dick sucking practice. That's the future of a I. If that machine could have intelligence. Yeah, that'd be great. I didn't make a joke. I just wanted you guys that make it get it, get really depressed like what's its purpose in life? Just to make next more muscular? Imagine the world who needs toe get their neck more muscular. You gotta really think you'd be surprised if you don't work your traps in your neck Then, like, thank you. No amount of mass down here will make you look. I guess that's true, I guess for me personally, I I'm trying to not use my traps as much in my exercise because I have such, like, giant, muscular traps, Wink. Um, but I, like, been training toe learn other parts of my back so that this doesn't overcompensate for everything else because you end up using this too much. A lot of comments about Gus is Nick. I'm I'm except why is something wrong with the camera? Looks closer than usual. We have to move it for Blaine's head movements. I mean, this welcome. This singles I don't know. I mean, I am I'm crazy. Men's health Did d'oh article on me. Congratulations was Web only addresses looking glass for how we know we knew the fuck I was in a post a picture of it themselves. Like that's cool costume looking, glass looking glasses from watchman, the owner. I went to a Halloween party a few years ago, and someone was dressed up as a character from the leftovers nobody had seen. The letters were just kept asking. Who are you? What are you saying? You so frustrated, man? Does nobody watched the leftover? Not enough? No, Nobody did. Yeah, I've got a question for you. Which of my online searches does the government have a right to know about? Maybe the weird thing I found between my toes or what? My dog loves to stare at me while I poop. The answer is none of the above. If you have expressed VPN without express Europeans protection, though hackers, governments and companies and highest peace and full access to your data and I don't want them using my Web history or video search is against me. That's why I use Express European every time I go online. I love that When I look around the Web and no one's watching express European loads up quickly, I hardly even notice it's there, expressed a vpn in crypts and rewrites your web traffic to any number of countries, keeping you safer and more secure. Simply Della, the express vpn app, click to connect and boom, You're protected. Expressive peon is a faster vpn of tried cost less than seven bucks a month and comes to a 30 day money back guarantee protector. All activity today. Find out how you get three months free at express cpn dot com slash rooster. That's e x p r e s s vpn dot com slash rooster for three months free with a one year package Does it express vpn dot com slash rooster to learn more? Thanks to express vpn for sponsoring this episode of the risky podcast. That's just not a great name for your show. Just got to say, you know what? Leftovers? Yeah. Uh, didn't get chosen the first time, but maybe you wanna watch those people Don't. People generally don't like leftovers. All right, let me put it in the fridge. Throw it away a few days later. I love people. Have a special affinity for Thanksgiving leftovers, but other leftovers, not cold pizza. You can make I like leftover pasta. Cold pasta composites. Forget all about it. Yeah, which is we filmed a video the other day. Um, that will hopefully come out as an rt life or something of that sort where we did different snacks that we make at, huh? And the one Blaine did, I think was my favorite. But someone just like it's so cold. It's like cold pizza. That's the point. Yeah. He makes basically three ingredients together that you would eat, like on a spoon and then all together, that tasted like pizza. It's good pizza. Don't spoil it. Everyone loves pizza. Guys can't eat pizza right now. I had vegan pizza. The other Oh, still vegan? Yeah, from fucking. What's it? What's it called? I tried them on. I tried. I tried to make a vegan mod pizza, huh? It was not good. Not good? No. Are you still gonna be V? And by the time this comes out, I don't know that I could stop at any moment because it's a hamburger. Could walk by and I might eat it, You know, they might happen. I mean, if it's walking ever, you gotta definitely has special powers. How long's it been like a month? No, no, no. It's been two and half weeks. I have better than toots getting Ah, it was different, right? Like when I would fart. It didn't smell like my farts. I've gotten used to it now and then. You look yourself in the mirror. So speaking of force Oh, is the program story? I was like, Should I tell us on the podcast? People already know so much about me. I don't give a fuck get a hemorrhoid last weekend. Welcome to the club. Congratulations. Your big moment in a young woman's life regulations have us had hemorrhoids before. Explain to me what? Basically on your Penis when you either strain too much or something happens where a lot of blood is being pushed in that area. Um, it basically there some of the lining fills with blood, and it creates, like, a little sec on your heinous. Okay, Is am I explaining? That s so like? Imagine if you are wiping and you feel like a bump. Okay? It's just like, ah, blood, bloody inflamed bump inside of your butthole. I might get those, Then you might I mean, if you if you do a lot of weight lifting doesn't hurt. Sometimes when you sit down, look on your butthole. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! You got hit parts. Look, do you ever look, um, easy. Way to say, it's not a while. Because, like, I started getting really sad looking at my butt hole because I realized, like, the act of doing it, how ridiculous it was. But then also how ugly it, Ugo? Because I that what you explained, it was like, This doesn't feel right and look at it, just like the Harry I know. What planet have you been on? Like what? Do you explain these hemorrhoid? I feel like I have had this experience. The reason I haven't looked it up is because if I ever get those, I always I always thought it was anal fissures. Oh, I don't want to cut off your story. No, I mean, there's nothing much to it, but I think I think how I got it was, uh I'm with the new trainer now, and she was having me do a lot of exercise that never done before, which we're very like strenuous. And I think maybe I strained too hard at one point and just what, and it just went Hello. I'm here because, like, the whole rest the day I was just, like, uncomfortable. Yeah, you for when you walk in. You were e I haven't had this thing. This isn't an actual picture. This is an illustration showing what happens to your butthole. It is okay. And I don't think I've had this. So, like, I had these, uh, these things called anal fissures. When was a kid? Because I'd like to wipe my ass because Bassem slowly, a slightly o c d. So I would like, like, wipe Until it's clean. You cause bleeding and shit bleeding in shit and shit. Uh, and have I told the story we had to go to the doctor? Doesn't sound familiar. I think you might have but continue. Well, long story short. I went to the doctor's office, and then this guy said, Ah, pull your pants. Needs to Don't Don't be nervous. I see this. I see little boys do this a