#574 - Gavin Creates the Bluetooth Nose

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss 11 years of the podcast, new movie trailers, augmented reality, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-12-10 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman


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you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 574. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Theo! Hey, everyone, Welcome to the receipt podcast this week brought to by Squarespace and Gord Ash. I'm Gus. I'm God Blaine and broke the table. I'm by breath and I'm God. Today is the 11th anniversary of the first episode of the receipt Podcast. We did it way wouldn't make it. They all doubted us. I don't think a single person that that it was impossible to make a podcast and distributed that they didn't think we had to tell it. They were right about that. The easiest thing to Dio there was back then. Look at all the people it takes. Yeah, you should just be you at a table with a mixer and three other people, sometimes people. And sometimes if I would that I would I would help you set it up in the morning. Yeah. I mean, if someone hit the table, it sounded like shit. Yeah, I hated it. Don't hit the table. I don't know that they actually did it in the Eric actually got something for 11th anniversary. What is this? It looks like a birthday cake, cookies and a balloon that says 18th birthday. But it has a stretched out and it says 11 that Wow, you got, like a like a one. They had another one. Means you got to cut the balloon open and hail the air. What is the case? Say hello. Is that just above the white? What says happy 11? He wrote that KGB. Oh, really? You told them to do. And they did it. That's cool. Well, I don't know if they I don't know, Kate. Customization was like an option. I like the red, yellow and blue color scheme. Very, very podcast. Frightened very on brand Does the colors I think of when I thank you for the cake. Yeah. Do you know how hard it is? Like the 11th birthday balloon we just had to, like, make. When you get talking about the cake, I'm not talking about you know what, that red, yellow and blue. But the balloon is like it's not hard. It's have a good birthday and we can get all like, more good stuff. Like when you get to like 15 will be like a quinceanera. And are these like chips? Ahoy cookies? There's 11 cookies for your 11th. We got a dozen, but we ate one. Who it? Christian Christian. And there was a fucking vanilla. Is this 1/2 and half if I cut this other, but with everything, this is unreasonable. You go on, someone does something nice and we just shit Mila Kate way acting like a bunch of 11 years. Get chocolate. That's what's wrong with it. Vanilla cake is superior to chocolate cake, and I will stand by. Even though I'm a chocolate person. I like chocolate. What? Tell me next that these aren't Eminem's. They're Skittles, Eric. That would be an insane cookie if they were skinny little cookies and not tell someone just like leave them out on the table in the kitchen. Yes, if we did that, if we did that one week, if I made cookies that were Eminem's and somewhere Skittles and you couldn't look and you just had to take a bite, would you do that? Hell, yeah, Those were pretty low stakes. I would take that. Yeah, it's like you want this good thing or the other good thing Skittles. Cookies are not a good thing. I take it. Have you tried them? No, It sounds terrible. You don't know that. What else is that shape in that? That coat Smarties. But recent Canadian 40 e t. Which are essentially just like Eminem's. Um what else are there any, like, British chocolate? Mmm. Type Candies. Smalley's Cool. You talk. Oh, small ace broken. This is my headache, cookie. So I looked it up the 11th Anniversary, The traditional gift for an 11th anniversary is steel the money? Here's what I was coming out with a sword. What in the fuck is that? Said Damascus. You can't see. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You She's cut the cake. Oh, God. There may be act. It's three pieces. One for each of you may know about you guys. He's vegan. Vegan, that there's probably a That was a response from my bed over here. My biggest. You have to hold it. It's just gonna It's just gonna go everywhere. I do it. It's just gonna be Oh, I'm only 11. Won the whole thing. Just drink. It got weird. It's not open. I can't drink it until it's open. Use the table. Oh, no. You just or gusts it would open. The fact you guys we did not get Mariel to do that makes me very disappointed. The modern 11th anniversary gift is Diamond. There were a bunch of before you place. They got mud on him. I'll get to the bottom. The bottom one. Yeah. The U S. Steel and diamonds. It's vanilla, by the way. Um, uh, 11 more years. 11 more years of protests by 70 or something. Maybe 30 30 before he could be 40. You'll be a soldier's me. Look into your future, Blaine. You wonder how much total time you spent on the podcast? Yeah, Someone I saw. Like, there's someone, this listener who compiled a spreadsheet showing everyone's attendance. And I think everyone's cumulative thymus. Well, it's gonna be like for me, Like a week straight or something. Probably longer. Really? Yeah. So let me see if they like straight 168 hours. 500. How many guesses? What we have is this 5 74 So I've probably been on life close to 400 of them. So let's average, even though early on and went longer than our rough rough estimation, but I think you would total out to 33 days on the podcast. Me? Yeah, Thursday's was like, 500 listen, you've been on 540 podcasts, multiple times, 1.5 hours, 810 hours, and then you divide that by 24 33 days. A lot of time. I always think about how I'm not gonna be able to catch up with The Simpsons, because isn't it like a straight week of nonstop runtime? He's saying, You know, gonna live another week? No, I'm saying I don't I don't have a week of free time like now you don't have a good time over the rest of your life. Things that could be doing that. Still making it. Gus. That's also what, 24 hours a day for seven days, seven days a week for the last I checked. Yeah, so it's two weeks. It's 30 seasons now, right? Yes, 30 seasons. Each episode's 1/2 hour to say 22 minutes. 2030 times. 22. That's 660 minutes T. 22 episodes per season. I think 24 about the riots started for well just average it out. 24 to 30 almost 16,000 minutes. What I'm saying is, I don't have 16,000 minutes to give something the best right. 666 hours. One of the best shows. There's a mathematician listening to this podcast right now. Just ripping. He's like, This is 11 years. That's it. I've never listened to another first time we've ever gotten anything wrong in 11 years. You just confused minutes an hour. I did something nobody noticed because you're not getting enough protein move on E I. I went to Ah, a great vegan restaurant the other day. I tried to go there last week or two weeks ago, but the wait was like an hour and 1/2 was called the beer plant. The beer plans? Yeah. Beer not. Oh, we don't know. That's gluten their minds, right? I get those two mixed up very often. This is pretty much the same thing. Gluten is the meat of the week. It was, uh it was really good. I would I would highly recommend it if you have, uh, if you make reservations. And what did you order? I had before cauliflower. Ah, soy brussel sprouts and their version of like a chicken fried steak and chicken and gravy. Who does a really good buffalo? Cauliflower? Alamo Drafthouse. They do. This one makes that one taste like shit. Really? One of your plant was absolutely amazing. And I love the one of the Alamo. The three things that you just listed are such common vegan dishes to me. I feel like have you just been severely limited? I've heard I've heard of vegan chicken fried steak before. Have you been severely limited Toe what you can eat? If anything I board saying no, I was one of the reasons that I decided to try. It was I felt like I was already bored and in a rut with what I was eating. To begin with, you ask a point. So, like, I wanted to try things that I hadn't Why don't you just do like weeks dependent on certain diets like this week? I'm gonna do vegan. They succumb into Kyoto this week. I'm going to do whatever I get to change some of those air. Look, people are trying to get healthy with like Tito. I was eating a diet to try to get healthier to try to lose weight or anything, but just in terms of, like, changing up, like your limitations. So you have to be a little more creative with what I feel like. I would like some of those are subtracted diets. It's like what? You're denying yourself a bunch of stuff. This is just replacing eating something different. Gather. Why don't you take a cookie? I just decided. I don't want to be that you're about to take one, and then you like, I didn't have you been to the place that does. And I'm gonna stop so reporting about, they're gonna stop vegan. It's like you're stop at any time, you know we should do. You should stop the day of the steak off. Stop before then. You hate when you stop. You never hang out with me. But you want to hang out of Franklin's barbecue. I don't want to wait in line for five hours. Wait, uh, go to Rudy's or something You were. Franklin's is the best place in town where you can pick it up. Franklin's Is there something I can get you that you would eat on the podcast? Maybe we'll talk about it, okay? And I'm not inviting. That podcast is if it's protein. Mmm. What? Just Oh, you can You can slap me, hire all the Fogo wait ISS, and they'll just come through in a line with this. It's just keep Just keep your thing on green the whole time. Give you food, right? Yeah. Yeah. The court. A little token. That's the rules. Delicious. What were you guys celebrating? It's all the chief of hers. Like hoarding it into a car. Annual lunch was cute that we do before Christmas every year. 1st 1 I've been to in ages because the last two years we were a pre recording the podcast at the same time the same time. But we're not pre recording this time. It's