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Rooster Teeth is kinda chill and honestly all over the place this week

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Recorded: 2010-05-05 21:28:42

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

beta everyone this is my first customer geof song NFL from space I think the real joke there is that I had to listen to like a different person over and over force was really deceptive I think the email was from if you look at it in your email from Olivia Munn awesome I saw Olivia Munn in something recently Transformers Terminator AG also and at night is that movie okay I'm going to email from our computer access dead on two charges print but he was found guilty of Computer Fraud with a misdemeanor Soo an obstruction of justice which carries a maximum 20-year sentence I wonder what the obstruction of justice was to know because he was found not guilty of wire fraud and the jury deadlocked on identity theft come over between those two charges to a maximum of 21 years but I doubt it'll be that bad it is a program qran a problem I'm stupid it's just going to be like Doodle Jump princess guy Jac automatically I only don't remember the bad stuff about me actually quality is made by somebody know she was trying to get me to download make it out to the Mac Store and it's a complete with in 15 print early in in French blue questions the person that you're everything to me in the morning let me know out for the Mac fucking burni Yahoo 3230 text early complete reach how also a text from you like to look up this girl on Twitter retire yea Usher I have cried in here somewhere I probably told you the same thing do you ever look at me which one user name will matter know the true picture all the time on a Mac out the real Barack Obama putting burni 175 hundred million mean standard you like your driver's license in your Facebook I DLC car dealership this morning Facebook ownership company and it wasn't pretty who's you guys would be the big one on their this is ownership of server for what know just clocked in 2 has the most complicated server the round I would imagine Google Google more than 2% worldwide of all computer servers and has the second-highest will be right here in town they have a hundred thousand server rack space has almost 57001 & 1 internet has 70,000 and then we get down to Google by Cher this thing a huge part of the infographi I have a few more than the other people million know this person can somebody try to find the only people that have to be there and they try to find location of hydropower out of the river 2010 of my actually the story on taking infographi person that space only own 2% of that space that's if she think about the number of people that have service we have a couple right and it's a lot of businesses or companies that have servers we have at 12:30 flow charts on the internet I feel like now everyone makes infographics in flowchart the graphics is it taking a 10000 foot look down at something in generalizing at all I feel like you never get hard data or any hard data a number 1 and number 2 is almost never any references backing up the data it's like years this information tell you I like a new version of the internet it's like a we could put four pages what are the top 10 funniest movies from 1980 to 1:40 standard format know which is like a star website and there's a little stick is to give you a ridiculous headline and then like the article has nothing to do The Simpsons what's the best site to learn about financial shape the PowerHouse 251 Place great you got your finger on the pulse Bejeweled computer from where I sit Yahoo gets a lot of flack for completely fucking up and losing the entire Global digital industry to Google but there's a couple things right they're still write like they have that other program is still the best thing that I've seen out there and things that are entertaining and informative and we the people give to one of the big big big four Wikipedia response our ship back at your I will get it for us questions blue what we're doing here and they go to Yahoo answer space 03 of Revelation how did they get the guys to move like going back to flowcharts a terrible idea release a poster that has like a flow chart of characters and storylines a flow chart I don't know something like that you scared mass destruction man user product a job for black eyed on an Ouroboros to the bottom of it last remaining Tecmo Super finally retired how is that possible 91 I mean here's the problem I don't know how to get some money won 2010 - 1919 years it was the punter for the New York Giants he started in 88 he was with the Patriots Justin RIT you just last week eagles with 44 out how much money I have Super Bowl for the rest done cooking now in his life he's like after you take a shower to still 44 years old I'm never going to see the can on the side like it's like bread and butter so fucking sick of making motion over and over and over again for so many years you might hate kicking 22 years 344 years old not a NFL football know it was John Carney with the junior retire sandwiches reach crazy hot ass that's what I remember the Terrible I just remembered anyone in the room and she's probably not listening restaurant when you said the name and then the first thing came to mind was that waitress answer your we stayed at the hotel looks