lot or something like that, like Oh, God, you don't. So, the night and then yeah, and then I got on the table and they had your Gus. You're the doctor. And then he he stuck a rod, a flaming hot rod in my ass. And then he seared it shut and smell like bacon. in the room. Bacon. Did you go eat afterwards? No, I lost my appetite. Do you still eat bacon his day and are reminded of your own asshole? But not any longer. Okay? I can just picture like a little tiny fisherman when you say, you know, Fisher, that's all I can see is like, Yeah, that's when you get way Got a fish this big hope come out now, Mrs feels So, um did you go away for It's in the process. So I looked it up and it's just like, Oh, these could like if you take care of it in certain way, you know, like, take a lot of baths, use this cream, all this stuff it should go away, like 7 to 10 days at least. Like it usually will take a couple of weeks to go away, but it's slowly going away, but it's still like the most inconvenient, uncomfortable thing in the fucking world. You have a lot to look forward to because, you know, at some point when you're younger, you like, constrain and doing. But then when you're older, that shit just happens to you on some random Thursday. Oh, yeah? Well, I also heard that once you get a hemorrhoid, you're more prone to get hemorrhoids in the future, which is great. So once you pop, you can't stop kids. Yeah, just people eat a lot of fiber in your diet. I would recommend drink a lot of water that should help you avoid it, cause a lot of people get it when their poop in there straining on the toilet is hemorrhoid awareness week. I didn't know that. It's a good leading W. Yeah, I've got a lot of young members of our audience who might not have ever experienced stuff of work. Take care of your assholes. Kids. Don't be mean. You don't because I've had it twice and both times were playing video games. You asshole like e. I would sit on the floor. I like, oh, years is playing, but against working out Nerd Anonymous get ah, you're you're playing Rainbow six the first time I ever had ah, hemorrhage After playing the original report, you like on a concrete floor, somebody sitting on the concrete and I didn't have a computer desk, so my computer is on the floor and I would play there. That's, um Yeah, because your ass is like, stretched out, I guess. And, like, not on a comfortable service. I don't know why that of all the podcast stories that have ever been told, that one sticks out the most vividly to me. Ah, but story sticks out to you. Really Strangely, no, I think it's because it's the elements of Oh, I like Rainbow Six and guesses. But hold just with And I like Gus is butthole. Yeah, all the elements of the second game was shadow run. I think it was dragging fall. Remember which one it was. The 2nd 1 was a different, different guy who is also like 10 years later, maybe longer. So 16 years later games on this concrete floor. Different, different place, though I still have a concrete floor. This upset receive podcast brought you by door dash. After a long day of work or studying, you can treat yourself to the meal you deserve on demand from your favorite restaurant. Restaurants come to you with door dash. Your dash connects you to all your favorite restaurants in your city. Order is easy. Just use the door dash app can choose what you want to eat and your dasher will bring it right to you. There are over 310,000 amazing restaurants to choose from. Doordash connects you with door to door delivery and over 3300 cities and all 50 states across United States and Canada. I'd love to try to replace every time I order so money for a place to order from It doesn't matter where I'm at. What's one dish from your favorite restaurant? You can ever be created home. What if someone brought it right to your door? You can order from your local go twos or truth of your favorite chains like Chipotle Wendy's Chick fil A Cheesecake Factory. Right now, our listeners could get $5 off their first order of $15 or more. When you download the door dash up, enter promo code Rooster. That's $5 off your first order when you down with the door dash up from the APP store and enter promo code Rooster for shooting is the promo code Rooster for $5 off your first order from Gord Ash. Thank you. Your dash For sponsoring this episode of the receive podcast, I read the most terrifying headline this morning. You sent that to me stuff. That sounds like if there was a website that generated fake headlines to scare you, this would be one that it would come up with. Trapped in a haunted house with 600 teenagers, all making us one million cannibal ants trapped in Soviet nuclear weapons bunker have escaped. How did they know it was a 1,000,000? Exactly. Practice estimating two. What are accounted? The cannibal ants, I think what I think they're Apparently there was this colony of ants that there was. They were in this nuclear weapons bunker. There was no way for them to get out. So they build the bunker around the ants, They contain them. Uh, there was no food sources in there, so they resorted to eating each other, and they it's got out. They So then some polish researchers found them, and we're studying them and then built him an escape so they could get out. Why did they do that? Poland, because they wanted to see if I think the government will do is they wanted to see if the acts would stay there if they wanted. If they had the choice or if they would leave. And of course I fucking left. Yeah, with our problem. No, they're the ants problem. All the other hands go another. Another hardened. It's like the most vicious ants survived. Do you think they're gonna go eat other ants? Unsuspecting ants that aren't used to that life? I'm going to take over the rest of the world. I'm gonna move. You gonna find a chapel and be like Matt's. Better start eating birds doing start eating cats and humans. Yeah. I'm gonna work their way up to humans. They start eating dinosaurs were fucked. Do we? You were talking about it today, too. Was that the Ah, physics? Um, I don't know what they call it. Like the pit of hell like that. Oh, yeah. Just like an underground fire. That's just never ending. Yeah, it's in. Ah, Siberia. Or it's like someone in rough, right? Like Eastern European. Yeah, it's just a fire. That's how long has been going for years. Like years. It was just an underground fire. I think it might have been in a coal mine or something like that. Gas creator. Oh, so I was gonna ask what's feeding it, but it's a gas crater. I seem It's just I don't understand guys like, don't they? It's just gas that's on fire. They can't get down there. And what if it's underground? Doesn't that snuff out the oxygen? You know, I think there's still so like a fissure. Mmm. I think I guess the crater happened in the sixties. And then, like the gases in the area, we're sending fire, sometimes eighties. They don't know when you think that someone would write that down. We lit the crater on fire. June 4th 1985 Spice Massell Just smoking a cigarette. Do they have, like, turkeys in Turkmenistan? If shops and stuff for, like, capitalizing it on it, on it on anyway. Barbossa. Gas Crater. Um, T shirts. I mean, this is thistles. The content. I'm