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Rooster Teeth starts off on a tangent and never gets on track

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Recorded: 2009-05-22 18:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey






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hand Geoff old theme song of the best construction podcast what's the number for this week St Street and you know over the years my career in broadcasting journalism you know Paul Harvey taught me a lot about podcasting early on a really guided me to start right away most heartbroken about the death of his wife even more Paul Harvey speaking of Paul Harvey who did the best impression of Paul Harvey the Common Era done for me this year on Saturday Night Live you don't have the only dude you didn't correct you are correct it is Rich Hall Rich Hall also forgotten no one remembers who is this guy he was the guy who although sniglets books where they would come up with words for stuff that we did have words for it he just was that was it that he stopped making those books before the internet came around we start off on a tangent that is awesome by the way which strait you'll be there the other week they had on Saturday night they had a whole episode of just a short did you guys see that whatever happened in your life and it was all just a little short John Belushi little chocolate donuts and is yelling at him and he discovers that they put in for the door the door now we have electric I have black mats on the floor and the doors open and then he walks over and pick it up the cigarette machine vending machine anything anything pretty funny really Banana Shirt alive and it's a really obscure thing and I was really happy to see it when it came on I was almost good what's up with the video game stuff I feel like I should issue a formal apology to Fallout 3 first weekend Fallout 3 for being boring and slow and turns out I was completely wrong it's a good game what year was as soon as you finish recording the podcast you put the game in and I knew about and that was really shooting once then executing his accident they're queuing up multiple shots exactly right I thought you like you bring it up one sniper shot then you're out we had to watch cutting every single time and you know that's the problem that she had here before because if you don't know something very fundamental about the game but naturally is intuitive than it can really ruin this for you like Geoff played all of Crackdown without even knowing they would lock onto people that hurt her to fuck you dude I got a really really good really really want I like getting all the way to a normal FPS like Halo or do you see someone else playing the game and you go you can change weapons trigger and so I was one night when I was playing crack on a plane to mute probably going to be too loud and when you play them you don't pay attention to the shit that they're instructing us and so I just missed that lesson a thousand points in a game without logging on luckily it helped out a lot of the DLC there's only been to the 360 in the head when you said you were playing on the TV and it applies to your mic which is kind of strange now another word for the television not saying anything so am I forgiven for making fun of implied shoot and kill yourself and your brother so Geoff I meant when you were playing here so enjoy those aren't you shooting with an old after awhile it really does I will just run through stuff and not even bring it up like that like I have to get skills I had to pick lock picking because I can't stand getting a closed-door I can't say it like that I missed something behind a door that I couldn't get through and didn't remember where it was and try to back on the right and that can be a horrible thing or a horrible way to approach an RPG literally opening every box every Locker every desk every drawer and there's a lot of them in that so the bottom line is I have like 10 billion cap switch of the month money than that and I'm at level 20 what is the max level probably halfway through the game so I had to get the DLC to remove that cap and let me go to 31 Gus do you know if they're going to raise the cap again with the two additional DLC something else I don't many details about the other new DLC song ever it comes out CD for DS bo3 patch because I've watched you play it a lot and I've watched her go through the process as well as long as I like it and it seems like the biggest map in the world which I thought was just cause I was blown away by how big is the map in Just Cause was and then he was like him to do or that I read this morning that the fucken map for fuel which comes out next week what do you do if you lose a racing game like an open world racing Game of Thrones shit comes out on 360 I think next Tuesday but it just got certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest playable map in history of any video games like Grand Theft Auto the game Oblivion supposed to be 2 or 3 times what's the biggest me to just come down just like it's big because it wasn't just the level it was like you were all over that thing to consider the topography just called because the entire thing was a jungle and jungle doesn't have any location within like 10 years there's going to be some company that what they do is they just mapped the real world for use in video games that entire world you have to update your hole in your head video Anixter secret achievement to destroy everything in the supermarket you find the block and while you're fighting me also trying to destroy all the camel up some shit and it was like I felt like I wasn't like I was in the Dead Rising she looks so much like the supermarkets locations Kansas City Kansas is in Kansas City Missouri when you show up there at 2 or 3:17 Ross or TJ Maxx in Circuit City or Best Buy cancel Monopoly social media I was really right now and that's not really that great a model because he can't play if you don't like Netflix you can run and you can just like in the sense