like at 7 miles from the convention center yea never again things of our way the hard part was finding parking everyday comic yea driving into and I'm like waiting in traffic for an hour now it's we have to go over to the garage will be the same and Monty retire then you're going to canwest we could you bring it to 2 weeks I'm going to be cool yea burni hotel in Dubai Ki lift wake know where you the truth I've never seen him do it I was probably Starcraft 2 found wee has a release date July 27th for comic relief Unleashed Mac Pro here the office the beta I mean you're helping figure out if the server that's why you're freaking out it's $3 for that showing how the chart of people's expectations for a product vs how much that product cost another 10 bucks you have no expectations for the product and it like $10,000 you have more expectations but not nearly as high as your expectations for the fucking world complain about it anymore just terrible maybe that's why I like the app store has like that $0.99 like on the iPhone has at most things right with everyone you are comic on YouTube people telling us to change the format of YouTube back to the old format yea that they may be annoying for a day and then you can use ideally ideally you can't believe that Global leader would only have 2% of the servers the entire world what years a good metrics in action the market for consolidation chair that's now ministry mean if you have lots of it is it is it an industry where someone can make money know yea well that's all that I don't think you make money from owning servers that's that's what the metric is is a quarter in the corner the market Philly make their money off of like a be like Google like servicing server rack our age difference that would be totally different infographi like Intel makes 5% of the server that sells virus of the server in the world that's a totally different that's what you're talking about The Americans Yahoo lost password on before I bought a Prius 2010 Prius Joe I'm really enjoying it with a car gets going you just can't stop it once again for all you did was directly underneath it was like a ball actually has feeling with the car was just going to tip over to the youth a computer mouse if I could fall over know I'm here to talk about the metrics that came out in the came just comes he says and does and then would tell the people it's a piece of shit that's what is the secret of thing that you want to car Rio this car I did I knew he bought a Prius but I don't know that I do it just because I get a ride home from them everyday and suddenly I was going to drink our drinks strong call Rio Rita release Ag and probably let you okay and and then he said I can't on buying a Prius and I guess that I didn't oh yeah what did you think of something else okay let's a ride home from a regular basis how long do you think would man before you found out that he bought a new car it might have been in this podcast you know what he said nobody asked me why would you ask me if I do you have any children know know are you still married yes okay you can tell me about has changed is there anything else everytime I tell a story but the worst one of those I never had it together on-and-off for four years live together but that usually very close one day I walk into my living room and just standing in the living room with a girl and lost it a long time ago and I look at this know something Hider in the garage probably I was in the Facebook you got a brother and a Half Men this is not a war this is a commentary to this day he said I can't be there for this you want to move it I can't be there tomorrow I will not be here that Captain from coming 2 commentary 1 con at Eric's house in Puerto Rico 2 commentary it was in the beautiful this is the season to comes you know you're missing his house because we were we were drunk and I'm not this one four yea anyone the right in what I should buy car what should I what should I do know what you need to consolidate your car still be a picture of what you I was going to buy that car today about a motorcycle that car today but my wife said she was too busy working on emergency Drive Me Out to the dealer to buy it so I'll have to buy it another day is that true yea because Brandon said to me he's probably moving the shoot and I said okay whatever so that she'll make sure she has the stuff done for tomorrow Mass actually probably if she wee Ki we went on a photoshoot this weekend out of to you about that on Sunday I was going to come to grilling steaks we should capitalize on that you're going to Comic Con you anyway but maybe tomorrow if Griffin has the time to take my truck eventually yea that is exactly the same as what burni truck is probably yea Bejeweled fucking bizarre story is played Bejeweled 2 again as you're here that's pretty to do to play Bejeweled 2 for 3 years and beat the game Ki gotta get the maximum score possible where couldn't count his scores anymore 2 billion hundred forty-seven million four 3647 440 Columbus 5 million gems you can be rich and that makes me sad 1910 years Lexington 103 years he played for a little over $2,200 which is equivalent 92 days straight actually play games like you imagined this guy is probably clinically insane does it go 2 packs and walk around of open again know Justin like a we had people tell us like you probably black water forms on the