hotter than a never ending fire. You know what? All right. What do you say? That the Turkmen government hopes the Creator will become a popular tourist attraction. That's what I'm talking about. I think they want seven. Wondering is they send somebody over there. Turkmenistan hopes door to hell will boost tourism. You and Chris to go over there do podcasts. Everyday life from Darnell Tournament Minister. Stan, I got a text really clean. No, thank you. I never met the man. Uh, got a good text from one of our makeup artist. She's gonna shoot elsewhere, and she texted and said that Ah, someone brought up podcast from hell to her. And she's like, I know this guy's like someone who doesn't know Rooster Teeth s someone out of our What is that, like a p a or the director? There's an actor, so yeah, even lower on the scum of the earth. That's good feeling that that's also the fact that it's going beyond, um, the Richard T. The audience is pretty cool. Yeah, we have that. Like, that's not use crack. It's only 20 on iTunes comedy the other day. Did you know that I thought I was 30 something, but fuck yeah, I just upgraded. You cracked the top 19. We did it. Do you have a favorite episode so far? Ah, time this podcast comes out, I think there will be five out. So I thought that the one with Jeremy was awesome. Ah, gug. Yeah, And then the fucking gamble One killed honestly, Like Kim boo, They're all really strong in their own unique ways. Yeah, but we did one with Jeff that I'm really looking forward to. Um, yeah, they're all just good. I I'm super pumped, too, because we have, like, an idea for, like, we had submerged stuff. It lined up, but we're trying to incorporate it into the world of the show. Um, I think I told you about. Yeah. I'm really excited for that stuff till start happening. Yeah, it's weird. It's like, it's like writing a story, but it's all really fluid. And you can kind of just, like, work your way around it. And, uh, yeah, that's been a good time. I've been joined working on it. That's a very like binge A ble episodes, which is nice. Yeah, cute little 25 3 minutes. Yeah. Get a lot of people saying like I was washing the dishes and listening up suit. Yeah, it's like a car ride. Yeah, Eric, you whispering something, you twist them some shit in there. No, I'm typing. Trying to get other messages done because I have work to do here. You okay? This is work. We'll talk. We're promoting the show that you work on. Eric What do you say about that? Which one is your favorite one saying on last explode. Guess that Gus needs to watch Gambo the game of episode since he loves him so much chance we just We just taped to that one blessed night we're filming the specter that day was it? This is the best I'm like. What do I have to talk about? What has not happened to me since yesterday? I got home, ate dinner and went to bed. It was fascinating. Awesome So much. I actually it's funny. I got home and I did in another podcast. Oh, my God. What? I was going. I was a guest. Yeah, I I skyped in for another podcast called Is this adult ing? It's like a mental health comedy podcast. Um, and like it was already guilty. I did not wear my adult ing hat. I wore no hat because I was home and I want to be comfortable. But it was fun going from this podcast to another podcast. Then come in this morning and do another one cast. Their podcast called Is this adultery? Where you just explain what you're doing and be like, hey, is this adultery. Let's give it a shot. Go for it. I can't. I just had a baby and everything. Things were going just fine. I guessed it on a podcast a couple of weeks ago. Ah, Rick and Morty Podcast Oh called Pickle Me. This That's genius. What is? What was the way we talked? Every episode deals with a different Rick and Morty episode, and I was on the one for the Reclaim this mix up, which made me. I was actually really nervous before I did that podcast. I was like, I don't want to get this wrong, because that's a very big episode. In, Like, Rick and Morty, Lorelai kind of opens up Ah, lot of possibilities. So I went back and watched a whole bunch of episodes. I had notes that I had taken. I was like, I'm gonna be prepared so I don't get on this podcast and just sound like a fucking idiot who's, Ah, who's winning it like I do here every week. I had pages of notes that I was like, I had to memorize a bunch of stuff just cause I wanted to like, not going for it. And you're right I wanted to be ableto talk intelligently about the topic about fucking about aboutthe at the end of the day, we're talking about a car when I see the people who listen to it are very avid fans of the show. Like they're gonna be ableto see right through you. It's also I am part of that fan base. That is a very toxic fan base of time. What isn't these days? That's right. There was something I think about World of Warcraft that happened recently where, like something came out about a storyline for a certain character or something. And the reaction of the fan base was just like what? Fucking miserable? Blizzard has a lot of shit they're dealing with. You know, they dio What are you talking about like that? Is this like we talked about the Hong Kong thing? The way you smile? Does that sound like the victim? No, no, no. They have a lot of shit going on. I have to buy their own their own, causing their own imagination. Think it was World of Warcraft. It could have been a different game or I p, but it was something about like they revealed a character or a storyline for a certain character that they had talked about before. And people weren't happy with what that was, Um, and just people just fucking exploded. And it was like, If you're like, I think it was last year, Bliss Condi announced, like a Diablo mobile game, which everyone fucking hated you. They're dealing with the fallout of banning that hard stone player for speaking out about Hong Kong's fight for that's democracy, that that is, shooting themselves in the fucking foot and then not apologizing for it. Well, I guess they said they handled it when they said they handled it. That could have handled it better. But then they didn't apologize. Her cancel? The guy's banned from playing the game. Yeah, Yeah, it was used. A lot of things were like they released an apology video of sorts without apologizing. And fortunately, a lot of people were like, I'm gonna call you out on that bullshit. You know which accountability it's important had sex and I loved Lister games, but, uh, I've been doing some bad things lately. Yeah, Yeah, this was something separate that I can't I'm sorry. I can't remember it. I'm sure people love the story. Um, change of subject. All I can think about is blizzards from Dairy Queen. So I don't game much. So touched Heaven is our queen. When I'm on the road, they end up with all sorts of shit in there. Gus, you care what a finger. But her feet are whatever he bought things that are, like, antiquated. You think you know someone? Come on, bring out their shitty candy choices. You don't like figures? Garbage. Butterfingers is bad. Is Milky Way? Oh, no. It's good in a blizzard. And the best thing is when it's 100 degrees in order one in Texas and they, like, do the dumb thing was like, Here's your blizzard, sir. Ah, I'm