#63 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is kind of angry and embarassing

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Recorded: 2010-05-26 21:19:32

Runtime: 01:05:04 (3904.54 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey




    "Daruma's interpretation of Lord Smashington" => "http://roosterteeth.com/members/images/image.php?id=2872681"
    "The first Alan Wake DLC is called The Signal, the second one is The Writer" => "http://www.joystiq.com/2010/05/22/second-alan-wake-dlc-episode-the-writer-priced-at-10/"
    "The Ramsey chicken coop" => "http://roosterteeth.com/members/images/image.php?id=2871408"
    "Bomb box Griffon was talking about" => "http://roosterteeth.com/members/images/image.php?id=2871407"
    "Salvage place we were talking about" => "http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/gardening/entries/2009/10/09/you_can_buy_garden_supplies_ag.html"
    "Target commercials that aired during the Lost finale" => "http://www.songspeak.com/highlarious-target-commercials-aired-during-lost-finale/"
    "HBO shows coming to PSN" => "http://kotaku.com/5546890/hbo-comes-to-the-playstation-3"
    "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres on Comedy Central May 31st" => "http://www.monstersandcritics.com/smallscreen/news/article_1558398.php/It-s-Always-Sunny-in-Philadelphia-on-Comedy-Central-May-31"
    "Mass Effect 2 DLC will fill the gap till Mass Effect 3" => "http://kotaku.com/5544204/play-the-bits-between-mass-effect-2-and-mass-effect-3"
    "Red Dead Redemption Donkey Lady" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q7v4F8r9Og"
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    "F1 racing coming to Austin" => "http://www.statesman.com/news/local/is-formula-one-coming-to-austin-709355.html"
    "Sim City with 6 million residents" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ezZgAl6aN8"
    "Rooster Feast" => "http://roosterteeth.com/groups/profile.php?id=9622"
    "Blur's TV ad" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPqRue51GZ8"
    "Splinter Cell Conviction Insurgency Pack DLC" => "http://www.joystiq.com/2010/05/17/splinter-cell-conviction-insurgency-pack-coming-may-27-for-10/"
    "J Allard's farewell email" => "http://blogs.technet.com/b/microsoft_blog/archive/2010/05/26/if-you-want-to-change-the-world-with-technology.aspx"
    "Qrank" => "http://qrankthegame.com/"
    "The Good, The Bad-ass, and The Ugly" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddXe104Zpt8"
    "Macs account for 11% of Steam's sales" => "http://kotaku.com/5543168/why-is-steam-on-mac"
    "Mac vs PC benchmarks of the Portal beta" => "http://kotaku.com/5541256/just-how-fast-are-steam-games-on-the-mac"
    "Half Life 2 is now out for Steam on the Mac" => "http://www.joystiq.com/2010/05/26/steam-for-mac-adds-half-life-2-cross-platform-steam-cloud/"
    "EQ2 is now selling mounts" => "http://www.joystiq.com/2010/05/22/sony-online-entertainment-selling-everquest-2-mounts-for-25/"
    "Blizzard says there is more growth ahead for WoW" => "http://www.joystiq.com/2010/05/26/blizzard-more-growth-ahead-for-wow/"
    "Lots of suicides at Foxconn lately" => "http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/10/05/26/apple_looking_into_foxconn_suicides_says_it_is_saddened_and_upset.html"
    "Outbreak of children stabbing in China lately" => "http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/13/world/asia/13china.html"
    "Starman" => "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088172/"


Transcript (in progress):

what's wrong how to Alan Summers to silence and post that bad I just like to be quiet mother fucker Colbert somebody on the site play the banjo because I love you I just get a girl boner for some 15 year old dude on the side in the bedroom Pet Shop pictures please okay you didn't show at the DNC last night was our first game in a month are characters were all fucking we already went to your other guys were their names out of the country if we don't have the thing anymore because we are I was I was down to start of the night out we can't we couldn't rest because I have one day to get to the stupid Temple right and that I was the only guy we end up in this encounter against 7 dudes with Griffon and the in PC Run character that qrank Sim PC run it down J Town Hardware dead before I had one hit points against 3 Guys we till for including Griffon killing ad coop in this job till your half work was fantastic by the way I got this this is a 45-minute encounter fighting me 7 dude I'm down to one hit point no man nothing going on and I was able to intimidate them I would we we should by All rights be dead and have life qrank I have wake San intimidate I will the 19 and I just got 2 have it and they were really hurt to there about 2 but I will the 19 with my racing to and at like 28 or something on intimidate and that guy I was intimate with all the one so you can't get you can safely let us go easy on that isn't a check so they took off it was I was I almost drove to your house to punch you it was me and I just wanted you to feel better do we got like I want to see you the we threw some help way worse than that 2600 it was awesome I'm half way to level 6 now over half of more than half life put were talking about come to the Indy next week for god sakes the mass of flask buy used all my place the ad some like negative so I don't know I think that should be coming against your nothing I did wrong says it's really but the natural 20 and then on my check I will and then I rolled Macs hits 2026 boneface dog things like I don't the called I shouldn't be talking about the stairs or there or whatever but anyways so feel free to come apart from the podcast