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Recorded: 2010-05-05 19:14:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Joel Heyman




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Transcript (in progress):

you ball email search this guy is just red bird from studied NBA Bejeweled Mac data space Android I like Alan Dr victim course what else played one of her first roles in that part out what server first part she was the the radio in the warthog in season 3 was she she was distressed and I know the stress that what is the name early this Century like 1920-1930 know that accent that be like yea yea I don't know maybe the wee we lost that next city way people use the same 2 or less air control in 6 months from now season 3 of my vs will you stay in your bed and you sing how dry I am lost dead like I have had multiple people have to get me to understand music and like the difference in whatever yea perfectly but none of us have any music Palin music four red vs blue I farm out all the theme song to the podcast man Mass a musical Guy what's the number to me like you're supposed to be and I can I can I can more like Griffin ever the same I can't do I need a what which one was that I guy in Hearthstone in one of those memorization did you ever have anything Pensacola Blue is that I like you like a little pain I even though I even tried out for choir in the fifth grade because my friends tried out for choir and I did not make it I was team I've got I must have been I don't know nevermind Hospital 3 hours a day I love you yea you right to the school till like 1130 and then I Yea Yea High School Google full day of school but I never skipped a class I didn't know what I would do just wander around the school for an hour you know it's not be in that class is not enough Rio course is one of the in the video and we will walk over to school everyday for some reason I never remember we walked up to it I looked in the window in English to explain something English you want in life on Earth yea Soo what our parents from Mexico formally speak Spanish and English language in Spanish yes but they didn't teach me English I was never going to learn it we totally understand our nervous about driving to Arizona now what's up with that freaking crazy man anytime police can ask anybody for proof of citizenship for immigration status I can't the way forward it but I can ask any Mexican any time neighbors 2 now I don't have an issue with the colonel our work because the commander-in-chief wasn't a natural citizen therefore he didn't he was required to obey the colonel current a long fucking time it takes we have to go you have to at least get a college degree or go through a military school like Westpoint team four years and that then you come out as a second Lieutenant then you got up we get to years to first lieutenant 2 to 3 years to Captain probably 3 to 4 maybe 5 years and then another 4:15 years to 2020 years enlisted you could go to you can do green to Gold program where I can listen call commission you can go to college to this program Murphy was a fucking psycho probably serial killers that just got drafted Rio stories about Douglas MacArthur player I guess early in his career if you want to catch a bunch of you know God Metro investigating it was supposed to be what he was investigating the Mexican light rail system for the feasibility of invading Mexico and using rail for using trains eventually moved there incorrigible Pizza what does the reach beta starts May 3rd May 3rd next week next Monday original Xbox Live four the people say there's an article today on the talk to you about it it's really funny to see how long we can keep this going on crazy story to tell you the little green tea party computer company that owns the rights to Hitler movie started taking them down from you down full remix but this actually I guess the guys that made the movie the director and the actor both loved it and it was great they took it down from some people involved in the film because everybody else first yea that's so fucking over used to think it's funny when you see it and then the internet really doesn't know when to stop at the definition of a mean is just everyone saying the same joke over and over again will make it what makes it funny that you already know the joke that's what I mean is anyone with the internet the best way to kill as put it on TV Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up at Thanksgiving Rick Astley came out in be rick rolled the audience that was funny we had Amazon for free Jac you guys have changed me you mean we're slowly rotting Jac from the I hate driver's we went you like to think that you're not a starry-eyed fanboy but we went to something last night that was so cool I had to we would you go Premier here in Lost World fan forum air filters in the house but they're going to have it in London but because of the volcano thank you okay know they had to move it to Austin the world premiere was going to be in London and then Hollywood the Phantom years old in Austin Alamo Drafthouse here in town what you talking about I think a million times before and it was very very cool because we new and they sent along to take