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Recorded: 2010-04-21 22:33:37

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

reverse okay everyone wait podcast so confidently the seventies email fa Awesome theme it was like it was on the internet dead has nothing to do with all the pain seems you've been inhaling last couple weeks of alcoholism Peoples Gas the ba he doesn't even give me a photo I am sorry you are right that is your boss the kitchen did you can't like you can't leave liquor or round can you record people I like just like a person eating chocolate in in a house around a woman know she's going to eat it we've been building up for this for the past 57 it is really an intervention beer connoisseur the drunk tank podcast we don't often talk about drinking that's true but we do Jac gets in trouble you went to Vegas you actually how is the I was going to go to been doing that we have a project that other stuff and producing everything in between so it's pretty busy right now headed time Luke and Jessie that was that was your idea it was my it was it had to do the project that you have to work on when you get home from work why would you come up with another project for yourself alcoholism thing is true I'm really not doing much right now RT on the bean bag the items bought it for a hundred Brookhaven you got a friend for life I put it on the front yard type on Craigslist free bean bag chair and gone is that why I have $100 and you don't I turned $50 and 250 200 come with you when you come back with that's all positive where did you win the money for me Jac the MGM Grand and then I double up 200 at the Aria the new hotel would you think it are you it is really nice and actually was $2,500 you're right he's like yeah he's a real and cool I asked if he had a good time on this trip and he said yeah I was on the best times ever it was crazy and it was the best part of the trip for you it was like the most fun and he told me it was turning off the lights while taking a dump in the bathroom watching Dr Twitter people when they're on the plane Leaving Vegas have a good time what Twitter people the likes of him new cardboard dead in the you know crappy gu in the stuff like that we went to his room to get a change of him like that and he was the restroom and we were looking at which is reading time and goodnight there's goodnight in the curtain starting automatically and and the blackout turn off the TV turn on Everything Is Awesome the bathroom in the bathroom it was pretty funny also are we going Twitter the weekend you were in Vegas wow not not like not Twitter spam are really bored sit there and work on something with my hands and then not have to deal with anyone it's like you know I got a project I'm working on this right here it's something I can work out for a couple hours and see like an immediate return did not live in my neighborhood actually correct it's like it in my life I am around people 24 hours a day the only time iPhone 6 minutes on the shower and then usually taking a shower huge space 6565 turn into a maggot are ready feathers and wings lay this out for you got chicken did you like them what's the ultimate plan they're going to lay eggs for about 2 years and then I'm going to eat them you're really getting your chicken who is raising chickens that you're going to kill who loves to eat chicken Matt currently I don't understand the ramifications of eating meat or what's going on ideally the first time it happens you call Adam / and Adam kill support first one for you and then Griffin doesn't matter that Twitter I definitely cannot do it drunk is it I can't kill a chicken for food that I should be eating chicken fried not really not yet if I eat a living I should be able to be I don't know have the stamina to take things like that being said if I can't kill the chickens and they just have to end up continuing to live that's fine because are really good for yard chickens chicken is a great fertilizer and chickens eat bugs it was like if you post whatever you like remind me to look into it company the composting thing is is it at free the Big Barrel Hubble been linked of your natural from the house like banana peels orange round and then where and then once every 4 months you totally totally traveling turn off wacky bicycles Cadillac Flugtag competition and I went last year and they had that were made out of corn and then company we never started the Parker wee Honolulu plate underneath a milli only gets to go check on them in the morning before school and at night 4 short bed so we don't handle them really it or not in 2 years experience getting ready did Iceland has a lot of volcanic activity Hubble of geothermal Springs they're known for having like hot springs they have the world's best Hot Springs you know what the fuck I couldn't get anybody to bring with me so I didn't go with you I think I online Baker Iceland remember that one time we went to bed Child's Play Charity Dinner I was trying to get on the tour of their Studio not because of the name for Iceland really remember the first 200 people in or 200 what are we did I think is Greenland in it was pretty snowy where I was and it was just like McKinley Tundra I don't know just got flattened planes and kind of lame but I hear that the worst I on the map I agree you couldn't couldn't stop where is the worst mother Tundra Tundra and desert RT s are like Settlers of Catan or anything I'm just trying I'm trying not to put a lot of information out there about Invasion and all the different game modes and I'm just I know it's coming so I'm just trying to stay away from all of it I really haven't watched or read anything either I'm just waiting for it waiting for it to unlock on ODST menu screen shot today 1404 Bear Creek crazy everyone's going