#62 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth ends on a sour note

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Recorded: 2010-05-19 22:45:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

what was that was that was one of our very for and into the Netherlands and even if it wasn't for the European I got a call from an attorney so you're in the country illegally the Ireland vs Ireland you are wearing a Notre Dame shirt today Subway and sexy shirts you just pulled in so bad no is true the people at NBC who paid for the exclusive new that I do feel like we're du how many bad drunken Notre Dame Fighting Irish tattoos are you things are in the World As We is Patriot tattoos but I don't want to pay for tattoos like every Friday night if you go into a tattoo parlor on 6th Street there's at least like 3 dudes getting either an Air Jordan tattoo even though he's been retired for 20 years or a fucken Notre Dame Fighting Irish tattoo looks like it's the drunk man's tattoo of choice you shouldn't get anymore mom Live Nation biceps to be right there I don't think nobody does anymore that was like for football players and people that wanted to be football players in the NFL new Pokemon if anyone answered yes Burnie no but she was a member of the ESPN Erin Andrews and Andrews to her people thats phucked up pretty close last year and Holton was at Comic-Con I was fucking paranoid about my people College right yet and then turn the people around so that you can look into the way probably stop doing that the dorm at UT which was Jester yeah that's the largest logo design prisons of any building west of the Mississippi and it was designed by who the Red Army dorm in Moscow high school to in Mobile Alabama and Theodore Alabama was a prison that was built on a Marshland and after they built it at the foundation cracked and they realized it wasn't safe enough to put prisoners in so I turned it into high school are you kidding me like a weird building the shovel die Center New York so I was in a t-shirt making but I'm probably no more than that but the other day Blu-ray Blu-ray Blu-ray new movie was good it came out on DVD and at first he was like that was kind of for Blu-ray no it's just they're really starting to shot gun everything go to Blu-ray the transition from video interview call you use of stuff right like it when did they make that transition because I remember when I had cable we have hdnet and they had like Knight Rider in HD + 18 + HD and stuff like that so it was pretty late into the eighties before them and that's what I think rage logo for the mini DV camera was I just really want to I don't know Dennis the Menace unison yeah he was like you know the Box comes out sometime in August 24th I don't really like 200 bucks for everything for Blu-ray on Blu-ray for the for the last episode yeah thinking for days been really really awesome ribosome Alan pulido release was I guess I guess I really didn't realize I had in been into this week I need to get the strain come on wow Time Warner store what are you doing Gus I don't an over the any record I don't I don't record you could do it with a like a build like your own DVR but I don't want to interview messages was right Mr Palmer for digital Dropout on Glee my my cable box is turned off and they didn't have to work with a few people to hopefully find more. My uncle like knows people up in the APT and he contacted some folks and so now the leaders in helping me a lot more emails from like the emails from his boss please send me anything you also send him a few possible we have some things that might be helpful in the case so that means right now feeling very helpful is that you can do all the work for him here use this to find a picture of that portable you know can help us out and so now they're finally have them my 2 Xbox and in 2 weeks I might my profile was actually on my USB thumb drive and I had at work the whole time so I never lost any my game saves or anything like that so convenient but that's pretty much it was I realize that was full of all my badges I've gotten from like the last 6 years like my Comic-Con badges any time I go to so my bag is full did you a favor there that the bag of never new office McKinney of on the wall or something cool Amazon favor 203 office on sale why would you take my heroes maybe they also don't want to get laid Bill at the books that looks on top of the books for the books back lost in the World War Z what time does no Xbox or computer you got a lot of free time on your hands at home right now after the last couple a podcast that I want that I was not at for talking about Jack stuff being stolen my personal comment have been filled with people saying we should do something Jack Burnie organize a contest for Burnie you should do because every time they go for it show up in one tech support for general information about something we don't have anything can you was good 5th the best wireless router Linksys I want to buy a new computer what should I buy I don't know what a fucking computer right now. Anything you think I get a lot of like I get a lot of