message Jon Favreau and Robert Downey jr. dead the next you put it online if it seems I'm last night by the couch and they want to thank you this really funny Sarah space Red Robin sunscreen and walks out on stage from backstage data that Robert also comes out it was really cool space at we work 2000 Salon con again but something Alan and I deleted that is amazing okay you like weird stuff like four Iron Man they might show a bunch of late seventies cartoons of Iron Man they might show some weird Japanese video Origins don't talk during the movie turn off your cell phone videos that are specifically made for the Alan yea they have all the big stars and Rit again for some reason I don't know I might be in the back of the to come kick your ass red and yellow and then try to convince him to jump off the cliff are there in 2 make a video on a 77 our total super fast with funding from the company so you the more I find it if you like that's great and everything is there a lot of like canwest Lakes answer the stuff in there there's a lot of stuff apparently there's a lot of like you know just under the surface in the timeline is Iron Man 1 Iron Man 2 in the mean credible Hulk movies the Edward Norton that takes place after Iron Man 2 know that Ed Norton movies Canon there are smaller pieces involved in the movie something to out the movie isn't I missed anything in the first Iron Man movie apparently Captain America's shield is sitting in Tony Stark's last yea I can we watch it to see the first 400 anything Four Roses you got it this weekend after the credits 400 the end credits roll found out that when they had a screening before they didn't have the kind of a button scene at the end but who knows that's the place we have you left yet so pretty much she confirmed that there will be one what was the last remember the name man talking about the Avengers million this movie trailer gray 2 trailer what does the phrase Cameo without leaving the field now does this make you go data but you know it's there you just look at some of the bigger stuff they've invented some new stuff for the movie what kind of fit in the man ugly with Tony Stark in the comic that's lame and make four the movie everyone had a great time afterwards which is the element with a bar next door which is like 250 early sixties lounge-type bar where they have bowling lanes in the bar and karaoke rooms and karaoke DJ party what kind of music you possessed but now he's up there as recovered from Kanye West to ACDC Michael Jackson hanging out for a while and then you have your own privacy Jac I bowl a few games and I learned that I'm a better left handed or right handed Bowlers interesting Rio Linda High School the evening how was your high score River a Bernie said you're pretty good pro bowler as a teenager I don't I don't know we have a bowling night at the old place to work at you just like after work at midnight we go out to the bowling lanes and everybody started he showed up with a ball in a bag and with a professional Bowl yes pretty good at strikes trouble 12 rolling burnouts a good Pizza Bowl update at Snoqualmie Snoqualmie the tiniest little pizza place the bowling alley yea we went up there for that that was weird that we got invited to dinner one night op in Seattle know what it was he's like a symposium where it was just every major developer literally developer not the studios the guys who showed up at this resort to get together to determine what they needed to be in the next DirectX Graphics Hardware and it was just it was like it was like wee what was going on in the valley our car so we know we're car walked in and I turn around and walk out and about we supposed to meet someone at Pizza Bowl bowling alley arrested ball Chronicles the progress of our pictures for sidekick yea this is gone was Black Widow from Twin Peaks like the Lost yea Rio your beer big Twin Peaks David Lynch yea I would love it will the DAT experience for me from start to finish I don't have I just don't like to have at the old place of employment you something if I bowl a 300 and if you can't do that and bowling is just repetition extremely frustrating and if you like four years or so years and I feel like my skills because I wasn't story I fucking hate you first start of the website first started the social media site December 2004 is when I put it up if I screwed up and got the wrong time for dinner meeting Augusta in some small town in Seattle killing time Seattle we found the bowling alley in know it's beats and has a small bowling alley I forgot came new on 1991 I don't know 1 + you also save ring ring ring when do I do that know where did Ferris Bueller take place Chicago Police application was introduced call Comic Con in 2 months after the community plan we launched in October of 04 September what is closed four four music at the end of September 30th week 1 things the internet we this morning a also change the internet does not like change to the community people like what the fuck is this thing getting rid of this terrible what do you mean pictures were to make journal know know know him that's what you guys do and I couldn't imagine Red vs Blue release with out the community so it's really only bring