coming dream on the same out of you fantastic whoever that guy was just was if you found on the internet was awesome so far may be personal and I mean anything inside Koko Head no can with this weekend Griffon podcast good morning we are on a roll world wars in order on the moon it was awesome I got to be at the VA office believe this morning cuz he had asked me to do some rubber stuff while he was meeting I know you said your the dark circles under his eyes for 8 hours Hazel Gus is like Gus officially has the effect of the one ring Target Columbia the one desk in the office I can sit next to that makes my desk cleaning in comparison yeah now that has grime my chair like I was looking down and is it so dark it's black it's white it's horrible there's also there was one day I was sitting there for an hour and J like finally noticed I was in the room yet now Sim City punching on the keyboard computer more like it it's pretty fun like we used to sit around in like he shows me at like fight scenes on Youtube and we have a costume if he's really into coming you just make stuff up but overall it's worth picking up and playing as possible but you know you were talking about how to wake steam was initially a wake right working on that the whole thing was a dream sequence and everything and your wife her name is a wake at the end of the game that lead me to believe that maybe she'll be the protagonist in the next game and that were still there there's 2 DLC has been announced on July there new episodes called the writer and in something else but I could do without when they make it there so that makes it sound like it was the one that actually had the fear of the dark trying to confuse him is it okay Lots were trying to really talk around there was something was not happy with out I think that maybe all sales final boss was a disappointment the final boss in the for that kind of a fight it is hard to get that was trying to get from the beginning of episode 6 to the end of episode 6 with out using it so you can get there if you can trying to run away there Cheetos while the football players throwing it in the trash cans there always so much faster than us very ambiguous and I get to say about it did you J in the website we started discussing the out of frame can't just paint it half to paint it and then paint it again and then cover it and rubber cement and candles and then paint it a third time and it's time I went home but you coming so we have one of the frame to be really solid for us and they look totally different looks like a new one 8x8 of like I don't know it'll be like a fish the effect the area that I can be living in chicken lay down in lately so it's going to be we were going to build a standard Chicken Coop and then we got stupid and decided we should give a walk into the chicken coop and then we decided we're putting it and so we're kind of limited space in the building around the building around the tree it had to be like a wide and so now it's like it's giant there we did and then I had to do but I dead the chicken should have like a Swiss Family Robinson style house or building chicken chicken houses in the tree little tree houses with steps 2 Great Lakes in old wooden military crate that had like 4 days or something Brookville Lumber and in a different way to make it work for him half says but I'm getting really cool stuff we can actually place little of a price for everything in Austin lately to do with it Mac Habitat ReStore you know it's like the garbage why did the life short family would have a chicken coop by chickens running on the chicken coop the Ramsey have to do with the stupid demographic at Oak that looks like the angel that Mass to the door we found it smelled like Farms or whatever don't try to that and then I'm going to like a little strip there ever since and candle wax and then when you paint to the next codon you go is like sandpaper on scratch off and like any place we had the rubber cement and the candle wax it won't stick but has a different look for each one so it looks like it looks little bit more realistic because every Supercuts I'm making the metal braces and hinges and stuff look like the rest that already with spray paint second one Austin in four years one of your chickens children how long do you have to have to start putting it Mac 6 weeks so you'll have to ride around pack lots of the says I don't know what they're on the same life to decorate your bedroom and it got too many eggs and I'm not aggressive and I are good fruit or whatever if you want something to leave something for you like if you want me to not like actually go and sit on the eggs culture references in Life 2 to be called his mom and asked her to wake him up want to get settled and it's fine WhatsApp salary for medical for a while and then we talked about chicken coop in growth in the we talked about was going to be in the office next Friday alright so Austin four wheelers that's what city in America we were doing them a favor exactly you're welcome do you want to life the very end of the episode out of the target commercials were fantastic may I see the preview up to the finale and then during the finale custom May 3 special spots under sink planet with the worst one 417 pretty sure that had that in there Super Bowl commercial series finale commercials work outside it's Box 2 which is weird I mean I don't get it what that black thing probably commercial time during the Lost finale when you have to open the doors and windows and when they push that are not really he might have been like good turn in the grave like why was Walt so special and cares pack is Jeremy Bentham had to go talk to him in the real world remember no not really now