#573 - Geoff is What’s Wrong with Austin

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Geoff Ramsey as they discuss wasps, streaming services, old videos, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-12-03 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Geoff Ramsey


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 573. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Theo, I think everyone will receive. Passed this week. Brought you by Hymns Away And Ray Khan. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. Ah, you seem unsure of our sponsors just then. No headway in front of me, but I actually want their brand 1st 2nd I was actually looking at the wrong date. I readjusted. Look at the correct ones. You did great, Gus. You always call the police in your pocket. Oh, I thought I was turning the volume down on my phone. That was very funny. It's a shame we weren't. We weren't. Look what happens when that does go off. Does do the police get notified of your location and people get sent over this just one time, okay? It doesn't, like alert your emergency contacts or something like that. I don't think one way to find out, activate years and find out what your contact, Barbara, I don't I don't know if I even set up any emergency contacts and you set me up, set me up as your emergency contact right now. My, you're obviously Trevor is mine. And my dad slash Mom, they're so far away. You should replace them with me. I'm right here. Oh, you in trouble. Hold on. I'll get on a plane. At least they could do something. Well, you wouldn't do shit. What? You wouldn't help me. I mean, it was funny. I wouldn't help here to let you do not have helped life. You knew she was all right. But she was in, like she fell down a well or something. Hold on. Let me get my phone burning my fucking emergency contact. Because even when I sent him a photo of me on set, covered in blood, he liked called everyone who was, like in the vicinity of where I lived to make sure I was okay. That was kind of inconvenient for all the rest of us. True? Yeah, but like, great for me, I'm protected. Make him your emergency contact, and I'm not jealous at all. I'll make you my emergency contact us right now. This is this is our episode title. Gus is barbarous emergency contact. Um, man, I speak of emergencies. Had to fucking kill a wasp nest the other day. Oh, yeah. So you two had the worst case scenario for this. The the previous owners of my house had left behind the stupid little birdhouse, right? Okay. I didn't even like the birdhouse. What? I've been stupid about it. I've been too lazy throat because it was like hanging on a string. So anytime the wind blew, it would, like, move around like nobody wants to live in their fucking moving right. So stupid. You're sitting in your house and you were just constantly moved by the wind could be like gently being rocked to sleep. So be nice. I've never I've never actually got around to throwing it away. I was like, Whatever, it's right there. It's not offensive. It's fine. But it's right by where Grill whatever it was on the second. It's like on a balcony on the second story of my house and, ah, a few days ago, Esther said, I think there's a wasp nest somewhere outside because I looked on the balcony and there's, like, 10 washes flying around. Well, that's weird. So, like, I walk around the house and I can't find it. I don't see it anywhere you like. Oh, they're in the fucking birdhouse. The nest has been built in the birdhouse. I go to Home Depot and buy that wasp spray. Yeah, I get that. You stand like, 25 feet away, and you can too can tell you this, But then I got there and I was getting ready to spray it from down below. And I realized if I hit it with that high pressure spray, it's just gonna push the birdhouse away. That's what Use the second feed for you. After you steer it, you get in that little hole, you need to rest on the other side. So it was It would get even if you hit the hole, just swing back, right, That's what You just gotta blast it, Get it all in there. Before it was you trying to maintain the integrity of the men, how to care about the birdhouse. Why didn't you just, like, get a trash bag and stick it over it and then just clip? But then I got a trash bag filled with angry wasps. Am didn't let me finish. That's Ah, fuckin great prank right there. The possibilities are endless. so that in Blaine's office shut the door, he comes in on Monday and heritage and leave it on my front door. They guess you know your own freedom, been of gasoline and just shut the string and it would fall on it. I thought of all the trash can often just swing it like this for an hour. You just call someone. But I needed to get it done by like, the next day because it was Thanksgiving was coming up and I needed to, like, Grill there. Well, there's a solution. So I thought of a lot of these things, as Twitter told had some great suggestions. But everything was like There's too many potential points of failure. There's too many issues, courts like. If this doesn't go right, then I'm going to get swarmed with wasps. So all I did ended up doing was I went out there. I waited till night when they were asleep, and I just very quickly grabbed the birdhouse and then sprayed the spray into it, holding it. I was holding clubs on Yeah, a face, like a beekeeper had a scarf on because the problem was I was so close. I knew that spray was gonna just bounce right back out to get all over B, which it did. But luckily, no wasps came out, so I sprayed it. Then I cut it down and I left on the balcony for for a day. Then the next day it came out. I'm curious to know what it looked like on the inside. I wish I had never looked in there. Baby words level shit, huh? No, no, it was wasps. It was filled with wasps. They were probably over 100 wasps in their damn in that tiny little tiny little birdhouse. It was luck looking in a fucking nightmare. I looked in there like I turned on the light on my phone so I could look at it. No. Turned away when Esther was like, What does it look like? You take a photo for everything. I'm not ever looking there. Did Did, uh did you have a good thanksgiving? Because they lost family, Didn't They're fine. They're in heaven now. That would've been cool if you spread in like insulation foam or something. So they would have been sold out. But it ended up being so anticlimactic. Like I was so worried about it. Like Esther filmed me. You thought I was gonna get stung to hell. I was like, Well, that was really boring. You guys first and stuff in my place, e. I think I got some losses. Well, I'll sell you can. How? You, uh Have you ever been stung by lost in your life? Yes, it sucks. What time? When I was a little kid, my parents were looking for a place to rent, and it was turned. And anyway, we were We got to this, like this house that they're thinking about reading, and we're with a realtor, and real tried to come and unlock the door. But I was a stupid kid. I didn't know any better. So I ran up to the house and I grabbed the door not to open it. But there was a wasp nest on the back of the door knob. So when I grabbed the doorknob, although Walsh came out, there's Ah, I was over the holiday. I want a 1,000,000. Emily and I, we went to Boston and into New York. Did like some touristy shit. I saw Celtics win, which is awesome. Uh, blood. Ah, Yeah, go. Celtics is what you said. And ah, I I went to the like, Naturally, I went to Harvard as I was wanted to check out hard. You say you've been Harvard. You have into Harvard, which, by the way, not in person on a rainy Wednesday, as pretty as you would think it would be. But they had, like, a natural history museum. And I went there and they had a display. There's a lot of shit to consisting You. I thought I'd been stunned by it all, but there was a bunch of stuff I've never heard of. That stings you. I've got, like a wasp in a bee in a yellow jacket. What have you have yet to bees? Don't know. Yellow jacket was a boss. I thought it was safer. Well, look at this. When I was in Japan, I found the biggest WASP ever seen. That's like a 20 foot could totally help. It was like this big. Uh oh, my God. Probably. So what, you're saying it not to sting you? Yeah, asshole. I can't spend the size of a fucking cockroach if not trying. Hold up. Oh, my God. You can't really see it. I'll put it on Twitter, please. Even now, that size that bugger, I I almost just let him keep the 20. Yeah, I would burn down. Wherever you're saying I've seen videos like that. We're like a wasp like that will invade like a beehive and kill, like every day in the high. Apparently, this one kills like four Japanese people here. If the Japanese people, it's very racist, So forgotten. Pearl Harbor, it's gonna win over there. It's fucking wreaking havoc for 70 years. So, Barb, we've all shared our Thanksgiving wasp stories once yours. Well, it's funny you say that because just the other day, I was gonna go sit outside, and I tend to look outside, just in case there's a bug before I go outside. And sure enough, there's fucking six or seven Wosz flying around on my outdoor area in my place. But like I'm trying to look where they're going, it looked like they were going. I have, like, a column. It looked like they were going into it. They probably are. Get into it. There's a loss, Mr. How do I get that insulation? Look, don't you think? Were you there when we wouldn't want to get fucking stuff. Were you there when I took on the Wasps that Michael or Lindsay's parents place when I was throwing shoes and stuff? I don't think I was there that time. You know, we have a relaxing time when I went, you know how to get Trevor to do anything you want to do, right? I'm sure you probably have your own methods, but, uh, just asking, very sweet loving boyfriend. Say, if he ever gets a point where he's like, I'm not doing that, just take out your phone and go It's footage and then he has to do it. It's a cheap gonna rule. Trevor's great at the foot. Drew. Yeah, he's great with the footage role. He's also great at being a really wonderful human podcast. That's on Thursday. Jesus! Oh, yeah, There's something. Uh, you should definitely take care of it sooner rather than later. Yeah, I did lots of loss for research. They have trouble flying when it's below 50 degrees, but I'm also thinking like it's about to be winter here. What I know doesn't get back hold, but they still do. They go away to the high. Renee, what do they do? They can ah, Queen can hibernate. But the rest of them, the rest of them will probably die. But they have a late If they have a nest, they probably have a larva and eggs and shit in there. Wait until it's, like, colder out and then going there because there's gonna be more Until then, yes. It's gonna get cold in, like, a week. You do you, Barbara? I'm just having fun trying to, you know, navigate your front door. Are you Are you allergic to us? You know, I don't know. I'm gonna find out real soon. How can I stop you with the EpiPen? Sure. Gavin, why don't you come over like I'll go outside purposely getting stung by a wasp may be allergic. And when you put it in the