#572 - We're Not Doctors, But...

Join Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Drew Saplin, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss getting pulled over, Baby Yoda, medical stuff, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-11-26 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Drew Saplin, Barbara Dunkelman


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you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 572. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Hey, everyone, welcome to the risky podcast. I'm Gus. I'm done. I'm Drew by bra High energy there. I felt a burp coming up as we're going around, and I was really hoping I'd be time to spare Good. A perp. Your name? You kind of just exhale your name. And, like, a little like a little lippy except, like thing you touch. Mmm. You have to have teach teeth touched for your name. Drew. Yeah, uh, thought about that T o wait for the S e o. Language is weird, right? Let you manipulate your mouth into different shapes to make sounds so other people can understand you. So, uh, Raina Scully was tweeting about today about this problem she has is a lot of her, uh, comment section of YouTube videos where people accused her of being, uh, not fully Japanese. Okay, this might be a weird word. Uh, ask her. She's not. There are some things you just declare, um, and that she has a hard time you know, convince him otherwise. And one of the things that she lists out like I'm so sorry. I speak really good English. It's my second language, but I speak really well and she does. Rada speaks it like she grew up in like California. It's amazing, uh, and it made me think of this clip. I saw a wild back, and I'm not sure if it was like a Japanese game show. Our Korean game shows some like that. And there was a, ah, celebrity and artist on there that was answering questions, and they're answering questions in English. Um, the whole thing was in their native language, but they're answering English for their answering it so perfectly in, like, you know, American phonetics, that kind of thing that then they're people weren't understanding them fast enough. And so then they would kind of throw a little bit of a spin of like they're with their accent. And I thought that was like they were really being punished for being too. Good morning, darling. I've seen that clip you're talking about. It's ah, it's like an interview with the K pop group, right? Like that. Just a musician. You could you could speak English fluently. Yeah, but this yet to put an accident it so that they would understand her. Raina Raina is like like she She's because you've lived here for a while and in fact met her husband here. He's He's been getting into trouble at home. I love that going. I've been I've been trying to learn trouble. Trouble trouble at home on the d l c of trouble. Um, I've been trying to learn Ah, some korean. So now I'm doing this thing where I'm mashing up languages and I'm combining English, Spanish and Korean and making like this frank and words you use, It's fantastic. The other day I was I was I was speaking in this this made up language, and Mr said she stopped me, said, You need to stop doing that. You're inventing a language that no one outside of this house is gonna be able to understand. And it's gonna be really different exam. Yeah, it's an example. So I learned that if you say you're cold and create its Chua So I was a little cold, so I said I was to eat Oh, that's so good. No way live your truth. When my mother in law comes over, she picks up my dog. She'll say, like football, football, which means kiss. So now, for me, kisses are best depots. People's well above like prosciutto in people s so cool. I like that. I see that sometimes when I was learning both French and Hebrew growing up, I used to forget sometimes like which language was which, in certain words. So I would like, make a sentence and have half French, half Hebrew or just like a Hebrew word in there. And I didn't even realize it was wrong until someone's like, What did you say? I think I think I started growing up on the border like you would do that all the time with Spanish and English. Or you like, make monstrous Spanglish words. So now it's like I'm revisiting. It was another. When I do, it's like if I'm a little cold and found a Spanish in English. Yes, I'll say a burrito. I'm a little cold. Herbert, What I you probably told me this before, but what's your level of fluency in Spanish? That this pretty good? Okay, yeah, it's it's atrophy to big something use it very much. I figured you'd like you at one point in life or completely fluent, and it's got a little by the wayside party. Yeah, I only know bad Spanish. I only know like Peggy Hill like hatred. That's more than I know. I can't abide. It's just I love that Peggy Hill bats crashed. I think that's also like another inspiration for like, smashing up words. Yeah, she always uses the wrong totally, uh, Tony's my favorite Spanish word just cause it's so much better than underwear and it sounds like you're so much Tony's Tony's Jonas. You've never heard that I grew up in E. California in pretty mixed environments of like a lot of, ah, Hispanic culture like that and still like words like that. I didn't know like I didn't know that was a Spanish word, like we just always called underwear. Tony's Yeah, but it's like Shoney's is like the white boy like high pick up your Tony villages like that. The Peggy Hill, right? Hey, how you pick up, I said, Tony's. It's weird for me to be around people who, like I see products like Lacroix. To me, that'd be like wah and like close on crimson. And I'm like, What are these words? Do it even like Lacroix record like they prefer, people say, Lacroix said. Lacrosse? Lacroix Yeah, I mean, it's awful, but like when me learning French growing up looking at that word my brain said I took. I took, like, a three years of French in high school, and that was hammered into me so much. And now, like, I have to tell my brain to say it. Chris Aunt. So I don't seem like that like pretentious ass feels like God. So you should just start speaking like that. Just be that guy. No, you have a mustache. You could do it, but that's a a brain, a turtleneck and a lit cigarette. You're done. I learned who's the long list of things that you needed? Ah, completely change your personality and where you grew up. I've learned over the course of this past weekend the real test of whether you want to keep a mustache or not. Ah, and that is, if you're sick and you owe congested and you're blowing your nose constant, which I have been since, like Wednesday. Uh, if this is just like a trap for all that stuff that's coming out your nose and sounds like you have two steps. Now when you're, like, blowing your nose and it's clear this and then clean this and gusta it's it's pretty. It's pretty rough on that same thought. I thought I was going to make a joke that I had that same thought once a month. Mm. Finished. I don't know what you cut me. Oh, is there, John, You don't need to finish. It is the master of my hair care. Okay, if you wanna get rid of that during that time of the month, Is that a problem? During that time in this segment of the podcast called Barbara explains jokes to John and Barbara will explain it. Shut up. I think it depends on what type of stuff you use. Okay, That's what I That's what I was trying to figure out how much spreading of fluid got there would be during what they were, like, a pad. Yeah, that's gonna cost him with here. Okay, I never put that that kind of, but I'd get rid of it. So, like, I don't really have that problem. Wait No, you can't get rid of it. I wax my vagina. Oh, the hair here, the hair. I thought you meant, like, during a beer. I get rid of it. I just I just like the surrounding area opening. Nothing else. Just like blowing your nose. Just clean it out. Yeah, I had that issue the other day when I was at the gym. Queef. Yeah, My trainer was getting you to do this. Move where I had my legs up. It was, like, for like, a lower ab exercise. And I was like, I'm gonna be real with you, girl. This position is putting a lot of air into me. And she goes, she goes, Oh, just like she told me to clench. I think it was either my butt or like, my abs or something like that. And it completely went away. The error of American trapped there went away. Yeah, but did you quit at any point? I did not. Okay, This has been barbs, queef tips. Oh, that's my favorite all time. It's gonna have its own custom graphics package. I don't think you were in on the podcast because this is only your second talking This ain't my first rodeo is my second rodeo. Still, a low amount of rodeo rodeo is a fantastic reign, but like I've talked about quips, Ah, high number of times it was bought guest. There's one story where this is many years ago where I just finished doing the deed with someone and I got up and I quit. FTE. But it was so bad that every step I took I kept everything. So me running to the bathroom was kept getting louder and louder as it what your run with powered by Queen Reverse Doppler effect, there is like there is this, like auditory threshold that happens when you're having sex often where Brooke about it having, um often when you're having sex that you like, it's kind of like start off having sex, and there is no actual, like sound of the bodies, like moving, colliding. But then they're just comes like a position or amount of moisture that gets in the bodies that then it's just a lot of slapping is happening. It's a way to give me something else to be anxious about my whole life. Great. Oh, great. Here comes the slapping part. It's true. It's one of those things that you cannot not here and like going in there. It's happening because port has taught us that sex is all, like, quiet like. Is that what you learn? Not quite quiet, but like not not messy O or like watch a different kinds important. Then we must be at. But I get, I think growing up I watch a lot of like, very bill vanilla stuff that was, like a little like not as messy, a little more like seductive, not involving anyone. Stepbrother e I Just speaking of porn, Did you see that port Hope Now if we could have a black Friday deal, what does that mean? What I think it means? What do you think it means? Do you want? Do you want to explain? Is digging that hole a very popular form of pornography is, um, African American man. Hey, black guys with very large black Friday. It's a sale. It's the after they think maybe there's a Siri's, so there are a lot of a lifetime of Port Hope premium for $299. What do you get with Premium? That's a good question, but I wondered the exact same thing. Uh, you got over 100,000 exclusive videos. This sounds like a fucking at over 100,000 videos. No ads and content in 10. 