#577 - How to Blow Up Big Gun

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chad James, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss The Rise of Skywalker, fake vodka, how to make money in Las Vegas, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 577. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com Hey, everyone, welcome to the receive podcast this week. Brought to you by me Undies and Mark Ari Um, Gus, I'm 2019 on Chad. I'm by breath and I'm Gus and I'm a Libra Should, uh, it's the New year, Guys in the wide shot, we look like we're from the future New Year. New me same Chad. Are you saying it's the New Year? This comes out on YouTube on New Year's Day. How does that affect me now? Rolling again? You still you still have time to get in All the things that you couldn't get away with before your resolutions Kickin Kevin is the best yes and man world. It is officially one announced officially the third decade of the receive podcast, five past for three decades. Wait, don't don't want to say that it's the longest running podcast ever, But I mean, honestly, do the math. Three decades, decades freak predates iPods. I can't wear these glasses anymore. I wanted to wear them for the interest. I don't know how you guys still have them on the earth. Really difficult. You can't see shit in these things that make eye holds a little bigger. Look straight with you. The best way didn't have the budget for 2020 glasses. We bought the 2019 glasses on with these insane because I was told that these things on the back wall are cut up glasses way twenties right there. Just 20. Yeah. What? I go, they come off like a ton of these and just put the 20 pot. 000 that would make sense. We want the right way about the 29 teens in bulk, but if they're gonna put that much effort into it, they could have just rigged up some glasses, right? All we needed was some tape. Exactly. There's someone else in cape for chat so he could make his own glasses. I'll do it. Um, so that anybody go anywhere did would travel for the holiday for Christmas. I tried to go to Dallas, but then everyone got sick again. So we didn't you Fred bad. Look, dude, when you got one kid in daycare and the other one in public school. It's just a constant source of play of kids. Yeah, that's it's always seemed to be sick. And there's so many people who have, like, young kids at home and they're just like, yeah, my wife now has the stomach flu or everyone just giving it to each other. It's like a circle, and I'm just stay the hell away from me. Everyone like I don't need to get sick. You walk home in a HAZ mat. See exactly what Did you go? I went to Vegas. What for? Christmas. Christmas Christmas in Vegas? Yeah, because that sounds amazing. Run September time. I thought, you know, I'm gonna spend Christmas holiday, obviously, was my family's. So I thought, you know, why do we always get together at, like, our houses, you know? Everything closes down, everyone goes home was like, you know, Vegas really is like the true city that never sleeps when we go to Vegas and we would like gamble and still go out and do stuff that sounds awesome. Not be a lot of like travel. People are traveling to Vegas during Christmas. He was kind of slow. Isn't it crowded as it normally is. But I looked online and I found some hotels had free rooms. Yeah, I I stayed at the MGM Grand and rooms at the MGM Grand worth $30 a night s. So I was like, So I looked and I was like, I wonder what the most expensive room at the MGM Grand is. So I found like the presidential suite was 130 bucks tonight. What? I was like, Oh, yeah, I'm definitely gonna stay in that huge. It was massive. It was like, Oh, yeah, that's great. I was gonna be You know what else? I got this idea because no one ever working getting ruined rooms at the Excalibur, we're free. But you literally just go. I've never seen freaks like during the week. They're trying to send those people to get out there because people make weekend trips, and for them, they make all their money at the tables. So they do anything they can to incentivize you to just come out Casinos. Okay, so one time we're able to decide to just take a Vegas trip. No, like holiday, nothing around. Like we're just gonna go during the middle of the week and we got our rooms at the Luxor for $25 a night. Oh, and I think the flight out was like it was like 100 t at flight to Vegas. Oh, I booked my flight with miles, so I didn't even cost me anything to fly there. And then And then there was a flight delay. Like, there's this whole deal. Like my flight out there was really fucked up. We'll get to that in a second, but because the flight was delayed, the airline gave me $500 in credit. What? You're going on the trip? Let's fuck dude you into the tables. Thio. Yes. And then you came back with profit worked at me. But the way there was a fucking nightmare. I'm not supposed to fly from Austin to Houston than Houston Vegas. Once, you know, you got rid of all of your sympathy for whatever bad travel thing you had. Because now we just know I brought in a ringer, actually ti west. Uh, normally I would, but I wanted to fly for free with Miles. I You're deemed united. You're American. Everyone else's American, right? Yes. So I like. I'm sitting at the gate generated a board like literally. It's the minute we're about to board. And I think I wonder how full this flight is under this anyone sitting next to me. So I opened up the app to look to see what the seat map looks like. And as I opened it up the abscess your flight is now delayed two hours and 40 minutes. It was like, Oh, shit! Like I get up, I run to the counter on the 1st 1 to counter and then, like a soon as I get up there, they make an announcement. It's like the flight's delayed delayed for mechanical problems and explain what the mechanical problem was right. They said that when our plane had come into Austin landed, the pilot seat broke, so I pictured the plane like touching down in the way. So they said they had to fly and you see it in from Denver. And then they were gonna have toe install the seat so everyone had to re book and I didn't know this, but Jackie was there at the time also, and I was she on the same flight. He was on the same flight and ah, I like I said, I got up there. I re book my flight right away, and they understand to go to San Francisco and San Francisco to Vegas. It was a really long day, And you was in San Francisco. I just found $100 crazy, but, like, I was texting Jackie because she was in the line, like having a toe wait Thio to re book. And we were, like, keeping each other updated on what was going on with travel stories. And she got rebooked on to a different airline. They do that? Yeah. The game. Most airlines won't s Oh, she got booked onto ah, different airline. And I don't want to steal the thunder from her story. Uh, but, Jackie, do you wanna tell us what happened on your on your flight? She took some video. We have some video we can show of what happened on her floor. I'm so scared for you. First off, I'm pissed that you got a $500 credit. Didn't give us anything. Yeah, I got a $5 credit, and they gave me $180 in meal vouchers to you at the airport, originally on the same flight back to us or to Vegas s. So what happened was 9 15 We were supposed to board, and then everyone got a text at 9 16 saying that there was a mechanical issue. And then everyone just bum rush the kiosk to rebuild was a front. Yeah, And I saw Gus prior to that, and I was like, Oh, if he sees me, I'll just wave and say hi or whatever, but I don't want to bother him. I had no idea you're in line. So look, great book. You're like, if there was an issue so you could've just walked right up and been like, yeah, we're totally Yeah, And I was like, the 40th person in line. So I ended up calling the airlines to re book. And then it ended up that I was leaving now at 1 30 on a different airline. Um, so going from Austin to Chicago, wondering what the fuck? I guess here. Ah, yes, I have one rule, and it's never go through the oh, it's one of Weyland Hourly over. So it wasn't too bad. Story s Oh, uh, when we were going on this 1 30 flight. All of us were like we threw our carry ons on and everything was great. The woman next to me was tryingto like wave down the flight attendant. And she's like, What's wrong with our plane? I was like, What do you mean? What's wrong with the plane? And all of us are looking outside the right, and there's fuel, like pouring out of the right wing love our plane. What? And I don't know if you guys are going to run the yes, like there's fuel literally like leaking out. It was still on many guys they just covered. They won't notice it exactly. Just don't fucking Yeah. So what you can't hear is the woman kept saying, Oh, keep recording, keep recording because she kept on freaking out and saying, Oh, I sent evidence to my husband and daughter in case we crashed. You Calm down, lady. Oh, my God. Wow. Her priority there was. I'm gonna film this and send this to my family so they can sue. The airline has pushed, like, hey play. Yeah, yeah, she was She was like, Why are we taking off? Why are we taking off like there's something wrong with the plane. They ever explain what was happening? Yes. Oh, actually, in the video, you can't hear the audio. But the pilot, the captain, he's like this actually happens quite often, like like I've seen this. So they said that they had to wait for the right wing to shut down, essentially to transfer fuel from the left wing to the right wing. And then everything will be what it not just fine. Just keep leaking it. Eventually. Keep pumping it in there. You're fine. Just clogged some, like overpressure in that wing or something that's like Is that like a vent hole that they used to? They said There's nothing to panic about. It happens occasionally. I I would trust them more often than not, Wi Fi live life to the plane is very expensive. We'll just like they wouldn't lie to people about that because it's also their safety in jeopardy, too. So why would why would they lie if it was a woman next to us was the only one freaking out. We were all excited because we got to see fireman. I don't know if they're cute or not. I didn't get past their biceps. But I was like, All right, we're just going to go from the bottom, and then you stop right there by so loathe the fuel. I think that's the second video they had to roll out a barrel. So, like, shovel all of the dirt into this barrel and then wow, flammable surprise didn't put a bucket under. If they set on fire, do you think would make glass? But so they throw it down on it because that stops, the fumes coming out soaked it up because they had to wipe everything down afterwards, there was even a guy on the ladder just wiping down the wing. I mean, does that really Is that really necessary? We're gonna be going, like, so fast in the year anyways, but you think it would air dry? I mean, you know, the whole turning on the engine part might have trouble. Bottoms good looking for He's gotta look