hall, Although I think it's the side upper thigh you put in tow for extra importance. Steff, you in the heart? God, I was thinking about the epi pen the other day because I almost got into a fight with a homeless guy in New York and ah, house. You need more. I was Okay. Well, I was walking. I had a bad day in New York is like New York will beat the shit out of you. Yeah. Ah, when it feels like it. And I just had a day where everything was going wrong and I was mad at the city, and it was It was day after Thanksgiving and it was just crazy, busy everywhere. And I was walking down the street with my kid and Emily and this fucking homeless guy goes, Got any money? I know because you got cigarette and I know you want HIV. And I was like, All right, that's it. I turned around. I was like, Whoa, and he's like, You want me to give you HIV? And I was like, We're gonna have sex with me. What? I started to get into a tent tent with the guy, and then he was like, threatening to stab me or whatever, and I thought, like, I doubt he really has HIV. I thought like I was just in such a bad mood, I was like Maybe I will just beat the shit out of this guy if he attacks me instead of running away. I have a knife. But he did have a knife. I like. He kept pretending that you did. And I thought, like, Yeah, I'm mad enough. I could fight a guy. And then I thought, What if he does have HIV? He has a nice That's the more immediate concern. Yeah, I can hate the knife. I wasn't super worried about that. He didn't look very tough. Although he did look like he didn't have a lot to lose. Would you have gotten into a fist? So our kick, Do you think, uh, no, no, no. Uh, anyway, ah, I decided not to. I was reminded of a guy we knew who used to work in a correctional facility. Who Ah, he got spit on in the eye by inmate who had HIV. And when that happens, they have a protocol that they enact, and they immediately pulled him into a room and they lay him down on a table. They strap him down and they have, like, an And this is 10 15 years ago. They probably have a better solution now, but they have ah, special needle. They can give you that will appeal, has an injection, the an injection that will eradicate HIV. But it has to go into the Merrill of your leg bone, and it has to go in both legs. And so they have to pierce the bone with an injection you don't even transmit through spit. Yeah, I don't know. And, uh, So, uh, Hatter States and sorry, man. And he had to get injected into the like into a side phone. Yeah, it was a little more graphic. Can get some blood transferred. Yeah, that's why they had to do that. I'm also remember the story from a long time ago, but I didn't know he had to get those injections. And I thought, I don't want to get those injections. So that's why you don't text. And the guy had a knife. I keep something. That's the multimedia considered, I guess. Yeah, I assume that was gonna be the HIV transfer mechanism. What you're saying is you think you could avoid being stabbed in a deadly manner, but he could still probably get you with his I D e o. I just remember that story. I'm glad you're okay. Yeah. Yeah. Good. Bad. A father. You on the street, maybe run away next time get picked through. It was right after I moved to the three of us, went out for drinks and some guy just walk. The guy came over and told me I was What was wrong with Aussie? He literally just walked up. It was like we're behind a fence. Anyways, we're in, like, a bar here yet on the singled you out is that you are everything that's wrong with Austin. I don't necessarily disagree with guy. Was that the same night you put on my jacket and pretended to be the alien from men in black? Same night? Yeah. You have ruined Austin singlehandedly. Thank you. Congratulate. You seem pretty convinced. Yeah, no wonder. Just Yeah, tracks. And remember, we have that showing at the draft house for some guy tried to fight me when we were like walking down Fourth Street. I do remember that. I do remember that seemingly out of nowhere. Do you remember that run we had when we worked downtown? When you kept seeing all the whole most boobs? It's true, but never like this. Same two boobs in the same person. I saw a buffet of boobs that time. It was like a two week period. I have every one day going. I just want to go to lunch. I want one day where I can walk the lunch and back without seeing homeless people naked. You're so defeated. I don't miss working downtown. I missed the food options. Yeah, there are a lot of homeless people know that. It's also like the traffic every remember whenever there was a fucking race and they would shut down Congress like shit. How we getting to and from the office may more properly. I lived on the other side of Congress from the officers. Imagine going always 13 into and out of downtown every single day. I didn't know until six months way parked at six in Congress. It was where the garage was That would be parked for parking garage. Sometimes when I go downtown, like to go drinking or something. I'm like, This is the old Rusty Patton. Left smelt of piss every single day. Yep. Still, no, that's that's also they think I parked in that garage when I worked at my old job before. Rooster teeth. Yeah, I had I had a reserved space in that garage. I had my initials, you know, in the first floor when you pulled in, like off to the right. There's, like spots right there. I had one GRS. It's me. No matter when I could I could park. Are you still doing your Gustavo thing? I kind of slacked off. I want to I need to do any better. Still vegan. It's my fault. I still am. Vegan, FBI, vegan Thanksgiving about B side vegan Shit. What? You've grilled too? Oh, my Lord e about ready because I didn't think you'd have to repeat myself. A grilled vegan shit. That's what you're asking. Yeah. Yeah. I usually grill outside for Thanksgiving. What'd you grill? I grilled some Ah, beyond me. How to telling us hostages. Ah, and I grilled some corn on the cob and a grilled some. What was on there? Some zucchini that is keeping our did zucchini in their fire. How vegan are you? Will you use like honey? Yeah, I'm fine with it, but not butter. No honeys like the greater and that's like, divisive for vegans. Yeah, vomit. It's an animal product. Funny of Simpson jokes. I'm a level four vegan. I don't need anything to cast a shadow. Yeah, pocket mulch. Um, still still doing so that I did cook some stuff outside on the grill. That was How is the beyond meat? Sausage? It's good. It's really good. I think the best thing that they make you healthy. Is it Burger King's possible burger? Do you have it? Yeah, I had it before we begin. Uh, it's good, but it tastes like a whopper. No difference at all, But you can buy beyond you. I don't think you can buy impossible Patties, but you can buy beyond meat Patties, like at the grocery store. Okay. Real quick not to go off on a whole side thing. But I have some questions. How long have you been vegan? Now? I guess it's been, Ah, about a month and 1/2 of this point. Okay. Do you feel physically any different? Do you have more energy? And you feel weaker or stronger? I need know exactly anything. The only thing, the patterns of the same can't attribute this to being vegan. But I feel like I wake up earlier now than I used to. Okay? I have no no confidence that that's because of this. I think it's purely coincidence you have no issues going to sleep at night or anything like that. Do you, um, have you lost or gained weight? It's negligible. I've lost a couple of pounds, but it's not like that. You don't necessarily attribute it to that right now. Um, better. Bad. Then what? Maybe like a better consistency. Like a cleaner finishes. So, like, not as much wiping. Yes. I don't take good shits anymore. And I miss it. Yeah, being vegan is the kind of broad good fits better. You still, uh, you know, I'm getting back in Iquitos. I put on a couple pounds. Eso I just I just want to get back on it. I just kind of like being I kind of like the regimen of, like, having to watch stuff. Yeah, I think that's the thing With a lot of diets, it's less about, ah, control thing. That diet itself is just more about paying attention. And so I kind of like Ito for that. Um but it's more my issues just with my diverticular acis and like this, the stomach problems I have. I'm on some medicine now, and I just take really weak, stringy poops all the time, and it just feels kind of emasculating. You're like, you never look down on you like a big hunk and turd. And you just like shitting shoe laces. Yeah, shit. Shoe laces and a lot of like a lot of like, Yeah. Yeah. Like, go, like, really high up the bowl. Yeah. Yeah. I had that issue the other day that I wouldn't I'd say that's That's a typical, but it's definitely happening more than it used to, but I just I don't I don't know. I don't feel like I had a good, like, proud elimination again. What if you took like, five m odium? Well, look, I have to take me relax every day of my life to soften my stool because my own has problems squeezing it through, which is, I think, why don't get I don't get the good, strong requirements, like nice, Penis sized herd anymore. One of my dogs, Oswald, he and take shits bigger than me. Really? Sometimes I e I thought you meant bigger than you I know is I should take a photo sometimes. Show you, like sometimes I'm like holy crap so he can shit bigger than a human. People like that beginning my shits, dude. Apparently Penis shaped. That's like a rough one. That some with me. So he shits your side. Shit's been not your size, Dick. You say? I never thought about comparing them to my dick. I don't know. I don't have to think about this now. We, uh we just we just Recently what the went out to drill. You weren't there. We were tired. Lots of Jason Saldana. We went out to drinks with them. You couldn't make it gather and I did well, and, uh, he now has toe land like must have gotten lost in the mail. It's weird you out. He probably made us pay you back for drinks. Live on the way you say that. He, uh I guess it's an age thing now. He just never feels like he can wipe enough. Like once he hit 40. He's just like he just he feels like he's constantly go check. And I must admit, I've had that problem myself from time to time. I really enjoy being friends with people like, 10 years older than me. Really does. Prepare me wealth, everything. You know, it's all coming when it happens to you. Like okay? They talked about this. You know your parents don't warn you about it. Your dad, like they're much older than you. Yeah, they've already forgotten. Yeah, like there was, like, the immediate future. There was this guy in the Howard Stern show, uh, named ass napkin ed, because Eric got it because he would have to keep it on a napkin back there just because but would leak from time to time and always thought that was the lamest thing. But I get it now. Didn't you have a funny voice to, uh, something else? Something? No, I think it's way. So why don't you just wear, like, a diverse like a pad for that napkin? Yeah. I mean, I don't He's buying. Asked brand napkins. I think it's just like toilet paper. But not that I wear have ass napkins, but I can. I There are times when I'm just like I'm just gonna go to the bathroom real fast in check. And sometimes it's like it was good to check. I'm glad I did. Is that him? That? Yeah, it looks like an ass napkins. Yeah. Do you think it uses the fancy napkins with the little button hole napkins, but no violent ones. You gotta play. And well, I've never seen anyone actually button that now. Another shirt I've always went to, but I never went buttons on a plane. Next time, I feel like I'm gonna do that. Now, next time I get up and I'm gonna have to wear buttons. What's with that shirt you're wearing? Now it's gonna be this episode. The receipt podcast is brought to buy hymns. You know, baby Otis, 50 years old. And while that isn't very old for him, we all know what that head of hair is gonna look like when he hits 966 for sentiment Already start to lose their hair by the time they're 35. And even worse, it's often too late. 