backwards in time in the are more than likely what's going to happen 2 loadouts between reach and Halo 1 ranked right XD this except I guess the I don't know she made Halo 1 2 3 Halo .5 Halo -1.5 ODST - Mombasa 2 I thought you said spider I thought you said okay okay but what is Halo 2 is at the beginning of Halo tell them anything after that frayed for some reason free game on it or maybe two if I'm lucky that has made me feel absolutely love with the game Sunday Matt this is now a new console to me where it's all games on demand no Digital Library of games on your console and games on the I'll get it yet but I feel like I'm now 8 months old now I'm older and case Halo 3 almost 3 years old in September 07 crazy it makes me wonder why they didn't put with her she was coming up and you need to have ODST to play the reason why not put up ODST on games on demand or better yet put the even if you put the Halo 3 multiplayer that came with ODST is really what people want bad I'm having to manage what games are ripping to my memory stick only ripping like the game or two games I'm playing right now then wow I'm not playing you know Borderlands and get that off my stick my USB stick I would just 2 games on demand because then if you don't need the disc is turn on the stand right now I think it's I'm pretty excited did you guys wee the announcement that the Dead Rising 2 demo is actually going to be a Payday demo and is a prequel to Dead Rising case zero zero. 1.44 exactly Dead Rising 3 hours Minooka live experience between that and 4 player co-op in Crackdown how to train a right now you don't want me to Left 4 Dead tell if you want me to Dead Rising 2 is not isn't or is bad as Left 4 Dead that you got that you don't remember what is true westernize it not good not good westernize 2 Japanese it for the hard to Western developer all the cheeseburgers what's up with lost this year blizzard has started selling mounts for World of Warcraft 25 bucks and that you can't get any other way goodnight supposedly made about 2 million dollars for hours all the way at the auction off only 10000 about or special about the mount like a little faster or just cuddling that's a real social environment to meet a lot of people that is no difference in the world that's not buying a Porsche vs buying a 4 for a while I think it's like 10 bucks but they just started interesting I would like to ride on the shoulder the tire I just where can I buy steel stee makes it more common which makes it worse make it make it rain and then it makes them a better buy another 2 months just going to be 10 million people with that exactly never but in a way it's like why put something out there I'm sure they're just testing the water level mounts X on have more and more expensive and exotic looking ones I would think $75 mounts a lot of in-game money for ridiculous mounts is it any benefit from it. 3 of the play Uncharted 2:45 I have one small question did you all have to do an OS update okay in that case it's okay now I'm going to say 1/30 minutes update Uncharted 2 and install that I had to separate and that took forever to make a video for it and he said yes RT the patching process 2 multiplayer pack we should I bring my PS3 and from home we should like do 2 player stuff or something Uncharted 2 you can do this to everyone Uncharted put entire Machinima mode with green screens and sets and everything probably the most advanced machine has promoted any game I've never seen an Uncharted Machinima series the one problem it has and I don't know if you can't rewind which is a big deal it's a big deal that's like our podcast .5 or something right Jac RT and I was going out and you can back me up geof that you can put 4 Machinima into a game in the hopes that people will make videos from it and they will go and they will popularize your game or promote your game beyond the initial retail sales you can do all those things if you leave out one or two things it's utterly useless things done and made it to the end after for all I don't know why I don't know why you would enjoy every single fucking day not here driver 3 head that has been kind of motor is it no replay the match which I don't understand why does every game have a theater mode crazy people are most developers are frayed to get people that degree of freedom to look at their game the moving around in places they can't normally get to it really exposes like all the short cuts that people normally take to put a game out Crazy Taxi it would then replay the entire run pirate things through every time it gets older driving wee have to play Battlefield 1942 that was pretty cool but I still really been enjoying the hell out of Bad Company 2 I know you guys didn't really jump into it except for Jac did new update came out today is my tour Dr Pepper there's 4 new achievement and for like separate many DLCs and if you live in the UK or whatever you can just buy them so I don't waste each or whatever but if you live in the US you will have to get them from from bottle cap Dr Pepper from Iron Man about that did you like it Jac would you like and how often case now and I'm ready to date again sounds like a date let's cut out of here take a break and let's go see Kick-Ass it okay the 16th at 11 o'clock it was a nightmare in the movie back to the DL Menard the Alamo the great experience it's a lot of fun money gotta go and convince him for a month or two months or however long is 1x months have to go to this thing we're going to take you and have a good time to be great then he goes and I guess he just didn't hear anything I said and he liked it so much he explained he lives across the street from grocery store that's literally been there for a hundred years old for sandwiche costs across the street the sandwiches like 6 months ago I