#578 - Chris Steals from Charity

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss automatic payments, Chris’ donation mistake, climate change, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2020-01-07 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number 578. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Theo, Everyone. Welcome to the receipt podcast this week. Brought to you by express VPN macari scores Based on the sound of my own voice when I'm gone, I'm not that I'm Chris by breath and I'm going to listen to you guys. I'm so quiet, you know? I hear myself. I know you're there. Um, so I want to complain. Oh, my God. I could make a complaint. Can I complain about something on this podcast that allowed people are people complain. We get a complaint like that comes on when you're bitching people fast. I think that's just the lights burn out. Just a little of the just the podcast being on. Listen, I have a neighbor, okay? I don't know where somewhere behind where I live there's a neighbor who is annoying the fuck out of my way Too loud. They they set off fireworks during New Year's Eve. Whatever people like fireworks on New Year's Eve, that's fine, too. They have some leftover. They have like commercial grade fireworks that they light until 3 a.m. And I'm talking like I was laying in bed trying to sleep with my eyes closed and they're so bright it with your eyes on those fireworks are so bright that I can see the light through my eyes in my bedroom and I opened my eyes and it's like the lights are on in my bedroom because it's so fucking bright and then pops and my house shakes. Your dog's okay. No, my dog. We're not fucking okay. It was like, why? And until 3 a.m. The new years old. By then, it's over. Three hours old. Old fireworks should happen. Maybe the our leading up to New Year's jury nears. And then that's it, right? Like you did it. Found it down. It's New Year cold. I couldn't drink all night. I had taken cold medicine. Are you sure it was your neighbor? Not like someone further down, cause fireworks. You never. I could see them fun. And I bet all the instincts of your body seeing it like thought, Oh, it's daytime and I should be waking up now. It's a very quick dawn. Why don't you go talk to them because I was sick and laying in bed and I just didn't want to get up. I couldn't imagine you as someone who would angrily yell out your window there. I don't know, like it's not the people who live immediately behind me. It's like I don't know if it's the street behind me or the next street over like it's somewhere back there. So I just fucking annoying. I thought my neighbor died recently. Uh, go on. Well, they they had have a neighbor who has is really a p a p dog dog, that p u P dog dog that every time you walk by, it just freaks out. You know, Enrico, I like to eat well, but also all over ranges are trying to eat the window pretty much to get you. And then there was one time or like I walked by and the dog wasn't freaking out at all, But it was kind of moaning in the background. I was like, Oh my God, did you like it like it was a couple of days or the dog wasn't barking. I was like, Is there a dead body next door that the dog is like morning and that's why it's not yipping Yip yippy dog dog. But then it started yapping again. So I was like, Okay, good, my neighbors not dead. Is that the extent of the story? The dog stopped barking for a day. Sounded like Yes, well knows, like two days, two days of non barking where I was like and there seemed like there was sad dog somewhere in the house. And I was like, It's gone, like for a vacation. That might have been the owner might have been gone, and the dog was sad, but it seemed like Saudi Saudi. Yeah. Bye, B dawg, my detective sensor went off and I was like a dead body. Did you do anything about it? You're just like I was gonna wait one more day before I like called to be like, Hey, I think my neighbor's dead because if she was alive, it would have been really off. Did you call the police in that situation? I think someone's called a welfare check. You annoyed that if the police can't ever thinking I was dead and I wasn't, I would be okay with it because I'm like. Okay, someone's looking out for May. Actually did. Something did happen. Like I know someone's looking out for me. It would be annoyed. I'd be more in solid, I guess. Yeah, you're so whatever. It's like you're hurt and you need help. That's why you should call sooner rather than later. Yeah, he's already calling too late, but it seemed awkward. You don't have to go and do anything. Yeah, I don't know. I I just didn't want I don't know. I didn't want assume based off a dog, not barking, you know, like, but it might. My my like sensor went off. You know, it's like something's wrong. I wonder if there is anyone like in the Austin police force named Detective Sensor. Ma'am, I'm Detective Sensor. I'm here to investigate your puppy dog. Dog, Dog dog. No! Yippee! Yippee! For days, that's the dog died, e I wonder if they are. Look, I'm sure there are because their sense of people who don't really have any family or friends who might live alone and own a place that they paid off and then they die, and then they pass away and nobody would check on them. Nobody would know. Or like, maybe if they live in a place that no one would. And if the office is up on auto pay, that could go on Discovered for a long time. Yeah. Wasn't there someone like that? Who there was nothing. Was someone in England found like, the curl a decade long time. A case recently that I read about where someone had died and they put their body, their husbands in the freezer. But the husband had notarized a letter saying that my there was no foul play. My wife did not kill me, But then they kept the body in the freezer for like, a year so that that they could get ah, like, uh, retirement checks or something for the wife says she's just fraud. Yeah, for, like, 20 years until she died in there, like, Oh, shit. What's ill? This dead people bodies for 20 years was also that story of the woman who slept next to her dead husband for, like, several years. That would fucking make you wretch. Yeah, I guess I better I better certain point yet. They showed us a picture just like a bed full of mud. Uh, but I bet there's like a really bad year. And even now, Michigan woman's auto payments hit her death for over five years. Director sent me a Ah, a link to the story I feel I ought to pay. Should have, like, an annual check in. It's like you still want this all to pay. No, no, no, no. That's how they get you get. You gotta pay. They you forget about it. But it's only once a year, you know? What is that, huh? No, no. That's how the auto like you forget that you're being built and you're like, yeah, things with your dead Chris, isn't it their benefit that you forget about it then? So you keep paying. Yeah, that's why they shouldn't check in. But that's how they get you because he said, that's how they get you. But you mean that's how you get them? If no, I think he means that's how they get. That's how they get you. Because you forget that you're paying. And I mean, think about all those service is, too, that we're just banking off of her dead body. Yeah, but how many? Okay, So how long does auto pay last until you Until I know what's your longest auto pay currently? Phone bill? No, probably electricity. I guess it would be a phone bill because I moved here and got a cell phone when I moved here. Wouldn't. Wouldn't You want a thing that just paused it? Every And then you just enable it. You get a ladder on email and it's just like your life. Still, you still want us? You will last. I mean, I consumer consumer. Yes. Well, you I am a consumer, so I think it's a good idea. I don't have anything on auto pay everything manually. You are psychic. I'm not always worried that, like the auto play's gonna malfunction and take out way too much money. But you get e mails and stuff Still confirming? Yeah, after the factor. I know you have to do like a tax return anyway. Don't need you to look back on the year. And if you see one that's gone wrong, Yeah. What? We're going to be wrong for you. What if they take out like three mortgage payments? I think you would notice. Wouldn't I? Would fucking notice. Right. But you just notice from your balance. Most people also like if you get an auto pay for something and you look at it like this isn't the right amount, you could usually contact the place and have settled. And then it's a pain in the ass. What? Or pain in the ass Doing everything every month. That's a pain in the US. I have a reminder. I've got a sister on a few notes on my laptop. It's like, When did I pay it this month? Yes, I did. This is the date I paid. It is why do every month go pay? You know what? Honestly, what you should do. What I do is lose your credit card about once a year, because then you all your auto pacer canceled and you have Thio unless coming from your bank draft. Yeah, yeah, that's that's why I think my electricity, because that's been like through my bank and yeah, okay, I hate paying electricity bills in the city of Austin because they try to make it as easy as possible to pay with a bank draft and not a credit card. But then it's like if I'm paying with my fucking bank draft, I don't get reward points. I mean, if you try to pay with a credit card, they try to charge you like a fucking convenience fee. Yeah, he's not very convenient for me. No, I gotta tell you, you know, yeah, there's some stuff that you just can't really do with credit. Yeah, my mortgage and stuff is different. I mean, that is credit, though, because you can't put it on a credit card. That's what I mean. That's a big right. Ah, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You gotta play with Pink Draft, but, I mean, that would be dumb to pay your mortgage on. Unless you paid it again off immediately. Because your interest on the credit card is way higher than your interest on the mortgage. If you have a what's it? Pay on a credit card? They're like a bunch of 13 to 16 year olds watching the store. Just like, uh, there's also a lot of people who don't pay for electricity. And Austin would probably like this. No. What did you all, uh, a way. Has there been a podcast since New Year's? No. Uh, we have a record. We recorded one that came out on New year's day. What was recorded the 30th did You'll have a good New Year's. Why did you ask it like that? I feel like you're gonna kill me, you know, having good news. He's gonna set up your tip and then kill you. I don't want to do one of those. Six in 2020. I will auto pay. It is a different one for us because usually, um, we'd go over Bernie's