#571 - Becca's Great Dreamcast Heist

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Becca Frasier as they discuss Death Stranding, Disney Plus, old video games, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-571

Recorded: 2019-11-19 20:00:00

Runtime: 01:35:14 (5714.93 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Becca Frasier


    "Death stranding"
    "troy baker"
    "star wars jedi fallen order"
    "the mandalorian"
    "personality traits"
    "extra life"
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    "apple tv"
    "disney plus"
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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 571. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com Theo. Everyone working on the receipt podcast this week. Brought to buy me undies. Ring and comb. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Berber. I'm Becca. I'm a little freaked out. They put the teleprompter down on my camera. Oh, that looks weird. I'm not used to seeing that in front of me back. I need two mugs. I'm painfully aware that camera now, because I can see it before. It was just like a screen normally does. Having the monitor showing you not throw you off ever. Because that's what it's really like. That's not really in my line of view. I feel you have to turn like this to see it. Yeah, so I don't get to see the wonder what used to be one over there. It would throw me out. You get rid of it because you were sick of looking at Eric. Got rid of it. He was like a mule. I think it was Eric. Someone got rid of it. They're sick of you looking at me and Gavin have both the chat and our monitor right in front of your camera. There's a little behind the scenes. Look, we call this BTS for rusty part of the inner workings, Petey. But your blade down Stranding? Yeah. Dude, that was weird. They have either of you played any death? Stranding? No, but I've seen a lot of clips from it. Did people keep Austin? Me? If it's good and I have no idea what to say, eyes it good. It's because here's why did. The other day I took a dump, made some grenades from it. It's a delete called number two. Brilliant. Super nice. Then did it pissed and I got the grenade from that number one. I took all my shower war, and that was a grenade as well. Numbers were going on and then, um, I died, threw up a bunch and then I took a box of Come on. I tried to deliver it to a different come. It just said it was sperm. And okay. Wow. As this game is not at all what I eyes a bizarre game. I think I played it for I didn't I don't think I like the 1st 3 or four hours and I was like, I'm going to keep playing like I liked Impressive because I, like Hideo Kojima get it was like, I have faith that this is gonna get better and the game doesn't ever. The game never went to where I expected it to go, but it's gotten to a place I'm okay with. It's like it's very serene. It's a beautiful game, is very calm, is a very great score if you just wanna walk. How did you encounter? Try Baker's character yet? Yes, I hear he's very scary. He's got like a gold skull mask. That's awesome. Yeah, Deacon like Tell Pull around. Yeah, he's a He's a villain, right? I think I relented. I mean the story. He's for traders, the villain, But who knows how it will play out? Noted the village, the village. The real villain in that game is rocky, steep incline. You want to monitor your few health, your shoes get too worn out. You have to change him. Well, I would say that the biggest enemy is the biggest enemy in the game. Is the rain Yes, because it makes you old anything that gets touched by the rain. Ages like time passes very quickly. Time for I think it was Miles. He tweeted out the other day about dust raining. How it's a really cool game mechanic, how you could tell when you're on terrain verses like a constructive like there's a haptic like a crunch to your footstep in the game. It just feels different. Yeah, like when you're running on that versus paper. Oh yeah, it's a lot like gang greedy, overloading your guy with too many boxes to the point where it's like twice as high and then stumbling around. And somehow he most of time doesn't slip over. But sometimes he doesn't mean when you fall. If you do fall, your baby starts crying. You have to pick it up and you start rocking him. Yet you rock the controller to simulate rocking a baby to calm it down. And that's how you do it right on. The baby's crying comes out of the controller. Yeah, so it's just like your lap starts crying. Go shake. Very realistic. It's just so it's like such a meticulous set. All of a sudden it starts crying again. You got to stick it up to your nipple while you're breast milk. You gotta get people to the third party attachment asked me for my birthday when I started the game. Oh, yeah? What was that about? It asked you for your birthday. Is it said that Doom's affect certain astrological signs more strongly? So I'm a Pisces. So I said, I'm affected by Doom's more strongly than thuh other players. Cancer, right? I am, Yeah, both your society. I think it has, like, tons of satisfying moments, but I like it when you get through an area that's hard, it's like it's a relief when you get out there on the other side of the rain and will be teas and stuff. But it's not that I have a really good game like I have that much of an emotional and I guess, toll on you. Yeah, I guess so. Hee mean it comes down to one. Does that defeat the purpose in the end, like if you come out of feeling very empty and exhausted like, why did I want it to version? The first thing that I think about like when I'm frustrated, I think I paid for this like I paid money for this and I'm investing time in this. But that's the thing is I keep, I keep, Stop playing it and I'm usually confused. And then I'll do other stuff and I'll be like, I want to play it again. There's 11 part we have to get from one city to another. But there's like a mountain range in the way, and I couldn't do it. I just couldn't figure out, like how to get through the mountains without dying. So I put the game down. I was so frustrated that, like, several days later, I was like, Okay, I think I could do it. Now I'm gonna try again to be exact same situation. Whatever's been playing the shit out of that new Star Wars game that just came out so good, I'm in touch again. When did you finish Jetstraining? Forget, too, that it's It's fucking beautiful, and the mechanics of it are so interesting. I've just been watching him play it. Also been watching him watch the Mandalore and just so I could see Baby Yoda, that's the only thing I care about. Just I'm not. I'm not a big stars persons. You watch him play games a lot, huh? Yeah, I wouldn't say a lot. It's It's every now and then. Usually we're doing something together. But if there's a game, he wants to play, Um, I'm like, I'm just cold chill in here and watching you play and you pretend like you're streaming no twitch bits that although he does like everyone, that something to himself or like about the game. And I think maybe that's just like years of being and achieve 100 having to fill the void while playing video games. But who knows? I'm entertained by it. It's like watching a movie. Yeah, kind of. So it's also like a way to spend time together without having a like with still giving him time to do that. Compromise. So you're ah, you're digging the man DeLorean, Your baby Yoda. I only watch her for Baby Ohta. I'm like, not paying attention the other time until my eye catches a glimpse of something green and adorable on screen. And then I start watching, but brother likes it. It's not Yoda there, right? It's not. You're not gonna be like the baby who's the same species is Theo? Don't think they ever said What species? Yoda. What? Yeah, Yeah, I asked that once. The podcast. Yeah. I don't think I going on, so it's just baby. Oh, you want I've seen a little bit. I saw, like Brian Posen in the first episode, which was a little weird. Oh, yeah. Um, but yeah, we've been incredibly busy the last couple weeks, so I haven't been How much? Traveling to see what you're doing? Um, yeah, I was traveling. We went to Disney World, and then we're to Dallas this weekend. Nothing especially exciting. That was acute Post you did on Twitter yesterday or the day before a decade decade. Thank you. Actually, I guess technically today is it, like, 12 05 AM? I stayed up too late looking for the right photos. Oh, hey, this actually kind of writes itself. All right, here we go. It wasn't really a 10 years to the day, not to the day I met Michael and I started dating at the very beginning of 2010 0 wow. And here we are now. I did everything I could to break you guys up, and it just didn't happen. What was it? Like every time you would visit, Becca would end a relationship Or like something would go wrong in her current one. Yep. Every single time. Yeah. And, you know, I guess it was just like Gavin would come every 6 to 12 months. Relationships, probably three or four of it happened was pretty funny. One of them being like ending an engagement. So it was very remarkable. And Gary, I know that I know when this one I gave you warning was like, just so you know, you didn't want to meet him. I'm, uh I'm gonna come back. Hold on to your people. I think you didn't meet Michael until I think we're already married. Probably. Right? Yeah. Is it? I think, holiday party. Ernie's New Year's party. Was it, uh ah Jeffs Holiday party. I'm here. I'm wrong. I take a picture with him. Yeah. Yes, because I do remember that, I think is when I first started working at risk youth. He was like that first New Year's. And I remember you were coming with Michael. I knew Gavin was gonna be there, and I remember thinking, Oh, it's not gonna end well. It's not like they can't interact. They have to stay in different rooms the whole time. It might have been the same year. Yeah, that's the year that No, maybe I'm thinking too long ago. I don't know. I remember liking him a lot because he's like the most European American I've met. He's like a fantastic is extremely dry humor, very English style humor. Yeah, you don't have to worry about offending him. And, oh, no, he will not worry about offending years. Great. Yeah, he's offended everyone because he's so dry that most people don't pick up that he's joking. So they just think he's an asshole, which he is, but he's also joking. But the ultimate cover is a built in camouflage. Yeah, so many times like people. Just like we had a solicitor come to our house one time and was trying to, like, basically kiss. Michaels asked to get money. And Michael is being sincere, but he somehow still came off is like this, right? We're not interested in whatever you're thinking. This guy being like your fucking nerd railed and Michael still give him money somehow. Theo. Ultimate sarcastic remark. That girl scout never came to your house. He never got those cooking amendments. Shit. Do you guys ever wish that you kind of, like, not developed a personality trait, but, like, decided on who? What kind of person you want to be earlier on So that you could be that way now, like Gus, you from like, very early on in the sheets were known as like, not mean, but grumpy or like you, like, put up with no one's shit. So now you could say things and do things, and it's, like, totally in your brand, right? But