booze related questions advice to no one should hit can I mix with this camera doesn't have friends request turn off have to deal with people things you my friend I can ask Orlando my friend has the shittiest place he or she has ever had tomorrow we have both an avid listener San are we be paint store you know what I'm going to have you take it one step further sounds like a dude who likes to support people that need help so if you have any questions about the community about text for Wow about what games to buy routers law restaurants with alcohol you should personal comedy is now the official question ask your question answerer for our site happy birthday today did you I just know you live in of a mobile auction house you can access on the iPhone that's pretty cool dude it's only a few servers right now looks like no one use how many gallons No 9 months whenever we slow down on a Shimano can actually start doing stuff the day after for child lost yesterday morning I had to go down to the office to and a half hours in the morning and there's a Walmart right across the street from Walmart and see if they have actually had a midnight launch for website the been able to get things easily right now it's impossible to GameStop in the same complex there not always going to fight with and there in the morning doing your job and it was okay you can to help and in like 40 minutes to my live games Bryan Texas yeah yeah paint sometimes you gotta paint top have never been before have never paint bunch of people he still spray paint around the mouth looks like Homer Simpson is Denise wants to know gold and silver spray paint on wood you be passed out in the car let me ask you a question what would you pay in order to never set foot inside of a retail store again dude at a lot I'm a bit of a commercial evangelist first service that have which is called Amazon Prime and it cost me $79 a year and for $79 a year I get free shipping from Amazon free 2-day shipping and if I want anything one day the next day then it things 399 an item so it's almost like you would always do it that's super super cheap so I don't I can't tell you the last time I went into a retail store to buy anything 2 or 3 packs and then just roll through like that I don't know only one trip I can't I cannot recommend it enough that I need a box fan for my house or something like for something we have here and you just don't even think about to go home and order order Duty midnight launch GameStop Amazon Amazon Amazon when the other people rage call an you can you search for something based on what you prime eligible and some things are not Prime be coming from somewhere else but like 399 San when do you think you buy more stuff now because of the convenience because for me it would be like I need to go to Target and get Target I'm here I don't come back in here and park and all that and still I'll go by like maybe bang bang I love this fucking service I wish everybody had that we can get it for shipping for sometimes something things like so shot I need this right now but I'm usually in the morning when I get here I cannot recommend them they're pretty good did you figure out your first day three weeks three and a half weeks and I'm very different gas my Pit Stop gas station is out of the way and if I want to watch my windshield for some chips if you like you can pay at the pump you have to do and I never get that the seven backups what do you think I don't want to talk to anyone Indian of time with you like totally buying a more fuel efficient car not the same everything you need at home been speaking of riders Saturday morning my router died my Linksys router died and I went through and Geoff who is a friend of mine has been a friend of mine for like 12 years his elder daughter didn't fucking call me and ask for advice no I didn't ask are we live to blood the internet I would never do that it took me longer to troubleshoot the broken rather than it did to drive the Best Buy buy an airport express Wireless income home install it and get set back up like that was ever my life Xbox USB hard drive into a network hard drive like anyone can connect to it time machine any you couldn't and you can right now Cirque du Soleil the game have the conversation but I read that Cirque du Soleil was going to be part of the Xbox Extreme 2 E3 there watching at the things and such a waste of money remote natal an intelligent can it make sense has never been seen before how to complete the set I was like tell me why house like when I go to La for a week coming to go to E3 shows like video games whatever have fun and then she's going to be there and now it's like are we going to get divorced because you can't stay with me 237 shows no experience there's no camera equipment Allowed no recording devices allowed in the event in TV is going to probably information an acrobatic crazy apparently blonde women from Oregon are obsessed with take your wife to Vegas I don't know why you were going to Vegas tomorrow I can't get away from a kid I can't get a weekend babysitter and I'm going to make you angry like walking around this extreme