that you can never get new games but when you're like me and you're like 3 or 4 months behind that is great and you can have these games when I stopped in to GameStop I punch out at 3 and I bought a copy of this game you know I should just leave the developer has spent more than enough time playing this game to justify $60 purchase if I bought a copy right and then I went to download the DLC last night I spent twenty bucks and I was thinking you know what that's created for the industry because you do have much money but at the end of the day the publisher makes versus their $60 retail purchase It's gotta be pretty favorable otherwise I don't think that would have pumped out at 5:15 or 430 so far to come in the next two months developers where they belong were available on Arcade or heads and DLC where you can tell like they were going to do tons of DLC they put the first one that like that maybe not you know maybe they got lost downloads expected but yeah I mean I wouldn't be surprised if we tell the next 360 being just like doesn't have a disc tray at all you know I'm ready for it I'm ready for you I really am A Time Warner Time Warner local provider for internet here and there but we love them so much the idea they'll see that even if I wasn't interested in Fallout because of watching us play it I would probably buy it just because I know I can have 5 more like Adventures down the road just to go back and play it again how much you know how much more how much more time to fix that problem why is Halo a $60 game on the Xbox and which is 20018 or something like that you know the new Halo mask for $20 you know where I can get dance to fight logo you know you're sexy I think I'm going why is Fallout 3 60 bucks and 360 / $50 from the PC what I mean 362 $20 they have a lot more flexibility for what they can do on the PC is going to eventually and I got a long way to go but if it eventually kill the trade-in Market to because like if your 19 year old kid and you have Grand Theft Auto 3 and then two months later they come over 20 hours on his computer today I am becoming a fan of Mac podcast it's like they go for a long. Of time without being reformatted and you know you just got to do that every now and then it's only car they have so much mileage and then they just start to degrade like the hardware it's like something's close that computer down it's true and you will get away for that I'm next to you like I just had to reformat my Mac this week because my laptop just became slow and unusable just no reason other than it's two years old and now it's like after we couldn't watch it was a technical problem in this office people are so helpful put the computer in it how did you tell me your real job person and I thought you'd like the other day I was in here trying to talk my dad were doing we have on them all laughing about that I just like that I was going to lie to you know North Carolina where you live because I think if you order and then throw your computer out your window but the great thing about this office is that not only are people not helpful when it comes to helping you with your technical problems they will create them for you like there was talk of using computer next week and did not break my computer if it's wet but I came back and my computer the intensity I know it's not what kind of problems are there Wells Fargo something out to you and it was my desk is here in the corner on the left side of the room on the right side of the desk and my microphone was over there right what you normally just sitting on my desk waiting instead of ready to go haha tell if my microphone was there an actual our table was going to be ok and still I'm in here going to change the mindset of here who moved my microphone and who took my card and then I found the cord behind the door and and I go dressed up on my computer but you texting he had some stuff and I was like what were you doing what did you move in you know where is the XLR cable and he goes I was just testing I was just testing stuff and I put some stuff here and that you had to move this over there no explanation we are seeing how long was you until you crack hey we came up with one of them over the meat sweats from going to this particular barbecue restaurant in Lockhart Texas and eating so much that you sweat greasy meat residue and an article on CNN this morning about a guy whose life mission is to find the perfect BBQ in America he's been out to 164 restaurant prices his second favorite restaurant but she said specifically that he gets the meat sweats when he eats there so I went and got the meat sweats or I have no idea I never heard anybody what's the first fireplace in crisis it wasn't like number one it was like your two or three favorite places one was in I want to say North Carolina and then crisis was just favorited taxes I don't know who actually listens to this podcast but a lot of people came into town like a lot of interactive he will come down for South by Southwest and they all went to the Salt Lake if you ever come to Austin you've got to go twenty minutes out of town to go to this place prices in Lockhart freaking amazing 20 minutes out of town but they have like I don't know until they find it but it blackberry cobbler Navy men a dry county Salt Lake does have is the all-you-can-eat family-style so if you want quality that's it I'm coming to Austin for South by Southwest interactive or something like that definitely go to cartel Mexican Elvis we said hi tell me you don't like anybody instead there's like a local when I'm out here eating barbecue have to have Blue Bell Ice Cream Sandwich coffee drink it's the time of the film waiting for guffman says like the movies 6200 people did the mayor of Lockhart is Rich Hall so what are you talking about Sabrina Branch out into the office yesterday and end do you know why I got punched out because of typos Twitter of it I see or read up on Penny Arcade exactly right he said about Punch-Out Tycho from Penny Arcade said that Punch-Out does not play like the old