I'm not as grumpy anymore. That's the thing. But like, if you if you act that way, you're not gonna get shit for it, right? Part of your personality drink. So, like, I already claimed that. Yeah, and I can I totally did that. When I moved countries, I got you reinvented yourself. I just added a few traits I was known for just being very quiet. Yeah, you were. You've changed shy. Just your young. Yeah, And then when I moved here, I was like, I guess no one knows that I'm like the shy quiet when I could just not be You're in America you. You're alive. You're the fact. Quiet one. You get pretty quiet still sometimes. Like right now. What about you? It Is there something you had in mind I don't like? I guess it's more difficult for, like, women to say things that are mean or, like, come off his bitchy because then we just get labeled as bitches. Um, Thio to put it simply. But like I look at people like Gus, you and Michael, who could say these, like, terrible, mean things, But people think it's funny just because, like, that is like your stairs. No trait livable asshole like that. Come on. That kid wanted Michael todo you gotta be unafraid Thio unleash your inner bitchiness. I mean, that was 2020 new Barbara do it. That works when everyone's in on it. But I've been in situations with Michael. Well, like most people know, Michael. But what, like one person doesn't like? What is wrong with this guy? This guy's really angry. Yeah, that's true. I don't know what brought you back, and I feel like I have established, at least, like, within my family of reputation of being really bitchy. So where when I'm not being bitchy. They take it wrong. I still think I'm being something. Yeah, you're hiding something from us. But I'm like, No, it was sincere. I'm sorry, Lil. I do like your hair, you fucking nerd. Now, is your hair supposed to be that crazy? Oh, bless your heart. That's a look. I do wish, though, is that I'd had a better like, sensitively, how to do my hair and makeup and not pluck out all of my eyebrows earlier age. I look at pictures from me. I just There was, like, this trend going right now, like you at the beginning of the decade. Or should you the end, which is your Michael Post. But just like seeing so many people do things like that. Like, overplayed their eyebrows where I did like, fuckin, like, raccoon eyeliner thing up until I was probably 17 or 18. But was it in then? The just like a thing of the time. I mean, it is I feel like tons of people. I didn't never really wore makeup. I didn't know how, so I didn't exactly make mistakes, but I look back. I could have looked a lot better, especially you and I who have like fair hair like we have no eyebrows or eyelashes, Or at least I don't. So I gotta fill a middle of the time. My eyelashes were so blonde. Same. So it's knowing to do something makes you look a whole lot different. Yeah, it's Ah, it's weird, you know that you're talking about that kind of friend that's going around right now, our people posting like yourself in 2010 and yourself in the new decade. I didn't do it because I already feel there's so much video of me out there anyway, as it iss you also look the exact same. I look way fit here now, but you can watch me slowly age and die. Like if you have afternoon, you can put together you two play list and watch me slowly become more decrepit. Could someone make that just get us through the years just dying in slow motion? Just get 10 videos, one from each year from 2010 to current. So it made me wonder like I was trying to think back like, because I can't remember exactly when we started the weekly video podcast like doing the podcast life. I had to look it up. It was end of 2011. Early, 2012. They was very tender. It was September 2024. Baby was October into September. I remember, cause I think I was on one of the first ones on the set. What episode? Number was it? It was 1 85 in the one seventies. That's what I thought was 1 75 And I looked like it was 1 85 What we have now, like 5 66 5 31 Jesus. Remember being weird with me to the first because you'd already done video ones back in the day. We got a couple of Yeah, and then and then just like had the set made and all that stuff. I remember it being like a huge deal. There were people like, Ah, you know, good show, guys. You have a great one. We do this every week. Just no. Filmed like it doesn't really issued feeling the pressure when you're filmed. Well, it's different when you're lives, though. Yeah, that's because you can't just sit like this or you can yet doing audio only podcast sources. Video podcast is a completely different vibe. And I think that's why a lot of people tend to prefer one of the other cause. Like with this kind of podcasts. You're very aware of the cameras on you and the fact that people are currently watching it. And whereas if you're just audio podcast, if you just like yeah, I mean, that's life things I think change. Is it much more than the video thing to me? I think it's a video component. Just like I have to sit up straight night like face the camera. We're gonna have terrible presence Way used to only do them on special occasions initially, because it was like, only who had to wrangle and end it. All that footage on my stupid, shitty, slow computer. It took, like, three days to turn it around. I'm not fucking doing this, Everyone. Why didn't just make Brendan do it? Because he wasn't working in the broadcast stuff at that time. In live action? Yeah, there were like podcast was on Lee me At that time. It sucked really sucked. And now it's all of us. Today it's that it's olives, a huge group of people who are talented, capable people. Is this the 1st 1 since extra life. Yes. Yeah, we were off. We had a pre taped last week because of, ah, life recovery. And now we're back. So you find out about it. Gavin, Your life, huh? My life after my pulverizing news. Oh, my God, that was unbelievable. How many wheel spin things did you guys get? Like over 100. I think it was over 100 yen. Which Austin? But those things. It's weird. It's like between the softest moon ball that hits and the fastest ones that were hitting is, like, such a huge spectrum. You never knew which one you're gonna get, like some of them of rattling the wood behind my head. And I think the, uh, it was either the first or second hit me in the testicles really hard. I think the 2nd 1 hit me in the balls. It kind of came in at the side and it for like, an hour. I get slapped by Xavier Woods. Just read that look, May waas. Those were the weirdest slaps I've ever said. They just looked what? I mean, Yeah, I was watching. If you remember that, it was like rocking people's faces like that so clean I couldn't figure out because there's an option to do that or just get hit by a paintball. And no, none of those fucking men. Their penises are all big, apparently because they're all just like offering to get slapped instead of just taking a fucking painful and the whole time, like you see what it's doing to each other. Stop it. What is this madness? The ham prints and the bleeding? They're all pretty. Okay, Take the fucking peoples. Yeah, that's that's That's good advice. That's good life advice. Take the people, take the paper. People's a lot, they dio They leave annoying ring here, but it's a much smaller ones. They also had, like, pads and stuff for your neck and chest and bits. You like that You had protection This year. I was get on skin. I was wearing like a full because I don't wanna get hit in the heart with a really fast one side. The parent of my little nothings that can't take not hits because of my dodgy bollock. And it's still a right your daddy Bolic band I got I got shot in the balls once by accident with a paintball again. I was remember on the bounced off the ground. It was like standing on a paintball field trying to turn it like whether it was gonna go home or keep playing. And I could see in the distance, Kate, but was coming. It bounced on the ground and found just the right height. Right in the balls. Look, I've bent over. Yeah, I'm just gonna go home. E love that story. You know, like in the civil War when the shit like a cannon and it just like tort tears through everything like that was my own look. Little Civil War can involved, bounced and hit me right in the balls. This episode receive Podcast is brought to you by me undies. 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We show the clip I heard somewhere I have a gift. I've been sending out a lot. I, like texted you the gift the other day. Probably find that I baby rolls forward under my supervision. I didn't drop the baby. Were you holding the baby when the roll happened? I was structuring. The baby was You have been supporting the baby. This was a five month old baby. Chris did not have the knowledge that they can't sit up on their own. Yeah. What? You're restructuring the baby weight. So she was sitting and then just went, but yeah. Wait. Was it Clem? It was Magnolia. I hear this. And how she turned out. Great. Emir sent it to them. They said you turned out great, didn't she? Yes, she's great, right? She's that she's had a few falls. So you they're watching life. What happened? I was but live. It happened so quickly and it looked so not bad that I was just like, Oh ha ha ha. But then the footage started to float around, and it looked so much for her son. Reminded me of what was it two years ago when Michael brought Irish note. Must have been three years ago when he brought Iris and was dancing with her things too. Well, she's, isn't she? Three and 1/2 now, two or three years ago. One of the day. It doesn't matter. But hey was dancing with her. And, like all the dads were watching, just like having a meltdown. They're just like, Oh, God, the beanbags, the pains, headaches. Chris, you're not structuring this baby. Was that well? Yeah, And that was my problem. Because I wasn't. I was supposed to be structuring the baby and a structure. A baby. I keep saying it, hoping that he'll explain a little more. Well, you like whole structure, you know, you get having like like you have like a Beanie baby and you want to just, like, make it where it like clumps, flips over or it supports itself in some way. I want to see the clip. You all have that She sent it over. Um, after we see this clip, I want I want to hear from Chris about the Oliver, and I want to get an olive garden once we see, uh, like the hard news with Christopher, you should make, like a like a music cue and a graphics back its own special. Yeah, It ends next week on the 24th. It's almost done. It's almost done. Have you been filming? Yeah. Good. I got a lot of doctors have pictures of, like, just about every meal I've eaten. How many different all of gardens have you been to? Ah, ship one way. You only gone to one location. E think so? Yeah, because how many Olive Garden's Aaron? There's only like, two in Austin. Don't think too in Austin. And I don't One of them is, like, really far away from me. Have you been with everyone here? No, we still haven't gone. I was gonna come with me. But you did, because you want you running that time. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got my name. You got to get the full experience. They really do know him. They know what he wants to. Yeah, that's what I want to go also to get It's been bad jokes. I was I was out of town for a wedding. And so I have been and I'm gonna go after this, but I just e people, I get there. I'll go tonight like evening. It's 5 30 Dude, I know like, I'll go to like it like nine. It's open late, rather open till 10. Someone wants to know how much you weigh. Now. Have you gained weight through this process or law thinks Oh, wait. I think he's got 46 to 1 45.7 or something. I tried to get the bastard party to go Thio one you wouldn't see this week. Yeah, What didn't happen? Stocking being great. The victory and a whole bachelor party going, all of you. That's that's bonus points, I think. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I would have been fun. Do you get a point for every person who comes with you? Well, that's like a bonus like thing. It's like whoever's gotten the most like people to go. You're definitely an advantage for that because you work with a lot of people. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But a lot of people who don't want to put up with so these video finally. Sorry. Oh, so I was, like, Looks like a face baby hood with his handout in trips. The baby, the baby would have caught it. So your hand up in their eyes, your hand, Chris. He holds back her other arm. So she herself I didn't mean to. I was looking for restructuring the baby. That was a good effort because he saw a sore ago. Judge is immediately so I could watch this forever. The wasted really adds s so she wasn't didn't cry or anything. Didn't even cry. Didn't care. I know. I think that's the biggest indicator. She was fine. Yeah. Yeah. You You made a well structured baby that can handle very drama she faces. You said they could handle drugs, Drops. Probably drugs. Was Michael No. Did he Did he find out about it? Yeah. I was like, Okay, I should probably like, tell him because he'll see this floating around. It looks bad, but it wasn't. She's only got up. Michael Jones. Small face. This is, uh, all right. We'll wait when you say the thing into the 24th we don't weigh in. You can wake me if you want to do. We don't know where the scale is. We don't have it. At the moment. I could silent minutes 1 47 I'll pick you up by next week because the 24th is a Sunday. Okay, So stop by on Monday on DA I have you on here. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Cool. You're on the podcast next week. Good. I must I must have known that it ended at that time or something. Okay, Good, good, good. We'll talk about There's apparently a separate it called Children falling over. Well, that's amazing. But also probably very sad. I hope no one gets hurt. I like the funny ones. Some of them look like his not funny by Chris, Chris and blame. We'll talk about watchman. Um, so I don't want to go back for just a bit too. Something we talked about earlier. So the man DeLorean, like Disney Plus launched, I guess since the time we did our last live podcast, um, and Disney Plus that the app on my apple TV is kind of garbage. I don't know how you all watch it. And you Oka okay on the apple TV. If you hit fast forward, it doesn't fast forward. It skips ahead 15 seconds. So hold it down. No. Then you have to press it repeatedly. And then I was like, What? Income is like frame by frame. 15 seconds every time you hit it. I don't know what you're saying. You have to present. Repeat, can you get your cue up about you? Say you want to fast forward seven seconds? Well, no, but what you say every yet does that. No, there's usually you can option you can like, you can skip or you can, like, enable a fast for Netflix. Justus skips, isn't it? Uh, no, you could be both. Do you have a harmony Remote? It's probably. And I got a shitty thing that slides down between my cushions. The one that came with the apple TV. Got a good battery life. I feel if I want a fossil or the time I just click and fling my just fling the play head Or maybe I'll try that. I hate that There haven't been that sucks. Make more than one. But, um, yeah, but aside from that, and aside from the fact that everyone's in an uproar over something that's been going on for a while, everyone's mad about The Simpsons. Old episodes being in 16 by nine now they've been slowly doing this for a while. Like remember the hat, that whole Simpson's world website. Will you watch any symptoms which is gone now, by the way that Disney Plus exists, it would default to 16 by nine. But I guess you used to be able to toggle to 43 They just removed the 43 toggle. So everything 16 by nine only which cuts off jokes. Okay. Oh, does it really right? Like sometimes visual gags fall out because they have toe punch in? Maybe else that's up in the book, right? They cropped to 60 mile stretch. They do it both ways, depending on the scene. Huh? Um, I don't know the other problem. I think the bigger problem is that jokes have been cut for time sometimes, like I'll be watching it like, Oh, there was another joke there that is gone. And I feel like time, right? I don't know why. It's like I know there's another joke there that just doesn't exist in this version. I need a bolt, pull out my old DVDs and do a side by side. And just to prove I'm not crazy, because every time it happens, I feel like a fucking lunatic. I feel like it's what is called the Mandela. Yes, I need to know because I watched one episode. I watched. I watched the one where Bart breaks his leg. Yeah, on they have the pool. Your epidermis is showing. I was like, I know that they cut like three jokes from that episode. That's a nice rolling on other episodes. It's very specific. No, I know what you're talking about. It feels like they're. Some of the episodes are edited You Google that way because you know people will be talking with the offensive. But there's just no aged Well, not really. But I did cut some stuff that I haven't aged well, but I saw that disclaimer that they put in front of their older constant, now two on Disney Placid and says contains, like dated jokes, and I think they should. I don't think they should have it. Cut it. Let's just leave it be like, by the way, this ad in a different time. Good luck. Yeah, I mean, that's that's kind of what they did like They don't edit it on. But some people were complaining that on the Disney plus, like in the description, they just say like, these are old references, but they don't They don't say that. It's bad. They don't outright say that. It's no longer reflective of, ah values today, Um, but they were saying that they should maybe be a little more strong about it. Sorry, I'm trying to look up one of the one of the jokes that also only have they have most of the seasons, but there's a lot of seasons missing. I think it's all of them, but they didn't put the Michael Jackson turned up. Nope, there's some seasons missing, too. They have, like, I think, that the line was their whole selling 0.123 I think they're missing other three or four and then a couple other seasons, like randomly, like 11 and 16 and 17 and then, well, I'd love to tell you, but I can't fucking log in on their goddamn website. Maybe I could do it. I feel everything I've watched. It looks really good, like I always it does, especially when you compare different absolute who blew Netflix, HBO. They have different, I guess. Top quality bit rates the fucking an apple. And I'm telling you, warm Apple TV is like beyond Blue Ray bit rate. Well, like like it's almost twice like between 1/2 and two times variable. So it's hard to say, Yeah, it looks damn good. It looks so good. When I read that, I texted you that I know it's like That's a big thing. You're my biggest issue with the HBO stuff because they this looks just full of compression. Never mind all the seasons, I guess. Just like on the app on the TV it was showing. I don't know of them missing. I know what you're talking about. When you scroll through, Sometimes it looks like three or four is missing. Yeah, yeah, I've seen that. They have some work to do on their interface. That's my only criticism. There's no way to watch, at least on the app on the phone. Um, if you start washing something and, like, close it out and then come back to it the next day, there's it doesn't show up like you have to search for the thing again, and then it will pick you back up. There's no, like, continue watching. Well, that's why they have, like, TV section of the apple TV either where it just puts everything you've been watching the same place. I guess I was on the foot on my phone. Yeah, I was watching the parent trap. You know, the one with the original was the first thing we put on. Like, I'm not overwork. And Michael had it on the TV because Clem loves that Lee, let's get together. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Show that the source of that there was ah, lucked up. It's a little messed up. Like those parents were horrible. And people just like gloss right over that little situation. Divided identical twins separated at birth and didn't tell one that the other existed. Yeah, let's fuck. That's fucked up. Very fucked. I mean, they're different continents. They would probably never gonna meet. Yeah, but like, if you had a twin living out there somewhere in the world. Wouldn't you want to know that? Then we can kill become more powerful. I e. I feel like I should follow up with something else. Disney did say they're gonna fix the 16 by nine. They're gonna give the 43 taco option in early 2020. So the people have spoken just complaining. Not uncross in the app. No. So how is that gonna be a tuggle? I assume that they'll give you the choice. Like in Simpson's world, which existed before you could toggle if you wanted to watch in 43 or 69. What is it like? The probably upload both online video does that we can watch in HD or four K is two different entries in their catalog. Yeah, I've never got the hang of all the prime video stuff. Like some stuff you can't get to. You have to like, you kind of get to on your phone. You have to go into a desktop computer to get it to appear on your x box and shit like that. Yeah. Yeah, because they don't want toe share the revenue. I was that way. Yeah. How just do it. Yeah. No, it's It's so stupid. Um, there was Ah, speaking of Parent Trap, there's a video that someone retweeted of, um, this couple getting married. He's thes two men and right, as they're being, like, announced like, you may now kiss the groom and they do, um, they paused for a second. And then that music from Parent Trap comes on where they do that secret handshake that she does with her butler. They do that and then they kiss. It's really cute. And it's just funny that I saw that, like the day after I watched Parent Trap. Are they siblings? No, they're getting married. Doesn't have a secret handshake like the from the parent trap Understood the parent trap. But one of the girls who was in London spoiler for 20 years, um, the twin that lives in London. She has a butler, and they have a secret handshake that they dio. And so the other twin had to learn that handshake because they switched places that she goes back to London. So which one of the married couple was the butler? Which one was Lindsay Lohan? Understand What? I don't understand what they're doing because it's like it's this fun thing. Music plays and there's this whole routine. And people who have seen the parent trap no very vividly that handshake in the song that goes along with it. But why? I don't know. Maybe they both like the parent trap got. Maybe they're identical twins separated at birth. I was getting out. There's a porn about it somewhere. Guarantee stepbrother. That video on YouTube a couple weeks ago. Like what it's like to be a stepbrother in 2019. Yeah, it's like this girl who's dressed like in her blood silky PJs. And he's just trying to play video games. And she keeps bothering it like that brother brother, and he'd help with my homework and like, she'll come over here, God damn it like I'm in the middle of a fucking game. Leave me alone. What are you wearing? That it was such a fucking good video. Great concept. This episode the received podcast is brought to you by Ring. This season could be a whirlwind of deliveries, visitors and holiday travel. So it's the best time of year to upgrade your doorbell and keep an eye on home, no matter where the holidays take you ring helps you stay connected to your home from anywhere. So if there's a package delivery or surprise visitor, you'll get alert and be able to see, hear and speak to them all from your phone. You're on the go this season. 