worst be at least for a weekend or whatever but I'd rather do that for a big vacation with your roof or something no it's okay he's a been different my house is not very early there's a lot of breakable stuff like within the first three feet of the ground level house sitting you probably don't want to babysit go crazy now yet it still around that's awesome I'm not actively looking for him did you see all so I guess I'm going back to my My World of Warcraft love you please BlizzCon tickets in a couple weeks like 2 weeks soda 2nd and June are you going to go now why would you what is the purpose of going to BlizzCon normally give you a convention how many tickets I don't know I don't know it was the World of Warcraft in the shot a little bit and then no there should be have you know Starcraft 2 and Diablo and everything they do things in the fire right now the first year was $20,000 have in a 2005 Movie 2 Vegas right there for a while so Vegas Orlando it's incredible how big that place is like 2 years ago and I was like this is the largest my life there was another one on top of at least it seems like it was 2nd floor was identical and then there's like another Wing Center is one of the world at 3.2 million square feet San Diego cancelled law and about three football fields y 3.241 million Center in San Diego is 615000 square feet 315 inch demographic of fuel go to Comic-Con would be more likely to go to Disneyland or something like that there was square feet of exhibit space Orlando for that duty to the sized with a needed 3.2 million square feet that would be terrifying Aerospace there will they get like they accept like they can only accommodate like 4440 or 50% of the exhibitors that that applies you surprised it's that high of a percentage people trying to there that's wow how many people you think an employee's like to run it to me you know how many people actually work for Comic-Con time and I don't remember the number but it was not a lot BlizzCon taxes in convention themselves suffered at the hands of other Khan official name for super awesome and those guys are always great even know what's going on can react to a situation trying to get a redshirt and to help you do anything is almost upon is acting crazy are the guys who said people get rid of them will paint remover get rid of black in the hallway how many points we have in the coming conflict an email to send that to you sorry have a great be around the corner on a major hallway and it took us four years to work up to that level 6 years 5 years well which would be great we'd love to have that much room so we're right across them but at this point no one above us is leaving another nothing to run yet, but there's nothing really we can do that's how they decide who gets what both and who gets priority no can you run them out yourself if your points you have on everyone and then they you do with the science based on there are ways to Microsoft was barely bigger than Microsoft so hard to get in the water had their footprint at Comic-Con so they can use it for the things but dedicated video game companies kind of late to the game looks like Comic Con start in 2004 for 2004 give me know what happened today for no reason is 2004 was the year that the find expanded into Hall h open till then be have never gotten into that hole I guess they expanded we got in and they were like we were on that waiting list they got stuck in there we were on the way a month before the event started this part of Texas El Paso The Rock if you're going from Louisiana into Texas an orange there like 815 what there was a trailer behind my truck and we reached a point when we were about 250 miles between gas station and it was exactly how far we needed on one tank of gas how far when you get home that trailer it was so hot in your home so much weight that you could watch the fuel needle move you can actually see it dropping that's pretty scary when you're in the middle of nowhere it's a when at a bar personal space funny yet so at the sale Minecraft stuff there new invention I don't know if when you move and that's awesome you don't normally go to Convention like when you're packing up to leave you put my stuff on a pallet and you go tell him you're ready to check out and give you some can you can wrap up your palate they don't give you the shrink wrap you can buy a wrapping service for from them and then to Dover for $85 an hour hail shrink wrap around Gus unions are serious I'm fucking serious there was bad we showed when we went in 2003 I think to 3020 go check it out or something I think machine at and Burnie of logo yet they may do a screening of it so I might actually go out to check it out complete anything for a friend no more like gear related stuff like him too I think Xbox Live arcade without yet a show together this year next year I don't know armadillo there whatever I'm going to Aerospace Washington a no nobody knows the Bungie Aerospace no idea no any any idea warfare 2.com Call of Duty future Warfare 2 and 3 and then the whole bunch of other ones reference the future and stuff bunch of money have you registered