punch out it plays like you remember the old punch out please let me know that I praise you for that guy and because of that statement and then what happens is we put it in to play it and portable first Burnie 20 minutes in the office and the batteries and we had but it was really funny because I said let's play Punch Out for the office and somebody said well who's got a week and I should be able to be we have a week at the office and everyone is General consensus it was behind the TV on the floor like untangle the sensor bar and everything that we've had for probably a year-and-a-half how much play time between you know I got it for here we had to be around and a half though we were playing bowling at one point but would you say the same thing about the 360 and has engineering had some problems with the thing on the console that one stage that player like when you turn on a controller for the 360 the first one that comes on is player one second one that comes on his player to do that why don't you pick up your Wii controller Number One controller which one is your number one controller controller the one in do it at the church as you were yesterday Player 1 very annoying anyway so we play it or punch it away and it was just I think we made a mistake in trying to play it by flailing arms using the balance board came in like a week I think that once and it's like playing on the balance board notice any discernible what about how you're just saying it does it does it you said you can lean side to side to dodge punches his work is awesome and no one controls are great you know I mean it's like they really do they're really cool I think the ones that gets old after a while they like the bowling stuff on the Wii a lot of fun Wii Fit without balance board that before it's really well I'm really impressed by it but the fact that it's still just I mean it's a composite video game you know it's on high-def standard def that really starts to show up at this point it looks pretty terrible and an HDTV that would be punched out this big release for the we would be a DLC game for Sony or for the Xbox 360 I mean it was just it looks like it looks like a game like Team Fortress 2 have that kind of cell should look to it and this was just like even the cinematics for the boxers we're just still frames look like it doesn't feel like a full game at all and it was fun enough to play for about an hour and then walk away no reply that was about the equivalent of someone here bringing in an old Nintendo system and actually playing punch out it was about the same size exactly but yes we do we do we what is the most popular it does feel like the one that is just a really advanced in it which is how most of the few games anyway the general public feels that way and then we can I fit into that category I don't think of a PlayStation 3 or 360 is being a toy you know it's a mixed feeling about the free stuff as well like more than batteries and more upkeep and stuff because just going to turn into something to twist my ankle all driven by the powerful battery lobbyist video games guitars already in the car. Now I don't have a way out of the PS3 I just got an Xbox console and Microsoft game and you have everything you have everything Gus The Wizard of Oz even their DSi that was never out of stock but you can pretty much get that from launch camera I found you looking for me looking for a birthday gift and expect it and literally 5 days after I gave it to her it was she was crying looking for it all around when you when you found the phone with like a bunch of pictures on the phone if I call the adventures of bone head camera connect better than me actually yeah but I've been happy with it if I lost a video camera or something like that I can't tell you I'm at 8 I'm a weirdo when it comes to stuff I would just be absolutely convinced that something was on that video camera that shouldn't be on there an NBA thing I know is my horrible you can set your PIN code and do it and that I'm on where do you get your PIN code wrong 10 times 0 it wipe your phone that's not fair I love everything you can purchase like USB thumb drives and you can get your dad off and enter a password if you fail your password check 3 times I don't know what happens if the device physically destroys itself on the inside so it's gone and then destroy destroy listen to NPR this morning and there was a story about some New Zealand it was bidding on like some bullshit on eBay and it was like a plate or something and she went to bed and a three-year-old daughter got up and got on the computer and somehow about a $12,000 Tractor Show going to come out and see it one bit for a tractor I've got I've got like my Kindle app on my iPhone set up with the would like one touch buying as somebody stole my phone and I could go this guy's about to buy 5000 books motherfuking X1 giving of a kind of thing too give me a break you know you can make fun of me it was always down you know that's true too but I'm sure if you don't have a desktop you're the only guy who has but he still has to buy his own computer for the office here A whole cabinet full of computers server room right now yeah are you some kind of like slide-out drawer monitor Michigan what is the coolest thing we need to like write a script or something just based around was 1 so Gus ordered this thing it's okay if it's in a server and if I can drawer that pulls out and unfolds and it does make a Transformer noise keyboard Gus at the moment we're looking at it's all Gus the equipment there was a word for that so tell me you're coming out this weekend right Terminators coming out and this weekend that sounds like a great idea Star Trek Galaxy I couldn't remember anything what does long and never go back to it again and call them or just when it happens just say he didn't need to see that dinner that's what happens when there's a bug in Star Trek if you're a bad person popular possibly have had one but she sports car in a cereal now we can export it I haven't always drunk on the beach Joel Gus Carr