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Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss Star Wars, Christmas, Mega64 and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-12-24 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 576. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Hey, everyone, welcome to the podcast. It's Christmas on Christmas Day. It's It's the 23rd during this live stream while I'm gone. By the time Gavin, I'm Chris, it's Christmas, so I guess it's when we're live. This is the 23rd and it comes out on YouTube on Christmas Day. We're pre taped. By the way, did I mention this dog is here? That dog is awesome. If see the dog, it's he loves crunchy food. I walked by earlier, eating Fritos and her head just like shot around. Look at me instantly as I was walking by. Crunch. That's the curious. One of the cues objects on the planet I've ever seen. It's gonna get scrappy dog run for its money, but just look at it. It's his head. Her. You know it. You now you don't pay attention to me. Of course that's over. Get some Fritos and then we'll talk. How many sweaters do you have for your dogs? Um, I don't know if top my head. Probably 45 Okay each. No, no. Total hold hates fighter you like. Don't you have, like, a little bed for your dog? Yes, I do. They have, like, a little bit. They can lounge on delivering that. That's not uncommon, but it looks like a bed bed. Kind of like you that do you make it? I bought it. I bought it on Etsy. Oh, and this is this is it? See that? Yeah. That's not to be confused. They're they're cousins. Ana does the hair and makeup for this podcast today. She blessed us with its C. Do you views on YouTube are lower on Christmas Day? Or do you think people want to get away from their families and watch a bit of poker? I could see it going either way. I'm gonna bet lower I would say low. I always find it. I just feel a bit guilty if I used my phone too much on Christmas. Yeah, if I was, like sneaking off to watch stuff. Sometimes you get away, though. Way have so many options for thumbnails with that dog there. What you eat, Eric? We got breakfast. Breakfast? You got some eggnog. There's no vegan eggnog. We got what was footprint? Vegan? Mexican hot chocolate. It's cold. They got some pancakes. They got some breakfast. Tacos. Eggs. I think you guys got some hammers. Well, it's a pancake day this morning. Pancake. Yeah, it's more in mourning. We sat down here right before it started, and Chris sat down. He looked at the eggnog in the bottle of rum. I didn't hear you put what you said. We're in mourning. Very good. I I could see you positing. I was like, I didn't acknowledge it. But I always know when the when they catch me make upon because the camera will stay on me. Yeah, let's see the red light. I didn't hear the pun, but I saw you on the screen making pun face. So I was like, OK, go back and see what that was. Way Have a replay. And Krista looked at the eggnog and he looked at the room. He said, It's morning. It's a little early. I was like, Oh, do it. Go ahead. He's like, Okay, like I didn't take any convincing at all. He opened it. It's Christmas. Yeah. Is it OK to drink in the morning on Christmas? I think so. It's okay to drink in the morning, period. That's why mimosas and Bloody Marys exists. Those air morning drinks, right? Like if you order my most at night, you're an asshole. Yes, I think it may be. Yeah, but the order, Like a screwdriver. You're not right. It's like it's carbonated. So it's okay in the morning. That was in that. But if you were in pain at night, you're not a weirdo. But what a champagne. Right. But if you order a mimosa, you're weird. But then if you order a screwdriver, you're fine. Like, where does where does Bloody Mary fit into that? Right. It's like that's on Lee. Morning. There is no a nighttime equivalent. I'll have a vodka tomato juice and get the fuck out of here. Good order and eggnog in the summer. No order, Chris. Where would you order an eggnog? You could just goto like an eggnog. E u a bar. I think I'll have an eggnog. Wait until you get the fuck out. What do you think you are? I guess it is Wait to order a bloody Mary late, right? It's like we're have any salary anymore. We don't have any of that stuff. They run out of all the fresh produce. I love blame Mary's, though that pretty good. It's like my one, my favorite drugs, that in Moscow. Mules probably up there. I know you like a chicken meal. We'll have a meal. I don't know, like I just kind of too many. Like I get, I feel like it. Yeah, you get like hungover before you get drunk if you have to. Money mules I feel like you get like a like a sugar hangover. Yeah, it's pretty for anything. I'll have a maximum of two mules. I think it's like a starter mule. You know, Starr mule here, sit down gambit fence And then the great copper mugs. Little spicy. What is in this spicy? I've got a I've got a sore throat. I'm like I've got a cold so it's got something that's irritating my throat, you know it's with for that red pepper. It's got red pepper in the chocolate, all Mexican hot chocolate. Ooh! Oh, I didn't see that was Mexican exactly really good here. That would go good with no way out of it, Chris You ought to try that. That's actually really delicious. This is not brought to you by whoever made that almond breathe Mexican hot chocolate counsel. You sound like shit. You sound sick. I feel like shit. Why'd you come in? Because we have to do this. You have gotten someone else to do it. He had glass in. It would be like, Hey, can you go in and do the most important job in the company? Someone's got to do it. You have left is the best joke you've ever made. I I almost got sick this year. Did you just get yourself out of it? I did, Because I always do that. Even though that is scientifically total nonsense. No, I bet there's something to that. But I actually I was just on the couch plan a bit of Pokemon, and I was like, throat hurts And then I sneeze, like, four times. I was like, I just got sick right here. The next day, I felt terrible. My throat was hurt in, had a cough the day after that. I was funny. Sure wasn't just allergies. Know anything, So I'm not really allergic to anything. I have been here. Eight years. You've almost been here eight years. I think I just started getting allergies this year. Oh, it happened. It's really bad right now. Get some. Well, yeah, That's because I never had allergies before moving here, and then I didn't For the first couple of years. And then this past year has just been I guess they decided to all, like, gather together and get on that float. I have my height developed. What I think is an allergy to fake cinnamon flavor. Go on. Don't have any of this. I like large fireball. How'd you discover that fireball had real cinnamon. Does it have a real cinnamon in real cinnamon? I think it's finally Fireball doesn't affect me if I have, like, one of those orange tic tacs. The ones she fakes it inflated. No, no, no. Those air or injure our the orange ones. Real cinnamon, red ones, red ones. It has cinnamon in it in a minute. In a minute of this, huh? That looks, she looks pretty good. Fireball has cinnamon flavoring. Anyway, whatever, there's tic tacs are they, like, burn through my tongue? Monsieur, I feel like I'm like a capsule of acid I was on. It hurts us my flight with Cara, one time care Emily who voices Weiss and the Stargate for street as well. And we're sitting next to each other, and we have been upgraded on that flight. So at the end, what they do is sometimes they give you mince at the end of the flight when you're late landing only for breast fat, right, which ours was. So we both open it up and put her mouth and it's a cinnamon mint. It's not like a mint mint, And I didn't know this, but Keira apparently hates cinnamon. Like to the point of like, she'll get sick. And all I saw the corner of my eye was and he was like freaking out. I'm like, Are you choking? What's going on? She oh, ee Oh, yeah. She, like, was having an issue with it. That whole