us closer in touch with people who watch the show people all around the world so cruel our babysitter RV be California to go on like in San Diego right around the same time as Comic Con you and I went to Carolina at what we do every day man that talked about it before but you know and I come to visit podcast nowher to eat when they come here has a listing out every comes to town which was a giant donut with like 5 strips of bacon on top of it and then dipped in like maple syrup mother clucker which was a giant donut covered in fried chicken strips and with honey butter and I dead the PB&J donut with peanut butter icing and then peanut butter chips like chocolate chips with peanut butter also good it was simultaneously the best and worst thing I've ever read in my entire life as I was leaving if they are we got there I was ordering a healthy food place that was not open you getting out of work late during crunch time the easiest thing for us to get in the middle of downtown tonight unfortunately is Domino's Pizza and they have these they're called lava cake chocolate lost that we go through when we ordered the pizza we need to in the morning we have to get something and it's like people feel the obligation space and then Brandon goes to a coma years ago I saw this guy you know server interface command line I'll text base things and I saw this guy a Unix shell script you can run at command line interface is with Domino's with pizza ordering system so you can run this command at command lifx Pacific a little Flags you want and I'll order pizza from Dominos four you at your call of I really like you do with your address and your phone number there's a new trailer over and over for lunch what's the weather we have to talk about the credit card my credit card you should love this trailer because I don't think I love this money somehow lunch a fever pitch on our credit cards everyone talking about you depart at first comes age did not a free lunch every single day I'm pretty sure vs working for someone else Ki be came you some business and I don't you know the carbohydrate con score my way that's my way to remind you four square that was the from my phone to the 400 million dollars turn it down turn it down and that fat is almost dead and I don't the article about how big of a deal from last week if anything it's probably bigger than ever where they have better Four Square integration know not to leave their home every time they show up at home and on the weekends so you know when to Rob them you know what you trying to become new neighbors house 41st Four Square CollegeHumor people that I follow on Twitter that they were talking about it a lot and then I I signed up for it and if you call first but it wears off quickly could you really see the end of it the lack of an end of it quickly everything in person because it's here Sycamore Skate 3 so hopefully I think I might be bringing back a copy for us to come out May 17th taxi the the guy who's one of the main developers work is really cool dude yea yea yea scary yea really personally the most personable people in the world I just the nature of the business United four pack season a man in all free games all free games absolute location of 5020 I'm a technology Force really embarrassing the shit out of me it's really sad Casio watch I like digital watches you and I it's solar-powered which also seem very cool but I'll never have to get batteries has water and force my life has taught me I don't go in the sun red and white and I have to push a button to the time does low power mode so I literally put my I watch under a lamp at night to give enough light to the you should watch the LCD power it's pretty sad what do you do in from your truck from the parking garage to the building walking wake up alarm red out some dishes with beer last night to try to fucking deal with this no problem we have yea this is with beer 0 scale the know seriously man multiplying the crazy yea they would like your stuff updating everything I got a dog the guardian air four website as of 6 p.m. more than 3/4 there was some part of that couch years Blue Ribbon I had Georgie the Bulldog which was used to rough with their kids in we found somebody who really loved bulldogs and took her and then we had money when we moved to Austin and that dog was the greatest ever but as soon as we got around other kids that was kind of a nightmare and that's the last thing you want when you're in the neighborhood kids around and then a great dog dead or anything I love it trouble at your house so far will be my at my house usually has a haunting haunted periods in the fall wake in October November December guess yea the Great British I guess because Blue River Farm you think that'll be bracelet as major poisonin million and a half copies on the first day The Matrix for 3D TVs when the 3D version comes out next year success of Avatar Blu-ray 3D in four days blue rays of Red vs Blue I was going to hoping everything would move over to digital you know and we wouldn't have to go through and make you know and now it's sending it worth you know really I mean I don't like this I really don't know we have 400 by be answering it and not buying anything beta cells