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So I guess the valve just announced a new half life game, by the way. Uh huh. They're announced Half life Alex of V R. Game away. They're gonna unveil it this Thursday Like a full game. Just like a tech DeMann were excited to unveil Half Life, Alex, our flagship V R game this Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific time. And so soon after the index? Yep. When they launched the index with that. Oh, like delay the index or yeah, Or maybe this game is not gonna be out soon. They're just gonna unveil it. Maybe it's still in development. Will be another five years before it comes out. Interesting. Play the dicks off that. Yeah, I've, uh I would too. It'll be interesting, but I feel like we've talked about this before. There's no winning. You can't. This game cannot live up to any level of expectation. Everyone's gonna hate this game regardless. Could they could release the best game in the world. I'm digging a hole for myself. Good. This could be the compilation later. They could do. They could make the best team in the world. And nobody would still like it because it's been so long like everyone's built up in their mind that off what half life should be. I just love the fact that if they did make the game, it would trounced all news for, like, the entire year. If he three was on at the same time valve or just like we're making hot by three. No one would give a shit about anything Microsoft or Sony were doing because that would be the biggest news that the trending news. And they have that power and they won't ever use it. Yeah, it's been a long fucking time resident. Um, 1007 7 Yeah. After upset to Jesus. Uh, this. Okay, I guess this Thursday when they're unveiling the game is the 21st anniversary of the original half life. I've never actually played half life. One really good thing. It was like the first game I ever played on my computer in college. Yeah, I have a memory like being in my dorm room playing it. You play off like to Did you? Yeah, I'm played. Any of the really good if you caught it before Alex comes out. Yeah. Your portal? Yeah. Yeah, Actually, it's It's funny. I played Portal to before I played the first portal because there was Coop and I think it was Miles and I This is before I moved to Austin. We played the whole portal to co op together online, and that was like, I fucking love this game. There's more. There's the first portal. So Wand played that by myself. And now I'm like, Now I just want more. I feel like that's how was I feel like that would be a step backwards. I feel like a portal was a great game, but portal to was so much more. Yeah, I definitely like I I think I enjoyed portal to more, but I mean, it's the same mechanics, and it's like puzzles and strategy and stuff like that, which is just such a good story is one of my favorite games. The only thing better about put 12 is the song of the end. Yeah, yeah, yeah, which when I got there, I was like, You get it? You're always nice and beautifully games the way after the fact that God. I remember I've been played portal to since it came out. But that's one of those games where I remember playing and being so mad and frustrated. Then you figure out the puzzle like I'm just really stupid. Yeah, I've just been dumped. You just have to walk away. Get out of your rut. Jesus Christ. So, yeah, you definitely got too close to it. You get, like, stuck on one path is like, Oh, I'm just doing it wrong. I felt like that about limbo, too. Uh oh, yeah. I never got that achievement. Was it five deaths or less? For the whole Yeah, it was five. Yeah, I've never done that. Have you tried? No. God, no, I'm not. I think Bernie did it. I think you did. That stresses me out. So I hate achievements like that because you spend so much time and you've got, like, four deaths and you're so close and then you die. And it's just time wasted. Oh, yeah. You just start over and do it. It's like death. Stranding. Yeah, it makes you anxious that place my mind when you get these speed runners doing like big single segment runs for a pretty long games, like a game that might take six hours. I think there was one. There was one guy who was on world record pace for Donkey Kong, 64 like six hours into the run and in the fine. Basically, the last thing you do in the game is just punched King Karol in the face. And instead of hitting punch, he did a backflip, which caused him to miss that round of damage on. He lost his whole day. In the true, the last thing he did in the game and he looked at the Stargate is let those six hours of the whole game 100% run. That kind of thing makes me nauseous. Cover the guy's name. But it's like Was it right? Probably more famous for that than he would have been for having the fastest. Maybe maybe that game is no joke. There's a lot to do in that Donkey Kong 50. I mean, there's so much I want to say that's like the whole day wasted. But it's way more than that because you spent so long preparing and learning how to do it and getting ready, and then that's like when you're building like a Domino's whole set and like someone asks it over as you're in the middle of setting it up and then you got to start over again and that kind of stuff makes me cringe so bad. That's the worst. French or me? Yeah, just like I've sick to my stomach thinking How much time was wasted? Like a sign Kostal gets kicked. I never I didn't go to the beach very often, but I never you know, I never got into. I never understood a guest like building sand castles or something. Just seems like it seems so frivolous or pointless. Like it's going to be destroyed anyway. Was playing with my Ellis Childs building Lego, but I don't think it's that it's moving with Lego. You're at home with sand. You're all sandy and gross. Yeah, but give the little bucket a pat and it comes off. We're smoothing like that was the best one I've ever done there any better. Feeling like being in a bathing suit is a kid like nice and dry, like lying in the sand. That's the best fuckin warmth, everything because the stand's hot. Yeah, just like that relaxing feeling of just being in the sand. You didn't like that as a kid? No dirty. Plus, also, I don't know if you ever went to the Texas beaches Going up there looking girl. You can't lie in the sand. It's like, Oh, here's the seaweed bed with some dead fish pillows. I thought I thought when I was a kid I would go to the Texas beaches. I assumed every beach in the world had tar on it. I assume that you just went to the beach and you picked up clumps of tar and cleared a space tow, like, Sit down in. All right. I guess I'm not referring to these kinds of beaches, I guess. More so, like coastal beaches were the coast. You mean, like really West Coast? Yeah. Black gulfs. L a more in Australia, like any of those were like Clearwater. Yeah. What was that was the furthest north you ever went in Canada. Who? Otto? Uh, yeah, I've only really been toe like a handful of cities in candidates. Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto. I've actually never been to Vancouver or anywhere on the West. Really? Yeah. I've only been in cities in and around the Becket, Ontario. Basically, I think I've been for the Northern Canada than you. Probably because I've never been to anywhere like Calgary or anything. Yeah, which is fucking up there. Have you been to more places in the US than Canada? 100%. I'm the same way with England now. Yeah, I've been a lot more places you think? To be fair, I think there's there's more options in terms of like, well, weatherwise. Definitely. Like you go anywhere in the U. S. And it still fairly comfortable most of the year. Um, but also just like stuff to do in population in Canada, like the 90% of population lives within 100 miles of the border. So, like, if you're not somewhere there, there's not a lot of people to see your things to Dio. Is that just cause it sucks and it's cold. It's cold. Hey, nice. Nice omission. There is fucking cold. So most people stay further. Yeah, we're using the Americans to warm us the war from from united fossil fuels. Exactly. You see, the fossil fuels Ford unveiled their electric car. No Mustang. It's their calling it almost Well, they say it's Mustang inspired. They called it the mark E O. They put like a Mustang badge on the front of it. It looks a lot. I mean, more power to them. It will work. If it works, it works. Look, it looks a lot like a test. The model? Why, I mean today is that Can I copy your homework? Yeah, I just change it up. A little bit of that one. Yeah, it's Ah, but I mean, it seems like a cool car Surprise. They really set him forget. Yes, there's a a bunch of different trim levels. So depending on I'm gonna load here. So depending what you want, it could go. There's a big range. Where is it? Uh, OK, the lowest trim level, which is the Maki Select starts at let's say, $44,000. The highest trim level, which is the Maki GT, is $60,000. Okay, but Ford still qualifies for the $7500 tax incentive for electric vehicles because they haven't reached that threshold yet. Nice, uh, about a kn part of the model three. Yeah, I think they said it's gonna start shipping and limited numbers at the end of 2020. So I'm excited to see more electric vehicles out on the road. Yeah, I snuck up on Barbara in my car earlier when you were walking in. I thought that was you happened so much crazy. So quiet. Yeah, I was like, I was walking into the building, walking in here? Yeah, and I turn around there's, like, a car. Find this fucking shit lead into the horn. Blaine did that to me earlier today. Physically in the office. I was talking to you. I was, like, leaned into the door talking to guys in his office. And somehow blame got, like between me and the doorframe, so noticing so just talking to you. And then I went like this and his head was way, way did that scared myself all over the place, eh? You guys sick? It's Monday. What's he gonna do? So when all the cars are electric, well, mechanics go, Will they beat with the less of them? Or will it just be mechanics who fix electric cars, tires, electric cars? Do you know what? Maybe electrician's at that point without being well, I think that's still good one, though. Um, I