#575 - Gavin vs Soup

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jessica Vasami, and Andrew Rosas as they discuss bees, soups, pigeons with hats, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-12-17 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jessica Vasami, Andrew Rosas


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 575. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the receipt podcast this week. Brought to you by express VPN calm and Mark. Ari. I'm Gus. I'm Gavin. I'm Jessica. I'm Andrew, and I'm still costs everyone doing I feel like we had Ah, weird starts today. We'd like we normally have a very regimented schedule, like around here when we work on stone. And we did something out of order that we filmed earlier today. You did the puck house this morning. Way showed a short course short today, and it was a kind of a bizarre short. We need you to get really close and central with each other. So the idea first started off almost as a joke, and then we're like, Oh, that's good. You should write that. Yeah. You know, like we had to film it. Yes, and it was written, and we filmed it today. E it was like that wouldn't be funny of like, we kissed each other, and then it was just like, uh, that everyone make out today, Uh, probably will get without, like, signaling any HR flag. Probably probably have been signaled way. We're talking one before, as we were filming, you know? You know, we're cooperating. Unless someone maybe was. Blaine was looking on red. It was John actually think. And he's like, what qualifies? It's not safe for work here, but something that you couldn't click on or that you couldn't watch. Here, Ms 13. Yeah, probably. Probably not. But I've seen, like, a car accident videos where someone probably died evos they're sent me a ton of snuff. Well, digitizing digitizing your faces of death, VHS tapes of the seven of us. That was before a chaw existed. It was? Yeah. They were only like six of us working at the time. Whenever someone you started, I would send them all the shocking videos I could to try to desensitize him. He would set my desktop background to just the worst stuff. I fell off a stool once. Theo. Kitchen. I don't have a desk. I went to the kitchen. Beautiful part move. Yeah, I was just love back in e. You gotta make sure people know what they're what they're in for? I feel like people that start off working at risk Her teeth. Young loser Innocence earlier than maybe others. D'oh! Over you. When? When that happened. That specific incident, Gavin, when you fell off the stool, 18 e. I don't know. I just don't know why I was nervous. Person. That would have been 2000 six. 07 18 19. Okay, there's no criminal activity here on the statute of limitation. Says run out. Thank God for the statute of limitations. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, we have a conversation, and then I think it was Mariel sends us a video or shows us the video of a woman running naked toward a camera and then jumps up and just, like, opens up her legs and you see full vagina. And then it goes into the hole like death. Stranding. What is it, baby? The baby? Yes. Yeah, jumped, Like with your Allah? Oh, yeah, she's naked and she just runs towards the lens, dumps up the legs and you see full vagina. And then once it completely like it goes to black. Then it goes into the baby scene of S O. He can only imagine your dinner this year. Yeah, It's an Oscar contender this year. Way Just if you could find that, Eric. No, I heard a very confused No. Okay, so we can watch it, but we can't show it. Okay, we can show it and cut it out of you too. You know what? I don't want to do that. I don't know that sound border. That's real area. That could be either Really could go clip it. Raise your hand if in the chat. If you want to see that woman hugged the camera with go find themselves, but this'll all the other windows. Wanna watch it. Maybe you just take a moment right here, right now. Just watch it. I think it's only like 10 seconds if you need to do that for yourself right now, please. D'oh! He doesn't want to watch it. He makes He wants to make me show it to Emmett. I'm gonna look away. Wait. Yeah, uh, s so I must have this, You know, we talk about this regular must have the strangest Google search because history because I just looked up naked Woman jumps on the camera. Oh, yes, but earlier is having a conversation with Ana, and, uh, we were standing over here. We're talking. We're talking about Howard Hughes. And we talked specifically about how you know, towards the end of his life that he had, like, compulsive hoarding and that, you know, he would hoard jars of urine and feces and fingernail clippings, all kinds of unusual stuff. So then we started trying to figure out what percentage of people do that. So I started trying to Google search. But percentage of people who save their urine and you get, like, weird and like I couldn't find the answer. But I got weird. Like, Is it safe to drink? Drink? You're partners you're in. No, that's not what I'm looking for. Oh, you always Look, we're ancillary questions. Did you find any? I couldn't find it. Isn't there that doctor in India who prescribes people his piss to make him better? What does he drink? His own piss? That's something. Make other people better. Yeah. No. Well, I read, actually, we just discuss isn't always open Last week that cause Mario came back from Europe with dysentery and how there is such a thing that doctors will put other when you're on it to you on the Yeah, put other people's poop inside of your own. Oh, yeah, like a fecal did. I didn't know about that. So this pissed thing, you could be honest something. And I don't think it should go in the mouth. No, just as poop poop going into the throwing a hard line to the I. For one, think that's my platform platform. Pee out of mouths. You could put the people, you know raising. Do you know that we've already made the bumper stickers that's going out like That's too late. Look, I'm happy to get someone else's pissed put in my bladder if it needed to be, but no in my mouth. How much have someone else's pissed putting your bladder? How much you just said you're happy to have it done. I think you need a medical issue. How much for us to do it right now? Yeah. Hey, who's pissed? Your bladder E. I would do that for 100 grand. Medical care has gotten outrageous in the country. I'm going to do something about this. All right, let's cross 100 grand so I can pee into you. Got the logistics later I doubt that it's into its first. Probably some intermediary device that actually was a tube of some kind. You wouldn't have to do surgery. You could just We could just do a catheter, baby. Push it far enough up. Jesus. Holy hell doesn't wake up, Doc. Oh, I think it's just right, you know? And I learned only things like he just said docking. I did. I just learned what that was this past year. Learned it from here. Rooster tea. If you're around earlier, you would have come back to your desktop background and learn about it. Probably probably, huh? You look, you learned about that at Rooster Teeth. I did Were on set a couple weeks ago and somebody where they were making jokes about docking. And, of course, the first thing that I think of is like Armageddon when they're trying to dock at the international space station up there, you know, trying to you know, that's that's what I think about. But they're like, now it's not that. Then they go and explain to me the penises together. So then I just did. I learned what that would mean. I e t h r was no head butting. Actually think it might have been you and Adam Covic at last year's Christmas party? You guys told me what? That WAAS So that I think about it. Yeah. Oh, so think when you're welcome. Yeah, right. That just came to me. Did I go to last year's Christmas party? Yeah. Obviously. You gave a seminar. From what I hear e my Ted talk his yearly Christmas. That game's gonna get drunk and talk about something this year at the Christmas party. Let's find out what it just wrestle the mike away from that home in this You're talking. Okay. Next year, I'll do a seven up. Do it, Okay? You had a year to prepare. We just had our holiday party this past weekend. I want sign up, so I don't want to just do it to the whole company. And I want people there. You want them to want to be there? Yeah, they want blood. I'm just gonna go up to start talking about docking in front of you. A lot of people, people have kids and stuff. Maybe they're kids need to know. Wait, Where? Kids? There are some people here who are like real grown ups who don't want to hear me talk about I know. Yeah, yeah. Talking and things. Yeah, you've unretired. She did. She was our grown up e disappointed of on so many times. She hated all of my Halloween costumes on by all I mean, the Penis awarded my war for three. We'll have to see it all the time. That's definitely back at the old The old studio down South. Yeah, I was that much. I told this recent, actually to start my show working, and she walked by and she was like, Oh, why you? Then I swung around on my chair and the bull swung around. She was just like, Oh, I ee I was walking out of the other building across the parking lot earlier today, and as I walked out, turned around and looked and someone walked out of that building wearing a flaming hot Cheetos costume. That was Devon, and I didn't think twice about it. Like I just saw the cause of it. All right? They're just at work. That was Devon. That was Devon. He I don't know how he got that are where he found it, but he's been walking around and he feels like it's appropriate because he's a snack. I hear. So he feels like he should just wear snacks. Does he wear outside of work? Uh, no. He just received it today and she's been wearing it at work. I don't think hole where? That outside. If he does, we'll probably have a chat with him. I e like you working comedy or like, sketch the same thing, like, long enough. Like you're just expected to see, like, kind of strangers. Like I was in a sketch drew for years. And my back seat was like wigs and costumes And like, a plastic skeleton like there's just gonna be you're just gonna see stuff like that and not bat an eye. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Just move. Move that skeleton over. And there's like, soiled wigs and, like, weird costumes. Just slide him over its fine. Be careful. That's the good skeleton. Yeah, that's the hero in order that we need someone close ups later. I do love that about working here, though it's just that you never know what you're gonna see and who you're gonna run into a ce faras like, Oh, that person's dress up like Penis today. That's cool. That's okay. That's okay with me. We'll deal with that later. Yeah, Um, you are getting uncomfortably close to your co workers. That's another thing I thought about today. Is that we as a group, we have. I mean, I've been here for four years now, and I definitely have gotten very close to everybody. Even if I didn't want to, It just kind of happens. Um, we've been physically close to each other, and now, mentally and emotionally, I had to fake kiss Blaine, you know, years ago on a shore, just like fake kiss him. So, like we master because of the way the shot was. So we like connected foreheads and pretend like we're, you know, like you kiss. Which, by the way, apparently Matt after that said that Hey, in the future, let's just have them really kiss because they didn't look great. It looks super weird. That sell shit way will kiss people on camera. I have, but not not here. It researches. We weren't We weren't playing characters. We weren't playing ourselves, so it would have worked. But we play ourselves now in thes course sketches. So It would be weird to kiss your co worker. You know what I mean? But if we're playing characters and hi, sure disagree O rt cinematic universe is gonna keep it all straight. I mean, being someone who played themselves and kissed a man and a woman, That's right. Uh, that one. Yeah. That was one of the first things I saw it. Richard, do those, like, Damn, let's just go at it. You do it just a bunch of coffee and then you said within their partner. Definitely want to get out of that kisses. Fastest possible. Yes, it's when you like. I think everyone loves the smell of hot coffee. Most people have a smell. Hot coffee. Like drinking a hot cop If you smell cold coffee or like, coffee on someone's breath Or like stale coffee. Same with booze in that disgusting. Yeah, yeah, Vile. Actually, most Bruce sucks to smell in the glass. I hate the smell of whiskey so much. Would you prefer it in someone's breath, though? Come, give grandma a kiss. No, it's just no good. All right. Yeah. Bars have that general, like alcohol stands for, like all everything has been spilled over the years. Yes. Those bar rags that were once stark white. Now, just like a dingy brownish gray. Yeah, the story they're clean your glasses without with that? Yeah, well, you have nothing. Nothing. That that rag, it's never a bottle of beer that it was just opened and I watched you opened it. That's it. That's what I want. Years ago, I went thio I'm gonna ruin bottles of beer for you. Years ago, I went two ah, party at Bernie's house and not get so far ahead as terrible. And I stand for beer and he got a beard. I think you put the 1st 1 again. A glass. It was like, Okay, cool. Been painted. You finished my beer. Then I saw that he got the beer out of Ah, nice chest. Like it was gonna get a beer like I know where it is now. So I grabbed a beer out of the ice chest. That was, you know, obviously in ice cold, I took the bottle opener, pop the top off, and I looked at it and the entire lip of it, which is covered in rust. You he had had those beers for so long. Like just sitting in water that the capsule just rusted. And that's why he had put the 1st 1 to a glass Billy beer when they stopped making it in the eighties. So yeah, even a ball, a beer can be gross. Yeah. I don't even know if I would have opened it important in a glass and drink it. Yeah. I don't know if I would have either. Been that'll. You know, I think he had even left it outside, like in a nice chest filled with stale water. Three beers, part of a promotional tie in with Jim Carrey's The Mass. Be drinking this. I would definitely drink mosque. I would do that. Uh, release your inner Loki Reminds me I saw this this story who's a YouTube video. I think I saw over the weekend where this restaurant in Thailand they, like, make a much stuff whatever. But the thing they're known for is this one soup that they have. It's like their specialty. And apparently they've been serving this same bowl of soup for 45 years. Oh, they've left it like every night. Like whatever. They make it in a big bowl and it like they start sailing it throughout the day. Then, as it gets low, they pour more shit into it. So it's like it's never been fully emptied and cleaned out. It's just the same bowl of soup that they've been stirring and heating up and selling for 45 years, and it sounds bad enough. But when you watch the video, it's like in this giant, let me get a walk or a pot or something and they're cooking it and it looks like it's in a pedestal like a special place like Oh, this must be like a like they know, like we've been making the super 45 years. They must have, like this place of honor dedicated for this soup. No, that's what has just spilled out from the bowl as they stir it, and it's like harden and encrusted around it on. And it looks like a brown plastic container to hold the soup in place so you could find it gross and every absolutely. But I say that if I was there at that restaurant, I would eat that soup. I would, too, right? Yeah, I mean, 1/2. I mean, you'd have thio I mean, but think of how many sneezes have gone in it over the years in it. And coughs. It's big. Yeah, but they probably served that already. When they take readings, they, like, core the ice in Antarctica, and you can see all the different layers. The strata? Yeah. All right. When they finally chisel those, like, still lag mites and stalactites of soup off the base of that Oh, shit. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It's almost to the top. Yeah, there's Ah, a lot of it's a crater. Super residue left over. It's like it's like you're Superman. Yeah. Good God. Who's Ah, wider shot. No nasty. Okay, that's no. Now, I'm completely backpedaling on this. I would eat the soup thing. That's you gotta eat the soup like you. Any time you go somewhere, it's like there's a weird things that you can't get anywhere. Yeah, that's a health code violation of the U. S. Yes. Yeah, right. Felicio taking dumps and sandwiches. Sandwich. Dude, that looks like whatever. That RV have a delicious soup that's so popular. They've had it on the menu for 45 years. The same soup. Yeah, that's good stuff. I don't know how to process that. I'm trying to get all this stuff all the autopsies of people have done over the years. It's like, well, not like pools, but, like, just like Oh God, this is This is the 20 year old suit. Oops, just contempt. Well, and then 20 years later, they're still serving it. It's Ah, it's just out in the open. So So when they go home at night, they obviously turn the flame down. So So whatever happens at the bottom of the pan overnights and they turn it back on in the mornings. They don't leave it, huh? All night. You know what's in the bottom of that soup? Amelia Earhart's bones of that soup. They haven't dredged them out like Bali. One point a rat jumped in and no one got it out. No one knew. No one know if they might still be living down there now. Question. Yes, it's in the witness protection program in the bottom of a bowl of soup in Thailand. Super Atlantis. That's just you would know that I would totally eat that soup even if like that, really like, scraped the bottom and gave you a good deep something. I would eat the soup the way they serve it. I would not eat something some fucked up. The bottom of that is just like van to black. It's that just, like, absorbs all lights, darkest substance all right. Doesn't know what to do. And it's It's just, uh, I'm gonna go this way. This episode of Receive Podcast is brought to you by express VPN. Okay, so we all know VP and protect your privacy and security online. Right? But I've got a TV watching pro tip that will take your TV watching game to the next level. 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We should start with the starter soup and we'll eat it on next year's extra life. What would be in your soup? Um, it should be something simple. I think Something without nug sze that can rock. Yeah. Meet lumps that smart? No. Like mushrooms and shit. Maybe. Just like like a biscuit. Your disk isn't a tomato base leased, that is did stare, you know, just a normal broth with nothing. And just tomorrow soup they got? Yeah, it's tomato. Basil. Keep nothing. Yeah, keep it moving. Keep it moving. Yeah, that's the thing is like, I feel like someone always has to be stirring it. It would be one with, like, a bar of the bomb that does the string automatically fins Vin's. Yeah, it's like that. You know, if you ever took chemistry in high school like those things that they put in the bottom of flasks to stir them. It's like a little magnetic on the shaky right. Bends it and then yeah. Then there's a magnet on the bottom of the beaker that, like, spins it around one of those big. So it's out on tomorrow? Yeah, I would go with something brothy like, I feel like a you run too much risk with that. You want you want to stop almost more like, yeah, Like a faux. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, but don't throw like the brisket. Do you save that until right when you started a brawl and, ah, some sprouts some Ah, jalapenos. Cilantro, cilantro, lime juice or horse and sauce. So it's just a lot of seasoning and bra, so you can't have anything really substantial. And then you talked to meet him. Is there any gel that doesn't rock? Honey, honey, what? The juice, dude. I mean, you're asking a weird question. We ask Google What? Is there any juice, honey, Not juice. Like oranges e a bunch of shit and then throw up into themselves, and then we get that. Are you talking about fruit juice? See, no juice. This stuff squeezed out. Squeeze bees for honey. Wait, wait. Bees throw up in each other's mouths. That's how they make honey. Yeah, they like the one like being home and microgram of Yeah, they throw up in like, another beast mouth and it throws up in another beast Mountain. And you think if you dress is a B with your mouth open, you could get it directly from the source. Or does it need to, like, go in the hive and hardened to become money like sure, he comes out really thin. Yeah, I I did be keeping for awhile. Um and yeah, it has to, you know, when it goes into the hive, it has toe cure for a long time because when it comes right out of his mouth as a high moisture content, it's very like very liquidy. And when they put it in the handicapped, the honey it stays in there and kind of cures for a little bit, and the moisture content leaves it. And that's actually why I like honey with high moisture content, tends to spoil. So if you get like, really low moster content, honey, it won't ferment. Do that. That's why doesn't go back to the B star every night, or it was the cap it make happen. They put it in there. They let them. They flap their wings to create the airflow and, like in a little bit of heat and it evaporates the liquid, the water in the honey. Why didn't you do beat? Was it your job? Hobby? I did it as a hobby because a swarm of these moved into my backyard. A gang of street toughs be so you're forced to new hobby. I like the idea of that's why you take your job. Your job is ah, bunch of people's taxes show accountant CPK just started showing up. You know, the, uh uh yeah, a swarm of bees moved into my backyard and, you know, debating at the time like, well, do we call like, a professional? Come gather the swarm and, like, take it away and then just started doing research like, Oh, no. If we could hive and we get the suits, we can transplant this hive into, like, an actual, like wouldn't beehive and then just start beekeeping. And then we did Andi. Yeah, it was big enough backyard to do that? Yeah. I mean, you in, like, Austin City limits. I think you can have up to two hives, and it has two. There's, like, some rules, and they have to It has to be, like, 10 feet away from a property line, but yeah, we just, like, set up a hive and, uh, transplanted the bees into it, and they started making honey, and it was delicious, actually. Looked up. City of Austin be Rules Chapter three, paragraph six, Beekeeping. Let's hear it. Okay, here it is. I says you should not be located within 10 feet of your property line. You know your shit. The number of colonies you're allowed to keep the term Buy properties, acreage, depend location of your beehive. You may need to build a flyaway barrier. Such the wall fits or dense vegetation seat encourages the relocation of hives instead of destruction whenever possible. That's ah, whole deal. Yeah. So why'd you stop? Um uh uh, My girlfriend and I broke up, and so I moved out on. So they're no longer might be really bringing more about personal struggle. Yeah, surely you could have taken off the bees just like sitting him all the bees down individually and talking with them. Listen, you stands on one side of the yard and the ones that come to you go with you and the one we gotta go. Come on. Come on. This way. You're here to see you could wear the biggest beard of the year. You can keep those. Well, that's what's Ah. Crazy is like once. Ah, hi. So once the hive gets big enough, or like outgrows outgrows the hive, Um, the queen that's inside will lay another queen egg. And then when that one hatches, the old queen takes half of the hive and swarms and flies off to find a new a new home. So I mean, ostensibly at some point, once lives big enough. You could split it off and do another hive. And take that away. I have a question. There's there's only one. There's only one female. The queen, right? So Well, there's only one. No, there's only one queen there. All the drones, all the worker bees are female. And all the male bees are, uh, just they don't do anything. They're only no, Seriously, They're only job is to mate with the queen. They just then they don't fly on. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. The, um sorry. All the worker bees are female. They go out and forage, honey and our forge nectar and bring it back. And all the male bees are drums and they just sit inside the hive. And just how does the current queen appoint the next queen By laying Ley? Because she could just see the queen can decide what kind of eggs she is going to lay interesting. So she goes like queen. I wonder how chemically that's different. What what do they do to the Queen Egg? I How is that? How is that conscious? Like they just don't give it a Penis. But there it is. But all the females of the workers, too. We give this one a little crown to know they feed it royal jelly, which is like a the like nurse bees that take care of the queen that take care of the queen's egg. Feed it a special like How does it become queen at that point? Or is still a special egg? It's still a special egg, and then they will die. It's no like drones getting in on the royal jelly trying to clean up now Queen. Fascinating stuff It is. It is very interesting. I read like this be book showing the thickness of the book. It is a super fast. It's bees are incredibly fast. It wasn't a novelization of the movie this episode received. Podcast is also brought to buy calm This holiday stress keep you up at night. There's so many gifts to buy and meals to cook and family entertain. It's time to put an end to those racing thoughts and head into the holidays with well rested as possible. You should try calm the number one app for sleep and relaxation. It can really transform your nights, which means better days. She got sleep stories, which are like bedtime stories for adults. They can help you fall into a deep natural sleep in just minutes. 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I read this thing fairly recently that bees won't build whatever it is like the honeycombs with it. If you there's a gap of only like 6 to 8 millimeters. And that's like the principle behind modern be keeping for you use those of shelves and why they faced so tightly to each other. It's like they have that very specific amount of space so that they don't all just grow together. Yeah, the way the lang stroke hive, they they are spaced a specific distance apart. But um, that's why actually be like, for the most part, bees take care of their hive. Like, really? Well, like once we move them in, we've had to do very little work because they're, you know, they pretty much a self sufficient, but that you can get crossed coming, which will, like, they'll build comb instead of indicting aligns. What kind of build it across the way? And you have to, like, prevent that. And what you kind of correct that they tend to build, just like if they fill out the fill out those slots, Just like, you know, I'm spy. Um, where do they shit? Probably why they're out. Like forging. But it shouldn't be. There we go. How do Bumble Bees poop? Is not what I asked doobie food. I love this. That we're just asking questions and just get answers. Love this. So what is be pu? I mean, I'm not getting any answers here. We're doing That's different. Weirdos be ship does be shit. I'm Maya. Where does the shit? Come on. Now. We have that on a shot. Where does the shit I have No idea is that there's no easy answer because I mean, if the bomb, it's good. Chances are No. What? What? Uh, let's see what it's like to try a double dip you can't get from both ends. I mean, is there any animal product that is feces? Oh, you get civet coffee? That's dump. It's what they do. Is they coffee? They feel pumped coffee beans. Or, like the coffee berry to a Soviet. And they eat it and their body digests the entire thing. Except for the coffee bean. And they shut out the coffee bean. And then you can collect those coffee beans out of their poop and then make coffee out of that. There's something dealing with beavers poop. That is something. Look at beaver Beaver poop. Yeah, and something is made out of that. Um, forget what? Uh, I'm trying to think of like, weird, and I'm just thinking about weird and the ambergris is that, uh yeah. Hey, Dey. Oh, either buts. Emit guru used for vanilla flavoring. That's it. They secrete a goo called Kastoria. And I guess that's used in vanilla flavoring in that fun. Oh, good. I love vanilla. That doesn't sound speaking to me. That was that stuff that's used for, like, varnish. This It's like all smashed up bugs or something. What? We're largish. What's that stuff? What's