#64 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is short handed till Burnie shows up

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Recorded: 2010-06-02 23:16:17

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Kreo trailer that's pretty good yeah I like to know more before I knew it I was someone else and then he vanished he looks good he looks of using a pink shirt are you building this morning a pink shirt tucked into jeans Arlington for intervention wife tries to pull him aside after this podcast one cool thing that happen to me this morning as I was walking into the office the mail guy was there I got a big box full of alcohol what I'm getting from this story is if you hang out around the front of the building with you pretty much inside the alcohol from a friend of ours is what is it the dishwasher :-) theme song might have you given the person who sent you alcohol Year award yet I just walked in the building sorry I was on my way strike anyway thank you very much I appreciate it he also said hopefully thank you sir I appreciate the middle from what I can remember really really good beers and like a glass to the trailer very cool I will drink any alcohol that I drink first and ask questions later any kind of liquor is getting at is Kreo was on to something that has free video games with at least we can get the free booze I really haven't been a lot of the capitol Texas Capitol at City Hall it was and they had blocked the road which is the main thoroughfare through downtown I found that it was coming I come from towards our office and Geoff comes East and I have to cross Congress to get on to it and then shut down Congress all the way up to you too I had a hard time last year like I got there at the intersection of 7th and Congress for about 5 minutes waiting for a break in bicycle I could cross into the office was closed down for and what I don't care you don't give me a camera I am finished as the runner-up the cameras coming down which now you should read it all the time we have the technology Skate 3 be on and a Red Dead Redemption of course still awake if you brainstorm some new stuff for you to work quick like you sucking Barton to Me Maybe it's that you're running around in territory that used to belong to your people bored by the game nothing really glad things are okay if it was intentional you know what I know what's the boobs but you like World War II only you and I were probably the World War II aspect of the game probably carried you through it myself well enough drive to Best Buy in Stockton home I got home I opened it was empty I can't believe that there was no and you know that shoplifters in return this is what you beat the game already but luckily I finally managed to find a copy of tropical 3 at Best Buy when I bought Red Dead Redemption and I really like it because the only person in the world what are you I told you that was last year I think so fucking weird Strike Force 2 or something like that I don't know so weird again on Tuesday they were going to release him you would actually released of the storm Heroes intro Jack and on the website with an order frustrating six months plotting the murder of his rival in Counter Strike Mission and on our way back together to stab him like an instrument heart it's what I read in the hospital that trip to the store year 630 was it his eyes and his tongue because he was on a mushroom trip Mark and you needed to get it out what do you do if your friend mushroom button mushrooms from the grocery store I just I've never done mushrooms or anything in my life I surely would have had a wonderful side effect could be fucking crazy worst side effect trip alright can you Geoff I had this kind of situation much-lauded the on my wife's profile we finished our chicken coop Sunday 1st and 2008 swimming at 6 which is a local fresh water spring the kind of in the heart of Downtown parking in front of really cool tonight from 9 to 10:44 at and West which by the way he's not here to talk about it but it showed me that it was one of the best a fantastic time with everybody and that is what he was doing and I was like on my way to go swimming and burned--and BBQ restaurant so I did and it was real For Me BBQ fantastic to have a coffee crusted brisket smoked for like 20 hours is unbelievable and they have these green chile grits on my god did you got to try the green chili guy just showed up and and Jim who I had never heard before we're ready to go and so weird swimming Excursion with the ladies to give you an idea of what we look like it's dark we're hanging out by the dead was addicted to the diving board in the in the Mark some dude plans at the gym and it's like what's up you Japan crazy to have that level of Fame more like your neck is above the water and it's dark and some dude from 31 32 33 wait until you come home yeah that's pretty crazy and it was a pleasant surprise I trust you kept your hands to yourself Al and then afterwards morning when he came to the office today and then I was like and in general I can never meet a Canadian for every woman in the world I guess that works to the library because I keep waiting for the most recent short with me on a public forum I thought that was your best acting performance today I really enjoyed it and it was a team effort is collaborative quickly for coverage and mrs. mermaid outfit coming to see what some of our projects just you or anybody else hey I see you got a new screen there and I'm excited about it there's a rumor