80 p four k n v e r. Ah. Did they send you of your headset? What is porno, dude, when its point. I'm gonna make a V r headset. I'm still I still don't they make they make bank. I get the idea behind. Ah, the airport. That's a lot of what we had. We had it. We had an issue in our we had a story happened in the recent Artie life. Ruined Bucky's. Uh uh, which is you Go watch that Artie life. Uh, and this is the boys, actually over here on the sidecar. Blaine Blaine was with you. He was there. He's been over there. You naturally lot of hanging with Dutch. My dinner, just in case, uh, Blaine was talking about Ah. He added an instance where he had a bunch of monitors on the screen was open up. All kinds of windows of porn. Just had, like, Batman esque levels of, uh, porn wasn't at work. This is that thing. That was explaining to you that I did. Yeah, you did like it. Yeah, and Drew's response was just too much work too much. Why would you need Yeah, what do you need that? Maybe a guy that got out of it. But Drew's reaction that and so like v R B the same thing. It's like all I want to do is for a guy when I just want to go, you know, masturbate, just important is just do it and then not do it. It's like V r pores like let me get my V R headset. People who watch ah lot like more potent than the average person, and they're looking for new ways to get off. What, What means? That there are $400 feet like China or that into porn. If you haven't already using it for other stuff to you, it's not like that's my poor DVR. It's a little wet subscription, though, like that's ah, that's a hearty investment to be, ah, $400.1 time fee. For all the point. Like when James and Adam made Bruce watch gay porn in V. R on their Channel ones, that was the funniest moments in my life is watching that because they had the ones was like It's the P O. V ones. And so he's like they're just watching a dude. Raylan is great. I've been down to look at it, just just for curiosity's here. Blaine has a crazy set up. Well, really, it's apparently that's not that great, though, like you don't have control. So if you're not into it, then you're really not into it. And you have control over regular point, but you're not put right, but you're not. You're not in the perspective of the person taking it interesting. So, yeah, it's it's a it's a whole thing. Duly noted, uh, I'd still check it out. Well, have I got a deal for you? Four k? Yeah. I don't need porno for K either one. While I'm here. Can I say you have to go check up the holiday music deal? We worked really hard on it and just came out. You want to say that again? Without Holly Music videos out. It's my five year tradition, so go check it out. We just dropped it today. I'm very proud of. It was the 1st 1 you did 12 days Rooster teeth as a phone, you're five golden Yang's. You remember that made you repeat that about 1000 times. Me and Pongo had a special moment on that video clip of Ryan repeatedly kicking Brandon on the floor, screaming, That's a good one. There's, like, a lot of good stuff in that. Ryan. Yeah, some three years of varied in quality. But you did the singing in that one. You and Emily, me and Emily. I did the same. It's really good. You're just a range of a couple of angels. How How early is too early for Christmas. I have been behind that like you. You know, live your best life. Live your truth. Whatever Chaser bliss. I'm not in that camp, but but I am someone that knows that I will get burned out on Christmas if I start doing it too early. And so I set like a standard of, like Thanksgiving when I was a kid. When I was living at home, I would get so annoyed. My sister would always want listen to Christmas music too early, too early, so I would really like Halloween. So I told her that Santa was watching. And if she listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, Santa wouldn't come to our house on. I'm sorry, but those are the rules. Did it work? Yes, I was just saying that There's, Ah, Netflix video, Klaus, that I'm here. It's a is animated Christmas movie that I've heard good things about, and I really want to watch it. But I'm like, I cannot watch it until after, you know, until this week after Thanksgiving, the games, games of fun, you Are you ready to go? Then it's then it's just shove as much Christmas I'm willing to give middle of November, I think. I think, like one thing's givens coming up. Yeah, go for it, I will say, though every single year. Pretty sure we've put out that Christmas music video around this time, like right before Black Friday and every single year. People are just like a little early to be putting this out, huh? I'm like it's literally this every year. It's right around the time Black Friday is happening because it's essentially like showing what we got in our store and what we got coming out this year. So by that logic, movie trailers or too early for a year. I could check it out. I'm don't Manslaughter. It's really fun. Thanks for your time. You just It's a nice spot in those seats are taking him to end. Yeah. So see my son. Oh, he's tied up. You set up your second. It's not a real cat. It's No, I get to go to L. A. And I'm relieving John responsible. Yeah. When do I get him? Saturday. Coming. Okay, I'm moving Saturday, So it's gonna be later in the day. Uh, wait, Let everyone stop. Let's figure this out. I get to have Dutch. I'm jealous. Do you anybody use any of those like water purifier containers that you put in your fridge? No. No. What? Yeah, no view, Barbara. No, no. We live in a city that has clean water. What a what? A ton of effort for legs. Such Why? Because I use one. All right. And how often do you clean your strong nine? No. Work. I filter just closing it. Right. I made a disgusting discovery the other day. I minds fairly new. I've had mine for about a year. A little over a year. Okay? And I was changing the filter on it. And I looked at the container was like container. Looks like it's a little cloudy for some reason, I thought when I last clean, this was like, let me wipe this out real fast. So I got, like, a paper towel, and I wiped it, and the hotel came out black. You're talking about the inside of the picture of actual where they were drinking the water with clean water Would quote you're supposed to be our gold star. Coal residue? Nope. That was mold. Definitely. Mold disemboweled. Taboo thing is fucking e. So clean it out. If you got one at home, clean it out. Please. Just drink from the tap. If you're in a place that has safe drinking, I don't trust my apartment complex, which is wise. That's fair. A British one of those, like Filtered. That's just a roommate fight. That's just a tee up for a roommate firing. I don't live with anybody. Dude, you didn't replace the Britta. No, dude, that was your turn. Like immediate. But you're sending me immediately. If you use it, put water in it. Say this is so you and I could ever love you. Is there anything that you guys argue us with? Your ladies like that's like a constant battle in terms of like who takes care of what In the household, I feel like I have a pretty clear division. You guys also have been together for a long time. Lines are drawn. Yeah, we've got clear lines. Have any laundry? She's amazing. She does all the logic, all the laundry. Damn. How do I get? I have to clean the whole house? That's the tradeoff. Street mop, dust, kitchen, bathroom. You know, I think I prefer doing that over laundry. Same. Yeah. Conversations like what? What what? What's wrong with laundry? I think for study for me personally, I have a lot of different types of clothes, a lot that don't go in a dryer that need this type of wash that need to be hung to dry or lay flat too dry. So it's not just like putting a load in taking him out and putting it in the dryer. It's like sorting through a bunch of stuff to folding and hanging up. You think I'm just gonna unfold this in like a day also like, Yeah, Lee has a lot of clothes that are like various kinds and sizes. So eventually was like I was too stupid to do it. That's what it was, a matter of convenience. You don't know how any of the tags works. Every now and then, Trevor will offer he'll be like, Do you want me to like? I see you have some laundry here. Do you want me to put it in for you? And I go? It's very sweet of you, but no, because it's very particular. And I don't want him to have to go through each item of my clothing and figure out what goes in where. I've always thought that someone should develop an app for your phone, that you could point it at the care you know. They got all the symbols you pointed at the care tag, and it tells you exactly what that means. Look, you are on the character, not exist. That does it. I don't know. I feel like I've never seen that. It's like, Oh, this can't go in hot water. This needs to be tumble dry low, you know, whatever that we tell summarized. Better yet, what about a Roomba for laundry. It's a hamper and washer, and one does. I think you can use the washing machine. I