Final Fantasy XIII ffxi 11 which turned out to be a memo my Aerospace Bungie Aerospace something the Stars into the heavens to the Moon Alice to the Moon Alice can you read the actual at was speaking with her about Australia be hard work to the stars or something so she would E3 predictions is a my kid was talking about the PS3 and the Xbox and what do you like about one vs. the other his like Xbox and PS3 has more movies on it doesn't understand was right and I have a Blu-ray player it's Blu-ray is catching hold of me name go to Best Buy in like 3 hours at Best Buy at Blu-ray players also super cheap vinyl in for a hundred bucks now delivery for everything be the best person but I want to is I have purchased a lot of things on demand all of that and you know that but theoretically you can keep your library online and download it as you need it that's a lot of people the library that's a lot of traffic going back and forth downloading TV shows through the marketplace and I really like one shows that I'm not mad about it always sunny every night I want soda and ice cream and everything rooster Blu-ray you things that might my big my big surprise I think is I have a suspicion that your mom and you will say Fable 3 will be natal only available and I was going to steal it Xbox at home indo-pak was like Fable 3 a natal probably and then it'll be like it are some aspects to natal in Fable 3 is been all over like he was like the spokesperson for like the Milo that's was been confirmed was going to work with natal are predicted Call of Duty Black Ops information no support mean saving Microsoft at like has like play ball with him they were the first people to do the episodic things over games on demand for a full game I read that that was tremendously successful to let you know it was coming better was a little bit of a learning curve but now I feel unloved into man got really into no I kind of did but then I'm just busy with production so it was an older now and it definitely shows its age Las Vegas June July on the bright side my was more than I wanted to the first year the Dodge Nitro was in the spotlight and can shoot it shot set up in cinematic specifically we see two characters talking in the vehicle and the sync by Microsoft logo is very prominent than there gear in car navigation system wake to there like tickets Energizer battery there's a Miracle Whip in skate 3 there like an actual sponsor for spa treatments and three other like you know when does the T-Mobile contact when the the monster contest a big deal 561 of those kind of funny because the trick Miracle have to do to get the Miracle Whip achievements a real skateboarding trick but I've never seen it happen machine is called don't be so Mayo but the logo is like the MW of Miracle Whip don't be so Mayo I don't I don't get the reference either it's go see a dr. pepper Yahoo no I don't know condos in typically don't like Billboards everywhere and pepper machines in skate 3 like the Old Spice New Orleans in cutscenes like it too much if we have the best from the TV show Friends had probably the best friend in friends from 1040 Cox so I can remember apartment new is there a season 4 on house be San Jose too much of a call but like if you stayed around and you see a dr. pepper machine and in some ways it's better than seeing like some fake soda you know and then I have to stop and look at a fake Gucci soda name that came up was and they think they're clever and machines Halo 2 back to that like I remember a level where there is a movie poster and every now and then be empty but occasionally the real movie poster Vegas like one of the early levels like you have to storm the casino or something and that you can blow up all the cars and shoot them outside is she going in except for like the Dodge Nitro purchased under a spotlight is like you time with all the other cars on the street but not the Dodge Nitro The Cutting are no Heroes Yasin for which one tickets sold every Prime of 400 cast members my heart wake up my solar be awesome God I just I couldn't imagine no I really can't imagine being handed out a sign of your the guy who got it put Miracle Whip in Skate 3 San are not going to react logo Fusion skating Community lost a universally loved mayonnaise New York whip put the name in a trick that nobody likes drinking Monster Energy go with curious timing like right before Skate 3 came out of it just like the in the w now we're talking about it over the top right to work you know when they see the time that was just right with the X-Games like yeah it's whatever but I don't remember where the first looks disk Windows the mid-to-late seventies when they stop with those old ad campaigns and then try to make it more mainstream soda and it was in the early nineties when they try to like pie 2 to the X Games and made it more of a look at extreme thing and in the past 10 years trying to time order gaming and Gamers right hand it's really go down when you find when you do Google image search for Miracle Whip have no idea she's a big girl Alan time Xbox Live live go back to my planet now excited for the finale