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Rooster Teeth is rejoined by Griffon

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Recorded: 2010-05-12 20:05:33

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

12 Park Avenue 1211 game bird eating 958-7654 Kraft foods for people teeth reach me out phones are ringing one cool podcast that is the best intro I've ever had I think that's true that's cool yeah my first my first a jack for sure through Christmas the middle around Thanksgiving time when I came back has a great taste in what he considers to be cool information on Route 299 Burney 2 beating dude I'm going to give you my lord like a mother fucking understand how much we out next summer and I think everybody's pretty sore welcome Bernie to because you're trying to return to the podcast after c-section today grass out of my shoelaces from yesterday right now dude I'm so sorry I woke up this morning and I almost couldn't get out of bed my lower back hurts so much I had to go Griffon 2 year old short Branch of Yore 300 cabs on the phone your shins in history on the back really cool I hope the girls are in the shower and the hot water comes out your legs last a painful knot yeah I don't know it's over at my parents house got broken into and a bunch of my stuff my computer monitor Xbox 3000 but they left my computer my computer it was cool and then a few other things but then I got to my dad's Xbox an Xbox a really nice I think someone took your computer and on my laptop they also took they also took your old iPhone old took all of your video games they took your camera to my laundry basket in my room and then do my laundry basket to load up with stuff and then walk out with and so on the baskets now. So you were before last you that you were worth it but your net worth as a human being said somewhere between $10,000 and electronics and computer equipment and now you're worth 2 burn scab pretty much have everything on my profile actually headed home I believe I had at home the only thing left is to big to fit through a window actually went down to remember my TV isn't the only thing I have left in the serial number of my new Xbox that I just bought so I have that so don't try that I can get that but I'm working with the police in Microsoft a few other people trying to figure out if we can track these guys down to work the? why was not no longer staff on the site as good as I absolutely understand so I changed all my passwords I didn't lose anything like that so I should probably not this morning about taking all of your stuff off your desk that would have been hilarious I want to be the one that we were going to be guy I took about 30 minutes to myself it's like so much anger going through me I can't express how pissed off I was yesterday yeah I can for a little bit and then I was working to help focus on that but it was it was super super frustrated right now with anyone if you have anything of value get your serial number to write them down put them online if you have a Gmail account on your Gmail. Anywhere trust me so much pain in a long time like some people you don't know a tumultuous couple weeks has been very rough emotionally and financially for you and given the realization that 28 years to build years of my life working hard and earning money to buy all this stuff and I was like someone's watching all three days so this is the first time yesterday and I'm moving out of the house on June 1st last month I'm in that house and then a personal tragedy most people when they face so much adversity turn to religion have you thought about maybe going to say come to Jesus very smart and you're not helping every morning how can I help today when you had your I'm almost break down and like the first thing I honestly wasn't listening I want over to comfort you after I had done something particularly sucky and I would I said damn that really sucks all my photos for like the past 5 years 8 years if anyone was the only one at the office I'm all out and I don't even drink packages Bear Lake MI hard work you will never speak of points good morning also the heroine I just remember how MMO-Champion Halo cataclysm screenshots will see parently a blizzard and remove all their content yeah a screenshots of weird and I log into my computer is always more than a witch hat I'm Planet your computer over to your mom's tomorrow or something to somebody something you never use all three at the same time because I was like I want you to have an account on a different server I don't want my server stolen all right then go ahead the best way to do it is okay so do you have any idea when capitalism coming up with anything about that they're still talking about 3.3.5 suppose anything did you staying up late yesterday guy said that the Old Republic MMO will come out sometime after March of 2011 but in the first quarter will it come out sometime next year All Over The World of Warcraft cataclysm in the process of trying to correct my life last night I had to go through and changing my passwords on everything for my first account I created on in that I still use today I created in like April of 1998 over 12 years now I still have drunk 2 years ago I wish this was icq the middle will have lots of stuff to Israel I don't remember the security are people so what do you think it was perfect 1095 1751 icq from 2 weeks ago actually little baby will sold icq in April 02 digital Sky Technologies 87 million dollars one person back in the day when I was popular cu-seeme dial up that's old now no I didn't mean that little pie company on my TV is leaving in there everyday like all right suckers don't take the TV or something you know it's funny because little Cops stealer Kraft guy trying to get here and I had to find me and I was on the 7th floor in there in a cup sold a man getting pulled over by cops but know what to do and they will still like it was probably Mustang floor current cell phone comes with $50 you can get additional 2007 or 30 bucks and then dollars a month that's interesting so just a $10 a month for 20 hours or less and did they announce will come out June 29th in North America and it's going to be no no no when I was in Texas I really do know however you wanted it so much the first time you and I played I guess it was Oblivion or the one before has one for Oblivion Morrowind Morrowind we sat down to create a character together in the studio at my old house but most of the morning and we were like an hour in before we finish Braden the carriage and then by the time you where we work probably doesn't remember when am I going back and looking at it it's like I was excited about when their the amazing game video capture like you can hit a button and capture video footage Excel comes up having low standards married doesn't take much to please you have you guys been reach Invasion an unhappily stuck in the game of invasion Slayer lyrics by Miley Cyrus Game Fight and I wish I could yeah it's a lot of fun it's like it's the 12-man Slayer 615 right is at 12:15 something and then you still have the same Squad structure has just an invasion game so it's the same time you're competing at the other people in your squad or the other squads on your side it's really really really cumulative a hundred if you want to be the best you next weekend like I guess I should score you still get unlock your planet all in there I have not we should do that someone should this coming weekend May 