gave her a ride home one day and I go holy shit you live next to the grocery store de have the best sandwiches you should get the orders Wow worth anything let me know Jac Is For Real left your where we were still stuck with the geof for the past week and Trey my kids go back with him it's like it's like what's your dad making lunch not even with hamburger meat you like hamburgers not like you know what the original sleeping since some Frito pie turn over their face to it than that something is that they tell you how great it is you know or share it with a person you know you're talking about the fight choreography the other day I saw some of the stuff that money for that money and I choreographed that last night his hand was really close to my crotch so it's a lot of a lot of blocking and figuring stuff out and it will make sense to you in about a month-and-a-half two months probably did new girl dancing video I was doing that DL look 2 the video game can we talk in on YouTube where you can see when people stop watching your video navigate to the video or when the hit stop or whatever they call it hot spots hot spot it was interesting to see line on are videos to watch versus Montevideo she didn't like was closed at the dancing girls and Ino vs. geof and just looking at the camera ever is the one where Lindsey geof tomorrow the bridges the gap between Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2 are ugly the coolest thing I have and then look up the DLC playlist going to make Call of Duty multiplayer paid but you have to pay 3 months DLC the consul's great which is everyone has the same setup so now you get a DLC to is that we had to think about it Halo 2 has but it's not time but you can tell from those Legacy playlist that we're still in the fact that they were heavily favored in the match that didn't come out later when I got a lot of and what's the Hang Em High remake and 2 hours at night and I don't think I played on a map Halo 2 is going out already he was coming in but then what's that big Matt where we filmed containment containment Construction you had lunch that's where recovery 11171 I guess that's where I got shot swag swag ulation indication at all then I will say I've never played Halo 2 online ever going back in doing that original Xbox Live with stone bad experience and makes me appreciate and Xbox Live is it and everything and then look at the evolution it seems so weird I remember that before Halo 2 came out they released live update tsunami update Halo 2 RT Clan the prequel wee sized really drunk he from is in the kitchen for 10 years and complete recovery wow see if nothing on their new record I let it lapse at the end of the lake right on the for some reason I just wanted to the expression 0 hour that's what happened we took are gamertags on the memory card to import them to get their RT who made a fresh gamertag there in the option you could Gallo things confusing Halo 2 was the perfect Xbox Live experience everything else was way worse today everything else in the lobby getting messages how do I check this City controller left bumper dead over there over there party chat it was funny everybody was like saying goodbye to Halo 2 it was a big send-off and it was like we're shutting down that portion like usual Xbox games the live is going to shut down so obviously everybody goes and and the farewell the Halo 2 but what about the other two every week is it going the way and we had a big party and celebration everyone Halo 2 they should have ended it at 2 a.m. Central midnight Pacific Time live countdown until it 2 are open till midnight and then I was like no no for saying I'm guessing that de turning it off is probably more complex than we imagine is that something we can just switch everyone on the account Xbox live countdown time we're going to shut it down if you want to be on where you need to be on here they were probably prepared for people to be upset about turning off the round something they didn't know they were doing it Major Nelson had a countdown clock but that was for the guys in the office that ran the service at this point everyone assumed it was done it's gone or maybe they weren't sure if it was going to shut off so I can make sure if when they hit the button to actually turn off you know Dating for Dummies did he make it up to me 2 time on his page or midnight but they all the officially I think it really wasn't time to finish your game then it's gone ink for the clock to hit and I backed out of the game when it shut off I literally just like you can't get another game that's it sorry being as it was the first time you'd ever played Halo 2 multiplayer in live I Can Fly I think that's great okay. As long as your friend and co-worker I'm going to From This Moment On make it my duty to get you laid I accept April 14th 04 shut off 4 p.m. Pacific time like right around there waiting on me to turn off the city were still have the connection people playing and it was fine if everyone live in the systems we go on forever indefinitely are allocated 4 Dead original I just from and they were able to shut down the service that we've all had and in support for a lot of games that are out there and they were able to do that in there was no backlash it was the right way to do it until this we gotta give him props for that is always a contingent of the internet 50 bucks 10 years ago that you owe me you know I'm I just get this for everyone new future 3 on Xbox 360 that's been in a warehouse somewhere and has the original Xbox 360 dashboard with the lady that's got to be somewhere I have some in the closet we might actually be Halo 3 right now I didn't say hard to it it's like there's a chip on the actual motherboard that says that kind of stuff the newer ones that have on the update to my