that Hulu is going to come to the Xbox 360 which would be pretty awesome as long as the prices in to do that for sure how much would you pay a month more Hulu than anything else too much Hulu but it's more like I don't want to have to go through the trouble on my laptop into my TV and getting it all set up I think my books in my to circumvent that go to the to the 360 the be kind of annoying and this is going to sound level I find it already to be kind of annoying to have to go to see some of my stuff in the marketplace and then back out and see what you got mad at me for what can I say I would think that if they should have paid service may be that they can expand a little bit eventually it was expecting more like for instance the other day I had forgot it show me laptop the next day to see the previous night's episode yeah I'm pretty for certain amount of time for the air everywhere looking for Hawaii for exam the month expanded the same time is it a rumor and not actually actually I have no idea where than 200 a month but I don't think I used to and you can see your data usage for the past six months for the 400 okay look at my wife's plans between 60 and 80 Meg the month so you would save potentially 25 bucks a month to in the to of year 2020 for her and then finally going to do it I thought it was like you can see the downside plans with the current if you stay with the current Unlimited Plan you cannot add tethering to bad and they're rolling this the new plans out too along with tethering so if you want you can get you can you can add tethering on to the 2 gig a month plan for 25 bucks a month plus another 20 for 20 months you don't get any more notice if you want an extra 98% of the customers save $15 a month at 65% you know if I come up on my iPhone as it is now a 1.6 gigs a month to use if I wanted to tell her and you still said it's going to be a new experience anyway send me some iPads Pacific pool that finally a year late there for each other when When does the when did this happen I think speculation which is next Monday next Monday I'll be on the glass I'm excited about that oh yeah yeah Texas Stars are local the Dallas Stars farm team that plays here in Cedar Park just north of Austin made it to the finals of their league and so the three home games I got tickets on the glass they pay for himself on the glass and drinking beer and yelling at Canadiens are Canadian so did you see this morning I guess about you JJ Abrams produced TV shows coming out this fall is it a remake of Alias did you know they're talking about abc time at an alias reboot of the new series with a younger younger and they blame that stuff on like talking. Down and so they're going to the lake I watch the first episode of the Middle East really good and then fucking fall to possibly get any worse than ever started over and Tipper to put meat a good original as long a the new series of under covers and it types. Heart-to-heart with my favorite show New York Heart to Heart spider Mexico for McCormick real or new lighting or your favorite in the 88 for the thing that's really exciting parking for Forrest, Patrick Stewart knighted knighted by the queen with the competition for the for Spider Man definition of Eminem in the character of and the to those guys together work they're pretty good couple of their friends on the show you don't like so I don't know anything about this but last night on Netflix streaming at The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget and I watch that was it edited for TV this one was uncensored and they called it uncut but it's only 65 minutes longer than the show on TV show in late at night like at 1 a.m. on Monday they were showing still waiting the sequel to the movie Waiting year were they open at Hooters or whatever it was completely I mean like cursing everything like that and everything what is this week the middle like that's the shit like every to see if coming to Central Point afternoon it's so stupid why do we have to do to represent a hundred years old like it's changed at the Christians and and or hold of her from that kind of stuff and there's nobody in for it absolutely no longer know what to be the dead that introduces that legislation right because no one undersea the Tea Party to be like the booze for the argument we deserve to get drunk alcohol on the weekend you can buy alcohol in the morning actually temperature today on the website to build a moon base by 2020 that inhabited by autonomous robots so they're going to have this moon base build a robot working without you know humans directing them to mind and that's awesome what's a Burnie can you trip people with be interested convert the buses to go by so we're going to do for us to operate the ambulance is on the phone Al of the City of Austin and the people who work in the permitting office however it's been kind of a fight when you know Austin is a very Green Town when you're trying to buy a building in Moon I would think that show me about trying to move into a build Microsoft store remind me to build a new to a few survival and its August in Texas Mike around me so we're doing a lot of what they called build out and you know we were just making our space it is a nice thought I should hope so the previous owner of the building but we're dealing with a lot of meetings and I get to wear a hard hat and hold up the architectural plans and someone sent Geoff and Jack beer in Belgium morning a couple weeks ago talking about that night where that lady kept