animation software and they went to the convention in Amsterdam and forgot all of their software they were trying to sell people stuff they didn't have they had the box in the Box Comic Con I ran into them both one of the same that you lost everything after that I rented him a Comic Con he said that he looked terrible he looked like you super hungover at Comic Con as drunk last night and I left our cash register in the back of a taxi or the software and credit card processing Terminal 2 dead Bal wow that is crazy but everything pad and some of the money but he lost most of also the boss's baby left drunk it is blue with lots of beer you think about that that's the view that the one red and Alan Wake probably Dead come out our calendars and apparently what is Alan Wake seems like it started at 10 and I still can't give you an accurate description of what exactly it is the little things Alan Wake a schoolteacher and the stomach headlights car I think he's a novelist May 11th is Skate 3 going back to that one and then May 18th is Red Dead and Alan Wake and Prince of Persia you have never seen reach of a TV show the movie Housewives Grey's Anatomy You're Something look for horny women who live on a cul-de-sac guy who backstab each other and try to sleep with everyone they can write about it what about the Soldier of Fortune compression of a came from a side spectator of you it is my favorite thing desig know each other any game four said in the post-game Lobby Dead the game everybody when you course Yankee game ever Halo in Halo 3 was a good game Bieber or something Troy be like is that you can there's a social component now 2 matchmaking where you can specify any player so I want to get matched up with other I don't want I don't want to fucking cool Carnage you know it's really good this is what I recently as playing a game of Modern Warfare 2 and at the end of the game it was like a little kid in the universe with him and he was screaming like America's Realty Force 2 minutes wait for your balls to drop sounds like a dude sitting in the middle of world Nebraska playing the game it was the guys the most like somebody's comic I'd like to you will not play with somebody who doesn't Red vs in to is that you don't run into it a lot but there are games as they go for their four their you just start running into people that your entire team speak Spanish popular comes in the family release we got talking about it was off the manufacturing line was three weeks early with a copy of Halo 2 for sure 331 very much people I just downloaded you can maybe go to jail computer from house right yea that's not a problem our protection somewhat protected but if they still use the old equipment in the commission of a crime that still live off your is still subject to search for yea I think what they're saying is that the police should have issued a subpoena and then Gawker should have been gone through the process with them of the term youth what was it what was not journalists equipment Super Nintendo my door was kicked in and all my computers were being taken away and made a video and put it on the internet dead in Italy last week know that but rifle through in your computer stat is a different level in the phone you know million 2 extensions for this I hope they bring his stuff back Galaxy Gizmodo again for being Jac millions of dollars person who gave the $5,000 to purchase to figure out last level a career and that website they are and more important to our jails are overcrowded as it is actually one marijuana cigarette our police officers that investigate things Rio you know I'm sure there's more important case is clear-cut and it got four guys Jason Chance House yea or the nerds nerd Patrol team we Justin resources you might be better allocated for something more serious but in this case you'll be fine because we're going to be out there you know kicking down doors doors it's with that I would like to see Brian Lamb and not just I mean there's a guy in the video yea in Australia jobs that make like some kind of cybernetic power armor in the next conference conference a hairline crack in my glass on my iPhone and it's making its way across the rest of the phone so I'm like I'm just waiting this out car windshield repair information Alan you can't replace the glass and you cannot replace the glass in the street people have our what does a cracked iPhone before this I got a lot of Mercury next Apple conference to be early next you know when the 4G or whatever of Fortune get sentence goes to prison infirmary jailbreak Justin a floppy disk Tony is going to stop making them and then March 2011 hundreds of thousands of us and million a month in Europe in 2000 to 47 million in fiscal 2012 million in Japan who is Sony's best selling peripherals is the USB floppy drive for three and a half inch Drive really and I'm always fascinated by which is why is it called a floppy disk and that's holdover from the five and a quarter a lot of people who did the football game Sunday why do we call hanging up a phone call that called a phone is that a holder for my phone or something like that telephone transmit sound 2013 video games books Alex reach on the Xbox very high dollar industry