house. Bernie would have a New Year's party every year. And this year, you know, with the baby and stuff like that. Things were different and there was, like, no one party to go to. And so it was just like, Yes, we're not doing anything. So it's ended up killing. I think you'll ever do him again. I don't know. I got sick. Oh, yeah? Well, yeah. And let's talk about the cold medicine and laid on the floor that my firework show cursed in my neighborhood. I feel like it was a rough start to the year on a global scale. How so? What with Australia and yeah, that was last year. Still wasn't mild off, but it's still going going now, Babs. And then everything with the air strikes. Yeah. Did you see pretty intent? There was an intense stock car. Feel like we didn't really get to ease into. It never runs like 2020. It's gonna be a great year. The pope slapped a woman. You know, I saw that the pope was like Ugo. I mean, she was, you know, dio place yank of pope. Especially one that used to get that on a fucking that you don't yank a pope. But what needs to be a bouncer as well? Why are you asking me? Not just what? What the fuck are you on about? Was he Who do you think every pope starts as a pope? Yes, they're born opposing the Daio 16 was a pope. But if you've been you've been like in the church for so long. I figure he starts like, okay, start like he starts like diddling kids and work his way up from there. No one empty This been so that's like flies a liver. There's a fly on the set that I'm going to kill by the end of the show. Mark my words, you get de monetized. Pope Francis was once ah of answer a bar bouncer. Wow. Could you imagine being kicked out of the bar by pulling this? Uh, he didn't offer details about his career as a bouncer, though she said he was. You know, I picked up into that pope of any party pretty hard. And yet, in his bouncer days, I bet he did. And now look at him now. He's partying harder than ever with God. This episode receive Podcast is brought to you by express VPN. 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These thinks the body of Christ compels you Just go to church one day and just take communion swinging. And I was a kid. That was always My favorite part was it was like snacks e I was raised Catholic. I went thio wantto Catholic mass every Sunday for disease forever. For So until I was 18 I had communion and confirmation less than I did too. What was your Remember your confirmation state names. What's your confirmation? I, uh first little is it Mine was Mark. What? It's like this whole fucking yeah, that is it. You get, like, a like a patron saint that you like, Get a sign off when you do your confirmation. So is it like when you go to heaven like you have to check in with Mark our mark? It's like a whole goal. It's sorted in the mark. House of Mark and dude, Arata Mi and Leviticus. Name and Bible stuff. Um, yeah, and then Ah, there's that whole. Then you mentioned also like the Iran's. Oh, no way. There's something I want to mention Did you see that model? Who was selling nudes to raise money for the Australian? She gotta play $300,000. Familiar? The last I read was $500,000. That's wild. Let's get this good, cause yeah, would you get for good course? That's like flapping with a purpose. Man, would you give in? I think the, uh, someone's like I will donate half $1,000,000 to, uh, what's going on in Australia. If you send me a picture of your dick, would you do it? Course. Good man. I probably got some nice like you going out there. Yeah, I think you're just a little tip it, like just the head, idiot. Like, who knows what else is attack? Who knows how long it is. You get a shaft shot. Used to get three separate pictures, the head and then the the middle, and then the base let you go collectible. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you want the rest, you don't even know. I guess sending news to every person who donates at least $10 to 1 of a set of fundraisers. Damn. And that many people donated. Is he really hot? It's great Well, no, it's It's also good cause for sure. No, it's It's great that that's the way that it works for them. Did you get your growler out there for money? Grauer was that they have no one to grab her first. Do it as a growler Ever get it is a growler vagina. Yeah, well, I think of a I think of a growler of vagina as, like Growler seems in conflict with the what I typically think of for a vagina dog cat. You know, dog and cat is typically what you associate with the vagina. You never had a cat growl? No. What about like a cheetah? Well, I e you sitting like a home routine where it's like you turned, you turned the lights, play bedtime. Is Jean back? D'oh! Bulging somewhere? I thought I could hear your love. You heard her laugh from because we didn't video Trevor. I made a video once where we're gonna push Pete up. But I threw a nose and Travis took it on the kitchen cabinets out there. But if it fell off and landed in jeans, I thought she'd be annoyed. But she just left. So you remember her? Yeah, her left since then. Yeah, because I watched that bit so many times. It was very funny to welcome back. I also want to point out I was gonna mention this at the start of thought. Guess that people don't think I'm weird. I got eyelash extensions yesterday, and I guess the glue or whatever they used did not agree with my eyes. Aah! And so they're very red and blood shot. I'm not on drugs. No one fight in your eye. No one fart in my I don't have pink eye. And you're just not reacting well to that. And so I'm just gonna say that they look fine from here. Yeah, that if it makes you feel that I brought these just in case. A If it makes you feel any. But I did know it's but I just didn't say, Um, nice friend. I have something I want to admit to while we're talking about, like you. Our church stuff. Um, the mines will confess here way. Have a special segment. Podcast confessions. Chris, Um, go ahead. I think I I accidentally stole a toy from charity for kids. All right. Uh, how old were you. Ah, a new guests. This was last month. Yes. Way also want to Was it here? Yes. Was there a donation box that you somehow took something out off? Yes. How did you do that? Accent. So Okay, I can't even imagine how this place. So you know how, like, in the break room there that people are always putting boxes of stuff. That's like, Take this. Take this. Take this. Yeah. And so there's always just, like, you know, people are cleaning out their deaths or people send shit or whatever. There's always random stuff in the break room, Uh, and especially at the end of the year, because there's people cleaning out and moving. We had a whole move office thing. There was tons of stuff in the break room for a long time, and I was like, it was like the last day before Christmas, and I was looking around and I was like and I was like, Oh, here's this in a box in the break room. Was it on the table or was it? He was off to the side. It was off the side, and I was like, Oh, this Harry Potter thing that. Like, I guess people are giving. Well, I guess I don't know why someone wouldn't want this. I was like, I'll take it in. My sister likes Harry Potter. I'll give to my sister. Um, and I took it. It's also wrapped up and they wanted wrapped. It wasn't wrapped up. Maybe the box that it was in was wrapped up, but not like it was a big box. And I just saw it was the only toy in this box. Okay, so it was, like by itself. So it looks like something that someone is just like, Oh, here's some shit that you know don't want which happens. Yeah, and so I took it. Normally accompany with assignments is free. Please take. Yeah, well, whatever. You know, uh, so I grabbed it. I was like, Oh, I can give this to my sister. She looks very Potter and, uh, and that I leave And then, like something in the back of my head, like, you know, whatever. You do something, you know, it just sticks. Weird. And as I was taking on my trunk is like, something didn't feel right. I felt off this thing says to Timmy well now and then and then, And I was like, And then I realized I was like their I remember reading an email were had donation toy donations. So then I was like, Oh, shit. And then I searched Google or I mean, we searched my email and I was like, I was like, We're giving away toy donations there in this box in the break room and locks that's covered in gift wrapping paper. That's off to the side, Yes, people giving stuff away. I just thought it was like like, Hey, come grab this. And so then I felt really bad. So that's what you're gonna give your sister for Christmas anyway. And so and so then I felt really bad, and then I'd like and I said, But we're picking him up on Friday afternoon. What? Davis this Now, this is Friday night. So it was too late. They had already been picked up. Sounds like why you just fucked it. Will you do the way that was in there? I think the one toy or they had already been picked up on and maybe that was the toy, so I don't know. So then I went just made a donation to that charity that was worth more than the toy. But get well because, well, I didn't know what to do with the tour anyway. Also, to be fair, it wasn't a good toy because it was a count. It was a a a a calendar thing that had Harry Potter toys, but it's for 2019 and they were going 20. Wasn't good gifting. And there's no way kids would ever put up with that. Well, I mean, I'm not saying I still I'm still a bad person. So you fucked it. What do you mean? That's what you say. I fucked my I don't know who's sorry. What would you consider my favorite thing about Chris? Whenever he's telling a story where he wants to defend himself, he always way. It's always don't person. I will not just talks, talks very slowly and every point in eggs. Just 0.0.2 submissions like Bernie Sanders. I am not a crook. So whose was it? Oh, is that I assume ah child in need is Who would have received it? What do you mean? Like who put it? Oh, I have no idea. I don't know But we'll find out now. Yeah, someone very generous. Who has a very good skill of giving good gifts? Yeah. I'm sorry you lost me for a second. What did you end up doing with it? I e I still have it. Well, no, because I was like, I gave it to my sister, and she's like, Oh, I already have that. Because wait, you gave it to your sister. You ended up giving it to your sister? Yes, because it was too past the donation thing. So I just made a monetary donation that was worth more than the gift. Right? But then you ended up still giving it to your sister. Yes, but then she had already gotten it the year before because it was a calendar for that year. Does he already have a child that would have opened up that gift loves Harry Potter. And that would just make love to your 2019. They wanted to remember it forever. That's the thing is Well, that's why I made the donation so that I could feel better about myself. I know not to do something good, because just so you could feel better about it, I feel so bad. I don't really, really bad. Yeah, for sure. And then your sister had to tell you you gave her a shit gift. Well, I gave her enough to get to. That was, like, a bonus. What was the other gift? I 2021? Well, Harry Potter 2020 counter. I gave her a hell clean and and And And did you get anything that was free? Yeah. And this better be a good and yes. And then I also got her, uh, a game of Thrones. Uh, Mark, that said, um, I drink beer and I know stuff or something. Okay, Okay. Drink beer. And I know stuff or something I remember is a famous tree. And Lannister quote, this absolutely receive podcast is also brought to you by Mark Ari. It's 2020. And guess what? All this stuff in your home that you didn't use in 2019 is still there. It's taking up space, being useful to absolutely no one. 