that? Shit? No, it wasn't. It wasn't varnish. It was like they made old records out of it. Vinyl? No, I was, like, before It was Ah, the one before that Edison cylinder shellac. Oh, so is that from, like, bug shit or smashed up? Shit. There's something weird animal product. Ah, our lack is a resin secreted by the female lack bug. That's not fake. Uh, she lack that. Can't be really can't be Riel. Uh, it's secreted by the female lack bug on trees in the force of India and Thailand, who it is processed and sold as dry flakes and dissolving alcohol to make liquid shellac. I learned I didn't. I learned that's crazy. That the weird ways animal for extra used that we don't realize everywhere. Yeah, well, someone also wrote beaver anise glands makes raspberry flavoring. Also, they got vanilla and raspberry, man. Oh, man. You know, just a swath. Do beavers really like eating ass, then? I mean, maybe they just like the taste fig Newtons inside those air. Just like eggs. There's not poop It's like made out of Fig Newtons like the stuff inside figs. Figs? Yes, that's what I mean. Like the fruit, the other wasps. That's it. Oh, yeah, there's like the others. We lost wasp in figs and everything that I know what it's bugs. Why did you get in the face? You will not know that. That's like how figs get germinated like a wasp goes into them and gets trapped. And then, like the fruit forms around it and everything and everything every big is it dissolved, washed in it. I didn't eat big news for a while. Like after a turkey and every oven a wasp in every big. Yep, that's what people are saying. That even perfume. Yeah, I am. Ambergris is way a whale vomit. It's crazy. I learned that from Futurama. That's Oh, yes, yes. I'm just letting the humans that pretty useless, producing anything really are we that we got nothing produced more of ourselves. We learned how Thio take. We're like the male bees of the world ritually humanity is the male bees of of the planet. You mentioned Edison cylinders earlier. Have you ever seen that video of that guy showing off that Edison cylinder owning a break, and he breaks it like it breaks right in his hands. No, but if you just could, you just screams. Fuck! Now I need Thio. Guess it's like a recording of Edison on Edison. Cylinder is showing off like looking at this old technology and it just like different bowls, just disintegrates into dust. Irreplaceable artifacts like an antique, an artifact gone just swept away because he was, like, nervous with the handling. I don't just explodes. Just handle it. I feel like something that old and fragile is like any handling of any kind. Why would you even, like, pick it up just like he was about to play it? I don't remember the context. Young come playing it with damages. Edison cylinder breaks so you're not allowed to eat figs? That's good. I don't know. I don't like figs. Typically, let's look. Are figs vegan fix or not? Vegan? Because they're full of dead wasps. Exactly what its direct into the point. Thank you. Like that should be in massive letters. Thank you to our friends with WASP counsel for ah making sure our dietary needs are met. I used just like stack figs for sale. I never do that. Washington that something's You said it was a big stack. Wait. Okay, hold on. I'm gonna see this. Video s so he must be about to play it because you've got like, Oh, my God, I'd be Yeah, he's probably squeezing it a little bit too Out. Jesus. All Fuck. Oh, no. Go on the guy next to my phone and the guy looks like, uh, Darrell Hammond playing Sean Connery. It's amazing. With the turtleneck and everything. The video so grainy and like shit equality. It's amazing how quickly that stuff changes. It's like, What was that? The sixties? No, that was only ah, early 2000. Early two thousands because of video, right? Or it was like it was probably standard, def. And not Yeah, HD everything. So she filmed on a Sony Ericsson phone, just like, looks terrible. You think we'll get to a point with that with, like, four k and ate cake? We're like, in 20 or 30 years ago. Can you believe We used to think that looked good prominently. I feel like we're kind of like that with games all the time. Yeah, but that's you know, that's ah rendered world as opposed to capturing the real world. We'll show, I mean, all the stuff on film still looks good because it's so, Lloyd. I mean, they could just read. They can just re scan and re master that you took my life. Okay, for a while, like digital media, Like something that I shot in four K on my iPhone. Look, if I shot something right now, like the Post Show we did last week, which he should watch, is that is that gonna hold up? Will people be able to watch that post show in 20 years and be like, Oh, it still looks good? No, I mean phones still don't look great. They were with full of motion blown low lights. No good. I think it's still crap e compressed into a real camera. True. Do you think, like, you know, in 20 years when it's like you get the new 18 k you know Sony TV? Is that like, well, that your use asking that will be a thing like the 18 ke TV? It's just think What is it and where does it end? I think resolution. It just wouldn't be a selling point at that point. You think a K and maybe like 10 k will be like Okay, well, nobody cares about. I can see the person. It's like no one talks about the mega pixels on a camera. No, it was about the resolution of, like, the grain of film. Just, like doesn't study five. Now. It doesn't really have resolution, but hasn't like a great amount. Yeah, they do talk about that well, but it's not the selling point of the movie. Is it true? Yeah, right onto the camera operator, like the unemployed and you like, Know what film stopped to put in and stuff, But I just feel like they'll just be a new Oh, well, there's, like, stupid dumb selling points. So they just reinvent because it was, like, 100 20 hertz for awhile. Like tweet. Like all those between frames stuff. And then it became resolution again cause HD came out. No, to switch to something else, you'll find some new gimmick to try to sell you on. Yeah, some buzz. What stuff? I'm glad that we got away from those fucking ugly ass curved TVs waiting like that. I hated. What is the eye? My uncle has one I don't like. What is the selling point of? It's just like it's curved e. I don't know. I never got it. I never understood hated those things. Maybe they'll cover the other way. Next time. It's a decreased angle of Ewing. You have to walk around. But you know what? Instead of like horizontally and be like, yo picturing like like the other way the other way. I think he's asking, like, What's the point of it being curved? Yeah, there's there's think there ever was. Remember when HD ready was the thing that you were buying something on its ability to take HD signal? But it wasn't even a feisty right. It was, like 13 something by 7 20 Jeff, I think about a TV like that Once, years ago, he bought a TV that was an E D TV extended definition televisions, 80 TV specifications. Ah, all I remember is that he thought it was HD. But it turns out it wasn't, uh, Edie TV. Okay, ut t be four months are progressive scan for u P. So just a 40 p. TV. Oh, my God. Oh, yeah. It was interesting. Uh, yeah, he was. He was ripped off. Yeah, I think the early days of HD TVs and it was like, Oh, look, this one's much cheaper. Those other ones, for some reason. Yeah, it's and the definition is extended. I think I was good. I think it's because it was 40 p, but it was 16 by nine instead of fourth. Or he was like, nothing ever looked right on it. Widescreen way before HD, though, in that. Yeah, but not for, like, broadcast or television. Yeah, I guess you could buy like whites with the call it wide screen versions of movies on DVD. Just remember that white screen And then just like standard pan and scan. Yeah. Weird. Yeah. God called it standard. Yeah, they want to make it seem like Oh, no, that's normal. Yeah, it's normal for your movie. All of a sudden isn't in the scene. Just go, uh, and find the other person in the shot. Didn't find Maybe as TV becomes more cinematic than maybe tv's will get wider. Oh, God. My anamorphic style TVs were at 69. I get, like a 2.35 by one television. Yeah. Why don't I guess? Because then you'd have pillar box 16 by nine, which is the majority of shit. I mean, would you rather have pillar box to TV or Ah, letterbox film? Yeah, things they're just They're just gonna keep getting bigger and bigger until the point to the end where we're just gonna become immersed into these movies will just be inside of this Giant TV screens will physically be bigger. I mean, that's just goggles. Yeah, We're just gonna be immersed into the movie at some point and just be a part of it in some form or fashion. And that's how you watch movies. Here's like, I'm gonna be woman number two. Just always there. Really nervous to go to the theater. I don't memorize my lines when you buy them and be like, which character you wanna be extralegal killing the 1st 3 minutes. Wait. Guess which will make you think it would be smart for the theater because then you want to go back and re watch it. Honestly, Yes. One of you want to be a better character? Absolutely. You went to the last point. What? Well, for movies like Hot hot Go, Henry Instant. It's like getting a seat in the front row of the theater like you wait till the last minute. That's where you sit. You were the last minute. You're gonna be an extra. You're going to be the o Have a shitty roll way. Just invented something. Yeah. This episode to receive podcast is also brought to you By MARK ARI The holidays are a time for giving. That means the time for spending two lots of spending. So here's a thought. 