think right now, you don't see a lot of macaques work on electric cars because there's so few of them. Essentially, there's one major manufacturer, I guess. I mean, the site also makes the leaf, and there's a few others, but I think three, right? Yeah. This BMW still make that? Yeah. Uh, I haven't updated the aesthetic on that in a while, though, which is weird. But I think as you start to see more and more of them come out. You'll have, like, independent third party mechanics and repair shops will do that kind of work to make sense. I had had toe schedule a service on my car the other day because when I would accelerate if I got to like highway speeds, like, say, you got to like, 60 miles an hour, it sounded like my windows were down. Like, you know how you get that air pressure, even though my windows were up. Wit. Yeah, and, ah, if it were not for two days and then it stopped. So, like by the time I got service, you're like the issue was gone and the guy's like, I've never heard of that. I didn't think to take a video. I thought the issue is just gonna keep persisting like I didn't fix it. He's like, Yeah, I don't know what that could be. Why are you supposed to get a new car? Are not supposed to go, but, like, how often is typical for people getting a new car when your car breaks? I guess. Yeah. I had my Prius for four years. Yeah, okay. I had mine for seven, and I would have continued driving it for several more years. I just needed a bigger car. Yeah, I the car. I got a car when I first moved to Austin. And I'm still driving it because it's like it works if it works. I mean, not having a car payment is fucking also awesome. Yeah. I mean, that's money you spent on just about anything else. So I think if you ever read like the personal finance Subreddit always like if you can you if you have a car that you've already paid off, you fucking run that thing until it doesn't turn on anymore. Exactly. Have the more expensive to maintain it. Yeah. Have you seen the new, um, Xbox plan? You can do I think it's like Wrentham? Yeah, it's like kind of like a phone plan. No, we, like pay 30 bucks a month. You get an Xbox one X and, like 100 games. Or like did they realize that program? Are you talking about the one from last year? Oh, is that a bit A bit of thing For what? I think they think we're relaunching. Heard about in the news again? Yeah, I just thought maybe tweet while I know like months ago. But I think the minimum is like a 24 months contract, and there's no way that we're waiting 700 G's financially advantageous purchase for the consumer. Well, it wouldn't offer it otherwise, right? It seems like it's set up to, in the end, make you spend more money. Well, I think if you play a lot of games that you play one game a week, they'll be cheaper. Then buying the Xbox and then subscribing to gain past or something. Maybe I really don't like two people. Still, how many people use game passed competitive buying games because I have no idea on, and I see that it released the information. No, no, they don't. I would have thought because I still buy games because we need them for work. And we just that would get boring all the machines. But I can't figure out if I was just a normal game consumer again. Would I just subscribe to game pass? Probably. Right. They I'll have the details in front of me. So to your point, yeah, They reintroduced it called Xbox all access, and it starts at 20 bucks a month for 24 months, which is for the S 480 books. Uh, yes, that it doesn't say, but you haven't upgrade option. So you got Oh, yeah. Xbox one s all digital. You can choose between the Xbox one ex Xbox one s or Xbox one s all Digital edition bundle Game pass Ultimate. You get upgrade option to project Scarlett for Holiday 2020. Yeah, This seems just like how phone plans work, I guess. Like if you don't have all the money for a consul upfront, it was the way to do it. It seems like a good like a month, if you get indicate a Christmas gift and you don't necessarily have all the money in December or if you're the type of person who likes to have the latest and greatest all the time, it's like leasing a car going back to the earlier discussion. If you know you're not gonna keep the car for a long period of time and you're gonna you want to upgrade. I know Jack used to lease cars like very regularly. I don't know if he still doesn't think he owns is now. But I remember when I first moved here, I didn't know anything about cars or houses or anything like that. And he was talking about how he releases his car and like, I don't know what that means. A memory that sticks out. I don't play poker. One. No, I'm not a big Pokemon person. I've been playing. I picked sword. What is it? Sort of shield sort of shield. If there was a piece of DLC for that game where you paid five bucks and you could just push your rival in the lake at the beginning of the game so he would stop talking to every 16 seconds, I would pay the $5 things Guy hop. He's so goddamn annoyed because usually the rivals I guess they start making the rivals more friendly like you used to be. He's like a scumbag and want to kill him all the time you want to be. But then I was like, I was like, friendly rivals. But he's just always around. I feel like I played for four hours and he's still what, right next to me, the whole game. Better or worse than Evie? Then what? The Navy Navy room? Zelda. Hey, listen, didn't plan. Uh what? Well, yeah, there's a blue You didn't play, Which Which one is that? Ah, creative time. I didn't know that. I feel like I learned something about you that I don't know you anymore. The only to Zelda games have played well. Link to the past and breath of the well. This is the best, too into the path of my favorites. Not get ahead of ourselves here in the past. It's so good you didn't play any of the and Nintendo 64 ones. Wow, That was my first game I ever played. Like you were saying. How you remember half life like occuring of time was my game. The first game I ever played. I might be showing my age. Here was Pong. Maybe I'm showing my age a little bit. Um, I'm pretty sure mine was the same. Had an Atari set up in my parent's room when I was a kid. Yeah. I mean, it's probably a lot of people's humor. I had cute. I I ate. So I got Q Bert for free. When I was a kid, there was Donkey Kong cereal, and if you ate enough documents here, you could stand in the U. P C codes and you get a free copy of Hubert. I ate so much goddamn Donkey Kong cereal that they sent me. Ah, free copy of ah Q Bert. Wow, that's on Brand Gus. This'll received Podcast is brought to you by calm. Sleep is important every day of the year but around the holidays and get even harder to find time for those precious hours. Got parties with friends and family, and less shopping lists, long flights. When you finally get to bed, you want to make sure you can fall asleep and stay asleep. Calm is the number one app for sleep and relaxation. It can really transform your nights, which means better days on the call map, check out sleep stories, which are like bedtime stories for adults Taking up. You fall into a deep natural sleep in minutes. Stores are narrated by iconic voices like LeVar Burton, Nick Offerman. They haven't asked me yet, but maybe they will soon. I love getting in a good night's sleep, and calm helps out in a lot of different ways. For a limited time, Our show listeners get 25% off a calm premium subscription at com dot com slash rooster. It comes with unlimited access to calms entire library and new content is added every week. Includes hundreds of sleep stories and a ton of other content, like Susie music from artists like Sam Smith, Guided Meditations, Breathing Exercises and so much More. Get started today at com dot com slash rooster that c a l m dot com slash rooster Thanks calm for sponsoring this episode of the receive podcast. Have you always been a nut? Yeah, yeah, um, like different types of nerd threw up like a very intellectual school nerd. Always very early on. Not a cool nerd. Cool. Heard that it's much, much safest place to be. This place whose face to be a nerd these days. Oh, yes, I think it's thanks to the Internet. I think it's cool toe like what you wanna like. And if that makes you a nerd and fucking own it, My dude, unless it's pedophilia. I never called. You wanna like something that it's safe and doesn't harm others? Go go doesn't affect other people's lives in a negative way. I'm the chats going ballistic, But I've never played a game around when I had it. And 64 was when I guess I was first, like, given pocket money. So actually had to save up the ship, and I just couldn't afford it. Mmm. I got drunk, friend. You had it. No, you didn't have friends. Actually, I've never owned a Nintendo 64 for I didn't have when he had a genesis. I went that route, but you know, they, like, release the Genesis Classic recently. And I was like, All right, let me look at the games that are on this. See if there's anything I'm nostalgic for. It made me realize I played the worst crap on my genesis. Like Aladdin, like weird movie marketing games that I live on my own. Dumb money. Did love Kendall right in. Which was bomb? That music Pretty good. Like, I just really like the sword. Being, like, perfectly rounded is his wife. Yeah. Yeah, I just like none of those games. I think I played, like, one of the games that came loaded on that Genesis classic so long ago. How? I don't think I knew anybody in the town I grew up in who had a genesis. I know there was one kid who had a master system when the NTS was out. But when the super Nintendo came out, everyone and you had super Nintendo. Nobody got a Genesis was a small town. So that was before I went PlayStations. So my brother, like, stuck with a Nintendo, but it was in his room, so I never I never really got to play the letters sagas and intend on. Then Xboxes We didn't get I don't think we got a PlayStation until, like, way later. Yeah, I did everything else first. I saved up. When I moved to Austin. I saved up and bought a PlayStation. Remember? I went to the target down off of, like, 35 like William Cannon away down south in Riverside. Do you guys have the Dreamcast? No. So funny story about the Dreamcast. I, my freshman year of college, was dating a guy and he really? Yeah. Testicle story. I'm cool. Boyfriend. So, uh, he really wanted a Dreamcast, and he would borrow his friends and play it. And it was like, I think, was that the first system that could hook up to the Internet, had anything? Have you got a motive or the whole dream cost? Yeah, like he's a nice friend. Yeah, I know you have a really good way play and whatever. And so Christmas came around, I had no idea what to buy him, And I was like, You know what? Fuck it. I'm just gonna buy him a Dreamcast. I'm gonna go for it. Jesus, I know that's a nice ride. Isn't so. I gave it to him and he was, like, blown away. And then he fucking broke up with me. But how soon after, Um and I know you yet? A monthly. Uh, and so I was like he called me. He broke up with me on the phone, too, and so I was like, Well, okay, you're gonna have to give me that dream cast back. And so I showed up at his door and took it, wasn't there. Hell, yes. His mom answered the door. I was like, Hey, I'm Becca. I'm here. Toe. Get something from his room and e let me write And I walked out with Did you