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That's M E R C A R I macari the selling app. Thank you, Mork Ari for sponsoring this episode of the first Teeth podcast. It's fine to know how many people who work at risk youth have given rooster teeth merchandise as GIF ts to family members and friends for the holidays because it just like they know that you don't get that either for free or a good discount. Serious employee discount. Uh, well, it's also like my family's like, Oh, I want a shirt and I want, you know, Yeah, I guess I said something they want. Yeah, Yeah, not that. That's the only thing I get. But like that Harry Potter, every county I see the two guys, I think they tweeted it out. You two guys who got each other? Hell, yes, That was awesome. It was It was so hard for me. Yeah, it's great. The perfect The perfect holiday gift for next year protection. What was the best gift you guys got? I didn't get any gif ts you get? No way. My mom got me some socks. I was pretty good, eh? I didn't get you gift that we don't give each other gifts. I like that. No pressure. We see something wandering the year we get it. Also like you live together. You've been married for so long. It's like if you need something, you get it. You get bit joy. What? You know, I open something on Christmas Day. Joey, what is that? Uh, no No, no, No gifts. It was super simple. No gifts, no auto pay. 2020. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you get what I get. Yeah. Getting gifts. Yeah. Uh, little coupon for rubs. Poor thing thing. Kinda rubs. No. Happy ending rubs its normal box standard that we like. Chris got you found in a Chris Christie. Maris. He scared the shit out of me today. What? D'oh! I was sitting there at my office, and I was We're doing this. We're doing work on this development thing for another podcast. I'm typing like a list of, like, I'm trying to think I'm typing this list out and it's quiet. I mean, we have to buy myself. The door's open, and Chris needs to tell me something. So Chris jumped into my office? I don't know. He's out there just like you said. In a way where you can't really see. I have no idea. He's out there jumped in screaming my name. Yeah, I almost fell out of my fucking I always move with purpose purpose to scare the shit out of someone. Well, I was just like, hey, guess like excited. That's gonna make us unexcited because also, I jumped in, Not thinking you were at your, uh, at your desk. So where you jumped into an empty office? Yes, I would have jumped in if I knew you're in there. But I was, like, seven. Your movie without purpose. You would have done that empty room, like three offices. Have you jumped into I'm gonna get most security cameras that Chris jumping into empty office thing. I don't think he's in here. I'm gonna jump in room. So you jumped in like a god because I saw as I jumped in, I was like, Oh, God, is there. You're shit out of me. What did you want to tell? Oh, well, it's going to see if he could be on good morning from hell, but, uh, he was busy. So we're gonna do another week. Some other time. Who are you gonna play? We didn't talk that way. We'll talk about that. You just play yourself GP in hell, right? I'll get there eventually. What about you, Chris? Did you get anything good for Christmas? Yeah. I assume you have high expectations. It is named after you. Yeah, You. Yeah. Um well, my my family does this thing also because my grandmother used to always Why spend so much money and Christmas that we would like. We're not getting each other. That's another reason why give shitty gifts? ISS. We didn't think we were like, we're not going to give gifts to each other. Loki. So my grandmother wouldn't spend so much money. We just do this, like, gift giving game where you have to, like, trade and like, yeah, you know, everyone gives like this. Like the office. Yeah. You put in three, like, $10 gifts, and then you like trade and fight for that, right? Well, you know, you you know I want that. Ah, you know that, uh, I got some nice socks, I guess. Um, nice sunglasses, because I had my car broke. Thank you for showing us what sunglasses I actually have my car broken into. No. What happened? Well, it was broken into, Sort of like it was, like, broken into, like, technically, but not like, broken into. So what happened is I don't think breaking into someone's car necessarily needs to involve them breaking something. They didn't break anything. That's the thing. It's just opening your car when they're exposed. to the little, like lock on my car. You know, the button that think, uh, for whatever reason, every once in a while, like once in 10 whenever I locked my car doesn't lock one door. Weird. Don't you tell us. What store? No, my I tell you, because I've also now gotten where I check it. Where if I don't, I check it every time. But I didn't. It was like whenever first started doing that. And so I I locked my car and then went up. And then I went home. I went to my car the next day and they were shit everywhere. Like someone just rifle through my car like I don't really like business. And then I was like, Oh, shit, my car isn't locking. Someone broke into my car, but not they didn't break into it. They just opened the door, which is breaking into your car. They opened that they take anything. Did you have anything in there? Yeah, I had some nice sunglasses. Oh, no. Scott to and and a whole booklet of Ah, like, uh, you know, the frequent purchase places get you bite in at a whole booklet of home from different places and, like gift cards and stuff at a mall a little bit thing listed whole book a venue for them. It's a good thing you didn't have a coupon for massages in there. I started rubs. Why? Why are there so many people on Twitter who are just the worst? Because I tweeted that a t end of the last decade, right? 40 years like that decade certainly wasn't a boring one. Someone replied. Well, technically, a decade doesn't end until next year because there was no year Zero because I know that argument where it's like Millennium, all that stuff. But But a decade is a decade is 10 years. Regardless, I'm talking about the last 10 years. Is he saying that the decade is 11 years? What is that person talking about? And why do people like that always talked about? Who cares? You're just making a point about how it's just been crazy where someone is like that, actually, the best tweets in the best sense to start with. Well, actually, Thea other thing I really love is when you put a video of you doing anything and someone has to correct something about it specifically like exercise videos where someone is just like you got to do this for your form and this. You're not doing this right. You're gonna do this. Let's be wrong. Well, just like I didn't I don't stop. You ask. Any time someone asked me what I do with the gym, I'm like, I lift heavy stuff and then go home, like that's it. Yeah, just like I don't really know what I'm doing, C I don't either. But that's why I have a trainer who knows what she's doing. And so if I post a video of something, she's getting me to dio she knows proper form. She is a certified trainer. Um, I don't need Ah, Mr ah. Joe Schmo on Twitter telling me that my shoulders were too high. Yeah, but I appreciate it, but I would appreciate you shutting up more. Yeah. Oh, I went. I wouldn't go one and chat over here. It was very concerned that they got your punch cards. Yeah, I was super sad ahead. Like a lot of stuff. I was, like, filling up very valuable. Yeah, well, yeah. When you think about dollar value and I'm having some of them were like ad free ice creams. Two of them, Um, I I went to the gym with Blaine recently at ah, we're when we're in l. A with fun house. And I just went in the clothes I was in because I didn't have a, uh I didn't change my jeans. Yeah, I was wearing jeans just like and And he made fun of me because he said I was doing an Oompa Loompa. What does that mean? I don't know. I guess I was just like lifting weights like this. He said it looks like E. I don't know what Chris was doing, but it looked like a new balloon. But it's also different if you're like, at the gym with someone or whatever is happening. But if you're like, oh, I'm very proud of this progress I'm making here is this video of me doing this thing like, Well, that's not really calling for, Like, I want everyone's opinions on how I'm doing this wrong or right. Thank you. This absolute received podcast is brought to you by squarespace, from websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics. Score space is the only one platform to build a beautiful online presence and run your business. 