rest of light. Yeah, it's a new thing for me. It's since I moved here. I'll have it if I have. If I will have the whole mint. Well, the whole thing my tongue will hurt for, like, three days. Really? Yeah. And I was like, that could have been from the cinnamon mint. And then I had it again. Like to see it was like two months later I was like, I have, like, a thing for that now I think that use happened me when I was a kid, but I liked it that would like each other and stuff out hurt. I want more word. Massacre Massacre Exit is not so. That's why you enjoy playing Chris and Chris and Clayton so much, huh, Chris? Just yummy Cinnamon. It's like it's spicy. It's like the same way, you know. I don't want to wear the shot color today. It's yummy pain. Is that what you said? Yummy Cinnamon like you, Me like Like the way spicy stuff is like kind of tasty. A little spot The word yummy After your passes are age so funny to me. People who call thanks Yummy. Some words like that. Like another one that bothers me. I think I've said before it's tummy. I hate that My tummy. I hate when people say to me, Yeah, that one seems like four year old. So does yummy. Dude, I hate to break it to you. It really Is it really that is a work called delicious. I'm not sure. From tasty. How do you feel about scrub me? I don't think anyone's ever said that. You're a liar. What's that? I saw a clip. So you guys just didn't have sort of ready set show where you're doing? British slang. Yeah. And it was a clip of Trevor looking you straight in the face and going with the Bosch dosh Dosh? Yeah, he tries Thio. Let once per episode of that he'll try and get right up and look for, like, micro expressions when he says stuff. Yeah, but I gave him nothing. Was that a real word? Dosh? Yeah, it's money also. Apparently, I can't come up with any fakes, Lange, Because somewhere Israel Yeah, I have to, like, do two English words and then just make up something. So just make up something, and then I'll realize that that's really somewhere. Damn it. I'm gonna invent a word someone in the comments will be like, No, that's really Yeah. Yeah, that's crazy. Happened with think shut. What does that mean? I'm just trying come up with a fake fake money. So it's like coming off chutney hasn't been shut, but that means chewing gum in some places. Shit. I heard Chubby for chewing gum. That makes some sense. Should Yeah. Oh, yeah. You know what? We'll come up with the word Now, come up with a word for money. Bluff. Think Star Wars thing. I feel like you just need to take, like, a syllable mix in like a vowel. And then, like another like letter. Bookend it with the, uh, Let's start with the Ah, you upset, baby. Yoda came out today. Oh, in preparation for the premiere, right. Are not the premiere of the movie. Is that what I heard? Something that they were gonna release? Like the last two episodes during Star Wars week? Okay, Yeah. One came out today, and I think the next one's next week. It's not Friday. I don't know. I think maybe Friday So I was really thrown off because I was, like, reading news sites this morning trying to find stuff to talk about the podcast I saw. Like our review of Mandalore in episode 76 Taste went today. Yeah. What does that usually come out Friday? Everyone knows it's bbo today. Okay. It's officially cute. It's the kind of rights. Your baby? Oh, yeah. Years old dogs like that. It's funny how they're now putting out merchandise for pre sale like official merchandise. And it's like available May 2020. Jeez, like I'm even gonna want it. Then the sounds very like consumerist it. What's the word like? Look, you're in the moment. You want it now, but you won't want it later. Like, why are you even bothering? Ordering it right to say like, Oh, I'll be over that show by then. Or like I won't care. And plus, you don't know like they're still two more episodes left, Baby Yoda might turn out to be evil. Still might be another Harvey Weinstein. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. Wait. I was thinking about him the other day. I saw fucking I guess he went to court, settled his ship. He was trying to brag about, like, all the good he's done for women. Oh, I saw that. Hey, it's like you are in your own like world. Yeah, Not aware. Even if you could quantify that, who has? Yeah, it doesn't outduel the old fool. The right? Yeah, just like, get it over with, be done with it. Don't tryto backpedal in any direction. Just get just get the fuck through it, man. Eric's just storming around back, okay? You put out fires. It's medicine. You just drink some rum. Yeah, and I had to take medicine for medicine. You ever taken medicine with liquor like No, I'm not feeling very well. What takes a Tylenol would chase it with a shot of vodka. Really bad for your liver. It's probably really bad for you. Yeah, but I can't have Maura until the show's over, because I don't I'm not gonna Come on set. So, uh, so I have to wait. No, you can't have more. And you can't have alcohol for an hour. So you're taking medicine now? Know I have a toothache. No, I haven't To think that I have to think That's why I took medicine. Are we talking to the soundboard? It makes baby. Yeah, baby, go. What? What are you doing on today? Christmas Day, if you're watching on youtube. Uh, you watching this on YouTube on Christmas Day? No. Okay. I might be reading the comments. We have peanut now. We asked people at the end of the show on YouTube to leave us a. Comment. Like to go through and see if people actually did. And sometimes I'll talk. I'll chat with him. They're also chat with him. I received dot com and normally for live. I would do that with our chat with first members, but we're not like we're going to talk to you about each other. Yeah, just us were staring into nothing. Uh, no. I'll be, uh, look at the comments and ah, you gonna watch the Queen's speech? Is the queen giving a speech on Christmas Day? She does it every Christmas. Does she? Yeah. That would be weird if an American watched it. But you could try it. See what she's chatting about this year. What time? What kind of things does she talk about? Hey, just, you know, stay in the country that Does she know good things? Yeah. She's Lolita there. See? She's doing a pretty good job. Yeah, well, now I had no idea. I think Is that a elected a radio address or don't you get out on the balcony and just yell. I think it used to be radio. Oh, there's video singers on on TV. So you see what it's on this year. What time? Maybe you two better. Oh my Internet's not working. That's cool. Queen Christmas Day speech. When is the cream of creams when it's the Queen's Christmas best? There we go. Does she say Happy Christmas? Yeah, just because that's I've only ever heard British people say Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas. He's been a traditional 1 1932 Happy Christmas, Ron. Happy Christmas, Harry. I don't see what that's weird. There was no I don't think it's weird. I think it's just a happy birthday. It's just unique to British. Set. Three PM on BBC one. ITV SKY Wonder. She's been doing it since the phase 32 will run for about 10 minutes, I found I found her speech of night from 1928 teeth. Oh, look at this production value. You cool out. It's like a big event. People gather round the telly. I know I've actually might. My family just was never interested, so we didn't watch it. But it's the thing. Every year, ways really old. Yeah, she old. She's looking a tree that is sizeable. E think he's got little bit of money. I could be wrong got the Crown estate. Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, right? E? I believe so. How rich is the royal family? I don't think you can quantify that, Can you Not. I feel like there are richer people to him, but But they're like rich families and people who hide their money. Yeah, like like Putin has to be richer than I would have been. Three. You must be. You think someone looked him in the face and called him Jeffrey? Probably when he was a child, his mother called him walk upto Bill Gates, calling him Billy or William. I see. That's his first name, right? Yeah, I think so. I think it actually billions. Bill. I'm a 1,000,000,000 billion gates. I was thinking when I made my first Billy, um, I mom could say I was walking something, and there was a character named how I started thinking, What is house short for? I had to look it up. How? Yes. You guess If you want Alba Hell, Bo, help us. Halibut know that's fish. It's probably something that doesn't start with H Uh, like maybe how's the middle Harold, huh? That's good. That would be my guess. Yeah, yeah. Dinner. You go with halibut, Chris. Yeah. Go to hell. But why the hell not? How, But not I had also guest Harold. It can be Harold Henry or Harry. Okay, But isn't Harry short for Harold? I guess so. But Henry Halcon be short for Henry. Hank can be short for Henry. Here is That's true. Henry is just the name was just, like, name your kid, Henry. If you want it to be anything like asterisk name, wild card. I guess it's not that way about my dad's name is Lawrence, and everyone calls him Larry. I guess that's typical, right? Yeah, I think so. Even though. Yeah. I was fine with your dad on Twitter the other night. Were you? Do you see that? No. What were you guys fighting about? Bickering. I was complaining. Loves me more. E was completely that kettle's take so long to boil the oh, that was a massive argument. Everyone was like, get an electric Kell talking about electric hell. Why would it be? Oh, do you think American gases slow that English talking about because it's imperialism? Metric. Maybe if there are vastly different altitudes that would be accurate, but yeah. Let the voltage is low here. Yeah, so it takes, like, three times a lot of oil account on induction kettle. You haven't like an induction cooktop. I bet that would be you. Still electricity either. I have a new induction cooktop, and if I try to boil water like there's a boil water button on it and just get it and it goes like you hear it, it makes the noise. It was like, Whoa, and then this is like your water boiling. So if you just recorded, it should be good for you. Slow mo sound. What was the argument about? Um, so it's quite comfortable. And he was like, Why do you need water ball so fast? What's the most a hurry? Why don't you get the cups and stuff out? But at the end, that was your doing wrong in Why do you need one so fast? That's how my family, to be honest, that wasn't come coming through on Twitter A. And then I was like, Well, Larry, I don't need it will, literally for that. And then I was like imaginative. Your TV just suddenly took four times as long to turn on. It's no big deal. Go get some cups. So let's do some stuff. But when you're used to the TV turning on almost immediately, people like, man, I remember when the TV used to turn on, Remember? Is that pretty much Maybe I'll feel my age a little bit here. As if I don't do that all the time. But I remember being a kid and, like TV, is taking a little while to warm up to Bortz. I'd like to turn it on, if you like. Okay. In about 30 seconds, it's gonna be a full power. Yeah, yeah. Come on. Old dim. Let the wrong shape is well being would grow way. We're still part of that. Okay? Yeah, Don't worry. I feel like changing the channel was instant, right? Yeah. It didn't have to, like, go a black thing going on. It would just be like, Well, I was having a having, like, the dumbest problem the other day with, I think was my ps four. No nose with my apple TV, Some stupid device. Where if I like, let's say on my apple TV, I selected a piece of content. I wanted to wash that was in the menu system of the Apple TV. Let's say I was in Disney. Plus, I'm gonna watch the man DeLorean And it wasn't justice. If it was any piece of content, I would go and I would hit okay on that content this green would go black and they would come back up with content. I'm gonna be like, Well, I don't wanna watch this anymore. So I'd like, escape out and scream To go black and come back up with the menu is like, Why is that not instant? Because it's switching to HDR, right? I know that. It's like it's like changing the format. It's going from light like signal through the cables. Why stop it Stop doing that. Just isn't the menu system by default in HD are already I think you can set it to bay, Can I? Because I went through the settings looking for this and I couldn't figure it out, and it was like it was it was only taking, like, two seconds, but I was getting so fucking mad because I think I was looking for something that is going through a bunch of content. Was like every time I have to look for something, it's costing me three seconds of my life on a fucking furious look at 10 things like there's 30 seconds. Technology makes people the way you're actually getting annoyed about such nothing issues. Before this, I would have had to go get discs and find the inject them and put them in like I was starting to on demand entertainment. There's like four K h d ID. I'm getting mad that it's taking a second. I don't know what it what happened there. There's a shift that happened in my mindset, where I just, like, stopped caring, like things take longer Now every now and then, or like if something's broken, I'm just like, Ah, whatever I'm getting that way because is it? You're young. You think you have a lot of time, Let me tell you, you don't Every second matters live like he's been trying to combine your eggnog and your your almond breeze. I think 10 minutes looking at it that way longer than the fucking issue would have caused. Do you ever turn on Netflix with the intention of finding something to watch and you just get like selection, fatigue. It's every time. I just don't want something I've never turned on Netflix without, like the intent of knowing one would watch. Really? You never just like, let's find something a watch. I just feel like I don't have enough time to watch the shows that I really want to see. Some, like I have time to look, I'm gonna go find it. I never just like, but I feel like it's like there's an obligation, right? I need to finish this, But I don't really have the energy to like think about it. I just want something on in the background like lazy content. You know? I just feel like that's you cheap for me. I'll just find someone, someone sure on YouTube. I found living alone like I lived alone for 10 years, and I would just like to have the TV on with something. It wasn't even like having music or a podcast on. It's something about like there being something visual and also audible in the room that made you feel like less lonely. You don't know. I guess I just see that I just do like podcast alone for that, Yeah, like term walk around the house was listening to your podcast this morning as I was getting ready. Yeah, it's a good, like morning podcast because it's, like the perfect amount of time for when you're actually getting yourself ready. Oh, good evening. Gets good morning for me. You have a You can. I've been watching all the Star Wars is to get ready for a new Star Wars, which I've already seen. Now, at this point Ah, those the original trilogy movies. No one was on set telling anyone how to pronounce anything. You know, I think about that all the time in con her hand. Han, uh, Princess Leah, Everyone British says Leah. Ah, tattoo in tattooing. It's all like there was No, I feel like every time everyone says anyone's name, he says it. I don't know. One corrected him who, because he's like Guinness, could also be like It's all different dialects in space. I feel like it's though. It changes sometimes even between characters. Yeah, like Leia will sometimes say han, and sometimes they hand. And, um, what is it that the, uh, everyone says to Luke? He says something force, but he says something the wrong way. And because Luke's in the scene with him, he repeated it back to him the wrong way. But then in the rest of the movie says it the other way. Come on. What is it is it is what he's like doing the Spar lightsaber. Wasn't that light, Sabir, Come to me, Chad. I, uh oh, he