big player in this as what you know I have way too also other day that I was on where it was one guy in the Halo Reach be on the MLG dude I don't talk about the MLG nobody I know about the Emoji this podcast is the most anyone's ever and I recognize that they're out there and they're pretty MLG population by percent 1% allowed fucking percentage whatever it is new ball Four Knights on as powerful Annapolis Winery a good out right falling down crying about chickens with her or something else our know what they did with it what's the point if they have a little computer playing with the old version of server I know those are comprable weapons I cannot fucking use either one I'm probably better with the DMR is taking a lot of practice I'm starting to get the hang of it I still feel like I wish I killed with one last shot I feel like it takes one too many bullets I feel that way about everyone and I never used it yea I guess we can out by the last podcast know we got Think Of Reach so far Duty I really had no idea four games I frustrated with the players because I'm trying to please everyone again Stockton Pick-n-Pull Alan you down this way but it's like I feel like when you first load up in the office it was like yeah you can keep your money and you can see some people it was like I don't to save adult adult playing it would have a good time and it literally I feel like by Sunday afternoon it was like flooded with children who are just getting out I feel like it we just discussed saying in the tooth out of control and it's like I don't know yea it is Halo 3 matchmaking online and then I was I had forgotten about like yours you can do what you can for the country no problem have fun whatever that is comic gone see how did you want me to horrible people over the falls the other night and they get harassed on a pretty regular basis a room full of mostly girls in Rio turning red who's the starting on the guy right now go figure I had a similar experience we did our community player for Grand Theft Auto like a hundred years ago where we got them interesting dude in and I was like alright you know our be be guys and then to to get a dick head angry dick head you know and I kind of went that route too and they reported me the more aggressive and angry the community be comes into play the came like four people that everybody that plays Saints Row multiplayer is actually playing from a jail cell for the first two rounds of the game they are teammates at the start of the game would just kill us and shut up shut up the original Xbox to analyze the Battle Frontier man ever get to shut down the number to early we always right behind him out after 24 hours 1.1 million people play the reach beta and they had a total number of games played of 1.7 million and I'm really you guys but I don't get in the game with anybody who's got less than 70 games played at this point 400 let a woman to have Team beats another little yea has only one game 1-1 the of I am I was looking at another big stat fucking kill death ratio and it shows your trending of your children I don't need anybody to see my child every to little marks on the bottom of typewriter interface really that's fucked up and I had 28 across all of Halo to all the years of player has only 23025 kill and 23000 deaths I was I was -25 desk cross like 23,000 fucking crazy answer to 25 minutes yeah but I'm like right there I mean that's like an average of -.008 or something like that you as well the Headhunters yea I think on Friday May 7th will be invasion I think I'll look it up right now there's no period of time in the world longer than when you have like 7 steps to go with your five or six goals to get into that Circle Anderson four Dudes behind you in those bullets going all around you when you're like please you actually have the worst Ag sprayer than me actually like on 2064 Center 709 Victory out of 24 games Sarah Price man I'm looking at this early last night it was fun I've discovered that playing anything other than Airborne on at third base Mac course we try to retrieve them coming out 2 comes out text we can answer guy cumming equipment in stat equipment advertise it at all but it's cool I understand Justin replay yea the three times man comes out of the same day at the big day in May it comes out that Dragon Age DLC comes out the same day as Red Dead Redemption Alan Wake Prince of Persia what is it Alan Wake on the 11th 18th Halo 2 you have a 5247 kills and deaths 2003 until death Joe 5316 32198 I don't think I would have been a different account changed total kills 17th 891 total deaths 17954 16th last actually didn't do as well red what you what your favorite thing to wake what you go to thing on Halo 3 yes it was very in Halo 3 actually coming out you like playing with the rollback in one place again and that's a good thing the crazy thing for me was that the Halo 3 vs we what was the dominant Halo 3 was for you my with ball custom games in Mac Halo 3 custom games will ship by the Air Force perform like a security test on air man and they sent out an email like it's like some kind of internal security know phishing email saying he's going to film at the Air Force Base information on be considered as a part four to be an extra in the movie and overwhelming everyone filled out like the social security license information chart for to get onto civilians and people outside the