17th even let you know when where the other updates coming to the beta yes where was last week and it came with a new man so I don't know if they got another one coming or what will Halo 3 only have 3 High Ground no bounds and it was yellow I can't believe I remember those in my head I don't like playing online looks like Boneyard Overlook short base what's overlook Overlook is dilation math I think you know that's the Boneyard I don't think I've seen that overlooks the PowerHouse Powerhouse the inside one Tony's at Powerhouse Boneyard over look for tickets for Powerhouse we have seen over where is it coming out everyone always comes up for some reason I'm more attuned to the leveling system in a matters more to me progress bar slide up Jack I'm up to 30% now it's really exciting and I really really hope that I'm not sure there's just a tiny bit of space called from Mobile Alabama Old Shell Road what does a normal perfect game real life instead of the video game million dollars for it no I don't think you forget so quickly for the will take in White Sox pitched a perfect game last year that was the first perfect game no hitter you want to watch this is perfect 919 people in how many years a baseball a hundred and then he was like 89 last year-and-a-half he's not on Mother's Day Stuart they're like this is going to be a movie in six months our feelings hurt jr. Sports and talking about sports I'm just watching baseball 2 every year Griffon an I don't know him Sports growing up I was a sports fan as a kid obviously an American right a honeymoon we went to Chicago and I came with me and the tickets are too expensive I want to see a White Sox game and I remember you were six months pregnant we ate about $150 for the food but anyway I was like one of the best for our expenses for this week the MLB league pass through cable and that year we watched only 60 games we want to watch won the World Series 01 Sports old big Rangers Fan like watching him to tear his hair out of crate jockey a lot of people how to download Houston Astros game or something to watch the Rangers about 3 the f word baseball team old a good team in Texas the year that the White Sox won the World Series they did it by beating the Astros so they made it to the one that game was game three I think you were there actually was in Houston it was the longest World Series game in history Houston weather out of the game like your car and it takes like an hour $100 Park apartment is so stupid in the world MasterCard out of valet car fans won cheese restaurant all right as I was about to say or whatever will you want okay I love you and I and what time Will Ferrell pitching when did we start talking to you about drinking in front of people I guess we should actually go to Dallas or Houston get food you know we have to find like 3rd Base get some good tickets and then get back for $120 so it just makes Financial sense for me to buy that hot dogs only has appointment nothing is better than Hot Dogs 2 last week was comes spontaneous thing we were like at the end of the table like we should all hang out sometime today so I went the Whole Foods guy with the Whole Foods sausage bar and a thousand different times it was crazy and that was about the best tasting coming back from Vancouver right now did you know I had to go home to my house got robbed you would have loved it thanks is rather than men Whole Foods at one time we went and we brought some finches here oh yeah yeah I like the sausage sandwich pineapple but you like the salsa at a pineapple is good The Grill menu I really wish I could carnitas tacos that have pineapple do you agree with that Grilled Lettuce but he was romaine lettuce and they put on the grill for like hardly any time like 10 seconds or something but it kind of slightly wilted and I got Smokey it's really good Kraft commission a healthy profit in the DLC for BioShock comes out today we didn't that is going to be Torchlight 200 $100 good thing I kept everything that's awesome from the last year we did I was also short for like your ready fuck it I'll do it I don't care tattoos of 2014 okay I actually did you know that you are now at the office lease couple days a week short an emergency the freshman that's the only person your husband did you see you what is it through 24th on Comedy Central has the weekly show all over again a casino out I was really tired of the movies and watch them a couple of them and I really wasn't that into them but I couldn't tell that it was just that Futurama doesn't work well in a long format or if it's just like the magic is over doesn't record very collectible 22 minutes I might be a lot more enjoyable I hope so I hope so do you know what time it is last story in the universe and origin of Jacob and the Man in Black which we still don't have a name for mother giving birth to Jacob and the Man in Black and sold it for some special like this one held up and she's only had one name 2000 I don't know some people out there not fat I'm just thinking about you Xbox an Xbox DVDs if I've gotten at least $4 for the viewing at 7 has it really hurt me or something I haven't ordered any somebody there I don't know that the intervention episode that's one of the ones I've seen where they developed the process of drinking wine has out right now just like you ruin last for Geoff the 12 things from Just Go With It reach summaries and that's how he watches lots of going to the summer watching I don't know Griffon in 44 minutes show Cliff Notes an I just to end up like find out more like new characters and find things out I just got bored and now I'm way behind and I like that story to story last night the first thing you see is like a new woman character had never been on the show for league are you kidding me they're introducing new characters with only two episodes left but then quickly this season reads very well like you and I had a discussion the car about it on the where the Best Buy but I explained what happened it was don't let them steal your words Jack in the Box little easy to watch on TV on the internet the Internet Explorer through in Our Stars the wrong way like he had a reach to see if you are brilliant jockey races jockey have to jump on the guy who could do it the fastest from the PC mod for Xbox but I don't know if you were the smoker friends then they won't find a smoker and I really think that's why it wasn't love slow where can I don't know that you do not know enough to get from point A to B witches and then my Xbox One Anna I went to Walmart and they didn't have it and I went to Target and they didn't have it then I can the office waiting for Best Buy to open then Jack and I went to the GameStop website put in the store locator there's no Game Stop Game Stop close to $100 by everything coming out every single game everytown 9 years 448 contact a lot of stuff from them eidos squaresoft YouTube stuff has been sorely lacking in the free game department year I guarantee you if we will repay you in the millions and millions of you talk about it in one of the highest rated gaming podcast from the mailing list I emailed you know where I work 4100 to these videos and would like to navigate Old Navy there was a very favorable videos if you work for game company feel free to email me absolutely sold you should talk to the email the Rubbermaid Corporation Jessica anyway alright well I don't think so dude 133 Comics a week and every Wednesday all right well let's go eat too much