just we're putting next week. Yeah, You got a reply to my text. Okay. Okay. Did Ugo the Kirby Lane has like a vegan restaurant? Yeah, it's over by the lame. It's over. It's everybody's south Lamar Drafthouse. There's like a cafe over there camera, what's called, But it's like it's the same people that made Kirby Lane, which is a very popular song. Austin restaurant. Interesting. I've been keeping ah, Eric up to date on my vegan food centered pictures every now and then. Are you sick of it yet? No, I think it's great. Loves it going for it, man. I mean, Eric's probably getting bombarded with her. That or whatever the fuck the Michael in Jordan reading on face jam, I saw. Speaking of face jam, I saw an article today on the local newspaper or on their website about, um, some guy got attacked at a Taco Bell drive thru in South Austin. Yeah, he I guess he was in the driveway was a customer he was trying to order, and the employees kept asking him what he said. So the customer said, Do you have what I figure out exactly? The customer said, like, Can you not hear me? So the employees got really mad. When the customer pulled around to the drive through window, the employees had a machete. What started swinging at the customer's car Is that like a machete that the branch keeps? Or is his personal in case of emergency that he really pulled that out of the kids, like covered in their ground beef from the back? That's actually what they used to cut things back. Just just like the cake. Speaking of knives and attacking people, e saw that article thing that you sent out about the lady that just randomly went after the kid, huh? Did you watch the video? I read the article to make sure the kid was still alive because I don't like watching people die. I wouldn't want to see it. I don't want to see anything die. Just asked if you watch the video. That's all. I'm sorry. Yes, I did. You're right. How obnoxious. Yeah, and it's still fucked up. The lady looks crazy. You know one dies. No, no, I think the kids didn't He got surgery still in hospital? Yeah, this family's just like walking down the street. It's like a mother, a father and two of their kids. And this woman's walking in. The other direction happens in the country of Georgia. This one was walking in the opposite direction as you just, like, reaches over and like, stabs the little kid in the face with a knife. Holy fuck, Randy. Just a total random stranger walking down the side like the kids are doing it in the kids literally. Just walking with his family just, like turns around. And he's okay. Yeah, he's okay. I had, like, I think it was a cut across his forehead. And then, like, she tried to keep walking, and it looked like she wanted to stab the other kid like you kind of start starting. They're going for walking towards the other kid in the car. I didn't know anybody. Well, the parents, I think we're like, they didn't really know what was happening. But then they realised. And then the dad starts like, lunging for her. She's got a fucking knifes, and then he's like, trying to dodge it. But she's, like, trying establish that she goes in the street and she just walks like normal. You wouldn't expect that. You just like walking down the street off course. A random stranger just turns with a knife, making my way downtown. Steps that stab homebound. That's like the classic. Please don't cut that from the edit. Any do that? So what? What was the problem? They don't. Just insane. Yeah, I guess. Just felt. I'm gonna stop someone, drink this random, random, random attack. I wanna point out that I thought that that was the state of Georgia. 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He told us 20 minutes before the movie started that he couldn't make it. I was on my way back. When you get back in time, Wait. What? It's no way you could have told us earlier to get a refund on our ticket. Are you telling me that you call refund, telling me that Gavin is being flaky now? Why would lost time? I went a bunch of the last times. A bunch of the last time get is typically good about we make plans. He false reports there. Sometimes you don't know that you're going to get stuck somewhere right before until happens. Your true e was just It's fine because I was looking forward to seeing you. You liked it. I liked it though, right? Oh, my God. I thought you tweeted about it. It was phenomenal. That might be my favorite movie of all time. There's someone here who doesn't like it who I want you to guess. It's not me. Guess is it someone in broadcast? Yes. Uh, someone who's here per currently? Yeah, I don't I can't see everyone, but yeah. So, like not on that Japan trip? Yes. Correct. Can't see you guys the thing You're all hidden behind class. You don't know our names anyway. Point. It's okay. That's not true. Derrick. Is it Christian? It is Christian. Christian? What the fuck did you kiss that? Goodbye? Why don't you like it? He said he felt sympathy for the rich family up on the chair. Oh, he would cause he's a rich kid. It's about classes, that's what. Yeah, you said he'd like to them when you felt bad for them. But that doesn't mean you don't like the movie, right? And then you set the end of the movie drag. No, dude, that third act you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I mean, yeah, obviously. Don't spoil it because it's still fairly new movie. Why didn't you like it, Christian? I can't get into specifics without spoiling it, but I thought the last, like, 45 minutes of that movie that movie feel like four hours long. That movie took so much time. 45 minutes are the best part of that movie. I mean, I feel like I feel like we need a barometer. We need, like a baseline. What movies do you like? I just saw Georgia Rabbit knives out. Those are both really good. They were what? Classic movies? A pair of movie Christian Favorably like of all time? Yeah, sure. What makes you think way? We've seen that. All right, blame. Thanks. What are your three favorite movies. Blame tops your fair beauties predator. Obviously way. Fuck you Predators. The perfect predator is not so fucking cool. Totally flips a genre on its head. Its some of shorts, *** fast. It's so fucking cool. I named my dog after predator. It will be like in my top 200. Maybe fine. It's what would make you the higher bad taste. Yeah, Matrix. Yeah. You get that one, Christian. Okay, listen, I want you and your Matrix. Thank you, Cristian. I'm just surprised because I saw that movie last night and I said, I don't think there's a single person who wouldn't like this movie. Yeah, And then I met Christian. The only just met him even though he's been here three years. Yeah, we'll talk about it. After I think we were sitting here doing the lining for, like, last week's podcast. We got to talking about it and he said that and I believe my reaction, my knee jerk reaction was What are you stupid? Get the fuck out of here. Wow. Oh, my God. Um, yeah. Parasite knives out and judge a rabbit. We saw all three of those films essentially back to back we saw one last weekend, one mid week and then one last night. It's like three of the best films to come out in years. You know, I've only seen Paris. I'm seen Georgia Rabbit or knives. I want to see knives out. Georgia Rabbit. I still don't know what the fuck that movie's about. I don't want to tell you anything about it, because it's I mean, going in blind is probably I like If I had to give it a cop in terms of like what it feels like Taika Waititi stuff. It's closer to hunt for Wilderpeople unless, like what we do in the shadows. And so Ragnarok Great. I'm gonna give you the baseline for your honor's going, going, going blind. I watch it and I know I'm gonna watch it, but feel like that's what always happens, right? Like a bunch of good movies get stacked at the end of the year. Yeah, and in January is like a dry period. Yo, sweet movies got. Everyone's dropping their trailers right now, I guess, because like all the good movies air coming up, you're putting trailers in front of it, I guess. But there was no way. There's Bond. Black widow. Fucking Wonder woman. So good. Ghostbusters. Even free guy came out last week. I didn't know what that was, and I don't really care for it. You keep saying, why do you keep doing the same thing? I'm fat, Okay? I don't really watch trailers anymore. I feel like all of those movies you listed I know. I'm gonna see anyway. Sure, but do yourself a fair like the one woman trailer is masterfully crafted. I haven't wanted to get a spoil ship. Maybe I was annoyed by something in that trailer. The rigged The Yeah, there in that thing. Yeah. I don't want to say it because of gamma is not a person. Yeah. I mean, you can support you could support the trailer. Fucking I haven't watched it trailer that many times since the watchman. The old Zack Snyder. What, like that was a great trailer. I've watched this trailer like Mr Tien is back. Oh, because he died, right? Yeah. I mean, they don't they don't talk about how he's back. Still, it doesn't matter. We'll also I saw the So they put up, I guess, Put character posters for the movie maybe yesterday earlier today and one of them was Chris Pine. Oh, yeah. I mean, he's, like, very prominently featured. Yeah, and like before the trailer even came out and was like, That's kind of what you die off in the 1st 1 plane crash kept America totally same things. Get Americans like doing something that I think crashed a plane. Mmm. Yeah, it's been it. Ah, but Pedro Pascal, like all this stuff, gal Gadot is incredible, But the shock of Pedro Pascal is like, you gotta want it. And he's like shaking his head was like, this huge tomorrow. I'm just eating that up. I'll fucking love. Note is the type of shake, but a shake indicates negative. Yeah, this would be a shake. A nod is an affirmative. This is shaking my head. You're shaking his head up and down. Artie, you shook his head. Yes, but a handshake is up and down. Yeah, but you don't go there the way with a handshake, you know, showing like what fish does. Okay, let's shake hands like that from now on, Gavin, let me