feeding us all the different weird beers in Bellevue the devil speaking of making fun of you for saying where the room around the offices there's a new word you can say what's the name for the gumbo jeaux's install Flash euphemism for church be around that we could and we got all the way down the gumball machines and Dustin for Nazi symbol name for a mark of all time original Halo trailer was right around that time that was my Jeep show me the macworld Halo trailer for Halo an MMO that was mine and it's you know Nico told me a really interesting story at and west of and then I went to this last weekend up in Vancouver he told me about a guy who ran a marathon math site that was a very very popular site and the way he was saying it was like on par with bungee don't work Al plans for bungee and marathon and that the day they announced they were moving Halo from the Mac to Microsoft to the Xbox they close down the site but never returned that's a dude who's older man watching Seinfeld reruns what would you do 1999 getting rid of the Y2K bug I guess campaign for Gore really she gets half of the internet the internet yeah I made it said they had Grown Apart over the years and I'm sure a lot of thought and careful consideration they decided it was better for both of them if they amicably split and moved on to focus on their own you know new president tomorrow Man in the Mirror on SNL every week a little more than half I don't know why super strike actually that's not true CollegeHumor 2741 in Dublin listen to be somebody it's like this every once in a great while something like that can happen with a bad 63 of the top 10 cities in the nation in Texas for the 20 largest moon supposed to be large and we're still like 10 of those to the way people Texas nobody I mean it makes sense to me that the people who live in the middle of murder Ave New York New York for pretty strict on to themselves and think the total American Experience doesn't help and I can't help but wonder what the response to this oil spill would be if it was off the coast of North Carolina and the Atlantic Coast or on the Pacific Gulf Coast big of a deal because in the Gulf in Manhattan right now I mean Mississippi in the for Miles off the shore of letting the Gulf Coast Barton plans and this years ago and she was comparing how what they did and what they doing now and it's like okay we're going to stop it how can we to put a barrel on top of and try to keep it as a goes to its bad to have well just take like 3-4 months be up and running and that's what they supposed to 5,000 feet of water and even then it stopped 71 I forget exactly but literally like okay this what they did then that's what they're doing now it's an alternative to the Middle East I think so coming Kevin Bacon problem with you thinking America 122 man Cameron is actually going in working with an underwater in miles between base and Leonardo Dicaprio and figured out I hear Al Gore have some free time on his hands now 6266 be right I'm proud to be Jack super famous yes you do Love by on Facebook today I want to I saw Get Him to the Greek something about in Michigan is it a mark too soon so that by the time the movie how to put your call and you're kind of tired of that also said that the wood is this the group is currently 7.6 million as bad as they did because they made an offer for distribution rights to cover the production so they're fine out of the gate Val Kilmer's and then Ryan filippi filippi that I've seen like in the last 5 or 6 years that actually does make sense to me that movie should cost 10 million to make grown ups 7597 on 17th great question why Mike Tyson's dead shooting in Vegas anything for money right now reveal at home with the baby and made a lot of people Chinese funny as hell he's been in a lot of Japan to tell stuff and actually is staying for a bit in the world what using to hand paint over finished at finished at 7 guess the movie made about 600 million you are wrong and you made my point now it didn't a billion half a billion dollars let me know remember we to be at home getting married what's your name Heather Graham I think I was out of it anyway I did not like the film I didn't think it was funny jokes the movie to death but I recognize that everybody else was on that movie loved it and people two and three times and every single person that's all the first of the places that were to happen when it opened at number 8 and number one over like 6 weeks ago I'm still that date night in at 8 we would just Tina Fey and Steve Carrell is making more than murder in the second week I saw almost no marketing for that movie date night it was not on my radar movie very quietly is up to like $95 every couple days huge fucking stars a coming probably Mark Wahlberg Marky Mark you gotta pay for those underwear Houston Calvin Klein big Mark Wahlberg movie okay you should let be for The Departed amazing intelligent caring movie your mother for me things to do for a sketch and people immediately last night Gus to write probably Mark Wahlberg talks to animals and depression explained in the next week they have Mark Wahlberg on the show confront him about it and then yeah I didn't Mark Wahlberg what is horrible almost answered like pre-scripted man that you see in the ward ceremony it when I take the might with that level of that person highest of because of hot rod because base the devil or something cuz he just in 5 minutes and every comes out guy coming knighted Museum to while I was a hard movie to watch