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So clear out your closets, Philip. The piggy bank on macari That's M E R c A R I. Macari the selling app thanks to our car for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast, Uh, I think a lot of service is like, I think HBO is getting better about it. I think for a long time, HBO would show movies will show all movies in 16 by nine, like they would cut off any 2.35 by one movie. That crop it right, they would crop it in, but now they're finally started. Get better, and some stuff is the appropriate aspect ratio where its letter boxed. I feel like I talked about this when I saw the Joker, but that was 16 by nine. For some reason, I'm not sure if it was shot like that, but whether they just projected it that way, Like when I watched like TV. I watch it in the Warner Brothers happen. It was 16 by nine. I watched the same team here. What was it you? No. 66. So I guess I didn't I didn't notice because it's a great way to watch. Where did you watch it? The theater? Yeah. I ain't seen it when you do last night. Yeah, that's no, You're aspect ratio. Texas make a great thing. This has been aspect ratio by the first podcast. Everyone's favorite topic. Technical specifications in detail. Filmmaking. Yeah, well, I actually I wanted to bring this story because they watched it. Ah, over the weekend. But did you guys hear about this? They're calling him a demonic child. That was on an eight hour flight from Germany to New Jersey. Of course, it would be Germany. Yeah, well, to New Jersey. Yeah, Theo. Worst places I did not hear about this. There was There's child. I guess he was, like, six or seven. From the moment that they got to their seats to them de boarding the plane. He was screaming, And I'm not just talking about just like, you know, crying. He was making, like grunts and weird noises like her and and he was climbing on top of his seat. The only time that he was quiet was when he was allowed to run through the aisles and crawl into other people's seats, like peering through the both of the seats and stuff. Looking at people laughing in their face is this One guy recorded a lot of footage. He then edit it down to about four minutes, and it goes like our one hour to hour three and you can hear the screaming. And he was just like they sound demonic. It was in Queens, right? So, like a mental, I don't know, there are a lot of comments on it in regard to like, if he has a condition, you know, maybe you should have thought about bringing him on the plane. Or is he just A lot of people are blaming the mother because she couldn't control him and let him run around the plane. Um, but it was, he reminded me of the kid Damian from the home in Ah. He even looked like him. Have the crazy haircut and everything. Horn. Yeah. Perfect. Yes. Um, but that was like, That's my worst nightmare. And I'm sure you watched, like, the four minute cut, like, Terrible. I watched the entire thing, but it's like people had to sit through eight hours of Yes. Yes, it was awful on headphones. I should send you the video. The one that would know. Oh, yeah, The screaming was awful. If you were in his vicinity. Where's that Nike Will? Can we get way? Jack Daniels, Brandon Knight Quill. The child is very sick. Very pleased. I legitimately thought while watching it that was like There's a demon inside this kid, though. You religious? No, But I was raised Catholic. So yes, it's somewhere deep in my theme. No, for I think it is that I won't watch that movie hereditary. For that reason, I don't know if you guys don't know. It's just that I was I don't know. There's I was raised Catholic. I'm not religious, but for some reason, like when someone's talking about demons, I'm like, Yep, I believe that ship I just I just dio believe it's there and real, and it's awful. You help just make a show about spirits and ghosts and shit, you know yet? Yes, I did. That night. That shit went down with Germany. That was awful for me. Remember what you did that? Yeah. No, I don't know if we've ever talked about it. Like on a podcast. I think Jeff had talked about it on off topic, but I don't know if you guys have heard the story, but we were out and, um, Louisiana Gavin was on this Jew where Jeremy got scratched. And, um, we had to shut down production for about 30 minutes because it was weird. And then the medic also got scratched Leader, too. Um, yes, hers. Hers was a little weird, but Jeremy's was very confusing, honestly. And so it was lunchtime, and I decided tow walk out to where the incident happened. And I was I was talking thio whatever. And I was like, Look, I have nothing to do with these people. I don't I'm just I'm just You're here. I just work here. I don't condone what these like ma fuckers doing. Please don't hurt me like I don't want any of this bad juju. Then I walked back selling all your friends out. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, way because we're having I mean, lunch in a night shoot is like, Yeah, it was in the video shot in the middle of the night. Someone came in is like, Yeah, Jessica's out there like apologise. Told he's cutting a deal with the demon. Like, what is going on on this? A. It's so bolic way. Want ghosts to show them I can get rid of the ghost? Yeah, Michael got so mad at me, he started yelling at me. He was like, This is what we need. I'm like, Wait a minute. Are we having an argument right now about your you yelling at me because you need the ghost to come out? But you don't believe in the ghost in the first place. I like as, uh was because a bunch of the crew are freaking out. About what? I'm not going back out there, and it's like sending people out there, you know, if they feel it's safe and and and yet Daniel, the director was like, You serious? You serious right now? you crazy? Because that's exactly what we need, right? Yeah. No, we can't film here anymore. Guys. There might be everybody was like he was having none of it. I feel like everyone in the cost was like, roll the cameras. Get out there now. What we do in the siren lunch, Hiding from goats. Let's go. People get scratched. People getting scratched to the stage. Army doesn't understand what happened. And he like, I gave everybody a ride back to the hotel. It, like for you in the morning and groupies in the back seat going over all possible, uh, other things that could have happened. That giving him that scratch because he could not believe that it might have been something else. Supernatural? Yeah. We don't know what it was. Maybe I don't know. You know? I mean, while you were out there like offering Jeremy. Yes, absolutely. Like, I will give you him. And if you sacrifice sacrifice, these people don't sacrifice me. So it was a fun shoot. Fun time. That's great. Yeah. No was great. The human was great people. Crazy people are nuts. We had a very Louisiana crew on that said yes. I know, I think I'm just gonna walk out into the darkness and wait for the crew to become saying again so we can keep working. No, we Yeah, we hired a, um this wasn't a very not well populated area of Louisiana, so we we hired a very interesting crew. Uh, how many alligator tooth hearings? You're president. You're on, You're on the right path, Andrew. Yeah, Um, it's always interesting hiring crew that you don't necessarily know or you've never met her work with. Any of these people were I think we've talked about it before, but one time we were filming, I believe, was an immersion. It's one that we filmed in Australia. E think was the emergency where there was someone on the crew who insisted that they didn't have to eat, that they got all of the nutrition from looking at the sun and that it's not crazy because there was only there was a 30 minute window at dawn and a 30 minute window at dusk. Those are the only times they could look at the sun and get their nutrition. But other than that, they didn't need anything. They would just stare at the sun for a very long time. I think that we need five minutes born on Krypton. It was like Okay. Yeah. Oh, Um, anyway, uh, calling me over, e Gotta go. I would have just watched that person. Old a way. They were passed out or fallen. Just solar powered about the granola bars of this. So, like, I don't know, cloudy day couple of cloudy days. How you doing that? Is that when they would eat a sandwich? E no, I don't think anybody was interested in digging anymore to find out. Which imagined was that? I think that was the space invader one. I could be wrong, but I don't think I even knew about that. I could be wrong. What do we film down there? We did the upside down one. I was not on set for that one. So it could have been that I was the only two. I think maybe was a different thing. We filmed there. I thought it was an immersion, but a couple things I was working with, uh, on a film a long time ago where Christian Bale was a part of this film and I was a p a at the time, and any time I would ask him for breakfast or lunch. Like, what do you want to eat? He would always just drink orange juice. He didn't want any food. It was just orange juice all day and all night. And I just wondered how he this was also during a break from Batman. So he was all like, he looked like that man super buff was like, How's he? What is he doing just on orange juice? I don't know what it's tips and tricks were, but my guess is orange juice you see on that, like, psycho Steve jobs, pancreas diet. I don't know. I know that he does really crazy, severe things for roles. And with his body and machinists himself. He looks unreal in the Machinist, I I mean, I think that was