grab it. Better, my first. Still going. Okay, so maybe it's time we touched so maybe you're colder than I thought has the freezing. So I'm making a point. That was also 40 years ago, so it's not like he just came back. He's like he came like he was. He still came back. I didn't think he was. This movie takes place in the eighties. Yeah, 1984 4 Which that show in the trailer dab you repeatedly drive into your head. I feel like the eighties are becoming a caricature of what the eighties actually were like like someone who was in the eighties. Yeah, it is so fucking like. Put through this filter repeatedly that it's just like a joke. Now it's over for their way from it, right? I wonder if that's like how people felt when back to the future came out when they were like showing the fifties. Oh, yeah, it's like something that's not really what it's like, but it's just so distilled down toe, iconic Vereker symmetry. They did that. They did that in any engines. Well, they, like, went to a diner where it's like half dudes is Aaron letter jackets, and then the other ones were looked like the leather grease your jackets gal Gadot. Those so hot Kristen wig. She's like it was mid to late forties. She looks incredible. It's really good in that trailer, but also Pedro. Pascal, you dicks? Yeah. I thought that trailer was really good. Um, the Ghostbusters one. I'd like that. They I kind of didn't let you know it was a Ghostbusters trailer right away. Yeah, but it still sucks when you watch on YouTube. Like I'm gonna watch Ghostbusters trailer. So what movie is this? This is in the actual Ghostbusters universe. Says nothing to do with the old female thing. The Ghostbusters one into universe. Not in the twins. Off the 2016. The best comment that it's on the trailer was like, there has it. Like in the trailer. They say there hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years and in some ways, like, But what about 20? 60? There hasn't been a ghost for 30 years. Did they say who you gonna call at least once in the day? But they didn't, and they didn't use. They didn't use the theme song either. There's all these, like, easy, low hanging fruits that they could have named Song is I guess they got that settled. But that was ah, like a copyright lawsuit against Ray Parker Jr for that. Really? Yeah. Huey Lewis student. Because the the baseline and the melody is kind of like I want a new drug. Yeah, so they can't use it at all anymore. You know, I think just Huey Lewis may get the money now instead of Re Parker Jr. But they made for legal quagmire reasons they may not use that song. That's unfortunate. Yeah, it looks like I will. Like I wasn't as entertained by that one is like the Wonder woman, but it has, like heart. It seems like it's not like kind of phoning it in with bad jokes. Are you excited about the new stoppable? Damn, I already have. Like, I think it's a little more screenings purchased full. Yeah, I got an extra one if you want to come. Okay. I have never been someone to see a movie twice, and I'm Are you have a ticket? I think I saw force awakens wanting nine or 10 times in theaters. That Why? Because I love Star Wars. But not, um Did I think you know what revenge. I don't want to report it over in this Band Aid. But I will say currently I'm not crazy about it. Upon multiple viewings, Man of the Law said there was just some choices, like the milk sucking bitch. No, that's that's whatever this alien texture, literally. But wait, get into it and holding. I don't want to open up that can of worms. Did you already go into it on this punk us before? I'm sure I have have talked to talk to stores to death. So nah, people like Star Wars. Have you guys seen the trailer or have you seen uncut gems? I think there was like early screening that some people here went to. I got invited, but you didn't go here is good. I don't like him. You know I, Adam Sandler. It's weird to see him in a role like that because I'm used to seeing him in Shouldn't Doofy comedies Goofy comedy. That's a really kind of way to put it. That was a weirdly dark movie. So dark Dude, I got really sad watching that movie. It's a really unbelievable part in that movie where he's like, Who's his wife? Uh, she's in the underworld woman. Yeah, yeah, I care. Kate Beckinsale. Yeah, something Eventually and Lily know whose wife? Out of sailors and clicks. And there's a part where they're about to, like, make love and it's Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale. He's like, I'm gonna skip this part. It's like it's Kate Beckinsale. You kidding? Here? I thought you were gonna say the unbelievable part was that they're married. Not that like remote. That stops time. No, no. Have you seen any of those Netflix movies? He's done that for some reason. Costs like tens of millions. But, um, which one's okay? He's made several of them. I haven't seen any of them, but Netflix always says that they're very, very popular. Profitable for them. Yeah, but Netflix to say whatever the hell they want should really study figures, Any numbers. There's some Netflix originals that have been pretty good. I like movies, movies and answers isn't ah is in Black Mirror, a Netflix original, but it was a It wasn't even originally thing that makes it not an original Think the 1st 2 seasons or three seasons were BBC, and then that's when I write. I sometimes feel like an international market the partner with Netflix or something. But I mean, if you're in the UK, it just looks like a BBC show, at least for the 1st 1 Yeah, so I looked it up. I had to look up the Ghostbusters theme song. Someone, someone in chat after it. Who someone shot, said I had it backwards. So I had to verify that that I was actually correct. Ah, Huey Lewis sued Columbia Pictures and Ray Parker Jr for copyright infringement, saying that Parker Song was too similar. I want a new drug. Lewis had been approached to compose the theme song for the film. The three party settled out of court. He tells a settlement. Remain confidential to 2001 Uh, when Luis commented on a payment in an episode of VH one's Behind the Music. So we're partners Food Lewis for breach of confidentiality because he said that stuff on VH, right? Uh, So where is it currently stand? Is Huey Lewis catch collecting checks? I don't know. I guess it says that the details of the settlement war confidential. Okay, so I don't got it. Both songs were pretty fucking right, though. Yeah. Yeah, Well, there any drug was. You're Louis had, like, some really good songs for a while. Yeah. Huge. Gabby not gonna comment. You love eighties music, don't you? Yes. Fine. Jonah CDs? Yeah. U K u Yeah. Okay. You talk, you hug. Maybe after you e e. I would absolutely see that movie again. Yeah, I want to know who wouldn't. Maybe that maybe you need to see it again. Thio feel better about it? It was the black marriage. Wonderful. Some of saying Channel four up here, you see? Yeah. Just isn't every four instead of one every channel in the UK BBC. Is that BBC four? Do it. I mean, it's No, I mean, you press for its Channel four. What else? BBC four. Come to think of it because it was a different this BBC four not Channel 40 stranger things. Netflix original. Yeah, BBC forgot about well on terrestrial. So BBC one BBC to ITV Channel four, Channel five. But the worst BBC For what? That was like a new channel Digital in stuff. Is this terrestrial that digital? No, that's restrooms that over the air. Well, that's not terrestrial Then it's over the air. Is it Well, it's like through the through the shit. That's not digital, but it's over there. What's that? This year they turned off a few years ago and looked my guess. Terrestrials and alone. Okay, There you go. I found out. Ah, British slang word that I never knew. What? Ah, the other day. Braces. What does that mean? Like feel teeth, braces, suspenders, braces or suspenders, huh? Interesting. So slang slang is a weird waiting. Or is that another British? Wrong word braces. So when you call these, uh, well, those suspenders, stupid. Now that also braces. Can you wear suspenders? If you're not James Bond? Just James Bond wear suspenders. He wears them every now and then. They look good. He warm in Casino Royale, know, among others. Didn't get his balls crushed in the one you asked. Free. Fucking crazy. But you want to spend this when you don't have a belt on, right? No, I don't really wear suspenders. I know. I did wear him in a wedding a while. I don't mean you specifically said the path of them is to hold up your travels, hold up your pants. But most of his gadgets, like in his belt. What? He's one you and suspenders like he had that thing and GoldenEye where it was like a few. Any swings around. He can't do that with your braces. You do that with suspenders like the little alligator with just like you. And then the clip gets him in the get up. Yeah, totally the chest. In such a delay, it's just the list. Yet, I've said someone in the chat said, You guys should hug on camera. So you and may no, the other people who talked about hugging 11th anniversary of Miracle. I've had a Gavin hug since he was, like, wasted a party so soft. Thank you so much. Like a pillow. You know what's so soft about that new shirt? What? Oh, yeah, sure, Yeah, is for my podcast. I saw a story today. People got to be careful with that shirt. I saw a story today that a woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight for wearing a Hail Satan shirt. They asked her to change her shirt, but mmm, she could sue like it's like a violation, Really. Get right through. Someone had a shirt that said something about Jesus on it. I don't think they'd kick them off. Right. Hail Jesus. What if it's a fucking Geez, I'm just saying I'm just exploring the options here. What did they offer that? What if I were shot? That said Jesus is only okay. People like Justin time someone on the other side that made people, like, get whatsoever. Yeah. You just call that a time. One touch, like I drooled. Oh, God. Oh, God. Fucking help. Uh, if they don't make that right now, we're missing out. But I can see what you would give