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Guys, I've been eating a plant based diet for almost three months now, and, uh, I realized that I've been slowly losing weight, like I didn't I didn't do this with any intention of losing weight, but it seems like I've been losing about a pound a week of about £12 down from Where was when I started? I asked you like maybe a couple weeks ago if you've lost weight or seen any health benefits, He said no. Uh, you asked. I think you asked me, like a month in maybe. Yeah, yeah. Like I really hadn't noticed. Or by that £0.4. Maybe it's like, who knows? Maybe that's just ah, fluctuation working out at all. No, I'm not doing still eating like shit. I'm still thinking. Well, you're not even like shit. That's the thing. I know you still eat like shit. Like french fries are vegan. You're in clock baseship bread, right? It's like now I'm feeling like shit. It's all plant based. Just not. I feel like it's easier to eat like shit if you have the entire a variety of food in front of you. What? What was that? Lives up, by the way. Do any more back there. You have a bee just in that one. There was another one out there. Come on. It I I woke up in the middle of the night the other night. I had a nightmare on Saturday night that Eric gave me a cheeseburger on. I ate it. And then after I was done eating, it's like, Wait a minute. That wasn't reading. I'm really was a real cheese. That was a real nightmare. It was. It was a cheeseburger from Wendy's. Oh, when I woke up and I was like, Okay, okay. It was just a kid. I had a nightmare on Saturday, too. And Eric was in it, too. Uh, I think I told her there was I was at some random party, and they were like some bad people in the party. And people started just like shooting it, stabbing everyone with heroin. What? Yeah, and so are some bad people. Yeah. And so, like, I was like and like, Eric got stabbed with heroin, and then someone stabbed me with heroin. I was like, Oh, my God. I just got stabbed with a dirty needle of heroin. E. That's got to be more of a nightmare than accidentally eating a burger. Thanks from Wendy's, though, I saw security. I like Wendy. You also. I thought it was underrated. Over overrated. Caroline, there was like nothing I'd also is a dream. Let me clarify is a dream and read it. The other day I saw this security camera footage of this convenience store where this man is standing there like he's paying for something, and this random woman comes up to him and stabbed him with a needle. Oh, and he likes steps back and is like and he's like holding his arm. What the fuck? Yeah, I guess it's like some some some, like some woman just had a needle and killed and stabbed him. And that was in it. It was I guess it was just a used needle that she had. God, Yeah, but right now you have to go to the hospital. HIV, right? Have, like, all the test. Anything done, right? Just like I don't know where he can imagine. You're just at the store. Like buying something. Yeah. Someone just stabbed like me at the party, right? Exactly. It's it's just terrifying. What could happen to you? And you just, like, have zero expectations of something like that. You could just be like at a coffee shop. Like, didn't Wasn't there a stabbing in Austin last week? This past weekend on South Congress? Friday? Yeah. And the new coffee over there, Like a congress in Riverside? Yes. I'm guide. I guess they got in an argument. And some guy pulled a knife and started stabbing people, then ran across the street. Starts stabbing more people there. Yeah, there's like, You know, if you've ever been there, there's like, that venue coffee and there's a free birds right next to it. I think he started in the bender. Then you went across the parking lot to the free birds. And then he climbed on top of a building and jumped off of it. Did he die? No. I think he was injured, though. Like, pretty bad. If he jumped off a free birds was a generally one story. You know what? I was kind of tough. It's like it's a little tall. Every funny. It's like free bird. That would be funny with you on about Chris. Well, jumping up the do jumping off a building, yelling Freebird fried. Not flying. There is, um there's something there. Like like him thinking you could flyers only I don't know. There was a dude like that's just like you're just out of fucking free birds. Yeah, which is a taco burrito place here in Austin. Get to pull away like you're just they're getting food, and then all of a sudden, this fucking lunatic with a knife just decides to have a bad day. I you way might talk about it. Read all my talk about But there's a in England there was that guy who tried Thio. I think he had explosives and someone grabbed a nor wail tusk, you know, in like Fender fought him off with a nor wail horn. No wolf narwhal. It's not a whale. Well, e in the same. You know very well I always thought was well, um, were you the one who also didn't know howto pronounce United Emirates May you know, e I think there was. Wasn't there more to that story like the one of the people who tackled him or fought him off was about to be released from prison like he was, ah, murderer who had been in prison in the U. K. And he was, like, on released, like they were slowly starting to let him out more and more because he was about to be fully released from prison and the family of the person that he murdered didn't know he was gonna be released. They saw him in the news. It was like one of the people who tackled the guy while. And they're like, What the fuck? What a good waiter like, Earn your way back to the society. If you're like I'm tackling, you know, other bad guys. That's a great origin story. It is? Yeah. Some people, some people are just so impressive. Like the drop of a hat. Just like some people just don't run. They just tackle shit head on. How's it going? He doesn't The heroes we need. Well, it's like you. It's it's it's rising to the occasion in those moments. I did that recently. A bit of a fight or flight Situation S o. I was Ah, I was in. Uh, I'm curious to know what you did that's all. Like attacking. I wasn't It was just rising to the occasion. Ah, I was in, uh, Colorado recently. I was snowboarding. Um, and I just had gone the first was, like 1/2 day. Pretty much so. I mostly just fell second day, huh? It's hard. You fall a lot. Yeah. And then the second day, I was like, really getting the hang of it, and then my buddy was like Is the cause they closed the slopes that like 4 30 So we jumped on the like, The last is it? Come on, Come on, Come on. We got in the last little like thing up the mountain to the very, very top of the mountain before they closed, and we're going down it, And then the ski patrol comes around and they're like, we got these guys on that on the mountain and where they're trying, they want to go home. And I'm like, Holy shit. Like there they they're waiting on me to snowboard down this mountain ends my buddy, he could snowboard real fast, so he just went down the mountain fast. And I snowboarded faster and better because they were watching me every time I felt every time I felt they were, like three people, one like watch that waiting for me to get down the mountain. Do you think that maybe if you had enough people watching you, you could be like an Olympic caliber? No, borders, like right? Like you're doing much better. And I you get a little if you know, people want I went the furthest I've ever gone that well in the two days that snowboarded, uh, without falling I was like I was going Like I say, that's impressive, because most people under pressure will fuck up. No, I like roast until they have to be there in real life. Or could you just like streaming on twitch? And you got, like, 50,000 people watching? Would you be the best snowboarder? Maybe, Um I mean, I think the other thing is like, one of those things. Like I did, I did. I did fall one time really hard. Hit my head. Someone asked. I think that explains a lot about this poll. Like you baby dog dog. Yeah, but then I was like and I was like, I looked up and there, like they were turned the other direction. I think they were talking like they didn't see me. And then I jumped up in, like, kept snow warning. Yeah, yeah, I I snowboarded better that in that. And I went down that fucking mountain fast faster than I did because I done that same thing up earlier, and it took me, like, a long time that stop it, take breaks and I kept falling and I was like, have against David and skiing before. No, I've never done me Any of it really know, Dan. That's impressive. Where'd you go? Straight into snowboarding? Because my friend snowboarded And he just taught me rather than like, taking lessons. He was like, I'll just teach you schemes. Pretty straightforward, I think skiing and for what I heard is skiing is easier to learn. Harder to master. Oh, interesting. And then snowboarding. You just fall a lot at the beginning, and then you get better. Maybe we should enter you into sort of like a future Olympics. Now, you can have six. Submit someone in 20 years for your consideration. We did that. We did that one athletic thing years ago. The stream, the lifestream. Oh, the, uh, shape up shape up. And I want that big trophy. You did? Yeah, I remember that. That was a huge That's a fun little stream. That was three years ago. I remember the most exercise our whole group has done cumulatively. And like a year, everyone is like It's great. Three injections more so you know how lost yet, um, Dan's miles were, like, just shy. Hey, is I think 100 547,800. Others, like 200 miles in less than $500. Just flown. Taking flight. You're right. He should have. Did you read that story of that guy? Who? Ah, went on a mileage run. Thio, get status to Mexico. Oh, I did. What do you do? What happened? He went to Mexico. I'm gonna get this story wrong because I only read it once. Um, like he was really short and he had the option to buy enough miles to get him to the next $1800 figure. It was cheaper just to fly to Mexico. Yes. So he was going to spend, like, 12 hours in Mexico. And he, like, went out to a bar and something happened where the bouncer or something was just like, I need Thio. Take your passport from you and yourself, or not yourself about your passport from you and got into, like, this big fight in this argument. And then, like the police came and picked him up and apparently, like the people at the bar and the police were in on it together. Those fuck over tourists had bought like two beers and then tried to pay for it and they tried to charge him $300 0 yeah, Yeah, it was. And then, like, he's like, I can't pay that. And then they took his wallet and his passport and everything like that, and you got put in jail and he had to get some. Some other woman was in there and she liked bailed him out and drove him to the airport and everything like, he managed to get back to the U. S. But he also, like, have this little love story with her to, like this crazy for 24 hour period of, like, almost getting stuck in Mexico, falling in love with someone getting bailed out by them. And it was like, I can't stay, babe. I got to get the miles. I think she was from Kenya. Ours. I think she was from Kenya. Yeah, I looked it up from Kenya. I think I was also scammed in chilled. Yeah. Wow, the same way. I think so. So we're gonna have done and I was gonna shoot last week, but the chute got pushed to this week and Dan was relying on that to hit executive flats down ended last year with 99. You isn't until January 30th calendar year. Hey. Should have immediately booked another flight, just No, But if you book it in 2019 you have to take it. I think if you book