busy, like the boss is watching him. He's like, I'm gonna look like I'm doing High Plains. I've had flights be completely cancelled because there was a tray table that wouldn't stay up. They are a pilot has leaking fuel going you got there. You got in there before I did. Really? Yeah. I landed like a now and 1/2 after you. Oh, yeah. You take a lot of time collecting all those vouchers. Yeah, he made money, but I didn't get Oh, my gosh. Went the wrong girl. I've had the Vegas airport has slot machines, and Lifetime is not machines at the airport so badly that it's so It's like I'm bored at the airport. What do I do? Fucking gamble? Go Listen. Money? Yes. Lose all that money you want. Well, thanks for Thanks for taking the video. Thanks for sharing, Jack. I'm glad you made it. Okay. I love Vegas. That triangle once a year I found like the sweet spot is like 2 to 3 days if you stay anymore. Yeah, You're just like I need to get the hell out of this city and wash the sin off. Uh, I can't believe that footage. I I feel like a flood so much I've never seen anything. I've never had much to all the all of us have. Yeah, I can try to pass it off like, Oh, it happens. But the frustrated Okay, here's Here's the sanctimonious vegan section of the podcast. The ah, the selection of vegan food in the Austin airport is very disappointing. That's surprising to me because you think Austin would be a fairly vegan friendly like that, given the factors like, I'm gonna get something to eat. I think I had a total of three options. And Anne's pretzels? No, no, they are there. They might not be there anymore. I think they're gone. Uh, there was, like a vegan breakfast taco. A taco deli, which was like, Aah! Holy tortilla with black beans and avocado. There was a an impossible burger at 24. Diner was good, but couldn't eat the bun because the buns have dairy in them. What? What is it, like a milk with milk? But I e And I was like, Do you have any other buns? Like a whole wheat bun? Like now all of our buns have Gary, Why don't you just go by like, a roll from, like, one of those little shops? Roll like that bread from somewhere? Really realistic. The coffee places, You're fun alone. Okay, Water in them, man, being a vegan sucks. So I ended up having to go to Pete's tortilla. They had like, a cauliflower bowl. I had a fucking cauliflower. You know what else he could have done? Stop being vegan. I could've eaten meat. E could have it. Could have been a fucking milk buttoned down this way. And then I saw that I fucking hate that cauliflower bull. Whatever the case for to you, I love your free food vouchers for Yeah, I land in Vegas and I'm starving. By the time I get to get the look, it's been all day thing. By the time I get to my hotel and I'm ready to eat, it's like 11 p.m. I like I was gonna order some in room dining. There was a tofu sandwich was the only option. Was like, Don't want fucking tofu sandwich on the strip, right? It's like I'm on this trip. I can walk around. The only option I could find that was open at 11 p.m. To serve me was an eight foot long glass of liquor. That was an option. But Johnny Rockets with an impossible burger with no bun. 24 diner said that the impossible, But that just got vegetarians. Not going for full vegans. Full blown vegans so disappointed they also have milk but apparently is a milk. But I don't know, I never knew a milkman was a thing until his trip. There's a ton of shit that they just chuck milk cat like, right before you serve it, right? Like scrambled eggs off. Sling some milk in There must be people put eggs or milk in their eggs are scrambled eggs way We just did the egg off video. Yeah, and that was like the resounding comment that I kept seeing over never gives, like he didn't use milk. Like I've never put milk in my eggs. My lift. I used to buy some legs. Now I use water because it makes it fluffy. Er, um what's the point of Milton? I think it's just to, like, fluff it up. But the water mixed with more fat water mix of fluffy little. There's a whole video putting water in your eggs. Now doesn't that people that were overseas got really mad that we're using butter. Why? Americans are fat. Yeah, we like butter and milk in our buns. Corn. I'm just imagining, like a full hamburger with the bun and everything, and someone just comes over with milk and just pours it all on top. Oh, yeah. Gavin would love that. Chuck that milk in there just, you know, just for milk, right? And just watch that stuff up. I've always wanted this How we want to end our second decade of poker. We have a break in the fuel 100. We'd like a bunch of loaves of bread on. This'll remind say, I've never seen that guy. Or like, I think it's a couple of people who could pull their eyelids back in their eyes, pop out. Yeah, that's I don't know. I knew a kid in a way that would do that all the time. I hate it for the kid who would put their glasses all the way up there. Knows what? Well, I've never seen that no casual really knowing had that kid take the glasses off and they take the thing they're gonna handle. There was like there was multiple different kids throughout my like, take the glasses and then, yeah, they do that and they push it all the way up and around. It was really gross. They poke their brain on I've seen people do that with nails. Yeah, Yokohama Nails. There's a gap in your way, though. Yeah, You have to get straight back. You know what? Just don't put anything up your stuff stuff. Just leave it out. Just maybe Stone. Do you think if someone has 2020 resolutions, don't leave it out? But don't put stuff up stuff. If someone had a small enough dick, what they want a fucking knows? I get a guarantee. You it has happened. That's got to be a thing, right? I guarantee it. Looking may sizing up my options here. What do you do any? Oh, are you claiming as a small decker, big nostril? I'm looking for a whole pile of that. I'm looking for a whole save some time on a stocking titles after? Oh, I'm sure. Who would you call that? A nose job? No use calling nasal with. If you had perfect molds of the interiors of all your holes and you could just plug yourself all up perfectly, you die, wouldn't you? Well, maybe that your mouth get back to that artsy a or you're sick and I cover my home. My holes there. Yeah, there's a contingency Talking about walking into a room full of cockroaches. That's like 12 Come on YouTube this week, right? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. And I said I would do if I could cut from Hell's. So you just gonna quit being vegan, like tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? Just so you could be a very good across two decades, Officer has a good point. Were you only doing it to the end of this year? No, no, no. Goal. He's just Do he just see how long you could do it for you? I mean, you already said you were you gonna give up before the steak off? Question is, part of the reason we're doing this is that it gives you a constant thing to complain about. True that. That's why I started doing it. That's kind of why I start doing in the first place was like, It's something to talk about in the booth on so many weird dates when I was single. So I had contact for all you like. Sure, I'll go on a date with this guy. It'll be a story. I'm sure Vegan. Same thing. And you stopped. Just keep doing your content. E I work. I've got our TV on Monday and I've got nothing so Tender is going back on the phone and got a couple swipes to make and then I'll be good to go. I changed my profile that just say, just looking for a fun time. I am so happy I don't have to date anymore. Oh, yeah. We'll let you enjoy it. I was. But later, without getting railed, do you ever do any no stuff? Oh, I have a very small nostrils are minuscule. Yeah. Okay. I could barely get my pinky up there. What shoe knows? Maybe there's There's somebody out there, you know, there's There's a nose for everybody. There are interesting articles about this. No. What are you looking at? Nine raunchy reasons why letting him come up your nostril will lead to the best sex of your life. I didn't write it. I'm just reading it. Oh, God, I know. Is that this point? The most repressed knows finish that literally Nobody is talking about who wrote this. Is someone doing lines of seen as someone like someone who's had something had like something? I know how you relate to this. Continue what? He didn't you the thought Waas They went so far up my nose, I couldn't get to it. What was the thing? And did you ejaculate like my cousin was a baby? I think he put his hand in jam Well, something. And then he was like playing on my head and stuff. Well, wrestling and stuff. He was like, three. But his little finger full of gem accidentally went up my nose and it went, like, up here by my eyes. And I was like, Oh, I can't jam. I might know he was like, you really jammed it up there, huh? Come on. I can't imagine that being semen that you can't get out. Well, I mean, at one point, if it goes far enough, you could taste it, right? Oh, yeah. Probably go back in your throat when it goes back that way. I guess your tongue goes all the way back, right? Yeah, I guess you don't really taste it cause it will trickle down. I mean, you probably could. All right, hold on. Let me text several. Listen, keep your mind open. Hey, So, Doctor, something on the podcast that we should try Jam Jam. Yes, absolutely. Wow. I watched. Ah, totally different topic. I want. Well, you had a few days off for Christmas. I decided I want to try toe watch a bunch of movies I haven't seen yet. I watched eight movies during Ah, during the break. You see, I'm glad you asked because I listed them all down. I watched a beautiful day in the neighborhood bombshell. Judy. Once upon a time in Hollywood parasite, which I've seen before, Richard Jewell, Rocketman and Rice Skywalker Favorite. I only saw the last two out of those favorite parasite parasites so great. Thank you. Saying, that's so good. I want to watch it. Yeah, that was my second time watching it. Whenever my parents come into town, we throw the kids at them that we're just, like, pick our one movie that we get to go see. And so last night we went and saw How do you like it? I thought it was really fun. Uh, way better than the last one. And ah, yeah, it was John. I talked about it a lot today, and we kind of sort of It's a very fun experience. I loved it. I don't know. I've never been super into Star Wars. I mean, I saw them in adulthood. Yeah, same. So I guess I don't really care for the rules that shouldn't be broken and all that stuff. So I was like, This is just instating. So no spoilers Don't worry like don't peace out. We're not gonna talk about that. But like there's just so many times in the movie where there's like, Oh, there's a problem. Well, we need to get the thing and that's like That's where the thing is. And now they have it. Have it. Oh, we have another problem. Well, you'll need to get that way. We get the magical solution. Yeah, it's the same in every movie. It's like, How do blow up Big Gun