you're 2 there cancerous place jack engines running cool digital Cardiology that aired earlier but I like the story everyone happy can you we realized getting Happy Endings there moving on there's a couple of shows Sopranos in the finale and I think about it every now and then it was till around 4 lost Adam Levine first met and I never seen shut up we would have asked red nose and face Griffon I love you myself and my wife didn't like the and one Salvage lost a loved one Justin half ahead and committed to the show so I got her to agree she was like I'll watch it with you but you've got to do something for me and so it was like it was like I don't tell me you want to sex with me Mass Casino feel like I need to be ready did you see that would you be willing to watch more of the island with Hurley and Ben lots and I don't know my day was pretty alright a reminder this week HBO shows are coming to the PSN to buy them and watch them on your PS3 HBO shows are on Netflix with a little 2 over reaching but at the shows that red was $3 and it seems a little pricey Entourage True Blood come down occasionally on airplane perimeter HBO shows on airplane at 11 till the show is available on DVD okay well that seems oh yeah I could probably get the box I think how many times we can watch the same old episodes every time we're about to have to move back to Burn Notice on the game the game between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 Red Mountain Red River going to be nothing but were pretty quick yeah chicken I was right on the edge of the modern era out because I haven't had to play it because I'm playing you know who did nothing you got red dead now out wake and you won that round 3 for Alan was actually really good Starman for having a posse of 6 people 6 5041 but I think once I finish the story I'll probably get into that the box is 2 - 16 also seems to be very well written like it is something when writing running such a big deal in video games these days and it's awesome so poor you now and good writing really immediately stands out California more more crazy you Austin & Ally super creation and give me the option to skip ahead like I was reading somewhere that I can get the definition of 400 what time you're walking into a bar and in the barn door got stuck to your back in the barn door folklore having to do with your hair misspelled with China now but it hurts my first move to Texas I heard all sorts of stories about Lex and Lana and donkey lady in San Antonio the bridge on the woods and you go and like you more than they should run up and like some with your car with her husband life story of someone and it was like burning up really badly in a fire and have life figured donkey was like face and her hands are like till today character that is also that was like a in San Antonio life International Alan Wake because it is in the in Casino in Texas but it just happened randomly and it's actually is really happened in Spanish may I wish to God I could think of something embarrassing about you that I can donkey lady Bridge stories that are in bomb lady city of F1 racing coming to Austin but I am excited about the business it'll bring to our Fair City 2021 for steam cleaners that make me feel weird of a plan to close to downtown Sim City Sim City that was an offer cinematic music and everything I really like Sim City I don't feel one Griffon ghost the ghost of the children who died in a bus accident location how that experience and it's like it appears to be going of Antonio fun which right and if you see it it's like it's an omen of death City Cemetery in San Marcos Texas 01072 yeah I guess that's true it'll take the pressure off of your about on there like a visually something bad will happen if we first started dating and Griffon was still living in San Marcos is crybaby Cemetery a lot and how was the scariest place on the planet so she took me to it nothing special about it steam life I'm okay I don't dead there are some cats till like wired to the fence but run the cemetery it was dark and raining and it was like this perfect setup and it went to my friend's of your freaking each other I don't was just thinking like it was freshly mowed in there was like a family visit cries like a baby that was buried out there that cries till terrifying stuff we go forward South like if you're going to San Antone 6 out Renaissance Center you know I saw someone on the website and food tour of Austin email about the gallon will the called the group rooster feast restaurants in and they're going to Gordon's chicken Cermak Road Chicago topless I think it's pretty good Terry's of a hat Creek and go interface by the way set alarm for 4 to make it there before me what is at the portal ad that supported chicken enchiladas really fucking Casino I like I like more than can see that one of our few just because I have more variety yes I do you guys want to meet up at some point maybe miscarriage because that it's connecting the list of people can file for the stuff we talked about which is the place to find somebody who's coming off of them like your mom's burgers with there one long wait to email asking for a list of place we about to eat 6 God before you throw out when you get back to what it was like start of there clothes on City on the spot I would recommend putting Macs and variety qrank in the Miller development some of this is a better than I used to be but it's some of the dishes that were good at Art Is Good the first growth 55 Spencer something it Sim apartment complex in was built what you want Jack what you mean like Iron Works may be so kind as to let me know 1015 minutes open when you there so there's a built-in BBQ trailer in my front yard at the