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It's that simple. Try him today by starting out with a free online visit. Goto four hymns dot com slash rooster. That's F O R H I. M s dot com slash rooster forehands dot com slash rooster. Prescription products are subject to dr approval and require an online consultation with the physician who will determine if a prescription is appropriate. You see the website for full details and safety information. This could cost hundreds if you went in person of the doctor's office or pharmacy, remember, That's four hands dot com slash rooster. Um, so I, uh, going back little bit before this poop talk, I made ah, jokey tweet about vegan Thanksgiving in the magical tofu block visiting people and fucking Peter replied to me, uh, people for the ethical treatment of animals, Like, I don't want to be lumped in with this like I wanted to be like, No, not you. I didn't want to start a fucking The whole thing with him was like, Maybe I should have made that tweet. No, no. My mom on the Peter Radar. Yeah. You don't Really? Yeah, does it? I went to, ah, vegan restaurant wearing middleweights barbecue shirt. You should've worn a different shirt. Love the restaurant already. You gotta keep it secret. It's ah. Gotta force overtime. Burnett. It's citizen eatery. Okay, Pretty good. How many vegan restaurants are quieter for you? There's a lot. I guess it's Austin. Have you been toe with the beer plant? I tried to go the other day, but there was an hour wait to get a table. I tried to go on a Monday night at seven o'clock and there was an hour and 45 minute. Wait. Hold on Monday night. You have a reservation? I said no. In there. You know, there's a new place in Austin called dip Dip Dip. I have not been there because the weight is like 23 hours every time. But also, it's not only that, I think reservations for it or like, two or three months out. I actually, when I heard about it, I booked a reservation and it took. I had to book a reservation five weeks out, And then the resurrection finally came up and I was out of town for work, so I couldn't be. Oh, for me. There's no point in making a reservation that further than a week because they're probably not be able to do it. Yeah, I just while I was sitting here waiting for the podcast to start, picked up a trip in December for work, but I did not see coming. I think I'll take it for you. I would appreciate it if I got you. Yeah, you're right. I have a very spotty availability. Like you want to get at 9 30 at night. Then maybe we'll squeeze you in. Maybe you want to get a normal time. It's like what she used to be back in the day. I will say it is very good. Yeah, Yeah, I replaced. You said you would not be so naughty. And Josh, um, they had reservations, I guess for six people and then the other couple that was supposed to come to the reservation, I think like something came up. And so they reached out to me and Trevor that, like you guys want Oh, come on. I'm, like, absolutely would love to be your second choice for this Is that or maybe third or fourth from your eyes, That place Hot pot? Yes. It's like high end top, hot, high and hot pot. So I've been going to AA hot pot place over by U T. Not high end, and it's really good ever since we went to Australia and I tried hop on there and fell in love with it. But I just read about a dude who caught a brain worm at a hot pot restaurants. And I'm scared either. That's fine. How many people you have? Hot pot restaurant. One dude gets sick and you're worried. Yeah, that's why did you not put it. Do you not put it in the pot long enough? I don't know. I said not my scene. Yeah, It's probably just didn't cook it long enough. Yeah, very runny nose. Brain worm Also. Yeah. I mean, go to a place like dip dip dip. And they probably have slept biodiesel the time. Yeah, I would love to go there if they ever would let me dip cubed, I think with I was traveling, Went to Japan back? No, thank you. My phone didn't last the trip. When you travel, it's, like sometimes longer than a day. So my phone died in the showers, Plans to music. And I was like, I should get one of those cases with the battery building. And I got out the shower, got try when? On my laptop, ordered one. And now I guess I never bought anything on my Mac book before, but has little Yeah, I think so. I was like, Oh, cool. Do that. And I went boating. And then in the book, in the bathroom, I heard we're on myself. Like I had received the transaction, vibrate it off and hit the floor on the tile floor. Thankfully survived but I almost broke my phone buying a case for Holy shit. That's the world we live in Right out. I saw on a somewhat related I saw may be the dumbest thing this morning. I had Amazon returned. I needed to do and thank God they let me use the UPS store. So I went to this UPS store That's right by the office. Looks great, by the way. And I I was I had my Amazon return and I get up to the door of the UPS Store. I open it. I take two steps in and, like some guy was walking out as I walked in. I take two steps in and a woman at the counter yells his phone and then, like, picks up. I guess the guy was walking out, forgot his phone. She picks up the guy's phone, starts running out to the parking lot to try to catch him. And right when she gets to the door, The door she was, Hey, your phone! As he drops it face down. Go back to look at it and he picks it up and it's fine. I was like, I want to look the fuck Wow. But like, what? A way to feel so shitty to try to help someone known. Even grab it while I go Look here. You left your phone that she was leaving would be a fun practiced to leave your phone covered in lube and see if you can get it. Was Soaper is right when he turned around right when she got to the door. I've been seeing this prank that people have been pulling online. It's probably ticktock, I'm sure, is where I saw it. But it's where someone's in an aisle of like, a grocery store or some type of store, and they're turned away from this person and the other person throws a towel over their head and also their own head, so that when the other person's like taking off a tele to see who did it. The other person also has a tell on the head and looking around like love stuff, too. Yeah, it's just like the most harmless, funny prank. I love it so much until someone does it to you. Well, I I probably once I figured out probably. So there was one. Where do did that? And, uh, the guy just tired out and punched him because I'm not having it. All right. Maybe don't just threw the towel. That is a very popular tic tac thing. Yeah, I realized last night, uh, one of things that, like Emily and I do eyes lay and then look at Tic Tac's for, like, 1/2 an hour. But way usually. Look at it on my phone. You and Emily look at Tic Tac's in bed. Barbara. Yes, that's cool. I come over here, I first we have very different Tic tac's. I guess it really does cure it based on your likes. Every take like I have is somebody getting hit in the nuts before falling down something or like having somebody play a really funny prank on where they pee, their pants or whatever. And hers are just people singing and doing like, like, makeup stuff. Yeah, yeah, it's a heavy. She is the most boring Tic Tac's I've ever seen. Said you actively like stuff on TV every time something makes me laugh. I like it. Yeah, I have a lot of cute animals. Don't have any Cuba. My best fucking tic tac's Dude. There's there's this trend on tic tac That makes me cringe so hard, and I cannot swipe through it fast enough. It's when these, like 14 to 16 year old guys were just like, All right, This is things that make girls crazy. Part 17. I'll write, You know, when you're with a girl and you pushed her up against the wall, she fucking loves that shit, bro. And I'm just like I'm going to vomit in my own mouth. You don't love that. Shouldn't really don't like being assaulted. But I don't need a fucking pre pubescent boy telling me what's going to turn me on like my God, that is gonna get me expelled from school this year. There's a truck of some guy like it's the whole point of view trend p o. V on tic tac where they're like P O V. I'm the guy who notices you in class, and he's doing like, I've never seen in, you know, I don't know what my for you, Paige. So it's the other person's beauty. Yeah, I guess. Just follow ridiculousness and a f ve. And you'll just get all the best picture. Okay, please say only if you want to see people get hurt. I mean, I'd rather see that over some guy trying to fuck me with his eyes. 14 year old. Was it you who told me about kids getting her the INSTAGRAM account? Yes. Kids getting hurt. It's a good one. It's a great for that too. I have not seen the subject, but the instagram accounts Awesome. It was just called getting hurt. Getting hurt. This little kid with my ground, sometimes they look so they get messed up. Yeah, I love them. Ugo most. You're like their kids. They bounce back tough bones. Some of them do bounce. Yeah, that's, um I just grossed myself out in the West again. Uh, did you like it? Chris sent us a message, and he was like, Hey, I've got Ah, good morning from hell Mug on my desk. Can you use it on the podcast to promote it? So here I am, promoting it for Chris. It's a lovely, most like from the, uh, promoted by for your drinking it and drinking out of it. And I just finished most of this drink, and I just realized this was on Krista Mary's desk. Yeah, he's absolutely didn't clean this. I just brought it over and poured a drink. And that looks like fuzz. And Oh, he, uh, he's not clean. He didn't clean it? No. Where else have I seen? Ah, mug with a skull on it? Well, it's a school across boats. Totally different. This'll Looks like more like a chef Ramsay shirt. That's pretty cute. That looks like the anyway by we promise it'll not be dirty. Chris will touch every single one of them before you buy live the lava platform from super marijuana For the cute A skull in existence. Its nose is an upside down heart. Mmm. By now or something, would you be waited out if Trevor gave you that upside down nose from a skull? Yes. What does that mean? What? You'd be losing heart. I e Your wallet