it, you have to travel. You have You have to actually physically make that and also like booking a flight last minute right before New Year's is not cheap. Oh, for sure. I mean, one for, like, 1000 cheapest place. I could go, I think I think you didn't really doesn't realize until after I think he was like it was already the New Year here is like Oh, God, yeah, I didn't fly so once again, then just full short. So where does he does he get put down to the next level or real plan and pro? So he's okay. Just get the old system whites. I barely made the minimum for, like, the lowest level for gold United, Like for silver. I think I feel like 26,000 miles last year. Yeah, it's great. It was really, really nice note. I'm hoping for that this year. I'm hoping I don't meet the minimum level. Yeah, I I guess I made it and I was like, I'm happy I made it. Most of it was done at the beginning of the year when I went on vacation. They really try to get you, though with that. Oh, just pay this amount. Thio. Keep your status or it's just ridiculous school. But I did it one year because it was like the cost of a flight where I'm like Fuck it. I fly enough that whatever I get from the benefits from the status, it'll be worth it for the whole year. And you probably value your time more than flying somewhere pointlessly. But this year it was like almost two grand. They wanted me to pay. And I'm like, but that that's she Oh, my God. Yeah, I guess it all depends on, like, I guess, what value you find in it and how often you're planning to fly that year. Because, like with platinum Pro, I think you get automatic upgrades or a good requests. Yeah, right. But I mean, is there anything worse for the environment than flying for no reason other than to hit some fictional rank? The ultimate? That's like the biggest effused the environment I guess the question is, if the plane is already gonna fly it. Mmm. I mean, like, planes pretty cold out these days. That's true. But if you bought it last minute, it is our plane. That's already gonna happen then, are you? How much of you affecting the environment? I don't know. Planes. That means not good for the environment. That's my surmise. My other thing, This this year's taught us to be more vocal about, ah, climate change, climate change in the environment. I also feel like, Okay, what what positive steps are you taking to fight climate change? Uh, I mean, I think I think what everyone needs to do is just little things like and like, not using this. Plastic is awful for the Martin using just like example, Whenever we get lunch every Monday, I always get Ah, don't use the disposable plastics. I just get plates and silverware. Um, all right. Good idea. Yeah, And I think I was gonna suggest that for our shoots. We trying? Not Whenever we shoot in the office, we don't use. We don't get plastics and paper. We just use our cupboards full of real point and then things like keeping ah, rags instead of paper towels using those instead, um, have an inn looking office. But you don't mean rag is pretty. Someone's got you use a rag, you just wash it, just wash him. Well, the problem is, who's washing that? Well, that's more for your house. Okay. You're having resources at your house. Just put put some rags in. Place your paper towels. Yeah, I got tea towels, and we could also d'oh Washington napkins. Yep. My family does that. Yeah. And then, uh, napkins that they just wash just I mean, not using straws for living. Yeah, well, yellow brown, I flushed the toilet at my house less. I don't do it at the office off for now, but at my own house. If I If I like pee at night, I'm gonna I'll pee again in the morning, and I'll just flush it then, you know, like, uh uh, what else? Let's see. There's so many things. It's good. It's all good advice. Cares to see where you were coming here. It's a lot of it. And also just vocalizing two people whenever someone's like, I don't get when people go to get water and they go and get a plastic water bottle. And it's like you don't need a plastic water bottle. Just drink. Just refill your cup at the sink. I heard, because there's like this whole this whole fuss about straws and plastic straws and how people were like, absolutely disgusted by people using plastic straws and how it's like an environmental crisis and like, yes, it's not great's not good for the environment. But I heard that pollution in, um, oceans and lakes and whatnot 99% of that is fishing equipment. And that's like the real issue that people are old that's completely avoiding an unaware of and not talking about. I don't know if you want to fact check that, but that's just something I heard recently. I've just like this is the real problem that we should be focusing on, not people using a plastic straw. I think it's all cumulative, though absolutely. I think like if you want to take steps like that, you should and you should be more diligent about it. But if you really are that so appalled by and look, I'm reading at the Mercy for Animals website, which is straws aren't the real problem. Goddamn it with straws aren't the real problem fishing. That's account for 46% of all ocean plastic. Okay, so 99% is a lot higher than it is still a huge. And that's just fishing Nets. Yeah, that's crazy. I didn't know that. Yeah, that's well, so just don't use any fishing nets. I have enough e zero. But I also like, I don't know the steps you could take in helping reduce that. You know, like I I other than your life going vegan. And now eating fish pressure grows to begin with. Uh, well, oh, um, you take that back. But that way we need a carbon tax, but that's getting too political. Um, listen, even saying the word climate is political nowadays, you know, which is so weird to me that the idea that, like the embark protecting the environment and protecting your climate is political. Yeah. Yeah. I think people who are scared or intimidated by those things will make it political. Tried to warn divisive. Well, the response I always get I tweet the video of the time lapse of the ice cow. And I love that I sent that to my mom. I know you did. And Ah, the caption I put was just like, not politics. But the biggest response I got in just once that was But the solutions are, huh? I mean, sure, it's, uh it's Yeah, it sucks. It's terrible. What a depressing way. Now tell a joke. I'm a fly less. That's my contribution. Okay, um, lose a lot of money doing that, but it's, like so much that I don't even like fly. Yeah, one. And then you can use my private housing. Yeah, You get some rags gaga. Right. So you're gonna reuse your you socks. I should I should do. Ah, plant based cooking segment for the podcast. You should. I wouldn't eat. That would beat the shit out of some plants. Plants don't have shit. Dude, I think you're missing the point. Uh, I guess they have some. They don't have any shit. Chris is burning. I just think about like do They don't have any waste that comes out of their roots or anything at the door. But the room, I guess oxygen is their waste. That's it. Well, they don't produce oxygen. They just remove closet, right? Another way to help is just eat less meat. Yeah. I mean, it's like they say. That's, like, the biggest contributor. Commercial agriculture, and even even eating less like red meat. Yeah, red meat. I mean, any sort of farming. Any sort of abusive. The collection of resource is causes a ton, like fishing and farming. It pretty bad for the environment. Yeah, but they're just such massive, important industries where we live. Why don't we all move into one little house together? All right. Little solar power? Uh, no, it has to be a little house. Little house, 300 square feet, huh? All four of us. Let's do it. Sounds like his show and then film it. Yep, I'm done. I'm on. I'm doing it. Well, he's your rags. I get the right guy. Let's not do that. Let's just say we did way. Posterior Chris, would you guys ever get so Yeah, I thought about it, uh, where I live like that. You can look. Actually, I think that's on Google maps. You can see. Like what? How effective solar panels would be on your house like you putting millions said it was like the efficiency where I live. It's not very conducive to solar. For whatever reason, the angle of the roof you live under graft trays, tree coverage or something. Just wait for those fireworks to go off and you'll get all the solar energy you need. Yeah, right. Yeah. Good idea. You know, I remodeled, uh, last year, and at the time I thought about putting solar on the house and I looked into it, which is why I saw that map everything. If it wasn't effective for for my room in the shape of my roof and saying about front cost, too. Yeah, I guess you could pay him off every time. But it's true. You can never lead. Look, to make profit on that is unless you stay in the same place for a really long time. That's true. It's, ah, non profit savings. I mean, you think about it. If you have, like, a system with, like, solar panels and like a like a Tesla power wall like the power goes out, you could still continue to power your house. Yeah, think about it from a practical perspective. Plus, you could also theoretically, I don't know how it works. But, you know, would your power be cleaner than because you're coming through essentially a big battery, you know, dealing with the same voltage spikes and drops as you would in ah commercial power. Feed him. Is that really an issue? Oh, yeah. I I have ups is all in my house for all of my equipment. Then transformers absorb that. Oh, God, no. I hear they're more than meets the eye. No, they don't. Uh, they control the voltage that ends up in your device is acceptable tolerances. Okay, Uh, that are allowed within the power feet that's coming down to You're at it. You had a phone charger? I have had it charges your phone, but, like all doesn't slow it from dying. You know, I'm talking about because you're still using it at the same time being charged. It might be it. And that might be it, too. But it's so slowly that you're like this. Just delaying the inevitable. We're gonna die, just like when I had my Prius. If I plug my phone in to the like the USB port that was in there whenever, like, first got my priest, I did what I had like an iPhone three Gs or something like, Oh, this is great. It charges my phone, but then, like, as phones progresses like, Oh, no, it's just slows down. Just not die a drain on the phone, right? It doesn't actually charge it. I think a lot of car chargers are like that because they put so little our out. I love looking at the chat and seeing when my pun live stream is right now. I was them. I guess I was kind of late to with World War Three stuff and all the stuff that happened