just coffee, cigarettes and celery. I think that was an app. Was it an apple? Okay, I know it was one of those very small, very nice. He was. He was very quiet. Um, but yeah, he was very respectful and kind. My family is quite nice. I felt that his like outburst on terminate. It was, like, quite out of character. We talked about that before. It's like you're ready to film, and then something gets fucked up. Like we were ready to kill him over here. And it's like something fucked up. All right? Yeah, whatever. We're not like Channel. Did you see your caliber performance? Joaquin Phoenix was on the Late Show. I forget. With who? I don't know if it was Jimmy Fallon or it was No one can ever remember. I can't. There's so many lately Late Joe. Jimmy, was it? Yeah. Um, where the director, I guess, had given him some footage of walking, trying to get into character as the Joker. And so they're about to start seeing. But the DP and the director were whispering to each other, and he got very upset with them because I didn't get it. Yeah, because he, like, got so uncomfortable and was like, I'm so sorry. I guess I have to apologize for this. That is God. Because that would've been awful to just, like, put him on blast like that. I think I saw, remember? I think I saw a tweet last year that some time ago someone said you ever noticed when you know someone says that they're you know, they're a method actor. They're like to pray for a role. They only ever say that when they're assholes, no one's ever like preparing for, like, a really optimistic, upbeat role being a method actor by being super nice to everyone. Like you never hear that, you know, you're right. Exactly like Oh, no, they're They're only an asset because they're prepared for a roll right now. It's not like you never get the right. Yes. Yeah. In order to play this grandma, she baked dozens of cookie cast. Yeah, it's like you don't get that story, but now it's to hold that studio wholesome. Yeah, you get the early at the negative side now, Um, I I read a fucked up story a few days ago. There. There's there's this thing going on right now in Las Vegas that nobody could explain where there are. People are finding pigeons all over the city wearing cowboy hats. Yes, I was going to guess something bird related, but I wasn't a cavalier. Don't know who's putting cowboy hats on the pigeons, but they're trying to play. Oh, my goodness. Look at him. Look at him they glued on. I don't I don't know. The article wasn't entirely clear on how they were attached, but I would assume glue, which is cruel. That's so cruel about it. Yeah, that's funny. Who is funny? I want to see that photo again. Oh, you got another one. That's enough. Oh, hell, yeah. It looks like a real Jen's not. Oh, man. Next next next step spurs get little spurs on. Nobody should be gluing hats on a course not. It's off when you declined at the same time. Catch a pigeon. Good question. Thinks city pitch, right. They probably come up to you for breadcrumbs while it's eating. You just put a little a little hat on it. Yeah, just like becoming known in the pitching community. You know about the guy gonna go Seo pigeons want this, and they Yeah, they come to him. I mean, I don't know who just like my pigeon micro transactions. They're paying to get hats. So they stand out. Yeah, I love that. They're all different colors to notice that one was red when was waits. And, you know, it's one of the things like, Oh, that's cute. And I'm sure there's, you know, people. It's like, Oh, we found scientists have found that these hats completely mess up the equilibrium in the like pigeons. Flight ability there. Like for them to eat, too. Because, like the word see a big red hat coming. Absolutely. World flight thing in the schoolyard understanding of what birds eat all these words, I completely and with you on that thought, battered like, yes, Bird's the word. Just one look at him. I love that photo. That it's sound great. Classy photo frame that this town ain't big enough for both. Yeah, that's fantastic. Well, speaking of, did you see the we talked about this earlier, Gus, the Penis fish. Oh, yeah. I, uh, thought it was a joke at first, but, um, it does not. I saw Do we have any pictures of, like, a bunch of them got washed up? Yeah, I thought it was I thought they were really like dildos. Yes, that's what they look. Everything the fun, appetizing he'll ever have been in the ocean knows Maybe got eroded. So is it like a sea cucumber e? I don't understand What makes something a fish like? Where's the fish? features of that. I want to know the same thing is you right now. Uh, it's ah, known as the fat innkeeper Warm or the Chinese Penis fish. I'm not me making that up. It's a species of marine spoon. Worm says one. I guess no knob fish was the mouth. There's so many of those air All looks like something out of a horror movie really does. Early. Truly incredible. Also known as bird payday. Look at that look. Just like Oh my God, Let's saunter around over edible. I was just about to ask you how much you'd, how much I could pay you for youto Why would you even outlandish sushi Deep throat. Oh, my God. Hey, guys, you know what? Your bottom of that 45 year old soup You guessed it Penis thinking even l a flea. In Korea, they are eaten as food, often raw with salt and sesame. Or go to John. So just assaulted Cock someone, uh, in Chinese cuisine. The warmest stir fried with vegetables or dried and powdered and could be used as a new mommy enhancer. 01 of the top looks like it's become a vagina. Oh, my God way now return you to this broadcast of squirm. How much for us to import on feed? You're not fish. Well, I mean, if they eat is food, somebody's gotta like it, right? It's gonna take somebody's eating it with chopsticks. They got, like, a little side set up there with that Someone's into that. Absolutely. It's just just messing it up in our minds is we just think Penis when we see it. I wouldn't I would totally get that. I eat. Ah, plate of riding tentacles. When I was in Korea, I wouldn't eat that it was alive. No, I think it's one of the things where they like squirt lemon juice on it. And they're, like, all just kind of clingy, little bit in keeping with my If I'm in a foreign country and I see something weird, I'll eat it. Well, they had, like, I saw a video of a lady who is trying to eat alive squid or live octopus octopus. Yeah, just like I cannot think of, like of all of living animals that you would try to eat while it's still alive. Octopus. Goddamn bottom of list. They are so strong they are made of suckers. They're one of the scariest animals to me. They terrify me. And I have dreams sometimes about but he wouldn't eat like life. Be awful of edible sized anarchists. Like something that's like, you know, like the Penis fish that size, um, that you could eat while it was still alive. Like octopus got mean. Just rock bottom. Now, when you saw Yeah, All right. Yeah, dude, that's it. That's awful. I don't like that at all. I mean, I feel like it's cruel. It's not really because, I mean, animals get you in live all the time over the animal kingdom. But we have, like, the technology Thio properly dispatch and prepare food. Why you hear that way? I mean, also, octopus is supposed to be like, super intelligent, right? Oh, yeah. Like aliens like the I believe also, if, like if there's one in the zoo or one with in captivity, that if they're going to perform surgery on them, they missed it a nest, it ties them, right. Like you, they can't just cut open an octopus they have toe. Yeah, it's it's under because they know that they can feel taking paying right, octopus. Anesthesiologists who feels like 10 years of medical school put an octopus to sleep. This is, uh, not killing it. Yeah, put it under putting it under a bunch of shit under what? Like a lion that would put under Do you think it's the same anesthesiologist that does a lion and an octopus? Well, I'm saying, like, they tranq ing ton of stuff before kind of open. Rabbi. Think people normally don't think of like underwater, right? So if they didn't surgery on, like, a shocker waiting cold and warm blooded. Well, then again, like a whale, I mean, you know, like a chameleon to sleep. If you're operating on it when you that's cold, you have to find it first. Andrew, that was good. That was good. You know, you got me thinking now it's not that weird. You can put a fish under you just like push it in the in the war, don't you? Not literal fit? No, you just pull something in it. Just ether it, like will kill a fish too is like a way of, like, humanely killing a goldfish. Or if it's got like, the lumpy. You just you put this stuff in and leave it in there. But I know what this stuff is. I can't tell the story. But you know this You kill a fish with if time or like, an eight year old won't do the job quick enough. You need this chemical. It's like how people fix let people have aquariums, like, fix the fan or something, or make courtesy of fish lab dot com an article entitled Quickly and humanely Kill your beloved pet fish. Uh, what is it? Helps against you. Says four steps euthanize your Oh, you have went off to euthanize your fish. How do you get me to kill a fish wallah method 10 the clove oil bath. That's it. Clove oil. Yeah, it does him in, but I think it also put some under step one. Catch your fish. Step to a mix of clove oil. Step three at the clove oil mixture. Step for at a stronger dose. Oh, yeah. I put them to sleep, and then you had more. I know what you're saying. I don't know why it kills him because it's they can't breathe it. Maybe I just suffocates him. Mmm. But a certain amount