Way, the title of the next Star Wars movie? Ever make another one? We could call this pop this podcast. How well did you like Bombshell? That's the one I want to see. I thought it was interesting. It's interesting because a couple of weeks ago on the podcast, Blaine said how he thought Bombshell and Richard Jewell were kind of kind of be both set up to be like propaganda freezes with different agendas. Interesting, and I didn't agree with him at the time. But after watching both movies, I think I agree with him like a bombshell. It was fine. Interesting story, but I don't know. I just feel like somebody else to play it. Z. It's like a very on the surface. Who knows how, how much truth they held on to how much of it's exaggeration. And, ah, then, on the other hand, Richard Jewell was like, You know, Richard Jewell was the story of the guy that got the security guard in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics who found a bomb. And then the FBI accused him of being the bomber and then eventually exonerated like that went into totally opposite direction course, like the FBI and the reporters were like collaborating together in any time they made. It was like at a bar, and they were drinking, and it was like like I don't know, like, obviously the FBI fucked up. This investigation was like, Why do they always have to be drinking at the bar like a smoky, dim lit bar? Like it was just weird the way that they could textual eyes. Everything. Yeah, shows that they're up to no good, right? But, I mean, I think it's worth it to see. I think the performances in Bombshell We're all who was really, really awesome movies this year. Did you say if you liked it, I liked it, but I had I had a weird experience, so I saw that in Vegas, and I went to the side and goto your tickets for free. But 20 bucks to come see this movie. E. I thought like a normal theater. And But they did have No, I'm not talking on. And so I watched the whole movie. Everything was fine. And then, you know, the movie ends. There's, like a close up on that one character. And then, you know, that character says the thing and then, like, it cuts the credit. You know, like the Star Wars theme start smelling like bam. And then there was, like, the music cut out. And there's an announcement going. Attention, please. Please watch your step. We hope you enjoyed the movie. You may have to step down from your seat. Watch your step. You're in Vegas and we're going to assume that you're currently drunk like Like the movie ends on such an up known the music well, step and everyone collapsed every time Nobody can clap. There was no I never wanted to be with. It's just like Silence, Please. Everyone wants todo By giving you this warning, our insurance premiums are lowered. Please exit. It was so fucking with your thoughts on the applause, like during or after a movie I does don't know is full. I don't ever understand that. I think it's for it's for you. It's for like you and the other people who are fans of this franchise in the eye. I wouldn't applaud, but if someone was to clap, it's fine. I've clapped in movies before. I don't remember. Oh, my many probably my favorite theater experience of all time was I went to the midnight showing of snakes on a plane. Okay, here's why. I did not say it's the best film but theater experience. So, like if you go to the midnight showing of that movie, like everyone who was there knew about like how ridiculous this movie's gonna be and they're just there for the ride there for good. It was incredible like it was like People are like shouting shit out. But it wasn't like obnoxious and like we're laughing. And when Sam Jackson stood up, it was like, I'm tired of all these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane standing ovation. Everyone doesn't matter. Having the line wear, of course, Avengers. Almost every Avengers movie. I think I do not know like that. Not not Infinity were, though There's no theorem. Infinity were like, Yeah, I think I was, like in control when it's all like the music and building up something people are like, really like Dude Endgame, though that was like the most incredible energy in a theater I've ever experienced. Like everything that happened because it was, I think was opening night. Or like the second night, maybe that it was in theaters and people were just like fucking going insane. And I loved it. Yeah, I remember an infinity pool and Thor pop down, and there's the health and the music. Everyone's like I was like, You gotta make a movie. When you were talking just then about Sam Jackson saying that line, I I misheard. You were saying snaps. I heard it. I was just picturing a plane full of Alan Rickman window to any snake. Soon, it seems many snakes on this place, really natural thing that happens on some planes. This episode of the receipt podcast brought to buy me undies We made it. Holidays came and went so fast they'll be missed. But we also think it's time to just throw on some comfy pants and chill out. Mandy's wants you to treat yourself with some self care and truly relax. After all, the hustle and bustle in the softest undies and lounge where on earth it's literally so soft it should be illegal. This wintry season, cozy up to their new robes for men and women, treat your feet in their soft new slippers and, of course, match the whole FAM with their cute new baby bodysuit with brand new prints and cozy new products. 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That's like on on Loop, and it made me think about how, ah, a few days ago, Hideo Kojima had a tweet where he said that if you play death stranding, you know it rains sometimes, and sometimes it starts snowing if you're up in the mountains, he said that you know whenever it starts. So if you don't know if you've played the game, but any time it starts snowing, just like a like a bell, sound like a like sleigh bells, that kind of ring. And then, like your your hood comes up to cover, you would protect you. Hideo Kojima tweeted that the Bills is supposed to be a not to die hard. Which is This, he says, is his favorite Christmas movie. Really? That's fucking awesome, bro. Click. Favorite Favorite Christmas movie and we did the Tweet. But I Okay, Muppet Christmas Carol Christmas carolers. No, Uh, you got to stay home alone. Home one's good to go. It's up there. Yeah, obviously, I'd say there's no one movie to me. I'd watch all these. I'd watch a Christmas vacation to weigh work him in. But my favorite one by far is mobile Christmas. Carol. Here's the wrong with Home alone when you have Children. So, like, you know, they want to build traps and stuff Well, so leave us. Leave us So Kira, like she's very, very smart kid and, like we've always raised her with, like, you know, appropriate fear of things that are dangerous, right? She's seven and 1/2 so she'd been on a kick that where she's been watching all these like Disney plus shows were like the kids, like the live action ones with the kids, were always upto wacky antics and like there's never any, it's almost like cartoon physics. You know, it's like, Oh, we check this guy out of the light socket, get sap So the same thing we're washing Homeland one into And when in two when, um, Marv's character, like, grabs onto the handles for the sink and he like, really, you know, feel like everyone's last forever. And I remember I specifically was just like, I'm just gonna throw this out there because I'm like, Hey, that just seems like that would actually kill somebody. So what? The breaks off the fucking roof, I I am falling down the laundry on the forehead, right? Right. Ties they be dead. Well, for some reason, uh, Cara just we'd watch that a couple times. She's really excited. She's really enjoyed it and watching it. Eso I get woken up by April telling me what has just transpired, and that's that she goes to go to the restroom. Oh, God, all the lights in our house flicker off and she just Here's our daughter screaming So she goes running upstairs. And Kira, who has been the most cautious kid forever, just had decided to be like, well, Let's really see what happens and stuck her necklace in a light socket. Like so like here. I didn't think I would be telling this story so I can send Dennis. This s we can bring it out like an outlet. Yeah. Sorry. And out late. I'm sorry. I said, let's get But yeah, not way. And, uh, fucking kill you right now. It was absolutely terrifying, like Oh, God, Yeah. That always shit. That's a hell of a spot. I'll send this so we can show it off, but oh, my God. Okay. Super embarrassed about the American, Alistair. Terrible. There's no safety on him. But if you wanted to know, she still would have flipped a switch. Dude. So what do you mean, she would have stuck it in there? No, I mean, like, you can't shit. You can't shove anything in a British one. You need the ground. You need the earth to open up the other shows you contest in. Uh, you write the first of the ground, right? Well, we call it that. Do you really think it's the same thing? That's interesting. It's the long one. Like the long one opens the short one I didn't realize that. That's how that works. Well, maybe they have that. Like now they're all, like, building with safety things that, like, just, like, really jam it in there. But she somehow found a way. Actually, they are like that now, where they're close. And I fucking hate it. Yeah, because you really have to push the out The whatever you're plugging in and it feels like you're breaking it is like, Why do I have to be careful? Because some stupid kid sticks their necklace and electrical stuff like my Sorry if you have kids. Sure, by those. I'm gonna I'm a responsible Don't let me buy the dangerous ones, baby fat. She will never do that again. You'll never like She felt so bad. Like, But we did talk to really, curiously that that could have killed or get a house down, like, you know, and said she didn't want to talk about like I get sound like it really, really, really made her and saying you did something that I was, like, really dangerous. Yes, And I told it on the internet. So if you're watching this in the future, I'm sorry. And I love you. I want something very interesting about home alone. Have you guys ever seeing Uncle book? Uncle Buck tell you? You know how Macaulay Culkin is in that movie? And there's a scene where he's looking through the mail slot because someone's knocking on the door and it keeps opening it. And the woman's like moving. And then he keeps opening, and then he, like, sees three men or something. It's like some vision. I guess he has that scene inspired home alone. Oh, yeah, because they're like, I want it. We want to make a movie with Macaulay Culkin as, like this like, interesting, uh, mischievous little boy who's home alone and who's like setting up these traps and stuff like that. That's crazy. I didn't know that until that very soon. Do you think during a midnight screening of Home alone when it premiered? If Macaulay Culkin turn to Cameron said, I guess I'm home alone. People