like, no fucking need to do that. Why do they do that? Just to put it in your face that it's frozen. We have frozen machinery in here. Have they makes things frozen? They fucked that up, right? They fucked that up Once the town I grew up in, they've never fucking would always look up. It would always fall. That's impossible. Really? Is. He's got a ship is you think they just need to like pack it in a little better now. Nice folks at home. Dairy Queen. I dare you to prove that's what I like about one time. Well, they whenever they hand you their thing, they do this thing where they slept upside down. Then they flip it back and then give you a bit about the Austin area dairy queens on this podcast. Yet I haven't been against us. It's the one off Riverside That's the only one. Who the fuck you talking about? Do the one walking distance from here. There is quick Oh, get blisters after this, or the kind of craving one right now what they called very queen. It's because it's a cross in the cemetery, the fucking dairy queens in Austin. They're all I think. Most of them are owned by some family, and now they're putting the family name in front of Dairy Queen. I don't feel it seems like the drive you bonkers. This is Mayfield, Dairy Queen. Really? Yeah. I mean, it's not like Mr Mayfield or whatever. He's holding a cone and there's no pictures of him. Like I don't give a fuck about Mayfield. Listen, maybe I don't care. I'm there for Dairy Queen Robert Mayfield or whoever the fuck he is, it doesn't matter, like don't brand it as something else. Something that it's not. It's a fucking dairy queen. You can imagine going to like this. The Robert Jones McDonald's What you're going to fucking McDonald's and get fucking owns it, Uncle Men's Dunkindonuts. That's good, though. Arthur Mayfield actually jumped on a grenade and stayed hundreds of people's lives. But that's you know what? Hey, look, they even have their own website. No. Yeah, the Mayfield's Mayfield Dairy Queen Dairy Queens. A character and watchman right thing. Dairy Queens of Austin. Round Rock, Georgetown. Lockhart Enemy is lactose intolerance. Um, there's no bliss. Is our black dust free right? Because there's no there's no actual That's it. Soft, sir. What's all powder and ice yourself? It was soft serve. It's not like there's no actual Daria Can't be right. What? I'm looking this blizzard. I'm looking, but I brought up blizzards. This is, like twice is, uh Why so we're really is the other blizzard conversation. It actually is. Thank you. You're welcome. I'm glad someone else on the show appreciate I gotta go dancing. Butterfingers, they are shit. Uh whoa. I like Reese's peanut butter cups. Fine. All right. You like Reese? Is there also? Yeah, but yeah, there's something about like you by butterfingers, not peanut butter. Well, I know it, but it's got it. Has a peanut butter. Tastes like it's like cardboard texture. You're like it's like peanut butter that was left out on Seaman's Butterfinger. If you're out there, send me a Butterfinger. I'm the only one wrapping you up here. Say, Hey, I like it. Sammy A hashtag butterfingers uh, Snickers is okay. Our Internet's garbage. I can't look anything that looks containing loads around here. It's on the field. Soft serve contains the expected dairy and sweeteners like milk, non fat, milk, sugar, corn syrup and way. But there's no way that's not dairy Queen E, I just said, is soft serve Dairy Queen loser. Dairy Queen. Soft serve does fit into FDA is reduced fat category, and it shake mix would count is low fat, the company explains. But the company has never market that way. That says nothing about dairy Fuck. You were all about ice cream. The Dairy queen wouldn't have it any other way. Jerry doesn't just trying to get to you. Tonto Headline that says Dairy Queen Soft serve Ice cream isn't technically ice cream. Oh, you know those? Ah, it's not clinic bars. It's like ice cream sandwiches, apparently, like don't melt. There's like there's there's there's an ice cream that if you just left it out, it's like briars or something. Well, Briers doesn't say ice cream. All right. Says like frozen dessert on the box. Sketchy? Yeah, there's, like, some shit. Uh, on a We were talking about the rascal things. She was moaning. Put all the prosthetics. She knows all this stuff about, like prosthetics and effects, makeup and shit. There's, like this gelatin stuff that, like Bernie and I had to put on their bodies when we're doing a $1,000,000. But episode where we came out of the womb, it's supposed to replicate like placenta and shit. That I found out is this is awful. Tasting shit is what is the makes? The bulk of ah Windies Frosty is like this, like thickening stuff. Placenta, placenta. It's young. It's not bad actor. I believe it's pronounced click. And we didn't do Sorry. Just kidding Anyways Yeah, what feet? Because it's probably faking Gross. Don't tell you that I'm on the seafood diet. You wanna bring it to me When I see food? I eat way we need Ah, rim shot b e i e. I had a good one today Triple A We're talking about somebody and was like, Oh, yeah, he's cool. He's a fun guy And I was like mushrooms. Funny guy. Quiet. No appropriate response. So Todd and I were talking a couple of weeks ago. Bangu brother, you brought it up that we've known each other for years. Like we met years ago. That's true. And didn't feel like we met, like, seven years ago. Yeah, that's true. Like November 20 Video with Chris Hardwick All start Bowling Challenge in 2012. You'll and I didn't know that. Now we have Here is a photo prominently featured in the left side. There's pretty one. I remember that episode You were there. I made the video. The best video could be No, I was there. It was me and Freddie Long and my former comedy partner and Chris against Joel, Gus, Bernie and Gavin Gavin straight. I like burning plate. Actually, it was you and Gavin Yeah, well, the funny thing is, I had no recollection that I had ever met Joel on my first, like, long term exposure to working here was on Joel Show a few years ago that, you know, I think we did for Verizon. And I had no idea that I had met him before dawn. A video with him, I forgot until you brought it up. Oh, yeah, you were there because people always like, Why is that guy here make it go away in the comments? Not really, but like sometimes everybody be like, Who's that? No guy and I've been, like, Cut. Been around here for, like, seven fucking years. You're also like Internet like, you know, not all the key of Austin. That's like That's some of the earliest YouTube videos I used to watch. If you like ballet, you, Dolly and I still get served up pitbull commercials. I don't know if that's just targeted right to me, but it's always like give boost Mobile dollar, dollar $99 dollar, dollar, dollar represent boost Mobile boost Mobile Theater director For the last time I saw you, I saw there's a There's a billboard in Austin he was doing him in some other motivational speaker. We're doing a tour. They're like selling, right? Yeah. It was like a weird pairing. It was like, Who's the guy with the big teeth in the veneers? The last thing I saw people was there is a tic tac that I saw where it must have been 2025 girls on Halloween all dressed up