says everyone says yada at one point way. Yeah, I been rewatching them to the first time you mention is like koto dake burfeind, Yoda yada Maybe you oughta doesn't roll off the tongue is easily Yeah, and now it's all like I assume they've got people in control. That's what you have to press this right? But on on the set of the original especially original too. No one was there doing that. I was I've been Ah. When I get ready in the morning, I'll have the TV on here talking about, uh, I've been rewatching solo that way. And just this morning I saw the explosion that they said was inspired or that they used, like, slow mo guys. Yeah, for reference. There's so much about that movie I for gotten like what? Like the ah, the robot that flies the ship. That ah is Intel Lando and wants equal rights. Yeah, the fleabag, right. It was like, Oh, I totally forgot that this robot existed. And that robot becomes like the Millennium Falcon. Yeah, it really becomes the system computer, the ship impure. I feel like when you watch the original trilogy, you can see whether the prequels and like the other side's stories try and cram in bits to make the original trilogy make more sense. But I feel like solo does it the best. Like the fact that it used to be Lando Ship. Well, that stuff, I feel like when you watch Episode five, they talk about stuff, and Solar makes so much sense. But other movies kind of like shoehorn crap in. Well, yeah, it's almost pretty good. Salary is good. I don't know, honestly. Solo and Rogue one. I enjoyed so much better the second time watching. Yeah, and I think they really got. I think I liked Rogue one more, then solo. Maybe because I had higher expectations for the Han solo movie. Just cause it's like a more fun character versus Ro Guan. It's like I didn't have any character preconceptions. You know, I think the main characters in road one word a little flat. There they were comparison a world, I think. But I think the like. I don't know. Maybe it's just cause I didn't care as much about the story. So I was like, Oh, yeah, this is just more Ah, fun wrong And it was so low. But around port, everyone gets killed. Yeah, I mean, it's Road one is a really good action movie. It's like it's like saving Private Ryan. But in space looks like a Star Wars video game. Yeah, like if you were playing a video game like That's what That's the movie, I would want to place a video. What is your all time number? One favorite? Star Wars. Maybe Empire Strikes by, I think. Yeah, Empire. Probably. Yeah, Empire. Because I've just going. I've just finished the original trilogy Empire stands out for some reason, just like that's a really good standard. Luminous, like perfect. It's the middle story and she says, I don't really like stand alone. It kind of just ends. It does like it's not like you complete on its own. It's like it's an amazing piece of cinema. Technically, it's amazing. And I think the 1st 1 is like they had no intention of making more of them write daily. I think the 1st 1 on so much stuff, it's almost like a prototype or like an Alfa version. Yeah, Good. We're gonna make this and see if it works and it works like, Oh, shit. Let you can tell they clearly didn't have a plan for Veda to be looked at in the 1st 1 What you did up, said one. Come out 70 absolutely. 99. Okay, 99. Interesting. It's It's so funny because I watched the original three Star Wars movies when I was very young and out of every single movie I remember Episode one the most because I think it was like I was at an age where I could actually better process you know, these and story. And so Episode one. Just like I remember that one more than any other. A lot more. Where were you? I was 10. Do you think maybe it's also like you were kind of close in age toe? Anakin. It's like you can identify with the character on screen. I'm not Also, I'm not saying that I liked it the most is just the one I like remember the most vividly in terms of like what happened in it versus the other ones that I saw when I was, which is bizarre because that's the storyline of Episode one makes No, no said honestly, Episode one stands out the most for me to like. If you were to ask me if you would like Give me seems forever So it's two and three and Eli quick, which one did it happen if I don't? Yeah, no, no. People shit on the prequels a lot for because they're just not very good, But they shot him for just being all CG and stuff. There are so many practical effects in the original in the prequels, like they built so many models. The thing is, they just kind of like scanning and they made a lot of miniatures and then just put it behind actors on green screen, so it doesn't feel real. But ah, lot of the environments are totally riel all through the prequels, and I feel like most people don't see that we don't realize that they can't see it looking past Jar Jar? Yeah, there is left CG filth and that. Yeah, but, I mean, we probably wouldn't have Island probably would have developed all the stuff they use now if it wasn't for the pretense is true. And I mean, I figured other movies must look a lot better because of the prequel. And I think also the prequels are the reason that we have a lot of the digital projection that we have now. I think they were like the first moves that really pushed theaters to upgrade to, like a digital projection of traditional film, which I mean is better because it doesn't look like shit. Overtime, like that's the thing like you would if you used to go to the theater and watch traditional film. Like every time I got ran through the projector, it degraded a little bit. If you watch like an old movie like this looks terrible. It's just, like all scratched up and grainy with a fucking cigarette burns in the corner. So what They know or didn't for the new print they would eventually, but sometimes you get on old print was just, like so shitty and fucked up. I hate that nowadays you kids in your fancy digital projection and your ones in your zeros. What? We have to wait two seconds. Why didn't everyone can obi remember RTD? That's to see. That's one of those things. It's like Come on like And also like, I feel like George Lucas knew what he'd done in the original series. So it's like, Why write himself into this weird corner where he's trying to shoehorn in all the classic characters? Like what if Anakin built See Threepio? It's like we don't need You don't make any damn sense. It's like, What if they just come across him? Leah doesn't make any sense. And then they're like hiding Luke where, like Anakin waas like the whole point is to split up the twins right on hiding like they just hit him at home to make any damn sense only went Obi Wan hee hee. Oh, hey, He goes and hides on the same planet Lucas, but keeps the same last name. It's like that really has changed my first name. No one will know. Kenobi's just like Smith. Yeah, keep going back to tattooing. They're always like, Oh, that nothing planet out in the middle of nowhere, and they've like, almost everything. Like even the man. DeLorean went back, right toe tattooing. They should open a tattoo parlor on tattooing. O queen, Are you drunk? I really like that face, Chris on dhe When Han solo gets frozen in carbonite just ends up back on tattooing of all the places, the whole galaxy. Everyone keeps going there in Angeles, or you're going to make a new planet like in the force. Awakens whatever it was the planet Ray comes from. Is that tattooing? No, no, no. That's a different desert planet. Totally different with scrappers. And its people have already seen the new movie. I guess there's, like, early screenings for some people. Well, as when this comes out. I mean, it'll be out one yet when this comes out, and I'm sure some of the avoid the comments of this podcast. I'm sure people are gonna be spoiling started. The people get into this early screenings you got in early screenings. Yeah, I think that I'm a little pissed off. Ask them how I think they might have some relationship with some press company that has access to these. I'm