lost I can't wait to hit Wikipedia Monday people are not to be happy with some stuff really really into lost and call that you're talking about and I said you know if you start answering questions it's just like a little kid is always always have a weird thing to say when your shows for lunch now it's going to Wilmington let's go to for the gas that you should bypass all of those games and just play Red Dead Redemption 141 Alan Wake like a really awesome you you sick the first 30 to 45 minutes I thought were pretty rough for about an hour last night and I turned the game off but I was so upset you got blood looks just like Christian Bale to me what you meant by super distracting and I'm still going to play the game but my first impression the first hour is I am not a fan I think is really cool one of the scariest most varied compliments that someone can give to a game when I hear it and I have played the game when somebody says you're going to love it has great writing writing is not like anything else I haven't been impressed with the right there I don't know but it's pretty over-the-top but it is continuing to improve like I'm halfway through the 3rd episode right now my have the can I said this just shows how high Uncharted at the bar sure if was a cinematic 2 the video game an incredible game this game has awesome writing you're going to love it probably also loves Donnie Darko and V for Vendetta Donnie Darko Shakopee was Johnny Darko have done it up you probably also like a pulley in Dynamite live maybe it's yet to come you know has come loose again Insane Clown Posse pie hole it'll be it'll be at your so Mayo 2 if somebody tells me they like the movies my definitely lose respect for them what's the worst thing that like to are quoting according it's going at work what happened on the 5th of November they are releasing a bunch of Star Wars gear for Xbox Live marketplace and avatars for any celebration of the 30th Anniversary tons of stuff is immediately Rebel Soldier YouTube together with the spirit of this is 30th Anniversary Empire Christian number to look so Empire stuff I have a Yoda hat and rebel costume new fucking awesome 2 or 3 years now you get the police from 2012 hail in Oklahoma this weekend no softball softball sized killer dude I've seen bigger Star City Undercover with bad hail in Austin I want to look at new cars you don't want to go tickets for Big Center back on track cover letter sample for the car from hail is coming here specially nervous cuz the top of my car is All Glass is All Glass and solar panels which I'm sure is not expensive to replace the solar panels that power things inside of it so when you park look out in the sun and it's hot the solar panels power the fans to suck out the hot air from your car a hundred eighty degrees or whatever will you can roll down the windows as you unlock the car your car air conditioner are you crazy my PC turns on for 3 minutes and shuts off use the solar panels to keep it from getting super hot there when you're just about ready to leave a couple days before you turn the AC on and there Burnie car guy to begin with but I would rather have better gadgets like that then a faster for your car when it's nothing really today why do people want to stick yet it makes no fucking sense to me at all because I like driving if you know how to drive stick shift right now for the first time in my life I don't understand this it really should be doing stuff on the road tomorrow and I finally got a so happy okay its 1 tomorrow New Mexico tomorrow to pie bad event for Jack you look up on Alan when I'm leaving for LA the go pointing people to ever win du the driveway I guarantee 25 years and part of the podcast Burger King in Doritos they did it very well that was probably the single best concert thing I've ever seen anyone do there because they had a free product that you can download and it was easy to see the actually on the flip side one of the worst that humans of for Fight Night Round 2 I think it was find 313 like the Burger King can walk with you to your match and then if you when you get the Burger King themed achievement was four score in 20 hours 228 rage 2014 you probably about 5 hours Madison everything Geoff the video game for the be team is 9 X and then you realize he doesn't have to pay maker app the first fight night for the original Xbox I put in my roommate and it was Rocky Marciano vs. and I carried his first win and I caught him on the jaw and dropped him any get up it was incredible he was broken and the only the first time be done you can remind me of battle gameplay mechanic Steel Battalion had where if you died and you didn't Jack from your Mac it would erase your saved game really 2 or 3 player in the world Halo to say thanks for keeping your the last player in the world new have girlfriends mug have Okay Google pizza Hoboken you doing listen to Chuck E cheese without a right which was kidnapped did you look at back and forth because you you got some help and looks like it's all because your uncle knows somebody is making the joke that was my thought as well would you like me to do