guess, as your hamper. Why don't people d'oh! Dirty clothes? People like to separate their lights in there dark colors or whatever it is. Who knows? I don't. I don't separate anything. Separate some stuff. I think I read something like a while ago that because of like, the detergent we use now, there's really not much of a reason you can. I think it also depends on, like how new and item isn't like, how saturated color is on it. But there are some things that will definitely bleed if you put in like a pair of new red pants with a bunch of white shirts like that will probably get on it. Uh, are we allowed to reach at fair for someone said they need to get an R T play on who uses a laundry service. There must be one in that room. I using all laundry service sometimes because I fold Yeah, uh, kinky, like the Michael. Give him a big old bag of laundry and they deliver back and it's all folded. You sort of a preview of the Port of Review. Canada is super fluff and fold. Because I don't have I don't have ah, washer and dryer in my complex. Oh, that's a pain in the ass. So I do that sometimes. But hopefully that Yeah. Remember somebody's got laundry. I'm excited. Moving to a place that has washing drier and a dishwasher. It was a game changer. Life changing as long as it as long as they work. Well, I had I lived in apartment once. I was like, Yeah, it had a dishwasher, but it was fucking worthless. Yeah, and come out. Just how did this come out dirtier than when I put it in? Or is it, like, the kind of destruction? Have to wash the dishes before putting them in? Both. Like to watch it, and then you put in there like I gotta wash it again, just like doubling the amount of Washington do No, no can do. Um, So I got pulled over by a cop the other day a little pissed off. What were you doing? I'm disappointing. His feeding allegedly I was faster. You allegedly is still pending, you know. You know how there's some streets in Austin that say It's like 30 mile an hour speed limit. But in reality, everyone's doing like 60. Sure, so I was on. I was, I was pulling out. I was. I was in a parking lot and was pulling out of the streets, and it's like two lanes in each direction, So I have to pull out and have to make the left turns have to cross a couple of Lane's traffic's really busy, so I pull out and accelerate quickly so that the people coming that are gonna be behind me don't have to slow down. Sure, it just so happens. A person who is good opposed me. Behind me is a cop. Nice. So I pull out and I start accelerating. And he immediately turns his lights on impulse power. So I pull off to the side and he comes out and he's like, You know why I pulled you over? I was like I was speeding. He was like, There's no denying it. He's like he's like, Yeah, I clocked you going 55 in a 30 mile an hour zone. I don't think I was going that fast. I just admitted I was already dug test you like, Touch the gas pedal in Europe on it. I don't think it's going that fast. I just was accelerating so that you didn't have to slow down. And he's like, Okay, give your license insurance, give it to him, and he goes back in his car for, like, two seconds comes back. All right? Just order you go. It was, like, toss my life. Okay, Thanks. I guess bigger and better things. Someone didn't feel like doing any paperwork. Yeah, the best warning I ever got away with. It was the first time I ever got pulled over. Pulled over on this rural country road. I didn't understand. Like what? I was just a new driver. Didn't know howto like, do anything with cops. Pull over. Think like Oh, you know would be nice if we pulled into my neighborhood. It's just up the street. I'll just go ahead and start the car back up and we'll take him. Oh, my neighborhood. So I take him all the way into my neighborhood and I turn into our neighborhood. He hits the sirens like big, loud shit. Okay, maybe this is the spot to pull over, so I pull over. I'm sitting there like, Oh, shit. I look down. I just got off of work, and I was wearing any shoes, so I started digging under the seat. So I get my shoes out. What do you do it? And so and so the cop gets out of the car and he's like, no license registration, like, comes out the window like this in the window, quick. And I was like, Did he have a gun? Oh, no, I forgot. No, I got out of the car. No, that's what I dug out of the sea. And it took him a little bit while longer. And I was like, Maybe maybe I'm supposed to get out and so that I get out of the car and I'm like, Hey, man, did you need something to get back to the car, get in the car and he comes over and he goes life verses. You takes my shop stuff. Do you know why I pulled you over? I think I have no idea. Is that there's backup on the way right now. Dude, you could have a good fucking reason why you ran for music. I didn't run. I'm so sorry I didn't run. He's like you have a bumper in your truck and I can't see your license plate. And I was like, That's it, is it? Yeah. Go the fuck home, dude, and let me off with a warning. It was it was it. Wow. I should have been shot. Yeah, Yeah, I'm surprised he didn't have his gun. I should have been dead. Oh, my God. Dude. Groups of 16 of the child. That's probably why I let you go is like, Look at this fucking kid. I've never been pulled over. Oh, find some wood to knock on. I have. Hold over now. 16 cause I look too young to drive. What's e You've seen senior photo, John. Yeah, but pull someone over because they looked too young to be Oh, that's a real thing. Thing is not a joke. I had to sit on a pillow to be hauled away over Buddy. The the seats of my parent's car were like deep, but it's still I was tiny. I was tiny. How old are you? Uh, pre like that. So when I was, like, 16 I couldn't have been more than five feet. Holy shit. Yeah, I'm pulling you over. Yeah, and I also I like I had this cherub like face inside. This cop just sees a kid just doing this to get there. You're sitting on a pillow. Look, I gotta go pick up my mommy and daddy. That's how most old parent's car need a car to pick him up way Daddy drank too much. He told me to go get E o. Uh, Thanks, dude. Yeah, that happened. You'll see that. Ah, Speeder vehicles. You'll see that. Ah, Tesla's cyber truck reveal How could we not have that PlayStation car spawned a 1,000,000 means apparently over 200,000 have been ordered. Yeah, but it only costs $100 to pre order them. So I think, Ah, lot of people just pure Toto. There's gonna black out, back out, right. $100 refundable deposit. I'm excited about what it's gonna like. Fuck up with design in the future. Like I may not be super. I may be in love with the concept of that car, but I know that nobody else can make gonna They did the cyber truck, but it looks something like like basically on Must kick started the whole future car. Look, if it's if it sells Oh, do? It's gonna move like the first time you see them on the road. You should be like This is the future. Here we are. We did it just did you Did you pre order it? Yes, yes, yes. How many do you feel? You're listening. There was a mistake. Whoa. How many did you pre order? Did you pair me one? So there's 100 bucks to preorder? Sure. And I made a mistake. Fuck you A During the live stream like they asked. Like you go pre order one. Now it's, like, cool. So, like I went to the process you could do with apple pay. So cool. Put it in. It's like I got the loading screen was like, Oh, everything you went through. I was like, Well, I better I better start the process over again just to be safe. So then I went and I ordered another one, So I pro too. That's why I started for me. We're good. Really? Thinking you're going to sell 10 or something Ridiculous isn't hers, so Well, I'll cancel. Are they selling for? Do we know you started $40,000 which is cheaper than which is like a tricked out F 1 50 can run you 60 70. Right? Are there any other colors? Aside from DeLorean and steal? They haven't shown any on Twitter. He said that there would be more color options, but they've only shown that unfinished steal. It literally looks like a like a low with sewer. Low Polly. Yeah. Yeah. Like something that you would see him like Tomb Raider with Lara Croft when she had the fuckin like box. Yes. So it starts at 40,000 then, Like the for a single motor. But forget the tri motor, it's 70,000. Wow. So I just did just go quickly. I'm excited for the day that you see one of those is like a farm truck. Like in 20 years. We farm tripp, talk albedo, test the cyber trick, a windows air punched out from like from someone throwing balls at the metal balls out of that. So I can't wait to little start driving around. It's gonna look so so fucking walking. Weird, man. She's gonna be so weird. Future. Yeah, I think I think it's ugly as hell and I was. I really hated it when I first saw it, but it's really grown on me. That's right where the charm is. Yeah. Did you see it like out tow? The like. They did a tug of war with the F 1 50 Yeah, and it towed it. So they were on a hill and it like, snaps the tow line. And then the F 1 50 driving as fast. It can go either way, and it just drags it up a hill while it's trying to accelerate away from it. It's what I wanted in truck Christ, I saw a Neil DeGrasse Tyson tweeted about that, explaining why it was a rigged test. Boo boo Neil DeGrasse Tyson just just is just fun. Ruin er, he just wants to be hated at this point. Yeah, he's a professional cool. He likes stars. Any likes to troll. He's not looking to the stars. He be trolling. That's how that works with Thio calling him Neil. That's what he deserves and what I know. But just like Mr DeGrasse Tyson, I don't have to call him by. His first middle and last doctor is probably Doctor. Just address Tyson. Isn't that a hyphenated name? Yeah. Okay. Correct. But he's one of those guys who like when you call him Mr DeGrasse Tyson is like, actually, it's Dr Absolutely. Absolutely. He's that guy. I