best thing in the world every time I leave Salvage good now it's like you know what's the weather like today Griffon I can't there that list is sorely missing one kind of food that you can't go to Austin and I have pulled Moses was alright alright onion carrot jalapeno like salad or whatever that was bomb and you just fill up on a the money just go there and have one drink and get a bunch of cell who's the feast what is coming out June 11th to June 13th 2 weeks how many people a group of friends from out of town for coming to town looks like they're your house pretty cool be sure to mention for Justin I recommend you go there and talk about how awesome the rest one is all the time rooster feast City coming out this weekend money we wow and look at about 300 story fill 3 release date Robbie Bach and J left Microsoft are going to leave immediately after final email the company really really well done email is probably ok but it is interesting timing wise it makes me wonder how far along development of the next Xbox console is like and wonder how much work is started on the next point you think it was do you think it was intentional because it is interesting and the life without you 20 it'll be interesting to see you steam your blood I hope I hope it works out it's a dangerous dangerous thing to happen I guess for Microsoft The Geoff I know you don't watch the TV show Glee Quinn don't think I came in first 2 days ago and I came in yesterday qrank bomb decided it was boring and stop doing it I just want to jump on like Anna it's a play it is well for you enjoy it it's just a trivia game and it's just fun half just to get to helping at all will have a rooster feast Audi A4 77 in the world local Sim work at your local store the next day and doing it in a few will still answer their questions did you see the video but I thank you video for the rich beta it's pretty awesome it's a video that's from the beta and it's pretty fast if you are on your iPhone and if your iPhone iPhone ringtone search for always email her and it'll pop up when you go to take about 29 what's your DJ name Jack Taylor is The Good the Bad and the Ugly Good the Bad and the Ugly make a point of showing in election glitches and life mistakes in the game Sunny exactly I haven't played it for till dinner red was it last week already for 11% steam transactions and I think it's not working right after a few days after I bought it will half way done with it I got distracted by what are you city of mission what are some one comparison portal on the Mac and the PC out the window so you played it on PC and then you played it on Xbox and I don't plan on Mac Starman Jack distinctive will be 3 NFC City 3 feel free to come up and say hi and slap jack Holiday Inn Jefferson room modern 2016 million what is 3% and we're going to be there we have to be there though like the 13th I think Thursday morning that's fine everything first well you know what it's like on the last day of ghost town and other works all the boob Babe Ruth position girls like hanging out with breast city streets just to turn you one cuz I don't know if I want you National Coney more player models to come truthfully I wasn't hanging out with anybody anymore no one of them improve their writer combat abilities spell casting ability question question speaking of everybody you think wow has plateaued I think so let me we haven't really seen any legal trouble China no one's really quick 47 kids that have been killed now this year yellow Elementary School Cleburne TX times of doing it it's just happening and it's like a school teacher is like in the Middle Ages like in the 42 sixties and still like seems like people at school and feeling terrified terrible it is and nobody likes them in more marketing for company yeah I guess the headline I've seen here is China cell first child stabbing attack in a month New Haven Michigan the end of PC from cell image of the story I think of me that's very like how we now your car doesn't have like a running total button one month was crazy I guess the first one was the end of March I just want to mentally unstable former teacher till 8 children at a primary school terrible 2012 vs 2012 there was a movie I gotta go is everything for them as were driving or running pretty much for 2 hours 2 hours away from can't recommend enough that's alright I'll get almost everything from the marketplace I don't even go to Netflix streaming that much anymore just because it's like it had a now it's got too much crap to find the good stuff that is hard to find new releases that are actually really Starman is on Netflix streaming Karen Alan Cottage to the top were going back there rooster that was her whatever good never going to finish it was one that really know what let's do something else and we decided never to go to do that again we're going to there from here you got you got 2012 3 months the in San Francisco in Iron Man 2 is shows this past weekend it was really for Shrek 7th place 90906 for million dollars says I can't in million dollar budget was telling me where the movies are in the movie movies coming out this summer Steam movie trailer at the end of the first trailer is in the first Harry Potter movie coming out soon I can't wait to see the new Twilight final battle and everything and it's like basically it's a depressing for the first half life doesn't mean it's just them getting ready for the final about it because it's really sad we have to go back and forth like I would read into you can distinguish words and I headed with somebody we should probably go get something to eat remind was delicious and I did not throw up in my grill chicken burgers were awesome how many title on the computer Misty For Me