but a very relatively low volume low unit industry so these are based on units sold 10 million units of ten million people 100 know know know selenite million units Halo in GTA duty at the high-altitude four games I mean the real money I think it would be to move across the country you also got to go on cable in also in also got to go on Blu-Ray now eventually every single I would say that would be the craziest Scarface posters Verizon bought the rights to this kind of cold meat and turned it into this Mass dead gangsters like to start pumping at work average this guy is and how he's so rich that he just travels the world kind of like on a permanent vacation and he brings a personal caddie with him wherever he goes in case he wants to play golf like he's not necessarily going to play golf when you go to Copenhagen but if he decides to he needs to have his calendar with him Soo this guy gets paid to just travel the world with this dude just in case you have a match and couldn't figure out I was trying to get it I don't think he was trying to figure out International distribution and try to figure out a way to grow the brand and he was failing every you every step of the way and was running out of money and he had this idea what if I just double the cost of the vodka and he took it with the price double the price starts a club in New York 54 see if super expensive also made in France on the crates beta came in to try to make a few dollars you right yea also Matt Hardy car seat covers at Target the other day somebody driving around with Ed Hardy steering wheel cover our house she got out of her car and put gas in the car McCoy I think marketing and Merchandising we were like what else can we put the red Hardy Brandon still coverage cover great news was told in the largest ever single on sale for 2 billion dollars in cash to Bacardi a single brand is the most money a single brand has ever garnered in a cash sale. That is amazing 1.6 a few dollars for four crazy straight ultimate Marco 502 guy was before his death in 2008 his final project course on which we stand air with hip hop entrepreneur Lil Jon so brilliant that's the Moon air condition in selling the brand for 2 billion dollars when did he die Halliburton by the way how many division of the middle division of I would that do dat I were that rich I would hire like an aging celebrity Justin to be my friendly out of higher Ed McMahon to follow me around you do I wouldn't tell you fuckers I know people yea I'm different Guy Moon story where somebody do they put out this stuff the story differently Richard Branson's new high orbit plane they put out a press release saying when their planes come out they're not going to be affected by stuff like volcanic ash is going to fly up above all that stuff that somebody said okay Richard Branson you got in trouble Palm Desert you like you like guy don't from a space station to work or something I didn't say the video goes in high undercover undercover Undercover Boss something like that this weekend we can to Richard Branson here in America but he's not quite as popular you talking about PlayStation 3 fucking cool we were talking the documentary privately in to space with the Russians couldn't be first become crash and lost a bunch of money million dollars is $14 it looks like it's called Richard Garriott man on a mission Mac and this Duty Ultima and man it was just so cool to hear and talk about the stuff we talked about the differences between the Russian space program and the American space program and he said that this rocket that they used that someone would call them and they have at one time four people Halo that's our private American space travel yet schedule one of those Rockets to go up but it will go up to go out nothing stops around 8 or something like that and this we had to be delayed like 3 times Russia first in Space Race everything Ruscha Ruscha Ruscha Ruscha Ruscha Ruscha Ruscha and they did some really cool I remember you telling me that they has a lake of at the space Dead Space phishing headquarters they have like statues of all of I guess like the Cosmonaut that had those first and they even made a statue for us but next at you but Nick is right now scary music don't make sense does it reach button text red good marketing on the part of Americans think about America to be like we space ride our nation release found a way it was like 1960 America in a dorm you pushing buttons plastic the house our article a while back that said that if we wanted to land on the moon again and we started that process today it would take like 15 to 20 years to get back there really was looking to perform maintenance on some of its nuclear missiles and Warheads launched retire call what was the plot of Space Cowboys the satellite in space forever ago and no one knew how to operate it to get the old guys back to fix it the watch Robert Duvall in anything other than Robert Downey jr. depression at from you were like you never had a bad full of crazy yea $3. The Magazine's account all the time in the movie know I totally unlikable people in the world that you put in there man you don't know the killers of The Killers the cancer center surfboard burgers or whatever