want to be a doctor. Should be docking in trolling e t. What? Easy. What's the fastest way to get a PhD? Ooh, my daughter. I don't have an underground. I don't have an undergraduate given one by school. Oh, yeah. I bet you ut would like show someone. Give me a PhD. My dad has a PhD. He could give it to you for the day alone. Can I change my name? Barbara's father Dunkleman. That's his first name. Barbara's father. Doctor Daddy Dunkleman. That's three triple first name Doctor. Daddy. Weird. Yes, it's actually Dr Duncan. It's like, uh, so much for a long time on The Simpsons. Grandpa Simpson didn't have a name. He was just literally about Grandpa. I like Homer's middle name. J J J A. Y. Right Here he is. Truman's middle name was s That's right. Is this, uh, the letter asked, With John, you don't get to say a fact and then just say That's right. That's You have to, like, put a pause there for some of the questions hit and then you know that's right. That's right. It's like you patting yourself on the back for knowing of fact while you spouted the fact out because you got to check it. You guys gonna check it in the room it on. Wait his middle. Okay. Yeah. His middle initial s honors his grandfather's Anderson ship, Truman and Salomon Young. So Yeah, he's kept his ass. Just s See, I didn't. That's right. I know. I know you, Drew. Thank you. I know someone whose middle name is just a letter. What is this? Like the letter k? Interesting. What does that stand for? Nothing. It's just the letter. It stands for something that my parents gave me that I have to explain for the rest of my life because I'm in love. You know? You dio John, you don't write. I haven't told the internet it Oh, do we noted I go by mine. You d'oh, I don't like not gonna tell the Andrews your middle name. Andrew is Yeah, I just learned something. Yeah, Minds, Julie. People know that. All right? Julie B J d blowjob. Dunkleman. That's Dr Blowjob. Video Doctor. Daddy, Blow job. Don't I need to wipe that immediately from my memory? Uh, yeah. When I was younger, I didn't. Barbara is a very old new, so I was like, I need to think of a nickname I could go for, Like, Barbe also old Barbie. I don't want to call Barbie because ah, um, so I was like, my middle name is Julie. So be Jack should go by B J. And then I had a cousin who was a little older who was like, You probably shouldn't do that. It's like why? And then I just trust me on this one. Don't go by b. J. Don't worry about it. Yeah, and so I was like, OK, I guess I can't go by b J for whatever reason. And then I aged, like, five years from that. I'm, like, smart. Why? Good advice when it was presented. Like I trust we're to go trust people. Yeah. Can you imagine if you still went by B J? Like if we were here? It's like I'm Gus. I'm John. I'm through being a BJ with Artie podcast. I mean, if it's that solidified. I don't think it would've been a problem committed we could bring back. I'm going to try to bring it back for a week. I think I'm good. All right. Merrill called me Benny. I love baby ducks is so funny. Dunks. That was pretty cool. And I thought it was ducks dunks because it's like Dunkleman got it. Makes sense that I liked it better is ducks, but okay, give me Dex. Honestly, some Femi ducks fan art. It's just a face like a goose neck entitled Goose Game becomes young titled Ducks Game. Oh, my God. Make it happen. Internet. The B J Goose game. That's a good All right, Thank you. Tried about here trying. So, um no, I'm a tell a story. Now You guys are okay. Just like that. Whenever we get too low. Just like you know, I actually do have a story about meeting Captain America. Excuse the story. Actually. Who? Captain? I'm a Captain America, Like Chris Evans or a minion dressed up like Captain America. Captain America. Go on. Um s So I I told the story a while back about a triple in discipline, like a year ago. and had the best uber right ever right where he was able to maneuver like a James Bond driver. Um, that same trip s I was at the park all day by myself, which I loved. Um, I'm a big fan of being a disciplined by myself on getting to do whatever I want whenever I want and get me going like the single rider lines neck. I think so. I spent the whole day doing that, and at one point I went from design over to California Adventure. And I'm wondering through California Venture in the animation part of that park, and I wanted to the back of it, and I had forgotten I didn't realize that they had changed some of the character spaces out to actually hosts a Marvel characters. Now over in conference venture Disney. It's Marvel. They're gonna make money off of it. Um, so I saw the right. I saw Spider Man and he was hanging. I was like, That's cool that Spiderman Um And then I saw the left. I saw Capt. America and I, for some reason super started Fanboy ng about that. There's catch America there. I'm an adult man. I'm a mid thirties. No, very full. Well, that's not the real captain. That don't matter. Sits like the little like lizard brain in back of me is like reading comics. And seven is capt America. I want a photo with Captain America. You get an autograph too? Um, no. But I am also ah, person who is riddled with social anxiety. Figure in combination. Yeah. Who does not want to do things there that are gonna draw attention to me. They're out of the norm. That that kind of thing. Also, as opposed to going and visiting one of, like the, uh, the, uh, furry characters who have, like, full costume and mask anything. Is it human? If I'm gonna go interacted this person, I gotta go directed another human who you gotta look in his eyes. I recognition. Like I got capped America's eyes and be like, Hi. You know, it's not like Mickey Mass weirdo like which I have done that earlier that day, I was walking through Toontown and Mickey's house had no lines. I went through line and they took a vote making mass. It was fantastic. No line, huh? Draw anymore. Um, actually was lying when she got all the way in. But anyways, s O. I paced several times like there's camera footage. Just see this man with a backpack just walking back and forth in that area of the park. And I was like texting a color People like Tony Symonette. And that was extra. Do it. Should I just go like the line is full of parents and small Children. I will be the only single adult man in this line to go meet Captain America, and I finally have got the resolve and got in line, And I did. I wait in line the entire way, and I'm like, looking around and it's nothing but, like parents and their kids and kids are getting excited. And garlic, I think I'm just standard by myself with a little back with my little backpack. And then as I got closer, I'm like, Ah, shit. I have to, like, say something like, You have to say something. He Oh, that would be good. S o I I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna say. Like I got I gotta have something clever to say. Else didn't help that also like talking about all the parts of my brain that were firing from this point. The bisexual part, my friends, I was gonna ask. Cute. Thank you. Thank you, Captain America and S O. And he was like he was tall and he's buff is fantastic. The suit looks great on him. And so as I get closer, I'm like, All right, I got it. I got something to say and it gets up to me and like I'm watching the families before me And there's always this kind of, you know, this this pattern that's happening where you know, the parents and the kids walk up, they kind of shoe their kids over to the parents, and then they go over and take the photos, and then they all like have a cute cat. Americans is cuter action with the kids, and they're on their merry way. There are no like templates of what, like just alone, adult man walks up at best, I saw, like a young group of girls go up who are like, you know, but like like being in a chuck E cheese. This is like being in a Chucky Chucky cheese, the super hot captain marriage. But Chuck e cheese oil. That red is down. Um, Chuck E cheese to you. So are you going? I walked up to Captain America, was very nice, and, uh and I asked him, I thought of a good question. I was like, Hey, so I got I got a question for you is one of the answers, Like, what's what's the best exercise to broaden your shoulders and they're getting us some. I really want to work on a bill, dude. And I was one if you'd give me Ah, legit answer, or like a Captain America motherfucker gives the Captain America answer, and he goes, Hey, I'm actually the worst person to ask that about. Super Soldier serum gave me all this. Something like that was like, damn it, I knew you'd say That s o. I don't think I said damn it in front of captain area. I would have shit my pants if I did, Um, it would have been bad, but I'm so sorry. It's a damaged ship. So I I asked for a pose and I actually asked for a specific post because I was like, if I'm gonna be here, I was top or bottom so I wanted to do like a cool like a cop duo. Arms crossed back to back. Kind of look. So we got that photo. Friends of problem friends of properties of prom pose. God, if I could have gone with capt. American problem that have been good. Anyway, I would have awoken your bisexuality a lot earlier. Earlier would have defined it better, so no. But then I got we don't got down on my post and then he actually thought it proposes. When I came here, we did. We did something like a like a flex pose off that kind of thing. Now we kiss in my head. That's how this ended. Instead, the people like I said, Bye bye, Captain America and the people handing me my bag and stuff. And I walked away and geeked out over my little photos I have of Captain America. I love how the process of you going up to this person who works at Disneyland. Disneyland? Yeah, Um it's like you were like, I have to come up with something to ask them or state of them instead of just like, can I get a photo? That But I wanted it. I