more important to those people. I do the most important job. The company. Okay, I do this. He came in on fake Christmas Day and he was sick. Hottie works. Where's the tree? Where? They're like We didn't do anything this year. We got eggnog. You showed up five minutes late. What? So I don't know What's we owe you? Yeah, you. You're very early. Thank you. He's not the producer, though. That's true. Do you think if I got here five minutes earlier, I would've been hanging decorations? Yeah, I know. What you were gonna come into were like, Gavin is gonna do this. He's drunk. He's on saying poppers on cough syrup way. Really got to talk to HR about him looking? Yes. We're not being like I don't want to drink booze now, but I don't want a drink. I want nothing to do with my hands is the only option. Some eggnog. I don't want the dog doing my coffee. Don't half drinking hot chocolate. It's actually really good. Really good. Israel Cinnamon. That is cold. It's good, but it's chocolate milk. Put it in a cup now and then in five minutes, we'll be warmer. Johnny like, breathe on it for a little bit. Why don't we put it on a kettle and wait 20 minutes for two heat up. So we were talking about ah, digital video on demand. It was just so viscous that it started pouring it. And I decided to check the cup on the boat that I poured out Went back in, um, all the Studio Ghibli movies Air now finally available Thio by digitally for the first time ever. It's It's a weird like, you know, people used to give DVDs and blue racing stuff. His presence, they don't it doesn't You can't really do that with, like, digital things, right? Like if you got a thing for a digital movie, does it feel the same as a Christmas gift? Well, it looks the same when I watch it. I know, but does it feel is like You're not like, What do you unwrapping? You know, it's like I don't know. It just doesn't feel a CZ much like a present. I agree, right? It's where ecologically friendly, you don't have to wrap us. No, I think it's good. I think it's a good improvement, but like a sw far as a president. You're here bitching about it, Chris. Well, I don't know. You were bitching about the two second delay, so I I'm not so much bitching. Just like conjecturing as, like, a weird presence. Yeah, I was get annoyed on using Disney. Plus, because if you refuse the dogshit little apple TV remote Yeah, that's, like the back 10 seconds thing. Yeah. Every time I use that, it just puts, like, a small buffering thing that doesn't ever go away. Really will keep playing. And it's like, What does that do that I have not experienced that? It sucks. Yeah. Siri's that are like the Apple TV series? Yes. So which ones I've been watching the morning show or any show. Okay, uh, I'm caught up on that one. How is it? I think it started really strong. It started meandering for a bit, but now it's really strong. I didn't even know Apple TV had Siri's way. You might not have been on that podcast. We talked about it, I guess before that one, I don't know. I mean, I feel that I feel that it is spend a ton advertising Well, I think not Phone. They soft launched it to like. It doesn't have a ton of content. Plus, also, they offered to give, like, a free year to everyone who got a new iPhone. So it's like, Keep it on the hush hush. Yeah, I think it's good. Also, I started watching for all mankind. I watched several episodes of that, and I just kind of stopped. I just kind of fell off from that one boy. Yeah, I was just kind of It's fine. Just just like that other stuff came up that I would rather be watching. But the morning was really good. Have you? Have you not seen it yet? You should watch it. They release the for honesty. When Apple TV launched, they have the 1st 3 episodes available all at once, and I think it's a really strong start. You get access to it by having an apple subscription. Yeah, if you have. Like, if you bought on iPhone this year, you have a year free. Okay? Apple TV. Good. Another streaming service. Yeah. Yea, but wait till later. Bill Max comes out and destroys them all. Uh, this I gave a weird gift on accident. Well, so this isn't a Christmas gift. This is not Christmas. It was a birthday gift, but ah, Zach Anner was staying at my place for a few weeks. Um, well, you hated all of garden every day. Yes. Ah, and he'd never slept with, um, a weighted blanket. And so I was like, Hey, you want to use? And so, like, you would use my way to blanket, you know, e let him use it while they're staying. And he liked love days like, Oh, man, it's great. Feeling like I don't feel is alone. And but, like, like, jokingly, it's like it's like a girlfriend. Yeah, I was like, Yeah, you're on top of me. Uh, and so then his birthday was in November or something like, Oh, hey, what's your address? You know, I'm gonna send you something. And then I sent him away to blanket. Um and I was like, I was like, Hey, did you get your package? And he's like, uh, no, no, go tackle to go check on Mike. Oh, yeah. Check the next day, like, Hey, you get your packet. You know, any sucked on the phone? He's like, Oh, yeah. Ah, uh, yeah. Thanks. So much for the president. Um, I I might need your help using it. I don't like you might have to, like, wonder if you if you because you're coming to l. A. Maybe you could help me use it, and it will. Definitely we should film it hetero might make a mess in the bathtub. And I don't know if it's gonna like stain or what? What do you think? The wrong thing. And I was like this when I was like, What are you talking about? It's like, Well, you got me the the sticky bath breath of goo The bat, the the glitter kid do. And I was like, What are you talking about? I don't even know what that is. I checked my Amazon order and I think it was in my mailbox. I think it was a conversation. Yeah. Yeah, and I think it was from Dearing Extra Life or something. We had talked about one bit being like this, there's just like bathroom slime goo for kids. It's called Ah, slime bath. And it's like it makes your bathtub goo and it's purple. And I put it in my card and forgot about it and I accidentally sent him that, but like just that. Not even that weight annoying the way to blanket. Just didn't come for another couple days. Opened it up. And he's like bathroom. You're so you're like you get your president. Say something really nice, and it's like four kids get, like kids on it. Theme. Most confusing, like five minutes. You know, he's gonna use it right back. Bath? Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's what separates the glitter. Once it was like a purple. How do you get rid of that? Is it just when we haven't used it yet? Would not close all your shit. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe it, like, dissolves after a certain amount of time. I don't even know how that would work. That is so funny. Did you guys try it? You know, we were going to, but it was like we should put in a hot tub. A terrible Would that be like like in a pool of Jello? Like if you want take a bath and Jell O. I know I said some to blame, too, because he helped me out with that UT class kids thinking at a town that has to be something. That's thanks. And it was this glitter back. Did he use it? I don't know. He never said Who do you think he really did? I didn't wanna tell you. I didn't get it yet. Maybe. No. He gets the weighted blanket instead. Hey, you got the way to blanket to Amazon is such a lifesaver in terms of like coming up with gifts for people because I just get people Amazon gift cards. Now I feel like that's a cop out, though, because I'm going what you talked about earlier? Yeah, exactly. Like I'm going up to you. Ah ahh, Trevor's family for Christmas and like, I know them somewhat because I met him a couple times. But it's like I'm so bad at giving people gifts that people I don't know that well, it's even harder to come up with, like anything for them. And I feel like it's kind of just like a cop out getting people gift cards. But I feel like that's what I would prefer. Yeah, rather than buy whatever