memory card did you see that if that's okay with shutting off services that are getting off delete someone's going to have to make a filter pass through that dashboard at some point and say okay we've added in all these other my community stuff and all these other things on the dashboard wee going to go start clearing some of those real estate it seem like you've got and then you get the arcade room family fun works like when you turn it on you have like you know my Xbox it shows you like this that's in there right now you're have a turn off to the right you can't girl looks like my videos and my community and all that stuff I wish they would make a my channel where you could pick items that you wanted everything there I want to play Netflix I want to put in the Dr and I want to play my games on Demand right now guy didn't notice that you're going to have a welcome change if you start Xbox which is very close to you and you don't like Super Bowl talking about being at the Super Bowl interview ink over it tour probably okay so far okay so Monday morning and I was very conveniently paying my electric bill online and see what's going on this month and I used 3500 gallons a month and this month of April I had already racked up $17,000 found my front yard has broken pepper and so he had to dig I like is 4 foot by 4 foot hole in my front yard and while he was down there preparing the space next to the fucken broken pipe the break was hard for Lincoln I don't know what was called the lady sitting next to them that's really weird it was like and then I was actually when are you going to die and burni is convince me that that was there to ward off a demon and then out of my protection is gone I'm screwed Redken and now you've got I mean there's a refrigerator I told him that night if you want to talk while animals is there a name to me at 3:30 in the morning that night to tell me that he had just woken up from a nightmare and it was so real and Vivid he had to tell us about it and it was key in Griffin and I were in the house and a demon was trying to get a and C to the studio but we couldn't get out of the house in time and that she felt bad terrible Tuesday from the studio we were trapped in there with the with the monster is going to come back for him foreboding it felt like it was something geof what are your initial reactions were genuine but then after that we were conspiring am I stupid Scripps of Portugal Halo centuries ago and she told the people to 3 Secrets the first secret was talking about demons buried underground Matt Harvey live in fire supposedly also after a couple years after that event occurred some bishop or priest decided to dig at the exact spot where she appeared and took it well and they're providing fresh water and water the plumber dog 4 Food Hall feel better the subject HP is selling a 3D printer I didn't know Prince objects out of left ABS plastic how much does it cost $17,000 us Star Trek replicator no it's like the fucking fair or plastic representations of stuff you can turn your face into a brick of glass company RT News in or out of Cuba 200 employees in there and then after I don't know that there it was just us and all those desks can we go on Friday nights because they had they had connections break the beam that's exactly what it was before de de tour permits and do all the stuff Tacos on the street can I get a cherry picker in like it had like a little site like I never put it up only Built of lice fast Mrs 4 Bloomberg has turn costs the anything happen to Matt Stone and Trey Parker after they are done post office Microsoft Microsoft Express not come on who is Gawker and Kotaku have to talk to or whatever the site corporate booked up and try to download you're coming out now about how the dude did not the dude who found the phone did not return it to the bar or authority phone constantly calling the bar constantly just trying to track it down and how he just refused to acknowledge that guy's birthday sold it for $5,000 200 pictures of the new version of the iPhone the iPhone supposed and then came out was because I was at a bar and found his phone in a bar in Northern California and he just took the phone then posted it online figuring something new or different or weird then go to purchase it from him for $5,000 they got it and it was dead over the course of the evening at the bar the part 6 photos of the circuit boards everything put it all on line then there's this rumor that it's not stupid it's not iPhone and then it turns iPhone and internet lawyers analyze the situation if you find something in a bar and you know it was left there that's not a transfer of ownership in any way whatsoever and if you take something that is costs that and then uniform pictures it the personal cutter cut your I was probably crazy or just look at this game is stupid what's this dog tags lame just kind of like an apology everything back in the bag and throw it out the window cable TV began and which are these little remote sized items that when you push the button it goes to all the power codes of all the universal remote front room really fast so you can turn off TV free much anywhere turn off your sporting event and you can be assholes always make it a point like a little square cardboard and break your fucking display your presentation to celebrate the gadget culture like to go to CES show where people are making presentations for their work by the way I paid a lot of money to go there new walking round in d-bo on shutting off people this place would probably make that happen no problem Tower unbelievable they're buying stolen iPhones has crazy potential who knows who knows what'll happen and it been over there all over the news like that which is what they wanted to be probably really and if you want to I'm