wanted to have, like, ice a little bit like a combo. I guess that's true, Captain America, I want to talk to Captain America. Some bad Captain. You should have asked how Bucky is. Oh, that would be mad. I should've said Hail Hydra. That would be better. Yeah. You know, go back. Hail Hydra and slap him. E do it blamed and just proposed to him. Oh, man, he's no guest on No. Mary got better than best on gas. Don't use this. Isn't all of his decorating that. Did you have the photo? You can. You hear it? Okay, I'll give. I'll give broadcast folk. I thought we were building up to like and here I have a photo. I'll give you the photo. They're super cute. It's just John like this. It's just a pity. Is the picture of Baby OTA going through that up way, Baby Yoda while we wait for the can't show Baby Yoda. I was explicitly today, not the shit we can't sing here. We catch your baby Yoda, baby, that thing that's the best. Apparently, uh, eat my shorts. Disney's taking down pictures of a bot. Is that what's going on. Yeah, they say you can't have baby Olympics. Do they not like free market? Makes sense. I remember back when the Web for started, like in 94 95 really early on, like Lucas would go after people who had any images from Star Wars on their Web pages on Make Him Take it down. I don't know, like Disney owns it so cyclical how it came back. Are they worried about like people taking ownership or like having some official like connection to the brand I've already seen, like knockoff BBO merchandise. I don't think there's like an advanced level of marketing that happens, like way up here, where it's like, Why don't we say we're gonna take down Baby Yoda and nobody will talk about Baby OTA or like people were already talking about going Baby, don't we throw this ball through this window and actually break? Somebody talks about it for another couple of like theirs, an extra echelon like once you get to a point. Yeah, it's like the fuck it up marketing. I just don't get it. It's It's essentially free marketing also, baby. Oh, by the way, it was the best idea that that shows had because I wasn't gonna watch the mantle. Oreo. No watching the middle like I was watching it with. I was watching the first episode as to really didn't care that his baby only came out at the end of the first episode. She was like, Okay, what's this? What's this now, Every every week, it's like, Is that you have sort of baby? Oh, baby, Oh, distracting. Like me and Trevor have had this conversation. We're trying to watch the show, and it's like distracting how cute this thing is, because every time it's on screen, it's just like I haven't seen Eric. He threw up a photo with you bot fucking slaps, But we can't show, baby. Oh, can you show the baby Yoda I helped you develop? Uh, can't Disney problem. I can't show that way. Show, uh, Bernie's Sun Dresses, Baby Oda, Burnie and Ashley's Kid. It's just a costume. I mean, does that get the point across a baby? You know, showing a picture of his kid. It's a baby, and it's Yoda reads. That's like the beginning of the theme song for the new Baby, Your Baby. May DeLorean. Season two It's a baby version of the same species. The character Yoda. Waas. Okay, here. Here's the Here's the bait. Here's the Yoda that we developed me. See if I can get it. Sounds like a lab thing. It's way. Had an idea when I found a pot full of smoke opens And what I found out that we couldn't show Baby Yoda. I gave a suggestion for how we could get around this. Oh, okay. And let me let me get Show this. Yeah, way, baby filter. That's perfect for me. That means I'm going to tell my kids. This is baby. I said, we've got baby Yoda at home, baby. Uh, I hate it. It's so bad. It's so perfect. He does look good. He's, like, six or 700 years old, right? Yeah. I think that isn't Baby Yoda in the series will be 50. Yeah, yeah, but who's like a baby show that I heard initially I had heard that they were not gonna have any baby order merchandise in time for Christmas. But now I guess that the other day they said, Yeah, they're gonna have some apparel out. I guess they didn't think they didn't want to live. It's leak. The electric companies like when they share stuff like that. Invariably, that's how information gets out. So they'd kind of sat on it and waited. So you probably just get apparel. Probably easy stuff like shirts and yeah, pajama pants or what I want, right? You're not gonna get back. I want it so bad you get there in time for season two after they killed off baby Yoda. I's gonna happen because Baby Yoda doesn't exist in Episode seven. You don't know if you don't. You know that big universe. But we keep seeing the same fucking people all the time. I don't know if you want to bring this up It all. But I was included on a Twitter conversation that Gus was included on with someone complaining that we spoiled. Oh, Amanda, Amanda Lorien. If I tell you out, Baby Yoda and I was like, you would have to be living under a rock to not know anything not know baby owed exists because everyone is tweeting about it. Posting pictures about it was like a streaming service. It has been several days. Yes, and they're like some people haven't had a chance to washing it, which I get. I understand that everyone has time to watch things that they want to get to you. But to say that we spoiled it, it also doesn't really, you know, But then he had some reply. Like I replied, They're like, What the fuck you talking about? He said, Well, just I'm just I mean, it's not for me. It's for like in general, someone might not have seen it yet. Yeah, Bean advocate just responded with. I'm going to block you, Theo. Most favorite spot. Waited 10 minutes and then I blocked it, right. Broadcast blankets, the email. This structure was like, uh huh, thanks to you. Here. I'm dying. Sorry. You're sick for a few days. You much of that? It's all just nasty. No? Huh? It's all coming out. It's all coming out. Yeah. I didn't realize until I grew facial hair for the first money. Realized how disgusting it is when you blow your nose or get all that shit in there. How much money to put a mustache on you for a week and you have to deal with it a week like a fake mustache. And the last time was on the podcast asked you how much to shave your head. And it was like thousands of dollars. Yeah, you know how much to add to add. I must ask for a week for like, a grand Oh, grand. Yeah, John does it every day for free. Yeah, but that's not my problem. I think you also underestimate the annoyance of having a piece of fake hair on your face that coming off because I get I get a little bit of the sweaty upper lip, especially if I'm like at the gym. When you touch ups touchups morning and afternoon like you get like a morning and an evening team. Are you hiring for this bitchy 505 105 100? Oh, for the talent fee and then, like 2 50 a day for the whole deal's $2000 dollars? Not worth it. To see Barbara with a mustache for a week like a full. We could do a full of crap from that handlebar starter Lazer team. $1,000,000. But the card game Barber's moustache. Yeah, I said, I'm both taking picture. What? It was you Well, maybe we shou both, uh, that was the one that was deposed, he hopped. I'm really hoping you trolled them. And the other photos, Baby OTA that you know That's the one I asked for. I wanted to the Predator handshake. That's what it was. Gotcha. Very cute. We are very cute. I be a better Bucky's and other Bucky go to Bucky's. Ah, very well done. That's when he suggested that was when he suggest he is a very tall How tall You? 5 10 Yeah, he's probably, like 64 He's got some platforms on those boots. I like it cute. That's my sexuality right there. Him, not you. I know that I'm well aware I'm not your sexuality. I feel like you're like my brother. I'm dwelling on my baby odor creation. Why? What do you mean, Like that would be dwelling. I feel like we should ask people of my baby. Oh, is better than the real baby. I mean, Paul, your baby Yoda, I feel, is far superior simply because it's like a creation of your own mind, like, yeah, that's what I'm like. Maybe a partial to it. Like a parent with their child. Yeah. Can we do a poll just throw Eric throw up side by side. Ask. Ask if if Gus is baby. Yoda is better than original Sonic. Just now I want merchandise with original sonic on it you're looking at. I don't like the fuckin like if your ah to thousands, kid, You remember this or whatever? Like I I have I wanted to wear a shirt on the podcast, but I couldn't because I found out the Disney will throw harpoon at you. Have you show Baby Yoda? What if we put up Baby Yoda? But like a flash, you know, we get to monetize. That's how fast we get to monetize, uh, people in chat. They can Ah, they can vote by typing you the hashtag, gus, or half tag Disney in real time. Right here. But, no. I had a shirt that that Josh Bailey made that has baby Yoda on it. Uh, and I was gonna wear on the podcast on a final coat. Where is shockingly a proposed for the day? What did it say on it? It just ah, protect him at all costs on behalf of the picture from the first episode he shows up in. And, uh, but now I'm like, I want the same thing I wanna have, Like, right before we went on, like, John, You can't wear that shirt, You know that. That's the theme of the shirt. And you're like, No, I don't. What you're talking about I was like, You're sure is clearly a reference to the fact that the means being pulled. No, it was just just what we need to protect baby owed it all costs so they will kill him. Now we need to protect Gus is a p O. Apparently at zero costs, By the way, I mean your polling. Quite well. I'm doing. I'm doing pretty good here. I'm happy about that. Because hashtag Gus is easier type. I really want to over Disney, but it's three extra letters. Is this are we testing out something in the chat that we're gonna be using it for weeks? Very cool. Yeah. This is gonna be for