is so thick. You like George Costanza. What is your heart in there? Know what? What? What do you actually keeping there? Cards and stuff. Layers of condoms early. What are your ass cheeks out of balance like is one of the really flat and one really big. Now I keep in my front pocket in your front pocket. What is it? compensate. Let me see that. Hold on to your wallet. Get Let me see it. So I'm not gonna fuck with it. That's day. It's dangerous game. Do you remember who you are and who I am? I'm giving you my I'm giving it. Jeffs honor. His toes were crossed. Let me see. What you don't know what? You're what You're never I'm not gonna open it. I'm just gonna You're just gonna compare that you that was dangerous. You could add your wallet to Gavin's wallet. You're a hamburger. I'm the slice of American cheese. What do you have? What? I'm not gonna look through it. But let me tell you, there is something. There's hard candy. His wallet is eight or nine of yours. And this is everything in the world I could ever need. Driver's license and credit cards. Yeah, I got love. Like it's just like membership cards. No, maybe just business, cause I never took out, but I've got, like, two countries worth of cards. Well, and they got you keep him with you at all time all times. What? You stuff too once. But then I always forget my English one. When I went there. Just keep it in your suitcase. Keep it in my suitcase. Do you ever go to England? That your suitcase? Well, it depends which The wolf? Yeah, Or go through. The man was the same one. Realized, like de clutter your wallet. And, like, I'm never gonna call this person. I'm never gonna contact this person. Just be grown up. Your life would be so much easier if you d wallet ID you get down to, like, my size I get This is too big. I gotta figure I got a pared down. This is too big, but there's some stuff in there I just can't get rid of and I'll show you right now. I need to pare it down. But there's something that I got. I got this in there. I keep a picture of me. Theo only thought I don't have a photo of my daughter. But I do have a photo of Jeff and gonna forget what he looks like. I don't know. I found it on my desk, so I put it in their old because I'm fat and have a beard. I have I have a photo attorney and my cat. Let me see. Okay, that was when we only had one cat had that same. This is for you. Oh, age It very clearly says on our lanyards where we are. If you look at it, it'll tell you where megacon Oh, it's for my gastroenterologist. Yeah, this is from last year 2018 April 2018 Megacon I was worried for you, I guess the newly business cost. Yeah, Hold. You know, I clearly went to CS at some point. Yeah, January also. That must have been years ago. Yeah, but let's have a segment where we call clean cabins wallet where we go through Gavin's while you take everything out that he doesn't need. I'm telling you as a as a critical friend. You have pounds in there. Yeah, It weighs pounds pounds. Your life would be easier. You don't. You're just carrying around extra weight. When you were in Japan, did you have money from three different countries on you? Uh, what was the 4th 1? For some reason, I got some Hungarian ship. Gethin, I think last time I so Linda she left me a Hungarian. Was it Florence? Florence, Florence. It's Florence is Florent Foreign Flora and fauna, Florent. I don't know. It's foreign. Foreign f over there. That's where there were there in the U. But they have their own money. Yeah, just like like the UK Another. Yeah, well, enough to know we'll find out. I don't know. We'll see how long that goes. Yeah. What's the hot tea on the Brexit right now? Gavin, catch yourself. I honestly I kept up for a long time, Ever since Boris Johnson took over. Like all right, I can't anymore. I kept up even longer, but until about a month ago, I kept hearing like Boris Johnson's gonna go. They're gonna ask him to step down tomorrow. It's gonna be next week. And then And he seemed He's mean with Trump this week. Seems like everything's OK. Seems like he survived it. I don't know. I mean, on December 12th can you vote from here? I can post it in. I have re registered there. Do it. It's important to the election 10 days away. You have to You have to remember that for every you there's a Dan does it? Yes, this is correct. Didn't he He vote for Brexit? Gotta be funny. No, he genuinely wanted to leave. I'm the one who told him that Brexit past because we were coming and he was like, Oh, no, that's what he said. He didn't think it would be funny. He just didn't think it would happen. Oh, but he actually like That's pretty probe. Rex. Yeah. Interesting. What? What? What a bummer. We have pretty heated discussions about every time we film together. Yeah, that must be interesting. Can you feel the Brexit in slo mo? It's already like real life. Watch it slowly happen over the course of four years. Five years, six years. We'll find out. Yeah, they only frosting about. It's just how much money's getting spent discussing it for years and years and years. It'd be great if I could capitalize on that. Just make a bunch of money off of it. Like if you could find a way to capitalize on Brexit not happening and delaying it. How'd you do that? I don't know. It's like some villain ship. Yeah. Can you back on Brexit? You have to be able to write about anything, right? Did you? You know it's gonna suck for you. It's gonna make European travel shitty like it is for us. You're not gonna bail to use any of the fast lines anymore. It was great, man. Brexit betting odds. So can you bet on it being delayed again? I'm looking. I'm looking it up. Ah, let's see. Okay, No deal. Okay. Oh, wow. There's a whole bunch of what was blessed amounts. Eso Brexit date. We'll start there. Ah, somewhere between January and June 2020 April in June 2020. January March 20 or not before 2022. So, uh, January to June 2021 3 odds. There's ah Brexit article 50 to be revoked. No deal. Brexit to 20 to 1 second You referendum Brexit date. Uh, is this other Brexit out rights? So they got you. Could you could you could bet on anything, apparently. Oh, there's us politics here too. Oh, what's the odds on Trump's second tub? Yeah. What are they getting over 10. 30 10. 30 10. Does he have the best odds? He does. Interesting. That makes sense. There's still a lot of because there's a lot of Democrat candidates. I see. This is gonna be a very dumb question. Um, because I don't know too much about American politics or process of it all. It's okay. Most of us don't either. Um, if Trump were to get impeached, I know someone could get impeached and still remain in office. Yes. Can someone be impeached and related for reelection guests and be re elected? Clinton was impeached. It was in his second term, was in a second term that it's so interesting to me that doesn't seem like that. Didn't really can't happen. Look for it to happen. If you're impeached and you're not found guilty of a crime, then you didn't do anything wrong. That's the logic, you know, like, how can you be punished if you didn't do anything wrong? But it's very unlikely that any president will ever get removed through impeachment, right? Did you know, in a two party system is pretty hard way more parties? We need more parking lots of parties. Yeah, I'm here. They're throwing. This weekend is in labor. They think there's a bunch of damn thing quite few, but this the main ones, though it's usually just between the main ones. Yeah, it's almost like practically throw a vote to vote for any of the other ones That's what they want you to think. Yeah, but I mean it. It ends up being true. Yeah, but I mean, if the persuaded of people that that is true even if it's not, then they effectively suppress any chance of another. Another party popping up. Yeah, you're sweet works. Wait, are fucking depressing. Spiral. Here you go back to talking about shits. Yeah, I watched Irishman. No. Is it good? And the New York mother? You said it's serious. It's Ah, Martin Scorsese movie. It looks now. It's three and 1/2 hours long. Oh, that's two movies. Yeah, it really is. But it's fine. I don't think it's like it's not like good fellows or Casino or the Departed, but it's fine. They did this thing where it's supposed to take place over a long period of time in this flashback, so they used, like, computer generated images to like de age some of the characters. And then they're all really like De Niro, Pacino, Joe Pesci. There are really also like their scenes where, like Robert De Niro's in World War Two is supposed to be like in his late twenties. Um, it's fine. I mean, it is what it is. I think it looks it's passable. But the problem is that even though they de aged them with computer graphics, they still move like old men like there's a scene where younger Robert and you're supposed to beat up a guy. It's like, Oh, he's not really He's not really kicking him. He's like old man stepping on him, kind of want to throw some guns in the river. It's like it's like watching an old man. Were those dentures that which is like these? Should I watch it? I think it's worth it. I mean, you it. I think it's essentially a swan song for a lot of those, all those people who control. So I mean some Netflix. Maybe I'll watch it. Have you guys watched Joe Joe Rabbit yet? No. Yeah, I liked from Syria. Phenomenal. That's what I hear. Yeah, this absolute receive podcast is brought to you by away. It's the season of giving, but that also means it's the season of travel. Last year, over 112 million people traveled during the holidays, but away knows that everyone has a different travel style. That's why they make their carry on luggage and an array of colors, as well as two sizes and two materials of strong yet flexible poly carbonate and an anodized aluminum. The away carry on has a lightweight and durable show that's made to last for a lifetime of travel. A limited lifetime warranty means they'll fix or replace your bank if it ever gets damaged. A building compression pad helps you pack in more for those long days of travel away offers a 100 day trial on everything it makes. 