would have started cheering. Now, another topic you sent over what they did work that into the movie. Remember, he doesn't but, um, no, I don't like what the girl's parents there. No, I think he's home alone. That's right. Yeah, so they definitely not really talking to says it now. It's not. Yeah, I'm sorry. My album. He was on an Internet video recent. Remember that guy who made like those decoy packages that, like Spray Glitter and Mark Grover? Yeah, he had an updated version of that this year. Macaulay Culkin was in that video with him. Cold, cold, cold cold has been making the Yuki Brown's like it didn't pop up here, And, uh, he said, your distinct look. Oh, absolutely. It was so crazy cause I remember way back because we, you know, screw talk was partnered with the video game nerd and I used to do James is merchandise. And I remember when we had this huge, like, expensive order come through like everything A B, g n uh, and somewhat we did some like paintings of the time square painter, and it was too M Culkin in New York. And so I was like, No, in a way. And so I started searching. It was like, sure enough, like the area that this address was going to you was where he lived, and I was just like, That's crazy. So I texted James like, yo dude, like when colleagues looking just ordered a bunch of your stuff is like a news into video games, too. So years later, James had done a review on the home alone games and, like Page Master and that stuff. So James, text me. This is like last year, and we're just like Texans like, How you doing, man? Always like update with life movement. It's crazy. Cool, new opportunities, Just like I've got the crazy thing happening. Dude, Macaulay Culkin's coming to my house and we're gonna be filming some episodes together. And so straight up they did. So there's a bee. Gee, never says with James McCauley. Caulkin. Yeah, I saw the homeland one where he, like, comes as the pizza guy. Yeah, I still remember years ago there was a picture of him that some paparazzi took where he's wearing the touch my awesome button, which is one of our shirts, and I like I'm sure he didn't know who we were. What? That was the order e. Call it. Call in if you're watching with you. Yeah, like come on, podcast visit. I cannot get this load. I'm sorry. It's just picking into talking about home alone. Maybe think about a story I read a couple weeks ago where this guy in Maine had booby traps set up in his own house in case like intruders broke in. And he ended up getting shot and killed by his own booby trap on the night of Thanksgiving, I guess, Like he had a gun pointed at the front door. So if someone came in the front door, it would shoot them. What? He ended up shooting himself and dying because of his booby traps. I can't get it. It's like Brian. I texted the picture. D'oh! You could figure that, uh, 65 year old man had a handgun was upon anyone entering the front door, was in Maine. And did he come in his own front door? How did it shoot him? Yes, Um, it was determined he had been shot unintentionally after discharging his own booby trap. Was he drunk? Well, it was Thanksgiving night, so probably Yeah, I think you're not know was my s o. Speaking of booze, I had the craziest thing happened. Be, uh, that I like I'm still kind of freaking out about you rattle my brain. So on Saturday, night, Maxie. Only we're coming over today. Sorry. Max and Christine are coming over. Hang out. And I was like, Oh, hey, like, we have a little bit of news of the house, like I'm on my way back from shopping, like I'm gonna pick up a bottle of fuck it. So I swung by this liquor store That's not the best of the ones, but his last and most convenient on the way home. And I have all been a place like that, right? So I bought a bottle of vodka and I shop there before, and so we're hanging out, having fun and, like, they had brought some bottles of wine and we drink those and then, like, we go to open the vodka and I like port in whatever. But then no one like it tastes a little off, but I didn't really think about it like everything was fine. So cuts you last night. I'm a goto. Grab the bucket. Look, I'll buy myself a drink, and I'm like, What is this taste weird? Like? It tastes watered down and strange, so but I make another one because I'm not thinking about it, but I just don't, uh, and then I go to just like I sniff the vodka first. Like that doesn't really smell like vodka. And then I think it tastes. It was water, So I had. So I have this a moment where I'm just like, Okay. I mean, it's it's been open. There is a bottle been replaced that you're right. It's like I'm like, this is been replaced with water. And so my first thought it was like, Is my wife fucking with me? So I go Tonto, and I was just like, hey, random question. Did did you swap out my pocket with water? And she goes, What, like that? Just even makes a Yeah, I know. And I'm like, Okay, she's like, Do you think Maxie Christina did it to fuck with you? I don't think so. But like she said, Are you serious? And again, you're not messing with me. I'm like, No, I'm like, why would I swap your vodka with water? You'll just didn't go spend more money on vodka like true weight. Very fair point where no one wants to waste money. So I texted them, and they're just like, What are you talking about? No. And then they start going, like, do you know? So we're just like I thought that, like, the drinks that you made us last night were, like, super weak. Uh, Max likes things just watered down, just like no. And they're like, Oh, my God. So it came that way. That is disgusting. You When you opened it, was it sealed? So here's the problem. Like we April got me like, a nice little like fire pit table thing for Christmases were outside, and we had that was, like, roaring. And we're talking and like, having fun. So like, and I just okay, yeah. So, like, because that's never in your brain. Yeah, but straight up, I bought a bottle of water. How much, Like 24 bucks? Yeah, 20 times. But it just freaks me the fuck out because it's just like, oh, my God. Like we drink. But thank you. Back to the liquor store. So what? I'm gonna dio How do you explain that? Right. So what I think happened is it was probably like either it like, it's probably somebody who like it just drink a bottle than they wanted to like. They did a quick swap or they were like, I wanna return this. I just bought it. Like maybe they went to their car. Yeah. Oh, yeah, that's true. I've got the money back. I don't know. No, that's work. But, uh, don't do that. Please don't, um but know that it freaked me out because I was just like, you don't know. What if they filled with rubbing alcohol Or like, we were wondering, what if the water is fucked up? I don't want to scare you, but what if they put something in the water, right, that would be come? Yeah, yeah, I know. It's so that that has been in my brain. And I'm just like I was like, starting April. She's like, you need to go like, you need to go talk to them like they could get shut down for that shit or something. And I'm just like, yeah, I mean, you, at the very least, like, I should give him a heads up, but like they're going, if I go in there and be like, hey, I want a refund with this half drink bottle of vodka they like of water, and there's Okay, Whatever. Dude, You don't even after the reef going so that you know. Hey, listen, like I'm not asking for a refund, I just want you to know, But like you saw there, this was a bottle of Let me check. The seals will take a return, something you should go look at, like intelligent other bottles in that area from the same brand. And see if, like any of the other ones have the seal broken. But it just freaked me out. Was like it was so strange. I've never heard of that. The real question is, was anyone acting drunk after they had a strong nose like a C And I wasn't hard because we had already been drinking, So I think we started that way. But I can tell you, I I did have a thought because I had made myself, like two or three drinks of this the next. You know, last night when I was trying to, like, you know, just have a moment, and, uh and then I was just like something's wrong. Like I said, the placebo effect did not work out. My body is like, this is bullshit. Sometimes after I've had like, i'll drink vodka soda? Like after I've had a few. I'll be like that. Have put vodka in this. Like I'm not sure it's all. Hold the glass up to the light to see if I can see, like, the alcohol you can see like a shimmer. Okay, well, you can see, like if there's just water like you see, it's just it's clear through. But if there's like Steven Jackson, like a bit of a timer in it, we need to do this test. Can you guess? What do we do in the cage? You're Yeah, you're out fucking good. I'm glad she's okay. The suit Well, and that it looks like there are shows on that one. See, That's why I told you there are just jam that shit in there. I guess you could just push him open without the small. Yeah, think ours. You don't meet because they're all they really wanted to test, you know, But it freaks you out just like you can raise your kid, like doing all the correct things. Like in making sure that she has a healthy understanding of like what is dangerous and what not to do. And then just on a whim. Child running can just be like, Well, whatever, thankfully, like village with a voltage. Get the fuck out of here. I'm sorry. Is the American voltage? Not getting mad is good. Not for kettles. Nothing like my cow. We talked about it. That's the argument. Started with my dad the other day. Side with him. All right. The other day governs like I'm I'm fighting with your dad on Twitter. That was the cost. Is it breed? Or was it? Yeah, I was last week's party. We have Ah, from soda water. Okay. No, you need to give him a blind test. No, no, no. I'll show you be able to see it. No, no, no, no, no, no. We had a deal. Like that. Way. We need C cups and glasses. Sorry. We're breaking the rules, but get two glasses, and then you guys go make one with just water. One with vodka and soda. Oh, no. Hell, no, cause the bubble started what was just soda and one vodka soda. Or did you just vodka and just water? Right. Well, I've never done it like that. I've only ever done it with, uh, you have soda water in always open thing. Right? Well, they also have that great soda water dispenser thing. Okay? Again. Here, the rules way. So you're talking about your kid, you know, Jamuna for her necklace into the light socket. I read a story about this kid who ah, I think was in Ah, somewhere in like a suburb of Chicago. Some kid who got who wanted a magnifying glass for Christmas. So his parents got him a magnifying glass. Oh, God. And he looks like he was super excited about it. And they thought he was gonna use it to read books. Why would they think that was what he's gonna do? Kid, you can see the fucking books. Uh, of course, the immediate goes out, gets set shit on fire with book, right? He goes outside and starts setting shit on fire like he sets. I