have to lie that you were still together? No, I think she knew me, Mr Beck. I had to change her name. She's been on the run 20 years. Yeah. What feet of where he had hidden it? Because, e, I think you scared me. I think he knew that. I wouldn't have stopped. Stopped. What is that like time, period. If you're dating someone and you get them something like, how long do you sell to date them? Before you feel like you're entitled one day per dollar. Oh, well, So, like a $300 gift. It's like almost a book and full year You like no e. I got you this car. You can't die now. Legally, you have to be alive together. Forever. Met I icon. I feel like I've never replicated the feeling of happiness. from breaking up with that note, then saving up for the new consul. Yeah, I just used every time because they come out, you just like you gotta pick, you know, So anyone intended for that, that is like Xbox and that I was like, and then you get it. It's like, this is everything I've been working for my entire life up to this point. Now I can play Halo. It's just steadily. Remember when you have a rare occurrence. Even now, I'm excited. Put a new consoles. But when the Xbox, the original Xbox, launched Jeff and Bernie and myself, we all like, drove around town trying to find place that we could preorder it so we could get it on Day one like that just didn't make very many of them at first. And it was a huge pain in the ass. Or to go to, like, so many stores to find places where you compared it. And then I remember being pissed because you couldn't just prior to the consul it to prove to the castle and like, a game bundle. Yeah, but yet to produce, like, three games, I don't have that kind of money Yeah, I remember that. I feel every Microsoft console like the 360. They had hardly any eye to wait, like four months to get one. And the original Xbox stay like they did this with price cut. Whether they were, they were announcing a price cut. But if you got a bundle before the price cut, you actually still, I would like to delay matters If I get it now, I can get another controller and two games, but if I get after, I remember being like right off the bat was like I couldn't get it now for the price. I think about that a lot. I think it you get dated as you get older. It's that's inevitable. Definitely an age thing. But there's also this, like, for me. When I was a kid, I was delayed. I'm denied So money, like just like creature comforts from living in a small town like I wanted a CD of a cool band and I couldn't fight like if I found that in a record store in like the big city at the Mall. When we went on a trip so cool I couldn't wait to get home like open and read all the liner notes and let's do it start to end. Kids will never open a CD and read liner notes ever again like that is not like I'll ask my kid what her first album is. He's like, I don't know. I've been streaming music since I was four. I remember I had the same thing. I remember specifically the Throwing Copper album by live. I bought it at the city a small in Laredo. Andi, I had to like the whole bus ride back home Fucking looking at the book and the sea like I'm gonna listen. Like I remember going to D. C when I was 12. And they had all these, like, older Green Day albums in this record store. And I was like, Holy shit is like some deep cuts. Can't wait bottom all. Helio? Yeah, Pre Internet world was weird. Very weird. So weird. I was thinking that about that recently about like her. Why I was talking about like, I guess it's just like this whole okay boomer thing, right? Like I think I was thinking about all the different generations. I guess I never really thought about where Gen x fits in into that, even though I'm part of Gen X. I've never felt like any attachment to that seem like the tail end of it. But I was thinking about, like how I don't identify with Gen X, but I don't really identify with millennial, either. It's like, I mean, like a weird gap between those two. You're called the Oregon Trail Generation or who trailed federation yet where you really thing It's It's just like a casual term for people on the cusp where you were raised with technology, but it was a very different type of technology. Well, I've referencing the game. Yeah, okay, not be ready to have. It's actually Oregon Trail. Yeah, it was. That makes sense. I definitely feel like I straddled both of those. I don't feel any one specific attachment to either of them, but I guess I never really thought I never really realized that Gen X came right after baby boomers. Nice. Yeah, baby boomers. There is a huge generation like now it's like every everyone over 30. Oh, you mean like that from the beginning to the end of the Postwar. Yeah, and it's usually it's not defined by any set time, period. It's more like cultural shift, but yeah, it's like from the war to Yeah, I just looked at Boomers are between 44 64. I, uh I saw that yesterday. Donald Trump posted a picture. All right. Now I'm just reading triggered G's. He, uh he posts a picture of him shaking hands with Ronald Reagan. And I notice that the bottom the picture had been signed by Nancy and Ronald Reagan on. I remember I looked at Nancy, and it is like the handwriting was terrible. Is it? Wow. Does she, like, issue? Right? I looked at Reagan signature. It looked like you would be right. Reagan, Reagan truck. And he puts it yesterday. Tweeted it? Yeah. Just yesterday I was Does this richest race fine it as necessary. How he tweets so much. Do it only will find this. You can't get lost in time. Did Reagan have like dementia or anything? Was he alright? Eventually he did If you I mean you guys have you guys have signed autographs many times before our t X and whatnot? Have you ever been talking to someone while signing and then you end up writing what you're saying versus your name. Never with writing my name, that I've done that with other thing. I do that all the fucking time. If I'm signing something and someone stalking me and I'm responding to them, I'll start writing what I'm saying. I typed that. Yeah, You tweeted that photo of your arms signed like in 2005 or something. Yeah, that's cause I can't read instructions And that tweet I didn't notice. It said so It's a picture of you from the beginning of this decade. I wasn't gonna call it out Miller the last instead of 2005. I saw some people asking like, Did they sign their names and their character names under it? Like that's something that we commonly do to avoid the question of whose signature is that It clears up any confusion or misunderstanding. I do that when I said really stuff, I put Yang underneath my name and I put my character because people were like, Who the fuck is back? A Frasier? Did you make it look a bit Lee link That explains it and then signed a bit. Li Li like like one of those Ah What's the fuckin You're coming to our code. Just like a stamp. Thank you. I mean, that was the time where Joel Rose. Joel Hayman. Joel, right? Yeah, E. I was at the first packs. I think there might say at that time, eso mean and I hate talking about it, but it makes me laugh at the same time where it was at San Diego, Comic con and at a lot of events were next to make a 64. And oftentimes they'll come to our booze and we'll go into their booth. And Sean Chatfield was in our booth at this time, and Joel was that comical. But he wasn't there at the time. And some guy came up to the booth, and he's like, Oh, my God, like I'm such a huge fan I love Red versus Blue is my favorite show. Like, Is Joel here? He's my favorite character, and I'm like, Yeah, this is Joel right here on. I pointed to Sean and shines like a What's up? It's me. Joe Hammond has to go in, and the kid had it one of those plushy grip because I would love it if you would sign this for me. And he was like, all right. And he, like, took it. And he just wrote, like, Joel or something like that. And then the kid left all happy, and I was just like, because two has bad. And then the kid came back, like, 20 minutes later, he just like you told me. That was like, Look, I looked at a person like that, but then we got him an actual sign thing, you know? Yeah, it was rectified, but it's not. Not very nice thing to Dio. There's a video somewhere. A line of someone We were there. You and Angel on this guy's just making you and Joel say stuff to the camera like, Oh, yeah, that was it. San Diego comic con in 2007. Holy shit. Yeah, I was probably wearing a hoody. Yeah, you might have been, like film sideways, I think. I think I'm thinking of that baby And the boys, you have just the patience of a saint of saints. Casey's. It was like, OK, and then he would Joel would say not do this line. You just do it Mars, like more like God. How many catchphrases do I have been racking my brain lies. He was telling you that because sometimes I know he wasn't. Oh, no, I asked you, What else have I said? It's crazy. How hard is that thing of? Lyons said, When you're in that moment of just like, I've done a whole season of the show with this character? But I can't think of this thing the whole time. Like beautiful. I look so pale and just horrible in that video because it's just like horrible lighting and then very high contrast. And I was exhausted. I feel like you used to be more pale is because my hair was blacker. I had, like, pitch black hair. Is it not still pitch now? It's just like Dark Brown scaled it back a little. You and I have, like, the same natural color, right? Yeah. Yeah. Pretty similar. Dirty blonde. Other minds, Like pretty great. Now, um, yeah, like in every comment I've ever seen. That video is just like God. Beck is a vampire. She's thank you. I won't have skin cancer. I haven't I haven't seen that video in many years. Have you? Did you watch your recently or something? No, it like a couple of years ago. It resurfaced on Reddit. Yes, I saw it. What's on the Internet never goes away. Never goes back every now. It's always nice when stuff free service is that way. Oh, someone found this. I see. Miss. In awhile. Yeah. This little memory. Uh, we'll blast from the past. Um, I saw that's how a couple moves over the weekend. I never I never normally see movies, but decided to watch in theaters, a few movies. I watch them at home, but, you know, we have access to, like, some new releases that were ableto watch at home. My dad, thanks to corporate. How do you can already you fill out, you read, You're working. You fill out 20 pages of four is download four APS. Okay, they would tell me is that you need to do this thing for two months. But then there was, like, a bunch of APS that I have to get is a process very much so. Someone our offices like, Are we protecting the queen or something? Like the level of security we needed just to download this app? Is it because of the content or because of other stuff. Likewise, both, Like with that security, you can access this content, but it's also how you access, like your benefits, and it's no less it all that. I mean, we're going by, like one of the biggest companies in the world that needs to protect their information and assistance. You want a system? What happened works. How about that? That's that's a secure as it gets. But I watched I watched doctor sleep because I'd hurt someone. He was saying that like the Ruby stuff was very definite, apparently, yeah, I watched the trailer and I was