military and then they started feeling it all in and populating all the information. Air Force Team you probably 18 to 35 Transformers fan sites I have never heard of before lord I can't air on this what do you think about this. She's having a new company let their security certificate last I was like I'm not because I don't trust that this is not some kind of phishing site you know I told you the end of comes to poisonin ever even know where a third party gained access to your DNS server and everything you type in everything you go to Bank of america.com what DNS server to send you to a real Bank of america.com Bank of america.com in your password can I use any comes in with the login I come back on the 1st we're going to have at our new office and setting up the our Network to wear will have VPN a capability to wear if you're on the road you can connect remotely through to our office securely and a tunnel through the internet at our office so you'll have a point-to-point secure connection from wherever you are to make sure everything safe on a new network eventually the fingers William you like if you like Jac the real of it nothing nothing sensitive stat x-ray eventually recovered it after couple weeks what city was lost and then Engineers the company that developed the same like when out to show them how to recover it and I was able to recover it Joe higashi yea with the blue Microsoft blue which is Microsoft phone tell me about it I don't know much about the integration will let you know that I'm going to quit server and I was trying to catch that market I don't know I mean it's not it's not honestly will start showing up with the right people showing up next up particle physics iPad stolen million the iPad Apple million iPads and 28 days faster than the iPhone that's pretty crazy how are you feeling about your iPad I love it I just discovered last night a problem not with the iPad but with a readers that's pretty fucking annoying what is listen to NPR morning on the way into work I'm taking me to school and they always have these great reviews and I was only good books I want to read and so I've been writing them all down and over the past 3 weeks I have written down like seven books that I wanted to buy and last night I thought I could find 2 out of the 7 and then I said well I'll switch over to Amazon and the Kindle and I found one more server books that have come out in the last 3 months a 7 books that are all big enough to be a major release I hope something iTunes music stat also yea what you mean but Apple also has a history of you want to be at our as you're doing it our way you know so I could feel like this could be turned will fight where they get certain Publishers and Amazon ends up with certain Publishers and honestly I think Apple will fight that battle harder than anyone else probably at the end of all this I don't care which server side by at from I want to read the book and I don't want to have to have a know and hopefully Apple will in our buttons the most prominent let's just have email everyone have the same members were not gone for exclusive stuff going to happen right but I you know I don't know it's always our will try to get the primary on everybody else wonder how big the e-reader Market really is how to download if your iPad iPad yea 10 probably how many of them were free maybe half out of the most expensive purchases Plants vs. zombies and I definitely got my money's worth out of that came out today really answer your question yes the came has the functionality that's cool the came to with like a bigger one has 8 megapixel camera and shoot HD video it says it's because I'm still only charge my iPad twice and I use it a little bit every day and I looked at it yesterday because I was talking about and I thought to myself how much are Chargers man Apple in Spanish dead I think the biggest battle gone you know where the bad blood came from it's not just competing from you and found products or anything at one point that they get air reports when it when I Mac crash with as a Mac crash in has a very big deal to them and they look over their crash reports but they said that overwhelming number comes there computer crash I wonder what the percentage of them is just a contract with a piece of shit to that I would I was a digger where you stand and on the old apple vs Adobe thing and it was overwhelmingly Pro Adobe early I was like 68 or 69% thought it was in the world also understand the question different silverligh has made any kind of the noticeable dent in their in their Market at all Justin questions user will course I want out from Appleton Foo early meeting at the iPad introduction that jobs and Flash according to a report on employee questions that quote whenever a Mac crash more often than not it's because of Flash and that quote no one will be using Flash the world is moving age email that it was a pretty serious at my old house and the first time it was Mac rumors man covered in dust I have it somewhere it's pretty funny that a little instead of screenshot how far the World Cup mature worldwide I think it's like 11% of the stock computer strange computer manufacturer but that's pretty goddamn 12% vs 88% I wonder what that's going to be what they think is going to be in another ten years as they say Foot Locker Justin Mac I mean look 7% like I like it there's a graph of the marketshare