with the Iranian general. General man. Yeah. Um, so I thought I'd use my Alexa, too, because I was started reading that stuff on 12. So what's happened? So I was like, uh, device, show me the latest headline. And I guess it just read out the last headline that it displayed on the screen. Huh? And the headline was, I was expecting to get something about, you know, the Iran Tension war. The headline was puffins scene using tools World War Three, Theo Puffins air right there, rising up. We've learned. Oh, man, I didn't look into that story. I don't know what tools they found that I was gonna ask Yes, immediately. I was like, I think that's what the previous cool? Yeah, man Pumping, scratching itself with stick. Just said to be the first evidence of the O. Oh, I like it because it was slice. Think goes to live with that. Uh, God e. I was expecting. That's obviously what is gonna be Oh, it could be a rag. You be ready. Who wants to clean that up from Gavin? No, DEA. Because what you could do is you get, like you said, you lose the sock, you lose a sock, you only have one sock. It's a rag now, Perfect for cleaning. Could you just stick it on your hand and fit your hand fits and announce a rag? Oh, God. It's on the table. You could be wiping your mouth off with miles. That's a pretty good idea. My socks were so small. Oh, no. I want an ankle socks. But also my foot is only a size like seven. Any bigger feet. Okay. Yeah. Bye. Bigger socks and then cover him in a rag or just you. Goodbye. Goodbye. And then that wouldn't work. So you could buy a one Longstocking cut. It makes you feel like, uh, you could buy one long thought. Cut it in half. So? So why should work also? Where in the fuck you know about one sock? Well, no. You by two big socks and make more socks out. Obviously. Like a lot of secrets. Is there a way to cool just the room you're in dampers on the events on your ducts. I close the Vince. I don't use this much. I see there are some homes to that have room control. I have some dampers in my or some vents in my house that in control with an app on my phone. So that's like So, for example, like you're saying in during the day when I'm not in my bedroom, I have events in my bedroom closed That way. No heat or air conditioning is being wasted going into that room. Then half an hour before I'm gonna go to bed. I was getting They'll reopen that sauce that we have. You noticed the saving and electricity? Absolutely huge difference. Because there's the problem is that there's very few companies that make him and, uh, the implementation isn't always great, But you can if you have, like a professional h back installed, you can have dampers which are put into the duct as opposed to on event that close and open. And you could you could kind of program those. In fact, we have a damper system here. Remember when we first moved in? We have the damper controls out front so that we could open close as we were learning how the air flowed in this building, my route opening close, we put rubber Bella's underneath the air vent. Well, yeah, there used to be. Aren't there some still there? Yeah, because of the giant tubes that just like one desk would be ice. Is this giant to just be shooting ice cold air at it? We've talked about it before, but in our office, where we sit for Arctic or the bathroom's in there, or are either fucking freezing or like saunas windows? Because they have their own vent and they're always shut. Well, it's on there. Unlike I guess, it's like they're all parallel. So whatever controls like these offices across here also controls all the bathrooms I forget. Why can't the grid system essentially. And so if it's like hot or cold at all. And the heating or air condition is on those bathrooms, just get like the brood of it. No, it's insane. The brute bulk I like that is it. I can't talk in 2020 right now. We have a coat rack in the bathroom, but it's just a giant eyes that where the bathrooms What are saying? Yeah, it's tough. Is that giant dildo stuck to the wall and the sweaters hanging off of it? Yep, someone in the chest that try turning off the heat that will call your home. Very good. Thanks. Hey, is the sun Do you think there's how much how much energy savings you think it is? Not shaving. What do you want? About what? You mean, like using the water? No. Like so, Like not shaving every day with an electric razor. How much do you think you save solving every three days? That sickness? You'd never Nancy That on the bill? No, nothing. Zero e. I guess I'll shave. Maybe over the course of like, 100 years. It would make a night. My electric thing. He lost forever, right? If I leave it for a week, it'll work. It's like solar power to something that we're a battery. Well, just recharging your luggage. You want Reese? I don't have enough. Would be to use a little bit. The worst part was probably water running the whole time. Is your shaving. Well, I don't use the water. I should be back. Not just his little thing And dump it. What would be sweet? As if it could somehow turn your hair, Burn it to make energy like a little oven inside that would generate. So you don't need me Hair power. But why don't we capitalize on here? Power hair powered. That is the hair powered podcast. Lasers smell so bad, but think of it they could run for forever. For for for for ever. Hair powered raised is 2020. So if you don't have any, I guess if you're shaving, there's hair. Yeah. Listen, I'm saying you're never run out of energy because you're always just every time we shave, you're putting more gas and thank do you shave your pubic? I give it a trip. My class things up. Do you use it like an electric? Uh, trimmer for that or just both campaigning bring on. Has everyone in the world done the thing with their pubic hair where they take a bit of a twist it and then cut it? Everyone does scissors. Yeah. No, I've done a twist. It What's the twist? You get more bang for its cause. Then you get a more bigger chunk off. It's also like, easier to control in the jet. Let me know if have you twisted your pubic hair and cut it? Yeah, I feel like it might be. Or a team. You ah growler thing. Keep twist over here. Team twist. Yeah, I don't I don't want scissors in your, uh yeah. You don't want that? Oh, yeah, I've definitely. When I was younger, I used to use scissors. I've use I have so many times. I've cut my self Penis most No, it's always the testicles, but not with scissors. Scissors? Oh, out of the half of what were you doing? Going my dreaming big if you're pulling the stretches piece of skin on your body and going at it with scissors. Bloody hell, Chris, you could have lopped off anybody. A skin graft. It's not great did you, uh, Did you sell, Sell? Circumcise? Yeah, a lot of before. Uh, I don't think that now. Yes. No. Yes. I've certainly nicked the old scrotal skin with a electric one. Sometimes it just get a little nick on what I don't understand. I have never I this frightens me to death is like a straight razor. Or like a like a shaving like testicles. Do people use a straight razor on testicles? I don't know. But some people like I know you can't do that. No, it's not some of those people there I've seen. I've seen porn. There's no no horn is not riel. But someone has to be here. Not only wax. Do you think they wax you where you can watch your testicles, huh? You're saying using a straight residue are not a straight razor. What do you call those? Like a manual day? A cut throat razor, like one of these? Yes. People cut, loot their people with no hair on. Do that with smooth balls. That's like what I'd be like cutting a mozzarella. People have done it, and it frightens me whether it be a straight razor or waxing. Either way, Why? I don't think you could wax your testicles. Course you can't. No, you cannot cover in wax and ripped up. No, no, because it's just too much for you. You crack him like an egg. It's just too much like Yukio Li addresses, getting stretches still has a limit and then the hand comes out and then you're like, No, no, no, no, no. That's just bad news. Just in that you're just the only thing I'm thinking about it for a bit with the thing. Whole discussions, right? Is the fact that once I was told by Zach Anner that his testicles were so loose that they touched the toilet water When he sits, Picture when you're hot, When it's hot, they get they lower. You know, American toilets have the real 100 that's true. But also And when your time like the agency wants, don't have the water's high more compared to an English one. Whether was I found a wiki? How are showing it to you? Everyone else? That is how it Graham Yes, that's it. What? I don't want my looking. I don't even want Barbara. What? You don't know what that is? You should be really accustomed in that view. Wait west. The anus. Is it on the bottom? You know, it's on the top where the graph paper is in. What if he's upside down? I don't know what I'm looking at this thing from lying on his belly, but there it is. Wait. Why are we even doing this? We're not gonna show it. Okay? You could let Wicky house go down. Go down one. No, I don't know what lies. Uh huh. Yeah. I mean, checking yourself out in the mirror is very important step. Could we could we actually have a link done when we talk about stuff on the screen? I know you could totally work, Smalls. I don't know. I would never do that. That sounds like that's, like, horrible culture. That just seems like, uh, poking a business. You have a way. With what? What I think Bees in this situation. Your testicles, sperm like or whatever. Either way, you're like it's gonna hurt. The bees have nests. What about no whale n'est for unit con? Oh, my God. Is it that film festival in France? Is it can or con? It's Can you can Connie told me you guys isn't a name of a place Name of them person. You can his dollars. I mean, start right. You can call it any time or con. Can it call? I've always said can What just happened? I also have people say, Ken, I've always had canned cans. Effort can can can feel invincible. Someone in our office was saying con today and I have never heard someone called it that before. But I don't know if they need something that I didn't cal it. Whatever you want announce. Thank you, Chris. That's what the joke. I was trying to get out earlier. I didn't have Oh, is that what that thing is so stupid? OK, so I looked up how to pronounce that word on Google, Mrs. Starting with the most obvious note the s on the end is silent. Secondly, instead of the sea, pronounce it as if there was a K at front In case you pronounced it san. That's all it says. So it's no indication if it's Connor que no indication. Get this right. Here's what you can do when you