will put them to sleep, right? I mean, a certain amount of anesthetic will kill you If you choke yourself out for a bit. You fall asleep. You took yourself out too much to die, Gus. I I have no follow up questions do that. That statements? Yeah. I also read the other day, Gus, this one's for you that plants know when they're being ah, chopped down. And they also know when they're being eaten when they make noises to what? Yeah, but don't have a Plants are dead by the time you get him at the door. Exactly. Yes, I know this, but apparently it's a fact I read on the internet so you don't have a nervous system. So if you go to like a broccoli farm and there's like a broccoli in the ground and I start eating it, it's gonna make a noise. We can't hear it. Look it up, guys. That's why I'm transition my diet to complete Sun lights go out 30 minutes and we go Morning circle. Who? Vegetable. Green. I would have implants. Oh, or know when they're being eaten. Although not audible to the human ear, the secret voices of plants have revealed that cucumber scream when they're sick and flowers wine when their leaves are cut. There's also evidence that plants can hear themselves being eaten. Actually, that's just like chemical reactions to being seven. Can you imagine being next to a cucumber that screams like We know you're just sick? Stop. You came to work and someone was sick And the response was just to scream, Go home. Yeah, fine. Do you think a pickle sounds different to a cucumber? It's like a different dialect. It's like Britain. America. Yeah, yeah, I was gonna say It's like helium like pickles. So I don't I don't really believe that. They say it's screaming, so it's just like some frequency that's completely irrelevant. Pain or suffering? Does a cucumber screams sound like? What is this for? Real obstacle stick Laffy taffy joke format. We're like developing here. I don't think any of these aerial the's all seem fake. Cucumber scream when their slides. Um, yeah, I don't think we can Here. Maybe it's just the sound of the knife pulverizing the skin. Could be I don't believe you, Jessica. I mean, I read it on the Internet, so it's true, so I just I also independently read it on the Internet. What do you think? I don't know, But there are things, obviously that we don't hear their mean. There are things beyond our senses. Maybe a fig screams, but it's just the luck of the wall do off screen. Maybe Like, as they charge into battle to sting you. Good riddance. Fuck. Um, do they have any good purpose Figs? They just me. I mean, that seems to be the one. I mean think, sir, not that great. Let's be honest. Uh, if it, uh, yeah, they're not. You know what they get for a Newton? That's it. What fruit would you be okay with Wasps for car Biggs? No, that's about right. Like I want. I want a fruit. I don't care about to have wasps in it. Were wasps in are just like I don't know if I want to eat this now. But what if oranges wouldn't exist without the wasp? That wouldn't be eating. Probably kind of gross. It's okay. I get it. You're saying so like what fruit would I accept? What for? Do I like so much that I would accept a loss being in its continue On that, uh, I got a deal of a damn good clementine's. Ah, honey, Crisp apple. Yeah, because you know what you mean You have to eat the walls. Bread. I mean, can you find the wasp in the figures that just I think it's dissolved. Just thing. What's the problem exactly? That's why. Still suckers for Jessica. You feel like that? Is there a time lapse of that happening? Would be awesome. Little probe camera shoved up a fig watching you eat the wasp? Um, no fig pollination of fig wasps. Lifecycle, maybe. How did these wasps not smarten up? Yeah, I think it's dumb. Iwas cycle of life Think is a break. These damn wasps. I mean, that's That's a lot of the The Animal Kingdom is alive. The world, right? Yeah. Evolution causes silver adapting. Really. Figs will go extinct before other fruit, but wasps will evolve to not be eaten by, but they must have some evolutionary advantage by doing this like the wasps. The one I want something right? They're taking a delicious fig tomb. Yeah, well, eventually, somewhere in Austin, I'll pick up a thinking you'd maybe like to try this in a while. Maybe I like him now. Take a bite. Me like no. Put it away. Flowed. Jessica and I should have never let you know. I think that's kind of gross. The whole wall independent off. Yeah. The WASP discussion has never been like a fig pussy. I don't wanna be a fig. And if you don't act them, but won't you come on? I'll help people by him. But a big Munger, they sucker fake fix, Decker. That's your thing. Thank you. When I was a zoo walking trot along with your box of pigs. Thank Sekar. Now we steal an apple thing is a Mentos commercial, but with a big stack of figs It's a song I can actually sing on the podcast cause it's my own from you A little drop us. We'll get a coffee. Right Strike from Jessica Personally created on the podcast property. The podcast? No, I definitely thought about that before. So dunk. But so I I'm always fascinated by scams. Like the different angles that people make to try to like, trick Other people are get money for people. I get phone calls all the time like oh, you owe money to the I. R. S. You need to pay us with iTunes gift cards now. No. Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course, But, uh, Bitcoin Bitcoin I read it. I read a story in the Austin separated about a guy who got scammed because he suppose he got a call from the City of Austin Energy Program or the utility company. They said that he was his business energy bill was overdue, and he had to pay them over the phone via Bitcoin. And he went and sent them, like, $3000 in Bitcoin. Ah, you into a Bitcoin a t m? Yeah. Those are thing, apparently. E thing you like to feed money into a machine and it goes away. You can never get it back untraceable. But, ah, I read this story about this this Russian man who was scamming people. He was telling him that he could smuggle him into Finland, and he would charge them $11,000 to illegally cross from Russia and the Finland. But what he did was he wasn't actually doing that. He built a fake Finnish border 15 miles away inside of Russia. Still, it would take these people to be like, All right, See, there, that's the border crossing in your in Finland who would cross it? And you just peace out with their money. And they're still 50 miles away from the border and they think they're in Finland. Wait a minute. There's no tulips here. This is bullshit. It's like the embassy scams. Yeah, that's like that building stuff for the scams. Yeah, You've got, like, fake signs and this whole production just to scam people. I saw a store Scammon Twitter, the other day. What one person messaged someone else saying, Oh, I need to pay you back for this. Ah, these tickets or whatever. It's ah, like semi your paper email. I guess there's a people like searching Twitter for PayPal, and someone just made an account that looked identical to the person he was talking to. Same avatar like pre similar user name. I just was like, Oh, here, this is my mouth. And he paid that scammers email, and then that person just deleted the account. But it's like that is such an inventive way, just like snipe transaction, because public. So yeah, it really quickly It would be like if you and I were talking and I owed you money, and I turned around for a second and I turn back and there was someone willing to Gavin mask with their hand out. Yeah, Yeah, his pocket was just in front of mine. Yeah, I thought, I feel like with all the scams, that scum bags, but it's like the engineering of it is fascinating. Like bloody clever. Whoever came up with that again? So much work, not toe work. It's like, Yeah, it's like it takes some level of creativity and, like, you know, ingenuity to just, like, get out of doing a 9 to 5 is like, You know, I'm gonna scam. But it has to be like like this Russian guy who built a fake Finnish border. He's just out there like like the Billick Mandarin. Really? Like, yeah, infrastructure. He created roads like building a really successful city. That runs perfectly. Yeah, it's just like, uh, I'm just imagining like a really shit version of Finland would like the end backwards on the side of this thing. Like it's a kid's lemonade stand. Yeah. What can end be backwards? Yeah. Yeah, it goes down like some of the other way. Yeah, think Cyrillic script. It is the other way, isn't it? Uh, I don't think so. I could be wrong. I have been known to be wrong occasionally on the podcast. After 11 years of Ah, podcasting. The chances are you 20 bucks. But they're lying. Ah, fun fact. Finland sends Canada tulips every year for liberating them during World War Two. So you go and you realize, Ah, Canada liberated Finland again. I read it on the Internet, so it has to be true. True. Okay, that's the Netherlands. Not cats having an argument. Yeah, the chest on such a delight it was not involved at all. No, it's agrees that grim bia's entrance music. Holy shit. This combination of chat and feeding it back to hundreds of thousands of people is a bad company. Well, this is, uh, these idiots get elected. So if I want to get into bees, do you recommend it? Is it good? I highly recommend it. You could. So we captured a natural swarm. Uh, you can buy bees from, like, bee farms and stuff, and it's like I think, like a few $100 to get like a queen and then, like a hive. And you could like bringing into the ship to bees to you? Or do you just like Teletubbies fly out that way? Yeah. They give him, like, an Amazon slipped, and they just shovel the bees and