jump. Aye, aye. What? Next week on Wednesday, December 4th is the premier. Yeah, if you haven't heard already. We're premiering a new show on the road. She channel called chump. Uh, Jeremy is hosting it, and you're gonna be able to do stuff like this Vote in the chat. If you're watching live in voting right now, you're helping test. Yeah, it's going well. Looks nice. It's our new unofficial game show. New official. Unofficial official game show. Correct. Premiering Wednesday 5 p.m. Central Time. Tune in life If your first member what you are If you're watching this life Exactly. I think we can kill this pole, right? Yeah, we got we got a good amount. My baby Yoda is a far superior or superior. Disney should have contacted me for help with all that concept art they released actually, for radio. It was really good to make sure the concept art. Baby Yoda put it arrogant like a moral dilemma. Like professional dilemma. Tomorrow three robot laws do I literally type in baby on Google. And the first thing is, baby Yoda merge? Hell, yeah. I'm gonna make a fucking killing with that. Maybe I've searched it before. Maybe you definitely way too cool in type II. Might have actually searched to Trevor's birthday is coming up and Christmas. And I don't know what the fuck to get him. And he loves baby. Oh, this is the 1st 1 Is a baby. The first thing is Yoda, it's a baby Yoda Baby shark, baby Yoda mean baby Auto plus baby. Oh, merch, baby boomers, baby Gap, baby driver Whoa, baby girl names, baby odors out Ranking baby boomers. Okoto Uh wow. And be a real shame if you went on to my camera right now. You're right. That was a shame. Wait till they're not expecting it. It's true. Sneaking baby Yoda onto the podcast was just pretty. All right, Dad, I had ah, really strange interaction the other day with, uh, at a grocery store. So now that, um now that I've been reading first several weeks, I have to go to, like sometimes I go to, like, special grocery stores for vegan stuff. True. Did you know Gus was a vegan? You're doing it again. And so I like the stores that sell like I don't like mystic stuff are like metaphysical things and crystals, crystal, whatever goals are cleansing. Shame, Yoni egg. I don't care about any of that stuff, right? I just want to buy food that doesnt have animal products in it. So I don't buy into that. Whatever. If you like it, fine. No, not you. Being a vegan makes you like I'm, like, adjacent to the crystal adjacent, right. So I was I went to the grocery store and I was checking out and ah, the guy, the cashiers like scanning all my stuff. I don't have that much that many things. He scans my stuff, and I'm like, doing the pimp. At first, I'm like, I'm trying to help him out, like I'm bagging my own stuff. So it kind of speed along and, you know, trying to pay at the same time. And then he stops. He's like, You know, over the past two weeks, five of my co workers have told me that I'm their favorite coworker Bond. I've been really trying to figure out why. I don't know where I didn't know where I was literally like my grocery thing. And I was like, Oh, uh, okay, yes. And I've been thinking about it, and I think I figured it out. And I was like, uh, you know, I think it's because I'm really genuine. Okay, I look people straight in the eyes and I tell him exactly how I feel like in this day and age, you know, we don't have enough of that with social media and everything. Most This is the most, like, bullshit Coop. Grocery store coverage, just like way back. It's just like, Hey, you wanna talk about bananas, we'll check you out. Or now what's up? Held hostage. I was like, I already put my thing in the machine. He has not hit the print receipt buttons. So are you not vegan anymore? I think I'm gonna kill it for me. I have to keep dealing with, like, stone. Terrific. I had something happen similarly, but it actually ended up being fine and not nightmares like yours. I went. Sunday is my cheat day. So last night, I went out to get ah, dinner and Ah, and so I went to 1st 1 to Popeye's. The bitch is you because I have got to chicken sandwich here. Okay, that took forever to do because there was a line even at, like, nine o'clock at night. Sure, but I got it. It's a good fucking sandwich. And then I went to McDonalds to get a few things. And what hands on the menu was their McDonald's. They have a special little pie. Uh, little holiday pie. Oh, we can't talk about that. We can't talk about that. Um, we could talk about the holiday pie, though. And you talk about the holiday pie. And I was like, I want a holiday pie. So I ordered what I was gonna order. And then I also added on Have you ever had the holiday pop before you head out all day by the shit, right? I ordered the holiday pie, and I pulled up the first window where you pay for your stuff. And this is this is, like, verbatim the conversation I had with the dude the crunchy do They took my money. He was like, Hey, you get the holiday. But I see that I had it for the first time yesterday. That should fucking rocks. And I was like, He's like, no joke, though. My favorite, the struggling cream is better. And I was like, That's cool. He's like, Hey, Joe, uh, pro tip. Next time you get the holiday pie with ice cream, get over. No, Sunday. Crunch up the holiday pie in't it super good do This, bro is speaking my language. And I was like, Thank you, sir. Stop. Stop I'm not trying to do anything way. Not just his eyes, his eyes over your eyes. What if it's just the eyes? Can you just do it? Just glad I can't get any closer on it. That means don't do it. What if it's just one of his eyes and do it, you coward. Uh, what if it's gonna come to you, and you know that? Okay, that'll allow Michael. You can come to that. Yeah. Yeah, we're having is happening like she's wearing a mask. I think he died. I heard him. How did you not think that was gonna happen? You dummy, you dummy. How did you not know she was gonna do that? I trusted you. You really hate all of you. Oh, my gosh. It's just like crafting an email to Disney right now. I'm so sorry. This, Evan, I really came be on the lookout for a slew of e mails coming your way. Fucking funny. What? So a gender beating? Oh, I got the holiday pie and that shit rocks? Yeah, uh, holiday cream pie. Had it? Yeah, it's like it's like custard is what the feeling is right. Uh, it's called a holiday cream pie. It's national. Named outside is all like, uh, sprinkling MacDonald MacDonald MacDonald. Look at the wrong place. Ah, but but the eye and also the Popeye's chicken is legitimately Just I heard it was overrated that Z, it's definitely not like, are inspiring life changing. But on the scale of like, you want to go get something good from a fast food place like it's a good it's big. The brioche bun is fantastic. I love it. It's got the thick pickles on it. I'm a fan of a little bit of mayo on my chicken sandwiches, so I like that. And also like, it gives you like there's a big old chicken patty on there. It ain't no like thin Little Little like mashed Patty. It's like a big old fried chicken. Yeah, it's Ah, honker. Um, it's good. Jessica had it the other day, and she said she immediately had to go to the bathroom. E. I don't know what is wrong with some people who, like everyone, talks about, like, you know, going to get fast food or Taco Bell stuff like that, and they're like, Oh ruled me and Taco Bell ruins my life absolute. What? Why? Why? I eat Taco Bell on my CI days all the time and I don't have the worst night of my life. Toilet party Sundays. You never talk about Saturday's two of the party. Sunday. I get diarrhea every time. I have McDonald's breakfast burritos. But they're so good. What's a modem in there that you know? I know. I need a cleanse. Let me go get the burrito burrito. Oakland's have a glass of water in this burrito, and you're gonna shit your whole life literally like 30 minutes. And I'm like being media colonoscopy can either drink all that shit to empty you out. Or you can eat the McDonald's breakfast burritos. Dude, I have I've done it. You know, you and I talk about this because you got the booty. I have the bill. You don't get the quick drink. I got the jug. What harm? I've only ever heard of the jug. What jug? She's got the quick drink. Mine was a powder. And you got to do it at home. Yes. I've never had one Tell me about your experiences. I'm very curious that when you use the word jug, I gotta know what's going on. It's a gallon of the only thing, the closest thing I described, like cherry milk. It's clear cherry mocha. And like they tell you to start drinking it on. Then once you go sit down on the toilet, keep drinking it, But don't get up. Well, you can't because you're shaking, like just you just are for, like, like Dre. No, it's Dre. No, but you also have the drain. Oh, you had, like, a little like, quick drain over home. Yeah, mine was I got to do at home. My, uh, thing was it, like, eight or 9 a.m. And so 5 p.m. The night before is when I started drinking it. You also had to have, like, a no food or anything for the baby before. It's clear liquid. So you still have, like, apple juice and water. And, like, soup and stuff like that, You just couldn't have anything solid. Roth? Yep. Um, thank you. Um, but the one I had was you start drinking at five. It was like a solution that you would mix it, and it tasted more kind of like sour sherry. Uh, and like it was in. I want to see, like a 12 ounce cup. You would drink it and then, like within half an hour, it was time to start going to the bathroom. And then you also have to drink another 12 ounces of just plain water and then wait a couple hours and then do it again. I think once or twice. So hold on. Were you at the doctor's office but the hospital and no, but you would like this jug was at the hospital. If you stay in the hospital bathrooms, like just drinking, just like in one. I think at one point you get one of those