his pitbull with bold caps, ball caps and, like the fucking like, button up shirts and sunglasses They're going. I don't know if we could find it, I might try to find it, but it was really funny. Booth says Allah and joins forces with global superstar Pitbull. Now that's the perfect combination of joining forces. Boost Mobile is the telephone A. You pay a dollar and they get you some telephone service. Dolly, What is he saying? Look, go get it. Go for it. Kind of is. That doll is like give it like apply it. But it means, like do it. Api Cassie. Okay. Oh, so Spanish. Yes, it's Spanish. Blaine, look, this is this is the same one of the podcast. Like to call Blaine, learn Spanish. Let's make a spin off show about it. We'll have, Ah, seven minutes. Got its own unique graphics package. Uh, that's funny. I wonder if people don't realize that it's Spanish if you don't. I guess I never considered that people wouldn't know that. He's actually just say he's actually is saying something. Like, he's saying a word with a pretty identifiable Spanish accent. Just like a pit bull. Third areas, like a little John thing. Oh, you just a catchphrase. Yeah, but Littlejohn says What? Right. And you know the word. Would you like, 0 100 times? You heard it. And you're like, I just can't quite make that out. What English word is that, Dale? No, I don't know what it means, but losses catchphrases, black brother. That's like that's like Hogan, right? Oh, yeah. Much memory, savage dialogue. You sound like you're clean. Yeah, 10 years ago. Now, unfortunately, I can't fucking find this. There's just too many actual videos of pit bulls. What were you looking up? I thought you're still looking at the Dairy Queen. You know, I was still like I was looking up the, uh oh, the chick that got all the girls dresses, pit bull my Internet doesn't work, so I could look up anything for shit. I had to take myself off. WiFi gusty. Sent around a story that was like, I don't know if you want to talk about it, but I'm like, I can't think of anything else. Now, After we got covered, the blizzard conversation, the prisoners who made a computer I love that and hit it from everybody in a prison. How? I guess they weren't in, like, the recycling center in the prison. And like, over time, they would find spare parts that would work and then smuggle him out of there and then in secret, built their own computer and hit it in the server room of the prison, like off in the ceiling above the cabling Get Internet. Oh, yeah, they were like they were committing more crimes using tech computer. What did they do it like to be, like credit card theft and like buying and selling personal information on the dark web. Oh, my God. Wow. I read the headline to that article was like, Oh, that's cool. Maybe probably just using, like, Hotmail and stuff to email, like family, Whatever. Yeah, and they're doing crime in there with it. And some people never learn criminal man. You can trust them. Who can you trust me once? Shame on me, fool. Meet Wait. But they have toward at a tor browser, he wouldn't shame on accessing like dark web stuff like that. Sounds like something you would almost be like in a mission. Impossible movie, right? Like, even hunts in prison. You know, recycling. He builds a computer and use it to contact the I am forced to build a computer and played the Sims for on a nine stop at which he tormented and Loddo. Okay, he made them. Woo hoo! Are you allowed to admit whether or not you've been on the dark Web? Have either busybody, but on the dark Web. Don't think there's a law against going on light mode. E I don't know the rules of the dark bit on the dark Web. What do you think the dark Web is? Why do you think that would be illegal? What does it mean? You, uh I'm just I'm just generally curious. Like what do you think? Like something you would have to be an absolute d'oh. It's cool. I'll be the butt of the joke. I don't know. I just please, I'm curious. First, liketo learn things and I want to learn what blames thinking. He's just wants me look like a dickhead. Yeah, probably. Okay, you gotta Yes. And I mean, he's setting you up like the audience is dying. For this information, I can tell if I had to take guests. It's like websites and things that wouldn't be accessible through, like public means. Like you would have to kill your boss dot org's, I don't know. There's like a back route into it. If, like the Internet was was Main Street, this would be like an alleyway that you'd have to go through like a secret corridor to get into your clothes. I think of I know it's not, but I think of four Chan is like semi dark Web, just a Grey Web just because it's like a lot of stuff that there's a lot of people there who probably frequent the dark Web. Yes, I think that's like the connecting tissue like dark Web adjacent. Yeah, second, people peek out of the dark Web to the regular Internet. Get to fort if you have any leads wholesome corners on the dark Web. Yeah, neil pets dot com Don't tell anyone about Like, there's bad shit on the regular Internet. Is there like it's like, I think if you're going to get videos on the dark Web, if you're going to the trouble of hiding it like it's probably something illegal, you can't tell me that there's no cat videos on the dark Web. That's impossible Way. Look it up, Find out. I mean, I get the regular way. Webb, we're gonna open my tour browser, and I'm sure there are cat videos on the dark Web. Probably videos of cats dying getting killed. God, it's like I think you could probably buy a dead cat on the dark Web. So illegal pornography of various sorts purchasing a little thing like either like corpses or body parts or other weapons. Okay, a credit card. And then it's like what? What else? No human trafficking, killing people sold that shit killing people. One of its bad cats Video like this is a killing like that cat that got on the field during Monday Night football. You know, that cat was on the dark web. That's a bad thing. The trailer. Four cats. The movie was on the dark web before it got unleashed into the world because I thought it was bad, but I want to find out. But my fucking regular Web doesn't work. I don't have any webs here. Space of entrapment. Check out the dark web. Got a dollar 99 to access, but dark Web boost Mobile with tour comes doing this shit where it goes in the night mode. When I'm looking at it and it looks doesn't that I'm looking up watchman. But it looks like your iPhone Yeah. Doesn't look like the incognito. Yeah, every time I pull up, I only used for poor right. I have a small heart. Attack is a maiko, but porn's up. Why do use? Crewman said It's a fart on your on your phone. I mean it. But it'll do the same thing on Safar. Dark Motive will look like incognito mode. Yeah, but he said chrome. So now I'm curious to use chrome on your phone, right? Because Christ, like crap, I prefer it. Dark Web. I don't like safari. Maybe neither Firefox on your phone. Why not? I use Internet Explorer. Firefox's Ah, good as some good protections. I even talked to the tech guy here, and he said that Oh, the nameless tech guy. His name's Ben Bryant. You can e mail him directly thin, brian dot Tore Ask him. What is the Roy browser is? He said I was always happy to