the shut. This says people like GIF ts is a gift. Who is what wasn't aware? The show. The people who really like e like you can only wear that too. Like a holiday party. And not like you could buy while you're out doing your Christmas shopping. That's that's another time where it's like a two week span. Well, you're hanging out with your friends and family to give them a little winky wink of I would like some presents, please. Oh, I thought you're like, implying that you were having sex with you. Wink. What family? Blaine on Lee wings. When it's sexy time no other time Give the winky wink. That's how you know it's different. But I also shake my head way Need a wonder why you're single? No shirt People don't like blame women. I had a moment last night. I was like, really fucking excited to get home because I knew I was sort of watchman drops. I was getting my pizza and I've just been playing. Ah, fallen order starters fall in order. So I was playing the Empire Strikes Back soundtrack when I was driving when I was pulling into my parking garage of the world on my window and I was already blasting it. And there's a couple in the corner, like making out like they're obviously saying Good night for the goodbye for the night. Like making out. Yeah, and I'm like, my car's is very loud, so I pull in, but they hear my Star Wars music. As soon as they both stopped and just stared at me. And just like that, it you should have given them, like a soundtrack for their makeup. This'll morning, I had to drop off a package at FedEx. Was that FedEx over there by Easy tiger And so I dropped off a package there and I was leaving there to come to the office. And as I was driving by the easy tiger, there was, like, this man and this woman in this really tight, long embrace, like you're out in front of easy tiger, like right by where I was driving, and I don't know why, but I rolled down my window and I was about to yell at them to get a room. And I was like, What are you doing back? I'm just gonna antagonize them for no reason. I just got the results back. Its terminal. Come here. It's okay. Oh, my God. Yeah. Feeling some of your inhibitions just vanished. That and like, the true Gus was about to give it. And then he had to pile on like new Gus. Until you solve your vegan groceries in the passenger seat like I'm a better man. E Also imagine You think that you could just, like yell. It is You're driving by, but in the car in front of you. Stop So that we owe there was nobody else. The party I would have it would have been a clear shot out The best part is they would have seen some dude that Tesla was. They were really You know, maybe it's like a long distance relationship, and I haven't seen each other. We'll definitely get a room. Then Maybe they just broke up. I did what I thought was like there was like, I wonder if they're like, saying goodbye to each other like two people hug on break up? Yeah. Can't get lost hug after my fool. I guess I've had four breakups in my life. 45 Yeah. Oh, yeah. We always hug shit. One time I fucked. Ah, a little goodbye bone. You know, for old time's sake. It was just like all right, I guess one more for the road like I can't imagine. Like, the confusing contrast ing emotions of a break up shot because it was like it was a long time coming in like, fairly mutual, that break up. And it was just like we still liked each other. Just like Oh, yeah, We're both here in this room in chat Jordan Wilde to says I should have yelled Easy, Tiger Theo. Name of Laura's room. Nice. Not bad, Not bad. I always had the same experience. We're just like, yeah, it's just not gonna work out, you know, Life stuff. What a lot of very amicable. I was on my way out and just like, really, you wouldn't know. It was like we're initiating it. And I was like, This is a terrible idea. We just broke up. So we suddenly not? Yeah, because, like, I afterwards, was it awkward, like putting your clothes back on? It wasn't strangely enough. Okay. Yeah, I don't really know. I've had other breakup where it's just like you never know howto be like All right, bye. Like you want to keep talking and keep it. Well, I don't know. It's, like, hard to explain where it's like I don't know howto cause, like, once you're gone, you're gone. It's like, Yeah, and that's always kind of like the hardest part was just like, Well, this is like, I'm probably not gonna see you for a while if ever again. Who knows or talk to you? I just don't remember mine. My one. I think maybe I'm just, like, repressed all this sadness from it. Was it just one break up you got? Yeah. I don't remember anything about it. Were you in the same place when you guys ended it? Yeah. Okay. It wasn't like over the phone or something. Weren't like a different country. I wonder why I don't remember anything about, like, remember going because it was in a different city. Had to take a train? Yeah. Did you go explicitly? Just for that? No, I when there's a try and not break up. Oh, but I failed. Oh, is that where your status is today? The anniversary of the 11th year broadcasting and your break up? Um, I might be. 11 years ago, you guys were breaking new ground. It was 2009 now. Wait, you was 2009 show. I forget that one. Since you forgot my hours and minutes fuck up earlier or even know the antique store. This absolute receive podcast is also brought to you by door dash. Long day at work. Tough day at school. Still stuck at the office. Treat yourself to the meal you deserve on demand from your favorite restaurant. 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Oh, and because the residents were sick of people coming to Butthole Road to take a picture of the sign, they live on the best street in the world. Right? But I imagine to be difficult to get like delivery like when order a pizza to wear bow 69 Butthole Road. I would have petitioned so hard against changing that road name, but the name change in 2009 What's the origin of that name? Like where they literally Because they're not sure. But they think that there was, like, a body of water there at one time that they referred to as a but yeah, likeable about. Yeah. And, uh, there was a hole to get to the water, but hold. I was driving somewhere in Austin the other week and I'm gonna say it because it's the name of the street here and I couldn't believe that it was the name of the street. It was like turn left on this road. It's called Cripple. Rode on guys like that. Seems like it's because there's ah, the Cripple Creek. Yeah. Also, cripple is just a word. It doesn't necessarily for two, like offensive what you call someone a cripple that's gonna offend them. But you can cripple something extra. You have a crippled. I guess it's all context. Yeah, I guess I was just like it was weird when I saw that night was just like, oh, cripple rode e There was a road that never mind If I say this road and people will be able to track down where he lives and never mind, we could always say that you don't live very much live there. Anyways. It was named after. No, maybe don't get I was gonna guess it. I'll be fine. Bullying severely underestimated the power of the Internet. Uh, obviously the name of the road. It was named after a person who I was seeing their cat. Okay. And I remember, like, early on we were seeing each other, and I took a picture of a I'm on your cat street. You know, um and then now that we're no longer seeing each other things, right, I try to avoid that road because it just it just brings back you like you can run just like you're running over her cat. Is that What is it? Well, I walked down it because yeah, that's my story. And I'm sticking to it. A good one. Good one. Thank you. I wonder what happened to the sign for Butthole Road. How people stole it all the time. I bet someone has it. Right. Interesting. Yeah, I'm sure they probably got stolen all the time. Like oars in Colorado, like some highway has ah, mile marker for 20 that kept getting stolen. So they replaced it with, like 419 and 9/10 or something. That's like they just have to replace still, that I still want to take a picture in front of the Barbara Jordan roadside With Jordan Jordan. It's been eight years since I moved here. You Photoshopped photo shop your faces onto the sign Barbara Jordan Airport Departures Terminal. You mentioned Photoshopping. Your faces of there's a guy. Okay, so backtrack. There's these things popping up throughout Austin, and they're basically a bunny. Rabbits head on the body of a snake, and I don't know. What do you mean they're popping up around? I haven't seen that. There's one right outside our office. How do you go everywhere in Austin every day? That's why I just asked where I've seen you later. That's why I asked where there is one within walking distance of here. I could show it to you later if you'd like. They've just been around Austin. It's mostly in telephone poles like the wooden telephone poles. You could staple cellphone, too. There's like I see, like three on my way to my local coffee shop and they're all over the place that really creepy, and I feel like they're like omens or something. So I looked into it in the Austin. Some bread tracked it down. Apparently, there's like a local artist who's just been hanging those out, and he just No one asks him to do it, and no one knows who he is, but he just goes around. He hangs things like Dead Rabbit things with the snakes body. It's a drawing, though. It's It's like, uh, it looks like a kid's arts and craft project. Now that I said it, you're you're gonna see him everywhere, but I'm gonna look. Yeah, I better text me a picture every time you see one. Now we'll think of something or you're going in just yelling, Get a room! Normally, I think the one time Blaine and I text anymore, it's about Watchman, because the best is the only one episode left. Are you watching it? Not yet. That's on our list. You gotta watch next week's the last episode. So if you want oh, binge, it'll be a good time to do it. We just watch the first episode of Castle Rock Season two, which I had no idea they were making a season two It's the Stephen