I want. And it's not a waste of money, right? Yeah, I totally get it. Something that someone's like, Oh, thanks. I guess I like this is never going to use this right? In that scenario, it's like the person wasted their time and money and you get something that's not really gonna I guess it just doesn't feel thoughtful. Which is how is it better gift than just money there? Because that feels weird. Especially feel like going over to your significant other family. I agree. I don't think I don't spend it all in one place way that just cash is weird. But like gift card, it's, like, slightly more thoughtful. I don't know why that is the same thing. It's because you're still buying something for them. You have it still, especially on Amazon. You can buy anything, and it's the exact same. His money. Yeah, sure. But it still feels less like I don't know You did. You went out of your way to do it first is like, uh, shit. Uh, here. I got you this. I guess no one that was driving on the way here I stopped at an A T m. Let me on crumple this 50 from my pocket. Yeah, I don't know. And it's funny because I was thinking about this The other day. But if and when I do get married, I'm trying to figure out a way to tell everyone I invite, like, just give me money. You can do that? Yeah, You very blatantly. Just say that. You could only say, Hey, we're doing a like a honeymoon. Donate towards that. Yeah. And then it's like, Oh, they're not giving you money there helping you, dear honey wouldn't have, like, a registry of There may be a couple things that I mean. It also depends on, like, when and where in my life I am at that point in time. But like told, maybe use some new pots and pans. Just ask for money. I don't think there's any problem. And I think I've been the weddings like that before. Works like it makes it easier. Todo just do that. Or just like here's my Venmo account. I want to somehow put the bride emoji way. Would you would you be annoyed if I talked to everyone who was going to your wedding? And I convinced everyone to get you a blender? I would be mad. Gavin have a store credit, but he never told by Gavin to any function that I am hosting. So for the same modeled. If you do that, I'm gonna make you walk me down a fucking I'll give you a way. Yeah. Step aside, Larry. That's where you and Larry E Way cuts No new, almost as long as he could. It's a significant percentage. You know, I'm over 50 percent. Yeah, you're I've known you more than half my life at this point, but he's known me my entire look older. We'll get closer. Here's the thing. I bet you he's known you a greater percentage of his life. Then Larry has known you for his Let Larry will go in time before you were born where he didn't even know about you. He didn't appreciate you for the entire like first half of your life. Plus, also, if you think about the years in which Barber could talk your way or 50% like there's shit years at the beginning, it's like she doesn't even know what way that just ended. Like two years ago. Still is still going on a little bit. I have my days. It was funny when he would come in and bolic your foot being up all night. Yeah. Yeah, because me and Gabby's to talk, and I don't know why. I guess it was like mourning for you when we would talk. Because it was, like, two or three in the morning when I would be skyping with Gavin. Yeah, and I would just be, like, good about my day. And then I would like, What? What's the sun come up behind you? And he would come in. But you weren't up all night again. What are you, like, hear knocking about Barbara? Go to bed like I'm working on my future career. I'm networking was important. It was important work. Yeah, having you give me words, read the definitions of that's like all we did on Skype. Yeah, I want to be like, All right, Here's this one. What was it felt? She was wondering if I would just look up shit. I'd be like, read the definition of this on God. It's so weird. It was a very typical childhood friendship, embarrassing myself for someone else's entertainment. Don't you wish you had those videos? You could watch yourself. There are some videos that I have, like me and my friends used to make really dumb, goofy videos that some of which I put on the research is website at the time on the community site. I remember seeing someone. Yeah, with my friend Britney, we did a lot of stuff. You should do that panel that we do. The embarrassing films that Artie Yeah. The problem is I can't find them like I know they exist somewhere that my house has, like, a lot of, like, old stuff that we've accumulated over the course of our lifetime. It's like in storage or in this, my room, Still full of stuff that I had growing up. So it's like, I don't even know where to look for this. And a lot of it was on my computer, which I don't have any more. So it's like, lost forever. When I was in high school, I recorded a bunch of stuff on VHS cameras. You have it. I'm trying to find it. I've been through so many VHS tapes looking, if you find it because I wanted I want to do that. But I've been through so many fucking VHS tapes looking for shit I made When I was in high school, I got to get that stuff off VHS soon? Yeah, that stuff's going to start running. I had a VHS camera and a VCR, so I would do, like, very basic, like, editing between the two of them together. And it was like light years beyond what anyone else in my small town was doing. Any time there was a project at school, I'd be like, Can I just make a video instead? I did the same thing, and I can't do This is a big yeah. I had a class that was called Com Tech. I think it stood for communications technology and you could choose whatever project you wanted to make it. I would always choose video because you always get, like, perfect marks for because, like, more effort than a lot of things. Yeah, they didn't understand it so much easier to understand the process behind it. I remember once I filmed a video with Frank, you know, from hears and half wits. And I made it look like he was holding something and disappeared. And we just like positive recording. So when we went into removed and we start recording again and the teachers in the class like how did you do that? It was like I mean, I can't even begin to tell you, e I didn't want a movie where I was Ah, hit man or something and I get thrown off of a bridge. But I just like I had, um I did a wide shot where we're in the center center of the bridge. And then I wouldn't do the thing that I got thrown over over at the very into the bridge And just like words like a five foot drop and the entire class gasped Like who? How'd you do that? You clearly? What did you actually jump like? Yeah, he's roll. Yeah, jumping role. I got so much old footage, they have that little high eight camcorder. I don't film so much stuff on that. I have a box of tapes of high rank. Like I've been meaning to get it digitized. Yeah, I might. I might do a video on my second channel, just like all the old stuff I did when I was a teenager. It's just set myself on fire. Look. Oh, God. I need that looking back on it, I'm just like, how did I don't get hurt? What absolute idiot. There are so many bad videos on the Internet of people doing things with gasoline and fire. It's like, What are you doing? Things like so many people don't realize that gasoline is explosive and the fumes are flammable. That needs to like disaster. So many times I see videos all the time, like this person is an idiot. And I did that when I was a kid, just like it's amazing how you just take stuff for granted when you're younger. It's just like even when you're fucking older, I see people just being idiots, like obviously you're seeing it on, like Reddit or wherever. The worst of the worst things get posted. But like even just driving around in Austin, someone will just, like, be like driving straight up behind me and like, scoot around me really fast, going like 100 miles an hour, and I'm like, you're a fucking idiot. Someone changes lanes, not seeing you coming your fucking debt And