share because John Rising was making fun of me. Was like whose phone it was on the spot. It was just left out. He was like, whose phone is on fire? Fox. So you're not doing a bit? You really Do you know your phone? Yeah. I have real things to say, Guys. One of them is Firefox. Boost the ultimate combination. Get it for dollar 99. I cognito assault because I've known Todd. I feel like I could only trust, like, 15% of what you said. I do a lot of straight face lying, joking around, and that's not good at a workplace. No, especially not in our new positions. Now it's good here. Yeah, you are officially saying my job on this podcast. Ken, you're not Is this sensor? Is this for the dark web of the regular way? Bree, I'm the manager of the arty comedy group. Yeah, and so he does a lot of straight face lying to our faces all the time. I'm blames Manager. So that's why you know about kill your boss dot org's? Yeah, e would go there, fire him. I hate having a manager. I hate it. I hate you know, I'm not say the rest of that. I know I spent a lot of fun, though. It's a lot of there's a lot of creative people over there. It's just a lot going on making video. Yeah, it's simply been, Ah, an interesting journey. I think like where we're going right now is a real cool direction, making a lot of stuff we're really excited about and proud of. We're gonna keep doing that dolly way. You need to do a dark web show. I think so, too. Now, do they have, like, a like a Netflix on dark web? Yeah. Looks enough like snuff flee. Aw, that's unfortunate. What would faces of death? Dark Web edition. I'm gonna get why people wouldn't watch that shit. It's upsetting. We, um Todd and I share an office over there in the other building the office and, uh we have, I think, the most boring adult conversations all the time. You and Todd, right? We d'oh like what gives? Gives just taste. We talk about refinancing with the most recent federal interest rate cut. What's your break? Even point if you decide to refinance your home. But it gets interesting when you get old. Somehow you could just double down on these long, boring conversation. Its current interest rate. How much equity do you have? Let's listen. Let's amad eyes this. I must figure it out. Oh, after four years, you would start to see return on your investment. In that let's stop would be like This is so mind numbingly boring. Like you guys look at each other and giggle. It's It's a really waste of time, but it's boring shit. So it doesn't feel like waste of time. Now if you can find somebody that you just click on a topic with, it's the fucking bed like blizzards. Not like Star Wars, you know, refinancing loans. I really want a blizzard. I know Barbara Bush is after this. I'm gonna leave now to get a blizzard. We still got a few more minutes time on the thing where hours left getting blisters when we broadcast. Could that happen? Can you order them like food from a food delivery service share down at Mayfield's? Jake got our new app. Mayfield's real dot yum, uh Mayfield and Boost Mobile, Bringing You the Dairy Queen of a Century Sanctuary. Jealousy that Facebook changes seem Facebook, just Facebook, all capitals, royal Capitals. And they change the logo to, like just a different font on, like a little more spaced out going with the Facebook Good stroll back, if that's what it was. And then the other guy said, Drop the gun, Fuck, I'm like You walked right into it. The state based joke. It wasn't apparent. It was a joke, and it wasn't funny. So that's my fault. Does. That's what he does, right? Your daughter is gonna be so confused. Should be like, Well, she's already confused. Todd's daughter has the same leg. Unfortunately, yes, these guys, she's got the rock thing when I'm like that, Like a Rod that that's that's what she has. Like the furrowed brow. He also thinks I'm Elmo, which is a pretty dope thing. Is that cause you go? I got Hamel. Love Mr Newdow. You guys don't know Mr. Noodle. Mr Noodle is like Elmo's fucking rowdy neighbor. He's like the Cramer of the Elmo World is your cannon Sesame Street character? Ah, Mr Noodle Bones. Sesame Street. Did you just use the word poems? Like he w and everybody? All right. I wasn't really using it. Todd hasn't been on the internet since 2007 Mr Noodles. A live action person. Yeah, Mr Noodle rules Boom. Headshot. He does all this. He's like this. Some really kind of famous physical actor, clown person. I don't know what his name is, but he lives in a little room. And Mr Newman, almost always like Mr Newdow shows how to do a beer pong Erwin that looked at. Yes, I blocked it out of my memory. Original guy playing died. Who has Michael Jeter? He died. Sorry. Person piece. Mr. Newdow was the new Mr. You'll get up off the floor. What are you doing, Mr. Niu? Don't be a wet noodle anyway. He that was Fuck. I didn't know he died. Jesus made fun of him and shit. I love you, Mr Noodle, though insensitive. The original Mr Newell die Mr noodle to Mr Tootle worked. There's a lot of Sesame Street going on A lot of Elmo. No, my daughter's three years, three months old, three years, three months old. Did HBO. They have them now, right? Yeah. It's kind of fucked up with a public access before public television or pulling broadcasting. Yeah, but they're brought. They were brought to you by the letter H. Hey. Well, there was corporate sponsorships, Right? Right. Okay, in the number eight e. But I think, Yeah, I think they're exclusive. Honest Rio for I don't know how long. Six months, a year, something. And then they go free, I think. I don't know. I don't watch Sesame Street. OK, that would be the altruistic thing to d'oh. It's still it's still a fucking business. Yeah. Yeah, that's true, man. That's that's been the hardest part about all this is just like seeing the difference between, you know, wanting to serve the community and then also understanding the business side of things. It's like knowing that you can't just do shit for free. There's a element to it. Nothing about like Sesame Street. Like that example. Like they're still actors. They're still accrue to still people work, you know, t put that on. Yeah, it would be nice if Yeah, they would do it free, but still a fucking job. It's still, I'm sure they're long days working. Hopefully, they have insurance, right? I mean, there's a lot of stuff. There's a lot of, ah, money that goes into making that sponsor damn point. Ever this podcast brought to you by someone sponsors and people who support it like the first members. Viewers like you. You got a question for you guys. Uh, actually, for everybody here I had ah, weird social situation and I didn't know how to handle it. I'll tell you how I handled it, but I want to present the question first. If someone asked you to parallel park their car for them a total stranger, would you do it like like what scenario? I'm walking down the street. You're walking your dog, Uh, and then you see ah, lady. And it's like probably like 10 p.m. 11 p. M. You see lady struggling to park her car. Ah, and then she gets out. She says, Excuse me. Do you mind parking my car for me? What do you. D'oh! I would do it. I guess I would. Yeah, I got a car. It was like a sedan. No, thanks. I would do it. I would do it if it was