King. Alright, right, right. Yeah. Um, it's on Julia, right? Julio? Yeah. Fucking the guy who plays Pennywise was in the first season in this car starts Guy's card. No stolen. Which one is it? No Alexander. Visit one of the cars or the guy who plays Pennywise, who is in the first. It's creepy. It's luck in the second season has Ah, Lizzy Caplan is her name. I thought this was like a spin off from a game of Thrones thing. No, not cast. Early Rock, Castle Rock. It's like a It's a town and a lot of weird things happen in that town. God, that guy pumps out books like No one's business. You think he's the most like What's the word? Prolific written? I don't know, prolific like the longest running like he's got the most prolific. He's got like the longest, he said. The highest page Caliphate prophylactic, prolific. There's a better word for that perfect professor. He was the most published. Now Just use my word. Blame. What's the definition? Prolific, producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring? No, it's not it all mass bill scars card bills. That's what the heck and more defective guard. We're still looking for the word plane. Oh, yeah. Most prolific author and whatever gave in who is the most prolific author or authors? Simply use a pin paper while others, such as Isaac Asimov, spent hours at a stretch working at a typewriter. Are you looking up the definition of prolific author? Not only the most prolific author. Yeah, way there's a Shakespeare. Harold Bloom. No, no, that is But I wanna watch Watchman. You guys talk about it so highly. And next week's the last one. That's the time to get on a upsets. No night. Yeah, they, uh you gotta watch out. Because, like, social Media, they're just posting spoilers like, fucking no one's business. So if you happen to problem over the wrong tweet right now, you would spoil a lot. Okay, so I've been working all day, and it'll the style was maybe some waiting to get through all those with fracking watch watchman you want far from your stories ago, Adam, what was what was that question prolific. What? Your story, Which morning on, uh, did one episode 123 solo. And then we'll get a D rogue one cool runes kind of trying to go in chronological order. Yeah. I mean, as much as we can Without getting into all the other external shite You already passed the worst of it. God Claudio Episode two That's us. Really? For everything. I I thought I was terrible. Yeah, it's even worse than one, but one in three of much further to one at least had, like, a sick fucking and lightsaber battle. That was practical. And I thought the pod racing seems pretty dope. Just a blow ship for indeed. I got people. Peter, Peter, it's Chad. You know, I got made fun off. Find one of my neighbors was putting Christmas lights up, but it was at night, and he thought that was hilarious. Is like most people put those up in the day. Was like one busy in the day. Also, like at night. If you if you put them up the night, you could see, like, how they glow. Yeah. He thought it was bloody outrageous. Done from from us from up a night. Have jobs and stuff. Have you already met them before, or is that your first meeting of your neighbor? We'd said alive before. Okay? Because I think you should have pretended not to speak English. What has the weakened Okay? Yeah, Could've done the week. Right. I went to the weekend to how quickly do you have to know how long you have to know someone before they get in like Arabia, You know, like, give you a hard time. I feel that would make people ripping me immediately. Almost immediately. Like this guy? Ah, I mean, I like to really know someone. When When I first moved in Thio it broke when I first moved into my place like a bunch of my neighbors were having to get together. Um, and they were all, like, talking and stuff. It was like the first time I was kind of meeting everyone in that area and I'd already met some of them. Kind of kind of knew some of them, kind of didn't know some of them. And I wanted to kill you, started talking to me, and he's like, I guess he was really good friends with another one that I kind of knew. And he's talking about the other guy, like, kind of like making fun of him a little bit. And so I also like me to joke, like, kind of like, Oh, how? Right. And the guy laughed and he liked the joke so much that he immediately left what? We were talking. And you went and told it to the other guy. Like Like he came up with it. Like I didn't just make it. He literally just took a joke for me, walked over and told it to the other guy. It was his own joke. What was the joke? Yeah. Uh huh. I don't want to get it out on me. Oh, tell you off camera. Okay. But, uh, they're like, I can hear you giving delivery material. I just said that you fucking narked on me on a joke that I had today. It was at the expense of someone else. Todd Womack is co managing core with Barbara. They both are. Are our heroes are Mommy and Daddy. Uh, don't put it that way. I'm Daddy. In case you wanted to know, I, like, jokingly called Todd Womack turd. Want back. And clearly I would never want that to get to him, because I'm sure that that's not a great thing here. And then I I think I said that to you, and then Todd walks in. You're like, Hey, Blaine, tell Todd what you're calling back, literally. What a big move. Because Because you have to own that port. Because then if you try to hide it, then it sounds like you're talking shit about him. So if he might have already heard it walking in, I did. I I see where you're coming from, guys, that happens to me. Sometimes you just have to, like, lean into it. Yeah, just like No, I was This was what I said, right? Like I would say it in front of you, too. Yes, I am. No thief. YouTube rewind came out last week, and someone tweeted me the clip from the 2014 YouTube rewind Whether did the ice bucket challenge? So it's like one YouTube, a tipster out of frame, and it lands on another youtuber in a different friend. And you guys were in that, right? Yeah, I was in it. And, like, I think John Green tips it down. Maybe it's someone else, but it tips onto my head. It goes into slimer, and then I tip my bucket to the side and he hits Todd Womack. Does it? Really? I was before. Even men probably know you had met him. Oh, we're boring. Bold. Yeah, but it was before his way before he worked here. Yeah, he was on a man called Key of Awesome. Which is funny because Todd will appear in some of our shorts here. And there's, like, little cameo characters or whatever it is. And every now and then there's, like, one or two comments that just like Is that Todd from Key of Awesome. There's actually a lot there, like a fucking key of awesome guys. Great. Yeah. I mean, I was I was telling achievement under this, and they're like, Well, I was taught in the UK Everyone's, like, famous You cheaper? Yeah. He's probably the most successful youtuber out of e I saw. Speaking of YouTubers, I saw someone made this infographic on red at last week talking about how, like the top 100 channels in YouTube have changed over the last decade. They showed, like the top 100 channels in 2010 verses, the top 100 channels now on how very few of them back in 2010 war, corporate owned. And how now, in 2019 most of them are or corporate owned? I was looking at it and then 2010. They have roots, feet listed as like a corporate owned channel. I was like, Oh, interesting. So I went through the comments. And sure enough, in the comments, there's like a long mystic threat of people arguing whether or not register teeth qualified as a corporate channel. Auras YouTubers in 2010. Was it machinima? Machinima were were early by were known by anybody in 2010. You know, it was 2014. That would require great recording. 24 to got it, like end of 20. Yeah, November 24. Remember, this is the clip. Oh, yeah. Drunker and pours it on me. There's you and then this lemma I chuck it right in that funny. That's that's all I knew. Exactly where you film that. Yeah, right over there. Yep. Brandon was up a lot of pouring water on my head. Wait. I film that I was there on camera that day. I met you at you press the button. That's fucking weird. Wow. Yeah. Brandon was up a ladder. I was like, you got tips on my head. So what we doing? I was just tip it on. My head will be. Will be done in five minutes. You couldn't have just said it's for the YouTube. Everyone, I think. I told him I didn't know what that was like. Forget it. What did you guys think of this year's YouTube Rewind? I didn't watch it. I thought it was fine to people. I mean, after last year's disaster, I feel like there's they can't come back from way, see what they wanted to pull it back a little bit, get get it back to, like, a summary of the year. Yeah, exactly. And I think this benefits the people in it. Yeah, but I do too. Was ninja in this year's. I don't think that I remember seeing him like a fucking one flame, but people had really seemed like they played it safe. A lot. People complaining that it's like a big company. Get all this money I should've done something amazing is like they didn't have to do anything like they didn't used to do this. They just like people used to it. So they now expect it and It's like, Well, it's because I think What was it? 2013 to 2015? They have, like, really big, highly produced 2012 y thing. Was that the first? What was that? I think Rebecca Black did 2011. I think so. And then after that, they started doing, like, big bed Lee. Yeah, I remember there was one of you and Dan like, on this truck or something. And like, there's an explosion behind you. Yeah, we're being towed by the breaking bad, but I ve Yeah, on a massive explosion went off. That was that was the coolest part of the u T Rewind. And they use that shot, I guess. Who's over the age of that? Anybody? Yeah. I remember opening my lab coat. Right. Is the explosion happened? It was like, the way Theo that's the closest rejected has ever come to being you. I remember, like, back when those were first starting gonna happen. I thought they were awesome. Because it's like a collaboration with all your