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We're seeing it tomorrow. I saw It's fucking awesome. Everyone Look, I really want t o. I asked today on Twitter, Actually curious. There's so many good movies that came out this year, what people's film of the year was. So many people said, knives out so many people. I get it, I get it. I hope it gets. It won't because it's comedy, but I hope it gets nominated for awards because it's really, really fantastic. It's very clever, did not expect very well lit, and I did not. Either further was good, but it was good, but I wouldn't expect it to be like people still in the air. It is such a good version of a who done it and it's got so much heart and it's so interesting. It's really fun on Daniel Craig as you get. See Logan. Lucky The worst part about that movie was Daniel Craig's Terrible's inconsistent Southern accent. It's back in full force. Somehow. Its somehow becomes endearing, charming. He's like a Southern dandy, kind of like genteel Southern, uh, bottomless bullet guy making a play. Southerners, I don't know. But by the end of it, you're like, OK, I just want to see more movies with him as that character. Maybe we will trying to see this week. I want to see Parasite. I wanted to see Parasite, but Milly didn't want to read at the movies, so he saw nice out what turned out to be great rabbit. I would like to as well, it's, um just it's amazing years, not make sad films. Yeah, Then this is the movie portion of the says There's no life. I don't know. It was like you were like, Oh, shit. Let's, um, technical difficulties. Earlier, we'll get that sorted out well for you that you were recording the beginning. Yes. Oh, we're supposed to Oh, no. But you said But I said, Oh, that's Oh, hi. Chat. So can we have Baby Yoda this week. No, no. What? What? No, no, it was okay. Now, why would it be a controversy? Why don't they? Well, basin cute. Disney was taking Baby Yoda down for but it's over. They said it's OK. No, we can't know. I haven't seen anything. Where? It said it's OK. Everyone has just said they taking it down. We can't show you whoever ask whoever told you that we can't show it. Ask them if we can show it now who? Okay. Hey, Patrick, can I show baby OTA? Oh, he's not here, does that? How do you ask someone who's not here, dipshit? You don't ask the air as someone who has not seen the man DeLorean. Hey, Bernie, What do you think? Can we show Baby Yoda? He's not here. You won't respond to my texts either, so I don't know, but we're gonna get an answer. But hey, Barbara, can we show Baby Yoda eyes? He a big part of the series? Yeah, is he does have a cute little baby voice. He makes noises. What's his name known? ODS in the er in this. If you have a subtitles on it just says the child? Uh, yeah, because of the kid. A lot, too. I watch it. I figure I'll wait till the series is done, and then I'll buy it for a month and watch it. Tony and I do in the chronological movies and all that stuff. Harry, how are you doing? Are you starting with Episode one and going through You started upset for start ups. Would want it took six days to watch a technical is way. Couldn't watch for more than, like 15 20 minutes before it's something about it just makes you want to turn it off every time it changes. It's not well. I was going to say It's not off is awful. I tried to walk. I tried to do that recently. Tried to re watch the prequels before Disney Plus came out. I had it on iTunes and I started watching The Phantom Menace. It was the final minister taking clothes. I can I can look. I could find out took a screenshot of it because I was so shocked. But there's a scene where all must have been pediments anyway. There's a scene where two characters are standing on a landing pad in front of a spaceship, and neither of those two characters are in focus. It's like mere the two characters talking to each other terrorist stamp scene, where it's like, Yeah, and they're all on the same plane. But one of them's really far away. Somehow, in the focus of what is happening here, I know it's the same thing. If you're gonna do a full lot, watch through, would you go sequential or order of release? Probably order. Really, I would think so, too, because it's it's cooler way to learn. It makes I think, the 1st 3 more palatable because you have buying on fourth or sixth. Yeah, they're great Siri's. Then you go back and then you guys don't like those other ones. I don't like the order that we're doing it. Yeah, I'm watching Episode one and two and I'm trying to think like a my supposed to know that Palpatine is Citius. When's that reveal? I can't three that feels in three. When is that? I was trying to figure out if it was chained Heat foreigners in the city. It's when he fights Mace Windu three. Or like the last act of three. But yeah, like, So I just feel like it like it's not a serious that makes sense to watch sequentially. I think you need to watch in the order that was released also. It's just he somehow made light savers really boring. Like Luke, I am. Your father becomes a much less cool reveal. If you've seen episodes one through three. First Yank I forget like this. So much coincidence. Like what? The chances that his dad built that robot. Yeah, Yes, like it makes sense that it's just some junk robot that showed up looking for. But then his dad had it, is there and then the robot doesn't remember. Yeah. Is there any interaction between Darth Vader and see Three Pier in the original trilogy? I don't remember. They were both on best friend if they had a moment when I don't think so. But you see, three people was in pieces and best been right. Yes, you carried on to Bacchus back. That wasn't Yes, yes, but I don't think he ever interacted with Darth Darth Vader episode, too. It's just a bunch of she almost shot for shot throwbacks to the original trilogy that less impressive like see Threepio gets dismount under that one, his head gets put on a drone thing. Well, they think is true. I don't remember that at all. I guess had swapped in its God. We stood in line for two fucking two days to see that movie, and I felt sleeping. Uh, those. So what if someone I was rewatching rogue one over the weekend? I had it on. And, uh, was one of the early scenes where they're on, like that opening planet where Jack Youngjun and her father living and the mother, Mads Mikkelsen. Yeah. And you know the empire. Guys come and like, they're talking to him. And we have that scenes on Ester Transfer Amigos given go to set and futuristic sci fi movies. Nobody has a Southern accent. It was like you Craig walked, huh? That was weird, I guess, because I guess it's very obviously really. People speak with a British Empire Thea Phantom Menace, the Vice Roy guys and all that just Asian racist Chinese accent invented by white people. But I was like if there had to be a character with a southern accent and like a future scifi movie, I would think would be something in the aliens franchise. Like alien or aliens? Yeah, like a space marine type thing I expect to see. Like a tough Southern dude. Yeah, I could see a grizzled old Southern. Do you see it there? Like you think like the bad guy in Avatar. I should've had a Southern accent. Did you know? I don't think so. It was really grizzled. Like Like Sergeant Rock skinny, that one of the female people in Ah, Alien have a Southern accent. I don't remember a name. No, not really. Everyone's on a writer. Not Ripley. Except really, I have to re watch. It's been a few years since I've seen it. Believe it or not. Well, I I put it on because ah, I wanted to see it in four K because like, I'm just new. Plus, they say it's in four cases. I own that movie on Blue Ray and I own, like iTunes streaming version of The Phantom Menace about Rogue one over. So want to compare, like what it looked like in extreme ing on iTunes. 10 80 verses. The Disney has four K. Looks good. It's really good. Honey, are you happy with Disney? plus for the men. DeLorean. Sure. I don't know. There's not much else I'm really watching on it. I don't think I'm gonna get it. Or the one. I don't think you get it. Or apple. Plus, just cause I get did you buy an iPhone? Yeah, I know I have your three, but I just, uh I can't keep up with the shit that I have on Netflix. And who Lou and Amazon started watching now, today. Fiance, didn't you? Yeah. I'm in the 90 s a hard Yeah, I really like that. I'm also into below deck now, which is also fucking great playing catch up on that, but like and I like it. It's already so bad that it's like, I go Who? Lou Campanelli. And who will I go? Netflix. And that I can play in the Netflix Amazons like, bottom of the barrel for me, and I barely get the Amazons. I can't imagine adding Maur onto the layered thing, but like, there's a show or two that you want to watch, and then I can probably get it for a month, Right? Either of them has a huge back catalogue of new original program right, it's Ah, Disney Plus is almost 99% that Catholic. What does that mean? All they have released Amanda Lorient I think that Jeff Goldblum Oh, I don't have a hocus pocus to also like some new Kristen Chicken. What's your name? Kristen Bell. Costa Will isn't like any Kristen Bell serious on Dizzy Plus two. She's in the good place right now. Yeah, there's like It's either like a documentary Siri's or some other serious of Kristen Bell that I think launched on Disney. Plus, I think Apple TV Plus only has, like, a couple of shows to get that morning show morning show for all mankind. Uh um What is that? The one with the blue baby? Roman kind. That servant or C? I don't know. Both of them have been mankind's the moon. Russian moon landings give Russia landed on the moon before. Think Netflix is gonna go with, like in the next five years. Know what people think that just there hammered ring money. They're just so in debt. It's they're losing money. Everything depending shitloads on originals. Yeah, yeah, but I mean, they're just trying to grow and make it as long as people still believe in it. That's what's the stock the stock actually had has been under some trouble because there's like I was having a conversation about today where it's maybe Jesus Christ twice for where, um, like, the brands will essentially just, like, pick back their stuff up. So, like, Disney would pick all their Disney stuff up. But also, Netflix doesn't want that stuff anymore to write. They've been spending so much money, look back on their original content, can fill that gap. They want Netflix to be purely original content at some point. Interesting. Yeah. I mean, it's like, Are they gonna spend the money on licensing or they're gonna spend the money on? They're on their own. I pee. Yeah. Don't start that. They own. Yeah, it's tough. It's a period of transition. I don't know. I don't see them going away. I think that ultimately, you know, investors will continue to believe in them and support the company and give him money. I think you know, longer term, we'll see more shakeups in you know s pod. You know, we'll we'll see how committed Apple is to really doing Apple e $8 million committed right. That's what their initial right. But how far they're gonna go? I mean, to give everyone who bought an iPhone a year of it, just to try toe, pump the numbers and get it going, And then your reason you didn't know it, there's very little on it. So yeah, I I had no idea was the thing. They really It really doesn't take long to build up a solid platform of originals. If you have the budget like look at what Netflix has now compared to win like, what was the first cars? Cars came out. It was such a big deal. Or do you want Orange is the new Black was a big deal. I think that she was still going on or they just finished. Just had a new season. I watched season one and 1/2 like and like they that you go there now and it's like I couldn't begin to watch all the If I only had Netflix, I couldn't keep up with all the Netflix content I don't like. If Netflix lost the office, they would lose the tennis. Describe it. I think they are losing the next year. So what is it going. Remember, let me look the office. I'm pretty sure it's the most was gone. The most streamed thing. Well, it's