another woman. Okay. And that's only because me getting into a strange man's car, uh, my feet. I mean, it also depends like are you going to stay over there while I do it? Are you getting in the car with me? I guess if I'm in that I don't know. I think I would do it, especially if it's daytime. I would do it on Lee, because I'd like parallel parking and Okay, I also you're right, though. That could be like, I think women do need to think about that first. And like, what? Is there some dude in the back seat? And they're gonna You know, I don't even consider that. What did you do? Blame I parked it for, but I was really sketched out because I was, like, swindled your dog. No, I I chained Dutch up on a park bench that was nearby and knew he was okay. Like I watched you. And he's been getting better about separation. What? I was sketched out about is like, What webcam does she have in her car? Or a dent that she hasn't a car that she's gonna blame on me? Like what? In exchange of information or data? Is she going to get from this transaction that I will then get pinned for murder or something? And I was thinking about this all while I'm like parking your car parked it perfectly, perfectly fine about it, and everything was fine. And I walked away like this was like a residential street like New York where you live, you're walking your dog right, right by my apartment was like, OK, usually tell, but there's a little bit of a weird vibe when somebody's doing something weird, but also if you came by and she's already trying to park, and it clearly is like a parallel parking spot, and she's struggling like they will have to be a lot of things that lined up for someone to construct this elaborate plan. Do you like true attack or or get someone involved in something you never know right? Like you? Never. There's always if people, if you look in a scam, you're thinking, try to rob me. They've already thought this situation through and you're entering it blind, like I know someone who was walking in the neighborhood here in Austin and, ah, here's a guy He was walking down the street and this car pulled up by him and the car would roll down the window. They're like, Sorry, we're lost. We're from Houston. We're trying to get to the nearest Wal Mart. Can you tell us where Wal Mart ISS? And he's like, Oh, yeah, you just go back down that way. Take mo pack and turn on whatever. There's Walmart. They're like, Oh, thanks. Ah, here. We want to give you something for being so nice. You're going to give you this necklace and he's like what? And so they reach out from the car window and put a necklace on him like it looks really good on you. Just keep it and then they drive off. He's like What the fuck just happened on back After they drove off, he realized they took his necklace that he was wearing. He's wearing a gold necklace, and when they put the other fake went on, they took his off at the wrist and just drove, right? You wouldn't know, Like you're so confused about what the fuck's happening. But for them, it's like it's just a real quick thing. They know what they're gonna do. They're gonna go in, They're gonna do it. They're gone. It's an exchange of like that, like touching and stuff that I just opt out of me. No, no, thanks, Yeah, I will say, like you should always live your life as a friend of mine. Put it in the yellow, where you're not necessarily afraid. Just do anything constantly, like paranoid about what could happen or kneeling that. But just be cautious and smart about your surroundings and like things going on. So it's like you're always living in caution, but not in fear. It's like the department Homeland Security meter. It's always in yellow, elicits the red yellow It's evergreen. They got to get rid of that. I feel like used to always see that, and now it's like going I thought that was like thing from W's administration wasn't there, is that the terror alert very had antlers and oh, that's yeah, I think there's like, weird colors of like like beige. It was like all of like yes, of similar shades were only in fuchsia. Don't get upset. They replaced it in October of 2011. I tell you more if your energy is loaded, that's That's why we're getting in the dark Web with that scheme, though, Gus, there's this. Got to be a lot of pre pro driving around looking for somebody who has a valuable necklace, right? Well, I feel like they could probably choose based on the jewelry that you have on. Like it. They like it. Let me give you this bracelet and then they still watching what they steal a necklace? Are they like shit? This was not that valuable. We need to do it again to another person. It's like the entire neighborhood just switches, necklaces. Maybe our fear, like whatever. Like shitty one. They put on us like a dollar or something, like they have a little tiny investment, like a tiny bit of skin in the game, but I'm sure they're like they're guaranteed to make their money back. That just doesn't seem like a great scam to me, but I guess it's still like probably enough Someone fucking did it. Have you ever had the white of an o scare you about all the big one was that there were they, like, you get hit. I never don't color of it. They're like they just call it the white Vans. Games like somebody in a van will pull up to, like somewhere. Like maybe you're, like, at an A t m or somewhere that you kind of like People are kind of out of their cars and stuff. Yo, yo, man, uh, sorry to bug you. Uh, I just had this delivery for this of this super great home speaker system to Ah, so so And it just kind of like they weren't there. And so you want to buy it for a couple 100 bucks or something? So they just sell you this real shitty thing that they've kind of got? It's worked out better than that. They don't just say what I said. Yeah, that wouldn't be very compelling, but sign. But it happened to me once. I was at an A T M down off a riverside, and they had just built one of those theaters down South Korea. Which one? Like the Cinemark or something, And the guy pulled up in the white van. He's like, Hey, you know, same thing you said way justice all the speakers in the new theater down South. But they ordered too many and they told us that, you know, we could keep the speakers, but he's like, I don't have any use for the speakers like you want to buy it for 600 bucks. I was like, No, I don't have any money when it's working at the call center like not having anyone worth lying And he's like, What? You're at the time you just pulled him out right now? No, I don't have $600 but laughter like drove off. I got suckered by that one time, but I negotiated the guys down to, like, a couple 100 bucks and turned out being like it was good enough to be a couple 100 bucks of something like that. Wasn't actually that bad of a scam. They really have. You bought it? Yeah, but I'm, like, really cheap, especially back then. I don't have a penny was doing stand up for living stuff and I was living in l. A. And I basically was like, Ah, 600. I don't know, dude, I could do four bucks. They come down a little bit. We might have landed on 1 20 or something. 