favorite creators. Yeah, I said just, like, get so fucking hard on that stuff. And now it's just like what? It was very us based. The beginning L A. Even. Yeah, And I think as they tried to include more countries, it became just way, way more expensive. And they just were something I really like That they did in this year's you to rewind is they featured channels that had, like, the biggest gross like people who started off this year and, like, had the most growth in terms of, like subscribers. Just something like that. We also started in June or August or whatever it was like that I'll select how they highlighted other countries that Gavin was talking about. It's like First Indonesian creator hit, like 10 million subscribers or something. Yeah, yeah, it's cool. Who? People who are just like top attending the platform right now on how many you haven't heard off. I think it's cool that we had a series wait. The small town Were you in this year's? I don't know if we can. I I wasn't in this year's or lost. Yes. Okay. I mean, this year you had to let be. Yeah, slamming it on YouTube which use yours? I don't know. I don't blame her after, Okay. You should upload more. We thought about it. We just probably have to be. Hey, let's do the same, but more. Oh, no, don't do that. Got shut up If you replaced an I know a guy. You gonna be in one? No, no, I I I would, but like, that would be the most inorganic A pretend to be dead. I was in one, but never released. Focus Hit me in the face with a football. Well, let's talk about it like I had to do the car. You got a very dangerous e. I mean, Dan could be attracted to me. Now you're channeling your scars guard. Know his because the other way can't do that. Well, I That's right. Damn like, yeah, I've seen him, and I just He'll be here next month. They have a shoot sesh. I always say it, and it never happens. We should hang out way hit filming so hard When you say that, it's we're both just so tired. But I feel like this time we'll build in some some social time. You should. You just so you can hang out down. I probably would be invited to that school. You want some matrix? He could come see parasite with me. you Royals or Star Walker. That's the one with me. What? The cult. Okay, I keep forgetting the name of it. It's a weird like I never remember. Like Rise of Skywalker. Rise of the Skywalker rise of Skywalker's rise of the Skywalker's look is rises. This rise of Skywalker. What is it, guys? Rises only like the rise of Skywalker. Yeah, that's a That's a weird one. Very forgettable. Who is it? Who is it? John Boyega that lost the script. We didn't lose. It was stolen, wasn't it? Yeah, I heard you got put on eBay. Oh, fuck that. It's so stressed. I think it got nicked for from under his bed, right? Yeah. He had left it. I think it was under his mattress in a hotel room. But the people that knew that was him. So they were just such in his room for it. Yeah, I know that they like, like think, rip that shit. Now I think that they only do like, I don't know, they do physical copies anymore for, like, marvel. I think they only gave out sections, and I also heard that they did like tablets and shit like that. I don't know, man. I think the novel just try and hide as much of it from Tom Holland. It's possible there was a time I had a script for an arty short and my friend See, I was about to go into the gym. On what? I should hide this. So no one tries to break into my car to wait. No one gives a fuck like you. They find it. Diversity cinematic universe will be destroyed. No, not this short about Bernie being a crazy boss. Just got writing sliver scripts. I'm just leaving. Boy exterior is very bright, very bright. So have, you know people have, like, dabbled with virtual reality is yeah. Uh, has anyone ever tried the like any augmented reality stuff like the magically headset? Let me ask me Step back. Does anybody here know what the magically had said? This question with augmented reality is just his devoid count. That's kind of like virtual reality, but also, like, Do you touch things? But that's all v R. Though That's all. Interview R headset. What is augmented reality? Who are you? Augment Reality. It's like if you have what did you say? Explaining where you add elements into reality that aren't really there. Yeah, you had a head. So we'd like the Hollands. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I like that. You really that you might have. But it was five years ago or something. We shared an office at the time. I reckon we're over here. You probably did. We shared novels for Don Corolla. Yeah. Um, So anyway, there's this company magically. They came out with a headset last fall. They was, like, worked on for years they had raised, I want to say, $2.6 billion in funding to develop this product. And I guess it came out last week that they've sold 6000 of them. That's good. That's not very good. And how much would they have to be sold for? To make back the $2.6 billion.600? My God, when that it's hope I like $3000 each. What are they selling? Affordable, I think 2000 close. Is it? Just just suck. Why? What's wrong? I think it's just people aren't aware of it. That's why I stepped back and asked if anyone had even heard of it. Now what was it again? magically. So what's the cook with this one? It's like, I mean, it's actually really cool. Just It's kind like the Hollands heads that you put on except the field of use bigger. And I do like to remember you playing around with something. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's what looks like. Yeah, I remember you had to take your glasses off every time. You mean there's your problem? What it's like night out. Crazy. Done it. No, it doesn't. Not compared to other V are things the chroma stick, but the whole point of a are there, isn't it that you want to, like, be out and about? Yeah, like Google ends and that they're like, Well, that's totally like self contained. Whatever happened to the Google Amazon? Start working on Just discontinued it. I think they did. Last week. They just announced they were just continuing support for it because that was five years ago. It was longer, like seven, I think. Yeah, I remember Jack. Have a pair get prescription lenses for it. I don't know how. Man, that's great. I think I know that. Alexis doing that there. Yeah, there. Did you see the poorly written article about it? No, they're like new headset. Let's Alexis sit on your face. What? People like Nice. I'm sorry. What is it like, studio? You gotta stop saying it because you're gonna send people's things crazy. What's a cold? Uh, I don't know. Look up. Echo Echo glasses sitting on your face. Alexa, sit on my face. I like that play. Barry White Echo frames. Is that it? Surely glasses with Alexa. I would imagine that sounds right. I mean, why so people are gonna talk to their own face, and then what happens is just like an elixir that you get like, they look like normal glasses. I feel like they could just do an attachment. Like, if there's no visual element and it's just like you just want to talk. Just like a year piece something. Is there something that you can see? Things like it pulls up thing. I would imagine if there were. I think what this does. I think this is just ah, fancy shitty Bluetooth headset. Okay, because it seems like they say that it requires a compatible android phone and the app for connectivity. I think you talk to it and it activates the app if the phone was like in your pocket. But why does have to be? It's always glasses because people were glasses. People like glasses. Oh, your shirt, Artie. Stargate on it like that. I thought the nose is completely wasted. The nose is completely with a Bluetooth election knows that you just put over your nose. You have to, like, stay around anything. What are you fun about? How would you attach? Amazon knows over you would be just like one of those. Like e. Like what you wear when you go swimming. Little nose pincher thing. All right, the wipe it out of your eyes because we already have a product that exists here. We don't have on Amazon knows how would you attach it to your fucking nose? Dude, Would it be like a strap that comes back around these pits? Field glasses, the fear nostrils? Uh huh. Like violence. Something on my nose. We're not all you got. That's like, the way I can say that will make the first Bluetooth nose and it'll be less than $2.5 billion in funding needed. He'll be amazing. Bluetooth knows what I do is cut up one of the echo dots and put the guts into a nose shaped thing. And then what is it, no shaped nose that you wear on your? No, I kind of want to make, like, you know, those, like Groucho Marx glasses with the nose of the mustache. I kinda want to take the nose out of that echo in it, and they make you wear it for a podcast, implying that you'd rather wear that in glasses. I'm saying I wouldn't rather wear because people think it's weird when stuff's on your nose, but it doesn't have to be. People don't think it's weird that you wear rings around your eyes because you use him to see me. Oh, you need on your nose to help. You knows. It's just so ever free rack. What? Just hang she on it. Your nose? Yeah, Like what? Like a shirt like A like a like an Echo knows, just like the echo dies. I mean, I guess, like I'm thinking about like, I guess people had, like Bluetooth headsets that went over their ear because they looked win if they wanted to hear. That's why they went there. There's no reason to put anything on the moon. But if you're talking up, put your own face. But close your eyes. You just go. This nose is right there it is you. Is there a smell component to this whole gadget? Huh? You know, I like this year Lavender Choose a sense like that. Lavender? Yeah. If someone's taking a dump when I was you sneeze. Yeah, Hold on. Hold on to it. Dude, I've been under If it's it's just like I keep going in off of the same person. But for some reason here, people shit smell worse than ever. People taking some bad dump this time of year. You did just have Fogarty child to you. So is it just over the