pronounce, succeeds, imagine it's okay. So stupid. Now, when you're saying Gavin thingy. Sounds like go Govan Javan. But I'm gonna call you that. From now on, I feel like the Internet is becoming slightly better with spreading that rules about spreading misinformation. Like what? The video is always getting taken down or hidden. I think that's a good thing. But did you see that Netflix is making this? Has made this Gwyneth Paltrow show about her group company we saw cause you tweeted about it. What? You explain that? What a load of old shit. What is why they pay you glad to have you heard of this group company? It's like squid top stories like shoved these crystals up your badge. Will you know this stuff? All these like weird, unknown scientific 3 $4000 or some bullshit all this crap and she's the one promoting it. It's the only company, in fact, and it's just a load of old wank. And the to be fair, I don't know what angle the Netflix series is taking, whether they're actually making fun of it or whether they're just promoting her scam company. I don't know, but I'm surprised that in 2020 that's a new show that Netflix is behind. We're at a point where there's a measles outbreak in Austin because so many people are not vaccinating. So I mean, does that really surprise you that we have to see some metaphysical bullshit stuff on Ah, on Netflix? What is this? Ah, she's selling some kind of boost. What is a bite size mental boost in your cafe? Ole Fix? It's a little chew for $55. It's a supremely expensive nothing that so many people have bought into. Four. Yeah, I feel like it's borderline irresponsible to put that on Netflix, but, you know, if we should have the freedom toe make and watch anything we want, right? So I'm like between she was trying to make and sell whatever she wants to, right? Yeah, I'm just blown away, though. I'm just sewed. It just seems so odd to me now, in today's age of let's make this have, like, real shit and not this nothing. I think it's a perfect sign of the times. I I agree with you, but I I agree I don't like this, but what if Netflix made a show to promote Flat Earth? Would you Would you be like, Why I think that is why we have in this right now, Minnery, that that's more about, well, it doesn't trooper disprove anything. It just focuses on the people who believe flat Earth is true, and I just don't know what angle that that I don't know if it's promoting this company or whether it's I guess I just need to watch it. Yeah, that's really what I know. I know someone who didn't believe in climate change. I sent them the flat Earth doc Humanity on Netflix. Yeah, two and out. And they're like, Wow, it's amazing having that conversation. It's like talking to that. I had a conversation about that documentary for a while, and I was like, That is what it's like arguing with you about climate change, where it's like science says it's this. Everyone else agrees it's this, but you're denying everything all the facts. You're clearly you're gonna talk about a lot more. 2020 huh? Yeah, because I mean, there are people who will have who will take the crystal out of their vagina, be like that was brilliant. That's definitely works placebo, but also just like there's an argument to be made for if people just need something to get them through. Ah, something that they're going through and like that and they find like, Oh, I actually feel better after doing this. And it's like whether or not it actually has a medical or scientific A ll scientifically scientific Um mm. But like if it made them feel better, Well, then I'm not. Also, this is me not like vouching for this company and this thing put put something cheaper up your vagina. A rabbit's foot e all do it cost free baby weight. That's a 1,000,000,000 of them in the world. It's funny you mentioned like, Oh, you think people are spreading les mis information now nowadays, But still, I don't think more companies of cracking down on it. Okay, that's fair. But I still see so often, and I This is like a message to people watching this, too. Like I see people comment on refugees stuff or you two videos in general who say things with such fact, like not in a way, words like, Oh, I heard this. It's just like, No, this is the case. Like I was reading the comments on Always Open that you were on the Sweet Kevin, but come out. It came out today and someone commented. Barbara and Gavin used to date, and now it's really awkward for them. Like they just say that as if that's a fact that you all got over it. Reconcile on, uh, work together. It's just like it's crazy to me that people just like we'll say things that they may be have heard somewhere or like broken telephone or whatever it is, and just like status, fact and believe it blindly without any sort of. Maybe I should fact check this or just I heard or there was a rumor that yeah, and then someone will read that and take this fact. I mean, I heard it was pretty good. That was what wouldn't we in date it? I heard it was also the same thing. We feel met. I don't know what. It was weird. It was already were to begin with. I was trying to say like it's not true because I heard, Are you okay? Rumor. It's like Well, I heard, or there's, uh what? No, it might be true that this happened. Just is never gonna have a little injured, could you ever again Now never mind. There's also we filmed. Ah, at this Airbnb A couple weeks ago, we were filming a short there, and we decided to stay at the Airbnb throughout the day and, like film some other Artie life content. And we filmed this thing where we ordered pizza from three different pizza places. They're obviously like it was Domino's, Papa John's and pizza because it's like whatever these are places deliver, and we know they're not local. And someone commented there like, Oh, I wonder why they didn't order home slice or anything like that and someone commented, Oh, that's because this is in L. A. And it's like, What? When did we ever say it wasn't enough? A state? Things is fact. And it's so crazy to me that I was reading a comment on the last video that the halo reached last video that came out And, um, we have our game audio quite low so we can hear each other here. So there was this bit that was being explained in game out here, but none of us could hear it. But there were these. The phantoms were actually coming out of this massive teleport, which is something I've never seen Inhale. I didn't remember that being a thing. So I was like, Is that think teleporting phantoms? Because that thing, like birthing phantoms of it and someone in the Commons right now the covenant never had Teleport is you must be like it must be like the angle you're looking at it from Must be like a glitch. So it's like I was renounced like, okay. And I played the level like, just in my own time and the guys that feel like, ah, the teleport in front of it. I was like, What I like so forcefully. Anyway, I think it's just like, No, no, no. You just speak with such confidence that long to verify something, right? Take less time to not verify. Just don't believe everything you read on the Internet kids. When I used to do competitive speech when I was in high school and ah, kind of speech, I would do it like you would be given a topic. You have 30 minutes to prepare seven minute speech and then you got to give, like, a position and they call it persuasive, speaking like it was like a topic you to persuade someone to think the way you did. 30 minutes of prep, seven minutes speech. And remember, What's my coach told me? He's like, Listen, you know, sometimes you're gonna get a topic and here's the deal. Prepare anything for it. So when that happens to start making up statistics and I said what I was just start pulling numbers out of your ass is like their mother. They're not gonna check it. And at the time I thought I was like, That's really shitty, like 64% of statistics are made up. But now, as I've gotten older like, everyone does that with the guy talking about the teleporter or like anything you read on language Oh, there in L. A. It was just like, Oh, yeah, whatever. 99% of fishing nets air last. And that was That was like there was. You said you thought that by saying, I'm wrong on this. I think it's wrong. I also said, like I heard somewhere that this was it. I'm not sure if it's correct that that's the right way of regard to take. But even like I did that too, I don't think that's even right to for someone to leave a conflict? I heard this. But toe preface it by saying like, I have no idea if I'm right or not, I could be talking out of my ass. But yeah, people just state things. This fact Trump does that all the time with stats, and I almost made it is not a political like that Trump's campaign, right? And to be fair, the way I said that about Trump in, like, 2012 on this podcast that he would just was not political. Yeah, that's just him as a person. He's always done business that way, where he'll just lie and say numbers of people when they just like, Well, you know, it's the exact figure, sir. We owe us, like, 101 100 something. I said that about Trump. You see that video of Trump? I think it was in 2012 or 2011. Maybe talking about Obama. Is the president gonna start a war with Iran? Get elected? Yeah, Yeah, it's just like so I made agewell. I made a tweet that I think people misinterpreted the other day. What was it? Um like we were talking after the the assassination of this. Ah, Iranian General, Uh, we were talking a lot about World War III, and I made this Ah, like, mean template. Post. I was like people talking about Gen Z and Millennials talking about being afraid of World War three and Gen Z being the first time cause or Gen x being first time because Gen. X grew up under the premise of the Cold War. Yeah, that was the thing he was always afraid of, like, Oh, at any moment, where were three is gonna actually happen And it's kind of like a I remember Jeff saying out of focus, it was like I used to go to school thinking like Russian. My attack, We would have drills in school be like, All right, the atomic bombs air coming hide under your desk s. So it's kind of like a call back to that. So many people got offended by that. Oh, you know, Gen Z and Millennials fought, you know, in wars in Afghanistan was like, I'm not saying right that didn't happen. I'm just saying, like this constant threat of a global war, it's just a cyclical thing, it happens. It's happened before. It's gonna happen again. Uh, no need to get so worked up about it. Wait until we're still come down. I think I didn't think I did read one comment that someone was like, Oh, it's like like a world war would actually start because one person was assassinated. It's like