like, Oh, expected to just to be like a quick thing. It's in there quite a bit, like almost every time. There's ah, seen in like the girl's rooms like, Oh, you see, it's like, Oh, there's several posters and there's action figures and all this other stuff. It was cool. See, it was, uh, it was a good movie. I actually, when I finished it, I thought I kind of wish that they had made maybe, like, a limited series out of it. It may be stretched out a little bit. The girl who plays the young girl in the film is actually a Ruby fan. Okay, I'm so curious about, like the story of how that came to be and if it was baked into the script from the beginning or like was an idea. It's It's a very interesting Yeah, very subtle. I imagine it was probably big howl in back. Yeah, if there is one article flitting around, probably there's, I guess, a weird scene that is hard to explain. It's like it makes a lot more sense if you're familiar with Ruby lore. Oh, interesting. Do you know there's a lot related Thio the character emerald for? So for people who watch Ruby, she could essentially create illusions with your mind and circling that. So I don't know if there's anything to do that I have a doctor sleep so I can't spoil it. Um, but she has, like, emerald action, figure on her bedside, so I don't know that that's exactly what I was gonna say. That actually figured that they had Yeah, would you? No, it's not. Yang not, you know, could have chosen a better character. But you know, I forgive you this time, but it was it was good. I really had. I guess I had low expectations for that movie. I was like, How goes it really gonna be? Great Reviews were Sequel to the Shine. Yeah, I was like, Oh, this is I mean, you can't really go wrong with Stephen King, right? Like you can langoliers. Okay. Is that a TV movie? That was a little different. Um, but like, have you been watching the second season of Castle Rock like that's even Hello? I didn't get a basin, and it's I don't know, they were doing OK. Oh, yeah, I didn't even know. Like we watched me and Trevor watch the first season and had no idea they were even making a 2nd 1 And then we were just flipping through the one time. It was just like Castle Rock. Season two blew this up all of a sudden, just dropped it. Yeah, she dropped it on us Pizza. My teeth starkness, trump the other. The other movie I watched was the good liar on. If you've seen interest has got, like, Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren in it, Okay, It's like I watched the trailer and I was like, Oh, this is like old man Con artists like kind of movie. I bet it's gonna be like filled with intrigue and stuff. It was like when I watched it, I was like, Oh, this is a movie for old people. It was very just even Hell even keeled over like, Oh, I was I was kinda hoping to be a little more intrigue or a little more depth to it. But I love watching movies for old people on planes. I watched all of them like that one with this, like some things, like to er visits like some hotel got Judi Dench in it. Well, there's old Boston. Oh, yeah, it's so nice to watch things I am with, like Disney Tween content like Hannah Montana. I just would like put that on in the background while I worked. Yeah, it's good, like Pleasant, nothing. Listen, content where it's like I could pay attention. But it's just like it's super insulting, though, to the people who actually worked on these movies that we just enjoy it. At least we're watching it through. Good liar did have, like one or two like kind of violent scenes, so maybe not quite so old people friendly but definitely story wise doesn't get the head bashed in. Someone gets there. Spoiler. Uh, does anyone someone gets their face shot in? Not just like they show it. It's like a be messy. Like I happen to be like, Oh, I wasn't really expecting that. Yeah, I've been watching. I told you about it last time was on have been watching Midsomer murders, which is that English countryside murder show. And the language used it. It would be so offensive now. And I was like, Oh, my God, this must have been like really early nineties was actually the late nineties. But in the first episode, the one of the detectives comes across this guy, He's gay, and he's like, Oh, yeah, it clearly it asked, Bandit just go in and and the other guys like, Don't be so Yeah, but it's like you wouldn't even say that in a show now, Ass bandit. No, it is an incredible home. How much? What is offensive has changed in just since the nineties, like your lifetime. But you're going to say I was like that would be like 60 shit, you know, making fun of gay people. It's crazy how times have changed. It makes me feel better that we're, like, keeping up with the times, like the fact that that seems crazy and we're at one point it didn't. Yeah, and And this warring How recent That Waas. Yeah, like my mom still will throw out things about it was socially acceptable in my time. I didn't know if they got it. I'm gonna t o times. I know you didn't mean something by it, but here's what it is Now, just up. I wonder how, like some of the classic Disney Princess movies have aged. Like, if there are differences, they're jokes in there that I will tell you. A little mermaid. Yeah. Not aged. Well, what? What? What? What's in there? Um, well, she's 16 years old, which is very weird. I just see what she got. Railed it. What? She is married. Um, and then, like this Just this whole were like, yes, somebody Archy rubs up on her and she lays eggs. Have you ever seen the stuff that was cut out of Fantasia? No, it was like the original fantasy original Fantasia. Is this a race? This? Yeah. I'm like racist centers. Are they racist or they racist depiction of center. They're not, like racist against other, like humans or horses. You know they might be racing might be racist against that one center, though. Okay, it's, like, really, really, really bad. It's Fantasia. Disney plus Up's so interesting that I think it's like a fascinating subject because media hasn't been around for a ton of time in, like, video form or like audio form. And it's gonna be interesting, Like what we say now that is inappropriate, like 50 years now. Such a fascinating subject just after, even over the course off the 11 years this podcast have been going on. Oh, we've got a really bad things, that learning experience that you don't necessarily even know how offensive stuff is until you meet. People talk to people who have dealt with derogatory comments. Maybe in a couple of years you won't even be able to say the word people. I'm kidding. I really hope that's not true. 20 years we'll just tell telepathically. Communicate exactly. Shine. One could hope. No, but like it, you never know what power is gonna be given to a certain word until it's in that moment and like something becomes offensive or its people because of a certain meeting put behind it. So, like the best you could do is just learn and not do that anymore After that becomes a thing. Yeah, I think that's Ah, that's a good way to approach is too costly. Be aware. That's what surprised me so much about because I feel like there's a path for a word. It's like it's in common circulation and then it will get shifted into, like, just the antagonists in stuff. Used those words before it's done, like shifted all the way out. That's what's crazy about the Midsomer murders, things that like That's the main character saying that like the protagonist is saying, Oh, he's an ass bandit. I wouldn't do that. Evil nuts. Um, we had ah since the last time we gonna live. Podcast. We also released my plane incident podcast the pilot for first members, which the fact that you didn't call it the pilot the pipe I texted Gus is like, I hope you really leaned into the funds. Sadly, did not. You don't realize I didn't think about it because I think by the what we released as the pilot was not the first episode we recorded. We had recorded several. And then this is the one we're like. All right? I think you know, I think we kind of have ah, feel down for how it's gonna go. Really good. Really positive. I read. I think there was some good feedback that first members had. I think that Ah, they're called people who said that they didn't like it, but it was less people than I expected. Like, way less People expected. Positive? Yeah. I was like, Oh, I forgot what it's like to make something out of people's shit on it. It it's cool to see all these like audio podcast projects come out like around the same time. Like we obviously have a good morning from hell. Which of you haven't checked out? Go check it out. Face jamas well available on all the platforms you watch or listen to your podcasts and then black box, which is still just on the receipt website. But could non first members watch it? I don't think so. Okay, so it's the first member exclusive. So we're relying on you first. Members, give us a feedbag. We need you. We'll defend. I'm working on a pitching one who, putting together a treatment. I just need to find time to think about it a little more. We'll step out. It's about interesting facts. I like interesting facts. Can I be on it? Yes. Okay. Actually was workshopping it with Jeff. Yes. So I had a report with and I said, Jeff and Gus and Gavin. He's like Gavin's too busy. Hey said. But if you can convince him to be on board doing your publicly rope you in. D'oh! Found a way. Always open is also back. Plug. Go to Deb that plug back, we got a new set. It's nice and cozy. It's more of like a like a coffee shop. Living room, kind of set. How many? How long have you been used? The other set since launch, right? Like, change things around. So I've had, like, the booth and table and like the walls and shelves of the TV agent to the TV because I could only that one time you got out just in time. You came in at the right spot. No, I mean like that. We tried to make a little more simple this that became like a lot of pieces and a lot of setup time. So we, like, parroted down, um, two seasons ago. And then, you know, we been sitting at the booth for a while, and it's like it's it's fun. And it's nice being in that kind of formation with other people you're having a conversation with, but it also becomes a little constructive, like you can't really get up and do things. And so we're like, Oh, if we want to have a pocket for people like you can get up and go get another drink Or like if they want to show something physically that happened to them, they could do that. They could get up and do it. So it's a good idea. Makes you a little looser. Thanksgiving? Yeah, it was definitely cramped. Former, Yeah, but not as certainly a bad way. Like it's intimate, but it's not yet. You really can't get up a definite limits you, in a way, so I just want to make a little more cozy lot more chill. We're less structured now than we used to be. We're kind of doing less topics and just more freeform conversation. So makes a little more cozy. That's funny, cause I want to add more structures through this one. What, like a recurring segments? Bits. Okay, I always I always appreciate those like the steak off like Gavin or Google Pancake. Yeah. I mean, those air. I consider those events, okay. More like stuff that can come and go on an episode with a bunch of ideas. Haven't started gonna start. Eric's not here right now. Maybe next week. We haven't done Governor