last month to say, What's this thing is bathroom here? Where's that? Were the worst dumps one here with one further down over there. Put it down over there. Okay. Is that the one you typically go to e. I usually pay in that one. There's only one toilet, and then there's only so many people that use that one. That one's also not limited to just rooster teeth, Noah. But everybody's saying that I'm saying that the clients declined till that are in there, I could see them having some weird. Is someone still leaving boogers? They're still boogers by that urinal play like they never noticed the book Roll by the urinal when it's right by Yeah. Oh, like you're peeing in the urinal. Look a little to the left where there's like that seem and one of the following the one right here in real close. So it's not just glue from the know their bookies. Oh, it's because, to be fair, in the far one, I thought it was It was not, but I thought it was anal slime on the back of the Oh, that's just like a state. It's just like the things coming up a little bit just walking to my clinic when they're always out of my apartment and we have ah, valley trash pickup. Well, outlaw. Uh, not really. It's not a great apartment, so I'm walking by like this one trashcan, and it's just got a brown sludge running down it. And I couldn't tell if he was chocolate pudding or the other thing. What did it taste like? I actually like was like I had to get Dutch away. Her Ricketts. He's going for it. But I was I really did want to find out, but I didn't want to Like You want to know that? Because what was it like? What was what was it? I don't know. Because it melted chocolate. Well, it's lost. You'll never known another problem with that bathroom. I mentioned this before. Somebody pisses on the top of the euro. How does that have to get up that you have to be really tall? Let me name one tall guy. You know what I mean? Even a tool, guys, Dick wouldn't be it up. That someone just arching it, right? Maybe they're trying to blast the booger wall to get rid of it to clean it up. Maybe, uh, you wanna go look at the book or wallboard particularly? I mean, maybe after the podcast is done, I'll go take a look with you guys. Um, but I don't know what it is, but those bathrooms have been smelling like, ah, farm recently, like, you know, like, fuckin animals. Shit. But it's like, not like he doesn't smell like human shit. It smells like animal shit. I think this is no one. Has no one been noticed? You're the only one in the women's restroom. This it's a little liquid form, kind of kind of like a hamster would also shit e some bullshit. Let's go in the women's bathroom right now, remote from our camera eyes. The one thing we come for a crust on on this platform. Yeah, the smell's not until we have the Alexa knows. So they people watch the pug. It's just put on your Alexa noses and then come with us. So, Barb, you're gonna come with us within the men's room and see the pissed on urinal in the boogie wall. And then we're gonna go smell your hamster cage. What? Sounds like I'll record it on my phone and that could be the post show. Here it is. Should do the pusher from I. I am. I am willing to do that. Yes, also, that would be like a five minute post, so Oh, no. What are we to do? I think it wants to go home. Let's do it. I'm down. So come my hamster cage. We'll deal with that. Maybe we'll do it for the PO show. We'll see first members, you'll find out, Um, I read something kind of interesting the other day. At first it made me mad. But then I think I'm okay with it. I guess there's a rumor that in 2021 Apple wants to release the iPhone with no cable, no port on it. How would it just wireless wireless? But like, if you're on a plane or traveling at all or anywhere except your fucking house that has that wireless charging pad, I bet they'll have, Ah, magnet cable, they just slap on it. A magnet cable. Yeah, I think of the okay, I'm kind of on board with this because think of that like you're having less supports that water could get in, so it's gonna become more waterproof than it already is. I never have issues with my phone and water unless they also get rid of the internal circuitry to handle that. So it's like they free up space for more battery or more processing the lighter. And then also like, I've fucked up my iPhone by actually dropping it when the cable was plugged in. So either like, broke the cable or, you know, and then if they do this to where it's widely adapted or what? Our adopted throughout all the loans. If it because we're prolific, then you don't You can have cable chargers. Unlike your uber you not to worry about. Only that I focus on me. I just need to update the rest of the planet. Yeah, don't be annoying. Like a plane would be annoying. Yeah, well, I'm just trying to think of like I got also had something with you, but then that's just like a big thing to carry around. It seems like I used to feel like a lot of time. If my phone's about to die and I'm using it, I'll plug it in and then use it. Continue to use it. You can have it flat down on, like the arm of a chair on a plane or a bedside table is something that's gonna again they'll come up with peripheral. I bet I think they're crazy about selling dangles and shit. I just I don't like that. I think I'm kind of done with it. I go, I think I'd go for it. I'm okay with it. Quick. Look, we have a vote in chat. Oh, Don't we do that? So one thing I want t o ready for that. No, not not ready for it currently. Technologies down, but you can ask chat. Go for a guest estimate. Eric, keep okay, but keep an eye on the numbers. Hash tag, port or hashtag. I don't know what the other one is. Uh, wireless, wireless or wired and I don't know you do that. What? Chris, I'm curious. Just a little gassy time. Blaine told me to GE Estimate. Okay, It's something in your head. If you took all of the lightning cables and whatever that 29 pin thing was before it and you tied him altogether, would it go around the earth? I'm sure we'd go around the Earth multiple times. Do you think so? Yeah. No longer those cables that mean anything to you, I think I think they're actually three feet a yard. Close enough. Um, I'm trying to see so jeffy in 2018 they sold 220 million iPhones. And people usually don't just have one table. A lot more problem with one. A lot of wireless. Let's 660 million feet. Overwhelmingly. Port. I'm guesstimating heavy port No, no, I asked for specific numbers. Eric, I told you to keep Count on. We're talking about goddamn vanilla cake for 25,000 miles around the equator. If it's what did I say? 660 million fit. That's 125,000 miles with the circumference of the earth halfway to the moon. You know, it's really far, and that's one year. That's 20 to 1 year s. So we've gone to the moon and back easily. We've lassoed the moon for cable, connected it over us, be how fucking wasteful do you think if aliens ever landed, they're gonna be very confused about the lighting cables, Especially years from now on. No one uses them. I wish you could buy. The phone is an option to be like I don't need the cable. Can you sell me for 20 bucks? Cheaper if I don't? I've already got that because it comes in the package, right? Yeah. I don't need the cable. And I don't need to have. All I need is the fucking phone. I don't need the other ship already got the other surprised They don't have that option yet. Especially cause there's people who get the new iPhone every single year. At that point, you got it. I literally don't need anything that comes to the life. Even if I need the little thing. Even if the sim removal. Yeah, even if it was the same. Mike, my phone didn't have one this last time. It was annoying. Even if it was the same price, you didn't save any money, I'd still be, like, just give you the one without the other shit. Don't want fucking throw that other shit away. I would pay, like additional. I pay, like a dollar extra for my stuff would arrive without packaging if they would take it with you. Just are handed an iPhone. You gotta hand it just like someone just comes, delivers it, takes it allowed, just puts on the floor and takes the packages that even I mean, they didn't want a brand new iPhone to sit on the ground outside your door. Maybe on iPhone. But I mean, like, a movie or something cheap. Or when you pick it up with store. Yeah. Just put it in my Yeah, just give it to me. Chat. Looks like he was overwhelmingly port. I'm gonna say that About four 18,000 live votes for port. Yeah, but they get stuff removed because that one with Morocco Bonds, air dipshit kept spanning it. So don't wireless wins. Don't span the chat. You do whatever you want with Jack cares, Eric, you can't even hug. No, I'm good. Come on in here. But we're gonna hug, hug podcasts. You guys playing? It's it's amazing. I recommend is anyone who has 100. I've hugged Blaine. What was the last time you hug me? We've all hugs, Blaine. Yeah, We all hope was lost. Time you hug me, tell your birthday. I don't know. I give people hubs on their birthdays. Oh, no. You did for short, you know? Yeah. I touched you for a short too, that we ended up not using that. Take one for the tech support one. You said? Yeah. He said, I love you, man. Yeah, I touched him when? The first. That's weird. And I'm not gonna do that again. Aw, he touched his butt shoulder. Very sincere. It's the blood of the torso. Did you see the new short we put out this week? Us. The world's worst airline. I feel like you would have appreciated that one. Most people were like, Did they write the short based on podcast discussions? Kind of. I love the ER on bag peanuts. Yeah, it's my favorite gag. That's a fun short to film. Speaking of, um, look right here. Yeah, it was on the set. I don't know if I mentioned this. We filmed a episode of Artie Inbox today, and I mentioned it there, but I accidentally dissed American Airlines on Twitter. I deleted my tweet since then, but I tweeted at American Airlines and I said, Hey, at American Air if you need anyone to host your safety videos hit me up And I linked the YouTube video of the airline