the Office and Adam Sandler movies to leave Netflix. Yeah, it's not like Dave Chappelle's gonna go to NBC Universal's forthcoming platform. Yeah, but they they swung and missed last time. They're gonna they're gonna try again. Do you think that's the biggest thing that Disney plus is missing? Is a binge a ble? Easy, No brainer show, like friends or the office? Maybe. I mean, there's a lot of stuff that hits people in the nostalgia bone like there's all those old like darkling duck and detail, a spindle of X Men and stuff. But it's tough. It's not, but not new stuff we'll need as friends. But like I fucking binge the fuck out of friends when it was released on Netflix the second and when it's coming to HBO, Max, exactly watch it there again. Probably tell you, I guess that is the challenge. For like Apple, for instance, getting into the content game now is they don't have a back catalogue of 50 years of There's no concentrate I've made and a history. Yeah, they could pull their oaky notes. I think we want that stuff sometimes, like unveiling like the original MacBook Air they like. What is an interest in a small room? Take that. We tried to watch the new, uh, Mary Poppins movie, but it's on Netflix. It was only available on Disney Plus in January 2021. Do the licensing agreements? I got a solo in the latest. Yeah, the new Mary Poppins. It's just so bad. Through the kidney, I took Millie to watch the 1st 1 a couple years ago. She asked me to leave the original Mary Pop. Yeah, we're 45 minutes in and nothing had happened yet. And she's like, I just wanna go home. I just turned it off. We're like, Do you? Are you enjoying this? He's like, Not really. I was Just stop. You don't have to watch. I know. Yeah, we're at home, you know, do whatever you want, but the first very puppets is born. It's so boring about the 1st 1 to watch the new ones. They're like, takes a while for it to even show up. They're still introducing characters like 40 minutes in. Yeah, it's long Yeah, I remember that. The house shakes was how shaken because the guy fires. The guy's a cannon on his roof and he fires. That's pretty funny. Yeah. Are you still playing death? Stranding. I guess you've been out of town for that sound. Haven't touched a thing. I I think I'm getting close to being done with it. That's not what I asked. Uh, I It's good. I'm really enjoying it. Okay. I'm really enjoying it a lot. But there's ah, I don't know if I could ever recommend it to anyone. The only way to recommend it be like, if you like the weird Kojima stuff. Absolutely. Yeah. If you are just looking for a game to play catcher, Uh, who's my favorite character in that game? I don't know. Let me think. Is it die hard, man? Is it death man? Is it heart, man? Is it Mama, You see? Sound like Meghan in character? Actually, those are all character like that, Mama is the rock a bye baby tune when she cools that die hardman guy cause you a lot of talk. Just talk to site. We've just had it cut seed together and you're gonna call me three times before I can get out into the open. Is there someone with the name stranding in their name? This Bridget Strand, the president of the United States. I believe family's last name is also Strand. I don't know. I don't remember her. Not related her daughter, but her brother is Sam Porter. Bridges. What's his name? Different? Because I seem its name. Occupation company. Right. But not everyone else is like that, right? Yeah, it's very hard to figure out. What? That Yeah, there s o the other day I was playing and it just like you. Um Esther 10. Domingos, are you Ah, having fun is this Is this game fun? Yeah, it's pretty fun. I think I like it. It's a little weird, though, and she asks, how is it? Weird? And I paused the game and I just, like, looked at her. I said, I really don't have time for that right now. It's the Kajima game. You get the white boy way. My baby controller cries, right? Yeah, like I was carrying another person on my back and they're all wrapped up. And she's, like, wise that person on your back. All wrapped up in that Well, if the rain touches them the age But it doesn't happen to your character. Will you have my character to see you is all covered up. He's got this photo Was wearing a rainbow through the aging rain Did you see Meg 60 four's video? Haven't seen me. I thought Lee did a death stranding in real life video. And it's of course, so funny you got there with the references. If you haven't played the game If you I mean, if you seen anything from the game. I think you understand. Yeah, it's essentially Rocco trying to carry a comical amount of like giant boxes. I'm excited, toe. Look back in to see if anyone used my ladder. You know, like someone used my generator like I put a generator somewhere that would be really useful. Any time someone uses that, I get really excited. Like other players. Yeah, it's kind of like multiplayer multi vest. Kind of. Do you ever use other people's shit? Yeah, all the time. Yeah, it's really good places. Got there, was there was a a private room somewhere where I look absolutely needed it. Yeah, there was one but I was on the brink of death. I'm not gonna make it. There's a ladder. And it was like the perfect letter. And I was, like, smashing, like on it's that this is such a good letter. I placed the Do they disappear at some point? Are they there for two years now? 64 city. Really? That's like when you and I had to do the, uh the immersion weighed all the stuff. You okay? And he keeps yelling about having the O. You, uh, you don't ever actually see any of the other place, so that's what it says. What you're doing is you're rebuilding a network to reconnect everything right when you bring a new area online than other players who have been in the area might have built stuff that gets shared the other. So my question is, though, does that stuff exist forever? Right in the network, off exist for a long time. I don't know how it works. You move it. I don't you can grab. Here's my question. If I played the game on launch, is it harder than if I play the game to mine? I think the network makes everyone you get glimpses of some people stuff, and if you like one person stuff, you'll see more of that stuff. Okay compared to other people. But I was trying to spray my I was 20 age. My cases there spray you can d h if we could just, like, spray yourself and I accidentally just like muscle memory did it. But I had a ladder out, so I just put a ladder down on on like the tiniest rock people used to climb over. This time it's ah, it's It's interesting. Yeah, yeah, I think it's Ah total. I looked it up. It's like 35 hours long. I'll never get to it. I mean, I don't play a lot of PlayStation anyway, but I I stiii I didn't even get into fallen order. We got played like, two hours and put it down. I'm waiting till I finish just trying to pick that up. I'm just in college, you know, I read a lot. I need those 10 minutes like hits. I can't I can't devote to that much time. So funny. Listening to Trevor play video games because he's in such a habit of filming videos of the gym. A hunter like he'll narrate and like, Speak out loud, thinks that he's doing and it's I always think he's talking to me because I'll be like in the other room, like what he's like. Oh, no, I just I don't do that. I don't even have a home. I understand that the second I leave recital. It's gotten a little bit better now that I'm not in content as much as I used to be. But I'm still just so burned out from 16 years of constantly making videos that the second I leave roost teeth, my mouth stops. I don't I don't speak until I get back from 501 p. M. Until 8 a.m. Yeah, I just don't like the most boring person in the world outside of work. When we we used to work at the Call center like if Jeff and I were hanging out outside of work, we would fight with each other over who had to call the pizza place to order a stray like pizza delivery because he talked to someone. We were both so sick of talking on the phone all day. No, you call, though you calls before you could fucking order people. Paper, rock, scissors made a sound board that just had a look. And then when the pizza when the pizza would would when we hear the pizza guy come up, it was a race to see who could run into the hallway to hide first. And whoever got to the hallway first, the other person had to get the door. Wow. Yeah, baby, it's not like now when you could just be like, just leave it outside, that it's it's gonna talk to me. It's been kinda interesting. Side effect of this career, though, is that I have no desire to talk outside of here. I'm very similar s o. I felt bad, like Millie Millie. Sometimes she's like you, okay? And I'm like and she's like, we never We don't talk as much as we used to it. I'm like, I know, I'm sorry. I'll try to make it up to talk to people because I just Otherwise I just sit in silence. Yeah, the opposite. That someone like Michael Michael alone in a room and he'd probably just be able to talk. Whatever do you mean, it's ill? It's a fucking scale that he has. Michael is an engine. He's a verbal engine. He will. If you just sit and witness Michael in the room, he will talk like two weeks worth of me in one day. I think I work with a man that doesn't stop when he leaves. There's been times where we've hung out, like all together, like back in the day when we used to go overto like Michael in Lizzie's place or whatever. And I remember there were times where, like, Michael, would you start talking and then he would just be talking at us first, like the entire evening. And then we'd be like, All right, thanks so much for having us over crazy over there after work was like, five. And in the summer the sun sets kind of late. Yeah, for swims after work, we get over there like get changed and then it be 8 p.m. And we'd be going to the pool and this is our majority of gunned down because he was thing that's quite so crazy about it. On DDE, What makes Michael so unique and so special, I guess, is well, is that he's not repeating himself like he's out on the material. It's amazing. Yeah, I would. I run out of shit to talk about pretty quickly. Michael does not. He's also really good at, Like I've heard him tell the same story before. Just cause I've been in the relation with one group in another group, and I don't care when people do That's fine. But heat When he tells the story, I it is so engaging every time. Even if I heard it the exact same way, like before, it's a it's a fucking Skillman is a really good memory of the fine details to like. I'll remember the gist of something, but I'll never remember the exact words people said, and he will retell it and say Everything that was said to be like That's actually exactly how that he told that story of Andy getting drunk and falling in the bathtub or something like that and he comes in and like when she put her phone in the bathroom and like you just see Andy fall in the bathtub and he's like naked. I forget what happens. But he told that story so many times and then you actually see the video footage of it. And it's just like he told that story better than yeah, actually told looking. We told the story about how he got Lindsay, passed out and locked him out his apartment and all the stuff like that. Okay, and I have the video of it, and it's like shot for shot. The rt A. Like exactly how he told it. Well, he's original video. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a bit of a photographic memory because he can, like, I have seen every episode of Always sunny, least 10 times, but some of them 30 40 50 times, like he and I both had an unhealthy obsession with that show for a long time. And he and as much as I've seen like, I have seen an episode 30 times and I can tell you the gist of that Episode 19. The major jokes. Michael can narrate the episode. He knows everybody's lines, everybody's parts, almost like he studied a script. It's really impressive. I wonder which episode you know is the best, and how far into it could you get before he gets the line? Probably pretty far is it the office as well is that another show that he watches the officer tone, too. Yeah, sounds like a challenge we should come up with for him. We said, Yeah, I don't think we'll win. I would guess it would be a Season four like a Season four episode. I think that was like a love. 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People are pretty annoyed that I caught looking Level two bird with my mom must I saw, like, I don't know much about Pokemon, but I looked at those images and the only thing I thought was Why did you use a master ball for, like, maybe I'm not understand? Maybe that's like a rare Pokemon or something I read in the carpet. Yeah, it made people mad. It's honestly, something I've always done because we talked about this in the punk. Get something. I've never like a weapon order. Like if I pick up a power weapon, I'll just shoot it at the next enemy. I see, even if it's like a tiny like for the enemy and other people. Just hold that stuff until the end and never use it so much. So I've always liked as a kid. I used the masterful on like whatever the next pontiff. Analysts just cause it. Annoyed by friends, I've just been that way ever since. You get one monster will per game, and it's like you're guaranteed 100% cash. That's it. Just one per day. You get one per game and usually have to beat. The game will get really far into the game to get it. Just throw that shit. What a waste. Nice mind. Because of our unsatisfying. It's the people, you know. What is it a waste, though, if the alternative is had never used it. Three alternatives in case you running just using for shiny Oh, come on. That's a thing, right? You soon a shiny. I think they ought to find one light one in rare. I want T Ray tweet about how excited he was that he played for, like, 10 hours and had over 1000 encounters. And he finally got him. He has the reaction that you know, you can find a shiny that won't flee, though I think you could just keep throwing balls at until you get it. I don't see the reason to use the money talking the wrong person. I'm just a shiny I don't know. I don't know enough about it, but you can increase your odds of finding one, but it's still like one in 1000 chance. Probably Afghan one. That's like, Ah, are you aware that there are eight gun animation? We load Easter eggs in battlefield that are like one in 10,000 but it's one where he pulls out the gun like this. He's like, pulls out the map. That's crazy. I love that I love that stuff, too. That's awesome. Because you could probably play the whole game without ever seeing it. Oh, you most likely will. And most people will probably play the game and see it and go. Yeah, and then be like, I guess not. Just related other 20 times. I didn't see that, okay? Or just totally miss it. It's really cool. That's gonna be the worst. Just, like, totally miss it. Miller is. And I know that I've seen, like, compilation, same gift song on Reddit, like, Oh, you know that was there. I used to study that shit back when we would do a lot of Easter egg videos, you know? And I've learned very quickly not to try it. I was like, I'm not gonna bother with that. Trying to capture What were you doing? Shoot, Shoot. Shoot like that the whole day. I hope you find one. No, I love the skyrim content you guys would make. That's always my favorite things to do in sky. Oh, How's my ship? I would watch that all the time. It was just fun days and it was so easy That came is just so open. Coming with anything under those videos get bumps every time. They were really skyrim for a platform that I would imagine they did. Yeah, those videos had longer tales than for one of a reason Sky room and left for dead had the longest tails of any videos we made back then. Like, they would just keep turning out videos like these in the back catalogue at a rate that nothing else did. Yeah, I've really missed making things to do. Why don't you make it again? Do it, Dude, you get the whole office over there you go Make him in right now. I mean, we just film so many less place. That's no, There's no time to waste What Matt spends his time. Yeah, it's things the news are are they're very tight because they're super time consuming and they're not. It's just not a good use of your time. What killed me for personally doing things to do was at the tail end of what I was still making. That kind of content was I played an open world game over. World games were like as soon as you get a little game, you're like searching. I could make 20 of these things. I played mad Max and I was I put like, 25 hours into the game and got zero things to news. I got close to, like, 10 and then nothing ever worked out. Right? And then you look it and you're like, I spend the whole weekend trying to make a couple of content. Yeah, I got that. I struck out and it's just it sucks. Yeah, you know, it was I. I feel like I do a lot outside of work to do him when I played more of those types of games. But also, we had more time at work where we were only making that one, 23 Let's place a week so I could actually spend like the whole morning doing. Throwing a cabbage into a bucket and sky with Regis is good. There would never be enough time for that. Now, um, I just select something to those guys over there, but I saw speed of things to do, and I saw someone I kind of made, like, almost like a things to do in in death, stranding excuse me where they tried to make an SS ex mode, and they created, like, a kind of a snowboarding course in a snowboarding game That's awesome in deaths trending Yeah, which is like, It's a game about carrying and delivering stuff. But they found a way to turn ladders into rails, and they're like, All right, I'm gonna ask what kind of stuff you could build a way to get that you're probably close to getting. That's a floating carrier. It's Ah, it's also such a craft because in this game in, and that's the thing that I want, I don't want people to be like this. People get nostalgic, you know, like, we'll make less. Let's play so you could make more things to do the problem with it, too. It's like it's not a guarantee you're gonna get anything out of it, and then when you do, there's not a guarantee anybody's gonna watch it. You know the amount of things to do is we made that people don't remember. The first is the ones they do. Everybody remembers pissing off the preacher or cops stop or the cabbage and lights, trick shot spurt or trick shot or, I mean, some of them I would spend, like 10 hours making. And if if a video gets like 120,000 views and I spent 10 hours doing it, probably no longer worth our time to do this. Yeah, it's just it's it's Unfortunately, you entertain a lot less people that way and put a lot more effort into it for the hope that you get you get a lucky, ah, trick shot, you know, And it just like people don't remember all the things that is. We pumped out that nobody watched, you know, all the GT A ones that didn't do well. The hitman Lindsay didn't do well, although we had some incidents do really well, although whatever, you know, like the maxim like Max and relax in was on my favorite things to do we ever did. It was Michael's, and I was in. Max Payne already would like he would Bullock. I'm little I'm gyres and so they don't get up. And then it didn't do super well, no so bummed. You know, it's like it's just such a crap shoot for the amount of work you put into. Apparently, age just made of things to do in just training. Probably not brag. Uh oh, yeah. What was it? Was anyone in on the common trouble? I found Max and relaxing. That's seven years ago. Yeah. Wow. How many of these? 600. 630,000? Yes, very little at the time. It came in about 400,000 of those since it came out over time. Back catalogue Mark. That training I don't even was the things to do. I don't remember that one. What was that? If I recall, that was Oh, that was with Michael. It was Mark Mark, not training. It was It was either you, you and Michael did one in Skyrim where you shot stuff with arrows that might have been that way. Said we would read Revisit in 2016. And we didn't Mark not training. Might have been when we did, when we made the platforms in Minecraft and we shot the arrows and yeah, yeah, remember surprise. No, listen, when we just made a piece of red wool pop out in Minecraft and punch you in the face Oh, yeah, that was the that was pre the predecessor to no glory hole which is my favorite, which is the exact same thing. Except that stands you up a bunch of a jackass. Yeah, that's exactly the way it looks like the five. There's also one called gardening grief. Where I was just using bone meal on the floor. That was it. I bet that video of the show defining I remember the mind crossed in the discard him. So I think I just used to try and come up with one of those per week alternating endless amounts of things. I'll come up with something, please. D'oh! In Minecraft. I'm amazed I came. Is still all right everywhere. Idea of the week. Make a house that make a house. What if you maybe be Yoda in Minecraft, huh? I'm sure, People. Yes, please. You're watching the Baby Otter Show I Oh, my God. Although I will say I watched this last most recent episode, but after I was done with it, I was like, Oh, yeah, this is a kid's show. Oh, man. Lauren. Yeah. How many episodes in is it? I think there's four and it's a eight upset runner. I don't know a few more. I appreciate shows more than ever. now that are between 20 and 30 minutes long. Really? Yeah, there's so many shows recently have been, like 45 to an hour. It's just, I know, even like the new season of Temptation Island. Which is you watching it. I don't know. I mean, I love Temptation Island. The one not guilty, very. They snuck it out like it's just they didn't even announce it. And it was out Yes, on Lulu. And it's better than Season one. It's phenomenal, but the episodes likes one episode 42 minutes. The next episode an hour and 1/2. It's like super inconsistent. Damn, yeah, uh, that I would watch. That's just shit TV and watching people destroyed their lives. So great, you should also watch Hannity fiance. I finally got Jeff to give it a try. It's really good, I will say. I will say, 90 day Fiance is not been Jubal because those episodes are