just like reckless shit like that, I don't understand. I was driving by the Roundabout over here the other day, approaching the roundabout. I was in the left lane that someone was in the right lane. Then they like, I guess they realize they need to be in the other lane. So they tried to change things. They didn't see me. A man at the last second. They, like, swerved away. They saw that I was there. And then they honked at me. Yeah, I was just driving straight. You didn't see me. You almost hit me. And then you talk to me. Didn't you make a tweet like yesterday, Kevin, about something? Some driving related thing in Austin? Well, yeah, because everyone's on the phone. Yeah, like terrible. You'll see the light go from red to green. And if they even if this three lanes, no one will move, it's like early three people on the phone and nobody else's honking cars behind me like I have to honk. Yeah, I was like, the green light should come with a honk. It really should. Yeah, Green graphically never was like, How about people? Just don't be on the phone. I was like, obviously that is the better solution. But no one's doing that. And then everyone's like you don't even drive. And I was like, Do you think that Mia's the passenger can walk through the car. When? When the light goes green. Like I'm still in the car. Also, you still care about your own safety? Care about safety. I gotta be places on time, right? It's a matter for not driving that thing. That's why he was five minutes late. Now, Gavin, you can't have an opinion about cars because you don't drive one. Yeah. If you don't drive it, you don't use it. Although I still think you should be helping make Look for parking spots. One that happened. I forgot about that. That and then I think you might need to rethink. We were supposed to go out after that conversation, and I was supposed to help you look for a parking spot. Oh, yeah, we didn't We didn't push her. And that was three years ago. Oh, God was quick to say Yeah, come on in my car. Um, You guys were at the holiday party, right? No, you were right. I went to the L A. One. Chris was out of town. I was at home. You didn't go. Gavin was there. I was. There was a good party. There's a good venue. Lots people dancing, Which is nice to see I don't like that. Was it nice to see it wasthe? Yeah, because it's like, I don't know. It makes it more fun. People run here dancing. Yeah, I thought that was my least favorite holiday party. Why shall offend you was with slavery, like echoey. And what about the convert to the one from last year? That was just that. That was last year. We didn't. It was a hotel. 5 to 7. After are nearly all hands. That one was Shit Thio. I was proud about that one, though, because were you? Yes, I remember me and James. We started the co pile because it was that big, empty room and there's nowhere to put. Oh, yeah, I put my coat in that. Yeah, they started that. I remember. I was like I was talking to James was like, Dude, we should just start to cope and and then we put our we just set them down. One night I wore a coat, too. I was like Mattis holding Well, Chris, guess what? What part of this year had a coat wreck? Well, I don't know what I would have done there something I've got. I didn't go with your code at the very bottom yet. Wait for everyone else to leave your No. Because at some point the hotel people came and they're like they brought out a little coat racks. Like after the fact in the start of movement, everyone's coats and I like you've destroyed everything I've done. You've added organization to the shit show. Fuck you, Noah. I made the mistake at the holiday party of, like, got there, went to the bar. It was open bar, got a drink, and two seconds later, not, he's like, let's go to shut. Oh, God. And I was like, Fuck! And they poured us tequila shots. And it was probably That was just second drink, because that was my second shot was a kill shot, But it was not one shot. It was probably three shots worth of tequila. Oh, was there just, like, huge and overfilled. Yeah. Oh, my God. Which is like, did you get drunk? I literally took that shot. And 30 seconds later, I'm like I'm drunk and I haven't seen you drunk in a while. Yeah, I don't remember. You drunk it up. It was I mean, it was like I haven't been, like, drunk, drunk, drunk in a really long time. I was, like, definitely tipsy. And then right after that, they started doing, like, the end of your awards and stuff like that, and I was like, Yeah, you look It was just like clapping and client it was not my best form. I, uh Yeah, I feel like I got drunk right at the end, and and then when I got home, I was like, Oh, I'm drunker than I was in the way. We ended up going out after two. So it was a fun night. Let's I want to get drunk with you and drunk. I haven't seen you drunken like for my birthday. If I go do something for my birthday, will you get drunk? Yes. OK, when's your table? Huh? Right now. There. Yeah. We're at work. Yeah. Yeah. Michael's right. He said self. Can we have more alcohol based shows like two people just get having in a room on camera? Yeah. He wasn't off topic that's born to um Yeah, we could do that. I think that the thing about drinking for me I don't really like drinking that much. But if I know it's like, Oh, someone's birthday, they want to go out. They want to do this like, Okay, I'll go out. I'll drink with them like Meryl had her birthday. I think it was two years ago where she's like, I want to go to this place for dinner and then I want to go to Barbarella CE, which we talked about in the pockets before. It's like the last place you go when you're out drinking. You are probably already drunk when you get there. And so I went into the night with that mindset of like, Okay, I'm going to get drunk tonight and I got drunk on beer. Body shot on. I think I tip on off of Texas. I do one off of Mariel. Um, so if yeah, if I'm prepared, I'm good. It was like off topic, too. When we took over off topic, I was like, I'm going to get drunk on the show. My main reason for no getting us drunk anymore is that I just always have something to do the next day. It's like even if it's the weekend, it's like I'm just gonna be worthless tomorrow. We also don't want to waste the weekend. That's something I've noticed so much now, where you're so busy and if so much going on during the week where you're like the weekend's about to be here. This is where I get to, like, clean my house and, like, spend time watching shows or playing video games and, like, relaxing that you don't asleep in and waste that free time. Everybody's working for the weekend. Nobody. Um, thank you. I got it. I got it. We just couldn't sing it. Um, every once we have that. Ah, tequila podcast years ago. And that was terrible because we had received a bottle of tequila and recorded audio podcasts, and we drank the entire bottle. And then we were just like the day was wasted. I was like me. Michael. Bernie. I remember what I remember. Michael's not remember who else was on. Oh, I'm right here. Were you there? Yeah, I remember. I was here yet, but I remember that when we're done recording, you were like, 10. And there's still the whole day of work because they were a sponsor. Writers unofficially yet again with the bottle of tequila, like All right. Fuck it will drink it. Remember, You want to do that again? No. Yeah. Yeah, I guess that's sick. He doesn't have to come in for Chris's birthday way. The 18th of January 18 of January. Okay, You mean bones about that? Who is that? That's a Saturday. Can we do it the 20th? Yeah, I'm gonna set it up right now. Okay. Right. Oh, God. Thank you. All right. What, my love you. What? What do you want to drink? Isn't tequila or is it something else we could do? Tequila do or whatever you are? Just you're the birthday of the birthday boy. Also, maybe pick something. That's good. It was like a mix. Okay? I mean, I really Well, I I don't really care. So, what do you get for your birthday, dude? All right. This is a fu ba full bar. Yeah, I fine. Okay. Happy