print the green with HP from a little over 30% from 25 Starcraft this from January does that include laptops as well over 30 32 33 I know that sometimes go to classes and everything okay there was a kid with the laptop in class classroom it's pretty funny but kinda cache you should be a terrible the Justin Bieber video I didn't touch your biggest Justin Bieber was a know what German is AG Gaston to 14 what German years man questions in the card what is like German youth patriotic to Stillmatic four girls AG at 12 to go to Bieber how old is Justin Bieber 1615 come from from YouTube that's one of the Mac in the college classroom is a lot I mean it really is there's a picture from the deli Obama with his wife and everyone the crash course the president comes out with another 25 2 campaign literally every single person in the crowd is holding up some kind of video recording device it's like you can almost the president's wife out there everyone's first inclination is to record you know it's approved if they're there or something monkey years geof questions people would rather what they've done actually remember record 3 2004 and they would literally watch the entire show through DLC on their video YouTube and go home and watch it himself remaining really hit on the head 3494 I-35 million dollar apparently everyone crash fucking hit the Galaxy worst thing you could ever say about a horror movie is that it's boring you don't hear that about a horror movie just like fighting to get some space team Blair Witch 2 yea I've never been either I went I was rich I had to leave questions but I guy nearing the end of its life span in Austin the okay finally finally what are the tickets cost for that goes like 20 or 25 bucks and they serve food and booze right yea I mean popcorn and a blanket and a pillow our you this may never get another Comic Con or something Dead Space 2 trailer came out Isaac space victim coming out early next year Dead Space 2 sequel it was really fun to see those car crash victim yea you like to get that the realistic level recovered I'm wondering if the sequel to The Cell better than the original dead the age thing is it has a early 2011 Dead Space Halo 3 ODST guy this week then no kidding right people who know what the free beta they don't have to give it out to anybody at all yea you know why not let people have a chance to play I'll be on it Halo I would be too nervous about let's put the game out there and let people play it I would be like what the hell this thing and people understand be kind of like marketing at this point where they now I think this marketing this we really do you need with it if if you know like server load your weapon balance of things like that I mean I'm sure I'm sure it doesn't I think a lot of marketing navigate I would be nervous about it but it really works for me and you pay for Bungie as win their game comes out it's pretty fucking balance and there's not a lot of patches coming out here in about every other week yea I'm just going to work all week long to make a video in NBA for free know what you're talking about a product three years in the making you know that's a little bit different should spend a little more money and we get on the internet gone because Halo 3 data beta 4 a console game that ever happened before Halo I will split the difference really I can't I do definitely download more demos than ever before now and I can't remember doing that ever before Halo 3 yea you are very anti demo before what I used to be very answer our the conversion I guess it depends on the game probably yea NBA games on demand or something like that you can stream it next week when Major Nelson Publishers Weekly you think Halo Reach will be number 1 you have 24 hours 1.1 million I think they will but I mean how many people are million people our I would think so probably ever done for team president came up there along with Left 4 Dead 2 next week because everybody is playing Modern Warfare 2 affected the Modern Warfare when I came inside so they can still shows up pretty high what does a Modern Warfare 2 or 6:40 for developing con dead or the reach beta years is one we probably has honestly the coolest Avatar Award of any game ever what you gotta give him credit for having Avatar awards for your gone for 6 weeks in on Avatar Awards in general it was I was just browsing around last night and then I saw the awards thing and I was like what the fuck first from Left 4 Dead I have a couple left at 2 and I have a couple from Waypoint and then I had one from like illusion man or something they should stop selling them and make them all unlockable absolutely that's what I like that's what I like you know four giveaway like a free t-shirt four the thing if they do have a car award it's typically not the best thing the best thing is for sale 2004 Halo 3 and then you get the sword and having everyone over because he put it in and it was still suspicious 3rd and four little a dude standing still waiting for Gavin to him and he swears that he just caught them by surprise World reach to kill of of fucking ball in the wrong direction I think it's a flat Mac you see it's team for the bottom of a door that's team is real brother Alan a team in the mass OpenTable fucking name you know like Soo be in a lesson plan what is again yea 2nd Swing into milk tea bag voice is terrible Joe I hate my user name