short, forgetting that the short was called World's worst Airline. And it's just like I said, that American air like Abe, you name it a host. Your video looks up. Not intending to be like you guys were the world's worst airline, and I was like, and they even responded there like noted thank you for your loyalty. I'm sorry, American Airlines. There was one time I touch the human side of American Airline. That's not weird. Uh, where I had a flight fuck up. And I think that we were going back and forth over Twitter and then they're like, we can't, you know, book you for this thing but will book you for the next day. It was like, You know, you can d'oh! Give me some bonus miles and they're like, Okay, I will do that. It was like, Oh, cool. So what was the worst they could do? Say no. Yeah, yeah, It's just like they're like, I thought you're gonna do your blame thing where you're like, you know, you can't do have a great day. They would have been like, Fuck you cancelling your flight. I've been using that one a lot. It's a good joke. That's good. Get everybody off guard. Appreciate it. Oh, I have something I want to address on this podcast. Okay, mercy. No, I just said something in a video that was incorrect. I said there was no achievement for ah Blaster inhaler reach because I confined in the Paris Paris crisis of it. I feel like I think Jeremy or someone said that wasn't one. And then I couldn't find it because I feel like when you know something is not there. You don't look for it room. So I was just, like, glancing through, but yeah, there is one of my totally gonna get legendary. All schools on. Yeah, Episode one came out today. Let's give it a watch, Reach water or pleasure. Yeah, but with all the skulls on, which may well out. But every elite is like a boss. It is. That's cool. Wild to me how defensive people get over gaming. What you mean, I just like I don't think about her all the time. And you guys play all sorts of games, obviously for Chima Hunter. And if you do something incorrectly or say something wrong about the game, people get very defensive over it. And it's, like, more so than any other medium I've ever encountered. A lot of gatekeeping. Yeah. And it like, for example, we put out a video. Um, that got, like, not the greatest response we played one night. Where wolves or what? What was it called? 11 night Where wolves. When did you put a couple months? I was like, a truncated version of the Devil's Game. Yeah. Yeah. And like we just like I did something wrong. I I forget what it was. But, um, people were very upset that we played something wrong and, like, did something wrong in the game. And we usually don't get that, um, passionate of a response when we don't do something right, other than if it's like gaming related. Well, maybe you shouldn't have fucked it up about that. We shouldn't have people people don't like. You're listening to people being wrong. No truncated, making a shirt. No, it's even more people hate wrongness. Archy Store. Find it now, and I guess it off. I get that. But it's it's what was wrongness, by the way, Roman is. I didn't I didn't plan on this. That's good. We're reprinting him. It's ah, it's elevated for gaming, like it's nor president about it. But like, yeah, just like really, I had I didn't really understand it until that happened. And then I was like, Yeah, they're people are pretty defensive over to make a video games, especially if they knew and they just come out. It's not a ton of time for prep or like you can't learn our learning, just like we gotta film this, you know, in an hour. So do this one quick way. I guess I just don't get it because gaming I mean, it's like you're just making an entertaining video. If I may venture a guess, please. Yes, it's because this is what we do for a living and people will tune in and be like Anybody could do this job. So the first time they see us, fuck it up in there just like I could've done that better if I was in that position because it's a game they know well or something like that. It's just just I thinkit's a hint of jealousy sometimes. Could be, You know what I mean? Imagine the first time you played something. You did it with thousands of people watching. Yeah, it probably would have been your best game, right? You get still, get the hang of things, just like if you're just trying to have fun with people, make like an entertaining video and, like you happen to be not good at that game or whatever it is, it's just it's just I don't know. I'll never understand that just the way it is book. But I'm sure people in the comments of this video will correct me in some capacity. Weren't wrong. Feet. It's good. Oh, yeah. I only know that there's an achievement because 1000 people talk. Yeah, but it's good info. Now. I'm happy. So there was another trailer. I'm gonna step back. A second was the Wonder woman training. Another trailer that came out that way had talked about the trailer for bombshell. Hell, yeah, I did. What is that? It's about, like the Hawks. New stuff? Yeah, we're going to that. What? You're going right? Am I early screening right there when he was. Yeah. So, uh, I read on article. I guess that the production designer for that movie set that. Obviously Fox News didn't cooperate with the direction of movie, but so they had to try to recreate what the Fox news office look like for the film. And the pressure designer said that they went through like people, social media like looking for selfies and stuff on that. They went through, like, wiki feet to find ah, photos that people had taken and like stills from behind, the scenes are like on the set to try to recreate everything that piece everything together Yeah, he didn't explicitly say with you Feet. He said, like a variety of sources. Foot fetish pictures. Wow. Ah, I feel like you know, someone called No, no, I'm a researcher for the movie. Like he was just So that's why I included, uh You guys are lucky feet. Shit. Are dudes on their way? Look this up every now and then. I'm sure you've talked about it before. Did you ever see the clip from when the demon hunter played one night? Well, Wolf's and Trevor thought he was He thought he was the other one. I think he thought he was May. Yeah, it was like so much confusion. Boys and girls. Watch out. Blaine's got a 4.95 on Wiki fio. You know what you're looking at? I'm looking on wicked feet for men and you're not on there just like a Wookiee. Okay, Okay, min dot winky feed. Is that you, undercarriage? Why am I looking at? Yeah, man relations. Yo. Great. All right. Don't forget us when you're famous. Hey, Well, try not to, uh, Gap. And what do you say you had 4.95? That's nearly perfect. Sorry, Gavin Gavin Not on their slow mo. What? You went in the feet? Rewind. Do you think with the you're talking about bombshell? And then they got that Jewell, not the smoking device. The thing the guy Cleese was directing the movie Jule something anybody could Jim's No, for the love of God help! You know, it's the new Clint Eastwood movie about the security night. What? Richard Jewell. Richard Jewell. I feel like those air too. Movies that are gonna drop to different audiences because I think the clinics would want is a little bit more like, um, anti media, you know, like, kind of just like NBC and all those guys. Because I think that the well, the media fucked that up. That movie needs to be anti media because the ball was dropped in the coverage of that. Yeah, And in the other ones, like anti Fox News, which is like, the different. Yeah, I don't know. I'm gonna watch both. Yeah, Yeah. I really don't see those two films as being like, like one of the other diametrically opposed. I'm gonna watch you both as well. Clean. It was a fantastic treasure. I didn't need to hear that he took a hot Hatice interesting take, and he kind of added some fictional elements to his movie, though Trevor thought he was a tanner, but Trevor was the tenor. Thought he was the Apprentice. That was it, I said. I was the I guess, the Apprentice. But I was opening my eyes to look at the stuff of the table, and he opened his eyes. He also open his eyes in the funniest way too useless. And I was like, For my eyes is supposed to be a bit Wait, what was I and I got confused because I seemed I was in the wrong I love one Trevor. What did he also do this? E I probably So I spent the whole round unable to speak because I was laughing so hard. I mean, messing up or triple messy of, uh, it was really fun the first time I ever played it. D'oh! I have a higher foot rating. Chris Evans and Drunkenness G. It's James Williams on there. He's got a piece is for you're always on his instagram account, I think is only his feet. James wounds like Danny DeVita where you think Danny DeVito man hung out. James were 4.82 Oh, shit. Catching up to me. I love James. Danny Defeat up there. There's a large Dan did. I mean, it's like this whole incident. So Instagram account jacked off to that picture, I really hope No, your shoe size isn't on. We could fit. You should update it. I don't know which one it is, though. Which foot? Know what my true size is? It varies from tin toe. 11 and 1/2 depending on 11. I guess that I could average it out round up. Sizeable foot. Not really. 10. Oh, I mean in those. Yeah. Yeah, I would. I wear like, a 10 or 10 and 1/2 in Chuck's suite. My mind on my list in shoes. Is it? And yourself? What? Barbara, I'm looking myself up. Where does it actually say before? It's the foot having Alexa feet. I want the podcast. Wait for Barbara to I can't. I don't see where it is. I mean, I see like dunkleman. Thank you, Sy. Seven. Yes. My shoes or seven. Nationality. Canada, Canada. My first day and everything generated beautiful feet. I have beautiful feet. They took the numeric rating away from it. She's got all five stars field. Okay, Very much. I'm probably similar. 4.9 something? Hell, yeah. Worthy were hey, were ill of feet. All right, that's it. It's like a lead, but with a great 11 years, Hopefully I cut that. We, uh, cut the end more than 11 to go. You can keep it by. Thank you for watching for 11 years.