hats with, like, the two of you. You know, you put him up, there s so there's some state of comedians like there's no finer like joy than like drinking while pissing where you're like thinking just like there's just one hose that connects the whole thing. That's not the same joy where you're like drinking Well, shit. I mean, it was the same for you, but at one point, like once you've shot a certain amount, it literally becomes like you're pissing out of your eye. Oh, yeah, it's over. It's literally pissed out. Yes, the way we can that be the title this week. It's literally piss out of your ass with a picture of baby. Oh, man. Who is that? Someone in chance? Or was this a friend of Monica? Soviet? Hegeman says, Drew, My dad described it as drinking cherry spit. Yeah, it's exactly right if you get the jug. Yeah, it's the consistency. It's like it starts out cold and you have some ice, but by the end of it, you just none of that. All that's gonna I know this one was totally doable, man. There's little sour, but like sour cherry. But that sounds like it might be good. It wasn't bad. Like I honestly cause Drew told me about his and I was like, Fuck, this is gonna suck. And then I took a sip of mine. I was like, I could actually do this like that. Your way you're referencing this. Those that she had. The Bujji experience was definitely booty in comparison. I was when I got mine done because they give you like something that makes you forget that it happened. But you still look vaguely Lucy s. So they do for me. And I guess I wouldn't like unclench until they agreed to give me photos of whatever they were taking pictures up. And so you have I find them and bring them. Just say I wouldn't enclave there because I remember. I remember waking up, and I have a vague memory of them being like relaxes. Sir, Sir, relax. And I really I don't know. I'm not gonna rock. Still taking pictures up. I've been. So they will be back in and I was in college, so I go over to the time. It's like sitting there patiently waiting like hope he's okay. Nothing's wrong. Then we'll be back in and the nurse goes, Um, he requested these, like, too far, but so the inside of a bowl? Oh, uh oh. Pink. I kept putting it on the fridge and my roommate kept taking it down like, No, we're not doing that. I mean, come on, man. It's that close up inside its graphic. Well, then my parents flew down and like my mom, like, got the photos. She was like, Oh, my God, you're gonna die As it flew into the photo. That was like, What is this What is this? Right here? Like she brought it. The picture of the dark magic. What is this in the doctor's man? That's poop. So the drink didn't do as good of a job with the non Brucie version. Did not get me there. Oh, my God. Funny story for me. I just kept asking. Apparently, I didn't know if I was doing this during the operation or if it was right after. But this is according to Trevor. I kept asking over and over Did everything go? Okay. I was so concerned, I would be like everything go Okay. He's like, Yeah, everything's fine. Well, and I'd fall back asleep. Did everything go okay? Like I kept falling asleep and waking back up and everything like that goldfish that next. And I also apparently I didn't know this metabolized Ah, the anesthetic really quickly. So they kept having to give me more on. And then I got. When it starts to wear off, you also get cold and, like, start to shiver. Did you cry a little bit? A little bit. I got emotional for some reason, and they had something monitoring my heart that I was like printing out on paper like my actual heart rate. Ah, a little. Ah, my pulse. Ah, and Trevor took a piece of it, and he has it with him. Super gay. Very gay. You get it? Tattooed is like a tribal around his myself. Worse, I had, Ah, endoscopy. And there's an animated adventure that covers my, uh, adventurous My endoscopy. I ended up being really mean that I don't ever want to get If I ever have another experience like that, we need to get put in twilight. I'm not gonna ask her to go, and I'm gonna ask someone else to go with me just because I was dibs. I was so mean to her. And I'm so ready, fanned. But hell, I remember when, like they give it to you the other hard. They did yours, but they give mine, like, two stages. Look, I was in the prep room and they gave me one injection. Maybe two years. Two or three give us, like, one injection that another. And then they say we're gonna give you the last one right, as we are wheeling you into the procedure room. Okay, so you get the first couple of like you're drunk or you're, like, kind of loopy and out of your mind when they gave me the 3rd 1 and they start wheeling me into the procedure room, The last thing remember is they wheeled me into the procedure room like everyone's gathered around and all the equipment out remember looking around thinking, Hey, that's weird. My doctor's here. Thank you. I was awake. You're just in the other room after that. Yeah, It's weird to think that you're actually conscious during that, because for me, what happened was they laid me down on my side and they, like, have to tell you to do a couple things. Well, they're getting you prepped, and the last thing I remember is they, like, asked me to open my mouth toe because I had to put a block down in there for They're also doing an upper endoscopy on that was it? But apparently they keep you in twilight so they could tell you to move around and do so because they need you to be conscious for that kind of thing. But you've no memory, and I was like, brains weird. I really hope I don't know what I said. It's like your brain's in safe mode. It's like it's not writing any data. I feel like it would freak me out if I saw a video footage of myself during that. Because you don't have any member of it right out. Just like that's a result of the fact that there's a drug that just make you black out immediately. What? I need some of that baby Saturday night. They want to go to sleep. That's s so good. Um, that's that's so Michael Jackson died, right? It was that same kind of medicine. The same kind of drug propofol, propofol. Yeah, the same kind of thing. He would use it toe, fall asleep, and then he got too much like we should make a disclaimer. Say, we're saying this ingest old joke don't actually want to do this drug. Oh, you know, God knows, just for medical purposes, I don't think anybody would realistically want to do that. Hopefully not know. I took NyQuil recently. That was pretty hard core That has a similar effect. I took more than the recommended dosage. Bad, Like one and 1/2 doses. You? Yeah, you do the things like have you ever gone to a doctor with, like, some kind of pain or something that, like, just go home and take, like, five times the dose of medium. What? Why's there directors on the booth take five times the amount of Tylenol? It What? Yeah, that. No, you'll be fine. That, like gate got broken for me long time ago. I didn't realize until recently that you could take both Advil and Tylenol. Like Like if you have a dose of adult to take also a dose of tonal because they affect different from you. I think one affects your liver and one affects everything else. Kidneys do not take any of our advice. I medicinal. We're not doctors. Yeah, something fucking idiots on the internet recently. That's just something I heard recently. I could be wrong. Please be safe. Take the appropriate amount of consult your medical professionals. Yes, I have no idea. I really don't like. For the most part, I don't like taking pills typically, like if I have a headache or something, I won't normally take anything for it. I won't do antibiotics because I know that would be an old man. And if I had take a bunch of animals about, young man. I'm gonna be fucked. So I just any time they like you on antibiotics, like, can I fight it in there? You're gonna be miserable. Let me find E. Yeah, we'll figure it out. I did a ah, you can video call like doctors. Now is the time to go into the thing. And I for a while I was on Ah, uh uh. What's it called? The super strong skin. Acne medicine? Accutane, Accutane. Oh, Uh, damn, dude. And, uh, I had you have to check in constantly doctors for that. And so I took advantage of the video calls whenever that happened. And one time, I because I had timed it wrong. I was in my car. When is my appointment? And so I just give you a call. Just pulled over like downtown Austin. And I pulled over and I did a video call with my doctor, but the doctor was like, Hey, I need to see your skin to, like, see how you know how it's faring. And so I'm just sitting in my car on the side of the road like placing my photo my dashing like taking my shirt, just showing my doctor my chest because I was the affected area Looking like a crazy fucking person downtown. You fit fit right in. Yeah, fine. Uh, I got the drugs. So doesn't matter. E Look, I could pay for, like, a year and 1/2 or two years. Take Accutane, I think. Two years? Yeah. When I was, like, 14 to 16. This was the second time I've done Accutane. Fucking hated it is the worst men everything Super dry. Yeah. This day I feel like I still get dried out in the winter. Yeah, Your skin looks great, though. Thanks. This thing that ac ut now the state they should not sell that shit. It's terrible. Apparently, I was correct, and I I I looked it up Thio it said that, uh I'm not gonna pronounce this right. You could take you could safely take acid. Taman No fin. Wow. I guess I've just never seen that word written out. Ah, and ibuprofen together. Apparently, it could cause some stomach and abdominal pain if you take them together for some people. But, um, it's safe to take the most. Does it affect different areas? Interesting. I No idea. I don't know why you would ever take both If you I mean, if you have, like, a really bad pain, I need more than just more than one dose. Just do what the doctor does until tells you to