bad on their first trailer yeah that's pretty much the same at this rate I meant to and I can tell you anything about was Amy Adams cute at least she was Amelia Earhart worst at our special cleaning intention was good no she wasn't kind of broker at for summer camp the independent film man she was freaking amazing in that to look at Amy Adams don't know the name of the sushi and Juliet and Juliet 2002 the kid from Tropic Thunder as his Apprentice how to be like Age Crazy sorcerer it makes me think like he's against it Nic cage vehicle that you would do well at I don't know anyway I never really pushed me to the nearest for the braces Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn't go crazy for thinking years ago did the Browns movie Liberty Indiana first episode of the new coming show did that to then you don't see him for a few years he's doing just great now you got to take a break 4 months out of the year when we were at the Alamo event Robert Downey Jr said he worked on Iron Man to for 72 days that's how long he worked on the movie those are long days 72 long the other day Patrick build an Iron Man enemy Within and between every episode testimonials Stars 33912 rentals in La a long time ago she was Curious George and they had every right I remember and Will Ferrell had to come in and record all of his lines to the movie and I we were talking to her about it on a few minutes and how long it takes to record the audio for a two hour or 90 minutes and May the peace that he said Will Ferrell recorded for 2 days I think Tuesday 140 + 144 million dollars so far hundred fifty million dollars and everyone said oh my God this is terrible out a movie ever cost that amount of money I don't know it's like every summer Blockbusters and 304 hundreds nobody knows what the real Titanic expensive goes like how much research went into it and developing technology to the matter what does matter is a money market it's me almost two billion what's the most realistic 1115 2.7 billion dollars that is crazy that's pretty crazy if you're James Cameron can you make another movie after that or just wait like 10 years between films the ticket prices are so high at the movie theaters god dammit Crazy by Geoff Cameron fucking truck driver and he was like 30 years old that he wanted to make movies look and read some books in the library decided to be a director Roger Corman on 1604 man and put out like 20 movies a year and he worked on a few of those initially made it up to be consistent that's it something I could have talked with him like that he was given a to to work on and made that and then what's the feeling I have a friend who was the lead actress in piranha a little girl was preceded the Terminator Genisys to have in the Terminator 2 directors listed for what it's worth his writing he wrote, and this right and I'm pretty sure in Hell Comes to Frogtown Town & coming new Georgia Dead survival of the Dead what the fuck what the fuck man that's a really depressed super Bazaar in the survival of the Dead set your mouth black the dead stuff from like time of Day of the Dead 2 Ellis Island of the Dead Island people surviving the apocalypse by the water and stuff I really would be like making up for and have it understand it right away like a lot of the stuff has been taken Pacific thing with the brain stuff and getting shot in the head and that you know the whole idea of the zombie apocalypse everybody make those movies now playing plans of money off of it Lake Stewart new Star Wars movies because they're Star Wars popular I would love to but maybe somebody how much money every other zombie movie has grossed all together ABC invented this thing that we're all doing even Max Brooks is doing it the old zombie movie budget no well maybe I don't know probably needs to be an HBO miniseries need to be an HBO miniseries that would be the perfect way to do it IMAX movie memories about whatever Pandora Japan spillover for perfect attendance Brazil's Guatemala to volcano that erupted in South America Underwater in Pacific Rim just randomly going off it does seem like and I'm sure someone will tell me when they come into this that this happens all the time when we don't pay attention to it but it just keeps doing this year in the middle of the US nobody Super Volcano National Park so what you're saying is we happily be where the Gulf Coast nothing would matter for the super volcano super volcano Yellowstone Valley to North Sumatra volcano and a Caldera United States of the U.S in my pants what are the Southern California there are on the u.s. top level view a photo super volcanos in place and all those different parts of goes like some kind of plan in place to the Earth Halo the won anything on the earth with the road you should definitely read it they don't say what the event is that kind of Call of the Apocalypse but it's just like if the sun was cut off from Ave and all that what would happen to the Earth if nothing would grow you couldn't do anything you just you just have the consumables that are available to you and over time this would just go away and you're not going to let you know you're not does the winter or volcano the meteor kind of a thing I mean the Krakatoa volcano erupted in Indonesia back in 1800 and that your for year what ended the age before dinosaurs that I was rich and it killed 98% of 1100 and it on for like 5 years and right now Belgian shepherd yeah I guess with the last time that an eruption occurred 75000 years but we still have a bike rack