Cuba. I do that thing, you know, like, go back in the car. Too little to go, the two pat. Meaning. All right, get out of here. Go. Doesn't ever have to have a look. A living passenger. You can just shove your shit in an uber and tell it toe. I think you if you call the over, you have to get in it like you can't call a new were for someone else. That's not true. What if I just write with cold my name? But I say Jessica's stuff and your profile picture is just like a bad guy stuff. Then again, I'm not working 9 to 5. I'm not working on the scams. I know you have to be over 18 to use uber, but if you don't have an age like if you don't have an age, well, I can't leave. Blow The famously ageless leaf blowers we all know and love famously ageless. Okay, everything has an age, but you don't. I d you know? Yeah. Carbon. Date a leaf? Uh, yes. Great. Yes. Yes. They will ship bees to you in, like, a creative you've got, like, the room for. I mean, yeah, you can. There's urban. And in fact, a lot of bees really thrive. Well, kind of in suburban areas and in city limits because, um, typically, people here do landscaping and, like, water their lawns and have, like, flowers, like year round. Um, as opposed to, like, you know, out in the country where, you know, they kind of dictated by nature. So, like, be urban, be urban beekeeping really is really thriving because of that. I have cats there. They probably die. The dog didn't take any interest in and the bees and they generally left each other alone. Do you put a little bee costume on the cat? We have one. Yeah, that's why. Yeah. Struggle. Was the beef Halloween with your set? Um, you talked about leaf blowers and I read this thing several months ago. That blew my mind. I cannot say if it's 100% true. No, they scream when you open up 2011 study found that the amount of non methane volatile organic compounds pollutants emitted by a leaf blower operative for 30 minutes is comparable to the amount emitted by a Ford F 1 50 pickup driving from Texas to Alaska. Oh, what's the minutes of a leaf blower? Correct. Apparently, gasoline powered leaf blowers are the most inefficient, horrible things ever made it like that. They just spew gasoline out. Everyone just blow. Lee. What? Right, it's Ah, Let's see. Uh, in addition of the adverse health effects of carbon oxide, actually, monoxide, hydrocarbons and particles generated by the exhaust gas of gasoline powered engines leaf blowers post promise really to dust raised by the proper flow of air. Um, it picks up harmful substances like pesticides, mold, fecal matter. I hate everything about leave. Plus the noise that smell. What? The point of them, Yeah, Yeah, it's just the worst invention ever. I I use on electric when this guy gets so many fucking leaves in my art. But so I picked him up like I use a leaf blower to put them all in a big pile, and then I pick up all the leaves and put him in what anyone leaves. Because it just it just because I have ah, fucking dog with a furry face. And I don't think the fucking leaves up. He comes in like a leaf monster, but he doesn't have a case just like air Crown. I gotta get rid of the leaves in my yard. You have an electric one? Yeah. How old is it? About a year. Oh, yeah, Not nearly old enough. Feel little baby. So I have an electric one. But I used it to blow up a giant balloon thing. I saw that the you're talking about the gas powered ones. Emission. Admit that much. Uh uh. Just like bad shit for the environment. Electric ones were fine, but you're just you're using air power part already. So wherever that's polluting, so they just like spewing gas out the front, I guess. Just I mean exhaust, right? And they're if they're gonna like inflammable like, should you not use them by a flame if they're getting rid of that much exhaust? I don't know. There's a lot of carpet. That's probably a lot of carbon oxygen, carbon dioxide there, which is not flammable. Yeah, you want to find out? Yeah. Turn eternally floor into a flamethrower. See if instead of using as a weapon, it's just like it harms the person holding it. It doesn't. It doesn't spew fire. It just causes an explosion. I'm centered on the person. I'm sure if you chucked a fine enough powder into a leaf blower, be a flamethrower flower or something. Yeah. Looking down? Yeah. Over a flame. I I think I smell a noose Limo. Guys, I'll try. Get inside. Stand by. These bees I found Ah. So I was curious. He said, you know, you could order bees. And I found a an article here about how to ship like bees. You learned how to shit like bees and how to do it safely as they make it two different ways. Learn how to ship live bees and how to do it safely. Can you freeze bees now? They die. We have a cause. A lot of stuff you can let chill on. It would just go to sleep. That is not the same. I don't think so. I think they I think I don't think you can chill. Chill. B is out, but you know, you know, if you see when be people be keeping their using a little like smokers are like smoking the bees that so what? That is an effect. Doing reason it chilled the bees out is because it is kicking in this like printer natural. Since they have that there's like a forest fire. And when that happens, their number one priority is to eat as much honey as they possibly can and just gorged themselves on honey two plus two like move to move the hive. And so when they eat that much, honey, they get riel. Slug is just like me. They riel tired and like laden, honey laden on dhe. That's what Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, so they gotta prepare to move the high, but then they get too lazy to actually move it. It just it, like, re warrants their brains. Lace. It's a combination of things like it reorganise their brain toe like eat a bunch of honey. But then it also like, distracts them to, like have a very specific purpose, which is like a gobble honey instead of sting. Whatever's. I always thought the smoke just had, like, a direct effect on their energy, but yeah, I never knew. They were just, like, scarfing down all the hive's honey. Yeah. Crazy. You got to use the smoking and get in there really fast. Otherwise, they're gonna eat all the honey. Well, I mean, you know, for a B, that's like microscopic amounts of honey. Um, but yeah, it's like the munchies for bees. Yeah, exactly. So cool. Yeah. I'm happy to answer as many be questions. Sissy. It's a bit cast tune in. Send us all your be really a question, and we'll do our best to answer them. Yeah, that when I was in Japan and I showed you that the giant I don't that was the same type of wasps they filmed going into a beehive and killing like 30,000 bees. Oh, God. Just like champ. Just, like rip their heads off. Just getting a piece. It's brilliant. The beast don't have any defense against it. Apart from just it's like swarming it and he overheating the wasp, which they couldn't really do in time. Did you measure? 30,000 Terminator is like in three hours or 30,000 bees were dead. And there's just like a stack of dead bees by one wasp by three wasps. Okay, Yeah, I think they were just taken us 10. 10 k. It's a gruesome video, but it's very fascinating. It's like in a video game when you go back to the starting area after you're all leveled up. I just really wanted to be There you go. You've got, like, all the endgame. Shit. Yeah. Just like stomping all over these. Just using your super every 10 seconds killing everybody in sight. Ah, the someone in chat says the title should be the hive. Castor, the be cast. Gus hates you. What? What do we see earlier? I haven't started. We started. We distribute, like has been way more b ish than soup fish. At this point, we should talk about super and be a little bit. Yeah, I do have another superstar, Gus. Um, I'd like there's a Mexican stewed call. Me knew, though, that I like a lot. It's pretty good, wasn't it? Uh, it's got, like harmony. Um, account Look, cow stomach lining. Ah, it's really good to be back. Mariel's talked about the soup too. She's also Mexican. Do not make me Oh, it was so tonight on fun fact. Mariel's also talked about that. She's also Mexican. We'll be right. Maybe we're related. We should find out who's the information for. She's been She's been fucking with me recently. Like last night. Um, wonderful. Andrew here had a housewarming party, and I asked and he invited some people, including Mariel. And I asked her Where were you gonna come to Andrews? And she's like, Oh, I have the lesbians over tonight. I was like, Oh, that's fun. She's like, because I'm a lesbian And I was like, Oh, okay, yeah. Uh, cool. And so I see her the morning. Like, how was your lesbian party last night? She said it was fine. It was great, you know? And I'm like, You don't You don't need to tell me that the like that. They're they're just people. Um, you know, if your friends that at your house and and I do know that your lesbian also she's like, OK, Hee, I don't know. I don't know what her deal, So now I'm just referring to has, like, the Mexican lesbian around the office. I'm gonna play Friday night with the straight white, so you know what else he could do on Friday. Uh, you can tune into our receive holidays. Livestream Flawless Seguin. This Friday is at three o'clock on Leon Rooster teeth Bring the straits bring the game. It all comes from the old married, you know, a Mexican. Tell me, Come on. On the street. Lights to be Oh, I'm just gonna have the marketing department going. Why did you plug it like that? You take this one little way, Told him all different races, all different sexual orientations. Whatever. Come on. The holiday life thing. Friday three. Unbelievable. We're done way.