Google in a while, but Bernie was the curia. I'll do it. Do it all curate. You don't do it right now. Fun. I know, Like all right, Cathy, it's my favorite things. Too much back, actually, because the, uh the spirit of peace here it's like the one time I get to write jokes for other people. To say reproachful I'm doing is I'm trying to just come up with the dumbest, funniest thing, and I don't have to deliver it like Bernie would say, Yeah, and anyone else who laugh and I just sit there in silence. It's nice. I have to wonder playing that game. I have to not watch Gavin because usually your reaction gives it away. I've got better about it. You have a lot of the ones because Bernie used to not tell me the ones that he had from s. I would be hearing them for the first time with you. And some of them were ludicrous. The Google auto complete something else. As we found out repeatedly, what did him what countries did Disney plus launching lost in this one? I think it's just us, right? Someone was just saying the chat. They don't get it in the UK until March, man. Yeah, maybe they said Europe. It's cool. It's cool. The vault is open. Yeah, there's one like I'm hardly the first movie I searched for wasn't on it. It's a very deep cut. Really? Yeah. Song of the South. The No Mobile. I think I knew something called No Mobile. It's based on Upton Sinclair Book, which is very weird, but, um, I have it on DVD and Clem loves it, but we watch it in my car because my car is like a DVD player. Kids, and not really that it's a DVD player. So, uh so like, it's just a pain in the ass to ever play it for anywhere else, but they don't have it. Maybe they'll add it someday. The best thing I wish was the great mouse detective. Did you ever see that? It was like a shell of homes. Vincent Price is the bad guy, which I didn't realize when I was a kid. I watched a man DeLorean, Okay. And then I watched stars, so it launched in the U S. Canada and the Netherlands. And then this week, it'll launch in Australia, New Zealand. It's also interesting that some of the stuff that they have isn't on there yet. And they put the date when it's gonna arrive like you can't watch solo Or the most recent main Star Wars movie. Was there waiting for existing licensing? Yeah, one of them's like 2019 December 1 of those 2020. I think they have endgame, but they don't have infinity war. We tried to watch the new Mary Poppins in it, said January 2021 0 my God. Just give away exclusivity away from their own app. Yeah, I think What? Actually, they licensed it to other people as well as their own. I think Captain Marvel was the first theatrical release they had that they intentionally did not license out and they cut. They carved it out exclusively for Disney. Plus, so it was a fairly recent movie. I mean, that's I wonder. I wonder if those delays are a factor of this is a new platform or whether we'll continue to see that as the I think. What do you think? Everything will just be lonely here on Ford. It'll only be Disney. Plus, I don't think they're gonna license that stuff out to the third party platforms anymore infesting. But of course, Disney also owns who lose. So maybe you'll see some, uh, cross pollination there. Probably more like their TV shows. And like kids content? Yeah. I don't know. Yeah, I watched a great mass detective, and then I watched some light Nineties X men. Oh, that didn't even make the connection That was on their love. That so good. Gonna watch. Um, my Saturday morning feels probably at some point. Woo, I spent like a year of my life tracking down every episode of duck tales on torrents. There's one is my white whale. I could not find it. It was like one person on the entire Internet had it and they never signed on. They were never seating. How dare they? But now it's all on the run. That's right there. Just find it in a moment Mass. Speaking of things that are coming back, a blast in the past. Have you seen the new Motorola Razor? Yes. It's pretty cool looking. I think it looks cool, But why? It's $1500. Well, I guess the galaxy folders, like, two grand around 1500 with an android phone. Okay. Yeah, but I just need a large part of our land. Very well, Probably. Probably not, because us the apple peoples are suckers and we have to spend a lot of money on our bones. Did you ever have a razor? I did. I had I had a, uh, imported special silver razor. It was like the, like, the Japanese exclusive color. So I'd like to, like, stand out and be cool. Got it so fucking to do. But I can't believe I just said that. Well, would you look at this like it's like I'm on the phone. But my back then my normal phone was a sidekick. I remember that I would have to, like, swap between the sidekick and my razor. I still don't understand that the hinge on that thing, how does that sort of thing? It's like it looks like robbery when it folds in. And then it's just It was like he was, like, tap it and, like, flick it. Just like Pam Pops right out in the place. I love it. I love my psychic. Hated my sidekick three psychic Wanted to were awesome. Put the ball. Are you talking about the new razor? And you're talking about the sidekick? You talk about the site, but this was over the second, okay? Because it went well. Oh, yes. When I met you for the first time in 2004 you had a psychic man. I don't want to know. I think maybe, yeah, it was like I think I've ever seen one. I don't think we had him in England. What is that? Look at the way that flicks out. You'll have the full keyboard. You aim on it. I was like you and Bernie both had on. I remember in Paris Hilton. Fact abducted, the Internet was so fucking slow on that thing, it was EJ and outside Plage. We help. You can tell that into staffers. Have I a terminal at? I had it like whenever. Wherever I was. If something happened with the rooster tea servers, I could I could connect to them remotely via my sidekick. Yeah. Had little scripts on there to fix stuff at a razor, remember? I guess I got in like 2005 is I bought it. Like with my money from my my first job out of college. What was the job I worked for golf Smith R i p since gone bankrupt. There a major golf because you don't want your commerce site? Pretty much. It was, uh, based in North Austin was a role. I was the Internet content editor and did all the product pages and stuff. Oh, damn. Those your first job? Yeah. Burger King. It was a good way. First out of college. Oh, like I definitely had, like, student jobs since. Yeah. Gotcha. I was a dental assistant assistant, right? Threw away bloody teeth. Eyes. Is anybody ever asked to keep the teeth? I don't think so. Like someone not involved. I wasn't I wasn't client facing, so I I don't know, they might have pocketed them before. I, uh, Rex here to pick up e like the jizz mop around a porno. If a dentist extract the tooth of yours, can you ask to keep it? You people keep that wisdom teeth, Do they? Yeah. Some people have them. Sure you can. I'll ask next time. Something Just see if you can keep it. Think this guy's like a surgery like this? You have appendicitis and remove your appendix. Can you keep the appendix? I not who is probably something about like human body parts. Yeah. I think you have to be discarded in those, like, Bye. Oh, I think that's bullshit that you can't keep it if you opt in. It's your body for years. Maybe they do with them. They will let you take your placenta home after giving him giving birth. What did you do with you? I'm It's in the trash. Why'd you give it to you? Why don't you eat it? No. They with all the other waste that they took off the table isn't good to stem cells near the umbilical cord in all that shit, we did court one core blood banking. That's different. So they, like, cut the umbilical cord and then, like, drained its contents into the special vile. And then a courier came and picked them up, overnighted them to this storage facility in Arizona, and they were really steep rocks that he had to be. Oh, I had to deliver a pizza in depth strand. You could, couldn't you know you have to have a flat. Yeah, you have to keep it flat the whole time. It was a 30 minute time. Crist stupid being of humans, human's body parts. I heard a story, and I don't know if there's any truth to this. But it is a story of this girl who had been talking to this guy on tinder or some dating app, and he invited her over for dinner and she came over. He made dinner for her. They ate, they had a good time. And then she started feeling really sick. So she left to go home, and she started feeling more and more sick throughout the night that she went to the hospital. And they had to, like, pump her stomach because there was something seriously wrong. And she woke up the next morning and there were police officers in her room. And apparently they found out through, like having to pump her stomach and do all the stuff that she had been fed human flush shut up for, like, parts of a human. And it was like making her sick. So, like the guy she went on the date with essentially cannibal gave her human thio eat well that the previous date maybe I don't know that just human make you throw up. No, no, you can't experience. Probably it would make you sick. So I read about it like I don't think it would necessarily make you sick. But I think the biggest potential risk is that there's some, like a brain problem and me. But there's something going on more file like more easily transmitted through human meat, proteins that are folded the wrong way. They get in and they unfold all your existing protein. What were you, like folding I and your proteins? How does that what it's like? Okay, I'm not a biologist. E like random alien prime heresy. It's like all of your proteins are folded. One way a pry on is like the same kind of protein but it's folded the opposite way. So like when it comes into contact with the correctly folded ones, it unfolds them That re falls in the wrong way. So basically all of the protein in your body gets unfolded and re fold it the wrong way. Way There's a mirror image of you. It's your brain falls apart before but literally folded away. I think it like it does. It stops working. Is that the same causes? Like the twisting I think you can eyes that is that Why, like mad cow disease was from cows? Iain Kallis. Is it the same? Similar? Essentially, yeah, and it's more prevalent. Brain matter is with the problems, and that's what is happening with cows. Are you happy you're a vegan at this point in time? Me yet? No. Still still. But now you're over a month for 1/2 weeks or so, indeed. What if I'm unfolded and re folded one of your proteins? Would you be all right now? I think it's for heads. Think What's that? Let you get it like it's slowly continues to spread. Ah, that they're describable Uh uh pry ons. Prinze referred to abnormal pathogenic agents that air transmissible and are able to introduce abnormal folding of specific normal cellular proteins called prion proteins Usually found Mr Bentley in the brain. Uh, the abnormal folding of the prion proteins leads to brain damage. The characteristic signs and symptoms of the disease. Prion diseases are usually rapidly progressive and always fatal. So don't get prime it unfolding report, you bring them, then you die. All right, On that note, I don't eat. Thanks for watching her, but, uh, we'll see you guys next time. Bye bye. I need to go.