birthday, birthday boy. Birthday butter, boy. And we will arrange a lift to get home that night. We will. I'll make sure we get all the details covered in everything that will say French. I just set the calendar invite Dr. To What is that all right. Oh, God. I'm so nervous now. You're really excited about this, Chris. It's like one thing to know you're gonna drink. It's another to know you're going to get drunk. Yeah, I feel like it's it's so rarely just happens anymore that it's now always an event like, especially the holiday parties. Like, Okay, So I'm gonna get drunk today. Yeah, I'm gonna get before we did the always open takeover of our topic. Before I love the house, I put two Advil and a bottle of water on my hand and I put my pajamas on the bed, like ready? Oh, like I'm gonna come home today. And Trevor had to, like, change me because I was just like, uh, yeah, it's Ah, it's different when you're young, like you don't care. Yeah, no, we're all old breaking. I actually arranged like a minute delay on the life broadcast that they're just probably, like vomit or trade secrets. It's like a It'll be like our version of the magazines for Christmas cast. Oh, God. Can we get banned from our own site? I think they got banned from twitch for a week. Right there. They're back. Yeah, Okay. So every year they do This thing called the Christmas cast on. I don't know how it started, Eric. You might have to jump in. But it was this thing where they all bring a food item that they eat on the show. And it's usually either something really gross or something that would be really terrible to consume a lot of, um, for example, I think that's where they had the search drumming, right? I think. Yeah, the search German. And I think I want to say Brian did, like, condense chicken noodle soup, but like 20 cans of it, No, like the sodium should have killed him. It was a woman. So we've done a lot of weird foods. I think Brian is always my M v p. For that because he ate an entire KFC family meal by himself was 15 everything. I mean, every favorite. He sat and he ate the entire thing. It was like it was too much. Obviously, uh, he ate. I think he made like, a whole salad, but didn't nothing was like that. He ate like fruits and vegetables, like with skin on, like just biting into a banana Yeah, Like biting into an orange level. That stuff? Yeah, he drank. Ah, whole thing. Ah, honey. But I guess if you drink like a lot of hunting by itself, it can, like, make you really sick or kill you. So I washed it down with a whole bunch of wine. If you go and find the highlights, the best ever is Sean Chatfield drinking a an entire Not like a like a regular bottle of wine like this. Big, like the value pack. Yeah. Huge thing. A wine. He throws up the way that a fire hydrant is like open. It's insane. But Rocco kept putting like butter on Shawn's face. But Shawn was so drunk he couldn't defend himself. So Christmas cast is always an abundance and then throwing up. So now they've moved into food competitions eating Ah, whole bunch of food. Three can. They were eating broccoli. So there was There was one. That was just how many of these florets of broccoli can you eat? Whatever. And it got toe like these rounds deeper and deeper. And the final round was, uh, duck tongue. So they had to eat as many duck tongues as they could as many. How many was the most? I don't remember, but it was too many. And they have little bones in them. Oh, wait. Bone ducks have bones in their tongue. Yeah, I like that. That competition immediately puts you in like the top 1% of people have consumed the most. Up you have your two of them. It's like you're a professional on How did that start like thing that was like, Let's do this for Christmas started a long time ago and it was like, Oh, I think we're just It was when the podcast was starting and it was I think we could drink a whole gallon of milk in an hour and everyone that never going No, you can't and then like now we'll do it. So they did it and they couldn't do it, never went through up. And then the next year it was like, Let's just do it with, like, weird foods. So it's bringing like a huge thing of mayonnaise or catch up or whatever, and it's just disgusting that the grossest part of the Christmas cast to me and I'm sorry, Gavin, if this makes you sick. But the fact that Rocco wears the same thing every year and it has dried vomit. Oh, it is. It's like a Santa costume. He's had it for years, and Shawn finds it and throws it away. But Rocco recovers it somehow not covered in vomit. It's also been in the trash. Yeah. So last year it was eating a lot of sour cream was all over Rocco. Rocco knew that he wanted it for the year after. So put it in a bag and in the corner of his office. And he didn't reveal that he still had it until he was on the show. And he said, This has been in the bag. 0/4 play hospice for Oh, my God. Hold it out. He put it on. It smelled terrible. It was just everyone going off, and then he started licking it. Oh, God! Fuck off way. Have a deal like that. No, I let No, that's what I love that I'm not doing that. That's Oh, I was there when we acquire that whole company. Yeah, way. Just have a little bag of 64. I was there with for it. Oh, yeah, for Christmas gas, Um, and I remember thinking like, I really hope they don't make me eat anything Or like I hope I don't have to bring anything cause I'm there. Everyone also you guys have a lot of people watching the show to you, so people bring their own shit to eat. And I copped out by saying, I'll just take a bite of everybody's thing. Everyone was there, but no one wants to eat anything, right? I mean, it really is about I just because I produced the whole thing and I would be punching it so I would just go. What? I have to work right? The cameras. But the smell Gavin the smell, Gavin. The smell of vomit all in one bucket from half eaten food is the it. With that sir strolling, we couldn't get the smell out for like a week. It was miserable. At least it's not like summer, where it's hot as well. Well, I mean, it's San Diego, so it just gets hot during the oh, that's our old studio was just a place where they used to, like repair cars like a garage kind of like bay. There was no insulation, so it would always just get super, super hot and super super cold. So the smell would like bacon and they activate. What? Yeah, And then you have a fucking sour cream. How much for you, Thio? That gets small Bucket of war. Put in Rocco's all outfit with all the stains on. Leave it in there for a night, pull it out, and then drink a cup of that war. No, no, that's like the grow eyes. Water. That's disgusting. I know there's, like, different colors on it. Look, I'm gonna be sick. Uh, he had us over, so check it out. Youtube dot com slash or just put it up today, My favorite thing is the cut down that they would do of like, it was like, a minute, minute and 1/2. And it's just like season's greetings. It's really very Christmas. Yeah. Oh, good times. Yep. They also eat chicken feet. That's gross. Yep. There you go. Be drink, eat and drink Responsibly. I saw that made me think about this that used to drink responsibly. I saw that Glen live. It is going to start selling glass lis cocktails look like little tight on. I saw that. That's what I want cocktails will allow drinks like tide pods, but they're filled with alcohol. Oh, that's going to really help the whole Don't eat the tide pod thing that you can only eat tide pods if you're over 21. And if you eat them responsibly, way should get We could have if those are expensive. Well, maybe just one each. They kind of look like like, chocolates. Yeah, unwrapped. Let's get some chocolates too. I don't know. We're just putting ideas out there. Yeah, it's his birthday. You figured out there. That's what you do. You're good at it. We have faith, All right. Ah, it's all day. So I got presence to go on a raft. We should we should We should wrap this up. Oh, unwrap presents. Thanks for watching everybody. Uh, we'll see you guys. Next time will be live. Bye.