think they had, like, a newspaper on the front porch. And the story was that he set the newspaper on fire, but the flames got a little out of control and his brother sought his brother, picked up the newspaper and threw it into the yard to get it away. Get it? Cut the yard on fire. The flames like, burned all of their yard and like a bunch of the Christmas lights that were in the yard and him than you. So I sent this to the broadcast like channel. In the new story, there's a great photo of the kid standing in for the yard looking like you are just, like, entirely burned you. Oh, my God, parents frame that. And every time the kids just like Oh, no, I mean, I know better. I know that. Just point at the wall and just film that victor. It's important to have these tools to remind your kids better. God, look at it really went up. I could've been way worse, though. Don't fuck with fire for electricity. That's how you get your stuff on the outside because I'm scared of fire. Scared? I mean, God, it could have been waiting fucking forest fire that was started because of a baby Reveal. Oh, General, you're almost burnt down the park once. Is this an episode of chump? I shouldn't say that. Well, there's Oh my God, e o. I think that see it and watching those videos where people have a fire that they've deliberately started on the moment Do you see in their eyes that they then become worried is like this fire is too big now, like now, essentially an assistant to a shift way were always something like in one of those suits that's under fire, covered in fire and like it somehow gets on someone else. And then just like tossing fire everywhere in that too many times we were out, uh, skating. And we had acquired some fireworks that were like, Well, let's get rid of these more stereotypical right now. Wears being told we were out skating and we had acquired some fireworks. So anyway, we've got fireworks and we're skate around having fun. And just every now and then, just like letting him off like he was fun. Uh, and one also, this is back. Didn't realize that this is probably feeling, but we decided we had mortar shells, but we didn't have a tube, so we were like, Well, let's get rid of these. So we let one and third and somebody's health hugs. Oh, uh, that was a bad idea. Uh, and so anyway, right as we're like down the street, looking at the mailbox. Watching the front of it just like blow off a cop, for some reason, is coming around the corner. So then we just start booking it, and we're cutting through neighborhoods. Um, and then we get to this park, and we're just like, Okay, we have to get rid of this stuff, right? Like because we're being chased by the police now. So naturally, let's just we're gonna get rid of it. So we twisted, but we didn't want to just, like, throw it away for some reason. Look, we can't go to waste. Thank God we got a light on the borders together, and there is a trash can. And so we lit them and dropped it in the trashcan again. I learned a lot on this trip. So trash is very flammable, huh? And so you must thinks are as we're running away, we just hear, like, the boom right now. Like he everything's fun. Find whatever we're done, we go way. I could tell you, this one has the vodka way we go. Yeah, we'll get There you go. You look, you could see yourself and realized that we, uh we're going on. We get back in the car and we're driving around. And as we start coming around the corner, we start seeing a flickering and were like, Hey, wasn't cool right now where that part was so from the road. Oh, you see the shiver shimmer That's a shimmer in there. There's no he's right, E This is going without absolutely right. This is one without yeah, but I don't see a shiver. There's a definite shimmer in that water once you know what to look for you to see it like instantly. Anyway, we turned the corner and we see that the trash can and about six feet above it, is fully engulfed in put in flames and thick looming up. Oh, yes, very much so. And it's starting to get onto a tree. So we pull off the road because we're like, Oh, God, we gotta figure this out. We see another car that's already there. And so they're like they're on the phone with Cade. You call the police the galley. Okay, cool. We saw this fromthe Rhodes was taking care of it. You guys have a good response, Citizens. Hell out of there. Good call there. Just causing problems. That night. You see it, Barbara? I kind of d'oh. Look through them from the side from the side. It's really looking. If you hold it up to a light, that's the easiest way to tell. I don't see a shimmer if you didn't hold up to a life easier to tell with the old enough Where you looking at? You looking up to the top? Notice? Look, stretched. It's like that saying now I see his fingerprints. Yeah, I know. All of our grubby hands have been all over them. I can see it from here, Chad. Yeah, it's so obvious. Why don't you just chuck them both, right? I mean, this was my master plan to have the mayor. No one's No one's saying that I'm wrong, So I'm gonna assume that I'm right. It's like that thing I think it was Ah, Steve Mold did a video where you were that strong dude, I guess that was the vodka. 100% right? Maybe that's why he was probably What did you make that like 90% shorty? Mike. It's probably mostly bucket, and they probably just put a little spritz of soda in there. Am I right? you condone, apparently. Here. How much did you put in there? A lot. Humans. Can they hear the difference between hot and Cold War? I think that's so interesting. You know that Here you can hear the difference. Look, it's okay, real quick, because, like you mean when it's coming out of the faucet or when you put your pouring it into a cup like let's say you have two pictures, one with really hot water and cold water and you put them both in the glass is because the hot one kind of sounds like foamy. It's just like you stole the memories of both sounds You just can't like, pull them out of the air right now. But if you heard them both to be like oh, of course, try that when I get home that's really interesting. D'oh! Like Boyle. Is it boiling? What are just hot water? Can you guess? You're pretty hostile terrain, and even better, the hotter it is, I think so. Let's get a kettle and be so about 20 minutes if you don't live here. So how was the highest? You can get war to 12 or 100? Well, you could have you could have, like, super heated, But we're at fucking seal at sea level here right now without any special equipment. I mean, like to 12. Like what? Without impurities doesn't boil. We'll get right here. With what? We have a way of the bevy. It's filter. This happened. I doubt that's all impurities removed. But we hold if boiling it gets rid of impurities, wouldn't it all Eventually, you have to really capture the steam and couldn't re condense it. This is gonna be a really complicated potion for broadcast. They'll figure that I have faith in them. Are you looking at? We'll see after kitchen Po show. Good. Anyway, the old kitchen in the world to shoot in the dark knobs. Ella are not stark defense spends away from. I did something really dumb in the kitchen right before this podcast. Oh, yeah, he did. Gavin filmed it. So you do. So I tried to send it, but our incident is Dogus. You might have to do like air. Drop it to someone but its end a little. So to me. Yeah, sure, sure. Wait till you get it. Or should I just start explaining it? I mean, it's pretty simple. So Gavin does this thing to me. Well, he likes to mess with me, but he loves to do this thing. Where from getting a coffee or water flick with an automatic dispenser. He likes to try to move my cup before it starts pouring so that I have to scramble to get the cut back and put it back before it starts spilling everywhere. And I was running very fun. I was rounding the corner and I hear the coffee maker like like doing something. And I see Gavin Air and I'm like, I'm gonna go like his cup away and so around the corner, and I just whack it on Lee. It had just finished. I thought it was just starting to, like, heat up and ground the coffee or do whatever. So I just came in and whacked an entire full cup of his lot. Taylor, whatever. He just bored. Oh, from your perspective of the very beginning. I just saw her running in and she, I thought, was gonna stop short, because clearly it's full and steaming, not five. Right the way through. Quite it all the way across the counter fall onto the floor A full cup on Barbara stood there laughing and crying about nice is a huge file. It was a one minute of recorded. Yeah, but, uh okay, 60 it stopped. It stopped for a bit when I was going. It's also obviously he didn't fill me doing it because he started recording after the fact. But yeah, I often it is always scary freedom. It's like when you know, you like, bullet break and it works, like way too well, that then you're, like, goes very quickly passed the point of like, Ha, ha, funny toe like, Oh, God, this I need to clean this thing needs to stop now. Yeah, we, uh I won't explain that. He took his very nerdy and has to do with World of Warcraft. But we tricked somebody that we were going to give a piece of loot to somebody that wouldn't make sense. Get an item. Okay, a weapon. Right. Well, God, I'm don't worry about it s o. We tricked him, and we tricked him. Really? Well, uh, he started going the fuck off like a like it was just like you guys are fucking idiots. I can't believe you did this like Look, he's not going with the way it was all on him. We told him that we were gonna be like he was like, I trust you guys to decide who's gonna get this. And we came back. We picked intentionally. We told in the worst way that we could possibly do this and he's getting so mad. And I just at this moment, I was like, Oh, no, like this is going on. I had about there was about 10 seconds of mirth and now it's like he's about to say some shit that everyone were great. I think I have the video here, Dentist. I put it in the place you told me to, but I don't know. It's gonna work. I'm gonna try. Okay, so there's no video, right? Okay, I don't see anything, but what you did here was me dying of laughter. You can't just add playing what I'm trying to do. It's not that it's not doing video is just doing the audio weird. That's what's playing out of the camera air pleaded to. They're playing it. What is it? Playing off the prompter at this point playing your laptop screen at the camera. Yeah, I think that would show it. Zoom in on this. It was dumb. And I felt dumb, but also really lives. You should just owned it. You just said that's right. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. So there we go now we don't have altogether. You can't have everything e like, get your yeah, before it starts being the keys. Right? Wait. It's also Oh, what do you think it was to paper? A lot more. I was gonna That's it. That's pretty much it. It looks like the videos Compton on my screen. It does. When did you film that? A wide angle, too. No. Oh, Do you have one of the triple lens siphon filter iPhones that when someone wants to take a picture, you just have no idea where to look at what? You're looking to have a look in the middle between all three. Fine. I'll just pick one. Which one do you choose? Probably the middle one. Yeah. I feel like closest play never works properly. It works. It works in my house. For me, it works like for a month, and then it will break, and I'll be like I'll just sick of it. I'll just lie. It's not gonna work, not just leave it broken for six. Almost everyone here has iPhones and I haven't Android. And one of the few times that I get to be like, uh is whenever we film stuff, we're like artsy life or whatever and then they just start complaining about like, Oh, I made the video too long. I cannot get it on my computer because airdrop is just refusing to do it. And I was like, I just plug my name with USB three and transferred it in like a minute Ugo together. I didn't know you capture and pull it off that way. Sometimes it doesn't work, though. Sometimes for some reason, if I have a four K, a video file that I recorded that's like over 10 minutes, it just won't come off my phone and road. Yeah, well, I know how the problem I feel like Android is beneficial in a lot of ways, like all of my TV's run on Android, and it makes it really annoying to do anything for a phone like native to the TV, like it's helpful to have an Apple TV when that works. But I've never been to cost shit straight to my Aussie. It's great because unlike my nose and it's on the networking like I have a pixel and it's also like some TV is also have airplane built in. Now, if you seen that, yeah, it's like, Oh, I can airplane directly to the TV something Some have, like a little thing that comes up in YouTube, where it's like because Google that weren't cast that also sometimes doesn't look. I could just be like looking at pictures or anything. It's just like, Hey, there's a TV like here. If you want to just send it to that. I'm not sure you should've been there. It isn't like we're showing photos of the family, have accosted porn to one of TV's No, I have Children. You have todo sometimes your parents coming Instead of going to the rise of the sky. Walker, you can make your Skywalker rice okay. All right. Thank you. And good night. Legitimately. I don't think I've ever watched porn on a TV. What's the biggest you've ever watched? Porn? The biggest screen who at a con, they do a thing called anti fest that he used to, uh, it got banned because, my friend anyway, um, tried to put it for another time, huh? So they were Basically it was because it sounds terrible, but they were just blast basically anti on this gigantic projection screen like that was a hint. I where the beans and beans were blurred or no. Okay. I mean, a little bit of both, but usually and so, like, it sounds just like, really creepy and weird. But listen, if you're at a convention with friends and you get a little bit of drunk but like you go there, watch some cartoons fucking together with your friends, find like they would intentionally find, like, the weirdest shit, right? And still like Like, maybe it was just like we're just drunk and laughing together. A question about this? Yes. This is specifically for people who, like, watch porn or hand tie with their friends. Do you guys get boners together or like, is it just you're just watching it? And like, people aren't getting turned on because I've heard of people who, like, actually watch porn with their friends. I don't like Don't you watch porn? So that you get aroused and then eventually masturbate like, Isn't that usually the end result? Well, I think it has to do with the mentality going in right. I like the bona comes with this the environment and the situation. Like if I was just walking down the street and so on deck sensitive, someone projected hard core porn until, like the side of a cathedral. Yeah, I wouldn't be like if you're hanging out with your brother, all right? And they're like, I wouldn't get a lob on. But like, I guess it's always weird to me that people are just like, You wanna turn on some porn, just like watch it Well, so I've never done that, Okay, Like it's like, you know, we get together. It was more like we're out of the convention. They do this thing. It's funny, like there's nothing else to do because it starts at midnight. So we get drunk and we'd go and just, like, hang out in laugh right. At one point there's just like a big dialogue scene and everyone and there's like like really 2000 people in this room, and I just start chanting less talk, more cock uh, that's my life, Lana. Right, Uh, anyway is wild and crazy, but, you know, I've never been sitting there like Yeah, but we did have we did talk about that is we're just like you think. Like, some people come here like non ironically and are just like guys Shut the fuck up. I wanna watch this. Like that thing. This is good for you. Soft. The whole time was that we have soft. Yeah. Okay, way would do this thing years ago, where way would sometimes after events like we were all hanging out like that say we took adventure somewhere like in which we're working. We wait, sometimes go to like someone's room and then and then buy porn on there in the hotel tv. Like just loaded 24 99 charges on their bill. They don't find out till they're checking out a guy. That person fuck That way you watch it, you buy it. You guys put it on. We're just way. Put it on. Do you just watch it soft the whole time, just like in the background. There's there's another part of the story. 00 now you have to. It was like, remember who started this? I would have been a think I've ever heard your voice This thing. End of the day after the event was done. We don't go to someone's room and we have to count the cash that we take it in, like, do all the bookkeeping for the end of the day. And then normally it was Jeff, just, like turn on the TV and put porn on while we're sitting there like bookkeeping. It's like it makes the time pass faster. E think that's the type of thing. Yeah, I think it was San Diego. Probably. And I remember that you would tell me how to like arranging the money because you have to, like, you have in front right in everything. You will be the same way that is. The bank gets so fussy about it. Yeah, this is like making it Sure it will lined up. And you're just like all right. Okay. I don't remember the name of it. You guys are just They're counting money, and there's someone like, uh in the background. Guys, it's time for cash and ass on. It was one of my times in America, and I was like, Is this what they mean? Well, I'm from a small farming town in my hand with dollars Fucking play, Mr. You're just counting loads of money. British child, Who's who's sniffing Come in the background. Thio. What is called back to really doing lines come back. Good times. Remember specifically way river the Remember the name That was because there was this bin But it's my memory. Look it over a decade it was cum guzzling slut. Can we use that as the title? No, no, you may not just call it cam guzzling slats Place like that. We've defeated you bunch of slats Go. You're gonna go home and look that up. No eyes. It was like some shitty standard definition porn gallery. Where you soft old? That was very soft. Yeah, Gus was right. That something broke counting money. Um, that was where I found that $2 bill. I think I remember. That was It was the same convention where someone gave me a two to pay for something. I was like, I don't Is this real? It was really just old. I don't know what like I don't know why people you don't know why you don't see this in circulation more there. It's not that they're old. They still print them. They still print too. Yeah, I thought they just stopped. Get after him at the bank there. Never really in circulation. Like they're rare enough to where I think most people don't see them. I remember the last time I saw one. I think the one and only time I've seen a $2 bill this probably years since I've seen one item in that time. Go convert all the money in your wallet right now to $2 bills in the booth. I think I have any money. Do you think the States will ever get rid of the penny? I don't know. I hope so. Canada has most. A lot of countries have about most. Is that everything, like ended a five instead of a nine? Yeah, Or they If something is still like an old price, they round up or down, Depending. Nice. Nice not to have pennies anymore. Was it a shilling in the UK? Who was it? The smallest coin. Wait. No. Now Yeah, we got pennies for your pennies. Probably get rid of this scene, huh? part of Brexit used a penny. Europe gets your takes up pennies. So we're kind of working right now. Yeah, a lot of pennies. Spare a shilling for a young lad I saw just been across the pond and they showed me porn. This up so they receive. Podcast is brought to you by Mark Ari If you're like me, you've got stuff, lots of stuff, stuff that's been sitting there for way too long, taking up valuable space, Just an enclosure to your life. But the New Year is the perfect time to finally deal with it. I'm not talking about throwing it out or hiding it even deeper in the closet. I've talked about selling it on Mark Ari. 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The selling app big thanks to Ricardo for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast. I saw a really fucked up story the other day. Was it about a young British boy watching cum guzzling slut from where our conversations have gone? If this is fucked up past that this kind of fucked up okay, it's like something that I had never considered. I guess um, Apple is launching this investigation into their factories, and their supply chain in, I want to say was in Taiwan because apparently they found a ring like a criminal organization that was taking rejected iPhone parts and then building iPhones out of the rejected parts and selling them on the black market. Been pull to you, swapped the good one for the bad one. It starts with a bunch of shit. Exactly, but I guess like they were, they were making thousands of iPhone from bad parts and then selling them to people at where they were. They just like, not working or they actually work is like parts that don't meet like they probably work, but they don't meet specifications like the color lithium battery might explode at any moment. It was like the circuit board has faulty connectors like it's probably gonna fail like a chip runs one degree too hot. Listen, the reason they weren't used in this way you just don't buy shit on the black market. But he might not know Chad's p ece like don't cry. Don't think good shit comes from their guy who blew up. Mailbox says. Don't buy shares on the way. I was young and dumb. Apparently, the people who were running this scam made $43 million over three years Wow. And I would like to clarify that I did not say that I did That one cop is watching this day because I knew it warrants out for your arrest. Right now there was a story on because accidentally