check out World War One. Yeah. Uh, a lot of people told me my tweet was in port. A disrespectful like Listen, that's not the port. The point is, we're always being alarmists. It's happened before. It's gonna happen again. Don't worry. Listen, Canada's still up there. I could go back home and have any D'oh d'oh! What stage for getting drafted here? 18. I don't like what's the age range? I guess I'm not eating that. 25 is the primary draft range, but it might go, you know, in the extenuating circumstances beyond that. But, uh, I've never been as happy as I am to be 30 right now. Although I'm Jonah. I don't think they could draft you. Don't fight? No, really. Rather not. Do you? I mean, if needed. I don't. They're gonna fight for this country like no I don't think I can. I'm not allowed to give blood. I don't know what. I don't want our foreign blood, because it's metric. I am I not allowed to give blood? Yeah, we need We need a pint of blood, not half a leader. I feel like one time I tried to get blood, and they I think they said I drank too much. Tried so much booze or something. I I I had something that was low. Or maybe that dream was really no. You know what it was? I know what it was is in college. I tried to sign up for a medical study. Um, go on. You know, you do medical studies. Uh, where you going? And you're like, you test drugs for money like your lab rat. And I tried to do that. And then they're like, Oh, your liver is has too much Billy Reuben. There's something really Reuben, something. I remember Bailey route, you know, and they were like, Did you drink a lot of the night before? Was like, Yeah, I'm so hung over right now. Like, yeah, you can't do You can't be in this drug test study. Billy Reuben What is he trying to say? Realize Billy Reuben is a brownish yellow substance found in vile. You didn't have enough, vile. I know something is wrong. My liver, Because I drink to us tonight before No, Maybe a liver was. My liver was like, What the fuck did you do to me? Unless is there anybody out there named Billy Reuben? I mean, they're 17 0 maybe it's just British blood. It won because of mad cow. What? People are saying that. Interesting. Yeah. Let's see what? Yeah. We still can't. Canadians could do it. I can't vote until got citizenship South. I don't think I could be drafted. I want to see him. Me? It's in the past. They've only drafted men. I don't know if they would extend the draft. Well, they have wings. A law, I think. Yeah, because women still don't register for selective service. Do they? Do they already have selective service? No. You're saying what? That someone for this? Ok, no, that's never happened that I saw someone tweeted the other day and I think you'll see retweeted. It's like the draft already happened. The draft is poverty. The draft is whether or not. You're in a place in your life where you are privileged enough to not serve in the military or where the military is. Ah, something that you have to go to four to further your your chances in this country and interesting. So it's It's a really fucked up way to look at it where it's like the you have people in power make these decisions that don't directly affect them or their families that affect people in a lower socioeconomic status. In them. Apparently the the podcast I mentioned that trump thing I was needed to keep the one that we talked about was actually supposed to play the Q. What explosive? Long time of those in the annex. I know the constant stress in the conference room in in 66 that I remember being in that like, Yeah, there's an audio. Only before you guys a video. Yeah, we might have done video like every now and then at that point, but it was we're coming up on Chris's birthday podcast. Oh, yeah. We're gonna have some Billy Reuben problems. We've all agreed Thio have ah, a lot of alcohol. We need to invent a shot and call it the Billy Reuben. Okay. Should be brown was to be brownish yellow. So around here, you'll be like Goldschlager and whiskey. I can put like a mixer and whiskey. No, no. I mean, like a ginger ale. And with you, it would help to know there's a lot. You gotta fuck your your liver, dude. It can't be watered down. If it's gonna you have enough of it. It will fuck your her. We're not. Feel like Brown is easy to a clump. Accomplish with a good boost. But yellow. How do you get good yellow Goldschlager and whiskey, baby. Okay. Do you know anyone who calls Gator it? By the actual flavor? Gatorade? What you know from the batter bury you want about just came out. We're talking about kids. It comes that only expose it. These podcasts, like Ellie, is another way. I had I had, like, predictions for what Talk us without Bernie would be like for an extended period. I didn't expect to pull Custer just loopy way. Don't know what we're talking about. We don't know. I know what I'm talking about. No, Barbara. I've never heard anyone call Gatorade by name. What? What are you in the flavors? Like Arctic. Something you wanna be? Oh, rag, I think. Missed Arctic Frost's hand me one of those Arctic frost. Uh, yeah. It's just like you're a fucking monster. If you do that, that's a different dream. It's blue Gatorade. Yeah, it's the killer or gatherer rate if you prefer. What year did we date? You tell me, Gavin. I don't know what year would have it. It made sense for us to have dated, I guess. Like when you first got here. Is that when you're single? Briefly. I was single then. God, I was single for like, two months. When I moved here three months move faster. And then I went on match dot com Mr Really? E I dated a guy for two months that I met on the way we played a board game with him. Yeah, it was a felon. I do not remember that guy. I don't think Captain liked him very much because we used to date and he was jealous. I wanted in on that. People are gonna pick apart this goddamn podcast and take audio clips from in C. Um, I had a lot of as a lot of comments about asking about all burden we have, uh, all Artie life. That will probably just put all that in a while. The finals in all the results. Did you end up gaining any weight? Hey, look at me. You don't pronounce E. I don't think so. No, you don't think that what I did? I didn't know I'm that even. Listen, I'm gonna tell you something. What? Having vegan for plant. Based on plant Based For three months now, the worst plant based meal I've had in those three months was a fucking pasta, which is No, that's not the place I would go to if I wanted 100. I will eat. I eat vegetarian there sometimes. Two different. Okay. Yeah, the it was it was not great. Wow. You, you and Eric both. You know, you know when and if I went just a couple weeks earlier when I was eating meat, it would have been fine. Gavin Wendt, yet a good time. Your food? Yeah. You never said it was fine. I I invited you. You did? But it just didn't work out. I know it didn't work out. I'm a busy lady all alone Achievement hunter went, I went separately, Didn't ever tell Dreary hotel. Why all that you've been Hunter went? I don't think so. But the funniest fucking part of that video is when the waitress like Chris, you brought friends. You just in here by yourself. When I was shaving you for using their amazing free pasta pot, they got a shame him they'd lose money every time he goes Thing that the the reason so much of achievement hunter went is because I was slacking with Jack about it, and we were like, Oh, we're gonna go this this day or that day And, um And then I was like, Oh, actually, we should probably go on Friday because Sunday is my last day. And Jack thought interpreted that that I was leaving the company. And so he told the chief and Hunter it was my last day on that and that it's like a little This is his last day at the company. Oh, my God. And that they'll just believe Well, I guess there was a confusion Things Did you eventually tell him? Yeah, it all gets sorted out, but that's why it's so money, Stephen. That's nice to know that dull like they came in last day happens to be. Yeah, but Jack thought I was like Is like my hand. Wow. Christmas is this Last day and he wants to take us off. Did you tell them at the meal? What do you tell them before it was a little before he stands up to make a speech. Chris, I'm not leaving, is like, God damn it. What I think is the last day of my pasta pass. Got it. Are you having what it was? Yeah, it was great you, but I saved a ton of money, saved money, and honestly, I went toe. I had dinner and stuff with people I wouldn't have normally have gone to dinner with doing registers minimal. Did you enrich some friendships? I did. I never had a solo dinner with Gavin. This is true. And then you had a pillow dinner? Yeah, I was just telling Chris about how I picture him dying in my head pretty regularly from a slim a guy shoot. We did back in the day with the crossbow. I'm so glad you didn't get hit by tell. Talk about that? Yeah, I think it did before. Yeah, I think I've told her the focus, but you have someone we're shooting crossbows that Dr Pepper balls and Chris was like resetting some Dr Pepper on Brandon picked up the crossbow, Which car some other guy had loaded without any of us realizing. And then we realized it was loaded and like it was being pointed at Chris And I was like, Okay, I'm doing all my shoes without without people from receiving. Well, the thing is, the expert we've brought in a crossbow guy and he loaded it and he loaded it and didn't tell anyone. Yeah, see that at the moment, cause Chris was like, what? And Brandon was like ho. And I was just like I had Thio picture Crisco and lasted through the our soul with a crossbow bolt that he'd still be alive. And every so often I think about what might happen. Cotto's awful and I genuinely love shooting with no crew because of that moment. My dad and I, we know everything that's happening. Yeah, when there's like six or seven people, I lose track of who's done what I know about loaded crossbow is all over the place. So now to compensate for that, you go to dinner with Chris. Everyone's really takes me out. Hey, my shoot almost killed you. So Chris and I actually dated in 2012. Don't do that. Chris and Gap dated someone already setting. Yeah, I haven't seen you say it. Uh, was gonna wrap this up, s So what are we doing? You're so that will be the episode that comes out the 20th. We're doing your next week with the week after doing your birthday. Three recording in 18 on the 17th. Don't. But they don't. You know that. Well, Okay, well, I mean, never mind. Uh, check it out. We have some things in the works. Some surprises. Even Billy Rubens to the 20th. Some Billy Reuben's. All right, everybody with you guys next week. Thanks for watching. Bye.