heavy. Like after an episode, I'm like, What is the poor people premise of that show? Is it someone who is trying to get a work visa? Basic premise. And there's a bunch of variations. The basic premises on American Falls in Love with someone who lives in another country. That person moves to America, and then they have 90 days to get married. Otherwise, that person needs to leave the United States K one visa. I think that's what Jack and I had to do with the fiancee visa. But this is like people who might not necessarily know each other very well. Like there isn't There's an end the way they peel that the layer like the way they the way they peel back the onion on knowledge is really interesting to like. There's this dude is like a single dad, and he meets this woman from the Dominican Republic or somewhere. Oh, yeah. And, uh, they've met. They have spent one day together and they're engaged like he flew over there. No, no, no. He was going on a cruise that stopped it stopped today they spent one day together. Then they talked online for a long time. Ah, fella and love on the internet. And then she comes over and they've only spent one day together. But the cool thing about that is my episode four. You watching them go through this process that Episode four, they're like, Oh, By the way, I've got five kids with four other women you like. They hold on to these nuggets of information that our whole game changers it's really cool the way they tell the story. Did you ever watch Catfish? Not the movie, but this is a lot of that. I lost a movie. I I couldn't get into the show. I find those guys to be kind of off putting. Yeah, they get more and more off putting his time goes on, but that shows fascinating, too. No and scary. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've had my picture used an information used on, like, a lot of different websites and dating APS and stuff like that. It's really easy to be you when I know you. But I want to get my account back on Facebook from the guy that took it from me. I had to convince Facebook. I was meeting, took forever. Someone messaged me on a social media platform, being like, Hey, I just wanna make sure this is you I'm talking to like you said you'd run away with me and be like my little sex thing. And I was like, um no, like, I am not on any app. If you're talking to someone who looks like me or you think is me secretly, it's not. It's not. I don't worry about that We had about who I am. No match with me. Like friends from England who matched with me on Dayton. Acts like why you like this. You know what the chances that someone pretending to be me match for someone who actually knows me in real life, right? Yeah, I My favorite thing is when I see people post there just like someone's using your photos for this tinder profile and they put, like, 23 or 24 I'm like I excellent. Well, I will say, Gus, I am sorry it took me so long to take your recommendation. The heart I finally got into ever committed more than words recommended another season to you. But then there's a new exhibit in Season four. Yeah, that's another one. I also wanted to recommend a thing of it. How many episodes a season? Because that would give us a violent six. I don't know this. There's a lot. I can't fathom any of these people working out. Sometimes they do, but then you don't hear about them anymore. It's like every now and then you'll you'll watch a couple on. That's truly be like, Oh, they look like they could really work And then you never hear from them again because like, Oh, I have so many mean things I want to say about this people that I feel bad saying It sucks the real people, They're really people. There's so much I want to say about the beekeepers but that they don't even really speak the same language like that, then that this is another recurring thing among many different couples. They'll have to rely on Google translate, and it's like if the translator APP is not working, they can't speak to each other. Yeah, how deep up there, Yeah. How well can you really know someone If you're relying on 1/3 party after you can't have a deep conversation with him? There's misunderstanding. Even in a basic conversation, it's it's It's tough. It's just a good show. It is great. What's the name of a 90 day fiance? There's a lot of spin offs, so there's 90 fiance. There's before the 90 days. If two people meet and they're like thinking about entering this process. There's 90 Fiance the other way. When American leaves the United States to go move to another country, there's a 90 fiance happily ever after, which continues following a couple after they're married on. And I think that's all of these things. Biggest the bachelor franchise. How does he ask government not to see the show? Just invalidate all of those visas when they went through the process? No. Well, it's not like they're they don't That's usually they're not scamming the system. Sometimes you're like, I think this is a scam. It's pretty obvious when it's a scam. There are some people that seem to genuinely, like, really care for each other, like I will say, the Brazilian girl and the her dad, who's stating she seems to really care about him. Like, I think at least this part in the show you don't you don't you don't know the bombshell like you don't know the bombshell coming, you know? Yeah, it's fascinating. Speaking of trashy reality TV, I have not seen this, but I saw a trailer for the new season of X on the beach on MTV. What is that you've never heard of X on the beach? No. Oh, well, let me tell you about speaking my language. It's a British show that is now on MTV America. It was It was It was started on MTV UK, which is its own thing, I guess. And then they reported it to America. But they take reality TV stars from, like the road Rules and the challenge and from the Bachelor and from other shows, like any kind of reality dating show. And they say you're going on a dating show on an island and are like our Hawaii, and they're like, Yeah, I want to be in the new dating show and you get there and then they're all kind of standing around. And then they find out that the hook is every episode three exes show up and are then a part of the dating show exes of Like who? They don't know. They just get called down to the beach, and they're like, we need three of you to come down to the beach. They come on the beach and they wait and then two people walk up and it's like, Is it gonna be my ex is gonna be your ex and I don't know which ex. And then suddenly your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend is on the show talking shit about you while they're trying to date people on stuff, too. And it just turns into people fucking and punching. But fuck punch. But, uh, it's it's trash in all the worst ways and some some good ways. But the new season takes place. It's called like, peak of love or some shit, and it takes place, just like in a cabin on the top of a mountain in the snow got snowed in and you don't even have, like, the sexy factor of people being bikinis and you don't. And that's the whole show is that they're half naked all the time, but they're just they're just pump alcohol into him, and then they're trying to fall in love, say, like, say, like Gavin and I fall in love are we start dating and I'm like, we're getting into it and their gender fluid sometimes, too. So it's like, Ah, yeah, we're gonna start hooking up and then boop, boop boop! Suddenly we turn around and dance there, and he's like Gavin broke up with me, and I'm here to set the record straight. And I'm like, Oh, no. And then I was like, No, don't talk shit about me, Dan. Don't tell anybody that you. Yeah, And then it's a whole and it just turns into a whole thing. Wow. And then sometimes you have, like, I've seen episodes where there's, like, dudes that have, like, three ex girlfriends, they're all the same time. It's really so I'd be like Bachelor in Paradise for that. Blake. It's kind of like Bachelor in Paradise with Blake Back from Paradise is the is the classy version of Excellent Wow, that's saying a lot And then and I mean that I've seen both And I do not think Bachelor in Paradise is classy in any Where does Temptation Island fall? Division Island shits on all of them. Temptation Island is the top of the mountain. It is the gold standard of reality dating dating TV. I'm not kid. I'm gonna watch that tonight. Yeah, there's a seven out of eight upset about the money, but no, the show. That's Upper Mountain. No, it's not. That's the bottom of the barrel of the top of the mountains of out of the barrel. I don't officially state that. Dan and I have only ever suck each other off. We were never officially day. Okay, that's fair. Like at the same time, I need to get your story straight before you go next on the beach. Good stuff's gonna come out. We, uh, you're talking about a cabin Reminded me about this story. You and I went skiing together once, and we were so fucking dumb about it. Remember? We look Trotsky up. Why don't we dumb about it? We went up, we met someone and we went to their cabin up on a mountain. But we didn't take any food. Remember that? And there was no food in the cabin. What did we eat? Nothing. There was a single can of beans in the fucking cab. Thes canopy is your right. And there was no there was no can opener. And the store was far away and not open, right? Yeah, we were hungry. What would you do with the beans? We couldn't meet them. Way were on the mountain into a can way. Could we have nothing? We went to bed hungry. That's right. I just remember skiing. That's where I learned to ski on that trip. I remember watching you learn how to ski, which is one of the funniest things, because I want t o say Gus was not a duck to water. That's putting it mildly. You skating like someone who'd been de aged by CJ. I was like, I'm getting this. This is all right. So I kind of feel like put your feet be teacher like put your feet together and look into this. And I just like I was so skinny I couldn't break into the snow. No, my weight wasn't enough to Pierce, you know, he's not kidding. It was bad, and I also remember we would Then the first time we went down the mountain are like we got after we spent a day or two skiing when I got fairly decent at it, some of us on one kind of beans and, uh, it was very hungry. And I just remember going down the mountain and going like, Hey, is that is that blood over there? And he's like, it looks like dried blood on the snow, and it's like, weird man, is that more blood and you realize there's blood everywhere all over the mountain. People are just getting fucked up left and right to remember that there were just piles. The blood Was it like head blood? I don't know. Maybe nose, bloody nose, bloody. You know, like a tree and blood maybe like trees on their period. I could tell when that and the poke us because they keep way, I noticed. All right, well, I guess we should wrap up anyway. It's about that time. I'm sorry we didn't talk about any of your stuff. That's what we talked about. Wasps and Vegan Thanksgiving. The meaning of Thanksgiving About bleep. Well, let's see you guys next time.