1 20 I was like a receiver and speakers Way y zero. That's 600. They're stolen right now. It's just like a shitty speaker system or something. Typically, I would I have seen people were, like, Try to sell stuff that they stole. Well, normally, when I saw it, when it first came out, it was like stuff still in a box. Yeah, maybe they did steal from, like, a warehouse or something, But it wasn't like it was just the least. It's always some shitty brand that you don't know about. You need. You need a little movie like the live action on the 1st 1 There's a scene I fucking love it where there's like a guy all in one take Dude pulls up with his delivery truck, opens up the back, just filled with boxes. He grabs one box, walks off, and then when he comes back, the foot clan is still in. Everything in the truck is empty. Such a good shot. Yeah, I imagine that they got stickers that the foot clan just went in and took it from him. But they sold it to that guy and that guy sold it to you. And then he got a gold chain around his necklace. Oh, Rose full circle. And I know that he had, ah, anal hemorrhoid bud thing Anal, But and yet to look it up on the dark Web to find out what it was. You see, we just wrapped up everything that happened. This podcast, except for boost Mobile. Check it out, darling. 99. I keep under promising underpricing, Eric. I mean, that sounds like a blizzard. Price was always love watching people's faces when they go into a certain character or voice. You do this thing when your head tilts back a little bit because people always has a double chin. You never think about into here, do you? See, like I want to see what your face does when you do. Nerf Uh oh, God. Having dinner fins along it, he's got He's got kind of a list, but he talks like this. It's Yeah, I gotta talk it instead of my mouth. It's not Yeah, it's not a comfortable position. What's your what's your nearest less. Sounds like this. You got a job at your jaw? Yeah. I like leave my mouth. Yeah, because you talk like this. And she's always kind of like Flory a little bit because she has a retainer, but not racist. A gamble. Lucy Gimbel under but again, I do a lot of different characters. Gamble doesn't actually have a voice. Campbell is just gamble. And, uh, Kimble was the ultimate being. And nobody could possibly sound like gamble, no matter how hard they try. Apparently, at least has a character very similar again. Both sounds. A lot of people made that comparison. Gus. Quick, Simmons. That's an excellent idea. Wow. Get a master. A master? That's a 17 years of training. Wow. I think I did the side of my mouth for Jensen and Rivers. Look, it's like this because it sounds like spending all this time Very dirty inside of her visor. Yeah. Look, Jesus, little windshield wipers on the inside. You know, you've ah, voice. You've always did a show called Ruby. Oh, yeah, it's just me going. Everybody do the fuck out. It's a real chill, characters. I'm a spazz. I need to be a spazz e character, that's what like Voldemort, Because shitty, shitty any character is fun that, you know, like she did. Harry Potter. Shitty Voldemort. Shitty Santa. Like that's always a fun game to play. And I was I do, uh, what do I do? I don't even know. I go like I tried to book off my does Said Dutch speed with my does, but I get pissed off pretty quick. Your eyes also like going to evil. Look, yeah, yeah, I always like I play. I play broke Baltimore that I get to ride uptown. I can't get a blizzard. I can't get nothing. Ah, I I read that. Ah, the scene where he grabs Malfoy and hugs him. He's like any, like, points is one beyond hair fairly. That was like all just find us getting getting you, Jake. You being fucking weird on set that day and was like, Oh, e like the scene where he grabs. He's like, Okay, so I lost my wand. I'm going to need one of yours. And he, like, goes around him is all not my thing. Goal over it. You know, it was like, Oh, yeah, Rose. Just a film on it afterwards. It's like the stuff you got covered with. That's the ingredient in the frosty and the placenta from Wendy's with mental taste like, Oh, it tastes like chicken. The faithless in tow tasted like it was like, kind of like a spice sweetness to it, but, like, not in like a medicine type of Spicer sweetness. What does the minister think about medicine when I think spicy or sweet? Well, okay. So like, imagine, like the grape flavoring for NyQuil or something like that, where they try to make it tasty. But it's still no clue fucking medicine that Yeah, so it's like It's like that sweetness. It's like an artificial sweet. You'll take a lot of medicine. Not really. I barely ever taken. I'm the only thing I do is, uh, do take ever is like Advil. If I have a headache, I do Advil. I d. Oh, yeah. Crew bars have had Bill McRay 18. Yeah, and take hold many vitamins counts. Supplement. Do you guys take iron? They start taking that. You never say anything. Makes you have right iron. It's good if you're iron deficient. Um, your energy might be pretty bad. Pretty low so it's something that they look at. If you feel like you're tired, a lot or something have been iron deficient for 41 years, it's possible it also like I would look at what has iron in it, what kind of food you're eating, because they could be related. But it's like irons, one of those weird things right where if you cook in a cast iron pan like your food, get iron that way like that's something they do in developing countries, right? Like they'll give them cast iron pans that will give them pieces of iron to put like in a pot. Missed you when they're cooking because, like it confuse the iron into interesting into the food. I'm not talking. I'm talking out of my ass. Is that I don't know. I've never heard of that before, Iron Man. I am iron pants, but, uh, also like, don't just start taking I and make sure you actually need it. And also there could be some, like negative side effects would prepared in iron cooking pots as an intervention for reducing iron deficiency anemia in developing countries. Interesting. Check out the big brain on what pick up the big ring. I use cast iron pan because I don't like the the other ship gets off in your food. This stuff I don't use iron, but I don't use nonstick either. I was just like steel. That's in like that's in like 99% of like Americans and probably more countries like urine. Is that stuff? Yeah, that's like not a lot of people also use, like metal spatulas and that nonstick stuff and it just like you're just scream p. You get one of those stair buddies. We'll know better, though, if you're using a plastic, I'd like a plastic pan. Yeah, you're right. A plastic pen would be way worse than what you were saying. Something about the metal in a spatula. Rubbing off. I think the plastic enough plastic spatula, the elastic spatula wouldn't melt. Maybe you're thinking of a silicon specially about. Maybe I don't. I hardly cook it. Don't cook. Klink, I see, is like a meal prep person. Probably because you like a large polling protein, shakes. Completely surprising, has a lot of vegan options. God, I have one of those delicious science does not have an answer for that yet vegan tortillas. Corn was a pleasure. Yeah, it's Mr Time. Your time Blizzard. Um, thanks for watching her body with you guys. Next time, maybe you may feel Dairy Queen. Thanks for your life. I'm gonna put better finger.