label did you try to this I don't know for sure if you might have been out did you see the story that came out that CBS News broke that almost every digital photocopiers built since 2002 and a hard drives in it burni fucking told me that you've ever used hard drive and stores an image of every single thing it never copied so she just needs to this warehouse in New Jersey that sold used copiers 3 copy or totally random one was from the Buffalo New York sex crimes division the police department won't from the Buffalo Narcotics Division of the police department and one was from a hospital so they open them up and it said like an hour took the hard drives out and dumped every copy that ever made included like warrants personal medical information and addresses of sex offenders in of everything locations the police were staking out 4 robotics fucking terrible has horrible City how many times are usually copied something about anywhere drivers license hard for so little brother $5,000 copiers wee have like a little 300 total vending machine cartridges in the printer 35000 molten plastic or whatever the reason it or you want to go you need to know free to be coming up like this wee sized report a cartridge for your storage like a little the little version of everything you've ever made inside of it toner stores stay in business Twitter stores yeah you know that what does one on Lamar that I drive by all the time when I take off toner and or injector 3 1 and wee Panda Express are at Lamar and 38 yeah they're $3 a gallon gas for $4 a gallon gas and it broke down everything else in their life by the gallon and how much it cost and it was so funny cuz I think it was like $10,000 if you pay $18 ink and costs of the $8000 per guy here looking crazy Dead 2 floating it in the gas was no point in taking things you don't know how ridiculous they were have you seen the Tower of ore you know someone took an entire box full of Oreos and made into one what is that meaning of the daily wage us tour DL donuts made out of the dough for a dozen on man vs. food Round Rock Donuts Rock I like that place around Airport Lulu B's been terrible I said you are geof burni element there's a place that I can get pictures for guests to link them pictures of this place which is right across street from the Mexican food restaurant where we go to eat but we would never stop is gourdough's donut place I wanted to go there for a long time corn tortillas and I flash with Aaron today and Chicken and Waffles free did for love in a lost the menu and if you did what you I had chocolate pudding Donuts it was incredible it was incredible or Canadian bacon cream cheese and jalapeno jelly cinnamon sugar and cake mix topping all over habanero pepper jelly inside with cream cheese topping or I would definitely wow it's like right across from some of the trailers behind the oil place where they make jelly and peanut butter it has a peanut butter icing on it crazy new crazy cuz you're not an alcoholic Donuts Strawberry the real strawberry I want Texas I need a list and we need to Lunch Bunch it kind of did we did we did that your mom's burgers the other day and then we did lunch gu are you coming home tonight 745 million dollars I think did we talked last time about the movie theater okay and it's called where it's a couple rows of and you have to reserve the seat and it activated when you buy tickets for motion control along with the movie 6 where do you go to Galaxy Highland of the Titans first part of where the water and you feel like you're tripping like you're in the way it comes or like the door and it looks in the picture behind the for that kind of money but have you had that feeling but whatever it was she told me about it is well on track for the d-bo free Clash of the Titans comics in Prince of Persia is it costs more it was 20 bucks each but it was worth it it was pretty cool it looks like there's 18 theaters in North America that supported and one in Japan so can you get fucking yeah too bad on Ultra HD XD yeah like to see IMAX in for him because we were talking about the service up in Round Rock north of Austin where they have this Ultra HD movies Imax Trey and I said he says because if you look towards the top-left corner of ore IMAX theatre there's a big stain on the screen of a water stain or something and I don't know why they haven't removed it yet and now that I've noticed that everytime I go to ruin a dead pixel on your mother fucking rescue smarter you should go see Hubble 3D and I'm really want to see that except I can't see it because they're water-stained 4 premiere weird yeah it's really from this point whatever in the movie and it was good no liquids past this point I mean you look at the memory sticks wee have you can probably fit the actual movie on a memory stick Rising 3D it was a hard project never existed project where they could Parker van filled with equipment and then reassemble almost electrons for all the CR case in like a one-block area and see everyone screen fix who live in the guy who is 4514 I really never use ever ever have a storage device I guess Tower is the main issue the power of are you found it but I don't think Network ports like on a laptop probably been in existence for like 30 years it is only thing like from hard drive looks like a broken frayed USB cable it looks like your device and then you Mrs frayed and cut off and I was actually up in here looks like a mouse if you don't have a bunch of broken nobody does it's going to be even more like a little USB device not turn with this with the wireless or the USB dongle what the deal is with the end of the USB sticks out like maybe an eighth of an inch of snow or possibly quarter of an inch away from the actual laptop of self super low profile on the storage stuff Municipal Annex