almost burned something done. You don't fire. I almost like burned myself. But I've never like had it spread. You know, this way before that happens just like myself. Just like the hair spray on the hand thing that people would do. No, I like you dunk the genes in petrol. No fuck off. Things like really big jeans. That s so you could just, like, jump out of them. You could like running like like maybe five. Especially dump them in petrol. Just a little bit. Splash. I'm not recommended doing this now. I can't believe it wasn't. You should start. Don't Theo do this? Was this before or after you lost one of your balls? Oh, this is really what I was like 15. Is that before was before Okay, lose a bull. I know you had something happen to your ball. Just almost impossible. It does. It does contortion. Yeah. Uh, do you have heard? That sucks Yeah, real bad. Don't do that. That's that. Was West like my leg so far. Do you think that would suck more or less than burning a ball? Like if you burnt yourself when you're wonder? Bella's got Bernie's, This'd is Dan throwing a Molotov cocktail at the sight of his grandparent's house. Maybe break there. You could do that There. This one lets you. Thanks. Fine. Thanks. Fine. That is an adult male. Yeah, I guess that's the most dangerous thing we did with fire. Really? Yeah, but I don't think that is like, Oh, because nothing. It was all unlike brick and tile. So we have, like, the grass was taking What I saw on Uncle of Mine once almost blow himself up by accident. We we had, like, a fire in the backyard. I really would. But I think we just have a fire. And it was kind of dying, so he wanted to kind of bring it back to life. Afraid like lighter fluid on it. God. And the fire went right back up the trailer lighter fluid to the canister, and it, like, exploded in his hand. Luckily, there wasn't that much in it, but still like the fumes and everything was like in the nacelle hole. Yeah, I think I might have been, like when you bring a stop. Like, I think there was a mist there. And I think maybe that's just what ignited up there. It's very flammable. Do that. Yeah. I just remember Dan was once operating like a 50 foot flame throw. Oh, yeah. Fuck you Fired. It was Gus. It wasn't like that. That's not that little propane. It was like this one could shoot napalm and shit. I have a pair of pants that I bought recently and on the washing label thing. Since your parents, um, it says flammable. Keep away from fire, like in big red letters. A polyester? I don't know what e don't know What kind of a pair of pants, and they're, like, a little stiffer than my other baby like polyester. Yeah, but I just like, I've never seen that before on a pair of was Obviously, I'm gonna keep it by clothing away from people. They melt in, turn the plastic, right. If you're ever like when you're flying, you should make sure that you're if you're really paranoid about crashes. you should make sure all your clothes when you're flying or cotton, so that if you do have to escape through a fire, your clothes don't melt. It sticks. So I should never wear these pants on. Never wear these pants in a place. You're really Jackie's plane. Don't you do that. I do wear all cotton. You intentionally make sure that you do that. You just have, like, an outfit for flying. Like go to just, like comfortable go to underwear for flying. Do you really, really is dead. Holy shit, That's a lot further than the That's awesome, let alone one That's insane. That's that's a real flamethrower. Yeah. My God, that's huge. Oh, my God, I would not want to What? God damn, Yeah, yeah, Do you? And then someone broke into my shed and stole it. Well, there's just that that ships on the black market now, thankfully, it's not like a illegal firearm or makes fire before fake iPhone or a fake. It's not $43 million about the fake iPhones. We've gone back in time to 90. Where did you get mad? What happened in the year 2 19? You could just buy a flamethrower. It's like a tackling weeds and stuff. Kind of guess there's like a modified weed sprayers. No, that can't be true. Well, that's obviously like a tank of diesel. In the book. You see one of those in a fucking Avengers movie as a weapon. Yeah, it looks like the one in AA, what's part time in Hollywood. It's legal every in every state except California. What you think of once upon a time in Hollywood like that, you know that just like you check the legality of this thing when we were filming it, that's wild. So, like, that's just here. We could just do that. You have to get another one, but yeah, just my old videos. Now what is Dan wearing when he's What is that? They didn't quite have a protection suit like here's a that's like eyes flame retardants to with his lab coat. Defeat has gotten a new one yet, or still that one. That's it. That's just like it. Well, if it still works, it's been through UPS till it's like that scene in The Simpsons were that pig that they're roasting. Gus goes flying and I like it just airborne it's still good. The B Y o b b b Q Yeah, that's the one. God, whatever you were doing the limo guys thing. And, uh, how'd that go? It was great. But Dan Brooks, you got to skate with Tony Hawk and he tried to drop. And I'm like, what? And the gravel laughing on the throne. And it's just like your watch shows me. I'm just eating shit because you just like I used to skate, I can drop in on, like, a 16 foot vert. Yeah, I've never been more impressed with then because he did that fully and like in full. Now it full knowing he dropped in with a four year old, he was gonna break a bone that he was like, Yeah, I'm probably gonna break something. And I was like, I couldn't do that if I knew I was gonna break something I docked. Just couldn't bring myself to do, because I mean, as a human, your instincts are to not hurt yourself. Yeah, and he was just like it took him a few minutes to actually do it. And then he just committed full, and he broke his arm right away. Hey, bro. I think this part where his thumb meets his wrist. Yeah, like that's the outside part. The outside here. I almost cut off one of my fingers last night by accident. I almost broke my finger this last week and go, I don't need a fucking bubble suit. I was cutting Brussels sprouts and, ah, cutting them in half. And one of them, as I was cutting it like it rolled. So, like, the knife went to the side and it was like, right? Seemed like the like. The base of the neck was aimed right at this bottom. Knuckle on my finger. Oh, my God. The night re caught the sprout at the last second and trump the sprout instead. And I was like, I put like I put all of the night and the others who think like a deep breath like that almost was really bad. Being vegan almost cost. You think both of us were really good Bythe How much? Nice Do you need to make a burger, huh? No. Unless you want some tomato and onion on that. Well, who likes vegetables? Just rip it. I d'oh! So here's the thing. It's very different like Christmas Day is very different When you have Children. Christmas morning is extra enhanced and wonderful because like you get to see the light in your Children's eyes, the effort of their gifts from Santa and everyone's happy. And then what happens is then you have to build all that shit for the rest of the day. Gone. Oh, yeah. So, like my Christmas morning is spent like getting progressively more angry as I build the things that have been delivered A daughter and I got you just like e a Cabinet. Merry Christmas. So once it was a dollhouse and I thought that was the worst. I mean, this thing was in the most minuscule amount of peace is possible. And I I remember big in cures room trying to build this dam dollhouse and hearing like my family. Really? Where's Chad? We really I'm still building the damn dollar houses with three hours anyway, so this year we care Wanted they kept all year. Was Santa Santa Can't deliver it. Gifted. Already built? No, because it's more expensive. So she wanted a police gate on outdoor place gave because her friend has, uh, she really wants that swing set. It's like a little little fort with a slide and a swing. And so we found a found a really good deal on it, and we got it early. We stashed it, which start to do, Uh, so they saw it in the morning. They got so excited. And like she's like, Tak you build it, go building. I'm like, Yeah, I got this. Go out there and it's like you need to download the digital three D instructions. And I was like, What? Okay, download that. And it just immediately pops. It was like, This is your thing. I'm like, Yes, it's like estimated build time. Eight hours. What? What the fuck for one person or food for two people. Oh, my God. It was just me for the beginning. So all of Christmas day, I'm out here trying to build some shit. Oh, I forgot the fun part. We drag it outside, does it? Weighs a £1,000,000. And I had open this thing. I'm gonna grab a butter knife. The whole family comes out to watch me open it because they're all excited, right? My son just decided that when we're all coming out, that he'd fuck with the door and no one would see eso. He had clicked the lock. And so we're outside and the door shut. And I'm like, I got my butter knife and I opened up this thing and I'm like, Oh, my God, There's so many pieces. This is insane. All right, let me go get my tools. Why is the door locked? Naples Like what it is like the doors. Like it was like, I don't have my keys. Do you have your keys and let no one fucking pajamas is Chris this morning? I want my keys. God. So I'm just sitting here and the dogs looking at me from the other side of the way, just like, how are you doing in this house? It was like maybe I left my car unlocked, so I run around. My car was not unlocks. I couldn't open the garage door. And I'm like, there's no way into this house on Christmas morning and the entire family is stranded in the backyard, their pajamas. Luckily, I had my phone, so I was like, I mean, I guess I'll call a locksmith. So I called a locksmith and they were like all there's like a Google service's and they'll put you in touch with whoever's available Christmas morning to help people out. And so I called him there. Okay, he's gonna call you back in a few minutes. All right, So I'm sitting outside and I'm just so fucked in April's, like starting to like, we need to get inside the house with the kids and get really stressed out lately, Just, like break the way I'm like, I'm not gonna break a window. That's, like $300 right? Way bigger problem? Exactly. Right now, we're just a little cold. And if we need to go to the neighbor's house like we're gonna deal with it and like that, she just doesn't like feeling like trapped in that stuff like she's starting to really get her anxiety e explore on. So now I'm just like, Okay, I'm gonna get this house. We could wait for this thing just like it's taking too long. He's not calling back. Get us in the house. And so I'm like, googling how to break into your own house and well, you can the cheapest way. Instead of breaking windows, you're