do it. Take my time. You know, they give you like a prescription. Acetaminophen. It's like it's just the same shit. Just way more potent. There we go. We always take it. One pill. Um, Speaking of drugs, you'll see that. Ah, South Dakota anti meth campaign. No, no. South Dakota unveiled a Ah, a new initiative. I'm gonna go to their website right now, so I'm sure you all then build a new initiative to try to combat meth addiction in South Dakota. Do they use Baby OTA? No, they don't. Now we can't even say Baby Yoda There. There you go. I'm on it. We're on it. This has to be Oh, my God, We're on it. That is the rial. They must know, though. Like, what's the website? Wait, What's the message? That they're on the problem? They're gonna take care of it. Okay. The landing page, though, for the South Dakota meth on meth dot com. Yeah, see, they know they fuckinknow on meth dot com We're on, we're on it. I mean, it accomplishes what campaigns like they're supposed to, which is get people to like, we're talking about it. Yeah, we're on meth. That's like that dumb joke from friends were Joey did the what was the sign of a STD. He had never wants to know that he did. He did the the ad the way it was for some type of S t a r d. And he kept seeing his Mario has got VD or some like that. He's trying to woo a girl, and she saw that out of him. Get upset. I'm gonna pass on the myth. See? You're on it. I'm on it Figured out I have South Dakota. I never met problem, but they do. But they don't have much else. Cows outnumber people. Do they count on meth? Outnumber people. But people on meth outnumber cows on math. I never got off her drugs ever. I'm sorry. I remember I remember once I'm getting really nervous in college because somebody's like, Do you want, like, drugs and was like, you know, whatever you know. I don't know if I ever was off. I never I never got off the drugs. I think probably in high school would be like offering drugs like a little child that was wondering, Or high school looked like you were seven. Yeah, but I never got off drugs. Very offered drugs in college either. Me neither. I don't think nobody nobody wanted off the drugs. I never would have asked me if I like. Hey, do you do this? But it was never just like, Hey, do you want this? Yeah. You want you want something? Acetaminophen? Uh huh. Now I know how to say it based off how it's spelt. I didn't put the right vibes out there, I guess. You know, in the UK, they call it paracetamol. Why? I have no idea. The general discussed way have to change the name. Why? Because not English. Enough Paracetamol paracetamol, Which you got any paracetamol? Also re think the English. Sorry, Rory. English. Sorry is my least favorite thing from any group ever. Sorry, I love the English story. Oh, no, no, because it's always I'm talking about the one where it's like like heavy the one words like soul raised, super super sarcastic. Wants your problem, innit? Sorry. Can't help you. Gotta go now. Bye, Rebel Wilson. Oh, I can't do it just immediate. Just rage face. Just I'm gonna do that from now on. Soul ready, T o turn British. Yeah. Oh! Oh! Okay. Sorry. Come on. The This is from Peter. That's the rubber duck. Of course it is. Of course it is. Wow, She's beautiful. Chat made me think of something else that s o instead of drugs. We're talking about this. Great. Now, I had I had this moment where they were because I again I don't do drugs. And I never got offered drugs and never really bought drugs. So I went and got some CBD stuff the other day. Oh, yeah, and, Ah, and the first time I ever bought CBC. But that was my reaction was like, drugs are expensive, cities expand sensitive. And I was like, What the fuck I want cheap CBO. You want that? Good, huh? What's it like? It's finding the right thing that works for you. Yeah, but that's the thing is like to try out stuff. Got money. Hasn't worked for you. I know, like when you find that it was like it kind of calm my anxiety a little bit, but it definitely didn't help me. There was no, Like, I was hoping it would help me sleep. It was was one side effect I was hoping for, uh and it kind of like Cosmo nerves a little bit, but it wasn't enough. We're like I ran out. I don't know. Probably a few weeks ago, having body did it at just making you not think about the thing that's bothering you. Think I'm too strong for that? Takes the front off? Yeah, there's Ah, it's nice. I gotta come in when I fucking say this country, please There. Say, uh uh, there's like a parking lot not too far from here with a bunch of vegan food trailers. Oh, my God. And then crystal dealers. And there's like a vegan bacon bacon bacon, too. And they sell, like, 12 ounce cans. Oh, the water. That should fire dude like, but it's like, Oh, that seems cool. Like I want to try one of those $5. Yeah, it's $4 for the camera. What? I want one American for a painting $9 for a CBD coffee of the day. Coffee. Feel bad about it? Let's give you up and down. This is more than $4 right? If you get this at a bar like a can of beer. So, like if you get a can of CBD water like water really that expensive for what? It's providing you. Yeah, right. I remember because we start. We talked about CBD at this point a few months ago, and I remember you had, like, one of the drinks drinks, and you're just, like, life changing. Do so better. Like I was able to sit in that meeting and be okay. Just be like, Oh, my God, They're gonna look at me. Oh, my God. It's like Nam Cool. Whatever. I'm here. What's up? I spent 4 54 50 to feel fine. It's like a big coffee at Starbucks or something. Yeah. Yeah. So come on. Which also caffeine a drug. Explain that. Yeah, Mr. It's funny how they're some that we're okay with and some that we are just because of picking, picking and choosing. Yeah, just because of old legacy laws, you know, you ever feel like we should revisit that now that we know more like the's laws. Like things were outlawed or allowed because we didn't know We didn't know anything back then. Like how many? This seems spooky. We better decades or centuries ago was it decided that it seems spooky? Caffeine's okay. He drugs her stinky HC. But then there's so many states now it's legal countries where it's legal in Canada, it's legal in Cam. Oh, Hill. Yeah, that was that happened earlier this year, right? And also beginning of 2019. Maybe. Sounds right. Can't. Miss Scott was legalized in Canada. All of Canada. Can I can a bit truck Can't. Can it kind of thing this Canada? No, it's too similar. Canada. Drew sent me an article earlier today that that's had me thinking all day stocks poses that octopus occupy Nosaka Po'd knows octopuses, octopuses, embassies, octopuses Might be aliens. Yeah, that excuse. So okay. On your hat. Uh, these real facts take a big drink, CBD water and tell us why Octo occupy, Really. 33 independent researchers came together, wrote a paper together, uh, saying that basically, they believe that either something came from another planet like a meteor or ah, something crashed into the earth and either gave squids of virus, then made octopuses or squids and octopuses were on this meteor that crashed into the earth and then turned everything in the life. But then basically, like if you read the article you read, the whole are basically like they're like, Isn't that neat? It's probably all bullshit like that, just like they did me like, like, just It was such a click bait thing of, like, octopuses from outer space, Are they? No, the whole article about of Matt Net? Probably not. What's the fucking point? I mean, think about it. They're really smart. They have a lot of legs, they don't do stuff. The main thing, the reason that I like sand cost Erica because he's not video The Octopus dreaming? No, it's the fucking coolest thing is, this octopus is on the side of this tank because they because they like any time that they're threatened. The color change that can like they're the only animals that can actually, Well, some one of the only mammals exhibit as a committee. Color change. Yeah, they do it based on ah, other feeling, but are like a murdering? Yeah, they're likable Mood rings, But octopuses will, like, find a place to be cool. I'm gonna be this color like I'm gonna turn into a yellow and black instantaneous, heinously And so when it dreams a shade solace to changing colors, Like turning into different things old That's fucking cool. Do we find that video? I would love to see that. I think it was the one that was in captivity. Yeah, but he was asleep in a little cage. He was so sweet. I mean, maybe excuse debut. You probably kill you. Oh, yeah. Just wrap around your face. You have to turn the color of your face. Turning purple is you're getting choked. There's ah, I've heard that there's a few people every year who die, like in South Korea eating live octopus because yeah, Smothers, you did right. Little like getting your trachea looking gloom. Go. Wow. Uh, he's a little dream. He's asleep when your dog is like a little noise at the feet. He's so cute. Is this all real timers? A time lapse? No. So Ruth is a real time. They change color and like they even change like texture. I was gonna say He's like making patterns. Yeah, it's insane that they can go up. I'm sure they have because of their environment. They kind of code a lot of, you know, patterns into them that they're used to pulling up quickly. But the fact that you can watch an octopus traverse like a whole part of the ocean bed go pick a rock, Sit next, that rock, and then be that rock like that. Oh, my God. This is fucking this alien Zaillian. Aliens or not? Not aliens. No, like, not a single zoologist was on that paper was about a sadist being like, Hey, I'm gonna get this into nature. The journal Nature. And here we are talking about Here we are. We're on. It's all right. Let's wrap this up. Thank you for watching with you guys next week coming up Thanksgiving, but, uh, yeah,