gonna pull the beating out, but it's still like, really expensive to get that replaced. And I just looked down and I'm like, I got this butter knife And so I go to the back door and I was like, What's the worst that could happen? And so I'm like, getting in there. And I'm like, I like holding my flashlight light only trying to find the thing and I'm like, That's not in the right. So the last thing I'm trying to find the lash because there's weather stripping some, like maybe there's enough of the gap that I get. And so I finally I get it in the right spot and then I just mash it in there and then the door pops open. It's a Christmas miracle, only shit on it. It's a good thing you brought a butter knife. I know you were all I had. I felt like MacGyver. I was like I fucking did it. And when that locksmith called me like, I just want to confirm the address. I'm like, I don't need it. I busted into my house with a butter knife. Oh, now you need a new lock. Yeah, T get your house of the button comes over with a butter knife. So there's the devil of top, which I like. But this is the fourth time that this has happened. And only once was my son. The others were my dog. Who knows that open doors, because he's a demon replace that door knob so that it doesn't have is easy. It's April literally goes what we get into the house and she goes, Take that door knob off and go switch it with the guest room one so there could be a lock on that and we never have to worry about this again. So the first thing they did was take the lock off and went upstairs and swap it. And then I spent the rest of the day building that Mother Booking Playhouse. I didn't even get halfway done. And at one point, the stupid like nuts. That one's a receiver and one's the male and and you have to, like, meet them in the middle and they're like, made out of like fucking titanium. But the threads were drilled really shitty. They don't go together and they can start stripping, and I'm like, All right, well, I'm just gonna get a bit on my drill and I'm just gonna fucking drill this stripped one through and we'll make it work. So I've got a little wrench on the other side, and here we go, and I hit it super hard, and it puts so much torque that spawn the rental, which whipped the fuck out of my fingers. So I got a bad the dad, Dad, Like, I feel like I got a blood blister here. It ripped off like the top of that. And at one point I smashed my fucking thumb with a goddamn mallet. And they hear where yet? No, we're focusing. There's my little blood blister on that. There's my fucking smash thumb, which I was really glad I didn't lose a nail. And so it's been all that day doing it like so pissed that point that I wanted to make one of those little like social media shorts, but it's already like mad. But I like how, like father spends, like because this morning, and I'm sure that's not just really developed, but, you know, whatever. Oh, yeah, I know. Just what starts is like happy, fun, family, like it was like Christmas is great. And they're like, Oh, look, Dad, we got this thing. Oh, yeah, Cool In the mean out there. Like, Okay, how am I do this? Where? Screw Q R 4 to 9. Why doesn't this work pouring whiskey and then just like a flock, like I cut myself? That's the, uh, merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. James had spent all that day and then all the next day, I called. My neighbor was like, Josh, come. Please, come help me. Look, we got to get this done. He came over. It's both of us. The whole rest of the second day to get that she'd done it was fully erected and had, you know, you're gonna love it. And the kid's got 30 minutes of time to play on it before it was dark. And that was the last I'll ever play on it again. Okay, It would be like you only 16 hours of play, But I'm gonna watch you with this stuff, you know? It's bullshit. You know who brought that Santa? So we don't get the credit. I can't wait. I can't wait till, like, we get past that phase so that we get to be like by the way everything Santa ever did for you with us. That's right. There was a really sweet moment. Um so is that Trevor's family for Christmas? Um, up north. And we spent Christmas E with his mom's side of family and Christmas Day with his dad site and on his dad's side. He has a cousin who had a kid, and I think he's like, two and 1/2 maybe 22 and 1/2 and he guys first president. He opened it and it was like, some coloring thing. He's like, Thanks in his little kid boys. And then they're like, here. Here's another one for you. He does. But I already got a present. Oh! Oh, my God, That's a cute shoes child. But then he kept getting them, and then he was like, Oh, I see how this works. Four is adorable. My, uh, my sister once tried to play a joke on her kids, and she gave them a potato for Christmas, and they were so fucking excited about that potato. Yeah, they're like, Yeah, we're gonna eat this. It didn't work like okay, the girl getting mustard for Christmas. She was so excited because she loves mustard. And they got her, like, three full size things of mustard. And she, like, did like a happy to answer. You see, the one on Reddit? The girl who got a ream of paper? Yeah. Kept stealing paper from the printer. So they just bought her way. Did that for here because he draws on it all the time. And she literally asked Santa for more paper. So the point that I was like, Well, I was gonna get forces like, No, this has to come from San because she keeps talking about Santa's gonna bring her paper. Um, got a staple for five bucks now, it was like hp Brenner favor. How many sheets is a ream 500? Remiss 500. Great. Uh, so here's the thing I'm curious to see for any other parents out there. Have you ever considered the ultimate power play of actually giving your kids coal for Christmas so that maybe they'll be better the next year? Because I've had a couple of times where that creep into my mind. I should never been. This was a very tumultuous year for Kira, like she's really been testing boundaries and legs. She's just at that age. And I just I just had this moment where I was just like, man. I'd never do it. But what if you did? What if it was just like you just got Cole? I guess you were. You were You weren't good enough this year. Maybe next time you'll listen. You're I did that to my younger sister, Was e. Woke up before her and put charcoal briquettes in her stocking like I took all of her cell rickets in there. Came out. Oh, look what I got. What you get cool. She Oh, not a good big brother. I know you have the story about that. Oh, yeah. Brandon told the store on the progress before, but he had a secret. Now it's all good. We had secret Santa one year and everyone was getting, like, really thoughtful sweet gift from everybody. And then Brandon came into the office and he's like, Merry Christmas, Barb. And I was like, Oh, you're my secret standings like, yeah, and he gives me a gift bag and I open it and it's Cole e. Like like, uh, I think you mean that job Last time, Thio damn like Ha ha. That's really funny. He's like, Yeah, Israel. And I'm like, Okay, where's my actual gifts? And he was I actually spent a lot of money on that. Like That's that's like that. It's a kind of the minimum. It's really hard to get fake. Cole. Thanks. Let me use it for my stove. Like what? We're running out, though. So over time it will become I shouldn't cost $73 a ton. Where's you? Would you ripped up for Cole? Did you throw the trash? Yeah, I beat the second. He loved my office. I went Fuck you And your anybody used thought the environment. Fuck you, Brandon. Let me punish the environment for you Tripped over a root today, so I'm gonna burn this goal. I think I saw the way we got three way I saw Web comic this year. There's something like Santa fucked up by giving all the bad kids cold because they just caused climate change and melted. Oh, my God. Full circle. I I I learned something. I think probably the most mind blowing revelation of this decade happened right in the end. Painstaking. I didn't realize where the break in. The word was, I thought it was pain staking pains taking. Yeah, I never knew that. I thought it was one word, but line just staking or pain. I've always said it was like pain staking. I thought it was that to painstaking paying, taking pains taking. And I was like, What should I do? The same thing. And it took me over 30 years to realize that I was just over one day years old when I learned that anyone else think it was pains, Early pain, everyone King painstaking, that she thought this thing was you. Why does everyone think is that What is that? You don't don't? Because we're uneducated. Yeah, really, really mean. But the stakes are on the pain. People say it painstakingly. Eso you like. You think it's pain tingly? Uh, I feel sick. I feel real dumb, but I also like thinking about it. I don't know what pain staking with me. I mean, it's like it hurts. This much is when you get staked like Dracula, huh? Is it pet smart or pets? Mart? Oh, it's Bo. That's you snorted, you know, E, just figure out why they named to that just that in that moment. Now it's both way. We're almost a time to wrap here. But do have something sad to say. It's the last episode of the podcast ever for the gust calendar. Uh, no, it's Ah, retiring. No more going like sad music that we could play while we slowly zoom in on it. You know what to do. A 2021 now. Way too late for that? Well, well, in January, we'll do a February to December 1. Gavin's iPhone. Here we go. You think it's sad Music, Very in memory. All right, we got calendar January 2019 to December 2019. You'll always be in our hearts, Theo. I think that would have been perfect. I guess maybe now I can post some of the outtakes and some of the alternate version. You said Yeah, for those that we had to take the alternates and make those in the 2020 wait for therapy for West loved it nears resolution. Ah, I don't have one. I don't like them, but I have a suggestion for everyone. Freddie Wong tweeted this the other day. So you're giving us yeah, giving, giving us Freddie Wong suggestion. Okay. He said make 2020 year that you finally start using a password manager and back up all your files in two locations. That is the most good. I'm already on the idea already. My resolution. I'm gonna pay for winrow. I've paid for what? I don't know. I'm finally gonna do it. Do you? I'm still evaluating. Yeah, even if it's the 40 day trial. Last 4000. Oh, man. My New Year's resolution. Oh, no, not snort. Come. That's a good way to get one gums. Did Jewish people celebrate New Year? Yeah, but it's a week earlier. Her knees vigil is educate Gavin on Judaism. That should be, um my resolution is to not put up with a lot more of my companies across the kitchen. Now then I just want to have a good year. So it's got to be better than this year is. The current Hebrew Year is 5780 s o Barbra's way in the future. I am play wise beyond my years. All right, well, I'm Jewish. That's it. Thanks for watching everybody trying to go on Boy, 71